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Beautiful Faces

Beautiful Faces




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is a story of two faces of a person, one for the public life another one for private life. The protagonist fell in love with a beautiful girl and subsequently he wanted to marry the girl. Just a few days before their marriage, the protagonist came to know something incriminating about the family which led to cancellation of his marriage. Then what happened?

This is an imaginary story and far from reality. Any resemblance of any character is pure coincidence only.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Anuradha and Her Daughter Pallavi


Anuradha Choudhury, a teacher in a Central School located at Central Delhi, is a middle-aged beautiful lady. She looks 10 years younger than her age and she looks merely like an elder sister of Pallavi, her only daughter. Her husband Pradyut is a senior Government officer. She teaches Chemistry in class XI and XII in the school and also involved in some social activities. As a teacher, she earned a reputation of a good teacher over the years. She is also known for her good behaviour to the students and guardians of the school.

On the other hand, her husband is a person who seldom interacts with others. He avoids talking with anybody. He is an enigma for his neighbours also.

Pallavi being the only daughter of a senior Government officer and well paid Government school teacher is little bit pampered. Her friends, however, find her an extremely sensitive person and sometimes her friends find her a very sad girl. She does not want to discuss about her parent among the friends like other students of her age.

Otherwise, Pallavi is also a well-mannered young lady who passed her engineering degree course with reasonably good marks. Then she joined in an Indian MNC dealing with software and hardware. Though her salary is not touching the sky, it is sufficiently high for a young graduate of hardly 22.

Chapter II: Marriage Proposal


Arunudoy was the team leader in the same project where Pallavi had to work as her first assignment. Arunudoy is from a well educated family of Delhi. The well cultured young man, Arunudoy fell in love with Pallavi on the very first day they met in the project briefing. But he took at least six months to propose her. In the mean time, his helping attitude and other human qualities of Arunudoy attracted the young mind of Pallavi.

‘Are you engaged with someone else?’ Arunudoy asked Pallavi one day in a tea break.

‘Why do you ask this question to me?’ She countered.

‘I want to apply for the post, if it is vacant.’ Arunudoy replied.

With a beautiful smile Pallavi told, ‘Post is vacant. But it does not mean, you will be able to get the job.’

‘At least if it is vacant I can apply.’ Arunudoy teasingly said.

‘Even if post is offered, you may not join after knowing pros and cons relating to the job.’ She said thoughtfully.

‘Anyway, I shall wait for your answer.’ Arunudoy did not want to discuss further.

Finally, Pallavi took a week to say yes to Arunudoy.

Once he got the nod from Pallavi, he talked to his parent who also agreed to their only son’s wish. After a month both the parents met and finalized their marriage. A tentative date was also finalized for the marriage.

Chapter III: Crucial Information


Just before fifteen days of Arunudoy’s marriage to Pallavi, Arunudoy met his school friend Vikash who is an IPS officer posted in Rajasthan. After few rounds of gossip about their school days, Arunudoy told his friend about his forthcoming marriage with Pallavi.

‘She must be very beautiful!’ Vikash commented.

‘Yes. She is very beautiful. But I am more fascinated with the beauty of her fingers. Whenever, I touch her hands, I feel something extra-ordinary.’ Arunudoy told his friend.

‘That is very interesting!’ Vikash commented.

“Another interesting thing is that my ‘would be mother in law’ looks like her elder sister only! Both look each other’s carbon copy.” He whispered.

‘You b—d, your eyes set on your mother in law also!’ Vikash admonished Arunudoy with an artificial anger.

‘Arey, no. I imagine, Pallavi also will be very beautiful even after twenty five years as she is carrying her mother’s genes.’ Arunudoy tried to explain his position.

‘Yes, you are right. There is an old saying, son behaves like his father, as he grows older and daughter behaves like mother as she grows older.’ Vikash commented. ‘You show your fiancée’s photo graph. ‘Vikash demanded.

