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Biyu , The Pink Dancing Dragon

by Jyotsna Lal


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In order to enjoy the story of Biyu, the pink dancing dragon ,

I strongly recommend reading the love story of

Meng Chiang-nu and the Dragon Jian Ho , her parents .



Meng Chiang-nu and The Dragon Part 1

Chapter 1 The Dragon had a toothache

Chapter 2 The Frog King

Chapter 3 The Dragon and the magic barrel

Chapter 4 Jian Ho turns into a dragon

Chapter 5 Princess Taoqi

Chapter 6 Kai wong

Chapter 7 The Dragon children

Chapter 8 Tien Hou

Chapter 9 The lovers Meng Chiang-nu and Jian Ho

Chapter 10 The Dragon reunion

Biyu , the Pink Dancing Dragon

Chapter 11 Biyu and Kaiwong

Chapter 12 Biyu’s second task

Chapter 13 Jade emperor rewards Biyu

Chapter 14 Biyu meets Prince Hei

Chapter 15 The dancing dragon

Chapter 16 The sea dragon

Chapter 17 The Midgard dragon

Chapter 18 The ice dragon




Chapter 11


Biyu and Kaiwong


The Pangu first sentient being and creator. In the beginning there was nothing but a formless chaos. Out of this chaos there was born an egg, which remained for 18,000 years. When the forces of Yin and Yang balanced, Pangu emerged from the egg, and set about the task of creating the world. With a swing of his great axe, he separated Yin and Yang. The heavy Yin sank to become the Earth, while the light Yang rose to become the Heavens. Pangu stood between them, and pushed up the sky. At the end of eighteen thousand years, Pangu laid to rest. His breath became the wind; his voice the thunder; left eye the sun and right eye the moon; his body became the mountains and extremes of the world; his blood formed rivers; his muscles the fertile lands; his facial hair the stars and milky way; his fur the bushes and forests; his bones the valuable minerals; his bone marrows sacred diamonds; his sweat fell as rain; and the little creatures on his body ,the fleas became dragons , carried by the wind, mites became human beings all over the world.


The Dragon land in the sky, inside clouds. The most powerful Horned dragon Lung.were completely deaf. There were nine more Oriental dragon : , the celestial dragon , who protects the mansions of the gods , Spiritual dragon creates rain and wind for mankind. the winged dragon has exceptional eye sight, the dragon of hidden treasures, helps keep watch over concealed wealth, the coiling dragon, watches over marine life.The yellow dragon is patron of education The Dragon King the horned dragon is really four dragons, these dragons keep watch over the four main seas. They could take the form of different creatures, such as beasts or man. Whensoever they did this, they were always the most beautiful and kind of all the species.In turn, humans, could become dragons. Mainly through magic, people could turn into one of these amazing beasts.

There is the Dragon’s Gate, where fish can take the challenge to become a dragon. They must swim against torrents of water and clear a huge leap, and if they complete this they can become a dragon .This gate is located in the Yellow River at the border between the Shensi and Shansi providences.The transformation from fish to dragon is said to be instantaneous. In addition, the dragons are said to rise from this gate in to the skies in the spring and descend into the waters in autumn.

Since dragons lived in China so had five toes when the dragons flew away, they began to lose toes. The farther and farther the dragons flew, the more toes they lost near Korean dragons had four toes, on reaching Japan dragons had three left.

There were many colored dragons , white, red, black, blue, and yellow. Each is born to a different parent. Black dragons are children of a thousand-year-old dragon that is black-gold. They are symbols of the North. caused storms by battling in the air.

Blue dragons are children of blue-gold dragons that are eight hundred years old. They are purest blue colors, and they are the sign of the coming spring. They are they are the symbol of the East. Yellow dragons are born from yellow-gold dragons who are one thousand years or older. are secluded and wander alone. They appear at ‘the perfect moment’ and at all other times remain hidden. Yellows are also the most revered of the dragons. Red dragons descend from a red-gold dragon who is about one thousand years of age. They are the symbol for the West, and are much like black dragons. They can cause storms in the skies when they fight. White dragons come from white-gold dragons of a thousand years of age. They symbolize the South. White is the Chinese color of mourning, and these dragons are a sign of death.


