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Redeeming Life & Personality into the Divine Plan of God, reaching the True Destiny of your Soul for the Ministry of God, Service and Love…


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Chapter no.1 – The Calling

Chapter no.2 – Theory and Knowledge

Chapter no.3 – The First Initiation: Redeeming to the Divine Will.

Chapter no.4 – The Second Initiation: Human Mind Redemption.

Chapter no.5 – The Third Initiation: Emotional Body Redemption

ter no.6 – The Forth Initiation: The Etheric Body Alignment

r no.7 – The Fifth Initiation: Your Consecration to God

Chapter no.8 – The Sixth Initiation: A Christ was born.

Chapter no.9 – The Seventh Initiation: The Freedom



























After Awakening, life turns more perfect running with ease and Grace, your creations and your expressions into this realm are more and more according to the God’s Divine Will… Indeed, all you manifest into this Earth must be attuned with the God’s Holy Will but they are yet your human creations turned alive with the Divine Blow of All that Is, which is God, or your Divine Self, or your Mighty I Am Presence, or whatever means for you…


Generally Human Creation will be attained to turn its life into Happiness, Love, Abundance, and to feel freely what is manifest God in its own life; but even, as a Human Angel, all creations will be and must be leaded to bring the kingdom of God into its life, with all its Grace, to bring it into this 3D reality, into this 3D world… But all those Human Creations, even as a Human Angel, are aligned with your Soul’s Destiny?


Maybe you already know that you, as a human, are a part of a Soul, infinite Soul, Multidimensional Soul or Being; every reincarnation prior to reenter into this 3D reality you, as a Soul (or better, attuned with your Soul), establish certain planning for your “new” life, you establish your family, your kind of life, your personality, a lot of specific aspects but mainly all the main purposes for your “new” life… and, in certain point, all your creations as a Human Angel could be aligned with these main purposes, or not, who knows? Have you ever thought about that?


The Divine Will has a lot of faculties, Divine faculties… Master Morya El says: The Will of God is Good, is Light, is Happiness, is Peace, is Purity, is Balance, is Kindness… So, when you start your own creations as a Human Angel, with all your consciousness of Love and Light, all of them will be, of course, attuned with these faculties… You could create a better Job where you feel happier or more in balance, due to is less stressful; you could create to have a better Car or a better House into the country side in order to bring into your life more Peace, or more Purity in mind, body and feelings; you could create an awesome vacations into the mountains, the sea or the snow in order to bring into your life more Happiness and more Peace, or even you could create a new spiritual course with some great Master in order to bring into your life more Light, Love and Kindness… Yes, all those kind of creations are possible… but you know if those creations are aligned with your own Soul’s Plan?


The specific point in all this is the next one: after you become an Awakened Human, a Divine Human, a Human Angel, you will start to make your own consciousness creations, and bring into your 3D life more Light, Love, Happiness, more Perfection, more Plenitude… while you do all that, you are satisficing all your Human Senses enriching more and more your Human Experience and enriching more and more your experience into this Earth, into this Beautiful Game; but when will you start to satisfy your Soul’s purposes? Those are indeed your owns.


I usually do an exercise during sessions about to align with your Soul’s purposes in your current life, and is as follows: try to get yourself into Balance and Quietness (no matter the way you do, if breathing, staying quite, meditating, chanting some mantrams, etc.), and now Imagine you are your Soul, and you are not incarnated yet, Imagine to be, in the closest way you can, in touch and communication with your own Soul, and at your Soul Level Imagine you will set up the Sacred Objectives for your coming life, and try to Think what could be those sacred purposes?


Several responses could grow from inside yourself, and I quiet sure won’t be responses as: Buy that Ferrari due to is the car of my dreams, have a super house with a lot of bedrooms and a lot of servants, build a super empire with a lot of enterprises and be so rich, have a lot of vacation houses and travel to them in my own boat or my own airplane, marry with that girl of my dreams and have beautiful kids, etc.


I hope at this point, and even more if you are reading a book called: “Be a Christ”, that you are long away from all those kind of “dreams”, superficial and typical human “dreams”… Human Nature is always trying express a life into the “have” and “do”, and all this due to all mind manipulation through the medias, the banks, the corporations who sale into the raw human mind that happiness is attached to have things, to cover all you human “needs”, to be yourself a “successful “ person and that power comes with money; if you are still looking for that in your life, leave this book away from you, is not for you.


That is not “bad”, all is part of humanity own Mass Consciousness creations, and it’s the way humans are accepted the life and the way humans are created for themselves their own life, but Thanks to God you are not into the Mass Consciousness anymore and during your path as an Awakened Human, no matter how kind of creations you have created, all those have been attuned with the Divine Will.


But in order to move upwards in your consciousness level, and to expand your consciousness more and more, you must to start to set your creations attuned with your Soul’s Destiny, with your Inner Self’s desires of expression into this human reality, not everybody comes into this life to become a Christ, and not everybody is choosing their Ascension; your plans at your Soul level could be to be an inspiratory spiritual writer for all your fellow humanity, or be a great artist in order to inspire all Divine expressions into this reality, like a Painter, or a Musician… And all desires in order to “Be” someone who brings into life all Divine attributes of God (Be Love, Be Happiness, Be Joy, Be Abundance, Be Peace, Be Light, etc.)… But for sure, at one point into all your humans reincarnations the Soul will be desire to get into the Ascension Path, and that will be to bring into its human self its Holy Christ Self and after that comes into Transfiguration in order to finally Ascend into the Realms of Light and Love.


To get into the Ascension Path is a final result, that all your Human experiences have put into your Soul all the experiences needed to return into the Oneness, and you won’t need to return again into this 3D realty as a Human or reincarnate again, because all experiences of “Be” and “Not Be” have been accomplished and you are ready for the next step, and I Am quite sure that if you are reading this book is because this is your Path, to embodied your Holy Christ Self and become a Christ, as your Path into the Ascension.


Into the Path of Ascension there are nine (9) main initiations, and when you pass through the first five (5) initiations you become a Christ, or a Buda we could call this book also “Be a Buda”, and start your ministry of Service and Love… In another lectures there are only six (6) initiations and you become a Christ after the forth initiation… no matter the point, in those cases all Path of Ascension is exactly the same, and different masters try to explain in different ways, but it remains equal.


Me, as a Christ Being, will explain to you detailed my own experience, how all initiations will pass through your personal life, and I will explain to you in the clearest way what is all about to become a Christ… This book is part of my personal Service I agreed to do before coming into this Earth as a Master of the New Energy, and each chapter was written after I personally passed through each initiation.


Remember this, Ascending is a process you must to work on it, and you must to be committed… it is like learn a new language; if you will spend one hour per day to reach your objective, maybe you will spend four (4) years to get it; but if you spend eight hours per day to reach your objective, maybe you will learn this new language in just six (6) months… to reach your Ascension has not a specific time or timeline, it is all up to you, and your real desire of attain this goal in your life… what is your level of commitment for your own life? We’ll see!











Chapter no.1 – The Calling

Is not Time an expression from the Soul, and expression from your Divine Self, or your Inner Self, and due to that we will give you as human all the time and all the reincarnations you want in order to express yourself or simply play into this 3D reality as the game it is, is not essential that you must to bring into this reality Love or Light, you are free, you have your own free choice and it will be never taken from you, never.


When you start your path of ascension, one of the firsts big steps is indeed your Awakening, because it will represent for you, your inner communion with God, with your Divine Self and, with that step, you will discover exceptional things in your life, you will reach a great level of Happiness, Joy, Abundance in your life, and more and more you will be attuned with the Divine Will, and suddenly you will discover yourself, giving thanks to God for each single day, because you start to feel more blessed, to feel more in contact with God, with your Divine Self.


The great state of gratefulness will put into you more Love and more Light and, at one point, you will want to give back to God, to All that Is, from yourself all you can give, the point is you feel so blessed that you want to contribute into this reality all you have receipt, this little expression of reality we call it to Give, but especially to Serve, that feeling of Serve the humanity, to give Love an Light to all entire Earth is the first attunement with your Soul’s Destiny or your Divine Plan on Earth.


In my case, that is the reason I start to write the book “Be an Angel”, because I want desiring so desperately to give to everybody the Light of how it feels to be touched by God, by All that Is… and to start a Life, a totally new life in alignment with your Divine Self; I wished to have a book like “Be an Angel” during my path to awakening, because it could be for me, first of all, a ratification that the path is so real and true, and at second point could give me some Light and patterns about the process, no matter all awakening paths are different all have the same pattern.


There are several ways to Give, and each one has reached this first step into your Divine Plan will find a different way to Give or Serve to the humanity, the main important topic here is, for certain reason, you are stopping to think just in yourself or in the people around you or close to you (your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, your close friendsal) and you have started to think and act fraternally and spread your interests toward all the humanity as part of your own family as well.


This first step is a huge expansive step at consciousness level, because your single human consciousness is starting to melt up into the consciousness of All that Is, or also into your Soul consciousness, you are starting to identify yourself less with your human personality and you start to move into the Divine Impersonality of All that Is, into the Impersonality of God, of your Inner Self, of your Divine Self, choose the word you prefer.


All human beings, as Souls, have in their lives the Path to Ascension, and from here we will consider this is the Path you are choosing for your life, in order to enrich your experience through this Path, explain to you how the path of Ascension enfolds itself into your life, and how one milestone from this Path is eventually the communion with your Holy Christ Self what means in colloquial words: Be a Christ. If you are not choosing the Path of Ascension in your life but you are spreading more and more your desires and creations in your life forward the humanity as part of yourself, you are intuitively choosing this Path too, so keep reading to this book, you will find it very inspirational for you.


When you take that decision, you are deciding that you will be an Ascended Being, because the Path to Ascension leads to you to become an Ascended Being, and in terms of the Spiritual Hierarchy it could mean to become an Ascended Master, and as Human, this Spiritual Hierarchy will “reclaim” you, as a Divine Being, to be part of them, part of the Great White Brotherhood, but more than “reclaim” you, you will ask to them during this Path to be part of it, if is your desire to become a Master.


So, returning to the point, you will start to move abroad your desires from personal to global or more expansive; you start to embrace a genuine desire to Give, and to Serve Humanity as part of yourself also; but at that point you are still serving at yourself as human being, you are still creating things for yourself, a “better” job, a “better” house, a “better” car… and all of them will be given to you, because all are attuned with the Divine Will, and I put “better”, because for a regular human that means more expensive, more luxury, etc… in the case of a Light Worker that means more attuned with the Divine Self, that means could be a cheaper house but into the mountains in order to be more in touch with its Divine Self, a Less better paid job but more inspirational, with more service level, etc.


All that establish into your life a balance between your human desires as being and your human desires as a part of all this Big Human Family, at the first step the balance is still moved toward your human individuality, but the balance start to move to the other side, this is just the beginning of a new journey in your life… and day by day you will desire more things as a part of this Big Family and less as a human being alone, and that is because, as Light Worker, you find passion and pleasure giving to people all you are as Love, Light, Abundance, Happiness, etc. and also serving the humanity in the things you can do… and you start to lose interest in all common things you were interested before as person like have more money, have a better job, have better things, etc. because you intuitively are discovering your Passion in Give and Serve.


It comes a moment when the balance pass into the part of Give and Serve to Humanity more than the part of Give and Serve just to me, my relatives and friends… the part of Give and Serve the world weights more that the part of Give and Serve to my own world… and there is when the Calling comes, as one great song from the 80s says:


There comes a time, when we hear a certain call, when the world must come together as one, there are people dying, and there’s time to let a hand, to life, the greatest gift of all…

We can’t go on, pretending day by day, that someone somewhere will soon make a change, we are all a part of God’s great big family, and the truth, you know, Love is all we need” *


There are indeed people dying physically starving, or they are starving without Love, or without Wisdom, or without Guidance… and you have inside yourself some they “need”, that is your spiritual work, that is your Service, to give to them what you have, mental, material, emotional or spiritual.


This calling is when All that Is, God, your Divine Self will say to you, “come, leave everything and let’s go to Give and Serve to this great people of this wonderful planet”, you are already above of your human “needs”, you recognize yourself as God, as a Divine Part of All that Is, and in a certain way all your human desires have been already accomplished, and in certain way you ask to yourself everyday: “What else Father? What else my God? I have already everything I’ve wanted thanks to you, what’s next?”, The calling is the straight response for those questions.


But this Calling is not as simple as you see it, because is not only the simple desire to Give an Serve, there is something hide in it, you must to redeem your thoughts, your feelings, your acts, your actions and all your human self, all your humanity to the Divine God’s Will, all this means is you must to renounce definitively to your Free Will and give it to All that Is, and give all you are, all you will be to your Divine Self, to God, to All that Is.


This represent indeed a scary feeling inside yourself, because you are kinda leaving your human life behind and you are wanting to go into the Path of God, into the Path of higher Service and higher giving, about this redemption we will talk later, couple chapters ahead, but the point here is to note that you are knowing, by this calling, a formal invitation to enter into the Path to Ascension, the Path of Unification, the path which will lead you to leave this world, to leave this 3D reality and enter into the realm of the Ascended Beings, the immortals, and to rest aside with all your brothers and behind the Right Hand of God.


The first spiritual book I received during this life is called: “The Impersonal Life – Joseph S. Benner”, into this book God is talking to you directly from the first paragraph until the paragraph no. 696; and this book gives to you specific and detailed teachings about Who you are, What are you doing here, Difference between Free Will and Divine Will, and the Divine plan of All that Is. The last chapter “XVIII – UNION” of that book shows indeed the disposition you must to have in order to pass the fires of the First Initiation through the Path to Ascension, and knowing this is the chapter number three of this book is what about, I just going to list a couple of paragraphs from the chapter before “XVII” in order you can know deeply what is this calling about:


666. RISE UP! Oh aspirant for union with Me. Accept now your Divine Heritage! Open wide your Soul, your mind, your body, and breathe in My Breath of Life!


667. KNOW that I AM filling you full to overflowing with My Divine POWER, that every fiber, every nerve, every cell, every atom of your being is now consciously ALIVE with Me, alive with My Health, with My Strength, with Intelligence with My BE-ING!


668. For I AM within you. We are not separated. We could not possibly be separated. For I AM You. I AM your REAL Self, your REAL Life and I AM manifesting My SELF and ALL MY POWERS in you NOW.


669. AWAKE! Rise up and assert your Sovereignty! KNOW your SELF and your POWERS! KNOW that all I have is yours, that My Omnipotent LIFE is flowing through you, that you can take of IT and build with IT what you WILL[_ , and IT will manifest for you as Health, Power, Prosperity, Union, Happiness, Peace, -- anything you ] WILL _of ME.


670. Imagine this. THINK it. KNOW it! Then, with all the Positiveness of your nature, Speak the Creative WORD! It will not return to you void.


671. But know, Beloved, that this cannot be until you have come to Me in complete and utter surrender, until you have given yourself, your substance, your affairs, your Life into My keeping, putting all care and responsibility upon Me, resting and trusting in Me absolutely.


672. When you have done this, then will the above Words quicken into active life My Divine Powers latent in your Soul, and you will be conscious of a Mighty FORCE within you, which, just to the extent that you abide in Me, and let My Words abide in you, will free you entirely from your Dream World, will quicken you fully in Spirit, will make all the way clear for you, supply all things you desire, and lift trouble and suffering from you forevermore. Then will there be no more doubts and questionings, for you will KNOW that I, God your very Self, will always provide, will always point out the way; for You will have found that You and I are One.”


This calling is an invitation to Give and Serve as the God you are, is to start the Path to Ascension, the Path of Unification with your Divine Self; and you will start to serve and give not in the ways you think, or you humanly think; because is your Divine Self, your I AM Presence in you who knows your Strengths and your Weaknesses, and is your I AM Presence, your GOD inside you who will utilizes your strengths at the service of the humanity and work with you in your weaknesses in order to make you Stronger, Wiser, with more Love, more Purity; in few words: A clearer expression of All That Is , in order to Serve and Give more and more, to all reigns in this Earth, all You Are as God, in order to give all His Children all He Is through you.


One of the teachings of our Master Jesus the Christ was how to Serve the humanity and how to Give all the Love He was to everybody; and that represents in certain way what is the work of a Christ, you want to Be a Christ not only for the desire to the Unification with God, the Alchemical Marriage with your I AM Presence; but Mainly, as we already said, because you have inside yourself a real and true desire to Give and Serve, a desire to become one with God, a desire to Leave this 3D reality with its reincarnation cycles, a desire to Give and Serve as a Christ initially, and as an Ascended Being afterwards.


My calling came one day during a spiritual trip at Mount Shasta – California with my mother, we have planned several landscapes for each day; the first day we will be on the mount at the snow, the second day visit all the lakes around the mount, the third day around the river Mc. Cloud, the fourth day in the Pluto Caves, and the Fifth day around the cities (Mc. Cloud, Shasta & Weed), not only in order to be in contact with the nature, but also to have different landscapes for each meditation. Was during the first day, going to mount Shasta, we drove until the stop in the last parking lot and we started to walk and climb the mount, we finally reach the snow, we set up a time (13:30) to see each other again for descend and return to the city and we said to each other goodbye; that day I have planned a Meditation into the First Ray (Faith, Divine Will, Power & Trust), after walk around for a while and be in contact with Mother Earth and during the first hour of meditation, my I AM Presence and I started a work about some of my weaknesses, we started to feel about my deepest Fears, you always believe you are above your Fears but suddenly you find deeper new ones, and we started to feel about my attachments, and my degree of confidence about that topic was so high, I used to say that I didn’t have attachments in this 3D reality, that I could lost my house and who cares? Lost my Car and who cares? You know, as a Human Angel does, and in that exact moment the calling came; so my I AM Presence said me: “So leave everything and come with me, you don’t need to be into this reality anymore, you are ready… leave your job, leave your material goods, leave all your things behind, leave all” and I said: “Yes God, I go with you”… From this day my personal Motto were: “All this is over for me” doing reference about the 3D reality as human.


You know, is like when Jesus said to Jacob: “leave everything and come with me”, and he and all other apostils left everything to follow him… I’m not saying here that you must to leave everything and go to look for your God; each Path is different for everyone, I am just telling to you one story, about one man who turns into a Christ and afterwards turns into an Ascended Master, of course, at certain point you must to leave everything into this 3D reality in order to Ascend, but all those things will be whispered into yourself by yourself (into your human reality by your Divine Reality)… but I can assure you that when you start to feel a deep desire to Give and Serve to the humanity more than Give and Serve to yourself you will receive the calling, that formal invitation to come into the Ascension Path, in order to leave this 3D reality behind and be one with God.


  • We are the World – USA for Africa

Doing reference here of God as He, but God has not gender, you can use He or She or He/She, or All that Is, etc. it’s all up to you.





















Chapter no.2 – Theory and Knowledge

During all entire book we will start to talk about a lot of specific and spiritual terms, for sure you already know a lot of them, if not all… but the reason for this chapter is to be aligned with all terminology we will be using around this spiritual journey together. Maybe the concepts we will introduce here are kind different from the ones you already have, in that case just try to find a relationship between them, this is not a book about Theory, this is a book about how you can face your Path into becoming a Christ, there are a lot of Book of spiritual theory, and indeed with different explanations about the same topic… so, don’t fight against the terms we will use here, just flow with them and try, if it’s needed, to harmonize them with your own.


The Spiritual Hierarchy & the Seven Rays


There are Seven Basic Rays from the Light of God, and there are several books about this topic, I can recommend to you two of them: The Seven Rays – Saint Germain; The Seven Sacred Flames – Aurelia Louise Jones. Clearly inside these books the information is broadly covered but for our purposes I just want to construct a brief review about the Sacred Flames.


Each flame into the Spiritual Hierarchy is represented into this Earth by one Ascended Master, who receive the name of Chohan of the Ray, so there are Seven Chohanes, one for each Ray and they are below the Authority of the MahaChohan who is the Beloved Master Paul the Venetian, who represents the power of the Holy Spirit for this planet. Each Ray is also represented by one Eloham and its Divine Complement, and also for one Archangel and its Divine Complement too.


The First Ray


The first ray is the Blue one, and as the TV commercials say: “it’s brought to you by” the Master El Morya, the Chohan of the First Ray, the Elohim Hercules & Amazonia, and the Archangel Michael with his Divine Complement Faith. Master El Morya has his Retreat at Darjeeling – India, the Temple of the Will of God and another Retreat at El Capitan – Yosemite – USA. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Sundays.


The qualities of the First Ray are mainly to have Faith in God, to Trust in God, the desire to express the God’s Will into your life, to Trust in yourself as God, to have Courage and finally Omnipotence. The first ray is also the first step into the Path of Ascension, the First Initiation you must to go through in order to acquire all those faculties of All that Is into your Consciousness, and to transform yourself into them.


