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Between The Lips And A Cup Of Tea

Introduction ––––––-(Synopsys)

The book named as ” Between the lips and a cup of tea ” , consists of four stories . The stories

convey a message to all readers , whether it may be an arranged marriage or some pre-love

consequences may lead to a marriage, some veiled or unveiled situations pave the way towards it .


With love to all of my readers.

First Story–––––––-(First Chapter)

“No, it is not possible for me to marry him!” Vinita almost whispered within her inner mind as she

was questioning her own fascination, ” I know, my parents will try to make my mind for this marriage

but, oh my God! I can not do this!”

Vinita’s voice broke into a cry with hush.

She faced such types of situations earlier also but that time, the whole matter was out of her

control. She was a simple young lady belonged to a Kolkata based family, and their economic

condition was ordinary. She was the senior

most among her other siblings, she was not very much fair and good looking but her big bright eyes

along-with thick black hair curled over forehead were appreciable.

After completing Bachelor degree in commerce,she also did a software course and at last, she

Successfully joined a mediocre software organization. She was satisfied with her job but her parents

were unhappy with her marital status, at the age of 28,she still remained unmarried whereas her

second sister already got married to a suitable person.

But Vinita was never envious about that matter, her third sister had just crossed her twenty-one,

was not in hurry to think about getting knotted, “Let Vinitadi get married first, then , it will be my

turn.” she was always close to her elder most didi’s choice . Sanju was Vinita’s most lovable youngest

and only one brother. Vinita’s appearance was not negligible but it was also true that she had an

average look with a so-so image. As she had no affairs with anybody and being a member of a

traditional middle class family, she had to face some inevitable odds alongwith customs if anybody

used to visit their family as a part of initialization of any marriage proposal . She often had to face

some awkward conversations, such as- “Are you conscious about your skin ? You should take care of

your skin”, ” You should join any fitness and health-care centre”, ” We want a more heighted bride for

our son “… etc. Moreover, some proposals’ demand was so high that their monetary condition could

not afford it.

The neighbours had a casual curiosity, ” What happened ? Any good news ?” – marriage proposals

and rejections gradually turned into a hot topic to many so called neighbours and relatives. Though Sanju and his third elder sister were well enough to keep their mouths shut but their parents hardly

slept a night without worries till they could be able to fix their elder daughter’s marriage. At last they

found a suitable person for their daughter, but the person was not a perfect match according to

Vinita’s view, a pandit (purohit) acted as a middle-man for that proposal who used to take care of a

temple situated near by their house. This proposed would be groom was of 37 years and his marital

status was ‘ divorcee ‘.

“Didi will not be agreed to get married with him , moreover, it is heard that he has an issue from

his first marriage,” Vinita’s third sister and younger brother urged their parents.

But their parents were quite firm to accept that proposal, ” He is a good person, he has not

concealed any matter regarding his concern, moreover, he has no demand and the boy earns well

enough. “

” The boy!” Sanju repeated the words in a comical way and replied, ” This person named as Sandip

and whatever may be, is not a boy by any mean. “

Vinita’s youngest sister too joined with Sanju by saying so, ” You are misusing the word , actually,

Sandip is an aged person. “

“Both of you! Please keep quiet! ” Vinita’s mom and dad were becoming irritated and they added

more words in favour of Sandip, ” Pandit has already matched Vinita’s janma kundali with Sandip’s

birth-chart, according to his judgement, it is a perfect match.”

“Bogus!” Vinita’s sister reacted.

“Hopeless!” Sanju too remarked about that pandit’s opinion.

Obviously, Vinita was not feeling happy, Sandip was introduced once by her parents and since then,

they met only one time, neither Sandip nor Vinita eagered to meet again!

By the mean time, Vinita’s parents already fixed the date of ring-ceremony and this increased

Vinita’s mental disturbance a lot.

“You have fixed the date without any kind of discussion with me!

It is too early to decide!” Vinita expressed her grief infront of her parents. “No more arguments!

We have decided after a deep consideration,” they replied in a hard voice.

Few days were left for the ring ceremony, their relatives were already informed, and their thirty

years old house was already started to be decorated. Vinita’s family did not want any lack of customs

to fulfil this ceremony-mithaiwala, cateres and decorators were booked and half-paid in advance.

since last two or three days, Vinita was noticing an awsome or awkward matter-an young, bright

man-probably of 27 or 28

years, had just started to come in their house! And surprisingly, she also noticed that this person

had a frequent secret look on her! After some enquiry, everything became clear to her-this young man

was a contractor and used to be hired to organize the decorations of any party or occassion.His name was Bipin , within few years, he enabled himself to be settled as a successful earner.