Jade emperor changed Jian Ho into Zise gechong Long , a singing purple dragon and Meng Chiang-nu into Fen Xiad Long a pink laughing dragon, daughter little Biyu into a Dragon child Long Ertong

Zise gechong Long – dragon’s head, had a lump called the chi’ih-muh. His horns were thinner near the base of the head and thicker and stronger outwardly being male held clubs in his tail while Meng Chiang Nu had rounder mane. more balanced than the rigid mane of the male. straight nose and thinner scales a thicker tail being a female held a fan also a wand (or baton) shaped object that they called po-shan. would allow her to fly.




Little Biyu had grown into a magnificent pink dragon .Biyu loved music , flew dancing in the sky with her parents .


In the kingdom of Fukien all was not well, princess Feng had taken the throne with the help of an evil witch. Princess Feng had been bitten by a dragon in her childhood, the venom had penetrated into her heart and she had grown into a selfish vain woman.

Princess Feng loved Kai Wong the artist but his mind was so full of dragons that he paid no heed to her .Feng anger was kindled and heart filled with hatred for all lovers.

With the help of the evil witch turned all young men into silkworms who spun cocoons, ants who collected grains and dogs who guarded her palace. Young girls turned into spiders to weave the silk and honeybees to collect honey.

Soon the sad day dawned when there were only old men and women left in Fukien.The frightened old men and women began to pray to the Jade emperor for saving Fukien from Princess Feng

The Jade emperor sent Biyu on her first goodwill task.The Long Ertong or dragon child flew down to the kingdom of Fukien and landed on the tower where Kai Wong the artist was imprisoned .Kai Wong fell in love with the Long Ertong afterall his mind was always full of dragons.

Princess Feng came out of the palace in fury because she hated dragons

Biyu scorched and burnt the tryant princess with her fiery breath, As soon as Princess Feng died ,all silkworms, ants and dogs became young handsome men and spiders and honey bees pretty girls.

Kai Wong the artist came out of the prison and began to sing a love song

Biyu saw only a skeleton man with a over grown beard , she thought

the prisoner had gone crazy.There was much rejoicing in the kingdom of Fukien and Queen mother Leizu sat on the throne.


Chapter 12

Biyu’s second task


It was the Chinese New Year, a joyous festival of thanksgiving and celebration, wherein the old year is concluded, the new year is ushered in, the ancestors are revered, and the gods are petitioned for good fortune in the year to come. One important aspect of these proceedings is the belief that every family’s actions are judged, with appropriate rewards and punishments meted out according to their conduct. The judgment itself, and the concomitant modification of mortal fates, is accomplished by the Jade Emperor,his verdict is determined by the testimony of the Stove God, a humble deity who lives in the family’s kitchen for the entirety of the year, witnessing each filial act and minor transgression.

Dong Fa of Fukien . A brutal inhumane and wealthy man who treated his fellow-citizens shamefully, and showed his bad character in damaging their instruments and machines, or any utensils which were used by workers in tilling the soil, manufacturing, fishing, hunting, and other occupations of life.


Once when he was building a guest hall in his house, he hired BoaChang of his village, well known as a skilled sculptor, to carve some figures on pillars and beams; but when the artist had finished his work Dong Fa refused to pay him the stipulated sum. The sculptor remonstrated and the dispute was finally settled by a lawsuit against Dong Fa who for this reason began to scheme for revenge.


Some time later, the people in a nearby village intended to have some statues carved for their temple, and having heard of BoaChang’s fame, invited him to compete for the task.


Dong Fa thought his opportunity had come,so he hired a man to join BoaChang’s party. While on the way, this villain, following the instructions of Dong Fa, spoiled the instruments of the sculptor and absconded without being discovered. When BoaChang on his arrival could use none of his tools he was unable to compete with the native sculptors, whereby he lost his employment and became quite destitute.





Since Dong Fa continued in his evil practices,his son Shen was afraid of his father but his daughter-in-law Fai warned him that unless he reformed, heaven would certainly visit the family with misfortune; but Dong Fa resented her words and drove her from his home charging her with impudence, and disobedience.

