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An average teenager Jaden Marino discovers a UFO landing one evening in upstate NY. The government is also looking for the mysterious UFO in the area. The government eventually follows him to it while trying to kill him. He hides inside of the advanced nanotechnology UFO while the government tries to take it away to Area 51 on a trailer. His mind goes into a comatose state and he has an out-of-the-body experience. The spaceship translates his English language from his mind into its language, enabling him to control the UFO with his mind. As he tries to fly away, the government sends all of their best and top-secret aircraft to intercept this very advanced spacecraft. Jaden quickly learns what this spaceship is capable of and goes against the best pilots in an intense chase over NY. Eventually he leaves Earth and travels 2.1 million light-years into the Andromeda Galaxy. He learns of an advanced alien species called Andromedians, who are 70,000 years ahead of humans. The Andromedians are peaceful explorers and their thinking is very far ahead of our own.


Jaden comes back to Earth eighteen years later and is aware of an alien conspiracy that is about to take place on Earth. He tries to warn people, but everyone thinks he is crazy. They lock him up in a mental ward. Society, relationships, values and technology has changed on Earth. He has a microscopic artificial intelligence alien companion in his mind helping him along the way, called AI. His body begins developing its advanced alien nanotechnology weapons system to work on Earth. After the government and citizens do not listen, he tries to help the people he cares about while the government places him on a terrorist list and uses their full military forces to kill him. He goes against the government’s future weapons, Motherdrone (a super computer that controls all UAV drone crafts), super exoskeleton soldiers, SWATbots, thermobaric weapons and himself. At the same time, a bad alien race, called Darclonians, are implementing their silent planned strike on humans. An energy knight is the Darclonians new powerful weapon that can manipulate dark energy. Unbelievable movie style action sequences throughout the book and an ending you won’t stop talking about. Jaden Marino’s adventure of a lifetime begins.




NOTE: Book reviews are based on all six books to volume I series.


“Science fiction fans unite! If the title doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will! To preface this review, all of you naysayers out there who shake their heads at sci-fi should remember that, back in the 70’s, the names R2-D2, C3PO, Chewie…you get my point, here…were unknowns. Now they are as much a facet of popular literary culture as is Mr. Darcy. Jane Austen, Henry James, Dickens, etc., were beautiful storytellers, but sci-fi has amazingly imaginative beauty surrounding it as well. And this author, Vlane Carter, knows that for a fact….

there are A LOT of scenes that the reader gets to experience. From the military battle with the UFO, to the alien shark attack on another planet (which is really cool, by the way), this author offers a never-ending parade of amazing creatures and locations that will, perhaps, one day be logged into popular literary culture right beside old C3PO and his little beeping buddy……There are two factions out there in America – Star Wars vs. Star Trek – and I am definitely on the side of George Lucas having the more creative concept. So hats off to this writer, Vlane Carter, who may someday join those Lucas ranks if readers and sci-fi fans everywhere band together and realize that the force really MAY be with this one.” – FEATHERED QUILL REVIEWS.


“….the bialien trilogy is not your typical sci-fi novel. Think of a comic book that uses words instead of illustrations and you might come close. One thing that the writer certainly has is imagination. It is written very visually….

…..you may tell by his style that Vlane is very passionate about his writing. It takes time and effort to envision and write a novel of this length without losing the energy throughout it. Bialien is his first novel, and, from his marketing material and website, certainly not his last. It is always interesting to see the first story written and how writing styles evolve from book to book. Let’s see where Volume Two takes us.” –TOP BOOK REVIEWERS.

“A Sci-Fi series set on exploring concepts of the deep future, “The Bialien Trilogy” is for the Science fiction fan who likes to be amazed at what the future holds….” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS




“Vlane Carter first novel is a huge “tome” of a book. There is lots of action and adventure as our main character, Jaden, meets a host of aliens from across the universe, engages in a host of battles as well as doing some “fun” stuff. There is a lot of “things” in this book to cause the reader to pause and ponder. For the adventurous reader who likes long novels make sure you put this close to the top of your Must Read list.—STEVEN FIVECATS, EDITOR. YELLOW30 SCI-FI REVIEW.

[+ _______________________________________________________ +]

“…the first thing readers will notice about this book is the author’s manner of storytelling. It’s different and can take some getting use to. That said, if you adjust your thinking to the author’s way of telling the story, you’ll find that it works! He achieves his goal of making the story read as if you’re seeing it on the big screen, as an action packed movie. Also worth mentioning, is that to complete the entire scope of the story, Vlane has placed visual images throughout, as well as a book sound track, creating an entirely new dimension to the meaning of author/story/reader interaction….

….Outside of the book itself, this author takes great care to interact with his readers and has a website that includes free chapter plus loads of information about the series. Inside the book, he takes just as much care, and it’s clear he has put his entire being into each and every word. Real knowledge can make or break a book, and this author definitely knows his technology. ….


….Give this book a chance and you won’t be disappointed by the in your face, non-stop action that leaves you on a roller coaster ride that thrusts you up and down, side to side, both thrills and chills, and then rockets you out of this world…”

-New Reads Underground. Rachel M. D’aigle, NRU Head and Author of YA Fantasy Series The Journals of The Jacoby Odyssey





….This book crosses many topics, from government conspiracies, alien technology, nanotechnology, world domination, love, female empowerment and religion… All which take the reader into new realms of thought and possibility, allowing for outside the box thinking and discussion amongst readers…..


….Sci-fi and fiction enthusiasts will have a hard time putting this book down. Vlane Carter succeeds in his unconventional storytelling style, drawing readers into his vast creation, while the plot twists keep you riveted and guessing until the books final page. Or, make that the final word….” M. Penny Harmon, Review SIP “ReviewSIP” (Salt Lake City, Utah)



















BIAlien – Rise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolved book 1,2 & 3 (vol I)


BIO-Sapien books 1,2,3,4,5,6 (Vol I)


Text copyright © 2010 by VC Imagination Factory. Library of Congress Copyright Number: TXu 1-644-495 & TXu 1-704-707

BIO-Sapien books 1-6 (Volume I) republished in 2014 & 2015.

Text copyright © 2014 & 2015 by VC Imagination Factory.


Illustrations by Kwan Wilson, John Moriarty, John Buurman, Matthew Garofalo © 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 by VC Imagination Factory.

All illustrations and animations are designed and directed by

Vlane Carter


Edited by: Kevin Holland


Character BELLONA and “Evolve Your Imagination” are pending registered trademarks of VC Imagination Factory.


Jaden Marino, Marco, AI, Dr. Chan, Bomani, Toragon and other fictional book characters are copyright © 2009, 2010, 2014 by VC Imagination Factory, all rights reserved.


Special permission and a license agreement was made with Action Burger restaurants to use book characters, comic characters, technology, weapons & content from the “BIAlien series” “rebirth series” “Bio-sapien series” & “Andromedian chronical series”


No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher.






BIO-Sapien was written in present tense for the following reasons:


p<>{color:#000;}. So the reader can read and experience the novel as if they were watching a movie.

p<>{color:#000;}. Nanotime.

p<>{color:#000;}. Detailed action sequences.

p<>{color:#000;}. Movie soundtracks inserted into different parts of the story.

p<>{color:#000;}. Telepathic communication and talking to another personality.

p<>{color:#000;}. Mind reading and answering questions inside of a conversation.

p<>{color:#000;}. Have the reader experience the story as if they are right with Jaden at all times.


“….Author, Vlane Carter, has created a story told in a unique and unconventional writing style, keeping the action in the present tense, so as to keep the reader feeling as though they are experiencing the action as its happening. It can be akin to reading a script, or make you feel as though you’re watching a movie. It is a writing style that can, at first, be jarring and difficult to understand. But if you give it a few chapters it will not only grow on you, but draw you in. And then you suddenly cannot imagine the story written any other way. And, quite possibly, it could be the first book that includes its own music recommendations (to listen to while reading)…..” – [+ M. Penny Harmon, Review SIP “ReviewSIP”+]



Single quotes ‘ ‘ are used in the book when:


Main character is thinking and talking to himself.

To show main character communicating with another personality in his mind.

High-speed telepathic communications


Even though third person narrative is mainly used throughout the book, the author needed to slowly get the reader used to single quotes by having main character thinking to himself from outside his body in Chapter one and two.



































BIO-Sapien book 2 – Planet Xenos.


Chapter 6: The Truth 12

Chapter 7: Alien Life 44

Chapter 8: Gravity Games 89

Chapter 9: Can I join? 127

Chapter 10: King Me 150

Chapter 11: An Alien of Two Worlds 163



























Chapter 6: The Truth


It is completely dark around Jaden and he hears a howling wind sound. Suddenly a bright light appears at a far distance in front of him. A light particle quickly flies by him and it sounds like the strings of a harp being struck all together. He suddenly sees millions of other light particles quickly moving towards the light all around him. He looks down and his body is a light particle. His floating, uncontrollable, weightless body glides towards the light, but at a slow speed. Jaden sees stars far in the background around him. He feels very cold as if he is immersed in ice water. Jaden hears voices echoing around him from all directions. He looks down at his glowing hands and legs made of pure light particles.

“This isn’t his time. I sense his destiny has not been fulfilled and he has a long journey before him,” a robotic female voice says.

Jaden turns in different directions while listening to the voices echo. The light gets closer and he begins to get warmer.

“This unknown soul is needed like the rest and isn’t anything special,” an older man’s voice says.

“I sense two anomalies in his twelve dimensions of matter strings configuration,” a younger man with a soft voice says.

The bright light in front of him gets brighter and brighter.

“Something that needs to be further analyzed and corrected,” the older man says.

“This universe simulation continues to be unbalanced and there is a shift in the gravitational structure from that sector,” the echoing robotic female voice says.

“For the past 100,000 years, we have only been receiving twenty-five percent of organic intelligent souls from that sector,” the old man says.

“This has no relevance to this situation. He is needed in his mortal body and I sense a journey of several lifetimes before him. The anomaly in his string matter is the makings of a legendary good force,” the robotic female says.

“Or the making of an evil unstoppable force…”

There is a long silence in the voices. The bright light is right before Jaden. Vibrating strings of the harp quickly pass him in the form of light particles. They quickly go into the bright, circular white light. His light body slows down and begins to go backwards. His light particles begin to stretch as his body moves faster and faster from the light. His light continues to stretch. The cold returns and hits his body like a snowstorm.

“I know you can’t hear me or remember this when you return. But, your journey has just begun and you must create and choose your own destiny. Goodbye young carbon mortal,” the robotic female voice yells

His body is quickly moving backwards and the light disappears. Everything goes blurry and then dark.


2.3 million light-years from Earth

Andromeda Galaxy – Planet Xenos


There are sounds of children playing in the background. Jaden is breathing heavily and coughing. Cold chills move around his body. His mind thinks back to where he was dying and couldn’t breathe. The sound of his coughing echoes around him. The smell of fresh baked chocolate cookies floods the air. He is lying in bed, covered up. He opens his eyes and everything is white and bright all around him. His blue pupils get smaller and adjust to the brightness. He quickly sits up and the sheets fall to his waist. He tries to catch his breath and breathes heavily while holding his chest. The bright sunlight is shining through the window nearby. His eyes begin to tear up as he listens to what is around him. He feels different as if he is outside of his body again. He is lying on a bed that resembles the one in his bedroom. He turns and looks around the room. Jaden notices this is the cleanest he has ever seen his room. However, he quickly realizes this is not his room. Everything is missing in this room; it’s just an empty white room that is 20 feet by 20 feet. The window is to the left of him. It reminds him of a movie set. The window by the bed reminds him when he was fifteen years old. A time when he would fall asleep at night looking into the stars wondering if his older brother was safe. The sounds of children playing outside the window near him fade away. He looks out his window and doesn’t see any kids, just an empty playground. It becomes quiet and he can feel wind on his face from all directions. He can actually hear his heart beating in stereo around him. The smell of fresh cookies disappears. This confusion is making Jaden nervous.

The room smells different, like the forest on a misty day. He knocks off the white bedspread and white sheet covering him onto the floor. He turns to his right with his feet off the bed. Jaden notices he is wearing a robe and he is barefoot. He feels different. It is as if he just came out of the shower, since he appears to be naked under the robe. A taste of slightly salty water is in his mouth and on his tongue. His body feels weird as he stands up. He feels dizzy and tries to catch his balance. He quickly sits back down on the bed. The room is spinning around him and his eyes lose focus. Jaden is beyond confused as to what is going on. He has broken memories about what has happened to him up until now. Suddenly something appears on the other side of the room. He tries to focus in on this silver creature with many legs and many blurry heads. He wipes his eyes and focuses again and he sees a four-legged animal walking towards him. There is a trail of light dust particles following its body. It gets closer and resembles a silver lion with white glowing eyes. The metallic silver body has a thin layer of fur over the skin. The animal is about four feet high and seven feet long. Its feet, face, body and shape look like a lion from earth. Its seven chrome whiskers on each side of its face extend two feet out. The tail is chrome and slowly wags back and forth as it walks. A soft female voice speaks and echoes all around Jaden’s ears.

“You know a lion goes back 32,000 years in your species. This standard universal lion structure is recognized on millions of planets in your galaxy and mine. These animals adapt differently on different planets and look different; but they all represent strength, bravery, royalty, a warrior and survival of the fittest….”

The four-legged alien lion stops about seven feet in front of Jaden on the bed. Jaden is puzzled, but recognizes the voice. He isn’t afraid of the animal that isn’t moving its mouth to talk. He is mesmerized by the lion’s size and beauty. The animal has Bellona’s colors and reminds him of her.

“They can be tamed, trained, but best of all they go on instinct and adapt to any environment…”

“Bellona, is that you?” Jaden asks.

There is a few seconds delay.

“Yes it is me…but I’ll change to an image you are more used too and more suitable.”

The lion morphs into a standing image and body of Bellona. A breeze of air passes by Jaden’s face and body. He has a stunned look on his face. Her silver body isn’t glowing and she has a face now. She has a small nose and a mouth that resembles a white female. She looks at Jaden and pauses for a second. Her eyes are different than he remembers. They are now white with blue pupils that slightly glow. They are still slightly wide and look slightly Asian. She now has black and silver hair that comes down to her shoulders. She looks more human now. Her body is missing the exotic tattoo symbols around it. Bellona still has mannequin breasts and five fingers with shiny clear nails.

“Okay, how did you do that?” Jaden asks.

“We are in a virtual city and anybody can be whoever they want.”

“Virtual city?”

“I will explain later what I mean. Kind of hard to explain, with all the confusion in your mind.”

“Okay, what are you alien people?” Jaden asks straightforwardly.

“We are Andromedians…”

“Why are you named after a galaxy? Why Andromedians?”

“To ourselves and other advanced species, we are named as long digital numbers and codes. We call ourselves according to what intelligence level an alien species is at. Your computers can easily understand our digital name, but is very hard for your organic brains to memorize. Since we are the first alien species your human race has been in contact with, using a name that is familiar with our location was the logical choice….”

“That was a little condescending, but okay,” Jaden snaps.

“You want to remember fifty characters filled with symbols and 3D numbers?”

“No, that’s okay,” Jaden says.

“Well, as I was saying, we are Andromedians and we are part of a very large colony and alliance of species. Our planet consists of about 10,000 Andromedians and 100 guest alien beings like you. Our biomechanical bodies are created by us and used outside of our planet. Our life starts at a trillionth of an inch. We don’t have any children, so we do not reproduce naturally. Our technology is based around nanotechnology. We transfer from body to body. We have two types of bodies we use. We all have our standard biomechanical warrior bodies for fighting and traveling outside of our planet. Then we have virtual bodies that we use in our city here. This is how I’m able to morph into something else just on pure thought. These bodies can change from day to day. Our brain systems are stored on silicon- nanites. This allows us to control our bodies, ships, and other things. It also allows us to save our memories and information just in case the body dies by being destroyed. Our bodies self repair and last for thousands of years. Many of us are tens of thousands of years old.”

“What is wrong with my body? What is going on and why am I here? Why does my body look and feel so different? What galaxy and planet am I on?” Jaden asks in a slightly elevated tone.

There are ten seconds of silence.

“Sorry Jaden, I have to translate your words into our language and it takes a little time to respond. The process will improve. All of your questions will be answered. Just sit back and relax for now. You’ve been through a lot,” she says.

Jaden relaxes on the bed, but has his head towards Bellona.

“You are on Planet 202-555, but in the English language we will call it planet Xenos. Planet Xenos is in the galaxy you call Andromeda. We are 5200 light-years from our galaxy’s center that you call the galactic bulge or galaxy center. We are approximately 2.3 million light-years from your planet, Earth. Your body looks different, because your original body is still being repaired,” she says.

“Repaired?” He asks.

“Yes, repaired. What do you last remember?”

Jaden thinks to himself for a second.

“I was being carried by Marco and you. I was tossed around like a rag doll or stuffed animal…” Jaden is interrupted.

“Stuffed animal?”

“Just a figure of speech,” Jaden says, as he continues. “As I was saying, I remember having trouble breathing and I couldn’t get any air. I was choking and we got to the top of a plateau area, then I remember falling to the ground and that’s it. Why is your name Bellona? Why that name?”

“Well really my name is many numbers and symbols translated into your language. Bellona was a name you came across in one of your 9th grade history books. She was a female warrior.”

“How do you know what was in my 9th grade history book? I can’t even remember that.”

“We have many details that happened in your life. We know your history, your past, and experiences. To answer your previous questions,” she pauses.

Amazing 3D images of Jaden display in the middle of the room, of when he was younger. Images of him playing as a toddler in a sandbox and images of him studying in the resource room in the 8th grade. The images quickly change to his human body that is currently being repaired. Jaden stands up from the bed and his feet touch the floor. The floor is warm, when he was anticipating it to be cold. The warm feelings pass around his temporary body. He walks over to the dazzling virtual display of his human body with images of his organs and nervous system.

“Your body was damaged from the very low oxygen on Planet 455. During your rescue your body died…..”

Jaden interrupts, “Died? I died?”

“Yes, you died, so your body had to be frozen. We didn’t have the, umm, tools and technology needed to help you at the time. This is why your lower body’s skin is a pale color,” Bellona says.

Jaden takes a deep breath.

“We are repairing your body now, cell by cell. So far, your undamaged brain has been restored. Every nerve, muscle fiber and spinal cord chemical messages are being bypassed to the artificial body you are in now. Billions of nanobots are helping with the remote transmissions from your brain. By the way Jaden, there is a faster way to communicate, but would require some practice on your end. Just think about the questions you want to ask, and I’ll respond telepathically. Using voice and sound communication is very primitive and takes longer. Practice just thinking about the question you want to ask and I’ll answer it in the middle of my conversation. But first, let me explain everything that is going on, so there are fewer questions for you to ask…..”

Jaden interrupts her with a telepathic question.

‘Yes, I can show you your body in the flesh,’ she says to him telepathically, but at a very fast rate.

‘You said it too fast. You sound like a tape recorder being fast forwarded,’ Jaden says telepathically.

‘I said I can show you your body. I’m sorry Jaden, our communication speed is very fast; I already had to slow it down considerably. Is this speed better?’


The entire room changes and his bed disappears behind him. He turns around and looks; Jaden hears bubbling sounds and he suddenly sees himself unconscious floating in a pool of clear water with billions of small bubbles moving in different directions. There is no glass around the water. The water is floating in a rectangular area about eight feet wide, twelve feet high and six feet in depth.

‘Your legs and lower body are shaking because we are attempting to reconnect your nervous system and bodily functions. You are naked because there isn’t an Old Navy within light-years from here,’ she says smiling.

Jaden laughs and she laughs.

‘We learned humor from many different species. In your species, it keeps people relaxed and lightens the mood. Is that better?’

‘Yes, but can you cover me up with something?’

‘You do not like your natural form?’

‘Well, in our society humans are only naked when we are showering, having sex or on a nude beach,’ Jaden says.

‘Having sex, what is that like?’ She asks.

‘It’s something when a man and women like each other, they express their feelings.’

‘I know what it means; I’m asking what is it like?’

‘Your alien species doesn’t have sex?’ Jaden asks.

There is an awkward thirty seconds of silence.

‘We do have your clothes, we are what you would call, dry cleaning them,’ she says while chuckling and then continuing, ‘Jaden let me explain what is going on with why you are here, so there are less questions and less confusion by you.’

‘You can call us Andromedians. My special unit team rescued you from Planet 455. Each of us has special capabilities in our warrior and external bodies. Similar to superheroes you see in your movies. The underground alien colony on 455 is part of a species called Darclonians. The Darclonians are a violent, manipulative, advanced robotic alien race. They have been known to recruit other species. They weren’t always a bad species. Let me explain how they came about. About 600,000 years ago and a couple of galaxies away, they were part of a bigger alien species called Delforbes. The Delforbes had organic brains and carbon-based bodies. They evolved much faster than most intelligent civilizations. The robots they created on their planet became much smarter than they did. They had a revolution event in their own species called a technological singularity. They merged their biological brains with artificial intelligence and robot bodies. This new robotic species called themselves Robogods because of their superior thinking and advanced technology. They began duplicating themselves and colonizing non-life planets. They began traveling to many different galaxies, exploring as a good species, helping and spreading their technology to other species. The added artificial intelligence altered some of their logical thinking in their new bodies. Many thought killing, taking over weaker civilizations and manipulating them made more sense. The definition of their new name Robogods was taken out of context and was understood as a species who should be rulers and gods.’

‘A civil war and power struggle ensued and each Robogod chose a side. The power hungry and ruling the weak half, took a path of evil, destruction and conquering many other species. They called themselves Darclonians and sought out others that believed in their ways. The remaining good half is in our alliance a few galaxies from here and they are still called Robogods. They are all robotic androids and are masters of computer technology. They can do high-speed calculations instantly. The Robogods banished the Darclonians away from their territories and nearby galaxies. The Darclonians swore revenge on the Robogods. The Robogods are very wise, peaceful and very helpful to other alien species.’

‘Sometimes, Darclonians take over a species and use their bodies as their own. They have also been known to exterminate entire alien species. We were setting up a campaign to get rid of all the Darclonians, but other alliance nations couldn’t agree on it. They are also known for cloning different species and using them for different experimental purposes. Over the years, they have been trying to get back to being in carbon-based organic bodies, for reasons unknown.’

‘Very interesting, this is like hearing a bedtime story,’ Jaden says.

Jaden walks over to his body and touches his leg through the water. His leg feels frozen, as his body looks very pale up close. She continues to talk, while he is amazed looking at himself.

‘Our ship was on a set course to our planet, when the Darclonians captured it outside of Andromeda’s galactic bulge center. Every galaxy center bulge has a matching super massive black hole. Each black hole is connected to another neighboring galaxy’s black hole. Using the subspace under each black hole, we are able to travel from galaxy to galaxy in a fraction of the time. Usually it takes a couple of years to travel from galaxy to galaxy. The black hole in your Milky Way Galaxy for some reason doesn’t allow our biomechanical bodies to pass through them. Our transport system allows us to travel through and to many different galaxies.’

Jaden turns around and looks at her amazed. He thinks of more questions and she continues.

‘Star to star is the local way of traveling inside of a galaxy. Some of our technology principles are similar to yours on Earth. Your technology with fiber optics involves breaking information into particles of light and sending it through a cable. On the other side of the cable, the signal is put back together. Our ships are broken down to a billionth of an inch and enter subspace. The tiny subspace hole is a fraction of a cubic inch. This requires lots of energy, so this is usually done near a star. Using a star’s solar winds and nuclear fusion, our ships slingshot to the next star at 4-90 seconds a light-year. I hope this answers your question, now back to what I was previously saying.’

She is interrupted again.

‘Yes, your body would be fine. We have dealt with many other species, similar to humans. Your brain structure is different, but carbon-based cell structure bodies are easy to repair. Time on Earth is currently about the year 2010 in the spring. Yes, ten years have passed for you. No, you’re only about 1 month older. You don’t age when your body is in billions of pieces and traveling through subspace. Time also slows down around you when you are traveling at light speeds as your brilliant scientist Albert Einstein figured out in his relativity theories. We are about 70,000 years more advanced than your species. We have traveled to many galaxies and seen countless astronomical events and encountered many species.’

‘Good question, the chemical and electronic signals from your brain are being bypassed to your virtual artificial body here simultaneously. Your brain doesn’t know the difference.’

‘I feel a slight difference. This body just feels different; I can tell it’s not me. I don’t feel the same,’ Jaden says.

‘I’m sorry to hear that, it just takes some getting used to.’

A map of the galaxy is shown in 3D in the middle of the room. Jaden sees Andromeda’s spiral galaxy and the Milky Way right next to each other slowly rotating.

‘As I was saying; you were part of an experiment. Yes, an experiment. We were trying to find an average intelligent human with good vocabulary to bring back to our planet. If you remember, your mind was being read when you first encountered our UFO ship. You call it a UFO, but they are actually called EIS or Exoskeleton Intergalactic Spaceship. But you can call it a ship, UFO or EIS. The ship was looking for a human subject that had a great amount of knowledge of space and science. The process usually takes days. However, your government compromised our ship, before the process was complete. Our ship decided you were the best candidate. The ship had very little time to prepare your body for space travel, since it was about to be captured. As you figured out, different stages were needed to prepare your body: 1. accelerated flight, 2. outer space, and 3. optic-warp. Usually all three stages are done before the ship takes off. The ship decided to see what you were capable of by letting you fly it yourself. The EIS has a portable artificial intelligent supercomputer. It is capable of flying itself, navigating, making its own decisions, and protecting itself. Unlike your computers and robots on Earth, our advanced artificial intelligence computer can be a companion like an Earth dog. It could be a male or female artificial intelligence. The EIS reacts to what the pilot is thinking. The speed of thought is translated into movements and directions. As you learned, you felt what the ship felt. The ship translated its dozens of external senses into your five senses.’


‘As I was saying before, we abducted you. I’m sorry, wrong choice of words. I guess it was more you went willingly, since you decided to enter the ship on your own. The experiment was to first see if your body could make it through your black hole and form back to normal with the ship on the other side. Our bodies have always been destroyed when we tried to enter your galaxy’s black hole. Yes, our biomechanical bodies only. The rest of the ship would re-assemble normally. We have been unable to fully investigate why. No, each ship is required to contain a biomechanical body when traveling outside our planet; that has always been our rules. Except if special permission is given as in your case. No, it would take too many millions of light-years to travel around the galaxy and not use our traveling system. Our ships can only travel at around the speed of light. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is somewhat accurate for ships in a full matter form. A ship would have to produce a powerful electromagnetic force field around it to go faster than light speed. That would be temporary and not long distance. It will still take too long to travel from galaxy to galaxy without using a galactic center black hole. Other alien species have other ways of traveling through space faster, but our method is more reliable.’

Bellona pauses for a few seconds, and then continues, ‘Yes, we do have that same Andromedian body transporting problem in one other nearby galaxy. But we haven’t sent a regular ship through there yet. We try to stay local within ten local galaxies. No, we do not clone species here; that is against our law and belief. No, your questions are not annoying me. Your thought process is very interesting to us. We welcome your questions, there is no rush. You making it here has interested thousands. Your human body has survived many vigorous tests. Many are watching our interaction with as we speak. Yes, they are watching right now. There are about 20,000 nanoeyes in this room watching us.’ Bellona pauses.

‘Hello Jaden,’ hundreds of voices say at the same time, as Jaden puts his hands around his head.

‘How is life on Earth? Do you think your same gods and religion are on other alien planets? Tell us about the miracle that took place when you were younger. Why do you miss your girlfriend so much? Why is your species so violent to each other?’ They ask simultaneously.

Jaden falls down to his knees with his hands over his head and yells, “Stop talking all at once, it’s too many questions at the same time. I’m getting a serious headache.”

“We are sorry Jaden. We are used to answering many at once. I will just talk to you,” Bellona says while she stands near him with her hand on his shoulder, she continues, “I will research their questions from your memory and answer it for them.”

‘Are you okay now, Jaden?’ She asks him telepathically.

“Yes, I’m a little better. That was like a lot of loud noises at the same time. Talking about hearing voices. You aliens can put someone in a mental ward doing that to them.”

‘If you were communicating without using your voice and communicated like us, you could interpret more information at the same time. You could also respond faster and think faster.’

Jaden stands up and looks at Bellona as she removes her right hand.

‘Okay I understand. Let’s try this telepathic thing again, with just me and you for now. Continue what you were talking about the nano stuff.’

‘Nanoeyes and nanoscanners are all part of our advance nanotechnology. They are invisible to the human eye. Nanoeyes allow us to hear at a far distance, view things at a far distance and look through solid matter. Nanoscanners can do what nanoeyes can, and also analyze materials, scan through objects and determine their structure. This can allow Andromedians, for example, in a battle to know how to destroy a material it is scanning. Nanoscanners can do many other things. Nanoscanners and nanoeyes can be combined together, along with nanobots, to do other tasks. Nanobots are metallic microorganisms with a wide range of capabilities that work in a community and communicate to each other at high speeds. They can adjust to many different environments. Nanoscanners, nanoeyes and nanobots on our ships or bodies, work together and have many different tasks; some include transferring natural resources into weapons, quantum mechanics, manipulating super strings, protons, neutrons, atoms and anti-gravity technology. Meaning Jaden they can be controlled by us, human bodies or other life forms. Yes, Jaden they can be programmed by us to work with any host and are loyal to the host forever. They can also work together like a colony, with chains of commands. Good questions, there are quadrillions of these nanobots working together in a community, to do certain tasks. They can, but rarely work independent. They can work like little alien people and have a certain degree of logic in their little minds. They think like artificial intelligent collective aliens. They help us in every way of life.’

‘The nanoscanners guide our ships as they travel through subspace. Nanobots and nanoscanners reassemble the ship and pilot. Every billionth-trillionth of an inch of the ship in subspace has a unique ID assigned to it. They are each put back together according to their ID, piece by piece in seconds. Each ID is verified before being reassembled and some can be repaired on the spot if damaged.’

‘We have been at war with the Darclonians for a long time. Our technology has always been better than their technology, up to now. We believe most are hiding in your galaxy and are up to something. There was an unknown nanomole found semi-hibernating in your brain. Yes, a nanomole that was not put there by us. Semi-hibernating meaning it has been recording everything the brain sees and different parts of the brain. They are most likely in every human’s brain. The Darclonians have been known for using similar nanomoles on other planets, to record everything an alien does and to control them. They use other aliens’ bodies as hosts, so how they look varies. Darclonians have perfected cloning, in organic humans. When we rescued you from Planet 455, there were several clones of yourself there. They have been doing weird and unknown experiments on your body. Sorry, we do not know.’

Jaden continues to think of questions telepathically.

‘We have analyzed this nanomole in your brain and we believe it contains everything you’ve done in your lifetime, your parents, and your thousand-year family history. It is encoded and will take time to read. We don’t know why, yet, it was used on your planet. How it got there and how it works, I can explain. The Darclonians robotic droids scan solar system to solar system. A planet at the right distance from a sun that can support life is targeted. They use asteroids or comets to put a sextillion of these nanomoles in them. They target the planet from a distance. The small comet would explode in the lower atmosphere and enter anything organic or carbon base. They probably did this a few times to your planet at different times. These moles find evolved and intelligence life forms. Once a qualified carbon organic species is found, the nanomoles learn its biology and reproduction methods. In your human case, it copies itself inside of a female body. There are two nanomoles in a female at all times. One stays in the womb and keeps copying itself into a fetus. The other one always stays in the brain recording everything and constantly updates with the one in the uterus/womb.’

‘The nanomoles in the father’s brain, updates with his children remotely by comparing DNA characteristics. The nanomoles don’t affect anything in the body. However, it can be activated to temporarily control the host’s mind and body. There are three stages of the nanomoles: stage 1, the negative stage, which is also called semi-hibernating. It records everything from eyes and ears in detail, from generation to generation. Neutral stage 2: the mother ship sends a high-powered initiation signal, which would trigger a countdown in all the nanomoles on a planet. Every alien or human would be unconscious from anywhere between 15-25 seconds. Random humans go into a sleep stage and can be non-responsive for hours or days. Information could be uploaded to the mother ship at this time. Normal bodily functions still work (breathing, heart, etc.). The nanomole begins to reprogram cells in the body. This stage is for preparing the host for the next stage. Stage 3: the positive stage, which is called Hijacked Brain Aliens. In your case, it would be called HBH (Hijacked Brain Humans). This is where the nanomole takes over the mind and it waits to connect with a bioparasite. Bioparasites are metallic or organic Darclonians’ brains. Similar to our silicon-nanite brains, which are usually sent from a mother ship. The mother ship in orbit powers the nanomoles in the brain for a complete mind take over. This usually takes several days for the entire process to be complete. The nanomole reprograms white and red blood cells to accept microbots and bioparasites. Bioparasites can sometimes help the nanomoles to accelerate this time. We have seen similar nanomoles work like this on planets in our galaxy that the Darclonians conquered.’

‘This nanomole we found in your brain is a little more advanced. They also hide inside of sperm and go from male to female, like a virus. No, your technology is not capable of detecting it yet. Yes, it does go through condoms also. When the person dies, it is embedded into the skull. Yes, the recording is very advanced. This more advanced nanomole records everything the person feels, sees, hears, smells, experiences and emotional experiences are all recorded. No, you can’t see yours, because it’s still being investigated and we can’t decode 90% of it. Mostly the recordings of your ancestors and many generations before your parents are encoded in Darclonian language. We believe they date back to the Neanderthal time period. Yes, it is probably capable of other things we aren’t one hundred percent certain yet. No, we used your memory from your normal brain to translate your language. No, we don’t know why the Darclonians are doing this. We are trying to find out,’ Bellona stops to admire Jaden’s confused face.

Jaden walks over and touches the universal 3D map; it zooms in to the planet he is on now.

‘Bellona, explain to me how your species doesn’t believe in religion,’ he asks.

‘I’ll give you a brief history of our species and explain our religious concepts. We evolved from other organic primitive animals similar to apes over a 500,000-year period. Our evolving to intelligence period was much faster than yours, since yours took millions of years. We used to give birth and reproduce on our old planet. Religion guided us through most of our problems through our humanoid era. Astronomy in the night sky gave us our original religious concepts. We were very peaceful and faithful to our Sun God that gave us light every day. Some believed nebulas in space were gods watching us. Fossils and science proved these theories and concepts to be false. This caused a lot of conflict in our species, similar to the conflicts that plagued the past 5000 years of your history, Jaden. Approximately 68,650 years ago, we were attacked by an alien race. Our technology at the time was no match for them. Millions of our Andromedian people died and they vowed to return. Seventy percent of our religious people were called the Cults. They thought it was punishment from God and those who had faith would be spared from the next attack. That time period was called the Great Transhuman War. Our early government was set out to solve and prove religion should be labeled fictitious and sides needed to be chosen, if we were going to stand a chance at fighting. The government used logic, facts and scientific evidence over the years. It wasn’t convincing enough for most of the Cults and civil disobedience began.’

‘Five Earth years later we received a remote transmission from another part of our galaxy. It was from an advanced alien species called Mapolians. They were aware of our past attack and wanted to help. They sent us information on how to advance our technology and how to defend ourselves with shield technology and nanotechnology. Our scientist teams went to work all over the planet. The Cults said the Mapolians were the devil and wanted to destroy us with evil technology. There was protests everyday outside our government buildings. The Cults were also very upset tax money was spent on this devil technology that was also helping to pollute our planet at an increasing rate. Not all of our citizens at the time could evolve their thinking. Many were kept in a primitive state of thinking and stayed on the level of brainwashed animals. People chose sides and we had years of civil wars around our planet. One-third of us Andromedians didn’t need religion to guide us anymore; we could then self guide ourselves. Those of us that didn’t believe in the Cults’ religion were killed by them and made an example of…’

‘…There was a choice us Andromedians had to make. We could be stronger, live much longer in new artificial cyborg bodies and fight the alien invasion or die and go to the fictitious heaven with the Cults. We had to give up reproducing, emotions, love, and feelings until a later time they could be reproduced. This was the beginning of our Transhuman time period.’

