Behind Every Boss There's a Bae


Behind Every Boss There’s A Bae



Sinister born Harold Clements watched his father blow his mother’s brains out when she attempted to leave him for another man. His last words to Harold as he sat on the couch with his mother’s brain matter sliding down the side of his face, “Never let another man take your women away from you like you some little punk ass bitch! When you have a woman you own her ass, unless you decide you don’t want her no more, then you take her damn life before you allow her to walk out on you! You hear me son! You kill that Bitch!” That’s when Harold noticed all the blood on his father’s clothes, and with that being said he turned the gun on himself. Harold sat there watching his father struggle for air, blood squirted from the gunshot wound in his neck, and he was paralyzed from what had just happened in front of him. Coming out of the shock of his father killing his mother and what his father said to him, he pried the gun from his father’s fingers and shot him twice in the chest. “You took my mother away from me. I’m not a little punk ass bitch!” Harold whispered.

Harold became the ward of the state at the age of 15. He moved in with a women named Jody Becker; she took in wayward boys that lost their families in tragic situations. Being paid by the State her responsibilities were to clothe them, feed them, get them back and forth to school, doctor, dentist and any counseling session they were scheduled for.

Jody Becker, a 35 year old ex school teacher, was fired from a Jr. High School out in California for an affair she had with a 14 year old student. After serving her time in a women correctional facility for sexual misconduct of a minor, she changed her identity and moved to Detroit, MI where her sick ailing grandmother resided. When her grandmother died, she left Jody her mini mansion in the small community of the Boston-Edison off of Chicago Rd. Jody was a sexual predator. She took in these young inexperienced youths, gave her special attention to each individual boy and controlled them with her sexual deviancy. She ruled her household with an iron fist; she didn’t allow any slacking around. The boys were required to do housework, yardwork, go to school and keep up their grades. These rules were to be followed to the letter because she couldn’t afford to have DPS snooping around or anyone suspicious of her lifestyle; these rules kept her and her sexual deviancy under the radar.

Jody was a very attractive woman, who wore a long auburn weave with blonde tips, and had milk chocolate colored skin with bedroom eyes, full lips and a body to die for. She was an epitome of a black women, nice full hips with a small waist and bountiful breast. She was a site for sore eyes living in a house full of young coming-to-age boys. They gawked at her as she walked around like a stripper in booty shorts, tank tops and revealing lingerie. Jody had a penchant for young boys. She got a kick out of teasing and tantalizing these young, innocent boys. She never felt that her sexual acts with young boys was wrong. What young boy wasn’t happy to have their dick sucked and pussy handed to them on a silver platter at that age? They were more than happy to succumb to her wishes, when-ever, where-ever. The mansion was large enough for each boy to have their own room with attached bathrooms. They shared the living area and had access to the basement that housed their entertainment room, which included a large flat screen TV, pool table, play station, and bar. Her room sat on the opposite side of the mansion with her own personal living quarters, which included the main living room and dining room, kitchen, master bathroom with a Jacuzzi and sauna, and a separate entry to the front door, garage and basement.

Jody housed six boys comfortably, 3 sixteen year olds, 2 seventeen year olds and Harold. The boys were required to leave after the age of 18 because at that age they were too old for her and legally she could put them out without any repercussion. The first time she met Harold Clements, she was excited about deflowering his young body and mind. Harold stood about 5’9”, at 15 years old, he had a quietness about him that she liked. His root beer-colored eyes and the way he licked his lips when he got nervous made her body warm and tingle between her legs.

Two days after he arrived it was Harold’s 16th birthday and Jody threw him a birthday party in the basement; music was playing and she hired a couple of young strippers to come and show the boys a good time. Everyone was drunk and high and feeling really good. Jody came down in one of her revealing outfits with five-inch stiletto heels, giving the young girls some competition. Grabbing Harold by the hand, she guided him to her private room, lite with candles and soft music. She pushed him down on the bed as she walked over to a switch on the wall, clicked the button and a pole lowered out of the ceiling. Jody fixed them both a drink and lit a blunt. They passed it back and forth between them until it was gone. Harold followed her big round ass that sat high on her back as she walked to the pole and started to gyrate her body and twerk low to the floor. Harold adjusted himself in his pants as she crawled on her hands and knees toward him. His heart started racing and his palms were sweating as he tried to say something but Jody pressed her fingers to his lips and shushed him. Sitting up on his elbows he slowly laid the rest of his body down as Jody crawled on top of him and straddle his manhood. She rocked back and forth on his young member. Feeling his nice size aroused her, she slipped his sweat pants down to his ankles and scooted his ass down to the end of the bed. She slid down to her knees, stroked his dick till pre cum leaked and ran her tongue over the head as Harold whimpered. Jody took his whole dick in her mouth and ran her tongue over his nuts and felt his legs tremble. She felt the head of his dick swell and the veins restrict which only heighted her excitement, she sucked and slurped as Harold twisted and turned his head and screamed, “OH GOD! OH GOD! forming his lips into an O, she felt his love serum squirt down her throat as she continued to suck till the last drop. Jody started to jack his dick until it got hard again, she raised up off her knees, closed his legs, turned around, with her legs on the outside and directed him into her flower from the back. The feeling of her silk caused tears to roll down Harold’s face, his body had never felt such pleasure. It took her a second to adjust to his size, none of the other boys measured up to his girth. She rocked back and forth, rotated her hips, and slid up and down slowly so he could get a good view of his dick sliding in and out of her flower. Harold did something that surprised Jody, he grabbed her hips and held her still and commenced to pounding away at her inside. Her body started to sweat, she felt light headed as he kept digging away at her G spot and felt her pussy pulsate and thick cream ooze all over his dick. Noticing Jody’s reaction and the feeling of his rod going in deeper, he lifted his torso and grabbed her shoulder, forcing her to meet his thrust. Jody was in ecstasy and enjoyed the power he had over her. Feeling in control, he felt like a man. She met him stroke for stroke when she stood up on her legs and bent at the waist till her hands touched the floor. He stood to his feet, placed his hands on her back for leverage and slammed in and out of her. He was unable to handle the assault he was putting down on her when he felt her pussy muscle wrap around his manhood, he howled to the moon and pumped furiously. Jody started begging, “FUCK ME LITTLE NIGGA! FUCK ME!” She felt her legs buckling when she felt her fourth orgasms. Harold shot his load at the same time and they both lost their balance and fell to the floor, trying to catch their breath. Harold had a couple of aftershocks and curled up in the fetal position with his arms folded. Jody looked over at him in bewilderment, digesting how he just handled her.


Jody used the boys in her house for her own sexual gratification. The next night she and Harold were in the middle of having sex when her door opened. Jody was riding Harold when Cortez entered the room. Cortez let his sweat pants drop to the floor and stroked himself hard while he watched Jody and Harold go at it. Jody winked at Cortez to give him the motion to join in. Cortez crawled up behind Jody and reached around and played with her clit while she bounced up and down on Harold. She shivered in delight but wanted more. She withdrew Harold out of her and crawled up on his face, he licked her sloppy wet pussy till he found her pearl and lightly licked and sucked it. Cortez crawled over Harold’s body and entered Jody doggy style while Harold continued his task. Jody was in pure ecstasy, she rocked her head back and forth as Cortez pounded away at her and Harold ate away at her. Harold began to take long strokes with his tongue and licking Jody’s opening as he jacked his own dick. The three of them went at it until they all busted at the same time.

Jody continued to summon the boys night after night. The sex between the three of them got wilder and crazier. Harold began to take control of the bedroom, and Jody allowed it because she found his leadership attractive. The next night when Jody summoned them, Harold came in the room already controlling how things were going to go. Jody suck them off at the same time while one played with her titties and the other played with her pussy. Harold and Cortez sandwiched Jody that night. With Jody in the middle, Cortez entered Jody as she sat on top of him and Harold entered her in her ass. Cortez could feel the friction of Harold’s through the thin membrane of Jody’s body as the both rode Jody. Jody enjoyed the euphoria that came over her as these two young men pounded away at her flower. She cursed and screamed with pleasure as she bit down on Cortez’s shoulder. Once she couldn’t take it anymore she released her juices, which heighted Harold and Cortez’s nut that was building. Jody could feel another wave come over her as Harold and Cortez continued stabbing in and out of her. The friction from both sliding in and out of Jody’s wetness turned them into two wild animals; the three of them released and laid there panting.


Harold and Cortez had gotten really close. They smoked, drank and threw back shots of Henny as they cracked jokes and imitated each other when they were fucking Jody. Cortez notice a sadness in Harold’s eyes. “Yo Nigga! What up with the puppy dog eyes?” Harold revealed to Cortez he was in love with Jody and the sadness he felt knowing that it was time for him to leave. Cortez teased him about being a pussy whipped nigga, and they busted out laughing.


Jody and Harold’s sexscapes continued night after night. She stopped calling on the other boys unless it was to join in. Jody couldn’t get enough of him and the same for him. Even though it was just sex for Jody, Harold had fallen madly in love with her. Harold strolled through the house like he was ‘the man’, antagonizing the other boys, being really aggressive with her in front of the others and gesturing sexual advances. Even though Harold had grown into a sexual stallion, after a while she started growing tired of him. He started maturing into a grown man, his boyish looks faded and that started to disgust her. Nearing his 18th birthday she told him it was time for him to start preparing to leave the nest. Jody was use to the boys getting emotional, but Harold became argumentative. She slowly weaned herself from his sex. She started ignoring him, avoiding him, turning down his advances and when she did have sex with Harold she involved Cortez, her way of balancing out their interaction.

The night before his 18th birthday, Harold stormed into her room, which was totally out of order. Jody was dripping wet coming out of the shower when he entered the room and shut and locked the door.

“What are you doing here Harold, you know you’re not allowed on this side of the house, especially in my room without being invited, GET OUT NOW!” Jody scolded.

Harold eyes watered, “I’m not ready to leave, I want to stay here with you?”

“Harold we’ve already had this conversation, your time here is over, NOW GET OUT!”

“NO! I’m not leaving! I use to be your favorite!” He started to walk towards her with blood shot eyes and a grimace on his face. Jody became frighten and aroused at the same time. Jody went to the phone to call the other boys to handle him. There was a knock on the door and Harold realized she was waiting on Cortez to join her. His heart shattered and he became full of rage. Harold grabbed Jody by her neck and whispered, “Get rid of him!” Jody stuck her head out the door and directed Cortez back to his room without an explanation. Once the door was shut, Harold hauled off and slapped Jody, “YOU TRYING TO REPLACE ME BITCH?” He grabbed Jody and threw her on the bed, stripped his clothes off and pounced on her. She pleaded for him to stop, and that she no longer warranted his touch only fueled his anger more. He flipped her on her stomach with the intention of entering her dryness roughly but to his surprise she was soak and wet. He pounded away at her womanhood but instead of causing her pain, Jody was enjoying it, panting, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!” Harold became angry, flipped her over and started slapping and choking her as he continued to pound away at her pussy. He felt her pussy getting wetter and her walls tightening, he lifted up into a push-up position with both his hands wrapped around her neck. He felt the vibration in her vagina walls that caused more anger and excitement in his loin, “IMMA KILL YOU BITCH! NO ONE WILL HAVE YOU! NO ONE!” At first this excited Jody, the way he pounded at her pussy and held onto her neck, but she eventually was unable to breathe. The look in his eyes told her that he was not in his head and he didn’t even recognize her anymore. He had become the devil right before her eyes. As she felt herself losing consciousness, she clawed at his arms and hands. Seeing the fear in her eyes only fueled his excitement. At the moment he felt his nut rise in his belly, he yanked himself out of her, jacked his dick and came all over her like the whore she was. Collapsing on top of her, waiting to catch his breath he realized she wasn’t breathing. He looked at her, her eyes were red and bugged out, her skin was a bluish purple. Jody was dead. He lifted up off of her, put back on his clothes as he admired his handy work and said, “I ain’t no little punk ass Bitch!”


Harold calmly scanned the room looking for an answer for what his next move was. He knew he had to get rid of her body. Harold grabbed her keys and drove to the nearest 24-hour Walmart to pick up lawn size trash bags, large sheets of plastic that used to cover windows to winterize your home with, a hunting knife and heavy duty tape. Upon his return, he spread the plastic on the bare part of the floor and laid her body on top. Harold started to cut her body up, starting with her smallest extremities, removing limbs, breaking bones, and bending the torso of her body and taping it together to keep it in that position. Blood squirted everywhere as he cut through veins, arteries, skin and bones. He wasn’t fazed by his action being that he felt the way Jody treated him she deserved what she got. The words of his father validated him as he attended the task at hand, “Never let another man take your women away from you like you some little punk ass bitch When you have a woman you own her ass, unless you decide you don’t want her no more, you take her life before you allow her to walk out on you! You hear me son! You kill that Bitch!” You would have thought he would have been an emotional mess, but to Harold, his father’s words once again only justified his actions. “She deserved this! This was her fault!” he chanted in his mind. It took Harold five hours to complete his clean-up task. Once he got the body parts as small as he could, he doubled the garbage bag and put her body parts in the large lawn bags, carefully removing the plastic by folding the ends to hold the blood in, he dumped the plastic in a new trash bag that he doubled also. Still not quite light outside he removed the bags from the house and took them to the garage. Harold was released from the house as of his 18th birthday, he stayed long enough to clean himself up, pack his things, made sure that the trash got picked up, and he left.


Meeting Money

Monique Money Davis was raised by a crack addicted mother. Her mother took up with a 21 year-old crack dealer named Harold “Sinister” Clements. He used their home for a stash house, they cooked, stashed and sold drugs there. The crack heads paid by putting their money in the milk shoot by the side door that was retrieved by Sinister, then they would walk around back and pick up their drugs from Le-lo who handed it to them out of the basement window.

Sinister was an immature, insecure little boy with abandonment issues, his way of loving was to dominate, imprison, and isolate. He ruled her mother like a prison warden and supplied her with drugs she so eagerly craved. He taunted Money by openly abusing her mother to show her that he had control. He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. When Sinister met Jen, Money’s mother, it was strictly to sucker her into letting him and his boys use her house to sell drugs which wasn’t hard, she was already strung out on crack, but to sweeten the pie the crew paid her rent, lights and gas. He was attracted to her and you could tell before she got strung out she was a beautiful woman. That was evident the day he laid eyes on Money, a splitting image of her mother. His intention was to use her mother but captivate Money, but Money wasn’t going for that, she was street smart, older beyond her years, and arrogant.

Sinister had a hard on for Money but she was dating his best friend and the leader of his crew, 19 year old Cortez. Money was a hood chick that loved street dudes. Developed like a grown-ass women by the time she was 15, and she knew exactly how to use it. Her beautiful face, charm and her 38DD, small 24-inch waist and 38-inch wide hips that accompanied her sexy shapely muscular legs enticed Cortez immediately and they had been a couple ever since. Cortez was a half black/half Puerto Rican hood nigga that ran the stash house. Cortez loved Money but being an immature kid himself, he would show out in front of his crew by being physically and verbally abusive and his cheating caused them to fight all the time.

At the age of 18 Money experienced her first bout of mother hood. She was a young girl, still drinking, smoking weed and fighting with Cortez in addition to a blow to her stomach during one of their heated fights caused Money to go into premature labor. The three of us came out screaming at the top of our lungs two month early. My name is Christian aka Chrissy and my two sisters are Bianca aka Beany and Necola, aka Cola. Cortez was at awe with his beautiful family. He was doing well enough to provide a decent life for them so he purchased a home for them in the suburb in a city called Southfield, MI, one city over from Detroit.

Sinister was so jealous of Cortez and Money’s life. Secretly resenting Cortez, Sinister always felt a certain kind of way about Jody preferring Cortez over him. He never allowed his jealousy to cause a problem in their friendship when it came to Jody because they were just kids and it was Jody’s call. But once again, for a second time another woman that he wanted preferred Cortez over him. Sinister felt that Money belong to him and that Cortez stole his women. He didn’t feel Money had a choice in the matter, the day he decided that he wanted Money, in his mind that was the way it supposed to have been. He considered Cortez to have violated him. His father words haunted him, “Never let another man take your women away from you like you some little punk ass bitch!”

Cortez moved his family into a 4 bedroom with 2 and a half baths ranch style home, with a large backyard, 2-car garage. Money drove a money green Dodge Charger and Cortez drove a doped out candy apple red Chevy Tahoe, life was good. Cortez even started treating Money like the queen she was, out of the eyesight of his crew. Money and Cortez threw a big 4th of July barbeque for the crew and their families once they were all settled into their new life. Sinister sat in the corner nursing his beer throwing back shots of Hennessey with his face frowned up. Watching Money glide around her beautiful home and Cortez standing around with his chest stuck out, obviously proud of his accomplishments, sicken him. Sinister mumbled to himself, “Cortez think he’s that nigga, first he took Jody and now Money, but I got something for that ass!” He said as he peered on with vengeance in his heart.


A couple of weeks later the police swarmed Cortez’s car. He had just re-upped and had 500 grams of cocaine in the trunk, 15 minutes later the stash houses were raided by the police. Sinister watched from the corner while the police ushered Jen, Le-lo, and Ro, Money’s best friend that was lying up with Le-lo at the time, to the police car. The house was free of drugs being that they were waiting for Cortez to bring the supply of drugs to cook and cut because the drugs they had was sold earlier in the day. The police did not find any money because Cortez removed it to pay his connect. Jen was released because the house was dry; Ro was just an underage kid that claim to be just visiting and was released to her mother. Only thing the cops found was a gun that was on Le-lo; he was convicted and served a couple of years for gun possession.

Cortez had stopped by the house before he met with his connect and had Money put the extra money he didn’t need in their wall safe in the back of their closet. Cortez was caught with a half of key of cocaine with intent to sell and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Money was not dumb by far, she knew Sinister had snitched, so when he came by asking about money she told him she had no idea what he was talking about. She told him the last she knew, Cortez was meeting his connect and she hadn’t heard from him until he called cause he had been arrested. Sinister knew Money was lying but his concern wasn’t about the money. She could keep it after all she did have a family to take care of, he just wanted Cortez out the way.


Nine years later

Money became one of the hottest strippers in the D, she was every man’s dream, and they came out in droves to see her. Her clientele consists of politician, CEO, business owners and Drug Lords. She didn’t make it a habit to fraternize with clients but she teased, grinded, and tortured the men she serviced with lap dances and once their pockets were empty she moved to the next. Money always had her next client lined up because while she gyrated her hips, squeezed her tits, and licked her lips, as she would flirt with her next victim. When called to the stage she worked the pole with precision, landing in sultry splits and cat crawled around the edge of the stage collecting her money, giving the big spenders pussy shots.

Through my childhood my mother never dated. Money wasn’t about settling down with one man until she met the wealthy man that with him alone she could live a fabulous life. Even though she was servicing elite clients they were either married or not her type of man that she would spend her life with. Money was smart, calculating, and structured, she set her rules about how she was going to handle her stripping game and never veered from them. 1). No tricking with the client. 2). If a nigga wanted to entertained her it had to be in the club, that way he paid for her time. 3). No dating the clients. 4). Go straight home after work. 5). She didn’t do strip, freak, or bachelor parties for clients. 6). She didn’t befriend any of the strippers and kept her business to herself. The only friend she had in the club was her childhood friend that went back as far as Barbie dolls together, Ro, she was a straight up hood rat. When she wasn’t stripping, she made her money being a mule for Harold “Sinister” Clements, a drug dealer that also owned the Lion’s Den. Ro would make long distance drop offs and pickup in Ohio, Chicago even as far as Virginia and New York. She partied to wee hours of the night drinking, drugging, and sexing the crew. If money was involved, she was in.


We meet again…

Sinister still had a thing for Money, he remembered her back when he met her at 14 years old, and she booed up with the leader of his crew that got locked up for possession. The day Money and Ro came in the club; he watched her audition from a distance in awe of her. Sinister hid in the shadows for months, he didn’t want Money to know he had anything to do with The Lion’s Den; he wanted her to get comfortable, make lots of money, and then reveal himself. Sinister knew Money wouldn’t have anything to do with the club if she knew he was affiliated in the smallest sense. They had a love/hate relationship, he was in love with her, and she hated him. Sinister didn’t have a problem getting women, they flocked to him, but Money was not interested. Sinister, standing at 6’9 wore his hair in a low fade with deep brush waves, his muscular slender frame that mimic an Olympic swimmer, chocolate skin, brilliant straight white teeth, root beer colored eyes and sex appeal that oozed off of him whenever he poured himself into his private VIP booth reserved for him only. He sexed a lot of the strippers in his booth, his booth was incased in bulletproof tinted glass that no one could see in but he could see out, his wall of glass could be removed at the click of a button that lowered it into the floor. It also included a personal bathroom and a secret door that he could exit in case there was drama in the club.

Three months after Money had been working in his club, Sinister decided to let Money know he was the H.N.I.C. He summons her to VIP with anticipation. He just knew she would be impressed with his come up and fall deeply in love with him. After coming from freshening up, Money walked into VIP, not recognizing Sinister right off. “You wanted to see me?”

Sinister leaned up from his seat and smile a cocky smile, “Why so formal Ma, we supposed to be FAM?”

Money blinked away the smoke because surely her eyes were deceiving her she said, “Sinister?” What you doing up in here?”

He readjusted himself by leaning back and crossing his legs, “I own this place, this me right here, Baby!”

Money feeling uncomfortable she thought to herself, “Oh shit!”

Sinister started making small talk and asked about Cortez, knowing he didn’t give a damn. “So how’s my man Cortez doing? Is he straight, does he need anything?” Sinister asked.

Money looked down trying to hide the tears in her eyes, “He was killed in prison a year ago during a prison riot, you didn’t know?” She asked.

Sinister faked concern because he knew, “Naw, naw Ma I didn’t know!”

Sinister reached for her to console her and Money moved away, “Well if you need anything, I mean anything, you let me know.” Sinister offered.

Sinister smiled inside knowing that Cortez was out of the way. “Have a seat, Money” as he patted the place next to him.”

