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Ballad Of A Bad Bitch


Also by Ms.Bam

Ballad Of A Bad Bitch

Ballad Of A Bad Bitch

Hoes Be Winning

Hoes Be Winning: Hoes Need Love Too

Hoes Be Winning 2: ( These Hoes Ain’t Got No Manners! )

Hoes Be Winning 3 – The Final Hoedown

Table of Contents

Also By Ms.Bam

Ballad Of A Bad Bitch

( Present Day ) | 1. The Night Crew

2. Boy Toys & Bitches

3. To the Top

4.He Makes Me Feel Brand New

5. Loving You

6.The Breakdown | (Three Years Earlier)

7. If Only I’d Met Her First

8. My Man or My Daughter

Call me ASAP

9. Who Can I Run To?

10. Never Trust a Bitch…Even if You Made Her!

11. Pill Popper

12. Mirror,Mirror

13. Sang It!

14.Pity Sex

15. Heaven Sent

“I miss you already. Make it your business 2 C me | later. Even if you gotta climb out that window!-J”

16. Man of the House

17. I Got to Have You

18.Sleeping Beauty

Present Day | 19. Going Home

20.The Fans

21. The Entourage

22. Confrontations & Revelations

23. Breaking News

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Also By Ms.Bam

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of a

Bad Bitch

  • * * *

( Present Day )

1. The Night Crew

“ O oooh! This is my SHIT right here!” Tanya said turning up the radio in the break room as she bobbed her head and danced around the break-room. Several of the other ladies in the room on break nodded their heads to the infectious beat of the song right along with her. They spanned all shades of the rainbow. Tanya was African-American,Maria- who was nodding her head to the beat just as hard if not more than Tanya, was Hispanic and  Carrie,one of the few young white women on the night shift; Carrie happened to be singing the words of the song line for line.

“ Now you can say anything that you wanna say abouuut me! But you and I know the truth is you don’t now a thang abouuut me. Even if you hatin’ on meee….”

“ I know girl! Ballad of a Bad Bitch is my song! It’s like every word she’s singing is my own personal story. I saw a special the other day where they previewed some songs from her entire album. That damn album is fire! You hear me? I’m getting it the day it drops!” Maria said excitement filling her voice.

“ Have you seen her? She’s really pretty too. Mia, that’s all she goes by. I saw her on BET the other night doing an interview. She seems real cool…down to earth you know. The type of bitch I could rock with for real.”

“ I saw her too.” Carrie said joining the conversation.

“ Nah bitch… whatchu doing watching B.E.T.?” Tanya asked laughing.

“ Who said anything about B.E.T.? I saw her on MTV thank you. But if I wanted to watch B.E.T. I damn sure could and I do. My roommate and I pay our cable bill just like everyone else. So please mind your business boo.” Carrie said checking Tanya real fast.

Tanya seemed to be under the impression she could talk to her any type of way just because she was one of the few “ cool” white girls on the night shift at Methodist hospital. Carrie didn’t mind letting her know that she was not going to be fucked with. Don’t let the white skin fool you. Carrie rolled her eyes at Tanya.

“Damn bitch! I was just playing with you. You ain’t got to get all serious. The last thing we need to see up in here is you turning red up in this muthafucka!” Tanya said laughing as she started to sing.

“ Fuck you bitch.” Carrie said as they all fell out laughing. Despite their petty arguments during breaks,the three young women had all grown close working together on the night-shift.

Maria was flipping through the latest issue of People magazine when she turned the page letting out a small shriek.

“ Look you guys! Here she is. Mia.” the other two ladies quickly gathered around her to see the article.

“ Yes! That sista is bad. They say she’s really private though. You’d think being new on the scene she’d be all out there getting her name out.” Maria said quickly reading the article out loud for the rest of them.

“ Fuck that. I see where she’s coming from. Don’t nobody need to be all up in her personal business. She needs to be just like Jay-Z and Beyonce’ . You don’t know shit about their personal life until they want you to know something. That’s exactly how I’d be if I was a celebrity. Besides,when you have the raw talent she has, that’s all people need. Mia ain’t like the rest of these damn auto-tune ass singers out here.” Tanya said passionately.

“ Ummph!” Maria said twirling a lock of her long curly black hair, “What I wanna know is who is this fine ass brotha we always see in the pictures with her? DAMN! I know this nig…,brotha is fine as hell!”

“Yeah hoe you better get it right.We ain’t that fuckin’ cool.” Tanya said rolling her eyes at her. Maria and Tanya had gone to high-school together. Tanya knew Maria wasn’t a racist or anything but every now and then she could get a bit too damn comfortable due to the fact all she hung around was black people. Tanya wanted Maria to know they was cool as fuck…but she could get her face slapped the hell off too! Maria better save all that nigga shit for the brotha who she laid up with. If he allowed that type of thing that is. Don’t get their friendship twisted.

Tanya looked at her co-workers and friends wondering if she should let them in on her little secret. Her own excitement convinced her to confide in them. They were going to die when she told them!

“ Okay y’all let me tell you something…,” Tanya paused making sure she had their full attention and all eyes where on her.

“ Spill it hoe! Damn!” Maria said impatiently.

“ Look Maria watch your damn tongue talking to me! Also… when are you doing something about those damn chola eyebrows? Walking around scaring patients and shit. We’re both off this weekend… you’re coming over and I’m doing something bout those lines drawn over your damn eyes! ANYWAYS…we all in here jammin’ to Mia so imma go ahead put y’all ass’s in my loop! You’ll never believe this but I’ve been chatting with her!”

“Whatever Tanya! Aren’t you half chola too?”Maria asked sucking her teeth.

“ Umm that would be no mamacita…my dad is half Mexican. My mama is black so when it came down to me she rounded that shit on out and took it back to the motherland okay? I claim all my heritage but I will not be claiming those brows. Anyway,back to what I was saying.” Tanya rolled her eyes at Maria.

Maria’s drawn on eyebrows already had her walking around looking like she was surprised 24/7 but now her dropped jaw added to the look and her otherwise pretty face now looked particularly clownish.

