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BHANGARH: Spending one night there.



Spending one night there.

A search for truth\

among rumors.


Som Saxena

Dedicated to BABA!

“Even today, I have kept

you alive somewhere in

my subconscious.”

I used to be an atheist. Yes, I never believed in god my entire life so far. But one day, god made me face reality.

Based on true life incidents. None of the part of this book contains any kind of fiction.

“Aaj m aap sabko ek kahaani sunana chahata hun…

Ye kahaani Bhangarh ke baare mai hai..

Bhangarh kiley ki ginti duniya k sabsey bhootiya jagahon mai ki jaati hai…

Mai wo shaks hun jisne bhangarh ke kiley m ek raat guzaari hai..

Toh kya mujhe wahan kuch ajeeb ya alag mehsoos hua?

Mai aap sabko iss sawaal ka jawaab abhi ke abhi de dena chahata hun…

Par ye wo sawaal hai jiska jawaab itna aasaan nahi…”


You people are not literary experts, yet you made me realize that the world wants to hear my story. You people made me realize that my story is interesting. You made me realize that my book was a booker material just by hearing the tale once. Without you people I would have never came across as an author in me. For that I would like to thank you Tushar Saksena, Tanay Saksena, Prajal Audhaliya, Monica Saxena and Sonia Saxena.

Also, I would like to especially thank you sir, Mr. Priyanshu Sharma for your small motivational talks between the lectures that made me aware about the fact that anybody can do anything, it’s just a matter of strong desire.

I would like to thank my “Chief Editor” Charvi Mathur for editing my book. Thank you for correcting the flaws in such a short duration.

I would like to thank Vibhu Katara, Mrigank Singh and Shubham Jain. You people are not aware about the fact, but the day when I had a small conversation with you people, suddenly my views about existence of god were clear.

Sarthak, Mudit, Harshita, Sarika, you are the most amazing people I have ever seen in my entire life. Without you people I would have never experienced this.

Special thanks to all the reviewers for whatsapping your valuable reviews every day before sunset.

One fine day I was having an argument with my friend cum mentor, he- a believer in God whereas, I used to be an orthodox atheist those days. He is an IIT- Bombay alumnus, and he told me that “there is motion in the world and whatever is in motion is moved by another thing. Now this thing must be moved by something, to avoid an infinite regression we must have a “first mover”, which is god” he claimed. Well, in my opinion he is right to a certain extent, but he never believed in devils. Also during the discussion, I told him that science also states that “Energy always stays conserve” so if god is positivity, then there must be negativity too, just to make the energy conserve. But he never believed me, until “that” day.

“Raat kitni bhi bhayanak kyun na ho,

Subah zaroor hoti hai”

“No matter how dangerous the night is,

The morning definitely comes”


“Jism par lagi hui chhot toh theek ho hi jaati hai samay k saath, aey bhagvaan..

Par agli nasal m kuch aesi indriaan daal dena jo ruhh par lagi hui chot ko bhi theek kar sakey”

“Theek se soye hue arsey beet gaye hain,

Jab bhi aankh band karney ki koshish karta hun, ruhh par lage ghaav phir jaga deytey hain…”

-Som Saxena


I was in Jaipur that day and meeting Mudit and Sarthak was the plan for the day. I had been very excited all morning as I was going to see our gang of three after so much time. This was the first time in two long years when we were finally having a get together. We have been friends since forever and have done all amazing stuff together.

Mudit and Sarthak used to live near my place in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur when we were kids… Initially, I never considered Sarthak and Mudit as good guys because of their fondness for drugs, cigarettes, liquors and girls. But when one night I was coming home from a party all alone late at night, I passed from a small isolated narrow place where I saw Mudit and Sarthak for the first time in my life there sitting in a corner smoking and taking long puffs of god knows what, one by one. As I was passing by, some robbers appeared from nowhere and started threatening me. I can tell it from their accent that they belonged to states like U.P or Bihar. Then Mudit and Sarthak appeared, fought with those robbers as if it was their daily job and saved my ass that day. Since then our chemistry started building, we got to know each other better. I started sharing my secrets with them and they did the same too. That life saving incident got me closer and closer to both of them, which changed my life dramatically. Yes, I used the word “dramatically” because I used to be a nice, sober and innocent middle class man at that time and they were rich spoilt brats of a rich father, much above my standards. They managed to shack my core beliefs, prospective towards life, greatly influenced my personality and injected me with their adventurous “living life to the fullest” virus.

“Buraaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Mudit said as I saw him smiling while looking at me. I smiled back. He came running towards me from a distance and hugged me tightly. I was extremely happy that this reunion was finally happening, and there were violins playing melody tunes in my heart. No, I am not gay. This happens when you see your best friends after such a long time; at least it happened with me that time, at that very moment.

Mudit is now turned into a grown up man with a masculine body and manly beard. Standing tall at six feet with those broad shoulders he could make anyone conscious of his physique. He has been a fitness freak since eternity. But this time he was looking much more mature and bigger than ever. We have grown up together, but he shifted from Jaipur to Delhi in search of a decent engineering college which was his priority then. On the other hand I decided not to leave my hometown and ended up taking admission in Jaipur itself. Since, he was in town after ages, we decided to compile back our gang of three. There could not have been a better occasion as it was my best friend’s birthday that day. So we decided after a long discussion that we must spend some time together in Jaipur. Mudit took his phone out and rang up the third one, the best one, the adventurous one, the coolest one. “Sarthak” he was.

Mudit dialed his number and put the phone on loud speaker.

Mudit: Hello.

Sarthak picked up the phone and then suddenly without taking a moment, he disconnected the call.

Mudit: What happened to him Som.?

Som: I don’t know. Maybe you should try calling him one more time.

Mudit dilled Sarthak’s phone number again.

Fortunately, this time he picked the call and did not cut. But we could hear some strange noises coming from the other side, like someone was shouting at Sarthak. Loud, like really really loud.

Mudit: What are you doing bro? Where are you?

Sarthak: “This Harshita is bothering me so damn much, all over again”.

He said in a frustrated tone.

Mudit, asked strangely: What? What happened?

Sarthak: Just don’t ask. Don’t, he shouted in a frustrated voice all over again. This time he was frustrated at us for putting many questions in front of him.

Mudit: Okay, we are coming to your place dude. Stay calm and don’t do anything stupid on your part.

Mudit dropped the call and looked at me;


Both of us burst out laughing loud at his helplessness in front of his girlfriend. Then after some time, both of us stopped to gasp some oxygen. We both took some deep breathes to control our laughter.

Looked back at each other and again started laughing.

Harshita and Sarthak were in a relationship since last five years, and they fight every day. Like seven days in a week, 30 days in a month, and 365 days in a year. Yes, they also fight on each other’s birthday like they were fighting today. But still, the fact remains unchanged that they were the cutest couple I have ever seen. I mean that. They never had a breakup till to date. They do fight, but they are happy with each other’s imperfections. They were in love.

Mudit drove for about 30 minutes, and we finally reached Sarthak’s flat. Even though his hometown is Jaipur itself but still he has rented a flat, just because his “better half”, his girlfriend needs privacy for both of them. He had been paying Rupees 5000 every month for that privacy since last five years. Rich people, Rich habits.

As we entered his flat, the main gate was already ajar. But his car in the garage confirmed his presence, yet none of them were visible anywhere in the house. There were clothes and beer bottles on the floor, everywhere. Then Mudit saw smoke coming out from one of the rooms and whispered in my ear, there he is “our brother”. We started walking inside, there was so much dirt was everywhere like the last time they seemed to clean this place was five years ago. As we stood just behind the gate, we heard Harshita saying something angrily to Sarthak.

Harshita: You always do this to me.

Just then, I whispered in Mudit’s ear “Dude! Should we open the gate and walk in or not?”

And he replied back “Obviously not. We just saw clothes lying outside, we could disturb their privacy” and winked looking at me.

I was about to smile back at him when suddenly Harshita came outside the room crying and yelling something. As she saw me standing there, she came and hugged me tightly. So tightly, that she managed to crush my left rib.

Harshita: “He always does this to me” she said sobbing.

Drops of tears were rolling from her eyes like she was badly hurt by something Sarthak had done.

Som: What happened? I asked Sarthak to explain me what was exactly going on between the two of them.

Sarthak “SHE IS CRAZY AND IMMATURE. TELL HER TO LEAVE.” He said in a really angry voice.

I pulled Harshita away who was still sobbing in my arms, and asked her,

What happened Harshita?

Harshita said, pointing her finger at Sarthak, “THIS MORON…”

Suddenly Mudit bursting laughing at the way Sarthak was insulted by his girlfriend, and he rolled down on the floor holding his stomach, and continued this for quite some time. I on the other hand, could not control it too. I looked at Mudit and even I started laughing completely ignoring Harshita who was still crying. In a while we both were rolling on the floor laughing. Meanwhile, Harshita still stood there, staring at us in utter disbelief, constantly. I stood up, came out of the joke that only I and Mudit share till date. Then I stopped Mudit from laughing and the atmosphere of the house was again serious.

I grabbed Harshita’s hand and took her inside.

The room was completely filled with smoke. Clothes were lying everywhere. Sarthak was “sitting on the bed” inside. “Lying on the bed” must be more appropriate to use. He was lost in his thoughts, as always. Smoking puffs of Marijuana (As known as Ganja). He looked like Bob Marley. Black dark circles just under the eyes. His big beard and mustache indicated that he was not interested in the shit that was happening around him.

He was not aware about the personality that god has gifted him, at 6.2 feet height and broader chest than Dara Singh, he must consider himself lucky. He was so giant looking guy that when he enters a room, the light goes dim due to his shadow. He was the owner of a great personality and he was ruining it badly, really badly.

Harshita: See, this is the problem. He has gone crazy. He is becoming an addict.

I snatched the roll of Marijuana from his hand and gave it to Mudit.

Som: What are you doing to yourself Sarthak? You are wasting your life and she is concerned about you and your health. Don’t you know that she loves you? At least respect that, and do as she instructs you to.

I commanded.

Sarthak pointed at Mudit Twice, asking me to look at him and smiled.

I turned around to see what Mudit was up to. He was sitting right behind me in the exact position as students of school sit when teachers awards them punishment, taking puffs of Ganja as hard as he could. And I gave him a disgusted ‘what the hell are you up to now?’ look.

