Bible Elucidation for Teens

Bible Elucidation for Teens

by K. P. Walker

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Bible Elucidation for Teens

The most important concept to understand is that the Bible is a love story, although it’s not really a story; it’s the record of the loving God reaching out to rebellious humanity. In the beginning the mother of all humanity (Eve) rebelled against God by believing the lie that she could become a god. Rebellion against God means to willfully disconnect from his goodness. This is the definition of sin. God calls out for his disconnected people to reconnect. Turning to God and reconnecting to him is called repentance. This means to turn back to him (permanently). Be aware that without being connected to God you will die twice. First you will die physically (as will everyone), but because you did not reconnect to the eternal power source (God) you will be separated from God for eternity which is the second death. OUCH!

When the mother of all humanity disconnected from God he had to remove her from Paradise because that is where people live with God for eternity. But God being a loving God didn’t kill her immediately, no, instead he created a place to put her. Was it a nice place? You tell me? You’re living in it; or rather slowly dying in it. Yes, God put her in a place where she could die the death she had chosen, but being a loving God he made this planet livable, at least for a short lifetime. This was to give her and all the people born into this universe a chance to reconnect to him (repent).

But here’s where everything hit a snag. Those doomed to die owed one dead body each to Death. So Adam had to die because he owed one dead body, and Eve died because she had a debt also. This being the case Adam couldn’t pay the debt for Eve because everyone owes the same debt. What’s a loving (and living) God to do; cry about lost (and dying) humanity? For a loving God the answer is yes and no.

God laments (feels very sad) for his lost creatures, but he left room for rejoicing because he had planned ahead. Yes, he had made his plan for life before he had even made man. The plan is simple – he would offer a substitute to die in the place of each doomed person. God revealed his plan to the Children of Israel in the wilderness during their trip to the Promised Land (exodus) when he had them sacrifice a lamb for the sins of the people. This was just the pattern to prepare the people so they would understand what was happening when the actual substitute arrived. But this substitute could not be just any animal – no, it had to be a human. But where could the loving God find a sinless man (someone who didn’t owe the sin-debt) to sacrifice for all the people. He couldn’t find one, so he himself became the man, being born of a woman (as all humans are). This real man (not God in man’s skin) had never sinned (separated himself from the loving God) so he was pure and could die for one other person. So which person would that be – you or me?

That was another problem that God solved in his Plan for Life. The gospel according to Matthew showed that this sinless man named Jesus also became the king. But not just any king, no, he was born the King of the Jews (physically) and also of the Kingdom of God (spiritually). When he died his kingdom died with him, but when he was raised from the dead his kingdom was raised to life again also. So all those that were citizens of that kingdom would still be citizens of a real kingdom.

How do you enter this kingdom, what visa and passport will you need? Well, everyone is invited to enter this kingdom, but not just anyone can enter. Is that clear? It works like this: God invites everyone that is living today (yesterday and tomorrow) to enter and many try, but only some are accepted. This is because you must enter by the narrow gate. The narrow gate is Jesus himself. If you try to climb in over a fence then you will be rejected. In fact you will be rejected even if you perform many good deeds, or have read the Bible many times, or have fought hard to save what some call “mother earth”. This kingdom can only be entered by faith in King Jesus.

Faith is beyond belief. First you have to believe there is a God and that he can save you from sin and change you into a new person in Christ according to the Bible. Then you must go one step farther and trust that God will do what the Bible says he will do. This is faith. Your faith will be honored by God because when you have faith his Holy Spirit will enter you. When he enters you, he will have brought your soul into the Kingdom of God. At that point the Holy Spirit will teach you that God has done in you what he said he would. You will have become a child of God in Christ and God will not ever leave you. You will walk in this faith all your life (but you must feed it with Bible reading and doing God’s will). When you die (hopefully of old age) your spiritual heart (not your blood pump) will proclaim that you are a citizen of the Kingdom and you (your spirit) will enter Paradise (yes, like the one Adam and Eve were ejected from).

