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Hi!i am maggie mukherjee.here,i have presented to you a list of some of the most beautiful and some rare birds of the world.from india to america,it includes a vast list of the most exotic birds.i have also provided some pictures to help you get a better understanding.hope you fall in love with this avian world.

i would like to thank my heavenly father for giving me the courage to write this book. i would also like to thank my parents and my 2 sisters for standing by my side and helping me with the contents of this e-book.

List of birds

Turquoise browed motmot

Wood duck

Imperial eagle

Bengal florican

Bohemian waxwing

Bar-headed goose(winter migrant from ladakh)

Green bee eater

Mandarin duck

Hyacinth macaw

King penguin


Jungle fowl


Resplendent quetzal

Black sicklebill

California condor

Blue crowned pigeon

Rail barblers

Grey hornbill

Crested serpent eagle

Racket tailed drongo

Yellow footed green pigeon

Grey headed fishing eagle

Crested tree swift

Spangled cotinga

Stone curlew

Black napped blue fly catcher

Honey buzzard

Red necked tanager

Paradise flycatcher

Lesser goldenbacked woodpecker

Bronze winged jacana

Violet crowned woodnymph

Northern cardinal

Black tailed drongo

Spotted dove

Blue jay

African grey parrot


Keel billed toucan

White eyed buzzard

Oriental honey buzzard

Greater spotted eagle

Macaroni penguin

Snowy owl

Fire maned bowerbird

Curl crested aracari

Blossom headed parakeet

Orange headed thrush


Lady gouldian finch

Red bearded bee eater

Asian open bill stork


Indian pond heron

Median egret

Yellow cheeked tit

Long tailed shrike

Black napped oriole

Splendid fairy wren

Yellow collared lovebird

Indian roller

White napped tit

White throated kingfisher

Black throated tit

Red vented bulbul

Purple gallinule

Paradise tanager

Lilac breasted roller

Purple swamphen or moorehen

Coppersmith barbet

Common hoopoe

Loten’s sunbird


Scarlet macaw

Oriental magpie robin

Golden pheasant

Blyth’s reed warbler

Crimson rosella


Yellow wagtail

Rofous tree pie

Lappet faced vulture

American kestrel


Rose ringed parakeet

Barnacle goose

Arctic tern

Coal tit

Great gray owl


Barn owl

African river martin

Wilson’s bird of paradise

Grey necked rockfowl

White necked rockfowl

Baleric shearwater

American golden plover

Burrowing owl

Bee humming bird

Gold finch

Red breasted merganser

Red legged partridge

Red kite

Large ground finch

Harpy eagle


Golden eagle

Horned guan

Eurasian hobby

Peregrine falcon

Henderson petrel

Three wattled bellbird

Congo peafowl

Marvelous spatuletail

Spix’s macaw

Spoon billed sandpiper

Imperial parrot

Mountain parrot

Rainbow bee eaters


Emperor penguin

Lyre tailed honeyguide

Crested argus



Wallace’s standardwing

Mallard duck

Phillipine eagle


Red crowned crane

Bali myna

Gurney’s pitta

Whooping crane

Asian crested ibis

Siberian crane

Jungle owlet

Picture gallery

Emperor penguin



Lady gouldian finch


Blue jay

Blue crowned pigeon

Male indian ring necked parrot

Mallard duck

Mandarin duck

Asian crested ibis


Red crowned crane

Mountain parrot

Rainbow bee eaters

Wilson’s bird of paradise


Scarlet macaw

Jungle owlet

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A mammoth list of birds from around the globe.Birds from india,america,eurasia and much more.it also includes a picture gallery from where identification of the birds' will become easy.you can see how vastly different each bird looks from the other and how colourful and beautiful they all are.from paradise birds to jungle fowl,take a look at the wild side of this avian world.

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  • Author: Maggie Mukherjee
  • Published: 2016-12-08 09:50:10
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