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Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 3: Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!

Betrayal of Eralavict

Episode Three:

Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!

By DhNAi Divine

Copyright 2017 DhNAi Divine.

Shakespir Edition, License Notes


I stretch my arms out as a long unruly yawn leaves my mouth. Got a long day ahead of me. After a few months of hanging out wit my new friend—I finally worked up enough nerve to tell my parents about him. Now, I didn’t inform them Drei was in fact my new boyfriend. In all honesty they wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Pretty much I saved the heavy stuff for the day they met him. Smart, huh? Blindside they ass and once they gathered themselves the dinner will be over. I sat up in bed, looking to my window, the sun was moving on up. I decide to get up now—get ready for my day.

I’m hoping for a good one or at least semi-decent. I threw my black bonnet on my dresser top across from my bed. I shake my head forcing the hair to move, some spots popped others stayed shocked still. I skip to the bathroom in my room, catching my appearance in the mirror. One side of my hair was matted—the other fluffed.

What was I go do with this head of mine. I brush my teeth and before I could finish in peace—a loud buzz came from my room.


I rinse my mouth out as quick as I could, then ran back to my room to see who buzzin’ me. I smack the blue clicker button on the table next to my bed. A figure formed in my tall mirror. It was Drei, he smiles at me as he shakes his head.

“Is that you Khez? What are you doin’ up early?”

I cock my head to the side, with a smirk. “Just gettin’ a head start…that’s all.”

He lifts up his head with a smile. He states, “You nervous about me meetin’ the parents. What you—I’m go embarrass you?”

“Oh,” I let out, sitting down on my bed, “not worried about you. It’s them. You’ll see when you get here tonight.”

He licks his lips. “Am I go see you before tonight?”

“Well yeah,” I answered, “why you think I’m up so early? I gotta sneak up out a here.”

He gives me a wide smile. “Can’t be that bad.”

My brows raise to the 9th dimension, “Boy, you do not know my parents. I will see you later. Buzz you on your personal, alright?”

“Alright baby. I’ll see you—go easy on the parents.”

“I’ll do my best,” I tell him, then I smack my blue clicker, turning off my mirror and away he went.

I finish getting ready. I go for the polish and shine up my golden skin, opting to go naked. My hair was washed, wet, coiled, big and out of control. Basically how Neimala always wears her hair. I had to collect my peace of mind and wearing cloth would only get in my way.

I crept out my room, down the hall, doing my best to make little noise passing ‘Tika’s room. I did not need nor want her trying to hop on board. Where I was going—she wouldn’t understand, if anything I may get in trouble if our parents was to find out. I walk outside to be greeted by a peaking sun and quiet. No kids on the block.

My feet took me to the sea of endless trees to the right. I swerved and weaved through the barky crowd, until I came upon the odd tree of the bunch. An old tree planted for me. A deeply carved curvy line ran down the trunk. My fingers reach to it, my wings open, the tips of my fingers tingled from the essence rumbling inside tree.

Before I could work the essence to open the curve dent, I was rudely! Damn rudely interrupted by a floating Quip. The tiny flying box flew in the air so fast—it slapped me on the side of my head before I could hop out the way.



I snatched the beige bitch off the ground and tore it open.

A wave of hued static came out, then a familiar voice followed, “Khezzy, it’s me Samita. Fly out to the gate—I’m here without the crew though. Hurry up please.”

I smash the box and kicked it on the forest floor. I warm my wings, then fly off to the gate. This is gonna be trouble for my wings, especially without pads. I didn’t delay this any further. I went as high as I could in the air—just in case my parents was up.

They wouldn’t be able to see me. Samita stood up when she saw me flying to the clearing, where she was. Thank god she walked to clearing for me! ‘Cause another few minutes I woulda fell through the sky.

“What’s wrong?” She asks me, noting the scowl on my face.

“I was doin’ somethin’. And yo stupid Quip knocked me upside my head. I was in the woods at the Curve.” She understood what I meant and knew exactly where I was going once I opened up the tree door.

“Oh,” Samita replies, “my bad Khez. That’s why you lookin’ all original, huh?” I nod to her. “Oh okay,” she says, “I just hit you up to see what you was doing. My parents sent me here to visit the grandparents.”

