Better to be freed by the truth than held captive by a lie


Better To Be Freed By The Truth Than Held Captive By A Lie


By Phillip Hawkins


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Knowledge through Learning

Healing through Understanding

Phillip Hawkins


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Chapter 1 - The Duty Of A Teacher

Chapter 2 - A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins Not With A Single Step, But With A Simple Question

Chapter 3 - A Little Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing

Chapter 4 - Beliefs May Be Strong But They Can’t Stand Alone

Chapter 5 – Learning Is About Loosening Our Grip On Reality

Chapter 6 – Failure Is Nothing More Than Practice By Another Name

Chapter 7 – Hey God, You There?

Chapter 8 – Can Healing Be Separated From Life?

Chapter 9 – Hey! I’m No Longer Broken

Chapter 10 -  It’s Time To Give Stress A Break

Chapter 11 – Personal Development; A New And Improved Formula

Chapter 12 – The Critical Mass Of Change, And Enlightenment

Chapter 13 – Those Who Would Hold Us To A Belief In Mediocrity

Chapter 14 - Our Journeys End Is Only The Beginning

Chapter 15 - Should We Not Step In To Help Them?

Phillips Sign Off 

Chapter 1 – The Duty Of A Teacher

The duty of a teacher is to educate. This we do this, not by telling the student what to think, but by challenging what they already hold to be true. Our role is to guide and help them break free of ignorance and fear formed by conditioning, tradition and dogma. We dare them to consider new thoughts and ideas that have the power to change their perception of reality and in doing so they can begin to take responsibility for their own learning. 

It is said that ‘we teach what we wish to learn’ and in many ways this is true, for knowledge and understanding never comes to us complete, and on our journey of exploration to find the truth, knowledge and understanding helps illuminate the path that opens up before us as the teacher and student walk side by side. 

A teacher never seeks to condition or control; they seek to empower by helping the student to free their spirit, and their mind. Their questions should never be seen as a challenge to authority but as an expression of their desire to learn and understand. The dark ages of mankind were unable to hold captive those who had the courage to question what was then held to be true, and overcome the barriers to development, real or imaginary.

Education is a physician of the mind and the body, for without the attendance of knowledge and understanding the healing of the patient is impossible. Symptoms of ignorance and fear may be addressed on a superficial level, but the root cause will go untouched. A closed mind is unaware of its own ignorance and the self imposed limitations that restrict its development and growth, changed against its will, it remains connect to its roots and will at the first opportunity seek to return to the comfort of the beliefs and values it holds to be true.

Education is the only viable means of introducing and maintaining sustainable change in the individual and in society as a whole. Reward and punishment are limited in their concept and application, for as with any addiction their use and application will have to be increased in order to maintain a level of control. Empower a person to take responsibility think for themselves and you help free them from the control of conditioning, tradition and dogma and the many prejudices they help perpetuate.

Every student has a personal best and it’s the role of the teacher to help them achieve it whatever it may be. Everyone has the capacity to learn but some may not be ready and willing to do so, as teachers we help those that we can and gently sow the seeds of learning that one day may come to fruition in another time, another place and with teacher who is better suited to the needs of the developing student. Like ripples spreading out beyond our horizon to rest upon far distant shores, knowledge and understanding has the power to transcend time and affect in a positive and life affirming way generations to come.

Chapter 2 – A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins Not With A Single Step, But With A Simple Question

It’s said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, if this is true then the journey of personal development begins with a single question. A question we often asked as children until we were told to stop asking so many questions, and we unknowingly accepted conditioning as a legitimate means of learning. That initial question of personal enlightenment was to simply ask ‘why’. This question isn’t a challenge; it’s a request for an explanation as to why it is so, and this desire to want answers is part of our learning process. Those around us are doing the best that they can to train, educate and inform us, and we as children are doing the best that we can to process and make sense of what we are being told. So when a child is asking ‘why’ they are trying to fit the pieces of information together so that they can better understand the mental picture that is being created in their mind.

If why is the first question to be asked, then it is only one of a number of companions that make this journey together. In many ways these can be considered the five keys to enlightenment that unlock the door that is marked ‘ignorance and fear’. Coincidently they all begin with the letter ‘w’ and they are why, what, where when and who. On their own their power to bring about change is limited, but when united in a concerted effort they can prove unstoppable once the keys have been turned allowing the first cracks to appear in the fabric of a closed mind. It’s through these ever widening cracks that the light is able to filter through and eventually illuminate the darkness within. As we grow out of this questioning stage, often with the encouragement of our parents to ‘stop asking so many questions’ the time comes when we are introduced to an education system that traditionally seeks not to stimulate minds, but condition them to accept established facts. Historically schools are not places that readily accept challenges to what they are teaching their students, these were, and still are to some degree production lines where the impressionable raw material is fed in one end, and the conditioned, formulated product comes out the other end. Filter systems are in place to assess individual ability and help them to find and accept their appropriate place in society.

A conditioned mind is a predictable mind; a mind that is easier to regulate and control, a mind that accepts what it is told, often without question. An open mind, the mind of a free thinker is radical and even revolutionary, that not only seeks to think outside of the box but to remove the belief in all imposed limitations. A mind once freed will find it impossible to be pigeonholed or constrained by traditions that impose limitations or restrict access to truth, knowledge and understanding to a perceived elite or chosen few. Personal development begins when we no longer accept without question. When we challenge the established wisdom and new beliefs in equal measure, and hold them both up to the scrutiny of logic, reasoning and analytical thinking. Personal development requires the removal of barriers and boundaries we have learned to impose on ourselves, and those deemed necessary by society. This requires us to learn, before unlearning what we first accepted as the truth, and then the ability to relearn, to accept the knowledge and understanding that lies as yet undiscovered outside of our fabricated sphere of perception. That place in our mind where the impossible becomes our new reality.

Chapter 3 – A Little Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing

Knowledge begins as an idea; a seed of enquiry sown in a fertile mind that develops and grows. The acquisition of knowledge and understanding requires the acceptance of the new, letting go of the beliefs we have outgrown or those that no longer reflect the person we have become. Sometimes knowledge and understanding asks us to reject what we once held firmly as truth. In doing so the old is swept away in order that a solid foundation is laid upon which to establish a new belief system.

A closed mind is unaware of its own ignorance, a prisoner of its own rigid beliefs. Ignorance keeps us trapped within a comfort zone defined by the realms of the unknown and the things we fear the most. Change is dangerous and threatens to set us free from the comfort and confines that ignorance provides. Change is only possible when we are prepared to question what we hold to be true, but forced to accept a belief against our will we revert back to our old ways at the first opportunity and seek sanctuary behind the walls built to keep the unknown at bay.