“ I don’t believe it. How are you “chatting” with Mia? I mean she’s new but everyone knows who Mia is! Why would she be talking to you?” Carrie asked rolling her baby-blue eyes.

“ Because I’m a fan bitch!” Tanya said rolling hers right back at her.

“Well how do you know it was really her you were talking to? That could have been anyone! They hire people to be on those sites you know. They pay someone to Facebook for them,hell tweet for them. All that mess. ” Maria said about to laugh. I can’t believe Tanya think she is really sitting up chatting with Mia!

“ Look you non-believers… if you visit her website you’ll see how it’s set up. Now there are two admins on the website but by each of their names is a special icon. Mia’s name has a special icon with a star next to it and she has her website set up where no one can create a user name that has her name in it! Trust me I even tried to test the shit out. It wouldn’t even let me put a_real_Mia_fan . A little screen pops up telling you the name Mia can not be used on her official website and that when you see Mia…you will be talking directly to her. You can see she actually goes on there. She’s the truth I’m telling you! Mia’s not like most of these stars who only list dates for you to go buy tickets and all that type of mess. Y’all should go on there when you can. It’s pretty cool and she’s really nice.” Tanya said standing up to stretch.

“ Damn! I’m checking it out later on tonight. Shoot I want a celebrity friend too! I’ve been trying to get that damn Rihanna to follow me back on Twitter for I don’t know how long. I give up. That’s how you really get put on you know. Be a part of the damn entourage. All of the star benefits without all of the work.” Carrie said tossing her wavy chestnut brown hair over her shoulders.

“ Damn. We better get back on the floor. I’m working directly with that bitch ass nurse Terri King tonight. I swear before God I can’t stand that bitch. She needs to get slapped or fucked. One of the two. Hell maybe both the way she carries on around here.” Tanya said sucking her teeth.

“ You ain’t lying. I was assigned to that bitch two nights in a row last week. I promise you- I wanted to slit my own wrists by the time morning came. I tell you one thing though...,” Maria said rolling her eyes “...that bitch got one more time to come at me real crazy and she's going to wish she never had. You know last month she showed up to work with her eye dotted the fuck up. Little does she know her ass gon' get more than that fuckin' with me. I don't care how much foundation and concealer she put on that eye,I could still see that shit.

Hell I’ve seen all the little tricks as many times as my dad has put his hands on my mom before. If she wasn’t such a nasty bitch I would have felt sorry for her ass. I know decent jobs with benefits are hard to come by but fuck it. If I get fired I wont have any regrets about it. Quiet as it’s kept…I thought about filing charges on her ass for discrimination. I got something for that ass though.”

“ Damn! Is she that bad? What are you planning to do?” Carrie asked. Carrie had just been off new hire orientation four weeks and had yet to be assigned to the infamous nurse Terri King yet. From the comments the other nursing assistants were making about her, she wasn’t looking forward to it. At all.

“ Hell yeah!” The other two young women cried in unison. They all made their way to the door. Swiped their time cards and went back on the floor.

Maria looked at the other ladies, “ Oh you better believe as hard as that hoe stay watching me…I’m watching her ass right back. Terri think because she’s wearing that little R.N title she’s untouchable around here. I can show her better than I can tell her.”

Tanya’s cell phone vibrated. She grabbed it from the pocket of her scrubs and smiled at the name that appeared on the screen.

“ I’m coming you guys, it’s my dad. Let me see what he’s talking about real quick.” Tanya said.

“ What’s going on Leon?” Tanya said laughing as she answered the phone.

“ Girl what I tell you about calling me by my first name?”

“ Hey Daddy!”

“ That’s more like it.”

“ Look you should be proud I have your name in my cell phone like that. It’s for safety. They say never put how people are related to you in your cell phone. It’s one the easiest ways to get scammed!”

“ To hell with all that. I earned the title Daddy and that’s what you better call me! Look I know you’re at work right now but me and your Mama miss you! When you get off in the morning bring your tail on by the house. We’re having a big family breakfast. I need to see my baby-girl.” Her father said tenderly.

“ You already know I’m there. Love you Daddy.” Tanya hung up the phone smiling.

  • * * *

2. Boy Toys & Bitches

Ten minutes later nurse Terri King entered the break room. She went to the freezer and pulled out her lunch bag. Prior to coming into work she’d packed herself a decent lunch even though she wasn’t in the mood at all for what she’d brought. She was cutting corners with her money though, since she was the only one in the household working. Again. Quinton had gone from bad to worse in the past three years. In the past he’d at least attempted getting jobs;even though she’d convince him they weren’t good enough and ask him to quit. Arguments with her he’d in the past walk away from to keep the peace, he refused to do anymore. A few weeks ago he’d even put his hands on her.

I bring in a ton of damn money and can’t even buy what I want for lunch? This is ridiculous. Quinton is going to need to cut back on his spending.

Terri had been nursing for the last 11 years. She’d struggled through nursing school as a single mother to make a better life for herself and her daughter Mia. Always taking every opportunity that came her way make more money any chance she could. Terri would work back to back doubles. All the other nurses knew if they needed a shift covered to ask her. She always said yes.

Not that she ever really wanted to. She didn’t have much of a choice. After all,she was supporting a grown ass man. If she didn’t get out and hustle up the money who would?

Quinton her boyfriend of the last three years made her. That wasn’t quite true though. When they’d meet she’d clearly told him she would be the breadwinner as long as he was loyal and faithful to her. Quinton spent the majority of his free time hanging around the house inviting his friends over, eating her out of house and home. The once beautiful home she’d shared with her daughter Mia, was now nothing more than a party house for her boyfriend and his shiftless friends.

Lord where is my child at?I know I haven’t been the best mother and even though I don’t want her to come back….at least not into my home. I wish I knew if she was okay.

The thoughts of concern about her missing only child came often but were always fleeting. It’s a good thing she’s gone. Mia was almost grown when she’d run away anyway. Two women can’t exist in one house together. Especially with one man. It’s a good thing she’s gone. Terri thought all of a sudden angry.