“Huh?” My face contorts. “They live in the same town as you Samita, not Gatara.”

She turns her head to the side. “My dad side.”

“Oh,” I nod to her. “How long you go be here?”

“Awhile. You want me to come over for dinner? It might get ugly.”

“I don’t know—I might not go.” We both laugh at that.

Samita shakes her head, then asks me, “What you doin’ out?”

I looked up, a bird flying low catching my attention. “I told you—the Curve.”

“Right. What I meant…why you goin’ to the Curve?”

“Oh,” I answer looking back to Samita, “shoot I just need to be somewhere private to chill for a minute. Clear my heard to get ready for today. Girl, I can’t believe I even told my parents about Drei.”

“Yeah me too.” Samita crosses her arms over her chest. “You know they ain’t go like him.”

My voice went high as I ask, “Why you say that?”

“He just like you,” she say like she’s stating the obvious, “which means he go encourage yo’ behavior. You know how yo parents are.”

“Yeah I do—and you always reminding me a stuff I’d rather forget.”

Samita chuckles, “My bad girl. Listen, I’ll see you a little later if I can get from the clutches of my daddy’s daddy and mama.”

“Aw! You leavin’ me already Mi-Mi. Even after slapping me in the head wit’ yo’ raggedy ass Quip.”

The girl laughs out loud. “I’m sorry. Girl, I gotta tell my grandparents I made it, so they can tell my parents.”

I nod my head. “Okay. Well, come on I’ll walk you half way or something.”

“Naw, it’s I’ll have the Curveyn take you half way.”

“Ooh, somebody got Curveyn coins today, do they?”

“Mm hmm. Come on.”



Sweat beads down her forehead as she stands over the steaming pot of boiling water. Gucatha (Goo-see-ah-thuh) shakes her head in mirth, listening to the sad excuses of her son Dhonjuh (Don-juh). All his reasons for chomping on his plate, instead of helping his mama in the kitchen.

“Mama,” Dhonjuh speaks through a full mouth, “come on—why you gotta trip on me?”

Gucatha lightly chuckles, then turns to face her son. “I’m over here boiling in front of this pot, cooking a hot Mucanga Breakfast and you over there eatin’. Go sneak in my kitchen and hook yo’ self up a plate, then have the nerve to eat it in front of me too.”

“But mama,” he takes a gulp of juice, wipes his mouth, then finishes, “look at it this way—I’ll have the strength to help you clean up when we done eatin’ breakfast.”

The mother and son’s banter stops as they heard the door creak open. Dyondrei was standing in the open door, staring at his family. Dhonjuh and his mom was too deep in their own conversation to spot Drei walking into the kitchen from the living room entrance, instead of the stairway.

“You leavin’ Drei?”

“Yeah mama. I’m headin’ over to Pat’s shop. He havin’ low pricing fest—so I figure I’d go check it out.”

“Pat shop?” Dhon said, cocking his head to the side. “His shop is for busters…like you and the Forcei fools.”

Drei clucks his tongue three times at his brother, shaking his head and wagging his finger. “See lil bruh, I know that’s just the salt talking. ‘Cause you always wanted in the group. And with that attitude it ain’t go happen no time soon.”

“You not go eat baby?” His mother questions. Before he could answer, she reveals the breakfast. “I made rocky cakes, egg tumbles, potato rounds. Guess what just came in?” She floats to the fridge, pulling out a pitcher that held dark orange sparkling liquid inside it. Drei licks his lips and Gucatha nods with a precious smile. “That’s right. Fresh Orang Spring Water. You still leavin’ us now?”

Drei holds his angry stomach, looking over the covered bowls and plates of fresh food that graced the counter. The smells waft to his nostrils, whispering his name. He closes his eyes, taking it in on a deep breath, then with all his might shakes his head.

“Naw mama. I really gotta get to the shop. Remember I’m meetin’ Khez parents and I wanna make a good impression. Bring ‘em a gift.”

She sighs. “Okay baby. Go knock ‘em dead. They’re gonna love you.”