Aunudoy showed Pallavi’s photograph on his mobile. Looking at the photo of Pallavi, Vikash was little bit shocked. However, composing himself, he asked Arunudoy, ‘Can you show me a family picture of Pallavi?’

Though Arunudoy was surprised at his request, he showed one. Confirming his position clear, Vikash told Arunudoy, ‘Are you sure, you are going to marry Pallavi?’

‘Why the hell you are asking this question?’ Arunudoy smelt something.

‘I know this family. This family was living in a small town of Rajasthan fifteen years ago. Has Pallavi told you about their stay at Rajasthan?’ Vikash asked Arunudoy straightway.

‘Yes, one day Pallavi tried to say something about Rajasthan in presence of her mother. But her mother stopped her from saying about Rajasthan. But why you are asking this question?’ Arunudoy wanted to know.

‘There is a police case against Pallavi’s parent. The person who might be introduced to you as Pallavi’s father, he is not the father of Pallavi. I do not want to say anything more on this. However, if they are hiding this fact from you, you should ask them. You have every right to know everything about Pallavi and her family before you marry Pallavi.’ Vikash stopped there.

Even after lot of insistence, Vikash did not tell further on the issue. He only advised Arunudoy to ask Pallavi about their stay in Rajasthan.

Chapter IV: Possibility of Break-up


On the next day, Arunudoy called Pallavi to have a cup of coffee at nearby CCD. After sitting at a corner he asked Pallavi, ‘I want to know everything about your stay in Rajasthan?’

Pallavi was shocked to hear the question. Instead of answering the question, she asked, ‘Who told you that we were in Rajasthan?

‘A friend of mine, who is an IPS officer from Rajasthan cadre, told me yesterday.’ Arunudoy told Pallavi keeping his voice as normal as possible.

Looking at the wall blankly Pallavi told Arunudoy, ‘Perhaps you know everything. Yes, the unofficial husband of my mother is not my father. My father was an officer working outside the town. This man was a peon in my mother’s school. They developed an illicit relation in absence of my father. My father was a reasonable man. He wanted to divorce my mother. But my mother refused to divorce him. On that issue there was a huge argument. A few days after that argument, my father’s dead body was found at a park with multiple stab injuries. Police arrested my mother and the peon after a month of the murder. Investigating Officer botched up the case and my mother and the peon were acquitted by the lower court. Now the case is in the High Court. I do not know, whether actually my mother was a party to kill my father or not, but when my mother took transfer from Rajasthan and the peon joined us at Delhi, I am sure my mother had an illicit relation with this person before death of my father.’ Pallavi stopped there.

Chapter V: The Dilemma


After knowing about the family background of Pallavi, Arunudoy started thinking, whether he should break up with Pallavi or not? The comments made by Vikash started ringing in his ears again and again, ‘Son behaves like his father, as he grows older and daughter behaves like mother as she grows older.’

Pallavi is carrying the genes of infidelity from her mother. ‘As she will grow, she may also behave like her mother and ditch me. And then, she will also kill me with the help of her lover.’ Arunudoy started thinking like that. Very thought of his own murder by his beautiful wife with her beautiful hands sent a shivering effect on him. Should he discuss the matter with Vikash? Or should he discuss the matter with Pallavi?

He telephoned Vikash first. From the other side Vikash told, ‘I knew, you will telephone me. Tell me, what Pallavi said to you?’

‘Probably she told me everything in a nutshell. She told me that her mother was pursuing adultery. However, she was not sure whether her mother was involved in the murder of her father or not. She is definitely most unhappy about death of her father in that tragic manner.’ Arunudoy explained with minimum words.

‘I have full sympathy with the poor girl. You talk to her again and take a decision about your marriage with her. Do not take a decision hurriedly. Take your own time. After all your decision will affect future of two persons.’ Then he hung the phone.

Chapter VI: Ultimate Decision


Arunudoy has to take a decision quickly and more importantly correctly. Vikash statement about passing on genes of a mother to her daughter was so convincing, finally Arunudoy decided to cancel the marriage. To inform Pallavi about his decision, Arunudoy picked up the phone. But before he connect the phone with Pallavi, the phone started ringing from an unknown number. At first he wanted to disconnect the unknown call, but he connected to hear the unknown caller.