Terri jumped suddenly as her co-worker Janice along with one of  the newer nurses on the night-shift Danae, entered the room. Janice was singing loudly.

“It’s just a ballad of a bad bitch. When I’m gone you know you gonna miiiss this! You’ll be on your knees saying baby please stay!”

Janice snapped her fingers as she swayed her large hips.

“ Ooooo! That’s my shit! How you doing Terri?” Janice asked putting some change into the soda machine. Her wide ass never missed a beat of the song she was singing.

“ Hi Terri.” Danae said sweetly. Terri was just who she wanted to run into!

“ I’m good girl. Taking it day by day. Hey Danae.” Terri answered quietly. She was in no mood for conversation. Get y’alls shit and move the fuck along.

“ I’m just grabbing a drink real fast. I think they’re floating me to PCU tonight anyways Terri can I ask you something real fast?” Danae asked.

Terri hesitated a moment but decided what the hell. I may be a bitch but when it comes to nursing I do know my shit! These young nurses could learn a thing or two from a veteran like me.

“ You know the guy who brought you lunch I think it was last week? I think it may have been your son.”

“ Oh lawd!” Janice whispered loudly under her breath.

“ I don’t have a son Danae.” Terri answered back tightly,now sitting ramrod straight in her chair.

Danae blushed. She hadn’t meant to be presumptuous but the man she saw looked to be in his twenties. Terri clearly was not. I mean Terri wasn’t bad looking in her face….but she damn sure wasn’t what you would call a MILF ( Mother I’d Like to Fuck ) either! Lately every time Terri hit the floor she became the butt of all the jokes. Literally. Many of the nurses that had been there longer speculated on whether or not her ass was real. It did look odd such a huge ass being carried on skinny toothpick legs but Danae didn’t give a damn. If she wanted to walk around looking like a fool that was her business!

“ At any rate, what about him?” Terri asked trying her best not to go off on this young bitch questioning her about her goddamn man.

“ Oh well I ran into him at The Studio last night and we spoke. It took me a minute but I knew I recognized his face. Do you know if he has a woman or not? San Antonio has so many doggish ass men around here. I try to be careful.” Danae said laughing as she reached down and grabbed her soda from the machine.

“ Oh I know for a FACT he has a woman. It’s me. So while appreciate your little fact checking session, now that you know he’s taken, you best believe I better not hear his name out your damn mouth again.” said Terri who was now standing,looking Danae up and down sizing her up.

You wait till I talk to Quinton’s ass! I know one thing,if this young bitch don’t think I wont get loose on the job with her behind my man,she better fuckin’ think again.

“ Umm okay. I was just asking like I said. Bye Janice.” Danae said quickly before leaving the break-room.

“ Umph! I take it you still seeing that lil sexy young tenda? Well you can’t get mad at that lil girl. A lot of these lil heffas young and old wouldn’t have given a damn if the nigga had a woman or not. I know you Terri…before you go trying to make hell for that new nurse, you just remember… you’re the one who chose a little boy toy to be your main man.

Take that mess to your house not my floor. Anyway how have you been?  Shoot we used to hit the streets hard back in the day. You’ve been on lock-down I guess. Holed up in that love nest of yours with that young boo-thang I take it. Hmmph!”Janice said with a laugh.

Hell let me try and lighten the mood because Terri is a damn good nurse. I hate to have to write her ass up behind arguing with these other nurses behind that piece of young dick she holding on to for dear life!Janice thought as she browsed the vending machine.

Janice had been nursing only a few years longer than Terri but a year ago had been promoted to night-shift charge nurse. Janice couldn’t believe the amount of complaints that were turned in to her about Terri’s behavior towards her co-workers. Never by her patients but her co-workers. Out of respect for the close friendship they had in the past Janice tried to keep the complaints off Terri’s work record but the shit was getting old. The other day Janice herself had been called in and questioned. Evidently a few of the assistants went above her head and complained that she was showing favoritism towards Terri and that their complaints about Terri King were not being turned in and properly documented.

It was wrong of Janice to do and she knew it. Terri would no longer have her veil of protection at work. Hell the last thing she needed was to have Terri fucking up her credibility on the job. After all they didn’t even  hang like they used to. Fuck Terri and her bad ass attitude.

“ Yes we’re still together. Going on three years strong now . I ain’t saying nothing to that girl. She just better respect what I just told her lil young ass though. I’ll deal with him when I get home.” Terri said smiling and pasting a confident looking ( she hoped ) smile on her face. Janice know her ass hating on the fact I pulled a man 14 years younger than me and been holding him down for three years! I ain’t gon’ never forget the fact she warned me not to get serious about Quinton three years ago. I hate that bitch Danae put me on the spot in front of Janice. All these young bitches…older ones too stay in my man’s face. Including my own damn daughter.

“ Three years huh? Well when is that lil young ass nigga gonna marry you?Hell as young as that lil boy is….waiting for you is like dog years passing.  You know you have to be careful with these young ones. He’ll fuck the hell outta you and then when he’s ready to really settle down you’ll be assed out. That YOUNG man will find himself  a woman his own age! Someone ready to give him some babies. Shoot…aint you done with all that? You better look at Demi and Ashton! Speaking of babies…where is yours at? I ain’t seen Mia’s pretty self in ages! Anyway let me get back to the floor. Maybe one day soon you can find a baby-sitter for your lil boy toy and you can go out with the grown folks!” Janice said laughing at her own joke as she exited the break-room.

Terri felt like she’d been punched in the stomach. She literally had to turn her head pretending to cough just to keep the tears at bay that were threatening to spill down her cheeks.

Janice had touched on a topic that was never too far from her thoughts as of late. Terri felt her throat go tight with the tears beginning to well up in her eyes. Yes she was 14 years older than Quinton but she’d given him everything….including her own daughter. What more did he want? Hell I even had plastic surgery to keep him interested. I take care of his ass in every way I possibly can and it’s never enough for him.

