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Believe In Me: Poetry for the Broken 3


Believe In Me

Written by David Livingston Hawkins III

With a Cover Created by Eloise Maybelle

I proudly present to you this collection of poetry!

Table of Contents

Just Give Up On Me 2

Believe In Me 4

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday 7

Inside of Me 9

Hero 12

Take My Hand 14


Still Beating 18

Can You Hear Me? 20

Believe In Yourself 23

You Matter 24

A Broken Thing 26

I Admit 28

I’m Not Perfect 29

You’re You 30

I’m Sinking 33

For You 35

My Dream 36

Afterword 41

More by the Author 42

  • Just Give Up On Me*

This monster I have become is taking over my life,

I don’t feel like I can control myself this time,

Just run away and give up on me before it’s too late,

I don’t want you to be consumed by my hate.

That was a warning and the time is almost up,

Please get away before I have had enough,

Hurry before I reach the point of no return,

I don’t want to leave you feeling hurt.

I gave warnings but you did not heed?

Once I trap you, you can never be freed,

Why didn’t you listen to my pleas?

I need you to just give up on me.

  • Believe In Me*

Through all of our darkest times,

I stood strong,

Even though I always knew,

That part of me was wrong.

I kept on running away,

And now I am in reverse,

I just want you to believe in me,

[*I know it hurts. *]

Questions race through my mind,

Can’t you see?

I’m sorry for all I’ve done,

Do you still believe in me?

I just need some belief to set me free.

I can’t make it on my own,

Can’t you see?

[*I pray that you’ll believe in me. *]

The things I’ve done came back to me,

The pain I’ve caused,

You were caught in the crossfire,

I’m locked in these walls.

Now you have forsaken my soul,

And now I cry and plead,

We both know this went too far,

Please believe in me.

  • Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday*

The future seems so foggy and the past seems so clear,

I’m going through an endless spiral overcome with fear,

I can’t move forward if I’m trapped in yesterday,

All that matters is what happens to today.

The future keeps on bearing its weight on my shoulders,

The graves of yesterday just keep on getting colder and colder,

I need to forget all of the mistakes I made back then,

I need to stop worrying about how it might end.

The future still has me worrying about the pain I might cause,

Ghosts of the past keep on making me remember my flaws,

I’m beginning to crack and tomorrow I just might break,

Why can’t the world just leave me to deal my own mistakes?

The future doesn’t want me to figure out my troubled past,

It would rather spit on my grave after I have passed,

But tomorrow seems like it may never even come,

I can’t wait until this bad day is finally done.

The future can be forgotten until I find a way out,

The past can pretend it never existed because that’s not now,

I don’t care about what lies ahead or the past that I can’t control,

I’m going to focus on today and fill my heartless soul.

  • Inside of Me*

They all left me to fall apart,

I embraced the darkness within my heart,

Another group took me in,

Savages that were built upon sin,

Why won’t they just let me be,

To deal with the darkness inside of me?

I watched as they screamed and laughed,

Everything dead that crossed their path,

They prized their trophies, the things they take,

Leaving nothing but sorrow in their wake,

What else they need,

To deal with the greed inside of me?

I wore their colors and they took me in,

To violence and chaos I wore a grin,

To peace and order I ripped and tore,

Until it was no more,

When I look in the mirror, who do I see,

To deal with the monster inside of me?

And now my friends have returned,

To see my skin scarred and burned,

The evil thing I have become,

All the evil deeds I’ve done,

What will it take for me to see,

That there’s still good inside of me?

  • Hero*

I know that you are trapped in the dark,

And you are slowly falling apart.

But I’m gonna save you,

I’m gonna save you.

If you need a light I’d let myself go down in flames,

I just want to show you that you can be saved.

And I’m gonna be your hero,

I’m gonna be your hero.

I know that you feel too far gone,

I’d been lost and I’ve been wrong,

But despite it all I still stood strong.

So don’t act like there is no more hope,

Even when you are hanging on the end of your rope,

Even when you feel like you may never cope.

If you need saving I can be your hero.

We all never someone to save us from doom,

When will we feel like we may collapse soon,

We all have felt the same way as you.

So remember that you aren’t the only one,

Even I feel ashamed for the things that I’ve done,

But you gotta believe in yourself and the rising sun.

If you need saving I can be your hero.

I know that you are trapped in the dark,

And you are slowly falling apart.

But I’m gonna save you,

I’m gonna save you.

If you need a light I’d let myself go down in flames,

I just want to show you that you can be saved.

And I’m gonna be your hero,

I’m gonna be your hero.

  • Take My Hand*

The ashes are falling,

The engines are stalling…

Everything we knew is falling apart.

What has happened to the way things used to be?

Here I am,

Take my hand.

You’ll be safe.

Safe from the darkness and sorrow,

You won’t have to face tomorrow alone…

Here I am,

Take my hand.

And never let go.

Let go of the things that matter most,

You won’t have to leave it all behind.