The Second Ray


The second ray is the Yellow one, and it’s brought to you by Lord Lanto, the Chohan of the Second Ray, the Elohim Apollo & Lumina, and the Archangel Jophiel with his Divine Complement Christine. Lord Lanto has his Retreat: The temple of Learning at Grand Teton – Wyoming – USA, and the Main Retreat for the Earth: Temple of Illumination – Island of the Sun – Titicaca Lake – Bolivia, below the guidance of God and Goddess Meru. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Monday.


The qualities of the Second Ray are mainly to express the Divine Wisdom, the Illumination from God, the Sacred Knowledge of All that Is , the Divine Mind Activation and finally Omniscience. This is the Second Initiation as well, where the Chela* or Disciple, or Candidate to Ascension, or Neophyte must to receive from its I Am Presence all the Sacred Knowledge and Divine Wisdom and finally be attuned with the Cosmic Mind in order to Illuminate its human mind.


The Third Ray


The third ray is the Pink one, and it’s brought to you by Master Paul the Venetian, the Chohan of the Third Ray, and his Twin Flame Master Lady Rowena, the Elohim Heros & Amora, and the Archangel Shamuel with his Divine Complement Charity. Master Paul the Venetian has his Retreat: Chateau de la Liberté – Rhône – France and Temple of the Sun – New York – USA. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Tuesdays.


The qualities of the Third Ray are mainly to express the Divine Love of God, the Divine Compassion, the Truth Love, Charity, Brotherhood and finally Omnipresence. This is the Third Initiation of course, where the Chela must to become a Being of Love, desiring to express the Love of God and to spread the Divine Love to everybody and everything acquiring the Consciousness of Unity, being part of everything.


The Fourth Ray


The Fourth Ray is the Dazzling White one, and it’s brought to you by Master Serapis Bey, the Chohan of the Fourth Ray, the Elohim Purity & Astrea, and the Archangel Gabriel with his Divine Complement Hope. Master Serapis Bey has his Retreat: Temple of the Ascension – Luxor – Egypt. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Fridays.


The qualities of the Fourth Ray are mainly the Purity of God, the State of Wholeness, the Christ Consciousness and True Discrimination of the Voice of God. Being the Fourth Initiation through the Path of Ascension, the Neophyte must to purify all its lower bodies turning them into a clear channel for God’s Expression, and will embody the Christ Consciousness into itself.


The Fifth Ray


The Fifth Ray is the Green one, and it’s brought to you by Master Hilarion, the Chohan of the Fifth Ray, and his Twin Flame Goddess Pallas Athena, the Elohim Cyclopea & Virginia, and the Archangel Raphael with his Divine Complement Mother Mary. Master Hilarion Retreat: The Temple of Truth – Crete Island – Greece. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Wednesdays.


The qualities of the Fifth Ray are mainly the Truth of God, The Power of Healing, Precipitation and Manifestation as bases for Divine Abundance. During this Fifth Initiation the Disciple will be consecrated to express freely the Christ Consciousness, and after passing the first four initiations will be added into itself the faculties of Healing and Manifestation.


The Sixth Ray


The Sixth Ray is the Orange one also called Ruby-Gold, and it’s brought to you by Master Lady Nada, the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, and her Twin Flame Master Sananda, the Elohim Peace & Aloha, and the Archangel Uriel and his Divine Complement Aurora. Master Lady Nada Retreat: Temple of Resurrection – Jerusalem – Israel, Temple of Divine Feminine – Island of the Sun – Titicaca Lake – Bolivia, Temple of the Sixth Ray – Saudi Arabian. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Thursdays.


The qualities of the Sixth Ray are mainly the Peace, The Ministry of the Love of Christ, the Service to God and to Humanity, Praise and Devotion to God. During this Sixth Initiation the Candidate for Ascension is a Christ, and it must to start to Serve and Give to all humanity all its Essence and Love according to the Divine Plan regulated by the Spiritual Hierarchy.


The Seventh Ray


This Last Ray of the Basic Rays is the Violet Flame, and it’s brought to you by the Almighty Master Saint Germain, the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and also the Responsible for this New Age (Aquarian Age), and his Twin Flame Master Lady Portia, the Elohim Arcturus & Victoria, and the Archangel Zadkiel and his Divine Complement Amethyst. Master Saint Germain Retreat: Temple of Freedom – Transylvania – Romania and the Great Temple of the Violet Flame – Jacksons Pikes – Wyoming – USA. During the beginning of this New Age this ray is more amplified during the Saturdays.


The qualities of the Seventh Ray are mainly the Freedom, the Forgiveness, the Transmutation, the Diplomacy and the Ceremony and Alchemy. During this Seventh Initiation the Chela as a Christ establish in its life the purpose of become an Ascended Beings, all this after its period of Service on Earth and to be ready to Serve and Give more as an Ascended Being.


Maybe at this point you are asking to yourself: “What about the other Masters?”, well, there are a lot of Masters working with the Spiritual Hierarchy in other positions, for example Master Sananda (Jesus the Christ) is the “Master of the World”, training in this position to the Beloved Master Kuthumi; Lord Gautama Buda has the Title of “Noble of the World”, there is a Chart of Karma for this world where Master Lady Nada, Master Lady Portia with another six Masters work as “Nobles of the Karma” working with humanity in order to impart Justice and Leading for each Soul on Earth.


Moving upward we find our Beloved Mother Earth – Master Lady Virgo, who support us into this realm, also there is the Wise Master Maitreya, who has the position of “Christ of the World”, we find the Beloved Sanat Kumara as the Principal Sponsor for the Earth Plan as the “Planetary Logos” and beloved Helios and Vesta as “Solar Logos”, we can find also the Powerful Priest Melchisedek as the “Noble of the Universe”, also there is the Inner Realm of Agartha into the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions inside the Earth, its Main City Shamballa, where we can find the Masters of Wisdom in charge of the Earth Plan, working directly with the Spiritual Hierarchy and together with Sanat Kumara; and all them working hand to hand with the Galactic Federation in supervision of the Earth Plan in head of my Beloved Commander Ashtar, we came both from the Pleiades.


In my case, Master Kariel, as Master of the Blue Ray I work below the leadership of my Master El Morya and one of the Masters from God’s Will Hierarchy around all Planetary and Spiritual Hierarchy Service, my sponsor or “Godfather” through my Path of Ascension and Divine Service is my Beloved Master Maitreya and as Pleiadian I work also by the leadership of my commander Ashtar in all Galactic and Universal Service; as a matter of fact be here on Earth is part of my Galactic Service but at Planetary Level I receive instructions directly from Master El Morya, since I born as human I am considered also as part of this wonderful Planet and Civilization.


The Main Vehicles


At the same way about the seven basic rays, there are a lot of interpretations and definitions about the Seven Main Vehicles of the Human Being and we can say each philosophy has its own definitions from Masons, Vedas, Rose Croix, Tibetans, etc. So I will explain them trying to cover the most knowledge possible but if you have different interpretations better if you assimilate them or mix them together in order to find a harmony, my invitation is go beyond the words and try to extract the essence of the information.


The Higher Bodies


The Light Body


It’s called for several people as the I AM Presence, also could be the Spirit, the Electronic Body or your real and direct connection between you and All that Is, it’s the portion of yourself who is the essence of God, or your Divine Being; could be related as your monad, but in this case is not your monad, we can say that your Superior Being is just a part of your monad.


This vehicle of Light is related in some book as your Merkabah, but you must understand that your Merkabah, as your Vehicle of Light is not some Etheric or Magic transport ship how comes over you and transport yourself to other realms, your Merkabah is your Light Body, when you practice in order to active it, you are calling into yourself your own vehicle of Light, you are taking consciousness of it, it is an active part of your Seven Vehicles.


Not trying to confuse you, but to clarify, there are another external Merkabah, who are usually used by the Galactic Federation in order to transport several beings who are not conscious of its own Merkabah, could be a deeper information, but believe with this is enough.


The Higher Mental Body


It is called also the Cosmic Mind but I must put better the name: your “Holy Christ Self”, and with that you can figure out what’s about… I’m going to explain it in this way: During the first Three Initiations you are clarifying your Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies, when you reach the Fourth Initiation you clarify your last lower Body (the etheric body) purifying all your four lower bodies to be a clear expression of God, and with that you activate or better, you reach or you increase your consciousness level into your Christ Consciousness, what that means?


The Higher Mental Body is the Cosmic Mind, who archives all the Divine Knowledge, all the Highest Wisdom and all the Highest expressions and gifts from the Spirit, in touch of it we will receive all the knowledge and wisdom you need to express yourself as a God on Earth.


Reach the Christ Consciousness level means you will connect your Etheric Body or your heart etheric chakra (indeed all your chakra system at this level will be unified) directly with the Higher Mind, or your Higher Mental Body; that means all your thoughts, all your feelings, all your ideas will be leaded by the Higher Mental Body and not for you as human anymore; when you purify all your four lower bodies, you turn yourself in a clear expression of God All that Is on Earth, or you become a Christ.


The Causal Body


It is usually called the Soul, or the Higher Self, or the Soul Body; and we will going to go at this point a little deeper because usually people thinks they have a Soul, and poetically that Soul matches with another Soul who becomes the “Soul Mate” and let’s go to dance and fall in love looking through the centuries for our Soul Mate to complete us.


Well, I don’t want to ruin the party, it really exists, but the point here is you don’t have any Soul, but in different terms, you are a part of one Soul, as you are a part of the I AM Presence; you don’t belong the I AM Presence, and don’t belong neither your Soul, they belong you, or your personality, or your being.


Wise Master Djwhal Khul, is a Master of the Second Ray, and loves to go in the deepest way into Divine Windom and Knowledge, if you are the ones who loves theory you can look for his books, but for us in our level I can explain that one monad owns several souls, and one soul owns several personalities, and you are just one of them… all the personalities from that Soul are living and experiencing the life right now, and they are your past lives and your future ones too, and all those are occurring at this same moment, in the same present (due to Past and Future don’t exist really in the realm of the Soul)


So, your Soul is experiencing at the present moment, all its lives, all its personalities, and this Soul is acquiring its knowledge through all of them at the same time, the knowledge for the Soul, as I explained in the book “Be an Angel” is referred only in terms of Feelings, when the Soul finished to experience all the feelings, or in other terms, when the Soul completes all its experiences as incarnated being, the Soul starts to call to all its expressions into the Path to Ascension in order to finish its Job.


You, as a part of your Soul, is acquiring knowledge not only through your own experience, but also through all the other personalities of your Soul, that we can called them your past lives and your future lives; meanwhile you are stepping into the Path to Ascension, all your other personalities are receiving also the knowledge from you, or maybe one of your personalities has acquired already the Ascension Experience and that’s the reason for you could be easier or not.


The Lower Bodies


The Etheric Body


This is the most subtle of your physical bodies, but it is still physical, the etheric body has its core through the vertical column with its energetic centers called Chakras, that means your Chakra system is a part of your Etheric Body, during the Old Earth humans used to have their main Seven Chakras clearly identified (Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra), during the New Earth all human structure, energetic fields and bodies (including Cells, Electrons and DNA) are changing in an unconscious way for the human consciousness, and through these changes all Chakras will be unified in one.


This Etheric Body is conscious of the Etheric Realm here on Earth, where are located all the Etheric Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, all the Etheric underground realm of Agartha and also where is located right now the New Earth where the Humanity will go to live in after leave the 3D reality and move into the 4th and 5th dimensions of reality, is into those dimensions where your Etheric Body will be for you your “Physical Body”.


The Emotional Body


Into the emotional body resides all the emotions and feelings you are as human, usually is felt strongly in Solar Plexus Chakra, where is connected with the Etheric Body, when you experience strong feelings of Anger, Fear and low vibrational feelings some people could feel them in their stomach, which is at the same level of your Solar Plexus Chakra… or even when people is deeply in love they say they can feel “butterflies in the stomach” which is also related of the center of the emotions in the Etheric Body, the Solar Plexus Chakra.


A regular Human has its own Emotional Body full of all kind of Feelings, low vibrational and high vibrational feelings, during the process of Ascension you must to clarify all those low vibrational feelings in order to clean this channel… a Human Angel, or an Awakened Human has already clarified a lot of these low vibrational feelings during the process of Self Love, the process of Acceptance and the process of be beyond the Drama, all those low vibrational feelings are a great base of the Drama in a Human Life.


The Mental Body


Well, all this is becoming easier, the Mental Body represents all your thoughts and all your intellectual part as human, it also include your brain, but is not in our physical brain, the physical brain is an active part of your Mental Body… usually the Chakra related for your mental body is the Crown Chakra, that could explain why when you have an intense Mental activity could come Head Aches.


A regular Human has its own Mental Body full of all kind of Thoughts, low vibrational and high vibrational thoughts, during the process of Ascension you must to clarify all those low vibrational thoughts in order to clean this channel… a Human Angel, or an Awakened Human has already clarified a lot of these low vibrational thoughts during the process of Self Love, the process of Acceptance and the process of be beyond the Drama, all those low vibrational thoughts are the other great part of the Drama in a Human Life.


The Physical Body


It is the first and the densest body of all, it conforms all your physical structure, and as all the other bodies, it is compound for some subtle systems as Nervous system, Blood system, Plasma system, etc. This body must be clarified and purified too, and it is indeed the first step into the Path to Ascension, this purification is attached to the quality of food, quality of environment, and all the substances you can consume which contaminate it (Drugs, Alcohol, Sugar, Caffeine, Tobacco, etc.).


Usually some people relate the Physical Body with the Ego, some put the Ego in the Mental Body, but Ego is strongly attached to the Physical Body, so deep that for certain people all they are is only your Body, and your thoughts are in its physical brain, and its feelings are in its physical stomach. The chakra related is the Throat Chakra, and into the First Initiation step you must to clarify this Chakra as the first step in your Path, that explains why people feels a “Lump in its Throat” when its Ego is attacked.


The Path to Ascension


There are several parts into the Ascension Path, a lot of them could be mixed or experienced at the same time, or you can experience them one by one; in this case is better to explain one by one no matter if your personal experience has been a little different, but with the explanation you could reconstruct your own experience. We will talk about five (5) levels of consciousness, and reaching a new level of consciousness will mark in your life a big milestone into the Path to Ascension.


p<>{color:#000;}. Asleep: this is the level of the majority of humanity, they are so embodied into their physical senses, into all the Maya (Vedic word to express physical illusion), that they cannot realize there is something else out there. Their spiritual level could be that God doesn’t exist or if one God exists it resides out of them, in another realm like Heaven.


p<>{color:#000;}. Waking Up: The human starts to acquire some knowledge about the spiritual life, and several humans start at this point the Path to Awakening, they are interested about the spiritual move, and they start to search into philosophies, religions and occultism all the information they need to reach the Awakening… they start to look into themselves and know that God resides inside them.


p<>{color:#000;}. Awake: The being finally understand all about life, and it releases all its Drama, all its basic ideas about human life, its needs, its beliefs, and the being sees itself as a Creator, and it starts to create its own life aligning its Free Will with the Divine Will, this is all about the book “Be an Angel”, the being becomes an Awakened Being, a Divine Human, a Human Angel.


p<>{color:#000;}. Enlighten: The human being starts to purify its lower bodies in order to be a clear channel from its Divine Self or its I AM Presence, when all the bodies are clear, its consciousness expands until Christ Consciousness level, it takes contact with the Cosmic Mind, and all the body is consecrated for the purpose of God on Earth. The being becomes a Christ or a Buda, this is the symbolism through the Baptism of Jesus.


p<>{color:#000;}. Ascension: During its life as a Christ, the being comes to fulfill some plans where agreed between itself and its I AM Presence, all according to its Service agreed into the Earth as a Human Being. After the fulfillment of its Service comes the Transfiguration where the Human Being frequency is raised into a new level of light and after that last purification the Human Being can decide or not to Ascend into the 5th dimension, or into the new realm as an Ascended Being and start there a New Level of Service.


I’m gonna invite you to daily read from this book the chapter according to the specific day, for example if today is Monday you will read the First Initiation Chapter about the Blue Ray Initiation, why? Because this manner you will attain every day the attributes and faculties you must to dominate and you must to embrace in order to climb upward this Ladder of Ascension, and also I invite you to read this coming paragraph each day also:


Breath and Know that You Are already Ascended, You Are an Ascended Being right now, you maybe don’t need to understand this into your human mind, you only must to Feel it, to take a Conscious Breath and Know You Are Right Now an Ascended Being… What is Ascension all about? It’s about remembering and becoming who You already Are… Due to so, you don’t need to do anything, you don’t need to reach any level or do any kind of ritual, all you must to do is “to Be”, to Be an Ascended Being, thinking as an Ascended Master, Acting as an Ascended Master, Giving to everybody all God’s Attributes You already Are… your Human Self has a veil that doesn’t allow you to See what You really Are, but “Being” what You Are, that Veil will disappear”.


So, what is all about this Path to Ascension? Well, as human you have a limited consciousness, you accept to have it in order to really play this game into this 3D Illusion, but all you need to do in order to expand your consciousness is “to Be”, to Be what? To Be Faith, to Be Divine Grace, to Be Divine Wisdom, to Be Love, to Be Purity, to Be Harmony, to Be Peace… to Be an expression of all God’s attributes here on Earth… as Master Djwhal Khul says talking about Chakra’s activation: “Though you must to remember all your centers will be activated by the care and cultivate of certain main virtues, and no by meditation or concentration about the centers; they are automatically risen up to their irradiant and needed condition through the correct way of live, higher thoughts and Lovely activity”


So, know this again: The only way to expand your Consciousness is “BEING”, BEING DIVINE WILL, BEING DIVINE WISDOM, BEING DIVINE LOVE, BEING PURITY, BEING TRUTH, BEING PEACE, BEING FORGIVENESS… Each time you are embodying all Divine attributes of God in your Life, you are expanding yourself in order to reach or take the consciousness of who you really are, an Ascended Being, a representation of the Mighty Presence I AM, God in Action!


But there is another thing, you, as human, have built around yourself certain kind of barriers around your Real Self, your Divine Self, you have built barriers of pain, sorrow, wrong beliefs, distortioned thoughts, low vibrational feelings, low vibrational energies and so on… All that kind of disqualified energy is called Karma, and you must to clean and purify all that Karma in order to be able of BEING.


That’s why all these initiations have been created, were created in order to move you with ease and Grace through one Path where you will can understand attribute by attribute how you can bury down all the barriers built against each attribute and how you will be able to embrace each attribute and bring it into your life, aligning into each step all the Karma remaining. And after you do a Real Commitment to walk through this Path, one specific Ashram will be embrace you, usually the Ashram of your Monadic Ray, and belonging to this Ashram you will below the guidance of one Master of Light, you will be sponsored also by certain Beings of Light and all the support you ask for will be given to you.


You, dear one, must to Trust in the process and in the Spirit, must know for each step and initiation that the right guides, books, persons, experiences and support will be brought to you in the most special ways, you only must to keep Conscious every time, and every moment for the signals, and also be Conscious each day for the requirement of the day about the initiation you are passing by, and be confidence all support will be given from us and all the realms which support you in your amazing path.








Chapter no.3 – The First Initiation: Redeeming to the Divine Will.

After certain time as an Awakened Being, the person can receive “the calling”, or even could receive it just into the awakening process and not be an Awakened human yet. But in order to pass through the initiations, an awakened disciple will pass through them easier than a not awakened person, but all personal paths are different and you have your sacred one.


The First Initiation is pass through the Temple of the First Ray, below the custody of Master El Morya or one of his masters, when you step into this initiation you have made your conscious election to become an Ascended Being and you must to have certain determination to reach this level.


During this first step you must to clarify your Physical Body, that is one of the prerequisites, but there is a deeper commitment you must to choose here; there are several qualities you must to dominate before graduate and leave this Temple and, as we explained before, those are to Trust in God, to have confidence in this new way and to believe really all will be perfect in your path, you must to extend your hands to reach the sacred state of Faith in order to pass this first temple.


The key word in this first step is redemption, now you are ready to leave all your human pursuits and start definitely the spiritual pursuit you must to enter into yourself and renounce to all as a human, and in spiritual terms that means to renounce to your Free Will and give it to your God, to your I AM Presence, this renunciation will establish that your life will be guided by the Divine Will, and you will rest with confidence in the Hands of God, your mighty I AM Presence.


This “Leap of Faith” is not easy when your Ego is clearly screaming to you: “we can’t do that”, that’s why this first initiation is also about to clarify your Ego, to clarify your Throat Chakra… looking from an abroad viewing, this seems to be not easy as the words say, but during this temple, taking the hand of the beloved master El Morya you will receive all the wisdom and confidence you need to be sure this is what you want.


Master El Morya will take you as his Chela, and we will work at your Ego level, and lovely will explains to you what this redemption is about, that you are ready, at your level, to accept the calling and to leave behind you all this 3D reality, all this land of illusion, the land of Maya, and to be free forever for the reincarnation wheel; explained to you that the highest sacred level for a human being is to express the Divine Will on the earth, the highest Service and the highest Purpose.