Sarthak and Mudit started laughing at my reaction.

Even Harshita joined them.

I was happy to see her smiling after such a long time.

I first met Harshita in school, she was my classmate. At that time she used to have a comely figure which was stem thin. When I first adored her wheat-ish complexion, she must belong to the “Sindhi community”, I thought to myself. Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her for the first time. I yelped at being caught. She stared at me, and broke into a smile, her beguiling oyster-white teeth lit up the room. Her baby pink lips looked like rose petals. I always adored her bouncy personality and the sugary voice. Harshita has been one of the most innocent people, I have ever met. With the heart of a five year old and body of a perfect teenage girl she is the deadliest combination. Hitler would have used her as a lethal weapon against other countries if she would have existed at that time, I thought to myself. She has been my friend since childhood, and I introduced Sarthak to Harshita exactly five years ago from today. I understand her even better than Sarthak sometimes. We share a common way of looking at things, which I believe has kept our friendship alive for so long. We never admitted this fact because it would have affected her relationship with Sarthak, but deep down, in our hearts, both of us knew it. I believe that it is not easy to stay in a relationship when you don’t like so many things about your partner. Still she stayed with Sarthak, when he needed her the most. She managed everything so easily, I respect her for that. Till today, I have a soft corner for her located somewhere at the deepest bottom of my heart.

“Okay, Harshita and Sarthak now I don’t want to see both of you fighting at least till I am here. Leave all your grudges aside and behave normally with each other”

I said in a very polite manner.

And they both nodded their heads; I knew they will start fighting again as soon as I leave, but was happy that their fighting sequence at least came to a halt, till we were together.

Mudit: what’s the plan for tonight? He asked me lifting one of his eyebrows.

Som: I think we should hit some club or bar nearby tonight. I know some good places to hangout. Let the liquor flow. Let’s celebrate this moment.

I said laughingly.

Then I asked Harshita, would you mind joining the Three Musketeers, tonight? To which her face immediately lit up and she said- Of course yes. I would love to hang out with you guys.

I hope your family won’t have an issue? I questioned.

They will never know, she said giving a ‘I am so clever expression’

And how is that going to happen? I asked being a little worried.

My family is out of the town for a week, and according to them their sweet innocent daughter will sleep till 10 at her own place, inside her own blanket.

I smiled looking at her. Deep inside, I was really happy that I’ll be getting to spend some quality time with my childhood friends, after a long time.

Okay great. So let’s hit the bar tonight then. Done everybody? I asked in excitement looking at Sarthak and Mudit

Mudit nodded. Mudit seemed to agree with me and then I looked at Sarthak.

He was nodding his head from left to right, and said slowly. YOU. ARE. THE. WORST. PLAN. MAKER. SOM. He said, giving a disgusted expression.

Everybody started laughing.

You must be having a better Idea then? I asked him being a little sarcastic.

Let’s hit Bhangarh fort tonight. He said, in a very casual tone.

Mudit made a strange expression and said,

HAHA! You cannot visit Bhangarh fort after 6o’clock, it gets shut down after sunset. This is the Game of Indian Archeological Authorities’, baby.

Sarthak looked at Harshita deep in the eyes stared there for exactly quarter of a minute and then smiled devilishly looking at me.

I was worried of this expression; I have known Sarthak since forever and I am aware about each and every espy bitsy of his life. I was worried because when he made a plan last time we ended up being in a jail for two nights. Apart from this, he has violated almost every rule that exists in India and also he has also been to Jaipur jail three times in a row last year. Even the inspector of police knows him now. When we were going to Ajmer on our bikes last time and a traffic police officer asked him why he was not wearing his helmet and threatened him for penalty aggressively, when we were a few kilometers away from Ajmer. Sarthak grabbed his neck and pushed him away and shouted on him “DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE. I DON’T LIKE IT. He is short tempered, unpredictable as well as crazy. That makes me afraid of his smile.

After which he instructed Harshita to tell us about their plan that they have made together previously.

Harshita said, Sarthak has developed this strange fantasy of visiting and spending one night at the world’s most haunted places. Bhangarh’s fort being the nearest and most famous, he insists on visiting this place first. She further added, He is so much excited because, he has purchased camping equipments for all of us.

Mudit and I looked at her with a surprised expression.

She continued,

Yes, I know it may sound weird but even I am fascinated by his idea. I mean, isn’t it interesting to stay there one night all alone without any resources or support?

But I have heard so many rumors and stories about that place. It is a sick idea. Mudit said, with a hesitation in his voice.

That’s not true baby, localities have made those junk stories.

Sarthak exclaimed.

But there must be something there, there has to be a reason for it being in the topmost list of “one of the most haunted places in the world”.

Mudit further put his petition forward.

Well, in that case, you have to dip your finger in water to check how warm it is. Sarthak told Mudit.

I was quite, during this conversation. Literally quite, I was listening to each one of them closely. Thinking deeply that where do theses stupid ideas originate from? Imagining where all of it could end up. Mudit’s words were spinning in my head. I was analyzing the risks involved, going to a place illegally midnight that too with a girl and I was regretting my decision to join them.

I am not up for this plan. THIS IS DANGEROUS. I said, seriously this time.

Everybody started looking at me.

What? I asked.

You are a coward. Said Sarthak, in full disagreement with my decision of not going to Bhangarh fort with them.

We will have fun dear. Harshita said, in excitement.

I moved my head from left to right, Harshita and Mudit turned their heads toward Sarthak as if they were indicating him to convince me.

Then he smiled and said.

What is the best and most adventurous thing that you have done in your life Som? He threw at me, the most difficult question which I always avoid. I have never been willing to take any risks in my life and therefore, I said, maybe cheating in the exams.

Everybody started laughing.

See? That is the difference, when you will ask me the same question I can answer it in more than ten thousand words. I have been to Leh and Ladhak, I have been to Kerala. I have touched the head and toe of India. Apart from that I have been to Australia, where I clicked a picture thousands feet above the ground. I have done underwater diving in Goa. Just name it and I can say confidently staring in your eyes “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”. You see the difference? You are the own writer of your life, and your story lacks action and adventure. Even movies without action and adventures are flop show these days.

OH YOU DON’T THROW PHILOSOPHY AT MY FACE. Yes because you are rich, your father has an already built up huge business empire. On the other hand responsibilities are my legacy. I said, a little irritated.

He then whispered slowly making a cute face this time,

“It’s my birthday Som.” Will you not do what I wish for even for a day?

I nodded.

The next thing I remember, I was packing my stuff for spending a night at Bhangarh fort, for the sake of my best friend’s happiness on his birthday.

Unexpected turns.

Mudit decided to drive the car that day and it was against Sarthak’s self respect to sit on back seat. So ultimately, to my luck I ended up sitting with Harshita on the back seat. I was sitting there in the car, on the back seat like a gentleman with my best friend. I was still thinking of something that could change our plan to visit Bhangarh fort at night. It was already 10 o’ clock by then and I was afraid of spending the entire night at India’s most haunted place. I stupefied the idea slowly thinking that they will get convinced.

“Maybe we should visit Bhangarh tomorrow morning”. I said, hoping to get a positive reply from Sarthak and Harshita.

Sarthak said laughing, “the ghosts won’t wait for us till morning dude. Be a man and enjoy the party!”

I came downstairs and without a word sat in the car. Meanwhile the two of them were busy packing their stuff, I quickly Googled about Bhangarh’s fort, out of curiosity and came to know that no one is allowed to hangout in the premises once sun sets and strict restrictions have been imposed in order to keep people away from the place. The rules claim that, even if you are inside you have to leave the fort before dusk and the entrance is then prohibited. Also, government has placed a notice board at the main entrance that says:

“Visiting the fort before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited and if rules are violated legal action would be taken.”

“There were rumors that spirits roam inside the fort after dusk”, which made me more uncomfortable to celebrate my best friend’s Big Day!

I was not afraid about the ghosts, I was afraid about breaking the rules and about trespassing there midnight. I wanted to scream in Sarthak’s ear that I am afraid of going to prison, that clearly, you are not. You idiot.

Instead, I showed myself as the brave, grown up boy who could handle ghosts all alone, and I smiled looking at him, as if I liked his joke.

Meanwhile Mudit was busy chatting with someone on his phone.

Mudit started the car and Looked back at us and shouted in excitement

“Everybody ready?”

We nodded.

He screamed, even louder this time “JAI BHOLEY NAATH.”

And to this we joined him. I was praying of not being arrested by the fort authorities and the other three prayed to encounter ghosts. Even though they didn’t admit this, but I could read it on their face, what evil plans they had for the night.

Now, the journey begins from Jaipur to Bhangarh. After driving the car around a mile, Mudit stopped near an isolated old place where bunch of huts existed. He looked at Sarthak and winked. Sarthak winked back at him. I was not aware what was happening.

Mudit got out of car, looked at me from the half opened window and said that he needed some medicines from here and would be back in a minute. Even Harshita looked surprised this time. I never knew that he was taking some sort of medicines and these medicines were also available in huts now-a-days. I asked Sarthak, Why were you both making such strange expressions?

Sarthak winked at me and said, you will discover it soon.

I have always been afraid of his winks for two reasons: either they put you behind the bars, or on the other hand, he has something devilish cooking inside his head.

After around ten minutes Mudit returned with a big black polythene bag in one hand which he was swinging from right to left and at the same time he was hiding something in his jacket with his other hand. He was smiling looking at me.

He opened the door, came in and handed the black polythene bag to me and said, that’s for you my dear friend.

I opened the bag, unwrapped the newspapers that were inside and discovered five kilograms of grilled chicken inside. Fresh, hot and ready to consume. I have loved grilled chicken since always, and because he knew I was not feeling comfortable going to Bhangarh midnight, so he bought chicken. He was well aware that chicken was my one and only weakness. That is what happens when you are with your best friends; have got a super strong connection with them, so strong that they can tell everything about you just by looking at you. They know you inside out, they can tell about your mood. They understand you and then they know your weaknesses too. They use them wisely, very wisely.

I repacked the polythene bag and placed it on the dashboard behind me. With an ideology of saving these resources for future use.

Then Mudit said aloud and with pride looking at Sarthak- and this is for us, my Casanova, taking out things that he hid in his jacket.