 Chapter 4 – Beliefs May Be Strong But They Can’t Stand Alone

Our beliefs are whatever we want them to be; in fact they are exactly what we want them to be because we make them up. They begin life as a figment of our imagination and the only place they exist is in our minds.  We get some of our beliefs from our parents, peer groups, assorted teachers and role models, the rest we make up as we go along. Beliefs given to us by our parents usually fall into one of the following categories, beliefs that control us, beliefs that protect us, and finally, beliefs that stop us being too disappointed in life. Beliefs no matter how strange and weird they may seem to others all have one thing in common, they affect how we behave, our attitude and how we look at life, and what we experience in life that supports what we already hold to be true.

Beliefs can either empower us or they can cripple us; if we were lucky enough to be given empowering beliefs by switched on parents we would have a completely different outlook on life than those who carry their beliefs like a millstone around their necks, weighed down with guilt and fear and constantly disempowered by what they believe about themselves and life in general.  Unfortunately our parents, teachers and role models can only teach us what they themselves have learnt, and without realising it they can pass onto us all manner of negative stereotype based beliefs, values, mental and emotional baggage. We receive these traditional values from the authoritive figures in our lives and we automatically believe what we are told without question, accept them, and make them our own.

Beliefs no matter how strong can’t stand alone indefinitely; no matter how strong or well established they need support to exist; they need the kind of experiences that reinforce and underpin the belief.  We all believed in Santa Clause at some point in our childhood, this belief was upheld by our parents who used the belief to control and reward us, our friends also believed in Santa Clause, and on Christmas morning we found tangible proof that he was real.  Every other belief we have works on the same principle. If a belief has the power to affect the way we act and behave, then it doesn’t take a genius to realise that if you alter the nature of the belief you alter the effect that, that belief has on the person that holds it to be true. Improve the quality of the belief and you must automatically begin to improve the quality and nature of the person who holds the belief.  The easiest way to change our own beliefs is to challenge their validity, quality and worth. Question who gave us this belief, look to see if it’s an empowering belief, does it support you in who you are and more importantly in who and what you want to become.  If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative; then hold on to the belief. If not change those for ones that do, and then reinforce those new beliefs by taking action that will create new experiences that uphold the new set of beliefs and values.  Change the way a person thinks and you change the belief the thought process helped to create; change the belief and you change the person’s life experience. The quality of our thought processes helps establish what we hold to be true, and the nature and quality of the beliefs we claim as our own can’t help but define the quality of the life we then choose to lead.

 Chapter 5 – Learning Is About Loosening Our Grip On Reality

When it comes to learning we are all different. There are seven recognised modalities of learning and these are visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and finally solitary, and  we not only learn in different ways, we have different speeds in the way we can process and retain new information. Whether we realise it or not we all have blind spots when it comes to changing our beliefs and the way we think, which is exactly how we are supposed to accept new knowledge and understanding.  We all have learning preferences, learning differences and more importantly favourite beliefs about ourselves and our ability that we want to hang on to.

Learning is a process of change and development; it’s about loosening our grip on a reality we have come to believe in, and embrace uncertainty and the unknown.  Most people are comfortable with accepting new ideas as long as the new doesn’t conflict with or challenge existing beliefs and preconceived ideas, when it does we try to use the new to support the old or initially reject it out of hand.  Unfortunately we can’t develop and grow and stay where we are at the same time; change is the basis of the learning experience, while certainty requires a sense of permanency and is opposed to change.

Knowledge and understanding never comes to us complete so the learning it brings is transitional; and this state of change is the only real constant in life.  No matter how stable or fixed a thing may first appear it is in a constant process of transformation.  Nothing ever stays the same indefinitely and our resistance to change comes primarily from a need to feel in control and from a fear of losing something that we have claimed ownership to. If we resist change and fight to stay where we are we can hang on to what makes us feel safe and secure, even if it’s no longer valid, an illusion or simply a mistaken belief.  We also fear and distrust anything or anyone who appears different to our rigid definition of normal, because different is change by another name, and we fear and distrust what we don’t understand be it a person, belief or a new idea.  Yet belief is often nothing more than make-believe, a feeling of certainty; we are certain of what we believe and those beliefs provide us with the evidence and proof of our convictions. If we aren’t careful we can box ourselves in by a rigid mindset, a ‘box’ that we must learn to think outside of, if we wish to find innovation and motivation for change.

Few if any of our beliefs are new and original.  They are hand me downs passed on from generation to generation, usually by our parents and adults of influence, in effect they all took on the role of our teacher and we were the blank page upon which ‘our’ beliefs were laid down, and with a child’s innocence and trust we accepted them as our own.  We should never blame ourselves or our teachers for those truths we can no longer accept without question for they could only teach us what they themselves had learnt.  But acceptance of the new should never automatically be at the expense of the old; both the new and the tried and tested should be challenged and held to the light of scrutiny, validity value and worth.

Education is about change; and that process can be either evolutionary learning from past mistakes, where the new is an extension of the old and builds on the foundations laid by what has gone before, or it can be revolutionary in its desire to sweep away the old and replace it with a new set of values and beliefs.  

In reality there is nothing new under the sun and what goes around comes around. What is in this moment in time is an extension of what was, and will be again albeit in a different format, it may look different and have a different title but even the new owes its existence to the knowledge and understanding that made it possible. The understanding of one self and recognising the belief based limitations we hold onto and those we see as different, is the first step in being able to understand and appreciate the value of others.

A name is just a label that we attach to those who look different, behave differently, and have a different faith or culture. The moment we label certain groups or individuals in a less than empowering way we define ourselves more than we do them.  Learning requires that we have the capacity to take in information, understand and retain it, and be able to recall and use it correctly when necessary.  This is the basis of all academic and experiential knowledge and understanding.  The understanding of learning differences requires us to look beyond the superficial labels that separate us and find the common ground that we share, acknowledge and respect the person beneath the many labels we may have helped to put on them, the baggage they have to carry, and their own belief based limitations they have to deal with.

Intelligence comes in many forms and takes many guises; and comparisons can be painful and self defeating when we judge one persons capacity for learning and personal development against another based on our own beliefs, preconceived ideas and fears.  What is a single step to one person may be a milestone to another; all achievement is relevant to the steps we are able to take, and the personal barriers we have the strength and courage to overcome.  We all have learning difficulties to one degree or another; we all have belief based limitations and favourite beliefs that keep us in our comfort zone, and we all have blind spots when it comes to seeing things we don’t want to face up to and deal with.  Education and learning isn’t about judging ourselves or others harshly for some perceived weakness or deficiency, its about understanding and developing a willingness to loosen our grip on reality, letting go of old ideas and beliefs that no longer support us, reflect the person we have become or more importantly the person we aspire to become.