When you start your Path to Ascension in this first temple, even if you are an awakened human, your Ego will start to fill your mind, body and feelings with all kind of low vibrations about to take this Path, it is simple, this not determine the end of your Ego but will be, clearly, a new change for it, it existence will change totally, as well as your life, and your Ego will start to be purified until the Fourth initiation where it will be integrated into the Christ Consciousness.


If your Ego could know the life will be stunning better and the change will be, in million ways, better, it could say YES at the first moment, but you Ego wants to remain as it is, there is something called the “Status Quo” who attach the humans into a very known reality not allowing to them to move into changes, to move into new realities… the Ego will want always to keep your personality into its comfort zone blocking all kind of growth for you, its safety belongs to its comfort zone.


Then is when we talk about the personality, because the personality is attached in certain way to the Ego, and when you renounce to your Free Will you are renouncing to your human personality as well, so the Ego will ask to you: “Ey, what about me so?”; when your personality is released, you offer lovely all you are to the God’s Impersonality, renouncing to your human personality, and releasing all ideas and characteristics you built up in the past as human, and deciding to start a new life as a being without one human personality; you will have indeed an specific personality, as your Ego as well, but this new personality is attach in all ways to the Impersonality of God, will be a Personality full of Love, Wisdom, Faith, Purity, Service… in other words your personality will reflect the attributes of the Divine Impersonality being both of them one in unity, and it is called Divine Impersonality because it resides in you as your I AM Presence, as well, resides in every human being, radiating “impersonally” the attributes of God into each of its Sons.


So, by this new point of view, your Ego not will disappear, or you cannot put your Ego into the trash, if you were thinking something like that, but instead you will transform, step by step, your Ego until it accept to be also an expression of the Impersonality of God, until it will be melted into the Cosmic Mind of God, and then it will express with you also, together as one, all the High Attributes of the Impersonality of God. All this won’t pass during this first initiation, but one of the Big Steps into this initiation is when you, with your Ego, accept both to Trust in God, to renounce to your Free Will and accept to be an expression of the God’s Will in this Earth, when you and your Ego take this “Sweet Surrender” and Trust blindly in your I AM Presence, this is all about the “Leap of Faith”.


I use the term “Sweet Surrender” into the “Be an Angel” book, when you, at that point, accepted that all your human creations must to be aligned with the Divine Will, that shows your Free Will could be aligned with the Divine Will, but at that point as an awakened human you had your Free Will yet, and you could choose and create whatever you want, in order to Serve yourself or your personal interests. In this case is a new level of “Surrender”, because now you are giving all your Free Will to God, giving it as a Gift to your I AM Presence, like saying: “Take this, I don’t need it anymore, I don’t what to serve only to myself anymore, I want to Serve to you My God, I want to be your Servant and through your power Serve and Give all you are to Humanity, all that I AM”.


At this moment I shall share with you two paragraphs from the Book “The Impersonal Life – Joseph S. Benner”, from the chapter XVXVIII UNION:


673. You, who truly wish to consecrate yourself thus to Me, and are willing to give your whole Life to Me, putting aside all personal ideas, hopes and aims, in order that I may freely and fully express through you My Impersonal Idea, listen carefully to these Words:


[_ 674. I have led you through all your experiences of life up to just this point. If you are now really ready and willing to serve Me, and have learned that you, of Yourself, can know nothing and can do nothing, and that I AM, and what you call your intelligence and your strength and your substance are really Mine, and that it is I who direct all your thoughts and both cause and enable you to do all that you do, -- then can you comprehend the significance of My Words, and are quite prepared to obey them.” _]


All this, is a very shift into yourself, and you know and we, from the other side of the veil, know it too; but you must to fire up, in the greatest way you are, all the fires of Trust, to have a great Faith, to really Believe in you, to really Believe in God, to really Desire to be in the hands of All that Is, of your Divine Essence… When you light up strongly enough all those fires from the First Ray, you will decide to jump and take the “Leap of Faith” and redeem yourself, your Free Will, your Personality and your life into the Impersonal and Eternal Impersonality of God, into the Impersonal and Eternal Life of God.


“Luke 12: 22-34 : 22 And he said unto his disciples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat ; neither for the body, what ye shall put on. 23 The life is more than food, and the body is more than raiment. 24 Consider the ravens : for they neither sow nor reap ; which neither have storehouse nor barn ; and God feedeth them : how much more are ye better than the fowls ? 25 And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit? 26 If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest? 27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 28 If then God so clothe the grass, which is today in the field, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more will He clothe you, O ye of little faith? 29 And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind. 30 For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. 31 But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. 32 Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. 33 Sell that ye have, and give alms ; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth. 34 for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”


Can you believe all that? Are you really strong enough to leave everything and give yourself to your God? Are your Faith Strong enough? Are your Trust Strong Enough? When you pass through this first initiation through the Fires of El Morya, you will response to all those Questions, with all your Strength and Confidence: “YES, I AM”; and I am not saying that you will have Totally and absolutely Faith, Trust, Power or so on; during the middle of the Century XX the Masters of Light gave to the humanity a New Dispensation where you must to have at least more than half of attributes, in order to pass through one Temple of Initiation; than means you must to have the Faith enough, the Trust in God enough, the Believing enough in order to Renounce yourself to your personality and renounce to your Free Will and give all your own to All that Is, to God, to your I AM Presence and Jump, after this “Leap of Faith” during the following initiations your I AM Presence will continue working with you and creating the opportunities into your life in order to arise your levels of Faith, Trust, Believe in the God’s Will, and Believe in the Path.


When you finally pass through this First Initiation, your life gently will be guided by the Holy Will of God, changes will come and you could see by yourself how that Divine Will acts into your life, and you will start to see the Magic… All that because accept in your life the God’s Holy Will and redeem yourself will means to start to live into the Divine Grace, and more your life walk through the Divine Will, more the Divine Grace will be cover your life… The Divine Grace is the value of how much the Divine Will flows in your life.


And when you finally take this “Leap of Faith” maybe you will find asking to yourself: Ok, I have accepted to redeem my will, my world and my life into the Divine Will, but how to live serving the God’s Holy Will? And in this case I can help you to understand what is gonna happen: you will start to receive communication from everywhere; you will meet several persons who will lead you to different places, to different experiences; you will find out several information that will help you, or find specific books which will guide you in the Path; during meditation your I AM Presence will whisper to you which route to take, or even your Masters could guide you what to do; during your sleeping time you will visit several places and have specific adventures which will teach you all you need and you will settle all those lessons in your daily consciousness; etc. All I am trying to say is you are not alone, all kind of Beings of Light will support you during your Path, all you must do is Trust, let be guided, and as one beloved girlfriend of mine says: “Go with the Flow”… You must keep your Election, your Creation steady and you must be always attuned with your decision: “I AM a Christ”, “I AM an Ascended Master”, “I AM an Ascended Being”, “ I AM Ascending this life”, “I AM a Servant of God”, “I AM my Holy Christ Self serving with Love and Grace”… or whatever had been your creation.


During some time in my life I lived at the Island of the Sun – Titicaca Lake, due to, in the Etheric Realm, there is the Temple of the Illumination of the beloveds God and Goddess Meru, the Manus of the Sixth Root Race, and one of the Archangel Michael’s Solar Discs came from Lemuria with them and sank down below the waters of this amazing lake; also this spot is one Chakra of the Earth and from where the Feminine Energies are established for this Earth, and due to that, the Temple of Divine Feminine is also located here in charge of the Beloved Master Lady Nada, and another several Feminine Masters as Mother Mary, Lady Portia, Lady Venus, Kuan Yin & Pallas Athena. The First Day I entered into my new “home”, I was resting in the bed and suddenly I look to one of the walls of the bedroom and I found this message: “When the Disciple is ready the Master appears, and that can be: one experience, one living, one person or one thought from the outer realms… Pay attention! Nothing happens by casualty, everything is routed for your evolution; remember, you are not learning anything, you are just trying to remember all your Inner Self already knows”…


That message is all I am trying to say to you… Since the first moment you take the “Leap of Faith” all the Energy starts to move, You start to move the Energy, because you have taken a Conscious Choice, and all the Universe will work before your command, before your Power and your Creation, you are the one who moves the Energies, you are the one who moves the Universe, and you are the one who calls all those Beings of Love (Masters, Elementals, Angels, Archangels, Devas, Elohim) to assist you and to help one, and you know what? They are “sitting” there in the other realm just waiting for your call, because they Love you, you cannot imagine how Loved you are; and since the first call they literally will fly on trying to be near to you, trying to assist you, to help you; they are your Team, your Personal Ascension Team, and they will be delighted to work with you, because that is part of their beloved Service to God, to you… so Pay Attention, Be conscious every moment of your life, because signs, messages and opportunities are everywhere and “Go with the Flow”, remembering living without expectations, because expectations lead to Drama.


At this point is important to remember something quite special, in order to Be a Christ you must to purify yourself, and there is something is part of your four Lower Vehicles and that is a certain quantity of Energy disqualified during your life times, some people calls it “Karma”; pretty sure that you already released and healed great quantity of your karma during your Path to Awakening, and quite sure also, if you are stepping into your Path to Ascension is due to you already have healed the biggest quantity of karma from past lives and that allows you to be clarified enough to be in the consciousness level you currently are; and due to so you must to know the great opportunities to heal the Karma remaining will be appear in your life too, you just must to be conscious of this and when some opportunity appears you must to Breathe through it, try to learn from this experience, try to heal yourself with all the Love You Are, and Let it go… Know that these Karma Healing Opportunities are just the final debts in your whole entire life, and you are releasing and healing the last ones.


I really try to understand why people reacts against its troubles or problems in a negative way, they must to know these opportunities have been created for themselves in order to heal, in order to experience, in order to release and be free of debts… this is like a debt with a Bank, you have a debt but you don’t have the money to pay it, so you are concern about that… suddenly the bank calls you and ask to you for the money, there are not more chances you must to face it, but thanks to God you have already the money, so you happily pay your debt… Am I wrong? There is not a feeling of relieve when you pay that debt? Tell me, When you finally pay one debt you were concern about, don’t you feel good? It’s the same exact thing with Karma, you must to face it, and you must to release yourself from it, and after that you will be free from it, and that’s wonderful, and that’s why the opportunities for this release will appear too.


You must to know about one dispensation the Ascended Master Saint Germain acquired for the humanity during the last century, and it is called the Transmuting Violet Flame, this Magic Violet Flame allows to you to release yourself from your Karma in an easier way, to release yourself from your debts with ease and Grace… during past centuries you had to pay for your karma at the same level, we could say: if you kill someone, you must to be killed… but with this new dispensation, you could use the Violet Flame in order to transmute a great portion of that disqualified energy and create so an opportunity in your life to face your karma in an easier way, maybe you must to face a murder so close to allow to yourself to face the death, to face the feelings about the person who is dying, and after all the psychological impact of that episode, you can breathe through it and release all the energies attached into your lower bodies, that is like the Bank calls you and says: “Sir, pay to us only the half of your debt and you will be released of it”… can you imagine that? Wonderful…


You must to know also about one dispensation the Masters of the Hierarchies of Light gave to the humanity during the last century (these dispensations are presented by the Ascended Masters in front of the Karmic Board, and the Karmic Board decides to accept it or not according to the humanity level of consciousness): The karma from the past lives won’t be increased anymore due to a replication of the act, that means that if you do something against Love you create karma inside yourself, if in another life you do the same thing again, your karma level was increased for this same act, but with the new dispensation all the times you did the same act against Love is counted as just one time… that is like you pass through a traffic light in Red, four times during one month, so the Traffic office calls you and say: “You have passed four times in red through the traffic light this month, but ok, pay only for one, and we hope you will learn”… Ah? What about that? Perfect! What else you want?


Well, there is more… another dispensation from the Last Century given by the Karmic Board allows to you that Each Act of Love you do will be increased and sowed into your personal Love account 100% more, or increased in a 100% like a percentage of your actions, and sometimes for more depending of the action… Can you imagine that? Is like your Bank calls you and says: “For each 100 dollars you put in your account, we will give you another 100 box”… COME ON… and knowing the action of the Violet Flame your debts can be reduced more than the half, and knowing the karma dispensation, the debts will not be accumulative… For God’s Sake… Now I ask to you: What else do you want? The Masters of Light, the Karmic Board and all the realms of light are giving to us all the opportunities in order to climb up the Path to Ascension. As Master Adama says: “You are really in an easier Path”.


Now, is the time, Now is the moment to step into the Path to Ascension, Now is the moment to face the few karma you have, to start to Love, to Trust, to align your mind with the Divine Wisdom, to Purify yourself, to be a Christ and Serve and Give all you are to the humanity, to be an expression of God here on Earth, this civilization as you know right now is about to collapse, the monetary system, the “Grey Men” as Master Ramtha says, are creating wars against the humanity for centuries, all these wars just to make the countries be in debt with them, and they are the “owners” of this world, all the money belongs to them, and with all their system established around money, they are slaving the humanity, and destroying the Earth… they control the food supplies, they control the media, they control the corporations, they control the water… they have turned the humanity in a money lover beings destroying the Earth, destroying the Soil for the Oil, for the Gold, destroying the forest for the wood, growing up animals and plants without Love, in order to kill them massively and make more money, destroying the environment and poisoning the Earth with all their procedures. The Earth as an Ascended Being in ready to make her shift, and only the humans who turn their lives into Love, Light, Peace, Faith, Wisdom, Purity and Harmony will come with her.


And now, in order to end this first chapter the last point; at the same time you step into the first temple you will start to purify all your Lower Vehicles starting in this First Step with your Physical Body, all kind of low vibrational energies you are entering into your body must be cut off and eliminated… this Step must be doing by Heart, this process is between you and your I AM Presence; because you deeply know all the unbalanced things you are doing to your Physical Body, and is time to start to purify it.


We will put here some examples, and you will be able to figure out the things you must to change in your own life… we can start with the type of food you are eating or putting into your Body… All processed food contains certain type of chemicals that your human body cannot process, that kind of chemical where created by humans eons after your human body design, so your physical body is not able to process them, poisoning it… this include, of course, all type of GMOs, Taped water, Flour based toothpaste, white sugar, chemical food, etc. You will really at this point to research into the Internet about this topic. So, what to eat? Preferably the Pure Type of Water, better if comes from a spring, the Pure Organic Food, Organic Cocoa… If you like chocolate like me, try to buy chocolates made of Organic Cocoa and without Sugar, could be sweeten with Organic Honey… or do them by yourself.


We must to talk about Meat here, as the Serapis Bey protocol of a candidate of Ascension remarks: “Embrace the consciousness of harmlessness, by honoring the sanctify of all life sharing this planet with you and also the divine right of every person to live here as well”, and I will include a point of the Divine Love Protocol of the Holy Spirit from the MahaChohan: “Learn the lessons of harmlessness – neither by word, nor thought, nor feeling will you ever inflict evil or harm upon any part of life. Know that action and physical violence will keep you in the realm of pain, suffering and mortality”. Due to so, we will embrace you to take a Vegan type diet, or to eat organic eggs and organic dairy products, just to be sure those animals have been raised with Love and Care.


Let me explain to you deeply about eat meat… Animals as 3rd. Planetary Realm have inside them all kinds of feelings as the Humans as well… but usually the Animals from this current civilization are being growth and risen without Love, trapped into small spaces eating all entire day and even some of them not sleeping, they feed inside them feelings of pain, sorrow, sadness… and during the process of killing they are treated as “things”, rising into them feelings of fear, and scare… all this Karma inside the animal, all this low vibrational energy enters into your body when you eat that kind of meat… but could be worse, because usually people, in this civilization, pays someone else to rise this animals without Love, to kill them without Love, and to sell them as well… so, you come finally into the Butchery and all the low vibrational energies from the people who rose these animals, the people who killed them, and the Butcher as well… all those energies are inside that Meat you will enter into your Body… so that’s worse… you are bringing into you the karma of the animal, the karma of the people who raised them without love, the people who is killing them, and the people who is selling them… and if is processed meat, more and more… I can tell you at this point is better if you hunt a wild animal… because this animal has had a natural wildlife and when you kill it (not paying for it, as usually people does) you will bring to you the karma of the animal and the karma for killing it… A person who kills animals directly or indirectly has not the level of Consciousness to step into the Path to Ascension… and in the case of the Dairies and Eggs again, try to find Milk, Eggs and Dairies coming from Organic Farms where animals are being fed with organic products and where they have been treated with Love and Care. Finally, Meat is not about health, but it’s about Love.


Another kind of things you put into your body poisoning it and, in this case, altering your natural state of consciousness are these ones: Alcohol, any kind of Drugs, Highly Stimulant foods as Sugar, Caffeine or Black Tea, Tobacco. All those kind of substances must be eliminated from your life, in order to purify your Physical Body and clean your Physical vehicle turning it into a vehicle where can be sustained and based the Spirit of God, and the Holy Spirit.


Besides the food, there are another things which can introduce into your physical body all kind of low vibrational energies, some of them are: Physical Aggression or by word to another person or animal, Sexual relationships based on Lust and no based on Love, Physical acts against the Nature and the Mother Earth, and will be your own task to discover in your life what else and try to be free of them.


If the disciple feels inside itself is not ready for do all these kind of changes in your life, that means the disciple has not enough commitment of has not enough desire to enter into the Path to Ascension… You must to change your human style life, to be able to leave behind the 3D reality in order to access into a new reality… If you feel you can do the changes but you will need time to complete all the task, that’s fine, that’s normal for the human nature… so establish for your own your personal planning in order to leave all those things behind, to be free of them and to start to purify your Physical Body; but if you feel you cannot do all that kind of changes in your life, all those things you like to do, like to eat, etc… that means, meanwhile, you require a deeper commitment to embrace your spiritual life and it’s not your time.


First Initiation Values are Courage, Discipline, Faith, Redemption to Divine Will and Commitment with your own Higher Self to finish and walk through this Path until the End… And with all those values there is a Full Commitment to Move, to Move the Energies from the Inner Realms, to Work in your own Spiritual Path, to Do the changes you must to do in your life in order to achieve your Spiritual Goals, to Act as a person who believes in God, who Trust in the Path and to have the Courage to go until the End.

















Chapter no.4 – The Second Initiation: Human Mind Redemption.

So now I tell to you, only with a clear and purified mind you will be able to enter into the God’s realm” because your mighty I AM Presence, your Christ Self and God could not be able to work with you, to inspire you and to guide you using a Dirty tool, a tool which will change and distort all guidance and flow from the Divine Mind, and that is what this chapter is about.

As well as you did some purification process with your physical body during the first initiation, during this second initiation is the chance for your Mental Body, just stop and Think for a while all kind of thoughts you have sowed in your Human Mind… Think about good thoughts you have about life, about people, about your civilization and so on… you, as an Awakened Human, are little far beyond from bad thoughts but, it is time to Think about the bad thoughts still remaining in your Human Mind… thoughts about doubt, fear, loneliness, depravation, anxiety, ignorance, etc.

In the fable, the garden is a symbol for the mind. If you care for your mind, if you nurture it and if you cultivate it just like a fertile, rich garden, it will blossom far beyond your expectations. But if you let the weeds take root, lasting peace of mind and deep inner harmony will always elude you” Robin Sharma

Well, the good news are this process is not about to judge your “Bad” thoughts, but will set up an alignment, a deep alignment from your Human Mind with your Divine Mind… you certainly will not pass by this initiation finishing as a Human which always has Good aligned thoughts, but for sure, you will be a Human Being always conscious about your thoughts and ready to transmute or clean those thoughts are not aligned with the Divine Will… that will establish a continuous cleaning and aligning process for your Human Mind with the Divine Mind, in just one phrase: you must to redeem your Human Mind to the Divine Mind… Surrender is a Key also for this Initiation, in this case all you think as Human, all you Believe as Human, all you are continuously processing in your mind.

In order to nurture the Garden of your Mind, we will use a four (4) steps process as humans usually do with their own crop fields:

p<>{color:#000;}. Clean the land. (WATCH ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS)

p<>{color:#000;}. Prepare the Soil. (REMOVE WRONG BELIEVE SYSTEMS)

p<>{color:#000;}. Sow the Seeds. (LEARN ABOUT UNIVERSAL LAWS)

p<>{color:#000;}. Irrigation & Nurturing. (TAKE CARE CONSTANTLY OF YOUR THOUGHTS)

You must start to take the weeds off, that means: “Cleaning Process”, and this process is really simple, you must to take a Conscious Breath, to get in contact with your Divine Presence, your Inner Self and Think about WHAT IS NOT EXPRESSING THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD IN YOUR HUMAN MIND? All kind of thoughts which are not thoughts of Love, Trust, Joy, Harmony, Patience, Care, Faith, Purity, and so on… This process is between you and your human mind, your human thoughts… There are two main roots from where one thought comes, it could come from the Human Mind like when you mistrust in someone else, or it could come from your Feelings like when you feel angry and you start to think low frequency thoughts.