The microwave beeped;Terri rose from the table and went to grab her food. When she came back to the table she sat down and tried to relax and eat her meal. She tried not to bring the negativity of her personal life to the job even though it was hard. Half the nurses as well as the assistants hated her and not without good reason. She was a bitch and knew it. But time and circumstances can do that to a woman.

There was a time years ago when her and Quinton started dating when he would bring her lunch up to the job. Terri  quickly pumped the brakes on that shit after catching Quinton flirting with her much younger co-workers.  He still brought her lunch…occasionally and only when she begged him. The nursing assistants,nurses – anyone female, Quinton felt like he had to stop and have a goddamn conversation with. I’ll be damned if I sit around and make it easy for a young bitch to take my place.

Terri couldn’t lie to herself. A couple times Quinton had landed a few good jobs but once she got wind there were women…younger women working there,Terri would convince Quinton the job wasn’t paying enough or that the hours he was scheduled to work were conflicting with hers. Since she was the major breadwinner and when it was all said and done…Quinton was lazy as fuck. It wasn’t too hard convincing him to quit. Quinton said as long as she kept his pockets laced with spending cash, and made sure he had the latest gear he’d stay home.

Though a house husband he was not. Quinton wasn’t making moves to be any kind of husband at all and had told her he wasn’t ready for marriage any time she brought up the subject.

So was it any wonder she had a hard time being nice to anyone by the time she came to work?

As hard as she tried to be pleasant it only really worked with her patients. Not a day passed her and Quinton weren’t arguing about one thing or another.

I really need to leave his ass after everything he’s done to me. But I love his ass. I’ve invested three years of my life to him . My relationship with Mia wasn’t the best but I’ve lost my only child behind him.

Terri pulled the People magazine laying on the table towards her and decided to just eat her lunch and take her mind off all the bullshit. Terri flipped thought the pages nothing really catching her eye. Terri flipped another page and froze.

Her eyes fixated on the picture of the beautiful young woman on the page. It was her daughter. Mia King. Or just Mia as the article referred to her.

Terri quickly scanned the article which spoke of her rising success and hit single “ Ballad Of A Bad Bitch” that was topping the charts. Terri’s heart filled with pride,sadness and shame. She’d always known Mia  had a natural talent for singing. She’d began making beautiful noises and trying to sing before she could even form words properly. Not that she’d ever praised or encouraged her daughter’s natural talents. Terri wiped the tears that were now freely flowing down her face. I hope one day she can forgive me for what I did.

  • * * *

3. To the Top

The entire room of twenty plus people were totally quiet. The only sound filling the room was the soulful, smooth sounds of  Mia King’s voice filling the room. Every ass in a seat knew they were about to get paid. It was as if Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige birthed a baby and her name was Mia King. No dick needed. Eyes were closed, heads nodding. That’s the effect her voice had on everyone who heard her . The song came to an end and everyone seemed to awaken from the trance she’d put everyone in.

Reginald Davis,Mia’s manager, was the first to speak.

“ Mia there’s no turning back now. Everyone’s going to know your name. Do you hear me? Everyone! Young girls to grown ass women. Hell you’re going to have men out here wanting to change their ways to become the type of man you’re singing about.  Your single has been at number one on the R&B charts for the last eight weeks and in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 for even longer. When this album drops there’s no looking back.”

Mia took a deep breath. Excitement and dread filling her at the same time. Damn, I want them to love my music but am I really ready for this? I can’t honestly say I am.

“ Okay everyone. That’s enough for now. We all have jobs to do so let’s make it happen. I need to speak to our rising star here about a few things.”

Everyone stood and filed out of the room chattering excitedly about the upcoming album release. Mia sighed and prepared herself. She already knew what Reginald was going to bring up and quite frankly she was tired of hearing the shit. Why didn’t he just leave it the fuck alone?

“ Look Mia..,” He said taking the seat directly in front of her.

“ Reginald why is my whole life history so important? I’m here. I write my own songs. I do everything you could ask of an artist but you need to be all in my business? Excuse my language but why the fuck does anyone need to know all that? All the world needs to know about is my music. Period.”

“Mia don’t you realize you’re on the verge of becoming a major star? This is already beyond having your single played on the radio. I’m your manager;I’m here to protect you. But if you were under the impression you could just become a star today and no one would want to know who the hell you were yesterday…you’re dead ass wrong. I need to know everything about you. If you got ten skeletons in your closet, open that muthafucka up so I can look at them and see what we’re dealing with. You’re not gonna have me out here looking crazy. Caught off guard, we’ve put way too much money into you for anything to come up and knock us off our square.”

“ I understand Reginald. You know all you really need to know. It’s not as if I’m an underage child who needs my parents permission for anything. You know I’m in a relationship and just like you asked I’ve kept my personal life in the background for my image just like you asked me too. Which by the way has been very hard for me given the fact I’m actually very proud of the way my life is now. You know about Jacobi. Leave it at that. I’m estranged from my family but that’s not unlike a lot of people.” Mia could feel a tear sliding down her cheek and raised her hand to quickly wipe it away. Being a recording artist was a dream she didn’t even know she wanted until it fell into her lap. The last thing she wanted was for it to be snatched away from her.

“ See? That’s the shit I’m talking about right there. I haven’t even really asked you much and  you’re crying. What are going to do when all the secrets you’re hiding are flashed across the headlines of magazines, TMZ, shit, world star hip hop? You need to get ready. Because the paparazzi ain’t no joke. I want you to tell me about anything that has happened in your life that could come back to haunt you…shit haunt us. Forgive me for saying this but every time we touch on the subject,I don’t feel like you’re keeping it one hundred with me. You’re holding back with me and I know it. I can feel it. Mia if it’s any constellation let me say this, if I didn’t really believe you had the talent,the star power to make a huge impact in this industry I would have walked away. I’m pressing the issue with you because I believe in you.”