Compare the ease of faith in Jesus with world religions. One religion says you have to kill people to get the attention of this religion’s god and maybe he will give you entrance to his heaven. Another says you have to rid yourself of all passions and become like a cow to achieve perfection. Another says you can become a god (if you are a male) and get your own planet within this deadly universe. Many old religions say all you have to do to get to heaven is to seriously follow all the religious steps, making pilgrimages (special trips), and giving alms (donations), attending meetings and reading a certain “holy” book. Some modern religions say you must care for the environment and attend to social justice and strive for a one-world order to achieve Utopia on Earth. I hope that you can see that these “religions” all require self-effort, but faith in Jesus relies on God’s effort. There is nothing you can do to “save” yourself, so don’t join with these religions.

As a child of God you must now speak with your Father. This is called prayer. Prayer is a tool of life in Christ. Prayer is like a small child holding his father’s hand and talking with him. Of course God is not like an earthly father, no, he is perfect. He will answer you with yes, no, or not yet but he could give you something spiritually age-appropriate. He loves you more than any human can and with a different kind of love. Human love is a “taking-love”. Taking-love is all about pleasing yourself by doing things that make you feel good, but God’s love is beyond that. It is a “giving-love” (called agape ah-gaa-pay). God will pour this God-love into your heart by his Holy Spirit. In prayer seek to grow in God’s grace (undeserved favor) so you can walk in agape and do his will. When you do his will (as Jesus did) then you will know that you are truly his child.

Now you know how to be “saved” by Jesus so you are ready for the second thing about the Bible. The Bible is all about choices. I’m sure that you know something about choices already. You know the value of choosing between doing your schoolwork and playing on your phone. If you can drive you know that you can choose to speed like your friends or follow the speed limit. You can choose to stay up late instead of going to sleep. Everyone’s choice is his or her own responsibility but each choice produces a consequence. How do you know what is good to choose?

Most people choose to receive what they think will be sweet but not everything turns out as hoped. Some choices produce unwelcome consequences. God puts a choice before everyone when he says, “I cause the heavens and earth to take notice this day that I set before your face the blessing [of life] and the curse [of death] and I say to you ‘choose life.’” What it means is that God has given each person the power over his/her own eternity. As you can guess this is the single most important choice that anyone can make. Unfortunately most teens in trouble are ruled by sin because they have not repented, so they have a very great difficulty choosing what is correct. Sin takes over the brain and produces rebelliousness against what is right (right is what God says) and this shows up in the decisions and actions. When the choice is made to reject the offer of God sometimes the rebelliousness remains in-charge for the whole lifetime. You can see many adults, under the control of sin, in government. Sin loves to be in-charge of everything.

Sin (the state of being separated from God) is generally joked about by teens, but it is a serious and dangerous power. Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin.” Yes, sin is in fact a harsh slave master. It will lead you around by the spiritual slave-ring it puts in your brain. Like a zombie you will no longer be in charge of your own life. You will have to follow what is known as the broad path to destruction (as opposed to the narrow path to life). Sin turns morality upside-down so good is rejected and bad is embraced; lies are acceptable, even honored, but truth is dishonored and rejected. Hatred is normal, especially hatred of all things concerning God (Christians, conservative ideas, Bible, and freedom). Disrespect is commonplace. Self-centeredness is exhibited by all. The apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans (chapter 1 you should read it) that those that thought they were wise actually became fools that were filled with all kinds of wickedness, evil, hatred, and deceit. These people would be insolent (talk back to and argue with parents), be disobedient to parents, be mean-spirited, self-absorbed (too preoccupied with their own activities to care about others) and be unloving. Drinking and partying also become prominent actions. To many teens all this is normal behavior and they laugh about it. But this behavior is a bad choice.