Chapter 6 – Failure Is Nothing More Than Practice By Another Name

Imagine if you would a journey you have undertaken to find your way through a labyrinth, a myriad of twist and turns that must be successfully navigated in order to reach your destination. Would your journey be made any the more easier if a mocking disembodied voice criticise you for the choices you made or the directions you decided to take as you struggled to make your way through the twists and turns of the labyrinth. Would it help to berate you when you took a wrong turning, coming to a standstill as you face a dead end? Would you gain encouragement from it as it laughed at your fear and confusion when you didn’t know which way to turn?  Would you grow in confidence as it ridicules you for becoming lost or uncertain of what to do, or scornful when you stumbled and fell in your desire to succeed?  

Of course not, it wouldn’t have to because we do all of those things ourselves.  Of the millions of species living on the planet we are the only ones who are so critical and judgemental about our perceived failings and of those around us. In this sense we are totally unique in the way we look at ourselves and the way we live our lives and who use this negative mind set when trying to achieve anything. We casually say ‘you learn by your mistakes’ but we only want this to apply to everyone else.  Our first reaction to making a mistake is to deny it, justify it, or if caught out, blame it on someone else, we see mistakes as flaws in our character and so mistakes are an indication that the person making them is in some way a failure.  Conditioned from an early age in this negative way of thinking, we take on the role of the stern parent and become our severest critic, our own worst enemy not realising this undermines the possibility of any real achievement. We then congratulate ourselves on knowing how little we could achieve. Failure of any kind is an outcome; it’s not an end result but an unwanted result, and all successful people know that success comes out of failure.  Failure to them has many names; they know it as practice, training, revision or reflection, trial and error or experience, and each of these is a form of education that moves the successful person along their chosen route until they eventually reach their destination and achieve their goal, the successful outcome they desire.

Education is a process of learning new ways to do things, letting go of the old and accepting the new without judgement or criticism, we do what we do because that’s what we know how to, and when we know differently we do differently. This knowledge can be taught or given, but we must find understanding within ourselves.  Learning any new skill takes us into the unknown, we move out of our comfort zone and into the realms of uncertainty and confusion, but if we want something different be it success, achievement or improvement then we must do something different to achieve it, for repetition confirms the established and what is already known.  A dead end or wrong turning is not a reason for personal criticism or rejection but a time of reflection and redirection. Each wrong turning, each door of opportunity that’s tried then closed takes us one step closer to our destination, we’re not failing in our achievement we’re just eliminating the options that don’t work, reducing the number of obstacles that can prevent us from achieving our desired result and the success we desire.

Chapter 7 – Hey God, You There?

Yes, as always. Although I do like to chill on a Sunday but that seems to be the busiest day of the week for me when lot of people choose to get in touch. But anyway, yes I’m here, what can I do for you?

You know you told me you created me and as such we are always connected, and I am in fact a co-creator of the life I experience through the power of my thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Yes that’s true. A very simplified version, but correct none the less. What about it?

Well I just had a thought about using that power to create something awesome that will help everyone get something they all say they want and need.

Ok you got my attention. What is this awesome creation that for some reason, which I can’t figure out yet, only you can create out of the eight billion or so people on the planet.

My idea is…..you ready for this?

With baited breath, I can hardly contain my excitement. The last time I was this excited I just got the colours of the rainbow in the right order. Tell me what are you about to create that is so wonderful?

An envelope!

An envelope…..Ok let me back up a bit here because I’m more than a little confused. You are going to create an envelope, that’s what you called to tell me. I gave you the power to create anything you desire, and you want to create……an envelope!


Now I could be wrong here, and please correct me if I am, but didn’t a guy called Sir Roland Hill do this back in 1840 and you have been using them ever since?

For posting letters yes, but this is a special kind of envelope. It’s an abundance envelope and people can use it to improve their wealth and prosperity.

Ok walk me through this. An envelope that is so special and awesome, that just by having it in their possession they become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Is that what you are telling me?

No not quite. They take an ordinary envelope of their choosing and write on the front of it that it’s their ‘Abundance Envelope’ and they use it to keep their affirmations, pictures or tokens of abundance in it. It becomes a point of focus to help them improve their finances and get what they want in life.

I admire your desire to help people create what they think they need and want, but I have to say I don’t think you fully understand the creative process, or how it’s designed to work for you. Take a seat and let’s get back to basics, and between us we may be able to improve on your idea. Now don’t take what I am about to say as criticism, it’s simply feedback on your progress so far, and accepting that you are a co-creator of your life is a major step forward.

It’s widely known that I hold the patent on creation. The story is well documented even though some of it, it has to be said, is more fiction than fact with the early writers and scribes taking more than a little artistic licence on recounting my story. But that said, the fact that we are having this conversation is testament to the truth demonstrated. That truth demonstrated is you, and your ability to directly affect and influence the fabric of the universe, of which you are a significant part.

I created you and as we have already said that means you hold within you collectively and as individuals, a creative spark that connects us. That link can be tested but never broken and it’s your responsibility, your duty of care to use it in order to create a life for yourself that will help you develop and grow both physically and spiritually. It’s your life and you alone can live it. The meaning of that life is very simple, it’s whatever you want it to be. The value you place on your own life and the lives of those around you provides both purpose and meaning to you. What some of you struggle with is the fact of my indifference to the choices you make. I gave you free will and advocate its use as a means of educating you; there is no need or desire on my part to punish you for you are more than capable of doing that yourself as a result of your ‘creative’ actions.

Contrary to what you believe I like to keep things simple. You on the other hand appear to distrust simplicity and spend a great deal of time making things far more complicated than they need to be. In doing so the result is often disproportionate to the effort you put in, a disappointment and at times a complete and utter disaster. I use pollution global warming and deforestation of the planet as examples for your consideration to this fact. We must have a chat sometime as to how you think destroying the rain forests that help provide the oxygen you need to survive as a species is a good idea. But we digress….let’s get back to that other great idea, your abundance envelope.

I’m sure you have heard that a straight line between two points is usually the shortest distance, and so the quickest route from A to B. Creation as I designed it works on the same principle A, being the idea or thought, and B the creative outcome. Are you still with me, or do we need to take some time to go back and recap?

No I’m fine, please carry on.

Good. The creative process comes in two parts. Attention which is what you focus on and intention which is what you plan, or choose to do about it. That’s it in a nut shell, as simple as I can make it and explain it to you. Don’t try to complicate it or make it more than it is.

That’s so simple it’s confusing in its simplicity, and I need some help to take it in.

I know and that’s ok. Struggle is sometimes a necessary part of the learning process; the key is to know when to struggle, and when to just go with the flow. Let me explain it to you this way. When you look at the world you create, you see mass; solids separated by distance and apparently empty spaces. When I experience the same world as you and the universe it’s a part of I see, feel and hear frequency and vibration, the building blocks of all creation. You either have resonance and harmony, or discord and conflict. Abundance, wealth and prosperity have a vibrational frequency, as do poverty and deprivation and whichever you resonate with you will attract, draw to yourself and thus ‘create’ in your life.