Sanju and his third elder sister always kept their eyes on Vinita, very recent, they carefully

observed that Vinita was not with her presence of mind! she had started smiling in her own mind and

Bipin too could not avoid himself from making an eye to eye contact with Vinita.

” Any secret matter?” Sanju was too smart to have any answer from Vinita.

“Nothing!” Vinita did not want to open her mind infront of anybody, not even near her beloved

brother and sister at that crutial moment, she was looking very much logical to reply, “Be serious!

Three more days are left and I will be engaged!”

Sanju wanted to reach the core of her mind and did not hesitate to speak out, “It is a ring ceremony

and the date of marriage is yet to be fixed, still you have enough time to change your decision.”

Vinita’s youngest sister too tried to insist her by saying so, ” Yes didi! If you agree to be frank with

Bipin , we will help you to have a talk with him and by this way, we will be able to know about what is

in his mind regarding your concern!”

“Please didi! Say ‘yes’ , if you are agreed with us then tomorrow morning, we ‘three’ will depart

for Halishahar to have an urgent talk with Bipin, we can manage everything carefully so that nobody

else will be able to hear about our plan,” Sanju asked Vinita again and again, but Vinita apparently

said “No” to them.

Vinita’s second sister already arrived her parental house to attend her elder sister’s ring ceremony;

Vinita did not let her memory to wipe off that moment when her second sister’s marriage was fixed.

Groomside rejected Vinita as they wanted a heighted and fair looking girl, as they stepped out from

the house, Vinita’s second sister entered there, they looked back and asked, “Who is this young girl?

Any relative?”

They were very much impressed with her beautiful fair look and they wished to have her as their

bride instead of Vinita.

Vinita’s parents were not ready to face such kind of situation and without any hesitation, vinita

requested them to accept the proposal.

Back to present situation, both Sanju and her third sister,however, managed to take her to

Halishahar to have a private talk with Bipin.

Relatives already started to come in, moreover,Vinita’s second sister was very watchful, but Sanju

already took permission from his parents, “Didi has suddenly decided to invite some of her officecolleagues

and we can not leave her alone, so, we three will go out by tomorrow morning and

obviously we will try our best to come back as soon as possible.”

Sanju lied but but no other option was left near him and the permission was granted.

Halishahar was not too far from their town, Bipin was not prepared to receive them! Even, he was

not previously informed about it!Sanju tried to normalise the situation,“Actually, last night, I noticed that the decoration in our

house is still short of some lightings, I mean..,” Sanju hesitated , then managed to tell another lie, “We

want to have a long discussion with you about the decoration, so we are here.”

“Oh!Really?” Bipin was looking very much doubtful, he wanted to know the real reason of their

surprise-visit, he spoke out, “But, almost, everyday, I visit your house for supervising the decoration

..”, before Bipin could say anything more, Vinita’s sister however took control of the situation, she

dramatically reversed the topic, “Actually, today is didi’s off-day, at home, she is already getting

bored to face so many relatives with so many inquiries, though she likes their company very much but

some of them are irritating too! So we have decided to come here in order to spend a different type of


“Is it true?” – An unknown voice was echoed from the backside and as they looked back, they found

themselves in an awkward situation, they were trying to figure out the person who spoke the last

words and gradually they identified the face, he was no other than Sandip!

‘Sandip!’ Sanju pronounced the word in a such way that he was in a vagueness!

Along-with him, his two sisters were also stunned and shocked to see Sandip by that time at that


“Actually, I am not following you and not even have any idea about your arrival here,” Sandip

stopped for a moment and started again, “I have three workshops here and Bipin works under me as

my supervisor.”

Vinita immediately wanted to leave the place but Sandip requested, “If you don’t mind, please have

a short walk with me, I want to talk with you privately.”

Vinita remained silent, Sandip looked at her brother and sister for their permission and inspite of

their unwillingness, they said “yes”.

Both Vinita and Sandip started walking and soon they left behind Sanju and others. Vinita was


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Between The Lips And A Cup Of Tea

The book contains four stories which shows both arrange and love marriage in Indian culture. Family intervention, introduction with bride and grooms, their friendship, agree and disagreement- all are presented nicely in these stories, stories are original and characters are imaginary.

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Between The Lips And A Cup Of Tea Between The Lips And A Cup Of Tea