Sin destroys your life and in the end it produces death (eternal separation from God). Isaiah 28 reveals the extreme pride of those enslaved by sin, “Because you have said, ‘We have made a deal with death, and have made a pact with the [Hell] therefore the approaching misery will not touch us when it passes by, for we have made lies our refuge and we have cloaked ourselves with falsehood.’” This is a deception that says you can save yourself (the same deception that religious people cling to). You might ignore self-effort by arguing that death is nothing more than entering an unconscious blackness forever. Well, if that is so, then I say – prove it.

I can prove that the Bible is true. Actually it contains its own proof. The Bible is full of prophecies that told of the coming of the Messiah (King Jesus). The gospel according to Matthew lists lots of fulfilled “Old Testament” prophecies. These prophecies were written 600 to 1000 years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Jesus himself gave a prophecy 40 years before it happened that said the temple would be destroyed (it was – in 70 ad). There are prophecies given about our own time too. One of them was given about 2600 years before it happened and it came true in 1948. That prophecy was about gathering the Jews back into Israel. It was given at least 600 years before Israel was scattered all over the world. Thus the prophecies prove the trustworthiness and truth of the Bible. No other “holy” book can do this. So, since God is willing to tell you the future of things, you should trust him to tell you the truth about your future.

The truth is that you can remain a slave of sin, a zombie (spiritually already dead although walking and talking like your are actually alive) or you can (through repentance) be made alive, completely changed in heart, mind and spirit. You will become a new creation in Christ. You will become a disciple of Christ and be guided by the Holy Spirit as a son of God. (Yes he will adopt you as a son because there are no boys or girls, old or young, black or white people in heaven) Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have real life. Though life is by the grace (unmerited favor) of God, the choice to access that grace is yours – you can choose to remain a zombie or you can have life. If you haven’t done so yet do it now, reject death – choose life!

Martin Luther (famous churchman from the 1500s) wrote in the margin of his Bible “Born once die twice – born twice die once.” This means that those that choose to turn their backs on God are born to die twice, as noted in the first paragraph of this book. They die as all humans do then are separated from God forever (second death). Those that are born twice (first as a baby) and born again by the Holy Spirit (second birth) will only die once. This is because being alive in Christ by the Holy Spirit means there no need for a second death (Hell).

Those who have righteousness through faith are truly alive. Righteousness is doing what is right in God’s eyes. We are not able to do right when under the control of sin but as God’s son the Holy Spirit leads us and we are then put in a position to choose and do what is right. (Read Paul’s letter to the Galatians.) Being alive in Christ is means you will walk by the Spirit (be guided by his presence in you). In fact it is only by the Spirit that anyone can obey the so-called 10 commandments, one of which is to honor (obey) your parents. We also exhibit God’s greatest trait within ourselves – to love one another. This is not physical love that produces children; rather it is a special kind of love that only God has. The Greeks used the word agape (pronounced ah-gaa’-pay) to distinguish this God-love from human love. Humans only know lower levels of love such as friendship as in the word Philadelphia (Brotherly love) and erotic love (lust) which are sin-produced and self-focused. But God’s agape love is others-focused. It is this focus-on-others love that is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit when we become God’s children.

Then there is the other fruit of the Spirit: joy (in the spirit), peace (with God), patience (with others), kindness (to others), moral excellence, faith (acceptance of God’s grace and Christ’s works), humility (confidence in God, not in self-effort), and self-control (the Spirit’s power over self). So when you are strong in the Lord (not in self) you can put on the whole armor of God (found in Ephesians) and can wield the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God).

Now you may ask what else is in the Bible? There are so many gems that this short book can’t list them all, but I’ll give you an overview. There are life stories of people that provide foreshadows of the Christ (the Messiah, the Chosen One, King) and his work of salvation. Look at: Adam, Abraham, Joseph, Samson, Boaz, David, etc. There are people that provide foreshadows of those to be salvaged by Christ. Look at: Eve, Isaac, Jacob’s family, Joseph’s offspring, Ruth, etc. There are examples of the work and function of Christ. Look at: the Ark (of the flood), the Exodus, the serpent on a pole, and the story of Ruth. There are many hundreds of prophecies concerning the Christ. You could even make a game of finding the Old Testament prophecy and the fulfilling verse from the New Testament. But I guess you’re reading this short free book so you won’t have to do any “homework.”

