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Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 1: Pearl Lotus of Ol' Counet

Betrayal of Eralavict

Episode One:

Pearl Lotus of Ol’ Counet

By DhNAi Divine


Copyright 2017 DhNAi Divine.

Shakespir Edition, License Notes


Palukaz (Pay-luh-kaz), Couvaza

Deep inside the trenches of Palukaz sits its Graves, the holding cells affectionately nicknamed the Graves. The city was bare on the leveled ground, the heart was under the dirt, the Graves. The location traitors of Couvaza must stay awaiting one of two dates; their council date or a date with death. Inside one jail cell sits a lonely woman who committed a high crime, she could not be allowed to live. At this very moment, she was desperately reaching for the last good piece of bread, trying to grab it before the rats did.

This lonely and desperate woman……was me Kheznaria (Kez-narr-ree-uh) Voilah (Voy-lahh) Umtofye (Oohm-too-fee), most simply call me Khez, Khezzy, or Naria. Almost a decade ago I betrayed a city, or better yet a country I was once truly proud of. I’ve been running ever since my eyes were opened to my very own betrayal, but I always knew this day would come. The time when the Papolai (Pap-poe-lah) would catch me and sentence me to my death. Sentence me to an unfair death. A murder I never knew my country was capable of committing.

When I was young and irresponsible and impulsive and cocky and—okay—OK! I got a lot of issues…I think you get it, with all that said I was proud of my city Gatara and even prouder of my country Couvaza. That was until I learned the truth of our history, a history that only bore lies, nurtured deceit, that all gave way to more betrayal. I found out the true past of us, where my people originated, how and why we got to Couvaza. It wasn’t easy to swallow, but I did, and I even attempted to rectify our situation.

The day my life was beginning to shift in an uncontrollable direction was on one of my many grand adventures. An adventure that led me into trouble I couldn’t see until it was right in my face.

I was young—younger, twenty to be exact, adventurous, some of the elders, the women in particular said I was crazy. Yeah, I was. Crazy in love with being crazy, I had no problem with the title.

What I did have a problem with was being assumed an idiot—just ‘cause I like to do crazy stunts. No, you see I was quite smart. Trust me, the moves I pulled, not just anybody could do. It took a chunk of skill, a slice of talent, a dash (a dash is all I had) of patience, and genius tactics. Tactics that I generally was able to pull off alone.

Anyways the day started like any other, I was in my bed trying to sleep till the sunset. My lil sis Martika (Mar-Tee-Kuh) Kaliahmo (Call-lee-ah-moe) Umtofye had different mornin’ plans for me. She was in my grill bright an’ early, like clockwork. Her squeaky voice pierced my damn ears, slapping me to attention, her feet (that was just running across the yard) jumpin’ up and down on my bed. Ingraining dirt, blades of grass and dew on my newly washed blankets. I could kick her little golden ass!

“Khezzy!” Her annoying voice squawked, dropping to her knees at my side. I felt her damp hands on my arm, jerking my body. “Khez, wake up girl!”

My eyes snap open, I peer over my shoulders. Ugh! I could see my sister with a big ol’ flowery head piece sittin’ on her picked out fro, she got the damn nerve to be wearing my cloths! Okay I’m a—I’m a whup some respect in her before the day is done. She pieced together a flowery bright pink dress, I could just hang her up over my window.

An’ block out another bright stain keepin’ me from my doggone sleep.

“Yo’ friend’s downstairs waitin’ for you?”

That got my interest, I sit up, slightly. “Who?”

“Samita Yoliver,” Tika reveals, plopping on the end of my bed.

A smile sprawls on my face as I think about my best friend Samita. Me an’ Samita formed a group together, that consists of us and three other girls. We keep each other informed on the latest drama, I live in Gatara, the rest of the ladies in other parts of Couvaza. Samita still lived on the borders of Gatara, but was on the outskirts of a human settlement called Sontinua (Soo-ten-new-wuh). Because of their unique situation, they fly under the flag of M’vani (Moe-vahn-nee).

