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Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 2: Sneaky Bastards

Betrayal of Eralavict

Episode Two:

Sneaky Bastards

By DhNAi Divine

Copyright 2017 DhNAi Divine.

Shakespir Edition, License Notes

Here we are, following behind this man who claims to be the law around here. We pass up all the empty buildings and right before we hit the Rhythm, we turn behind one of the last empty structures. I take this chance to move behind the group, grabbing Samita.

“‘Mita,” I whisper in her ear, “I need you to take ‘Tika back to the palace. Wait for a bit to call for help. I’ll cover y’all.”

Samita grabs ‘Tika’s hand, she whispers to her, “We going back to the palace. Just us.”

We start to come out the shadow of the corner we turned, I pace forward as my sister and ‘Mita slip back. The loud sound of wings flexing open ring in the dark alleyway, the mysterious man was bound to hear it. So, I fell on Meishan—she fell on Rai—and she fell on Neimala—Nei was extra (like I knew she would be) and screamed out for the gods, putting a tight hold on the man. I notice him wince as we all fell to the ground. ‘Mita and ‘Tika got away from his hold—far in the city Bohrmys, I hope.

He’s so pissed his cheek swelled a yellow red. What the ever loving fuck is goin’ on? He pushes us in front of him, directing us through the alley. At the end of the alley was no buildings, houses, just the light energy ball lit Curveyn field. Empty land filled with Curveyns.

Since it was so late in the night all the fliers were long gone home, or on duty somewhere in the city. But we weaved through them anyway. Our stop was medium sized puddle.

He points at it, “Jump in.”

My obedience only go so far, I say to him, “I don’t think so.”

He closes in on me. “You will do as I say.”

I frown. “Make me.”

He growls at me, his face swelling again. That shit catches me off guard, so he pushes me in the puddle with ease. I instantly hit dirt, I turn up toward the ceiling, the puddle was an illusion. It was a doorway underground. Swiftly my feet move when I spot another pair of golden toes coming down.

After the two girls, the man followed behind, I roll my eyes as he yells at us. Mad ‘cause ‘Mita and ‘Tika got away. He pushes the group deeper in the underground cave, the doorway disappears, can’t go back that way. Deeper in the cave was damn water! The mysterious swelling bastard starts turning an ashy pale purple, his clothes ripping off as he grew.

Raishana points up at him, yelling, “It’s a Qui!”

His human body expanded in size, his arms morphed into scaly tentacles, and he swings on us. We all could throw them hands, plus had good reflexes. Shit was on. We flipped his attacks right back on him. Grabbing his arms to swing up on his massive body.

As he tries to smack us off, he only end up hurting himself in return.

I hop off his frame, landing in the shallow end of the water. “Shan, go look for a way out. Me and Rai got this.”

Big bastard didn’t speak up until Shan left for the same way we came in. He distorted voice said, “You’re sealed in. The only way out is through my EWG.” He points at the water. “You have to get through me first. And you have to know the code.”

MAN! Not only is the way out a water gate, but a water gate under a personal code instead of a generic one.

Rai and I screech, “Shan! Come back!”

She heard the distress all in our vocal cords and rushes back as fast as her feet could carry her. The Qui seem to be getting bigger every time we think we winnin’, but still we handle it pretty well. Out of nowhere: BAM! The dirt starts shaking, the water rumbles, and we hear thunder up above us. The illusion of the ceiling is disrupted and the corrupted essence dissolves.

And there they was. Our annoying friends of Forcei came to our rescue. Thank gods they did—I was getting worried about how this would end.

Antiahn leans over, talking ‘bout, “We heard y’all was in need of some fine things.” He hops down to us.

Oshan questions, “Ant, it was in our air—you got the flames?”

Antiahn stares the creature down. “You already know it. Lavar.”

Lavar nods in Ant’s direction, then reaches out for us. “Come on ladies—let’s get y’all out a here.”

We could of lifted off on our own, but we let the boys assist. Two of the fellas stayed behind to finish the Qui off, while Lavar and Oshan walked some distance between us and the underground spot. Oshan informs us that there will be some damage done, so it was better to be far away from the spot. We wait with them for the rest of the group. All of us was quiet, listening intently to the squeals, grunts, water sloshin’ around, then it was silence.

Then it was a loud bang. Flames licking the opening of where the ceiling use to be. And out the flames came the boys. We cheer for them as they flew to us. Antiahn let us know they’ll handle the blow back with the council.

On the way home I found out it was ‘Tika idea to get the boys, brilliant. I guess she was useful after all. We head back to the palace for a good day’s rest. It was morning by the time we even made it in Forest Kapsylek. The weekend passes and I take ‘Tika back home.