He was carrying a bottle full of liquor that he had hidden inside his jacket

They exchanged a high- five then.

We all laughed together.

Then I murmured, “And this is your medicine, you were going to purchase so readily.”

Everybody laughed again.

But it was strange, where did he get it from, it was around 11 o’ clock and according to Rajasthan’s law buying and selling of intoxicant liquors is not allowed after eight.

I asked curiously.

It’s not legal to purchase liquor after eight, where did you get it from?

Mudit said, “Everything is legal when you pay double” and laughed.

Then we resumed our journey. Even I was feeling better this time; after all we were together after so long and we were happy. Mudit again drove for around ten minutes and stopped the car in the center of the street.

Harshita asked him laughing this time, “Need more medicine now?”

And everybody laughed, except Mudit.

He gave a serious look to Harshita, after which took his phone out and dialed someone; he laid his phone on speaker to let us be a part of the game too. This time even Sarthak looked surprised.

Mudit said in a romantic tone, “what’s up baby?”

A girl from the other side replied.

“Ummm…sleepinggg yaar.”

To which Mudit said very seriously, I am coming to the balcony.

Her siesta suddenly broke down.

She freaked out and said in disbelief, “what? No way. Where are you?”

At the end of your lane. Said Mudit very coolly.

“No…No…Don’t come here, you will wake my parents and we could both get into some serious trouble”… said the stranger, worried.

“Oh! Thanks for informing that your parents are sleeping. Wait for me baby. I am coming. We need to talk about some serious business.” He instructed her.

The girl said, Arey!! Meray buddhu….listen Na baba…They jus…

She was trying to say something meanwhile Mudit ended the call leaving her sentence incomplete. Then he got out of car. I tried to stop him “Hey Mudit where are you going…Listen…”

But he was not in a mood to stop. We were looking at him from the car. He went near a huge villa that was located at the other end of street. There was no proper lightning in that area but the lights of the entire villa were turned on. Making the huge mansion clearly visible from a distance of five miles. But Mudit never cared about getting caught, we saw him climbing the front wall then he jumped from that wall and grabbed the railings of outward lying balcony mid air, pulled his long legs upward and somehow managed to climb it. Then we saw a girl there, he took her inside the room that was attached to the balcony. Meanwhile Sarthak said looking at me.

“WOW!!” Making a proud expression, the one which people usually make when they are about to receive an award.

“This is crazy man. Sarthak what are you feeding him these days? I will tell him not to be with you so often.”

She said amazed by what Mudit had just done.

“These balconies are made for this purpose only. One day I will also take you away in the same manner baby”.

He said in a romantic voice, looking straight into Harshita’s eyes.

It was indeed romantic. She Said looking in Sarthak’s eyes and started blushing.

I was stunned. I mean, if Mudit wanted to meet a girl, he could have done it tomorrow morning. Why now? I thought to myself.

There is no point in taking risks all the time, everyday, at every point of life I believe. If her parents will catch him sneaking in their daughter’s room via balcony at eleven o’clock, then they are going to kick his ass, like real hard and then we will end up ruining our trip as a consequence. I was thinking all of this when I saw Mudit coming out from the front gate of that mansion grabbing hand of a girl and with a school bag hung on his back.

That nerd like looking girl with small height and thick spectacles on her nose looked really scared while coming out with Mudit.

I asked Sarthak, “What is he doing? Who is she?”

“Well! Our friend got company”.

He said, making a proud expression.

They came near the car running, he opened the door and requested me to shift to the front seat and drive the car. He wanted to sit on back seat with Harshita and his own personal geek. I quietly slipped to the front seat from the space between both the front seats without coming out of the car.

That short girl was literally shivering either due to cold weather or she was really afraid of what she was up to now with Mudit and all of us. She looked like a depressed turtle that has no mood to come out from its nutshell. She was afraid of something. There was an awkward silence in car maybe due to her presence. None of us knew her, except of course Mudit. The way she was looking at each of us was strange. She was biting her nails. Like literally cutting them down to pieces, each finger one by one.

Mudit hugged her and whispered in her ear, dear don’t be afraid, they are all my friends and don’t worry we will come back before tomorrow’s morning. Even if we won’t be able to make it that early, you can call your father and tell him that you went for your daily morning jog a little too early even before they woke up.

After all this she was still quiet, biting her nails. So we decided to spend some time on a tea stall that was located on Jaipur highway to make her comfortable with us.

I drove till there and parked the car near the tea stall. We got out of the car and ordered five cups of tea and I also ordered a large size chips packet for the geek girl. I thought at first, that she would say thank you for this but she was much more typical character than I thought. Even after this unacknowledged packet of chips I gifted to her, I wanted to initiate a conversation with her, still hoping to make her comfortable in our company.

“Hie! What’s your name?”

I asked, putting my hand forward for a casual handshake.

“I am Sarika” she said, and we shook hands with each other.

And you are Mudit’s friend? I asked an obvious question just to continue the conversation.

“Yeah. Kind of, we were classmates in school and he used to sit next to me during board examinations”. She said with a bit of hesitation in her words.

“Oh! Now I get it completely”.

I said, teasing our new group member.

“Got what?”

She asked amazed.

“The trick behind him passing his class 12 board examinations”. I chuckled.

Everybody accompanied me with laughter including her.

We chit chatted a little there. She seemed to like our group, including the cool and serious ones at the same time. After which Harshita had some deep heart open conversation with her and during that time we were busy looking for navigation up to Bhangarh in our smart phones. Yeah! Girls understand each other better, maybe or she was not comfortable talking to me or with the big beard and moustache guy Sarthak maybe. Later on, we came to know through Harshita that this Sarika is daughter of a big businessman of Jaipur. They are basically from Trivantampuram. I have a mentality in life, that every Tom Dick and Harry who belongs to south India is a genius and a passionate person. Even I was right that day, Sarika was one of the science stream board toppers of Rajasthan. That tells a lot about the life of a girl who was behind those thick glasses. It also explains a lot about her fears and makes it obvious that she has never even thought about doing something like a night out. We still don’t know, what tricks did Mudit used to convince her in the room, which was attached to balcony, that made her leave her house from the front door and joined us to stay alone for a night, that too in Bhangarh. I can assure you, that Mudit has not told her where we were heading to and what were our plans for that night. Or else she would not have joined us. She also told us that she has been in a relationship with Mudit since the day, she let him copy her answers during board examinations.

Then we decided to resume our journey once again. We finished our tea, paid the bill and then left for the destination again.

I was still afraid about our plans for the night but when I looked at Sarika, I thought of the consequences if I will show her that afraid part of my heart. I decided to suppress my fears deep within myself and to enjoy rest of the journey and see where and how it goes.



The roads from jaipur to bhangarh are not well maintained but still it took us less than three hours to be there. We wandered there looking for some assistance from some local man who could tell us the way to the fort but didn’t find anyone except monkeys and other animals that night. As it is said, not all those who wander are lost; we finally reached bhangarh, after getting lost twice on NH11 and wasting some our valuable time.

It was absolutely dark, pitch black there. As we entered the premises of bhangarh city, there were no read lights lit in the entire city that night which gave me Goosebumps on the inside but I did not let my friends notice my fear. It was so dark that even the houses around were not visible properly that night. I was driving the car slowly, very slowly to avoid getting into road pits because there were so many of them. As we moved forward, I stopped the car suddenly by applying full pressure on the brakes. Harshita asked me what happened still holding the bump that she just got from the jerk. I pointed outside from the front wind sheet of the car.

We were surprised to be stopped by a giant monkey who was having his dinner mid street; Sarthak who was sitting just beside me blew horn at him, taking control of the steering from his own seat. But he was not in a mood to move even by an inch and seemed to ignore us. Later on, after several failed attempts to move the monkey, we flashed car’s headlight to scare him but unfortunately that did not worked as well. Then Sarthak started to lose his temper, he leaned half outside from the window and threw things on him that were in his car’s front drawer, the monkey bared is teeth angrily looking at him as a reaction. He quickly sat back in the car and closed the window for safety. The monkey moved after several attempts. “FINALLY!” I said, as the monkey left our way.

Then we realized that there were several stray animals and birds like peacock in abundance. There were monkeys everywhere. The population of both grey langurs and Rhesus Macaques out casted humans there. There were literally so many monkeys there that even if you will throw a stone out of the window randomly it will definitely hit one. The place is beautiful and calm and so silent that even the breathing sounds of each other could be easily heard. Bhangarh is located at the edge of sariska tiger reserve which is home to many wild animals including tigers; it may be the wild animal that makes the area dangerous according to the authorities. It’s proximity to Sariska Tiger Reserve makes it a haunt for foxes, panthers and even tigers at night it is not impossible that a wild animal may wander here at night and attack at someone who is prowling alone. . Maybe the ASI warns people from entering here after sunset is because of wild animals

We reached the fort at around two o’ clock.

One major problem that we faced there was lack of proper parking place near the fort. We were forced to park our car near the front entrance. Just then Sarthak yelled all of a sudden.

“ Turn the car back.”

“What happened?”

Harshita asked Sarthak the question that was in all our minds.

Everyone looked surprised by Sarthak’s statement.

I grabbed his shoulder lightly and asked him

“What happened?”

He yelled again, “Just do as I say, you idiot.”

I followed his order.

We were now driving in the opposite direction from where we just came, away from the fort. After driving around a mile, Sarthak told me to stop the car. There was a huge tree, around there was a narrow place that was covered from two sides. Sarthak pointed towards the tree and told me to park the car there.

I asked, surprised.

“Why are we parking car one mile away from our destination?”

“In case we will get caught by the local police patrolling team then it would be easier to run up here even when we split up. Whereas, in contrast to it, if someone will see our car parked just outside the fort then it could get us in some serious trouble and we can all go behind the bars.”

Everybody nodded in agreement.

“Wow! Good presence of mind, my boy”.

I said praising Sarthak for using his brain after ages and that too, at the correct time.

So we ended up parking our car a mile away from the fort for safety. Then we stepped down from the car. Packed our bags, I made that chicken polythene fit in my bag and then we walked to the fort with full enthusiasm ready to encounter ghosts.