Money sat down but not next to him with her back straight and crossed her legs. Sinister laughed to cover up his embarrassment, he spoke, “You still funny acting Money! Well I see you are very popular in MY club, the men love you. I see you doing your thang out there but you haven’t danced for me yet.”

Harold pulled out a wad of money hoping to impress her, he peeled off a grand and placed it on the table making sure she could see how much it was. Money stood up and walked over to him, staring him in his eyes she decided to give him the lap dance of his life but also a reminder of what he would never have. Money threw her hair behind her shoulder and slowly lifted her leg into a standing split giving him a clear view of her pussy through her ‘g’ string. Sinister sucked in his breath and held it like it was the last air in the room, then she moved her leg passed his head and sat right on his dick and started a slow grind. She stared him in his eyes and bit her lip as she gripped his thick rod with her pussy lips. Sinister felt the heat from her womanhood. She lifted her leg and spun around so she would be sitting on his lap backwards, moved her luscious long curls so he could see the definition of her back, leading to her small waist and the spread of her ample ass. The up and down movement of her ass made him imagine being inside her walls as she bounced up and down. He grabbed her waist and met her thrust. Sinister couldn’t take the assault any longer and busted inside his pants. Money got up and smirked, thinking, “That nigga only lasted one song.” She grabbed the money off the table and strolled out of VIP. Sinister laid there spent with his eyes closed imagining the real thing. At that moment, he had to have Money, and this time he would kill her before he let another man have her. Night after night Sinister summoned Money to VIP, she would leave him spent, take his money and exit the room. Even though Sinister wanted to sex her so bad, he wanted her to want him, so he never forced himself on her, he just let it be known that he wanted her exclusively. Money did find him attractive but her and Sinister had bad history, not only was he a snitch and took her man away from her, but he used and abused her mother. Sinister also had a reputation with the ladies and had issues with his hands. Sinister had an awful temperament; he was extremely insecure and took that out on the beautiful women that he dated. He treated his women like prisoners by isolating, bullying, and abusing them. Money was not interested in his punk ass, she didn’t care how much money he had, never did, and never will.

Money’s disinterest didn’t sit well with Sinister, he took it personal, it was a blow to his ego, his pride was hurt, and that turned into animosity. So he started fucking with her, messing up her sets, bullying paying customers while they received lap dances from her, after a while she was making very little money at the club because of his interference. One night, Money approached him about the issue. She went to his booth where he was receiving head from Ro.

“May I speak to you for a moment?” Money asked, thinking that he would excuse his playmate but instead he waved Money to take a seat. Disgusted that he expected her to talk to him while her best friend gave him head, she just turned to walk away.

Obviously drunk and high as he staggered up, Sinister slurred, “Money, bring yo ass back in here!” He grabbed Ro by her hair and slung her to the floor. “Ro! Get out!” He shouted as he threw a c note at her. Money was furious mainly because of all the petty stunts he was pulling and the way he just treated her friend. Her eyes soften when she and Ro’s eyes connected but the look that Ro had in her eyes was glassy and faded, you can tell Ro was doing a little more than drinking and smoking weed, she made a mental note to get at Ro tomorrow. Money’s attitude only excited Sinister, he grabbed her by her ass, and pulled her to him grinding his naked hard member on her, she struggled against his chest but he had a tight hold on her.

He slurred, “You must think you’re too good for me, I could take the pussy if I wanted to. I have giving you chance after chance to be my lady when I should just make you my whore!”

Money threaten him to let her go. He lifted her leg and slid her panties over to the side preparing to enter her. She picked up the bottle of Ciroc from the table and broke it on the rail, stuck the jaggered edge to his throat and said, “You stick me, Imma stick you?” Sinister eyes widen as she pressed the glass in his neck deep enough to draw blood. Money staggered away from him and ran down the stairs to the dressing room to grab her things. Sinister followed her apologizing blaming it on the liquor, “I didn’t mean it!” Once she got dressed, Money spit at him and she was out.


After Money got home and watched her babysitter get in her car and drive away, she ran herself a hot bath. Soaking for over an hour she finally got out thinking she would watch a little TV. She heard a faint knock on the door. She thought it was probably Ro, she open the door without looking, she complained, “Girl, Let me tell you about that punk ass mutha fucka Sini…” Before she could slam the door back Sinister took his foot and kicked the door open knocking Money down to the floor. He slowly shut the door, locked it, and sat down on the couch.

“What are you doing here?” Money scanned the room for a weapon because her gun was upstairs in her purse. She hoped it wouldn’t come to that, fearing a fight would wake up the whole house. “This is uncomfortable for me; you are not wanted here so you gotta go!” Money whispered.

“I just want to apologize, I didn’t mean to snap on you like that, I been drinking and smoking and was a little out of my head.” Sinister said walking toward her with his palms up. Money started backing away. The look in Sinister’s eyes made her remember she was naked when her robe slid open and her breast was exposed, Sinister licked his lips.

“Sinister whatever you got to say we can discuss it tomorrow at the club, now you gotta go!” Money said as she stormed to the door and opened it. Being rejected again crushed his pride. He got up and attempted to peacefully walked towards the door, but his broken pride got the best of him and he started mumbling, “This Bitch got me fucked up, I don’t beg no bitch!” His voice escalated, “I’m fucking Sinister! You don’t turn me down!” Trying to move out the way to run, Money thought to slow, he grabbed her and slammed her on the coffee table that broke, he locked the door back. “I ain’t gonna be polite no more!” Grabbing Money up by her hair and ripped her robe off Sinister pinned her down on the floor and used his free hand to unbuckle his pants. Money begged quietly to him, pleading for him not to rape her, bargaining that if he left tonight that she would freely give herself to him. Money’s pleads went unheard. Once Sinister got the tip of his manhood inside her walls, he became the person that she heard he was. His eyes were blood shot red and face was distorted into a scowl, he bared his teeth like they were bear claws and spit dribbled down his chin onto her face. That let her know he was too far gone and she was about to be raped. Hearing the commotion, Chrissy jumps out of her bed and runs to the living room. Seeing the living room in disarray and this stranger on top of her mother, urine ran down her legs as she screamed, “MOMMIE!” Shocked her daughter was watching her being assaulted Money tried to stay calm, “Baby, Mommie’s ok we are just playing, now go back to your room. I’m ok sweetie just go back to your room and shut the door.” Chrissy reluctantly walked back to her room with tears in her eyes with her head down. She shut her door but by now Cola got out of the bed, cracked the door so she could see out. Beany never woke up, so Chrissy crawled in bed with her. Cola watched her mother being assaulted. Money decided not to fight to get it over with. Sinister had no regards for Chrissy or the assault he was putting down on Money. Once he realized she wasn’t going to fight, he lifted his tall frame off of her and on his knees. He grabbed her by her legs and slid her down to him. Stretching her legs over her head, he wiped a glob of spit on his fingers and applied it to her opening. He entered her with thunder. He had every intention to pound away at her womanhood but when he fully penetrated her, her silky inside engulfed him. He bit his lip unable to move because he felt as though his dick had entered heaven. He snatched it out because if he stroked the second time he was positive he would bust. Flipping her over on her stomach and entering her from the back, that same euphoria came over him and five strokes and he busted inside her. Sinister prided himself for being an excellent lover with the stamina of a bull, it made him angry for her to have this kind of effect on him and wouldn’t be his. He thought that he could truly love her. He would be willing to change for her, and the more he thought about it the angrier he became at her. His anger aroused him again as she lied on her side whimpering. He lifted her leg and entered her again and that same feeling came over him. He lifted up over her body in a pushup position. He attempted to fuck her fast and rough, inflict some pain on her for not wanting him, for rejecting him. He started ramming his dick in her hard, fast, and rough but lost his erection because of her non-participation. Sinister never wanted to have Money this way, he thought,” Damn, if the pussy feels this good, I can imagine if she was throwing this shit back at me!” He tried to get her to participant but she just laid there and cried like he was an animal, and that angered him. The thought of his manhood being challenged, he started yelling at her, calling her names, punching, and slapping her. He was livid, his erection came back but he refused to penetrate the wonderful flower between her legs because it taunted him that it felt so good, causing him to tremble and explode, so he beat Money.

He drugged her across the floor and threw her against the wall, screaming, “You Bitch! You laughing at me, you think I’m a punk!” Sinister grabbed her by the neck and started slapping her until he heard the click of a gun. He turned around in the direction of the click and saw 9 year olds Cola holding her mother’s .45.

“Nigga, let my Mommie go!” Cola demanded. He smirked at the beautiful little girl with the face of her mother. Money was barely able to stand on her feet she was so battered. She had no energy to get her daughter to back off.

Sinister turned back to finished the job; Cola cocked her head sideways and said, “Oh you think I’m playing with chu!” POW!

The gun went off and the bullet pass through his shoulder, “Awwww, muther fuck! You shot me!” He dropped Money and grabbed his shoulder.

Cola hollered,” Nigga I didn’t stutter!” Sinister leaned up against the door and Cola ran to her mother with the gun still pointed at the stranger. “Mommie are you alright? Do you need me to shoot him again?” Cola glared at Sinister to let him know she would surely shoot his ass again.

Money found the strength to grab the gun from Cola and point it at Sinister. Hearing sirens coming from a distance, without any words Sinister snatched the door open, ran quickly to his car, and pulled off. Money lifted herself up and got a cotton nightgown to cover herself as she ordered Cola back to bed. Seconds later the police showed up to Money’s door, she told them that someone jumped out of the bushes when she got home and forced their way into her home. She didn’t mention the rape because they would make her go to the hospital; she told them that she couldn’t identify the assailant because she didn’t get a good look at him. After 30 minutes of questioning and refusing to go to the hospital for her bruises, the police gave Money their contact information in case she remembers anything and left. Money flopped down on the couch and cried in her hands. She was so shocked that Sinister carried her that way. She couldn’t tell on him with all his illegal activities he was involved in, he would surely send someone after her if she snitched, so she had to chalk this up to the game.

She cleaned up the best she could and checked on her baby who was now fast asleep. She decided to leave her alone tonight but tomorrow they would surely have a conversation. While closing the bedroom door back she beamed at her daughter thinking, “My baby is a gangster just like her daddy!” Money ran herself another tub of water and looked at herself in the mirror. It wasn’t as much damage as she thought. Her face was red from the slaps and her eyes were swollen from crying. She had a cut on her arm from when she smashed into the table but other than that, she was fine. She lowered herself in the tub and let the water envelop her, still shaking from Sinister’s assault.


Money never considered quitting the club even after what happened with Sinister; she built too much popularity at The Lion’s Den to switch clubs. This was how Money made her money and took care of her family. She was a little hesitant about going to work because of her daughter. She addressed the night before with her but she didn’t remember what happened, which Money thought was odd, she was sure her baby would be totally traumatized but besides complaining about her head hurting she was normal. Money took a mental note of her headaches realizing they were coming more regularly as she got older. She gave her some Tylenol and rocked her to sleep. Money headed out for work when the babysitter got there mentioning that her daughter was having one of her headaches and to call her if she wakes up still complaining about it.


Sinister was remorseful for what he had done to Money so he made it up by throwing hundred dollar bills on stage when she danced and called out the ballers to match what he gave. Not to be treated like they were broke, the real hustler made it rain just to show money wasn’t no thang to them either. Having a little taste of her only made him want her more; she was exactly what he needed to complete his life. Throughout all his riches he longed for a main lady by his side, he knew that woman was Money and her gangster ass daughter. However, he knew she would never forgive him for his indiscretions. Watching all the men go crazy as she worked the pole, she would drop down to her knees and back her ass up on the big spender around the stage. After she collected her money and left the stage she would walk around the club and pay certain customer extra attention. Sinister would raise his glass around his sanctuary as jealousy boiled in his stomach. Money avoided Sinister at all cost; she was bidding her time for when she could afford to leave the club for good. Sinister watched every move Money made. A couple of times he tried to cross paths with her, but she would just scurry off in another direction. Sinister felt animosity building inside of him, his jealousy reared his ugly head as he watched her flirt and give her attention to every man in the club but ignored him. He hoped, because she didn’t quit the club that she had forgiven him and was willing to give them a chance, but it was evident that she would never want him which caused a familiar pain of rejection in his heart. “I will show that whore, she got me fucked up!” he mumbled.


Where is Ro?

Money hadn’t heard from Ro in a while which wasn’t uncommon being that most times she was on the road. She had been heavily on her mind since she saw the glaze in her eyes at the club so she decided to stop by. Ro lived in the slumps of Detroit off of Mack and Bewick. Money never understood why she continued to live in that neighborhood; with all the money she made between stripping and muling, she knew she surely had enough money to live better. When she pulled up to her house she noticed that the grass looked as though it had not been cut all summer, a bedsheet was up to the windows, trash was everywhere and the screen door was hanging off the hinges. Even though Ro lived in the slumps her house was always the nicest house in the neighborhood, the upkeep was always on point. She went up to the door and knocked and the door cracked open, she slowly walks in and gasps at what she saw, the inside looked worst then the outside. What was left of the furniture was turned over, trash was everywhere, water was dripping on the floor, and it smelled of urine and mildew. “RO,” Money yelled. Ro had two children Nunu was 11 and Chunky was 14. She yelled for them all but there was no answer. She continued through the house but the foul smell made it impossible to breathe through her nose so she covered her nose and breathed through her mouth. The toilet was filthy, the sink dripped, the children’s room had a mattress on the floor, drawers were pulled open but no clothes were in them. The house looked as though it had been ransacked or she left in a hurry. After further inspection of the house, she concluded that Ro no longer lived there which confused her because she was sure that Ro would have told her. She pulled out her cell and called Ro but it went to voicemail. Perplexed about what the hell was going on she left a message, “Hey Ro, this is Money, I’m at your house, ummmm, what the hell happened over here? You need to get at me, Chick, I’m worried about you.”

Money exited the house but as she was getting in her car something caught her eye on the side of the house. It was Ro’s son Chucky. She backed up to the driveway and yell, “Chucky, Chucky, Come here!” He didn’t move a muscle; he just stood there with his head down. Money jumped out of her car and walked to the side of the house and bent down to look at his face, he had tears in his eyes. Money lifted his head, “What’s wrong and where’s Ro and Nunu?” she asked. He put his head back down and said, “They came and took Nunu and my mother is at the crack house!”

“THE CRACK HOUSE! FOR WHAT?” AND WHO TOOK NUNU!” Money yelled trying to stay calm.

“Protective service”, he answered. She grabbed him by his arm, “Come on!” finding it hard to catch her breath. Once in the car she told him to explain what’s been going on. Chucky explained, “Mommie have not been home in a couple of months, the landlord came by for the rent and found us in the house alone and called the police. When the cops got there, I ran out the back door and hopped the fence, but they took Nunu. A week later, some men came to the house looking for Momma, they tore the house up like they were looking for something; I hide in the cubbyhole in the closet until they left. One of the men said, “The shit ain’t here” and signaled for the other men to leave.”

“Do you know which house she at?” Money asked. Chucky shook his head yes and lead the way. Money pulled up in front of a run down two family flat with boarded up window and the last two steps missing. Coming down the street with wobbly legs, Ro staggered to the house. Money jumped out the car and ran up to her, “RO!” WHAT DA FUCK!”

Ro looked up at her with squinted eyes, “Ohhh hey Money, what chu doing here, I was gonna call you to hang out but I seemed to have lost my phone!”

Money looked at Ro with disgust, she had on her stripper clothes, hair was matted, dry cracked lips, and old make up still on her face. She either been in a fight or had fallen because she had scars on her knees.

Ro almost fell and Money grabbed her by her arm to hold her up. Ro said, “I’m alright, I’m ok!”

Money scolded, “Like hell you are, what the hell is going on Ro, I went by your house and its torn the fuck up, Chucky said you ain’t been home in two months, AND THEY TOOK NUNU RO! THEY TOOK NUNU!”

“Yea, yea I know.” Ro said as she waved Money away.

“What the fuck you mean you know, why haven’t you been to get her?” Money asked.

Ro just started to cry, “I fucked up Money, they looking for me!”

“Who looking for you,” Money asked, “This isn’t making any sense!”

Ro stood up and looked Money in the eyes and said, “Sinister and his goons, the delivery was short. I only took a little bit! I didn’t think they would notice, hell I deserve a little taste I’m the one putting my freedom on the line!”

Money became frightened, she knew what that meant; Sinister would not stop until she was dead. Money grabbed Ro, “Com’on you’re going with me!” Ro snatched her arm away. “I ain’t going nowhere!” A couple of rocks fell, and Money picked them up. Ro attacked her to get them back but Money pushed her and she fell, but jumped up with the quickness. She pulled out a knife and swiped at her. Money jumped back just in time with shock in her eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks and she knew Ro was too far gone. She threw the rocks on the grass and walked away. Money got back in her car to pull away but the look on Chucky face broke her heart, she grabbed him, hugged him, and told him everything is going to be ok. Money took Chucky home with her.

Driving home, Money was in a daze, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Money reflected back to the last night she saw Ro at the club and remembers how glassy her eyes were. “I knew she was high off something besides alcohol or weed.” she said as she shook her head. Money took Chucky home, feed him, and took him shopping. Chrissy was very happy to see him; he has always been the brother she never had.


Chucky went to stay with his grandmother. He had lost interest in school so eventually he just stopped going. He came around every day to check on us and to see if Money had anything she needed done around the house, like cut the grass, shovel snow, or rake leaves. He made sure Money got home safe from the club on nights that he wasn’t already at the house with me.


Love and Money

My senior year, Money finally met a man that was worth her breaking her rules for. Kelso was his name. He was tall with a butter caramel complexion, low cut curly fade with dimples. He was conservative but had a nice swag and stayed fresh at all time. He owned a lucrative cleaning company that provided cleaning services to over half of the businesses in the Metro area. He pursued my mother from the day he met her till finally she gave in to all his pleading begging and promising. Every time he came over he would have gifts for us. Designer gym shoes, and outfits. He would take us out. We would eat at some of the finest restaurant and go to the movies. He was exactly what my mother was looking for. He was good to us, he had bank and was mesmerized by the beauty of my mother. He felt like the luckiest man in the world being able to pull such a gorgeous woman.


How they met

Kelso wasn’t the type of man that frequented strip clubs but his friend of 20 years was getting married and that’s where he wanted to have his bachelor party so Kelso rented the whole V.I.P. section, brought the best liquor they had in the club and picked out the most attractive dancers, one of which was Money.

Sinister had history with Kelso, they both lived in the boarder home that was ran by Jody. Greeting him with much love he allowed Kelso to pick out the strippers of his choice. Kelso would just point and say, “You, you and you, V.I.P. and the ladies scurry without question. At the time, Money was on stage doing her thang. Kelso watched as she shook her ass and did a nice slow grind with her hips. She held onto the pole as she slowly stepped around it and lifted herself just enough to swing the rest of the way around, real slow and sexy. Money turned her back to the pole, held on to it with her hands over her head as though she was tied to it. She swayed her hips slowly down to the floor and back up into a standing position. Money had every man’s attention in the club. It was like they were all in their own little world, imaging what it would be like to make love to her. Kelso felt his mouth get dry and his heart skipped a beat. Money spotted Kelso and sized him up really quick, enough to know he had deep pockets, on that note she turned her attention to him. Starring him in his eyes, she licked her lips, gyrated her body ever so effortless to the music. She reached to the back of her top and pulled the bottom string, letting her top fall exposing her beautiful breast. Kelso walked to the edge of the stage by the steps, reached in his pocket and laid $100 bill on each step. Money smirked, drop to her knees and cat crawled over to Kelso. Crawling down the stairs to retrieve her money, when she got to the last step she placed her hands on the floor and lifted her body up and pointed her toes up to the ceiling, spread her legs open and lowered her body down into a sitting position like a gymnast. Now seated on the steps she opened her legs, gave Kelso a pussy shot and a wink. She flipped back over on her knees and cat crawled back up the stairs leaving Kelso with his tongue hanging out. He watched the sexy switch of her ass put distance between them. Kelso waited for her to get off the stage, he definitely wanted her in V.I.P. Money walked off stage and headed to the dressing room to freshen up and change in to another outfit. She felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned around Kelso assertively said, “You, V.I.P.!”

Money looked side to side and behind her cause surely he wasn’t talking to her like that. Money smiled her beautiful smile, and said, “Oh I’m sorry sweetie, I don’t do parties.”

Kelso was shocked, he didn’t know how to respond, so he reached in his pocket and pulled out his wad and asked for his own private lap dance. Finding the stranger attractive and considering the money he already spent, Money agreed. She said she would be there in ten minutes.

Money walked over to V.I.P to give him a private dance but not work the party. Kelso grabbed her by the hand and lead her over to a seat where he was sitting. He slid down in a comfortable position with his legs open and said, “Work your magic, Ma.” Money was intrigued by the stranger and felt an attraction for him. His eyes melted into hers and she felt her temperature rise. She stepped in between his legs, turned around and swayed her hips until she sat on his lap. She adjusted herself so his already hard dick would slide between her butt cheeks. Once in position, she rode his dick like a champion. Feeling the size of his rod she became aroused and started working him over for her own pleasure. Kelso whispered in her ear to turn around. She lifted her leg and spin around to face him. When their eyes met she pierced his soul. Money started her grind again as he grabbed her small waist. They stared into each other’s eyes having a conversation without words. Money felt herself about to climax as she felt the vibration of Kelso’s dick. He tensed his legs allowing Money to take advantage of his full length. Not breaking eye contact Money bit her bottom lip and whimpered. Her head hung low and her hair fell in her face. Kelso and Money face was so close they could feel the heat from each other’s mouth. Feeling his nut at the tip of his dick Kelso moved Money’s hair to see her face, that only intensified their interaction. Kelso’s body started to jerk and Money started to tremble when they both came at the same time. Not remembering that there were others around them, Kelso still had Money by her hair, lowering her mouth to his and kissed her, they tongue danced until Money realized what she was doing. She jumped from his lap and ran out of V.I.P to the dressing room, hurriedly put her clothes on and left the club. Sinister watched the exchange between Money and Kelso and he was heated. He was use to Money doing what she had to do to make her money but to get so engrossed into a lap dance had him tripping. He could tell that Kelso and Money would eventually revisit that moment when the opportunity arrived.