“ Thank you for that Reginald. I understand where you’re coming from and you’re right. There are just some things in my past I haven’t confronted yet. Reginald give me two weeks. I need to go home and set some things straight. Can I have that time at least? I’ll keep in touch while I’m gone and the next major thing we have scheduled is the new video shoot right?”

“ Damn two weeks? You can’t take a week? We’ve got so much to do.” Reginald said flipping through his day planner.

“ Without a doubt I need two weeks.”

Reginald shook his head.

“ Damn okay. Take two weeks to handle your business but I want the truth when you get back. I don’t need any surprises out of you. Mia King I’m going to be real with you. You are the artist who is going to take this label to the next level. This is about more than you. I can’t have shit fucked up because I don’t know what’s going on.”

“ Damn Reginald, just leave it alone. Like I said in two weeks we’ll go to dinner…on you and I’ll tell you everything.” Mia said standing to grab her jacket.

“ Can you call me a cab? I’m tired as hell. Now all this shit has my head hurting.”

“ You don’t need to take a cab. I can drop you off.” Reginald offered. In the nine months since he’d discovered Mia not one time had she invited him to her home. Not that it was required of her but damn, as closely as they worked he’d never once been invited in? Even with the rides. It was New York and everyone was used to catching cabs or using the subway but when you could bypass all that and get a ride most people took you up on it. Not Mia. She always claimed she used the time to think.

Reginald didn’t buy it. Mia didn’t trust him. Or any man it seemed from the amount of dates he heard she turned down.  The only dude who seemed to be close to her at all was some nigga she’d initially claimed was just a long-time friend and her room-mate. It had taken awhile for Mia to admit to him that her and this nigga Jeremiah were more than friends. The way that nigga looked at him any time he did come around, Reginald already knew their relationship was more than that. He had to get to the bottom of all the secrecy.

He’d invested way too much time and money into her already,used every connection he had in the music game to get her played everywhere. It was paying off. In two weeks if she didn’t reveal it all to him he’d used whatever means necessary to find out himself.

Reginald paged the front desk of the studio and told them to call her a cab.

“ I’ll see you in two weeks Reginald.” Mia said “ In two weeks when I get back, I guarantee you I’m going to have ten more hit singles to give you.” Mia said laughing for the first time since the conversation began.

“See you in two weeks.” Mia said walking out of the room. Reginald watched her shapely heart-shaped ass leave the room and walk down the hall until she was no longer in his line of vision.

Goddamn that bitch is fine!

Reginald remained in his seat. Mainly because the evidence of his attraction to her was evident. His dick hard as Chinese arithmetic. Mia always appeared oblivious to the effect she had on the men around her. By no means did he want to over-step his professional boundaries with her but  it was hard. Mia was the vision of a black queen. 5Ft8 inches tall with thick shapely legs, big ass, tiny waist and a flat stomach. Flawless mocha covered skin and even though far too many claimed it when they knew damn well they were lying, there had to be a damn Indian hanging off the limb of her family tree somewhere because she had beautiful thick, silky natural hair that flowed down her back. Deep brown slanted eyes and amazing cheekbones. In all honesty Mia could have walked into any modeling agency and had a contract within minutes. You’d better believe there were plans in the making to exploit her outer beauty as well. Reginald was already in talks with several agencies in regards to product endorsements. Which was exactly why he needed to know everything. Multi-million dollar endorsements didn’t happen for clients who had secrets waiting in the wings to be found out.

  • * * *

4.He Makes Me Feel Brand New

Mia opened the door to her spacious New York city loft. It was bright, comfortable and it all belonged to her and Jeremiah. In nine months her entire life had changed. The money she’d made from club appearances and off of her first two singles were more than enough to afford her some solitude of her own. When herself and Jeremiah had stepped off the Greyhound in Brooklyn,New York three years ago she hadn’t even known where they were headed really. All she knew is that she had to get away from the situation she was in and Jeremiah had come through for her in a major way. From the day they’d met they’d formed an unbreakable bond in more ways than one. The Lord must have known she was going to need someone because she found out her own mama wasn’t shit the very day God placed Jeremiah in her life.

When they left  San Antonio,TX they’d been happy to crash on Jeremiah’s best friend Dip’s couch in Brooklyn but she knew that time had come to an end. Especially the way she’d noticed Dip kept looking at her whenever Jeremiah wasn’t around. Mia knew that look in a man’s eyes all too well. The look of a man who wanted something from her and if she wasn’t willing to give it to him…he’d take it. Unfortunately she’d become all to familiar with that look in a man’s eyes. The plan had been for them to stay with Dip for a while so they wouldn’t have to spend all the money Jeremiah had brought with him but that didn’t last long. Jeremiah had been understanding when she’d told him about her fears staying there and found them a cheap studio apartment the same week. It was just as well. With news they found out the very next month,they would have had to move soon anyway.

Mia hung up her jacket at the door and slipped her shoes off  before continuing on to the kitchen. On her way home she’d had the  taxi take her by her favorite Chinese food spot so she could grab something to bring home for dinner. She’d called Jeremiah on her way home to see if he wanted anything but he’d said he would be out working late.

Mia grabbed him something anyway so he’d have something to eat when he got in. Once she got home the first thing she did was run herself a nice hot bath. All she wanted to do was relax for a little bit. It had been a long day and Reginald didn’t make it any better with his last minute demands about her past. It really made her wonder who really wanted to know about it? The public or him. Mia made it a point to form a connection with her fans. After all they’d completely changed her entire life. Anything she could do to form a bond with them she did. Signing autographs,taking pictures as much as she was able to without sacrificing her safety,most importantly through her website. She went to her personal website daily to connect with her fans. Connecting with some of them on a damn near daily basis. They weren’t asking about her past,only Reginald.  Meeting Reginald had been a blessing and a curse. A blessing due to the fact he’d literally changed her life overnight and a curse because she could see the way he looked at her too. He wanted more than singing from her. She could see it in his eyes. The way he looked at her,tried to extend their time together. Everything. He was always doing a little too much and it wasn’t just because he was her manager either. She’d caught him staring at her plenty of times. It was pathetic behavior coming from a married man. She played along though.