So, the root of your “wrong” thoughts could come from your Mental Body or your Emotional Body, but during this initiation you will be looking inside your Human Mind and its thoughts no matter where they come from, and during the Third Initiation will be the chance for your Emotional Body and work with your Feelings and Emotions… Just try to keep it simple… Staying Conscious every time, every moment is not a regular behavior for a human being, so, during the First Initiation you were conscious of what you put in your Physical Body, during this initiation let’s get conscious of what you put in or what is coming from your Mental Body.

Here is a List of some kind of Human Feelings and Thoughts you must to be aware during this initiation, the thoughts because they are a main cause of non-alignment and the feelings as a main cause for your non-aligned thoughts… so, let’s go to check this list and with every point just try to Think about how this point is affecting your life, or how this point is present in your life, in your thoughts, and add the ones there are not in this list:

table=. =. |=\4.
p={color:#000;}. Human Feelings & thoughts | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}.   |=.
p={color:#000;}.   |=.
p={color:#000;}.   |=.
p={color:#000;}.   | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Sadness |=.
p={color:#000;}. Hate |=.
p={color:#000;}. Pride |=.
p={color:#F00;}. Addictions | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Fear |=.
p={color:#000;}. Greed |=.
p={color:#000;}. Conceit |=.
p={color:#000;}. Drugs | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Doubt |=.
p={color:#000;}. Loneliness |=.
p={color:#000;}. Aggression |=.
p={color:#000;}. Food | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Anger |=.
p={color:#000;}. Boast |=.
p={color:#000;}. Selfishness |=.
p={color:#000;}. Alcohol | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Lust |=.
p={color:#000;}. Rudeness |=.
p={color:#000;}. Resentfulness |=.
p={color:#000;}. Gambling | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Rashness |=.
p={color:#000;}. Offense |=.
p={color:#000;}. Destruction |=.
p={color:#000;}. Sex | =. |=.
p={color:#000;}. Unkindness

Distrust |=.
p={color:#000;}. Hatred

Victimization |=.
p={color:#000;}. Pain

Depravation |=.
p={color:#000;}. TV



So, for this first process of cleaning your yard, just Think about common and regular thoughts you have about last points, knowing those common and regular thoughts are setting your mind far from the Divine attributes of God, so, they are for you like a veil, avoiding you to get in contact with the Divine Mind, because every idea your Divine Self puts into your Heart will come into your Human Mind and will be distorted or changed due to these common thoughts you have living in your Human Mind, those are the weeds you must to take off.

It is important you to know this easy chart: your Higher Bodies – the Divine Mind, the Presence of God “I AM” and your Soul – establish the main contact with your Heart, where the inspiration resides… your Heart is the MAIN GATE from the Inner Realms… and after this contact your Lower Bodies – Etheric, Physical, Emotional and Mental Body – will receive the Main Idea, Message or Guide from yourself and will interpret them… As more as your lower bodies are cleaned and purified as more the Message, Main Idea or Guide will be purely received; that’s one of the reasons for the first four initiations… it is to Purify and Clean your Lower Bodies in order to let the Divine Source to flow freely and purely through you… you as a Christ are a bridge between Heaven and Earth, so you must to clean and purify your Lower Bodies in order to receive a Clean and Pure Message, Main Idea or Guide from your Higher Bodies.

During this process to become a Christ all you are trying to do is redeem yourself to God’s Will, a Christified Being is a Being who wants to express the Purpose of God on the Earth, to express the Attributes of God in its own life, it is a Being who wants to be Love, Care, Purity, Beauty, Wisdom, and so on, when you become a Christ you are a pure channel of the God’s expression into this reality, a pure expression of Divine Will on Earth… Into this Second Initiation that means that from this point your Human Mind will be in service to your Heart, your Heart as a womb of the Intuition in your life due to your Heart is your focal point with your Higher Bodies.

All this will allow you to establish in your life the correct flow of Light from the Higher Realms; when the Inspiration comes from your Higher Self touching your Heart and giving to you the Inspiration needed to perform or do whatever you need to do and moving it into your Lower Bodies in order to find expression into the material realm… All guide you receive from your Higher Self will help you to deal with anything you need in your life, from your human needs to your spiritual goals… This is the energy what inspires you to move, what pushes you into movement… you must to be Conscious the most part of the time, because when inspiration comes you must to act, that’s your main part into this Game of becoming a Christ… remember during the First Initiation you redeem your human will and establish a commitment to Act and during this Second Initiation you will clean your Mental Body in order to allow the inspiration to reside into your human mind and from there allow the energy to comes into this reality… your human mind is the main tool you use into this reality to express yourself, as a human or as a God.

During this second initiation becomes a transformation of your Ego too, your Ego has been redeemed during the first initiation to accept the Divine Will into your Human Life but now is important to change the essence of your Human Ego, the Ego has been thinking your humanity is the only that exists, it has been thinking all you watch at the mirror is the reality, and so on… allow to your human Ego to Expand… your human Ego has a close relationship with your human personality even thinking they are one, but now that your human personality has accepted the Divine Impersonality in your life, your human Ego must to grow up and expand into the Impersonal Ego of God… you know, the human Ego never wants to lose, but in this case you are not losing anything, what you are doing is expanding and changing from your limited and little Ego into your expanded and unlimited Ego from your Divine Self.

The Ego represents the consciousness of your personality and, in this case, it’s true that your Divine Impersonality has a greater personality itself, and this impersonality has its own Ego, its own perception of belonging, its own feeling of be, its proper identification with everything… Just the Divine Ego is tons greater than your Individual one, because God identifies itself with Everything, God Loves All, God Accepts everything… Your Divine Being is everywhere… and when you allow your human ego to expand into your Divine Ego you are expanding yourself, your own perception of limitation into the perception that you, as a Divine Being, care about everything… because you already have clarified and cleaned your Human Mind, and now you are in contact with the Divine Mind… the Divine Energy that flows from your Inner Self is able now to find a fruitful field in your mind in order to reside and become an expression into this 3D realm.

That is the essence of Omniscience, because when you make of your own human mind a clear channel of God’s Wisdom, you are now an Omniscience Being, because the Wisdom of God resides now in you, not initially in your Human Mind, but with a Conscious Breath you can take Consciousness of your Divine Self and, with it, in contact with the Divine Wisdom… initially will be a repetitive sequence… when you need inspiration or guide you will take a Conscious Breath and get in contact with your Divine Self, the inspiration will come from your Heart as an Intuition and will travel into your human mind which, now as a clear field, will be able to receive and adopt the idea.

After you have cleaned your Mind from Low Frequency Thoughts your human mind will be aligned with Divine attributes, but there is another cleaning process to take place here, and it is what we are called “prepare the soil” & “sow the seeds”… your Human Mind has sowed several believe systems, and some of those believe systems are aligned with the Divine self and others not… which ones are correct and which ones are not? Only you know, and we are not talking to your outer self, to your human mind… we are talking to your inner self, who you really are… you deeply know which believe systems you must to remove from your own human mind… and certainly the believe systems are a deeper level of weeds in your human mind; you have cleaned your mind from low frequency thoughts, but now you must to move deeper and then is when the Master comes again.

You, the Master, will create the opportunities needed to remove the “wrong” believe systems and sow the “correct” ones, the ones who are aligned with the Divine Plan, with your Divine Self… so, you will find the correct persons who will instruct you about the Divine Laws, about the Divine Path, about the Divinity… you will find the books you must to read during this second initiation, you will create the experiences which will test yourself against your believe systems, you will manifest everything you need because you have established a commitment with yourself in order to prepare your human mind to receive the new teachings, to sow the new seeds of Divinity.

There are hundreds of books about Divine Wisdom, and Divine Knowledge… and the ones that have served to one person could not be the ones which will help you, because you have your own “misplaced” believes… for each ill there is one cure… only you know your own mental ills, only you, your Divinity, knows the cures… so, be conscious, be aware of what is going on in our life during this initiation, ask for help to the Masters, Angels, and Divine Beings… Ask to your Divine Self, ask to Lord Lanto, ask to Confucius, ask to Jesus, ask to Kuthumi, ask to Sananda, ask to Saint Francis, ask to God Meru, ask to Gautama Buda, ask to Archangel Jophiel, ask to Maitreya, ask to Elohim Cassiopeia, to Elohim Apollo, Ask to me… but Ask for assistance, Ask for Help when you are feeling you are not being supported as you want… We are all in service to you, we are always ready to support you, to Give to you everything you need, to Love you… but be sure after you ask to stay Conscious and connected with your Inner Self in order to receive the assistance… It is so few we can do from the inner realms if you only ask, as a complain, and do nothing else… you lose the bond between your outer self and your Inner Self and we are not able to interfere into your Free Will… So Ask and Ask daily during this Initiation and during each initiation, and stay tuned and Conscious and you must to be sure that ALWAYS the assistance will come.

They are several Divine Laws that are expression of God into the Earth, all laws come from the Main Universal Law who reigns all universes and worlds, this Universal Law is the Love… surely if you are all Love, you will not need anything more to know, because all is Love and if you are already Love you are already melted into the Divine Consciousness… this is the Main Law and from it several laws expand themselves, but you must to know that no matter the Law, it is always related to the Universal Law of Love… the Law of the Circle, or as one song says: “we only get what we give”*, and with this Law we are able to get Love just simply Loving, could not be easier; and this is the base for the Law of Creation or Attraction, because when you want to get something, you must to be tuned yourself with the Divine feeling coming from the object of your desire and when you get in tune with it, you are being it in essence; also from the Law of the Circle comes the Law of Karma, because when you are giving low frequency to the world you will receive it at the same level, and if you tune yourself with all low frequencies from the “mass consciousness” you will be attract all those low frequencies to your life (fear, sorrow, doubt, violence, manipulation, etc.); and that’s why the Law of Dharma exists guiding you to Love & Light, because you, at your Soul level, have a sublime objective in this lifetime beyond the human illusion and materialism, you have established for yourself a deep and great objective for your life, you are your own Destiny, you have set your own Destiny, as a song says: “I control my life, I AM the one; you control your life, but don’t forget your Destiny”

The Law of Correspondence (as above, so below – not backwards) shows the Global Destiny of life which is Love, the Final Destination for the Earth and the Humanity which is be Love, and due to this Final Destination the Law of Grace appears, this Law is all the Dispensations we talked about last Chapter, because with those Dispensations the Exercise of Free Will is going to end in this Planet and in its humanity, the Law of Grace is the one that will mitigate the effects of the Law of Karma result of the exercise of Free Will in this planet… this doesn’t mean everything will be forgot, this means that the persons who want to move to the next level and take their Ascension will be supported, and the persons who don’t will be moved to another realm, different from this Fifth Dimension Ascended Earth, will be moved into another 3D world in order continue with their own choice of practice the Free Will.

So, with the right books, teachings and experiences you will unleash the opportunities to clean your mind from “wrong” believe systems and you will start to Sow in your Human Mind the “Right” Believe Systems… the ones aligned with the Divine Purpose… So Beloved One, to create the Heaven in the Earth, is so simple, from now you must: Sow Love, Sow Life, Sow Kindness, Sow Happiness, Sow Joy, Sow Abundance, Sow Laughs, Sow Sharing, Sow Caring… and with all Divine Laws you will create for yourself and the humanity a World full of Love & Light.

And THIS Beloved One, THIS is the Biggest Service you can give to Humanity and the Earth… TO BE, To be Love & Light is the MOST Important Service you can do this Lifetime, you don’t need to do anything else indeed, just BE what you really are and Enjoy your lifetime meanwhile your service ends… when you are a Human Being attuned with the Love & Light of God you are helping to this Earth and this Humanity to sow the Sacred Energies into this realm, and with this you are being a “Bridge between the Heaven and the Earth” because you are going into your Inner Self and letting your Divine Self to express all It Is into the humanity and the World, that is to allow the Divine Will to flow freely through you.

But be aware every time when you are sowing or creating things that are not aligned with Divine Self, in order to transmute and clean them instantly, that’s what “Irrigation & Nurturing” is about… you must to care your Human Mind from this point, and feed it with thoughts aligned with the Divine Mind and reject the ones who doesn’t, it will be easy because your Human Mind will be at service of your Heart and with this you will learn by yourself the Real Discernment, what is to know what comes really from your Heart, from your Divine Self.

Every time you get in contact with your divine self, all choices you will have to act into this reality will be aligned with it, you will be an expression of God on earth, or at least for the moment your thoughts will be an expression of God… Unaligned thoughts still remaining will be transmuted and cleaned, you will contain in your mind the knowledge of the Divine Laws and also with a simple Conscious Breath you will be in contact with the Divine Wisdom coming from your Higher Mental Body… you will be moving your physical expression to places where some kind of enlightenment is required, and you will choose to talk and express the truth only when you have took a Conscious Breath and you have gotten contact with your Divine Self… you will feel mentally connected and linked with the Divine Mind and when that feel happens you will be stepping into the Third Initiation.

All creations into this realm are directed by the power of your human mind as a tool, your human mind is the one who transforms the imagination coming from your heart into the visualization of the reality you want to create… with an aligned and cleaned mind there is another Tool you need to clean during the stages of the initiation and becoming a Christ using the most wonderful power of Love and Care, you must to understand all your creations will be the “I AM” creations, all your desires will be the God’s desires… you will be a servant of God here on earth and to serve is your main purpose… it is not an imposition it has been a pledge coming from yourself to give your life to God and to serve the humanity, that’s the reason you are becoming a Christ.

Sometimes you will feel some things are not in a correct place, but you must to clarify again your human mind, meantime, your human mind maybe is not totally able to understand humanly the reasons and the desires coming from your heart, coming from your Divine Self… the human need of try to understand everything must be put away and change it with a disposition of Faith and Trust, knowing the Will of God is moving your life and it is directing all your being into places, persons, opportunities and experiences which will help you to grew up and will be using you as a Servant to Give Love and Light to the Humanity and all Realms serving into this Beautiful Planet Earth. The continuous feelings of feel yourself blessed, feel yourself empowered, feel yourself enlightened, feel yourself in contact with your Divine Self and continuously remain Conscious of your Divine status and Divine mission will help you to find the place of comfort and quietness you must to find in order to set your roots so firmly and from the bottom of your Heart blow away all your Divinity into this Earth.

Maybe it is important at this time to set up for yourself your own Spiritual Plan, maybe you have been figuring out the plan in your mind, but during this second Initiation it’s good to settle down, a little bit, from your human mind and establish a Plan which will control your Path to Ascension and set your Goals for each initiation in time and depth… I strongly recommend you to establish a Daily Routine if you don’t have it yet, or fix your routine according to the day and the amplified ray for each day… have you ever been into a Monastery or an Ashram? Inside those places there are specific rules and schedules for each Day, specific times for meditation, praying, reading, relax and even Service… I hope you are now meditating about how to serve to your beloved brothers and sisters, or any realm of this Earth needing assistance; but most importantly, meditating about your Soul’s plan here on Earth and the Sacred Service you committed in front to Spiritual Hierarchy prior to come to Earth.

Returning to the Plan point, establish for yourself a daily routine, time for waking up, meditation, prayers, rituals, take your meals, human work, readings, exercise, service, free time… establish daily meditation, readings and prayers about the amplified ray for each day and also for the ray of your initiation step… if you don’t know the monastic or ashramic life, look for one of those near to your place and go for a week-end retreat just to know deeply what we are talking about, or look into the internet about it… you must nurture your Self-discipline and a Real Commitment with your Spiritual Life… Maybe you will be facing changes in your regular life, cutting off some activities which are separating you from your spiritual goals, maybe you must to cut off some TV (movies, sports, TV shows, arcade games, etc.), party time, some internet (social networks, games, etc.)… resuming, all things are distracting you from your real purpose, controlling you and attaching you into this 3D reality you are now firm to leave behind.

During the sleeping time at night, always remember to ask for assistance, and go to the Etheric Retreats all Great White Brotherhood has around the world, the Etheric Retreats around the Reign of Agartha, the Etheric Retreats around the Universe or whatever is your preference… but ask to be taken to the retreats for specific rays, or aspects you want to nurture, or the retreats belonging to your ray initiation or all of them… you must to know during sleep time your potentials are unlimited and you can go to all retreats at the same time, but is better if you establish an specific purpose for each visit, so you can embodied actively during the next day all you learned during last night.

For the Second Initiation, there are several retreats and guided meditations you will find, look in the internet for information and guided meditations, or for different retreats around the world… Even the main focus for the second ray on Earth is the Temple of Illumination at Titicaca Lake directed by God and Goddess Meru, there is also the Grand Teton Retreat directed by Lord Lanto, Kashmir Retreat directed by Master Kuthumi, or even you can go directly to the Central Sun Retreat directed by Helios and Vesta… No matter the retreat, the most important is to set up the intention and the purpose for your visit… if you are doing a guided meditation there is a specific point, generally for second ray will be meditations about enlightenment and illumination… but if you will go to the retreat during your sleep time, you can set by yourself your own purpose always according to the Ray of the temple.

The way to set up your visits during sleep time is easy, you must to set up the intention to go, and the purpose for your visit… the intention is the desire who will create the experience for you… you only need to establish your intention firmly, maybe saying something like this: “In the name of the Christ and my Beloved Presence of God I AM, I ask to be taken into the Temple of Illumination at Titicaca Lake below the direction of God and Goddess Meru… I ask to be guided about the attributes of the Second Ray, about Divine Wisdom and all I need to learn in order to pass through this Initiation, according to the Divine Will… I give thanks because I know it will be in name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother… And so it is”… this is just an example, write your owns, for each day and for each initiation… ask for guide to your own I Am Presence and just do it.

  • Song: You only get what you give – Artist: New Radicals

Song: Destiny – Artist: Stratovarius

Chapter no.5 – The Third Initiation: Emotional Body Redemption

I Am sure passing through the Second Initiation was easier than passing through the First one, the First initiation will be always the hardest one, and you must to be sure and confident, initiation by initiation, the Path will be easier, and the reason is quite simple… you are becoming lighter, and lighter in both ways, from the ways of leaving “wrong” habitudes behind, leaving “wrong” thoughts behind, and in the way of leaving away certain loads you don’t need in your Ascension Path; but also lighter because, leaving these loads away, you are getting more and more Light into your Being… Light is information, and it is the essence of the Love… Light is the security of being protected, it’s the knowing of be part of… in this case, to be part of God, to be God… to be an expression of God on Earth… to be an expression of your Holy Sacred Beloved Presence of God I Am here at the Earth.

Sometimes you will feel different things or feelings what are away from your Divine Essence, and how you can know that? Well, those feelings are away from Love, Light, Harmony, Peace… those feelings are away from what you are, or what you are becoming… you know, the Essence of God lies within you, and it is all you are, but your Lower Bodies are charged with different energies which change the Essence coming from your Heart… Definitely is not your Essence to feel fear, doubt, anger, to feel concerned… and you can be totally sure all those feelings come from your Emotional Body, anchored in your Solar Plexus Chakra.

It’s so normal when some persons say they guide their lives according to the feelings coming from their stomach, coming from their belly… I used to have a friend of mine who uses to say so, when she felt good things then she used to think that’s correct, whatever that is… and when she felt wrong things in her stomach then she runs away from that situation or person… and this behavior is totally right for Humans … some persons are controlled by their minds, and another persons are controlled by their feelings… from this comes the sentence: “I felt butterflies in my stomach”, when you feel in Love or you feel good things, and some persons can have a stomach ache after they have experienced some low feelings during the day.

No matter what kind of “bad” feeling you are experiencing in your life, you can be sure it is coming from your Emotional Body; and its root cause could come from your thoughts, when you see someone strange at the street, you think he seems dangerous and then you feel fear… or its root cause could come from your feelings, when you feel something is wrong in your life but you don’t know what it is… After your passing through the second initiation, you start to control your own thoughts, to clean your Mental Body of all those thoughts that are away from the attributes of God, and now is the time to start to clean your Emotional Body… and start to be Aware of all your feelings in order to purify your own emotions.

Now you can use the same table of Low Frequency Feelings or Thoughts we used during the last chapter, it is time to you to take a Deep Breath and start to Feel about those feelings inside you… this is an important part, because all the work you must to do is between you and yourself… you must to find out all those feelings are common in your life and are away from your Divine attributes… you must to go as deep as you can… Maybe you feel angry when you watch bad news in the TV, and you start to judge everybody around you, the government, the politicians, etc… or maybe you feel sad because of the sad news where people is suffering or starving… Well maybe it is time for you to leave the TV forever, because all news try indeed to create all those feelings in your life, that is the manipulation of the media, but returning to our topic… you have recurrent feelings in your life, and those are the ones you must to identify and try to heal.

There are different levels of healing for all kind of feelings you have… if those feelings are coming from your past, because you know you did something wrong and you just cannot live with it, you can use the Violet Flame in order to transmute those actions in your past and bring the karma you need to experience as soon as possible in your life in order to pass through it, and you can also try to heal personally taking action by your own… maybe you used to hunt in your life and now you feel very bad about those animals you killed, so you can transmute those feelings using the Violet Flame, but also you can go and buy some animals in captivity and release them into the wildness, or try to serve into some animals foundations… Only you really know, how you can forgive yourself for all you did that you know now was “wrong”… Take your responsibility and move on… you must to release all those loads coming from your Emotional Body.

