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Between The Sheets

Between The Sheets

by Coyotes Publishing

Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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Making Love

Looking at her beauty across from the park.
Unlike many I know she’d like it in the dark.

As I make my move an venture closer to her.

I grab her from bedhin am force my hand down to s got fur.

A moan escaped her lips.

As she started to move her hips.

Slowly pressin against his cock.

Feelin horny wanting to rock.

He peeled her shirt off with ease.

They both were lookin for more than a tease.

Her breasts revealed to the world.

He knew that she was a special girl.


Standing before him nude.

She knew he’d never be rude.

His cock soon to feel warm to the air.

She unzipped his pants with care.


Took her by surprise, he tackled her to the ground.

Onlookers would stop an stare from all arould.
He slid his cock deep inside her pussy with ease.

He seems a smile on her face, she looks pleased.

He works her good on the ground.

Pleasure for both has been found.

In the park making love.

They left feeling like they were floating in the sky above.


Kennie & Crystal Kayoz


My Enjoyment


As I climb out of the car.

I knew that she wouldn’t be far.

She quickly fiollowed, he pushed her against the fence.

Handcuffed her an removed her pants.

Feeling the cold metal against her ass.

She hoped the feeling would not pass.

Free for her mak to take.

Knowing this day wasn’t fake.


As I pull out my knife it’s her top Imma slice.

I’ll remove it real quick an what I see is really nice.

Got my girl coffed to the fence naked to the world.

As I sneak behind her forcin her to outstretch her arms.

I knew that what Imma do wouldn’t be wrong.


Too bad she’s still in her thong.

He spots it and cuts it free.

Now she’s naked for the world to see.

He begins to play with her breasts.

Knowing hers are the best.


Inserting his cock is what he does next.

Whilte softly kissin her neck.

Hard thrust once inside.

That is what begins her ride.


Moaning as she wraps her legs around.

His waist knowin they’ll soon be on the ground..
Makin her mine.
Telling her she’s so fine.

Pushin his cock in her pussy so wet.

She loves it and wants to let.

Him have his enjoyment.

Kennie & Crystal Kayoz

Sex In The Sun

So sunny & bright.

Things feeling so right.

My pussy getting wet.

Getting my body set.

Wnating to have some hot fun.

Wanting to have sex in the sun.

Strip ya to the skin.

Is here I would begin.

Let my lips walk all over your breasts.

While I gaze at the rest.

I’ll reach for that tender an wet pussy slowly.

Cause I know when these fingers start it’ll be oozin juicy.

Moans escape my lips.

Your touch makes me move my hips.

Rockin to and frow.

Making you want to blow.

Your cock coming free.

Slowly entering me.

Wanting to place my baby inside her to grow.

I know to take this nice an slow.

Watch me fondle her breasts.

I won’t stop there cause I want all the rest.

With the anticipation before I inserted my seed.

We both wanted whats best for it an not outta greed.

Kennie & Crystal Kayoz

Summer Love

Rolling around on the grass..

Feeling his hands on her ass.

Tuggin on her pants, trying to get them free.

Her naked body he wanted to see.

Reveal to me your beauty, expose yourself for me.

I want you to tell the world what I see.

Turn on the readers.

Let them feel they need her.

To feel all the sensations that I feel.

Make them think that the images in there head are real.

Naked from the waist down.

He’s got her pinned on the ground.

Ripping the buttons on her shirt.

Giggling,laughing, she’s such a flirt.

Naked for the world to see.

He holds her down telling her “You’re the only one for me.”

Burys his face between her thighs.

He knows she is bout to kiss the sky.

Lick, Lick, Lick her pussy is what his tongue flicks.

Makin her anticipate more an more for the dick.

Debatin about the child he wants to give.

Deep down it’s with this girl he would like to live.

Kennie & Crystal Kayoz

Between The Sheets

  • ISBN: 9781370537273
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-02-15 19:05:09
  • Words: 774
Between The Sheets Between The Sheets