‘We do believe primitive civilizations need religion and faith to look forward towards every day. This type of belief system keeps people good and keeps order in civilizations. It also gives people a purpose for being alive and something to look forward to. If your civilization didn’t have a faith or religion, there would be chaos, massive suicides, no will to live and it would be harder for people to get through tough times. Over time, most civilizations eventually have a time period where evolving to the next level takes place. Self-guidance is not an easy task for a species to accept. It is the final leap into the higher intelligence of an organic alien being.

‘Our technology now can scan for any types of signals, spirits or life-forms in a wide range and distance. There is no heaven or hell in space. But there are places a life form goes once it dies. Eventually, technology surpasses faith, religion, and belief in a god being on its own. But, your human species have to be ready and prepared for that type of change. We do believe something is out there in the universe we haven’t seen yet. The furthest one of our species has traveled was 5 billion light-years.’

‘Very interesting, your history is amazing. It sounds like you can probably write a book about it,’ Jaden says. He continues, ‘I had a miracle take place a few years ago. I was hit by a car, flew over the windshield and I wasn’t hurt at all. After that, I believed in God and religion a lot more,’ Jaden explains.

‘You don’t think you just happened to land on the ground or your body protected itself perfectly, causing you to avoid injury?’ She asks.

‘It was a miracle from someone or something, because I should have been dead or in a coma,’ Jaden explains.

There is an awkward silence.

‘I think your Catholic religion is a good guidance for you. Miracles happen all the time to keep people in tuned with their faith in religion. How old am I? In Earth years, I would be about 49,201 years old. I’m considered young to the elders here,’ Bellona says.

‘I have died quite a few times and I’ve been in many battles. Died meaning, the body I was in died, but my silicon-nanite, which is equivalent to your mind and soul, was always retrieved. Yes, there is a way to completely destroy us. However, there is usually a backup of our silicon-nanite, stored in our city.’

Jaden continues to just think of questions to ask her telepathically. He is beginning to get used to it. It is much faster than talking with words. However, his headache returns.

‘I must say your species’ technology has really advanced significantly in the past 150 years. That type of advancement would usually take thousands of years for many species. It took millions of years to evolve into Homo sapiens and less than 150 years to develop into the technology age you are in now. To be able to go from living in caves and traveling on horses to taking baby steps into space is an amazing achievement. Yes, I agree, but at what cost? Is your species ready?’ Bellona asks.

There is another awkward silence. 3D video images are shown in the middle of the room.

‘As you can see, Darwin’s ape to human theory is somewhat accurate. Sometimes it takes hundreds of millions of years for intelligence to develop from a species. Adaptation is also a great contributor to the evolution process. Your species took less than four million years. We call it luck, with a combination of random mutations, stressful environments and survival. Not all species make the leap; ninety percent of alien life on planets stays at a primate level. Your species has a very high creativity level and good mathematic calculations for your time. The book report you wrote in the 10th grade on Darwin’s theory was very well done. You deserved that A+. Darwin’s theory of evolution is very close to the blueprint for life on many planets in many galaxies. Bacteria, amino acids, single cell organisms are the origins for the beginning of most evolving life on planets.’

Bellona walks closer to Jaden while they both look at the vivid 3D images. Jaden is trying to take all this information in Bellona has been telling him at a fast speed. The high definition 3D images show single cell organisms evolving into sea creatures from other planets.

She continues, ‘Yes, we are explorers. Peaceful explorers and peacekeepers; we do try to help different species when we can. We do enjoy learning about a species and its culture…. Let me explain that to you again. When our ship you were in, made it from our center galaxy black hole and began transporting star to star, a colony of Darclonians only 550 light-years from the center of the galaxy was able to detect the ship. They have never been able to pick up our ships in the past in subspace, but this time they did. They forced the ship out of subspace, by somehow redirecting the pathway. Then they captured our ship and hid it on one of their planets. We tried to negotiate with them for weeks; they denied even having the ship. Our ship sent us a signal when it left subspace. Since they know our communicating methods, they stopped and blocked our ship from communicating with us after it was captured. However, they didn’t know there was a device your government had hidden on our ship. We were able to translate the primitive transmission code. The signal transmits slowly and can be mistaken as noise. We were given clearance for a rescue mission. They cloned your body several times and were doing experiments on your clones. Why? We don’t know yet.’

‘The place was real, but then it wasn’t real; they were able to manipulate images in your mind into looking like you were on your home planet. Yes, certain things they couldn’t answer, because there were answers you didn’t know. When you caught on, they were just going to kill you and use your original brain for something. I couldn’t come sooner, because the place was a maze of virtual transmissions and encrypted rooms. I needed a special body to sneak into the Virtualatrix underground world. A Virtualatrix manipulates brain wave frequencies and makes the mind think everything is real. I was discreetly sending you telepathic messages when you were sleeping. The Virtualatrix was offline then. My body was getting weaker and weaker from all those days underground.’

‘As you can see, everything that happened from a nanoeye,’ Bellona says while the nanoeye vision goes into Jaden’s eyes. He is startled and jumps back.

“Wow that scared me!” Jaden yells and then continues, “I’m seeing through the nanoeyes as if I’m actually there.”

‘You can change the vision back to where you are now, just by thinking about,’ she says.

‘I got it, just how I was doing with the nanoscanners back on Earth.’

Jaden sees the rescue from different nanoeyes up close.

‘Look at me, being carried by a girl.’

‘Do you think being carried by a female life-form makes you look bad?’ Bellona asks.

‘Well, to us it makes the man look weak, to be carried by a smaller female, even though you’re not really a human female. But to be saved by an alien female, I guess the same rules apply.’


‘I do not understand this analogy. We are all equal in our species.’

Jaden changes vision of the nanoeyes.

‘Maybe it’s just an ego or primitive human male thing. Damn, look at me throwing up on the shield around my body before Marco catches me. Oh no, now it is going back into my face. That is very nasty, look at that green vomit all around me. What were they feeding me on Planet 455?’

‘Something they were growing underground. We are sorry, but we underestimated how much oxygen your body would have needed for that distance to our ships. Most of the information the EIS attained about your planet and yourself was stolen by the Darclonians.’

There is a minute of silence as Jaden watches through the nanoeye.

‘Okay, are those spikes on Marco’s back?’ Jaden asks.

‘Yes, each chrome spike represents a different type of weapon system. The weapon forms once it passes through the molecule on either of his wrists and then the molecule powers it,’ she says.

‘That is very cool. I love the way his body hid in the mountain and the sniper weapon was shot three times from inside the mountain. I can’t believe how fast he can run,’ Jaden says.

He sees his body being placed in Bellona’s ship and Bellona jumping out of the plateau area to fight. Jaden is amazed at her fast movements.

‘Holy shit! You are dodging those high-speed rocks hitting the ground, while you are still fighting those beetle aliens. You are also fighting those Skeleton looking aliens. How can you move so fast?’ Jaden asks.

‘The aliens I was fighting are called Skeleborg soldiers. Skeleborg soldiers are shift changing aliens and work with a hive mind, updating the opponent’s battles skills with each other.

My warrior body is made for agility and strength. I can move in milliseconds when I’m in battle mode. The Skeleborgs also fight at high speed. What are those tattoo symbols around my body? They represent my past, where I have been and who I am. I’m still in control of my soul even though my carbon-based organic body died thousands of centuries ago. I’m still the same person. I represent peace, justice and giving energy back into the universe. When a soul dies, the energy on a subatomic level is released into space. The energy is called spirit quarks and they travel undisturbed towards the end of the universe. A few thousand years ago, I personally saved an alien species called Seraphians. This unique peaceful species was made of pure energy and gave me the honorary, semi-visible Seraphim wings on my back. The wings are made of spirit quark particles and help me to do amazing things.’

‘Wow, I’m speechless, I love the spiritual concepts,’ Jaden says. Something grabs his attention, ‘Whoa, what is that dark thing with four arms? It looks like Shadow Goro from Mortal Kombat.’

  ‘The dark alien that came from the sky was something we have never seen before. It was shaped like our old enemy Toragon; A mysterious alien warrior from another universe.  Toragon was a survivor of the Quasar warp experiment, after thousands of his species died in it.  Toragon was rescued by the Robogods and then joined the Darclonians. Toragon was cloned several times over the years by the Darlonians. We can’t say for sure if this dark alien was a new version of Toragon.[* *]It was somehow blocking the sunlight before it crashed into the planet. Sunlight helps us repair or charge our bodies. It called itself a Dark Energy Knight when we were leaving. Yes, a Dark Energy Knight. The outside of its body was made up of several complexed energies.’

‘I remember reading about dark energy in astronomy class. Scientists just started learning about that stuff recently,’ Jaden says.

‘There is dark energy and dark matter in many galaxies. They hold together galaxies along with vibrating microscopic superstrings in hyperspace. However, there is a huge amount of this dark energy found in your galaxy. Dark energy is what the properties of black holes are made of. That’s good you know a few things about black holes. Black holes are capable of destroying anything that goes in them, down to a singularity point. It is also capable of compressing the object or matter down smaller than trillions of an inch and destroying it. No Jaden, I told you we travel under black holes in subspace. We don’t fly directly into one; that would be catastrophic. No species has been able to control dark energy around an alien like that, without destroying itself. Our supreme elders in our central congress have been discussing these new findings. Yes, there are about a billion of us Andromedians in five different galaxies. Our central congress is located about 100,333 light-years from here. Yes, that Dark Energy Knight was very advanced; it was capable of walking through our strongest energy shield. It was also capable of withstanding all our weaponry. We have never seen anything like this. It can manipulate gravity also and suck matter into it. We don’t know if it has other capabilities like firing something. An army of those D.E.Ks can take out a species’ defense. Yes, D.E.K. is abbreviated for Dark Energy Knight.’

‘As you can see from the video, there was something chasing us from the planet. Pieces of mysterious dark matter went down to where the D.E.K. was buried and combined with this alien. It then chased behind our EISs at high speed. It seems to have been fueling from the ships’ exhaust. Exotic exhaust is what our ships leave behind. Yes, similar to a warp signature. The object that chased behind the EISs was a dark comet moving at the speed of light.’


‘Well Jaden that was something we didn’t want to find out if we could fight at the time. We have never seen a comet that is not a ship move at that speed. Our priority was rescuing you and getting you back. Yes, we do have a name for it. We are calling it a dark energy wraith. It was powering itself from our ships’ thrust exhaust and dark energy particles. It contained dark matter and exotic matter. We believe the Dark Energy Knight was inside of it, controlling it. If it caught up to us, it probably would have destroyed us all. No, we don’t experiment with dark matter or dark energy much. It is very dangerous, deadly and unstable. If someone can manipulate this technology, they would be unstoppable. That D.E.K. was able to stabilize different energies on many microscopic dimensions.’

‘What did those symbols on its sword mean?’ He asks.

‘We translated it into saying a universal Armageddon is coming,’ she explains.


‘You can say that again.’

The video stops playing the rescue. It changes to where Jaden was flying the UFO on Earth. He laughs as he sees himself out running jet fighters. Jaden can’t believe how fast the UFO was able to maneuver around on Earth.

‘The purple molecule around your ship emits an anti-gravity field from the balls around the ship, enabling the EIS to maneuver at high speeds. The molecule is an offensive and defensive weapon system as well. The yellow thrust coming from the wings is really heated oxygen and nitrogen particles. To answer that question, when you first entered our ship, the shape of it needed to be rectangular so that you can walk into it normally. When it took off, it morphed back into its natural aerodynamic state. The extra space wasn’t needed since your body was in a cocooned fetus position by then.’

‘So the EIS was just letting me control it until all my stages were complete, until I tried to fly off at 1% the speed of light?’ Jaden asks.

‘Correct!’ She says and then continues, ‘We are impressed with your skillful navigation skills. It’s very impressive how you were using just eighteen percent of your brain at the time. Your brain is capable of so much more. Yes eighteen percent, we increased it from seven percent so that your mind would be able to handle the ship’s high-speed movement calculations. We now increased it to twenty-eight percent and the nanobot monitoring shows your brain is reacting very well. You played many flight simulator games on your home computer over the years. Very interesting, this has given you a tremendous advantage. Our ships are capable of many other things.’


‘Few of us think your brain can compete with our brain capabilities if it was properly tuned and modified. Yes, tuned and modified, meaning for it to operate at near one hundred percent capability. Your brain can operate more effectively if it was better organized and information wasn’t so scattered. You could remember things in great details better than someone with a photographic memory. I think if you had a digital brain to work with your human brain, you could compete on the Andromedian mind level,’ Bellona pauses for a few seconds.

She continues, ‘Your body chemistry, DNA, RNA and cell structure is somewhat easy to manipulate. There is a lot that can be done with your body to make you stronger, faster and smarter. We think your bodies are too weak and die too easily if severely injured. A stab wound would make you bleed to death. We believe a body should still operate even if its head is missing or body severely damaged. Your body repairing system can be sped up. Your teeth are the only body parts that can’t repair itself; that’s interesting to us. You should be able to control more in your body. In addition, vital organs in your body can be replaced and something else can go there. Like what? Well for one, nanobots can do the same job your vital organs can do; kidneys, lungs, stomach and white blood cells can be replaced. For two, you can put weaponry system or energy storage in its place. These are just a few suggestions.’


Jaden is looking at the part in the video when he was racing the SR-71 and used the light engines.

‘Holy shit, I almost flew off the planet.’

‘That was a very dangerous move. The ship should not have allowed you to use the light engines. It is very bad to fly at that speed on any planet. You almost ripped a hole in your atmosphere and ozone layer. That can cause tornadoes, planet shifting, axis changing, weather changes, and deep planet freezing. Not to mention heating up the outside of our ship to the surface temperature of the sun. Yes, deep-freezing. If you rip a hole through your atmosphere at that speed and that much force, the cold temperatures from space would rush down to the surface of the planet. Think of it as a new Ice Age on the ground where you created the atmosphere hole for a thousand square miles. It would take a couple of days for the atmosphere and ozone to repair itself. By the way your planet is looking and the direction it’s heading, you don’t need problems like that. From what we learned, in another 700-1500 years your planet is not going to be able to support much life, unless something drastic happens in the next hundred years. The use of fossil fuel, building emissions and pollution on Earth, is making your planet uninhabitable. Soon your life expectancy will be reduced significantly. We should know, we are on our second planet now and we have been through what you will be going through.’

‘Our EIS went to a planet in your solar system called Jupiter to recharge its vortex matrix shields and other systems. VMS is mostly used in space to destroy anything in the ship’s path at light speed. MPB, matrix plasma beam, is the short-range and low speed matter destroyer. Yes, powerful Jovian lightning charges are a very good source of energy for our ships. A mixture of sunlight, lightning charges, solar winds, hydrogen, nuclear fusion, protons, matter, anti-matter, exotic matter, neutrons, atoms, radiation, nanotechnology and other particles are the sources to most of our energy technology.’

Jaden’s personal thoughts slip into the telepathic pathway.

‘You wonder what sex would be like with me. All that technology talk is turning you on?’

“Well, um, that wasn’t a question I was trying to have you answer,” Jaden says while blushes. He continues, “Okay, this telepathic communication is beginning to freak me out. I’m confusing my personal thoughts with what I’m trying to say. That wasn’t a question I wanted you to hear or answer.”

“I’m only responding to questions, your inner thoughts weren’t being read. But I think you accidently put it out there. You’ll just need some practice in keeping your inner thoughts to yourself. Why is sex on your mind at a time like this?” Bellona asks.

“I’m in my sexual peak now and young male humans around my age think about this a lot. Between 18-25 years old are the sexual peak years for men, and 25-33 for females.”


Jaden walks away from the 3D image of the video playing in the middle of the room.

“Why do you have six fingers and this body only has five?” Jaden asks.

“We are used to having six fingers and an extra thumb. When we used to be carbon-based, our fingers evolved into growing an extra thumb. It is something we have grown accustomed to over the centuries. We are able to grab and hold things much easier. It also makes holding a weapon easier. When I’m fighting, I can hold my weapons at any angle, with the help of my magnetic joints in my fingers.”

“Interesting. Can I see what I look like, now?” Jaden asks.

An image of what he looks like appears in front of him. Jaden moves from right to left and his image moves with him, along with the robe covering him.

“Wait a second; I don’t even have a face,”

Jaden looks at himself in amusement.

“The image you see in front of you is just a blank body. This is a virtual copy of your human body. You can create your own image to what you would like your artificial body to look like. Give it a try; just think about what you would like to change or add to your body.”

He stares at his artificial body in front of him and concentrates. Hair appears, eyes appear and a mouth.

“This is cool,” he says.

His skin color is changing into different colors.

“Look at me, I’m the Predator,” Jaden says.

He changes his appearance again and a few minutes go by.

“Okay, I’m done,” Jaden says.

“Why do you choose to cover your face with a mask?” Bellona asks.

“Covering my face makes me feel more like a hero or villain. I feel as though I’m covering my identity.”

“In our city you can be or look however you want. I only cover my face in battle or when I’m on a mission.”

Jaden’s skin is light brown, he has strong muscles with huge veins going up and down his medium-sized frame. He has white and brown hair coming from his head that is straight and is two inches high. There is a shiny reflective mask over his mouth and nose area up to his eyes. His eyes are glowing red under the mask. The robe disappears and he has on black sweatpants down to his ankles. A light grey tank top appears over his upper body. Blue and white Jaden sneakers appear on his feet. There is a big J going across on each sneaker.

“How am I able to change my appearance like this and everything is still looking so realistic?” He asks.

“Well you aren’t really in real life now. You are in a virtual reality real life city. I’ll explain and show this to you later, because I see many questions crossing your mind…” she pauses.

Two other aliens appear behind her and walk up. Jaden looks startled at the blue alien and light brown alien approaching. The two aliens resemble male figures. The blue alien has many human features, but still looks alien. He has wavy blue and yellow hair all over his body, which can pass for fur. His face does not have any hair or ears. This alien is about five feet nine inches tall. It has a mouth, but no nose, and eyes that glow green. The blue and yellow alien approaches Jaden as the light brown alien stands behind Bellona on the right.

“Hello Jaden, my name is Marco,” he says in a deep voice and shakes his hand.

“You grabbed me when I exploded from the geyser on Planet 455 right?”

“Yes, that was me.”

“Thanks a lot. Good catch! I thought I was smacking right into the ground.”

“You had nothing to worry about. But, it was a long and daring rescue. Bellona was underground for days looking for you and sneaking past security measures. That was a risky rescue, but we were the best team for the job,” Marco says.

“The weapons on your back were very cool. The way you shot that gun in the mountain and midair was amazing!”

“It was nothing, all in a day’s work.”

“How many weapons do you have on your back?” Jaden asks.

“Two dozen; they range from sniper guns, gravity guns, sun dial weapons to powerful explosive cannons. There is one for each occasion.”

Jaden’s mouth is wide open, “Cool!”

Jaden sees similarities to the way he looks now and how he looked in his warrior body.

The light brown alien on the right is shorter and stands in silence. He also looks very human. There isn’t any hair over his body just a light brown color; two brown glowing eyes, no nose, or ears. He has small, clear one-inch stripes up and down his brown skin. Light particles are seen inside these stripes. A small, two hole opening on his face resembles a nose. Jaden assumes he was in the other alien ship that rescued his.


The brown alien speaks very fast, telepathically, ‘Yes, I was in the other spacecraft. I was the one that rescued the EIS you were flying on Earth. I’m Bomani, Jaden, nice to meet you.’

Bomani walks up and shakes Jaden’s hand.

“Can you say that again?” Jaden asks as they finish shaking hands.

“You would definitely beat the world record on Earth for the fastest talker,” Jaden chuckles.

There is a pause, then Jaden’s new friends chuckle.

Jaden hears a slight sound similar to a fax machine.

‘Bomani, we are using voice communication now. Can you please slow down your communication speed,’ Bellona says to Bomani at a high rate of speed.

Bomani repeats himself to Jaden, but word by word very slow.

‘Yes, I was in the other spacecraft. I was the one that rescued the spacecraft you were flying on Earth. I’m Bomani, Jaden, nice to meet you.’

“Hey, I’m not retarded or slow; you can speed up talking by about fifty-three percent. I know you aliens are E.T. math wizards and love using numbers,” Jaden chuckles.

“We are trying to fully understand your humor,” Bellona says.

“It is a part of us humans that make us human. We love to make jokes and make fun of things. It lightens tense situations and keeps people relaxed,” Jaden says.

Jaden thinks of something to ask, because there is dead silence.

“What is the rush with you aliens, with talking so fast,” Jaden pauses then continue, “Oh I’m sorry I mean communicating so fast? What is with the fax sounds I have been hearing when I was being rescued and now?”

Marco and Bomani take a step back and watch Jaden as he continues to watch the amazing highly detailed 3D video.

“We communicate at a very fast rate. Something your brain could eventually adjust too. We can reach a decision on certain things in seconds. The fax and modem sound you hear translates in your brain as a sound of our communicating from body to body and mind to mind at a very fast rate. The modem sound is more accurate, not a fax sound, similar to your dial-up modem where you dialed into 541 porno sites over the years,” Bellona says while she chuckles.

“How was my humor?” She asks.

“Ha ha, that was funny; you’re learning. I like that one. That is something I would have said,” Jaden says while he pauses and looks up with his left hand on his chin.

“Hmmmm… I dialed up into porno sites 541 times? Man, I don’t know if that is good or bad. But it sure is funny if I did. Man, all those times makes me feel, makes me feel….”

“Makes you feel like a pervert?” Bellona asks.

“…makes me feel American!”

“I have a question for you Jaden, we are a little confused. When you were a teenager and you dialed into those porno sites, why did you use all those different lubricants on yourself? Was that to practice reproducing with a female?” Bellona asks in a confused voice.

Jaden thinks to himself and his face turns slightly red.

Jaden tries to cough and clears his throat but the sound comes out different.

“Well to answer your question, most human teenagers do this activity to charge themselves…”

“Charge yourself?” She asks.

“Let me finish. Yes, charge ourselves, it’s part of a stress reliever system, it gives our reproduction cells some exercise, and helps strengthen our arm,” Jaden says with a smile on his face.

“Are you trying to be funny Jaden?”

“No, not really, but if I was back home, this conversation would be very funny. I could imagine all the jokes J. Leno would make on the Tonight Show about this awkward situation.”

Jaden thinks to himself about what the Tonight Show host might say: ‘Yeah, this guy told some Aliens 2.5 million light-years from Earth, he jerked off as a teenager. He told them this is how human teenagers charge their bodies and exercise their reproductive cells. In a few years E.T.s are coming from all over the galaxy to Earth, offering to beat teenagers’ meat for them….We are here to release your stress for you young teens, let us try, our hands are faster. (Audience laughs) Five hundred years from now, when we travel in space and visit other planets, we see alien teenagers giving the Jaden’s iron fist greeting….’ Jaden breaks out laughing.

They turn and look at each other in confusion. Jaden is the only one laughing.

“Let us recalculate this new information, this is interesting humor,” she says.

“No! Don’t calculate this information. It isn’t that important. I’m sure there are other things more interesting to calculate than this. Let’s talk about something else.”

Jaden continues, “You aliens analyze stuff too much and this conversation is going to be on the universal wide web Internet. Under Earth human, you’ll read: ‘Human teenagers have advanced stress relief and charging system. This is how they do it.’ ”

“We sense tension and embarrassment on this subject with you, we can talk about something else,” Bellona says.

“I have a question, how is it that I’m breathing, but my chest isn’t moving and I don’t feel any air going in or out of my nose?”

“I’ll answer this one for you Jaden; your mind is still sending the signal for your lungs to breathe in and out. Your artificial body doesn’t need this, so your mind continues to think everything is fine. The nanobots in your head are circulating the blood and oxygen needed to keep your cells and tissue in your brain fully functioning,” Marco says.


“Any more questions Jaden?”

“I can’t think of anything right now, but I am getting a headache,” Jaden says as he looks at the very pale lower part of his floating body slowly change to his face skin color.

Jaden walks closer to his floating body and puts his hand through the water. He feels his leg is still ice cold.

“My face looks like I’m dead. I feel like I’m on display and I’m being experimented on,” Jaden says while he pauses.

“How long will it take for my body to be fully restored and unfrozen?”

They all speak together, “About forty-five minutes!”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! We can sing together, but not talk together,” Jaden says.

“We are sorry Jaden. We were sort of what you call racing to see who can calculate all the calculations first, and then convert it over into your language,” Bellona says.

“Our current nano-brain speeds are between 5-10 trillion calculations a millisecond.”

“Millisecond? I remember reading somewhere the fastest computer on Earth was about 140 billion calculations a second. My brain is just hurting, trying to calculate a millisecond into the equation. That’s very fast.”

“Well Jaden, we go by your brain’s memory and calculate what you know into our science. Everything you ever looked at, read or saw we are able to access,” Bomani says.

“I’m just trying to take all this info in. There’s so much information and so much to think about at once. Can we get out of here? I would love to see your city and your planet. Get some fresh air. I mean fresh scenery,” Jaden says while smiling.

“We have just gotten approval for a tour.”

“Wow that was quick. I wish political decisions on Earth could be solved this fast,” Jaden snaps.













Chapter 7 Alien Life


Jaden and his new alien friends begin walking down a long hallway that looks like a circular tunnel, spinning clockwise. Bellona’s body morphs back into the silver lion she was earlier. Jaden is getting used to walking in this virtual body. Colorful like a rainbow, but mostly burgundy lights circle around at a moderate speed. The hallway smells like roses at a florist shop. Jaden turns around and he sees Bomani and Marco walking on the left side of the hallway. Jaden sees Bellona morphing back to her exotic lion body.

‘When I walk, I like using a lion’s body in our city,’ she says before Jaden can ask her.

‘We have some work to do Jaden, we will catch up with you later,’ Bomani says telepathically.

‘See you guys later,’ Jaden says. He watches as they disappear into the glowing burgundy circular lights and dark walls surrounding him in the hallway. He turns and looks forward, as Bellona is waiting in front of him. At the end of the hall is a doorway full of light. The bright light is causing Jaden to squint his eyes as he walks outside.

‘Are you ready to evolve your imagination Jaden?’

‘Yes, I am! As soon as I can focus through all this light.’

‘Your brain might need some time to adjust to all the colors of this magnitude.’

Bellona stands at the doorway and her tail stretches upwards. ‘Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, grab onto my tail.’

The end of her tail morphs into a hand with six fingers. He has a surprising look on his face and hesitates before touching the silver hand coming from her tail. Jaden reaches out and grabs her hand. He closes his eyes and Jaden feels something passing through his body. A bizarre feeling of energy can be felt coming from Bellona’s tail hand. They walk through the doorway and he opens his eyes. A fresh sea breeze hits both of their bodies. Sounds of birds echo in stereo around Jaden’s virtual ears. His eyes adjust and the bright sunlight from above shines on everything around him. On the ground around Jaden are dozens of aqua colored diamonds that resemble small houses. On top of each diamond are dozens of floating grey and black thorns pointing thirty feet into the air and rotating. The thorns resemble a huge king’s crown. The diamond structures are portals to different parts of the planet.


Jaden looks into the sky and turns his body to look over him. He sees odd shaped structures sitting on top of thick clouds high above him. On top of the white puffy clouds are slowly rotating rainbow cubes the size of 5-10 story buildings. There are also spheres that resemble little planets on top of the clouds. The odd shaped structures resemble little cities. The cube buildings remind Jaden of the Borg ships from Star Trek. Towards the right is a huge lake that is completely reflective and calm. It reflects the floating cities above it. On his right is a huge rectangular body of water that goes fifty feet into the air, 500 feet wide and about 2000 feet long. There is no structure holding the water in place, similar to the body of water Jaden’s human body is floating in. As Jaden walks, something rubs against his legs, but he is too hypnotized to care what it is.

There are mechanical, colorful fish that resemble dolphins, triggers, angelfish and sharks the size of a truck. Their eyes glow of electricity as they swim freely in the controlled body of water. The fish change color at different angles as they swim along. There are electricity charges flying in different directions touching the mechanical fish, giving them a glowing color.

‘I feel as if I’m in a fantasy world. This is amazing and mindboggling. I’m completely amazed. I mean, mechanical fish the size of a school bus, a huge crystal lake, floating cities on clouds. Wow!’ Jaden says while continuing to look around him.

There are different energies of light flying between the white clouds high above. The clouds completely cover the sky and the sunlight can be seen trying to penetrate them. At a distance, Jaden sees dozens of thirty-foot orange trees that look like giant mushrooms. Under the top of the mushroom trees are glowing blue lights with brown vines that stretch towards the trees’ main body. Jaden walks through soft grass up to his knees.

‘All of this is your virtual city?’ Jaden asks.

‘Yes. There is a lot more that are private areas and encoded areas that you can’t see. The location of our city is deep underwater. I’ll show and explain that too you later.’

‘Okay. I feel like I’m in the cartoon The Jetsons and the movie Star Wars.’

‘Come on Jaden, don’t be afraid.’

‘Someone needs to cut the grass here.’

The grass is instantly cut and is on the level of Jaden’s sneakers.

‘Wow! That was quick; I barely blinked my eyes. Aliens live in those structures?’ He asks.


‘Do you have a house or structure like this?’

‘Yes, maybe you can see mine one day, I’m sure you would like it. It’s my temple of relaxing and connecting with the universe through spirit quarks.’

‘Sounds very cool.’

Jaden walks and is astonished by everything he is seeing. The huge fish in the tank boggles Jaden’s mind.

‘Those are biomechanical fish in that virtual tank. Our artificial intelligence pets are in there. Would you like to swim around in a fish body?’ She asks.

‘No, no thanks. I don’t want to be an alien fish. Maybe later,’ he responds.

Jaden tries to take everything in he is seeing. They continue walking forward. The fresh air of roses and flowers pass by his nose and is absorbed into his body’s pores. Everything looks so realistic with so many vivid colors. The thorns are slowly rotating on top of the sphere houses, creating a slight humming sound. On the floating structures, there aren’t any windows and they remind him of a futuristic movie. There are rainbows connecting to each structure and Jaden sees hundreds of different colors. Certain things and objects quickly go blurry and then clear to Jaden’s eyes.



‘Your human brain is trying to interpret fifteen million colors and a higher resolution, fifty percent more than what your human eyes are capable of seeing. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it in a few minutes. Your artificial eyes in this body are sending a high-speed signal directly to your brain back in the room we were in. There is a slight bottleneck, but the nanobots will quickly solve the problem. That is a good question Jaden. There are a few hundred nanos in both of your optic nerves behind your eyes converting the signal over for your brain to comprehend. The only difference your brain is noticing is that you aren’t blinking your eyes and the higher definition of colors being transmitted.’

‘That’s amazing,’ Jaden says.

Jaden continues to think to himself, while walking around with his mouth open.

‘There are thousands of other nanos around nerves and other parts of your human brain receiving signals from your body here.’

‘I do not see any other aliens around.’

‘Walking around is very primitive. We usually only walk around if an alien species is used to it. We usually transport to where we want to go. It is faster and saves time. We can also communicate to each other over long to short distances.’

‘This place just seems too realistic. Everything feels, smells and looks like I’m in the outside world. Is this really all virtual?’ Jaden asks while holding his head.

‘Let me explain Jaden, this is a virtual reality dome city. Everything here is what you would call animated to look as real as possible. Every Andromedian citizen creates his or her own place to live and setting. No, we never sleep here. However, some do rest, dream and Galaxynet. Galaxynet is similar to your Internet. On your planet Earth, you use computers to get info on different things. Galaxynet is connecting through our minds to different databases and minds on different planets in our galaxy and others. We can get info on solar events, species, learn languages, view live planets, dying stars and download information into our silicon-nano brains. This information is shareable to any Andromedians and other species we have an alliance with.’


‘Our way of life is how we choose. We have entertainment, spouses, duties, and jobs to perform. No, I’m not married. Ever since we destroyed our first planet over 50,000 years ago, this is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to keep our second planet. This is safer and there is less than one percent pollution a year emitted by us. The rest of our planet can grow and evolve naturally. There is plenty of evolution happening around our planet every day,’ Bellona says telepathically.

‘I would like to see the real world and how your planet naturally looks.’

‘That is definitely possible,’ Bellona says while smiling at Jaden.


Jaden continues to look around amazed; Bellona continues to talk while they walk. The ground changes to pavement and brown bricks. Jaden stops walking and holds his head downward as he stoops down. He covers his head with his hands. His headache is getting more serious.

“I need some pain medicine.”

“That is not going to help Jaden.”

They stop walking and Bellona stoops down while rubbing Jaden’s back.

‘Your hand feels so warm and soft. My headache is starting to feel a little better,’ Jaden says.

‘Come Jaden, I want to show you our planet. Your external bio-mechanical body is ready.’

Jaden stands up and looks at Bellona.

‘What did you do when you touched me?’

‘I gave your brain stimulant as if you just took some pain medicine.’

‘Why do I feel like I just had a cigarette also?’

‘I also tricked your brain into thinking you just smoked a cigarette. Your mind was craving it, so I gave you an artificial cigarette. It was forty percent of the reason for your headache.’

‘That is amazing, I feel like I just smoked a good cigarette.’

‘Well from reading your memories and analyzing different parts of your body, those cigarettes were slowly harming your body. The nicotine chemical is like a slow moving bacterium that is constantly giving your body more work to repair itself. Have you looked at your lungs lately?’

‘No. But yes, I know it’s bad for me, but it’s a habit that is hard to quit.’

‘I understand, I think you’ll like the artificial cigarettes better. Are you ready to go outside?’


An aqua diamond portal quickly appears in front of them and changes colors to a translucent rainbow prism. Jaden takes a step back as he remembers the first time he got onto the UFO and almost died back on Earth.

‘Whoa, I remember the last time I saw something like this. Is there any other way to go? Where does this go? Is it safe?’

‘Jaden it’s safe. It looks like a rainbow prism to you because that is what your eyes interpret it as. To me I see what is on the other side, which is sun, trees and the ocean,’ Bellona softly says telepathically.

Bellona walks closer to the portal. Jaden smells a salty ocean coming from the portal and the sound of seagulls. Jaden looks around at the portal that is thinner than an inch in width.

‘Come on Jaden, I want you to see the gravity tide.’

‘Gravity tide?’

‘Yes, it’s cool, you’ll like it. Our planet has a two moon system. As the larger of the moons get further from the planet, it slightly changes the gravity forces around our oceans. This creates a wonderful view. Trust me, this is safe.’

‘That sounds very interesting. Can I have another artificial cigarette?’


‘Can I have two at once?’

‘How about some artificial marijuana and liquor while I’m at it?’

‘You can do that too?’ Jaden asks with a serious and curious face.

‘Not!’ She yells while her eyes glow and she laughs.

‘Ha ha, very funny; Okay, you got me on that…… Oh …..Right…… that feels good. I needed that. That double cigarette felt safe and very satisfying. It was like putting a condom over the cigarette; all the fun, but no risk. Okay, I’m ready to go through the outer world portal. Take me to the Mortal Kombat outer world!’ He yells while getting psyched up.

‘I’m ready when you are, Jaden,’ as she stands to the side with her hands leading to the portal.

Jaden bends his knees and touches the brick ground as if he is about to run a football play.

“Ready, set, hut, hut, hut!” Jaden yells as he stands up and runs into the portal as if he is running out a play action from the football team in high school.

‘Jaden don’t run!’

Jaden disappears into the portal and his body slows down instantly. He feels as if he is moving in slow motion as he continues to sprint forward. He sees many colors as they quickly pass his body, giving him a huge rush. His body turns into those prism colors. Everything gets bright and Jaden closes his eyes. Jaden’s artificial body suddenly glows bright. His body speeds up again as he continues running. Jaden’s body comes out of the portal and trips on the rocks on the ground. He falls flat on his face. He has such a rush and is breathing very heavily. He tries to get up.