“Yeah,” Dhonjuh says from his seat, holding out his hand to give dap to his brother, “no doubt. That’s…till they get to know you of course.”

Drei throws his hands in the air, then walks for the door. “Love ya ma. Oh yeah, Dhon…I heard that lie you told mama.”

Dhonjuh looks from his brother to his mother and back to Drei. “What?”

“About helpin’. Mama, you betta hold ‘em on that one. Peace y’all.”

Drei leaves his home, heading for a ride to Pat’s shop. Eyce Breakah.



The day warps into the night, replacing a blue sky with an ink colored sky. Stars lit up the ceiling over the world, cooled air fell throughout the city Gatara. Mothers were calling in children and pets, shutting off porch lights and closing front doors. It was time for the last meal of the day, smells rising in the kitchen just like steam floating high from simmering pots. But, no kitchen was baking like Khez’s, because a heated argument was taking place in hers.

Mom slams the bowl of lettuce on the counter, snaps around at me, pointing a long finger. “Why do you have to be like this?!”

I roll my eyes, staring down at my nails, doin’ my best to tune her loud ass mouth out. She been on edge since the day started, I pushed her over by telling her that Drei was in fact my new boy toy. At the moment she’s lettin’ all her steam out. Now that she’s gettin’ closer to meetin’—

“Do you hear me little girl?! God!” She screeches me out of mid thought. “Sometimes I wonder what madness is going on in that head of yours.”

“Mom,” I say as loud, but as low as I could, “this is ridiculous. Drei will be here any minute. You should not be heated like this.” I put my weight on the wall closest to the door, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Ridiculous,” she whispers, whipping so fast to the fridge and back to the counter, if I wasn’t looking I woulda swore she didn’t move at all. “Ridiculous! I’ll tell you ridiculous.” Mom takes a deep breath and right there is when I knew this situation was gonna get worse way before it ever got better. Mom switch gears on me, swapping Eglan to our traditional language Khemzyn.

“This is ridiculous—you and that boy! How dare he and you just now tell us? This is not THEE old ways of Couvazin people! We present respect for our elders. We don’t gallivant around the city with people let alone a mate—our parents don’t even know!”

I sigh out of pure frustration, holding my head trying to keep an upcoming headache from brewing. I flopped down on a chair and just listen to her everlasting naggin’ lips.

“Never met his family—for all we know he may not have a family!” Jyyetha shouts at the top of her lungs in Khemzyn. “For all we know, he could be some old majisoe (mah-gee-so) essen man—looking for a gullible little girl. My own damn daughter.”

Oh hell naw. For that hit she just gave me I got ta address. I hop up. “Hol’ up mama. I ain’t no dummy,” I defend in Eglan, “I checked him out. I took safety precautions mom—you have to stop this.”

She gives me her back, beating the hell out of the meat I’m supposed to be eating. “Don’t tell me what to do,” she scolds me in Khemzyn. “What is it with you young people? Or is it just my child? Sometimes, I wonder if you are my child or some demon that festered in my womb.”

“Mom!” I yell, hopping back up. “How could you say that?”

She turns to me, acting like she didn’t just hear what came out her mouth. She carries the last bit of meat over to the stove. “Why Kheznaria? Why do you have to be like that? Why just this month we find out about this boy? Why just yesterday we find out this boy’s name? And why today we find out he’s courting you?”

I look down at my feet. Yeah, this boy. Even though I told her Drei’s name she won’t say it. Like he some evil spirit that can only be conjured by name. This ish is beyond absurd wit’ my mama. Time to shut this drama down!

“Mama!” Her head snaps in my direction. “I get it, okay? I get it. You’re mad, dad’s mad, rightfully so. I should of told you. But, do you see why I don’t tell y’all anything?”

“Don’t blame this on us,” mom defensively tells me.

“I’m not blamin’ anything on anybody. I’m just sayin’. I don’t tell y’all—‘cause y’all blow up. No matter what I do. Even if I did it right. I not only told y’all about him, but I invited him under some messed up circumstance—that’s my doing—to have dinner with us. I’m not askin’ you to like him. All I’m asking—is that you make dinner, have it with us and give him a chance. That’s it.”