There are no doubts, if, buts or maybe’s involved in the process. The quality of your thoughts sets the tone, frequency and vibration of the shopping list in your mind and determines what you will be able to afford. Align the power of your thoughts, the beliefs they create and the action they empower and all things are possible to you. Back in the day it was faith, mustard seeds and mountains, but we have moved on since then and now it’s important to promote education, knowledge and understanding for this generation and those who will follow.

How do I change the way I think?

Take responsibility for your thoughts. You think them not your mind, and when you disconnect the automatic pilot that spends most of its time on ‘buffering’ and ‘replay’ you can begin to take charge of your thought processes. Change the quality of your thoughts and you automatically change the frequency and vibration which then determines what you will attract into your life.

Am I wrong to want wealth and prosperity in my life?

No. I want you to have all of the wealth, prosperity and abundance you can handle. If I want you to have it, it has to be right because as we all know it’s impossible for me to be wrong. The problem you face is not only the quality of your thoughts, but also the validity of the beliefs you hold about money, wealth and prosperity. There is no nobility in being poor or sin in wealth and prosperity. Spiritually one is no better than the other because they are both teachers of equal measure. I created the concept of wealth and prosperity in all of its many forms as evidence of your creative truth demonstrated, but you, not you personally by the way, created all of the negative and corrupt expressions of wealth and prosperity. You have been conditioned to believe that I am against money and to desire it is a sin against me and an affront to my being. Now I like a compliment as much as the next God, but only an ego completely out of control, or an organisation that demands absolute control of you could put forward such an absurd idea. Let me state this quite clearly for the record, money is not evil or sinful, nor is it more spiritual to be poor and desolate. It’s what you do with it that counts and I am for anything and everything that helps you escape from the oppressive weight of ignorance and fear that holds you captive and stops you from recognising your true self. If money is so sinful why is it your churches and religious organisations prize it so highly, maybe they know something about the power of money and control that I don’t?

Let’s return to your envelope shall we.

Yes, but maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.

Any idea that helps you develop and grow has to be good. Don’t mistake my feedback to you with any thought of failure. Your envelope idea was a prototype based on your desire to help people create wealth and prosperity in their lives. Am I right in saying that?

Yes. I wanted to exercise and strengthen my own ability, but also help others in the process.

That’s good; it shows that although your head may be a little confused, your heart is in the right place, which as we will soon see is vital in the creative process you are trying to master. A word of caution, If you continually do things for people you can if you are not careful create dependency, if on the other hand you educate them, you empower them to change their own life if they choose to do so. That change can be revolutionary or a slower evolutionary process and you must each find your own way, in your own time. Once you have knowledge and understanding you are up and running, or walking very slowly as the case may be. If your thoughts are frequency and vibration, the currency of the universe in more ways than one, then your attention and intention is the way in which it is transmitted to the waiting universe.

I created in you, in each and every one of you a Holy Grail. You look for a cup that never truly existed in the way you think it did, and in the process overlook the very thing that drives you to seek enlightenment in the misguided belief that touching an earthen ware cup held by the teacher Jesus will bring about some miraculous transformation. The truth is you already hold within you all that you need to transform your life in any way you choose, but that sacred space you search for is not to be found in a cup, but in your heart and your mind. These are the sacred spaces waiting to be discovered and it’s here that you will find all of the answers you are searching for if, you have the courage to look for it. Your attention is expressed as mindfulness; your intention seeks expression through the heart and its capacity to love unconditional. When the heart and mind are in harmony all things are possible and an outcome is guaranteed.

So where was I going wrong with my envelope idea?

Stop thinking in terms of right and wrong, good bad, sin and punishment. You will make more progress if you lighten up and get rid of some of the baggage you seem determined to hang onto. You weren’t right or wrong because neither are an issue here, at least not with me. Think of yourself as a work in progress; neither perfect nor imperfect, just you as you are right at this moment in time, doing the best that you can with what you know and what you have available to you. I’m more than happy with that, I just wished you were.

[_By creating an envelope to help create wealth and prosperity you are making the process more complicated than it needs to be. Think about it for a moment, if you can create an abundance envelope you must also be able to create the abundance to go in it. So, cut out the middle man, in this case your special awesome envelope, and just manifest the wealth and prosperity you want in your life using the gifts I have given you. _]

When you do this truth is demonstrated and you validate your role as co-creators and my existence. How cool is that. Begin thinking good things about wealth and prosperity. Let go of all negative and limiting beliefs you may have about scarcity and lack of self worth and be mindful of the pictures you create in your mind as you begin to visualise the things you and I want you to enjoy. Then allow your heart to emotionally energise and empower your creation. Give thanks for all that you already enjoy, thus creating the space and mindset to receive and appreciate more. In this way you are sending out a very powerful and positive message that you are now ready, willing and able to accept and receive all of the abundance, wealth and prosperity I have to offer you. Remember that little thing called freewill, it’s sacrosanct and as such I can’t force you to accept things no matter how wonderful they may be. For you to have it, you have to work with me and know how to create the results you want and then accept them when they arrive, as they must do.

Are you happy with this?

Yes I am, but you have given me so much more to think about. Not just about wealth, prosperity and creating stuff. I need to go away and think about everything you have told me, and then come back later with questions if I get stuck, if that’s ok?

Sure. You know where I am, I’m never more than a thought away.

[_But before you go though, I have a few questions for you. The tree thing we discussed earlier, the deforestation of the planet. Talk me through this so I can try to get your take on what you are doing to my planet and your home. The trees in their many forms are the lungs and life blood of the planet helping you to breathe and stay alive, so I would think that common sense and logic would tell you it would be a good idea to protect them and keep them safe, thus safeguarding your own future and of generations to come. Based on your actions on a global scale, it would be fair to say that common sense and logic aren’t your strong points, and you appear to value money and power above your own health and wellbeing. You have trees that have stood for hundreds of years helping to keep the planet healthy, and then someone comes along and says this tree is worth money to me and promptly kills it. They chop it down and make it into furniture that only the rich can afford to buy, paper upon which you write ‘save the trees’. Worse still they slash and burn the trees in order to build roads that will make it easier to access and destroy more trees and decimate the landscape in the process. _]

Now I know you are not the one who is personally responsible for destroying the trees but as an acknowledged co-creator who has stepped up to try and create things to improve people’s quality of life, you now have a duty of care for your home and everyone who shares it with you. 

