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Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles


**]The Lucy Walker Chronicles

Michael Lee Ables Jr.



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Before: The Lucy Walker Chronicles

A few weeks ago

Before: The Lucy Walker Chronicles

Lucy stood on the porch looking at the road. Her parents had been gone for almost a week. She had hoped to see them come walking. “Anything yet?” she shook her head, and turned to look at her brother Frankie. “Go, and get packed.” We’ll be heading to town in a few hours.” He nodded, and ran back into the house. She looked over at the barns. The blast had knocked off one roof, and shaken the other one doing some damage. She wished she knew what had happened.

Back inside, Lucy threw a few things in her bag, and headed downstairs. Frankie was waiting for her at the bottom. “Are you sure we should be going?” she brushed past him. “It’s what dad said to do.” They walked up to the road. Frankie stayed a few feet in front of her. “Don’t go running off!” They walked for a few hours, and came to their next door neighbors. The house was destroyed. They walked around a large brick wall. Lucy shook her head looking at the devastation. “Where are they?” she shook her head. “I don’t know, let’s get out of here!” she grabbed him by the arm, and led him away. “Didn’t mom and dad go looking for them?” she nodded. “They are in the woods”. She pointed to her left. “Dad thought he knew where they had gone.” She turned and looked over her shoulder. There in the far woods she thought she saw something. She turned back around, increasing her pace.

They entered town. They looked at both sides, of what use to be main street. “Wow, can you believe this?” the town was in ruins. The buildings were mostly destroyed. As they made their way to the center of town, a group of people slowly started to appear. “Go back now!” she looked over at her brother. “They will help us.” As they drew closer one of the men walked out to meet them. “Do you speak English? Turn around and go back where you came from.” She looked at the skinny man. He had very little hair. His clothes were soiled and raggedy. “We came for help.” The man laughed. “Look around sweetie, there is nothing here.” He walked up to her. “Well now aren’t you just a pretty little thing.” His hand went up and brushed some of her hair out of her face. “I’ve always liked red heads.” She quickly brushed his hand away. “We just need some help.” Once again the man let out a laugh, turned and looked at his friends. “They only need help!” he turned back around and looked at them. “I’m sorry miss, but there is nothing left. Look around, now please turn around and go!” Lucy was determined. “Please!” the man turned and looked at her. “Well I can see you need some encouragement.” He reached into his coat and pulled out a gun. He walked over to Frankie and pointed it between his eyes. “Do I need to ask you again?” Lucy grabbed her brother and pulled him back. “Please, we are the Walker’s” he laughed. “That name doesn’t mean anything anymore my dear, it’s the end of the world.” Lucy grabbed Frankie and turned around. “Where are we going to?” she shook her head. “Back home I guess. At least there’s food.”

They walked up to a building, and quickly turned around. Screams filled the air. She looked over at the woods. “Go, and stand over there now!” she pushed him to the side. She turned looking around the corner of the building. A huge group of people was coming down the street. She reached up covering her ears. The Smacking sound was deafening. She saw them biting into the people and pulling away chunks of flesh. She looked at Frankie. She turned back and watched as the towns people started to shoot. She saw the man that greeted them step out and shoot a woman with long hair. She saw the bullet make contact but the woman kept coming towards him. He kicked her knocking her back. The woman rushed forward and bit into his neck. She closed her eyes as he let out a scream and blood poured from the wound.

She turned back to Frankie, and gasped. There behind him was a man. Before she could say anything, the man grabbed Frankie. She pulled a flashlight out of her bag and smacked the man in the head. He stumbled back. The two of them quickly covered their mouth and noses. The man’s belly was ripped open. His internals hung freely. He quickly rushed forward and grabbed Frankie’s arm. Lucy tried with all of her strength to push the man off of her brother. The thing pulled her brothers arm to its mouth and bit into it. Frankie let out a scream. Lucy smacked it in the head again, and pulled her brother close. She reached into her bag and pulled out one of her t-shirts. She quickly wrapped his arm, and pulled him away down the street towards home. As she looked over her shoulder, she saw the man coming after them. Lucy picked up her pace.