The Jade emperor summoned Biyu and gave her second goodwill task to punish Dong Fa .Before Fai was more than a mile or so away from the house, there came a sudden terrific outburst of thunder and lightning, and she hid herself in the near by woods. Then she saw a scarlet dragon come out of the black clouds and enter Dong Fa’s residence. The building was completely wrecked, everything inside destroyed and every living thing instantly killed. No member of the family escaped, except the daughter-in-law Fai who had been driven out. Heaven favored her and she lived a long and prosperous life. Scarlet dragon was the fire spitting pink dragon Biyu.


Chapter 13


Jade Emperor Rewards Biyu


The Jade Emperor had originally been a mortal man named Zhang Denglai, a soidier in the army of Zhou Dynasty who lost his life in the bloody civil war with the ruling Shang family. In the afterlife, he () waited on the “Terrace of Canonization” alongside many other victims of this conflict for their appropriate posthumous rewards. These honors were being doled out by Jiang Ziya, the brave and resourceful commander who had led the rebel forces. Gradually each of the lofty positions in the celestial hierarchy was filled, with only the office of the Jade Emperor, “which Ziya was reserving for himself,” remaining.


When offered the post, Jiang Ziya paused with customary courtesy and asked the people to “wait a second” (deng-lai) while he considered. However, having called out deng-lai, an opportunist, Zhang Denglai, hearing his name, stepped forward, prostrated himself, and thanked Jiang for creating him the Jade Emperor. Jiang, stupefied, was unable to retract his words; he was, however, quietly able to curse Zhang Denglai, saying “Your sons daughters will cheat you

The Jade Emperor and his wife Wang Ma, and had many sons and daughters Tzu-sun Niang-niang a fertility goddess who grants children to needy couples, Yen-kuang Niang-niang ,a goddess who provides individuals with good eyesight, and Zhi Nü was the favourite daughter of the Jade Emperor ; weaver girl responsible for weaving colorful clouds in the heaven. Every day, the beautiful cloud maiden descended to earth with the aid of a magical robe to bathe. One day, a lowly cowherd named Niu Lang spotted Zhi Nü as she bathed in a stream. Niu Lang fell instantly in love with her and stole her magic robe, which she had left on the bank of the stream, rendering her unable to escape back to Heaven. When Zhi Nü emerged from the water, Niu Lang grabbed her and carried her back to his home.


When the Jade Emperor heard of this matter, he was furious but unable to intercede, since in the meantime his daughter had fallen in love and married the cowherd. As time passed, Zhi Nü grew homesick and began to miss her father. One day, she came across a box containing her magic robe that her husband had hidden. She decided to visit her father back in Heaven, but once she returned, the Jade Emperor summoned a river to flow across the sky (the Milky Way), which Zhi Nü was unable to cross to return to her husband. The Emperor took pity on the young lovers, and so once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, he allows them to meet on a bridge over the river.


Zhi Nü is the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra east of the Milky Way, and Niu Lang is the star Altair in the constellation of Aquila, west of the Milky Way. Under the first quarter moon (seventh day) of the seventh lunar month (around August), the lighting condition in the sky causes the Milky Way to appear dimmer, hence the two lovers are no longer separated in that one particular day each year. The seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar called Qi Xi, which is a day for young lovers When it rains on that day, it is Zhi Nü’s grateful tears on the occasion of her too-brief reunion with her husband.


On the ninth day of the first lunar month. the Jade Emperor celebrate’s his birthday. On this day, Daoist temples hold a Jade Emperor ritual “heaven worship“at which priests and laymen prostrate themselves, burn incense, and make food offerings. On day of heaven worship offered to the celestial monarch attests to his perceived power:

The Jade Emperor and his wife Wang Ma summoned Biyu in the the court and gave her a boon , to ask for anything she wanted.

Biyu was enchanted by beauty of young men and women of Fukien , she wanted to become a young damsel

“Change me into a beautiful girl ! Heavenly Father !’’

The celestial monarch became worried, he knew Biyu was a innocent child who did not know the evil ways of men

‘I will make you a beautiful girl, my dragon child on two conditions , first condition you can interchange into human and dragon only by immersing yourself in water and second condition you will speak to no human man or woman as a girl.”

