Being Indispensable



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[*3 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *


It’s no strange thing today to hear of new

inventions and ground breaking discoveries in

various fields all over the world. We owe a lot to the

brilliant minds behind these

breakthroughs. These people

Success is

are not necessary meta-

not for the

human; they are ordinary men

selected few,

and women. The only thing

it’s meant to




be for

people from everyone else is


the choice they made: to

master and to take advantage

of their passions, skills and

talents. They have recognized their uniqueness and

have chosen to walk in paths that are in alignment

with it.

The good thing is that we all can be super-excellent

and mightily successful, we all can live out our

wildest dreams, and become anything we want to

be. Success is not for the selected few, it’s meant to

be for everyone.

[*4 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

The word “indispensable” refers to being absolutely

necessary or requisite; something that no one

cannot do without. By definition, we can

understand what this book is about. It is possible to

be so influential in our field and community. We can

all reach that state of being absolutely necessary, so

powerful and dominant in our world.


A man’s tomorrow is determined by the choices

that he makes today. Life does not happen by

chance, we make life happen. No one can stop

anyone from becoming all that he desires to be

except himself. A simple choice to become

indispensable, to be relevant and successful can

change one’s life for good.

The society trains people for an average life. Since

primary school we are taught how we can be better

employees and very little is taught on how one can

be a better employer. Hence, so many people grow

up desiring to be better employees, only a few

people swim out of this pool of mediocrity. Truly,

[*5 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

we are all products of the things that we have been

taught. However, we were all born to be

indispensable, needed and relevant to the society.







contributions to the world. This is why God had to

make sure that we attain special and spectacular

skills and experiences.

We were all born at such a time as this for a reason.

We all have a role to play in this generation. Hence,

the best time for each one of us to live life to its

maximum is now, we could not

have been born at any other

An average

time than this. Don’t be

level does

contented with where you are or

not do

what you have now, there’s

anyone any

more to life. An average level


does not do anyone any good.

Average people are easier to

replace, hence, they are paid

little for their services. Indispensableness is the way

to go to make it big in this life.

[*6 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *


Many people aspire to live a successful life,

however, they don’t have a clear picture of what

success they would like to attain. All that they know

is that they want to be successful but they don’t

know how much success they want and when they

want it. You must have a clear vision. In your mind,

you must have a definite goal that you can shoot

and propel towards.

Legendary author, Napoleon Hill once wrote “there

is one quality which one must possess to win, and

that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of

what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

A vision is something that you see from afar off but

it’s coming into view. A vision is an expected future.

It is the tomorrow that you dream off. Napoleon

further adds “God seems to be on the side of those

who know exactly what they want and are

determined to get it”.

A vision energizes you, it becomes a central point

which all your efforts are directed to. People who

[*7 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

have no vision cannot go far in life, they live small

and meaningless lives.


“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that

he may run who reads it”

Habakkuk 2:2.

Your vision must be so vivid such that you can

easily it write down on paper. There will be people

who will want to join your vision, hence writing

down the vision helps you to easily communicate it

with these people. History has shown us that great

men and women of the past kept journals; they

used to write down all the ideas and wonderful

thoughts they had, you too should do so. Why?

Because ideas do not stay in our minds for very long

and you never know when an idea will actually be

great. Writing things down also helps you keep your

focus, reminding you what you are working on, and

working towards.

[*8 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *


Now that you have a vision, you have to come up

with goals. No vision can be fulfilled without goals.

They can be short term, mid-term or even long

term goals. The goals that you set from time to

time should all be a part of the ladder to the

fulfillment of your vision. Not all ideas are going to

be great ideas, and that is fine.

  • *

For example, instead of saying you want to have a

top insurance company, you can start by setting

goals like “develop a business

plan in one week”, or “raise

No vision




can be

capital in 1 year”. Create long-


term, mid-term and short-


term goals that are to the


point and also within your


[*9 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *


Goals cannot be fulfilled without having action

plans. Successful people know what it takes to

reach their goals, and they create plans of action.