Kelso came into the club every night after that waiting to see Money. He could tell she was avoiding him. Not to be a pest, he just watched her do her thang on stage but made it a point to make it rain with plenty of money. He would toss up hundreds of dollars and that would be all the interaction they would have. Once off stage Money would change her clothes and leave the club.

Sinister would make it a point to acknowledge Kelso in the club just to get close enough to spit venom on Money, “Hey man, why you so fixated on Money, all these beautiful women in the club who would surely give you your money worth. Money is just a money hungry hoe, she teased you, empty your pockets and move on to the next!” Kelso would ignore Sinister and gaze up at Money when she would walk off stage, then he would walk away. The last time that happened, Sinister made a mental note that Kelso would end up dead if he kept pursuing Money.

The next night Kelso did his usual and headed to the club but he didn’t go in. He parked his car so he could see the door when Money came out the club. He sat there for hours to make sure he didn’t miss her. Money didn’t have a specific time she left work but he knew she never stayed til closing. Sitting in his car drinking and smoking a blunt, Kelso closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling the weed gave him, daydreaming about Money which almost caused him to miss her coming out the club.

As Money walked to her car with security, Kelso started his car and pulled alongside of her, “Hey!” he said carefree but with a smile on his face.

His smile melted Money’s heart, she blushed a little and said, “Hey yourself!”

“You leaving?” Kelso asked.

“Yea, I’m gonna get something to eat and crawl in my bed.” Money said without making eye contact.

Kelso contemplated a little and asked, “You want some company?”

Money’s eyes widened with shock. Noticing her reaction Kelso explained, “No, no, no, I mean about getting something to eat!”

They both busted out laughing relieved that Kelso wasn’t being disrespectful and trying to invite himself into her bed. Kelso could tell Money was thinking about his offer but talking herself out of it at the same time. Kelso said, “Come on, I don’t bite, unless you want me too?” he winked at her and gave her a sexy grin.

Money hesitated and decided it would be fun, “You eat Coney Island?”

“Hell yeah!” Kelso said excitingly.

“OK” Money said nodding her head for him to follow her.

Sinister stood in the window and watched Kelso follow Money in her car. He threw his glass of Patron at the wall which startled the stripper that was giving him head. He yelled,” “Get on up out of here!” Snapping his fingers. The stripper scurried out of the room as she heard Sinister mumbling to himself.

Money started thinking on her way to Coney Island, “What da fuck am I doing? This goes against every rule I set.” Talking to herself as she drove, “I made it a rule never to date the customers that frequent the club. Money started to count down every reason this was a no-no. For one, it was bad business because spending time with a customer independently causes problems. When he comes into the club he will expect certain consideration, free services, acknowledgement and respect for his feelings when I’m there to make money. Secondly, once a man gets you out of the club he is no longer required to pay you for your time. Third, having a relationship with a man you met stripping, eventually he is going to demand you stop stripping even though he met you as a stripper. Fourth, a man will date you as a stripper but once the excitement of having you wears off, the disrespect, mistrust and his negative opinion of strippers comes into play. So even though Kelso has my interest, I’m very leery about fraternizing with him, but that dick though, “Whew!” Money blew out as she shook her head. Throwing caution to the wind Money and Kelso became quite the item. Kelso always treated us as though he was honored to have a beautiful family of women on his arm.


Kelso eventually did get tired of Money stripping at the club and even though Money was just as tired, she had a family and responsibility to take care of so unless he was going to make her comfortable, she wasn’t hearing it. One night he called Money and told her to get dressed that he wanted to take her out. Money was a little irritated because he knew the weekends was her money making days but she decided to let him have his way and got dressed. Kelso picked her up in a limo and took her to a five-star restaurant called The Summit, a rotating restaurant located on the top of The Renaissance Hotel in downtown Detroit. Once they got settled, they enjoyed their food and drinks and waited for the waitress to cleared their table. Kelso started his spill, “Money I know I met you at the club and I have no opinion about that. A woman especially a mother has to do what she got to do, and I can respect that. But being a man, my ego and pride can’t handle a woman that I’m in love with to allow other men to touch her. I can’t handle it so I want you to quit dancing.” Money pursed her lips but before she could say anything he continued, “I know you’re an independent women and don’t want to be taken care of. I know you wouldn’t be comfortable with that but I promise you if you stop stripping and believe in me I promise you and your family will never want for anything!” Kelso eyes glisten when the light hit them and as much as Money wanted to let him be the man he wanted to be to her she couldn’t consent to being a kept woman. Kelso grabbed her hand and put an envelope in her hand. Money asked, “What’s this?” It’s my promise to you in writing and a good faith gesture. Money looked inside and sure enough it was a promissory note that he had notarized, the deed to her home with a receipt stating that her mortgage was at ‘0’ balance and a check for $100,000. Money didn’t know what to say, tears ran down her face and he said, “There is one more surprise!”

“There’s more?” Money shouted trying to hold her excitement. Paying the bill Kelso grabbed Money’s hand and lead her outside. Parked out front was a cocaine white 2 seater drop top Benz. He handed the keys to the valet and said, “It all yours., brought and paid for, but you won’t be needing it for now!” Money trembled, feeling like she had to use the bathroom, she questioned, “But why?”

Kelso took a deep breath as he looked at the sky and said, “Because I love you and I want to be the only man looking at you and touching you. I couldn’t ask you to give up your livelihood unless I prove to you that you can trust me to do as I promise, so I paid off your home, gave you $100,000 and brought you a car so you would feel comfortable with giving me a fair shot. Now you can feel comfortable about leaving the club because even if we don’t make it, you have everything you need to start fresh. So what do you say?”

Money grabbed him, kissing him gently on the lips and said, “I can show you better than I can tell you!” Kelso grabbed her by the hand and lead her back inside to the elevators.


Kelso was determined to make this a night Money would never forget. He reserved a suite in the Renaissance Hotel after dinner. Kelso used his key card to enter the elevator that lead to their suite. Money was floored when the doors open and saw the breathtaking view of the river and roses throughout the room. It was spacious like an apartment, had a Jacuzzi by the window to enjoy the view of the city. Kelso came up behind Money and kissed and licked the back of her neck. Money turned around and lowered Kelso’s mouth down to hers and put soft kisses all over his lips till he gave her his tongue, she lightly sucked his tongue grabbing him by the waist and walked him backward toward the bed. This would be the first time Money and Kelso made love. They both couldn’t wait to get at each other and Money started it with one of her seductive strip tease, “You ready for me to answer your question?” Money asked with a horny look on her face.


Without hesitation, the next night when Money got to work she announced that this would be her last week working at the club. The Lion’s Den had been in existence for 15 years and their anniversary party was that Saturday. The upcoming party would pack the customers in by itself but when the managers and promoter decided to add a farewell party for The Lion’s Den main attraction Money as well, they knew the house would be packed. Money admitted that even though she’d been waiting for the day she could quit the club she was going to miss it. She had been dancing at The Lion’s Den 10 out of the 15 years it has been open. She made a lot of money in that club and the men loved her. Sinister was devastated that Money was leaving. The agonizing feeling of rejection filled his heart, his pride struggled with the reality that he and Money was never going to happen. Sinister pouted, he just knew he had a lifetime to coerce her into seeing things his way. His jealousy set in, Kelso had taken his women from him. Sinister heard his father’s voice, “Never let another man take your women away from you like you some little punk ass bitch. When you have a woman you own her ass, unless you decide you don’t want her no more, you take her life before you allow her to walk out on you! You hear me son! You killed that Bitch!” Sinister stared at Money as she worked the room that Friday night, his bruised ego told him she was a cheater, she had played him, and that she gave another nigga the pussy, his pussy and for that, she had to pay!


Saturday night was here, and the house was packed. Everyone that was anyone was there to celebrate The Lion’s Den 15-year Anniversary and farewell to one of the hottest strippers in the D, Money. They brought in girls from California and Miami to serve the over flow of customers. Money was in the dressing room while the customers piled in. They had dancers on stage to entertain the customers until it was time for the main attraction: Money! Sinister greeted the ballers and sent them bottles of Ciroc to their tables. He sat on his throne in his private V.I.P and looked out on the club, he had to admit adding Money’s farewell on the flyer was a brilliant idea. Smoking a blunt and sipping on expensive champagne he felt the drug take over and relieve the tension he was experiencing. Thinking on the way Money has treated him in the past years stirred his anger. He felt she always thought she was too good for him, snubbed her nose at him when he revealed his intentions, and ignored his monetary apology when he lost control the night he raped her in her home, but the slap in the face was to choose Kelso over him. Once again his father’s words haunted him, Jody’s face flashed before his eyes, “Never let another man take your women away from you like you some little punk as bitch When you have a woman you own her ass, unless you decide you don’t want her no more, you take her life before you allow her to walk out on you! You hear me son! You kill that Bitch!” Sinister’s skin got hot as his temper impelled but he slowly calmed down when he thought about earlier events.

Earlier that day

Sinister came into the club around 8:00 am when he knew no one would be there. He looked around at his dynasty and a small smile crept across his face, “Not bad for a black man!” as he nodded his head. Getting back to the reason he was there, Sinister went to the back to get some tools, finding what he was looking for he climbed the stairs that housed the ceiling. Taking his tool, he loosened the bolts on the two poles that serviced the main stage. He loosened the bolts enough that too much activity would have the pole crashing down but tight enough that the slightest activity wouldn’t cause a wobble. Sinister knew that Money would show up and show out. She would work that pole like a gymnast tonight and bask in all her glory. If Sinister’s plan panned out, the injuries that she should sustain when the pole gave way will teach her to be more sensitive to his feelings. Sinister could have had maintenance loosen the pole but he decided it was best to take care of that task himself, what explanation could he have given. Sinister sent out texts to all the dancers and management that the main stage was reserved for Money, so until she came out the girls were to use the alternate stages around the club. Coming out of his daze as the D.J. announces Money’s name, prompted him to sit up, he rubbed his hands together and the most sinister grin spread across his face, “Let the games begin!”


The crowd roared when Money entered the stage, she has always worn the hottest stripper gear, but tonight she wore purple thigh high stiletto boots, a leather bustier. a leather jacket with large lapel that she wore standing up, and the jacket flowed down to the ground into a long train that dragged on the floor as she walked. She only buttoned the middle button that was between her breast which caused the jacket to stay open to show her flat 6 pack and her thick shapely thighs. Her leather purple booty shorts cut between her legs just perfectly to expose her perfect camel toe. Her hair was done up in a sloppy bun adorned with a queen tiara, and her face was beat to the Godz. She looked like the Queen Bitch she was. Sinister was at awe of her beauty, the sight before him only fueled his insanity of never being able to have her and his jealousy of Kelso. He wasn’t able to get close enough to win her heart. He stood to join in on the standing ovation Money was receiving while animosity roared in his gut.

The music started and Money swung her cape around like she was a warrior queen, she gyrated her hips, licked her lips and winked at her customers. Men lined the stage tossing money in the air. Money had money thunder storming in The Lion’s Den. She didn’t hold back, she pulled out all the stops, making sure it was a performance to remember. Money ripped the jacket away from her bustier, dropped down in a full split and rolled over on her knees and did her famous cat walk that the men loved. Nearing the edge of the stage Money laid on her back and seductively slid her shorts off, she opened her legs, licked her fingers, and slid them inside her matching purple leather ‘g’ string. Afterward she lifted one leg at a time unzipping her boots away from her legs turning her boots into shoes. Money turned over on her stomach, pushed herself up by extending her arms and did a split in the air landing on her feet. Sinister watched as Money executed her routine with precision, his heart raced when she went over to the pole. Money twerked her flawless ass down to the floor but when she stood up she jumped up on the pole and slowly pulled herself up to the top. She wrapped her legs around the pole and turned herself upside down as she spun around, sliding half way down the pole. She lifted herself back up the pole, spreading her legs and did a side way split in the air. Money felt the pole shift but thought nothing of it and continued with her pole assassination. Money crawled back to the top and turned upside down letting her body sway backward away from the pole. With all her weight on one side of the pole, the pole disconnected from the ceiling and started to bend to one side. Money tried to flip back around so she could at least jump down but the pole ripped out of the floor and sent her crashing over the customers that was sitting on that side of the stage. Money screamed a terrifying scream as she saw she was heading straight towards the mirror behind the bar. She crashed into the mirror and the many bottles that were placed there and landed awkwardly behind the bar with her legs in the air. The bartender screamed hysterically seeing Money all broken up. The customers scattered and the bouncer and managers ran to her. They ordered everyone to stay back, not to touch her and called the EMS. The EMT slowly moved her, stabilized all her broken bones and lifted her on the gurney. The club was empty, the only ones left was dancers and workers. They all hugged each other and looked on in remorse while the EMT took Money’s vitals. They could all tell that her injuries were serious from the looks on the EMT’s faces but never did they phantom that Money was dead. She had snapped her neck from the fall and the glass she landed on punctured her heart.

They pronounced Money dead right there in the club. Sinister looked on behind the glass as he listened to the howls and screams when they pronounced Money dead. His eyes misted and he felt remorseful for a half of a second until he saw Kelso walking out in a hurry to follow behind the EMS. Sinister never saw him enter the club that night, but then again it was so crowded in the club, it was easy for anyone to go unnoticed. Sinister’s inner demon sat on his shoulder and repeated the words of his father. Sinister shook off his sympathy and remembered all the times Money ignored him, scoffed at him and treated him like a leper. With that thought, it brought him back to his insanity, short comings, and feeling shame for the lengths he went through to get attention from Money, that he had never gotten. That sinister look came back into his eyes and reminded him, “I ain’t no little punk ass bitch!”


Losing Money

I was 18 years old, just finishing my last year of high school when I lost my mother. Kelso made all the funeral arrangements and sent my mother off like the beautiful queen she was. The funeral was packed like it was a night at the club. All the dancers and customers that paid her in great lengths to perform came and offered their condolences. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church. They all loved Money and witnessed when she fell to her fatal death. Sinister stood in the back corner feeling a certain kind of way about what he did. He knew he was wrong and that the last words of his father didn’t play precedence in this situation. Money was never his, she was never interested. Upset because he couldn’t have her, he ego-tripped for years and his pride would not let his obsession with her go. Money being gone left an emptiness inside of him, for what he knew of love, he felt he was in love with her in a psychotic way. Scanning the room of all the visitors he noticed a figure at the casket just before they were to take her away. Her silhouette was so familiar that he just knew it couldn’t be. The young girl turned, embraced a woman that looked worn and rough and realized it was Ro. He hasn’t seen her since she beat him for some drugs and money. He thought to himself, “Of course she would show up for the funeral, her and Money were best friends.” Sinister leaned down and pointed out Ro to Le-Lo and said, “Get that bitch!” Thinking about how he was going to punish Ro when he got his hands on her, he continued to watched the young lady that was with Ro as she took her seat and instantly he realized that was Money’s daughter that shot him years ago. She was beautiful, a splitting image of Money. Devious thoughts started running through his mind, he mumbled to himself, “She might have just saved Ro’s life, for now anyway!” as he licked his lips at the sight of her.

Carrying the casket out to the funeral car, Ro embraced the young girl as they followed it out with the rest of Money’s relatives and close friends. Waiting until after they laid Money into her final resting place, Sinister watched the home going from his car, not losing sight of Ro and his new love interest. Everyone had left except Ro, her son, the young girl, other family members and Kelso. They slowly walked to the car. They embraced for the last time, Kelso and the others left in the family car while Ro and the young man walked to another car. Sinister pointed at the car Ro was in and told his driver to follow them.


Following Ro for 15 minutes, they turn on Schoolcraft onto Prest that ended in a dead end which was perfect. Ro exited the vehicle and at the same time Sinister’s two hence men, Cutty and Killer jumped out of the car. Still in mourning over Money’s death, Ro walked and cried with her head down in her tissues. Cutty grabbed her up and yanked her toward the car. Chucky jumped out the driver’s side and yelled, “HEY! LET MY MOTHER GO! Chucky standing at 6’2”, 210 lbs barreled toward the two men. Cutty pushed Ro toward Le-lo and got in a fighting stance. Le-lo ushered Ro into the car while she screamed, “Please don’t hurt my baby. Don’t hurt him, I will do anything!” Sinister watched as the young boy stood toe to toe with Cutty and Killer. He was quite impressed. Fighting furiously, Chucky gave them a good workout but the unfair fight ended when Chucky got the wind knocked out of him. Sinister blew the horn, he had seen enough. He waved Cutty and Killer back to the car and told them, “Bring that little Nigga too!” Chucky grabbed his mother checking her over to see if she was o.k. Hopping in the car, they sped off backward down the street.


Down in the basement of a vacant house, they tied Chucky to a pole and tortured Ro in every way possible without killing her. Chucky fought against his restraints and screamed which sounded muffled because of the tape on his mouth. Feeling helpless, Chucky cried with his head down not wanting to watch the punishment. Le-lo stood by the door wishing he could save Ro. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw as he watched Ro being punished. Le-lo still had love for Ro after all those years and Ro still had love for him, but Ro wanted the high life, the top nigga. Le-lo will always be the flunky because he didn’t have leadership skills and he was weak. Le-lo didn’t like Sinister, but Sinister kept change in his pockets by letting him drive him around and do little odd jobs around the club. He swore to himself that one day he would make Sinister pay for putting his hands on Ro.

Pulling a chair in the middle of the floor, they threw Ro in it. Sinister spoke, “I can tell you were pretty good at “hide go seek” as a child because I haven’t been able to catch up with you for some years, hell I almost forgot you owed me until I saw you today. Where you been Ro, huh! Smoking up all my shit?” He smacked her across her face. Sinister continued, “My drugs and money is history from the looks of you, you ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out!” Taking his gun out of his waist, he cocked the gun, Chucky started nutting up and trying to say something. Sinister took a step back and snatch the bloody tape off Chucky mouth.” WHAT NIGGA?” Sinister said in irritation.

Chucky was unable to catch his breath to speak clearly, he sputtered out, “What she owe you man? Sinister laughed, “Little nigga you aint got that kind of money!” Chucky slowed his breathing and stuck out his chest, “I can work off her debt, whatever you need, I got chu, just don’t kill my mother!”

Sinister contemplated what he said, thinking back on the fight with Cutty and Killer, “Ole boy did handle those hands pretty well and I could always use extra muscle.” Sinister shook his head and said, “Ok, ok, but fuck me over and you and your bum ass mama will suffer the same fate as that bitch, Money!”

Shock covered Ro’s face, “What? What do you mean, you killed Money, but how? The pole broke!”

Sinister demonstrated loosening a screw with his hands and laughed a hearty laugh but stopped abruptly. His voice deepened and came out in a roar, “DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?”

“No! no, not at all, we good Sinister, what’s done is done!” Chucky exclaimed. Chucky and Ro was heartbroken knowing that Money was killed, killed by the man they were indebted to.

But Sinister wasn’t done, as they untied Chucky he asked, “That young lady that you were at the funeral with……?”

Ro squinted her eyes, “Who Chrissy, that Money’s daughter, what about her?

Sinister smirked, rubbing his hands together and said, “Bring her to me!”

“For what? What do you want with her, she’s just a ba…!”

Sinister cut her off, “Bring her to me within a week or all bets are off!”

With that being say Sinister turned and left with Cutty and Killer in tow, Le-lo stood there for a minute staring at Ro, his heart ached looking at the condition Ro was in because of Sinister. He reached in his pocket and handed some money to Chucky to get her home. Le-lo turned and walked out the door. He swore once again to himself that one day he would make Sinister pay for putting his hands on Ro.


When you indebted to the devil

Chucky started working at The Lion’s Den, his responsibility was to service the customers with drugs and be an additional muscle if the club needed it, but his main job was to accompany the female mules to and from their destinations. His responsibility was to protect the girls, count the money and drugs. Chucky wasn’t new to the drug game. He sold a little bit on the side to his small clientele, but now that he worked at the club they had to come there to get serviced. Chucky had a plan to come up in the game working for Sinister so this wasn’t the worst situation for him. Chucky wasn’t interested in getting into Sinister’s good graces, but he had every intention of delivering Chrissy to Sinister, not to be disloyal, but doing what was required to save his mother’s life and he figured he could protect Chrissy as well. Chucky and Chrissy have always been close, they talked just about every day, he even took her to her prom after she broke up with her boyfriend, so it was nothing to invite her to hang out with him.

Chrissy had always been curious about The Lion’s Den since her mother worked there for years. Never wanting to be a stripper, she had to admit she was intrigued with the life style, money and ballers. It was Sinister’s Big Birthday Bash and the club was having a huge party to celebrate. Chrissy wasn’t doing anything so when Chucky told her to come to the party at the club she was all in. Chrissy wore a black vest shirt that exposed her back and stopped just before her navel, black swing mini skirt with some black and gold stiletto, with gold accessories. Her hair hung long with big curls with a deep part that cause her bang to hang over one eye. When Chrissy entered the club everyone was at awe with her beauty and the fact that she was a splitting image of her mother. The dancers gave her hugs and offered their condolence. As Chucky sat her at the best seat to see the stage, Sinister grabbed her by her hand, kissed it and introduced himself, “Hello, you must be Money’s daughter; I’m Sinister, the owner, welcome to The Lion’s Den.” Chrissy let her hand melt in his palm and said, “I’m Beany.” Chucky smirked at the fact she gave him the wrong name but hey if she wanted to be Beany, then he would roll with that. Seeing her as Money all over again Sinister felt butterflies in his stomach as he guided her to his private area. Chucky was uncomfortable with her going to his VIP mainly because he couldn’t see Chrissy but mostly he couldn’t watch Sinister. As the show started, Sinister offered his condolence to Chrissy and raved about her popularity at the club. Chrissy shyly said thank you but marveled at what a handsome man he was and how power just oozed off of him. They settled in their seat and watched the show. Sinister thought back on the day he got shot and remembered the beautiful little girl holding the gun, he snickered to himself as he secretly massaged Beany’s body with his eyes. The thought of manipulating this young girl into his fold aroused him. He ordered a couple of shots of Patron while Beany excused herself to the Ladies’ Room between sets. While on her way to the bathroom Chucky called out to her and she stopped to chat with him. He just wanted to make sure she was alright and Sinister was behaving himself.