“Oh man, I’m so out of breath. These rocks smell and taste very salty,” he says from his mouth.

“Need a hand? Mr. Wide Receiver?” She asks through regular voice communication.

Jaden pushes himself up as Bellona reaches out to his hand. He grabs it and she pulls him up.

“I can feel more things. This body feels more realistic. I’m actually breathing air,” Jaden says while he looks around.

“Yes, this body is more modified around your own human body. Almost everything should feel the same. Every nerve ending in your human body is being sent to this body instantaneously. There are no delays,” Bellona explains.

“Can I see myself? I feel strange.”


A 3D identical image of Jaden’s new body shows up in front of him. He turns to the left and then right and a replica of him stands there making the same movements. Jaden has no hair on his body; skin looks rough, white color with brown spots. The skin also has little scales all over and wrinkles. His mouth looks somewhat human, but without lips; just an oval opening. His eyeballs are glowing white and slightly glowing green pupils. His eyes glow bright then dull. Jaden observes and isn’t liking his new look.

“This isn’t going to work. I look like an old half white colored reptile with a mannequin face and glowing eyes. Where are my ears? I look like a freak! I don’t even have balls or clothes on. I feel as if I’m a cyborg that is about to take a running streak,” Jaden says excitingly.

“Jaden, no one cares if you don’t have any clothes on. No one judges someone on how they look here. There are hundreds of different aliens from other planets in our virtual city that are naked.”

“I understand, but to most of us humans this is a concern. The nudists and the humans that walk around on nude beaches would feel at home here, along with the other visiting aliens,” Jaden snaps, “but I would feel self conscious without any clothes on.”

“We won’t be using these bodies to go anywhere anyway, we will be using nanoeyes to see the planet,” she says.

“Oh okay.”

“There are three basic standards to how a species evolves and looks. First, what they evolved from; second, the condition of their environment (oxygen levels, pressure, gravity, and temperature) and adaptation. Third, how species’ DNA evolves, learns and adjusts to its host.”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” he says while continuing to look at his entire body.

“This doesn’t interest you Jaden?”

“It does, but not at this moment. I’m concentrating on this image of me and how much of a freak I look. I miss my regular human body.”

“You look fine to me. You do not need a penis or internal organs here. The quadrillion nanos in your biochemical body replaces the need for organs.”

“Okay, well then how do I pee or poop?”

“Your body doesn’t require food or water. It’s running off of solar power and nano-electrons.”


“Just think of it as an advanced photosynthesis,” Bellona says.

Jaden turns and looks at Bellona.

“How is it that you have a vaginal opening between your legs and butt cheeks?”

Bellona smiles and says, “Well there isn’t really anything there, your mind thinks there is an opening there and two halves in my rear. So I just kept those images there.”

“Are you serious? I don’t believe you,” Jaden says surprisingly.

“Touch for yourself,” she says.

“Are you sure? There won’t be any international galactic sexual harassment or anything like that?” Jaden asks.

“No, it’s fine go ahead.”

“If the DNA don’t fit, acquit,” he says then chuckles.

“That was funny. It took me half a second to figure out why you said that. That’s very slow in calculating speed for us. Anyway, so go ahead.”

Jaden touches her gently in both areas.

“That’s amazing, there isn’t anything there. I could have sworn I was looking at a sideways mouth with a mustache on the side.”

‘I guess it has been so long since I’ve gotten some. I’m seeing pussy mirages.’

Jaden steps back and is amazed.

‘But it was very stimulating and arousing. Even though there wasn’t anything there. I probably have a woody back in the city, where my human body is,’ Jaden says to himself while blushing.

Bellona closes her eyes and chuckles.

“What is so funny?” Jaden asks.

“Yes you do have a full salute woody. Hormones from your human brain went down your spine and into your now awake organ. It’s even funnier because your lower body is still frozen and being repaired. Your soldier is the only thing alive down there,” she says.


“Hey! You weren’t supposed to be listening to my personal thoughts. So you like my tool huh?”

Bellona stands there with her eyes still closed, not responding.

“Okay! You can stop looking at my equipment!” He yells.

“I’m sorry Jaden; I was checking your vitals, cell reconstruction progress and respiratory functions.

“Yeah right, okay. . .” Jaden pauses then continues. “Well how is my body doing? When will I be fully functional?”

“We have been slightly modifying your DNA so your body can heal faster. You should be fully healed and one hundred percent operational in about two hours.

Jaden continues to look at himself while turning in different angles.

“Can I change or adjust a few things?”

“Jaden, these are stand in bodies. We won’t be using them except for standing here. We will be using the nanoeyes to get around. Now turn around and look at this huge ocean behind you.”

He turns and looks at Bellona. He notices she is silver all over with light particles moving around inside her skin. He touches her hand.

“You have the cool stand in body I see. Your hands feel very soft. You look the same way from when you rescued me.”
“You are correct; this is my outside warrior/traveling body. We are required to wear these anywhere outside of our city…”


Bellona continues to talk. The bright sun is shining everywhere and Jaden looks around. He observes he is standing high on a mountain top that is mostly powdery ivory white and lime. He can see the ocean on ground level about a couple hundred feet below. Jaden is able to zoom in on the ocean and he sees large waves moving back and forth crashing into the coastline.

Jaden walks around and looks towards the sky. He sees a mostly yellow sun with a red tint to it. It’s on its way down and is larger than Earth’s sun. There is a small moon to the left and a larger moon showing up on the horizon opposite of where the sun is setting in the sky.

“….. that is why we have gravity tides,” Bellona says.

Jaden turns to Bellona.

“I’m sorry Bellona I didn’t hear anything you said. I wasn’t paying attention. All I heard you say was gravity tides. You know what? I think I’m getting more used to the telepathic communication. It’s like I’m talking to myself and I can listen to what you are saying at the same time,” Jaden says.

“Maybe if you were able to communicate telepathically in the 9th grade, you would have been able to pay attention in class and have your midday wet dreams,” Bellona says.

“Ha ha, good one,” Jaden chuckles and laughs, then says, “You are learning human humor very fast I see. You are getting good at it.”

“You can record something you didn’t hear or paid attention too, and play it back later. I can show you another time.”

Bellona walks over to Jaden and looks at him directly. The 3D image of himself disappears.

‘First you need to practice telepathic communication. Questions or a conversation you want to transmit out your brain telepathically has to be sent out as if you want to talk. Any one of us can read anything you think. But we want to give you your privacy and keep your inner thoughts private even if they are questions. You need to practice segregating both from each other. The electronic signals and blood flow in your mind puts questions, a lie, or something you don’t know into different parts of your brain, which is easy to detect. The signal needs to be sent out of your mind and the nanos will do the rest. It is like talking to yourself. However, you need to practice keeping your inner thoughts to yourself. Concentrate on sending the signal to your mouth, but not talking,’ Bellona says telepathically.

Jaden thinks to himself.

‘I wonder what would happen to this body if I jumped off this cliff,’ Jaden thinks to himself.

‘I heard that,’ Bellona says.

Two minutes go by as Jaden continues to stare at Bellona.

‘This body you are in will quickly repair itself if you were to fall from this height. The pain at this extreme would put your body back in the city into shock. Nanobots wouldn’t transmit that to your body; it would probably put your brain in a coma,’ Bellona says.

Another few minutes go by. Jaden continues to concentrate.

‘Hmmm… I feel like I’m on a nude beach.’

‘I didn’t detect anything. The nanobots are finished adjusting. Good job Jaden,’ Bellona says.

‘Okay cool. It’s working now. This is interesting. Can I switch back and forth?’

‘Sure, but remember, I don’t mind. But others only prefer telepathic communication.’

‘As I was saying before Bellona, you are getting good with your human humor,’ Jaden says.

‘From studying your personality, these are similar types of jokes and humor you would say to your friends. I’m quickly learning, I like it. I forgot what it was like being an organic species,’ Bellona says.

‘You just need to laugh behind something you say funny, like I do. Or you will sound like a standup comedian. But it’s best to wait until the other person starts to laugh.’

Bellona laughs telepathically.

‘Okay you just sounded like a laughing monkey high on cocaine stuck behind a cage at the zoo. That just gave me an instant headache.’

‘I’m sorry Jaden. I’m not used to this. Let me recalibrate the pitch.’

Bellona laughs again telepathically.

‘Very good, much better. Wow, that laugh sounded so familiar. Wait a minute, you just laughed exactly how my girlfriend laughs. That was perfect. I miss her a lot. I hope I’ll be able to return home soon.’

‘I know you miss her and your family. Jaden! The gravity tide is about to happen!’

“Jaden the gravity tide is about to happen!”

“Bellona! You just yelled that out and you said it telepathically. It echoed like a scream in a cave,” Jaden says excitedly.

“Sorry about that, I’m excited and didn’t want you to miss the event. It’s my favorite.”

“I notice when you get excited your eyes glow. So, tell me about this gravity tide. What is supposed to happen here? What are we looking at?”

“Our sun is about the same distance as your sun is to Earth. Our sun sets south and southwest depending on the time of the year. We have had a few axial precessions on our planet over the centuries. The sun now rises from the north or northeast. Each rotation is about thirty hours and we have two moons. As the larger moon rises, it is moving further away from our planet. The smaller moon stays in one place. The larger moon disrupts the gravity in the oceans and changes the weight properties of everything on this side of the planet. It also causes the rotation of the planet to slow down adding hours to the days and causing more gravity disruptions on the side of the planet facing it. Do you see the coastline receding?” Bellona asks aloud.

“Yes, I do. It just disappeared.”

“If you zoom in north over the ocean horizon you can see the ocean floating upwards towards the thin clouds.”

“That’s awesome! It looks like a giant wave, going as high as the clouds,” Jaden says.

Jaden zooms in further with his wide-angle alien eyeballs.

“Jaden, use the nanoeyes. There are two out there for us. Just concentrate on one and you can control it as you please.”

“Oh okay, cool. I found one!”

“That’s good; I see you had plenty of practice.”

Jaden’s vision changes and he is controlling and seeing through the nanoeye. He is a couple hundred miles above the blue and green ocean. He feels as if he is in the UFO again on Earth, looking through eyes without a body. The resolution is much better and clearer in a 180° of sight. But he can feel and see the difference from the virtual city. The feeling of flying through the air like Superman returns. Soft instrumental alien sounding music begins to play.

‘Where is that music coming from?’ He asks telepathically.

‘Something I, something I downloaded from the Galaxynet from different galaxies.’

‘That is a very nice, but strange sounding music. It sounds like I’m flying in a dream type of music.’

‘I’m glad you like it, I have trillions of different sounds and music. It helps me feel more human like.’

‘You miss being more human like me, right?’

‘Yes, I do. There are many things I miss. . .’

The water interrupts Jaden’s nanoeye vision.

‘Hey! Hey! I can’t see anything in the water. The water is everywhere. I don’t even know what direction I’m heading.’

Jaden becomes nervous and switches back to his body on the side of the mountain thirty miles away.

“Oh man, I couldn’t see through the water,” Jaden says to himself while covering his eyes.

Bellona is back in hers and turns to Jaden. She holds his hands.

“Jaden calm down, don’t panic. All you had to do was concentrate as if the water isn’t there. The nanoeyes adjust so you can see through the water. The nanoeye will only follow your commands when you are controlling them. All you have to do is think about it and the command is automatically transferred,” she says.

“Oh, okay, was that it? Okay, I’ll try it again. Wow your hands are so warm and soft.”

She smiles and then turns back towards the ocean. Jaden switches his vision to the nanoeye again. The nanoeye stays in the same place. The water continues to break up and float in the air as if a huge wave is passing by. He does what she says and he can see through the water. Suddenly something huge appears and passes right through Jaden’s nanoeye. He briefly sees the insides of a huge animal in full animation. It makes a loud roaring sound like a whale. The sixty-five foot long alien whale has a narrow shape and blue toned skin. It has two long fins that extend outwards and towards its tail. There is one dark eye on the front of each fin. The tail is long and narrow with flaps on the end. The four side flaps resemble skinny wings. The fins are acting like wings as the animal quickly heads into the direction of the shore.

‘Whoa! Shit! What was that?’

‘Ha ha. . . hey! Jaden calm down, it was just a whale-like mammal. The nanoeye automatically converts the images inside of animals into something animated, like a cartoon.’

‘The nanoeye passed right through its body. I saw a lot of red blood and so many body parts moving inside of it.’

‘Yeah, the nanoeye can pass through almost anything. There are more animals coming,’ Bellona says.

‘How the hell was it flying in the air?’

‘Jaden, remember what I was telling you about the gravity affects from the gravity tides? All the fish and animals in our oceans and on land adapted for the past million years around this daily event. Most of the sea animals adapted with wings or fins that work underwater and in the air. The larger animals fly towards the clouds and try to reach over land. They also have adjustable gills that can also breathe air in or out of water.’

Jaden sees hundreds of strange looking fish float into the air flapping their fin like wings towards the shore. The wave reaches the coastline and crashes into the mountain. A shield goes around Jaden and Bellona’s bodies as they stand motionless on the side of the mountain.

Jaden and Bellona’s nanoeyes are above the clouds looking down. This is amazing to Jaden the view he is witnessing. The water is floating around aimlessly in all directions into the clouds. Jaden is also enjoying the different tracks of the space instrumental music. The ocean looks like an upwards waterfall. Trillions of bubble raindrops pass through the white clouds upwards and then float downward back into the clouds.

‘Most of the animals on land are high up in the mountains. They mostly hide in caves or in the ground. The sea animals fly over land eating fruit that float into the air and coordinate attacks on land animals.’

‘Coordinate with each other?’

‘Yes, they communicate with each other. They are more advanced than the fish on your planet. Yes, we have birds, but they are far inland. The fish on this planet were here much longer and had a much longer time to evolve.’

Jaden sees Bellona’s nanoeye. It’s translucent with blue light particles moving around it and resembles blue pupils. Jaden turns his attention to the quickly forming clouds from the extra moisture in the air.

‘Jaden! Follow me!’

Bellona takes off at a fast speed and he follows her. They quickly glide through the clouds and water bubbles. Wind, rain and strong winds pass by Jaden’s nanoeye and feels as if it is going across his face. His human body feels as if he is driving with a convertible top down during a storm. Jaden catches up as he follows behind her. They pass hundreds of flying animals and most are attacking each other. Jaden can’t help but slow down to watch this battle royale of animals fighting under the clouds. Bigger fish are eating little fish. Hundreds of hand-sized pink fish are pushing each other back and forth with their mouths. There are so many different sounds that the animals are making. The different sounds remind Jaden of a zoo back home. There are strings and strings of seaweed and dirt floating in all directions. Floating pieces of colorful coral and animals with legs hiding in them. Jaden changes his vision to block out the unnecessary debris. An army of silver jellyfish are attacking floating defenseless animals with small feet under their bodies.

There is a gang of about a dozen blue scale octopuses floating peacefully thirty feet above the clouds. The octopuses are about ten feet long with big circular heads that look like light bulbs. They have a dozen tentacles that stretch downwards and resemble an umbrella. Their heads contain helium that enables them to float without needing wings or flapping fins. Grey medium-sized sharks with red flapping fins and several eyes around their nose leap out from the clouds below the octopuses. The sharks are going after the octopuses for the helium in their heads. The first shark grabs an octopus in its mouth. Another octopus quickly loses altitude and latches onto the back of the shark that has its member in its mouth. The octopus wraps its tentacles around the shark and begins to squeeze. It bites into its skin to inject poison. The other octopuses quickly grab onto each other and pull together to form an octagon. The shark, with the octopus around its back and octopus in its mouth, nose-dives through the clouds while sending out an S.O.S. The collective of octopuses are holding onto each other and their bodies float horizontally. The sharks retreat into the clouds. The collective of octopuses reach out simultaneously to the closest shark that couldn’t change directions fast enough. This shark is grabbed and it stretches its head 180° to bite at the tentacles holding it. The thirty-nine tentacles wrapping and squeezing its body, holds the shark like a mummy.

Jaden follows behind the nose diving shark with two passengers as it flies by debris, strings of seaweed and through billions of bubbles of salty water. Squishing and splashing sounds are heard as Jaden tailgates. The fast moving tail and flapping fins work in sync. Another shark is quickly moving upwards in the opposite direction. The shark heading up is upside down and has its mouth open, displaying its white, sharp teeth. They just miss each other by inches and the octopus on the shark’s back is ripped into two pieces. Jaden’s nanoeye passes right through the shark heading upwards. He catches the octopus’ last split second screech before it is decapitated. The sound echoes in his human brain. Jaden quickly changes direction and a trail of thrust comes out the rear of the nanoeye. He stays inside of the body of the shark heading upwards. Squishing and digestive sounds echo in stereo to his ears. He sees the octopus head being tightly contained inside the shark’s mouth while it quickly moves into the stomach area. Hundreds of spiky, dark hairs penetrate and suck the helium from the head. The gas goes directly into the shark’s blood stream and is stored in its cells. The shark heading downwards still has tentacles wrapped around its body and is now bleeding from its back. Tentacles are hanging out of its mouth as it also quickly digests the octopus head. High above the clouds, the octopuses continue to float upwards horizontally while staying on the defense. The captured shark is being eaten like a big bucket of popcorn at the movie theater, amongst many small hands. Bubbles of the shark’s blood float downwards from the octopuses in the clouds. The gang of sharks hiding in the clouds smells the scent of their fallen comrade and will get revenge when the tide is over.


‘My God I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve never thought animals could be so smart and work together like a football team. This is like watching an alien National Geographic Channel. Wow.’

‘I’m glad you are enjoying it. It gets better. Come on Jaden, I want to show you something.’

Jaden and Bellona’s nanoeyes head downward. They pass many animals hiding in different layers of the white puffy clouds for cover.

‘Why are all these fish and ocean animals fighting each other?’ Jaden asks.

‘It is survival of the fittest, where the animals that adapted best under the gravity tide take advantage of those that didn’t. The animals with legs are defenseless if they lose their grip on the ocean floor. They have hard shells on their back, to protect them from an above attack when they are on the ocean floor.’

‘Wow. This is interesting to watch. I wished they had this happening on Earth.’

‘We call this the “gravity tide wars.” It has been going on for thousands of years. Every generation of animals get smarter and smarter. They are constantly evolving and adapting.’

The water drops becomes more dense and closer together. There are thousands of colorful rainbows stretching in many directions. Jaden sees more of the narrow whales. He sees a 120-foot long lime green animal that resembles a stingray and a butterfly. The beauty of this creature is mesmerizing. It floats in the denser, wavy water as if Jaden is in a dream. The colorful wings extend out over 150 feet. The head and neck extend twenty feet from the body and the neck resembles the shape of a goose. The tail looks like a long stinger on a stingray. Hairs go up and down the body. The wings slowly flap through the denser ocean.

‘What is that?’ Jaden asks.

‘We call them butterays. They are equivalent to a stingray, whale and bat. The blind animal uses radar to move around, similar to bats on your planet. Its weight doesn’t allow it to fly too high during the tide. The animals splash through the unstable saltwater. There are algae, debris, clams and coral slowly floating in the air. There are medium-sized squids and schools of three foot round bottle top jellyfish that look like little flying saucers. They are slowly rotating in a group and floating upwards from the denser ocean water. The jellyfish have gaseous helium in their jelly skin and their tentacles are hidden in their body. They pass a school of fish swimming by under them. Suddenly, their tentacles shoot from the middle of their bodies simultaneously. Poisonous silver projectiles come out from the tentacles bombarding the fish beneath them. Sixty percent of the fish received a direct hit and fall over like dominoes. The rest quickly float away. Jaden laughs as he quickly catches up to Bellona.

‘Bull’s-eye! Those jellyfish deserve a prize. Pick whatever stuffed fish you want,’ Jaden says while chuckling.

‘That was funny and interesting, how you related that to when you went to the amusement park and you were throwing the dart to win something for your girlfriend,’ Bellona says.

‘Yes, that is probably primitive entertainment for you,’ Jaden says.

‘Not necessarily, I’ve had someone win me something back in my human days. Hurry, catch up, I want you to see something,’ Bellona says.


The hit fish are instantly paralyzed and rotate like a pig over a fire. The jellyfish quickly move in on their prey. Jaden continues downwards and he sees seaweed, plants, sand and dirt covering the ocean floor. There are thousands of different crawling animals clutching to the ocean floor. Jaden continues to follow Bellona at a high speed. She slows down and stares at something. They are about 1200 nautical miles from shore.

‘What is that?’ Jaden asks telepathically in a shocking voice.

‘This is our virtual underwater city Jaden. Stay right here, we can’t get any closer. We can’t get any closer because security is in place to detect any type of molecule anomalies like our nanoeyes or other alien intelligence.’


They look down at this gigantic bubble sitting on the ocean floor. The bubble city takes up dozens of miles on the ocean floor in all directions. It looks like a small souvenir bubble glass city from a distance.

‘To the human or animal eye, the city is transparent. It reflects what’s on the other side of it. Sometimes, animals accidently run into it. Since our city is artificially simulated, it doesn’t have to look too fancy on the outside. This saves us from polluting our planet and keeps us environmentally friendly. We have nano-portals all over the planet. Anything can be transported anywhere around the planet instantly. Us Andromedians learned a lot from our previous planet we destroyed in less than a thousand year period. I know you want to watch some more gravity tide wars, I see you zooming and looking into the sky above us.’

‘I was paying attention to what you were saying about your city below at the same time. The gravity tide wars are like being at a live WrestleMania match, but with animals.’

‘That is fine, after this we can watch the moon passing and glimpse our galactic center.’

Jaden quickly accelerates upwards and into the sky. Bellona follows behind him and they quickly pass many floating obstacles. Jaden sees hundreds of different animals hiding in the white puffy clouds for cover. Some huge lobsters catch his attention and he stops.

Dozens of huge, white alien lobsters, the size of a Labrador, are hiding in the clouds. They look like a genetically modified crab and lobster in one with tentacle tongues in their D-shaped toothless mouths. Their round midsections have flapping fins that resemble stingray wings. Their tail looks similar to lobsters on Earth, but they flap horizontally and vertically, like a dragonfly. These lobsters have two huge muscular claws and are floating on the top and bottom side of the cloud, waiting for something. Their three telescopic whisker eyes allow them to see in different directions and communicate with each other.

The school of jellyfish in the clouds has several ingested fish that can be seen being digested from the outside. Twenty-five of the bloated jellyfish slowly merge to form a collective. Charged electrical particles in the clouds enable them to digest their foods faster.

Two sixty-five foot long, white eels, with little flaps along the upper part of their body, float along with the clouds, behind each other. Their little fin wings keep them moving at the same speed of the clouds in a stealthy snake motion. Their bodies are camouflaged in the puffy, raining clouds. Electrical particles move up and down their bodies.

Jaden feels something cool is about to happen and has a front row seat. A half dozen sharks come from below and charge at the jellyfish. The sharks are in a straight line and the lead shark has a dead shark in its mouth. The dead shark takes all the hits across the body, while protecting the rest of the gang. They ram right through the jellyfish still trying to connect to each other. They are quickly separated and a few are smashed. The sharks try to eat the jellyfish. Suddenly the white lobsters come from two sides and join in the melee. The lobsters jump on the sharks’ backs and quickly bite into their fins. The jellyfish are slowly being eaten up like Pac-Man eating the dots. Jaden is quickly moving his nanoeye around to catch different angles of this amazing midair battle.

The two eels are circling the entire area, right behind each other. Their circular moving bodies are creating a huge 200-foot circle around the fighting animals. Their bodies light up brightly with electricity. The electrical particles in the clouds spark up and lightning shoots in hundreds of different directions. The animals are all electrocuted inside the circle and the thunder quickly follows. The loud thunder makes Jaden jump and sends chills down his human body. Smoke comes from the lifeless roasted sharks and lobsters. Their upside down, slowly rotating bodies float downwards. Jellyfish body parts are all over the place like road kill on the interstate. The eel snakes change direction and quickly swallow two sharks each. They continue floating with the clouds and leave the area.

‘Wow that was amazing. I guess the show is over. Look at the lobsters and sharks hugging each other unconsciously.’

Jaden’s enhanced senses detect the smell of the roasted lobsters and sharks.

‘Do you smell that Bellona?’

‘Yes, I do.’

‘It smells like a seafood restaurant. Oh man, this reminds me when I went to New York City a few years ago and I ate at City Island in the Bronx. Man, they had the biggest and best lobsters there. The lobster in butter sauce was unbelievable. It was as if lobster meat, butter sauce, my tongue and teeth were having an orgy in my mouth. The after party was in my stomach… I wonder what these alien lobsters taste like.’

‘Why don’t you move closer to it and you can taste it.’

Jaden moves closer to one and the tail is already cracked open. He can hear the sizzling from a distance.

‘What a tease! The body is roasted like it was on a BBQ grill. Oh man the meat is perfectly cooked. This lobster tail is about a foot wide and two feet high. I can eat this entire tail myself,’ Jaden says while moving the nanoeye inside the meat.

‘Wow! That is good!’ He yells

‘Jaden….’ Bellona tries to get his attention.

Jaden begins to talk in an excited tone.

‘Oh thank you eel gods, for roasting this beautiful tasty lobster just right. All we need is a nice doggy bag. No that is too primitive….


‘…you guys are more advanced than that. I’m sure you can beam up or beam down Sebastian into your Under the Sea…

‘Jaden, listen…’

‘Please, please tell me we can transport or bring these Freddy Kruger lobsters back to your city. I can still hear their insides sizzling.’

‘We can’t do that…’

‘Can’t do that? This is like going to a fancy restaurant and when your food arrives you are only able to lick the lobster with your tongue…’

Bellona doesn’t say anything, but laughs.

‘I need to chew, swallow and digest this. This isn’t funny. This is torture for us humans and you are torturing me with my five senses here. This perfectly well done lobster is going to go to waste if we don’t do something. These mastermind Einstein animals don’t deserve this perfectly cooked one hundred pound meal, that would go for over $1000 at Red Lobster back on Earth….’

She continues to chuckle.

‘Did anyone tell you, how funny you are?’ She asks.

‘Yes, plenty of times. Come on Bellona, no one has to know. We can sit down and have a nice lobster dinner at my room,’ he says while tasting the round midsection of the lobster.

‘This tastes like crab meat!’

‘Jaden, it is illegal and immoral for any visitors or citizens of Andromedian city to eat any animals on this planet or others. I know it is something your mind craves, but it will pass. Eating meat is very primitive Jaden; it only brings you down to their level…’

They talk at the same time.

‘It just needs some primitive butter sauce…I wonder if there are any cows on this planet…’

‘You need to evolve past being a cannibal to another organic life-form…’

Jaden moves over to the shark’s fins and tastes that as well.

‘Oh man, this shark fin is cooked too. I heard they make this into a nice soup in China…yummy, this tastes good too.’

‘…vegetarians on your planet are highly evolved, to eat other good things besides consuming another life-form. Do you know how many spirit quarks leave this planet every day?’ She asks.

‘Bellona, it’s not like I killed it myself. I can’t help it if I like meat. I was raised this way. I was raised primitive.’

‘You can fight it and evolve. Put some butter sauce on fruits and vegetables….’

‘That is like putting butter sauce in cereal and milk,’ he says while continuing to taste the other lobster, ‘I feel like Homer Simpson when he is about to eat something mouthwatering.’

‘Come on Jaden let’s go,’ she says while slowly moving upwards.

Suddenly the octagon-shaped collective octopuses come spinning through the clouds. They reach with their long tentacles and grab the lobsters and sharks. Jaden’s nanoeye is left outside the lobster’s body.

‘No! They are eating my dinner!’ He yells while staying with the lobster.

Jaden follows the lobster into a tentacle.

‘Oh no, you aren’t even chewing it, you are swallowing it. You can’t enjoy lobster and shark this way. You no class vultures. Savor the taste…chew..chew.’

Jaden realizes this is depressing him and he is beginning to sound a bit deranged. He leaves the insides of the octopus and catches up to Bellona waiting above the clouds for him. There are rainbows in all directions over the clouds.

‘What kind of host are you guys anyway? You don’t feed your guest the food we are used to?’ Jaden asks.

‘We are feeding you intravenously. Your body only requires the basics: proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and nutrients in fruits. A desire for a better taste in food isn’t a need.’

‘Okay, you made your point.’

Rainbows are showing up all over the place. Bellona accelerates upwards through the upwards bubble waterfalls as Jaden follows. The sky becomes increasingly bright over them.

The rainbows get brighter and connect in many directions. The scenery is amazing to Jaden as he follows Bellona higher up. Jaden can see thrust particles coming from the rear of her nanoeye. They make it above the planet and Bellona stops. Jaden sees a bright light coming from deep in space.

‘Are you okay with the lobster thing?’

‘Yeah I’m fine, I’ll get over it. I think the enhanced senses were really making my mind go crazy. I just have to get this Under the Sea music from The Little Mermaid movie out of my head. I keep seeing a mutated Sebastian dancing and laughing at me above the clouds. One line keeps repeating over and over again in my head.’


The music to Under the Sea plays in Jaden’s mind. The images from his imagination are being displayed for Bellona to see as well. The lobster sings, ‘Over the sea, over the sea… my tail would have been so happy if it was in your belly…’

The lobster is smiling and hitting on the shark’s head with its claws.

Bellona chuckles and then laughs.


‘I must say, you humans have an interesting and funny imagination. Watching the dancing lobster shaking its fanny at you and oozing bubbling butter sauce is funny,’ she says.

‘Yeah, tell me about it,’ he says.

A few minutes pass by and they focus on looking into space together.

‘The bright light that you see is coming from our galactic center. We are much closer to our galaxy’s center, so the light shows up on the dark side of our planet. It’s about a quarter of the light our sun gives off. We are 5200 light-years from our galaxy’s center, compared to 30,000 light-years Earth is from its galactic center. Isn’t it a beautiful sight?’

Jaden is amazed and speechless. He is watching the large moon, the size of Earth, slowly pass over and all the stars above him. The moon has a cream-colored thin ring around it. The moon slowly eclipses the galactic center’s light.

‘We have twenty-two planets in our solar system. We are the fourth planet from our sun. There is also life on the fifth and sixth planet. If you look in this direction, you can see your Milky Way Galaxy. That direction is where your constellation star system is. The bottom star in the group is your sun.’

‘It looks like a holy cross constellation of stars.’

‘We don’t see it that way. We see a combination of coordinates that is similar to your longitude and latitude,’ Bellona says.

‘Well, you know us primitive humans, stuck with our primitive thinking; still using a small percentage of our little brains,’ he says sarcastically.

‘Speaking of primitive, why was there so much racism with your species?’ Bellona asks.

‘Well skin color is somewhat important in our species. I’ve grown up dealing with racism because I’m in between races. I’m like a slightly tanned, white person. My father is white and my mother is black. I’ve grown up somewhat confused as to what race I wanted to identify with. For some reason, the darker your skin is, the worse a person experiences racism. It’s not as bad now, but many years ago it used to be a lot worst.’

‘Yes, your human species has come a long way; primitive thinking takes some time to evolve from. Many humans think they are better than other humans are. We have seen many different species and colors of aliens. In some species, the whiter you are, the more racism they experience. We Andromedians were a racist species on our old planet Destiny, but that involved religious beliefs. It nearly consumed us and it divided us. Every species has a sort of racism in their culture. As we traveled to different planets and galaxies, we met hundreds of thousands of other intelligent species. But we also try to stay out of wars and battles. There are many conflicts between different species from different planets. We exchanged technological information with usually peaceful alien species. We learned that peace, harmony and treating people as equals are universal respects. Violence, conquering and being divided proved to be pointless in the long run.’

Jaden and Bellona slowly circle around the planet while following the moon.

‘What are your parents’ beliefs?’ She asks.

‘My father was Catholic and my mother was Christian. My father’s Catholic belief took the religion for the entire family and that is what faith I grew up with. Then when I took philosophy in college it really confused me.’

‘I personally believe something is out there. It might not be a god like everyone thinks, but something is out there at the edge of this universe or in another universe,’ she says.

‘Something like what?’

‘Some powerful being, that is past the galaxies, past the super galaxies beyond the universe. Something out there that we didn’t detect yet helped create the design and ingredients for this universe,’ Bellona says.

‘Where was the furthest your species has traveled?’

‘To the edge of the universe about fifteen billion light-years from here. Some of our brave soldiers went out there to do some sort of experiments. Some of their experiments proved successful. We have lost communications with them so far. They left 14,500 years ago and we are waiting for updates. They have seen billions of galaxies and trillions of species over their journey. We have thousands of Andromedians traveling to different galaxies.

‘What experiments?’

‘I can’t really talk about that right now. It’s what you would call top-secret. I’m sure if you were meant to know, you would.’



‘Can we leave orbit and fly towards the other planets in your solar system?’ He asks.

‘We would need clearance for nanoscanners, exotic protons and anti-matter atoms to make light speed. We should stay close to the planet for now. If we have time I’ll see if I can show you later.’

‘Okay, but how do these nanoeyes and nanoscanners work?’

‘Nanoeyes work together as two or three teams and are put together similar to how a fly’s eyes on Earth works. Thousands of spherical eye prisms are bonded together to form one round vision team. The three visions form one nanoeye in a 360° 3D view and gives infinite zooming capabilities. But in your case, two visions forms one nanoeye in a 180° view. Your human brain is used to receiving 180° 2D images. One spherical molecule lens on a team can produce as much as 100 megapixels. They can change shape to form a horizontal or vertical rectangular shape for telescopic capabilities. They don’t have any weight properties. They are about a billionth of an inch on the nano scale and can change in size to pass through different matters. Magnetic energy keeps the teams together and gives them the ability to change shape. They also relay basic feel, sounds, smells and taste. They transmit encoded signals through regular atoms to the proper host and they can adapt their transmitting signals in different environments. Sometimes lightning energy can disrupt sound and images from older models. A nanoeye use anti-proton molecules with a combination of other molecules to create their own propulsion. They are short range and vary in distances. They are able to transmit real time data to the host.’

‘What is the detail resolution on a nanoeye? The details are amazing.’

‘The average electronic camera on Earth is about 0.5 megapixels. Your human eyes are about 500-600 megapixels. A nanoeye can range from 500-900 terapixels. The unlimited shutter speed can detect anything from a bullet to a faster than light particle. Your human eyes are being bypassed and your enhanced optic nerves are receiving about one terapixel of resolution each. Enhanced meaning nanobots are creating artificial fibers in the nerve to increase its capabilities.’

‘That’s cool and very interesting.’

‘A nanoscanner usually works with an exoskeleton intergalactic spaceship and operates the same way as a nanoeye, but more advanced. They are the long-range nanoeyes and have many tasks. Their main tasks are scanning through solid objects, detecting threats’ defensive and offensive systems, opening subspace portals and guiding an EIS’s molecules through optic-warp. They can combine with a nanoeye and work as one. When we explore different galaxies, we have thousands of advanced nanoscanners that can analyze an entire solar system of planets in a few hours. We can learn everything about a planet in less than an hour. Nanoscanners are encoded and are harder to detect over nanoeyes. They blend in easily with other molecules in the surroundings. The different generations of nanoscanners and nanoeyes are classified with each generation of an EIS. A nanoscanner can change to many different sizes and can carry trillions of nanobots. All nanoscanners and nanoeyes have an autonomous mode.’

Jaden takes in all the information Bellona is telling him. He is focusing on the bright yellow and red light coming from Andromeda’s center.

‘That’s amazing. This technology is very, very advanced. The view of your galaxy’s center is amazing. Why do galaxies need a galactic center?’


‘Most galaxy centers have one gigantic star. This star is about one trillion of your suns. Your species calls it the galactic bulge. Everything in a galaxy rotates around this center. It’s very powerful gravity slowly rotates an entire galaxy. The gigantic super massive black hole near it balances and counters its powerful gravity forces. It is like two opposite magnets facing each other. Black holes can be very dangerous. Our ships can survive small black holes, but not super massive ones.’

