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Part 2

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Table of Contents


Gone Camping

Good Dreams, Bad Dreams

Yummy, Yummy Desserts

A Bright Idea

Catching the Stars

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[] Gone Camping

“Timmy,” said Mother. “I need some help with the tent.”

“Okay!” exclaimed Timmy, dropping what he was doing. “Does this mean we are going camping?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “We are going to go camping.”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Timmy.

Timmy loved camping. It was his favorite activity to do.

“Where are we going to go camping?” asked Timmy, helping Mother put the tent into the car.

“It is a secret,” said Mother.

“Oh,” said Timmy. “I like secrets.”

“Good,” said Mother. “This is a secret that I am sure you are going to like.”

“Are we going to go camping by the lake?” asked Timmy.

“Sort of,” said Mother. “I am not going to tell you where we are going camping until we get there.”

“Is it going to be a short little drive up the road?” asked Timmy.

“Oh no,” said Mother. “This is going to be a very long drive.”

“I like very long drives,” said Timmy.

Mother and Timmy went into the house and packed up some clothes and other belongings. They got into the car and started driving toward their camping destination.

“We have been driving for a long time,” said Timmy. “Are we there yet?”

“We have been driving for about ten minutes,” said Mother. “We have about another two hours to go.”

“Two more hours!” exclaimed Timmy. “Wow! We really are going on a long drive to where we are going to camp. Why are we going so far away?”

“You will see when we get there,” said Mother. “I know you are going to love our camping destination.”

“I do love camping,” said Timmy.

“I know you do,” said Mother. “And that is why I wanted this camping trip to be special.”

Timmy finally fell asleep while Mother drove the two hours.

“Timmy,” he heard a familiar voice, shaking him awake.

Timmy opened his eyes and he saw his Grandpa standing in the door of the car.

“Grandpa!” exclaimed Timmy. “Mommy said we were going to go camping.”

“You are,” said Grandpa. “You are going to go camping in my backyard.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Timmy. “This is going to be the best camping trip ever!”

Timmy, Grandpa and Mother had a great camping trip together. Grandpa built a bonfire and they roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. They sat for most of the night singing campfire songs while Grandpa played his guitar.

“That sure was a fun camping trip,” said Timmy, on their way home.

“Yes,” said Mother. “It sure was. I am glad you enjoyed it.”

“I did,” said Timmy. “That was a nice surprise.”

Later that night, when Mother was putting Timmy to bed he gave her a kiss and then he put something in her hand.

“What is this?” asked Mother.

“It is a surprise for you,” said Timmy. “It is an arrowhead that Grandpa and I found when we were camping.”

“Oh,” said Mother. “I love my surprise!”

[] Good Dreams, Bad Dreams

“Mommy,” said Jeannie. “Why do we have dreams?”

“That is a good question,” said Mommy, kissing Jeannie goodnight. “It is because our minds keep thinking even while we are asleep.”

“So,” said Jeannie. “It is like our minds never sleep.”

“That is right,” said Mother.

“Why do we have bad dreams?” asked Jeannie.

“I think that if we think of bad things during the day,” Mother explained. “We might have bad dreams because of it.”

“So,” said Jeannie. “If we are thinking good thoughts during the day, then we should have good dreams. Is that right?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “That is true.”

Jeannie fell asleep and that night she had a good dream. She had a dream about her mother. In her dream, Jeannie and her mother were playing at the park. It was a nice sunny day and they were having a good time. Mother was pushing Jeannie on the swing.

During her good dream, Jeannie saw a monster sitting at the edge of the park. Jeannie went over to the monster and asked him why he was in her good dream.

“Maybe this isn’t a good dream,” said the monster.

“Oh yes it is,” said Jeannie. “My mother and I are playing at the park and we are having a lot of fun.”

“That is good,” said the monster. “Maybe I will just leave you alone then until another dream.”

“I am not going to have any bad dreams anymore,” said Jeannie. “I am only going to dream about good things.”

“I hope so,” said the monster. “If you start having bad dreams, I will have to be in your dream.”

Jeannie decided that she would try her hardest to not ever think of bad things. Every night for the next few weeks she would have good dreams.

One day, she was at school and Jeannie noticed that a bully was picking on one of her friends. Jeannie confronted the bully and asked him to stop.

“Why should I?” asked the bully. “Perhaps you should mind your own business.”