As soon as we reached the fort, we saw a sign board outside the fort’s front entrance which was pointing towards one major restriction that “nobody is supposed to enter Bhangarh fort premises after the sunset and before the sunrise “, and we were standing there before the sunrise and after the sunset at one o’ clock mid night mocking and joking at that board.

The main entrance of Bhangarh was guarded with a high wall. Sarthak told us to stay there until he checks if some guards are standing inside the fort or around it. He grabbed the locked gate and then took a high jump from there grabbing the upper edge of the wall and went inside the fort, alone.

He soon disappeared from our sight.

Now we were waiting there outside the fort for Sarthak to return.

” 5 minutes have passed already, we should go inside as well now” I suggested.

“Som you stay here with harshita and Sarika, I will just check that what is taking Sarthak so long to return”. Mudit said, being a gentleman.

He looked and smiled at Sarika and told me- “Take care of my baby. I’ll be right back.”

“No mudit. You are not going anywhere”

Sarthak can take care of himself. Sarika ordered Mudit and holding his hand tightly.

“Let him go Na…He will just check and come back in a while”.

Harshita said, taking Mudit’s side.

“But….” Said Sarika, still not being in favour of the two of them.

I stopped Sarika midway, because I didn’t wanted Harshita and Sarika to fight there like teenage girls on a stupid thing.

“Okay, I will go. You wait here mudit with Harshita and Sarika. No more discussions and arguments required now.”

I gasped looking at them for having a conclusion less conversation when one of us could be in trouble all alone.

Everybody nodded.

I was afraid to go in but now I didn’t have any options but to be brave and jump in.

I somehow managed to climb that wall too. It was really high. I took me a lot of time to climb it unlike Sarthak.

I jumped inside.

As soon as I entered the fort, I felt a chilling wave of some sort of negative energy. Maybe due to the psychological effect of being alone, midnight at so called “world’s most haunted place”.

Sarthak was nowhere around there. So I had just two options either go a little further and find Sarthak or call Mudit and tell him Sarthak is not here.

I chose second.

I called Mudit to inform him of my plans to hunt Sarthak.

“Hello Mudit, Sarthak is not here near the gate.”

“Why? What happened?” Mudit asked shocked.

“May be he went too further.” I let him know.

“Call him on his number na”. Mudit suggested back.

Som: Already tried, not picking. Maybe his phone is on silent mode.

Mudit: Okay wait, I am coming inside.

Som: No…No… you wait there. Let me try one more time, maybe I’ll find him.

Mudit: Okay, but inform me back before coming out if you fail to find him.

Som: okay.

I ended the call.

Then I walked further inside, I never wanted to, but I had no other option at that time. It was very quiet, and due to improper lightning it was difficult to find Sarthak there. The only source of light was the moon. Yes, there are no roadlights or bulbs placed inside the fort. After walking for a while on the strait path I saw someone sitting there. He looked like Sarthak from his physique but I was not sure because he was barely visible.

He was sitting with his back towards me; he was not able to see me till then. He was looking at the broken houses inside the fort, which maybe the king made for his army. I reached slowly towards him, without making any noise. I placed my hand on his left shoulder and said slowly “Sarthak?”

He turned his face around slowly.

Thank god! He was Sarthak. I was really scared. I sat there beside him and took a sigh of relief. I said slowly.

“What are you doing here Sarthak? Everyone is waiting outside for you.”

“Look at these houses Som” he said, pointing at some broken houses that were built inside the fort.

“Yeah, I already did. Now let’s get back”. I said, thinking of Mudit, Sarika and Harshita who were waiting for us to return from the fort.

“No, wait”. He said, grabbing my hand.

“What now?” I asked, little frustrated this time.

“These ruins are destroyed in exactly the same pattern. Each one of them, observe them carefully”. He said.

I looked at them and observed that he was right. Every house was destroyed in a similar pattern. None of them had a roof and the side walls were also similarly devastated.

“Yes you are right Sarthak”.

“But tell me one thing, why did you came here. I mean you just went to check the guards.” I questioned.

“Some strange sounds drove me here and then I thought some guard must be making those sounds from the fort but when I came in here. There was nobody.” Sarthak answered.

“Maybe some wild animals were behind those noises”. There are so many of them. I tried to comfort him.

Then I asked him to go back with me at the entrance. He followed me. But he barely said a word after that. He was thinking something big, deep down there, in his subconscious. We reached the gate, climbed the wall again and whispered slowly to Mudit, Harshita and Sarika who were standing at the other side of the wall.

“Come on guys, climb up”. I said, asking them to hurry.

Harshita asked looking at us- “Is there any guard around?”

To which Sarthak Said in a laughing tone, “Even the guards are afraid to be here at night.”

Everybody laughed.

Mudit wrapped Sarika with his hand around her shoulder and took her to the gate.

“Climb up baby.”

“ No…No… THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.” She said

“Mudit asked Why? What happened?”

“Sarika answered It’s too high yaar. I am unable to get hold of the wall.”

Mudit came forward and said, “Don’t worry I will help you climb the wall.”

Harshita also joined the conversation.

“Yes Mudit she is right, even I cannot climb that wall, we need to find another way to get in.”

Sarthak was hearing this conversation with me sitting above the wall.

He whispered in my ear. “Bloody nerd.”

I giggled at his reaction.

We jumped down to find another way to get in.

So we decided to enter from the jungle that was located just behind the fort which was attached to the Sariska reserve. Entire Bhangarh is situated on the Aravali’s belt, there is so much of wasteland and greenery here. We walked there together. The jungle was dense as well as opaque. To enter the Bhangarh fort, we were supposed to cross the entire jungle now. There was almost no boundary in the jungle’s entrance. We just walked inside. Everybody was hungry by now except Sarika as she already has had her dinner. After walking for a while there in jungle we saw a huge tree, I stupefied the idea of having our dinner here. Mudit asked Sarthak.

Mudit: Do you have lighter?

Sarthak said joking, “Of course yes! Life is lonely without a lighter.”

Sarika asked suspecting something fishy: “What are you going to do with a lighter?”

“ He will smoke some marijuana obviously”. Harshita said in an obvious tone.

“Hawww! You promised me na baby that you will never do that again in your entire life.”

Sarika asked Mudit being very innocent.

Sarthak coughed. AHEM AHEM!! And laughed.

Harshita accompanied him with me.

But this time, Mudit had different plans. He quickly gathered some old thick and dried wood from nearby, made a pile from it and lighted it up from that lighter. “Awesome idea” I said.

We quickly took some medium to big stones from there and placed them around the fire in a circular form and sat on them. So now we were sitting there around the fire in a circle. Like a camp fire. I opened my bag and took the grilled chicken out, they were not hot anymore. So I took a stone, cleaned it with harshita’s scarf and placed our dinner on it at the centre of fire on our naturally made oven for that night.

Chapter 4.

Some corners are dark.

Everybody was in a good mood at that time. Sarthak took a packet from his pocket and opened it. It contained GANJA (Marijuana), he made something like a cigar from it by keeping it inside a paper and then rolling it. He then asked for the lighter that he gave to Mudit earlier. After which he started smoking while waiting for the chicken, meanwhile Mudit had already opened the bottle of liquor. He took out five plastics glasses from his bag and starting pouring neat liquor from the bottle. He didn’t mix anything with it. Not even water or soda. While he was pouring in the third glass I stopped him mid way.

“Ummmmm, Mudit I don’t drink”. I said, a little hesitantly.

Harshita asked making a shocked expression- “What?”

“Yes, I never did”. I accepted.

Harshita said laughing, “Then how come you are Sarthak’s and Mudit’s friend?”

“HAHA! That’s a long story. So do you drink?” I said, diverting the topic away from me.

“Yeah! Occasionally. Not always but I do adore drinking”. She answered.

“Well, good”. I said. After which she also lifted her glass.

Mudit took two glasses and landed them back in his bag.

Meanwhile Sarthak was getting really stoned. He does it regularly. Taking drugs is a part of his lifestyle. After taking around three or four puffs in a row he handed the cigar to mudit and lifted the glass which mudit had filled for him. After which Mudit was about to take a puff but Sarika stopped him midway by calling his name loudly.

Sarika said in a monotonous tone, “MUDDDIITTTT!”

Sarthak was drinking the neat liquor and it was filled in his mouth, which he spilled out from his mouth and busted out laughing. I accompanied him.

“Stay quiet Sarthak”. Mudit made an innocent expression and with this gesture she asked Sarika for her permission.

“One last time na baby”.

“Okay but promise me it’s your last time”. Sarika said, seriously this time.

And he also started taking puffs after which and I could tell it from their faces that they were losing their senses.

Sarthak has a good characteristic, whenever he loses his consciousness by getting stoned or by drinking something, he comes up with amazing ideas to entertain everybody.

Meanwhile, Harshita gasped.

Taking her phone out from her skinny jeans. How come have I not received even a single call from my parents till now? She asked herself.

“Oh god! There is no network here”, She added.

Mudit Said taking out his phone from his pocket “Haha! I have got plenty of it.” You just need to use a good network operator and teased Harshita.

“Forget it. Let’s play a game”. Changing the topic of discussion, said Sarthak.

He said standing on his place, everybody will narrate an interesting recent incident from their life and the person with the most boring incident have to take a puff from my cigar.

I said, “No. I don’t do drugs. Your idea is insane.”

“I don’t like it either”. Sarika added joining me

Guys, just one puff will do nothing to you. He said and somehow convinced both of us.

We were sitting in a circle As Sarthak, Harshita, Sarika, Mudit and Me respectively.

So it was Sarthak’s turn first.

He started,

Sarthak: So this story is about Goa, I recently visited Goa with some friends and I was highly intoxicated. I had a bottle full of rum that night and I was driving the car making zig- zag patterns on road. When a police inspector stopped me, coming in front of my car. He came closer and took me out of my car; I was so drunk that he was barely visible from my eyes that day. He had some sort of machine in his hand; he kept the pipe of that machine near my lips and told me to blow air inside. By that moment it was certain that I was about to get in trouble. I blew air in. The machine displayed that there was no alcohol consumed by the person. His machine was not working properly that night. He had no option, rather than letting me escape.


Everybody laughed loudly.

Now it was Harshita’s turn, Harshita stated her story by saying that this story is also about Goa.

