Better Yourself By Boosting Your Personal Vibe


Why Raising Vibration is so important:

We are vibrational beings. Science has shown that we have vibrational energy that emanates from each of us. Every thought or feeling that we have has a measurable vibration. Throughout your daily life, every interaction and reaction has an impact on your overall energy level and your state of being. Every choice you make influences if you are raising or lowering your vibration. If raised high enough then you are able to connect with the power of intention. This is where you feel joy and your dream life will become a reality.

When you are in a low vibrational frequency or when your energy has been drained, you’re likely to be blocked mentally, spiritually, and physically. Lower vibrational frequencies are associated with negative emotions, lethargy, health issues, and even depression.


When you are in a high vibrational frequency with high energy, you are likely to feel increased health, excitement, happiness and overall well being. By increasing your vibration, you can experience higher levels of creativity, intuition, compassion, spiritual awareness, joy, confidence, connection, and love. A high vibrational frequency is one which is aligned with positive thoughts and emotions.


As shown in the Law of Attraction, your vibrational frequency dramatically impacts what you attract into your life. When in a low vibration you are attracting more of the same… frustrating people, irritating and difficult experiences, and toxic circumstances.

When you are in a high vibration, you will attract positive people, synchronicity, the ease and graceful flow of your actions, moments of bliss, and true blessings.


Ways to Raise Vibration:

p<>{color:#000;}. Laugh

Do things or be with people that make you laugh. Laughter has a tremendously high vibrational energy, even when we laugh at ourselves.

p<>{color:#000;}. Express Gratitude

Keep a gratitude journal. Make it a practice to say something daily for which you are grateful (nature, a relationship, something beautiful).

p<>{color:#000;}. Exercise

Exercise releases stress and tension, gets your energy flowing, keeps you fit, and helps to ease and center your mind. It is vital to find ways to get moving every day. You will get your blood pumping and increase your Chi by walking, stretching, swimming, running, and bicycling etc. Get moving if you want to raise your energy.

p<>{color:#000;}. Meditate

Meditation serves to quiet your mind and increase your awareness. Meditation will open the channels of inspiration, creativity, and spiritual awareness. Many people think meditation is hard, or something they’ll never be able to do, when really it can be simple! Take three minutes every day, focus on quieting your monkey mind, and find stillness. As thoughts do come up, just release them, and return to focusing on your breath. You might also try a guided meditation. There are some great ones on www.chopra.com


Meditation enables you to connect to a higher power and to your intuition. You do not have to meditate for long periods of time, but make meditation a regular practice in your daily life.

p<>{color:#000;}. Become conscious of your thoughts

Thoughts have a way of becoming things….so choose the good ones! Each thought you have has an impact on you. Put up affirmations that you will see and read throughout the day. When a negative thought comes up, take note of it, and dismiss it. By practicing positive thoughts, you will make it become natural to you.

p<>{color:#000;}. Become conscious of the music and lyrics that you listen to

Music is all about vibration. It has the ability to reach us on a deeper level, and moves our spirit. Lyrics about violence, hate, or fear invade your subconscious. Listen to music about love, peace, strength, or inspiration.

p<>{color:#000;}. Be aware of your home and work environments

The spaces you inhabit deeply affect your vibration. Reducing clutter, surrounding yourself with beauty and cleanliness, enhancing your senses, all raise your vibration. Paintings, candles, photos, crystals, sculptures, books, flowers, plants, and fireplaces all serve to add beauty and raise the vibration of the space. (see feng shui tips to raise vibration handout).

p<>{color:#000;}. Be conscious of the vibrational level of your friends, family, and acquaintances.

By spending time with people who vibrate highly, you can raise your energy level. Surround yourself with people who are positive, empowering, and share your values and morals. Friendships and relationships are symbiotic, and energy passes between two people.

p<>{color:#000;}. Take Action

When you procrastinate, you effectively lower your vibration. When you have things you’ve intended to do, but you keep putting them off, they pull at you, lowering your vibration until you get them done. Start taking small action steps now. Set achievable goals for yourself. Baby steps are better than NO steps. When you are taking action towards your dreams, you feel invigorated and your frequency rises. Focus on your dreams and your soul’s intentions and desires.

p<>{color:#333;background:#fff;}. Claim Responsibility

When you blame others for the reasons that you are in a low vibration, you lower your vibration even more. You are always ultimately responsible for your vibration. Outside circumstances and frustrating or difficult people may challenge you, but how you choose to react is up to you. Take responsibility for yourself. Take the steps that you need to take in each moment to uplift your vibration.

p<>{color:#000;}. Practice Compassion and Forgiveness

Forgiveness holds a high vibration, even if you just have thoughts of forgiveness without taking any subsequent action. Changing your perspective away from that of a victim reclaims your power and raises your vibration.

p<>{color:#000;}. Practice acts of Loving Kindness

Donate to a cause that you believe in. Send a kind note to someone, pay for someone’s item at checkout, or help someone in an unexpected way. The key is to act in loving kindness without expecting anything in return. When we act in compassion, we raise our vibration.

p<>{color:#000;}. Have a Dance Party For One

Body movement is ideal for raising your vibration. So put on your favorite tunes and shake it!

p<>{color:#000;}. Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath. The sensations of the hot water on our skin raises our vibration. Epsom salt is a purifier which holds unique qualities to raise our frequency as does nurturing and positive self-care.

p<>{color:#000;}. Connect with Nature

Make time to walk in nature, be outdoors, meditate outside, or relax at the beach. Nature will reward you with clarity of mind, an increased vibration, and an overall sense of well-being. Nature reminds us of its beauty as it reconnects us to it and to one another in this universe.

p<>{color:#000;}. Light Source

This technique is highly effective in raising one’s frequency. It is a form of meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and rest your hands palms facing up on your lap. Imagine a beautiful stream of white light coming down from the heavens and being absorbed into the crown of your head. Allow this bright white light to fill your entire being. Allow it to open your heart. Release your concerns and struggles, worries and heaviness, making room to allow the light to fill you. Breathe as you allow yourself to be supported. Allow your soul to be nourished. Breathe in the light. Receive its beautiful energy into your open heart and soul.

Increasing your vibration is an ongoing process, and you will be continually evolving and improving this skill. There will be times where you really feel like you’re getting somewhere, and then you falter because of some outside trigger or occurrence. When this happens, be patient with yourself, treat yourself with care, and refocus on the things you can do now to raise your frequency.


Remember to listen to your intuition, follow your soul’s guidance, laugh, play,take good care of yourself, and do what is right for you to respond to life with authentic love. Keep moving in the direction of an increased vibration and remember to enjoy your journey and the rich wisdom it provides you.

Better Yourself By Boosting Your Personal Vibe

Every one of us has a vibrational frequency, or aura that emanates from us. That energy is a powerful force to attract and manifest what we desire. Throughout your daily life, every interaction and reaction has an impact on our overall energy level and our state of being. Every choice we make influences if we are raising or lowering your vibration. When our vibration level drops, it becomes crucial to raise it to regain our energy, happiness, magnetism, and outlook on the world. Here you will find wonderful tips to do just that!

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Better Yourself By Boosting Your Personal Vibe Better Yourself By Boosting Your Personal Vibe