Remembering how he lost his daughter Zhi Nü , he put a invisible shield around Biyu and changed her into a dumb beautiful girl.






The happy dragon child flew down to the kingdom of Fukien.





Chapter 14

Biyu meets Prince Hei



In ancient times there were no unified countries just petty states or kingdoms ruled by evil men who murdered their brothers for the throne, sometimes put their fathers in prison .The Kings fought all the times for petty reasons , plundered and killed the poor farmers ofdourse had the luxury of a hundred wives and concubines.

The kingdom of Khotan was no different. The old king had many queens and chidren. One of the queens was princess Taoqi who was forever plotting for her son Hei who wanted to be the crown prince.

Hei was devious and ambitious youngman The handsome rogue had proposed to Princess Feng in the hope of becoming Queen Consort.

Princess Feng had been in love with Kaiwong the artist and had rejected him dashing his high hopes.

Every one in Khotan knew about the death of Princess Feng and the actions of the scarlet dragon. Prince Hei approached the evil whitch who had helped Princess Feng . The witch in exchange of a bottle of Prince Hei blood gave him the magic reed pipe which was hidden in the dragon horn by Jian Ho the guardian dragon the father of Biyu.

One night Prince Hei was sitting in a small military outpost near the border, he saw a golden pink dragon flying overhead in the sky and then dive down . Hei got up and began to trek towards the spot, he remembered there was a lake in that direction. The witch had told him that dragons are magical beasts who make rainfall and create rivers.

The jungle path was ardous,vines and creepers tried to stop Hei entangling his body but he laboured on and finally reached the huge placid lake.

The night was quiet and the silver moonlight was reflected on the lake surface. The dragon was nowhere in sight , stretched his neck and scanned the lake.Hei was a patient man , hid behind a large boulder and waited. As Hei’s eyesight became adapted to the darkness,he saw someone swimming in the deep waters,

Soon Hei saw a beautiful girl emerge from the waters of the lake.

Prince Hei was filled with desire to possess the beautiful girl . He got up and began praising her beauty.



Chapter 15 The dancing dragon


Innocent Biyu blushed and smiled at the handsome young prince , the evil prince reached and took her in his arms ,instantly his hands were burnt.The devious young man atonce recognised the dragon.

He took out the reedpipe and began to play a melodious tune,

enchanting the innocent Biyu who began to dance to the magical music .

Prince Hei began walking towards the royal palace, the dancing Biyu followed the evil prince into a windowless room . By this time Biyu was exhausted by the continous dancing and fainted.

Prince Hei carefully padlocked the prison cell after placing some fruits . He didnot put any water inorder to prevent Biyu from changing back into a dragon.Biyu regained consiousness in the prison cell , she wept silent tears , the Jade Emperor had taken away her voice.

Biyu couldnot cry for help since she was dumb but the sheild was protecting her. Biyu was Prince Hei’s prisoner for one month ,each day was a nightmare.

Prince Hei had brought his father the old King into prison room , who was caught in the spell of the dancing girl .The old King ran and caught the dancing Biyu in his arms and began to kiss her. Suddenly he was on fire ,his entire body was burnt badly, somehow the old King dragged himself out of the prison cell.

The old King couldnot stop desiring the dancing girl, seven nights the same story was repeated .

Prince Hei played the trump card , he promised to remove the sheild from the dancing girl if his father the old King made Prince Hei the crown prince ,the future ruler of the kingdom of Khotan .

The old King of the kingdom of Khotan had gone crazy with his desire for Biyu and had lost all reason , so the next morning he swathed his burnt body and covered bandages with silken royal robes . He sat on the throne in front of his ministers and entire royal court summoned Prince Hei and declared him the crown prince.

The same story was repeated for one month ,each day was a nightmare for both the old King and Biyu. The old King of the kingdom of Khotan was so badly burnt ,that he couldnot get out of his bed and the crown prince Hei was now the commander and ruler.

Every night Hei played the reed pipe until Biyu fainted with exhaustion, she had grown week due to lack of water

Biyu knew she willnot be able to survive much longer so she began to plan as her hatred for men grew day by day.