When I went to Goa with Sarthak last summer, we were completely drunk that night. We were dancing in a pub midnight when Sarthak went to get some mock tails for us from the counter. In his absence, a black African nigro man came close to me and started dancing with me; I was so drunk that I thought its Sarthak. I also started dancing with him, after a while when Sarthak returned back and saw him getting cozy with me. He pulled him by grabbing his shoulder, turned him around and punched him furiously near his left jaw. Blood started flowing from his nose and mouth. They both got into a fight. When the authorities saw them fighting, they sent around five or six bouncers and they threw us out of the club. It was a hell lot of embracing situation for me.

Everybody laughed again.

My turn was getting close and I didn’t had anything to share which was interesting so I was getting anxious.

Now it was Sarika’s turn so she started.

I don’t have any personal story to share like you guys have because I never did such things as I have been a serious person since forever. But I would like to share Bhangarh’s story with you guys.

“Whoooaa! What’s that?” Mudit asked in amusement.

“A small tale that locals have made to scare the shit out of people and to increase tourism in Bhangarh city.” She added.

“Well. This seems interesting.” Said, Mudit.

So this story is about the princess of Bhangarh and a woo doo magician (Tantrik). Five hundred years back, this princess was considered one of the most beautiful unmarried girls in the entire Rajput breed. Her name was Ratnawati. She was so beautiful that she was getting proposals for marriage from different places. But a Tantrik whose name was Balu Nath fell in love with her. Being a black magician, he decided to use his compulsion powers to make Ratnawati fall in love with him. He wanted to marry her. So he spelled some woo doo on a scented oil that the maid of Ratnawati was purchasing from the local market for Ratnawati. But the maid saw Balu Nath doing spell on that scented oil and she told Ratnawati about this incident and Ratnawati conveyed this message to his father who was the king of Bhangarh. When the king came to know about the intentions of Balu Nath he got very angry.

The king burnt the Tantrik alive. But before dying he gave a curse to king that entire Bhangarh will get devastated after which a king from neighboring kingdom Ajabgarh attacked Bhangarh and each person of Bhangarh who used to live their died including the king of Bhangarh and his daughter Ratnawati.

After which I asked her curiously.

“It is very interesting but is this real story?”

“Yes, according to the locals it is. They also say that since then whosoever comes here at night never returned back.”

Now she was making me regret about the decision to come here. Everybody else was listening carefully to our conversation. In hope of more answers, I asked slowly.

“Then why are you here Sarika?”

She said smiling, “because I don’t believe them.”

Sarthak and Mudit were completely stoned by then.

We suddenly heard a strange noise like someone was chanting mantras out of nowhere .Also a light was visible to us that seemed to be far away. Mudit decided to go and check what and who it was. He stood from his place but he was so stoned that his legs were literally shaking, I thought that it would not be safe for him if he will go alone so I decided to accompany him. Harshita also joined us. So now three of us were going to check the source of that light and noise, leaving Sarthak and Sarika behind.

“Wait for me Sarika I will be back in a while”. Mudit told Sarika.

“Of course.”

She said.

Then we moved slowly towards that light in search of answers. At first we thought that maybe some guards live here in the forts premises at night and maybe the lights are coming from the flash lights that they are using. We were trying not to make any noise as we could draw attention of those guards.

From the middle of the trees branches we saw a man who would be in his mid thirties probably with whole black cloak and a big black turban on his head and a huge pale yellow mark made from Chandan on his head, his big ice blue eyes were twinkling from twenty five feet away. He had two big bones in his hands which were much bigger than human’s bones, may be they were the bones of some animal. He was making noise by smashing both the bones together simultaneously. The light that was visible from our camping place was originating from the fire in front of which he was sitting. He was chanting some mantras as he was hitting a human skull that was placed exactly in front of him exactly at the center of fire. He looked like a Tantrik.

He stood up from his place and yelled something real hard in the air. Like he was calling someone or something.

Just then we saw a dog coming somewhere from the dense jungle. The dog stood in front of him. It was a dangerous looking rot wheeler. He took some chandan from his forehead and gradually applied it on the dogs head.

The Tantrik then chanted some more mantras and rubbed a powder on the face of dog which made him fell asleep within moments.

The Tantrik, dressed in the black cloak he wore for each pernicious occasion, knew the act of murder well, along with the thrilling chills it bought along.

He pulled the long, narrow red dagger from the concealed pocket of his cloak as he looked down upon his sleeping victim.

Just beside him, lay a young Rot wheeler dog. Rot wheeler dogs are considered as one of the most furious breeds of dogs. But he was sleeping like a small baby in front of the Tantrik.

The Tantrik smiled devilishly, knowing it would be only a moment before the perfectly sharpened blade of his knife would strike his skull, tear through his flesh, and stab one of the most vital organs in the body.

The act will leave him no time to neither wake nor scream.

The Tantrik’s hands shook with excitement as he raised the dagger, his expression that similar of a madman’s. His eyes stared at his peaceful victim.

Taking a long, deep breath, the killers eyes narrowed in on the dog, his muscles tensing, his heart racing.

He swung his arm down, dagger in hand, and watched as it sliced into his skull. The blood pouring almost instantly from that gush.

Immediately, the dog’s eyes opened, but the Tantrik continued thrusting the pointed knife into his head. A faraway look formed in the dog’s eyes, but the Tantrik didn’t stopped.

He continued violently and angrily stabbing at the dead body, watching as the blood flowed heavily from his many wounds. His insanity was evident, and he knew it, but that simple fact was nothing to his need for killing. The whole area was drenched, along with his own face, which brought the intruder satisfaction.

Blood dripped from the dead body onto the nearby area, surrounding the killer’s feet.

The sight would be stomach churning and disturbing to some, the Tantrik knew, but not to him. He wished he could stay with the body, look at it but he couldn’t, for it was only midnight and he had other plans.

He took some blood from the floor on his thumb and touched it on the human skull which was red hot by now, he chanted something afterwards.

I was standing between Mudit and Sarika; I grabbed their hands and breathed slowly.

“I think we should get out of here, without making him aware about our existence.”

To which Mudit countered.

“Maybe we should stop him from playing with those bones.”

Just then harshita whispered.

“ wait… wait… wait…look there Mudit, beneath that small cloth that is lying near him. Certainly there is some sort of gun that he is hiding.

“It could be dangerous to provoke him right now”, she added.

They agreed to come back to the camp and leave that place as soon as possible.

When we returned to the camp we were amazed to see that Sarthak and Sarika were not there.

There was blood everywhere around the place. It looked like a wounded animal was roaming around here. Even the camp fire looked devastated. The chicken that we had left for a mild heat was burning. The burning smell was in the air.

Tears rolled down from Harshita’s eyes fighting with the shock of anxiety. Her pulse was ramping up and down.

“It’s nothing they must have gone somewhere near this place, I told her but still she was heavily breathing”.

“She murmured slowly, we are not alone here guys”.

I grabbed her right shoulder which was already shaking and made her sit on a large stone nearby.

I stared directly deep inside her eyes and told her, don’t worry I will find them and then we will get back home safely.

I told mudit to call Sarika as I already knew that Sarthak’s phone was on silent mode. He called her and we discovered that her phone was ringing somewhere nearby. We could literally hear the sound of her ringtone. Mudit searched nearby and found her phone lying near the camp. Looking at it Harshita’s worry evolved into terror.

She started biting her nails and smashing her teeth against each other in apprehend.

Now we had just two options either to go inside the fort or look for them in the car because they were not visible anywhere near the camp.


The worst decision of my life.

Unfortunately, we chose the first option that day. Going inside the fort to find them.

Now, to go inside we were bound to cross the entire jungle and then jump a five feet high wall. But we had no other option at that time. Our car was parked at a distance of a mile so Mudit gasped that it will not be advisable to check in the car and if in case they were there then we have to come back and check inside the fort. He was drunk. He was not in his complete senses that night. But even then, he was right. I agreed with his idea, so did Harshita.

We started to cross the jungle. Clouds covered the moon which was only source of light there. Now nothing was visible, except our faces because we were walking closely holding each other’s hand. Harshita took her phone out and turned its flash light on. Thanks to her phone, except her none of us had any sort of flash lights in our phone at that time. I stopped them, midway in the jungle. I wanted to confess something, something really serious.

“Ummmm…wait guys I want to tell you guys something.”

“Som, not now.”

“We need to find Sarika and Sarthak fast and get back to home before sunrise.”

Mudit said, irritated.

“It’s about them Mudit”.

I said slowly.

“We don’t have time for your teen drama right now”.

Mudit said, being very irritated.

Harshita observed my expression of worry carefully and said.

“Wait mudit. I want to listen.”

“Thanks Harshita”, I said.

“Okay. What is it? Utter fast”. He said, with no other choices left.

“This may sound totally irrelevant but umm..…” I said, being a little hesitant.

“Come on. Fast, we don’t have all night.” Mudit added, making me more conscious.

“Sarthak never liked Sarika”.

I said, in one breath.

“So? What are you trying to say? Sarthak slaughtered Sarika into pieces, kept her in a bag and left us leaving here midnight with a Tantrik?”

Mudit said clearly not wanting to hear my confessions at that moment.

“No…no…I gasped. But…”

Mudit rested both of his hands on my shoulder and whispered looking into my eyes.

“Look som, I know you are afraid, so am I. But right now it’s not the time to suspect each other. Instead we must work together as a team and try to find them as early as possible.”

He then added, pointing towards Harshita.

“Look at her, her legs are literally shaking from fear. We need to help her right now and if you cannot comfort her at least don’t make her more tensed.”

There was something in Mudit’s voice that I have never witnessed before. He was talking sense this time. For the first time maybe, but he was right. I had to make my subconscious quiet, for Sarthak and for Harshita.

We started moving forward. Curious to know, where they were. After crossing the entire jungle, the entrance wall actually came. Just then, a memory flashed backed in my head. I stood there, staring at the fort’s wall.

“Som? Mudit called my name, shaking my shoulder”

“Listen guys, when I entered the fort to find Sarthak from the front entrance.” Remember? I asked.


Harshita asked.

“ I found him looking curiously at the devastated monuments.” I said.

“So? Be specific.”

Mudit told me.

“I think he could be there. He was so much interested in those broken houses. Like something or someone was attracting him towards those houses.” I revealed the truth, finally.