Mom takes a deep breath, to turn the crazy back off, nods her head and answers in Eglan, “Alright.”

As soon as we was done cooking in the kitchen I go to round up the house. Mom had left me in the kitchen to finish up, I found her on the front porch, still fuming, but fuming in silence. Dad and Tika was out in the garden, staring at the sky, acting like they departed to another plane. Whenever those two clowns wanted to tune out some noise—they went straight for the garden. Like they didn’t hear me and mama arguing.

Or better yet hearing mama yell at me. I sit the fam in the living room, easy on me to have them in one central location. Lest they come up wit an idea to run Drei away in more private places. I was nervous as shit sittin’ in the livin’ room with them. I wanted to scream!

After a good thirty somein’ minutes my boo came through. I sprinted so fast to the door felt like an out a body experience. I got ghost foreal—hell I wasn’t even sure my body really moved. I knew it was real when I pulled back the front door and saw my man standin’ there. Lookin’ mighty good.

Mm. His gold skin freshly polished up, glowing anew, lil cloth here and there, but was lookin’ as original as ever. Like I knew he would. My boo ain’t too fond of all the cloths, unlike me.

He smiles at me, complimenting his girl, “You look beautiful in that dress.”

“Why thank you,” I do a little twirl for him. “Those flowers for me?”

“You know it.” He passes the pretty sparkling plants to me. “You ready to do this?”

“Am I ready? Naw, the real question is—are you ready? I know these folks—I know what to expect.”

“Well, let’s do the damn thing.” He puts out his hand for me to take, I do exactly that.

The happy couple that is us stop by the kitchen first, so I could make sure my purrty flowers live pass today, even if I don’t. Once I felt my flowers were to live in the spring water I placed them in, we head off to the execution room. The living room, I meant. Even if my body make it out, I know somethin’ is go be dead by the end of dinner, messin’ with my parents. My parents stand as they see us enter, the two tall and gold.

I was quite surprised to see them get dressed up Yerosai Couvazin style. My mom and dad had a nice strip of cloth traveling around their shoulders, draping down to their waists. Mainly they dressed their golden bodies with complimentary jewels. I can’t front—they was looking pretty sweet.

I take a deep, ocean deep breath, bracing myself, “Mom…dad,” I look to each of them, “this is Dyondrei.”

“Uh hello.” He steps further in the exec—living room. “Simply Drei is fine. First, I wanna apologize for not comin’ around sooner to um…introduce myself. I know it’s not our way as Couvazin people. My mama have raised me better than that. It’s just…time flew by so fast, you know. But, I am sorry, there’s no excuse. I was a little nervous myself—it ain’t Khezzy’s fault.”

Aww! Gotta love this man. I know my parents definitely go hate him now. Where the hell is Samita? She supposed to be helpin’ me diffuse this tickin’ bomb.

“Oh cool man,” ‘Tika pipes up, staring down. “I heard about Eyce Breakah. They got pretty good stuff?”

Drei lifts a bag with the words Eyce Breakah stamped on it. Damn, I didn’t even notice it. I guess I was too busy lookin’ at his sexy face and that nice body a his.

“Yeah,” he answers, “they do. I got somethin’ for all y’all.”

I shake my head, saying, “I never heard of Eyce Breakah. How you know about it ‘Tika?”

‘Tika grins, telling me, “I know quite a few thing you don’t boo boo.”

I smack my lips, “Whatever.” ‘Tika got a fishy smile spread on her face, somethin’ is off.

Drei passes the gifts around and adds, “Listen, these presents are to be opened in private. Check ‘em out after dinner.”

“You ain’t got ta tell me twice brotha.” ‘Tika said and tucks her gift on the side of the couch she sitting on.

“Um thank you Dyondrei,” my dad says.

My parents unwrap their boxes and I saw it all in slow motion. Blue gook splatters all over they face and the slime was live baby! The blue slime was animated and for a few seconds it climbed on their face—my ass was on pause. OH SHIT! THAT. DID. NOT. JUST. HAPPEN.