‘Why does your spaceship look so much different than the one I was in?’ Jaden asks.

‘Class A ships are classified as exoskeleton intergalactic spaceships, which can travel in optic-warp and in subspace under super massive black holes. There are different generations to the Class A spaceships. One way to tell the different generations is the color of the molecule around each ship. Green is Generation 1, purple is Generation 2, blue is Generation 3, red is Generation 4 and gold is Generation 5. Generation 5 is an experimental EIS that is still being developed. One Andromedian will be awarded it as their personal ship. The ship you were in was a generation 2 EIS. Generation 2 is a 10,000-year-old spaceship. About 45,000 years ago, we flew in massive ships, similar to those seen in Star Trek. Those massive ships were limited in distance and didn’t have optic-warp or subspace capabilities. Marco and I fly in a Generation 4, which was the most advanced. I’ve been nominated, along with ten other Andromedians, for the prototype Generation 5,’ Bellona says.

‘What more can the Generation 5 do and why are you nominated?’ Jaden asks.

‘The Andromedian with the most successful missions and highest rankings are nominated. Marco is also nominated, along with Bomani. The prototype EIS can do things even I’m puzzled about. Three of the new things I’m aware it can do are enter tri-optic-warp, break the speed of light barrier on its own and it has more advanced nanoscanners. If you go back to Earth, the ship you were in will probably be upgraded to a Generation 3 or 4.’

‘Cool. I like the flat shape of the Generation 4 and lightning particles jumping between the bodies,’ Jaden says.

Jaden turns his eyes towards Earth’s direction in the Milky Way Galaxy. He thinks about how he misses Earth, his family, friends and girlfriend.

‘You miss your girlfriend and family, Jaden?’

‘Yes, I do. I have spent so many hours looking through a telescope at night wondering what it would be like in another galaxy and if there were aliens or life on other planets. I also wondered what it would look like looking at my galaxy from another one. I always wished I could travel beyond the stars further than any human has been. When I was a teenager, I was so depressed at times. I wanted to fly away into the stars and never come back. But now that I’m far away from my family, I don’t have the same feeling anymore. It’s different not being around friends and people you can relate too. I always wanted to help people and be a part of something. Half of me misses my family and girlfriend. The other half wants to explore more and learn more about different species and technologies.’

‘Hopefully that can happen Jaden. We usually don’t keep species. We usually send them back with some technology they can use. But every situation is different and needs approval from our supreme elders.’

‘How many Earth-type planets are there in galaxies?’ Jaden asks.

‘Most planets, in most galaxies, the right distance from the sun are usually destroyed before they develop into an Earth-like planet. Thirty percent of these planets have primitive life on them. Forty percent of them are vacant with mostly microbes on them. Ten percent of these planets develop with intelligent life like ourselves. These planets must have working magnetic energy producing cores, or the planet won’t sustain life. A magnetosphere around a planet is the key to sustaining life; it protects the planet from cosmic radiation from space. Meteors hitting a planet usually stop or slow down most planets from sustaining primitive or intelligent life. Huge gas planets, like Jupiter, help protect small Earth planets from being target practice in a solar system.’

‘Wow, interesting….’ Jaden pauses and then continues, ‘What is that over there, way behind the moon, glowing?’

‘That is a transport portal straight into our city. It opens up when a ship is near and transports it right into our city.’

‘It looks like it is far from here.’

‘Yes, it’s between our planet and the third planet from the sun. We do this for two reasons. One, it is for our security. If anything is scanning or trying to see where our city is or what planet we are on, they couldn’t tell. We rarely land directly on our planet. We also have space stations around our neighboring planet, which is the fifth planet from our sun. The second reason is we don’t want to mess up the natural balance of life on our planet. We have several different animals that we are studying that are slowly making the leap from ape-like animal to intelligent species. Our ships flying over the planet would confuse animals and the natural evolution process on our planet. In addition, if anyone is scanning our planet, we want it to look as natural as possible. That does backfire when another species is looking for a new planet to colonize. We’ve had battles in the past,’ Bellona says.

Jaden zooms in on spaceships coming out of this portal and entering at the speed of light. There are several bright flashes of light. Twenty spaceships fly towards the sun in a trail of light. Each EIS has red molecules around their bodies.

‘Where are those spaceships rushing too?’ Jaden asks.

‘Sometimes being explorers and traveling to different places has its price. We get into conflicts with many species and try to help other species when we can. It could be also that our explorers are in trouble. Those are our most advanced ships and strongest fighters going into battle somewhere in our galaxy. Our technology is the most advanced out of many species. Our head start came from the Mapolians. They gave us the gift of nanotechnology and other technologies. They traveled for billions of years to almost every galaxy. I’ve even heard a rumor of them traveling to another universe. Most of them disappeared when they reached the edge of the universe looking for a powerful being with all the answers. This was what you humans call a myth. There is one Mapolian left, which lives with us at our central congress planet 100,000 light-years from here. She is very wise and has psychic powers to see things many of us can’t.’

‘Mapolians? Sounds like some old people who couldn’t figure out a subway map in New York City and ended up in another state. Yes, my teachers did call me a comedian in high school,’ Jaden pauses, and then continues, ‘This is so much information at once. I can’t believe all of this is happening. I feel like I’m in a long dream.’

The EIS lights up very brightly and disappears into the sun.

Jaden sees some of the sun’s energy expanding outwards.

‘What is that?’ Jaden asks.

‘That is what you would call a solar flare. Entering subspace near a star creates powerful solar flares throughout a solar system. Entering subspace requires a great amount of energy from the sun to create a slingshot type of force in optic-warp. This solar flare can sometimes be harmful to planets and life on planets. Most planets have magnetospheres. Our planet has a very strong magnetosphere. Every 10,000 years our magnetic core reverses at the poles and leaves the planet without protection from the sun. We have a backup system that creates an energy shield around the planet. This is so that the planet doesn’t have to be interrupted.’

Jaden changes his view and watches the x-ray version of the flares quickly move past him. He continues to zoom in and out in different direction. His nanoeye changes shape and turns into a long telescope shape. He can see supernovas and stars exploding at a far distance. He can see the Triangulum Galaxy and a small Magellanic cloud. It is amazing to Jaden that the galactic center is giving light to the darkness in space.

‘I can see purple waves of energy going into something dark, Bellona. What is that?’

‘The energy waves you see are different communication bandwidths. The completely black object that they are going into is an artificial wormhole that is accepting communications. We use wormholes for instant communications with other planets, our alliances and our main council. We don’t travel through them because they are unstable for transporting in galaxies. Exotic blue anti-matter and other energies are needed to stabilize a wormhole to transport ships or large objects. This type of energy is hard to come by. It is okay to send signals and transmissions through wormholes. If a wormhole is created on a planet, it could disrupt its alignment, magnetic core energy and axis rotation. A planet is constantly moving and a wormhole can slow down or speed up a planet’s rotation. The worst-case scenario is they can cause moons to collide and make a moon lose its gravity around a planet. We create little wormholes away from planet and star paths. Come on Jaden; let’s head back down towards the planet.’

Jaden notices something peculiar and zooms in.

‘Bellona what is that over there? Far to the right; the two waves of energy heading towards another larger completely dark area from two different directions.’

‘I’m not sure; let me check with our command center,’ Bellona pauses then continues, ‘The Darclonians sent out an encoded transmission towards a mini black hole right outside our galaxy.’

‘What is that?’ Jaden asks.

‘Sometimes mini black holes open up outside of galaxies; they aren’t affected by the gravity of a galaxy. When they randomly open up, they accept energy waves of communications. Instantly another mini black hole opens up at the edge of the next galaxy. X-ray signals exit the black hole in the next galaxy and the communications is converted back over into energy. The communications aren’t very safe or reliable. We don’t like to use it because you need to copy the energy signal message trillions of times and sometimes they are all destroyed. The Darclonians perfected the technology and have a higher success rate of sending their message through it. The signal was sent from Planet 455, the planet we rescued you from. They are trying to communicate with other ships in your galaxy. We are trying our best to intercept the energy wave and destroy it. We don’t want them communicating with each other since we haven’t figured out why our bodies can’t make it into your galaxy. They are definitely planning something.’

‘How did the Darclonians get into my Milky Way Galaxy?’ Jaden asks.

‘They have different ways of traveling. They can manipulate dark matter by bending it in space and riding over it, enabling their mother ships to travel thousands of times faster than light. They have been in your galaxy for tens of thousands of years. We are trying to find out what they are up too. They have a few mother ships in different parts of your Galaxy,’ Bellona says.

‘Will they invade Earth?’

‘I don’t think they will invade Earth by flying down and attacking humans. Invading a planet that way is very primitive and the defenders usually have the upper hand. They can use humans for other uses. They will probably do a silent attack from a distance. The bodies the Darclonians have been using can’t survive on just any planet. They switch between organic and robotic bodies all the time. Your planet has high bacteria levels, powerful sunlight, high humidity and pressure percentages. Their bodies would die in less than twenty-four hours. They are much smarter than that. They put nanomoles in your species for a reason. They are studying something. I’m sure they will return. The bodies that they use from other species are mostly carbon-based. They do need oxygen and water. The EIS you were in had valuable information about your planet’s bacteria levels, gravity, pressure, oxygen levels and environment. It was lost when the Darclonians tried to take apart our ship; they stole a lot of info from it about your planet. This is probably why they are trying to communicate with their colony in your galaxy. Our biomechanical bodies can survive on any planet. We have built in advanced filters and can adjust to many different atmospheres. If we could figure out why our bodies can’t make it through your galaxy’s center black hole, then we could be investigating what the Darclonians are up too. We rarely send out ships without an Andromedian biomechanical body in them. Ready to go back down to my planet?’

‘Sure,’ Jaden says.

‘Don’t worry so much, I’m sure everything will be okay.’

‘You are just saying that because you analyzed all the movies I’ve watched all my life. Someone is always saying that in a movie.’

‘All the movies you’ve seen are very creative. However, it is annoying to review, because your eyes keep blinking hundreds of times an hour. But honestly, I’m sure things will work out.’

Jaden follows Bellona’s nanoeye slowly back down to the beautiful, mostly blue Xenos.

‘What movies did you view that you liked the most, from my memories?’ Jaden asks.

‘The Star Trek series and movies were interesting. I’ve seen many species traveling through space with a big ship and many aliens on it working together in teams. I think the writers of the series and movies did a good job describing what different species would look like and act like. Star Wars was also interesting, the description of aliens, different worlds, and it showed the politics of many alien species. There are many politics going on in different species I’ve encountered. Us Andromedians have been called devils and demons from species we visited in the past. Some species we have a hard time trying to figure out which side to be on. The books you read when you were younger with battles, wars, heroes, love and death was very interesting to me. Your human species has a very creative and good imagination. Your art capabilities, your creation of music, movies, and how fast you are advancing in technology makes your species very special. It really separates you from many species I’ve encountered.’


They continue on their slow descent as Jaden follows.

‘Thanks Bellona, thanks for the compliment. About Star Trek; can you beam someone up and down from a planet?’

‘Yes we can, but it isn’t as easy as it looked in Star Trek. It requires a few things. One, it requires a lot of energy. A quarter of the energy of the sun. Two, a septillion point molecule scan of the species being transported. This can take a few minutes. Three, the target needs to be on top of a high mountain or building and not moving. Four, the ship beaming the life form needs to be in a straight path and moving with the rotation of the planet. The planet’s magnetosphere could also cause complication so a…’

Jaden interrupts, ‘Thanks for the short story, but I get the point. Come on let’s go faster! You’re going too slow old lady. Women fliers!’

Jaden’s nanoeye quickly accelerates passing Bellona.

‘Young people, always in a hurry,’ Bellona says.

‘That’s something my mother says to me. We young people love speed and things happening fast.’

Bellona catches up.

‘You like speed and things happening fast huh?’

‘Yes, I love video games and multi-tasking,’ Jaden says.

‘I have something to show you, when we get back down to the city. It is one of our games.’

‘Okay, cool,’ Jaden says then continues, ‘So our bodies are still standing on the side of that huge mountain?’ Jaden asks.

‘Yes we are; there is a shield around us. The shield is needed to protect our bodies from the water and flying fish trying to attack us.’

‘Cool. I have to see this.’

Jaden instantly switches his view back to his artificial body. Jaden sees gigantic flying hungry sharks charging at the shield making a loud banging noise. He switches back to the nanoeye still hundreds of miles above descending.

Jaden sees the large moon still moving towards the other side of the planet. The white clouds near the equator of the planet move in the direction of the large moon, while the rest move in the opposite.

‘Jaden, our planet is twice the size of Earth.’

‘I’ve noticed.’

‘Our oceans take up about eighty-five percent of the planet. Most of the land is mountains.’

They enter the upper atmosphere and quickly descend. The gravity tide is almost over. The water begins to recede back into the ocean. Thousands of flying fish return towards the ocean. The water becomes denser and gets lower and lower.

Jaden and Bellona approach the lower atmosphere and there are rainbows all over the place. The light from the moon and galaxy center are showing rainbows of light. Jaden quickly moves towards a large rainbow and rides it downwards.

‘This is cool, so many colors. The rays are moving so fast.’

‘Jaden the rays are moving at the speed of light.’

The rainbow leads to over a huge mountain. Jaden follows Bellona. They go down the side of a mountain where the land is flat. There are many tall trees covered in a grey substance. There are ocean animals on the ground flapping around.

‘Do you see the fish and sea animals stranded? The gravity started to return and they became too heavy to make it back to sea,’ Bellona says.

‘Yes, there are hundreds of them. They look like they are going to die. I can hear them moaning from here. They sound like whales in the sea communicating with each other.’

Jaden notices some beginning to disappear.

‘Some are disappearing, what is going on?’

‘We have teams of nano-transporters that go out and transport these stranded animals back into the ocean. Their bodies are scanned and their molecules are transported back to the part of the ocean they came from. It’s called quantum-transporting,’ Bellona says.

‘They look like a dead body in a video game that suddenly disappears after lying in the same spot for too long. I miss my PC game Doom at home.’

Jaden continues to follow Bellona further inland. They pass a few gigantic jellyfish stuck in miles of seaweed over the ground. As they fly deeper onto the continent, they see long trees with skinny bodies covered in seaweed.

Jaden goes lower to the ground to get a closer look at a different species of shark with stingray wings still flapping out of control. It is lying on its side on the sand. He tries to communicate with the disabled shark.

‘Jaden, listen, It is not going to understand what you are saying. These animals don’t have any intelligence like we do. They understand very basic communications, similar to a dog or cat. They create basic sounds and telepathic signals to each other.’

‘I see, well let’s see what you have in your stomach, Fatty. Let us see if it was worth it to come this far from shore to feed your gut.’

Jaden looks inside the shark’s body.

‘This is gross. I see blood vessels, bones, fat and membranes. This is worst than dissecting a frog in high school,’ Jaden pauses then continues, ‘You need to go on a diet, little Fat Albert. So much blubber and fat around your body. Lots of good food in your five stomachs, huh? I hear your heart beating in stereo here. You have two hearts huh? Probably to push all this fat around your veins. Yeah, you would fit in fine around America’s oceans. We can throw our fatty processed food into the ocean for you. Oh no, you fat greedy bastard! You swallowed another little shark that is still alive. You deserve to die here you cannibal, beached whale shark.’


‘You see this, it ate another little shark, and the little shark is trying to get out of its stomach. Escape little E.T. shark! Escape!’

‘Jaden! This shark is pregnant and is in labor.’

‘I knew that,’ Jaden says in a modest tone.

‘If you took notice, the shark is under the stomach and in the womb. She is in labor. In addition, if you change your vision and follow the signal waves, you’ll notice it is communicating with another shark by the shore in the ocean. I’m assuming it is the shark’s mate or spouse. She is what you humans call crying for help. This is a female shark in serious distress. I’m going to signal the nano-transporters to high priority this one.’

‘Typical of a male to leave his pregnant spouse behind and save himself first.’

‘The mother shark was trying to make sure it had enough food for its newborn. So this is what your girlfriend meant, when she called you insensitive?’ Bellona asks.

‘Yeah, us young men can be jerks and insensitive sometimes.’

‘Sometimes I wish I could feel what this mother is feeling. Having another life inside, and giving birth to something must be an amazing experience, don’t you think Jaden? Do you want any kids Jaden?’ Bellona asks.

‘As a man, I think it is overrated. There were many girls pregnant in my high school back home. They were not happy missing out on being a teenager. Then there is the problem of both parents not being together while the child is being raised. Raising a child these days is a lot of work, Bellona. Maybe not here, but on Earth it takes over eighteen years. I don’t want any kids any time soon. I always wanted to enjoy being young.’

Bellona briefly reviews the memory video of Jaden in high school. Hundreds of nanos quickly approach in a group and quickly move around the mother shark. The mother shark vanishes.


‘Jungle-nerd?’ Bellona asks.

‘Yes, that’s what they used to call me in high school.’


‘Because I am half black and half white, this makes up the “Jungle” part. I was also skinny, wore glasses, and had pimples. This qualified me as a nerd. However, that was when I was a freshman in high school. That all changed once I started to learn karate and joined the football team in tenth and eleventh grade. It’s kind of funny now thinking about it.’

Bellona and Jaden continue to fly higher up over land as Jaden follows. Thicker clouds begin to move over land and it gets darker.

‘Looking at your past, a woman being pregnant at a young age was not the best decision. That is a very long time to train one human to be ready to take care of itself. If your technology was more advanced like ours, it would take less than one hour to train a human baby to learn to take care of itself.’

‘That would be odd, a baby walking around, coming home from work and drinking a beer.’

‘Well of course other factors would be involved. Modifying DNA so the child could have accelerated growth, modifying the brain to process data differently and using more of the human brain. That would increase intelligence and allow each human to live over 300 years.’

‘But at what cost?’ Jaden asks then continues, ‘There is always a cost to advances like that to a society. Man, I sound like my sociology and philosophy professors.’

‘Jaden you are very smart for your age. The fact that you read so many books as a teenager really helped you to develop. It also helped us to translate more info from you.’

‘Thanks for the compliment. So, can you modify my DNA to make me smarter, stronger and live longer?’ Jaden asks while he chuckles and continues, ‘I want to live longer than Yoda.’

‘We can do a lot more than that. Like I told you before, your DNA and genes are easy to manipulate. Your human brain can do so much more than what it is capable of.’

‘Can you clone me?’

‘Yes, we have the technology, but it is against our laws to clone a species. Your carbon-based body could be cloned. However, your human brain is somewhat complicated to fully duplicate. The electronic signals and chemical messages being transmitted around your brain involving your thoughts, motor skills and senses are very random. They would have to be closely analyzed. Your memory and what you know is easy to duplicate. Since we don’t clone species here, it would be hard to create the same you. But it is possible to get close, but that would require more humans to experiment on. Duplicating your brain and putting it on a carbon-sincoid as a backup is possible,’ Bellona says while she slows down.

They are about 500 feet above the ground as they approach a jungle high on a mountaintop about 300 miles away from shore. The trees are hundreds of feet high and some stretch into the clouds.

‘The trees are slimmer and taller because our gravity is lighter than on Earth.’

‘What is that down there?’ Jaden asks.

He goes closer towards the ground as he sees ape-like animals following behind each other. The animals have black hair over their bodies and faces. They have small, brown eyes in front of their faces. Their bodies are slim and they have three fingers and a thumb, with sharp fingernails. They walk crouched over and their hands touch the ground when they walk. They have two long legs, with backwards kneecaps. Their kneecaps bend behind them when they walk. They also have a hairy tail extending from their backs.

‘They look like an ape, grasshopper and a Chewbacca together. I didn’t know you had animals that look somewhat human here,’ Jaden says.

‘Yes we do Jaden. They are in an evolutionary process. They walk crouching over now, but when the gravity tide takes place, the lighter gravity allows them to walk straight up like humans. They are also much taller. These animals are in the process of making the leap from animal instincts to higher intelligence. They are what you humans would call in the Hominins stage of evolution. These creatures passed the stage of caring for each other and feeling bad if another dies. This is a characteristic found in highly intelligent animals. They have only been here for a few thousand years. Each generation lives about fifteen years and each generation slightly evolves from the previous. At night, they look up into the stars and try to understand it. They should be creating their own religion in a few generations. Some draw on walls and hold each other at night. We are studying this process up close and we don’t interfere at all with them. Some species don’t make the leap from animal to an intelligent being. Look at this one in the lead. They even work as a team to capture animals for food.’

‘At least they get to eat meat and lobster on this planet,’ Jaden snaps.

‘Yes, unfortunately, if you look at their teeth, they are sharp like a human dog. They evolved into eating meat from their previous generation…’

‘Wow, they have vampire teeth. Cool.’

‘Intelligence is something that happens by evolution and survival. Questioning why things are happening and why a species is here. Life on planets that can support life starts as a single cell and slowly evolves over millions of years. Animals wondering about its own existence are at the beginning stages of this leap.’

‘Yes, it’s an interesting subject. I’ve been learning about evolution all my life. It conflicted somewhat with what I learned going to church. It is amazing being able to see this actually happening up close,’ Jaden says.

‘Look at the two pregnant apes walking closer to the two male apes. This wasn’t happening a few generations ago.’

One pregnant ape has brown hairs around its body and the other has grey.

‘Yeah, they look like two cute couples walking together. There are many pregnant animals on this planet, that’s for sure. I know there aren’t any condoms on this planet.’

Jaden gets closer to the clan of eight male and nine female apes walking through a swampy area. The animals are grunting and making hand signals towards each other.

‘I want to see something.’

‘Hey Cave Apes! I have a condom in my pocket…Anyone interested?’…’

‘They don’t hear you Jaden. The nanoeye you are using can’t produce sounds that are loud enough for the animals to hear. Oh no, they have company.’

There is a big animal, the size of a rhino, running towards them. There are three legs on each side of its body and are stretched out like a scorpion’s legs. It has two bones sticking from its pointy, narrow head and long teeth in its mouth. Its middle is close to the ground as it gallops towards the group. They quickly turn around and react by running in the opposite direction. They make ape sounds to each other. The brown pregnant female ape falls down and is trampled by her male counterpart. Their legs extend outwards allowing them to leap and run faster.

‘Look how fast they are running. He left his pregnant girlfriend in the dust. He even pushed her away, to save himself. Where is the love? They are worst than the animals in the sea.. Can’t you do something?’ Jaden asks.

Three of the male apes are climbing a tree.

‘I can’t, we can’t interfere. I couldn’t do anything anyway from here. This is survival of the fittest. The weak die off, while the cowards or strongest survive.’

The startled ape struggles to get up, but can’t. The alien rhino quickly approaches with its mouth open and eyes on the belly of the female ape. Suddenly the grey-haired pregnant ape returns and leaps over the body of her friend. She has a sharp tree branch in her hands. The rhino looks up as the ape lands on its back. The rhino’s legs collapse and its body crashes into the muddy ground. It roars in pain and the other apes watch from a distance. The tree branch is sticking out of its back and the female warrior lands on her feet. The rhino runs away and she runs over to help her fallen friend from the ground.

‘That is amazing, one female came back to help another female. Isn’t that a shame? The males left the muddy footprints over her fur when they trampled her.’

‘She showed such courage and caring for another life form. That was amazing and something I’ve never seen before with this species. That grey ape reminds me of myself back in the day.’

Darker-colored red blood drips from the wound of the rhino laying flat on its stomach. The rhino’s legs are arching backwards and reaching to pull the wood out of its back.

‘Do they mostly only care about themselves Bellona? Seems to me the female species here is evolving faster than the males.’

‘Females usually always stick together, that is universal,’ Bellona says.

Bellona scans the female ape’s baby in her stomach. Jaden follows closely behind her and is in the womb staring at the baby.

‘Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy little ape-Alf baby?’ Jaden asks in a sarcastic tone.

‘That’s funny. It’s too bad the baby can’t hear you. Okay, the baby in the womb is fine,’ Bellona says.

‘Great, let’s get out of here; planet of the Chewbacca apes makes me feel as if I’m in a zoo. What else is around this large, primitive planet?’

They leave the area and Jaden follows Bellona.

‘Sometimes I wish I could feel and touch another. I miss being more human-like and having human emotions. Having natural nerves and carbon-based female features are things that I miss. We Andromedians don’t have true love for each other. Even though we do have companions and mates, it isn’t the same as the love between two creatures. There was a time when we experienced true love.’

‘Love is not what it used to be. Love can be hurtful, joyful and painful,’ Jaden says.

Jaden and Bellona are quickly flying around the planet at high speeds. The sun is back out and is shining brightly everywhere. Jaden is enjoying the view of half-horse, half-dinosaur looking animals running around. Big birds fly around.

‘I missed out on a lot of things when I was carbon-based, like humans. I can still remember the emotions and connections. We also evolved from a primate type of animal. But enough about me, tell me more about your spouse and relationship, Jaden.’

‘Well, my girlfriend Amy is a pain in the ass sometimes. I love her a lot, but she can get an attitude quick, and is very spoiled. Last I saw her, I was trying to tell her I found a UFO, but she only cared about where her Valentine’s Day present was. I hope she is fine even though I’m gone. I do miss her a lot, even though it has been a few weeks. I really would like to get back to see my family, friends and girlfriend again.’

‘That’s something our council will have to figure out and approve. I envy that you have someone you love and miss.’

‘Don’t worry Bellona; you can be my Andromedian girlfriend if you want. How does that sound?’

Jaden slows down and goes closer to Bellona’s nanoeye.

‘That was a nice thing to say Jaden…’ Bellona says as she is interrupted by Jaden.

‘What you need is some nanoeye to nanoeye penetration.’

Jaden goes inside of her nanoeye.

‘Jaden! Stop. Don’t do that, you’ll disrupt the…’

Jaden sees a slight flash and a popping sound. The vision disappears and everything is dark. Jaden opens his eyes and he is back in his original human body underwater in the virtual city. He hears his heart beating fast as he tries to breathe. His lower body feels frozen and he tries to breathe. His vision goes black and he opens his eyes again. This time he is back in his artificial body still standing on the side of the huge mountain by the shoreline. Jaden drops to the ground holding his head and breathing heavily.

Jaden coughs repeatedly, “What,” he continues coughing, “What was that?” Jaden asks.

“You merged two high speed transmission signals. Both collided and caused us both to return to our bodies. You went back to your human body in my city, and then you were forwarded back to your artificial body here. I just returned here.”

“I’m sorry about that; I didn’t know all of that was going to happen.”

“Don’t be sorry about it. They are separating themselves now and should be online soon. I see why they called you a class clown in school.”

Jaden stands up, “Well I used to be the class clown in school, now I just like to make my friends laugh and family. Women loved my humor, I think I’m between clown and comedian. Women love for a man to make them laugh. That was one of the things my girlfriend loved about me.”

“I’m growing on your humor; it is very interesting and I think it’s a part of your personality that makes you special.”

“Can I have another artificial cigarette?”

“Sure. Hold on…How’s that?”

“Very good, very good, Thank you.”

“I must say you are an interesting species, Jaden.”

“I think I’m somewhat special.”

“I knew our ship didn’t pick you over six billion humans for no reason. You are special Jaden Marino.”

“Maybe I’m here to save the universe?”

“Now that was funny.”

Loud thunder is heard over the ocean. Jaden looks up into the dimly lit sky and sees lightning flashing. The lightning is moving horizontally across the clouds in a straight line.

“What is going on up there? The lightning is moving across the clouds in a straight path over the ocean.”

“We can control the direction where lightning moves. We have particle controlling nanos that direct lightning charges into our city from around the planet. This is one of our natural sources of energy. The lightning passes through the ocean and into our energy stations.”

“That is amazing; we need something like that on Earth,” Jaden says and continues, ‘I think I like talking telepathic better. I’m getting used to it and is becoming much easier.’

‘That is your choice; we have to return to the city now. Your body is ready.’


The translucent rainbow portal of prism colors opens again in front of them. Jaden walks in as Bellona follows. They disappear into thin air and the portal closes.















TOP 20 “BEST” #6


























Chapter 8: Gravity Games


Jaden opens his eyes and he is back inside his human body. His body isn’t floating, but he is standing in the middle of the rectangular area of water. His body feels cold, even though the water is warm. Cold feelings quickly move up and down his nervous system. He still isn’t breathing, but he can hear his heartbeat through the water. The sound of his heart echoes around the water surrounding him. The vision from his human eyes doesn’t feel the same. His 20/20 vision makes him feel as if his vision is bad. He can’t zoom in on Bellona through the water as she stands there looking at him. He automatically covers his private parts with his hand. Jaden doesn’t realize he isn’t breathing.

‘Jaden walk forward and out of the water,’ Bellona says telepathically.

‘Okay. Do you have any clothes? I’m completely naked here.’

‘It’s nothing I haven’t seen yet. Get used to being free and showing your true self. There is nothing to be ashamed of here.’

‘You sound like the voice in a flasher or streaker’s mind.’

Jaden takes two steps forward and his body emerges from the warm water environment that is suspended in midair.

‘Jaden you need to cough out the remaining liquid in your lungs.’

Jaden leans over and coughs up water. The water goes towards the floor, but changes direction and goes back into the rectangular pool of water.

‘How was I able to breathe with all of that inside of my lungs?’

‘The nanobots in your pores around your body were transferring the oxygen in the water directly into your bloodstream. Therefore, there wasn’t a reason for your lungs to do anything. There were microscopic tentacles going into your belly button that was providing oxygen, water, and food. How do you feel Jaden? You died, were brought back to life and now your body was repaired from you being completely frozen.’

Jaden clears his throat, takes a deep breath and stands up.

“Yeah, my body has been through a lot ever since I found your spaceship. So far I’ve been shot, drowned, drugged, body molecules vaporized, brain downloaded, chest cut almost open, suffocated, frozen and taken out of my body repeatedly. What is next for me? Assimilating me and putting me with the Borg?”

She chuckles.“How are you feeling?”

“I feel great, a little stiff, but okay.”

“Stretch your body in every direction, touch your toes, hands over your head and tell me how you feel,” she says.

Jaden does this and feels the aches all around his body.

“My joints feel stiff and my muscles feel a little sore as if I just came out of the gym. It feels strange being back in my original body again for some reason.”

“Your mind was getting used to being in another body and felt less strain using a nanoeye. It is sort of like giving your body a break.”

“I just noticed I have my clothes back on that I was wearing the day I found your ship,” Jaden asks, as he looks himself up and down.

He has on blue jeans and a NY Giants jersey. The jersey has a blue number 27 on both sides of it and the name Hampton above his chest.

“Hey! This is backwards,” he yells, “The player’s name goes on the back along with the tag in the shirt.”

Jaden pulls his arms from the sleeves and turns his jersey around.

“I apologize about that Jaden. I didn’t realize there was a right and wrong way.”

“It’s okay, how is it that I’m completely dry and my clothes are dry?”

“Well this special water doesn’t soak through materials and it returns back into the pool.”

“Okay, that’s cool. Now where is my Giants jacket and Jordan sneakers?”

“They are safe, cleaned and on your bed. Even the bullet hole was sewn up,” Bellona answers.

Jaden turns around and takes a few steps away. He unbuckles his belt, opens his pants, and looks inside.

“You Andromedians are the best dry cleaners; you even removed that shit stain out of my underwear,” Jaden says excitedly

“Shit stain? Your feces? Why would that be in your underwear?” Bellona asks then continues, “You humans should be toilet trained by your age.”

Jaden laughs, “When I was first shot by the UFO police, I slightly pissed myself. Then when I was drowning in the dark on your ship, I was scared shitless and I felt myself pooping before I passed out.”

“So you uploaded your remains on your clothes, because you were scared shitless? I’m sure your friends back home would find that funny, right Jaden?”

“Embarrassing for me and funny for them. I’m glad you are learning what is funny Bellona.”

“I’m sorry for that Jaden. But you won’t have that problem now; we removed most of the food particles and feces from your digestive system. The pool of water removes and vaporizes any remains.”

Bellona smiles and laughs.

“What is so funny?”

“I’m sorry Jaden; I was watching the video from our ship from when you were drowning and unconscious on our ship. As you can see from the 3D video here after your clothes were removed… two of your logs were floating in the water and bouncing off your head and chest.”

“Oh, so it’s so funny that you had to put it on the 3D video screen with the night vision? My turds doing an Under the Sea dance on a dead body is funny to you huh?”

Bellona continues to laugh, “Jaden, you asked what was so funny.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Jaden walks away from the screen and away from Bellona. He continues to stretch his legs and arms.

“Jaden, don’t be upset. I haven’t laughed this much since I was an organic life form. I’m learning to see the humor in things and especially in your culture.”

Jaden continues to walk away and stops in one place.

“I changed the video and it’s showing the insides of your body.”

The 3D screen is showing Jaden’s body, blood vessels, muscles and the nanobots moving in his bloodstream.

‘Your blood pressure and temperature are normal,’ Bellona says telepathically.

Jaden walks back. Checking his pocket and looking in his wallet.

“I’m not upset; I probably would have done the same thing if it was one of my friends.”

“I noticed that you are sensitive. I’ll use more caution. Jaden, are you checking your wallet to make sure your money is there?”

“Sorry, force of habit.”

“What are we going to do with your currency? Buy something in our galaxy?”

“No, but maybe the Darclonians took some to use it in a strip club back on Earth?” He jokes.

Bellona smiles.

“Okay, that wasn’t my best joke,” he says.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Why does everything inside of my body look animated?” He asks.

“This is a much better way of seeing things inside of complicated bodies or materials. Seeing the insides of your body the way it is will probably freak you out.”

“Bellona, I’m thinking that I’m hungry, but my stomach doesn’t feel like I am hungry. Why is this?” Jaden asks.

“Your digestive system is offline for the moment, including your stomach. Your body is currently on a photosynthesis and liquid diet. Artificial sunlight has been absorbed into your pores through the nanobots, into your bloodstream and converted over into energy. With a combination of some proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and an advanced metabolic process you won’t be hungry for a while.”

“Works for me. This is an interesting 3D x-ray here. Are those all the nanobots in my body?”

“Yes they are; they are analyzing your DNA, RNA, body structure, tissue, spinal cord, neuron transmissions, cell division and everything inside of you. They will give a report on what they find.”

“Wasn’t this done to me before, when I first got on your ship back on Earth?”

“Most of it was, but most of the data was stolen. Most of the analyzing done while you were on Earth was mostly for preparing your body for flight, space and optic-warp. The analyzing process now is for enhancing your human body to its maximum capability.”


“Any word on that transmission signal you were trying to intercept from the Darclonians?” Jaden asks.

“We did intercept the transmission and we are verifying on the other side of the micro black hole. Our long range telescope antennas on the outside of our Andromeda Galaxy will fully verify if any transmission made it into your galaxy.”

Marco appears in the room behind Bellona and walks forward, while Jaden has his back turned.

‘I see your body is back to its old self Jaden, how are you feeling?’ Marco asks.

Jaden looks around the room and notices Marco standing there.

“Hey, my blue rescuer alien Smurf friend,” Jaden pauses and talks telepathically, ‘Oh I apologize, I realize the preference for communicating here is through telepathic means. I’m fine, and doing well. It feels strange being back in my own body. I feel sluggish and weak,’ Jaden says without moving his mouth while he walks up to Marco and shakes his hand.


‘I figured it out in a half a second that shaking hands is customary in your culture,’ Marco says without much emotion in his face.

‘Wow you are fast, took the words right out of my mouth.’

The Smurfs was your favorite show when you were an early teenager.’

‘You’re good with quickly going through my brain’s memory,’ Jaden says with a surprised look on his face.

Bellona smiles and walks over to the 3D video of Jaden’s vitals and her face changes to a sad face.

‘Jaden guess what?’

‘What Marco?’

‘You were approved to go back home.’

‘Alright! Earth here I come!’ Jaden yells excitedly then continues, ‘That felt strange yelling telepathically, feels as if I was humming loud to myself.’

Marco continues to talk to Jaden.