Another feelings can come from your present, like the examples about watching the news on the TV… those feelings come out when you are experiencing something in your present life, talking with your friends about politics, religion, sports, fashion, sex or whatever you use to talk with your friends, but suddenly these talks ignite in you bad feelings and you start to talk bad about everything, and you start to feel angry, disappointed, and so on… all we called in the book “Be an Angel” as Drama… for sure if you are an Awakened Human you are now so far away from Drama, but you must to dig deeper and deeper in order to find out those experiences which bring to you your deepest feelings.

So, the people who ignite in you the worst feeling will start to coming by, and doing a pleasant visit to you, maybe in your job, in your office, in your group of friends, in your house… Why? Because your desire of Heal your emotions, and due to so you are creating all those experiences… all those beloved persons will appear just to help you to identify those feelings and start to purify them… all kind of experiences will start to come by… some of them just as a Karma experiences and another ones as experiences that will try to bring the “worst” from you… so, be aware, because the Emotional Body could be so hard to clean, but with your determination and firm purpose of pass through this initiation, everything is possible.

So, the first exercise is indeed to Breath and Feel about the list of the last chapter, and you will can find some recurrent feelings in your life you must to purify and align with the sacred feelings… and after that and during your passing through the third initiation, you must to ask to yourself and the Masters every single day to ignite the fires of this initiation, and the opportunities and experiences will appear in your daily life, all those experiences will come to the surface all those feelings you need to be aware of, and all those feelings you must to purify and redeem to your Higher Self.

The main purpose for this initiation is to redeem your Emotional Body to God’s purpose, to your Divine Self usage… and for that you must to purify it and transmute from it all those feelings are not aligned with the Divine attributes… you are giving at service of your Divine Being the tool of your Emotional Body but you will put in service this body totally cleaned and aligned… Again, you won’t pass by this initiation with only feelings of Love and Light, but for sure, you will pass through it after some cleaning of your main “wrong” feelings you must to clarify and from there you will be constantly aware of your feelings… when some of the remaining unaligned feelings appear on the surface of your life, you will be able to recognize them and transmute and clean them… in order to keep the continuous process of purification of your Emotional Body… Ask to the Masters and Beings of Light of the Third Ray for help… Paul the Venetian, Master Lady Rowena, Archangel Shamuel and Charity, Master Lady Nada (she represents the Third Ray into the Karma Board), your I AM Presence or even your own Soul Mate from the Fifth Dimension and above… or any Being you Feel and Believe could help you, just ask for guide and help every single day; if you work constantly with Angels as I do, much better, ask them for help too.

It’s a key also to nurture every moment in your life Feelings of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Tolerance, Acceptance… You must to pump up your Emotional Body with all kind of Beautiful Feelings and specifically the feelings about the 3rd. Flame of Divine Love… It is also perfect if you start to do as much as you can those things you really Love to do, go the places you Love, be around the people you Love to be with, and so on… Doing that you will feel better and you are carrying into your Being all the Love you feel doing those activities… Your Emotional Body must be an expression of the God Attributes… you must nurture it with these Feelings which are aligned with the Divine Attributes, you must to charge your Life with Divine Emotions and Divine Feelings… you must to leave the Flow of Love to flows freely through your Being.

What will happen when you have aligned enough quantity of energy from your Emotional Body? Well, you will start to bring into your life more feelings of Love, of Kindness and Tenderness for all creation, for all Humans, Animals, Plants and all the Realms and the Beloved Mother Earth… you will start to Feel that you simply Love everything and everybody… it’s not weird if you are walking at the street and you feel somebody and feel a deep connection of Love, and you see the people around you and you simply Love them… you see a Dog, a Pig, a Cow or any animal in the TV or at the street and you feel where the Animal is, you are also… and you feel Love for the animal and you can connect your Consciousness with its consciousness… and maybe you feel a weird desire to hug the trees, and you are now a weird bubble of Love and Tenderness everywhere you are.

Well, when you have increased enough your level of Love in your Being, you reach a Consciousness Level called the Consciousness of Unity… suddenly the boundaries of your human being start to expand, and with this expansion you start to identify yourself with everything around you… you discover you are able to Love even people you don’t know, but you just pass near to them and you look at them and you Feel you Love them… That is an expansive feeling… This expansive feeling of Love is the one you must to nurture from this point until your Ascension, because is the continuous increment of Love in your being what expands your Consciousness more and more…

With all this wave of Love, Kindness and Tenderness you lose all judgments about your relative humans, your beloved animals and plants and everything in your beloved Planet Earth… your level of acceptance of all those souls who are sharing with you this Planetary Experience increase more and more… and you can see another person and you can deeply connect with it and know that you are there also, and know that person is also walking through the same path you are walking in, and to Feel related with that person and all people around the World… When you are at this point Your Divine Presence I Am starts to move closer to you, in your thoughts, in your feelings, in every single step of your life and more and more you will get used to be with the Presence of God… and more you will start to Love Him/Her and more you will feel She/He Loves you more… and you start to spread all that Love to everyone, to all the Humanity, all the kingdoms and the Earth… Breathe about this Feeling, of your Divine Presence talking to you:

If you really want to Love me, remember that I AM everywhere, even inside you, because I AM that Love you want to express to me…”

At this point, if you didn’t start before, the Real Love Story between you and your Divine Presence of God I AM will start, officially, and you can be sure this is the most wonderful and biggest Love Story you will experience in your own whole Life… you will start to share every moment, and thoughts, and experiences, your whole life, with your Divine Presence I AM; it’s like when you start a relationship of Love with a Human Being, but like thousands Deeper… Because you two really Love each other with Real Love… without Expectations, without any Low Frequency Feeling… Just pure Love… your Divine Presence of God I AM Loves you and desire to help you to complete your assignment on Earth just to be with you again as One… and you start to Deeply Love Him/Her and start to desire to be also with Her/Him again as One, and you want to receive the guidance from your Divine Presence I AM… This New Relationship is just about you to know that Divine Part of you who You Are Also and start to share more and more together as One…

The same way you look at your couple with that expression of Love, when you look at somebody else, look at ME there, as the Biggest Expression of Love, Kindness, Beauty and Joy… Because there, where you are looking at, I AM, reflecting in the other people, the same Essence that I AM in you…

And this new relationship of Love is not exclusive, but totally expansive… because your lover, your I AM Presence is indeed everywhere, in every person, every animal, every plant, every being and kingdom… that’s why the Consciousness of Unity is Expansive, because everywhere you are God is; because everywhere you are, your Divine Presence of God I AM is… so, everywhere you are, in every person, animal, plant, every being and kingdom YOU ARE also, because YOU ARE everywhere… that feeling of Omnipresence is the one you start to feel from this Initiation Step… and that’s why you start a sense of no-harm to anything on Earth, because every being on Earth where YOU ARE is also living its own Path, and because all the Love you Feel for every Being, you Respect them, you Love them, you Serve them and you want the Best to them… You Are All… “I AM all that I AM”…

When you start to feel the Love expanding more and more in your Heart, that Love fills up everything, it fills your Thoughts, it fills your Feelings, it fills your Consciousness, and with every Conscious Breath you are there… where? Everywhere… everywhere you want to Be, Expanding all the Love YOU ARE… and you look at the people and you can be inside them, inside everyone, and when you connect with each one, you Love everyone and you Give Love to everyone… Because YOU ARE there, do you can understand what I Am saying to you Beloved one? Can you Breathe right now and Feel what I AM telling to you? I AM there, everywhere you look… Because I AM everywhere, and I AM you… WE ARE Everywhere… WE ARE ALL ONE

After you feel this, don’t limit your Love, don’t limit your natural impulse to Love everybody, to Love every person, every animal, every plant, every being and all kingdoms… This is your natural way of Life… this is what You Are… and maybe for your Human Being all this is not “normal”… so the tremendous quantity of Light and Love could be limited by your Human Being… and that is normal from the Human point of view… but at this time just try to be More Love, try to be More of what You Are… don’t feel odd just walking and spraying all the Love You Are everywhere you move… that’s what You Really Are… from now start to get used to be like that… to get used to be Love, to be Light at every moment in your life… You Are a Bridge between the Heaven and the Earth… You Are a Bridge of Love, a Bridge of Light, a Bridge of Everything You Really Are… From your Divine Self to your Human Self and afterwards to All the Universe that You Are…

That Love Fills everything, when you pass through this Initiation, and you have the opportunity to look at your past, you will discover all the “normal” feelings of separation, all those labels humans construct around them, all those barriers are just gone… and you just accepting everything… and you accept everybody, not matter the way the people feels or thinks… it doesn’t matter, because you are not looking just into their humanity… you are looking to yourself through them… you are looking to their Divinity that You Are Also… and every day with this Consciousness of Unity you will expand more and more the Love You Are… you will start to expand more and more your Consciousness… and will not be so far that you Reach your Christ Consciousness and become a Christ… indeed, from this point, when you reach your Consciousness of Unity, you are only one step away from your Christ Consciousness, to Be a Christ.

As one song I Love says: “I AM the Lord for Everyone, I AM coming from your Heart, what you’re searching for is in you, Can you Believe me? Time has come, to Fight, to Become One… Rainbows of sky show me the Way… In my Heart, Love is getting higher, flying like an Angel into the wind… Be my Guide from here to the road of paradise, ‘til the End” * At the Time you accept your Divine Presence of God I AM as the Source of your Love, and you start to get closer to Him/Her, your Love will start to get higher, and the Love is the Only Key, because increasing your Level of Love is the only way to Increase your Level of Consciousness, never forget this.

So, passing this third initiation, your Physical Body, your Mental and Emotional Bodies are aligned with the Divine Attributes what You Really Are… and your physical expressions are expressions of Love, Care, Tenderness; and when you act with Love you start to think about Love, and you start to Feel Love… A thought of Love acts into your emotional body creating the feeling of Love, or could be backwards, a feeling of Love acts into your human mind creating thoughts of Love… indeed has been in the last way at the beginning of your life, from your feelings into your thoughts, but no matter the direction, they were sowed in your Heart… and remember what we said in the last chapter, the Mind must be at the service of your Heart so, in this same case, your Emotional Body must be also at the service of your Heart… at the Service of Love…

Your Emotional Body, your World of Feelings has had to be always clean and pure, but the feelings have been distorted during your human life, because painful and stressful experiences have created into you different feelings opposite to the main feeling of Love, that’s not “wrong”, indeed that’s the reason of your human life and the free will exercise, to have the opportunity in your life to live and embodied all I Am not in order to know deeply what really I Am. Only the True Knowledge is acquired through the Experience, through the Real Mixture of Thought and Feeling, of Theory and Practice.

Just one thing left for this Initiation… maybe you have heard that Love is Forgiveness… Well, as a result of increase your quantity of Love in your Life, you will want to clean and free of all those actions in your past lives and this current life you did against or far from Love… and we said already about the Violet Flame and all those Tools you already know about transmute and clean your Karma… but during this initiation you will also feel the truly desire to forgive everyone who has harmed you in the past lives or in your present life; and this is a very important point in order to release all implants and energies what don’t let to you receive freely all the Flow of Love you are.

Why you get easily mired with all these “debts” others own to you? There are several thoughts and ways of acting for the humans… when they get harmed, they will always wait for an apologize and this attitude of expectation lead you to Drama, you must to learn to release any expectation, as we talked into the Book “Be An Angel”, but at this level, you let go any expectation with Love, because you really Love that person no matter what… could be worst, when humans get harmed, they usually say: “Don’t worry, I know that person will pay for what that person did to me… that’s a Law”, Well Beloved one, Sorry for you, but that Law doesn’t exist… indeed, the only feeling that “support” this fake law is Anger… you feel Anger for what that person did to you and you just want revenge… and for some reason I can’t understand… People release this Anger leaving your revenge to Universe… what you are really doing is creating revenge, as a response of your Anger… and remember all you create you will receive back… and this indeed IS a Real Law.

Releasing and Letting Go, are ways to be Lighter and be lighter is a way of get more and more Light into your Being, and when you have more light, you are carrying more Love, or letting you that Love pass through you in an easier way… Forgive everyone from now and forever… you already live Loving them, knowing that You Are also them… knowing that they were sleep or not awake enough when they “harmed” you… as maybe, you also were when you harmed someone else and that’s why you are asking for mercy too… Just Forgive Everyone… I can explain to you this in a different ways, I can tell you that to feel yourself “harmed” is indeed a way you are carrying low vibes to your own, because you accept that you are less that you really are, and letting go this feeling you will release what you are creating… or I can tell you that every time you accept yourself as a Victim, you are creating victimization in your life, so more people will come to you to “harm” you… and so on… So, don’t think about the roots of why you feel people owns to you something… just Release yourself for those debts, and release them too… get yourself lighter, and get themselves lighter too… that’s Real Love.

Returning to the basics, don’t be a reactive person, don’t be a person who wants everything happens in your life as you think, don’t try to change the persons for what you think they must be… Love is about Acceptance… Stop to try to change the world, and from now accept everything is perfect, the way it is… as Humans are, as nature is, as kingdoms are… everything is perfect… when you see all You Are in everyone, you Love them and so, you Accept them as they are: Human Beings living their own experience of Love and Light, maybe sleep away from Love, maybe awakening and getting closer to Love… it doesn’t matter… you Love them… you see through their eyes the same essence you are… believe in you, believe in what you are and express it… choosing Love every time you can Love, expressing Love every time you can Love… when you decide to be a clear vessel for Love’s Expression only perfection you will see, even in the deepest chaos… you know, our Beloved Mother Earth has accepted to be the home for Unascended beings, and She has always known what is that about, about the destruction, the fear, the darkness, the violence and so on… meanwhile you are ascending you are not choosing those low feelings anymore and with your change to Love is enough at this time… if you choose Love, not everybody must choose the same, let them play their own game of life and meanwhile Love them.

  • Song: Miracle – Artist: Heavenly

Chapter no.6 – The Forth Initiation – The Etheric Body Alignment

There are three levels you will pass during this initiation: the first one is about your Etheric Body Purification and healing, The second one is your Etheric Body Divine redemption and alignment and the Last one is the Last Level of Purification for all the Four Lower Bodies and your First Conscious Encounter with your Divine Presence of God I AM… for sure not the first one in your life, but the first one after this four initiations, with your Human Being purified enough in order to start a closer relationship with your Divine Being.

We can say meanwhile that your Etheric Body is your electromagnetic field, your energy field all around and within your physical body… your Etheric Body is practically the same to your Physical Body, much lighter and perfect… its Main Centers are the well-known Chakras and its physical expression is known as the Human Aura… for sure you have been working with all of them in the past; and you will work with them more consciously during this initiation but we won’t touch the topic about chakra centers cleansing in this book, and this is for two reasons, the first one is because there are a lot of different chakra cleansing methods and if you Feel you need some of these treatments in you at this point of your development, I encourage you to go and look for one method you Feel can help you with this, especially the eastern practices.

The second and more important reason is because during the first three initiations you have been working with this cleaning process, and I can assure you at this point of your spiritual development all of these seven Centers are purified enough… Let’s gonna do one easy summary before start with the Fourth Initiation:

During the first initiation the main milestones were the Will redemption to God’s Will and the Physical Body Purification, the main Center worked here was the throat Chakra as center of the Human Power of Creation and seat of Personal Ego… The act of Faith and Trust to your Divine Self and break the Fear to the “unknown” purified your Root Chakra as your center of Fear or Feel insecure, your “Leap of Faith” release in a certain way your dependence to Earth for Survive and connect your Root Chakra to your Divine Self knowing your Divine Being, that is you, will take care of yourself and your Life… The act of Physical Body Purification will preserve your Sexual energy as your Main Energy of Creation and using the sex as a High Expression of Love and embody Love in your Human Being will even increase your Sexual Energy and through this balancing your Sacral Chakra.

Passing through the second initiation the main milestones were the Mental Body Purification and the Mental Body redemption to God’s Plan, the main chakra involved was the Crown Chakra as the center and main connection of your Mental Body with your Etheric Body, and as the connection with your Higher Mental Body… The main physical focus of your Mental Body is indeed your Brain, and within it resides your Pineal Gland or your Third Eye Chakra as your main Human connection with outer realms and dimensions… the new cycle of human understanding starts in your crown chakra receiving the Light from your Higher Mental Body, goes to your Heart Chakra as your Human center of Intuition and goes finally to your Third Eye Chakra as your center of enlightenment and “materialization” of the Divine Mind in your Human Mind.

Moving into the Third Initiation the main milestones were the Emotional Body Purification and the Emotional Body redemption to Divine Love, the main chakra you worked was the Solar Plexus Chakra as the main deposit of your Human Feelings and Emotions, the main connection with your Emotional Body; and you were cleaning and purifying this Chakra releasing all the Fear, Doubts and non-aligned feelings and connecting it with your Heart Chakra as your main source of Love… with this release of low frequency feelings you were purifying also your Root Chakra.

Now, installed in the Fourth Initiation all your Lows Centers (Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root Chakra) are purified and linked enough with your Heart Center, and you are “Ready” to start your connections with the Higher Realms… and you have been working directly, and not coincidentally, with your Throat Center, your Crown Center and your Heart Center, each one is related to one specific purpose… The Throat Center as the seat of your Will, Desire and your Divine Expression as Human Self, your Crown Center as your Wisdom and Illumination Flow from your Higher Mental Self into your Human Reality, and your Heart Center as the Seat of your Divine Love and creating and output expression of Divine Love in your Human expression… all those three Centers as the Center of Love, Wisdom and Divine Power… all those three centers as an expression of your Trine Flame anchored in your Heart and the Expression of the God (Power), Son (Love) and Holy Spirit (Wisdom) the Divine Trinity in your Life…

You must to take Consciousness at this point all the Essence of God, the Essence of your Divine Attributes have been ignited in your Life… Maybe only now you are knowing this, but you Feel it for sure, and now you are all this for sure: a Clearer Expression of Power, Wisdom and Love… all your Channels and Centers are pure enough in order to allow the Divine Expression in your Human Self… you are Now a Divine Expression of God’s Will, the Divine Wisdom and Divine Love… we can say this Fourth Initiation is trying to make your last setup and prepare your Consciousness to raise enough reaching your Christ Consciousness when you establish a Conscious connection with your Higher Mental Self and ignite the Flow of Love and Light through all your being starting the First Level of Conscious Connection with your Divine Presence I AM.

All those Divine attributes are seated or have their bases in your chakra system, the Divine Wisdom flows through you anchored in your Crown Center, the Divine Love is anchored in your Heart Center and Finally your Power of Creation and Divine Expression is anchored in your Throat Center, and this trinity creates the dissention of all Divine potentials and attributes from your Divine Self to your Lower Self, and from this initiation these centers start to expand more and more the Light, making you lighter and lighter every day as Djwhal Khul says: “this is your Divine Triangle”… The three eye Center starts its opening as a result of this increase of Light in you… This is not the same for everybody but it’s a common pattern, some people has design its own lives opening their three eye chakra before, or activating their clairvoyance, their attribute of languages, and so on…

Each one of us has specific attributes of gifts coming from our Holy Spirit, the Divine Mind, more developed than other attributes, and the attributes you have more developed are not a mere coincidence, all was designed by yourself at your Soul Consciousness State before coming to this current lifetime, and all those attributes will help you openly to achieve your Soul Goals or your Specific Mission… you cannot compare yourself with anyone else, there are persons with their Three Eye opened, there are persons with the ability of Channeling, there are persons with the skills of Wisdom and Knowledge and so on. You have your own gifts, and for sure they will help you in your own Path.

Your Physical Body has different subsystems maybe you have listened before, for example the nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, etc.; and each subsystem has its own usages. At the Etheric Body Level is the same, and there are specific subsystems as the Electromagnetic System, the Prana or Energetic System, the Ka System and so on; depending the eastern tradition these could change their names… for example the Prana System is called also the Chi System (Chinese tradition) or Linga System (Yogic tradition), etc… But it’s all the same, Prana as Energy.

There is one Etheric Subsystem we must to treat carefully during this initiation and is the Ka System, because it has a specific and wondrous function in us… the Ka System is composed by Ka Channels all around the Body as all the other subsystems, but this Ka Channels are ones who allow to you to get in contact with your Christic Self and with your Higher Self, using other words your Christic Self and your Higher Self will be mixed into your Lower Self through the Ka Channels, using other words, the Ka System is the one which allows the connection of your Christic Self and your Higher Self with you, do you get the point? Try to look for some Exercises or Books about the Ka System and try to work about this important topic, there are a lot of Pleiadian information given to the planet during the last 25 years before the 2012.

During this fourth initiation the purification and healing of this Ka System is performed in order to allow you to get in contact firstly with your Christic Self, and let to you to reach the Christic Consciousness at the end of this initiation and also to establish the first Conscious contacts with your Higher Self… as more as you clean and purify higher will be the flow of Light and Love coming from your Christic and Higher Selves.