[_The planet is your home and relocation is never going to be a viable option. So as a real demonstration of creative power I need to ask you to consider raising your game and begin to accept a level of personal responsibility for a global problem that has far reaching effects? _]

Your envelope which was probably made from a once healthy tree is nice idea, but once we know better comes the responsibility to do better and abundance isn’t always about wealth and prosperity in monetary terms. Sometimes abundance is about improving the quality of life and an appreciation of the things that make it so, the relationship you have with yourself, one another and the planet you have no choice but to share.  Now I know this is a big leap for you, going so quickly from the creation of an awesome envelope to understanding the true nature and value of these beautiful trees, but we have an opening in our creative design branch, sorry……. I just couldn’t resist that pun. Go away and have a think about it then get back to me and let me know if you are ready to move on and create a few bigger and better things.

Chapter 8 – Can Healing Be Separated From Life?

When we think of healing we automatically think of healing the physical body, illnesses and diseases needing to heal and a body to be made well. But we are more than a physical body and we can never be totally separated from life around us. If healing of the body, the physical ailment is our priority we can become distracted by the symptoms and miss the underlying causes of the conditions. The link between our mind and our body is well documented if not necessarily understood. Our psychology becomes our biology; which means our thoughts have the power and the ability to directly affect our body and influence the way in which it works.

We are not just talking about our emotions or mental capacity; our thoughts connect to the very core of our being, the way in which our DNA works and the effect this has on every cell in our body. Our thoughts are more vibrational than they are pictorial and it’s their vibrational content that holds the power to influence change, to heal or impede health and wellbeing. The vibrational frequency of our thoughts can either resonate in a life affirming way, or create discord within us, put simply they have the power to make us well, or to make us ill and we have a duty of care to decide which it should be.

The inner is the mirror upon which the outer is reflected; the inner is the cause and the outer is the effect and as the vibration of our thoughts affects us at a cellular level they also have the power to influence the energy that surrounds us. Our thoughts can be defused to the point where they create a gentle ripple effect upon the surrounding energy field, or they can be focussed and directed in the form of our attention and intention. Our attention is what we focus on, and our intention is what we choose to do about it. If the quality of our thoughts, their frequency has the power to affect the world around us then we must face up to the fact that we have a personal and collective responsibility for the quality of our thoughts and the world they are helping to create socially, nationally and globally. The idea that we are separated by distance is as illusionary as the belief that we are defined and segregated by colour, creed or religion. The idea of separation must first establish a place in the mind before it can seek expression in life, correct the thought and you change the nature of the experience that must come from it. To say we live in the universe denotes a sense of separation from the world around us and can reinforce a feeling of isolation. When we change our perception and view ourselves not as separate entities but as unique yet indivisible expressions of the universe itself, we can’t help but see that we are one with creation in all of its many forms. 

By nature of our thought processes we segregate and compartmentalise aspects of our lives and if we are not careful we can adopt the same limiting approach to the healing that may need to take place. Healing is never about separation; to heal is to make whole, to bring together and unify through the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding, which is a prerequisite for healing of any description to take place. If we wish to heal ourselves we must begin with our thoughts, the beliefs they help create and the actions we then take based on what we then hold to be true. This framework is the life we have created, but to heal we must begin to think outside of the box.

We are the one constant, the one common denominator of every experience we have ever created and lived through. Your mind can be viewed as the creative centre of our personal microscopic universe and you are the sole creator of those thoughts and through that creative process you have fabricated every aspect of your life. Areas, which may or may not, require our attention. Situations, circumstances or relationships that need to be addressed and healed but are missed, overlooked or simply ignored because we have become distracted, sometimes willingly, by a high profile physical condition that has grabbed our attention.

Healing that only deal with the obvious symptoms is nothing more than first aid that does little to address the underlying issues, and as such the root cause remains established and untouched waiting to re-establish itself at the first opportunity. Roots buried deep; out of sight yet with the potential to connect and affect seemingly unrelated aspects of our lives. The healing of one wound may take us on a journey to discover a hurt buried so deep that has without us realising it, affected every part of our life, and touched every relationship we have had in life.

To heal ourselves we must be willing and able to first look within to find, recognise and accept the causal effect of our thoughts, beliefs and actions on the life we have created for ourselves, and our relationship with those around us. Then we must turn our attention to the various aspects of our lives that we have compartmentalised, open the boxes to see what action if any needs to be taken in order for healing to take place and so integrate it with the healing of the whole person, the whole life. A life brought into balance; a life not of unrealistic perfection but one of grounded reality that can accept and embrace both beauty and imperfection without harsh and unnecessary judgement. A life that recognises that the past present and future are inexorably connected and in healing the past we release the present from the pain and suffering and create a healthy and life affirming future.

Healing is not complete until it has been assimilated in mind, body and spirit. We are not complete until we are able to assimilate all of the different parts of our life in order to make whole and heal ourselves. To heal is to educate and through knowledge and understanding we come to recognise that healing of self can never be separated from life because we are one and the same.

Chapter 9 – Hey! I’m No Longer Broken

If I believe I am broken then it must follow that I will feel damaged, incomplete needing to be fixed. My whole outlook on life will be influenced by that negative mindset, my self-worth, or the lack of it, the relationship I have with myself and everyone around me will be tainted by the thought and belief that life and circumstances have broken me and rendered me worthless. The value we place upon ourselves will dictate the way we allow others to treat us, if we believe we are worthless we shouldn’t be surprised when the actions of others supports that self appraisal, as they treat us in a cheap and shoddy way. Not content to judge ourselves in this way, we use our own values as a template to judge others. Since they don’t conform to our belief system we declare them the wrong size, shape, colour, the wrong faith, race or sexual orientation. In our eyes they are different, damaged and broken beyond repair. But damage like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the life we live is a mirror that reflects and projects the thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves. If we change the way we view something, the thing that we are looking at will begin to change to reflect that new mindset. We may look with the eyes but it’s our brain that enables us to see, and our mind that allows us to view things differently.

Perfection is a cruel task master that relentlessly drives us forward to a point on the horizon that is forever out of reach. Unhappy with whom and what we are we constantly look for the next fix, seminar, teacher or relationship that will magically make us whole again. External solutions to an internal problem and when they fail as they must do, we have provided ourselves with even more evidence to prove ‘I was right all along, I am broken and damaged beyond repair’. We look to others to value and love us only when we are unable to do so for ourselves and in doing so we will always be disappointed for healing is an inside job and no one can do it for us.

To heal we begin by shifting our focus; we change the quality of our thoughts, the nature and tone of the language we use. We stop referring to ourselves as damaged, for what we focus on we empower, feed and strengthen. We stop discussing ‘the problem’ and focus instead on solutions, or outcomes we wish to create, at all times raising our personal vibration, our goals and aspirations ever higher. Never lower. This requires a grounded reality to provide a healthy and balance evaluation of where you are and what you want to achieve. You may carry the mental, emotional and physical scars of a hundred battles, but the fact that you can count them is testament not to you being broken, but to your strength, courage and ability to overcome the hardships you have faced. If you require professional help then you have a responsibility and duty of care to yourself to ensure you get it. It’s your life and you alone can live it and when you begin too, it’s evidence that a change in perception has begun.