One night as soon as Hei began to play the reedpipe Biyu fell on the prison floor , began to writh in pain ,tricked by these action Heistopped playing and ranout of the room . He thought the dragon was dying and forgot to lock the door.

As soon as he left, Biyu followed him out and locked the door behind her and hid in the corridor . Luckily a bucket of water was left there by one the palace guards. Thirsty Biyu drank the water and soon emptied the bucket.

She sleathly made her way out of the dungeon and search for water

She entered the palace yard and jumped into the water fountain.




Immediately Biyu into a scarlet dragon ,she was so angry that she appeared scarlet with fire coming out of her nostrils .

In her anger , Biyu burnt the entire royal family and palace , she flew away into the clouds . The kingdom of Khotan became a part of Fukien .

Biyu did not go back to Fukien nor met the artist Kai Wong who was writing lovepoems for her .

Chapter 16

The Sea Dragon


Jian Ho or Zise gechong Long , a singing purple dragon and Meng Chiang-nu or Fen Xiad Long a pink laughing dragon, parents of Biyu lived near the Dragon’s Gate, located in the Yellow River at the border between the Shensi and Shansi provinces where they guarded the pearl in turns , in short they were the pearl dragons. Biyu went to them , they were happy to see their Dragon child Long Ertong . Biyu’s had lost her innocence and faith in all things good and her hatred for men grew day by day.

Sometimes Biyu changed herself into a beautiful girl by jumping into the sea and then stood on the rocks . The sailors in the ships passing by were filled with desire ,in trying to catch , sailed their ships on the rocks . Many shipwrecked sailors died. Another time Biyu scorched an entire army of soldiers who were just practicing warefare .


There were two goddesses, Tien Hou the diety of sailors and goddess Guan Yin were very upset as they watched the antics of the sea dragon


Tien-Hou was once a mortal woman named Lin Moniang with four brothers who were all sailors, each with his own ship. One day while they were at sea, Tien-Hou fell into a coma. Her mother tried to revive her and eventually succeeded. Tien-Hou protested that she had been awakened too soon. Later that day, three of her brothers returned home, saying that their ships had nearly been destroyed in storms at sea, but that a vision of Tien-Hou had appeared to them and led them to safety. The fourth brother never returned, for Tien-Hou had been awakened before she could save him.Tien-Hou was still young when she died, and she became Princess of Supernatural Favor. Huguo Mingzhu Tianhou Shengmu (Heavenly Holy Mother),

Another mortal woman named Guan Yin who when old enough to speak was chanting sutras , she was the daughter of a cruel father Prince Zhuang of Chu. who wanted her to marry at a young age a wealthy but uncaring man. She begged to be able to enter a temple and become a nun Miao Shan rather than enter into a marriage. Her father allowed her to work in the temple, but asked the monks to give her very hard chores in order to discourage her. The monks forced Miao Shan to work all day and all night, while others slept. However, it is said that she was such a good person that the animals living around the temple began to help her with her chores. Her father, seeing this, became so frustrated that he attempted to burn down the temple. Miao Shan put out the fire with her bare hands and suffered no burns. Eventually she was murdered and Jade emperor made her the goddess Guan Yin for all of her kindness, and began her journey to heaven when She was about to cross over into heaven when she heard a cry of suffering back on earth. She asked to be sent back and vowed to stay until all sufferings had ended.

One day the father of Miao Shan,Prince Zhuang of Chu fell ill with jaundice, no physician could cure him. Then a monk appeared saying that the jaundice could be cured by making a medicine out of the arm and eye of one without malice. The monk further suggested that such a person could be found on Fragrant Mountain. Miao Shan, the goddess living on the mountain, offered up her eyes and arms willingly, and Prince Zhuang was cured of the illness. Thereafter, he went to the Fragrant Mountain to give thanks to the one who lovingly provided a cure for him. When he discovered that his own daughter gave up her arm and eyes for him, he begged for forgiveness. Miao Shan was transformed into the Thousand-Armed Guan Yin. Tian Fei (Heavenly Princess Consort) (Protector of the Empire and the Brilliantly Outstanding Heavenly Princess)