I come back to life, bursting in laughter, ‘Tika joins me. The only ones not laughin’ was my parents and my Drei. Drei was pretty perturbed, as if it happened to him.

“I am so sorry.” He apologizes.

“Why would you give us somethin’ like this if you’re so sorry?!” My dad yells in Khemzyn.

Drei shakes his head, mouth open, then closes softly. Words come to him, “It was meant to be done in private. You know—make the married couple laugh amongst themselves, maybe inspire somethin’ else when y’all clean up. I am sorry,” he says slowly.

Since my parents always wanna play like they know the best for every freaking body—they didn’t have the ability to listen! Listen when Drei advised: Open Package Later. ‘Tika sho listened. So what, they ass got embarrassed. And I got a healthy laugh out of it.

I may have to thank them later for not listening or else I woulda missed a glorious moment. My parents left for their room to dry up the gook. I just know me and ‘Tika’s laughs echoed up the steps, permanently making a spot in their know it all ears. I couldn’t call down, neither could Tik’ Tik’. I guess one could say the dinner went downhill from there, all the way to my parent’s birthplace, the hot pits.

It took me a while to finish my plate, ‘cause I kept popping up my head to stare at my parents. Questionin’ wit’ my eyes if they really just said that dumb shit. I was so pissed, my hands was trembling. Drei sat next to me, quietly consuming his dinner, I was tempted to tell him to throw the fucking fork down. Hell—my mama mighta poisoned him and me.

Someway somehow he ate peacefully, every now and again looking up to politely answer the stupid questions my parents let throw up out their mouth. Mom and Dad go hold this lil prank against this man as long as I’m with him. A good 12 minutes in and I was done. Done. I couldn’t take anymore.

My parents was insulting Drei in the best way they knew how. My folks was so smooth with insulting the you’d think it was a compliment. Damn cowards. Can’t even talk that crap straight up. I always saw through it, I knew better.

Always have. When they started on his mama is when I said—

“Enough,” I whisper low, catching the whole table, “you will not keep insulting him in front of me.” I jab myself with my finger. “You see—him bein’ the guy that he is and his care for me—he won’t call y’all out, but I will.”

Mom gave me the eye of death, but I didn’t back down. I tried to give it back. “You dare stand for this heathen.”

Oh, there go some tell it straight truth right there. Tell me how you really feel mama.

Mom finishes sayin’ dumb shit, “Pick him over us.”

“Obviously. You been pickin’ plenty over me. He’s a good brotha—y’all just,” I switch to Khemzyn, loving how the curse words roll of my tongue, “assholes.” Khemzyn curse words had much more power to them than Eglan’s, so I knew my parents would be angry off that alone. Lovely, really.

My dad stands from his chair, his wings slowly creeping to a spread. And that’s a threat to me. “You watch your mouth when you speak to us. We are still your parents.”

I stand as well. “Since when? Y’all ain’t never been anything to me. Fuck y’all. I’m out. Come Dyondrei, let’s go.”

I take Drei behind my house, passing our fenced garden/yard and towards a bundle of trees. Behind it is the Auiji river/stream thing. It was a little ways from my house. We sit down near it, dipping our toes in the freezing water. The moonlight brilliant on us both.

I turn to him. “I’m sorry. I told you my parents off the hook.”

“I see you off the hook too.” My head leans to the side, brows crunch up, he lifts one brow in response. In Khemzyn, he repeats my words, “Assholes?” He shakes his head, his beautiful coiled hair kept short. “We never use words like that against our parents. And if we dare…we don’t do it in Khemzyn.”

I shrug. “We’re all not fortunate enough to have parents like mine—where you can use words like that.”

He reaches out to cup my cheek. “Why you so angry at them pretty girl?”

I look away and swallow. “It’s a long story.”

He laughs, I snap to his direction. “No, it’s not. Teenage rage. That’s it. You probably don’t even know why you always so pissed.”

I shake my head. “I ain’t teenager anymore.”

He points at me. “You know the years linger in the 20’s. You still teenaged baby. We both are.”

