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Billy the Bug: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!


Billy the Bug

Uncle Amon

Uncle Amon Books


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Table of Contents


Billy the Bug

The Rock Has Moved

Billy the Bug in Caterpillar Conundrum

Billy the Bug in Saving Snails

Billy the Bug in Riding on a Mouse

Funny Bug Jokes

Games and Puzzles

Game and Puzzle Solutions

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[] Billy the Bug

Bill Marvello Oswalt Braxton Bugswell was quite a name to say, but nobody ever did. Everyone just called him, Billy the Bug. It all made sense to Billy. He was a bug you see. He lived in a garden under a big rock. Billy lived there with his family and the rest of the colony. No one ever crawled out from under the rock and saw what there was to see.

Billy was a potato bug. He was light brown and round, and when he got scared he would curl up on the ground. He was very rarely scared, which is strange for a potato bug. Billy wanted to leave the rock and explore his garden home. The rest of his family thought he was crazy.

“Don’t you know there are birds out there?” Billy’s father said to him.

Billy knew, but he also knew that there was more to life than could be found under a rock.

Billy went to see the Elder Bug, a wise old bug who was in charge of the colony. Billy asked him if he had ever left the rock.

The Elder Bug scoffed, “Left the rock! But my dear bug why?”

Billy shrugged and the Elder Bug shook his head as he wandered off. Billy was left wondering why? Why not go out? Why not explore? But the only answer he seemed to get was that no one had before.

So Billy decided it had to be done. He had to see what was out in the sun. He walked over to the edge. He took a deep breath. He dug through the mulch until he saw daylight. It blinded him at first. Then his eyes started to adjust. He could see big green stalks and huge green leaves. He saw colors he had never seen before. Purple, yellow, orange, and red, everything was so bright. Billy could not understand why anyone would live under a rock when there was all this beauty waiting on the other side.

Then Billy heard a “CAWW!” from up in the sky. A big black bird came flying by. It swooped down and grabbed a beetle off a leaf. Billy immediately rolled up into a ball. He stayed very still for several minutes. This was partly because he was scared and partly because he rolled up so fast that it made him a little dizzy.

“AHHH!” yelled Billy as he untucked himself. He ran back to his rock and dug a new hole. His breathing was heavy as Billy tried to get home. He got under the rock then he filled the hole in. Billy could not believe that he had actually done it. He had left the rock. He was not sure how and he was not sure when, but Billy knew that he would do it again. Billy had only been up there a short while, but his trip had shown him the beauty and wonder of the world outside. How could he give that up?

Moral of the story: Get out and see this wonderful world we live in.

[] The Rock Has Moved

Billy the bug was much too adventurous to be a potato bug. Though, Bill Marvello Aballach Braxton Bugswell, that is Billy’s full name, was indeed a potato bug. He lived in a colony of bugs under a big rock in the middle of a garden.

The colony was run by the Elder Bug. Everyone in the colony said that he was the wisest bug they knew. It was his job to read the great scrolls. These papers contained wisdom passed down from the first potato bugs to live under their rock. The scrolls set down the rules for the colony. Being in charge of the scrolls was a very important job and the Elder Bug took his job very seriously.

Then one day the unexpected happened. As all of the bugs were going about their daily chores, sunlight suddenly poured in all around them. The winds blew cold. Billy looked up to see the big rock being carried away. Billy climbed up on the garden mulch and watched the rock get set back down. It really was not that far away at all.

The whole colony was in a panic as Billy returned from the mulch.

“Calm down,” the Elder Bug called out to his people. “I have consulted the scrolls and there is nothing we can do. It is time for everyone to curl up and wait to die.”

“What?!” said Billy, “We cannot just give up. Our rock is only a few feet away. We can all just walk there and we will have a home again.

“I am sorry Billy,” the Elder Bug said. “The scroll says we live under a rock. We are no longer under a rock so now we must die.”

Billy could not believe what he was hearing. Why wasn’t anyone else questioning this? The rock had just been moved to a different part of the garden.

Billy watched in disbelief as everyone else rolled themselves into a ball. Billy knew what he had to do. One by one Billy rolled his friends and family to the safety of the rock. The bugs were so scared that they all stayed in their tucked positions even after they arrived at the rock. Billy tried to get them to relax, but he had a lot of people to move, so he kept moving.