Frankie wailed going down the road. Lucy kept firm pressure on the bite to stop the bleeding. “Don’t worry you will be ok.” She looked at her own hands, at the blood. She glanced over her shoulder, but there was no one there. She breathed a huge sigh of relief.

They entered their own kitchen. Finally, safety. Lucy walked over to the sink pulling Frankie. “Come on we have to clean the wound.” He cried a little as she unwrapped it. She reached up and turned on the water, and ran it over his arm. “Why did he bite me, and why was the towns people screaming?” she just shook her head. “I don’t know.” She grabbed a towel and they sat down at the table. “How do you feel?” she looked at him. He was pale from the blood loss. “Not too good. I’m sleepy.” “Well come on, let’s get you to the basement to lay down.” Lucy helped Frankie down the stairs. She looked around the basement. It’s been cold and dreary sleeping down here, but she didn’t dare sleep upstairs. She pulled back the quilt and let him crawl in. “Rest a little while, and I’ll go fix us something to eat.”

Lucy looked up at all of the food. She opened the fridge. Thank goodness they still had power. She smiled to herself. Her father was a great man, and this farm had many secrets. Secrets people would kill for. She pulled out some milk, and sat it on the counter. She turned around and looked at the pantry. She pulled down a jar of pork, and some dried potatoes.

Lucy carried the food back to her brother. He was sitting up. “You feeling better?” he shook his head. She sat the plate of food down on the bed, and sat in her cot across from him. “Well, try eating. It will make you feel better.” Frankie picked up the plate. His hand shook as he scooped up some meat. She watched as he stuffed it into his mouth. “See now isn’t that good?” he nodded. Seconds later he was throwing it up. Lucy looked down at the chewed meat, and gobs of blood. “What’s wrong with me?” she hurried over and hugged him. “Were going to need help. Maybe I should go look for mom and dad. Maybe I can find Lee and his family?” she stood up. “I’ll clean this up.” She hurried upstairs. She walked out onto the porch and looked up at the road. She started to cry. She knew she had to go and get help, she didn’t have a choice. She walked back into the house and grabbed the mop.

Downstairs Frankie had already covered back up. She picked up his plate. She walked over. “You’re hurt. Frankie, I’m going for help.” She ran back up the stairs. She grabbed her bag and stuffed a few bags of jerky, and a bottle of water. She went back downstairs and sat a few bottles of water beside him. She kissed him on the forehead.

Outside, she stopped on the road and looked back at the house. She hoped she could find her parents or Lee and his Family. She had to find someone.


A few weeks ago

Lee sat in the living room with his dad and grandpa watching the game. “Go and turn it up!” Lee rushed over. “For goodness sakes, turn that off, and come and eat.” They all made grumpy sounds, as they headed to the kitchen. The table was already sat with lots of food. This was their weekly tradition. A huge family meal. They all took their spots. “Well what are you waiting for it’s getting cold.” Lee looked over at his grandma. She was always touchy when it came to meals. Lee grabbed the bowel of mashed potatoes and spooned a good helping onto his plate. “Pass the chops please!” his dad handed him the plate. Sarah his sister looked at him. “Where do you put all of that?” he just grinned at her, and continued putting helping servings of everything.

They all sat eating. They all enjoyed these meals. Then KABOOM! The house flew to pieces. They all hit the floor as rumble fell all around them. Lee pushed the rumble off of him. He dug round and found Sarah beside him. “Are you ok?” she nodded dusting herself off. They stood watching as the rest of the family did the same. “What’s happened Jim?” Lee looked over at his father. “I don’t know Darla.” They all stepped over what use to be their home. The night air was chilly. They stood back looking at what their home was. “If it wasn’t for that old rock wall we’d all be with the lord.” Jim walked over and hugged his mom. “What could have done this?” they turned and looked towards town. They could hear explosions all around them. “I want all of you to go to the car and stay there. Turn on the radio and see if it says anything.” He turned back towards the house. “Dad, can I come?” he turned and nodded. “Get anything we can use to stay warm.” The rummaged through the debris. “We’ll setup over there in the barn until tomorrow.” They rummaged around and dug out some of their coats. “Lee go and check on everyone.” He watched as Lee turned and headed towards the car.