At this point we have been talking only about the Etheric Body Purification and healing, what’s next? You first clean the tool and afterwards you offer it for Divine Service… the next step is called the Etheric Body Redemption and Alignment… and that is to align your Divine Triangle to the Triangle of the Hierarchy… There are three forces that handle the development and destination for all Humanity in this Planet, they are: The Planetary Center of Shamballa, The Spiritual Hierarchy and The Humanity by itself.

Let’s gonna talk about them so briefly… Shamballa is the “non-human” Center for the Higher Realms who directly handle the development for this civilization at the head of Sanat Kumara and with the aide of the Galactic Federation at the head of Lord Ashtar; the Headquarter of Shamballa Center is located in the City of Light of Shamballa, but all the Reign of Agartha, all cities of Light and part of the Etheric Retreats around the Earth.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, The Great White Brotherhood, is the “human” Center for the Higher Realms who works with the Shamballa Planetary Center in order to bring the Message of Love and Light to Humanity; this is compose of all Ascended Masters and Ascended Beings who are born as Humans in this planet and are ascended afterwards; the Headquarter for the Spiritual Hierarchy is located at the Grand Teton National Park in the United States in the Etheric Realms.

The Humanity more than you know it, is composed for several hierarchies of Light Workers as you, who work directly with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballa in order to anchor the Light and Love coming from the Higher Realms into this Physical Realm helping all humanity to increase its frequency in order to reach the ascended status. The Earth has been already ascended but not all humans are choosing the Ascension during this lifetime, at a given time they will experience the transition called Death in order to continue their experience of life in another non-ascended planet and the ones who are consciously choosing the Ascension into the fifth dimension, as you, will come with the Earth into this new Earth.

How is the Basic Function of Spiritual Hierarchies for this planet? Shamballa is the main center for this planet, receiving the messages of Light and Love coming from the Central Sun, and more than messages, receiving the instructions and the “needs of the present time” in order to establish the God’s Will in this Earth, Shamballa gives the instruction to the Human Spiritual Hierarchy, the Great White Brotherhood is in charge to receive these messages of Light and Love, and establish all the needed plans and actions to achieve the requirements of God in order to comply Its Divine Will, and the Light Workers, as you, are the entity in charge of plant and anchor this energies of Love and Light, and to get all those plans into the reality.

Why am I telling to you all this? Well, This trinity: Shamballa, Spiritual Hierarchy & Humanity is called the Triangle of the Hierarchy and the alignment of your Etheric Body is align your Divine triangle with the Triangle of the Hierarchy, this is for you, like acquire a Higher commitment in your work as Light Worker… when you redeem your Etheric Body to the superior order of the Spiritual Hierarchy you start to receive more specific instructions about what is your specific Mission here on Earth at your Soul’s Level, and all purpose of your Life become clearer for you.

Shamballa aligns with your Crown Center, giving to you all Wisdom, Knowledge and Light you need to bring into the Earth and all you need to act… it is about to leave you be guided by your Holy Christ Self coming from your Crown Center; as we said before, all flow of Light arrives into your Heart Center, this is the Center of the Love, and this is the Center where you connect with the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth (The Great White Brotherhood), you will be linked also with the Love and Compassion you need to get the commitment and realize your purpose on Earth, and Finally with all that Commitment and Compassion for all Humanity, the Energy moves higher into the Throat Center, as the Center of Power and Courage, that is your Center of Creation as well, and working with your Anja Center then you finally start to create and bring to “life”, bring to this Earth all you are receiving from the Light and the Love, using your Being as a Server of the Will of God at the Earth.

Ignoring everything is happening in your being at this point, all kind of purification is coming into you, this purification is healing all kind of energies stacked in your Divine Centers and releasing all the potentials of your Etheric Body as the Highest Body of your lower bodies and the main connection with your Higher Self, but also during this Initiation remaining energies in the other three bodies (Physical, Mental & Emotional), will be finally transmuted, purified, cleaned and released, and there is a triple big milestone at the End of this stage:

First, your Ka Divine System is also purified and you now are purified enough to allow you receive the First Deeper Conscious Contact with your Christ Self, as your source of Divine Wisdom… with a simple Conscious Breath you can start to receive and exteriorize the Divine Wisdom coming from your High Mental Body, passing through your Heart and anchoring the Wisdom in your Throat and Ajna Centers, allowing you to express from your Higher Center all the Divine Wisdom, your Consciousness Level arises to Christ Consciousness Level and, in other words, all Wisdom of the Universe now flows freely through your Being.

Second, a clearer Ka Divine System and Etheric Body allows you to establish also a Deeper contact with your Divine Presence I AM, and from now your real story of Love between you and your Divine Self starts formally in a deeper way we said before, from this point you must to get directly closer and closer enough with your Divine Presence, more than ever before, this part of you is the part you want to interiorize, you want to know deeply, you want to Love deeply… Again, it is like a relationship of Love with another Human Being… you want to be always close to this person, know this person deeply and close together your bounds, your lives, your thoughts, feelings and everything… this feeling of be one with that person is the same feeling when you start to really and deeply desire to become one with your Divine Self.

And Finally, at Third place, when you are purified enough, you own Divine Self will Seal you, and this is not the most important, it’s as important as the last three seals, but this one is: ‘Karma Free”… you have purified your four lower bodies enough to be, from now, released from all the Karma you were needed to release… from now all your life and all happening in your life is not about karma anymore… all is cleaned, all is paid, and you are now Free, Free to act as the God you are… Free of Karma you will start to feel Free, beyond of Fear and Doubts… and your relationship with your Divine Presence will be better day by day.

There is another energy shift that happens here… your Etheric Body has been released of all kind of lower energies, and your Energy Centers are lighter, Full with more light and spinning clock-wise faster and faster each day, that means you are increasing your level of Light from your Etheric Body through your Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies… and as when you turn on a brighter light against a lower light, the lower light loses its shine against the brighter one… the light coming from your Heart starts to get brighter, like bigger, growing bigger covering your other centers progressively.

Imaging you turn on bigger the light of your Heart until it covers your Throat and Solar Plexus Centers, and it becomes shiner covering your Ajna and Sacral Centers, and it becomes Higher covering your Crown and Root Centers until finally it covers the Alpha and Omega Chakras… and you becomes just one Light, or better, just one Center of Light… all this natural process is called the Chakra Unification, and it is, perce, a natural expansion, as everything in your Ascension process, this Unification will happen naturally… but if you want to know more about it, you can search several meditations, especially from Archangel Ariel, you can find in the internet.

This Chakra unification will be happening continuously from this point until you unify your Emotional Chakra, your Mental Chakra, your Etheric Body Chakra, your Soul Chakra, your Christ Chakra and finally your I Am Chakra… when that happen you will be consciously Ascended; now you are more consciously connected with your Higher Mental Body, that means with a Conscious Breath you can connect with your Christ Self, that means with a Conscious Breath you become lighter enough and you unify all your centers, or better, you can expand your Unified Center unifying your Christ Chakra, becoming you a Christ… and us finishing this Book.

So, from this point, you can freely stop to think about Energy Centers as separated parts of your Etheric Body, there are not separated chakras anymore, there is only one Chakra, one Etheric Body, Lighter and Shiner enough that you can only see it as one… energy flows freely through you and you become one Shining Star, and the own Light of your Being will light up your own Path from now… even in all things you read, Why you need to read books or go outside in order to know something, when you are really the source of all knowledge?

You become one whole being, this is your Wholeness conception, beyond separation even in your Bodies, you are becoming all one entire Being… all Light… Even the historic concept of Human Being as Body, Soul & Spirit disappears… all your Bodies, all your Seven Bodies comes into one… Wholeness… and then appears a New Concept called the Body of Consciousness… You are a wholeness but you are, In more detail, a Consciousness Being, and you adopt several bodies in order to express yourself through all different realms, and you created for yourself your Lower Bodies, in order to express yourself in the lower realities and live the experience of “Not Be” in order to acquire the knowledge of “Be” what you really are…

As we have talked before, all this involving, into different bodies, was necessary in order to allow you play the Game of Life, and express yourself into this play ground called Earth… in other words, you decreased your Level of Consciousness putting a Veil between you and your Real Self, just for Fun Purposes… but, your trip through these realities is going to end, so you start to evolve, and going backwards into what you really are, in other words, your level of Consciousness starts to increase again and the Veil between you and your Real Self starts to disappear, the Veil starts to crack through your connection establish through the Ka Divine System, the purification of your Etheric Body and the Unification of your Chakras.

You become a Whole Being, but Sovereign, You still are you, with your Consciousness of Individuality, but inside yourself there is not division anymore… that is concept of Body of Consciousness… You are becoming one radiating and lighter Being… as your Consciousness is expanding more and more, it is melting all your parts, all your bodies together as one and also is expanding yourself through all other realms, inner realms and outer realms… your Body of Consciousness is expanding everywhere, and you start to understand and experience yourself as a Multidimensional Being.

I am not saying here, that suddenly one morning you wakes up in your Bed and you will feel you are in three different places at the same time and you are conscious of the places as you are conscious of where you are right now… This can happen to someone indeed, but is not the “normal” flow of things… but from this fourth initiation the Veil is now broken and falling in parts… there are channels you are opened and, with those channels, dimensions have been opened too, and your Lower Bodies have now direct connection with your Higher Bodies… and with so, they start to melt together as one… you Inner Light is brighter and brighter every day and with so your Consciousness expands more and more… again, this fourth initiation is just the beginning, but the process will be so Fast, and your Body of Consciousness will expand extremely fast… there is not return now for your journey to Ascension… and you are just ready to become a Christ, just one thing missing.

From this initiation a strongly recommend to you to start, if you are not started yet, your Weekly ceremonies of Ascension… Look for the booklet called: The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality of Aurelia Louise Jones… it is better if you make these ceremonies each Friday, when the Flame of Ascension is amplified in the Earth, you can do your ceremony alone or in group, as you feel better… Or to perform each Friday an Ascension Meditation as your own Ceremony… These Ceremonies of Ascension are your truly and deeply commitment with Shamballa, Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity to Service to Humanity as a Servant of God and to reach your Ascension.

Chapter no.7 – The Fifth Initiation – Your Consecration to God

This initiation is easy, but it contents your biggest commitment after you have passed the First Initiation… it’s easy because you have reached a Level of Love in your life that you want to give and spread all that Love to everybody, all the Animals, Plants, Realms and the Planet Earth, but Be a Christ is have a life with the commitment for Service, is not an imposition of course, it’s the result of your desire to give and spread all that Love you are.

All human beings are set up for be a Christ and for their ascension, all the spiritual path is part of every human but, as we can see, not everyone is choosing that choice in their lives, and that’s perfect and normal for a 3D reality… and as human being you bring a toolkit of spiritual tools you have chosen before to come, in order to help yourself in your spiritual path, each one has its own toolkit and due to so, everyone has a specific spiritual development during its life.

Each one has chosen its owns strategies and clues to develop during its life, and is for this that some people has astral voyages, channeling, clairvoyance or another special skills during its childhood… those are clues you have set up for yourself in order to take the spiritual path in your life… and some people catch the idea and others don’t… some people begins its awakening journey because due to those experiences, so they think there is something else; but others run away totally scared about those kind of experiences…

And this is not about spiritual skills, some people can choose a life without any but, for example, choosing to belong to a specific family with high spiritual development, where they won’t need any special skill to get in contact with spirituality, and the possibilities are extreme… but you must to be sure all those experiences, whatever they are, have been chosen by yourself, at your Soul Level, before to come here to experience this human life… for sure you already know yours, but there is a guide, and we can call it: The Holy Spirit Gifts or the Gifts of the Spirit of God… in catholic church they talk about seven gifts, or nine gifts, some authors talk about twelve gifts… despite of that, they are divided by groups.

They are Gifts of Revelation, Power and Intention… and there is a general choice that, for your Service you will adopt, strongly for your New Life, two (2) of all those gifts, but this choice is not a rule due to all paths are different, you can choose and set up freely your own gifts for your human life and your service… all of course according with your specific mission in your life, but let’s gonna watch these Gifts.

Gifts of Revelation:

p<>{color:#000;}. The gift of Wisdom is the ability to easily connect with your True Self and receive clear messages from it… the messages come direct to your Heart, and it can be developed during your childhood when you are writing something or speaking and suddenly you feel you are receiving a message from your Inner Self, but a message of Divine Wisdom… it helps people to make decisions and give guidance all according to God’s will; it’s usual that people with this Gift takes its decisions for its life breathing and connecting with its Inner Self for guidance first.


People with this gift are the Teachers of the New Energy, for them is easy to get in contact with its Inner Self and let God to speak through them words of Wisdom, and through that Wisdom they bring the Truth, they transmit the God’s Words through Books, Academies, Retreats and all educational stuff…


p<>{color:#000;}. Gift of Knowledge: There are two fields in human education, the Theory and the Practice, a Teacher usually knows all the Theoretical part, but in their experience they don’t have all the Practical part of Life… The knowledge in life is acquired when you know the theory and you take it into life, practicing all you know, or when you experiment something in your life as practical situation and from it you learn a Theory… no matter the direction, when you experience the Theory and the Practice of some situation you acquire the Knowledge of that.


When you have the knowledge of Life you get the ability to have an depth understanding of any spiritual situation as yours, your truly know beyond the theory, how that situation manifest itself in this reality… for people with this Gift is easy to understand other people, is easy for them to explain to others the true reality of life and their lives are a real expression of their words… they are the Masters of the New Energy…


Just get this point: the people who knows how all works but they cannot give all that wisdom into their own lives, they are the Teachers, they have the wisdom and they can give it to you… it’s like “I know how it is, and I can explain to others; but my life is not going that way”… The people who has the knowledge how all works, they are the Masters, the have the complete vision of life, its rules, its games… they domain the game.

p<>{color:#000;}. Gift of Discerning Spirits: have you heard about the voice of your conscience? Some people indeed has this sense very developed; when they do something they feel is “wrong” they really have a very “bad” time… others don’t have that problem, their voice of conscience is not developed enough and when they do something “wrong” is easy for them to let it go, others even think there is nothing “wrong”… all this allows to have several behaviors for all the humans… that’s the beauty of these worlds of 3D reality.


Well, those kids with this Gift are always doing the correct things, but going deeper inside the Being, they have the ability to truly know what is correct, even if you think is “right” or “wrong” in human scale, but what is correct for their lives at that moment, they trust their inner voice and they do… they have the ability to determine whether or not the message, person, or event if this truly comes from God or not.


Gifts of Power:


p<>{color:#000;}. The gift of Faith is one of my favorites, it’s that blind Faith which moves you to do blind steps and blind decisions that your human mind doesn’t know if they are correct but you Feel they are, whatever your decision, everything will be fine, and whatever your choice, you know you are being guided by something else, your Inner Self, God, the Spirit, All that is, whatever.


Those kids or persons who have this Gift take risks in their lives and they are not thinking about the consequences, because they really know everything is Perfect and everything will be Perfect as well… They simply trust in God, or in that part of them where all is possible and perfect. And being able to trust God, they also encourage others to trust in God, no matter the circumstances; they have the capability to trust everything is gonna be alright, like the Bob Marley’s Song*


p<>{color:#000;}. Healers oh, sapient healers… The gift of healing is a wonderful ability, they can truly connect themselves with the energy of other people and establish a miracle bondage of energy… they transmit all its own healing power to the others, healing them easily… even when people is not aware they are being healed but just being next to a healer those energies well bring health to them… Of course, it isn’t the ability to heal against the freewill of somebody, but it’s the ability to spread that energy that other person could use by itself in order to get healed. The healer is that Bridge of Energy what allows someone who want to be healed, to create for itself its own healing (Physical, Mental, Emotional or Etheric).


Healer abilities are kinda magical, and the people who has these abilities are, at the beginning, always interested about other people well-being, and it’s easy for them to become physicians, psychologists, holistic healers, shamans, energetic healers, Reiki Masters, and all those different healing currents… those currents are the portals for them to bring the miraculous ability to use God’s healing power to restore a person who is unbalanced or out of balance; again, in all aspects of the human expression (Physical, Mental, Emotional or Etheric).


p<>{color:#000;}. The gift of Miracles is the ability to handle the known and unknown substances for this realm and from other realms in order to create magic… it could be manifestation, transmutation, material precipitation, and so on… Again, in all aspects of the human expression… These are the Magicians, but the real ones… they can express the real meaning of a human as a bio transducer of energies, affecting the energies with its consciousness and creating whatever they need.


Maybe you know persons, whatever they want in their lives, they can create it, or have it, or do it, or be it… those are the Creators, the practical ones… for them is easy to become their dreams true, they have the deep knowledge of how they can attract to them all they want or desire… there are three different levels of creation, but just get what you want easily is the first level, as we explained in the book “Be an Angel”, when they develop this gift, during their path to Ascension, they will be able to perform signs and wonders that give authenticity to God’s Word and the true expression of their Divine Selves.


Gifts of Expression:


p<>{color:#000;}. The gift of Prophecy is the ability to know what is not happening yet, or what already happen in the past… they can move their consciousness through different levels, and contact with what they want to know, or feel, or see in those other levels of consciousness or realities.


There are people who develop these characteristics of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience… which have, again, the great ability to connect with different levels of consciousness or realities… they can easily know what result they will get with the different choices they can take in their own lives, and also for the others, they can tell people what they “see” or “feel” around them.


At the highest level, when the gift is fully opened, they are able to proclaim a message from God, to see in the future the consequences of the present creations or decisions, and through them, guide the people to take different choices or changing their lives.


p<>{color:#000;}. The gift of Tongues is the ability to speak in a foreign language that you don’t have knowledge of, in order to communicate the message of Truth coming from your Inner Self, and also transmit that message of Truth in non-usual languages like music, sights, looks, energy, vibes, etc.


Those persons who are communicators, radio or tv announcers, foreign languages students, and, in general, all those have the ability to learn a language and/or express themselves in words or non-usual languages have this Gift sowed, but when this Gift is developed they can really talk in other languages, they can read those “learn French in 5 minutes” books, and really achieve it and talk with someone who speaks that language.


p<>{color:#000;}. The gift of Interpreting Tongues is beyond known human languages and is the ability of interpretation of spiritual languages, those languages of Light and Sound… do you remember in the Bible when Moses listened the messages from God through a Tree on Fire? Well, the spiritual languages are composed of Signs of Light, like Fire with Color… and others with a content of Sound, all together compose Spiritual Languages that can transmit in a simple figure with a specific color and sound all an entire message.


According with the spiritual hierarchy, whose will be the direct messengers between the Hierarchy and Humanity will be develop this gift, and they will be used, even if they are not into the spiritual path, to transmit lively the message from the hierarchy in order to instruct the humans into the spirituality.


The energies of the Holy Mother Mary come at this point into the life of the neophytes, bringing to them a message of victory and glory… the Divine Mother will attend with its beloved Twin Flame Archangel Raphael the Consecration Ceremony, and meanwhile the disciple is feeling its consecration moment is near, the Divine Mother Mary will be the one who will intercede and represent you against the Karmic Board and God, proving you are ready for the next step.


So, during this initiation is the time for you to show to your Divine Mother you are ready that, your levels of Purity, Love and Light are strong enough in order to receive your Consecration… at this point we must say that the Consecration comes from within you, from inside out; this means that you must first to arise your level of Love, and when you level of Love is high enough you will feel the desire to consecrate your life to the Divine Plan of God, to be a Servant, to be an expression of the Light of God on Earth… when you ask you will receive response… so it’s this fervent desire to consecrate yourself to Divine Service, and through the interception of the Divine Mother Mary how you will receive the seals of consecration.

All incarnated humans have at least two Divine Missions, the First Mission is the same for everyone, and it’s only to BE, to go through the other side of the veil in your heart and bring all the Love and Light which resides inside themselves, it’s to fill yourself with all that Divine Essence and after that just embody what you really are, to Be that Love and that Light… and, after that, just spread all this Love and Light through the Beloved Humanity, Animals, Plants, all the Realms and the Divine Mother Earth… no matter what you do in your life, or what you do for living… as a Conscious Being always embodying the Divine attributes in yourself.

But before you Consecrate yourself to your Divine Mission, you will know what your Divine Mission is, your Higher Self, as your Soul, your Christ Self or your Divine Presence will talk to you literally and seriously about this big topic in your Life… this Mission was accorded between you, at your Soul Level, and the Spiritual Hierarchy, and you must to finish what you came to do in this Earth before to return to your Divine Presence I AM.

Missions have not limitation or any form, they are not always missions like to be a missioner and go to Africa to Help people who is dying there… that kind of mission is good for physicians, nurses, and health care professionals, or engineers maybe… what we are trying to say here is, there is not limitation, don’t try to limit your mission with non-sense human thoughts or beliefs, you can be called to be a Master as me, or to be a politician, an entrepreneur, a public figure, a soldier, a school teacher, anything… do you get the point?