The darkness is coming,

The pain is numbing…

Everything we knew is in the past.

What happened to the people that we used to be?

Here I am,

Take my hand.

Please just stay.

Stay when the world comes crashing down.

Even when it feels like there will be nothing left…

Here I am,

Take my hand.

Darkness may come.

But I know how to track down the fading light.

We are going to be better than we ever were before.

The promises are breaking,

And our hearts are aching.

Everything that we lost can return,

If you only you would rebuild your faith and live again.


  • Still Beating*

There will be times when the battle seems lost,

But remember that your heart is still beating.

You don’t have to give up now,

Just keep on fighting.

There will be times when you feel like a monster,

But remember that your heart is still beating.

You don’t have to let your demons win,

Just keep on fighting.

Yesterday may have been painful but tomorrow is still coming,

It may seem like the end today but your heart is still beating.

I know that you find it hard to even believe in yourself,

But I promise that I will never stop believing in you.

I know that there are times when you feel like your rib cage is empty,

But I can still hear the sound of your heart still beating.

There will be times when you doubt your soul,

But remember that your heart is still beating.

You don’t have to become that person,

Just keep on fighting.

There will be times when it hurts to smile,

But remember that your heart is still beating.

You don’t have to crawl into depression,

Just keep on fighting.

[* Can You Hear Me?*]

I know that it hurts,

And it was all my fault.

I just want to show you that I can be the one to save you…

Can you believe in me?


I don’t understand it.

I just want to disappear…

So now I’m gone without a sound,

Can you hear me now?

I am lost, far from found.

I have lost the will to go on.

I need you to believe,

Can you hear me?

I know that I’m a monster,

And that’s not your fault.

I want to let you know that you were never alone…

Can you believe in redemption?


I don’t understand.

I just want to be a memory…

So now I’m gone without a sound,

Can you hear me now?

I am lost, far from found.

I have lost the will to go on.

I need you to believe,

Can you hear me?

I know that I should have been stronger,

And those words should have been easy.

I want you to know that I am never going to leave you…

Can you believe that I have changed?


I never really understood…

Can you hear me?

  • Believe In Yourself*

People are going to drag you down and steal your belief. People are going to rob you of your ambitions and beat you until you admit that your dreams will never come true. They will force you into a darkness where hope seems to be nonexistent and you just want to disappear. You scream and no one seems to hear you. The entire world has seemed to give up on you all at the same time. They got you to the point where you don’t even believe in yourself anymore. You carry through this empty life as if you were born to be nothing but an imperfect failure. There is power in believe. The way to save yourself is by repeating these words.


  • You Matter*

The words hurt so much and they are bringing you,





I want you to know that you far from worthless,

You are wonderful and beautifully imperfect.

I know you feel like they hate you,

But they only really notice what’s on the surface.

You don’t have to let them make you fall apart,

There is a beautiful infinity hidden in your heart.

You don’t gotta be an echo of someone who didn’t even try,

You don’t gotta be that failure who is still aksing why.

The truth that you gotta take risks to grasp your dreams,

Even if it feels like you’re taking daredevil to new extremes.

If you act now your dreams might just shatter,

I’m here to let you one that you matter.

Your doubts seem to grab you and drag you,





I want you know that you don’t have to think the way others think,

You don’t have to let those lost souls push you right to the brink.

I know you feel like they won’t accept you,

But they lose sight of your beauty every time they blink.

You don’t have to watch as your believers all scatter,

Because I will always be here to show you that you matter.

  • A Broken Thing*

It is hard when no one believes that you will make it,

And everyone is cheering on your demise.

Maybe you should just listen to them,

Or maybe their words are all lies.

They drown out your screams,

And ignore your cries.

How can anyone believe in a broken thing?

I can’t fly on these fragile wings.

So maybe I should just fall to the ground,

It’s not like anyone would hear a sound.

Why do they make me feel like I’m nothing?

There is no way I was always meant to be a broken thing.

So now I will forget their words and break their hold,

Even when hope runs out and my blood runs cold.

Because I am never going to be good enough for this world,

So if I am broken I don’t have to stay this way.

It is easy once you realize that you need to believe in yourself,

And you find people at your side.

Maybe you are actually worth it,

And you don’t have to hide.

They can’t silence you now,

Your tears are gone and it has been so long since you last cried.

I made it through it and you can too,

You believed in me so now I believe in you.

I know the end may feel like it is approaching fast,

But I promise you that we will last.

I can’t believe I finally feel like I’ve been made new,

And now I want you to be restored too.

No more will we be defined by their senseless hate,

We will rise above and carry our weight.

I hope you know that you are the one who set me free,

Even I lost faith in myself you still believed in me.

  • I Admit*

I will proudly admit that I am not a perfect person,

I look in the mirror and I wish I was a better version.

Sometimes I can’t comprehend how I could be worth it,

There were people in the past who made me feel worthless.

So I became someone I never wanted to be,

Someone who made others feel the way I did.