Tien Hou the diety of sailors and goddess Guan Yin held council with the Jade Emperor . The three reasoned ,’‘Yin, the darker element, is passive, dark, feminine, downward-seeking, and corresponds to the night; yang, the brighter element, is active, light, masculine, upward-seeking and corresponds to the day. Yin and yang can be used to describe seasonal changes and directions, and can also be seen as a process of transformation.An imbalance of the yin-yang ratio can cause illness.Yin and yang are complementary, interdependent opposites, neither of which can exist without the other. Each can transform into the other, and contains a seed of the other within it. Yin and yang consume and support each other.in its highest form is freezing while yang in its highest form is boiling. The chilliness comes from heaven while the warmness comes from the earth. The interaction of these two establishes the (harmony), so it gives birth to things. Perhaps this is the law of everything yet there is no form being seen. ‘’

In order to balance the yin and yang , Biyu must be stopped but she cannot be punished since she was a victim of evil men .


The Jade Emperor and Tien Hou the diety of sailors and goddess Guan Yin summoned Biyu in the the court and gave her a task to protect the pearl .

Biyu officially took over the new responsibility from her parents Jian Ho or Zise gechong Long , a singing purple dragon and Meng Chiang-nu or Fen Xiad Long a pink laughing dragon. Her parents bowed in obedience to the command . The new pearl dragon was asked to fly far north where no humans lived in the cold regions

It was a long winter night of six months when Biyu flew far north near the polar caps, the scarlet pearl dragon went inside a cave with pearl in her mouth.

Dragons are cold blooded like all reptiles, Biyu began to shiver so she curled up in a tight ball and held the pearl between her claws on the floor of the cave., outside the snow was falling .

Biyu fell into a deep slumber lasting a thousand years.

The pearl began to multiply the snowfall and soon the mountain range and the entire area was covered with a thick blanket of snow and ice . Hence the region was called Iceland



Chapter 17


The Midgard dragon


There lived a huge dragon Iormungand, was castout of Midgard [Iceland ] by Viking gods into the ocean where he grew so huge that with his tail in his mouth ,soon encompassed the whole world, and the churnings of his coils raise the tsunami and tempests that drown sailors.

Midgard dragon and the Viking thunder-god Thor were always fighting with each other because the Iormungand was the son of a giantess Angroba and Loki, the god of mischief and trickery


Mjölnir was Thor’s hammer, one of the most frightening weapons, capable of tearing down mountains. Mjölnir could hit any target. Thor’s hammer will return to Thor’s right hand all by itself. After the target was hit, Thor’s hammer can send out lightning bolts. The hammer can be used to kill and destroy, but also revive people or animals.

Thor’s hammer can also be magically shrunken to fit inside Thor’s shirt. The hammer Mjölnir is also used in sacred ceremonies; it could be ceremonies about birth but also death. Thor also have a pair of iron gauntlets. Thor also has a magical belt, the belt makes him twice as strong. The belt is called Megingjord, “power belt”.


There were two siblings, Thialfi and his sister Röskva, who were the servants of the thunder god Thor, the children of peasant farmers from Midgard. Thor and Loki stayed one night at their farm and there Thor shared the meat with the family from his two goats Teeth-barer and Teeth grinder. Thialfi broke one of bones sucked the marrow. When Thor resurrected the goats the next morning, he found out that one of the goats was limping on of the legs and became very angry. Thor then demanded that Thialfi and Röskva became his servants.


The Viking thunder-god Thor was fighting with giants Hrungnir and Mökkurkálfi,the hammer Mjöllnir struck Hrungnir in the middle of the head, and smashed his skull into small crumbs, and he fell forward upon Thor, so that his foot lay over Thor’s neck. Thjálfi struck at Mökkurkálfi, and he fell with little glory. Thereupon Thjálfi went over to Thor and would have lifted Hrungnir’s foot off him, but could not find sufficient strength. Straightway all the Æsir came up, when they, learned that Thor was fallen, to lift the foot from off him,but could do nothing. Then he, Magni Mægtig son of the Viking Thor and giantess Járnsaxa: came up he was then three nights old; he cast the foot of Hrungnir off Thor, and spake: ‘See how ill it is, father, that I came so late: I had struck this giant dead with my fist, methinks, if I had met with him.’ Thor arose and welcomed his son, saying that he should surely become great; ‘And I will give thee, he said, the horse Gold-Mane, which Hrungnir possessed.’ you will inherited Thor’s hammer Mjölnir . Viking Magni has a brother named Modi. Magni and his brother Modi, has a horse named Sleipnir,