“I don’t want my friend to be bullied,” said Jeannie. “It isn’t nice to pick on others.”

The bully did eventually walk away without hurting Jeannie or her friend. For the rest of that day, Jeannie did think about her friend and the bully. She didn’t like that the bully was bothering her friend.

That night, Jeannie’s monster came to her in her dream. He scared her until she realized who he was.

“You can’t scare me,” said Jeannie.

“Oh but I just did,” said the monster.

“Not really,” said Jeannie. “Once I realized who you were, you didn’t scare me.”

“Oh,” said the monster. “Well, I told you that if you thought bad thoughts that I would be in your dream.”

“Yes,” said Jeannie. “I remember that. However, I don’t want that bully picking on my friend.”

“You know,” said the monster. “You are a good person and your friend will be okay because she has you to watch out for her.”

“What are you trying to say?” asked Jeannie.

“I am not going to come back into your dreams,” said the monster. “You don’t need to have any bad dreams.”

“Thank you so much!” exclaimed Jeannie.

Jeannie never did have a bad dream from that day on. She always tried to help people out whenever she could.

Just for Fun Activity

When have you taken time out to help someone in need? Think of ways you can help spread happiness by doing something nice for others. Make a list of things you can do!

[] Yummy, Yummy Desserts

“I am hungry,” said Chrissy. “I need something to eat.”

“You just ate,” said Mother. “I just gave you a slice of cake to eat.”

“It was so good though,” said Chrissy. “Can I have another piece?”

“Okay,” said Mother. “You can have a small piece and then you can’t have any more until dinner.”

“Alright,” said Chrissy.

Mother gave Chrissy a small piece of cake and Chrissy ate it up as fast as she could. It was so gooey and yummy.

“That cake was so good,” said Chrissy. “Can I please have another piece?”

“No,” said Mother. “You need to eat your dinner.”

“I will eat my dinner,” said Chrissy. “I promise.”

“Okay,” said Mother. “Just one more small piece.”

“Oh now I am so full,” said Chrissy, after eating just one more small piece of cake.

About an hour later, Chrissy went up to her room and all of a sudden she didn’t feel so good.

“Dinner is ready,” called Mother.

“I’m not hungry,” said Chrissy. “I don’t feel well.”

“Oh dear,” said Mother. “I shouldn’t have let you eat that last piece of cake.”

Mother made Chrissy lay down on the bed.

“I am sorry Mother,” said Chrissy, feeling bad that she promised Mother she would eat her dinner if she had another piece of cake.

“Just get better,” said Mother.

About an hour later, Chrissy came downstairs.

“Are you feeling any better?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Chrissy. “I am. I am hungry. Can I have my dinner now?”

“Of course you can,” said Mother.

Chrissy ate up her dinner and she did feel so much better.

“I have a small piece of cake here for you,” said Mother.

Chrissy’s face started to turn green.

“No thank you,” said Chrissy.

“Are you sure?” asked Mother.

“Oh yes,” said Chrissy. “I am very sure.”

“You don’t like my cake?” asked Mother.

“Oh no,” said Chrissy. “It isn’t that. I love your cake. It was so delicious but I just can’t eat any more of it.”

From that day on, Chrissy would only eat one piece of cake at a time. She didn’t want to get sick ever again, even though she loved the taste of her Mother’s cake.

Just for Fun Activity

We all love sweets, but too many sweets are not always a good thing. What are your favorite fruits and vegetables? Try to eat at least one serving of them per day to be strong and healthy!

[] A Bright Idea

Billy was always good at coming up with bright ideas, so whenever anyone in the family wanted to plan activities for the day, they would let Billy think of activities they could do.

“Billy,” said Mother, tucking him into bed. “We need to find something to do tomorrow. Do you think you can come up with some bright ideas that we could do?”

“Yes,” said Billy. “I am pretty sure I can.”

Billy went to sleep and all of a sudden he sat straight up in his bed. He was thinking of things they could do that day and a bright idea hit him.

“I am going to go swimming today,” said Billy.

“Go back to sleep,” said his sister, Andrea.

“No,” said Billy. “I am going to go swimming today.”

“Get some more sleep and we can go swimming when we wake up,” said Andrea.

Billy tried to go back to sleep but then another bright idea hit him. This time he thought about them going horseback riding.