Mia soaked in the tub until the water turned chilly before she pulled the plug, turned on the shower,scrubbed herself clean and stepped out.

After dressing she made her way back to the kitchen and heated up her food.

Mia sat at the kitchen island silently eating her food contemplating her next move. Should I warn them I’m coming home or just show up? Fuck that imma just show up. If my mom is still with Quinton,I’m not giving him a second to pull any of his tricks. I know one thing. The Mia King that left San Antonio,TX three years ago is not the same scared girl who ran away in fear three years ago.

Mia finished her dinner then laid on the couch tuning into the  Real Housewives of Atlanta. She loved the ratchetness of the show and recorded all the episodes on the DVR. Whenever she had free time,  she caught up on the episodes and chatted with her fans on her website. Those were her main forms of entertainment as of late. After Jeremiah and Jacobi. She struggled to keep her eyes open,she was exhausted. Lately it seemed as if she were operating off fumes with the long hours all the team was keeping in the studio. Before she knew it the fight with sleep won and she was knocked out and the nightmares that had taken up permanent residence in her brain were overtaking her mind.

“ Baby please! Please do this one thing for your mama. Don’t I take care of you? Haven’t I given you everything in this world I can?”

“ Yes mama but how can you ask me to do that? I can’t do that mama!” I cried shaking my head,my eyes wide with fear. All of a sudden I felt a sharp crack across my face that brought tears to my eyes.

“ Grow the fuck up Mia! Your little black ass been reading way too many romance novels. That shit ain’t real life. This is real life. I need this.” my mother said grabbing my face towards hers so that I was looking into her eyes that seemed to mirror the same emotion as mine. Fear. Though her fear stemmed from very different reasons than mine.

“ Aint no need holding on to some shit you’re going to end up giving away to some horny boy out on these streets for free. If you ain’t already gave it away from what Quinton told me! Like I said this is real life and that nigga out there says he loves me! If I have to share my man with any young bitch out here it may as well be my daughter! At least that way I know he ain’t straying too far. If you don’t he’s going to leave. What am I going to do then? No you’re doing it. Aint no other choice. It’s not like you’re a baby, or a little girl. You owe me after all the sacrifices I’ve made for you. Having to raise you all by myself and in a few months you’ll be gone. I’ll be all alone. I don’t want Quinton to leave me! It’s time for you to sacrifice  for me now!” her mother said more to herself than Mia. Rationalizing the fact that she was a mother who was now about to prostitute her own daughter…to the man who for the last nine months had been her exclusive boyfriend and who she’d convinced herself was the love of her life. Her last chance at love.

Mia was visibly shaking in disbelief and fear. The request or rather the demand coming from her mother’s boyfriend Quinton Jones didn’t surprise her. Mia was innocent to the ways of men but she’d never liked Quinton her mothers new boyfriend of nine months. He always stared two seconds too long for her taste. The intentional brushes against her in the kitchen when there was more than enough space for him to pass.

“ I’m not doing it Mama! I’ll just leave.” Mia said attempting to raise up from the bed. Her mother forcefully pushed her back down.

“ Leave to go where? Bitch don’t nobody wanna take care of you! All we have is each other. Stop acting like this is going to kill you. I’ve been through worse than this in my life. Now he wants you and I wanna keep my goddamn man! All Quinton needs to do is get the idea of youth out of his system and we’ll be on track. Once he can see  you ain’t got nothing on me… all this will be over. You can go to college and we can put this entire thing behind us!”

Mia jumped out of the bed and ran towards the door. It was eleven in the evening but she didn’t give a damn. Her mother had officially lost her fuckin’ mind! Was she on drugs? Her eyes had a wild crazy look to them.

“ Quinton! Come in here she’s trying to run!”

Jeremiah walked into the loft he shared with Mia and quietly took off  his jacket and shoes in the entry way. It was almost two in the morning. He’d been working late hours trying to help his friend Dip get his club off the ground. When he and Mia had showed up in New York with only a phone call as notice,Dip didn’t hesitate to hook them up with a place to stay. They’d met when they were both locked up together in Texas. Once Dip had gotten out he’d gone back to New York where he was from originally.

Jeremiah walked into the living-room room and could see Mia tossing and turning on the couch. Frantic,soft cries of distress falling from her lips.

Damn! Baby-girl gonna need to get some help for this shit right here. She can’t live the rest of her life like this. Jeremiah looked at her and shook his head. He’d give anything to wipe those memories from her mind. Mia never needed to tell him what her nightmare was about. He already knew.

Jeremiah walked toward the couch where she was lying calling out her name softly. Shit he wasn’t about to touch her ass. He’d learned all to well not to suddenly come up on Mia or he’d find himself sliced.

“ Mia!”

She only grew more agitated in her sleep,tossing her head back and forth. Jeremiah slowly reached down to quickly find both of her hands and grab her wrists. If he touched her and left her hands free at all he already knew within seconds he’d have a knife at his throat. Mia never casually sat around without anything within her reach for protection.

He grabbed her wrists tightly and quickly.

“ Mia! Wake up!”

Her eyes flew open in shock as she tried to jerk her hands free but Jeremiah held them tightly in front of her.

“ Wake up bae, you’re having another one of those dreams again.”

Her breath came hard and labored until she realized she was safe. It was Jeremiah. She was always safe with Jeremiah. He let go of her arms and she slowly wound her arms around his neck and pulled him down onto the couch where she cradled her head at the base of his neck.

“What’s on your mind girl? You ain’t had one of those dreams in about two weeks.”he asked softly rubbing her back.

He could feel her tears on his neck.

“ Mia talk to me.”

“ It’s a lotta shit going on right now Jeremiah. We’ll talk about it later. Not now okay? I’m just glad you’re home I missed you. What time is it?”

“ A little after two.”

“ Did you eat? I picked you up something. Go have a shower and relax yourself while I heat it up for you.” she said raising from the couch and rubbing his smooth bald head. Only the lord knows how much I love this man. I don’t even think he can fathom how much I love him. They parted ways as Mia walked into the kitchen to prepare his plate and Jeremiah went into their bedroom to shower and change.