I knew mom would want her home as early as I could make it. But she knew I wouldn’t be back ‘till later that night. As I stroll the Rhythm of my city I spot a couple familiar faces.

“Forcei,” I said, “we meet again.”

“Y’all just gettin’ home?” Oshan questions.

“Naw, we stayed the night at a friend’s.” I couldn’t tell ‘em we stay out in Forest Kapsylek at the palace—these fools would go on a hunt tryna find it. It was quite enough they knew I lived in Gatara.

“Oh,” he replied.

Forcei came to collect me, ‘cause they needed me to make a statement to the council. I left with the boys to Bohrmys. They had a Curveyn and all. They wanted me to confirm their story to the members of the council. The members knew I didn’t go into Lake Counet, the boys for some reason took the fall for it.

How sweet of ‘em? I guess they weren’t that bad after all. Days pass and I was back in the torment of my parents and their home. One afternoon coming back in the house from Dhome, I found some letter addressed to me. It was wrapped in fancy cream colored paper package.

I tore it up, snatching out the letter inside.

It read:

Dear young Misses Kheznaria and Martika Umtofye,

You are both cordially invited to the biggest ball of the year. The Youth Honor Ball! Your fellow youths Antiahn Khersalis, Oshan Khersalis, Lamzeen Lavonche, Lavar Helion, and Dyondrei Malu will be receiving an award on this night. The youths invite you for your support and enjoyment of the evening. This event is open to all young people in Couvaza, but you two will receive special treatment.

You are friends of our young honorees, so please get prepared. This event will be happening in one month’s time.


Head Board Member Joeppe Mikolt.


When ‘Tika got home from Dhome I passed the invite over to her and she showed it to our parents. They were ecstatic about sending her to the ball. I learned all my friends got the same invite. We all had already planned on crashing anyway, not ‘Tika though. ‘Tika wasn’t of age to go, but since she got the invite—that was her ticket in.

A month passes and in a few hours it was time for me to join up with my crew. Samita’s folks was driving us to Nyntalia, where the ball was held this year. My parents wanted to take ‘Tika with them. I was surprised with glee that they didn’t wanna bug me with the task of taking her. Boy oh boy was I relieved!

The ladies of FaiCita and I a course, sat across from each other in the Curveyn. We wasn’t fully clothed down. There would be human girls there and they would have the gowns on lock. So we decided to remix for the occasion. Traditional Yerosai dress up wear is added jewels and fixtures to our wings, crowns on our heads and maybe an occasional cloth here or there.

We do it all! Fixing up cloth in certain places. Neimala was still rocking her top cloth, a jewel placement shingling down from her ankles. Raishana had a glorious crown on her long tresses, and a long silky hooded cape. Meishanre’s hair was fly!

Braided intricately and pinned up real pretty. Samita’s locks was crinkly curly and she wore bottom cloth. Me on the other hand, well you know I was shining with the crazy jewel placement. Instead of wearing cloth on me body, I dressed up my wings. There was no words between us as we flew to the place.

The flight was about an hour long. This was all our first time going to Nyntalia. It was one of the biggest places in Couvaza. You see where I’m from, Gatara, we’re not too big, not too small, kinda of brightly colored. Then Bohrmys, pretty big city, but sorta drab. Nyntalia on the other hand was huge and vibrant!

The sun was going down, so we watched from the sky the city blaze with bomb lights. Samita’s parents drop us in the middle of Rhythm. Folks in fancy cloths greetin’ us as we stroll in town like royalty. Our eyes glisten as we checked out all the humongous buildings surrounding us. In five minutes time we came to our stop.

It was a lil (really big) place called Sehah Gaht Center, where the ball was held outside. We’re escorted to the yard. The trees rounding the yard was decorated in lights, a big stage was set up, numerous tables circled the dance floor, which circled the stage. A couple buffet tables was placed near the tables, music was boomin’, the party had begun. Humans, Yerosai kids was already on the dance floor.

I saw some of the guys holding their girls’ heels as she got down on the floor with him. The group and I was grinning at the delicious sight before us, we give one another one look then went for the dance floor! For hours we danced hard, ate like a fool, took breaks, flirted, then danced some mo’. Mid way through the scene our dancing was brought to an end when a man came on the microphone. It was award time.

“Hello youths! Hello!” He was pretty happy. “I hope you all are enjoying yourselves this evening.” We all cheer in response. “Good, good. It is now time for the awarding part of the ceremony—honoring our youth for doing incredible deeds.”

The happy old dude branches off into calling names and saying what incredible deed they done did. I almost fell the hell asleep, he lost my attention after the second person he called.