- Jesus of the tribe of Judah:

Genesis 49:10 – Luke 3:33 and Revelation 5:5

- No bone broken (when Jesus was the sacrifice for us):

Psalms 34:20 – John 19:36 (but note this was also covered in the ritual of the Hebrews while on their Exodus – Numbers: 9:12 and also note the fulfillment John 6:54)

Do you see how fun this can be? One thing frequently leads to another.

- Jesus was insulted, his hands and feet pierced, and soldiers cast dice for his cloak: Psalms:22 – Matthew 27.

- Jesus is God’s son:

Psalms 2 – Matthew 3:17

- Jesus is a man:

Jeremiah 30:21 – Luke 2:7

- Jesus was born of a virgin:

Isaiah 7:14 – Luke 1:31-35

- Israel restored as a nation:

Ezekiel 38:8 (About 600 BC) – 1948 AD

- The Anti-Christ:

Ezekiel 28 and in Revelation 13, a 2600 year old prophecy and one 2000 year old prophecy that will come true in the future.

With what I just listed I hope you realized that the so-called Old and New Testaments could be renamed Prophecies and Fulfillment. For the “Old” Testament tells about the coming of Jesus, and the “New” Testament tells about Jesus fulfilling those prophecies. The prophecies are easy to identify and if you know the life of Jesus you can easily identify its fulfillment.

To show you how interesting the Bible really is I want to show you how Adam was a foreshadow of the Messiah, Jesus, and how Eve was a foreshadow of fallen humanity. [Read Genesis 2:18 to 3:20 if the story is not fresh in your mind.] For those that didn’t actually make the effort to look up those verses I’ll give you the short version. The woman wanted to become a god. She disobeyed God (ate the fruit offered by Satan) and got condemned and banished from Paradise. All her offspring (mankind) were also condemned to death. So you won’t have to read one of the four gospels I’ll give you the corresponding short version of the story of Jesus, saving “Eve”. To save Eve God wanted to become a man and did so through a woman. As the man Jesus he obeyed God (didn’t eat the fruit offered in the wilderness by Satan) but got condemned anyway and died. God raised him to Paradise. All his offspring (those born again of the Spirit) are going to have life in Paradise.

Now I’ll dissect this into the long version and show how Adam and Eve foreshadow Jesus and humanity. It was Eve that was deceived by the serpent. She demonstrated that she didn’t even understand God’s command. She believed the lie of the serpent who told her she would become like a god knowing good and evil. She provides a great example of humanity. Adam knew Eve had sinned (died spiritually). He knew she would have to leave Paradise. He didn’t have to leave Paradise. But she was “bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh,” created out of him. He made a conscious decision to follow her into her exile from Paradise because he loved her. So he purposely ate the fruit and was exiled from Paradise with her.

Now consider what Jesus did. He knew what he was doing when he was in Paradise but he chose to become a man to be with us on death planet. He came because he loved his bride and wanted her back in Paradise. Note that everything Eve had done Jesus had to undo, so everything that he did was in reverse of what was done in Paradise. Eve had wanted to be a god, and Yahweh (Jesus in heaven) wanted to be a man. Thus, as she was made from a man (with no woman’s participation) so Jesus was born of a woman (with no man’s participation). As she was lax in her knowledge of God’s will, Jesus was fully conversant in that will. As she strayed from that will, Jesus walked dutifully in that will. She got condemned for her disobedience (ate the fruit), but he did not “eat the fruit” offered by Satan (when he was tempted in the wilderness) but still got (unlawfully) condemned. Eve and Adam eventually died, and Jesus too received the total penalty for being a man in this universe, death, but he was rightfully raised from death and returned to Paradise. The descendants of (born out of) Eve were all condemned to death. Those born-again in Christ will be forgiven and given life. These people comprise the invisible church, the “Bride of Christ” whom Jesus loves and they represent the second Eve. This second Eve will be returned to Paradise.