It began in this way how Thor the thunder-god developed hatred of the Midgard dragon and. On one occasion Thor went adventuring into the land of the giants. They came to a vast castle whose gate even Thor could not open. Luckily it was so large he could squeeze in through the bars. The king of the castle, Utgarda, seemed unimpressed when he learned who his visitor was. He said he had expected the famous Viking god of Asgard and Midgard to be somewhat more than a midget, and that if he wanted his hospitality Thor would first have to perform some feat to impress him. The king then challenged Thor to a series of seemingly minor tasks.


One task set Thor was to lift up the king’s grey cat, something which even the children of the castle could supposedly do. Despite his mightiest efforts he only succeeded in raising one of the cat’s paws a little off the floor. A famous drinker, Thor was then challenged to drain Utgarda’s drinking horn, but despite his mightiest efforts the level barely fell below the rim. After which Thor became so furious with shame he wanted a fight. But the king said that because he had performed so miserably before, the only contestant he could offer was his old nurse Elli. Thor, the champion of Asgard, was forced to accept this humiliation and began to wrestle with the old crone, but even at this he failed.


However, as it was late the giant king said Thor could stay the night despite having failed to prove his worth. The next morning Thor was given breakfast hospitably enough and shown on his way. And when they were some distance from the castle, Utgarda confessed the truth to him which was that the tasks had been more than they seemed, for he was a great enchanter. the grey cat had in reality been the Midgard Dragon, whom Thor had nearly succeeded in wrenching from the ocean bed. The drinking horn had been connected to the ocean and Thor had noticeably drained the sea and created tides for the first time. And the old crone was in fact old age, which no-one can conquer. When he heard all this, Thor was furious and turned to smash the giant king with his hammer, but Utgarda had magically disappeared. Then he turned to attack the castle but it too had vanished. Then Thor swore revenge, not least on the Midgard Dragon because he at least knew where it could be found.


Soon afterwards, travelling in the guise of a youth, Viking Thor stayed the night with a giant called Hymir who lived by the sea. In the morning when Hymir was preparing to go fishing, Thor asked if he could go too. The giant agreed, but reluctantly as he said could see little advantage in having such a stripling in his boat. And when Thor asked what sort of bait he should bring, Hymir replied offhandedly that he should go and find his own bait. So Thor went over to the largest of the giant’s bulls nearby, wrenched off its head and tossed it casually into the bottom of the boat. Then he took the oars and started rowing vigorously out to sea. Despite himself, Hymir was impressed, and somewhat afraid. When they reached the spot where he usually fished, Hymir told Thor to stop rowing. But Thor ignored him and carried on out towards the edge of the world. Then Hymir pleaded with him to stop because if they went much further they might meet the Midgard Dragon, Ignoring him again, Thor rowed on till he felt sure that they would find the serpent.

At last, Thor dropped the oars and cast his line into the water as he fixed the bull’s head to a great hook on a strong line and dropped it over the side.After an ominous silence and calm, Thor felt a mighty tug on his line. As he reeled it in, a violent rumbling shook the boat and whipped the waves. The giant grew pale with terror, but Thor persisted. His feet were planted so firmly in the bottom of the boat that the planks gave way and water began pouring in.


By chance the Midgard Dragon happened to be passing and took the dainty morsel into its mouth. But when it felt the hook it jerked so hard that Thor was dragged to the gunwale. Summoning all his strength, he pulled back with such might that his feet burst through the bottom of the boat. Then followed a furious battle as slowly Thor hauled up the serpent till they were eye to glaring eye with each other, and it seemed as if a thunderstorm was raging between them.