Harshita said, scared- “What? Why didn’t you tell us before?”

“I thought you will laugh at me”. I said, looking down.

“Okay leave it. So now we will check near those houses”. Said Mudit, being a little mature amongst us.

“But there is a problem guys”. I added.

Harshita: again asked in disbelief -What?

“We have to cross the entire fort to get near those houses as they are situated near the front entrance.”

Harshita said “Holy Shit! Again a trouble!”

“Don’t worry guys. We can do it. What’s the big deal?” Mudit said, to comfort Harshita.

So we jumped the back wall of fort to come in. Mudit accompanied me, to help Harshita get across and then I jumped in too. So did mudit.

“Why did you guys threw me in first?” Harshita asked.

“What? What happened?” I asked her, concerned.

“I don’t know. I am afraid of this dark”. She said and started sobbing.

“Look harshita, we will get through this”. I said, to boost a bit of confidence in her.

“Harshita hugged me, again grouping my ribs and started sobbing on my shoulders.”

“Harshita…Harshita Listen to me very carefully”, Mudit yelled.

“ This is not the time to get weak. We are alone here; there is nobody to help us here. Can’t you see, we have to get through this together?”

Harshita nodded.

None of us knew the fort completely. We were visiting there for the first time, so it was not easy to check everywhere. So I advised that we should walk on a certain strait path instead of roaming here and there. That way we will not get lost, at least.

As we moved forward, we saw some big rooms. There was no light inside, they were completely pitch black. I observed a thing there, none of the rooms had any door. They were wide opened, like they were welcoming us inside. I was trying to avoid moving near those rooms, which caught Mudit’s attention.

“Som…?” He said.

“What?” I asked.

“Maybe we should try and check inside these rooms”. He said, noticing a possibility of Sarthak and Sarika’s presence inside.

“Are you crazy? There is no light inside.” I said aloud, taking a step back.

“There is no light here too”. He said making an obvious statement.

“But…Ummm…look at them Mudit, it is totally black inside those rooms. We could get lost.”

“Do you want to find Sarthak and or not?” He fired a direct question at me.

Just then Harshita joined the conversation.

“I am going in.”

“What? No, Harshita wait. There could be stray animals inside.” I said, still firm on my words.

Without listening to my words, she just walked in. Mudit followed her as well and I was standing there just on the edge of the room. It was horrifying for me. Each beat of my heart could be clearly heard at that time. I was afraid to walk inside.

But it was more terrific to stand outside alone, when your friends just disappeared from your sight. Those chill winds were hitting be bad, like really bad. I decided to step in. I saw Mudit and Harshita at a certain distance, I ran towards them.

As soon as I reached there, Mudit whispered in my ear.

‘Don’t make any noise.”

I whispered back in his ear.

“Why? What happened?”

I was standing with Mudit at that time, and Harshita was standing in front of us. The room was narrow, and I was standing with Mudit gripping closely one side of the wall and Harshita was on right wall, gripping the wall as well as her mobile in the other hand.

Mudit pointed upwards from the corner of his eyes, without raising his head.

As I looked up, There were bats everywhere. I have never seen a place with so many bats in my entire life. They were everywhere, gripping the ceiling of the room. The color of ceiling was not even visible due to the bat’s density. But even they looked afraid that night. They were making a noise, like they wanted to warn us about something that they had already anticipated.

Just then,

Harshita stopped with a gasp, as her flashlight turned off automatically.

She looked at her phone.

Her phone was ringing.

It can’t she thought. It hasn’t worked since yesterday.

There was no network available there.

She was afraid, she would not answer it.

“Unknown calling” was flashing on her screen.

She didn’t know who it was.

It kept on ringing, the shrill sounds stabbing at her eardrums, at her brain.

She mustn’t answer it.

She wouldn’t.

The telephone kept ringing.

“No”, she said.

Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. Ringing.

Finally she did answer the call.

She placed the phone near her left eardrum.

Her hand was shaking at that time.

She gatherer all of courage and;

Whispered slowly, “Hello?”

A girlish voice replied.

Not from the phone, from behind us.


Chapter 6



She yelled from the bottom of her throat.

We were about to turn back but she stopped us midway.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room.


She yelled again, being more dominating this time.

While she was dragging me out of the room, I asked her without breaking our pace.

“What happened?”


We were running like a mad bull, who has just witnessed a piece of red color cloth.

We were running so fast that our surroundings became hazy.

Broken houses on my right and devastated structure on my left whizzed past.

My face became numb in cold air.

My clothes began to feel heavy as cold breeze started to seep inside.

My legs began to hurt.

I developed a nasty cramp in my stomach.

My lungs were out of breath. They were about to collapse.

But Harshita didn’t stop nor did she leave my hand.

I was unaware about the thing that made her run like a mad dog.

I sat down in a squat and took a few deep breaths.


She yelled again, and started dragging me. Even harder this time.

I stood up. Without thinking, I started to run again.

My legs and abdomen screamed with pain.

My nose felt like ice.

I ran, almost jumped every stride, and looked straight ahead.

We reached a dead end near the front entrance. A small temple of Lord Hanuman was situated near the front entrance.

It was emitting light from inside. Maybe there was a source of light inside the temple. But there was no electricity in Bhangarh fort.

She went towards it.

She started shaking the locked gate of temple. The gate was small, but it was locked from outside.

She was desperate to get inside. I was clueless about her intention. But when I saw her struggling to get inside I considered it my duty to help her. I ran towards the gate in full pace and kicked the gate and it opened wide in first attempt.

We got inside.

She fainted as soon as she got inside.

She just fell in my hands. Without a warning, without a scream, without uttering a single word.

I sat beside her, and placed her head on my lap.

Her heartbeat was so high that it could be heard from a mile, like the heart was struggling to pump blood.

Sweat was dripping from her face and palms.

She just stood there like a statue, like a monument frozen for eternity.

I stretched my hand a bit to reach the pot that was situated at the corner of room. I took some water from that pot in my palm and poured some drops of it on her face.

It took her a while to come back to senses. After a while, she nodded her face from right to left.

She opened her eyes slowly.

My face comforted her.

She took a deep breath.

The first sentence that she murmured was “save me please”

I placed my hand on her bare head.

She was cold; I could tell it from her body temperature that she was afraid. The fear she felt was being in itself because it was not just in her, it was all around her.

I placed both my hands on her cheeks and said “there is nothing wrong with this place Harshita, “it’s all in your head”

I thought my words would comfort her.

She was shivering at that time, she pointed her finger towards a lamp that was the source of light there and asked

“Can you explain that?”

There was something wrong with that lamp.

There was no oil inside it, yet it was lit up.

I had no idea, what she wanted to say exactly when she pointed finger towards that lamp. Maybe she was shocked to see the lamp lit since six o’ clock because nobody came inside after that.

I stood there silently, I had to.

It took her a while to get back to normal, to collect her senses back, to overcome some of her fear.

She got up from my lap.

Joined her hands together, and closed her eyes.

She was in middle of chanting something when suddenly,

She screamed.


“What?” I asked.

“Where is Mudit?”

She countered.


Oh shit!

“You left him there?” she asked in a very scared tone.

“I thought he must be following us”

I said firmly.

I was looking calm from outside. But the reality was different, if you will turn my skin inside out you will find Goosebumps there. I never wanted Harshita to see them, she was already freaked out. “I had to stay calm anyway” I said to myself.

“I am going to find him” she announced.

“You stay here; I will be back in a minute” I told her.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?”She countered.

“What?” “My friend needs my help Harshita, I am willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to find him and get him back here” I replied.

Her eyes filled with hope.

“Are you sure you are going to sacrifice everything?”

“Even me?”

She asked and started sobbing again.

“Harshita listen, this is not the right time for this. I need to find Mudit.”

“Som don’t you know what is happening with us?” she asked.

“What?” I asked.

“Why are you being ignorant Som?”

She counter, staring deep inside my eyes this time.


I asked her again.

“Don’t tell me, you didn’t hear that voice inside the room?”

She looked serious this time.

“What voice?” I countered.


She continued staring me.

“Mudit did that Harshita, to fool us maybe”

I tried comforting her.

“Why are you fooling yourself?”

She became more serious.

“Okay, listen to me very carefully, you just stay here, I will be back in about a minute with Mudit and then we will leave this place.”

“What about Sarthak then?”

She asked innocently.

“We will wait in car, till morning and then come back here in sunlight”

I told her.

“I am coming with you”

She whispered.

I gave her my hand she stood up, and we started walking out of the temple.

The aura of that place was shaking us mentality. I was drained out, but I needed to help Harshita.

She looked at me and whispered,

“Aren’t you afraid, Som?”

She continued.

“We were five when we entered and now it’s just you and me”

My legs were shaking, I was panicking from inside. My heart wanted to jump out of my body, get in that car and reach home as soon as possible. I needed my mom right here, right now to motivate me to keep going.

But I looked at her, smiled and said.

“I am brave Harshita”

“Everything is going to be alright.”

As we started moving back on the same track from which we came down running like mad dogs, I started to feel a negative energy there. It may be just psychological, but it was affecting me really bad.

Harshita felt my shivers and gasped.

“Why are you shivering?”

“It’s too cold here” I replied.

After walking a few steps, Harshita saw something far away. It was not clearly visible in her flash light.

But it looked like someone, or something and it was moving.

Or crawling I should say.


“She grabbed my hand hard”

“Let’s get back to that temple”

“This is so freaking”

“I just saw that thing crawling”

“Som trust me, I know what it is”

I didn’t moved a bit this time, instead I held her there.

**]She screamed. Pacing the pitch of her voice, higher than ever.

She spooked her hand, and tried to run back to the temple.

I stopped her this time, holding her hand tightly than ever before.

“Listen to me very carefully”

“That thing is just some bushes, and it is moving because of wind breeze.”

“I will not let you go alone this time; I have already lost three people.”

I screamed on her.

Her panicking somehow stopped and she seemed to agree.

She nodded.

I snatched the flashlight from her hand and took lead.

As I started to reach closer, I realized that thing was actually moving and it was definitely not a bush.

“Just a little more close” I told myself, half heartedly.

When we were almost twenty five feet’s away, I realized that it was a person. Who was laying there on ground, with his face gushed inside the ground.

I freaked out.