Jim turned to the old pot belly stove. He almost had a nice roaring fire going. He turned and looked at his families worried faces. They had dug around and found some quilts and pillows. They had sat up their old camping cots. Jim walked over and pushed the barn doors closed. He looked at his family. “What happened daddy? Where are we going to live?” he rushed forward and wrapped his daughter in a hug. “I don’t know baby.” He walked over and sat down on his cot. “Everyone, I don’t know what happened.” He held onto Sarah. “Tomorrow we’ll salvage whatever we can.” He looked over at Darla as she started to cry. “All of those years, gone.” Jim sat Sarah down and walked over to her. “It’s just a house, and those are just things. Look around, we are ok, being together is all that matters.” She leaned in and gave him a kiss.

Jim stood out front of the barn looking at the house. He couldn’t believe it was gone. The only thing left standing was the old rock wall that was part of the original house when his great grand parents bought it. “It will be ok son.” He turned and looked at his father. “I don’t know dad, just look at it.” He shuffled his feet as he walked towards the rumble that use to be his home. He dug through the rumble pulling out family pictures and anything they could use. He made his way to the cellar door and opened it. He flashed his light down. He looked up to thank god. The food was still intact. “Is it all ok?” he turned and nodded at Darla. He walked over and hugged her. “I just can’t believe the house is gone. What could have done this?” he let go and stood back. “I’d say it was some kind of blast.” The two of them turned and looked at his father and nodded.

They spent the next week harboring anything they could. Jim watched for people, but there were no travelers on the road. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around what could have happened. He picked up the last box of food and carried it to the barn. He looked around at everyone as he entered. They had now setup the beds they had taken from house. He sat the box down with the rest of the food. “Well that’s the last of it.” He sat down in a chair. “What are we going to do?” he looked over at his mom and Darla. “I don’t know what we can do. We’ll just stay here until someone comes looking for us.” They stood shaking their heads. “Maybe we should go to town?” he stood up. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. There was a lot of smoke, and fires towards town.” He sat back down. His father got up and looked out the doors. “Well we can’t stay here with winter coming.” Jim turned and looked at his family. “We have no choice, but to wait for the army. I’m sure they will be going around checking on everyone. We’ll use the wood from the house to make this barn safe for now.” He turned and walked outside.

Jim looked back at the barn. He could smell dinner cooking. He looked around at his homestead. There was nothing left here. “Come on Jim, dinner is ready.” He scuffed back to the barn. They all sat around the table eating.

“Well doesn’t that smell good.” Jim jumped up and looked at the two men standing in the door. “Can we help you?” Jim moved in front of his family. His father, and Lee soon joined him. “Yeah, I guess you can. We’ll take some of that food.” The man started towards their supplies, when Jim stepped in front of him. “I don’t think so. Please get off of my property.” The other man joined his friend. Jim watched as the two of them reached into their back pockets, and pulled out knives. “One way or another well be taking that food.” The man rushed Jim. Jim side stepped and cracked the man between the shoulder blades. He hit the ground winded. Jim barely had time to reach up and stop the knife from stabbing him. He brought his knee up as hard as he could between the man’s legs. Then from his right he heard a gunshot. He looked over to see the other guy fall to his knees holding his knife, and then hit the ground face first. Jim struggled with the other guy, he pushed him back, and then Jim heard another shot. The man grabbed his chest, and sank to his knees. He looked up and held out his bloody hands. “We only wanted some food.”

Jim turned and looked at his family. “We can’t stay here.” He took the rifle from his father. He looked at the gun. “The cave, it’s our only option.”

Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles

  • ISBN: 9781311773333
  • Author: Michael Ables, Jr
  • Published: 2016-06-25 20:35:07
  • Words: 2689
Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles Before The Lucy Walker Chronicles