Bible Stories 1 - The Life Of Jesus And Other Stories From The Old and New Testa


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Coloring Books for Grownups

The Coloring Books for Grownups series in designed for older children and adults of all ages who are looking to escape the trials and tribulations of modern living for a while and simply lose themselves in relaxation.

We have known for a long time that coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain and allows your mind to get some rest, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. It is also well known that concentrating on this stress-free and relaxing activity allows you to forget about your worries and trains the brain to focus, by setting aside everything else for the time you spend coloring. But, more than this, coloring requires the centers of the brain concerned with both logic and creativity to talk to each other, keeping your brain active and helping to develop your vision and fine motor skills.

Perhaps most important however is the simple fact that coloring is fun. It provides a wonderful escape and allows you to express yourself in a way that few other activities can match. You begin with a simple canvas of nothing more than a black line drawing on a white background and a set of colored pencils. From this starting point the world is your oyster and the only thing between you and your finished drawing is your own imagination and creativity. If you want a green rabbit, you can have a green rabbit, and who can question whether or not this is appropriate in your own private, inner and imaginary world.

So, have a go and… Do not let convention get in your way!

Here’s to doing your own thing.


Please note that this kindle book is designed to simply show you the outlines that are available, and to give you some examples of what a finished colored drawing might look like. Please also note that the images in this book are deliberately of a relatively low quality in order to keep the size of the book small and reduce its download time.

To use the book you will need to begin by downloading the high quality outline drawings, that are provided in a separate document, and print these out on your own home printer. Alternatively, you may also take the download file to your local print shop if you wish and ask them to them print them out for you, perhaps in a larger size or on a heavy weight of paper.

To download the outline drawings please click on the link that you will find at the very END of the book.

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Click Here to download the outline drawings

Bible Stories 1 - The Life Of Jesus And Other Stories From The Old and New Testa

Each book in the Coloring Books for Grownups series contains 50 outline drawings ready for coloring and is designed for older children and adults of all ages who are looking to escape the stresses of modern living and simply relax. This the first book in the series depicts biblical stories from both the Old and New Testaments with several drawings showing images of Jesus Christ. Coloring for grown-ups is very popular today and there are many explanations for this interest. Some of the reasons for its popularity include... Coloring Lowers Stress And Anxiety Psychiatrists have long recognized the fact that coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain and allows your mind to rest. Indeed Carl Jung the founder of analytical psychology is known to have given his patients mandalas to color over 100 years ago. In today's hectic world the stress reducing properties of coloring are probably more valuable than ever. Coloring Trains Your Mind To Focus Remaining inside the lines as you color requires focus and while you are concentrating on this stress-free and relaxing activity you can forget about your worries. Coloring is a mental exercise that allows you to set aside everything for the time you spend doing it and this is very important in our hectic world. Coloring Helps In The Development Of Motor Skills And Vision Coloring forces the two sides of your brain to communicate and involves the use of logic (used to color forms) and creativity (as we mix and match colors). This in turn brings the areas of the brain concerned with vision and fine motor skills into play and helps to keep these active and develop them further. It is this aspect of coloring that is being seen more and more as especially valuable for older individuals as many in the medical profession believe that it can delay or possibly even prevent the onset of dementia. Coloring Gives You The Opportunity To Be Social Although you may feel that coloring would be a solo activity its increasing popularity is quickly turning it into a social one. Friends families co-workers and others are getting together to enjoy something to eat and drink and the opportunity to socialize through their shared interest in coloring books. Without doubt this is a wonderful excuse for a party as coloring needs only a minimum of concentration and can easily be done in a group setting. Coloring Lets You Express Yourself There are no rules when it comes to coloring and your coloring book is your coloring book. If you mistakenly color the cat's hind leg green because you mistook it for part of the grass who cares? If you feel like making the sky pink what does it matter? You are allowed to be as creative and experimental as you want to be because this is your coloring book and yours alone. When it comes to picking colors remember that the American artist James Whistler once said "Mauve is just pink trying to be purple."

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Bible Stories 1 - The Life Of Jesus And Other Stories From The Old and New Testa Bible Stories 1 - The Life Of Jesus And Other Stories From The Old and New Testa