Battered and bruised you maybe but you are a survivor and as such you are faced with a choice. Do you say ‘I am broken because of what has happened to me’, or do you say ‘I am a survivor and this is what I have achieved in spite of all that has happened to me’. Broken, or distinguished with a depth of character and resilience, the choice is ours to make and the universe will rush to support us in what we hold to be true about ourselves.

Chapter 10 – It’s Time To Give Stress A Break

When it comes to the level of stress we experience in our hectic modern day lives we have two options; we can either remove or reduce it, or learn to deal with it effectively in order to improve our health and wellbeing. Generally speaking though, stress invariably gets a bad press, but whether we realise it or not we all need a certain amount of stress in our lives to maintain our health at its optimum level. It’s only when our stress levels move away from this point of balance that we can begin experience the effects of harmful negative stress.  Like any finely strung instrument we need to be in tune to get the best from us, but if we are wired up too tight for too long eventually something is going to snap.

What we can describe as negative stress can begin whenever we are forced to move outside of our comfort zone, the further we move away from our point of control the greater the effects of stress can become.  When we feel powerless, out of our depth, inadequate or unable to respond to the causes of our distress, our stress levels can become acute if we don’t at least acknowledge the stressful situation facing us exists. We all have an achilles heel, a point of weakness when it comes to stress and we all react to stressful stimuli in different ways, what affects one person may not even register as stressful to another.

The anxiety caused by stress can take many forms; if the causes are sustained long enough and we are unable or unwilling to deal with them they can result in the onset of stress related illnesses and disease.  A healthy amount of stress in our lives helps keep us physically, mentally and emotionally toned and in tune with what’s happening around us. A problem we face is there are no universal stress indicators that work for everyone; we are all different with different thresholds and needs for stimulation.  Some extreme sports fans take part in activities that most people would find terrifying yet those who take part in these activities do so in order to feel alive, to feel the physical, emotional and neurological “rush” that comes from pushing their personal boundaries to the limits and getting as close to the edge as possible.  What most people think as stressful probably wouldn’t register on their stress meter because they have learnt how to understand and control their mind and body, and the way stress affects them. They have learnt to differentiate between fear and the body’s natural biological response to an extreme situation, real or imaginary. It’s what we don’t know about ourselves that cause us the greatest problems; knowledge and understanding are prerequisites in any form of control, self discipline or healing

Our body can’t tell the difference between a real experiences or a one created by a vivid imagination, it will respond in the same way to both. Our thoughts, our attention and intention have the power to create physical effects, our psychology becomes our physiology as our thoughts trigger neurological and chemical reactions in our mind and body that we interpratate as stressful.  This is linked into our evolutionary fight or flight response that is designed to alert us to imminent danger and keep us safe, unfortunately this biological alarm system has become corrupted by modern day living to such an extent that it is permanently activated and we can be continually in the fight or flight mode.  

Real or imaginary the response is the same, and this constant state of readiness means that vast number of people are running on high octane stress induced fuel in preparation to either fight or flee from dangers and fears that may exist predominately in their own minds.

While medication can help alleviate the physical symptoms of stress, its education through knowledge and understanding of how to manage stress that brings sustainable results.  Education is the key to all change and to all healing, and it’s through education people can learn how to reclaim power over their own lives.  Stress management or stress awareness, requires an understanding of the processes involved that induces the physical symptoms we experience and make us ill. To recognise stress for what it is we need to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening to us and why it’s affecting us in the way that it does.  From this we need to develop a personalised strategy, an action plan for dealing with the issues that are creating the stress in our lives. Reclaiming our power by taking action and doing something no matter how small, helps alleviate the effects of stress both physically and mentally. We need to strengthen our resistance to stress by adopting a homeopathic approach as we slowly increase our tolerance through use and acclimatisation to the things that make us stressed.  Practice may not make us perfect but it does build confidence and develop ability and tackling the causes of stress is no different. In many situations it’s not that we lack ability or the personal power to deal with experience we find so stressful, what we lack is knowledge and understanding of what makes us tick, why stress affects us in the way it does, and the practice of dealing with it effectively.

Driving a car is part of many people’s everyday life. It can be pleasurable or a very stressful experience depending on our circumstances, and the kind life style we lead.  Yet with practice what is a very complex skill became second nature as we not only learnt the technicalities of driving, but also to relax and enjoy the experience. We may all respond to stress stimuli in different ways but the way of recognising the causes and managing its effects through the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding is universal in its application.  The stress in our lives may be site specific to our personal circumstances, but the way in which we can deal with it effectively relates to all of us regardless because we share the same biological make up.  We may be different models but we all came off the same production line and share the same design blue print. 

In our rush to remove the stress from our lives maybe we need to take a moment to give stress a break. Sometimes all we need to do is change our perspective and try to reframe what we consider stressful, viewing the situation in a different light.  Value of anything requires gratitude and appreciation and with these attributes comes knowledge and understanding and with it a perspective that empowers us to make the decisions necessary to either change the situation to reduce the levels of stress in our lives, or enable us to deal with it effectively and enjoy the experience more.

Chapter 11 – Personal Development; A New And Improved Formula

As much as we would like it to be otherwise, healing and personal development is an inside job. No manner of external quick fixes will work if we haven’t first accepted personal responsibility to what’s going on in our lives. Until we have made that important connection between our thoughts and the beliefs they create, the experiences we have to then live through on a daily basis, we will continue to look for an external solution to what is an internal problem. An internal problem that must be first addressed before healing and development can begin to take place. Failure to do so can result in a misplaced desire to attend the next workshop, seminar or retreat in order to find that illusive moment of enlightenment, or failing that, train in the newest healing modality that’s just come onto the personal development market place. We are encouraged to believe that we are broken and that others hold the key to our recovery, all we have to do is keep looking until we find the right product that ‘resonates’ with us, sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Contrary to popular belief healing and the personal development it brings isn’t always a nice and enjoyable experience, which goes some of the way to explaining why we prefer to go for what appears an easier option. If anything offers us a miracle cure it has to be better than having to do all the work ourselves. But if you require healing ignorance and fear are present at some level, and there is a need for knowledge and understanding to be introduced and brought to bear, for without knowledge and understanding healing of any description is impossible.

A large number of today’s illnesses and diseases have their root cause in our sedentary and unhealthy life styles, and the poor life choices we make on a daily basis. Healing and personal development not only demand change, it also requires us to re-evaluate our lives and question both our motives and actions to understand what we are doing, and why. But if you challenge a person’s deep seated beliefs, you are also challenging the core values of the person who holds them to be true. If their life has been built upon a set of beliefs, values and principles that are negative and self destructive they will find the thought of having to dismantle them stressful, and the idea of change more than a little frightening. 