She was about an hour away from me, whereas the other girls was about 2 to 4 hours away. Our link was the forest we all had to pass through, we’ll get to that in time. I jolt out my bed, threw my clothes off and literally jumped in my closet. I was on the hunt fa the new outfit Ms. Jah sewed for me that I was braggin’ to my girls about. After what felt like a few damn decades, I finally found my shit!

I rushed to get it on and then rushed downstairs even faster to get out the front door. Sadly, my mom cut me short, right as my fingers touched the doorknob. She hailed me to the kitchen, the scent of fresh Spesial Puvah all in my nostrils. Quite honestly the smell was pissing me off, cause it smelled so good. I’m tryna get out the house, does no one understand that?

“Kheznaria! Comere baby!”

I sighed, dragging my bare feet to the kitchen, nervous I might get grounded for something I don’t even remember doing. “Hey mama,” I softly say in my sweetest voice.

“You leavin’ out Khezzy?” She questions, looking back and forth between the pot she was stirring in and me. I keep my mouth shut, saying as little as possible, only nodding my head. “You don’t want no Puvah? We got a fresh batch right from Quila Ocean. It’s your favorite,” mom chimes. “An’ for dessert—I’m makin’ Strawberry Sparkle cookies, your other fav.”

My mouth slightly opens, I give my mom a blank stare, while my head slowly shakes. Mama knnooowww I love Strawberry Sparkle cookies. But I resist temptation, “I just wanna hang wit’ FaiCita for the day. Samita’s waitin’ fa me right now.”

My mom’s shoulders slump. “Okay child, fine. It’s just…whenever the weekend come up I never see you. You pop up once out the whole day.”

“Well,” I look from side to side trying to think of something, “at least you get me for the weekdays an’ that’s longer. Look mom, I’ll come back later for dinner…” My brows scrunch, then I had to clean up that lie, “Well, I’ll try. Kay?”

Mom sadly bobs her head, staring down into a pot of fresh bright red Turry, happened to be my favorite veggie. She did a slow choppy stir, I lift my head, yeah something was up. I said, “Love you.” Just as I was about to make my exit, Mom hit me with the truth, a stanky truth, an’ not even the funkiest of them I’m sure.

“Could you take your sister wit’ you? I’d hate for her to be sittin’ in this house all day long by herself. Please baby.”

I threw my head down, so that’s what all these theatrics was about. Her wanting Tika to get out the house…but with me. I pull my head up as swiftly as I threw it down, ‘cause I knew it would be heavy on mama’s heart that I didn’t wanna be bothered by my annoying sister Tika. I sigh, “Alright mother—I’ll take her, but I’m sendin’ her back as soon as the sun set. She got ta get ghost.”

My mom, Jyyetha (Jy-yetha) Marle (Mar-lee) Umtofye rejoiced and show it by running to me for a hug. “Good! I’ll tell her to get her stuff and then send her out to you and Samita.”

My feet sprinted to the door, slamming the door behind me, I closed my eyes resting there, pretending that Tika wasn’t gonna come out the house next. When I opened my eyes I saw Samita just chillin’ on the porch, waitin’ for me. “Mi-Mi!” I sang out!

She hopped up in response. “Khezzy, what you been up to fool?!”

“Nothin’ much—nothin’ much.” We clasped hands, doing the handshake we made up years ago.

Samita smiles, nodding her head, “YEAH! You ready ta be out? The girls already at the gates.”

I blow air out my mouth, saying, “Yeah I’m ready, but uh.” My head shakes from side to side. “I gotta bring lil sis.”

Her brows raise to high heaven. “Tika?”

“Yeah. Tika. Who else?”

Samita shrugs. “That’s cool an’ all, but you remember what happened last time we brought her ass in public places.”