But continued my pace, taking each step slowly.

Whoever it was, he was completely covered in mud, and dirt. I slowly uplifted his face, it was all covered in blood. Blood was flowing like water from his head.

“OH GOD!!.”

Harshita screamed looking at his face.

It was Mudit.

I took scarf from Harshita and tied it on his head. In a moment the white scarf turned red.

I tried to stop the flow of blood somehow.

I lifted him up, cleaned his clothes.


He murmured.

“He needs water”

Harshita gasped.

We both helped him, I was supporting him to walk from one side and Harshita supported him from the other.

He was not touching his left leg completely to the ground. But somehow we managed to get him inside that temple.

I took some water from there and cleaned his face. I observed, there was a big bump on his forehead. His right shoulder as well as right leg was also damaged. I gave him some water to drink. It was not clean, but it was the only water that we could arrange there.

We made him sit there.

We poured some water over his wounds and cleaned them with it.

His bleeding was not stopping, he was getting unconscious.

We needed more pieces of cloth. But there were none.

I tore his shirt apart into pieces, and bind it around his head.

All of it.

As I got behind him to clean blood stains that were on his neck, I saw fingerprints on his back.

They were imprints of small hands.

Like someone hit him real hard on his back.

They were red marks.

“Harshita looked at me with her eyes wide opened”

I didn’t told her anything.

I placed a hand on Mudit’s head, and said..

“Everything will be alright”

We had so many questions in our minds at that time, we needed answers but he was not conscious. We were waiting for him to get conscious.

I looked at harshita; both her hands were folded and joined. Even her eyes were closed. She was praying, maybe for Mudit, maybe for Sarthak, maybe for Sarika.

So many things were wrong there that it was not easy to tell.

Mudit came back to his senses after around fifteen minutes. The flowing of blood was stopped somehow by then.

“I am going to kill you Som”

He whispered, looking at me. Smiling slowly now.

“You ripped my shirt apart?”

“Next time, it should be your shirt, you idiot”

I laughed. Suddenly each and every moment of us together, each thing that he has done for me flashed back inside my mind.

I hugged him tightly, and started crying.

“Ouch! You are hurting me”

He gasped, laughing a little.

“You deserve this”

I said Removing tears from my face with both hands.

Mudit, what happened to you? Harshita finally asked.

We were curious to know this time. We have been waiting for this answer since the moment we lost him.

“I don’t know. “

Aahhh.. Mudit answered, in pain.

“You were just beside me in that room, I thought you must be following me. But when I looked back you were not there.” I questioned.

“ You people left me alone there”. Mudit informed us.

“I freaked out”. Harshita said, being sorry.

“Yeah..I saw that, when you grabbed Som’s hand and dragged him out of danger leaving me alone to deal with it.” Mudit said, taunting her.

“I am sorry; I thought you must be following us”. She said.

“Yes I was, I was following you people. But you were so fast you just disappeared from my sight within moments”. Mudit narrated his story.

“ But what happened to you then?” I interrupted.

“I was trying to follow you guys, I was already running at my full pace. Just then I stopped to gasp some air and started again, even faster in order to chase you.” Mudit replied.

“But we found you laying on the ground”. I added

“Yes, while I was sprinting my foot got hilted by a stone or it got into a pit maybe. Then I fell down on the ground and my right shoulder got smashed on ground real hard.” Mudit told us.

“But there are some serious bumps on your head too”. I asked out of curiosity

“Yes, it was all dark. Nothing was visible, nothing. When I fell, I couldn’t manage to save my head. There were stones everywhere. So maybe I got hit by one.” He said.

“So nobody pushed you from behind or something like that?” I confirmed.

“Yeah I felt something similar that someone pushed me from behind but when I was falling I turned my neck backwards a bit and there was no one.” So it was obvious that it was just my anticipation.

“Why are you asking this? You saw someone?” He questioned.

“Absolutely not, I was just asking.” I told him.

I looked at Harshita, smiled and said.

“See Harshita, there is nothing supernatural or paranormal about it”.

She smiled back at me. She didn’t look convinced even then, but I tried my best.

When we bought Mudit to this temple and I was cleaning his neck, I saw some hand imprints there. I didn’t even mention those to them. Not even Harshita. I knew they would freak out. Mudit was thinking that he fell as an accident, so did Harshita. None of them knew the truth. Even I didn’t wanted to reveal it to them, at least not at that time.

I looked at Mudit; He was sitting there at one corner of room without any shirt. His bare chest was all covered in mud, dirt and blood. His head bump was blue by now. His right shoulder joint was dislocated from that jerk. His leg was seriously injured, it may have several fractures. But yet he was smiling, I didn’t wanted to lose that smile at that moment.

Then I turned my attention towards Harshita, she was sitting in front of Mudit. Holding his injured leg on her lap, carefully examining it like a nurse. She was nodding her head from left to right like she wanted to convey that the current situation of his leg is really bad. She was stressed, and tensed too. Harshita had an anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant is about to occur, in her eyes. It was clearly visible, I could sense it.

I was sitting there looking at both of them quietly. I needed help. But there was no one to guide me. I wanted to scream that I am the same kid who used to get under his bed whenever his father yelled at him. But then, I was the only one who could help them at that time. They needed my help. Just then, something striked within me.

“I have a plan”

I said confidently.


Harshita replied.

“We will make Mudit cross the front gate. You are going to help me Harshita.” I ordered.

“Som? That gate is more than five feet tall. He is seriously injured, he is not in a condition to move even an inch. Can’t you see?” She yelled, holding Mudit’s injured foot.

“We have to do this, there is no other option.”

I said and stood from my place and gave a hand of help to Mudit.

He grabbed my hand and stood from his place with a smile on his face.

He knew what I was doing. He always believed me.

“Guys, think once again. Its dark outside, and we may not be able to get across that front entrance gate.” Harshita asked to rethink about the plan.

Mudit replied this time.

“But we may too. There are possibilities Harshita.”

Harshita nodded and gave her shoulder to support him.

The front entrance door was attached to the temple. As soon as we got out of the temple, it was in front of us. But the real problem was to get across it.

There was a small stool inside temple, I told Harshita to get that while I was supporting Mudit.

We placed it just below the gate, but even then the gate was too high for an injured person to get across it.

“Look at that” I pointed towards a big fat stone that was lying near the gate.

“It’s too huge, we cannot move it here.

“Maybe we should try to break the lock of the gate”

Harshita gasped.

The lock was too huge, it looked strong. I was sure that it is even stronger than the gate itself.

“Let’s move that stone here”

Mudit countered.

I told him to stand there, holding the gate and asked Harshita to wait along with Mudit till I try to move that stone.

I went near that stone, it appeared bigger when I looked closely. It was even heavier than I thought. I tried a lot to roll it but nothing happened.

“Go Harshita, help him”

Mudit told Harshita.

She came to help me, she was weak but yet she contributed something and with her help it moved a bit. But we were not successful in rolling it even by then, as we thought earlier.

We were trying, when we saw Mudit. He was holding his injured shoulder from one hand and jumping like a frog, only on one leg.

He came towards us like that and joined us.


He shouted as he helped us with one hand, standing on one leg.

I pushed it with my full capacity, even Harshita was using both of her hands.

Finally the stone rolled once.

“One more time guys”

Mudit gasped.


We did it again, and then again. Till it reached its destination.

We placed the stool on it and helped Mudit get on the stool. Somehow he did.

After which he climbed the gate and sat over it.

“I am going outside Harshita, now you just have to help him make balance from inside and I will catch him from outside when he will jump.”

I told Harshita.


She replied innocently.

“I am afraid. I will go outside and you stay here.”

She countered.

“What are you saying Harshita? Will you be able to catch him from outside then?”

I asked her angrily.

“Umm…no but..”

She was about to say something when Mudit stopped her midway.

“Guys its hurting to sit on top of the gate. Can you cut the crap and hurry a bit please?”

I helped Harshita to cross the gate, and then I jumped across too. First I helped Harshita to get down. I wanted her to help me from inside but she was not agreeing.

Then I catched Mudit, he screamed as soon as my hand touched his shoulder while he jumped on me.


I whispered.

“I am going to stab you with a knife as soon as we reach home”

He smilingly said.

Both of them seemed happy, but I was tensed, we were heading towards the car now. It was parked a mile away; it was not easy to get him there on our shoulders. As we moved ahead, we saw some drops of blood, poured on road. We would have never noticed that if we would be walking on a regular pace but we were a lot slower than that due to mudit. The blood on the streets, made a pattern. It looked like someone who is injured just moved from here. One foot imprint was clearly visible beside which a constant line of imprint was created like someone just dragged down his leg there. It made us afraid. “We should move carefully” I told them. I thought it could be someone whom we do not know.




“SARTHAK?? What are you doing here?”

Harshita ran towards him leaving Mudit completely on my shoulders.

Harshita yelled as hard as she could. I saw a sudden spark in her eyes.

Sarthak was visible from a distance to me. It was not clear, but it looked like Sarika was tapping his back with her hands and Sarthak was sitting in a squat position just near his car. He was puking, puking a lot. As I reached a bit closer, carrying mudit on my shoulder I realized that he was frequently puking. When I looked closer, I saw it was blood. He was puking Blood. Even his leg was bleeding so much. Like he just had an accident. I observed carefully and saw that his legs flesh was teased apart. His whole jeans was turned red from one side.

Blood. Blood. Blood. Everywhere.

“What happened to him?”

“There was blood all over our camping place too”

I asked Sarika.

“A large pale black Rot wheeler like looking dog appeared from nowhere and started barking looking at Sarthak; it looked like an angry rot wheeler mix bread. Not a pure one, it was much bigger and furious looking.”

“What? A Rot wheeler, even we saw one. What happened then?”

Harshita asked curiously. Tapping sarthak’s back.

“At first we didn’t realized that someone or something was staring us from inside the woods from long time.”

“But suddenly we heard it, something moving heavily and quickly behind us, not bothering to silence its steps; we could hear the heavy breathing through the dark and creeping night mist.”

“We knew it was no monkey or other simple night creature. It was an animal thing that felt no fear as it padded behind us.”

“It was a carnivorous beast that looked hungry from ages, it didn’t howl or snarl: It didn’t need to, it was sure of its prey.”