“Everything is fine and he has been a complete gentleman, stop worrying about me I’m a big girl I can handle myself.” She said.

Chucky felt an erie feeling creep up his back as he noticed the sexual prowess Chrissy would get about herself from time to time and said, “Yea well, Sinister ain’t one of those little corner boys you’re used to playing with, that’s a grown ass man, so holler if you need me and hey, why did you tell him your name was Beany?”

“Cause that’s my name!” she said as she continued to the bathroom.

Walking back to VIP, Chrissy was stopped every two steps by concerned customers and a chance to touch her. She felt like a celebrity, her mother had really made a name for herself here. Entering the VIP, Sinister chuckled, “I’m gonna have to get you your own security just for you to go to the bathroom.” Sinister ordered some drinks and added a little something to Chrissy drink to loosen her up some. After a couple of sips Chrissy skin felt hot and tingling, she felt a warmth between her legs that was building into an inferno. Sinister complimented how beautiful she was in her ear, and his hot breath felt good on her ear. Before you know it they were talking, laughing and flirting. Sinister asked, “Can you dance like your Mother, the apple couldn’t fall too far from the tree?” Chrissy stood up, glassy eyed but feeling aroused and stepped between his legs. Sinister saw Chucky straining his neck trying to check on Chrissy but Sinister hit the button and raised his glass wall. Getting comfortable, waiting for Beany to show him what she was working with, she started to dance in front of him like she saw the other dancers do, bending over twerking her ass cheeks like she does at home in the mirror, lifting her already short skirt. Sinister had on a velour jogging suit, which made his hardened manhood easy excess. Spinning her around to face him, he sat her on his lap with her legs spread open. Sliding his pants down with his rod exposed he placed her pussy right on top. The thickness of his dick and the placement on her button made her quiver. Sinister grabbed her hips and pressed her down on his dick. Feeling the heat from her pussy and her juices dripping, Sinister decided to take her right then and there. Chucky thought of a question to ask Sinister so he could see what was going on, “Aye Bos……?” Chucky was pissed at what he saw. Sinister glared at Chucky and swiped his finger at his throat to threaten him, Chucky rolled his eyes, shut the door and stomped down the stairs. Chrissy was so engrossed in the feeling of the alcohol, ecstasy and his dick, she never noticed Chucky come to the door. Sinister reached under her stomach shirt and unleashed her beautiful young breast, he took to them like a baby, kissing, licking, squeezing and biting her nipple. Chrissy been having sex since she was 15 but never had it ever felt like this. Chrissy took the lead, grabbed his dick between her pussy lips and slid the length of it inside of her. Feeling her pussy leak all over his manhood drove Sinister insane. He stood up with her in his arms, cradle her legs in the crease of his elbows, spread her flower open and slowly eased more inches in. He let her bounce down on his inches, when she finally swallowed the whole thing he grabbed her by her waist and shoulder holding her in place and grind his hips to dig up in her guts. She exploded all over his dick and hands. He stroked and she bounced at the perfect rhythm. Feeling himself all the way in, he slid a slippery fore finger in her ass, slid it out and slid his middle finger inside and continued interchanging alternate fingers like he was strumming a guitar. She lost her mind, she removed her legs from around his waist and closed her legs and pussy wall around his dick with Sinister still holding her up. She held him hostage as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Sinister growled like an animal, his eyes rolled back in his head, distorted his face, and let his body mentally float as his nut build in his groin and threatened the tip of his dick. Sinister snatched himself out of her flipped her around so she would be upside down, lifted her to his mouth and went to breakfast lunch and dinner on her young snack pack. What happened next signed the deal, while he munch away at her, Chrissy deep throat his dick and licked his nuts at the same time like a pro. This paralyze Sinister and he was at her mercy. Digging his face in her flower and grabbing her button with his teeth was all he could do. She went to work using her mouth, tongue and hands. Sinister dropped to his knees and shot his load down her throat. Laying her gently on the couch, Sinister relished in the feeling of her and mumbled, “You belong to me, I will never let you go!”

Sinister didn’t realize that the club was partially empty all except the security, a few dancers that they were trying to go home with and the D.J. that was messing around with a couple of remixes. In the corner sat Chucky nursing a drink with a pissed look on his face. Sinister commanded Beany, “Go get cleaned up, I can’t have my women looking like a whore!” Beany drug herself out of the booth and wobbled to his private restroom. Looking in the mirror a sinister smile crepted across her face and said, “Yea we fucked the shit out that nigga!” Her smiled faded as she shook her head, “I don’t know about this!”

Leaving the bathroom, she saw Sinister talking to Chucky. She could tell Chucky was getting a little irate, she shook her head and laughed, “Always the big brother.” She said as she guzzled the rest of her drink.


Sinister leered at Chucky, “Listen little nigga, you work for me, you mind your own fucking business. Do I have to remind you of our deal? You focus on keeping your mama alive and I will worry about Beany! Now you get her home safe, he scoffed.

On the way home Chucky mulled over the agreement he and his mother made with Sinister. He thought he could protect Chrissy, but his hands were tied and he saw the mistake he made. Glancing over at Chrissy his eyes watered, he looked at the sky and apologized to Money for involving her baby in this mess. The long walk that Ro and Chucky had to endure when they were left by Sinister at the vacant house, Ro disclosed the obsession Sinister had with Money, and the extreme measure Sinister had pulled. At that point he understood why he wanted Chrissy.

“If that nigga hurt her, I going to kill him,” Chucky said out loud.

Chrissy feeling the effects of the drugs again, the way she was acting Chucky asked, “Damn Ma, how many drinks did you have?”

Fanning herself, rolling down the window and complaining about how hot it was she slurred, “Just a drink and a half and a shot. That couldn’t be it cause we both know I can handle more than that, wait a minute make that two drink cause I threw back the rest of my drink as I was leaving!”

Chucky eyes widen when it hit him that Chrissy had been drugged. He had seen it enough to know, the sweats, complaining about how hot it was, and the random sex made sense now because Chucky knew Chrissy didn’t even get down like that.” This nigga is gonna make me beat his ass,” Chucky concluded.


The next day Chrissy felt like shit, drinking everything out of the refrigerator. She woke up feeling like she had a sweater on her tongue, she couldn’t get enough to drink. Sinister excited to see Beany again, he blew up her phone the whole day, but no answer! That put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day, shouting, snapping on everyone, threatening and being a bully. When Chucky strolled in Sinister was on his heel, “Come here, let me holler at you for a minute!”

Chucky went into his office and sat down, Sinister licked his cigar, cut the tip and lit it, puffing the cigar and blowing out the smoke he asked, “You talk to Beany today?”

“Man how is that your business, we fam!” Chucky scoffed.

Sinister leaped across the desk and grabbed Chucky by the neck and pointed a gun to his head, “I’m not feeling your attitude little nigga just answer the fuckin’ question!”

Chucky flicked the gun away from him as he rolled his eyes and said, “Yea, I stopped through before I came to work!”

Sinister complained, “I been calling her ass all day and she didn’t pick up. Did she mention why she hasn’t been answering my calls?”

“Damn Nigga, I know you ain’t sweatin’ no bitch, all this pussy you got around here?” Chucky teased.

Sinister pistol whipped Chucky across his face, “Oh you got jokes, this is the last time I’m gonna tell you to mind your fuckin’ business!” Sinister yelled.

Picking himself off the floor, holding the side of his face Chucky said, “Man you brought your business to me!”

“JUST ANSWER THE FUCKINQUESTION!” Sinister yelled in irritation.

“She didn’t say much, except she wasn’t feeling well, you should have figured that she would be out of it thanks to that shit you put in her drink!” Chucky said knowingly.

Sinister was so off guard he couldn’t deny it, “Get the fuck out my office,” he said as he went back behind the desk and picked up his cell phone.


Chucky wasn’t afraid of Sinister. Sinister wasn’t hard, he wasn’t no gangster. He didn’t earn that club or his drug connect. Everyone knew that he wasn’t the boss of either one. He followed orders from a Kingpin that lives out of the country. He didn’t have any stash houses or corner boys. He sold weight only to the customers that was already set up for him. He was only allowed to sell drugs in the club for his own personal gain. Only a soft ass nigga would agree to something like that. He was just a sick demented insecure pussy that beat on women. Sinister threw his weight around because he and his small crew was under the protection of his connect. He stayed in his club behind his bulletproof glass so if anything jumped off he could escape through his secret door and exit out next to his car. “BITCH ASS NIGGA! When this is all over his ass is going to be eliminated, and I’m going to run these streets like a real nigga!” Chucky thought.


Tired of getting no response after two days, Sinister went over to Beany’s house hoping to get to spend some time with her. Pulling in front of the house he noticed a parked car in the driveway which infuriated him. Sinister exited the car mumbling, “Oh that’s why she can’t answer my call, she lying up with another nigga!” Bamming on the door like he was the police, he shouted, Beany! Beany!” Beany snatched the door open ready to cuss out whoever it was, “Why the fuck you bamming on my door like an id……., Sinister?” She said in shock. “What you doing here, how do you know where I live?” She questioned.

Sinister staggered through his word in awe with her beauty, even though her hair was all over her head, she had on frumpy pajamas and no makeup, she was beautiful, “I-I- just came by to check on you, I had not heard from you.”

Sinister opened the screen door to enter, Beany put her arm up, “I didn’t invite you in, but as you see I’m fine,” she said feeling uneasy about dude just popping up like that.

Sinister was taken aback how cold she was towards him. “Baby girl! Who at the door?” Sinister heard a man question. Kelso was coming from the den and saw Sinister at the door. Kelso grimace at the sight of him, “Hey Man, what you doing here?” he questioned.

“Oh I just came by to check on my girl, I haven’t talked to her since the night I seen her at the club.” Sinister answered with a sly look in his eyes.

“Club?” Kelso asked looking between her and Sinister.

Yeah, I went to a party with Chucky the other night!” She responded as she looked down at the floor.

“Baby girl, that’s not a place for a young lady, I would rather you not frequent a place like that, ok?” Kelso starred disappointingly at her.

“That’s not a problem, it wasn’t really my cup of tea.” She leaned in and gave him a hug as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

Sinister, still standing outside, glared at Kelso, “Aw baby girl, so you not going to come and visit me anymore, that’s ok, how about I just come and pick you up and take you to dinner and a movie?” said Sinister.

Kelso told Chrissy to excuse them for a moment. Kelso stepped outside, “Sinister I don’t know what you thinking but Money wouldn’t be happy about you sniffing around, as far you taking Baby girl out, she 18, she a baby so that not going to happen, you just worry about you and yours cause I got this!” Kelso said stepping closer to him with his chest out.

Sinister matched his stance and said, “What you over here playing Daddy nigga? Just because you was fucking Money don’t mean you got any authority over her!” Sinister spat. Just as the conversation was about to get heated, Chucky pulled up with a couple of bags in his hands as though they were going to be there a while.

As Chucky walked up the side walk he looked at Sinister perplexed, “What you doing here?”

I came to check on my girl? Sinister rolled his eyes tired of answering the same question.

“No need for your concern, she’s in good hands.” Chucky continued up the stairs bumping him out the way.

Sinister eyes turned cold as jealousy took over, he felt like an outsider at his own women’s home, “What yall her protector?”

Chucky turned towards him and at the same time, Chucky and Kelso said, “With our life.

Both men stared Sinister down. Chucky gave Kelso a dap and proceeded into the house, Kelso turned around and walked back in the house looked at Sinister and said, “I think I made myself clear!” and shut the door in his face. Sinister stood there for a minute soaking in the disrespect and once again heard his father’s words stomping back to his car he mumbling, “I got something for those niggas!” He pulled off so fast his tire screeched and his truck wobbled, Sinister was so angry he slammed his fist against the steering wheel, “I aint no little punk ass bitch!” he shouted.


Baby girl! Come here Baby Girl! Kelso commanded. Chucky was on the couch taking the snacks out the bag. Kelso directed her to sit next to Chucky and ran his hands over his face.

“Sweetie, I know I’m not your Dad but I love you like my own,” he started.”

“I love you too Kelso.” she returned.

Kelso smiled inside remembering the first time he met her, “I would never tell you nothing wrong,” looking at Chucky, “I don’t want to hear anything else about you taking her to that club Chucky, keep her out of there and stay away from Sinister!”

Chucky shook his head, “My bad, Unc!”

Kelso said, “I know yall grown so I’m going to tell yall something that I never spoke on.” They listened intensely. “Yall know after my mother died I spent the rest of my teenage years in a foster home for wayward boys that was ran by a women named Jody.” Kelso thought back on those days and felt a certain kinda way about what he was about to reveal, continuing, “Sinister, well… Harold at the time was also living there. Jody was a fine, thick, brown sister that to young boys was a goddess. She called upon all of us to satisfy her, if you know what I mean. Chrissy eyes bucked and Chucky put his hands over his mouth to hide a grin. “Yea, man I was in heaven, I had no grips about it, I couldn’t wait for my turn.” he laughed. Chrissy cleared her throat bringing back their attention. “Oh yea so anyway, you were only allowed to stay there till you were 18, when it was time for Harold to leave he resisted and started throwing his weight around like she belong to him and became very aggressive with her at times. The night before his 18th birthday he came to Jody’s room as we were getting out of the shower. He barged in Jody’s room demanding that he wasn’t leaving and became really irate. I stayed in the bathroom thinking that she could calm him down and seeing me would just add fuel to the fire. That night, Harold raped Jody and strangled her to death. When Harold left I got the hell out of there and went back to my room and pretended like I didn’t see or know anything, till this day Harold has no idea I saw what happened that night. I’m telling you this because I want you to know why it’s a must that you have nothing to do with him, he is a sick demented punk and if I had my way Chucky you wouldn’t work there either, but you’re a grown man and I can’t tell you what to do but you watch your back.” Kelso concluded.

Chrissy sitting there in shock shook her head in understanding, “Kelso you don’t have to worry about that, I only met him that one time, I don’t even know him like that, that’s why I’m shocked that he even came by here!

Chucky looked side eye at Chrissy because he witnessed them fucking right before his eyes, but left it alone, figuring that she didn’t want Kelso to know that part.

Chucky rubbed his sweaty hands down his pants and said, “Well I got something to lay on you to.” Kelso turned his attention toward Chucky. “Well the day of Money’s funeral, Sinister and his goons swooped up on me and my mom, took us to an abandoned house and tortured my mother for some money and drugs she owed him. That’s how I ended up working for him to pay off her debt. Thinking at first he was going to kill us, he mentioned that Money’s accident wasn’t an accident.”


Chunky lowered his head as tears rolled down his face and Chrissy sat there holding her chest. Kelso howled a grudging scream that came from his soul. He paced the floor, swinging his fist in the air, putting his arms over his head trying to contain himself. Kelso knew he had to stay calm in order to think.

Chucky decided to be totally honest with Kelso, “Unc one more thing, Sinister demanding that I bring Chrissy to the club, his infatuation with Money extended to Chrissy and he is after her!” Looking at Chrissy, shaking, tears running down her face, not sure how to react, he grabbed her in his arms and told her it’sgoing to be ok and that he would take care of him. After they all calmed down everyone sat there deep in their own thoughts. Finally, Chucky stood up and said, “I’ve been thinking of a way to get Sinister out of the picture so I can run his shit like a real gangster, I haven’t put nothing together yet but I will.”

Kelso lifted his head with pain and anger in his face, “Naw, I got something for that nigga for fucking with my women, he is going to pay for this shit!”

“I agree, he is definitely going to pay but he is protected by his connect so we have to be strategic, but oh yea he is going to pay,” Chucky sneered.

“Com’on Man, le’st go watch the game, we will come up with something.” Kelso got up and went to the bathroom, before Chucky left the room he looked at Chrissy and asked, “Why did you lie to Kelso about your interaction with Sinister?”

“What? I didn’t fuck with that mutha fucka, why the hell would you say that, you know I don’t get down like that!” she snapped.

Chucky shocked at her response, he said, “My bad!” Chucky turned and walked to the Den thinking, “I’m sure she fucked him. I saw that shit with my own eyes, maybe not voluntarily, but I know what I saw. Maybe she don’t remember because of the drugs.” Chucky shrugged his shoulders, “Oh well! That’s not my business so I will never bring it up again if that’s the way she wanna play it.”


Kelso: Past to Present

“Prisoner #765398, VISITOR!” yelled the guard. Kelso slowly rose off of the bottom bunk not sure he heard correctly, he hasn’t had a visit since he came to prison nine and a half years ago. Kelso was doing a ten year bid for drug possession, he didn’t have any family or any loyal friends except his boy, Gunny, who was killed the night he was arrested. Slowly entering the visitor room, perplexed about who came to see him, he frowned when he saw Sinister. “What this nigga want?” he thought. Sinister stood up with a big grin on his face, “What up, my nigga?” Sinister greeted. They bumped fist and sat across from each other. Sinister and Kelso were frienemies from back in the day when they both were residents at a group home ran by Jody . Kelso never really cared for Sinister, he thought he was too cocky and a bully, but they never had a problem. Relaxing back in his chair Sinister leaned forward and told Kelso he had a proposition for him and if he would do him one solid, it could be very lucrative for him. Kelso leaned up with his elbows resting on the table and listen intently to what Sinister had to say. He pondered on his proposition, Kelso had already served nine and half years of a ten year bid, scheduled to be released by the end of the year. He didn’t know if he wanted to risk his future freedom. After Sinister’s sweet offer to set him up after his release, Kelso shook his head yes.

Kelso talked to his boys once he got back to his cell. Kelso offered all of them 10,000 to be paid to their families if they participated in his plan once he hit the bricks. Kelso laid back on his bunk and waited for dinner. After count the men entered the cafeteria and sat at their usual table. Once everyone was settled, the inmates started banging their table with their tin cups and the whole cafeteria blended in. The security guard became riled up and hit the button for additional guards. A fight broke out and that started an all-out brawl between the opposing clicks that hated each other. Kelso saw his target and moved towards him without being noticed. With all the drama, he snuck up behind Cortez grabbed him around his neck, stabbed him in the back and twisted the shank, and to make sure that he was dead, he snapped his neck. Sirens were going off, tears gas was in the air and the extra security stormed in with extra gear. Kelso moved around to the other side of the room, got rid of the shank and laid on the floor. The prison was locked down for a month while the Warden sorted through all the drama. The riot caused 17 deaths and 24 injuries. It took a couple of months but everything went back to normal and Kelso awaited his release.

November 24th Kelso was released from prison and as promised Sinister picked him up in a brand new Escalade with chrome rims and tinted windows. After greeting each other Sinister gave Kelso the keys, they jumped in the truck and sped off. Sinister set Kelso up with his own cleaning company that he used to clean his money, a half of million dollars and a brand new truck. Once back in the city of Detroit the two men parted ways never to speak again until he ran into each other at the Lion’s Den for his boy’s bachelor party. Kelso lived a crime free life once he was out of prison and concentrated on building his brand.


Sinister always keep tabs on Money, she started stripping at some of the local clubs in her early twenties to maintain a living for her family. Money held Cortez down while he served his 30-year prison sentence. She was a loyal woman, kept money on his books and visited him every other week. This angered Sinister, he still believed that Money supposed to have been his, her loyalty sickened him. Sinister thought setting Cortez up and sending him to prison would put distance between him and Money and make her more accessible to him but Money didn’t have anything to do with him or the crew. Le-lo and Cortez kept in touch through letters here and there, that’s how Sinister knew what he knew since Le-lo was a part of Sinister’s security team at the club.

Sinister decided Cortez had to die if he was going to have a shot at winning Money, she was too in love with him. Kelso was serving some time at the same prison as Cortez and Sinister decided to go and visit him and make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Sinister was ecstatic when he heard the news on the T.V. about the riot at Jackson Prison. Cortez was named as one of the fatalities, so Sinister knew Kelso kept his word.

Present Day

Kelso stood in awe as Money sexily swung on the pole at The Lion’s Den, at that moment he had to have her. Once they started dating, Money painfully opened up about the love of her life and his death. Kelso took his time wooing Money, he didn’t want a ghost hanging between them so he wined and dined her and the relationship advanced at her pace. Money never revealed the name of her man and he never asked. During his 10 year bid he saw a lot of men die so it wasn’t uncommon for some not to make it outside of the prison walls. The day he was invited to her home and saw the large painting of Cortez and Money, he shook internally. He stared at the photo and instantly regretted what he had done, knowing that he was a part of Money’s grief made him feel light headed and sick to his stomach. He had tears in his eyes that he quickly wiped away as she offered him a drink from the kitchen. Gaining his composure, he answered, “Yes, please and make it a double!” Money fell asleep in his arms as they cuddled on the couch, he kissed her on the forehead and caressed her slowly as he pondered on his situation. He knew Money would never forgive him for killing Cortez even though he had no idea that she was Cortez’s women when he met her. How was he supposed to know that he would meet Cortez’s woman and fall madly in love with her? The thought of losing Money for a decision he made to finance himself once he was released from prison haunted him. Sinister was acting really strange and knowing how twisted he was, Kelso wanted Money out of that club before Sinister’s snake ass told Money about his involvement. He asked Money to give up stripping, in returned he paid off her house, gave her $100,000 and brought her a brand new car. A woman like Money would never feel secure with totally depending on a man, so he made it so she would have her own. When Money agreed to give up her lifestyle, Kelso knew he would make her his wife but as fate would have it he lost Money the night she fell to her death.


Kelso and Chucky had a conversation revealing that according to Ro, Sinister has been obsessed with Money from the day he laid eyes on her at 15 years old. He caused so much misery in her life because she had no love for him. Chucky told him that Sinister was suspected to have snitched on Cortez that caused his incarceration. Kelso knew Sinister well enough that it was most likely the truth. Sinister hired him to kill Cortez and he did it with no questions asked and then he caused Money’s death. “That sick fuck!” was all Kelso could think. As far as Kelso was concerned, Sinister days were numbered and he was going to see to it.


