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Beyond Blood Relation

Beyond Blood Relation




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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The story is based on some real experience during my stay in a hilly state when I was also very young with two very young children. I twisted some of the facts to maintain privacy of the family and dignity of the young mother.

Hope readers will appreciate the broad mind of a young man who loves his wife even after knowing about her illicit relation with another man. His extreme realization of life is as good as the achievements of the great personalities in the world who are blessed by God.

Thanks to my readers for their love and Shakespir for giving the platform to publish my books. I am thankful to my family for their support.



Chapter I:

‘I want to sit with you papa.’

‘No, I want to sit with you, papa.’

Both the children of a forty plus man were fighting to sit with their father. It is a common scene; normally could have been gone un-noticed. But I noticed the children because of their apparent complete non-similarity in their appearance. The girl is milky fair and the boy is almost dark. The boy is having Aryan cut and girl has the oriental cut. None of the parent also has Aryan cut. The boy must be an adopted one; my immediate reaction!

We had a long flight from New Delhi to Trivandrum via Cochin. As I was alone, I offered my seat to one of the children so that both can sit side by side of their father. But there was a problem in that case; his wife of the gentleman has to sit with me. With little hesitation, they took my offer, may be due to my elderly look, they might have thought I am as harmless as toothless tiger! As I sat with the young lady, strong perfume from the young lady hit my nose!

Sitting with an unknown lady is normally very uncomfortable as one should be over cautious not to touch her body; otherwise she may think—. To make ourselves comfortable, I started our conversation with a low note, ‘My children, when they were young used to fight like that!’

‘No, I think they must had been better than these two!’ She, like any other mother of that age, commented with disgust.

‘Every mother of your age says that!’ I commented.

Abandoning her irritated mood, she smiled back to me. Her smile was indeed very beautiful! I did not want to pursue our talk beyond that as the flight attendant announced that flight would take off shortly. Like many, I also take the name of God when flight takes off and when it is landing. Normally, during that time I do not want to talk to anybody except my better half who has some air-borne phobia! I have to comfort her instead of praying to God. At least for me wife is only little less than the God!

Chapter II: He does not look like you


After few rounds of general talk, I wanted to know why their son does not look like her; I intentionally did not ask why he does not look like them.

‘Actually, he is a carbon copy of his father!’ The young lady replied coolly.

For few minutes her answer kept me mum! But being from Indian Statistical Service and that too worked in NSSO, Field Operations Division (the largest data collection Government Agency in the world) for long eleven years as head of a large regional office, I could not leave the Question without a proper answer.

After taking lunch provided by the airliner, I again asked the question, this time more politely, ‘Please do not mind, your son even does not look like his father even!’

She giggled as if I had asked her a funny question. Then she answered, ‘I am saying that my son looks like his father, not like my husband!’

This time, she bowled me out!

Looking at my perplexed look, she told me, ‘Look, my son was not from my husband.’

Then my immediate thought was that he must be from her earlier husband. I did not want to poke any more question on the subject.

‘Your husband appears to love him very much!’ I wanted to finish the subject.

‘Yes, he loves my son more than our daughter. My son also loves him more than me. He idolise him!’

I wondered how a man can love son of the earlier husband! Most of the second husbands force their wives to leave behind the earlier children with their (wives) parents. Even many of them use to give that a pre-condition for remarriage of a widow or a divorcee. I saw many young boys and girls suffer due to that type of arrangements.

I looked at the man. He was engrossed in talking with the son. His daughter forcefully turned his face towards her to say something. He listened to her and said something and again turned his son and re-started his discussion.

My respect for the young man grew slowly.

Chapter III: Shock of My Life


I did not want to discuss the issue any more instead I asked her, ‘Where your husband is working?’

‘He is a manager in a PSU and I am a housewife. However, I have a shop where I sometime sit. We have seven workers in that shop.’

I understood that the shop must be a big one and they are very rich in Indian standard. I put forward another simple question, ‘Are you going to Kerala for a vacation?’

‘Exactly not! But yes, we are also going to some places just as tourists. Otherwise, we are going to meet the grand parents of my son! After losing their only son, they become very lonely.’

My respect for the young husband grew further. Still he was busy in talking with his son!

I did not know how that long journey to Trivandrum became so short. I remembered the explanation of Einstein on Theory of Relativity in lighter vein, ‘If you talk with a beautiful girl for few hours, you will feel, you are sitting with her only for few minutes!’

When I was collecting my baggage, I had an opportunity to talk to her husband. ‘I am very happy to meet a really good person after a long time!’

‘Who has said I am a good man?’ With an infectious smile, he asked me.

‘What I gathered from your wife and what I have observed during the flight, I am sure, you are really a good man. I have never seen a person who can love a step son so much!’ I said. After uttering those words, I thought I should not have uttered those words. He might not have liked to hear that her wife had shared some of the private information with me.

But he was different. ‘He is not my step son. He is born out of an illicit relation of my wife. I was about to kill him (the person with whom wife had illicit relation) after knowing about the relation. But I realized, man has to do as per the wish of the Almighty. I called the fellow and told him to leave our place forever. He was frightened and left our town by taking a night super (Luxury bus) on the same night. Unfortunately, he expired on the way as the bus fell in a gorge. I felt very bad for him and for his family. I think I am guilty of separating two lovers following some social rules or orders. On that day, I promised to myself, the baby who was not born at that time, love him or her like my own child. Afterwards, when I came to know that he (lover of my wife) was the only son of an old parent, I met them at their residence and promised to them that I shall fulfil all his duties as a son. Therefore, I always visit their home once in every year along with my family. I send money for their subsistence as their own son. I am happy that they also treat me as their own son!’

I could not say anything till they left the airport.

I realized I came across a God in the ‘God’s Own Country (Kerala)’, who was actually not from the ‘God’s Own Country’ but from North East of India.

My only regret, I could not take their address or mobile numbers to interact with them in future. But next moment, I thought, none can interact with God, unless He wants. God comes to one’s place when He decides to come. He is visible to a person only when He wishes. I thought, I was blessed to see a living God in my life time what many of you will not be able to do in your life time!!!!!


The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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Beyond Blood Relation

The story is based on some real experience during my stay in a hilly state when I was also very young with two very young children. I twisted some of the facts to maintain privacy of the family and dignity of the young mother. Hope readers will appreciate the broad mind of a young man who loves his wife even after knowing about her illicit relation with another man. His extreme realization of life is as good as the achievements of the great personalities in the world who are blessed by God.

  • ISBN: 9781370519170
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-10-20 14:50:09
  • Words: 1769
Beyond Blood Relation Beyond Blood Relation