“The next youth group we’ll be honoring did a glorious deed! They rescued two small children from Lake Counet. In the city Bohrmys Borney. I know you know the place.”

I hop out my seat. I can’t believe them! They took credit for something they didn’t do. How could I be so stupid?

The announcer finishes up, “They go by the name Forcei—come on up here young men!”

Rai walks to me, “Can you believe this?”

“We should go up there and jack ‘em for our prizes,” Meishan says, standing next to me.

One by one hyper man said their names, giving them an ugly trophy. The boy that helped me was up there too. Figures he’s down with shady Forcei.

The man said, “And the final member Dyondrei Malu.”

Drei steps to the mic, taking his award which is really my award. “The last award goes to a young lady. We didn’t get her name, but she helped us a bit. Give her a round of applause, would ya?”

The audience claps for me, even though they didn’t know it. Once the boys came off stage, we mobbed them, hitting whichever was in close range.

“I trusted you—you little liars!” I scream.

The boys push us behind the stage. Antiahn shushing us, “Hey, hey, keep your voice down.”

“Why should we?” Meishanre questions, hand properly placed on hip.

Raishana adds, “What we should do…is go up there and tell them the truth.”

Lamzeen thrusts his trophy to Rai, “Fine, y’all can have our awards.”

She pushes it away stating, “We don’t want y’all stanky awards—wit’ y’all name engraved on it.”

I pull Drei aside. “So, your name is Dyondrei?”

“So,” he cocks his head to the side, pointing over to my crew, “those your friends?”

“Yeah,” I nod. “You know you ain’t right. You know I helped you—it was my girls out there on call.”

He frowns his cute stupid face. “My boys were out there too.”

“Oh yeah?” He nods to my inquiry. “How’s that—when we saw them get sent home.”


“Yeah buddy. They left you. If it wasn’t for me, you would still be down there. And you know what else? I got a flower just like you do.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” he apologizes. “But, I did look out for you. I got you a award too. I couldn’t get one for your girls too. I’m sorry. We cool though?”

“No,” I cross my arms.

He sighs, “What can I do to make it up?”

“Two things,” I look him squarely in his eyes, “one—go back on stage and say ‘Mysterious girl helped a hell of a lot’. Two—give me and my a girls a shout out, including my little sister. We call ourselves FaiCita.”

“Named after Cita?” He smiles in mirth.

“Yeah,” I wave him off, “don’t laugh. You only makin’ this worse.”

“You want me to forge the stage?”

“Yeah Forcei. Come on now, hur rup, the dance a be over soon.”

Drei hops back on stage, snatching the mic from the singer, signaling them to cut the music. I smile as I watch.

“Ladies,” calling my friends and my sister, “look.” I point to the stage.

Drei begins, “I—I just wanted to thank the board for my—our awards. Thank you. I’m forever grateful. I also wanted to say the mystery girl that helped us out Counet is beautiful—a hell of a fighter. She helped in more ways than she know. Also wanna give a shout out to the lovely ladies of FaiCita. And they little sis. They’re here tonight.”

He looks over to us. “There they be—lookin’ as good as ever. Please clap for ‘em.” Nobody makes a sound. I take offense. “The sooner y’all clap—the sooner you can get back to dancing.” A roar of claps came from the crowd. “Thank you—have fun y’all.”

He exit left stage and I give him a hug of gratitude. We danced the rest of the night together. Samita’s dad came to pick us up when it was all said and done. We fell straight asleep in the Curveyn, dreaming about the dance where we had a ball. I kept in contact with Drei, which was easy since he lived in Bohrmys.

Time moves on and look see who becomes my boy toy. Hehehe. Drei is actually one of the best boyfriends I’ve ever had. He was just as adventurous as me. More time we spent—the more trouble came—just the way I loved it. Yeah. Peace.

Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 2: Sneaky Bastards

Khezzy was unaware of just how connected the Quilateins were to the Lotus she stole. She exited the lake with the missing kids and thee flower tucked under her wing. The golden girl ducked all the underwater traffic of trouble only to be hit with trouble of the local variety on land. Her brain pulsed thinking of the punishment she'll face at home for bringing her little sister in this mess. To be honest Khezzy was a lot more afraid of what her parents would do to her. No torture was quite as unique and effective as her parents. But here she was, trailing behind an unknown man of the law, trying to conjure up a plan.

  • ISBN: 9781370407507
  • Author: DhNAi Divine
  • Published: 2017-06-10 22:50:17
  • Words: 2684
Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 2: Sneaky Bastards Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 2: Sneaky Bastards