Let the games begin

Sinister was determine to see Beany, he posted up on the corner of her street waiting for an opportunity to speak with her. He saw the front door open and anticipated interacting with her again. Cola came out of the house with her gym bag on her shoulder, she was on her way to her karate/kickboxing class. Cola was a third-degree black belt. Sinister marveled at her beauty, she was even sexier when she dressed down. Cola had her hair pulled back in a ponytail with a Nike workout outfit on that showed her six pack and matching Nike gym shoes.. Watching Cola walk to the back of her car dropping her gym bag in the trunk, Sinister sped up in the drive way before Cola could pull out. Almost colliding, Cola jumps out the car shouting, “Nigga, why you speeding up in my driveway like that! You almost tore my shit up!”

Sinister got out of his car with his palms up, “Yo Ma, chill! I was just trying to catch you before you got away from me again!”

“Again? What da fuck you mean, again?” Cola questioned.

“Oh why you acting like you don’t know a nigga no mo’?” Sinister questioned.

Cola confused, “I don’t know you! Get the fuck out of my drive way with your weak ass lines, you making me late!” Cola got in her car and slammed the door. Sinister was perplexed as he got in his car. Glancing up at Cola’s brake lights flash, he shook his head and backed out of the drive way. Cola glanced back at his car as she sped off. Sinister decided to follow her. He figured that she had to be meeting someone else to treat him like the other night at the club never happened. Cola pulled up at L.A. Fitness on 12 Mile Rd and Telegraph. Sinister waited for three hours before she came back out. She came out with a group of guys, smiling and laughing but said their goodbyes once she got to her car. Sinister didn’t know what to think, she was like a different person.


Sinister was in a bad mood all night at the club, he watched the door as Chucky bopped in. Sinister scolded, “Chucky bring yo ass here!”

“Nigga who the fuck you talking to like that, I’m not your fuckin’ child!” Chucky spat back.

Sinister waited for him to get in VIP and snatched him by the collar and threw him against the wall. “What da fuck is going on with Beany, she not returning my calls, and the other day when I saw her she acted like she didn’t even know me! She really startin’ to piss me off!”

Chucky pushed Sinister off of him shocked that he saw Beany, “When did you see Beany?” he questioned.

That’s none of your business!” Sinister answered.

“Man, you better keep your hands off of me, what da fuck is your problem?” Chucky said as he straightened his clothes, he continued, “Ay I did what you asked me to do and that was to bring her to you, now the rest is your problem, if your game is that weak that’s on you!” he taunted.

Sinister walked away rubbing his head contemplating his next move. His phone rang, snatching his phone out, Beany’s name flashed to his surprise, he answered, “H-Hello.” Sinister stutter.

“Hey sexy, what’s been up with you?” she purred.

“Nothing much, just chillin! How have you been?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Better now that I’m talking to you.” She sang.

Sinister smiled, feeling like a 13 year old boy finally talking to his crush. Sinister decided not to bring up how shady she’d been acting; he was just happy she finally called. So, when can I see you?” Sinister said with butterflies in his stomach.

“Whenever you want to!” Beany flirted.

Sinister said after mouthing thank you to God, “How about now?”

“O.K. something quiet though I don’t feel like a lot of people tonight, plus I want my man all to myself. Where are you?” she asked.

Sinister shocked that she was willing to spend some time with him, lied and said, “At home, come have dinner with me?” he asked crossing his fingers.

“O.K.” said Beany.

Delighted, Sinister asked her to give him two hours and told her he would text her his address in Harbortown off of Jefferson. Once off the phone Sinister beat it out the club and headed home to get ready for his date. Beany hung up the phone and snickered to herself as she reminisced about the night at the club. Thinking about his girth and the feeling of his rod, she shuddered and started getting ready for her date with Sinister.


Thinking something casual but cute would suffice, she put on her black mini dress and black stiletto sandals. She wore her hair pulled straight so it really showed its length, beat her face and through on her fashionable glasses. Once on her way she fought with herself wondering was this the right thing to do. “What am I doing?” she questioned. She heard a voice in her head say, “Girl chill out, there you go with your shit again! Have some fun!” Pulling up in front of his condo she looked as he directed her where to park, pulling up in the spot she did a once over to make sure her makeup was still flawless. Telling herself to calm down she took a deep breath. “Why am I here?” she questioned herself again. A voice said, “This could be your chance to live lavish, look at this fucking condo, wrap this nigga around your finger and have him eating out of your hands. Look, I’m gonna go in here and have a good time and fuck the shit out this nigga!” Beany laughed. Stepping out of the car, she took a deep breath and walked up to the door. Sinister hurriedly opened the door and greeted her with his sexy smile, “Hey Babe!” He greeted. Caressing her with his eyes, he tried to stay calm and not show his nervous energy. Sinister had on True Religion baggy jeans with a white wife-beater and some brand new fresh white Air Force Ones. His hair was cut to perfection, his chocolate skin looked lickable. You could see his wash board stomach through the thin material as his muscular arms hung loosely and carefree. His smile kissed her eyes as he let her in the door, he reached for a hug in which she returned but it was stiff and cold. Sinister blew it off because he was just happy she was there. “Is this your coat closet?” she asked. “Yes.” He answered. She opened the door and hung her purse inside, after shutting the door she looked out to the living room and it was beautiful, candles were lite everywhere, soft music played, cut flowers adorned the tables and the food smelled wonderful. Relaxing a little, she followed Sinister out to the patio that was just as beautiful, he directed her where to sit and told her “Dinner is served” as he gazed at her. Sinister tried to make conversation, but she just smiled and continued to eat. He was so mesmerized with her beauty he gazed over every inch of her, her silky black hair, long lashes, full lips, sleek neck, flawless skin, he couldn’t wait to touch her. Once dinner was over he took her to a swing chair that sat on his patio. He offered her something to drink but she declined. Sinister started to anger a little because she seemed prohibited and shut off. He was going to drug her again to assure he would get to sex her again, but she wouldn’t drink or smoke. If he would have known she was going to pull this, he would have put it in her food. Once on the swing, he pulled her to him but she distanced herself by moving to a chair. Irritated with her stand offish ways he questioned, “Why are you acting as though I bite? If I wasn’t looking right at you I would swear you were someone else!”

“I’m just enjoying my surrounding, you have a very nice condo, its very peaceful out here!” she responded.

“You don’t think you would be more comfortable over here?” He flirted. She shyly looked up and smile but stayed put. Sinister excused himself, her distance was starting to get on his nerve, he needed her warmth, attention and connection, that feeling of rejection was stirring in him so he stepped away trying to keep his composure. She rubbed the back of her neck as she started to feel one of her headaches coming on, she wrestled with her decision to have dinner with Sinister after all the grief he caused her mother. Having a conversation with herself, “I can’t do this! This nigga killed my mother!” Rubbing her temple she continued her inner conversation, “I knew your ass couldn’t just chill out and go with the flow, Fuck it! I got this!”

Standing with his hands pressed on the kitchen sink with his head down, he felt Beany’s arms slowly wrapping around his waist, unbuckled his pants and slid her hands down inside his pants and started stroking his dick. Enjoying the feel of her soft hands, he turned to take over, Beany grabbed his hand and lead him back outside to the patio. Letting his pants fall to the ground, he stepped out of them and proceeded to remove his shoes, but Beany stopped him, she commanded, “Leave them on!” Sinister kicked his pants to the side but left his white Air Force Ones on, she pulled his wife beater over his head while she kissed, licked and sucked his chest, but left it on. Beany backed away to get a good look at this warrior before her. She marveled at his beauty, his dick was stiff and stuck out like a weapon. Beany untied the top of her dress at the back of the neck and let it fall. Sinister sucked his breath as he took in her very essence with his eyes. The thought of feeling her silky inside caused his dick to vibrant. Sinister moved to take over but Beany stuck her arms out to stop him. She walked up to him slid her hands down his chest to his stomach, down to the curliness of his pubic hair, played with his dick as she lifted it to softly caress his nuts. Sinister moaned and reached to touch her but she smacked his hand away and spoke softly but firm, “You are not allowed to touch me until I say you can.” Walking around the back of him, she rubbed his head down to his shoulders and placed soft kisses all over his ass and licked his crack, he shuddered. Reaching around the front, she grabbed his dick and stroked it slowly. She took her hand and pushed him forward into a bend and spread his legs open and demanded his submission. Sinister was so turned on by her aggressiveness he submitted to her every whim. Beany stroked him long and slow continued to kiss and lick his ass, Sinister knees buckled. Beany went around the front of him dropped to her knees and licked the length of his dick and made sure to give his nuts the same attention. Taking the tip and sliding her tongue on the head, she sucked and slurped and flicked her tongue. Sinister couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed her hair in a ponytail and stroked her mouth like it was her pussy. Taking every inch of him Sinister lost control of his breathing, moans, and his mind. Sinister came so hard he felt light headed and collapsed in the chair behind him. Beany stared at him feeling accomplished, she slipped her dress back on, kissed him on his lips and left. Sinister tried to gather his senses to stop her but he was too wiped out to move. Beany got in her car, looked in the rear view mirror to wipe her mouth, and saw eyes of disappointment.

Sinister finally gathered himself together, still shivering from the mind blowing head he just received and chuckled to himself thinking, “The last time a women punked me like that was when Money gave me my first lap dance.” Sinister picked up his phone and dialed Beany’s number, it went straight to voice mail. Feeling abandoned, he grimaced, “She is gonna have to fall in line, I am the man and she has to conform to me, she’s not allowed to leave and do as she pleases, she needs discipline!”


For the next two weeks Sinister was blowing up Beany’s phone but getting no answer. The more and more she ignored his calls the more and more he became obsessed. Sinister started stalking her without her knowledge. He sat down the street from her house, followed her to the gym, the mall, and clubs. He would dial her number, watch her look at her phone and sat it back down. Sinister was jealous to see Chucky and Kelso in and out of the house and receive warm greetings. He was so confused, one minute they would be all good. He loved her dominant sex play because she did all sorts of tantalizing things to his body that had him whimpering like a baby, and the next day she’d act like she didn’t even know a nigga. Sinister never met a woman that was so sexually expressive, dominant and aggressive in the bed room. It was as though she was two different people. That drove him crazy, it angered him and he vowed that when she was back in his presence she would surely pay.

One night he watched her get out of Kelso’s Porsche. She kissed him on the cheek and grabbed her Jimmy Choo Riley tote. Sinister assumed that they had been out to dinner. Beany was dressed in a soft pink pencil skirt that stopped at her calf and hung slightly off her waist, a silk halter, pink/silver Jimmy Choo open toe stilettos. Her hair parted on the side with a deep bang. Her body was adorned with diamond hoop earrings, a diamond cross that fell right between her breast and diamond bracelet. Sinister sucked in his breathe at the sight of her, his manhood reacted and his eyes watered from the animosity and anger he held deep in his heart. Feeling rejected, and ignored was a common feeling for him his whole life. He never felt whole, always empty and, as he glared at Beany, he knew she was the one that would fill that void. Sinister just wanted to feel important and relevant to someone, and it pained him that Beany treated him like he was insignificant. Sinister tried to rub the tension from his neck, take deep breathes and remain calm but his emotions got the best of him, “Fuck it! I’m tired of this shit!” h shouted. Parking his car, he jogged down to Beany’s house.

Chrissy left her front door open enjoying the cool breeze that entered the house, she clicked on her CD player and out flowed the sultry sounds of Trey Songz’s, she swayed her body to the music thinking, “Trey could get it!” With her back to the door she bent down to slip her shoes off her feet as her front door was snatched open. Sinister stood there with blood shot eyes, remembering the last time he was in that house with Money. Chrissy screeched, “What da fuck!” Realizing it was Sinister she shook her head, “What are you doing here? We had this conversation before about you just coming by my house unannounced, what is your problem?”

Sinister locked the screen door and closed the door. “I-I been calling you, why haven’t you been answering my calls? Sinister stuttered, regretting his actions.

Chrissy folded her arms across her chest remembering what Kelso told her, she remained calm not to aggravate him. Taking a deep breath, “Sinister, I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling you like that, I-I mean you cool and all but….!

Sinister cut her off, “What you mean not feeling me?!” He could feel his body getting hot and perspiration dripping down his back. “So you just playing games with me, am I a joke?” He stepped forward to close the gap between them, raising his voice, “What about the other night and the night at the club, I thought we connected. You never even gave me a chance. You come over to my house, fuck the shit out of me and leave. I’ve been calling you day after day, you won’t pick up the phone or return my phone calls.”

“I never fucked you, what the fuck are you talking about? That’s it! It’s time for you to go!” She walked pass Sinister to open the door.

He grabbed her by her arm and pushed her into the wall, “What kinda fucking game are you playing, one minute you acting distant, the next minute you sucking my dick, and then the next you acting like you don’t even know me!” He gritted his teeth and ripped her halter off and exposed her breast, “Im not a fucking toy and I don’t play games!”

She pushed him, but her efforts were in vain. “GET OFF OF ME!” She screamed. Not succumbing to him pushed him over the edge. Sinister licked his lips at the sight of her breast, his dick hardened and the thought of being between her thighs was all he could think about. “You fucked with the wrong nigga! You a whore just like your mother and its time I treated you like one, just like I did her!”

Her eyes stretch open at the mention of her mother. Her eyes teared and her throat got dry. Thoughts ran through her mind, the voice in her head reasoned, “Fighting fire with fire is not going to work right now so I might have to go alone for the ride, but this nigga is eventually gonna get his. O.K. I got this!” Sinister snatched her by her arm and drug her to the bedroom. Sinister threw her on the bed on her stomach, yanked his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants letting them drop to his knees to released his awakened manhood. “You’re going to fall in line Beany, all this fickle shit you pulling, Stops now! After tonight you belong to me! You hear me Bitch, NO MORE GAMES!” Beany moaned at his aggressiveness, she turned over and scooted to the top of the bed. Sinister stunned by Beany’s reaction to his tirade watched her seductively sit up and unbutton her skirt, lift her ass and remove it, leaving her shoes on. She tugged at her already ripped halter and snatched it the rest of the way off. She laid back down, spreading her legs, licked her fingers and played with her pussy. She hissed and she arched her back. Confused but captivated by her display, Sinister’s dick throbbed for attention. It stimulated her to have an audience, she reached under her pillow and retrieved her bullet, turning it on she allowed it to slid loosely over her clit, she grind her hips and whimpered. Bending her legs to her chest so Sinister could get a full view of her flower, she gazed at him with lust filled eyes, licked her lips seductively and squirmed in ecstasy while she played in her juices. Crawling down to the bottom of the bed where Sinister’s rod stood at attention, she started at his nuts, licking, sucking and flicking her tongue. She slid her tongue underneath his dick till she got to the head and Sinister felt his whole dick slide in her mouth. She started working on his dick. She spit on it, sucked it, fucked it, licked it and jacked him off but when she closed her throat around him and licked his nuts, Sinister screamed, “ARGGGH!” GOT DAMN MUTHA FUCK!” He was at her mercy, he wanted to stop her, take control but Beany wouldn’t even let him get his thoughts together. He felt his nut build. It vibrated through his dick and throbbed to the tip. His knees buckled and shook. Sinister felt his body float, “OH SHIT! OH SHIT! WOOOOO OHHHHH! SHI-IT-T-T-T! FUCKKKK! He bent his knees with his legs spreaded to get his momentum. He held her head so she couldn’t move and pumped her mouth. Sinister was in pure heaven. He could hear Beany moaning and whimpering while she played with her pussy the whole time she was sucking his dick. She took the wet soaked bullet in her hand and played a slippery game with his nuts. Not stopping there, she rubbed the bullet over his dick as she slid her drenched finger into his forbidden place. Sinister started hunching excitedly, never feeling this kind of pleasure he became possessed, threw his head from side to side, his eyes watered and he cursed, “AWWWWWWWW YOU BITCH!!! SUCKKKKKKKK ITTTTTT! Sinister knew he was turned out but didn’t care when Beany stuck her finger all the way in his ass and moved it around, he hollered, “OOOOOOWWWWEEEEEEE!” Beany’s tight grip on his dick, the vibration from the bullet on his nuts and strumming his ass like a guitar, Sinister couldn’t hold it any longer, he turned into a Bitch and his voice hit a pitch that he couldn’t believe was coming from his mouth, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Sinister shot his loaded until his dick was empty and passed out, hitting the floor with a thug. Beany crawled off the bed, looked down at Sinister admiring her work, she laughed, “Punk ass!” as she strolled to the bathroom to take a shower


She sat on the couch, eating Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Lay’s Plain Potato Chips when Sinister finally walked into the living room. Ashamed of his performance, he looked at her with a million questions. She continued to watch T.V. like he wasn’t even there. Not sure how to address her, he finished straightening up his clothes, kissed her on the forehead and walked out the door. Getting in his car he sat there for a minute staring at the house wondering what he was going to do with her, shaking his head he slowly pulled off. Feeling insecure as a man, he heard his father’s voice, “ So I guess you a little Bitch Boy now, letting a woman play all in your ass, shrieking like a girl. You chasing behind her like a thirsty wimp, you ain’t even curved that pussy to the shape of your dick yet. Who’s the man here, son?” Sinister felt insulted, his manhood felt challenged. “She’s pulling you around by your nose, a little girl got your nose and your ass hole wide open! YOU’RE HER BITCH NIGGA! SHE MADE YOU HER FAGGOT!” Sinister clenched his jaws and gritted his teeth. Anger filled his belly as inadequacy burned in his chest. He hit the steering wheel and shouted, “I AINT NO LITTLE PUNK ASS BITCH!!” Sinister made a U turn in the middle of the street without looking almost hitting three cars. Racing back to the house to claim his manhood he saw Beany in grey sweats with her hair pulled into a ponytail, reaching inside her car. When she stood up to shut the door Sinister delivered a blow to her face. She fell to the ground holding her face in shock. Sinister said, “You trying to make a bitch out of me!” His eyes were red and enraged in anger, he grabbed her by her neck and brought her to his face and snarled, “Its time I teach you a lesson, little girl!” Confusion flashed in Sinister eyes when he spotted no fear in her eyes. Trying to intimidate her he stared deep in her eyes as he pressed her against the car with his member sticking in her stomach. Something flickered in her eyes, they changed from soft brown to lifeless black. Not sure what he was noticing he hesitated and that gave her confidents as she clawed at his eyes, twisted away from him and kicked in his shin. He stumbling back, she round house kicked him in the face and he wobbled sideways. She took her elbow and crashed him in his face. Feeling his cheek crack Sinister barreled toward her but she was too quick. She moved to the side and he ran head first into the car. Dazed a little, but still quick on his feet, Sinister jumped up. He was surprised that she was handling him like that, but the memory quickly crossed his mind about his first encounter they had when she was a little girl and shot him. In his insane way, that only made him want her more, he loved the gangster in her. She jumped around like the 3rd degree black belt that she was and taunted, “Com’on Bitch, you started this shit!” I love niggas like you, fucking bullies but I got something for yo’ ass!” She gave him a 1-2 punch in the face, grabbed his head and slammed it into her knee, his nose exploded. Sinister fought to stay on his feet, he saw the anguish in her face. She moved like a cat as she rain blows as she danced around him. Embarrassed by his obvious defeat he charged at her. She fell to her knees just as he swung and clasped her hands together and rammed them in his groin.

URGGGH! Sinister screamed as he buckled and grabbed his nuts. He fell to the ground in excruciating pain.

Cola paddled backwards and kicked him in the face. Sirens could be heard from a distance as lights in the neighbors houses began to flick on. It took everything he had to lift himself up and limp to the car, he got in the car, started it but was quickly swarmed by police cars.

Cola shouted, “He tried to kill me! He has a gun!”

Police officers pulled their weapons and dragged him out of the car, cuffed him and laid him on the ground. Cola yelled, “He put a gun to my head! He got a gun!”

This gave the officers consent to check out his car and low and behold they found 2 kilos of raw coke under the seat. Sinister was sure he didn’t hear them say they found drugs in his truck. Sinister never had drugs on him, and 2 kilos, “Oh this got to be a plant!” He thought. “THIS IS A SET UP! THOSE ARE NOT MY DRUGS!” Sinister shouted. As he passed her, she glared at him with a sly smile and lifeless eyes. At that moment, he knew who had set him up! BUT WHY?


Sinister was hauled off to jail, after finger prints and mug shot were taken, he finally got his one phone call. He wasn’t too worried because he had the best defense attorney in Michigan on retainer, he called the club knowing that it was too late for the club to still be open but too early for everyone to be gone. The call was accepted but the voice on the phone was Lt. Niles, head of DPD Narcotics Department. Sinister hung up the phone, the club was being raided. Every cop in Detroit knew Sinister, they all frequented his club when they were off duty. They often turned a blind eye on the illegal activity in the club because Sinister would have one of the girls take care of them, but now that the big boys were involved he wasn’t sure how much weight that would carry.

Sinister was interrogated for hours. They would ask him questions about the drugs that were found in his car and offer deals to give up his connect. Sinister just snickered and ask for a lawyer, there was no way he was giving up his connect, he would surely be a dead man. Waiting for his arraignment the next day he consulted with his lawyer Edward Abbelstein who wasn’t giving him the best news. He informed Sinister all his assets had been frozen being that they have evidence that his money was ill gotten.

His lawyer explained, “They found 2,000 grams of uncut cocaine in your presence that carried natural life in Michigan, they retained warrants to search the club but didn’t find anything there and is on their way to search your home as we speak!” Harold smiled inside thinking that they didn’t find his private room, he knew he had at least $1.2 million and $3 million buried under his rose garden next to his patio, Sinister knew he was going to do some times but if he could get out on bail he would flee the country.

“Ok. Ok, do you think I have a chance to get out on bail?” Sinister’s mind was ticking away at a plan.