[ * * * *]

5. Loving You

Now what is he doing? Mia thought walking towards their bedroom. It had been twenty minutes, his food was getting cold all over again. When she entered the bedroom Jeremiah was laid back on the bed with a towel wrapped around his waist,his eyes closed. Mia couldn’t take her eyes off him. Jeremiah was my first love,my first everything… despite all that had happened to me.  She walked over and stood between his spread legs.

“ Baby?”

Jeremiah opened his eyes and held out his arms to me. Mia looked down and could already see the length of his dick under the towel that was now barely covering him.

Jeremiah took the towel off completely and raised up so that he was sitting and pulled Mia towards him. Gently easing her now soaked panties down her legs. Mia quickly stepped out of them and pulled the wife-beater t-shirt over her head. She  straddled his thick muscular thighs as Jeremiah  pulled her closer to him for a passionate kiss,his lips were soft and warm and the minute his tongue entered her mouth, Mia’s nipples grew so hard they ached for the warm touch of his lips and tongue. Mia could feel her pussy opening,waiting for him to enter. Jeremiah’s hands roved over her sensitive nipples,before Mia knew it,he’d cupped one of her firm round breasts in his large hand and was sucking on my nipples.

“ You fucked up this morning you know that right?”

“ I know baby. I’m so sorry. I’m so,so sorry.” Mia moaned gyrating her hips in a circular motion over his dick.

“ What did we promise each other?” Jeremiah asked. The sound of his deep voice drove her crazy. It always had. I mean the nigga could talk to me on the phone and have my panties wet within seconds. Sight unseen.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“ I promised you get your pussy twice a day. At least. I was running late for the studio baby I’m sorry. Imma make it up to you.”

His hands traveled down to Mia’s ass gripping and molding her ass cheeks in each of his large hands. Jeremiah slipped his hands between my thighs and inserted one of his thick fingers into her pussy.

“ Damn Mia, your pussy stay wet for your man don’t it?”

“ You already know it does. Every time I think about fucking you it makes me wet Jeremiah.” I said between kissing his lips.

Jeremiah flipped Mia over onto her back , pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and dropped to his knees in front of her pussy. Mia could feel his hot breath on her clit then a slow, long lick from top to bottom that felt so good it made her back arch.

“ Oh shit! Do it again baby!” I moaned.

“ Your pussy is so sweet baby. I love it.” Jeremiah said diving in.

His tongue working in slow circular motions until Mia’s hips were bucking and gyrating from the undivided attention his tongue was giving her now sopping wet pussy.

Jeremiah then laid back, while I stood up on the bed over his face and slowly lowered myself onto his long tongue. Jeremiah loved for her to ride his face. I slowly lowered myself down until my wet pussy was over his face and I was riding his long tongue like it was a dick. Jeremiah’s face was slick with all my juices. I rocked my hips back and forth over his face,his slurping sounds turning me on even more!

“ Oh shiiiit…,” I moaned a few minutes later as I came all over Jeremiah’s face.

“ I need you to fuck me. Now Jeremiah!” I pleaded with him. Even though I’d come all over his face and my body was quivering all over…Jeremiah was the man who taught her to love her body and that sex was a beautiful thing between people who loved each other,though she felt like she could black out and fall into a peaceful nightmare free sleep…sex wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t feel my mans long,fat dick shoved deep inside my pussy.

I got on all fours and lowered my chest to the bed giving Jeremiah a full view of my plump,round ass and pouting, deep pink,wet pussy lips. Jeremiah loved telling me what a fat pussy I had. He said anytime I was aroused my pussy lips got swollen and my clit enlarged like a juicy,red cherry. He loved sucking on my clit and many mornings I’d awaken to his head in between my legs.

I think Jeremiah loved eating my pussy so much because our first sexual encounters only consisted of oral sex, that’s as far as I would go sexually with him. I’d give him a blow job and he’d lick my pussy. Jeremiah was always patient with me. He knew everything I’d been through. I could feel Jeremiah teasing me with thick ten inch dick,slapping my swollen pussy lips with it.

“ I love this pussy baby.” Jeremiah said circling the entrance to my slick, wet pussy with the fat head of his dick. Jeremiah kept teasing me with his dick until I thought I’d go insane! My pussy was begging for him to shove his thick dick up my tight pussy. My walls were squeezing and releasing in anticipation.

“ Jeremiah goddamn it fuck me!” I yelled.

He had a bad habit of doing this. Teasing me with his dick,he knew exactly what to do to drive me crazy. We were young when we got together but Jeremiah had been with other women before me,so he definitely didn’t lack in experience when it came to pleasing me.[_ I _]on the other hand was a virgin ( mentally that is ) but once I got a taste of my Jeremiah’s joy-stick, he totally made me forget my prior experiences with sex. It was all about us.

I moved forward slightly away from his dicks reach and raised up on both hands,reaching my right hand between my dripping wet thighs and spreading my swollen chocolatey, pink pussy lips wide open.

“ Goddamn Mia!” Jeremiah rasped out losing his last bit of control and ramming his thick dick into my tight wet pussy.

“ Yes.. fuck your pussy baby.” I cried out as Jeremiah’s thick dick slammed in and out of my dripping pussy. The sounds of his dick sliding in and out of my wet snatch turning us both on even more.

“ Ahh do it baby! Fuck your pussy good!” I cried out bucking and meeting his juicy dick pound for pound.

“ Damn Mia! I love how you take this dick! Is this my pussy? Tell me this will always be my pussy baby!” he asked as he slipped his dick out of my hot love tunnel and slapped my pussy lips with it.

“ Yes! Always! Please! Give it to me Jeremiah!” I moaned.

Jeremiah continued burying his meaty dick in my pussy grabbing the sides of my ass,his dick touching every inch of my inner walls.