‘Is it Arunudoy?’ A heavy male voice asked him.

‘Yes. May I know who is speaking?’

‘I am Subroto Choudhury, the unfortunate father of Pallavi’s father.’ The old man said from the other side.

Arunudoy could not react immediately anything. Then he said, ‘Yes uncle.’

‘No my child, do not address me as uncle. Either address me as Grandpa or as Mr. Choudhury.’ Arunudoy understood, the old man was wiping his eyes and his voice was not coming as loud as it should come. Both sides were keeping mum for some time.

Finally Arunudoy broke the silence. ‘I want to meet you at your convenience.’

‘I am already in Delhi along with my wife. Yesterday Pallavi telephoned me and told about the latest development. I rushed to meet you, my son.’ The old fellow told with some sense of relief in his voice.

The old couple was staying in a hotel, at Pahargunj, near New Delhi Railway station. As Arunudoy reached the hotel, Arunudoy understood, Pallavi’s grandfather’s economic condition is not very good. When he knocked the door, an old lady, presumably the grandmother of Pallavi, opened the door. Entering to the room he sat on the only small chair in the room.

Without any opening remarks, the old fellow with folded hands said, ‘Save my granddaughter from the fireplace!’

‘I want to know the whole story of your son and daughter in law.’ Arunudoy asked the old couple.

Pallavi’s grandfather told everything about his son, daughter in law and finally murder of his son. The summery of the whole story is like this.

Pallavi’s father Vijay Choudhury was a son of a poor farmer family. Because of his intelligence he was able to crack the UPSC civil service examination and joined as Assistant Commissioner Central Excise.

Anuradha’s father approached Vijay and his parent for her marriage. After few months of initial negotiation, marriage was solemnized and both Vijay and Anuradha stayed together at Kolkata for two years. During this period they were blessed with their daughter Pallavi. However, after two years of their marriage, Anuradha got a post of PGT (post graduate teacher) in Central School. Her first posting was very near to her mother’s place. Though she could have taken transfer to the place where Vijay was posted, she preferred to remain in that school till the murder of Vijay. However, after murder of Vijay and subsequent acquittal of Anuradha by lower court, she was transferred to Delhi. After acquittal by court, she was able to get all the dues of Vijay and got the regular pension of Vijay. After the acquittal, the peon also joined her at Delhi and pretended as the real father of Pallavi and a senior officer of Government of India. To hide his real identity, he seldom talks with neighbours. The parent of Vijay are now living in the village in pecuniary without any help from anyone. Pallavi is also suffering from mental trauma all alone for last seventeen years.

Arunudoy looked at the old couple. He had no iota of doubt that the old couple was telling the truth. He took a quick decision.

‘Ok, I shall marry Pallavi; but not as daughter of Mrs. Anuradha, but as granddaughter of you. In that case, marriage has to be solemnized at your place. If you agree, I can tell my parent about this new development.’ Arunudoy told the old couple.

‘We shall be more than happy to do that. But my child, I do not have any money to give you as dowry (gift money).’ The old man showed his helplessness.

Arunudoy smiled and told, ‘I am marrying your granddaughter, daughter of Vijay Choudhury, not daughter of Anuradha. You need not have to worry for money. I am the only son of my parent. Neither my parent nor I want gift money for my marriage. But immediately take your granddaughter to your village so that your daughter in law cannot do any mischievous deeds.’

The old couple saw their son Vijay in Arunudoy!





The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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Beautiful Faces

It is a story of two faces of a person, one for the public life another one for private life. The protagonist fell in love with a beautiful girl and subsequently he wanted to marry the girl. Just a few days before their marriage, the protagonist came to know something incriminating about the family which led to cancellation of his marriage. Then what happened?

  • ISBN: 9781370326631
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-03-06 05:20:09
  • Words: 2748
Beautiful Faces Beautiful Faces