Your plan poses as a roadmap to get you to your

destination. For instance, if your goal is to create a

business plan, your plan of action should include:

1. Writing a summary of your business idea

2. Researching your competition

3. Looking at different marketing strategies

4. Researching different finance options, etc.

Having plan simplifies the bigger and complicated

goals. Your goals in life should typically include

being successful in your personal achievements,

your career or business, and your relationships.

Having good character is important in all those


[*10 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *


If you want to succeed, if you want to live, it’s not

politeness but rather passion that will get you

there. Life does not depend much on what you

experience but on how you respond to it.


Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines character as

the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves or

someone’s personality. The way you think, feel and

behave has a direct effect on your productivity. The

Individual qualities that together make up your

character has a direct effect on your progress in

everything that you do. For instance, a student who

makes up his mind to study hard and endure even

when he is tired will likely succeed.






improvement of the mind, skills and character,

skills. By cultivating your personality with better

attributes and skills, you increase your productivity

[*11 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

and value. Self-development is an essential key to

the ongoing success and prosperity of our society

It is vital that you

endeavor to keep on

Your personal

increasing your

value is

value. Your personal


value is expressed

through how

through how much

much people are

people are willing to

willing to pay for

pay for your

your services

services. There’s a

lot more that you

can do to add value

to yourself.


The reason why we are all far away different from

one another is because of our different characters.

Your character is what makes you to be you and me

to be me. Character determines the kind of the

picture that people are going to have about you. At

whatever position you’re in your life you’re there

[*12 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

because of your character. Your character can

either make you or break you and everything else

around you.

The greatest indispensable requisite for greatness is

character. That character that is willing to do

anything necessary and dares as well as endures is

what guarantees greatness. Your character is the

degree to which you live your life consistent with

high, life-enhancing values. When you have a poor

character others will hardly trust your intentions,

thus limiting your leadership and management

abilities. Good character builds the trust needed for

the attainment of success. A good character will

help ensure that you perform all that you are

required to. It gets the job done. A good character

cannot co-exist with laziness. Thus, it puts you one

step in front of your fellows. You become a

motivation to others, thus ensuring the success of

the projects at hand.

If you want to change your life and everything else

around you, you have to reprogram your mind,

values, beliefs, and inner convictions so that the

person you are inside is exactly the mental

[*13 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

equivalent of the life you want to enjoy on the

outside. Decide the character that you want to

have, and venture out to shape it.

When you have a vivid picture of your higher

values, you will easily take charge of developing and

shaping your own character. When your values and

goals, your inner life and your outer life, are in

complete alignment, you feel good about yourself.

You enjoy high self-esteem. Your self-confidence

soars. You develop a kind of courage that makes

you completely unafraid to make decisions and take

action. Your whole life improves when you begin

living your life by the values that you most admire.

“Reuben, thou art my firstborn, my might, and the

beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity,

and the excellency of power: Unstable as water,

thou shalt not excel; because thou wentest up to

thy father’s bed; then defiledst thou it: he went up

to my couch.”

Genesis 49:3-4

[*14 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

You can be the most skilled or most qualified among

your fellows but not be picked to a higher position

because of your character.

Having a great skill or talent

alone will not guarantee you

….it is character





that triumphs

character to back you up. It is

over abilities.

a known fact that a talented

person may, on certain lines,

do more than a diligent and

determined person who is not much talented.

However, in the long run, it is character that

triumphs over abilities. No matter how much you

invest in developing your talent but if your

character is poor, you will not excel.

Your character and skill should go hand in hand if

you are to excel in your career. A man who has both

a good character and good skills will work out

marvels in his field. Whether you’re a leader,

aspiring leader or just trying to impress your boss,

take a step back to understand how your character

affects the way you perform your role. This will help

you to be clearer and more confident in your

choices, rather than either following the crowd, or

[*15 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

making unappealing decisions to ‘get ahead’ at


Positive character traits such as hardworking and

being conscientious about what you do helps you to

succeed in achieving your goals. However, character







carelessness can make you miss out on your goals.