Finally it was all done and Billy yelled, “Hey we are all back under the rock!” All of the potato bugs started to unroll themselves.

When everyone was out of their ball, the Elder Bug gave a big shout, “The scrolls have saved us again!” And everyone let out a cheer. Billy fainted right then and there. Billy had saved the colony, but nobody knew about it. Billy was mad at first, but then he joined in the cheer. It did not matter. He knew what the truth was.

Moral of the story: Doing the right thing is its own reward.

[] Billy the Bug in Caterpillar Conundrum

Bill Marvello Aballach Braxton Bugswell, better known to his friends as Billy the Bug, was getting braver. Only last week he would never have dreamed of being this far away from the big garden rock. Billy is a potato bug. He lives in a colony of bugs that are afraid to leave the rock. Billy is just starting to explore the wide world that he has found in outer space. That is what all of the potato bugs call the space outside of the rock.

Billy walked through the brown mulch of the garden. He looked at all of the different plants and the many different insects. Billy started to climb up a thick green stalk. As he got higher, Billy looked out to see a whole other world that stretched out far beyond the garden walls. He continued to climb as he looked out over the walls. Until he smacked into something.

Billy had no idea what he had hit, but it scared him. When potato bugs get scared they curl up into a ball. Normally this is fine. However, Billy was high up on a milkweed when he curled up. As Billy the bug-ball hit the soft, mulch-covered ground he bounced. He bounced so high, he flew right out of the garden.

This was very bad. Never had a potato bug been this far into outer space. Billy looked up at the milkweed to see what he had hit. It was a giant green and yellow worm. The great lumbering beast did not seem to have noticed Billy at all. It just munched on the milkweed leaves. Billy scurried quickly over to the wall through the tall, green grass.

“I am never getting back to the rock,” Billy said to himself as he tried to get a grip on the smooth surface of the tiled wall.

“I am sorry that I scared you,” said a voice that scared Billy even more as he turned back into a ball. “And I am sorry yet again.”

Billy looked up to see the green and yellow worm staring down at him.

“Hello, I am Christopher the Caterpillar and I feel partially responsible for your situation. So I thought I should try to help.”

The caterpillar dangled one of his tiny arms over the wall. Billy jumped but he could not reach it. So Christopher tried to lower himself down a little. Then he lost his balance and fell right on top of Billy.

Neither bug could climb up the wall. So Billy had Christopher lean against the wall and then he pushed him to the top of the wall. Then Billy climbed up the caterpillar. Billy tried to pull Christopher over the wall but he was not strong enough. Then Billy remembered how he met Christopher. Billy found a stick and lowered it down the wall. Christopher climbed up the stick.

Now both bugs were back home and Billy ran off to tell the other potato bugs about his adventures.

Moral of the story: Never give up. There is always a solution if you look hard enough.

[] Billy the Bug in Saving Snails

Billy the Bug was the bravest potato bug that ever lived under the big garden rock. In fact, he was the only member of his colony to have gone into outer space. Outer space is what the potato bugs call the space outside of the rock. Bill Marvello Aballach Braxton Bugswell, which was Billy’s full name, was not afraid of many things.

One day Billy found himself exploring outer space, when he noticed two snails laughing very slowly.

“Where’s the fire?” The one snail called out as Billy got closer.

“Ha…ha…ha,” said his friend slowly.

Billy wondered what they were talking about. He was not moving very fast at all.

“Hey speedy, got places to go?” the bigger snail asked Billy. Billy was not sure what to say. He could tell from the tone in the snail’s voices that he was being made fun of, but he was not sure why or how.

Billy had decided that he was just going to move on when he noticed a bird circling in the air looking for bugs to eat. The bird let out a call and the snails saw it too. Billy ran to get behind a stone and then he noticed the snails were making a very slow escape. The bird started into a dive and the snails went back in their shells.

“He is going to get you!” Billy yelled. But the snails were already hiding away.

Billy ran over to the bigger snail’s shell and he started to roll it. It was very heavy. Billy grunted and puffed trying to get the shell moving. Finally the shell started to give way and it rolled along the ground. The bird’s claws narrowly missed as Billy moved the shell behind a rock. Billy ran back for the smaller snail as the bird readied itself for another pass. The shell was smaller, but it was almost as heavy as the last one. This time the bird came even closer. Billy gave a big push and then rolled himself up in a ball. He could feel the claws strike against his back as the bird passed.