When the serpent’s head, with the hook in his venom-dripping mouth, at last came up above the water, Thor reached for his hammer. The giant was terrified by both the Dragon and the water rushing into the boat, and as Thor raised his hammer to end the struggle, At this moment, Hymir panicked and cut the line. The howling snake slunk back down into the ocean. Thor, enraged at having missed this opportunity to end his greatest foe, heaved Hymir overboard.The serpent slithered gratefully back into the deep water. Thor desperately threw his hammer after it but was too late to prevent its escape. In fury Thor turned and dealt such a blow to Hymir as the giant fell overboard and was drowned.


Thereafter the Midgard Dragon, terrified by his close shave, took care to hide in the depths where Thor might not find him and is now only rarely seen by humans.

Thor, with the two whales slung over his shoulders, waded back to land, and returned home to Asgard

Chapter 18The ice dragon


Thor swore to complete his revenge on the Midgard dragon, but he was not destined to do so until the Ragnarok earthquake , the end of the world, when heaven, earth and the underworld was destroyed,then the world began to tremble and the oceans left their beds. The heavens were torn apart and eagles began to feed upon humans still writhing in their death throes. the world, and the Midgard dragon rose from the seabed to cause havoc and destruction.

Thor crushed the skull of his old enemy, the Midgard dragon, but was himself be slain by dragon’s dying struggles. Creation and Time itself was shattered in the last battle, but afterwards a new heaven and earth began to rise out of the sea, in which humans and gods will live in perfect harmony and ease forever


Mjölnir Thor’s hammer, one of the most frightening weapons, capable of tearing down mountains fell out of his hand and landed on the hill where the ice dragon Biyu was slumbering

Biyu shook her head and stirred from her dreams , she crawled out of the cave and saw only ice and snow . Her head was not clear and she was shivering , unable to fly somehow she dragged her self , towards the churning boiling sea , Biyu jumped into the waters and was tranformed once again into a beautiful maiden.

Magni Mægtig son of Thor who was watching the battle between his father and the dragon ,came to retrive the hammer and saw the beautiful Biyu swimming in the sea.

The young Viking Prince was entraptured by Biyu and helped her out of the churning waters. He asked her about family and misfortunes but alas she was dumb.

According to the boon Biyu could interchange into dragon and human form but she couldnot speak . It was the Jade Emperor’s foresight or how could Biyu explain a thousand years. It was better for both that Magni never came to know of Biyu’s origins .Vikings had no love fo dragons.



Magni Mægtig thought her family had drowned in the sea or killed by

the Ragnarok earthquake. He offered protection to the enchanting dumb girl and took her to his Midgard palace in kingdom Asgard .

Biyu was impressed by the gentle behavior of Magni Mægtig who like his father was magnificiently built with bulging biceps and proud head.

Magni Mægtig had fine big ships Skíðblaðnir and Naglfar,most ingeniously created by Muspell the Sons of Ivaldi dwarfs, crafted the ship Skíðblaðnir was big enough for all of the gods to travel aboard it with wargear and weapons in tow, and that, as soon as its sail is hoisted, the ship finds good wind, and goes wherever it need be. It is made up of so many parts and with such craftsmanship that, when it is not needed at sea, it may be folded up like cloth and placed into one’s pocket. Took a lot of magic to create a great ship Skíðblaðnir ,a gift from goddess Freyr.





Sometimes secretly Biyu would change into a dragon , help the Viking ships on their seafaring adventures. Viking Scandinavian Norsemen explored Europe by its seas and rivers for trade, raids and conquest. In this period, the Norsemen settled in Norse Greenland, Newfoundland, and present-day Faroe Islands, Iceland, Normandy, Scotland, England, Ukraine, Ireland, Russia, Germany, and Anatolia.


One of the last major battles involving Vikings was the Battle of Clontarf on 23 April 1014, in which Vikings fought both for the Irish over-king Brian Boru’s army and for the Viking-led army opposing him. Irish and Viking literature depict the Battle of Clontarf as a gathering of this world and the supernatural. For example, witches, goblins, and demons and dragons were present. A Viking poem portrays the environment as strongly pagan. Valkyries chanted and decided who would live and die.





Tien Hou the diety of sailors and goddess Guan Yin asked the Jade Emperor to remove the invisible shield from Biyu

Biyu had completed her penance of a thousand years and done no harm


Magni Mægtig made the scarlet pearl dragon his wife and named her Freyr after the goddess.



















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