Don’t forget Adam. As Eve was created out of Adam, even so the second Eve is created out of Jesus. Adam was the king of the world, a kingship that was subsequently stolen by Satan, but Jesus took the kingdom back from Satan and became king of the world. It was the King that died in the place of his subjects. It was the King that was raised to life and with him his kingdom and also its citizens are raised. Jesus will rule on death planet Earth for a thousand years in the so-called Millennium and in the New Jerusalem he will rule forever in the new heavens and the new earth (and the current heavens and Earth created for death will themselves be destroyed).

Lots of stories in the “Old” Testament provide patterns for what Jesus did and will do. You can find some of them in the list I provided to you. As you have probably guessed by now the Bible is all about Jesus and is full of wonderful foreshadows like Adam and Eve. But you’ve got to read the Bible to find them, so plan to do that. And I hope you have some friends to discuss the exciting foreshadows with; it makes Bible reading not just valuable, but a lot more fun.

The Bible is not a boring book, nor is it too large and old fashioned. There are many fun things to investigate. Did you know there are two “genealogies” of Jesus in the New Testament? Did you know that one man died childless yet he is listed as having a “son”? (See Jeremiah 22:30) {Caution: the Bible is not wrong but you may have to read one of my books listed at the end of this free book to find out how this works.} Did you know that God gave you a map to guide your spiritual growth? Yes, from the time you enter Christ until the time you enter spiritual maturity God has it all laid out. Did you know that images of people were forbidden by God (Second Commandment), yet God provides a “portrait” of the Christ in the Old Testament? Did you know Jesus spoke about zombies (using different words)? Do you know the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven? Did you know that there is a training manual for Christians in their daily walk by the Spirit? Do you know what gave Jesus the right to die for us all? (Actually I already answered that question. Did you catch it?) The Bible provides all these things I mentioned and more. It’s an exciting book and essential for knowledge of life. Read it!

I told you that the Bible is a love story. John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Verses 17 to 21 are also important and essentially say that this love story has both a tragic and happy ending. There are many people that will foolishly reject life. God mourns their disastrous decision, but on the other hand there are many that have already and will in the near future accept the offer God extends to everyone. You can read about their happy destination at the end of the book of the Revelation to John. Let me put it to you this way – You have no other option, you must choose life or death. {A word of caution to you. If you don’t choose you will die twice. If you choose half-heartedly then turn away again you will have chosen death. Death is the track that all are born on and you must choose Jesus to get off that death-track and on the track to life.) Don’t be foolish; join us in the New Jerusalem in the new heavens and earth, the ones built for eternal life. The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” Repent and live forever with the King. The choice is yours – make it now.

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If reading the Bible sounds difficult you could purchase the four books by K. P. Walker called The Way to Life series. These books explain the Bible in a way that anyone can understand and answers all the questions raised in the closing segment. The first book of the series is Plan for Life. It offers a lot more about the examples of Jesus in the Old Testament, and it introduces God’s great Plan for Life while revealing the guidebook for your walk in Christ. This is essentially a figurative map used by all repentant people as they travel to the “Promised Land.” It also reveals the portrait of Christ. Plus there are chapters devoted to serpents and zombies that you won’t want to miss. The second book is KING Jesus and is all about how Jesus got to be recognized as the king. It also explains about the kingdoms. There is also a chapter about what was going on in the spirit realm. The third book is Life in Christ a book about living the Christian life using the handbook from the Bible. It has chapters on faith, prayer and the Christian walk. The last book of the series is The Living End a book that looks at the end time and looks at the Harlot, the wild beasts and reveals the meaning of 666. These books are only needed if you want to get an insightful overview of the Bible. Oh and if you want an entertaining look at death and the apocalypse then try the Christian fiction book Death Planet Tourist, but be prepared for aliens. So now you have a lot of other choices.

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