‘Healing’ and personal development are big business and in many ways it’s our inability or unwillingness to take responsibility for a little personal in house cleaning, that has helped make it a commodity and a marketable product. A product branded and rebranded to keep it fresh and contemporary, packaged and marketed to create a high profile and attract new clients who are looking for ‘enlightenment’. There is nothing wrong in seeking help and guidance when we need to; it shows you are aware of an issue that needs to be resolved. There is nothing wrong in others providing a service to help others and charge a reasonable fee for their time and experience to do so, but that help and guidance in whatever form it takes must empower the individual to take responsibility for their own healing. Primary care begins with us and when it comes to healing and personal development we are ‘primus inter pares’ a first among equals; the senior or representative member of any group committed to healing of self.

When we fail to accept personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing; when we fail to acknowledge the link between the choices we make and the life we lead we run the risk of disempowering ourselves and compounding our situation even further. In handing over our hard earned money, we must remember to retain our personal responsibility and duty of care for our health and wellbeing. It’s our life and only we can live it, or put right what needs to be corrected.

If we are not careful healing and personal development can be reduced to the level of a magical cleaning product. ‘For a limited time only, at a special introductory price. Our new and improved formula is guaranteed to get rid of 99.9% of all known problems. It’s tough on fears and is powerful enough to cut through all of those blemishes and imperfections. It’s easy to use, and does all of the hard work so you don’t have to’. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions are restrictions and the small print is small for a very good reason, what is harder to read is harder to understand, and the devil is hidden in the detail. We should always take the time to read the label and the small print to make sure we know exactly what we are buying into, and what if anything we can hope to get out of it. No product no matter how great has the power to change our lives without our co-operation, input and commitment to our own health and wellbeing and we should never overlook or under value the power we retain to heal ourselves.

Chapter 12 – The Critical Mass Of Change, And Enlightenment

The term critical mass is borrowed from nuclear physics where it refers to the amount of a substance needed to start a chain reaction. Once the chain reaction is established it becomes self perpetuating growing in proportion to the energy contained within its expansion. In social terms, this same critical mass is achieved when a sufficient number of people are willing to accept a new and innovative ways of thinking so that the rate of social change becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth of new ideas and values.

In personal terms critical mass is achieved when we have invested sufficient time and energy into our own development and we begin to experience a change in our sphere of perception. Our commitment to change becomes less laboured as we begin to experience incremental improvements which create a momentum of their own. With this freeing up of movement comes an easing of rigid thought processes, and a willingness to think outside of the box we have allowed ourselves to be confined to. Each step forward no matter how small takes us inexorably closer to the point in time when we reach our own critical mass of personal transformation. This personal transformation is part of a much bigger picture as it plays its part in the evolution of the human consciousness on a global scale. We are all part of the collective consciousness and as such personal development is never conducted in isolation, no matter how alone you may feel.

On a planet that is home to approximately eight billion people we are quickly reaching the point where a complete social, political, religious and environmental makeover is desperately needed. Regardless of your personal beliefs in the origins of mankind and the length of time we have inhabited this planet the fact that we have lasted so long without totally self destructing is either nothing short of a miracle, or the old ways with all of their inherent faults, got something right. Unfortunately if we use the past as a template for the future we are guaranteed to repeat our past mistakes instead of learning from them, and while the old order may provide us with a degree of comfort and nostalgia it’s no longer stable enough to build a future upon.

It’s been estimated by some teachers and new age thinkers, that the critical mass of the global population is less than one percent which when reached, will trigger a chain reaction of growing personal and collective awareness. Once established, like any chain reaction it will become self perpetuating growing in proportion to the mass of new knowledge and understanding that becomes available. While the figures required to reach this point of critical mass can be argued and debated, what is beyond question or doubt is that the old ways no longer work and we are quickly running out of time to come up with a viable solution to these problems. A new order, a new way of thinking, a new set of life affirming beliefs and values are necessary to ensure our continued existence on this planet and each and every one of us must play our part in bringing this about. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for someone else to do if for us, and the clock is ticking. We can wait for the inevitable conclusion to the way life is headed, or we can contribute in our own way no matter how small, in the investment of our future and of generations to follow. 

History if it still exists will judge us accordingly. Our evolution as a species has brought us to a crossroad and we must choose individually and collectively if we wish to stay on a path that will lead to an inevitable conclusion, or choose a route less travelled that requires us to break new ground and old beliefs in equal measure. Those who ask ‘but what can I do’ fail to understand the power of their contribution, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear. The challenge before mankind is monumental but a journey no matter how great is never accomplished in giant leaps and bounds, rather it’s the repetition of small often wavering footsteps, which delivers us to our final destination.

Each one of us has the power to make a difference in life weather we realise it or not but to do so we must first change the way in which we think. Thoughts are the parents to our beliefs and actions, change the nature and quality of our thoughts and we begin to create a new reality that has no option than to manifest in our lives. We are part of a collective consciousness and as such we are never as isolated as we may think, and when we find the courage within ourselves to step up and accept a personal responsibility to make a difference and move us inexorably closer to that critical point, we empower others to do the same and the balance is redressed. No one can know for sure if the figure of less than one percent of the total population of the planet will be the tipping point that allows the critical mass to be realised. What is certain and beyond any doubt is it exists, it awaits our arrival and a single positive thought, a life affirming belief or an action motivated by love and compassion instead of ignorance and fear must one day deliver us to that place of enlightenment, knowledge and understanding.

A single step moves us ever forward; a single grain of sand can tip the scales in our favour and a single thought, belief or action has the power to transform life beyond all recognition and who is to say that you can’t be the one to do it.

Chapter 13 – Those Who Would Hold Us To A Belief In Mediocrity

Change cannot be divorced from life for it’s the very fabric of life itself. Change is evolutionary or revolutionary and only we can choose. Comfort is warm, and certainty is secure; it’s the sedative that robs us of the will and desire to change. Change has an uncomfortable fit; that can appear dangerous and uncertain. Change is nothing more than life in motion and those who would hold us to the belief in personal mediocrity make liars of us all, those who believe them make liars of themselves.

Chapter 14 – Our Journeys End Is Only The Beginning

Life is a journey that many complete without ever realising its true purpose, its meaning or recognise the opportunities missed along the way to learn and grow. A gift of life that comes without guarantees; an indeterminate time between our first and last breath to navigate our way past the obstacles and pitfalls that litter our chosen path. A path often chosen for us before we are born, but a path none the less that allows us if we so wish, to break new ground and old beliefs in equal measure. To the seeker of knowledge and understanding the path they are on is always the right one, and they trust that the universe is guiding their faltering steps. A life whose value is reflected in our beliefs; beliefs handed down from generation to generation like a family heirloom to be protected at all costs and defended to the death from those who we perceive to be different from us, in colour creed or faith. Differences so ingrained in the closed minds of those unaware of their own ignorance, yet differences that are no more than skin deep to those with the eyes to see the reality before them.