I rolled my eyes. Dang, Samita just had to conjure up memories from the past, that I’d rather see stay in oblivion. When me and the crew was fresh teens, I was forced to bring Tika and she got hurt. Her simple ass did some dumb shit, hopping off stuff, tryna act like she so bold! When we got home—it was my ass in so much trouble—didn’t even make sense. I still get confused just thinkin’ about it.

“Thank you! For remindin’ me ‘Mita.” Samita threw her hands up and hit me with a shrug. I finished, “We older now, so let’s hope—pray girl! Pray she don’t get into somethin’ that I’m a get in trouble for.”

Just as our convo came to a complete stop Tika came out the door on cue. We all must a been in sync, ‘cause she came out the door padded up—lookin’ like she was ready for war. I grinned, shaking my head at my Tika.

Samita laughs, holding out her hand to Martika, “Lil T, whatsup?”

Tika looks over Samita’s head, a smile on her mug, “I can’t call it.”

Though my sis can work my nerves, I still attempt to include her. ‘Cause maybe my cool ass ways a rub off on her. Ya feel me? Tika didn’t leave Samita hanging, my girls did the handshake as well.

“Let’s be out y’all,” I say to my sister and my best friend.

Samita led the way with Tika on her heels and me behind my sister down the red dirt path. On the right of us was a sea of endless lanky trees, on the left was a row of houses. There was bad kids chasing each other on the side of the houses, some colored white, pale purple, sky blue, somebody had the nerve to even polka dot they house. One thing I know—the kids wasn’t too bad, ‘cause they knew better than to venture in them woods. Trust and believe if they mama or daddy didn’t catch em, one a the other parents would have.

So it was better for the kiddies to be on better behavior even if to me it wasn’t the best. We work our way through hyper snot midgets and come to a clearing. No homes. Pass the forest. We stopped in the clearing right before the Rhythm.

We stop and huddle in a circle. “You bring the pads?” I question Samita.

Samita frowns up at me. “Girl I ain’t flyin’ back. And besides I only brought pads for me. It’s go take more than pads to help Tika fly all the way to the gate.”

Martika smacks her lips, giving the stank eye to ‘Mita.

Samita responds to it, “Don’t give me that look T. My whole body still tryna cool down from the burn of a workout my wings got to get here.”

Tika huffs, “Well—”

“Shh, shush Tika. Not right now. How we doin’ this then? We walk—we might make it to the gate by the mornin’.”

“Let’s just take a Curveyn.”

I look over to where her fingers point, spotting the floating vehicle that sits at every clearing between Slumber District and the Rhythm. My eyes rove back to Samita. “You got Curveyn coins Mi-Mi?”

She grins with trickster vibes in her eyes, “Of course not, but she don’t know that. If you get my drift.”

I grin back at her. “A’ight. This one on you Mi-Mi. Tika, just be quiet and let us handle it.”

Tika’s eyes bounce back and forth between me and Samita. “Ain’t this go get back to mom and dad Khez?”

“Not if we play it right. You ready ‘Mita?”

The crazy girl hit me with one nod and a smile, then walks over to the round flying transport. As we walked up on it, the hoverin’ machine started to vibrate, and a hunch back lady appears in front of it.

“Old Lady Tessa at cha service. Where can I take ya yungins?” She lifts up her cane, unsteadily pointing at us.

Samita takes a few deep breaths, looking down at the ground, then back at the woman. I thought for a second I was go have to step in.

But then she piped up, “Would it be okay to take us to the Gate?”

Old Lady Tessa’s eyes soften with concern. “Sho honey, I can get ya there.”

“Thank you so much Lady Tess.”

“Hop in yungins.”

Samita turns around to us, the tears dried to hell. “Follow my lead.”

And we do, revving up the non-existent heartbreak in our voices and on our face. We slide in the back, doing our best not to burst in laughs. Luckily it was only a 15 minute ride to get to the closest clearing near the gate. The old woman trails out first, then we followed suit. Me and Tika get behind Samita, waiting for the next trick out her bag.