I grab his finger, then take his whole hand. “Trust me when I say,” I stare in his eyes, “it is a long story. Now…back to you and yo’ gift givin’ self. How you go give everybody a gift but me?”

He briefly chuckles. “I got somein’ for you. I was gonna save it for you till the end a dinner. If all went well. But, since it didn’t—I figure you need somethin’ to lift your spirits.”

“And you would be correct.” I smile. “What you got?”

He still had the Eyce Breakah bag on him. He pulls out a frilly box, he opened in slow motion, revealing a stone. I gasp. “Is that what I think it is?” He nods to me. “You got that from Eyce Breakah?”

He bites his lip, “Naw. I got it sent in from a few towns over. You know Polished Brahn is hard to come by around our cities.” He laces his fingers in mine, grabbing my sight with his eyes. “May I place it on your heart?”

I nod yes. He helps me out my dress, revealing my own golden skin. I soften the skin for him and he presses the Heart Stone over my heart.

He rubbed his fingers over it, whisperin’ to me in Khemzyn, “Beautiful.”

His hands found my upper arms, his strong arm pulls me on his lap. Warm plush lips found mine and I so couldn’t help moaning out. Though he felt good against me, I pull back.

“What?” He asks, his eyes searching my face.

“I don’t wanna have sex. When we do it—I want it after a good night, not a shitty one like this.”

He nods and sighs. “How about you meet my family? They somethin’, but not quite as somethin’ as yours—no offense.”

I smack my lips. “No offense taken. I know my parents are the greatest trip.” To death.



She softly giggles, pushing her twists out her face, laughing at the boy’s urgent need to see her tonight. He wants a recap of last weekend’s nightcap. A nightcap that only consisted of kissing. Dhonjuh clicks off the mirror and runs to the bathroom to freshen up.



Dyondrei lightly cracks open the front door, he spots the glow from his mother, before she noticed his presence at all. He knew she was washing dishes and would be on her way to bed soon. Her golden skin was shined up, the kitchen cleaned, and dishes almost done, which was her before bed routine. He closes the door gently behind himself, then clears his throat to announce himself.

Gucatha turns around with her eyebrows raised. “Hey boy. How’d it go tonight?” Her smile spreads further across her face as she answered her own question, “Must a went well, ‘cause you comin’ in so late.”

Drei sighs with a shake overtaking his face, “Naw, it didn’t go too well. It went pretty bad actually.”

“Aw,” his mama said, drying off her hands, “you wanna tell me about it?”

“Not really. I kinda wanna forget about it for the night. Besides I got somebody I want you to meet. She needs a pick me up too. Probably even more so than me.” His mother nods as Drei went to open the wood door. In came Khezzy.

“My,” Gucatha smiles, “aren’t you simply gorgeous.”

I smile back, mumbling, “Thank you,” getting shy all of a sudden was not my style. But it touches my heart to hear a older woman, motherly like, compliment me.

Drei notices it, I hear him laugh under his breath, I nudge him.

“So,” Miss Gucatha starts, but stops.

“Mama! Mama!” Some loud mouth boy comes screaming down the stairs, rushing in the kitchen. “Mom!”

“I am here boy.” She raises her hand to slow him down. “You ain’t got to be so loud.”

“My bad,” he reply, not noticing us standing near the door.

“What you want? Why you all shined up and jeweled out?” The woman leans on the sink.

The boy did a lil dance with a cute smirk on his face. “You remember Ahmazayne (Ah-muh-zayne)?”

“No,” she gives him, slowly shaking her head. “Should I?”

“Well…no…actually. No. What about Sagibu (Say-gee-buh)?”

“Sagi?” The boy nods. “Yeah, that big tall girl. What about her?” Mama folds her arms over her chest.

“She hookin’ me up wit’ her home-girl Ahma. Not only is she taller, but she plump and round in all the right places! Whoo wee!”

“But, didn’t you kiss Sagi?”

“Yeah,” he leans his head to the side, “but Sagi wasn’t feelin’ me like that. But her home-girl Ahma got a lil crush for ya boy. I gotta get up wit’ that. Mama, she is so fine! It don’t make no sense.”

“So, what you want boy?”