The meaning of life is a paradox; it is both simple and profound as seen in the eye of the beholder. Simplicity in as much as the meaning of life is what you want it to be. Your beliefs and values help determine your purpose in life and its meaning. If you are driven to be wealthy and have an abundance of material possessions then the achievement of that goal gives meaning to your life. The danger is that the more we have the more we want and we become owned by the things we desire to posses. Then we fear losing those things that have become a status symbol and a testament to who we are in our own mind, and in the eyes of those who can see no further than the trappings of materialistic success. But no path is higher or lower than another, and we must find our own way for it’s our life and we alone can live it.

Sometimes we must complete the journey before hindsight provides us with clarity of vision not available to us as we struggle from day to day. Lessons not appreciated at the time that only becomes relevant when age and the maturity it can bring, help us to change both beliefs and values and appreciate the missed opportunities that life had to offer. In those moments of quiet contemplation regret time lost, misplaced and misused, that can never be reclaimed. Silently we ask ourselves ‘what if’, ‘If only’ and ‘what could have been’. Those who believe there is more to life, there is a hidden meaning waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to commit the time and effort to seek out the true holy grail of knowledge and understanding. There is a stranger that lives our life that we must first get to know, befriend accept and understand. If forgiveness is required it must be given unconditionally for this person will become your travelling companion on your journey of self discovery.

The words you read are nothing more than signposts to help you find your own path. Along the way you may discover that the true meaning of your life is defined not by what it can give you but by what you give to life. To those less fortunate who are able to give nothing but their gratitude in return for the kindness you have shown them.  The first step is always the hardest and the journey is always easier without unnecessary baggage to weigh us down, and slow our progress but only we can decide what to keep and what is safe to be left behind. Baggage that was once so important to us, but now no longer reflects who we are or more importantly, the person we choose to become.

Chapter 15 – Should We Not Step In To Help Them?

‘’Should we not step in to help them on their journey of discovery, or at least ensure they don’t destroy themselves in the process’’.

‘’That is not our role. If anything we have a duty to ensure no one interferes or impedes their development as a species. They have been given freewill which is sacrosanct and necessary for their physical and spiritual development. Part of that development is to exercise their freedom of choice, to make decisions and since they have so much to learn it means they are going to get it wrong and make many mistakes in their learning process’’.

‘’What if they destroy themselves in the process’’?


‘’You make it sound as if that were an option available to them. The story we see playing out before us has no end, what they perceive as a tragic end is merely a transition from one chapter to the next. When they close their eyes it is for the briefest of moments in order that a page can be turned and in that instant the next chapter in their story begins again’’.

‘’If that is the case then what is the purpose of life and death’’?

‘’Both are teachers and bringers of light. Life and death are one and the same, both stand together before the Great Spirit and neither one stands higher than the other. It is only mans limited perception that colours their imagination. Death has no colour or hides in darkness, for the Great Spirit can only create that which is a likeness of itself. This is a lesson that mankind is struggling to accept. Everything in their life is a reflection and a projection of that which the hold in their hearts and minds, be it love or fear’’.

‘’Then what is the meaning and purpose of their life’’?

‘’Whatever they want it to be. It really is that simple, but simplicity is too difficult for them to understand, they distrust it and so it hides what they are looking for in clear sight. They fail to see what’s in front of them. They are creators of their own universe but instead of embracing this fact they look to others to set them free from prisons created by their own beliefs. Spirituality is simplicity itself yet they seek it in a multitude of religions and dogma that seek to control and enslave them, rather than liberate and set them free’’?

‘’Will they survive and evolve’’?

‘’They have no choice. They don’t realise it yet but they embody truth demonstrated. What greater gift could the Great Spirit give them than the ability to create the life they choose to live? The true purpose of life, of all life is to develop and grow, to evolve to the point where it recognises its own spirituality instead of searching for it outside of itself. Knowledge and understanding is the Holy Grail that they search for, yet they spend their time looking for an earthenware cup that never existed outside of their own imagination. A simple cup they have imbued with mystical powers, yet another example of the myth paling into comparison to the mystical reality that is staring them in the face whenever they look at their own reflection’’.

‘’Are they aware of our presence and the role we play’’?

‘’They all have the potential to sense when we are around, to see us and communicate with us, but very few of them do. Their mantra is ‘to see is to believe’ without realising the power of their own belief system. The truth is that their ability to see is very limited and their minds act as a filter which blinds them to a reality which is more substantial than the illusion they choose to live and believe to be real. For them to see they must first begin to believe so that their eyes, hearts and minds can be opened to the spiritual truth’’.

‘’Who do they think we are’’?

Being human in physical form they can only speculate on the infinite and the nature of the Great Spirit and those who do its bidding. It gives them peace of mind and their ego a sense of purpose and control to give us human characteristics and names they feel comfortable with. These are meaningless to us but we use these definitions to help them focus their attention as a means of communication with us. 

Their capacity to learn, and their ignorance and fear are both limitless. It’s the quality of their beliefs that creates their dreams and nightmares and in doing so they create our image as the brightest light, or the darkest fear. To the Great Spirit we are pure consciousness in energy form, but to them we are Angels and Demons. 

Those who would hold us to mediocrity and convince us of our inability to achieve greatness make liars of us all. 

Those who would believe them make liars of themselves. 

Better to be freed by the truth than held captive by a lie

Education asks us to loosen our grip on reality, to let go of the past in the form of what we believed to be true and embrace a future created through applied knowledge and understanding. Learning isn’t just about the acquisition of new information; it’s also about re-evaluating what we have been conditioned to believe, and what we hold to be true. Our teachers could only teach us what they themselves had learnt, and in many ways what we perceive as tradition and history are no more than stories written by those in a position of power and authority to do so. Their version of events are coloured to reflect kindly on their motives and actions, if we simply accept what we have been told as the gospel we run the risk of perpetuating lies half truths, myths and misconceptions. Tradition has its place in education and learning but it should never be at the expense of truth, knowledge and understanding, and as seekers of the truth we must be willing to break new ground and old ideas in equal measure in order to reach a place of personal enlightenment. Like any journey it may at times be slow and laboured, detours and dead ends may delay our progress as we take the time to unlearn the old ways and discover new ways, new knowledge and understanding that allows us to move forward. If we judge the past harshly based on its imperfections and failings, then we must also accept that those who come after us will judge us according to our actions, and invariably find us wanting in so many ways. The past can be a great teacher but if we simply use it as a template for learning we run the risk of making the same mistakes over and over again. A new age of learning requires us to adopt a new open and responsive mindset where we can without judgement look at what was, what is and most importantly what can be.

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Better to be freed by the truth than held captive by a lie Better to be freed by the truth than held captive by a lie