“Old Lady Tess,” Samita swallows, “I gotta tell you the truth—,”

She cuts her off, oh shit, we might be in trouble after all. I slowly unfurl my wings, just in case we gotta tap the sky on these fools. “I already know y’all don’t got it. This ride is on me. Okay babies? But, next time I’m a need to see some shine, Tessa gotta eat too now. Y’all be ‘bout ya way.”

We stroll off with the biggest grins our faces could manage. As soon as we saw the end of the clearing, we ran for the gate. The tall gate formed a arch, made up of heavy trunks, bent and turned into formation. And there was the rest of FaiCita! It’s funny, all my friends are Yerosai (Yay-row-sah) or Golden Angels and we all stay clothed down.

Most Yerosai felt they golden skin was clothing enough. But that’s what made us different. The girl leaning on the gate, with the light honey brown complected face, gold covering the rest, dressed in mainly red—smidge hint of black in her short silky dress be my girl Meishanre (Mei-shawn-ree). Shan was off the hook kinda crazy, she devours any an’ every dare thrown her way. Let’s just say the fun level wouldn’t be the same wit’ out ‘er.

Leaning on the gate across from Meishan was dark cherry brown faced Raishana, clothed down in a midnight black dress, ending at her knees, scarlet gloss, eye dust, fly ass red hat and fly ass red boots baby. Did I forget to mention she dusted her hair ends with red too? Rai is our silent mystery of a girl, she’s sorta our secret weapon. Rai and Meishan are sisters, a year apart, and truly night and day. And finally our reincarnated goddess, mahogany hued face, gold down like the rest of us, Neimala.

She was next in the female line to lead all spiritual practices of her tribe, after she got married an’ all. This girl knew the spirits, a all around intense connection to other dimensions, already at only age 19. As we speak she’s in deep meditation, floatin’ in air wit’ her wings clamped shut. She always say “I’m simply breathin’ off Eternal Air.” Whatever that means.

I shake my head, smiling at the sight of my best friends. “AAHH OOOHHH!” I do our simple group call.

The girls follow suit, snapping their head in my direction. “AAHH OOOHHH!”

The girls was so loud Nei flopped to the ground, knocked out her meditation. She grins, hopping to her feet, wiping off the back of her long, colorful skirt. She’s shirtless, only having a matching scarf as her top. That’s how she represents the Yerosai in our most natural state, I guess. “AAHH OOOHHH!” Neimala calls.

I hop up down, rushing to my girls. “How y’all!”

Meishanre shuffled back to her spot on the tree trunk made arch, saying, “I’m a be even better once we get to the spot. I’m ready ta have some fun girl!”


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Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 1: Pearl Lotus of Ol' Counet

The Betrayal is an age old secret that very few Golden Angels know about. But all the Angels of Couvaza, young and old, can feel the void that stirs within their souls. No one would have guessed, nor hoped, or wished that the one to uncover this secret would be none other than Kheznaria Umtofye. A trouble maker, or better yet a youthful adrenaline junkie, whose mission is to always raise the stakes just a little bit higher. Rules, parents, social norms be damned! That is where our story begins, Kheznaria looking for the next great thrill. It didn't help that she had a crew of girls who partied on the edge as she did. Together the ladies embark to lake Ol' Counet on a rescue mission. In the city of Bohrmys Borney children are coming up missing. In the depths of this lake lives a banned group of Quilateins, half human/half fish beings, who are the main culprits. The Quilateins also harvest a very special breed of Pearl Lotuses and if Kheznaria gets her way, she'll be leaving the lake with one. OH! And leaving with the children in tow, of course! But, on this adventure the young girl will have to brave it alone, seeing as more trespassers in Quilatein waters will get them found long before they set foot in the underwater town. Will she not only make it out, but make it out with the children and the Pearl Lotus in her grip, is the question.

  • ISBN: 9781370080816
  • Author: DhNAi Divine
  • Published: 2017-06-06 03:50:10
  • Words: 13534
Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 1: Pearl Lotus of Ol' Counet Betrayal of Eralavict: Episode 1: Pearl Lotus of Ol' Counet