When you finally know your Soul Plan, your Consciousness expands until the Soul Level and through this process the purification of your Casual Body, or better, the purification of your communication channel with your Casual Body is done (your Casual Body is a Higher and Pure Body)… what we are trying to say here is your Soul in melted now as one with your four lower Bodies which are not so “Lower” anymore because they carry now a strong current of Love and Light from the Inner Self, they are a clear channel of the Divine from higher realms.

So, perfect, what is going on? Well, your four lower bodies have increased their level of Love and Light enough that you desire consecrate your Life and yourself to the Divine Love, and you already have applied for this, and the Divine Mother Mary is interceding for you in front of Karmic Board for your Consecration, meanwhile your Level of Love has purified your channel between your higher self and your lower bodies, getting direct and clearer contact with your higher bodies, thanks to this clear channel you receive from your Higher Self the New Meaning of your life as Servant, knowing right now what is your Divine Mission, and this opening allows to you to receive the Holy Spirits Gifts, the ones you pact to receive in order to achieve your Divine Mission.

All that happened during this fifth initiation, do you have the general view? Now, you know your Mission and now you have already the tools you need to accomplish it… ok, so, let’s go to work, don’t you? Yes, after this initiation It’s time to work… or maybe you have already begun your work, like an internship before you receive your graduation and title… your title as Christ… so, the only thing is resting here is your graduation, your consecration ceremony, and this is party time indeed, a time of celebration.

Have you seen a consecration ceremony for a priest? No matter the religion… one person who is ready to consecrate its life to God stands in front of its Masters, Priests or Spiritual Teachers… they explain to all people who is attending the ceremony what is the real meaning for the Consecration and they do a ritual where they ask to the person for swear in front of God in order to achieve its Mission… well, they are all too similar, and this ceremony of Consecration will be similar in context, but magical in all ways.

The Ceremony starts in the Temple of the Fifth Initiation, and you receive again all the commitments and real meanings of what will be your compromise, your commitment with yourself and God to consecrate all your life, your humanity, everything you are for the Divine Purpose… this review has a special reason, to check all your Lower Bodies, to check your Level of Love and Light… when they are not enough, during the review some of your bodies will be reclaim: “I am not ready”, and the Consecration ceremony is not perpetuated… but the real day, after the review, your Level of Consciousness is higher enough that you answer to everything: “I AM more than ready”… and your Feel is like a song about the victory of Daniel against the Lions that I like: “I AM more than Victory”

Then your Soul goes down in the center of your Being, your Soul as your First Higher Body, and with the energies of the Ray of Grace, the Ray of Purification, and the Ray of Consecration, all the Lower Bodies, one by one, start to melt together as one with your Soul, your Physical Body located behind your Soul comes to the front and melts with your Soul… your Emotional and Mental Bodies, each one by each side of you, combined together in the Center, and at last, your Etheric Body, in front of your soul, feels the attraction of your Being and it moves backwards while you move forwards and all your Four Lower Bodies come together as one with your Soul or Casual Body.

Then you are transported to the place of the Ceremony, with you, there are another Souls, ready to receive their consecration… one by one, each one passes in front and receives, from the hand of Hilarion or Archangel Raphael, the seal “Consecrated” in seven spots, in your forehead where the thoughts will be from now only thoughts of Love and Light, in your throat, where all the words coming from you, will be words of Love and Light, in your Chest, where all your feelings from now will be only feelings of God, in each one of your hands, where only your acts and your actions will be actions of Love and Light, and finally in each one of your feet, where the places you will be, will be places when you bring all the Love and Light you are unto this World.

There are chairs all over around the place, in circular position and each one who has been sealed, moves into a chair, and waits for the rest of your Brothers, while they are receiving their seals and during this state of ecstasy, you only observe and expand more and more your Consciousness trying to catch all the magnificence of the moment… breathing and feeling how you turn yourself into a Christ.

When all souls have been sealed, a signal is given and you must stay at your kneels, then, in couples, come Hilarion and its Twin Flame Pallas Athena, each one anoint your forehead and your crown center with the Divine Oil, after them pass Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, with your head bowed they anoint your Crown Center with the Divine Oil, after them any Being of Light you want will anoint you, if you ask for; maybe your Master, maybe one of your Angels, Maybe your Godfather, anyone you ask will stand in front of you and will anoint you with the Divine Oil.

This is the ritual of your Baptism, and now you have been anointed with the Divine Oil to receive the Holy Spirit in your life, your Holy Christ Self comes into yourself through your already purified and anointed crown center and establish a permanent communication with you, together as one… and you, blessed and beloved for all creation, become a Christ. A New Vessel of God on Earth.

  • Song: One Love – Artist: Bob Marley

Song: Más que Vencedor – Artist: Doris Machin.

Chapter no.8 – The Sixth Initiation – A Christ was born.

A Christ was born, and it’s the time for its ministration, it’s time to see how a New Light of God bright and shines through a Human Being, and more than a Human Being, a Divine Being, a Christ… is not the Light of the human self who shines, it’s the Light of God who shines through the Human Self who swears to Serve to God, to Serve the Light, who promises to accomplish his/her Divine Mission on Earth before to start the last stage of his/her Path to Ascension. At this moment you have finish successfully your Christification Process.

You have, right now, a specific mission to accomplish, and you have been hired for the Great White Brotherhood, who will guide you and instruct you, any time you ask, in order to fulfill your work; you must to know this new work is a full time position and based in the Service you must to accomplish, your entire life could change, maybe you must to leave your home town, or maybe you can stay, maybe you must to quit your job, or maybe is in your job where you must to develop your service… remember, all missions are different and specials.

I assure you, the best way to achieve your objective is to trace a plan, and be ready to chance it, as much times will be required… thus the mission is a specific one, as a Christ there are “needs of the moment” you will help to deal with… so, maybe you have already some travel planned or some things to do, but suddenly everything changes… so, you have a mission with a plan with no plan at all, rather that your big desire to serve, and the big Love and Light you are, as a Christ you live totally in the Present Moment, with specific objectives but flowing every moment, as a feather in the wind, as a leave in the stream.

Your contact with your Christ Self is direct, as you do as human with your mind, or your feelings, you are Conscious most of the time, but when you are performing your service, you are full Conscious and your Christ Self is managing all the situations, the speeches, the writings, the business or whatever your mission is about… this connection make you feel powerful, loved and blessed every time, and due to your high level of Love, you could be sited any place, and when you stare about things around, people and nature, you just connect with them, giving them all the Love and Light you are.

And with that, a special feeling starts to appear in your life, and it’s a deeper connection with your I AM Presence of God… you know, the Ascension is the final melting between your Lower Self and your Higher Self, and how you think you can close that boundaries, and leave this relationship get better, closer and higher… Well, you are increasing more and more your Level of Love during this Initiation, and with so, you are reaching more, and getting closer even more with your I AM Presence, and it’s for that you stay more Conscious every time, because you are really sharing with your Higher Self, knowing you more and more each other… this relationship has turned in some serious, it’s time to setup the Marriage Ceremony Date, don’t you?

Now, I Am always, constantly with my Divinity, I Am in Love with Her, and She is in Love with me, We enjoy a lot to be together, and She is teaching me a lot of sacred things, and I Am Serving to her through my books, and the Webpage, as my Service to Humanity and my Divine Mission… We are getting closer and closer every day, I’ve known the meaning of True Love and I’ve learned to Love all People, Animals, Plants, and all kingdoms of this Beloved Planet… Will come the day when We will be One, and finally I could return to God, that day is near…

The veil of separation is thinner each day, and there are mixed feelings, you want to finish your mission in order to be one with your higher self and Ascend, but you really Love your Service, and maybe you want to stay on Earth for a while, Serving, Loving and Enlightening people around; both are positions of Love, but remember, everything is Perfect, at the time you will know what to do, the Service is as important as your Final Union, here is where your Conceptual Sense comes from your Inner Self, guiding you in the best way, for sure.

During this Initiation you are below the guidance of Lady Master Nada and Master Sananda, ask them for support, ask them for increasing the power of your Divine Gifts, you have received your Divine Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but they will be increase their intensity during all this Initiation, they are the main basis for your Service, they are like your differentiation or your imprint, you will flourish all your Service using them as your basis… and they are two ways to increase them.

First of all, ask, and ask how many times you need, in order to feel you have all the support you require to achieve your Goals and accomplish your Service, but there is a powerful tool called the Flame of Resurrection, in this case resurrection means “Restoration”, your Divine Gifts are with you with all their power, but your Level of Consciousness doesn’t leave to them to express through you fully, this Flame of Restoration allows you to increase your Level of Consciousness and restore it to its highest level, of what You really Are, it restores the normal condition disappearing the veil that doesn’t exist actually, but is the wall between your Higher Self and your Lower Self.

You know, the veil is just a different intensity of Consciousness, it’s like you have a FM radio, just reach the frequency 104 MHz, but your Divine Self is transmitting at 208 MHz so, with this radio you cannot get in contact with your Divine Self, you need to change your frequency, to increase your frequency and that frequency is your level of Love and Light… all the point is, you don’t need to do ANYTHING in order to get your Divine Gifts with all their power, less than increase your Level of Love and Light, increase your frequency to reach at least 188 MHz (for example), and the veil will be thinner enough.

This is very important: you can sleep every night with the Solfeggio in order to open your Pineal Gland, for example, and you can change all your diet, change your toothpaste, only drink the purest water; we are not saying this doesn’t serve but, Beloved one, the real change comes from within you, you need to increase more and more, at this point, your Level of Love and Light, the good news is this increment is exponential, and at your level, you are now a Christ, and your Consciousness will arise faster than ever before; and you can help your Physical Body with a good and healthy diet of course, and the solfeggio, and so on.

And with this we set our second point, remember always this: “The best way to lead is setting the example”, you cannot be a Christ and kill the animals and eat them; I know at this point you don’t eat meat anymore, but that was just an example, what kind of Christ, a Being of Love and Light, you can be, if you are not embodying fully this Love? The outside world has a lot of “temptations”, but you must to go beyond them, the “devil” inside you maybe still handle some of our behaviors, and you must to let the Light to shine through them, you are still a Human finally, but those behaviors maybe are against the Love in yourself, and you must to increase your Level of Consciousness more and more.

There is people in this world, who believes some drugs are “good” for them, they say indeed if drug comes from nature, they are “good”… you know, there are not “good” or “bad”, Tobacco is not “bad” for your health, alcohol is not “bad” for your health, but a high quantity of these components in your organism will change dramatically your state of Consciousness pushing you into an Altered State of Consciousness and you will lost your Center, and everything… and if we talk about Meat… Meat is not about health, Meat is about Love…

Drugs take your state of Consciousness into the Astral Realm, and into this realm there are a lot of energies result of the human’s feelings; Astral Realm is where all human feelings are kept, that’s why you can have “Good” trips or “Bad” trips, and you can’t handle that… Energies of deception, violence, fear, and even energies of excitement and extreme happiness are not the usual state of being of you, using drugs you are changing your State of Consciousness, letting low frequency energies enter into your world, and contaminating it… using drugs you are letting yourself get lost and that soup of energies will pull you back.

And, set the example is not just about the substances you introduce into your Lower Bodies, setting the example is about take Consciousness of your Level of Love and Light and the way you can spread them to everybody; and we are not saying you will be walking at the street hugging and kissing everybody, because you Love them… but walking at the street, you will be feeling them and sending to them all the Love you are, and when you do that, your Higher self knows how your life must be, even in the smallest decisions, your Higher self will guide you in your “to do” and your “not to do”.

So, you are performing your Service, doing your work, and you are guiding people through the Path of Love and Light, maybe for awake them or maybe for guide them into the Path of Ascension; but they are seeing in you what they want to be, they are feeling in you, what they want to feel at every moment, they are listening in you the words which touch them in their deepest part, and some of them will Love you back and some of them will hate you indeed, but don’t let them to see, in you, something you know, is away from Love, but you cannot control or change… that can destroy any teaching… be sure, when you are among them, your words come from your Christ Self, and be sure your life is a real reflection of the guidance of your Christ Self…

There is not try, it’s do or do not; you will finish this initiation not only finishing with your Divine Mission, but also your Level of Consciousness has been rose until the Level of Love of a Christ, your level of Love will be so powerful that you can melt a Heart of Stone, when a single look you can change a person into Love, and with your single presence you can change all the atmosphere of any place… they are ten ways of act of any person, which can tell you that person is a Christ…

Ten Ways a Christ Acts:

p<>{color:#000;}. The Level of Love of a Christ means a Christ will respect the life of any kind, no matter if they are animals, plants, people, all kingdoms and the beloved Mother Earth… The respect means a Christ doesn’t desire anything with them but Love them… a Christ accepts each one has its own life, even animals, plants and all the kingdoms in the Earth, and, to let them express their own life, is to respect them and Love them… and let Mother Earth and nature to express by themselves is a sign of respect too.

p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ knows that, each person on Earth is creating and living its life by its own choice and is creating its life as that person wants no matter what is creating, a Christ respects the Freewill of each person and will never say to anybody how live its life, just accept them how they are and Love them… a Christ never will tell to you, you are “wrong” but at your ask, a Christ encourages you or show you a better way to live.

p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ is always living in the present moment, every moment in a Conscious state… all that people says about to live in the present moment is just a reality for a Christ, letting every day to show what is needed, and flowing with the direction of its Divine Presence… into a daily life of a Christ there are no plans, no schedules and no desires besides the desire to accomplish the mission and to be one with its Divine Presence of God, I AM… to Ascend.


p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ doesn’t really need to have long talks with a person in order to understand that person, and if the person asks, to guide it… a Christ connects with the Heart, a Christ can feel the person and establish a True connection with that person, in order to really guide it in what that person really needs. If you have the fortune to find a Christ in your path, just listen carefully what says to you… a Christ know you deeply, even more than you maybe know yourself, a Christ can tell you things you are not agree at the level of your Mind or Feelings, but take note, because sooner or later those words will hit you straight to the Heart.


p<>{color:#000;}. when you ask to a Christ what he/she does in his/her life, the answer will be just “Love all and Serve all”, all mundane and human desires to get things, and to have “success” are not part of a Christ anymore… a Christ is a Servant, and his/her desire is just to serve; can you imagine to find a Christ in a bar and start to talk about your mundane stuff? Maybe it doesn’t fix, maybe there is not a common topic to talk about… I’m not saying he/she will ignore you, a Christ really Loves you, maybe we will talk to you for a while, share with you for a while, listen to you for a while, but if there is not a truly desire from your part to evolve, nothing will happen… a Christ is in this world, but is not living the “usual” kind of lives… if you ask to a Christ what he/she does in his/her life? then a Christ can answer to you: “I’m on a Mission”, like a song I love that says: ”Me Love ya comes out of devotion, to rule ya spread to the world, in trench town, I’m on my Mission, where we praise the day straight our way all the nation ”*


p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ will never talk to you about your mundane life, rather than tell you “Everything is Perfect, and you can do whatever you want”… through a Christ flows the Word of Wisdom, the Divine Wisdom, and when a Christ talk, he/she will always talk about Love, about Abundance, about Harmony, Purity, Peace and all attributes of God… accepting through he/she flows the power of God, the Divine Wisdom and the Unconditional Love… his/her human self does nothing less than let God to flow through it, always accepting that his/her words are not him/her, that when a Christ speaks is God speaking through him/her.


p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ has one Best Friend, and it’s his/her Divine Presence of God I AM, due to Ascend is a full connection with his/her I AM Presence, a Christ lives every moment in constant connection with its God. The only way to close the gap of Consciousness between his/her consciousness and the Consciousness Level of the I AM Presence, is sharing all the time is possible with his/her Inner Self, listening to its words, following its guidance, deeply knowing each other, and desiring to finish the Mission in the Best way possible, in order to be, finally, One.


p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ lives in a state of Divine Grace, constantly… a Christ deeply knows all is happening in his/her life is because of the Will of God… as Joshua said once: “Not my will but Thine be done”. To live in Divine Grace is to let the Will of God to express freely through you, in your life, accepting it and knowing that everything is happening is for a Higher Purpose… to live in Divine Grace is an every minute decision, an every minute in a High Conscious State… what we said before: “Go with the Flow”, is more real than ever before in his/her life… and know that is a high level of satisfaction living in that state of flowing with the Will of God.


p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ lives in a state of Deep Gratitude. Every moment… everything happens in the life of a Christ is always good, is always perfect, and it brings always Love, Peace and Harmony… the simple act of awake in the morning, to take consciousness he/she lives in a Human Body, to meditate in order to connect with his/her Inner self, to open the window and look at the sunrise, to pray to his/her God, to take the breakfast, to go out to the world to Serve and Love, every smile in the road, every expression of the nature and the Mother Earth, every commitment, every task he/she must to perform, every speech he/she says in connection with God… everything, everything is a reason to say Thanks to his/her Inner Self and to God.


p<>{color:#000;}. A Christ is a Vessel of Divine Love, and more than a vessel, a Christ is a stream of Divine Love always spreading and spraying all the Love the comes from his/her Heart to everybody and everything on the Earth… The Love of God flows freely through a Christ, and his/her connection with God is strong enough to never, ever feel anxiety or fear… a Christ accepts too that all the Love he/she is giving to humanity and all the kingdoms of Earth are not coming from his/her Heart, but it’s the Love of God who flows through him/her and give him/her the Power to Love everything… A Christ allows the Love to express by him/herself, a Christ shows Love in every way.


So, look around, there are a lot of Christos around you, everywhere, even in places you cannot imagine, because everywhere help is needed, everywhere Light is needed, Service is needed and Love is needed… To allow the Divine Plan of God to be a reality in this Planet Earth, there are a lot of people a lot of humans serving as Light Workers, as Christos, as Unascended Masters and as Ascended Masters… guiding to Love, teaching a new way to life, helping people in their spiritual journey, and most important: turning the mundane and common into something spiritual… because God is everywhere and in every aspect of the human lives.

Finally, when you become a Christ, and beyond all the things we already said, beyond the Service, the mission you have, the Love and Light you give to humanity and so on; you are conscious that your time as human is this earth is finishing… and every day you feel more and more that you are leaving and maybe you want to enjoy these last days on Earth in the free time you have… but know that even in your ascended state you will enjoy also some aspects of this Earth… so this is not you will never come back, but you will come back not as a human anymore.

Did you remember we said Ascension is your Divine Marriage between your Human Self and your Divine Self… well, finishing your Mission is like you are ready for your Marriage… it’s like humans, when they decide their date for marriage, they have a “To Do” list before the Marriage… some of those “to do” are like “finish my college”, “have a better job”, “travel around the world”, and so on… Well, in your case, one of your “to do” is: “Finish my Divine Mission on Earth”… and at this point the time is closer now, day by day… and better, because you know you will accomplish your Mission.

So, take that voyage you always dreamt about, make the reservations in that special restaurant, fit your better clothes, prepare the ring and go with your Lover, Best Friend, Confident, and beloved I AM Presence… make the proposal, ask to him/her if he/she wants to marry you, and be ready to celebrate, because as always in a good relationships, the answer will be “Yes”… and each two beings (human being and Divine being) who Love each other with the deepest Love, will be prepared to become One.

And incredibly, you are now engage, and you can together decide your marriage date, your Ascension date, so, you don’t only feel you are leaving, and know you are leaving… from now you also know when you will leave this reality… and it’s the time to accomplish finally your Divine Mission and start to prepare yourself for that special date, the most special date in all your Life as Human. And that preparation begins in the next Chapter, the Seventh Initiation, which is like a Bonus Track for this Book.

  • Song: Shine on – Artist: R.I.O.

Chapter no.9 – The Seventh Initiation – The Freedom

Maybe you remember you used the Violet Flame in the past in order to transmute your Karma and to get free of all debts, well, that dispensation using the violet flame was given to us by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and during this seventh initiation you will be a Master of the wonderful sacred flame, specially the Power and the Love this Violet flame brings with it… You know at this point you have been sealed “Karma Free”, but you must to learn everything about this Violet Flame who brings to you the Transmutation Power, the Freedom, Higher levels of Compassion and Love, the Alchemy and the Art of Ceremony.

All those Divine Attributes are a result of a mixture, you know the three basic flames are the Blue, the Yellow and the Pink one, and the following three rays are a result of those three… the Green ray (a mixture between the Blue and the Yellow one), the Orange ray (a mix of the Yellow and Pink flames), and finally the Violet Flame which is the mixture between the Power of the Blue Flame and the Love of the Pink Flame, and that’s why this Ray is Called “The Ray of Freedom and Love”.

The main quality for this Ray is the Power of Alchemy or Chemia (the Divine Science of Alchemy), which basically is the Art to transform or transmute low level frequencies into high level frequencies, during the past and through the Occultism and Mystery Schools was promoted the Power of transmute Carbon into Gold, which is right for sure, but the mainly attribute for Chemia is to transform or transmute all your low frequencies into higher frequencies… you were doing some Chemia when using the Violet Flame you transmuted in the past your Karma, as an accumulation of low frequency energies from your past, present and future lives.