“Ahma wanna meet up with me at Otua Park. Tonight. Can I go?”

“I’ll think about it.” She gestures to the chair behind him, “Have a seat. Take a breather.”

He sits and don’t see us till Drei spoke. “Uh mama—Kheznaria or Khezzy, Khez—my mama. My skee ball head brother Dhonjuh. As you can see, desperate for a woman’s affection. The family.”

Dhonjuh smacked his lips. “Shut up Drei. Yo’ game is minimum too. See.”

Little brat pointin’ at me, my hand went straight to my hip. “Excuse me?”

“No offense sis—you pretty an’ all, but why are you wearin’ a full cloth? We don’t get down like that?”

I shake my head. “I can do whatever I want. This my creativity at work. I like playin’ with cloth and colors, this how I do it.”

“I love it baby,” Gucatha compliments again, I love her, “work it.”

“Thank you ma’am. See uh,” I look to Drei, “Dhonjuh right?” Drei nods. I kneel in front of Dhonjuh. “See man you messin’ up. I got a lil sis about yo age, very available. You messin’ ya chances. And she dress the normal way.”

He lights up, standing, I stand with him. “She look like you?”

“She my lil sis—what you think boy?”

“Bet—hook a brotha up.”

“Naw, naw, naw,” I place a hand on his chest. “I hook you up if you treat her like the young man I’m sure you could be. A gentleman like ya big bruh.”

He slaps his chest where my hand is not. “I can handle that.”

“I got you then.”

Gucatha laughs, the sound soothing. “She remind me of Dhoavah (Doe-ah-vuh).”

The room goes eerily quiet. Dhonjuh looks down, while Drei turns his head. Before I knew Drei was dragging me upstairs.


Buzz! Buzz!

Drei’s bare arm slips from under the black sheet, he slaps the red clicker to answer the call. Raishana’s face pops in the small mirror that lingered a few inches above the red clicker, suspended in the air.

“Khez! Wake up girl.”

Drei’s muffled voice said, “It’s for you baby.” He rolls her over to his side, which instantly wakes her up.

My eyes slowly crack open to the bright light, I see Rai’s mellow face staring back at me. “Hey Rai,” my raspy voice whispers.

“My bad. I thought y’all would be up by noon.”

I blink my eyes, wiping my hand over my face. “It’s cool. Whatsup?”

“Uh, Drei is good with me, but he still with the enemy. Meet us at the spot asap. Bring ‘Mita wit’ you.”

“A’ight,” I whisper once again. Then I slap the red clicker and roll my behind right back to sleep. I’ll see the girls in a few.



It was mid light in Forest Kapsylek and strangely quiet. The only lady in the Palace to note it was Neimala. She was in meditation and accustomed to the noise that surrounded the land below their tree house, but without it she couldn’t concentrate.

“Y’all hear that?” Neimala questions from her seated position the floor.

Meishanre turns around, leaning on the open window to peak at Neimala. “What?”

Neimala stares back at the girl, her eyes wide. “Nothin’.”

Meishanre frowns. “What the hell you talkin’ ‘bout then?”

“The Rainbow Fools—can’t hear ‘em.”

“So? Ain’t that a good thing Nei? I was in the zone ‘cause I couldn’t hear they foolishness, but look at that.” Meishanre points at Neimala, “You won’t shut up.”

Raishana was in the kitchen, leaning over on the counter. She enters their banter. “Shan you a asshole.”

The girl turns to her sister, “I’m just sayin’.”

“Nothin’ at all,” Raishana replies to her. “How about you be quiet—‘cause from what I see—when you open yo’ mouth, nothin’ good comes out.”

Neimala laughs and Raishana joins, Meishanre smacks her lips as she rolled her eyes. Then the girl returns her sight to the window behind her.

“Aye ladies!” I greet, hitting the ladies with my smooth stroll into the Palace.

Samita right behind smiled at the girls, moving briskly through the living room for her room to grab a blankie. I didn’t waste no time to flop to the floor, waiting fa my girls to join me.

Once butts met floor and floor met butts, I asked, “I’m dyin’ to know why this meeting was called.”