Jaden stares off and daydreams to himself. He is imagining himself being back home on Earth and getting a special award for the furthest traveled human. He stands on a stage next to the President. The President of the United States hands him the award and Jaden takes the podium.

“Thank you sir. I would like to thank my mom, girlfriend, Pops and good friend James for supporting me and believing I would return to Earth. I would also like to thank my alien friends on the planet Xenos for returning me in one piece and giving us advances in technology. I would also like to thank my sexy friend Bellona for rescuing me. Would there be any questions?”

A reporter raises his hand, “Mr. Marino, how do you feel traveling over five million light-years?”

“I feel like five million bucks and I have boldly gone where no man went!”

The audience laughs and applauses.

“I also have the most space miles in space.”

Another reporter stands and asks a question, “How do you feel having your statue next to Lincoln’s in Washington?”

“I feel very honored and look forward to having my face on the Washington Monument as well.”

A smiling female stands up asking a question, “What are you going to do next, Mr. Marino?”

“I’m going to Disney World!” Jaden yells with his hand and award in the air. “Then I’m going to end world hunger, stop global warming, run for President, and end racism. . .”

‘Jaden, Jaden…Are you here with us?’ Bellona asks.

Jaden snaps out of his daydream.

‘Man that was intense. I felt like that was actually happening,’ Jaden says.

‘Your brain is using a higher percentage of itself. Everything is going to seem more real. You’ll also be able to remember more,’ Bellona says.

‘Jaden did you hear anything I was saying about going back home?’ Marco asks.

‘No,’ Jaden replies, ‘Sorry about that, I zone out sometimes.’

‘With time Jaden, you’ll be able to process and do more than one thing at once. Your mind is naturally capable of multi-tasking.’

‘Sounds good to me. I was just thinking about something. When I was rescued from Planet 455, on the video, I remember the blisters were shooting at Bellona when she was on the ground…’

The video of Bellona replays in the middle of the room, of her on the ground being shot at and then exploding.

‘I’ll explain Jaden; my energy was going down so I did what we call an atomic recharge. My body absorbed all the energy and matter of the weapons being fired at me. My energy particles united the enemies’’ weapons until I exploded out into space in all directions. My body’s particles united with direct non-filtered sunlight, then came back down at the speed of light on my targeted enemies. My nanoscanners directed which targets to hit when I came back down in hundreds of pieces. Then my body reunited together. That is a last resort weapon, which requires a lot of energy and can only be used once a battle.’

‘That is amazing. For some reason I just remember this incident from out of nowhere.’

‘It is okay, your memory will get more organized.’

‘Jaden, do you remember the D.E.K?’ Marco asks.

‘Yes, I do, remember the Dark Energy Knight none of you could kill.’

‘That’s right; Bellona already explained that to you. That alien was amazing and scary. I’ve been in tens of thousands of battles and never saw something like that. It was like a walking black hole, which was in complete control of its dark energy around it,’ Marco says.

‘Bellona already told me about it.’

‘Oh, okay. Well did Bellona tell you that we hit it with a combined energy of ten atomic bombs?’

‘No man, that’s a lot of energy.’

‘Our nanoscanners and nanoeyes were sucked into the D.E.K and destroyed. We analyzed some of the scanners’ data and it is a walking micro black hole. The outside energy of its body is the singularity point. The singularity point is the center of a normal black hole where no matter can survive. It’s the crushing point where all matter is destroyed at the end of a black hole. However, this alien had an event horizon three feet around its body. An event horizon is a strong gravity field that pulls in light or matter towards the singularity point in regular black holes.

‘That’s crazy,’ Jaden says.

‘Jaden, you learned this in school already. We got this word from your vocabulary and matched it with our definitions. Why did you ask what a singularity was?’ Marco asks.

‘We college and high school students only remember thirty percent of what we learned in school. With all the cigarettes, weed smoking and drinking I’m surprised I remember my own name sometimes. Thanks for reminding me.’

‘We will significantly improve your memory. Anyway, Jaden that alien was very dangerous. We have no idea on how to destroy it yet. We are researching this info with other species and checking our databases.’

‘Where does the destroyed matter go once it passes the singularity point in this alien?’

‘We have no idea. We don’t even know what we are dealing with. Dark energy is very unstable and dangerous to control. There was so much concentrated in one area around the alien. In addition, It was very stable and in a controlled state. We sent some ships back to the planet, but the D.E.K was nowhere to be found,’ Marco says.

‘That’s too bad, that monster freaks me out,’ Jaden says.


The 3D screen changes and two aliens appear on it. Jaden walks closer to it as it gets his attention. Two aliens are standing towards each other as if they are about to fight, in a room that is a slightly dark. A sound is made as if something is about to start. One of the aliens is Bomani. His long striped skin is glowing. The other alien, named Noah, is all red and resembles a male with claws. They continue to face each other. Suddenly a clear energy shield appears over each of them. The camera angle changes.

‘Bellona, what is happening here?’ Jaden asks.

‘This is one of our competitions and games, which is a battle between two fighters. The game I was telling you about earlier. The room setup is computer controlled. They are allowed a certain amount of points to have any type of defensive and offensive weapons they want. Right now, they are absorbing as fast as they can all the shield ingredients in the room. Then they try to find holes in shields around each other’s body as they are doing now. They concentrate on each other’s weaknesses since each has to control their own shield speed and walking with it. The faster their R.P.M’s, the stronger their shields are. A host controls the direction and angles of the shield generation nanobots. The gravity of the room changes every 10-30 seconds. Therefore, each opponent has anti-gravity and pro-gravity nanos in their feet and around their body so they don’t fall. Once a game, an energy ball floats and bounces around giving who ever grabs it extra points to increase any of their weapons. The room is six feet deep and each side is twenty feet long. Four sides like a rectangular box. The front and rear wall transports an object to the other side. The sides are constantly changing depending on which side the gravity is on. The opponents are using an artificial body, but their original body feels the pain inflicted on each other,’ Bellona says.

‘This game sounds interesting. Does everyone usually start off with the same weapons?’

‘Everyone usually starts off with the shields, which take up most of the points. Once an opponent’s shield system is weak, the other can attack with shield penetrating weapons…’

Marco stands behind Jaden watching the 3D screen.

‘Bomani is what you humans call the champion for the past five years,’ Marco says.

‘Seems a little boring, two people looking at each other trying to destroy each other’s shield systems,’ Jaden says.

The gravity changes in the room and they are standing on the side of the right wall. Noah slides towards the ground, slightly losing his balance. Bomani keeps his ground and doesn’t move.

‘You see that Jaden, Noah lost his balance, so some of his concentration went off his shield to gravity adjusting,’ Bellona says.

‘But he slightly lost it, that wasn’t much,’ Jaden says.

‘In milliseconds it matters a lot. Now Bomani is charging his offensive weapons and so is Noah. Noah is charging too soon.’

The gravity changes again suddenly and they are on the ceiling fighting.

‘That’s cool; they are on the ceiling fighting. I mean staring at each other on the ceiling.’

‘For you it is a little boring, but if you knew how hard it is to keep your energy shield around your body and moving with it, you’ll know how hard this part is. Now it will get a little interesting for you Jaden.’

The 3D screen shows Bomani’s shield strength at eighty percent and Noah’s is at fifty-three percent. The room changes gravity again to directly the opposite, back towards the ground. Bomani lets the room gravity take him down and he falls towards the ground from the ceiling. He puts his hands together and creates a glowing sword as he pulls them apart. Bomani puts his right arm over his head as he falls head first towards the floor. He pushes himself off the ground and turns himself right side up. Noah shoots small orange projectiles at Bomani, which bounces off Bomani’s shield and continues to bounce around the room in different directions. Bomani jumps on the right wall as the gravity changes again for the room. The gravity is pulling towards the left wall. Noah walks on the left wall. Bomani pushes off the now ceiling as his opponent is still over him, standing on the ground.


‘The small two-inch purple energy balls are passing right through Noah and his shield,’ Jaden says.

‘Yes, they don’t affect the person who fired them,’ Marco says.

‘Cool, just like in Streetfighter.’

Bomani changes his gravity direction as his opponent is upside down over him. Bomani charges upwards with his sword in his left hand, as he is still midair. Noah takes a step back watching Bomani over him. Bomani comes down and flips right side up on the ceiling and cuts through the red opponent’s shield striking him. The red opponent blocks the sword hit with his right arm and pushes a shock wave of force at Bomani with his left. Bomani quickly falls backwards and goes through the forward wall and comes out the rear wall. Then his body lands flat on the pro-gravity side of the left wall.

‘Where did he disappear to?’

‘The forward wall and rear wall transports a player through to the opposite side.’

‘What did the red dude hit Bomani with?’ Jaden asks.

‘He hit him with a strong gravity disrupting force. We call it a gravity shock wave. It forces any object in the path of the shock wave to go in that direction as if it is falling towards the ground. The shock wave also doubles or triples the weight of the object causing more damage. That was a close attack.’

Noah’s total energy is down to eighteen percent as Bomani’s goes down to thirty-three percent. The gravity of the room changes to the ground. Bomani jumps up and falls towards the ground. Noah tries to regenerate his shield strength as he is still on the ceiling. Bomani jumps up towards him and his opponent does the same. Noah fires another gravity shock wave. Bomani’s shield absorbs most of the blast, causing his body to spin in 360° vertical circles in the middle of the room. Bomani waves his left hand in front of him. Bomani and his opponent quickly fall towards the ceiling and Bomani quickly swipes his opponent with his sword, finishing him off.

‘How did it end so quickly?’

‘Bomani used his remaining gravity balancing energy around his body, and used it around his opponent also; causing both of them to fall towards the ceiling. Bomani increased the pro-gravity force around his opponent, pinning him against the ceiling. Then he finished him off. The gravity for the room changed towards the ceiling at the right time, increasing Bomani’s strength to pin Noah,’ Marco says.

‘That was cool. I want to give that a try,’ Jaden says.

‘Jaden, you are not ready to play in this type of video game,’ Marco says.

‘Come on Marco, I think Jaden is capable of competing,’ Bellona says.

‘He would need to be using a much higher percentage of his brain. He would also need to increase his multi-tasking skills to be able to control the gravity, shields and movement at once,’ Marco says.

Jaden looks at Bellona and Marco with a confused look.

‘I have confidence in Jaden,’ Bellona says.

‘He will need a lot of practice,’ Marco says.

‘He will need to practice regardless,’ Bellona says.

Jaden turns his head back and forth at Marco and Bellona as they talk like two parents arguing over their kid.

‘Why are you two arguing like my parents?’ Jaden asks, ‘Let me give it a try if I don’t do good, so be it.’

‘Marco thinks your brain is too primitive,’ Bellona says.

‘You said that Marco?’ Jaden asks.

‘Come Jaden, you would have heard me say something telepathically,’ Marco says defensively.

‘He sent it coded to me Jaden. Don’t worry about it; he just wants you to try the game out. This was his way of getting you to go for it,’ Bellona says coded directly to Jaden.


Marco wants to encourage Jaden to try the game out. Jaden laughs to himself at the fact that encoded telepathic messages can be sent. Bomani appears in the room with Jaden, Bellona and Marco. Marco walks over to Bomani.

‘Hello fellow Andromedians and human. Did you see me kick that alien’s ass?’ Bomani asks while walking in the room with a smile on his face.

‘He traveled 5023 light-years to get his ass kicked. He was talking so much crap in his language to other Andromedians. I showed him what I could do in only seventy-one seconds.’

‘Good job Bomani, we already knew you are the best,’ Marco says.

‘Bellona did you ever try?’ Jaden asks.

‘I was the champion for a while, but the game isn’t one of my main interests. I’m against unnecessary violence. I think it’s more for training and practice for the real world,’ Bellona says.

‘Bellona went all peaceful, spiritual, and loving the universe on everyone. I beat her a long time ago a few times,’ Bomani says.

‘That was thousands of years ago Bomani. The game isn’t really challenging anymore. We played each other hundreds of times,’ Bellona says.

‘I would be tired also after playing for all those years and that many times,’ Jaden says.

‘The rules and the game changes. The environments evolve and there are different difficulty levels. We used to fight with energy swords for hours, without any shields, over lava, strange planets, on supernovas and underwater,’ Bellona says.

‘That is amazing. It’s like a futuristic Mortal Kombat using real bodies. I’ve noticed I’ve been talking a lot faster. You guys have been talking faster and it’s fine now,’ Jaden says.

‘Your primitive mind has been adjusting well Jaden,’ Bellona says while winking at him.

‘So you are going back home tomorrow Jaden, good for you,’ Bomani says while walking to Jaden and shaking his hand.

‘You Andromedians really are good with learning a species’ culture fast,’ Jaden says.

‘Well we are very quick learners here. So you want to give the champ a shot in the old Gravity Fighting game?’ Bomani asks.

‘Yes, I do. I think I can take you down,’ Jaden says.

‘Jaden, you need some practice first,’ Bellona says.

‘He can learn while we play. I’ll give him a few minutes to warm up. I’ll even give him the energy bonus point ball,’ Bomani says with a cocky attitude.

‘I’ll need some private practice time to prepare Jaden first,’ Bellona says.

‘That’s fine with me,’ Bomani says.

‘Why you don’t play Marco?’ Jaden asks.

‘The game is too primitive for me. I like the real thing and things that explode,’ Marco says.

Marco and Bomani talk to each other.

Bellona turns to Jaden and looks directly in his blue eyes. Her small silver hands go over his shoulders. He feels her warmth going through his body.

‘Jaden you don’t have to do this. This type of training takes days, weeks and months for some species. Some minds aren’t capable of this type of multi-tasking. You could cause a seizure in your brain or put yourself in a coma.’

‘I’ll take it easy. Bellona, if I see a challenge and I think I can do it, I’m going to give it a try. It’s all about the confidence,’ Jaden says.

‘We will see you in the game later Jaden. I have confidence in you. I saw how you flew our spaceship back on Earth. Very impressive connecting with the EIS so fast. Not many species could fly like that and only using a small percentage of their brains. So I think you would do well in the game,’ Marco says with confidence.

‘See you soon Jaden. Bellona, good luck training your apprentice and new alien boyfriend,’ Bomani says while chuckling and then disappears with Marco.

‘Why did he say new boyfriend?’ Jaden asks.

‘Well, myself and Bomani were what you would call dating thousands of years ago. Now we are just good friends. I’m known for wanting to be more like a human species. We always used to challenge each other and we saved each other in many battles. Listen, Jaden we need to practice. Even if you weren’t playing the game against Bomani, you would still need the basic skills for controlling shield technology, gravity manipulating and multi-tasking,’ Bellona says.

“Okay, let’s do it!” Jaden yells aloud, and then continues, “Did you just give me an artificial cigarette?”

“Yes, your body and brain needed it. The nanobots in your brain pretty much determine when you need one now,” Bellona says.

“Thanks. It looks strange now, seeing your mouth moving and sound coming from where your body is at.”

“Yes, Jaden your mind is getting used to telepathic communication. However, maybe we should continue talking voice to voice, so you won’t be trying to talk to humans telepathically when you return to Earth.”

“That’s a good idea Bellona. What do I need to do to get start practicing for this fighting game?”

“Jaden you will need to get into a sleeping state. Take your clothes off…”

“I love it when a female tells me to take off my clothes.”

“As I was saying, I will need to adjust parts of your brain, so you will be using a higher percentage of it. The nanobots in your body and brain can help initialize parts of your brain that aren’t being used, enabling you to concentrate on multiple things at once and do things in the background kind of like a computer. But it requires practice, concentration and coordination.”

Jaden removes his clothes down to his boxers. The pool of water changes from rectangular vertical to rectangular horizontal.

“Is there any way I could just play from laying in a bed or something non-liquid?” Jaden asks, “I have a slight phobia now of large bodies of water.”

“Your body needs to be in a natural state and floating state of mind. Your brain will be fully connected to the artificial body and can’t afford any outside distractions. This special water also keeps the communication speed instant.”

“Okay, but if I drown again, I’m kicking your ass,” Jaden says in a joking voice as he lies down in the water. Bellona smiles.

Jaden closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as if he is jumping into a swimming pool. The water feels warm like a Jacuzzi. He hears sounds like being underwater in a pool. Then the underwater sounds go away.

‘Jaden you need to take one more regular deep breath, so your lungs can fill up with the liquid so you can breathe through your pores. This will also put your body into a natural state of sleep and enable your artificial body to go online.’

Jaden relaxes and takes a deep breath as if he is breathing air. The liquid enters his lungs, but his body adjusts automatically. He feels something going into his belly button. Jaden opens his eyes and he is standing in front of Bellona. He is in the artificial body he was in earlier. Jaden looks at his arms and body again, amazed that he is outside of his body again.

“This is really freaky. My body is lying over there, but I’m over here walking around and I feel like my regular self. Everything almost feels the same.”

“We try to make things feel the same. Everything looks normal here,” Bellona says.

“What is in that water and what was happening to my belly button?”

“It is called exotic water. The same liquid that your body is in when it’s in the EIS. It has trillions of nanotissues in it and elements for a carbon-based body. It is also used to repair many different species’ bodies. Pure oxygen and different proteins were going into your belly button. Similar to when your body was in your mother’s womb. Your body and mind is always prepared to go back into the womb state of mind,” Bellona says.

“Oh okay, interesting.”

“What is…what is that tattoo image on your upper back?” Bellona asks, and then continues, “Oh that was from your brother dying a few years ago. You tattooed it on your upper back when your brother passed away to always remember him. I’m sorry about your brother. I know it is tough when a loved one dies.”

“Don’t worry about it, let’s get some practicing in,” Jaden says with a slight tremor in his voice.

“Okay, let’s go.”

The walls, floor, ceiling, and surroundings turn bright. Jaden can hear sounds of something large falling into an empty room. There is a flash and the room he is in changes. Jaden is standing inside of the Gravity Fighting room with Bellona. The walls, ceiling and floor are glowing white.

“I feel like I’m in heaven. My feet don’t have any shoes, but I feel as if I do,” Jaden says as he walks around getting familiar with his surroundings. Jaden walks and stumbles into a wall.

“I didn’t even see this here,” he says.

“You have to use your sensor, because the walls sometimes change distances. First, we will start with defying gravity. Gravity can be your enemy and your friend,” Bellona says as she jumps up on the wall and walks towards the ceiling and over Jaden.

“The trick is making your mind think you are on ground level. There are anti-gravity nanos around your body and pro-gravity nanos in your feet, which keep you stable. The anti-gravity energy repels the pulling force and reduces the weight of the opponent. The force and gravity of the room will normally force your body into that direction. This would make your body feel as if the ground is in that direction. As I stand on this left wall, my body automatically increases the anti-gravity energy on the left side of my body, so that I don’t lean or fall down. Give it a try Jaden.”

Jaden runs and jump on the left wall with Bellona. He crouches as he feels the ground pulling his body in that direction. Jaden waves his arms in an attempt to gain his balance and then he stands up straight. He stands there for a few seconds, but feels very dizzy and disoriented. Everything is spinning around him. He slowly falls to the ground and lies on his back.

“Don’t worry about it Jaden, try it again. This time you need to disable the equilibrium in your ears,” Bellona says.

“What is equilibrium again?” Jaden asks, but quickly answers himself, “The equilibrium is in my ears, and it controls my balance. It also lets me know what is up or down and it works with my brain when walking, right?”

Jaden stands up and holds his head.

“You got it, Jaden.”

“My memory is improving greatly. I could actually see and hear my eighth grade science teacher talking about it in class.”

“Jaden stay focused. You need to concentrate that the wall is the ground you are on…”

“Can’t you just disable that in my ears?”

“That is something that isn’t suggested.”

“Why not?”

Jaden falls flat on his face. He tries to push himself up, but turns over and is lying on his back. Jaden feels his head is spinning and he cannot get off the ground. He feels as if he was spinning around in circles for twenty minutes. Jaden crawls in circles on his knees, and then tries to get up but falls back on the ground.

“What is happening to me?” He asks, “I can’t get up or walk.”

“Jaden, you asked why not. So I temporarily blocked the signals your equilibrium is sending to your brain. According to your history Jaden, it’s easier to just show you or you would continue with many unnecessary questions wasting more time.”

“Okay, you made your point, I get it. It is amazing how fast you are learning about me. I feel like I’m on some super drugs and my father spun me around for ten minutes nonstop,” Jaden says while grabbing his head lying flat on his back looking at Bellona on the wall with her arms crossed.

Jaden stands back up as the spinning goes away.

“My girlfriend stands like that with me, when she gets impatient. You are learning the ways of human women. That is not something you should copy. Next you’ll be imitating getting periods and acting like a bitch,” Jaden says while chuckling.

“I wouldn’t mind acting like a human female, they have interesting emotional strengths and do a good job keeping you men in line.”

“Yeah yeah. So my mind thinks this is my real body?”

“Yes Jaden. Everything outside of your brain is bypassed into the body you are in now. Your mind doesn’t know the difference. Your body here is even breathing air while your brain thinks your human body is. Amazing, right?”

“Very, very interesting. I didn’t even realize I was breathing. This is so cool; I guess it all takes some getting used to.”

“Now, Jaden try the wall again!”

“You sound like my karate instructor.”

Jaden runs, jumps on the wall and tries to catch his balance.

“Think as if the wall is the ground. Don’t think as if you are on a wall, your body will compensate the gravity pulling you towards the ground.”

Jaden keeps thinking to himself that he is on the ground and walks up the wall towards Bellona about fifteen feet away. He slips half way and slides downward, but stops himself and continues walking. Jaden continues to practice for another ten minutes.

“I think I have it now,” Jaden says.

“Let’s try the ceiling.”

Jaden follows Bellona and walks on the ceiling.

“I think I have it. I’m getting it. Can I jump into the forward wall?”

“No, you can’t. I’m glad you are getting it. Now you are going to have to manually control the anti-gravity nanos around your body.”


“Yes, Jaden, this is considered cheating. You learned walking on the walls and ceilings in no time, this shouldn’t be too hard. Follow me back to the ground.”

Bellona walks towards the wall. Jaden jumps up, slowly spins and lands on the ground with his feet.

“Cool, did you see that?”

“Mr. Quick Learner try the wall now,” Bellona says.

Jaden walks up to the wall and leaps on it. He feels the forces pulling him down. He feels his feet pulling him down, but not enough. Jaden concentrates and can feel the gravity around his body. He begins to lose his footing and falls towards the ground. He catches his footing then adjusts the energy in his feet and left side. Jaden takes baby steps up the wall.

“I can feel the energy moving on the outside of my body clockwise.”

“After you concentrate on it, put it in the back of your mind.”

“I’m doing it, I’m doing it!” Jaden yells while walking on the ceiling doing the same thing, but suddenly falls towards the ground. Jaden gets nervous as the ground quickly approaches. His body is abruptly propelled back towards the ceiling and slams into it face first.

“What’s happening? Why am I glued to the ceiling?”

“You got nervous and reversed the anti-gravity energy going around your body. This turns into a powerful positive magnetic charge of energy. In these games, the opposite of the pro-gravity side of the room or floor is like a strong metal material. So in short, the ceiling is the metal and you are the magnet,” Bellona says.

“Thanks for telling me. I feel like I’m slammed up against a wall by a fat cop and being searched. I can’t move, I’m pinned,” Jaden says in a muffled tone.

“You did it unconsciously, similar to a reflex. Just concentrate on moving the energy counterclockwise.”

Jaden stands up normally on the ceiling and runs around. He runs on the wall, ground and jumps onto the ceiling for the next ten minutes. Bellona watches him with an accomplished smile.

“Okay Jaden, time for the next step, which is more difficult.”

Jaden walks over to Bellona standing on the ground.

“Do you see the clear bubble dots all around the room?” She asks.

“Yes, I do.”

“Try to pull them towards you, by thinking about it. Those are energy shield producing nanobots.”

He concentrates on them and they slowly come towards his body.

“Make them move faster around your body all the way down to your feet, completely covering yourself.”

Jaden does this and tries to move them faster. He looks around his body as he sees the particles moving in a slightly faster momentum. The nanobots are quickly moving around him.

“I see a number of 94 rpm and now I see 354 rpm,” Jaden says excitedly.

“That is the speed that your shield’s energy molecules are moving at. The higher the number, the more powerful and stronger it is. That is your revolutions per minute, just like on a vehicle on Earth. You speed it up by concentrating and using more brain thinking strength. For example, it is like juggling something in your hands faster and faster,” she says.

“I’m getting it, I’m at 2150 rpm. How are you able to hear me through the shield?”

“Sounds travel through everything in this room. Keep concentrating on your speed.”

The semi-invisible shield is about three feet around Jaden, encasing him like a capsule. Jaden reaches out and touches it with his right index finger. It feels like a solid material force from the inside. He pushes it harder with his hand and it moves forward.

“How was I able to push it like that? It felt like I was pushing a door.”

“The faster it moves around you, the harder it is to push. The minimum for a fair fight in the gravity game is 5000 rpm and maximum of 10,000 rpm. So you need to get it to at least 5000 rpm.”

“What will happen if I don’t?”

“If we were fighting, you would need to match my energy shield’s rpm to enter my personal shield area, if you wanted to attack me. The faster moving one can dominate the weaker speed. I would be able to overpower your shield and attack you now.”

“How would I know what your speed is?”

“If you concentrate on your opponent’s shield, you can see their rpm number every five billion nanoseconds. In time you can calculate another shield rpm just by looking at it.”

“Five billion nanoseconds?” Jaden asks in an excited voice.

“Excuse me, I apologize Jaden. Five seconds I meant.”

“You almost confused me like a squirrel in the middle of the street trying to figure out which way to run as it is about to get hit by a car.”

“That was funny and a good one Jaden. I just saw the image of your mother driving in her car and swirling around a confused squirrel running in circles in the middle of the street while you were an adolescent. I saw her screaming and you telling her to run it over in the passenger seat.”

“I remember that day; my mother got me from school. I think I got caught bringing an X-rated magazine to school.”

“Okay Jaden, concentrate on your shield speed. Look, your speed went back down to 1215 rpm.”

“My shield erection went down, oh no!” Jaden yells.

“Oh, I’ll help you to get it back up,” Bellona says while walking over to him.

Her energy shield passes through Jaden’s and presses him against his own shield as she stops in front of him. His body is feeling a squeeze and his face turns left against his shield.

“Don’t human men like it rough, when a female is about to overpower them?” She asks.

“I can’t move, I’m being crushed,” he says in a muffled tone.

“Thought I didn’t catch your subliminal erection joke huh?” Bellona asks with a smile on her face.

“I’m being crushed by a big girl. I mean two big girls,” Jaden says with a distorted voice.

“That’s right; you were beat up by two big girls in kindergarten. Therefore, you remember how this feels. What is my shield’s rpm?”

Jaden stops his own shield and falls back a quarter of an inch, but is still stuck.

“You aren’t getting off that easy, where are you going?” Bellona asks while recreating another shield behind him.

“What is my rpm Jaden?”

“What is your name?” Jaden asks with a smile on his face.

She puts more pressure against his face and body.

“You like it rough don’t you?” She asks.

“Sometimes,” he mumbles.

“What’s my name?” She yells, smiles and continues, “I meant to say, what’s my rpm?”

Jaden looks around and a smile forms on his face.

“It’s 6500 rpm,” Jaden muffles.

“What was yours before you stopped it?” She demands.


“If you are planning on winning this game Jaden, you need to always be fully concentrating. The energy you wasted on coming up with jokes could have been helping your rpm speed. You also need to practice walking with your energy shield around you so you aren’t pinned up like you are in a sardine can, between these two shields.”

Jaden tries to push against the shield, but cannot. His arms are flat along his body.

“Okay, okay. I’ll concentrate harder.”

“Bomani is going to kick your ass all around this game and then make fun of you on the Galaxynet. Our time is almost up for practicing, you have to get this. This training might also help you in real life one day.”

Bellona releases the shield behind and in front of him. He takes a few steps forward and takes a deep breath.

“What is my name?” Jaden asks and chuckles.

“I apologize, that was an error on my part.”

“I don’t think that was an error. You said that with passion.”

Jaden turns around and concentrates on his bubble dots around him, now sitting still. They begin to gain momentum. He is fully concentrating and has a serious look on his face. They go faster and faster. Jaden reaches 4500 rpm and then 7800 rpm. They begin to glow with energy.

“Very good Jaden, now try to walk forward with it.”

He takes a step and bumps his head into his shield. Jaden pushes both of his hands out and tries to move it.

“It is not going to move that way at that speed. You need to move it with your mind. Concentrate on making it float and move at your walking speed.”

Jaden takes a step forward and bumps into it again. He gets it to move a few inches and takes a step with it. The shield abruptly moves and it knocks him down. It disintegrates and he is lying on his back.

“Do I really need this shield thing around me when I fight?” Jaden asks, “Why can’t I just fight the old fashioned way with some fists or karate?”

“You can do that, but still need these basic concepts. These basic skills can help you anywhere, not just in this game. I think you can do it, you are using parts of your brain you never used before.”

‘Come on Jaden you can do this. Use the force J,’ Jaden says to himself, trying to get his confidence up.

Jaden quickly creates another energy shield around him. He takes half a step and it follows with him very slowly. Jaden stops and it disintegrates again.

“I know what I need. Can you play some rock and roll from my memory?” Jaden asks.

“Rock and roll is….okay, it’s music. What year, which artist?” Bellona asks.

“Play some, play some Aerosmith.”

“It’s going to sound choppy from your memories,” she says.

The music begins to play as he bops his head up and down jamming, humming to himself. He hears it in stereo around his artificial ears. Jaden creates the shield around him with pure concentration in his eyes. He takes a step forward and the shield follows. Jaden stops and then walks forward a few steps. He walks around the room faster and faster as the shield stays over him. It follows him as he changes direction. Bellona watches with an impressed look on her face.

She sends a coded telepathic message to Marco, ‘Isn’t that amazing? His concentration and coordination went up by forty percent.’

‘Very amazing, Rock and roll must be some kind of brain enhancer for concentration,’ Marco says.

‘His neurons are firing in his brain more synchronized. Jaden’s brain is accepting multi-tasking much easier also,’ Bellona says.


Jaden looks at the wall and takes a big leap onto it while his shield follows. He is bending down on one of his knees while he closes his eyes.

“Come on Jaden you can do it,” Bellona says.

Jaden counteracts the gravity forces around his body pulling him down while concentrating on his shield around him. He stands up straight and walks up the wall, then onto the ceiling. His hair leans towards the ground.

“6500 rpm, that is right!” Jaden yells while continuing to hum his song.

“I’m impressed Jaden, good work.”

“Yeah thanks, the music helps me to concentrate better.”

“Let’s see how well you can control all of that while fighting and moving.”

A glowing sword with electricity moving around inside of it appears in their hands. Bellona jumps onto the ceiling with him. Jaden looks at the weapon that just appeared in his right hand.


Jaden’s shield speed goes down as he takes a step back. She slowly enters his shield area with her weapon in front of him as he takes a few steps back.

“Get your speed up. Your rpm is at 3200.”

“I’m trying, but I’m about to fall down… I mean fall up.”

He walks into the corner of the ceiling. Jaden hears a sound like a high-speed fan. Bellona’s much faster shield corners Jaden and destroys his weapon, then wounds his hands and arms. He places them to his sides. Jaden yells in pain as he falls to the ground. He slowly lands on his head and falls flat on his face.

“Shit, that hurt. My arms are cut off,” Jaden says as he rolls over. Then suddenly the cuts disappear.

“Jaden are you okay?”

“This game is not as easy as it looks. I’m getting a headache again.”

“You were doing well until your shield speed went down. You could have switched your shield to be in front of you, which would have increased your rpm speed. But your entire body wouldn’t be protected.”

“Now you tell me.”

He stands back up and runs on the wall, then back onto the ceiling with Bellona. Jaden gets his shield speed up to 8500 rpm. The music is back on in Jaden’s mind. Jaden and Bellona’s shields match up and they draw their weapons. The two shields form one larger shield. Bellona blocks his aggressive sword attacks.

“Very good Jaden,” she says while taking a step back while blocking.

She charges at Jaden as their weapons entwine. The electricity dances together as they touch. Jaden is staring straight into Bellona’s eyes. Suddenly a bright yellow ball the size of a car is propelled from the floor and hits them. There is a huge explosion. Jaden’s shield disappears as he falls against the right wall. He is sitting up against the wall with his legs still on the ceiling and in pain. Baffled as to what just happened, he keeps his body from falling towards the ground. Bellona’s shield absorbs most of the blast as she falls against the left wall crouching down, looking towards the ground.

Bomani is standing on the ground smiling. He jumps onto the middle of the ceiling and begins walking towards Jaden.

“So you think you are ready for me now huh? Mr. Human?” Bomani asks.

Jaden is holding his head, still confused.

Bellona stands up with an angry look on her face.

“What is wrong with you Bomani? Are you crazy? You could have hurt him.”

Bellona walks up to Bomani as he turns around. She looks him in the eyes, “I’m in the middle of training him you %$#@!,” Bellona yells.

“You are the one that is crazy for trying to train this primitive human to fight against a champion Andromedian.”

“I think you are the one who needs training; you haven’t fought in these games for thousands of years. Last I remember, I beat you,” Bomani says in a cocky voice.

“There was no winner.”

“You want to go at it again?” Bomani asks.

“I don’t play games anymore,” she says while she walks over to Jaden who is lying against the wall, but suddenly slides towards the ground upside down.

Jaden looks up at Bellona trying to figure out what is going on.

“You’ve gotten weak Bellona,” Bomani says.

“I only fight when I have to. I don’t have anything to prove to you Bomani. Are you okay Jaden?”

“I’m fine, what is that guy’s problem?” Jaden asks as he stands up.

“Some jealousy over the years and him wanting a rematch with me,” she says.

“You ready Jaden?” Bomani says.

“Of course I’m ready. Why don’t you give him a rematch, I think you can beat him. I have seen what you could do from the rescue.”

“There is a time and place for everything,” she says.

“Here is something to think about, look back into my memory, where I stood up to my bully in the eighth grade.”

Bellona pauses for a few seconds, “I understand your memory point, but these are different situations. I’m more peaceful now and only here to help you. Jaden you don’t have to do this. I think you should practice some more.”

“I can’t die or injure my human body in this, can I?”

“No, but if you get hurt in this game, your body will feel the pain.”

“All the pain?”

“Only about twenty-five percent of the actual pain is transmitted to your human body.”

“What did he hit us with?”

“Something illegal that isn’t allowed in the game. It was called a mini nova.”

“Mini nova? Interesting. I felt a lot of heat around that bright yellow weapon. What did you call Bomani earlier? Was it an alien curse word?”

“Pretty much, there wasn’t a definition to describe what I called him in your language. So that’s why it sounded like that to you.”

“Trust me; we have a lot of foul language in my culture,” he says.

“Well Jaden, I’m leaving. You want to still fight Bomani, he is all yours. Remember what I taught you. The game setup is about to begin. Good luck.”

“Bellona don’t leave yet,” he says while walking over to her on the ground.

She stops and he gives her a hug, “Thanks for your help. At least I can say I tried against the champ, even if he does kick my ass,” Jaden says.

“I understand it’s a male thing.”

Bellona walks away and disappears.

“Just me and you, Mr. Planet of the Apes!” Bomani shouts.

“You brown-skinned Borg midget, let’s go.”

A 3D setup screen comes up in front of Jaden. 100% defense shows up and 100% offense in two columns. He has to choose which defensive and offensive weapons he wants. He sees custom and default. He tries to look up at all the options.

“Just hit default, you are wasting so many billions of nanoseconds,” Bomani says.

Jaden chooses default defensive and random offensive weapons. Bomani jumps down to the ground.

“You ready?”

“Yes, let’s go,” Jaden says.

‘I’m still here watching the fight Jaden. I’m going to try and coach you,’ Bellona says telepathically.

‘Okay thanks.’

Bomani and Jaden look directly at each other. The room turns dark and looks more energetic.