The snails popped their heads out of their shells. They could not believe how far the potato bug had pushed them in such a short amount of time.

“We were over there, and now we are over here,” the smaller snail marveled.

The snails thanked Billy for helping him and they apologized for being so mean. Billy accepted their apology, but he really had no idea what they were talking about.

Billy returned home to the garden rock and told everyone about his adventures. He talked about the snails and the bird, and the very weird insults he had received.

Moral of the story: Help people even when they are mean to you. Kindness is love.

[] Billy the Bug in Riding on a Mouse

Bill Marvello Aballach Braxton Bugswell, was always called Billy the Bug by his friends and family. He was the absolute bravest bug in the colony. His colony was under a rock located in a garden. Billy was the only bug in his colony to have gone into outer space. That is what the bugs of the colony called the world outside of their colony.

Billy took the fresh air deep into his lungs. He enjoyed being in outer space. There were so many things to see. Billy took a quick look around to see if any birds or other predators were near. That was when he spied it.

“What is that brown thing in the corner?” Billy asked himself.

It was a moving puff ball. It was not like anything Billy had ever seen before. The puff ball slowly made his way over to where Billy was standing. Billy climbed to the top of the big garden rock to get a better look.

At the top of the rock Billy met two ants who were also watching the puff ball.

“You have never seen a mouse?” asked the bigger ant. Billy shook his head.

The ants explained a lot about mice. Billy was amazed as the creature walked right up next to the rock. It was ten times bigger than the world’s biggest potato bug.

“I dare you to jump on his back,” said the smaller ant.

The ants began to chant as they could see Billy thinking about jumping.

“Come on, do it!” yelled the bigger ant.

Billy did not want to. Then the bigger ant said, “What are you scared?”

Billy needed to prove that he was not scared.

Billy jumped onto the back of the mouse to prove that he was not scared. However, as soon as he touched the mouse’s back, Billy got very scared and rolled up into a ball. The long spindly hairs tickled Billy’s back and he rolled down the back of the mouse and off into the soft padding of the mulch. The mouse barely noticed and only let out a sigh as Billy went rolling off his back.

Billy could hear the two ants laughing hysterically as he returned home to the colony. Billy felt really bad as he found the elder of the scrolls. He told the elder about the ants and his failed attempt to ride a mouse. Billy also explained how the ants had laughed at his fall.

“Never worry about what others think of you.” said the wise old potato bug. “Sometimes saying no to people you do not want to say no to, is the bravest thing you can do.”

The elder made good sense. Billy had let himself get pushed into a bad situation because he was worried about what other bugs thought of him. Billy was a very brave bug. He did not need to prove himself.

Moral of the story: Sometimes saying no is harder and scarier than saying yes, but it is usually smarter.

~ ~ ~

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[] Funny Bug Jokes

Q: What do insects learn in school?
A: Mothmatics!

Q: What do you call a bug that throws trash on the ground?
A: A litter bug!

Q: What did the bee say to the flower?
A: Hi honey!

Q: How do you start a bug race?
A: One, two, flea – Go!

Q: Why are mosquitoes so annoying?
A: They know how to get under your skin!

Q: What did the mother worm say to her son when he came home late?
A: Where in earth have you been!

Q: What can make a glow worm glow?
A: A light meal!

Q: Why is a spider a good swimmer?
A: They have webbed feet!

Q: What has antlers and sucks blood?
A: The moose-quito!

Q: How do you make a butterfly?
A: Throw butter in the air!

Q: What did one firefly say to the other when he left?
A: I have to glow now!

Q: Why did the mosquito go to the dentist?
A: He wanted to improve his bite!

Q: How do fireflies lose weight?
A: They burn calories!

Q: What kind of suit does a bee wear?
A: Buzzness suit!

[] Games and Puzzles

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

[] Game and Puzzle Solutions


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All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction. No part of this book or this book as a whole may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any form or means without written permission from the publisher.

Billy the Bug: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!

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Billy the Bug: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More! Billy the Bug: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!