“Well its possible they won’t consider you a flight risk because they froze your assets, so it’s possible.” Edward sounded hopeful. “But we do have one other situation.” Abbelstein said rubbing his bald spot.

Sinister looked up and said “Lay it on me Man!”

Abbeistein blew out, “The gun they found in your possession, that’s a mandatory 2 years.” Mr. Abbelstein scrolled through the paper work while he waited for Sinister to take it all in. Abbelstein continued, “But tell me Harold when they search your home, is there anything we should be worried about?” Sinister leaned back in his chair and told him his house was as clean as a whistle.

Abbelstein closed the folder, “Our last order of business is payment, with your assets being frozen when should I expect a check, I’m on retainer but if this goes to trial I need to know when will I get paid?”

Sinister sucked his teeth, “Imm get you yo money Man, just get me out of here!”

Just when he said that the prosecuting attorney came in and busted his bubble of confidents, they had found two more kilos of cocaine in his front coat closet. Sinister jumped up, “THAT’S A DAMN LIE! THIS SHIT IS A PLANT!” Mr. Abbelstein put his hand up for him not to say another word.

The Prosecutor smirk at Sinister and said, “We got you by the balls, Boy!” leaving the room.

Mr. Abbelstein knew he had a fight on his hands, he rubbed his bald head and said, “Let me find out what this is about and I will see you tomorrow at the arraignment!” Abbelstein said as he left the room. Sinister was granted a phone call, he needed to get in touch with someone to get Abbelstein some money and pay his bail, he called Le-Lo. He told Le-lo to go get the extra key that he had taped behind a picture on his wall and go into his secret room and get $100,000 for Abbelstein and take it to him and he will let him know what his bail amount was tomorrow. The next day Abbelstein came in a little earlier to have a sit down with Sinister and go over everything. Abbelstein informed Sinister that a payment was not made to him in the last 24 hours. Abbelstein allowed him to use his phone to call Le-lo.

“Hello!” Le-lo answered. “Nigga I asked you to do me a solid and get that money to my attorney?”Sinister yelled.

Le-lo not liking Sinister’s tone said, “Hey Sin, I did what you said, but there is no money in that room.”

“WHAT DA FUCK YOU MEAN IT AINT NO MONEY?” Wait a minute where is Chucky?” Sinister questioned.

“I haven’t seen him in about two days, I figured he was on a run or something.” LeLo said.

Sinister not having time at the moment, he figured he would deal with that once he was out. “Ok, I will deal with that later, this is what I need you to do….” Sinister explained in code where he needed Le-lo to start digging, how much money to take out for Abbelstein and to wait for his call on the bail amount. He told Le-lo his would tear him off nicely if he could take care of this. “I’m counting on you Le-lo, you the only one I can trust!” Sinister hung up. Sinister started pacing wondering what happened to his money. He started punching his hand with his fist vowing to kill Chucky when he got out.

Sinister was denied bond because he was still considered a flight risk. The judge knew of Sinister’s activities and figured that he had a stash of money regardless that his assets were frozen. Sinister waived his preliminary hearing so the judge gave him a date for a pre-trial.

Sinister called Le-lo once he got out of court and didn’t get an answer. He called again throughout the day and still, no answer. He figured he was out handling things and decided to wait till morning. The next morning, he called his attorney to see if Le-lo contacted him, and he hadn’t heard from him. Sinister slammed the phone down and picked it back up and started stabbing at the number, “The number you have reached have been changed or disconnected.” Was all Sinister heard, his heart dropped as he released his bowel. He knew he had been played.


Le-lo went exactly were Sinister told him to go and started digging, it was located in a shallow grave so it didn’t take long. Once he saw what he saw he smiled and whispered, “That Nigga is going to jail.” Le-lo never cared for Sinister, he always thought he was a bully like everyone else. He was soft and didn’t deserve the fame he received, he just got lucky. Le-lo always knew that Sinister set Cortez up but never said anything because he was riding Sinister’s coat tail. Sinister was always rude and talked to him like a flunky. He dug up the money and went home to count up his fortune. Le-lo stopped by his mother’s house picked up Nunu and called Ro, he informed her that he came into a fortune and he and Nunu was leaving town. Ro sat quietly on the phone. Ro always regretted the way she treated Le-lo but being young and dumb, she stayed in the streets and fucked around on him every chance she got. Le-lo was a good man he just couldn’t catch a lick and for that reason Ro was in a relationship with him but still looking for the next nigga on the come up.

Le-lo feeling like a man with a bag full of money, he said in a demanding voice, ”You’re welcome to come with us but you need to hurry your ass up! You got 30 minutes to meet me over my mother’s house or I’m leaving your ass!” And he hung up. Le-lo was so happy to see Ro pull up. She wasn’t what she used to be but she was still beautiful in his eyes. He gave the keys to his mother and told her to do as she pleases with Ro’s car. He dropped a wad of money on her and left. Ro felt bad about leaving Chucky behind but he was a grown man and she knew he could take care of himself. She hopped on the first thang smoking with Le-lo and her daughter and left the D. She called Chucky when she got on the road and told him she and Nunu was leaving with Le-lo. Chucky always knew Le-lo was still in love with Ro but a man down on his luck and a woman like Ro he just gave up. Chucky gave them his blessing and told Ro to keep in touch.


Abbelstein was never paid so he was unable to represent Sinister, having a public defendant, he decided to take a plea. Sinister dumbfounded at how this could have happened, dropped his head in defeat and plead guilty. Sinister was sentenced to natural life.


The set up

Let me explain how we set this bitch nigga up….

Chucky saw the obsession in Sinister eyes for Chrissy that he had for Money, he decided to use that to his advantage. The night Chrissy met Sinister at the club, she was instructed by Chucky, when she bumped into him going to the rest room, to get the code for Sinister’s secret room. She watched him punch in his code to his secret room as she leaned on him. Sinister was such a simple man, his code was 1-2-3-4. Chucky knew that’s where he stashed his drugs and money until they were to be delivered. Every time Sinister punched in the code, Chucky was required to turn his back. Chucky placed the drugs and money in the room and Sinister locked it back. The night Sinister popped up at the house in search of Chrissy unannounced he knew she had him whipped. That’s the kind of nigga Sinister was “a pussy whipped nigga” once you fucked him he felt he owned the pussy. That night Chucky started brainstorming to come up with a plan to eliminate Sinister.

Chucky knew he had to have help to execute his plan, he stuck with the people he trusted the most and were invested in seeking revenge on Sinister. He met Kelso over at Chrissy’s and ran down his plan to them. He explained that Sinister couldn’t just come up missing because of the powerful man that he worked for and if things play out the way he planned it, he even had a plan to manipulate his way into Sinister’s spot. Kelso was a street dude gone straight but he knew if need be, Kelso could get just as street as the next nigga and Kelso wanted Sinister baddddd! Chrissy could handle herself with Sinister because as conservative as she was, Chrissy had two other sides to her that Chucky had witnessed, she could be used for a distraction. She mesmerized men with her sexy seductive beauty and she could get down and dirty in some drama.

Two days later

Chucky needed Sinister out of the club. The night Sinister collared Chucky because he was upset that Chrissy wasn’t returning his calls, Chucky texted Chrissy, “CALL HIM NOW!”

“H-Hello.” Sinister stutter.

“Hey sexy, what’s been up with you?” she purred.

“Nothing much, just chillin! How have you been? he asked nonchalantly.

“Better now that I’m talking to you.” She sang.

Once Chucky saw Sinister leave the club, he went into his V.I.P room and snuck down in the secret room and snatched two kilos of coke, he met Chrissy on Jefferson and put them in her purse. She walked into the house, placing her purse in the hall closet. After she had worn Sinister out she still had another part of the plan to execute. She picked up his cell phone off the counter and giggle at the fact he didn’t have a lock on his phone, which she kinda figured since he led a lonely life, he didn’t have a women or company at his house. He used the club, his private V.I.P, and the strippers for his sexcapes.

Chucky took note as he watched and studied Sinister’s habits. His connect only communicated through text. They didn’t have much to talk about. The connect texted Sinister to tell him how many cake orders were made, which bakery to pick up at and where the cakes were to be delivered. He would also receive a total to be collected from previous orders. Chucky and the mule would drive to whatever state to pick up the cakes, deliver them to the customer and collect the money. Looking over her shoulder, she scrolled to play store on his phone, searched mirrortext app and downloaded it. Every time Sinister received a text from now on, Chucky would receive an email of the message. Sinister never saw her leave because he was too spent, she exited the condo, jumped in her car and left, by the time he regained his senses she was long gone.

Kelso knew how the system worked, once you get caught with possession of controlled substance they freeze your assets and retain search warrants for any businesses you own and place of residence. Sinister never got his hands dirty when it came to the drugs or money and the likelihood that Sinister would have drugs at his home was unlikely so the purpose of Chrissy going over to Sinister’s house was to stash drugs in his house for when it got raided.


Chucky received an email from Sinister’s connect, he was to pick up 10 kilos of cocaine and pick up $250,000 from the last shipment. Chucky was to meet with the mule in Toledo, Ohio that night. Chucky took Chrissy with him. Usually Chucky would take a stripper named Dirty with him, but he told her that he was taking the drive with someone else but she would still receive her usual pay plus extra. Dirty was as dirty as they came so she didn’t care what was the reason the plans changed just as long as she was still getting paid so she never brought it up to Sinister. She gladly took the night off because the only stipulation was that she was not to work at the clubs until Chucky made it back. The two mules were used to Chucky but was suspicious of Chrissy, noticing her, Chucky introduced her, “This is my new girl Chr….”

Chrissy cut him off and said, “I’m Cola!” Chucky side eyed Chrissy but snickered to himself. There she goes with those names again he thought.

Chucky jumped back in, “Yeah yall gonna be seeing a lot more of her, is that gonna be a problem?”

The two mules looked at each other and humped their shoulder, “Nah, nah if she with you she cool C!” Back to business, they made the exchange. They never counted the money or drugs at the location just a quick scan, so the mules didn’t know that they weren’t correctly paid until they got back to their destination. Chucky and Cola drove off with the drugs and never paid any money. Chucky delivered the drugs to the club but hid the money at his apartment that no one knew he had, they all thought Chucky still lived with his grandmother. Sinister was being robbed blind and didn’t even know it.


Sinister thought he was the only one who could stalk, Kelso followed Sinister everywhere. As Sinister watched Chrissy, Kelso watched Sinister. He spotted Sinister every time he left the house, posted at the corner or a couple doors down. It was only a matter of time before Sinister would act on his ignorance and try something with Chrissy.

Kelso knew the kind of man Sinister was. The night he and Chrissy returned from dinner he saw Sinister sitting two doors away from the house. He told Chrissy when he passed his truck to leave her door open as though she was enjoying the night air and he would surely come. Kelso circled around the block as though he was leaving and came back just in time to watch Sinister exit his vehicle. The plan was for Chrissy to get a hold to his keys and unlock his car doors. Chrissy took some time executing the plan, Kelso sat nervously watching for the sign to make his next move, he couldn’t see what was going on the in the house, but when he saw the door shut his anticipation heightened. It was very hard for him to stay posted but to blow his cover and enter the house would have thrown the whole plan in a tailspin, the plan had to go down tonight because Chucky was scheduled for a pick up.

Sinister sat his phone and car keys on the dining room table when he first came in. After Beany gave Sinister some head and he collapsed on the floor, she grabbed Sinister’s keys and hit the locks. Kelso wrestling with the decision to go in, he exhaled when he saw the lights on Sinister’s car light up. Kelso exited the car and put two kilos of cocaine under his seat, jumped in his car and pulled off. He circled the block and sat back in his original spot waiting for Sinister to leave. They knew that once the mule contacted the connect and told them that the suitcases didn’t have money in them he would surely contact Sinister to find out what happen to his money, to make sure that Sinister wouldn’t get any calls from the connect before their plan was fully executed Chrissy had one more task to complete. She got his phone downloaded Mr. Number on his phone and blocked his Connect’s number. They didn’t want Sinister to find out he had been robbed until it was too late.

Once Sinister left, Kelso called the police to report a drug buy, gave them his license plate and description of him and his vehicle. Kelso pulled off right behind him and called Chrissy making sure she was alright. Sinister turned right, Kelso turned left once she confirmed she was fine. Thinking that the plan was perfectly executed and all was well, Kelso headed home. He had no idea that Sinister doubled back over to Chrissy once he got into his feelings.

Sinister was supposed to have gotten pulled over by the police on his way back to the club, but when he circled around to teach Chrissy a lesson, the ruckus caused a neighbor to call the police. Chrissy explained the assault and told them he pulled a gun on her. They searched the car and found a gun. Chrissy assume they would, a man like Sinister always carried a gun, but they also found the drugs. Chrissy disclosed information about his club and gave them his address to where he lived. After the drug enforcement team arrived they called for warrants to search the club and his residence. The police tore the club apart, even found the secret room. After Chucky received the text that Sinister had been arrested, he stripped the room of all its drugs and any money that was left. Chucky exited the club out the door that lead to the alley. He heard the siren and knew in about 5 minutes the club would be raided. Chucky had Sinister’s money and his drugs from the pick-up, plus what was in his secret room. Chucky laughed to himself because he had Sinister exactly where he wanted him: IN JAIL!


Mission accomplished

It took about a week to get the club up and running, the police tore the club up looking for illegal drugs, underage girls, expired licenses and prostitution but found nothing. Sinister always kept his club up to code. He vowed never to let his club be sited with unnecessary fines and closures as long as he had the money to keep it legit. The drugs that were sold in the club was sold by Chucky, the girls were of age and licensed and the club was always up to code. Chucky had taken all the illegal drugs out of the club. The cops found nothing and had no reason to shut them down.


The first night before the club was to open, Cutty and Chucky was setting up. The DJ was messing around on the 1’s and 2’s, while the bartenders stocked the bar. A black on black Hummer with dark tinted windows pulled up and three burly men in black suits exited the truck. The man in the front passenger side got out and opened the back passenger side door and an older black man stepped out adorned in a deep wine Canali suit with matching Paciotti Lizard claw loafers, and Tom Ford glasses. He stopped to admire the structure before him. Surrounded by his bodyguards, Click, Bird, Nick and Beast stayed in the car.

Luke “Battle” Kent was raised by the streets of Detroit. He went to live with his Uncle Pee when his mother died when he was ten years old and started running drugs for him. Pee was a petty hustler that never really came up in the game. He sold heroin back in his day but became his own best customer. He got desperate and robbed his dealer, when he caught up with him he killed him right in front of Battle. Uncle Pee was smart but unmotivated, but he taught Battle the game. Battle lived on the streets with Nate, Click, and Bird, his now bodyguards, they know each other since they were hustling to eat. They were the only ones he trusted. He left the United States years ago to protect his family from the drama that he created in the streets, leaving Sinister to manage the club, The Lion’s Den. It was a little hole in the wall that he used to clean his money. Sinister turned the club into a lucrative strip club and kept Battle’s drugs flowing through the city of Detroit. He met Sinister at the club at the age of 22 when he hired him to manage the small club just to earn a little money. Sinister slept in the back room of the club and performed various duties around the club. It wasn’t that he trusted Sinister but he liked his willingness to serve him, he knew he could control Sinister. Sinister was a gangster wanna-be, he wasn’t a leader, he was soft but cocky. Battle never worried about Sinister betraying him because Sinister didn’t want to run things, he was satisfied with the appearance of power. This is the first time he had a problem with his money or his drugs out of their 15-year relationship that required his presence, but getting beat out of eight millions dollars and 30 kilos of coke demanded his personal attention.

Cutty recognized him immediately, fear filled his belly, he nudged Chucky and whispered “That’s the Man!”. Cutty was warned by Sinister that he would show up. Battle wanted his money and drugs accounted for. Cutty greeted Battle and directed him to Sinister’s office. He watched from the big window in Sinister’s office when there was a knock on the door, his security pulled out their guns as he shouted, “Come in!” Chucky stuck his head in the door first to make sure it was ok to enter. Battle waved him in and offered him a seat. Chucky sat down.

Battle stared at the young man, it was as though he was looking into his own face. “How may I help you?” Battle asked in a baritone voice.

Chucky had rehearsed his lines a million times but once in front of Battle, he became tongued tied. He stammered, “I’m Chucky, ummmmm, I wanted to talk business…!”

Battle cut him off, “What business could you possibly have with me?” Chucky cleared his throat but before he could speak there was another knock on the door. The body guard went to the door and slowly opened it. A smile spread across his face, he turned to Battle and said “Yo Bossman you ain’t never gonna believe this!” In walked Ro. Chucky slumped down in his chair and covered his face, “I knew I shouldn’t have called her when Battle entered the club, DAMN!”

“What‘sup B?” Ro said with a bright smile on her face.

Chucky uncovered his face, “B? What da?” Battle looked at her and his face soften. “Ro, is that you?” He stood up and grabbed her so tight he lifted her off her feet and swung her around. “What are you doing here?” Battled asked, please don’t tell me you still stripping.

“Hell naw! You wish! What, you wanna lap dance, Daddy?” They laughed. She hugged the other three men in the room and turned to Battle.

Battle and Ro had a little history together, she was his side chick back in the day. Battle really dug Ro but he was married and Ro had other options as well. Ro had a baby at 14 years old, she was always a wild child, Ro was always about money when it came to sex. Having many suitors, she wasn’t sure who Chucky’s father was but Battle took care of her and her child as much as he could because at the time he was just a small-time hustler himself, plus he had a family already. When Ro settled down with Le-lo she became pregnant with her second child, they parted ways with no drama.

“Ma?” Chucky said bringing their attention back to the fact that he was sitting there, Battle looked down at him and back at Ro.

“Is this your son Ro, this is lil’ stinka man?” Battle snickered.

“Yea, that’s my boy.” She walked over and hugged Chucky.

Battle went back behind the desk, unbuttoned his jacket and sat back down. He cleared his throat as though he was suddenly nervous.

“What can I do for you?” Battle said, not making eye contact with Chucky. Chucky glanced back between Ro and Battle.

Nick broke the ice by asking, “How’s Money?”. Ro looked down with tears in her eyes.

Chucky answered, “Money died.”

Nick gasped, “What? How?”

Chucky put his arms around his mother as she wept, “She fell from the pole, the last night she was retiring from the club and broke her neck.”

“This club?” Nick asked.

“Yea!” Chucky said, and it wasn’t no accident!”

Battle walked around the desk to comfort Ro, “I’m sorry to hear about your friend, I know yall went way back, but why do you say it wasn’t an accident?”

“Sinister killed her, he told me.” She gritted her teeth.

He patted her shoulder and said, “Sinister will be taken care of for more reasons than one!” Battled exclaimed. “Now what can I do for you, son?”

Chucky explained to Battle what went down with Sinister. He revealed that he had removed all the drugs from the club before the police raided it and wanted to return his product back to him. Battle’s eyes lit up.

“Imma street nigga and I know how to get paid, I could’ve taken your drugs and came up and no one would have never known I had those keys, but I’m not that kind of dude I believe in honoring the game. I would like to be your Man. I would like for us to go into business together.” Battle kept his game face on but was really digging how Chucky was coming at him. Chucky continued “You can trust me, I wanna be rich and I can make you richer. I wanna change the game!

Battle finally responded, “The drug game is cut throat, why should I believe you, how do I know you can be trusted?” Battle asked taking a cigar out of his pocket and gesturing Nick to pour him a glass of scotch. He offered Chucky and Ro a drink, Ro accepted but Chucky declined. Battle smirked a little bit, “You don’t drink?”

“Not while I’m handling business.” Chucky said to Battle, looking him in his eyes.

Chucky answered his earlier questions, “You can trust me, I just returned 30 kilos of coke to you and in good faith ….” Chucky got up and left the room. He called Kelso earlier and told him that “The Boss” was there. Kelso drove to the club and parked behind the club in the alley and brought the money. Chucky exited the back door and retrieved two suitcases from the trunk and nodded for Kelso to leave. Chucky returned to the office and handed the suitcases to Nick and Click. “I’m returning your money as well; those two suitcases contain your 8 million dollars.” Chucky said. Nick and Click open the suitcases and thumb though the money. Battle took a sip of his scotch, leaned back in the chair and started laughing, “Ok Man, you proved your point, what do you have in mind?”

Chucky left the office feeling like a real G, his set up had worked better than he expected, thinking to himself as he wrapped his arms around Ro, “Imma show these niggas how a real nigga run shit!” Already having a plan in mind Chucky started to strategize to take over the city with Battle’s blessing. Battle gave Chucky the club as a token of his appreciate for returning his money and drugs. Battle kissed Ro on the forehead and gave Chucky a hand shake and said “I’ll be hearing from you soon, right!”

“Yes, sir!” Chucky responded.

Feeling that his business was finish, Battle left. “Beast! Let’s go!” The men left as easy as they came. Pulling off Click asked, “So you think that little nigga can handle all the responsibility you just gave him?”

“He better.” Battle said.

“You know he had something to do with our lil’ mishap in Toledo?” Bird said.

“Yea I know, but that was something personal between him and Sinister but he chose not to screw me over, and that speaks volumes. Did you see how that little nigga came at me!” Battle laughed. He got a lot of balls though, I like him, he kinda remind me of myself when I was that age!”

“Yea and kinda look like you too!” Nick said waiting for a reaction from Battle. Battle leaned back in his seat and pondered.



Chrissy sat in bed with her knees to her chest trying to calm herself down from a recurring nightmare she began having since her mother died. This nightmare would wake her up in a panic drenched in sweat. Chrissy always had a dream that was so vivid it was as though she was physically there. It would stick to her for the whole day and nag at her. It began as it always did, her being asleep in her bed, awakened by screams and crashing sounds, she would tiptoe out of her bed and peek out of her bedroom door. Shadows could be seen dancing off the walls and a blurry silhouette that appeared to be a man hoovering over her mother like a ghost. The vision would make her feel eerie, sweaty and pee would run down her leg. Quite a few mornings she woke up to soiled sheets. Hearing her mother beg him to leave she would inch out of her room to try to get a better look, than a gunshot would rang through her body and she would wake up. Once she calmed down, she would will herself back to sleep.