I admit that there was a time when I was the bully dragging others down,

And I justified it by saying that someone once pushed me around.

I acted like it didn’t matter that I made people hate themselves,

Just because I was pushed to the point where I hated myself.

So I built my mask of lies and hid,

I’m done hiding so I finally admit.

All of the crimes that I did commit,

There I some things that want to omit.

But it happened,

So I guess I gotta live with it.

[* I’m Not Perfect*]

So one thing that I need to realize is that I am not perfect and I don’t need to be. The world sells us things advertised to make people like us and make perfect like make up or designer clothes or that new pair of Nikes™ but none of that helps us. We all need to see that we are not perfect. I have more regrets than I could count. I have done many things that I am not proud of and I wish they would go away but the truth is that they never will.

[* You’re You*]

You feel like the whole world is against you,

And you are being consumed by the battles you’ve fought through.

Pain comes but I promise that it won’t forever.

Healing takes time so one day you’ll feel better.

You may feel like you are a failure among stars,

But you don’t have to change who you are.

You may not be a perfect image of someone who has their whole life together,

But you’re you.

You’re someone who is beautiful in their own way,

You learn to be thankful once you realize that others even get rain.

I know that it hurts but you will figure this out.

So dance in the rain even if you face drought.

You may feel like someone who might as well just quit,

But if you keep on fighting I promise that it will be worth it.

This life may feel like a war between who you are and who the world thinks you should be,

But you’re you.

[* I’m Sinking*]

My low self-esteem is like an ocean,

And I wish someone would notice me that I’m drowing.

I wish that someone would find me before it is too late,

Before I am trapped at the bottom of my fear.

I’m sinking…

No one can save me from myself…

So it is my choice now.

Should I fight onward,

Or let myself drown?

It is so hard to fight it when it’s all in your mind,

But you tell everyone that you are doing fine.

You fake a smile and you forge a manufactured laugh,

Maybe now I will admit that I need help,

I just need to be saved from myself!

I’m sinking,

And I wish that someone would hear me screaming S.O.S.

Hurry up before I am lost and I am suddenly gone,

Before I explode from my lost transmissions.

I’m breathing.

Breathe new life into my lungs…

So now I’ll live again.

Should I accept failure,

Or say that this is not the end?

Breathing hurts when act like everything is okay,

Healing begins when you admit that you’re about to fade away.

You don’t have to feel like a walking shadow in this darkened world,

Maybe I finally found my place!

  • For You*

The burden may break me,

And the sacrifice may be great.

But if this is the only way to save you,

I will bear that weight.

I am never going to disappear,

If you need me I am always going to be here.

I will save when your fears seem to multiply,

Remember that it isn’t a sign of weakness to cry.

We all hurt,

We all bleed red.

Just hang in there,

And don’t live like you’re dead.

I know it hurts after everything you’ve fought through,

I will do anything for you.

  • My Dream*

My dream is to reach others and show them that pain doesn’t last forever.

I want them all to see that they have people who believe in them.

I may not know what perils they have faced and what wars they have waged,

But I still believe in them.

They may be shining like falling stars or hiding the person they really are,

But I still believe in them.

They may feel like beasts and they may have never believed in me,

But I still believe in them.

My dream is that I can allow others to see that I once stood where they stand.

I want them to see that if I told them to be perfect I’d feel like a hypocrite.

They may scream at themselves in night or keep on going in their fight,

But I still believe in them.

They may think they are worthless or trick themselves into trying to be perfect,

But I still believe in them.

They may fall down or feel like no one would notice if they weren’t even around,

But I still believe in them.

My dream is that my words can show people that they are not alone.

There will always be people who will believe in them and their dreams.

I can barely talk to people and some days I swear that I am evil,

But people still believe in me.

I sometimes feel like a failure or I feel like I am my own jailer,

But people still believe in me.

I have a thousand mistakes and I have been about to break,

But people still believe in me.

We all need those people who never stop believing in us and our dreams.

Once we realize we have those people it feels like we can do anything.

We all need believers to make us feel like we like is impossible.

Only then can we break free of the prisons that we built with our doubt,

Only then will we be able to forget the past and focus on right now.

Only then will be ready to sow back up our broken seams,

That is my dream.

  • Afterword*

So there goes another collection! I hope everyone that has read this enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Through poetry and stories and writing we can all learn something. Through writing I found a better version of myself and I became a better person but before that I didn’t really consider myself a writer nonetheless a poet. Now I wear the titles with pride hoping to inspire others.

My poetry started with dark, depressing poems about bullying and they’ve come a long way since then. Now they are inspiring and uplifting. I only hope that one of the people who read this collection are inspired and it helps them believe in themselves.

I look forward to getting more poetry out there for the world to read but please check out my other work!

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Believe In Me: Poetry for the Broken 3

  • Author: David Hawkins III
  • Published: 2015-11-07 21:20:13
  • Words: 3527
Believe In Me: Poetry for the Broken 3 Believe In Me: Poetry for the Broken 3