And now you are “Karma Free”, what is next? Well, during this initiation comes in your life the biggest Alchemy and transmutation ever, the transformation of your Physical Human Body from a Flesh Carbon Body into a Crystal Light Body, and that will be your new reality in the fifth dimension and in your life as an Ascended Being… all human bodies have been constructed in a Carbon base, so material and so physical indeed… but the Violet Flame has its attribute of Freedom, because this Flame will be the main component in your Physical Body Freedom, transmuting your Body into Light, that is Real Chemia.

Your Crystalline Light Body, is an Union between your Physical Body which receives a certain quantity of Light as a result of the increment of your Level of Love and Light in your Being, and with your Light Body… so the poetical chart is: Your Physical Body is ascending and it turns lighter and lighter (as a result of more Light and less weight, together) reaching the Consciousness Level of your Light Body, your Electronic Body (your I AM Presence)… all your Lower Bodies are purified and ascending (Base Triangle) reaching the Level of your Higher Bodies (Top Triangle), forming together the Mer-Ka-Bah common shape, all this is part of the Ascension Process, but at this initiation level, something between your Christification and your Ascension must happen.

All Planet Earth, its Kingdoms (Animal, Mineral, Vegetal, Elemental, and so on) are turning into that Crystalline Structure as well as the Humanity, all DNA structure has been strongly increase in its frequency since the Electro-Magnetic structure of the Planet Earth was changed at 1987… all Physical Bodies are increasing its Light, even if people is conscious or not, People who is choosing its Spirituality and Ascension are taking advantage of this, People who is choosing stay in the 3D dimension are experiencing disruption, the higher frequencies of the planet and humanity are annoying for them.

This change is happening in structural, molecular and genetic level… you can see it also in our technology… do you remember old cashier machines made of physical mechanical components? That is the equivalence with your Physical Body full of mechanical structures… All calculations were made by mechanical components and structures, and you did must to spin the wheel in order to get the result and the box with the bills just opened… that was in the early 20s, imagine you travel to the past and you tell people: in the future there are electronic cashiers instead of these mechanical cashiers, you just press some buttons and the calculation is made by energy, light or electronic fields and instantly you get the result… of course no one will believe you… but you believe indeed, and believe from now that your Body is turning into that, into a Crystalline Electronic Body made of Light which will be free of obsolete mechanical and physical structures, and all creation will be made instantly.

And using the Flame of Freedom, the Power of Alchemy and Transmutation, all those attributes contained into the Violet Flame you will do exactly this, to increase your Body Frequency into a lighter body, bringing more and more Light into your Being, and there is only one component remaining, and the most important indeed… this is the Ray of Freedom and Love… that’s right… Higher Levels of Love and Compassion are bring to you through the Power of this Violet Flame too, this is how Powerful this Flame is… you are gonna move your Consciousness into a New Level, turning yourself into a Being with Higher Levels of Light and Love… and This New Level is called Transfiguration.

When the christification process is about to end, a specific change occurs into the physical body, after the purification of the four lower bodies, the physical body, mental & emotional body start to increase significantly their frequency level or level of Light, and due to this process all these three lower bodies start to fusion with the Etheric Body filling all of them with a certain high level of Love and Light; this Fusion happens due to the Frequency Alignment among all four lower bodies… This fusion also means a Fusion among all Seven Chakras, including the chakras no. eight, nine, ten, eleven & twelve (Emotional Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body, Causal Body and High Mental Body)… This process of High Frequency Increase is known as the Transfiguration Process.”

Transfiguration is the result of your new level of Light and Love in your Lower Bodies, that we can say from now they are not “Lower” anymore… but the New level of Light and Love in all your Being, puts you in a frontier, between the human realm (3D/4D dimensions) and the ascended realm (5D/6D dimensions), it’s like when you have finished all your courses in your College Curriculum, and you are just waiting for the Graduation, but you don’t need to return to College anymore, do you get the point? it’s just like that… when you are transfigured, you are ready to leave this reality, what holds you here is just your decision, maybe your Mission is not ended yet, or maybe there are some additional services you have been agreed to perform here… but after your Transfiguration you are ready to Ascend, you are practically Ascended but only your ceremony remains.

This transfiguration process will point in you a strong development in your Spiritual Senses, or the Senses of the Spirit:

p<>{color:#000;}. Consciousness of Unity: You enter, for the first time, to this Level of Consciousness when you finish your Third Initiation, and at that point we explain this Level as a deeply connection between you and the reality surrounding you… The more Love you are, more unified with everything you Feel… After your transfiguration this Sense opens abroad in a New Expression… You are able to feel the deeply connection with People, Animals, Plants, any kingdom on Earth, and you can really expand your Consciousness and mix your energies with the energies of everything.

This sense could be constrained, in order to deeply connect with another being, for example, you are at the street and you see an animal, a dog near to you, you can connect deeply with the dog, and through the animal you can, establish a Love connection, in order to just Give all the Love you are to the animal, but you can also Feel and Live the reality of the dog, or the way that dog feels and lives its own reality, and the same with people, plants, even a rock. “Remember I AM everywhere”, that means, in a holistic way, your I AM Presence is the I AM Presence of the dog or, in an individual way: “I AM in you, but everywhere you look, I AM”.

The Conscious of Unity could be also expanded and, in that way, you can connect consciously with a bigger environment, maybe a room full of people, and try to feel them, as unity, and you can connect with them and just Give them all the Love you are or you can try to catch the vibes of that environment, and deeply know what feeling is predominating… That is what an Ascended Master does when is in front of a group of Disciples… the First action is connect with them and Give to them all the Love he/she is… but afterwards the Ascended Master will be connect with them, through this sense, and “read” in the atmosphere what message that people is needing to hear, and that will be the message the he/she will give to them.

p<>{color:#000;}. A-temporal State: As we said, you are living now in a border, in a frontier between this physical reality and the spiritual reality… into this reality Time and Space exist, but in the Spiritual Reality they don’t. and with this sense you can choose freely where to be, you can pass the border and stay in this physical realm, so you will live the time as any human does; but you can move your Consciousness into this A-temporal state, and through it expand your consciousness and enter into the spiritual realm, and there you can move wherever you want.

Maybe you are looking for some experience you want to live, and you want to explain that experience to another person; you don’t need to look for that experience as human, you can use this sense and move your consciousness through your Past, Present or Future and try to reach inside your Soul when you “lived” that experience in your own life, all kind of Feelings you stored in your Soul through that experience, living it fully again, and with so explain to anyone how it feels… an Ascended Being has completed all the experiences of duality as Human Being, so it’s no needed to live them again, just move into his/her time and “remember”.

That experience doesn’t need to be only personal, you can connect with your Divine Impersonality, and through your Infinite Consciousness you can live again any experience you want, go through the Akashic Records, and really explore the Universe. This A-temporal state moves you out of this physical reality and moves you wherever you want at any time you choose.

p<>{color:#000;}. Conceptual Sense: When you Awake, you start to improve the Angelic Sense we called: Intuition, that Intuition talks to your Heart through your “feelings” and then you can, intuitively, know if something is “right” or “wrong” for you… when you have been transfigured, your Level of Light is so High, and your Connection with your Divine Self is “practically” Total, and we can say you have your Personal Chancellor any time, any place… but that Personal Chancellor is also You, You and your I AM presence are so closed that you “practically” are One.

Your Personal Chancellor, that means you or All You Are or your I AM presence, will talk to you directly through Concepts, a Concept is a package of information coming from your Divine Self, but is indeed a Higher Level of Intuition, because in this case that Concept you receive is multi-language, you receive it not only as a Feeling, the Concept comes to your Heart and you feel it, but it goes to your Mind also, and you can experience it also as Light or Sound… with this Concept your I AM Presence is giving to you all the Information, Personal and Internal Information you need in your Life.

The First Time you entered into this Conceptual Sense was when your I AM Presence told you about your Divine Mission here on Earth, because that information is Personal and relative to your Individuality; and you cannot only deeply “know” what was your Divine Mission by Intuition, that could be like a “Essay and Error” method, you guided only by your intuition… when you knew about your Divine Mission, your I AM Presence sent to you a Concept, a package of information which contained all about that topic, and you felt something important, but that feeling constructed an image in your Mind, and you could see a clear image, or some symbols, or some sounds like clues, and you simply knew what to do.

p<>{color:#000;}. Sense of Knowledge: This sense is the Raw Material for the Wisdom of a Christ and, of course, for an Ascended Being, when you reach the Christ Consciousness, you establish a direct channel of information between you and your Christ Self, that means, between your Human Mind and the Cosmic Mind… during your stage as a Christ, all the information, the knowledge and wisdom you required came to you through this connection, and all the wisdom you were needing to share to anyone, did move from your Christ Self to your Human Self and then you could share it with anyone.

The difference between this sense and the Conceptual Sense is, in this case, all information you are receiving is impersonal & external, that means, is not about you, as an individual spark of Light, but it’s about Universal Wisdom, Knowledge and Universal Laws… you, as a Christ, is definitely not talking about your Human experiences, not talking about your human and limited Wisdom, you are connecting with the Divine Source of Universal Knowledge, and let that flow of information flows through you Freely.

When you are a Christ, you need to consciously connect with that source, previously to any speech or word of wisdom you’re going to share, this is like the beginning of usage for this sense; but when you increment your Level of Light in yourself, you will expand also this Sense of Knowledge, making this connection permanent, and when you need to speak words of wisdom, you just do it, but you deeply know is not you human self talking but your Christ Self doing it throughout you.

p<>{color:#000;}. Inner Sense: Increasing your Level of Light and Love, you will be anchored strongly and totally with your Inner Self, that Divine Union is a symbiotic relationship; you, as human being, are giving physical expression to God, or to your I AM Presence, but your I AM Presence is giving to you Spiritual Expression, both together as one, that means your connection is expanding through different realities, and you are, as human, just letting your I AM Presence to experience just one, but through your I AM Presence you have the connection with all Universes.

It’s clear that you show the experience through your human senses, but your I AM Presence is showing to you everything through your Angelic Senses and from now with your Spiritual Senses, this Union establishes a deeper connection and beyond the Conceptual Sense and the Sense of Knowledge you can access now anywhere you want, your potentials are limitless and your Multidimensionality is opened completely, you can take Consciousness of your I AM Presence, and through Her access freely to the entire Universe, without Limitation.

The First Level of Expansion for this Inner Sense is to connect, through your Casual Body, with all your Personalities, and different entities you are in different realities, all your “Me”, you are throughout the Universe, expanding your own Consciousness, your Awake Consciousness, into new realities and experiencing yourself as the Multidimensional Being You Really Are… this expansion can continues more and more reaching the dimensionalities of the Divine Mind, and the dimensionalities of your I AM presence itself, but that would happen in Higher Dimensions.

As the human experience is a mixture of the human senses, for example when you are eating, you taste the food, but also your eyes are looking at the food, and your nose is smelling it, your ears are listening the crunch and you feel the temperature of the food too, that’s why to Eat is a full human experience, Well, if you eat in a Conscious way. Similar to this mixture of senses, the Spiritual Senses are mixed too in your Spiritual Experience expanding the potentials for this experience.


For example, if you mix your Consciousness of Unity with your A-temporal State, you can connect with a Person, and not only know, at present moment, what this person is Feeling, but you can also “travel” through its past, present and future lives and explore everything about that Person… Then is when an Ascended Being can connect deeply with you, and search into you what is the root-cause for any problem you are facing in your current Life, because some issues come from different lives and a regular person cannot contact with those different realities.


With this connection a Master can sees what is maybe struggling that person with a specific issue, and then that Master can give to that person his/her own perception through the Sense of Knowledge, but maybe the Higher Self of that person is trying to transmit to that person a Concept, for helping it with that struggle, using different ways, but the Human Mind of that person simply cannot… the a Master can, using its Conceptual Sense, to capture that specific and personal Concept and give it to the person.


Another example are these books, the first time I opened my Conceptual Sense was when I was 15, I was reading a book called: “The Golden Book – Saint Germain”, and, at that time, I used to have a notebook and write down there the summary for each chapter of all books I was reading… I was trying to write down the summary for chapter number two, I was trying to think in my human mind but I couldn’t did it, so I took a Deep Breath, and suddenly I started to write, but I was not “conscious” of what I was writing about, I was not “thinking” about it, my mind was in blank, but the Concept, what I was writing about, was so clear for me… I could Feel it, so clear inside my Heart, and the words were flowing more and more… then, after I filled up the entire page, I stop and read all I wrote… and “Wow”…. That was like the Saint Germain’s moment of “Aha”… The most Wonderful and Deeper message I have ever read before in my Life… Well, I was just 15… But that was a personal message from my Inner Self to my Outer Self… Pure Wisdom, Pure Gold… Then, When I write these books, I receive from my Inner Self a lot of Concepts, which give me deeper knowledge about the reality surrounding me, and all are Concepts I can share with humanity too… and into these words, the Sense of Knowledge is mixed too… because I must bring into this reality also the Impersonal reality of God, the Divine Wisdom.


When I write these books, I am not “thinking” about what I am writing… I am like looking at the infinite, and my fingers are moving faster on the keyboard… sometimes I must stop and use my Human Mind in order to Feel deeply and get better words for the message and I return to the writing… and it’s like I have two coaches sending information into my Heart… My I AM Presence giving me the Concepts I must write down, and my Christ Self expanding those Personal Concepts into the Divine Impersonality, into the Divine Knowledge. Two Spiritual senses mixed in order to produce a Book, and one Human Self with a clear communication channel with its Inner Self in order to express the Divine Wisdom of God on Earth.


These Spiritual Senses give to you all the potentials you will use as an Ascended Being, but while you are waiting for your Ceremony, your Graduation as Ascended Being, you will start to open yourself more widely to these Senses after your Transfiguration, all those bad named “extra-sensorial” experiences will become for you as normal as see, smell, walk, stand still, feel the wind, and so on.


After your transfiguration you start to develop all the spiritual gifts that you are as a spiritual being, and with these gifts and the opening of your Spiritual Senses, your experience as a Human Being won’t be never again the same, from this moment you are living as a God, not only embodying all the Divine Attributes of God in your Being, but also Expressing all your Multidimensionality, all your Spiritual opening, and all the potentiality You really Are; there are not human words to express the way you will face from this point your life, as a limitless Being… you are so light and Light that you really want to Ascend, but you deeply know these are your last days as human, and return again into this 3D reality will be so simple, but establish a connection or be around the humans won’t be possible, only with a dispensation, you cannot interfere into humanity and its Free Will… and due to that, this time is so special to Give and Serve more to humanity.


And I guess, it’s time to finish this book, and Give it to the World, there are a lot of persons waiting for this information, and we are so happy to finish it; what we can finally say is: this Path to Ascension is not an “easy” one, but it’s a “natural” one, and become a Christ, perform your Divine Mission, and afterwards to Ascend, is the “natural” and “normal” way of Being… in time, the “unnatural” process of Death that this civilization has adopted as “natural”, to be part of a legend and humans will say: “Death, what that means?”


As we said, in the beginning of this material, there are Nine Initiations, during the first Seven Initiations, you have mastered Seven Sacred Flames and you have become a Being with Power, Wisdom, Love & Purity, consecrated to the Divine Plan, Giving Love and Light to Humanity through your Divine Service as a Christ, and finally releasing all your density and transmuting your “regular” Human Body into a Crystalline Light Body, and you can ask to me: There is something missing? There is more to do?


The answer is Yes, there is something more to do, but also the answer is No, you have practically done… what that means? At this point you have noticed and experienced that after the First Initiation, the other initiations were an easy and fast experience, in human time, your consciousness expansion was faster at every step, with the only difference in the Sixth Initiation, when your Consciousness was wide open, but to service into this 3D reality could spend for your more time, due to the Density of the reality, but that is what service is about.


There are another Five Secret Flames, you must to understand and dominate, and those flames are part of the Eighth Initiation, but be sure, that a Christ and transfigured Being will pass through this Initiation like: “Piece of Cake”, this initiation is about to expand, control, and learn how to use all your Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Senses, have no sense at all to try to explain to you that initiation in this book, and the reason is simple, you won’t understand it… you really need at that point to have opened your Spiritual Gifts and your Spiritual Senses… or could be like explain to a Blind Person how to Hunt using a Fire Gun, or explain a person who only sees in Black and White, what color means… Do you get the point? And if we, as Masters, do that, the only result will be to struggle your Human Mind and make you feel all this Spiritual Journey like pointless.


The Ninth Initiation, is not an Initiation, there is nothing you need to achieve here but it’s a step you must to do… this Initiation is your Graduation, your Ascension Ceremony, your Marriage Ceremony… all Initiations moved you until this step, and you only need to do it… there is nothing special you must to do but, it’s indeed, the Most Special Step… and it’s indeed like all those Ascension Meditation you have done before… but several thousand times better… and it’s like a Human Marriage but several millions times better.


Just imaging… you dressed for the occasion with you self-made White Crystalline Light Suit, waiting for the Bride with Her self-made White Crystalline Light Suit… walking to you with that Beautiful Smile, with your “Father in Law” Master Sanat Kumara… and you feel that huge happiness mixed with uncertainty… and you are saying good bye to your Human Life, to your Single-status, but full of Faith, Hope, Love and Dreams accepting your New state, your Ascended State (Just Married)… The “church” is Full of “People”, all kind of Beings of Light, among them your Master, the one who will give you to the Bride, and your Godfather, the one who will give you the Ring for your beloved Bride… then a serious but wonderful being officiating the Ceremony, Ascended Master Serapis Bey… the “leaders” of the “church” are there too, the ones who approved your Marriage: Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buda and Sananda. All your groomsmen and the Bridesmaids are in position, and all them where chosen by you both.


Then you are sited in the Ascension Chair, and the Ceremony starts, the Master of the Ceremony tells to everybody there the meaning of that wonderful moment, your Master gives his/her speech and then your Godfather gives his/her speech too… Then come the commitments with the “I Do”, both are committed with this Union, and the Master says: “can the Bride and the Groom kiss”, then the chair is turned on, and that Kiss turns into a Kiss of Light, your energies are mixed as one and you Ascend.


Now, in your New State, everybody is cheering, celebrating, clapping, and smiling with all the Joy and Happiness of this moment, even my beloved Serapis Bey is smiling, clapping and so much happy too, He is, indeed, the first one who hugs you and congrats you for your achievement. And then, it’s Party Time… but it’s DA Party! All that I can say to you right now is: “Just try to Imagine it and Feel it, because for you, this will be come true, soon!”


I Love you All Beloved ones, I Do Really Love you… Blessings and Love…




Be A Christ

After Awakening, life turns more perfect running with ease and Grace, your creations and your expressions into this realm are more and more according to the God’s Divine Will… Indeed, all you manifest into this Earth must be attuned with the God’s Holy Will but they are yet your human creations turned alive with the Divine Blow of All that Is, which is God, or your Divine Self, or your Mighty I Am Presence, or whatever means for you… Generally Human Creation will be attained to turn its life into Happiness, Love, Abundance, and to feel freely what is manifest God in its own life; but even, as a Human Angel, all creations will be and must be leaded to bring the kingdom of God into its life, with all its Grace, to bring it into this 3D reality, into this 3D world... But all those Human Creations, even as a Human Angel, are aligned with your Soul’s Destiny? Maybe you already know that you, as a human, are a part of a Soul, infinite Soul, Multidimensional Soul or Being; every reincarnation prior to reenter into this 3D reality you, as a Soul (or better, attuned with your Soul), establish certain planning for your “new” life, you establish your family, your kind of life, your personality, a lot of specific aspects but mainly all the main purposes for your “new” life… and, in certain point, all your creations as a Human Angel could be aligned with these main purposes, or not, who knows? Have you ever thought about that? But in order to move upwards in your consciousness level, and to expand your consciousness more and more, you must to start to set your creations attuned with your Soul’s Destiny, with your Inner Self’s desires of expression into this human reality, not everybody comes into this life to become a Christ, and not everybody is choosing their Ascension; your plans at your Soul level could be to be an inspiratory spiritual writer for all your fellow humanity, or be a great artist in order to inspire all Divine expressions into this reality, like a Painter, or a Musician… And all desires in order to “Be” someone who brings into life all Divine attributes of God (Be Love, Be Happiness, Be Joy, Be Abundance, Be Peace, Be Light, etc.)… But for sure, at one point into all your humans reincarnations the Soul will be desire to get into the Ascension Path, and that will be to bring into its human self its Holy Christ Self and after that comes into Transfiguration in order to finally Ascend into the Realms of Light and Love. To get into the Ascension Path is a final result, that all your Human experiences have put into your Soul all the experiences needed to return into the Oneness, and you won’t need to return again into this 3D realty as a Human or reincarnate again, because all experiences of “Be” and “Not Be” have been accomplished and you are ready for the next step, and I Am quite sure that if you are reading this book is because this is your Path, to embodied your Holy Christ Self and become a Christ, as your Path into the Ascension.

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  • Author: Kär-i-Êl
  • Published: 2016-06-16 18:35:10
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Be A Christ Be A Christ