“Horseback riding,” said Andrea. “Now that does sound like fun. Where are you getting all of these bright ideas from?”

“They just come to me when I am trying to sleep,” said Billy.

“They are good ideas,” said Andrea. “However, we need to pick just one activity. We can’t go swimming and horseback riding all in the same day.”

“Well,” said Mother coming into the room to find out why they are still awake. “We actually could go swimming and horseback riding at the same time.”

“We could?” asked Billy.

“Sure we could,” said Mother. “Now you two get back to sleep. It is still dark outside.”

Billy and Andrea went back to sleep.

“A picnic,” said Billy, sitting up in her bed again.

“Another bright idea,” said Andrea.

Mother came into the bedroom again.

“Do you think we could go swimming, go on a horseback ride and then have a picnic all in one day?” asked Billy.

“We could do all three,” said Mother.

“That would be a lot of fun,” said Andrea. “You have good ideas, Billy.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “Actually they are very bright ideas.”

Mother, Andrea and Billy went for a horseback ride and while on their horseback ride they stopped by a lake where they went swimming. After they swam they enjoyed a picnic together.

“That was a really nice day,” said Mother. “Thank you Billy, for your bright ideas.”

“You are welcome,” said Billy.

“So,” said Andrea. “My birthday is coming up soon. Do you think you can come up with some bright ideas for it?”

“Oh yes,” said Billy.

That night while in bed sleeping, Billy sat upright in his bed.

“You can have your birthday party at the zoo,” said Billy.

“That is a wonderful idea,” said Andrea. “I love the zoo.”

Billy always seemed to come up with bright ideas for all events in the family. Everyone loved his ideas and they took them to heart when planning things.

Just for Fun Activity

Can you come up with some bright ideas for a special event in the near future? It could be for a birthday party, family event, or just a fun weekend! Make a list of fun things to do and share the excitement with friends and family.

[] Catching the Stars

“Daddy,” said Jessica, reaching up to the sky just as high as she could reach. “Why can’t I catch the stars?”

“You will never be able to catch them,” said Daddy. “However, you will always be able to see them.”

“Then I guess it is a good thing I can’t catch them,” said Jessica. “Otherwise I would never be able to see them.”

“Yes,” said Daddy. “That is very true.”

Daddy tucked Jessica into bed that night and she was very restless.

“Daddy,” said Jessica. “I want to look up at the sky again and look out at the stars.”

“I guess it would be alright to do that,” said Daddy.

Daddy and Jessica went outside and looked up into the sky. Jessica saw a falling star.

“Make a wish,” said Daddy.

Jessica made a wish and she watched as the star fell out of the sky.

“Why can’t I catch that falling star?” asked Jessica.

“You would never be able to run fast enough to catch it,” said Daddy.

Jessica thought about what Daddy had just said to her. She knew he was right. She couldn’t run that fast and that star did fall from the sky pretty quickly.

Jessica noticed the brightest star in the sky, the North Star.

“Why is that star so much brighter than the rest of them?” asked Jessica.

“That is the North Star,” said Daddy. “It is the brightest star because it is the closest star to the Earth.”

“Oh,” said Jessica. “I think the North Star is my favorite star.”

“I think it is my favorite too,” said Daddy.

“Why is that?” asked Jessica.

“Because it is your favorite star,” said Daddy.

“Oh,” said Jessica as she smiled. “That is a good reason.”

“I think so,” said Daddy.

Daddy and Jessica stood outside for quite a while watching the stars. Jessica loved how they twinkled and she loved how they shone brightly. They had a lot of fun talking about the different stars and how far away they thought each star would be.

Daddy taught Jessica about the different constellations and pretty soon Jessica was able to point out the Big and Little Dippers.

“Very good Jessica,” said Daddy.

One night it was overcast and Jessica was sad.

“Daddy,” said Jessica. “We won’t be able to watch the stars tonight.”

“No,” said Daddy, looking out the window. “It is storming out tonight. However, we can read some books about the stars.”

“Oh Daddy,” said Jessica. “That sounds like fun.”

Jessica and Daddy learned a lot of the stars in the sky from the different books they had read.

“I love learning about the stars,” said Jessica to Daddy that night when her Dad tucked her into bed.

“Yes,” said Daddy. “I do too. I also love the time we spend together. It is very special.”

“It is,” said Jessica, giving her Dad a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

~ ~ ~

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