Meishan nods slowly, a smile creeping up, “We got a scoop from an insider.”

Rai adds, “An insider meaning Neimala.” We couldn’t help it. We laughed at Meishanre.

“Whatever haters,” Meishan tells us. “Look—okay—its some old crusty, but highly valuable book residing in Bohrmys Borney.”

“And?” I said. “What that gotta do wit’ me?”

Neimala answers, “You got an insider in Bohrmys. There’s a store—small shop—attracts the strangies. If you know what I mean.” Neimala smiles, tussling her big pretty hair. “Drei should know about it. Bohrmys is too big for us to go on a search. We need you to get it out of Drei…without hinting on why we looking for it in the first place.”

“Alright,” I nod to the group, “I can do it.”



A few days pass without me kicking or even talking with my baby Drei. You know gotta keep ‘em guessing. When we did reunite I brought him back to my favorite stream Auiji. This the closest I been to my house in days. He approved of the stream, throwing rocks in the water, even took a dip.

I was staring at the sky, thinking of the best way to ask Drei about this shop without giving too much away. When I looked at him, he turned to look at me. Wow. We so in sync. I was perched up on my favorite boulder.

He walked towards me, smiling. “This nice baby. You was holdin’ back some goods.”

I giggle. “It ain’t even like that. I brought you here before—just at night.”

He looks at the trees and to the sky, saying, “It was nothin’ like this that day.”

“Bad day,” we both said, then laughed.

“Baby,” he said a hmm, I continued, “is there any creepy shops in Bohrmys I should know about?”

“A couple. The one I know best is Patricetma’s place—west town. Hers is the best. Tawny Freaks. Patrice ain’t from her—ain’t even a Yay. She does well for herself though—definitely got fans.”

“Go there often?”

He collects some rocks, then looks up at me. “Often enough. Why you so curious about it?”

I shrug. “Just tryna get to know my baby’s hometown a lil better is all. Maybe one day you can show me the place.”



The next day I took my FaiCita girls to Tawny Freaks. We don’t know the west side of Bohrmys all that well, but what I can say is Tawny Freaks sticks out like a sore thumb over here. They highfaluting over on the west side. But Patrice may know what she doing. The girls go be mad at me.

While I was with Drei, he got the truth out of me. Don’t judge! Have you seen that man’s lips and hands? Them lips know well how to kiss and them hands know what to do with themselves during a good lip locking session. What was so messed up—the boys went right pass the shop the same day we came to check it out.

If I didn’t know any better I would swear Drei set me up. Meishanre saw the boys and automatically on cue rolled hers and her frown did not drop when they walked in the door. The boys didn’t take a breath, have a seat, stop at a pause before they told us off. Letting us know just how they felt about us not informing them on the real goodies in Tawny Freaks. Talking about they more entitled to Patrice’s book of mysteries than us.

There was nothing else I could do except step back, standing next to Drei and laugh at our friends bickering. Samita was appalled at the audacity of Forcei interrupting our first meet with Patrice. Neimala over there trying to calm the youth crowd with chants. My girl Raishana standing alert, waiting for some shoving or just any moment where a line gets crossed. Meishanre let the boys know the truth, saying we don’t trust y’all nagas.

The Forcei boys mirrored one of my girls in some way, except for Neimala. She really was one of a kind. When Patrice came out to help us, we made some weak agreement. But, hey, at least it ended our argument.

Peace y’all.

Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 3: Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!

Days float gently by, feelings become even more deeply entwined. Khezzy realizes that it's finally time. Time to tell her parents about the new guy she's been making flirty eyes at. Khezzy's reluctance in revealing his presence is because she knows mommy and daddy will do more somersaults than an acrobat. Trying to convince their oldest that Dyondrei is no good at all. It's really no matter because for him dear Khezzy's heart calls. A dinner has been planned by day's end. And if Ma and Pa have their way Khezzy will never want to see Drei's face again.

  • ISBN: 9781370887088
  • Author: DhNAi Divine
  • Published: 2017-06-27 03:35:08
  • Words: 6329
Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 3: Bomb Dinner: Kaboom! Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 3: Bomb Dinner: Kaboom!