Character is only one thing that creates genuine



How many times have you personally come across

an opportunity that you knew would be profitable

and successful, but lacked the courage to invest the

money or to step into the unknown? Surely, a lot of

people would love to do great things in this world

but they are not willing to do.

Determination talks of an inner drive to get things

done. This is what makes you work harder than

most people and propels you to do that which must

[*16 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

be done is done. Your inner drive propels you to go

on even when everything seems to be working

against you. As long as you

are determined you will have

The world’s

the strength to see things





achievers are

vacillate or procrastinate.

those who have

When you want it, you will

stayed focused

make it happen. The world’s

on their goals

greatest achievers are those

and been

who have stayed focused on

consistent in





their efforts

consistent in their efforts.

Determination is what gets

things done.

Perhaps there is no more important component of

character than steadfast resolution. The boy who is

going to make a great man, or is going to count in

any way in after life, must make up his mind not

merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to

win in spite of a thousand repulses or defeats. He

may be able to wrest success along the lines on

which he originally started.

[*17 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

Stop procrastinating and take action. Calvin

Coolidge once said “Nothing in the world can take

the place of persistence. Talent will not: Nothing is

more common than unrewarded talent. Education

alone will not: The world is full of educated

failures.” How right he was.

Patience is one of the most rare character traits

among people. Impatient people cannot achieve

much as they would, many times they miss out on

opportunities. They easily give up on things. True

success does not come overnight, it takes patience

and endurance


This should not have to be said, but integrity is

seriously one of the most important attributes you

can cultivate. Honesty is the best policy for

everything you do; integrity creates character and

defines who you are. Be accountable for your

words, actions, and attitudes. Set a good example

for others. You should be able to shoulder

responsibilities and be accountable. When you

[*18 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

make hard decisions stand by them. Integrity

shields you from things that may come dethrone

you from your position. You may be highly skilled

but if you don’t have a good integrity, people will

find it hard to commit to your trust things of higher

value. Thus your integrity draw you backwards or

push upwards.


Having good relationships is one of the keys to

success. No man is an island, we all need other

people on certain points in our lives. These can be

people in high places or even in lower places. The

sooner one learns this fact, the better for him.

Getting along with other people in the society

exposes us to numerous doors of opportunities. The

people who are carrying your promotion may not

be far from you, it may be the very same people

that you esteem lightly.

When you show consideration for everyone that

you meet in your life, they will be compelled to deal

with you and even help you achieve your goals.

[*19 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

Your reputation concerning your treatment of other

people precedes you. It colors the perception

others have of you before they even interact with

you. If they see you as a mean or dishonest person

who mistreats others, they will lightly esteem you.

However, if you seem kind and straightforward,

they will judge you in a positive sense. Typically,

people expect positive type of behavior.

Your reputation is your greatest asset. Your

reputation can be defined as

how people think about you

and talk about you when

Your reputation

you’re not there. As you

is your greatest






experience, when people talk

about you in either positive

or negative terms, and you

find out about it, it has a major impact on your

thinking and your emotions, either positive or


[*20 | *]P a g e S a m u e l Z o n g o l o t i * *

Brilliant Minds is a youth led initiative founded in

January 2015 by Samuel Zongoloti and Melvin

Kalepa. Brilliant Minds was founded on a shared

vision to help people all over the world discover and

maximize their skills and potentials.

Every month, Brilliant Minds holds online training

sessions which are also known as Brilliant Talks.

These talks cover various areas such as academics,




Furthermore, the team also publishes various books

and articles.

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Samuel Zongoloti

King Sam is a young writer, public speaker,

entrepreneur and Mentor with experience in youth


He is an author of Get Knowledge and Being

Indispensable both published in 2016.

Melvin Kalepa

Melvin is an incredibly talented Musician and

Songwriter, Worship Leader, Entrepreneur, Mentor

and Public Speaker.

Through various development projects and

initiatives, Melvin has advocated for youth


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