‘When the room turns bright, that’s when you start Jaden. Then you need to get as many shield ingredients as possible. Concentrate on them coming to you; they will appear when the room gets bright white.’

The room turns bright white. Jaden tries to concentrate on the floating ingredients for his shield. Some begin to float towards him. The ingredients are all around the room and Bomani is pulling most of them his way. Jaden and Bomani form their shields. Jaden tries to concentrate on his rpm’s. His rpm speed is only at 2800 while Bomani’s is at 6590. Bellona plays some rock and roll for Jaden. Bomani tries to find holes in Jaden’s shield.

‘Jaden be careful, he is trying to find a crack in your shield. The speed has to be constant all around,’ Bellona says.

‘I can’t. He is disrupting my concentration.’

Bomani finds a hole and fires a gravity shock wave from his right arm and through Jaden’s shield. Jaden’s shield disappears and he hits the wall very hard. The shock wave drains his energy as he is pinned against the wall. He feels like he just fell out of a window and hit the ground. His energy goes down to seventy percent. The gravity for the room changes and the right wall changes into the ground. Jaden stands up and starts up his shield. He runs towards the right wall as Bomani walks down the left wall smiling. Bomani shoots a blue beam at Jaden as he runs up the right wall. The beam disrupts Jaden’s concentration and his shield speed is lowered. His shield stops moving with Jaden and he runs into it. Jaden falls back down towards the ground as the gravity of the room shifts to the ceiling. He is lying down in pain as his body falls towards the ceiling. Jaden groans in pain as his face kisses the ground.

‘Jaden, get back up and concentrate.’

‘I can’t this is too much for me. I’m feeling so much pain all over my body.’

‘Don’t quit Jaden.’

Bomani smiles as he walks across the ceiling and he forms his energy sword with two hands. Bomani disappears and reappears near Jaden. Jaden tries to push up as if he is doing a push up. He groans in pain as he pushes off quickly. His body quickly goes into the air and floats towards the ceiling. Jaden fires a gravity shock wave from his right hand as Bomani’s shield absorbs the offensive weapon. Jaden stands upright on the ceiling. Bomani disappears again and appears near Jaden as Bomani swipes at Jaden, severing his left arm. Bomani tries to swing again as Jaden tries to cover himself. Suddenly the room turns darker. Jaden and Bomani are paused in their current position.

‘Jaden the game has been stopped. Our elders have some new findings,’ Bellona says.

Everything around Jaden changes in a flash of light. He is back in his room where his human body is still laying in the body of water. He is looking at himself lying down and he can see the artificial body he was just in standing around the 3D images in the middle of the room.

‘Jaden, you are in a nanoeye,’ Bellona says telepathically.

He turns toward Bellona’s nanoeye looking at him.

‘What is going on?’

‘We have some new findings. There was a meeting with all Andromedians.’

‘A meeting?’

‘Yes, it is over now. They are over in seconds.’

‘I’m still getting used to these few second meetings,’ Jaden says.

‘Don’t worry about that, your meeting is starting now. Let’s go,’ Bellona says.

The room changes and Jaden is in an open area that resembles a huge park. A rush of fresh spring air rushes by the nanoeye he is seeing through. The smell of pollen, leaves, fresh grass and warm air is transmitted to his human body. Green, low cut grass is on the ground in all directions and a lake is directly in front of him. Hundreds of green trees that look as if they were on Earth surround him in all directions. Birds can be heard, but not seen. The lake is calm and is about the size of a soccer field. The lake is very reflective to the perfectly still clouds above. The sun is behind the clouds. Suddenly tens of thousands of nanoeyes can be seen around Jaden. Some are moving around, but most are still. Jaden tries to change his vision into one of them, but can’t. They begin to disappear, one by one.

Three sets of twenty-five foot round eyes suddenly appear in the clouds and are looking down towards the lake. The clouds are perfectly still. The sunlight is shining through the lightly tinted blue eyes. An orange pair of glowing eyes appears twelve feet above the lake. These orange and white eyes are ten feet in circumference each and are pointing towards the eyes in the clouds. The eyes in the clouds are slowly rotating.

‘Cool, this scenario is amazing. The sunlight coming through the eyes in the clouds is very cool. This is like gods in the clouds looking down on the mortals. The clouds are perfectly still as if someone pressed pause on a VCR. How were you able to do this in the outside world?’ Jaden asks.

The nanoeye near Jaden turns towards him and glows.

‘Remember we are still in our city under the ocean. The supercomputers simulate the sun and the clouds. You also can’t switch nanoeyes here, since they are being occupied by our citizens and guests,’ she says.

‘This place looks very realistic. I can hear bees, bugs and animals. The smell of fresh air is cool.’

‘Your brain is adjusting well to different environments in our virtual city world,’ she says.

‘I can’t hear what is going on. What is up with the orange eye floating above the lake?’ Jaden asks.

‘That orange eye is our local elder and he is what you would call the President of this planet. They were communicating in many different languages and the meeting is already over. The supreme elders in the clouds are talking to the local elder now. We were a little late. The meetings are over quickly, but the local elder want to talk to you. It is about you going home.’

The nanoeyes begin to disappear around the area.

‘Jaden, the supreme elders are on our main planet, which is our central congress. They are communicating through an artificial wormhole. The supreme elders are the bright eyes in the clouds. There are three of them. They are very wise and are the oldest of our race.’

‘How old are they?’ Jaden asks.

‘Two of the supreme elders are about 72,000 and 76,223 human years old. The third supreme elder is a Mapolian. Her name is Mana and she is millions of years old. She is the most powerful and wisest of the three. When all three of them vote, she can sometimes overrule the other two elders. No, you cannot talk directly to a supreme elder. They don’t talk to anyone except local elders, except on some especially rare occasions. They can choose if they want to talk to an individual. Local elders usually represent us and speak for us. Us Andromedians are in these nanoeyes and we ask our local elder hundreds to thousands of questions that he relays to the supreme elders. All of this happens in nanoseconds.’

‘That is strange, but interesting. I wished my government communicated this fast. We probably wouldn’t be in debt and would have years of work done in minutes,’ Jaden says.

‘Your race could eventually catch up in technology and communication. You are definitely on the right path.’

The eyes in the clouds disappear except one pair. The thousands of nanoeyes around the area are completely gone. Jaden and Bellona’s nanoeyes are still here. The huge orange eyes turn to them and dissolve into the reflective lake.

‘What’s happening Bellona?’

‘You’ll see.’

Something forms out of the water into a shape of a body. It forms into the shape of a human, but looks like an alien. The body is completely clear, like glass, and is standing on top of the water. It begins to walk across the water.

‘I hope that isn’t Jesus, I haven’t been to church in awhile.’

While Jaden and Bellona are floating a few feet over the grass, the alien slowly approaches. The color of the body changes into a reflective silvery liquid and resembles a male figure. This alien appears average height, with a mouth and two little holes in its face that look like a nose. It doesn’t have any eyelids or ears. Its head is round and he has an orange glow coming from his eyes. The alien also has five fingers on each hand. The reflective liquid alien is reading Jaden’s thoughts at a fast rate.

‘Does this alien appearance suit you better to look at Jaden?’ The reflective alien says in a deep male voice and then quickly continues, ‘I’m glad you like it here so far and have adjusted so well. I’m Elderone. I’m the leader of this solar system and planet,’ Elderone says telepathically at a fast speed.

‘We aren’t worried about cutting the grass here Jaden. Can you please concentrate on something you would like to know, or a specific question, and don’t let your mind run off to irrelevant thoughts. Checking on your new memories, Bellona has updated you on most everything you need to know. Bellona is your personal mentor assigned to help you and escort you around our planet. Marco and Bomani are also your escorts. All three of your escorts were brave enough to volunteer to rescue you from Planet 455 where you were held captive. Their timing couldn’t have been better to rescue you. You are wondering about the set of eyes still in the clouds? That is Supreme Elder, Mana. She has taken a certain interest in you and wants to listen in on our conversation,’ Elderone says.

Mana shines her sunlight eyes onto them. A dark shadow appears on the ground near Elderone.

‘You can use your artificial body Jaden,’ he says.

‘Thanks, I feel as if I’m inside of a floating camera.’

Jaden’s artificial body appears around him. Jaden looks down at his hands and legs.

‘That’s better. Elderone, you are like the perfect mirror. You look a lot like the shiny metal robot in Terminator 2. I’m sure you get all the women here, because you are the perfect mirror and women can’t live without a mirror.’

Bellona changes into her full body.

‘Jaden, you are wasting everyone’s time with useless jokes and comments. What are your American humans always saying? Time is money. Nanoseconds are money here,’ Bellona says.

‘Sorry about that, continue Mr. Elderone,’ Jaden says.

‘We don’t have much of a sense of a humor here Jaden. Our thinking is more like what you humans call robot thinking. I’m going to give you brief details about our emergency meeting we just had. It turns out there is a Darclonian mother ship heading towards planet Earth. Somehow, the signal we were trying to intercept towards the black hole made it through. It then changed its signal type once it got through the other side. It must have changed into a communication we aren’t familiar with, so we couldn’t detect it. The mother ship has set course towards your home planet. This means we can’t take the chance to send you back home. No Jaden, you can’t go back home. No, it wasn’t my decision; it was the supreme elders’ final decision. We can’t take the chance of one of our ships falling into enemy hands. Our technology could be compromised if one of our ships is captured again. Jaden we would like to help you and your planet, but our soldiers need their bodies to fully control the ship and to land on your planet. Since we haven’t figured out why our bodies can’t make it through your galaxy’s black hole, we can’t take the chance to send an army there. Jaden take your time in thinking, you are thinking about too many things at once and you are confusing me,’ Elderone says.

‘I know that you miss your family and planet. However, it isn’t safe. Yes, well there is a chance the Darclonians could be destroying your planet and your race. But I think there is a stronger chance they have something else in mind, since they had Nanomoles in your brain and in other humans on your planet. They could be planning another type of takeover of your planet. They would need to infect the host or human with another agent for the probe to work effectively. There was probably something interesting in your human body that made them interested in returning to your planet. We don’t think your human race’s technology is capable of defending against the Darclonians. Your human race wouldn’t even know it’s coming. We have seen what your technology was capable of. We don’t think your species could even work together in a crisis like this. You want us to send a transmission to Earth to try to warn your species?’ Elderone asks, and then continues, ‘I’ll ask my supreme elders.’

‘Jaden, stop thinking crazy thoughts, you don’t want Supreme Elder Mana to think you are insane,’ Bellona says.

‘What do you mean?’ Jaden asks.

‘The thought of you yelling into the clouds waving your hands into the air saying, “Supreme Elder Taco bell Burrito Gods! Please send me back to my miserable global warming primitive planet and make me an immortal,” ’ Bellona says.

‘Oh, that thought,’ Jaden says.

‘Where do you come up with this stuff?’ Bellona asks.

‘You should know; you aliens have every inch of my brain scanned and constantly being analyzing.’

‘They agreed that a transmission can be sent as a warning to your planet. They only agreed to this because your planet has radio telescopes that are constantly listening around its local stars,’ Elderone says.

‘I forgot all about the radio telescopes listening for aliens in space,’ Jaden says.

‘We can send a primitive transmission similar to the device your government left on our ship. That is all we can help you with now. Right now, the mother ship is in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Sagittarius arm, near Ring M57, which is about 8400 light-years from Earth. Their mother ships can travel up to 1000 light-years per year. The mother ships absorb dark matter in the darkest areas in space and the outside of the ship is covered in dark matter. This is difficult for some species to detect. We can detect the ships by seeing changes in gravitational forces and using our advanced long range scanners.’

The yellow sunlight eyes in the clouds disappear and the clouds begin to move again.

Jaden is sad that he can’t go back home and thinks of everyone he won’t see again. He thinks of some questions, while Bellona puts her hand on Jaden’s back comforting him.

‘No, our ship cannot just drop you off and return back. They can’t detect our ship, they would think we are there on the planet and there might be a fierce battle and more mother ships would come. A mother ship can carry thousands of Darclonian fighters and Wraithstalker spaceships. There is also a chance they might have Dark Energy Knights ready to attack your planet and we are still trying to figure out how to fight them. We are currently trying to figure out what these D.E.K.’s are and how the Darclonians are able to manipulate unstable dark energy. Yes, we do have mother ships, but we use them for special occasions. Our single ships can connect to each other to form one powerful and faster ship,’ Elderone says.

‘I understand, Elderone. I wish more could be done. It would be horrible if my human race were destroyed. I just wish I could do something. I mean, what am I suppose to do for the rest of my life now?’ Jaden asks.

There is an odd silence.

‘Jaden, the S.O.S. warning transmission was sent to your planet. It should reach Earth in a couple of years. Hopefully your government will follow what they need to do,’ Elderone says.

Jaden has his head down.

‘I feel like I’m trying to cry, but I’m not. Thanks for the artificial cigarette Bellona. But I need to be back in my own human body right now. I need to sleep.’

‘Your body is already well rested Jaden,’ Bellona says.

‘I need to rest my mind and think things through. I’m depressed right now, since I’m never going to see my home planet and family again. My species is about to be exterminated. Now I know how Princess Leia felt when her home planet was destroyed. Can I just go back to my room and in my body?’ Jaden asks.

‘Sure, Jaden. Let’s go,’ Bellona says.

‘If you have any more questions Jaden, I’m here,’ Elderone says as he turns around and walks back towards the lake.

Bellona wiggles her nose and snaps her fingers. In a flash, Jaden is back in his human body in the pool of water without glass. He opens his eyes and knows he is back in his human body. Jaden pushes himself up and stands up. He walks out of the water and looks around. He coughs up the water in his lungs. Bellona is looking at him. The water leaves his clothes and returns back to the pool. He takes a deep breath.

‘Did you like the humor I just did Jaden?’

“What humor?”

“I tinkled my nose like the girl in I Dream of Jeannie. You didn’t find it funny?” Bellona asks.

“Oh okay, yeah I guess it was funny,” Jaden says in a low, sad voice.

“I’m just happy to be talking again like a human and now I want to go to sleep like a human,” Jaden says while walking towards his bed on the far side of the room. Jaden takes off his clothes and puts them on the side of his bed. He sits down with his boxers on and takes off his socks.

“Jaden are you going to be okay?”

“I’m never going to have a family or get married. Maybe I’ll marry some alien lizard girl and I’ll have some V movie babies. I’ll be okay. Wake me up in a couple of years,” Jaden says while turning his back towards Bellona and putting the sheet over him.

“I’ll leave you alone Jaden, I’m here if you need me.”

Jaden thinks hard about missing his home planet. He quickly falls asleep and hours pass by.


Jaden has a dream about being home on Earth and is meeting his girlfriend Amy after class in college. She came out of class and Jaden kisses her on the mouth.

“How was your day today in class baby?” He asks while they walk.

“Class was okay, I missed you today. How was yours?” Amy asks.

“It was okay,” Jaden responded while holding her hand.

They walk across campus, while they look into each other’s eyes.

“I have an idea, let’s go to my house and do a quickie. My mom had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and my dad won’t be home until after six,” Amy says.

“Sounds good to me, let’s go in your Honda.”

They get into her car and drive to Amy’s house. They walk upstairs to her room.

“Lay down Jaden, get comfortable. I have something to put on for you.”

A few minutes pass by as Jaden lies on her bed with his James Bond boxers on.

Amy appears with some sexy red lingerie on and stands over the bed. She turns on some slow music.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Of course I do. Do you see my little friend is at full salute?”

“Adee’s little soldier,” Amy says.

“He won’t be standing down anytime soon.”

They both smile at each other.

She slowly dances with her sexy, 5’7”, slim 125 lb, body.

“So your little one eye pirate friend has an open window view today?” Jaden asks.

“Yes she does, arrrggghhh,” Amy responds in a pirate voice.

She climbs over Jaden and gets on top of him. She French kisses him.

She pulls down his boxers.

“Do you like that?”

“Of course I do. Keep going,” he mumbles.

Suddenly an image of Bellona replaces Amy. Jaden is scared and pushes himself against the bed board. The image changes back to Amy.

“Where you going baby? What’s wrong?” Amy asks.

“I thought you just changed into someone else.”

“Don’t be silly. Put these blind folds on.”

“Why do I need blind folds?” Jaden asks.

“I wanted to try something a little different.”

“Okay, different, let’s just hurry before your mom gets home and then I’ll have to climb out the window again.”

She places the blind fold over his eyes. She climbs on top of him. Jaden touches her chest, hips and flat stomach with his hands. She gently kisses his neck and chest. He puts his arms around her body hugging her. She continues to kiss him lower and lower.

“I see that your soldier missed me today.”

“Do you have protection baby?” Jaden asks.

“I had my period yesterday, we will be okay.”


“I get so horny after my period.”

He penetrates and goes deep inside of her. Jaden’s blood pressure rises with the increasing sexual pleasure pulsating around his body. She wraps her legs tightly around his hips.

“Man it feels unbelievable this time baby. I’m starting to see space and stars baby, under these blind folds. I see myself floating in space having sex with you on the bed passing supernovas and millions of stars.”

Amy continues to ride him and she begins to make strange noises. Jaden tries to remove his blind fold, but she stops him. The strange noises go away and turn back into female moaning.

“Oh, Oh! I’m about to!” She yells.

“I’m about to also!” He yells.

He grabs the sheets and makes a tight fist around them.

“Aaaaaahhhh.” Jaden yells, “Aaahhhh.”

Amy falls down and lays on Jaden.

“Did you feel all of that?” Jaden asks, “That was a lot. I never climaxed like that before. I was seeing real stars under this blind fold, as if I was really in space. I felt as if I was floating. That was incredible.”

Amy lies beside of Jaden.

“Yes, that was unbelievable Jaden,” she says while trying to catch her breath.

“Baby your little friend suddenly got very cold. It turned ice cold when I was on my way to withdraw.”

There is no answer. Amy continues to breathe heavily along with Jaden. He lays there with his blind fold on.

“Baby?” Jaden asks while the silence continues.

Amy’s voice changes into another familiar voice to Jaden, “I have been known for falling for other alien species.”

Jaden sits up and quickly rips the blindfold off.






Chapter 9: Can I Join?




Jaden wakes up and is sitting up in his bed and looking in all directions. He is back in the large room in the virtual underwater Andromedian city. He is breathing heavily and his heart is racing. Saliva drips from his mouth and he wipes it with his right hand. He wipes his sweaty face with his left hand. He looks around in all directions and is on full alert. He doesn’t see Bellona anywhere.

“What the hell just happened?” Jaden asks.

There is no one in the room, and he just hears an echo.

“Was that just a dream?”

He walks around the room in his boxers looking at the pool of water. Bellona suddenly appears out of thin air.

“Are you okay Jaden. I noticed that you are awake now.”

“I’m fine now. I just had a crazy dream,” he says while sitting back on the side of the bed.

She walks over to him.

“What was it about?”

“I can’t remember now. I just remember bits and pieces of it. I met my girlfriend at school, but I can’t remember anything else. It was very strange. How long was I sleeping for?”

“About eight human hours.”

“Oh okay. Cool. Can I have some water?” Jaden asks.

“Sure you can. Just walk through the pool.”

Jaden walks over and walks through the water. He comes out the other side and the water comes off his skin.

“Man that was refreshing. The water was warm, but I feel like I just drank some cold water. I also don’t have to use the bathroom anymore.”

Jaden walks over to his bed and puts his clothes on.

“Are there nanobots still inside of me?” Jaden asks.

“Yes. They are studying everything inside of you and will give a report soon. This is a lot safer than doing experiments.”

“Yes, I agree. My muscles feel sore like I just came from the gym.”

“Are you feeling better about not being able to go home Jaden?”

“I’m going to try to deal with it, and make the best of it. There isn’t much I can do. Maybe I’ll just be an explorer like Captain Kirk. Maybe I’ll just start my own species on a planet. Who knows, I have so many more options now. My mother always said to make the best of a bad situation. What is there to do on your planet?”

“Would you like to use our Galaxynet? You can see thousands of planets, nebulas, supernovas and see millions of species.”

“Boring, what else is there to do?”

“You can use Optic-vision where you can see live events happening at different parts of the galaxy and talk to different species.”

“Something more exciting,” Jaden says.


“There is a spaceship race about to happen soon.”

“A spaceship race?”

“I know it sounds a little corny, but that is the best choice of words to translate what it is in your language.”

“Oh okay. Tell me more.”

“There is first a qualifying round. About eight spaceships fly through optic-warp from our solar system. Then they reach a solar system about 109 light-years from here. First team there wins the first part of the race. Then they fly up to the speed of light from the star to the last planet in that solar system. There are billions of asteroids and meteors flying in many directions. They have to avoid every one of them without using their matrix vortex shields. Then they fly back, and the first one back to our planet wins. This can be very dangerous, because there are micro black holes and artificial wormholes being created randomly. The racers can only use short-range scanners to detect objects. Anyone with a destroyed ship is put on punishment duty.”

“Punishment duty?”

“Yes, their nano-silicon is rescued from where the ship exploded and they are put on modified assignment for many years. Each elite warrior has their own spaceship assigned to them, which they are responsible for. If they are damaged or destroyed in a game, it is the Andromedian’s responsibility. Myself, Marco and Bomani are elite warriors.”

“Are you all racing?”

“I think Marco will be racing.”

“What about your criminals, what kind of punishment do they get?”

“We don’t have many criminals or citizens breaking the law. We punish our criminals by putting them in a virtual prison. It is just their nano-silicon in a virtual hell. They can be in there for hundreds of years, depending on their crime.”

The 3D video images light up the middle of the room. The image is much larger and it shows the shiny spacecraft flying around a solar system. Jaden looks at how fast the ships are moving and dodging objects in the way.

“This is cool, like a virtual video game. Can I join this race?” Jaden asks, “Do you think Elderone would let me fly also?”

“Jaden,” she laughs, “I seriously doubt if you’ll be able to join. It’s only for elite warriors and you would have to use your human body.”

“I don’t care, I want to race. I think I can handle it, I’m not afraid.”

“Jaden, a guest has never joined one of these races; Elderone would never approve, neither would the supreme elders. Even if you did race, your brain isn’t fast enough to handle the fast maneuvering. If you crash into something at a high speed, you could be disintegrated. There would not be anything to bring back or retrieve from the explosion.”

Jaden thinks about it for a few seconds. He walks around the 3D imaging video.

“I feel I don’t have much to lose. I’m willing to give it a try, if I could join.”

“I admire your courage Jaden. I’ll ask Elderone and show him how you feel. Give me a few seconds.”

‘Come on, please say yes,’ he thinks to himself.

“Sorry Jaden, Elderone said no. He even asked the supreme elders.”

“Oh man, that sucks… oh well,” Jaden says while there is an awkward silence.

“Can I see my artificial body?” He asks with a sad voice.

“Sure, but you can’t operate it unless you are in the virtual tub. It is programmed to mimic your human body. Every nerve ending in your body is redirected into this artificial body.”

“Okay, that’s cool.”

Jaden’s artificial body appears in front of him like an image slowly showing up on a computer with dial-up. Jaden looks around at the body just standing still.

“This artificial body looks like a waxed alien body. Very interesting,” Jaden says while walking around and inspecting the body.

“Jaden, guess what?”

“What?” He asks with a sad face.

“You were just approved for the spaceship race,” Bellona says.

“How? You just told me, I wasn’t approved.”

“Somehow they agreed they wanted you to participate.”

“Alright!” Jaden yells excitedly and accidently knocks over his artificial body.

“Oops,” Jaden says.

It stands up by itself and stays in the same place.

“The way it just got up, looked very creepy.”

“It is programmed to wait for a host to control it, similar to a robot,” she says.

“Jaden, this is the first time a guest has been able to enter one of our racing games. This is highly unusual.”

“I guess I’m changing the rules in the universe. Maybe in a thousand years I’ll be an elder here,” he says.

“You have the same chance of a black president being elected in your country as you have being an elder here,” Bellona says while chuckling.

Jaden laughs, “Whoa, you are getting too American here. That was a good come back”

“Jaden, you have to get prepared.”

“Prepared? Do you mean I have to go through what I went through on Earth again?”

“Not the same thing but similar, but in a fraction of the time.”

“Why can’t I use an artificial body?”

“The signal being transmitted from your human body to your artificial body in space and in subspace wouldn’t be accurate.”

“Oh no, do I get a cool looking ship?”

“It would be a very cool ship, the same ship you were originally flying in. Each ship is usually personal to an individual. The ship bonds to an individual and its DNA. An individual feels pain if the ship feels pain. The good thing is that you don’t have to be in your body when it gets assimilated with the ship.”

“In the future would I always have to go through the same thing?”

“That won’t be a problem in the future. The Darclonians took vital information about how your body reacts in space and with the ship. Stages one, two and three should take less than fifteen minutes. Shall we head to what you would call the airport?”

“Let’s go. Wait a second; can I carry my zombie body?” Jaden asks, while he tries to lift it from its knees.

“Jaden you can’t move it.”

“Man, it weighs a ton.”

“Don’t worry, it will be there too. Ready?”

“Let’s do it.”

The room changes around them like a fade in a movie camera. Everything around them turns completely bright white. They appear on top of a small cloud. Each puffy cloud is about forty feet round. The sun is shining bright over hundreds of round clouds in all directions.

“Where is this?” Jaden asks while he notices he is back in his artificial body.

“This is our airport Jaden.”

It is amazing what he is seeing as he looks all around and sees the ship he was in on Earth all by itself on a cloud. The body is very metallic and reflective and looks like a huge diamond as it sits by itself. He walks around the edge of the cloud and looks down.

“I see the ocean below. What will happen if I jump down?”

“Jump and find out.”

“I have a feeling I don’t want to find out. Where is everyone else?”

“They left already and are waiting for you outside our neighboring planet, Fujin. Your body is in stage two already,” Bellona says.

“Cool. Are we on a real cloud?”

“We are still in our city. These clouds are computer generated. When you are ready to leave, you fly into our simulated sun and you will come out the transport portal way beyond the moon.”

“Cool. I can’t wait to fly again. This is going to be my ship right?”


“Can I name it?”

“Sure you can.”

“I want to call it…” Jaden thinks to himself while holding his artificial hand to his face.

“Can I get closer to it?” Jaden asks while looking down at the large blue ocean thousands of feet below, “How do I get over there?”

“Let’s see if you can figure it out.”

Jaden looks around, takes a few steps back and tries to leap to the next cloud about ten feet away. He misses by a few feet and spirals downward towards the ocean.

“Aaarrggghhh,” he yells as Bellona looks down and watches him.

The body is transmitting the feeling of falling to Jaden’s human body. The wind is blowing by his face as the ocean quickly approaches. He begins to scream as his body feels a rush. He quickly hits the ocean making a big splash and everything around him is completely white. He reappears a few feet above the cloud he just fell off. His body collapses as he breathes very heavily.

“What happened?” He asks while looking confused on the soft cloud.

“Jaden that was amazing and funny. Your mind thought you were actually about to die, so instantly your mind started to race through all your memories. Your body started to brace for impact and your adrenalin glands released a huge amount of adrenalin into your bloodstream. Your heart was beating faster, oxygen intake increased from your lungs and your muscles got stronger. The nanobots in your human body started to relay all kinds of signals to your artificial body as you were falling down. Your brain was being over stimulated with info. I saw images of the assistant principal beating you in elementary school when you were younger. Images of you opening your eyes just coming out of your mother. Images of your mother in different parts of your life. No images of your father though, that is interesting.”

“I don’t remember seeing all of that.”

“It happened very quickly. It is very interesting how your mind reacts.”

“I can never forget that beaten by the assistant principal. That happened when I went to school in the south, in the early eighties. Teachers and principals were allowed to hit children then when they misbehaved. I have never seen such well-behaved children in the school. I was in the first grade down there learning what children in New York were learning in the third grade. I was so embarrassed that day. I couldn’t take being in the south. I don’t even remember what I did to earn that beating,” Jaden says.

Jaden stands up again and daydreams for a second.

“Oh okay! Thanks for reminding me Bellona.”

“You’re welcome,” she says in a sarcastic voice, then continues in a regular voice, “It seems like physical punishment was the best deterrent for bad behavior for many humans when they are young.”

“I guess so. Anyway, I thought of a cool name, for my ship. I want to call it Gravityhawk. That is somewhat long. Gravhawk is better.”

“How about Galaxyjumper? Eaglewarper? Optic-shuttle?” Bellona asks.

“Those sound too corny. I like Gravhawk better.”

“Okay, it’s your ship.”

“How do I get over there without falling?”

“I’ll tell you. Remember Jaden, everything is easy here. We don’t physically jump nor do things that require too much work. Concentrate on a piece of the cloud at the edge. You see it detaching itself from the rest of the cloud. Now just step on that piece and it will move in the direction that you want it to.”

Bellona floats across to the cloud the ship is on and the small cloud goes into the rest of the cloud.


Jaden concentrates on a small piece of the cloud and a small piece comes off. He steps onto it and floats over to where Bellona is.

“I guess that was easier.”

“It is interesting to see your brain’s reactions on how it figures things out.”

Jaden rubs the body of the shiny ship. “My Gravhawk, such a cool name. We are going to have some fun together my little friend.”

“Jaden be very careful, this is very dangerous for you. You will be using your real human body in this race. Even though this is a practice race, there is a lot of danger in the Spidone Solar System. There are billions of meteors, asteroids and strong radiation from a nearby collapsed supernova. Please reconsider and not race.”

“I feel Bellona this is something I have to do. I’m stuck on this planet. I can’t go home. I need some excitement and danger in my life. I love adventure and races. I’m also the first non-Andromedian to do this, so I want to see what it is about,” Jaden explains.

“Okay Jaden, as you wish.”

“I won’t be put in a cyberjail if I crash or destroy the ship right?” He asks.

“No, but if you hit something your body will feel it also. You will be able to control your Gravhawk much faster, because you are using a higher percentage of your brain. Your body’s nervous system will be interconnected with your Gravhawk ship.”

“Okay, cool.”

“Are you ready to go Jaden? Your body has finished its preparation.”

“Yes, I am, but first I have to do this.”

Jaden jumps off the cloud again, but this time headfirst.

“Jaden! What are you doing?”

“One for the road!” He yells while he puts his hands in front of him as if he is diving.

His artificial body quickly approaches the large ocean. The wind is blowing all around him. The water changes into sand and he quickly approaches a white desert. He starts to wave his hands around in fear as he covers his face. Jaden begins to scream as his body goes into the sand at a fast speed. Sand goes flying into the air all over the place. He opens his eyes and he is he is instantly looking outside his Gravhawk ship.

Bellona is chuckling.

‘It is amazing how easy it is to deceive your mind and cause panic throughout your body from an image changing,’ Bellona says telepathically.

‘That wasn’t nice Bellona. I was trying to dive from 5,000 feet, which would have been a world record.’

‘You need to get serious Jaden. This is serious business flying in these races. Are you ready to fly?’

‘Yes I’m ready. I just need to check one thing.’

Jaden changes view and looks at his naked body in the fetus position in the life zone.

‘Man, I shitted myself on that one. Or could it been on the first jump?’ Jaden asks.

‘The first jump,’ Bellona says.

‘I was talking to myself, but thanks for your two cents.’

‘No, Jaden you cannot fly the ship into the ocean.’

‘It was just a thought Bellona. I really wasn’t going to do it,’ Jaden says.

Jaden changes his view to outside of the ship. He zooms in different directions. He sees his navigation screen, Altitude -5200 feet sea level, Shield strength 100%, Anti-Gravity Engines 100% charged, Manual flight, Speed 0mph, Radar online, Air pressure / Barometer 5300 PSI, Light engines online.

‘I can communicate with you without delay until you leave our solar system. Then there will be a small delay, maybe even a major delay. There will be an AI nanobot to help you with basic things for flight. It will be your co-pilot. This was the same AI auto piloting your ship back on Earth.’

‘Okay cool. I’m ready. Let us get this Gravhawk into space. Are you ready co-pilot?’ Jaden asks.

‘Yes sir,’ a soft-spoken voice says.

Bellona moves to a nearby cloud. The Gravhawk lifts up a few feet and levitates. Silver wings come from the body and the tail comes out the rear.

‘Flying into our artificial sun above leads out the other side of the transport portal and you can start off by getting used to flying around here.’

The wings turn vertically and thrust comes from the wings. He quickly takes off leaving a white trail behind him. He passes through hundreds of clouds. He heads directly into the sun. Bright orange light flashes all around him as he increases speed. 12,089 mph, Altitude unknown

He enters the artificial sun and the bright light disappears behind him. It is completely dark around the ship. An eerie cold feeling passes through his body. Jaden looks from his long-range nanoscanners in front of his ship. He sees an opening is near.

‘There is no oxygen outside, it feels like we are in space now,’ Jaden says.

‘We are in the transport portal,’ AI says.

‘Let’s go faster then. Light engines one percent.’

A slight flash of light comes out the rear of the ship. The ship slightly shakes. He quickly comes out of the transport portal and billions of stars appear all around. 1861 Mps

‘Jaden, see the map of our solar system?’

‘Yes, I see about nine ships outside of Fujin.’

‘That is where they are waiting for you at.’

Jaden sets a course by thinking of his destination. A line is drawn with the path he will take. He puts the light engines at ninety percent. Everything slows down around the ship and gets dim. The stars fade and the sunlight in the area goes into the Gravhawk. A flash of light is seen and the ship quickly accelerates.

‘ETA is six minutes. Not bad,’ Jaden says.

‘So Mr. AI, how are you today? You were with me while I was on Earth. Why didn’t you speak to me sooner?’

‘I wasn’t allowed too. My mission was to find a human subject, observe the subject to an extent, and then get the subject back to our home planet.’

‘But why did you let me fly the Gravhawk around Earth and cause all that chaos?’

‘The stages weren’t complete. I was allowed to see if the human subject had navigation skills and capable of flying this ship without assistance. You did very well, adjusting to all the weapons and shield technologies. It was very interesting watching how you interacted with other aircraft on your planet.’

Jaden is looking around at the billions of stars while he listens to his new friend AI.

‘We should name you something other than AI.’

‘I think my name is fine. It matches your human vocabulary to artificial intelligence. I’m really AI 89 trillion…..’

‘Yes that’s fine then, all those numbers are too much to know. AI is okay with me.’

They quickly approach the neighboring planet Fujin. He sees a white and grey ring around this planet. The ship slows down. Jaden sees about twenty-five space stations on the ring of this large planet, that is slowly spinning.

‘Hey Jaden, you finally made it,’ Marco says.

‘I didn’t know you were flying with us Marco,’ Jaden says.

‘Yes, I enjoy flying in the race every now and then. I wanted to surprise you. We are leaving now to meet you.’

A few ships detach from the huge rectangular space stations. Jaden is amazed at everything he is seeing. Jaden feels as if he is watching a 3D episode of Star Trek and Star Wars together.

‘Getting used to your Gravhawk I see,’ Marco says.

‘Yes, this ship is amazing.’

‘You haven’t seen everything these ships can do.’

There are eight ships coming up on Jaden.

‘Hello fellow Andromedians,’ Jaden says.

There is no response.

‘Don’t worry about it Jaden. The others don’t really like outsiders and especially in our races. One of our friends had to sit out because you are in the race. So the others…. well you know.’

‘I understand. This isn’t the first time I was an outsider.’

Jaden thinks back to the first time he was an outsider at the first day of elementary school down south.

They pass Jaden and he turns around and follows them. Marco’s ship flies near him.

‘Okay, Jaden these are the rules. First, we are going to leave orbit. Then start the race and hit light speed. Then each ship joins a team of three and connects together as one. We have to work as a team. Then we will work together to create a vortex electromagnetic shield around us to fly faster than the speed of light. Then we ride the strongest solar wind into the sun. The goal is to get the best slingshot before entering optic-warp in subspace. Do you think you can handle this Jaden?’

‘Of course! Count me in, I’m ready. This is just like a radical video game.’

‘I’m ship seven and our friend Calibose is ship eight and you are nine. We are team three,’ Marco says.

