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Bits and Pieces


Bits and Pieces


William Andrews



William Andrews on Shakespir


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If the darkness is evil

why is there evil

every day





Do your


of all

your yesterdays


in your ears

as the present

quietly weeps

with the one

you hold

when you sleep





Can you hear them

as they slide

through the cracks

of your deep thoughts

demanding you take

the first steps

on this road

you have yet

to regret





There is only one

that can communicate

with my heart

there is only one

that can see

there is only one

that has reason

to believe

when we become


we are free





When a society introduces

human rights

based solely

on the genetic design


as you can see

is fast becoming

a dying breed





It is those

who argue for change

that cause the problems

we have today

it is those

who stand divided

who will send us


to the land of the caves

where innocence

once again

becomes a slave

to a civilized system

built on the broken bones

of the divided ones

the heroes

who argue

time to change





Is there

no place

that you can see

that will bring you


from your knees

that will stand you up

and dust you off


your feelings

begin to scream





Is it you

that lives in a system

that requires

your submission

to be

what they think

you should be

is it you

who are now

in a position

where you

are conditioned

to believe

that you are free





When you are scared

to walk the road

that stands

before you

your fears will grow

from the broken bones

of the shadows

that surround you





Have you


from your thinking

from thoughts

that could have been

when you promised

your reflection

that the thoughts

you are reflecting

will be true

to what you do





Is it not

the fear of knowing

the fear within

that brings you

to this place

of skeletal shadows

that wear your face


Remind you


Is it apathy

that walks our streets

is it apathy

that whispers

to our ignorance

to remind our morals

we will feel better

if we do not speak

as we watch

common sense

walk the last steps

with excess baggage


all our intents





Do you sometimes

wake up screaming


it is still there

like razor wire

coiled around

your inner thoughts

slowly shredding

the empathy that you court

as it whispers

the pious words

that you blindly repeat

to the hope

that still believes

that your intent

will set you free

from the coils

that hold your inner thoughts

in a place

that should not be



Yet to be


Did the feeling

get the meaning

when the meaning

was still pleading

for the reasons yet to be





They must have known

that radiation doesn’t clone

it genetically twists and reforms

into thoughts

that should have never

been born



First steps


How do you deny them

when they have been your friends

from your first steps

into this world

how do you explain

to reason

a little common

and a bit of pride

that this is not how you are

as the air

is forced out

of what you dream about





The space is twice as big

as the one you feel within

through the maze

you will have to travel

though life’s shadows

that will become shallow

trying to find that spark

the one that makes you laugh

in a world designed

to make you lie





When you go

and everybody will

will you carry on

or will you dissipate

as your energy is sucked

from your soul





When you’re dead

the only way

to stay awake

is to remember yourself

for if you fall asleep

to wake up

in somebody else’s


you will be drained

of every thought

that makes you






Words and reason

doesn’t combine

with the ones

who believe

their view

is divine






leads to friction


only leads

to pain

when sustained

and fed

with illogical thoughts

of things left unsaid



Is to be


To have common sense

with a little logic

as a friend

is to be human





Where would you be

if your mind was unshackled

from this cave

called reality





Will there ever be a time

when you open your mind

and let the shadows






Would you act

on what you believe

the freedom

to be






When I enter your soul

I would like to know


I can go





There are times in the night

when everything

becomes silent

where the line is drawn

to be observed

were life’s struggles

become blurred





Are you looking

for something

in someone

but only feeling the need

are you are somewhere

near the border

where there are signs

that you should read



You are


You do what you are

you speak with a twist

with the legacy of trust


with a twitch



Only you


What you find

within your eyes

only you

can analyse

there are no diplomas

to set you free

where you wish to be





It is always reflective

when you are receptive

to the things

you could have done





The past

is only a reflection

of the circle

that we tread



One day


Is it not rare to look

at our world

where nature believes

that one day soon

We will cease to exist





It is not

in your governments interest

do you people

not understand

there is no political value

to help the damaged land





Is it fear

that holds the key

when the price you see

is more

than the life you live





Only lip service is given

to the promises

that were written

to the people who believed



No home


Not many see it coming

a few make their own

and the others believe


made a mistake

to leave them

without a home





Every angle

has been covered

by those

who have

no wish to recover



Real life


Are we

just a biological reality

living in a fantasy

where real life

is believed

can only be seen

on the TV screen





One day maybe

you will understand

there are no strange lands

on this world

on which we stand



A thing


She walks amongst us

yet we still refuse to see

the fear she will bring

to the illusion

that we believe

that nature

is just a thing




Do you ever watch

with a sense of shame

cry a tear

then walk away

when what was shown

on your TV today





We feed

off everything we see

and destroy


we don’t believe



Our own


The war within the species

will be unique

among our own race

we will finally see

the tree of life

is still growing


to be free





It is not

what you leave

for the one

that you love

it is

what you feel





Do you feel the terror

and the strain

when it rains upon the pain

that slowly burns

into your thoughts






The state of mind

you wish to acquire

is as hard

as you think




When you’re barely hanging

on to common sense

it’s hard to tell

when one day begins

and the other ends



Blind eye


Do you ever try

to face the truth

when you have

so many lies

you can decay behind





Do you feel

out of focus

when your lines

begin to blur





The first thing to come

whispering from the shadows

will be the first thing

your subconscious

would expect





When your friends

do not become

your family

then they are not

your friends



It is


It is not

what you know

it is

what you think





Will the legends

of the future

be of the people

who fought wars

to save humanity’s children

while we did nothing





Is it only

in the beginning

that you start

slowly becoming aware

that the end

will be the beginning

of the reasons why

you care





Does your left hand


what you do

with your right

does your left hand


the troubles you course

every time

you invite

excess baggage

to stay the night





Is it you

that makes

the same mistakes

that other people






Could it be you

that sows

the seeds of bitterness

could it be you

that created the fear

as they read

between the lines

you speak

as a single tear

escapes their belief



Just breathe


Is it ignorance

that keeps you asleep

is it ignorance

that tells you

it is better

you just breathe





Does bitterness

leave a sweet taste

on your tongue

when you begin

your first faltering


on this path

of regrets





It is not what you speak

it is your actions

that stand

the tattered flag





Life they say

is just a roll of the dice

which depends on fate

that listens

to every word

you don’t say



Shall be


It is the one

who stands before you

in the mirror that you see

it is the one

that you speak to

who decides

what you shall be





When will you

need me

when your hanging

on the end of a rope

broken and bruised

tired of living

somebody else’s blues






a decaying body

is the least of your problems





Do you stretch

your reasoning

well beyond

your moral point

do you listen

to the shadows

that whisper things

you only see

in your dreams





When you

break the back

of humanity

you break the back

of common sense

and family





May your god

help you

when you become

fully aware

that the thoughts

you are thinking

are what you put there





On our streets of fear

born again humans

are becoming




Is there


Is there a shadow

that darts

from the corner

of your eye

do you have that

sickening feeling

your beginning

to understand













































































































Bits and Pieces

Just a few bits and pieces that i found gathering dust in the corner of my mind

  • ISBN: 9781310544897
  • Author: William Andrews
  • Published: 2016-01-02 19:40:07
  • Words: 1756
Bits and Pieces Bits and Pieces