The one other time she felt that eerie feeling in her life again was the night she met Sinister. There was something that was familiar but unidentifiable about him. She shrugged it off and tried to enjoy the night, a night she couldn’t truly recall. She remembered waking up to a blaring phone and feeling sick as a dog. She felt nauseated, her head was spinning and her mouth was dry. The night Sinister came over unannounced, the glare in his eyes, his persona and his mass that stood over her made her body sweat and her bladder feel like it needed to be released. She felt danger whenever she was in his present or the thought of him. Once Sinister went to jail she relaxed but continued to have nightmares that seemed to be getting worse. The shadow that she dreamt about showed up in her nightmare but the violence was against her.

Chucky and Chrissy always been close. One night while chilling at the house she told him about her nightmare. He could tell that she was becoming very emotional while telling him about her dreams. Her body shook and her voice cracked. Chucky pulled her into his mass to comfort her and he told her, “Losing your mother was very traumatic for you, as well as for me. Money was like a second mother to me and it hurt me to my soul when she died so I can imagine how you feel. We have to just take it one day at a time. The hole that’s left in our hearts will always be there but time will heal all wounds. As far as Sinister is concerned, no need to fear him, he will never see the streets again.” Chucky smirked as he reminisced about his flawless plan that was perfectly executed to get Sinister put away, and the bonus he received by getting into business with Battle. Chucky enjoyed having Chrissy in his arms. She grew into a beautiful woman. He always had a crush on her since he was 14 years old, but refused to cross that line. He broke the ice by tickling her like he always did when they were kids and instantly Chrissy grabbed a pillow off the couch and the pillow fight was on.


Chucky dove in to the game head first, he was determined to build an empire. He opened up trap houses all on the west side of Detroit. He recruited trap niggas that been in the game, but never quite got the game on lock, to join him to run the city. Fronting them the capitol and product, they were indebted to him. Chucky continued to supply Battle’s clientele and build his own. Chucky and Battle build a great working relationship as well as a friendship, they connected on so many levels. He was very pleased with Chucky’s performance. Chucky adorned his life with his riches, buying expensive cars, clothes, jewelry and bitches but he still crushed on Chrissy. He wondered, now that he has come up in the game and was that boss nigga, would she take him seriously. He promised himself he would find out.

He hadn’t seen Chrissy in a while and decided to stop by to kick it with her. He called her from the car and said, “Let me in, Girl!” Chrissy opened the door as Chucky was getting out of his Gold-colored Escalade with gold and chrome rims and dark tinted windows. Chucky stepped out Prada from head-to-toe, when he saw Chrissy watching him he started prison posing acting silly. Chrissy stood in the door unbothered and said, “Boy this ain’t no fashion show! Get yo big ass head in the house!” She laughed as she walked away, shaking her head. Chucky stepped up in the cut still playing “Big Man!” Chrissy was in the kitchen getting her popcorn out of the microwave. He watched her reach up in the cabinet for a bowl and licked his lips. Chrissy had on some booty shorts, short tank top with her hair hanging down to her butt. Chucky relished in her beauty. He walked closely behind her, reached up and retrieved the bowl and said, “Here you go Shawty!” Chrissy turned to take the bowl. Only reaching his chest, she inhaled in his scent. Looking up at him their eyes met and their stare lingered a little too long for Chrissy. The butterflies she got in her stomach when she was younger when he would stand by her bedroom door and gaze at her, returned. Chrissy punched him in the stomach and said, “Move Boy!”

“I got your Boy!” Chucky smiled. “Imma grown ass man” standing in a “My nuts hang down to the floor” stance. Chrissy rolled her eyes and walked out the kitchen. She went and sat on the couch with her legs curled up under her, Chucky took a seat across from her on the love seat. Getting comfortable he gazed at Chrissy, getting into his own thoughts of how he could make her look at him differently. Chrissy broke the silence, “So what you been up too, I see you shining.” Chucky blushed and rubbed his hand down his face trying to hide it, “Nuthan much just putting in work. I just stopped by to see what you are up too. You been a’ight?”

“Yea, I been keeping busy.” Chrissy said nonchalantly.

“Oh you been under some dude, Huh!” He said hoping it wasn’t so.

Chrissy blew out air in frustration and sat the popcorn on the table, “Naw! I ain’t been busy with some dude. When you gonna stop being so over protective?”

Chucky relaxed, “When you stop dealing with these bustas and deal with a real nigga!”

Chrissy rolled her eyes and stood up to go back to the kitchen, as she passed him she popped him in the head, “Well when you find one send him my way.” Chucky grabbed Chrissy by her wrist and pulled her back, she stubble onto his lap. He gazed in Chrissy’s eyes, she stared at him like she was daring him to make a move. She inhaled his scent again and felt his manhood vibrate. It kinda aroused her but she was thinking, “Nahhhhh this can’t be happening.” Chucky let her wrist go and held her around her waist, he looked at her and licked his lips as though he was daring her also. Chrissy’s eyes caressed his smooth skin and sexy lips. She always thought Chucky was attractive, but he was like her brother. She never considered him as a love interest, they grew up together. Her skin got hot and her thoughts got a little scrabbled. Realizing that she hadn’t moved, she got nervous. Chucky continued to hold his stare, gave her the “LL Cool J lip lick and side smirk. Chrissy gathered herself together, pushed herself up, and walked into the kitchen. “You want something to drink?” She asked. Chucky could never figure Chrissy out. She could switch up on you in a blink of an eye. She could go from sex kitten, to sweetheart to cold in 2.2 seconds. Chucky cleared his throat, “Yea! A shot of whatever you got! His palms had started sweating so he rubbed his hands down his pant leg. Chrissy came back with a shot glass and a bottle of Ciroc, she decided on a Cooler for her choice of drink, sat back on the couch and picked up her popcorn. Chucky’s phone rang, “What’sup Ma?”

“You! When am I gonna see you, Daddy? I miss you.” Chrissy could hear the female cooing on the phone.

“Right now, but give me about 30 minutes.” Chucky smiled thinking about the loving Vanity was about to put on him.

“I’ll be waiting!” She cooed. Chucky hung up and threw back his shot. Looking over at Chrissy, he noticed she looked pissed, ignoring her attitude her walked over, kissed her on the forehead and said, “I’m out!”

“Tell your little T.H.O.T, I said Wha’ up!” Chrissy said sarcastically. Chucky threw up the deuces and walked out the house.

Chrissy was shocked that she felt a tinge of jealousy. She was enjoying the cat and mouse game they played. Him leaving her to go have sex with a random didn’t sit right with her, she felt confused about what she was feeling.

Chucky didn’t come around for a couple more weeks, it never bothered her before but now it did. Chrissy wanted to see Chucky, so she decided to pay him a visit at the club. She walked in the club with her Dolce Cabbana mini swing dress with Louboutin strappy four inch heels. She was adorned with the matching diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings set he bought her for her birthday. Her hair was pinned up on the top of her head and hung in long spiral curls down her back. She spotted Chucky in his VIP getting a lap dance from a Beyonce look alike. She was gorgeous. Chrissy boiled in the inside but she kept it neat. She walked pass security, sat down next to Chucky and took a sip of his drink. Caught up in the stripper he didn’t notice her sitting there. Chrissy watched the stripper ride his dick and Chucky loving every minute of it. He grabbed her hips and met her ride. Chrissy couldn’t take it anymore, she stood up, grabbed the bottle of Ciroc on the table and poured it on him. Coming out of his daze, he looked up and said, “What da fuc…..” Chrissy said very calmly, “Obviously you need to be cooled off!” She said as she walked out of the VIP and out of the club. Confused about what just happened, he jumped up knocking Vanity off his lap and went after Chrissy.


Chrissy made it home. She was pissed, she felt as though she played herself. She was confused to why she was mad. She knew it was her fault that Chucky didn’t know about her new-found interest in him, but she didn’t care. He still was supposed to acknowledge her no matter what. She kicked off her shoes and let her hair down when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and Chucky stepped in and closed the door, still soak and wet. They stared at each other both lost for words, but her inner freak kicked in and a voice said, “Now is as good as any!” She grabbed Chucky by the waist of his pants and pulled him to her bed room. She removed his soaked clothes. Chucky stood there and let her have her way. Tugging at his pants they fell to the floor while she removed his wet shirt. His body was chiseled like a God. Pushing him back on the bed she removed his shoes, sock and pants as he laid there naked. She lifted her dress and crawled on top of him and started licking the stickiness from his body. Chucky was enjoying the attention she was giving him, he removed her dress and caressed every inch of her. He had imagined this night since she was 17 years old. He flipped her over on her back and devoured every inch of her. Chrissy guided his head to her flower, he slid his tongue all over her pussy and softly grabbed her button with his soft lips. Chrissy released a water fall all over his tongue, tears welled up in her eyes and she had to have him inside of her. She rolled him over and slid down on his dick and closed her pussy muscle around his rod. Chucky sucked his breath, at that moment he wasn’t sure how long he would last if this ride got any better than this. Chrissy started a nice little ride, sliding up to the tip and gliding back down his shaft. Every time she slid down, she closed her walls around him but every time she slid back up she released. Chucky felt like her pussy was sucking his dick, he couldn’t control his thoughts. She swirled her hips in a ‘S’ motion, Chucky’s lips formed an O and his breathing got shallow. She played on his manhood with a rhythmic bounce. Their skin slapped together, the sucking sound coming from her flower and her juices running down his nuts drove Chunky crazy. He lifted her up with his strong arms and placed her on her knees, forcing her face down on the bed. He brought her ass in the air arching her back and he went to work. Chrissy was known to put a spell on niggas with that bomb ass pussy between her legs but he wasn’t going to be her victim. He placed his hands on the arch of her back lifted himself in position and gave her a lashing. Chrissy never had anyone take control, she mostly turned them into little bitches so this was new to her. Chucky demanded her submission and she had no choice but to succumb. But Chrissy couldn’t just accept his dominances, she threw that ass back on him. Chucky quivered, shook, howled and cussed trying to maintain his nut. Chrissy whined, cried and begged for more. When he stuck his hand between her legs and played with her clit, Chrissy lost it and surrendered. She orgasmed so hard, cum dripped all over his dick, fingers, her thighs and soaked the bed. A couple strokes later Chucky was right behind her. Her extra wetness allowed him a nice smooth glide, and the tight clench she had on his dick caused him to vibrated and made his nuts tighten. Feeling the explosion building, Chucky squeezed his eyes so tight tears rolled down his face. Tightening his ass as sweat dripped down his back, “FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” was all he could get out. Both panting, they curled into each other, still quivering from their orgasm, Chucky said, “I love you.” He kissed Chrissy on her eyes, lips and nose. Chrissy snuggled closer, grabbed his dick and held onto it as they drifted off to sleep.


When you find out what you signed up for!

Chucky was awaken by Chrissy wrestling in her sleep, she was whining and whimpering. Her body was drenched in sweat but she was shivering. Chucky tried to embrace her but she fought. Then he felt it, moisture ran down his body when Chrissy sat up screaming, “NOOOOOOO!” Chucky shook her, “Chrissy, Baby! Wake up! Wake up!

Chrissy woke up hysterical, “There was a shot! I can’t, I can’t! Keep going through this, it driving me crazy! Chucky you got to help me! I-I-I ccan’t sleep! I’m going crazy!! Please Chucky!”

Chucky held her in his arms, soothing her, “Ok, ok Baby, I got you! I got you!

Chucky heart was beating so fast he couldn’t think. Chrissy told him she was having bad dreams but he didn’t know she was still having them and they seemed to have gotten worse. Money has been dead for close to three years and even though he missed her, he had learned to accept it but obviously Chrissy was still going through it.


Chucky called Kelso, he had to tell him about Chrissy’s nightmare. Meeting him for lunch Chucky informed Kelso of Chrissy’s nightmare and what he had witness the night he spent with her. Kelso sat there with a smirk on his face. Chucky was perplexed about the look on Kelso’s face. Chucky questioned, What?”

Kelso chuckled, “So you finally stop being a scary lil bitch and told Chrissy how you felt about her. Chucky blushed. Kelso continued, “Me and Money always knew you had a thing for her.”

Chucky shocked, “Money knew?”

“Yea Man, you wore your feeling on your sleeve, you didn’t have neither one of us fooled.” Kelso answered.

Chucky hung his head as he shook it and smiled, “Bruh, I came down here to find out what to do about Chrissy and you all in grown folks bizness!”

Kelso looked seriously at Chucky and said, “Chrissy is my business, you really think she need some help?”

“Yea Man, she is really going through it!” Chucky said as sadness covered his face. Leaving lunch, Chucky knew exactly what he was going to do with Kelso’s blessing. Chucky contacted the best psychologist in the state and made an appointment to bring Chrissy first available, now all he had to do was convince Chrissy.


Chrissy shivered as she sat in bed from just having one of her nightmares. She started to cry from lack of sleep and the feeling she was going crazy. Hearing the front door open she knew it was nobody but Chucky. He walked in the bedroom and saw a disheveled Chrissy and instantly embraced her. Chrissy melted in his arms and wept. Chucky caressed her in a loving way but couldn’t ignore the wet spot he was sitting in. “I think it’s time for you to talk to someone. I don’t think this is something that’s just going to go away.” Chrissy lifted up and looked at Chucky. “I’m not saying you crazy, I just believe you going through some things that need to be handled professionally. I made an appointment for you to talk to one of the best psychologist in the state at 3:00 today. I believe this could be the first step to getting your mind right.” Chrissy thought about it as Chucky explained and without putting up a fight she said, “OK!” Chucky relieved, kissed Chrissy on the forehead and said, “Now go get cleaned up while I change the sheets.”


Chrissy nervously sat in the waiting room. Dressed to the nine she had on lavender Dolce Cabanna dress pants with a white French cuff shirt with four-inch Lady Peep toe patent leather eggplant color Louboutin shoes and perfectly accessorized. Pulling her long mane over to one side, she checked her diamond crusted Rolex watch as she heard the receptionist called her name. She turned in her paper work and walked through the buzzing door. The building was located in the heart of Detroit in the Renaissance Center. Chrissy took a deep breath and entered into the office. Sitting at her desk was an older brown-skinned women around her 50s. When Chrissy entered the room she looked up and stood to introduce herself. Standing at 5’4” and 140 lbs, she was dressed expensively and her make-up was flawless. She had naturally curly hair, cut close on the sides, she looked as though she could be Halle Berry’s older sister.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Helen Biggs and you must be Christian Davis. How are you?” she said with a smile.

“I’m good!” Chrissy said as the Dr. guided her to sit.

Chrissy sat on the couch and Dr. Biggs sat in her chair with her note pad. After looking through her file she looked up from her glasses and dove straight in. “It says here that you’ve been having reoccurring nightmares that wake you up sweating, crying and cause you to urinate on yourself. How long have you been having these nightmares?”

Chrissy thought about it, stood up, and started pacing, “Since I was about 9 years old but I didn’t have them often, but it seems that maybe in the last three years I been having them every night. I wake up in a sweat, I’m shaking and crying, and I pee on myself. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep. It’s seem so real!”

Dr. Biggs wrote on her note pad and looked up at Chrissy as she paced the floor. “Tell me about your dream.”

Chrissy sat down on the couch and hugged herself, “It would begin as it always did. I would be asleep in my bed awaken by screams and crashing sounds. I would tiptoe out of my bed and peek out of my bedroom door. Shadows would dance off the walls and a blurry silhouette that appeared to be a man is hovering over my mother like a ghost. The vision would make me feel eerie, sweaty and pee would run down my leg. I can hear my mother beg him to leave. I would inch my way out of my room to try to get a better look than a gunshot would ring through my body and I would wake up.”

Dr. Biggs continued to write on her note pad which started to irritate Chrissy. She thought that a psychiatrist was supposed to help you but Dr. Biggs didn’t do anything but write on her note pad. Chrissy cleared her throat, which caused Dr. Biggs to look up, “There is something else.” Chrissy whispered. “Sometimes I lose track of time and don’t remember things for days at a time.” Chrissy never told anyone her little secret, she never even told Chucky. Chrissy could remember times when she would wake up and have on workout clothes and didn’t remember if she went to work out. She thought about times she felt sore from sex or had bruises on her body that she didn’t know where they came from like she had been in a fight. Hearing herself say that caused her to cry. She thought she was going crazy. Dr. Biggs handed her some tissue and continued to write.

Dr. Biggs finally spoke, “I’m sorry that you are going through this but I promise I will help you get to the bottom of this! I’m going to recommend that you have three sessions a week, does your schedule permit that?” Chrissy shook her head yes, disappointed that she wasn’t cured on the first visit. The Dr. continued, “I only schedule you for a one-hour session today and our time is up but on your way out could you make your next appointment with my receptionist and I will see you then. Watching Chrissy gather her things and walk to the door, Dr. Biggs assured her that everything is going to be o.k. She needed to gather more information about her problem first before she could diagnose her issues. Chrissy shook her head and walked out the door.

Chucky waited for Chrissy in the car. When he saw her at the door he started the car and pulled up. Seeing the sobering look on Chrissy’s face, they drove quietly home. Chucky stayed with Chrissy for the rest of the day. She curled up in his arms and fell asleep. When she woke up, she woke up a different person. They went to dinner and took a stroll around Hart Plaza. Chucky was mesmerized with Chrissy’s beauty and promised himself to protect her with everything he had. She was back to her crazy joking self. Chucky laughed at her wit and was glad that her session with Dr. Biggs didn’t keep her in a funk all day. Chucky felt that Chrissy being in a better mood gave him a chance to ask about her session. So how did everything go with the shriek?” He asked. Chrissy gave him a comedic look and said, HA! HA! FUNNY! Yall men always acting like women are crazy!” Chrissy popped him upside the head like she always did when he was throwing shade at her and said, “Yo crazy ass the one who need to lay on someone’s couch!” Chucky chuckled but felt uneasy. They ended the night with a pillow fight which lead to a couple of bouts of love making. Chrissy was really feeling Chucky, she felt calm and safe with him.


Chucky woke Chrissy up by slowly sliding into her women-hood. Chrissy woke up slightly, pleading with him to let her go take a shower and freshen up, but Chucky wanted it right then and there. “Pussy marinates at night!” Chucky said seductively in her ear. Chrissy’s pussy throbbed feeling his breath on her ear and gave into his needs. After breakfast Chucky dashed off to handle some business. His phone had been blowing up all night but he turned it off to give Chrissy his undivided attention.

Chrissy had a one o’clock appointment with Dr. Biggs. She took her shower and stood in her walk-in closet to decide what she would wear that day. She decided on a pencil mini skirt, crop top that hung off her shoulders with Gucci four- inch sling backs. She wore her hair in a sloppy bun and diamonds adorned her ears, fingers and wrist. Chrissy walked in Dr. Biggs office like she owned the place. The receptionist buzzed her in and she preceded to Dr, Biggs office. Dr. Biggs was sitting at her desk going over Chrissy’s notes from their first visit. She looked up from her glasses and greeted Chrissy as she directed her to the couch. Dr. Biggs noticed a big change in Chrissy, her mannerisms were more age appropriate then the first time she met. She thought Chrissy was conservative, poised and meticulously dress for the age of 21, but today Chrissy was more playful, sexy and dressed for a date. Dr. Biggs watched as Chrissy checked her make-up and primped in her cell phone camera. Dr. Biggs cleared her throat and said, “Let’s begin. In your last session you told me about your reoccurring nightmare you have been experiencing. I would like to back up and talk about your childhood, tell me about it. Do you have any siblings?”

“Yes I have two sisters, Beany and Cola, we’re triplets.

“How is your relationship with them?” asked Dr. Biggs

“Awesome! Chrissy said with a smile, we have always been close, I love my sisters with all my heart.”

“What about your parents? What kind of relationship did you have with them? Dr. Biggs asked. “I didn’t know my Dad, he went to prison when I was a baby and was killed, but my mother was amazing. She was classy, confident and beautiful!” Chrissy smiled but sadness covered her face as her eyes swelled up with tears. Dr. Biggs noticed and quickly handed her a box of Kleenex. Chrissy continued, “But she died a couple of years ago, due to an accident at her job. Chrissy’s face changed from sadness to anger. She knew what happen at the club wasn’t an accident, but she recovered and wiped her tears.

Dr. Biggs flipped through Chrissy’s questionnaire and reviewed what she wrote. “Who is Kelso?”

“Kelso was my mother’s fiance’, she and him were engaged to get married before she died. He is like a Daddy to me, he is a good man.

“So you feel as though you had a normal healthy childhood?” Dr. Biggs asked.

“Yea, It was pretty normal, I don’t have any complaints. My mother spoiled me, I had everything I wanted or needed, she was a good mother!” Chrissy answered truthfully.

“That’s good! How have you been handling your mother’s death; I know that was a hard situation to deal with losing your mother at such a young age.” Dr. Biggs questioned.

Yea, it was rough, I miss her a lot but she’s in God’s hands and you never supposed to question God’s decisions.” Chrissy answered with sadness.

“Is that when your nightmares became more frequent?” Dr. Biggs asked.

“Yea, now that you mentioned it, I did start to have that nightmare every night after my mother’s death.” Chrissy said like a light bulb just popped on. “Do you think that’s what wrong with me? Is there a pill that you can give me to stop all this craziness?

Dr. Biggs smirked, “No Chrissy, it doesn’t exactly work like that.” Chrissy’s face changed to a pout. “But don’t worry I will find out the best way for you to rid yourself of those nightmares.” I think we need to get to know each other better and you have to trust me, I am here for you, you understand?”

Chrissy sat and thought about what she was saying, “Yes I get it, so what do we do now Doc?”

Dr, Biggs smiled at the playful spirit she had about her. She definitely was a different person that she met yesterday. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Chrissy blushed like a 16 year old girl and said “Yeahhhh, sorta, kinda….. We just got together. He has been a part of my family since I can remember. His mother and my mother were best friends so he was kinda like a brother to me but now that we are older we started to kinda dig each other!”