‘Hey, how are you doing Jaden?’ Calibose asks.

‘I’m fine. Thanks for acknowledging me,’ Jaden says.

‘Just don’t slow us down; the winners get the best upgrades for their bodies,’ Calibose says.

‘Okay, I’ll try my best. I was a good team player playing football in high school. I could can handle this,’ Jaden says.

The ships leave the planet’s orbit. They line up across from each other. The solar system’s sun is directly in front of them. Jaden sees about twenty nanoscanners checking the path in front of them.

Go is displayed on Jaden’s virtual screen.

Jaden turns on his light engines to one hundred percent. All the ships charge up. The light for hundreds of thousands of square miles around dims and the stars fade. There is a bright flash of light straight across and the ships disappear into a stretch of light.

‘Yeah! This is flying,’ Jaden says.

Light is flying by in different directions. Most of the light is flying away from the sun.

‘Jaden stay as steady as possible. We are going to connect together around you,’ Marco says.

‘Jaden, how is it going?’ Bellona asks.

‘Everything is fine. I’m just trying to concentrate on staying still so we can have this space orgy threesome.’

‘Okay Jaden. I’m here if you need me,’ Bellona says.

The other two teams are almost fully connected.

‘Watch out.’

Jaden moves to the left and the other two ships bail out of the way.

A small asteroid comes into their path and they avoid it.

‘That was close,’ Jaden says, ‘Let’s go fellas.’

‘I’m at 186,100. Try to match my speed,’ Jaden says.

Team two is connected and a blue vortex electromagnetic shield is created around them. They quickly accelerate and the light follows them like toilet paper stuck on someone’s shoes. Their ship disappears into the bright x-ray radiation filled solar winds. Their light stays on the side of the two teams left behind.

‘Come on team, they are ahead of us,’ Jaden says.

‘Hold on Jaden. This has to be done right, and you keep moving,’ Marco says.

‘Sorry, everything is happening so fast.’

‘Calibose is watching the short range radar. We can’t use nanoeyes or scanners,’ Marco says.

‘Calibose almost made us all crash into an asteroid!’ Jaden yells.

Team one is connected and then disappears. Teams one and two pass planet Xenos’ orbit. Jaden keeps his Gravhawk very still. Team three almost fully connects.

‘How are we going to catch up to them?’ Jaden asks Marco.

‘Don’t worry; they took the closest solar winds into the sun, not the strongest.’

‘Jaden, manually zoom around planet Xenos. The magnetosphere around our planet is the strongest and reflects the most solar winds. Look for the fastest moving solar wind and widest light beam. This time of the day they are stronger.’

‘The light path is bending and curving around the planet.’

‘It doesn’t matter; we can turn with the solar wind.’

Team three fully connects to each other. Teams one and two pass the first red planet in the solar system.

‘Could I steal this Gravhawk and go back to Earth?’ Jaden asks.

‘Your ship is set to travel local; you would also need the codes for optic-warping under a black hole’s subspace,’ Marco says.

‘Can I travel directly from this galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy?’

‘Your ship is not made for that type of journey; it would run out of energy. There isn’t much sunlight in between galaxies. Even if you did have the energy it would also take you over two million light-years, to make it to your galaxy.’


‘Oh well, it was just a thought. I found a strong fast moving solar wind on the opposite side of the planet,’ Jaden says.

‘Set a course for the complete path.’

‘Okay, the path is like an S-turn on a highway,’ Jaden says.

‘I bet you never had a ride like the one you are about to have,’ Calibose says.

‘I’m not shitting myself this time I know,’ Jaden says.

They slow down and change direction towards planet Xenos. Teams one and two disappear into subspace behind each other. A large solar flare is exploding outwards from the sun.

‘We aren’t going to win this part of the race, they already went into subspace,’ Jaden says.

‘Don’t worry Jaden, we are going to catch them and make it out before they do,’ Marco says.

‘But why wouldn’t the other teams do the same thing, if this way is the fastest?’ Jaden asks.

‘Sometimes this way works faster, sometimes it’s much slower. I have confidence this way is faster today,’ Marco says.

‘Okay, you’re the speed space racer pro.’

Team three quickly approaches the planet at half the speed of light, 92,142 mps. They enter the solar wind around the planet’s magnetosphere that is shaped like an egg with a spider inside of it. They pass between the large moon and the planet.

Nanotime is displayed on Jaden’s screen.

‘Before you ask, nanotime speeds up our ships and minds so something that happens fast seems as if it is going in slow motion. Nanotime can be anywhere between a billionth of a second to one-tenth of a second,’ Marco says.

‘Let’s do it! Voltron team!’ Jaden yells as he puts the flight in autopilot.

The planet quickly approaches and the ships reach the turning point. The ships begin to glow. Everything slows down for Jaden. He sees the ships changing direction towards the planet. The force of the turn is so strong at this speed. The ships quickly change directions again and point towards the sun. The light engines go to 150% and a very large, light blue vortex electromagnetic shield glows around them as they quickly accelerate in normal time. There is a flash of light and a shadow trail of light left behind trying to catch up. The ships are shaking very fast and violent. Jaden sees the speed of the crafts on his screen at 299,981 mps.

‘This is flying, guys. This is very fast!’ Jaden yells, ‘There is a planet coming up! Shit!’

Everything goes semi-invisible for a split second. They quickly pass right through the planet.

‘I knew that would wake you up Jaden,’ Marco says.

‘What just happened? How did we go right through the planet?’ Jaden asks in a curious, startled voice.

‘That was called a high speed semi-invisible molecule replicator. That allows us to pass through something solid. This is nothing like all the sci-fi movies and books you read, right Jaden?’ Marco asks.

‘This is beyond anything I could imagine. I feel like I’m in a futuristic movie. This electromagnetic shield feels like a massage on my skin. Why does it look so much larger than the other ship shields?’

‘We need to create this type of shield around the ships to protect them at faster than light speeds. If we didn’t have this type of shield around us, the ships would rip apart,’ Marco says.

‘What is the fastest you Andromedians have been able to go past light speed?’ Jaden asks

‘In a solid form and more ships connected we have been able to reach three times faster than light,’ Marco says.

‘That is amazing.’

‘But to us that is considered slow. Optic-warp and black hole subspace is faster,’ Marco says, ‘Jaden the other teams slingshot into the optic-warp at six seconds a light-year. They are moving that speed through subspace. We need five to beat them out the other side. We have more speed now, but we need to catch their solar flare they created.’

They pass the first planet’s orbit around the sun. The sun’s rays get stronger as the light bounces around the ships. There is more violent shaking inside as the outside of the ships begin to glow a bright yellow. They reach 360,000 mps as the ships change course slightly. They go directly into the large solar flare created from the other teams. They increase speed. All three ships begin to slowly rotate and special nanoscanners form in front of the ships, but inside the large vortex shield. The ships disappear at 379,000 mps into optic-warp.

Jaden sees outside the nanoscanners. His body and ship disintegrate into trillions of molecules with his team. They are in a microscopic tunnel; the huge sun quickly disappears behind them. Another pair of nanoscanners appears on the side near Jaden.

‘We are at 4.5 second light-years. We will definitely beat them before we reach the exit star. This will only take a few minutes,’ Marco says.

All of the smaller molecules and atoms are behind the scanners trailing like a comet’s tail. They all glow together. It is quiet as stars are passing by all around like a train passing subway stops. The negative film color of images outside the tunnel amazes Jaden. The two teams in front look like particle comets right behind each other. Jaden is looking at the many colored stars passing by so quickly, and the clouds of gas passing around the tunnel.

Jaden’s team begins to slow down to 6 sly. The other teams are already down to 8 sly. The comet lights of the other team get closer and closer. A bright red light is in front of the other teams at the end of the tunnel. Another minute passes, as team three rides team two’s light. The molecules merge and then pass team two. Jaden is looking at the hundreds of stars passing by so quickly outside the tunnel. He sees long lines of light that look frozen in time. A few seconds pass, team three catches team one and quickly passes them. Jaden, Marco, and Calibose’s nanoscanners continue to ride in front of the wave of molecules and light. Hundreds of other nanoscanners pass them and get in front. A bright red light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter and brighter.

‘Alright we beat them,’ Jaden says.

‘Piece of cake. We are ahead of them by a few light-year seconds. They can’t catch up now. Sometimes we have battles inside of the optic-warp tunnel. The nanoscanners stay behind while the rest of the molecules continue forward, and we fight each other with neutrons and protons,’ Marco says.

‘That sounds awesome,’ Jaden says in an excited voice.

‘We are getting out up ahead. The scanners open the optic-warp tunnel on the other side of the star, or we could continue in two other directions towards another star.’

‘Let me guess, if we continued we get another slingshot of speed from the star?’ Jaden asks.

‘Correct Jaden, each star has enough energy to give each ship more momentum to the next star. Sometimes we slow down to minute plus light-years, depending on the distance from each star. Okay, we are getting out here. This is our stop.’

Everything turns bright red around Jaden. The scanners in front are spinning in a circumference very fast. Everything turns red around Jaden. They slow down considerably and there is a flash of light. Jaden feels very hot and sees black space in front of him. He is outside of the optic-warp tunnel. The ships are quickly forming back together, molecule by molecule. The ships are detached and are semi-invisible as a bright red star is behind them. Jaden’s nanoscanners go into his ship. His Gravhawk turns completely visible and quickly goes into warp speed with his other teammates. The other teams come out of the optic-tunnel and begin to form back together.

‘Where are we? Why is everything so red?’ Jaden asks, while he sees on his ship’s screen that it’s flying in autopilot.

‘We are in the Spidone Solar System. The star is red and will be dying in a few thousand years. A supernova collapsed a few light-years ago from here, so there is a high concentration of radiation all around. The supernova also helped to put this star in its final stages. It affected the species on the local planets here,’ AI says.

They continue past the first planets orbit at 186,019 mps. The other six ships follow behind by less than a minute.

‘The other teams said we got lucky,’ Marco says.

‘What a rush, we just did sixty-nine light-years in less than ten minutes,’ Jaden says to Marco.

A few minutes pass by and they pass the second planet. Jaden zooms in on the planet and it looks almost destroyed, just the core is left. Jaden zooms back and notices Marco changed his direction from the rest of the team.

‘Marco, where are you going?’ Jaden asks.

‘I’m going to take a quick break over at my favorite planet.’

‘What about the race?’ Jaden asks, ‘They will catch up and beat us.’

‘I’m not worried about it,’ Marco says.

Jaden is confused and zooms in on Marco’s ship heading towards a strange looking, red glowing planet. Jaden continues in the same path. Marco’s ship slows down as it reaches the planet.

‘AI, where is Marco going?’

‘That used to be a training planet for us. Now it is a planet full of mutated species, from the high doses of radiation plaguing this solar system. I don’t know what he is doing over there,’ AI says.

Marco’s ship disappears as it reaches the planet. Jaden and Calibose still in the lead, they slow down to ten percent light engines as asteroids are flying in all directions.

Jaden is very curious about where Marco went. Jaden takes manual control of his Gravhawk and sets a course for the planet Marco went to. The light engine slows down to one percent. The other teams quickly pass him.

‘What are you doing?’ AI asks.

‘I want to see where Marco went. I don’t care about the race.’

‘Watch out!’ AI yells.

Jaden sees a huge asteroid spinning toward the ship from the left and he maneuvers trying to dodge it. He can’t maneuver in time. Autopilot instantly comes on. The Gravhawk turns left and at the last second goes into the asteroid. The matrix vortex shield comes on in front of the ship and rips a hole through the asteroid. They quickly pass through the icy rock and come out the other side.

‘Shit! We almost died. Why you didn’t tell me sooner?’

‘You were using the short range radar to look at this planet. You need to react faster, Jaden.’

‘Why you didn’t use the nanoscanners or the eyes?’

‘The nanoscanners for this ship don’t work well in high radiation areas.’

‘Thanks for saving us. I was trying to zoom in on the planet so I could see what Marco was up too.’

‘I know. Your curiosity level is very high. We will be in the planet’s orbit in less than a minute,’ AI says.

Light engines are offline. They approach the planet with red sunlight shining on one side of it. The planet looks like Mars to Jaden with patches of thick clouds all around. They enter the upper atmosphere and the outside of the ship heats up. Jaden launches a pair of nanoeyes; they quickly pierce the atmosphere looking for Marco’s ship. There is no sight of his ship. Jaden notices thousands of miles of little cities that are shaped in the form of art. The art reminds Jaden of artwork by Jackson Pollock. The eyes move in closer. There are thousands of miles of spider web in all directions. They are connected together like a community of cities, hundreds of miles over the surface. A few spiders are moving in from all directions towards something. Jaden moves the nanoeyes closer and zooms in. Jaden sees Marco in his huge warrior body lying on top of the thick-laced cobwebs, looking helpless. Nine gigantic alien looking spiders, the size of an 18-wheeler truck, quickly approach from all directions. The spiders have seven red glowing legs on each side and small, black eyes all around their bodies. Their legs have small metal spikes coming out of them and a metallic claw coming out the mouth.

‘Marco, do you need help? How did you get stuck on the web?’ Jaden asks.

There is no response, as he continues to struggle. The alien spiders move faster towards their prey. They shoot from all directions a glowing lime-green web at Marco. The web goes all around his body. The webs create high temperatures and an acid-like burning feeling around his body. The Gravhawk accelerates in the atmosphere towards Marco’s position. Jaden hits the high oxygen atmosphere and the outside of his ship begins to heat up. Jaden isn’t going to make it in time. The spiders leap towards Marco at the same time, as each tries to target a delicious piece of his body. Suddenly, the shadow of Marco’s ship passes over him. His body disappears into the huge red molecule of his ship. The huge spiders run into each other and then pile on top of each other as if a bad car accident has just taken place. Jaden slows down and uses the nanoscanners to follow Marco’s semi-invisible ship as it passes through the layers of web. His spaceship changes direction and comes up a couple of miles out of the web, in solid form making a hole.

‘Marco! What were you doing back there?’ Jaden asks in a panicked voice.

‘Sorry about that Jaden, I was having a little fun with the spiders.’

‘You almost gave me a heart attack. What about the race?’

‘I’m only concerned about winning the first part of the race. The rest isn’t that important to me. Having fun with these evil spiders is much more fun.’

The Gravhawk and Marco’s ship both are facing one another, levitating in one place a few hundred feet from the webs. The ships are absorbing the red beaming sunlight.

‘How did you disappear with your ship and get out of that spider web?’

‘It’s called an atoms manipulator collector. The ship’s molecules break down and a shadow of the ship is seen. The ship also looks semi-invisible sometimes. The ship’s molecules and alien molecules synchronize together. A ship can pass through most things when it is in this mode, but only for a short period and requires a lot of energy from the ship. It will only work with an alien’s DNA that passed all three stages with one of our ships. No, the ship cannot change direction, it continues at the same speed it started,’ Marco says while reading Jaden’s mind as he thinks of questions.


“Let’s get out of here, these Spiders are looking very angry,” Jaden says.

“Okay, I’m ahead of you,” Marco says while quickly accelerating upwards.

They quickly pass through the rich oxygen atmosphere. Jaden looks at the planet around him and it reminds him of being back home on Earth.


The Gravhawk and Marco’s ship leaves the Spidone planet. Jaden switches to autopilot and they set a course back to Xenos. Images of Jaden being back on Earth appear on the artificial screen. He thinks back to a time in his past and sees images from his own eyes.


July 1999


Jaden lied on the hood of his car and looked up at the stars with his girlfriend Amy by his side. The radio in the car played a local radio station. They were at a local park. She wore a blue skirt and blouse. Her knees were slightly bent and her black heels were over the bumper. Jaden wore a Beavis and Butt-head tee shirt, a pair of green shorts and some sneakers. His right arm was behind his head, keeping his head from touching the car’s hood.

“Your mom’s dinner was delicious. It’s so nice your family still gets together and eats a couple of times a month. I wished my family did that,” Amy said while rubbing her stomach.

“I’m glad you liked it. You finally met my mom. I think my mom likes you.”

“You think so?”

“Yes, I think you made a good impression,” Jaden said.

There was a brief romantic silence between them. The wind is blowing slightly from the northwest. The crickets communicated loudly in the background.


“Over there is Jupiter and over there is Mars,” Jaden said while pointing into the sky, “Vega Star System is twenty-five light-years from here.”

“What is the next closest sun to ours?” Amy asked.

“Hmmm… It is a red dwarf star twenty-five trillion miles from here, which is five light-years.”

“Baby, you are very good with this science and space stuff. You know so much about this stuff.”

“It is really going to come in handy when I take Space and Science 103 next semester in college.”

“I’m so happy we are going to be in many of the same classes next semester in community college. When you talk your science space stuff, it really turns me on. When I first looked into your telescope, it was the best images I’ve ever seen. It really turned me on.”

“Yeah, you were a real slut to give it up on the second date,” Jaden said in a sarcastic voice.

She playfully slapped him on his chest and leaned up to look at him.

“Slut? That is what I am to you?” She asked.

He chuckled and leaned up as well.

“I’m just kidding baby, I’m glad you were an easy second date. Look how far we have come already.”

“Yeah, I was nervous you might not call after we did that.”

“With an ass and body like yours, I was going to call back.”


“My 5’8” 125 lb figure kept you interested, huh?” She asked.

“Yes it did, but also your personality, your interests, and the fact that you like so many things that I do were a good turn on also. Your love of life and your ability not to hurt any creature, even a fly or a bug. You being a vegetarian sometimes I also like,” he said.

“I’m a vegetarian every other month, I suppose.”

“You’re a Milli Vanilli-vegetarian. Don’t forget my hamburger!” Jaden yelled and then laughed.

They laughed, while Amy tickled him.

“That was cold. You calling me a fake vegetarian?” She asked while he just looks at her smiling. She poked him and continued, “It’s your fault! You keep eating meat in front of me.”

“I guess you didn’t want my mother to know you were a vegetarian tonight right?”

“No, your mother is from the south. She would probably think I was weird or something.”

“All your tasty cute animals were on the table tonight; Wilbur the Pig, the Drink Milk cow, the lambs when you sleep at night, and Mr. Turkey.”

“Okay, Jaden. Now you are making me feel bad.”

Jaden rubbed her stomach and said, “They feel good in your sexy stomach, don’t they.”

“Yes, it does,” she smiled back at him and then looked up into the dark glowing sky with millions of stars above them, “What is that over there?”

“That is one of our local galaxies. The Triangulum Messier 33 Galaxy. Over there next to it, is the Andromeda Galaxy. One of our biggest neighboring galaxies,” Jaden quipped.

“Would we as humans be able to travel there one day?” She asked.

“It would take over a million years to get to the next galaxy. Maybe if we had some faster than light traveling in the future. I would go one day, if E.T. had a super fast ship or if a real Star Gate was on Earth.”

“Would you take me with you?”

“Of course I would. Me and you riding through voids, super clusters, and to the end of the universe…”


“How much do you love me Jaden?”

“Well I love you enough to let you meet my mother for the first time. You are the first girl to meet her you know…” Jaden was interrupted.

“That’s my song!”

Amy got off the hood and turned the radio up.

“All I want to do is have some fun…” Amy sang.

Jaden laid there watching her dance by herself.

“Come on baby, let’s dance together.”

“No, I pass.”

She continued to dance and sing to Jaden while she snapped her fingers. He smiled at her and turned to look up towards space. Thinking of what is beyond the stars. Jaden closed his eyes and the images of his past faded.

“…Number 1 on the billboard charts. The jam of the summer….” The radio DJ said while the song faded into the background.






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Chapter 10: King Me


“Jaden… Jaden.”

The familiar voice wakes Jaden. He is lying on his bed back in his guest room looking at Bellona from his artificial body.

“I’m back already?”

“Yes, you’ve been sleeping for six and a half hours since leaving the Spidone Solar System,” Bellona says.

Jaden looks across the room and he sees his human body floating in the virtual bathtub.

“The Gravhawk is okay?”

“Yes, it’s fine. You seemed to have had a nice, safe exciting trip. That is how we have fun, challenge each other and working as a team,” she says.


“Yes, it was exciting. I liked it. I feel so lucky. Was there any word from the elder council about me going back home?” He asks while sitting at the end of the bed.

“No, I’m sorry.”

“I need to get my mind off a few things. Do you know how to play chess?”

Bellona instantly downloads how to play the game from Jaden’s memories of his father teaching him.

“Now I do,” Bellona says, “I have something you might like.”

The room changes into a forest with tall trees. A life-sized chess game appears over the grass with leaves on it. Thousands of yellow and brown leaves slowly fall towards the ground. A brisk wind is blowing leaves through the air. The chess pieces look like men in shiny armor from medieval times. They stand at their proper places with the king and queen standing as the tallest pieces in the rear. The sky is very cloudy and the wind is howling in all directions. The leaves hit the standing chess pieces as they reflect in the shiny armor.

‘This is amazing. This is like a real life chess game. I had a dream similar like this, years ago. What are they?’ Jaden asks telepathically from his nanoeye viewing from above.

‘They are computer animated and programmed to follow the rules of the game.’

‘Cool. They look like real people.’

Jaden looks around the fifty by fifty foot chess area in the middle of the forest. The board is set up as always, with two rooks, two knights, two bishops, eight pawns, and a king and queen on each side.

‘I’m ready,’ Jaden says.

‘What color do you prefer?’


Jaden moves to his side and concentrates on moving a pawn. The pawn walks a few steps and stands in one place. It makes clanking sounds as all the pieces of armor rub against one another. Bellona moves a pawn.

‘This is cool. They move like in Battle Chess, but better and more realistic. Do they fight each other also?’

‘You’ll have to see.’

‘Okay, why are there extra nanoeyes all around here?’ He asks.

‘There are spectators interested in watching this primitive game created by humans.’

He moves his knight as Bellona moves pieces. They continue to move the pieces one by one, very quickly. The pieces begin to fight each other with weapons. The loser is thrown to the side of the board by the other chess piece.


‘Did you see that? That was awesome. That piece was tossed like a wrestler.’

Other pieces are taken from both sides.

‘I wasn’t able to think so fast before, how are we playing so fast?’

‘You’re thinking is three times as fast as it used to be. You are using forty-five percent of your brain now. You can calculate things much faster,’ Bellona says.

‘Cool. You are playing like a supercomputer. You move right after I move.’

‘I’m thinking rather slowly. I’m averaging half a second a move,’ Bellona says.

‘Hmmm… I wonder,’ Jaden says as an idea comes to him.

Jaden goes into the king, still standing in his original place.

“I’m the king. Look at me. I’m able to move him, cool!” Jaden yells aloud.

Game Error is displayed above the game.

Jaden walks around the board inside the king’s body.

“This is cool; get out of the way you peasants! Bow down before your king!” He yells.

The pieces in Jaden’s way are pushed to the side, but they quickly stand in formation again.

‘I feel like I’m in my artificial body.’

‘Are you enjoying yourself Jaden?’

‘Yes I am.’

He walks to the white pieces and starts pushing them around.

‘You fake white knight. Bow before your real king.’

Jaden tackles him and he knocks over some other pieces. His metal shield and heavy sword with fire around it, stays in his hand. They quickly stand back up and walk to their original place in the game. Jaden stands back up and walks towards the side of the game where the taken pieces are. The pieces on the game move out his way.

‘You didn’t properly fight for your king and protect him in the Marino Kingdom. You must pay with your life.’

He pulls out a long sword and starts cutting his black pawn. The pawn lays on the ground bleeding.

Jaden walks over to his lost bishop chess piece.

‘Jaden the game. You’re tying up the game, it could be over already,’ Bellona says.

Jaden stays focused on the bishop in front of him.

“You’re next you coward. You were beaten up by a pawn. You can’t use your magic in chess?”

Jaden begins striking his sword on him.

“Arrggghhhh. That hurts. What did I do to deserve this?” The pawn asks while he falls to the ground in pain and begins bleeding.

“Oh you can talk huh?” Jaden asks him.

“Please spare me, your majesty,” the bishop says.

“You were beat by that little pawn. Look how much taller you are than him!” Jaden yells.

“It’s not my fault. I’ve always been the coward piece of the game,” the bishop pleads with his hands over his face, while looking up at the king.

“Okay, I’m sorry Mr. Bishop.”

Jaden helps him up and says, “I’m sorry about that old bishop.”

“It is alright sir, maybe you can get a pawn to the other side and you can win me back.”

“Win you back?” Jaden asks while looking at him puzzled, “How about I get you to the other side?”

He then lifts him by his long black gown and tosses him with all his might into the forest.

“Somebody king me! King me!” Jaden yells in an excited voice, while putting his hands into the sky.

“I’ll king you!” The white rook yells to Jaden while transforming into a giant rock creature about ten feet high. It leaves the chess game and slowly walks over to Jaden. He looks shocked by his size. It stands in front of him.

“Hey army friends, soldiers. I’m going to need some help here, Jaden begs while looking at his army continuing to look forward on the game.

“Don’t call your army now, you told the bishop he can beat the pawn because he was bigger. Now I’m bigger!” The rook says in a hideous voice.

“You wanted to be kinged?” The rook asks.

“Yes, I do.”

Jaden tries to lift the rook, but he can’t. The rook extends his rocky arms and crowns Jaden on his head.

“Shit! That hurt. Somebody protect your king. Save the king,” Jaden pleads.

His army continues to look forward. The rook continues to pound Jaden on the head into the ground with two hands. His head is halfway in the ground, up to his mouth in the grass. Leaves land on his huge crown and covers his face.

The white queen walks over to Jaden with her long dress while pulling some leaves along.

Jaden moves his head back and forth and the crown comes off with the leaves. He tries to talk while spitting out leaves.

“That is a sexy walk queen. How did you learn to walk like that?” Jaden asks.

“Are you going to play the game now, or do I need to have my rook king you some more?” The queen asks with Bellona’s voice.

The wind blows the queen’s dress slightly as she stands directly over him.

“Is that a thong you are wearing under that long medieval dress?” Jaden asks.

She does not reply, but folds her arms.

“Hey queen, how about a threesome with my queen? You can be the vanilla ice cream in the middle.”

The queen moves out of the way and the white rook punches his head all the way into the ground.

“Okay, you win; I’ll continue to play the game,” Jaden says in a muffled voice.

Lightning strikes from the clouds and the black king goes back to his place in the game. Lightning strikes in the woods and on the white rook. They both return to their original places in the game. The white queen slowly walks back to the area in the game she was at. The pawn that was struck down stands back up on the side of the game. Jaden returns to the nanoeye above the game.

‘That was fun,’ Jaden says while continuing to move pieces in the game.

‘I’m glad you enjoyed your coffee break,’ Bellona says.

‘You had something to do with them talking and the rook crowning me into the ground right?’ Jaden asks.

‘A little, I figured it was more entertaining for you,’ Bellona responds.

‘Yes, it was.’

They continue to play very quickly while Jaden continues his conversation. Jaden is averaging two-second moves. The weather changes and it gets very cold. It begins to snow slightly.

‘It seems like the battles between the pieces is taking the most time,’ Jaden says.

‘I can turn that off if you want.’

‘No, it’s fine. I also like the snowing effect,’ Jaden says, ‘That was a cool fight with my knight and your rook. I finally got that white cocksucker rook that kinged me,’ Jaden says.

Her queen takes the knight. The black knight uses his sword to lift up the queen’s dress to reveal her red thong.

‘I knew she had a thong on. Why isn’t my queen wearing a thong? She has on old lady bloomers.’

The white queen uses some magic and twirls him around before tossing the black knight to the side. She moves into his place.

‘I knew that was coming. But that was a cool fight.’

They continue to play as more and more pieces are tossed to the side.

Jaden thinks to himself, ‘I have an idea. I can talk and play, I wonder if I can…’

His nanoeye goes into his knight that was just put out of the game. Jaden begins to control the knight and it begins to move. Jaden also concentrates on the game by also seeing through the king’s eyes in the game.

“Hey everyone look at me, I’m a dark knight. I have a black shield and all black shiny armor. This feels like déjà-vu.”

The black knight moves towards the white rook. Jaden raises his sword at the rook.

The chess pieces in the game continue to play in the background.

‘Your king is in check Jaden,’ Bellona says.

‘I see, I see,’ he says while continuing to concentrate on his outside the game battle.

“I’m seeking revenge for you dishonoring the king. Fight a real warrior, you fake three little pigs brick castle. I challenge thee,” Jaden says in an old English voice.

The castle transforms into the ten-foot high rock creature.

‘I’m multi-tasking Bellona. I’m playing the game and I’m fighting a one person war.’

‘Very good Jaden, you are developing your multi-tasking skills.

“Let’s fight now, Mr. Monster.”

Jaden swipes at the creature’s arm and cuts off some rock. It jumps back. The other white rook just thrown out of the game walks up to the side of his brother rook.


“Two against one huh? I’m not afraid.”

The two rooks combine into a forty-foot high stone monster and grows its arm back.

“Now I’m afraid!” Jaden yells and begins to run towards the forest on the left. It gives chase while the ground violently shakes. Powdery snow is still falling and covering the ground making it slippery. The rook creature shoots fiery rocks from his arm the size of cannonballs. The first few miss him. The explosion on the ground near him makes him fall and roll on the ground. He quickly gets back up and continues running. He uses a nanoeye to see behind himself. He notices he is about to be hit by one. He instantly turns around and his shield absorbs the powerful force from the rock. Pieces of fire and rocks fly in all directions. Jaden tumbles forward about twenty feet into the forest while sliding on the snow. He quickly gets back up and continues running into the forest. He continues to play the game with Bellona at the same time. The gigantic rook monster is knocking over trees trying to get to Jaden about to get up. It makes growling noises like a monster. It tries to step on Jaden, but he quickly rolls out of the way while still holding his sword and shield.

“Godzilla rook dude, your feet smell worst than a panhandler’s feet on the subway!” Jaden yells.

The creature answers with a scary monster’s voice, “How do you know? Do you go around smelling panhandler’s feet, rating them?”

‘Bellona, I know that is you giving this monster good come back lines,’ Jaden says.

‘I’m just enjoying the game and watching you interact out of the game with your new friend,’ she says.

Jaden stands up and cuts a tall tree next to him with his sword. The giant rook picks up the tree and throws it far across the game and into the other side of the forest.

Jaden looks up at the creature getting closer and closer. He takes a few steps back while holding his sword at it.

“Look Mr. Monster, I can get you a good job on Earth as a lumberjack. Good benefits. We can get that foot problem taken care of and you can clear out a forest in minutes. Even the forest protestors would be scared to protest around you,” Jaden calmly says, while putting his shield around his left arm up to his elbow.

“That ten pack of hamburgers I ate at your castle in New York City a few years ago, gave me the runs all night. What is in your burgers Mr. White Castle Monster?” Jaden asks in an odd voice to throw off the monster.

The rook monster looks confused while Jaden rolls forward at it and cuts its right leg off.

“You like….” As the monster falls down, it fires a rock cannon at him. It hits him and Jaden is propelled in slow motion twenty feet deeper into the forest. The monster yells as it hits the ground. There is a loud rumble and the ground shakes. Jaden tries to get back up to finish off the monster, but it quickly reattaches its limb.

“You are dead Jaden,” it yells.

“Yeah, yeah. I thought I was dead from diarrhea!” Jaden yells while running away towards the chess game.

‘Man I’m losing this battle and my chess game. Just my knight and king are left in the game.’

He passes the monster trying to get up.

He runs into the grassy area where the chess game is taking place and his captured pieces are standing around. The giant rook begins to run after Jaden again.

“Black taken chess pieces, help your fellow knight in need. Attack the pedicure needing monster with your weapons,” Jaden yells at them while running by the game. They just stand there facing the game.

He stops and tries to take the other black knight’s sword still in the game.

“Come on brother knight, you won’t be needing that,” Jaden says while trying to pull it out of his hand. The other knight moves, ignoring him.

‘Why did I just move him, if I was talking to him?’ Jaden asks.

‘You were too busy multi-tasking, your brain began to work independently while processing and playing the game in the background,’ Bellona says.

‘Jesus, I have to get used to this,’ he says.

‘Now can you get out of the game?’ She asks.

‘What if I don’t want to?’ Jaden asks.

The thumping continues and a grey rock on fire swishes by Jaden’s helmet.

“Shit!” He yells while running toward the forest on the right side.

The monster steps across the board game knocking the kings and other pieces over. They quickly stand back up in the same place they were.

‘Alright, I have to finish this bastard off, no more running. This is a virtual animated world. Size does not matter,’ Jaden says trying to psyche himself up.

‘Are you a coward or a warrior? Coward or a warrior?’ Jaden asks himself.

‘Your king is in check again, Jaden,’ Bellona says. He hears this in the background while he is concentrating on this large tree in front of him. Jaden calculates the distance the rook monster is behind him. The flying rock cannonballs continue to hit around him, while rock debris, snow and leaves fly around all over the place. Jaden quickly dodges to the left missing another projectile.

He jumps onto the tree and quickly runs up it vertically, knocking snow from his metal feet. Jaden is amazed he is actually running up the huge rainforest tree. The monster stops about fifteen feet in front of the tree aiming its cannon arm at Jaden over its head. Jaden stops sixty feet up the tree before the branches begin to give way underneath his weight. The monster fires while Jaden jumps above it. Puffs and clumps of snow fall off his lightly covered metal body. Everything seems to slow down around Jaden. The tree is hit while Jaden holds his flaming sword with two hands. The snow begins to come down heavily around Jaden as he is coming straight at the monster, yelling at the top of his lungs at it.

‘Checkmate Jaden. You lose,’ Bellona says.

The monster fires again and hits Jaden on his left arm. His shield and left arm are torn from his body. Jaden continues to fall towards the monster holding his sword with his right hand, as he breathes out cold smoke from his helmet. The monster tries to step back while it covers its face. Jaden, in the knight’s body, cuts the snow covered rock monster right through the middle of its body. It splits into two pieces while it roars like Godzilla. Jaden lands over the monster while his left arm and shield land far into the forest. The top part of the tree also falls to the ground behind them.

“Yeah, that is what you get. I learned that move from watching over fifty episodes of Voltron as a kid.”

“Now go soak your smelly big rock feet in a swimming pool of commercial bleach,” Jaden says, while cutting off the rook monster’s huge head as it lays helpless on the ground.

Jaden looks at the chess game, and sees his king lying on the ground being kicked by the white knight, king and pawn.

“Hey, leave him alone,” Jaden says while running back towards the game. Suddenly there is a huge rumble and the ground opens up around the chess game. He stumbles to catch his balance. A complete circle is formed around the game and the ground quickly spreads apart. The sky turns red and one foot round fireballs fall from the sky. Jaden catches his balance and runs then leaps over an open pit of lava coming from the split in the ground. He just makes the jump and all the chess pieces on both sides of the game begin to fight each other. Above the chess game says Royal battle. The pawns are fighting each other. The queens are pulling each other’s hair while the snow is all over them. Snow continues to fall as fire quickly burns the trees in the forest.

“Alright! A real medieval royal battle,” Jaden says while walking over watching everyone fighting each other while he drags his sword on the ground.

“What is this a freezing day in hell?” Jaden asks.

“No, this is when hell freezes over,” Bellona replies from the white knight’s body walking up to him.

Pawns and bishops from both sides are being pushed or knocked into the hot lava circling the area. Their hands wiggle as the hot lava consumes them. Their heads disappear into the abyss of yellow and red-hot lava. Lightning strikes in the woods where the giant white rook was killed and turned into bricks. The monster rook forms back together and stand back up with an angry look on its face. It roars loudly and Jaden turns around.

“Oh no, that bag of shit is back. Oops, I mean bag of bricks. I have to fight him again?” Jaden asks.

“No, you’ll be fighting me,” Bellona says while the other white knight walks up to him.

“I’ll deal with you in a minute. Black castles unite! Form a bricktron and go get that white castle over there!” Jaden yells.

The black rooks merge into a huge monster rook. The huge rook goes after the other rook, leaping over the hot lava pit towards the forest burning down.

“Finally, someone listens to me.”