“As we heard the footsteps reaching towards us, we turned and realized how deadly beast it was. “Run Sarthak I said loudly””.

“But Sarthak didn’t even moved an inch, he knew running wouldn’t help now, that the beast would pace us out and pull us down from behind and grab our neck with one savage bite and shake”

“But Sarthak couldn’t bear that, falling like a frightened young dear. He would stand and meet his fate instead.”

“Suddenly, the mist cleared. The full hideousness of the inhuman shape, bunching its muscles to pounce.”

“In one moment of pure muscular action, it was upon Sarthak, I saw Sarthak’s breathing, and meant to be a scream, came out in a low moan as the beast bore down upon him in one leap, the strength and weight of its body carrying Sarthak to the ground.”

“Sarthak was on the ground within moments, the hideous, slavering mouth and hot rancid breath at his face. He felt, helpless beneath the weight of the monster.”

“Sarthak got into a fight with it. Meanwhile I took a stone from nearby, and threw it on that rot wheeler.”

“It made him even angrier; he grabbed sarthak’s leg from his sharp carnivorous teeth that were made to hunt and penetrated them deep inside his flesh. Sarthak screamed in pain. He was tearing the muscles of Sarthak’s leg apart. Sarthak was trying to remove him but his teeth were deep inside sarthak’s flesh.”

“What were you doing at that time you didn’t helped him Sarika?”

Harshita yelled on her…

“Arey…I I I i was afraid. That dog was tearing sarthak’s leg apart, and Sarthak was screaming loudly. I thought that the dog is going to kill us both and if Sarthak is not able to fight with it, how can I? After all I am weak and tiny.”

“But both of you could have fought it together Na…”

Harshita yelped while sobbing.

“Ummm…But that time, my reflex reactors were not working at all, I was feeling helpless.”

“Okay leave it now…Tell me what happened then?

I told her.

“Sarthak kicked him from his another leg suddenly”

“The dog left sarthak’s leg and groaned even harder.”

“It looked like he was going to kill Sarthak first and then he would snatch my neck”

“Shut up you idiot!”[
**]Harshita screamed on her again.

“I am sorry harshita but it looked that way at that moment”

“But then how did you people escaped from there?”

Mudit asked curiously.

“As soon as Sarthak kicked the dog, he left his leg and grabbed his foot. He was doing the same with his foot now.”

“I don’t know what lightened a spark inside Sarthak; he just stretched his hand a bit and grabbed a long wood from the camp fire which was on fire half way.”

“Sarthak screamed hard and smashed that piece of wood on dog’s head. The intensity of his smash was very low. But the fire made the dog afraid, I guess. He just ran into the woods again, and disappeared within moments.”

“I helped Sarthak to get up then; his right leg was bleeding badly. Splashes of blood were everywhere. I bent down slightly and examined, I found that the dog had ripped Sarthak’s flash so much that even the bone was clearly visible”

“Sarthak was getting unconscious, because of so much blood was flowed till then.”

“His voice was stammering”

“Sarthak told me slowly, that his vision is getting dark. He couldn’t see clearly”

“Then he added that we should get back to his car as soon as possible, because there was a medical kit located in his car”

“We slowly moved till the car, meanwhile his blood was dripping drop by drop on the road.”

“We even tried to stop that blood from a piece of cloth but still the injury was so much that nothing happened in our favour”

“We walked carefully and quickly, using the heavy stick that was lying nearby. “

“We feared to fall, I cursed myself for being out here in the danger, alone and undefeated. I kept sarthak’s breathing as light as possible, he was doing labor in inhaling and exhaling air from his lungs and it was clearly visible,”

“Finally we reached the car somehow and then I dressed sarthak’s wounds carefully”

“Well, thank you so much, but tell me one thing why is he puking so often?”

Harshita asked her.

“Even I don’t know that, he has been puking since we reached here. I don’t know what happened to him.”

Sarika replied.

“Maybe an internal breakdown. The drugs which he has been in taking from years are killing him from inside.”

I said slowly.

Harshita started crying again.

“This is not the right time for this dear, stay strong.”

I told her.

“I found your phone near the campfire?”

I asked Sarika again.

“Oh! Yeah my phone. I lost it somewhere.”

She said.

I returned it back to her.

After finding everyone back, we waited for Sarthak’s condition to stabilize a little, and when he stopped puking, we finally sat in the car, ready to leave for Jaipur safe and sound. It was already dusk by the time we left and chirping of birds could be heard everywhere. The monkey’s too were now running and jumping here and there as if they were celebrating a new day of their lives, just as we were. That morning was one where we realized the importance of our lives and got to know what encountering fear is. We couldn’t be more thankful to God that day for keeping us all alive and I specially became a believer in God after last night.

We entered Jaipur around ten in the morning and all of us were thinking about the incidents of last night, none of us had a conversation on our way back. There was fear in our minds still, but there was a sense of happiness that could be seen on all of our faces for accomplishing what we had decided.

Sarika was still worried but when she saw Mudit’s condition, she preferred to hide it.

I dropped Sarika exactly from where we picked her and none of us have any idea what she said to convince her parents and we were not even concerned at that time. We had other important things to deal with.

Harshita preferred to stay with Sarthak for some more time.

I took Sarthak and Mudit to one of the best hospital of Jaipur for treatment.

Mudit got nine stitches around his head and three minor fractures in his leg, apart from which doctor sealed his shoulder with a cramp bandage and advised him not to move it for at least a week. He got handicapped for around a month.

On the other hand, doctor told us that Sarthak had a minor heart attack that night as his blood pressure was touching heights. Also, the blood that he was puking was caused my some internal damage. When I told doctor about his habits, he advised him to leave everything if he wants to live anymore.

Since then, Harshita has made it a mission of her life to help Sarthak quit his drinking habits and smoking and she is trying her level best since then.


It’s three o’ clock in the morning. A bad nightmare destroyed my sleep even today. It’s not happening for the first time since I visited Bhangarh. I have not slept properly since then. As I am sitting here in front of my laptop at three o’clock midnight, I have no idea what I should write.

I wrote something very personal that night. That night, when I heard a girl whispering something in that dark room and after which I saw imprints on Mudit’s back. It generated a clear picture of reality inside my mind. The reality which we certainly know but still do not accept. Since the time I came back from Bhangarh, people have been asking me “Did you encounter anything supernatural there?” And I never ever uttered a word. But now I want to tell them all, YES! Supernatural powers do exist and we encountered them there that night. I have been reckless since that night. I have questions, and I need answers. I will get them anyhow. Even if it will include going back to Bhangarh, I am willing to do it.

That night, I decided to re-live the experience and started writing our experience in Bhangarh. That feeling of being alive after being so close to death is in every aspect beautiful. I do not have debates anymore with people questioning the existence of God. The only major change in me after that tour is that earlier I used to be an atheist, now on the other hand, I am a believer of God. I believe that it was the Almighty’s way of letting me know that he exists, and is much more powerful than we all actually consider him to be. But, after this experience I also believe, that there is something called supernatural energy, which exists in our world. It might not be easy for everyone to believe at once, but take my words I have actually encountered ghosts and it was the scariest thing that I have faced. Till today, we have no answers to the questions like whose hand imprints were on Mudit’s body? How was that lamp lit in the temple without any fuel or electricity? Who was that man chanting mantras in the fort premises and where did he disappeared? Do you think, all these are merely my imagination? Do you think imagination can cause a person so many fractures? I do not have the answers to these questions as of now. But I believe, that there was someone else too who was present with us in that fort, that night who didn’t wanted us to roam in their area and interrupt their privacy. But we did, and we faced the consequences. Consequences that we will never ever forget in our lives. If you still do not believe in our story, I believe it’s your turn to pack your bags and have a visit to Bhangarh’s fort.

So should you visit Bhangarh midnight like I did?

“YES TOTALLY! But only on one condition that you must have balls of steel. Now, I would not dive again in the question that are ghost real or not but I can guarantee you that; the stories, the incidents, the aura of the place, will disturb you psychologically and mentally, you will start hallucinating, adrenaline will be peak high, your auditory receptors will work amazingly, every little sound that you will hear will make you think that someone is around you or following you. You will mistake shadows as ghosts. Blood pressure will be gushing high, and many horrifying blatant stuff will happen to you. You might even die from a heart attack. Or you can get arrested for trespassing too. But somehow if you survive all this, you will earn an experience of lifetime. Like I did. “

Upcoming books:

h1<>. Bhangarh: Resolving all mysteries.

My next book “Bhangarh: Resolving all mysteries” will change your perception entirely towards the so called “World’s most haunted place”. You know what?

This story will expose the reality behind those haunted stories.

It is a story of some friends, who have willpower and curiosity even stronger than concrete to ponder over the truth. They struggle to get behind the thick walls of lies, to find the truth. They manage to come out alive and finally share their story to the world. You will look at bhangarh differently after reading this story, and I promise you that.

A[]bout the author:

Som saxena is an Indian author of contemporary horror, supernatural, nonfiction, suspense and fantasy. He is currently pursuing his graduation in civil engineering.

Personal life: Som Saxena was born on 2nd October, 1997, in an educated KAYASTHA family settled in Nepal. Later he migrated to Ajmer, Rajasthan and then finally got settled in Jaipur. He completed his schooling from St.Wilfreds Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur.

Words from the author:

“I am an author by chance. Without the incidents that happened with me there, I would have never discovered my writing abilities.

“Story telling” is the only one thing that I can do twelve hours a day without getting tired or complaining about it. I also adore people’s reaction when I tell them a story, it just makes me happy. I appreciate both positive as well as negative feed backs. Even during my school life I used to pen down each and every ipsy bitsy of my life.”

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BHANGARH: Spending one night there.

Bhangarh fort is considered as "one of the most haunted place in Asia", this non fiction story is about five youngsters who spends a night there. They end up realizing the truth behind it. Unfortunately, I was one among them who spent a night in the premises of Bhangarh fort. I never believed in god my entire life, neither in devil. But after spending one night there my views got completely changed. So what happened with me there? Well to check how warm the water is,you have to dip your toe inside.

  • ISBN: 9781311265111
  • Author: Som Saxena
  • Published: 2016-01-08 08:05:09
  • Words: 17970
BHANGARH: Spending one night there. BHANGARH: Spending one night there.