“He’s been around your whole life?” Dr. Biggs inquired.

“Yeap!” Chrissy beamed.

Dr. Biggs started writing in her notes again. Looking at the time, Dr. Biggs wrapped up their sessions and walked Chrissy out the door. She was happy to see Chrissy embrace her sessions and not let it weigh her down, but Dr. Biggs couldn’t help but feel something else was stirring.

Chrissy left the office, jumped in her car and decided to drive around downtown Detroit and enjoy the beautiful weather. She called Chucky but got no answer so she drove down to the club to surprise him. When she entered the club Chucky was going over his liquor order. Chrissy walked up behind him and slid her arms around his waist and grabbed his dick and licked his ear lobe. Chucky turned around with a distorted face, “You Bitches better quite playing, I got a women and I ain’t thin……!” Chrissy smiled her perfect 32’s and mimicked him, “Oh you got a woman huh?” Chucky smiled, “Yea I do, and if she caught you feeling me up like that it would be hell to pay!” Chrissy stepped closer to him and said, “Well she ain’t here right now so why don’t you show me what you working with!” They both laughed and Chucky placed soft kisses on her lips, cheeks, and neck. Chucky’s insides were jumping all over the place as he thought, “Man I love this girl!”


Chrissy started looking forward to her sessions with Dr. Biggs. She enjoyed talking to her about any and everything, she felt free to express her emotions and tell her all her little secrets. Dr. Biggs enjoyed Chrissy as well, but she felt as though it was something about Chrissy she hasn’t tapped into yet. Chrissy entered her office the next day dressed in all leather with thigh-hi boots on, her hair pulled straight with dark lipstick on. Still as beautiful but just different. She appeared to be more rough around the edges, unbothered and cool.

Dr. Biggs started as she always did, reviewed her notes and started asking questions, “Today I would like to go back to your nightmares you’ve been experiencing. When is the last time you had your dream?”

“Well I wouldn’t necessarily call it a nightmare; it was something that happened but I took care of that nigga!” Chrissy hissed.

Surprised by her statement Dr. Biggs looked up at Chrissy, “What do you mean?”

“When I was about nine years old I woke up to a loud thug and I tiptoed out my room to find out what the hell was going on. My mother was laying on the floor while this big man was attacking her, I knew where my mother kept her gun so I went in her room, grabbed the gun, went into the living room and told him to get off my mama. He thought I was playing, so I shot him!” Chrissy said as she hunched her shoulders.

Dr. Biggs showed no emotion to what she just said but was devastated on the inside. “So are you telling me that this was an incident that really happened, not a bad dream you’ve been having? Dr. Biggs asked with a perplexed look.

“Naw that ain’t no damn dream, that’s real life! Chrissy said matter of factly.

Dr. Biggs started writing on her note pad again and Chrissy flipped through her cell phone.

“Do you think on your next scheduled appointment your sisters could come to your session with you, most time we like to have a round table with the family, it helps get down to the bottom line.” Dr. Biggs asked.

“Sure that’s not a problem, I will schedule my next shrink appointment on my way out? Catch you later Doc.” Chrissy walked out of the office.

Dr. Biggs was confused to what she just heard. Putting two and two together she realized that Chrissy had a traumatic experience at a young age, suppressed it and now it’s coming back in the form of a nightmare. She felt that maybe this is what her gut has been telling her which explains that uneasy feeling she got after every session. She decided to do a little research on Chrissy to get a look at the situation full circle so she pulled school records, medical records, immunizations, etc. The next time Chrissy came in she would be armed with everything she needed to know in order to help Chrissy with her problem.


How many???

Chrissy drove through the street of Detroit with precision, with her sisters in tow. Running a little late she impatiently honked her horn at slow drivers trying to get pass them. She entered the office kind of rushed but made it just in time for her 1:00 appointment. As usual Dr. Biggs was sitting at her desk looking over some paperwork. Chrissy and her 2 sisters walked in the office and simultaneously said hi, Dr. Biggs looked up and said, “Hello Chrissy, I was hoping that we could dive right in, but everyone is not here yet. Where are your sisters?”

Chrissy giggled, “They are right here, don’t tell me you can’t tell these are my sisters, we’re triplets!”

Dr. Biggs walked from around her desk with a perplexed look on her face. She decided to go along with Chrissy and see where it led her. “So now, referring back to the last session we left off where you were telling me about the incident that happened when you were nine when you shot an intruder that was attacking your mother, let’s go back to that day. What can you tell me about that day, Necola?”

Chrissy rolled her eyes as to say it was no big deal. Chrissy scooted up to the edge of the couch with her legs open and her hands clasped. “I like to be called Cola, no one calls me Necola but yea what about it? I mean it is what it is, the nigga got froggy and I shot his ass! As simple as that!”

Dr. Biggs just witnessed a switch in personalities right before her eyes. To make sure she was seeing what she just saw she continued her questioning, “O.K. Chrissy can you tell me about this incident Necola just spoke on?” Dr. Biggs closely watched as Chrissy sat back crossed her legs and straightened her back. She pursed her lips and started to speak, “I don’t know exactly what I see in my nightmare it’s kinda fuzzy and clouded. It’s more of what I feel I see then really what I’m visually seeing.”

So you’re talking about the bad dreams you been having? Dr. Biggs questioned.

“Yes, what else would I be referring to?” asked Chrissy.

Dr. Biggs started writing on her note pad. Chrissy flipped through her Instagram page and giggled like a school girl at some of the post. Looking up from her notes, Dr. Biggs stared at Chrissy, she was so adorable and happy but other times she was conservative and reserved but would turn ghetto and hood right before her eyes. So Dr. Biggs decided to try something, flipping through her notes as though she was trying to find a name she said, “So do you have any memory of the incident we are referring to……ummmmmm, I’m sorry I thought I had all your names right here and you are….?”

Chrissy looked up from her phone and said, “Bianca but everyone calls me Beany. My sister told me about you and I always thought head doctors were weirdos, but you seem pretty cool!” Beany had a perky high spirited, sweet, young personality. She acted as though she didn’t have a care in the world. Smiling from ear to ear she continued, “I don’t have any recollection about this situation, your honor!” Beany busted out laughing at her own joke. Dr. Biggs had to admit she almost laughed herself but stifled a smile to remain professional.

There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Dr. Biggs shouted. Her receptionist Betty entered, “Here is the fax you have been waiting for Dr. Biggs could I get you anything else?”

“No thank you Betty, that would be all.” Dr. Biggs responded.

Dr. Biggs flipped through the documents she just received, her heart stopped when you she looked over Chrissy’s birth certificate. Taking a breath before she spoke, “Chrissy, I’m confused about something, maybe you can help me clear some things up?”

Chrissy threw her cell phone in her bag and gave Dr. Biggs her undivided attention, “How can I be of help?”

Dr. Biggs located the place she was looking for and picked up her highlighter and highlighted the place that she was referring to, “On your birth certificate it says that your mother gave birth to a set of triplets, but two were still born and only one survived. You, Christian Davis.”

Chrissy shrugged her shoulders and calmly said, “Well it’s obviously a clerical error, as you can see my sisters are here alive and kicking.” She smiles as she turned and hand gestured as though there were a person sitting on both sides of her.

Dr. Biggs had one last question that would seal the deal of what she was thinking, “Chrissy, you mentioned in our first session you experience headaches?”

“All the time, I been getting them since I was a little girl” Chrissy answered.

Dr. Biggs stood up and walked around her desk, picked up her desk phone, hit the intercom and said, “Betty could you cancel my 3:00 and get Charles Nickles on the phone for me.”

“Will do.” Betty responded.

Beany looked around at her sisters confused, “What you calling Chucky for?”

Cola fell back on the couch, “Oh Jesus she calling Daddy on us! What does Chucky have to do with all this?”

Chrissy smirked at Dr. Biggs and said, “It’s ok Dr. I don’t mind, after all he is footing the bill. These two just trippin’ because Chucky has always watched over us like a hawk our whole life and sometimes he was doing the most!” Chrissy pulled out her compact to check her make-up and her hair, closed the compact and readjusted herself sexily on the couch.

30 Minutes later….

Chucky entered Dr. Biggs’ office with a slow swag, “You needed to see me Doc?” He walked over to Chrissy and she stood to match his embrace. After kissing her lovingly on the lips they sat down and Chucky instantly wrapped Chrissy in his arms. Dr. Biggs studied the couple, she felt the energy and love they had for each other. She smiled at them but was sadden at the thought of Chucky being in love with a troubled young woman.

Dr. Biggs flipped through her notes, deciding on the best way to say what she was about to tell Chucky. Not sure how to explain her prognosis Dr. Biggs decided to hypnotize Chrissy. “Charles I have a prognosis, and you might have to witness it, to believe it. I need you to come sit over here.” Chucky got up and sat in the chair that was assigned. “Chrissy lay back on the couch and just relax and breath slowly. Don’t be afraid I have done this thousands of times and it’s harmless. I’m going to hypnotize you so I can understand where your dreams are coming from, I think I have concluded the problem but this way I can be sure.” Dr. Biggs placed a chair next to Chrissy, “Relax, breathe through your nose exhale out of your mouth. I want you to start at 100 and count backwards.”

Chrissy started, “100,99,98,97,96,95,94,93,92,91…….”

Dr. Biggs in a soothing voice coached, “Breathe, relax, just relax.”

Chucky looked on waiting to see what all this was about, as Chrissy fell into a deep sleep Dr. Biggs called on Chrissy to wake up. Chrissy balled up into a fetal position and whimpered. Chucky jumped to come to her rescue but the Dr. Biggs stopped him. Chrissy hugged her self so tight like she was holding on for dear life, she wailed and her arms flew open like she was being ripped away from something. Dr. Biggs calmed her down after she made notes on her pad. Coaching her to move farther in her life Chrissy started to swing her arms like she was pillow fighting, she laughed and giggled as she ducked, dodged and swung at the air. Out of breath Chrissy laid down and fell asleep. Dr. Biggs waited for her breathing to slow before coaching her to go to another part of her life. Chrissy folded her arms like a spoiled child and shouted, “Which one of these Bitches got a problem with you Beany!” Chrissy started wrestling around on the couch and started punching the pillow like she was in a fight. She had so much anger in her eyes she growled, “BITCH TOUCH HER AGAIN AND I’M GONNA BEAT THAT ASS AGAIN!” Dr. Biggs soothed her to get her to calm down and relax. Chucky’s mouth was open and his mind was whirling, thinking, “Who the hell was Beany?” He knew he had heard Chrissy call herself that, but he thought she was just changing her name being silly.”

Dr. Biggs cooed, “Now I want you to go to your nightmare, search your mind to the incident when your mother was being attacked. Can you see her on the floor? Picture the man standing over her, can you see him?” Chrissy’s eyes widened, and fear overtook her, she shivered and urinated on herself. Chucky’s heart was pounding as he felt her fear. Chrissy laid back down but popped back up. Her face was distorted like a mad man, her eyes showed no emotions and her fist was balled up. Her eyes darted around the room and she slowly held her hand up and aimed like a gun, “Nigga! Let my mommie go!” she screamed. Chrissy flew backwards like something knocked her back. She laid back and drifted back off to sleep. Chucky’s breathing was labored, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The girl he knew and loved for most of his life had multiple personality. That scared Chucky, he didn’t know if he could handle being involve with a woman with this type of dysfunction. Dr. Biggs looked at Chucky with remorse. She knew that this kind of issue could tear a couple apart. She saw the love Chucky had for Chrissy, but was it enough?

Dr. Biggs wrote in her notes again, she decided to speak to each individual, considering that Chrissy had the dreams and Beany didn’t appear to know anything about her mother’s assault. She said, “Cola, I’m assuming you were the one that defended your mother, can we talk?”

Cola stood up from the couch and stretched, “Yea, what up Doc?” She giggled a little at her own blunder.

Can you tell me about that night? Dr. Biggs asked.

“Sheesh! how many times do I have to repeat this story, O.K. for the last time. Me and Chrissy woke up one night to a lot of crashing noises, Chrissy got up to check it out but when she came back in the room she was crying, she told me a man was beating up my momma. I told her to get in the bed with Beany, who never woke up, and I would handle it. I creped out the room and that’s when I saw him, dude from the club assaulting her. I ran to her room, got her gun and shot him, I didn’t kill him though, my aim was off. He ran out the house when we heard sirens.” Cola threw her hands up, “And that was it, no harm no foul.

Chucky’s face was drained, he first thought about how many times he thought Chrissy was acting hood and teased her about it. He couldn’t believe he never picked up on this. Chrissy’s mood swings, not remembering things that she had done….. and who was dude from the club? “Wait a minute, Sinister assaulted Money when Chrissy was nine!” Dr. Biggs shhhh Chucky and held her hand up to let him know to stay quiet.

“Dude from the club, who was he?” Dr Biggs asked.

“I didn’t know him at the time but the night Chucky took us to the club, I remembered him. I knew exactly who he was as soon as I laid eyes on him. I searched for the bullet scar on his shoulder the night Beany sex him and sure enough it was him!” Cola growled.

Dr. Biggs shocked, “You had sex with him?”

“HELL NAW! That was Beany!” Cola said.

Yes, I fucked him! Beany said. I did what I had to do to get the code for Chucky, plus he was kinda sexy.” She giggled.

Chucky’ heart raced, his head was spinning. Sinister has cause this family so much pain. Jail wasn’t good enough anymore he had to GET GOT! Chucky bite his lip trying to retain himself. He waved Dr. Biggs off to let her know he had enough and heard enough.

Dr. Biggs soothe Chrissy and counted her back to consciousness. Chrissy woke up bewildered. She looked at Chucky and saw the look on his face, “What?” she asked. Noticing she was wet she instantly became embarrassed. She asked to be excused to clean herself up. Dr. Biggs allowed her to use her private bathroom. With Chrissy out of the room, Dr. Biggs had an opportunity to speak to Chucky alone.

“I’m afraid that Chrissy is suffering from DID Dissociative Identity Disorder. Chucky looked at her like she had two heads. She explained, Chrissy has multiple personalities, that’s why the headaches, mood swings, forgetfulness, change in personalities. The sad part is, there is no cure. The best I could tell you is she would be in therapy for the rest of her life.

Chucky’s eyes watered as he hung his head. Dr. Biggs did her best to explain each personality, Chrissy is the primary personality, she is the host that the other two lived inside. They serve their purpose when needed. Cola is the muscle; she protects Chrissy when she gets into confrontational situations. Beany is the part that makes Chrissy friendly, approachable and men gravitate towards her sexiness. It seems as though the loss of her sisters at birth was traumatic and she developed these additional personalities because of it. The situation with her nightmare, Chrissy was awakened from her sleep after hearing the loud bumping, then she witnessed her mother’s attack, but Cola stepped in and protected Chrissy and her mother. That’s why the nightmare seems so real, because the beginning is what she witnessed and it becomes a blur when Cola took over. Seeing her mother being attacked caused more emotional trauma to an already fragile little girl. Chrissy doesn’t seem to be a threat to herself or others so I could see her on an out-patient basis but she will need continuous aggressive therapy.”

Chrissy walked back into the room and whined, “I’m ready to go home.” Dr. Biggs walked behind her desk and wrote out a prescription to help her sleep. Chucky grabbed Chrissy by the hand and exited the office.


On the way home Chucky was deep in thought, He didn’t know how to address Chrissy. He glanced over at her while she fixed her make-up, complaining how smeared her make-up was. Chucky smiled at how beautiful she was and even with her issues he loved her with all his heart. Chrissy felt his stare. She lifted the mirror and laughed, “What’s wrong with you Big Head?”

“Huh?” Chucky said.

“Duh…. You staring like you watching a movie.” Chrissy laughed.

“Oh! Ummm I was just admiring how beautiful you are.” Chucky shyly said.

“Boy, gon’ with that, you swear you a mack, save that for your little chicken heads!” Chrissy joked.

Chucky knew that he had to be talking to Beany, she was the fun comical side of Chrissy. This switching in and out of personality was going to take some getting use to but he liked the interchange.

“You hungry?” Chucky asked.

“Yeah, I could eat, let’s go to Lou’s Deli and get a David Drip, some fries and some banana pudding!” Beany said as she rubbed her flat belly.

“Lou’s Deli it is!” Chucky chuckled as he shook his head, “Girl, you are so greedy, I have no idea where you put it.”

“Just get me something to eat!’ Beany said as she slapped him in the back of his head.

They stopped by the deli and got their food to go. They decided to sit on the patio and enjoy their food. The sun was setting and it was a warm 80-degree summer evening. Chucky lite up a blunt and passed it to Beany. Chucky joked with Beany about getting spit on the tip of his blunt, “Hey don’t get my blunt wet with those big ole’ soup coolers of yours!” Beany rolled her eyes and took a deep pull, passing it back to Chucky. Chucky took slow drags watching Beany enjoy the high that was taking over her. He looked up at the sky and thanked God for her and asked him to give him patient and strength to do right by her. Looking over at Chucky, she took in his essence from his neat dreads, smooth skin and strong arms. Her body quivered at the thought of her being in his arms. Chucky felt her stare and licked his lips, “Now who’s staring like they watching a movie?”

Beany stood up, walked over to him and pried his legs open with hers. Chucky spread his legs invitingly. Getting on her knees she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his already erect member, never breaking her stare. Chucky anticipated her soup coolers that he had just teased her about. Chucky stared in her eyes and saw a change in her stare, he saw lust. He now knew the difference between Chrissy and Beany. Chucky grabbed her by her hair with both of his hands and guided her down to his dick. She licked and sucked his dick like a popscicle. Sucking on the head, engulfing him in one long stroke, sliding her tongue down the sides and nibbling on his nuts. Chucky shiver in his nuts as he felt himself ready to explode. Beany had him whimpering like a little girl. Beany pulled him from the chair into a stand and leaned her body back to the ground as she pulled Chucky on top of her. Chucky got into a push up position and slowly stroked her mouth. She grabbed his ass, holding him in place as she went to work on him. Chucky went to work on her mouth like it was her pussy. She opened her throat to oblige him. Chucky couldn’t take the assault on his dick anymore and tried to pull out to release himself, but Beany grabbed his ass to keep him in place, deep throated his whole dick as she ran he tongue over his nuts. Tears formed in his eyes as he squeezed them tight, he pumped furiously, tightened his ass, taking long strokes. Not being able to hold out any longer he released in her mouth as Beany continued to suck and swallow every drop of him. Chucky grabbed his dick, the shocks that shot through him weakening him and had him feeling light headed. Beany massaged his nuts as she glared up at Chucky with a sinister grin on her face. She knew she just fucked his world up. Chucky couldn’t gather his mind, body and soul together, she had truly wiped him out. The only thing that he could think was, “FUCK! SHE SUCKED THE SHIT OUT MY DICK! FUCK!” as his body continued to shake.

The vibration of his phone snapped him out of his thoughts. He just remembered that he turned his phone off when her entered Dr. Biggs office. Looking down at his phone, he had several missed calls and a couple of text. He opened his text from Stix, his pick up man. His job was to pick up the money from every trap house and keep the trap houses supplied. Chucky grimace at the text messages:

“CRAZI 8’s MONEY WAS FUCKED UP FOR THE SECOND TIME! I DIDN’T LEAVE ANY CUP CAKES BECAUSE HE’S STILL SHORT FROM THE LAST TIME AND HE HAD THE NERVE TO TALK SHIT! HE SAID YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY WHEN HE GIVES IT TO YOU!! HIS BAKERY IS SHUT DOWN, WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?” Chucky mumbled “This nigga is starting to be a problem!” Chucky started gathering his clothes as he ran to clean himself up. When he returned, Beany was nowhere to be founded. He texted Stix as he walked to his car: “I WILL HANDLE IT!!!”

Chucky jumped in his car and was shocked to see Beany sitting in the passenger seat. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and changed into a pair of leather pants with a short crop jacket and some combat boots. Her face was stern and serious but even then she was beautiful. Chucky started shaking his head no. “Bae, what you doing? You can’t go with me I got to go handle some business.”

“I’m going with you cause you need back up, I’m your ride or die nigga, this bitch fuckin’ up the money yo’ let’s go twist this nigga’s cap back!” She snapped.

Staring deeply in her eyes Chucky noticed how cold they were. They were the eyes of a killer, he no longer saw Chrissy the soft conservative diva he fell in love with, he no longer saw the sexy fun loving Beany that just sucked his dick like a porn star, he saw a stone cold soldier, Cola.

Chucky ran the idea through his mind. He knew he had a woman that was down for him in so many ways, she was everything he needed in one women. She had three distinct personalities, a wife, a sex kitten and a gangster! What else could a man ask for. Chucky knew right then and there he was going to wife her. Chucky smirked at her and asked, “You sure you down for this?

Cola popped a clip in her 17 shot 9mm, cocked it to make sure one was in the chamber, nodded her head and said, “LET’S GO ROCK THIS NIGGA TO SLEEP!”

Part 2 coming soon!

Behind Every Boss There's a Bae

Although Chucky and Chrissy's history began as a childhood friendship, their sweet taste of revenge is what drew them together. Sinister is the man who assaulted Chucky's mother over a business deal gone wrong. Drugs, murder, and betrayal are the fueling ingredients that ignite the plan which puts Chucky at the top of the game and satisfying his thirst for revenge against the man who'd wreaked so much havoc in his life. Chrissy knew exactly what she had to do the first time Sinister laid eyes on her. Masterminding the plan to set them in place to infiltrate Sinister's organization became her mission. She uses her charm, sex appeal, and street smarts to dethrone the king of the streets who killed her mother in cold blood. Her boss move puts her man, Chucky, in his rightful place at the top, and her right beside him, holding him down. In part one of Behind Every Boss, There's A Bae, Chucky and Chrissy take you on their whirlwind romance while plotting and scheming to take over Detroit's drug game.

  • ISBN: 9781370029730
  • Author: Delphine Publications
  • Published: 2016-11-24 02:35:14
  • Words: 39633
Behind Every Boss There's a Bae Behind Every Boss There's a Bae