The white knight merges with the other knight into a forty-five feet high knight.

The other black knight runs and merges with Jaden’s knight body as his left arm grows back with a shield around it.

Jaden looks around, as he is growing higher and higher. He also is forty-five feet tall. He sees the two monster castles punching each other in the fiery forest. Both of their bodies are on fire. They are also firing rock cannonballs at each other. Smoke and burning leaves are floating around everywhere. The pawns are pushing each other into the lava pit. Their screams go silent as their heads go under the lava. The white knight draws its sword directly in front of Jaden. Fireballs from the sky hit their bodies like hail raining from the sky. Bellona attacks Jaden as he blocks it with his shield. Some pawns are around Jaden’s feet.

“Get out of here, you little ants,” Jaden yells while kicking black and white pawns into the pit of lava with his huge metal boot.

The pit extends more into the forest area. Jaden looks around and sees the top of the white queen’s head sticking out of the lava screaming.

“The hot lava is burning my thong and lower body! Somebody help me,” the white queen yells.

A black pawn jumps on top of her head trying to push her down further.

“Get down and under the fire you, you floozy.”

“Ha ha, look at that. That pawn is tea bagging the queen into the lava,” Jaden chuckles while the pawn loses balance and falls in, “Oh my, that was hilarious.”

They continue to fight and Bellona attacks faster. Jaden tries to block and stays on the defensive. The clashing is so loud. When he tries to swing, she hits him directly in the chest and through his armor.

“Shit, that hurts,” Jaden says as he takes two steps back.

“You’ll be okay, you have to move faster and keep up. You wanted someone your size, here I am,” Bellona says.

“Yeah, yeah, you are just too fast for me,” he says.

“Me being faster than you is just an illusion and rules that you are limiting your mind to. If you thought faster and concentrated on just us fighting, you can be just as fast. Concentrate on my movements as I swing, and the direction I’m coming at you. Your mind will speed up and the attacks will slow down so you could be on offense and defense,” she says.

Jaden swings his black metallic sword as Bellona stops it with her sword. They continue back and forth. He notices that the fighting feels as if it is slowing down. Bellona quickly strikes Jaden in the lower body as he strikes her in the chest.

“Right in the hooter,” Jaden says while stepping back.

“I got you right in your invisible hotdog,” she says.


The two rooks fall into the pit of lava behind Jaden. They both scream in a huge amount of pain. Their bodies slowly descend into the hot abyss of lava.

Jaden and Bellona continue to strike each other as they turn in circles facing each other.

“Alright, this is getting boring. The hell with this,” Jaden says.

She swings over Jaden with her sword; he dodges and charges towards her grabbing her around the legs. She is lifted up while she loses balance. They continue towards the lava area while she hits him with her metal shield. They fall into the now large pit of lava, creating a large splash in all directions.

“Arrgghhh, it is hot as hell. So much pain; now I know what a lobster feels like being put in a pot of boiling hot water. Shit!” He yells, while Bellona’s body is under him, pulling him down.

‘Just ignore the pain,’ Bellona says telepathically.

“I can’t move my body. I’m paralyzed,” he says while struggling to reach land.

His right hand is out of the lava pointing towards the sky.

“I’m dying like the Terminator robot at the end of the movie. Remember me Chess World. Remember your hero knight who fought to the end for his king!” He yells while his head goes under the lava and his thumb pointing up.


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Chapter 11: An Alien of Two Worlds


Jaden opens his eyes and he is back in his guest room in his artificial body. He stands up and Bellona appears out of thin air.

“That was a cheap move you did at the end,” she says.

“I know that was an old school-schoolyard-losing-a-fight tackle. I was getting bored swinging back and forth fighting.”

“I was trying to train you with thinking faster and multi-tasking. Your brain is capable of so much, but it requires training at the higher capacity then it is at.”

“I’m getting it and I’m just getting used to this lifestyle and being outside my body. I’m trying to get used to my new life here also.”

“Don’t worry about it Jaden. What would you like to do now?” she asks, “Galaxynet surf, our history video…..” Jaden interrupts her.

“I would like to practice in the gravity game,” he says.

“Okay, I can arrange that.”

“By myself.”


“Give it a few minutes, while I get it ready. In the mean time, take a look at this.”

The entire room turns into space, with a 360° view.

“This is an advanced telescope. You can zoom in on anything. Zoom in on a planet, zoom in on a galaxy,” Bellona says.

Bellona zooms in on different events and objects in space. He sees voids, and supernovas exploding.

“Give it a try.”

He walks towards the pool.

“This is nice, but it’s going to make me think about being back home. I’d rather wait for the gravity game,” Jaden says sadly, while he lays into the pool of water and closes his eyes.

The room changes and Jaden is in the gravity game, in his artificial body. He is running up the walls, practicing his rpm speeds with the shield around his body and using different weapons. He does this for hours and hours as Bellona watches from a nanoeye. She begins talking to Mana and one of the supreme elders. Jaden is determined to get better and continues to practice.


A few minutes pass by and Bellona gets Jaden’s attention.

‘Hey Jaden,’ Bellona says.

‘Yes?’ Jaden responds.

‘Remember I was telling you about the one Mapolian female that is on our supreme elder team? She wants to talk to you directly,’ she says.

‘Sure why not, the news can’t get any worst. Well then again there could be worst news, like I have an alien cancer in my body, I’m going to die soon or Earth has disappeared from my solar system,’ he says in a sarcastic tone telepathically.

‘You should be honored; she rarely talks to a guest directly. It is probably news you’ll want to hear,’ she says.

‘Sure, let’s go, I can use some good news.’

The room changes and they are outside at the meeting place by the lake. Jaden is still in his artificial body, while Bellona stands next to him in hers. The grey clouds are quickly moving overhead. He walks towards the lake while looking towards the sky.

“Looks like it is about to rain,” Jaden says as he stares into the fast moving sky.

Lightning forms and bounces around the clouds. Suddenly lightning strikes from five different directions directly into one spot on the small lake. Jaden is amazed by the loud booming sound and coordinated lightning strikes. A glowing body that is all light begins to walk across the water and towards them. It approaches Jaden and Bellona. The body is bright white like lightning and has arms, legs, and a head. The face is blank and full of light particles. It is as if Jaden is looking into a sun. The light body gets dimmer as it stops a few feet in front of them.

‘Greetings Jaden Marino, I’m Mana, Supreme Elder of the Andromedians,’ Mana says very quickly telepathically in a female robotic sounding voice that is echoing. She continues, before Jaden could think about replying, ‘I have been watching and analyzing you since you’ve gotten here. I have taken a personal interest in you. I have seen aliens like yourself over the millions of years I have been alive. Your species is interesting and you are very interesting. I’ve analyzed your past and how you don’t give up on things. I analyzed how you handled yourself in the race and on planet Spidone and how you didn’t want to hurt innocent mutated spiders. The fact that you didn’t want to give up and you wanted to succeed on your own in those situations impressed me. I analyzed how well you flew our ship back on Earth and how your mind was able to adapt to out of body communicating. Your human body stood up to many different changes and accepts our technology very well. I analyzed how you fought in the gravity games and didn’t give up. Your quick ability to learn things and to work in a team proved you have what it takes to get the job done. When you were flying our ship on Earth, you were trying your best not to hurt people. You used non-violent weapons and saved the pilot from dying in his SR-71 jet fighter. I sense great things in you. My psychic powers tell me something is different about you and it tells me you are someone that has something to do with the future of many species. My psychic power enables me to analyze many things and sense things that will have positive effects on the future. I feel that you are someone that has a long journey ahead of you. You have many challenging choices to make in the future. You miraculously survived the journey to Xenos even after being rescued on Planet 455. You have a lot of luck on your side, as you humans call it. We attempted to bring a human from your planet in 0 A.D.; unfortunately, that human and the ship were lost. We chose Earth because of its location. Earth is the perfect distance from its sun, the right size and has the lowest amount of impacts from objects in space. Yes, there are about 100,000 similar Earth-like planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.’



‘Jaden we weren’t telling you the complete truth about our ships being caught by the Darclonians as the main reason you couldn’t go back to Earth. Jaden, I know this would be hard for you to understand. But this universe isn’t what you think it is. It’s a part of multiple galactic simulation universes. A muiltiverse experiment for celestial alien beings called Celestial deities. These celestial deities live in a universe outside of all universes called Sovereignverse, in the fifteenth dimension.

A powerful god particle was created for each universe and was responsible for the big bang in each. The god particle would wait and seek an organic life form. The chosen were called Energy Kings and were responsible for governing their universe. Legend has it the God particle has amazing powers that would slowly be unlocked as the Energy King grew in knowledge. Tragically the God particle and Energy King for this universe and others are missing. We believe the Darclonians and or Robogods are behind this, but we lack the evidence. The God particle’s powers are locked if it isn’t in an organic life form and if the life form wasn’t chosen by the God particle. How it chooses its host is still a mystery. They are almost impossible to detect.’


‘There are thousands of other universe simulation groups with different purposes. We are all a part of this free will universe simulation. Most simulations in this group are close to the same simultaneous time periods. Most of the same events happen in all the universe simulations. There were several universes in this group running 70,000- 100,000 years ahead of this one and several running 70,000-100,000 years behind this one.’ Mana says.


‘This all sounds so crazy. How do you know all of this,’ Jaden asks.

‘I’m from another nearby universe that was 70,000-80,000 years ahead of this one. On another version of Earth in that universe there was an evil unstoppable darkness spreading everywhere. It was an evil unstoppable force no one has ever seen before. Every galaxy was being destroyed 1 by 1 like a virus. A selected few including myself were chosen to leave that universe through a dangerous method called the Quasar warp experiment. On planet Xenos in that universe another version of you weren’t allowed to go back to Earth. This time the decision was made to send you back to Earth with some of our most advanced technology to help stop this possible threat. Saving this universe is up to you Jaden Marino, it’s all in your hands. I hope I have answered all your questions.’

‘I have two questions, why me? How can there be another version of me in other universes?’ Jaden asks.

‘Some aliens are chosen to have certain destinies. We all have our purpose in these galactic webs. The odds of stopping whatever the Darclonians are after on Earth are greater by sending you back. Sending you back to Earth, could stop what is coming or might not stop what is coming. Knowing you’re in a galactic simulation that allows free will, that could change the entire outcome of this universes future. Other versions of us don’t know the truth or know copies of ourselves exist.

That knowledge can be spread to stop the destruction of other Universes.’


She pauses and then continues, ‘I sense you have very strong morals and you can stand up to anything that gets in your way. Evil is something that plagues many civilizations. I have confidence that your human race will be able to defend itself with the help of our technology.’

Jaden is amazed, as he is full of confusion and happiness.

Mana continues, ‘We have calculated the best path for you to reach Earth undetected. Each galaxy has two center components: a galactic bulge star the size of a billion stars and a gigantic black hole of a similar size. They always circle each other giving spin to a galaxy. Good and evil have always been a balance. Your Milky Way Galaxy is becoming more unbalanced with huge amounts of dark energy and other energies residing in it, being admitted from the center black hole. This event is very unnatural and suspicious. Not being able to transport our biomechanical bodies with our ships to your galaxy shows that something is greatly wrong. There is a lot of activity in your galaxy with mother ships moving around and a huge gravity shift change. These things we need to get to the bottom of. There are many planets in your galaxy that are similar to Earth that are disappearing and the gravity around them is being disrupted,’ Mana says while she pauses.

Jaden is still amazed that he was able to interpret her high speed talking in less than twenty seconds. He also can’t believe the things she is saying. It’s giving him a slight feeling of nervousness.

‘You will need to successfully unite your human race, if you are going to be able to defeat the Darclonians. However, whatever you do, please do not engage or let the enemy detect your ship. Their technology is getting more and more advanced. Only use your ship as a last method of escape. This means do not let your human race know that your ship is on the planet, because your history shows your government would probably experiment on it and take it apart. You will have an AI companion to help you with your human weapon systems on Earth. We aren’t sure what you will be capable of, each planet is different. The weapons system will have to be developed around your planet’s natural resources. Your AI companion and nanobots will help with tough calculations, give you advice, allow remote access to your Gravhawk and be a part of your new brain system,’ she says while walking closer to Jaden.

Mana rests her hand on Jaden’s shoulder. He looks at her puzzled when she mentions a new brain system. Bellona looks at Jaden with a smile on her face.

‘You will be different from other humans. Your body composition, DNA, RNA, and body parts will evolve making you stronger and faster than you have ever been. Your thinking will be faster and you will be using all of your brain. You will no longer be considered human. We will consider you a Bio-Sapien, a bio-engineered homosapien. An alien of two worlds.’


‘I have confidence in you Jaden. You have proven to me that you have the heart of an Andromedian warrior, and the soul of a bright star. I believe you were chosen from your planet for a reason. You were at the right place at the right time, a multiverse coincidence. I wish you the best of luck in your journey back home. May the solar winds and our nanotechnology work in your favor.’

She takes a few steps back and walks away from them. Her body turns bright again. Lightning comes from her body and into different directions into the clouds. Mana disappears into thin air. Jaden looks with an open mouth.

“Ready to go Jaden?”

“I was thinking about questions to ask her, but she only answered two of them,” Jaden says.

“I’ll answer any questions you might have, but first we have to prepare your body,” Bellona says while the room changes around them.

It is dark and Jaden hears water around him. He is back in his human body floating in the virtual pool of life. He opens his eyes and he sees Bellona standing to the side of him. Jaden feels different pains all around his body and he can’t move. He struggles to move and his eyes move all around.


‘Relax Jaden; we are tuning your body.’

Jaden calms down and relaxes.

‘You were just injected with a billion advanced nanobots called nanodrones. Yes, more advanced than what was in you before. These nanodrones are carbon and biochemical-based alien organisms. They don’t have any metallic traces. They can copy themselves repeatedly. By the time they are ready you will have between one and two quadrillion nanodrones in your body. They can change in size to go inside of other materials. These are our most advanced prototype nanobots specifically designed to work with your body structure. They have a wide range of capabilities. They will be split into millions of communities and you will be able to control them to do many tasks. They will be loyal and only work with one host. Your DNA, tissues and cells will disintegrate if they leave your body. Nothing would be able to be copied from your body. Your body will be encoded. This security feature is permanently enabled so your body can’t be cloned by anyone,’ Bellona says.

‘When Mana was talking about me being an alien of two worlds, did she mean I’ll look like a mutant or half Andromedian or something?’ Jaden asks.

‘No, it just means your internal body structure will slowly evolve and you will be able to do things you normally can’t do. We Andromedians used to be an alien of two worlds at a point of our earlier lives. It’s nothing to be afraid of and you still look the same on the outside.’

‘Can they make me into a superhero?’ Jaden asks while making faces to help divert from thinking of the uncomfortable pain.

‘By the time your body is ready you will feel like a superhero and do things you never imagined a superhero could do. You will have full control of your body like a Star Trek ship. Your body will repair itself much faster. Your skin will evolve and change into a skin ten times the strength of Kevlar. Kevlar is the material bulletproof vests are made of. Nanodrones can do the jobs of most organs in your body. They will suggest what body parts you might need and might not need. No, I don’t know what your full range of weapons will be yet. Your AI buddy will determine what they will be when you are back on Earth. Your weapons will have to be developed on Earth. Yes, I’ll explain, our information about your planet’s gravity, atoms, radiation levels, sunlight strength on the surface, molecules passing through your planet has all been taken from our ship on Planet 455. Your AI assistant will need to do tough calculations to figure out what you’ll be able to do once it learns of all the properties available on your planet. The nanodrones will create their own nanoscanners specially designed to work around your body and separate from the Gravhawk’s nanoscanners,’ Bellona says.

‘That’s cool, tell me more about what my brain will be able to do,’ Jaden says.

‘We suggest using a nanosincoid. Yes, a sincoid. It can replace your entire mind and duplicate everything in your brain to a trillionth of an inch. Then remap itself exactly how your mind is organized. Your mind will have a hundred times more storage capacity. Your brain would be able to fully multi-task using the sincoid brain. However, you will feel as if you are in your artificial body all the time and there is a chance you might not feel human at all. For example, you won’t need to sleep and your mind will constantly keep evolving. It has unlimited capabilities and is capable of long-range communications. It has the capabilities also to learn and mimic your human brain,’ Bellona says.

‘No, I won’t be needing the nanosincoid. I would like to continue thinking and feeling how I am now.’

‘There is a chance you might look different, since your blood color may change.’

‘I don’t want my outside body to change or my face to change; I want to stay as human as possible.’

‘You sure? You won’t need ears, a nose, or even a mouth.’

‘Yes, I’m sure. I’ll do without it.’

‘Okay, Jaden. Nevertheless, there is a chance your neurotransmitters and neurons can be overloaded. Your mind will go into shock putting you into a coma or making you brain dead, without the nanosincoid to handle high speed multi-tasking.

‘I’ll be careful then,’ he says.

‘Your AI will help monitor your brain’s function levels keeping you in the safe zone.’

‘That sounds good enough for me.’

‘I’m going to miss you when you are gone Jaden,’ she says while touching his arm through the water.

‘Same here, I’m going to miss you all while I’m gone. But I’m going to miss you the most, my sexy alien female friend,’ Jaden says while looking at her smiling.

Bellona is caught off guard by his words. She takes a few steps back.

‘I’ll be back Jaden.’

Bellona disappears and she appears in a room on a cloud with Elderone.

‘I’m monitoring the connection between you and the human subject. It seems you are having some sort of feelings for this human. You know this is against our laws to even have thoughts of being with another species. You were punished the last time we caught you falling for another species and having a physical connection with one,’ Elderone says in a digital language.

‘Yes, Elderone; I know this is against our laws. This isn’t on my mind now or my intentions. I just think he is a wonderful alien species,’ she says in a high pitch sound.

‘There has been some virtual-recording tampering around you and your human subject. This will be fully investigated. Now please escort your special friend to his ship, so he can get back to his planet. Jaden’s ship has been upgraded from generation 2 to generation 3.5. Mana thinks this human is special, but myself and the other elders thinks this is a suicide mission and a waste of a good ship. The psychic part of her brain tells her the future of Earth’s survival is important for other galaxies. I think there is no way the human species is going to be able to take down that mother ship and the Wraithstalkers with their current technology. They won’t have enough time to advance their technology. We should be sending more AI probe mother ships to investigate the Milky Way’s center black hole problem. You will need to prepare yourself and ship for support that the M115 species needs in the Ngc 185 Galaxy. There is a battle in a small Magellanic cloud in the 901-831 sector.’

‘Yes, Elderone, it will be done.’

Bellona returns to the room where she just left. Jaden, still in the virtual pool, watches Bellona reappear.

‘I thought you had to go somewhere?’ He asks.

‘I did, I had a conversation with Elderone,’ she says.

‘You just disappeared for less than a second,’ he says.

‘It was a few milliseconds of conversation.’

‘Man that was fast. Can you teach me to communicate telepathically that fast?’ He asks.

‘Yes, it’s possible with the nanosincoid. It has one billion alien languages built in with a universal translator and it communicates in milliseconds. This model is a prototype to work with your brain. Your AI can tell you more about it when you get back to Earth. Maybe when you come back to our planet, you’ll try the nanosincoid.’

‘That sounds good. My pain has gone away. I’m feeling okay now,’ he says.

‘You’re ready to go back home and your ship is ready,’ she says.

Jaden stands up and walks out of the virtual pool. The water comes off his body and back into the pool. His clothes are instantly dried. The room changes and Jaden is back outside on a cloud. There are hundreds of ships sitting on clouds all around. Bellona is standing there, along with Marco and Bomani. Jaden is amazed at all the ships he sees nicely in formation, with red and blue molecules going around them. There is a ship near him, but it has a blue molecule going around it. Three brighter light balls are quickly moving around the blue molecule track.

“Where is my Gravhawk?” Jaden asks while looking around.

“It’s right there behind you,” Bellona says.

Jaden turns around and looks surprised at the Gravhawk that looks as if it received an upgrade. Jaden walks up and touches it. He notices the body looks shinier, more metallic and exotic looking.

“Jaden, your ship has been upgraded to the 3.5 generation EIS. It has some of the technology the generation 4 has, including G.D., but it doesn’t have the powerful weapons generation 4 spacecrafts have,” Bellona says.

“Cool. What more can the generation 3.5 do over the 2?”

“AI can explain that to you later, ready to go?” Bellona asks.

“Why do I feel as if I’m being rushed now?” Jaden asks.

“To be honest, Elderone wants you to hurry up and get back to your planet. The other two supreme elders are trying to override Mana’s decision to let you leave. They are bringing the case and evidence to other supreme elders in other galaxies and other alien species in our alliance.”

“Why they don’t want me to go?” he asks.

“We went through this already. Others don’t think sending you would help your planet or us. Mana believes something evil is brewing in your galaxy and an Armageddon is going effect many alien species,” she reiterates, “Listen, your body will need to adjust to your planet again. Therefore, it would be best for you to land by a local hospital. Your body may go into shock when it adjusts to the gravity and atmospheric pressure again.”

“That doesn’t sound good. What year will it be when I return to Earth?” Jaden asks.

“Summer or fall of 2018, depending on various speeds in subspace,” Bellona says.

“Is it still 2010 on Earth now?”

“Yes, you have only been on our planet for two weeks now,” she says.

“Eight years huh? To make it 2.4 million light-years; not bad,” Jaden says.

“It should take six years in subspace from under the Andromeda’s center black hole to the Milky Way’s center; One to two years to make it from the galactic center to your planet. However, the flight path is a bit longer to avoid detection,” Bellona says.

Bomani steps forward and looks Jaden in the eyes.

“Also, remember Jaden your brain will have to reorganize itself once you get out of your Gravhawk. The chemicals, nanos and neurons in your brain will need to adjust to your planet’s atmosphere pressure also,” Bomani says.

“Okay, thanks for the advice, my little blue Smurf friend,” Jaden says.

“Maybe when you come back, we can have a rematch in the gravity game?” Bomani asks.

“You’re on!” He yells.

“We are going to miss you Jaden,” Marco says.

“I’ll be back in a few years, to see you guys again,” Jaden says.

Jaden walks up and shakes Bomani hand.

“You have a very slimy hand, there. What were you doing with your hand?” Jaden asks.

“The same thing you were doing over five hundred times as a teenager. Exercise for my right hand,” Bomani says.

“Good one, good one,” Jaden says in laughing voice, while he mumbles to himself, ‘Make note, wash hands with commercial bleach when I get back home.’

“You guys didn’t hear me talking to myself just now right?” He asks.

“No, we didn’t,” Marco says.

“Alright! I perfected the telepathic communication thing. Cool,” Jaden says.

Jaden walks up and shakes Marco’s firm, large hands.

“You have one of the coolest warrior bodies, Marco. I’m going to get a tattoo of you when I get back home my friend,” Jaden says.

“Thanks, dude. Maybe you can create your own tattoo. I think you are going to enjoy your new warrior body on Earth. You have some of our best technology inside of you now. You are going to be able to do things you never dreamed of. You take care of yourself on Earth. You have a long journey ahead of you,” Marco says, while Jaden steps back.

Bellona quickly walks up and hugs Jaden.

“Wow, that was a bear hug, Bellona, Thanks,” he says while taking a step back.

“You are welcome Jaden. I hope I see you again. I enjoyed every millisecond with you here. Be safe, I wish you all the luck,” Bellona says while her eyes glow.

A few tears trickle down from Jaden’s right eye. The watery tears roll down his face and onto the soft cloud. The cloud below their feet begins to rain onto the ground below. Jaden walks towards his ship. He runs back over to Bellona and gives her another hug.

“Thanks for everything, and for being there for me while I was here. I will return to visit, I promise. Goodbye, my high speed talking alien friends,” Jaden says while another tear runs down from his left eye. He walks up to his ship on the same cloud and goes into the translucent reflective entrance. Jaden walks into the virtual pool of liquid and instantly connects with his Gravhawk.

‘Alright, the micro-tentacles are gone,’ Jaden thinks to himself.


He sees outside and sees his friends standing there, along with over 100,000 nanoeyes.

‘Where did all those eyes come from?’ Jaden asks himself.

‘They were always there, you just couldn’t see them with your human eyes,’ AI says.

‘Hey buddy! I forgot you were in here. How are you doing today?’

‘Same as always.’

‘You remind me of the robot in Short Circuit.’

‘Thanks sir.’

‘You can call me J. Better yet, I like sir better,’ Jaden says, ‘I feel like the boss, when someone calls me sir.’

‘Would you like me to fly?’ AI asks.

‘I have it for now. Do you think we can pick up some white lobsters from the surface of the planet?’ Jaden asks.

‘I don’t think that would be possible. It would be in violation of a few of our laws,’ AI says.

‘Oh okay, well it was worth a try. I have to eat some big lobsters when I get back to Earth, that smell and taste is haunting me.’

The Gravhawk takes off while a large colorful rainbow appears in the computer-simulated sun. Jaden floors it like a teenager in a sports car and he rides the rainbow. It then turns dark and the Gravhawk is flying through a dark tunnel. He comes out of the transport portal on the other side of the moon.

‘Briefly explain to me about the weapons system on this Gravhawk,’ Jaden says.

Jaden sees the offensive and defensive weapon systems on the screen.

‘Yellow torpedoes disrupt the particles that form energy shields and can be combined with other weapons. Pink torpedoes destroy or vaporize unshielded offensive weapons; mostly used for Earth-type weapons or primitive weapons systems. Artificial intelligence purple torpedoes have a powerful explosion and come in different sizes. There are quadrillions of organized nanites destroying matter molecules in there. They can split up and change directions. Clear energy shield cannons: energy is fired from the now blue molecule and the energy shield around the ship breaks up into small cannons. They move three times the speed of sound on Earth and range in different sizes. AI TNT red torpedoes are long-range torpedoes with a powerful explosion. There are three available and one day to recharge. The super black torpedo is long range with spinning black sphere crystals inside it. There is one available and it can manipulate other technologies. It contains millions of nanobots inside. It can generate its own shield….’

‘Okay, skip the rest, I can figure out the defensive weapons. What is this weapon of mass destruction at the bottom of the screen here?” Jaden asks.

“It has a onetime use and needs certain materials found on other planets to recharge. The rest is what you would call top-secret and available on a need to know basis.”

‘Yeah, sure. Okay, I’m done flying, AI you can take it from here.’

‘Yes, sir.’

Autopilot is online and they enter light speed towards their local star.

‘Would you like me to activate the silicon-nanite, so you can be aware of everything just in case there is a problem?’ AI asks.

‘Oh, hell no! I don’t want to see stars, lights, space, purple Magellanic clouds and under black holes for the next eight years. Keep my mind and conscious hibernating with my body, the same way I came here. I can see video of the trip at another time. I have complete confidence you will get us to Earth safely,’ Jaden says.

‘I can give you a nice tour of our galaxy. I can also show you video of our history and I can learn more about your culture,’ AI says.

‘That would be like being in prison with you, and you are my cellmate talking for the next eight years nonstop. I’ll pass. Keep your eyes on the road Mr. Johnny 5, and let me know if anything exciting happened when I’m back in my solar system. You will have plenty of time to learn my culture when we are back on Earth. Just make sure you put my body molecules back together the way they are now. I don’t want a nipple being in the wrong place, a testicle missing or uneven, my middle finger on my pinky, and or my brain in my penis.’

The sun quickly approaches as they reach maximum speed.

‘Yes sir and my name is AI not Johnny 5,’ AI says.

‘Look at you, correcting me. Good for you Mr. Paulie, the robot from Rocky. That’s right, stand up for you; we are going to get along very well,’ Jaden says in a sarcastic voice.

‘You have a good sleep sir, by the way, let me check to see if your brain is in your penis now,’ AI says in a sarcastic voice.

‘Look at you Rosie the robot from The Jetsons…’ Jaden is interrupted as his body flashes with the ship and they disappear into optic-warp.

…………..To be continued.



Written by: Vlane Carter





Creative art director: Vlane Carter

Graphic artist: John Buurman

John Moriarty

Matthew Garofalo

Kwan Wilson
































































About Author


This is my first full-length book series. I have not written since 1991 and 1992 when I wrote two short stories (those short stories will be turned into books down the road. Since then my mind, concepts, ideas and imagination have evolved to a level that I could have never dreamed of at 16 years old. I have never seen anything close to the BIO-Sapien/BIAlien series. I started writing this in March of 2006 after I was very upset with the ending of War of the Worlds. The writers made an advanced alien race look incompetent at the end. I figured I could write my own masterpiece. I wanted to mix the right combinations of science, humor, love, messages of us saving our planet and to create a superhero unlike anything you read/saw before.


I wanted to show the world what my imagination and vision is capable of. I needed to make a statement in the sci-fi world that it is time for something new and original to hit the market. A new generation of sci-fi that represents current and future science needed to make an appearance.


I also wanted to write a novel that was before its time. Therefore, future generations could appreciate the combinations of ideas, science and visions from this time era. I personally believe the BIO-Sapien/BIAlien series can be the next Star Wars, Matrix or Star Trek series.














VOL I Glossary of Terms


Atoms ripper – Is a molecule destroying energy similar to plasma fusion in the forward shields.


Bioparasites – Darclonians in microbial form. They wait to merge with nanomole to control a human body at high speed. Nanomoles protect bioparasites from human white blood cells. Bioparasites also control armies of microbots.


DEK – Dark Energy Knight.


DEQ – Dark Energy Queen.


DEW – Dark Energy Wraith – Mysterious dark energy that rides like a comet and fuels itself from the exhaust of a spaceship.


DHW – Darclonian Human Walkers. When nanomole and bioparasite merge. Darclonians are controlling human bodies at high speed. Making them super strong and slowly modifying the human body to turn them into super humans.


HBH – Hijacked brain Humans – See positive stage nanomole.


LRSB – Long Range Signal Beacon. It is put on UFOs just in case they get away from the US government. The top-secret technology sends transmissions through subspace.


Microbots – Darclonian robotic or organic organisms that can do a variety of things similar to the Andromedian nanobots and nanodrones. They prepare the human body to become super human.


Molevision – When the nanomoles are in a neutral stage they transmit different visions to other nanomoles when a human is suffering or experiencing pleasure from torturing someone else. It transmits and records dozens of emotions.


Nanoeyes – Invisible to the human eyes, range in size from a millionth to a billionth of an inch. Nanoeyes allow the host to hear and see things at a far distance. It can also pass through most materials. They can be controlled by host or on their own.


Nanoscanner – Invisible to the human eye and range in size between a millionth to a trillionth of an inch. Nanoscanners can do what nanoeyes can, and also analyze materials, scan through objects and determine their structure. They also have other capabilities especially in optic-warp. They can be controlled by host or fly autonomously.


Nanomoles – Are encoded particles sent to Earth over 100,000 years ago by the Darclonians. They sit hidden in the brain of humans. They reproduce in intelligent life from generation to generation, recording everything.


A Nanomole has three stages:


p<>{color:#000;}. Negative – Mole is semi-hibernating and is recording and saving detailed information on the host.

p<>{color:#000;}. Neutral – When the mother ship sends a high power signal to Earth to activate each nanomole in the brain. An 84 hour countdown begins. Humans go unconscious for thirty seconds before waking up, and go back into the negative stage. Some humans randomly go in and out of the neutral stage. The nanomole is expanding and preparing the neurons, axons and chemical messages in the brain to completely take over the human host.

p<>{color:#000;}. Positive – HBH – Hijacked Brain Humans – The nanomole takes control of a human body and walks to upload areas. Bioparasites (Darclonians in microbes) merge with the nanomole and the humans become DHWs.

  • Humans are able to see, feel and hear everything around them, but can’t control their own bodies and are prisoners.


Nanodrones – Advanced prototype organic nanobots that were specially made to work with Jaden’s body. They work with his body in a collective of different groups and do many tasks.


Nanobots – Metallic, mechanical, microscopic robots that work with Andromedian biomechanical bodies and spaceships.


Optic-warp – The Andromedian species way of traveling through space at a fast rate. The ship approaches a local star at the speed of light, and then the ship breaks down into Quadrillion of molecules and slingshots through subspace at 6-90 second light-years.


Shield technologies


Clockwise – Forward – 2 layers – First outside layer destroys objects by ripping apart its molecules and atoms. A part of plasma gasification. Second layer protects object or person inside the shield with solid energy force. Powerful projectiles can force through shield systems (gravity x force). The person, depending on the speed it traveled, can feel the force inside. The shield can change into any shape.


Counterclockwise – reverse – 3 Layers – First layer slows projectile and absorbs blast. Second layer gravity matrix analyzes material and stays in one place. It then recycles it into the shield whirlpool, which can be turned into a weapon for firing. Third layer protects objects or person inside with a solid force.


Gravity shockwave – It pulls gravity forces from ground level from all directions and leaves a smoky haze. The object caught in the pathway of the weapon instantly loses its gravity and propels forward at high speed. The object suddenly changes directions towards the ground at 3-4 times its body weight.


TC-100 – An instrument that scans through foreign material. It’s like a high powered x-ray scanner that can see inside of aliens and foreign materials.


UF1-retrac team – The UFO police team that specializes in analyzing a
UFO and preparing it for transport to Area 51 for research.
They analyze the ship, check for radiation. They work for the
government in a special sector and are mostly civilians.


Wraithstalkers – Lightly armed Darclonian ships used for recon missions.


BIO-Sapien book 2 - Planet Xenos

After Jaden is rescued after being kidnapped by the Darclonians in book 1, he wakes up in a virtual under water city on a planet called Xenos that is in the Andromeda galaxy 2.3 million light years from Earth. Bellona (his new Bio-mechanical alien friend) informs Jaden of everything that has taken place and he learns about a chain of events that is unfolding for Earth. While on Xenos, Jaden plays in the Andromedian’s futuristic gravity games; flies around the planet without a body by using nanoeyes; observes the planet’s gravity tides; wars; joins a space team; races in (EIS) exoskeleton intergalactic spaceships and plays a virtual game of chess with alien pieces. Bellona befriends Jaden and is his personal escort while he is a guest on Xenos. Bellona unintentionally develops a special interest for Jaden (Bellona used to be a carbon life form in her past life). She tries to understand his Catholic beliefs and explains her people’s long history on religion, technology and why he is there. Even though ten years has passed on Earth, Jaden’s human body has only aged a few weeks. He misses his family, friends and girlfriend back on Earth. Jaden’s travel to the Andromeda Galaxy sets off a chain of events for Earth. Jaden learns of a Darclonian mother ship leaving from another part of the Milky Way Galaxy and heading towards Earth. There are conflicts in the Andromedian elder council on whether it is too dangerous for Jaden to return to Earth by himself. The Andromedians pack Jaden full of prototype organic nanotechnology called nanodrones. The nanodrones run Jaden’s body like crewmembers on the Star Trek Enterprise. The quadrillions of nanodrones BIO-engineers his body, brain & DNA from a Homosapien to a BIO-Sapien. __________________________________ Prologue BIO-Sapien books 1-6 A young man by the name of Jaden is abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion. 150,000 years ago Darclonians began on an experimental dark energy/dark matter weapon that works only with carbon based life forms. The organic subject would eventually die. 100,000 years ago Darclonian probes sought out thousands of planets with life on them that could develop into intelligent life forms. The probes fired Quadrillions of Nanomoles into Earth's atmosphere seeking intelligent life. The Nanomoles hid inside of the modern Homosapien brain and studied humans for thousands of years. The Nanomoles recorded our feelings, memories, emotions, experiences and DNA from generation to generation. Today the Nanomoles await a signal from a Darclonian mothership to begin it's 84 hour three stage countdown. Jaden's bio-engineered body is the key to perfecting the Darclonian's weapon of mass destruction. Jaden becomes a super hero unlike anything ever created before. The rebirth of science fiction begins.

  • Author: Vlane Carter
  • Published: 2017-05-31 06:05:30
  • Words: 61522
BIO-Sapien book 2 - Planet Xenos BIO-Sapien book 2 - Planet Xenos