“ Harder baby I’m coming! Yes! Oh Yeessss! You’re hitting my spot baby! Make your pussy come baby” I screamed out.

“ I’m gonna make that pussy come!”

Jeremiah slammed my pussy so good until I felt that familiar tingle that always seemed to start at the tip of my toes and travel like electricity to the center of my core.

“ Oh Jeremiah! I’m coming! I’m coming all over your dick baby!” My pussy began tightening around his dick,I felt like I could pass out it felt so good.

“That’s right baby this is your dick. This is all your dick Mia.” Jeremiah called out “ I’m coming baby!” Jeremiah called out and I quickly turned around to stuff his big dick down my throat. I wanted to suck him off until every drop of his cream was sliding down my throat. I took his balls in my hand and ran my tongue from the base of his balls to the entire length of his thick pole before taking the huge head of his dick in my mouth. He was almost ready to come I could feel his balls tightening in my hands as I jacked and sucked him off.

“ Mmmm! Baby I need to taste you. Come in my mouth baby,let me taste all of you.” I said as if on cue Jeremiah let out a low moan and I took his dick deep in my throat…that was the trick to swallowing it all without gagging. I eased up a little to let some of his creamy seed drip out of my mouth so he could see it dripping down my chin, I know the sight of that turns Jeremiah on. He always comes a lot…he was always surprised at how well I sucked his dick. I don’t know why though,he taught me. We both laid there drained and completely satisfied.

“ I love you Mia,always and in all ways. You know that right.” Jeremiah whispered in my ear as he pulled me close and kissed my neck.

“ I love you too baby. Are you still hungry? I can go heat your food up. Again.”

Jeremiah laughed.

“ I just ate. I don’t need anything else.” he said closing his eyes to sleep. I wish sleep found me as easily as it did him. Instead I just kissed his lips and thought about everything that had happened to me in the three years since he’d come into my life.

* * * *

6.The Breakdown

(Three Years Earlier)

“ Girl I think Marquise likes you!” Rayna said excitedly.

“ Why do you think that? I mean I just helped him on some homework. Other than that he doesn’t say a word to me.” Mia said flipping her long black hair towards her face so Rayna couldn’t see her blush. She had a deep mocha complexion but you better believe black girls do blush and right now her cheeks were hotter than hell! She knew Marquise liked her,she had a note from him in her back pocket telling her so. Even though she usually told Rayna everything,just for a moment she wanted to keep this to herself. She couldn’t wait to get home,lock herself in her bedroom and read the sweet words Marquise had written her at least a hundred times. Then she would share the news with Rayna that Marquise had in fact asked her to go out with him this Saturday night and that for once , she might actually go.

Mia had spent most of her high-school years fending off the attention of boys. All she wanted to do was graduate,get into a great college and make her mother proud. Her mom deserved that after all the sacrifices she’d made raising her all on her own…and her mother never let her forget it either. Mia had seen far too many of her classmates distracted by boys whose only objective was to get in their pants and run and tell their boys. Mia had higher dreams and aspirations for herself and none of them include being ran through by every boy at Sam Houston high-school and pregnant before she walked across a stage at a college and having a degree placed in her hand.

Marquise was cute though. It would be nice to have a date lined up for prom.

“ Whatever girl! I know that nigga is feeling you. Aint that much “homework” in the damn world. He’s just making up excuses to be around your ass. You two ain’t fooling me. Aww SHIT! Girl look,your fine ass step-daddy is home. Do I need to come over for some milk and cookies? I already know my mama ain’t went shopping.” Rayna said pointing to Mia’s mothers boyfriend Quinton’s car parked in their driveway.

“ Please girl stop! Let me remind you once again. Quinton is NOT my step-daddy and he is NOT fine!” I said rolling my eyes at her. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how Rayna could be my best friend yet not pick up on the obvious vibes I put out daily that I did not like Quinton. It was probably due to the fact I didn’t have a concrete reason yet.

He’d actually never been anything but nice to me but it was overly nice. I mean my mom had already let him move in months ago without so much as even talking to me about it. So why was he always bending over backwards trying to win me over? Sometimes I’d wake up in the morning and there would be money on my nightstand. I mean I’m almost 18 and love to wear the latest fashions and have extra money in my pocket, but why the hell are you creeping into my bedroom while I’m sleeping? I’d never had to lock my bedroom door in my own home before but now? Anytime I was in my room I tried to remember to locked my damn door. Sleep or no sleep. It didn’t make it any better that my mom worked nights at the hospital. Lately she’d been working a lot of doubles which meant instead of her being at work from 3pm until 11pm my mom wasn’t coming home until after 7am the next morning.

“ Umm I know it may be hard for you to see it since it’s your mama’s man and all but make no mistakes about it boo…your step-daddy is fine as hell! Yo’ mama know she’s robbing the cradle right now. What is he…20?”

“ Girl he’s 26”

“ Still that’s young! That nigga damn near need to be dating us! How old is your mama? 100?” Rayna asked busting out laughing.

“ Fuck you bitch!” Mia said unable to hold in her laughter.

“ My mama is almost 40. You are right about one thing though, I really do wish she had found a man older. I mean she should have at least found a man in his forties. Younger for her is a man in his mid-30’s. Quinton doesn’t even have anything going for himself. It’s pretty desperate if you ask me.”

“ Oh he got something your mama want all right. Your tender ears ain’t ready for me to school you yet!” Rayna said looking at her with a smirk.

Mia stopped mid-stride.

“ Bitch don’t go there with me. Tender my ass. I’m saving my cookies for someone special. If I can’t make it until I’m married, it will at least be until I’m in college. I want my first time to be with someone special. You know at least be in a real relationship”

“ Now see you didn’t have to rub the shit in though! I thought Eric and I *were *in a serious relationship…hell I found out he was in a serious relationship with Tika Martin as well after I’d already given it up.”

“ Awww I love you bestie! I ain’t trying to rub it in your face. You know I love you…but you coulda found that shit out if you had waited!” Mia said laughing and  hooking arms with her as they continued their walk home.

They were quickly approaching  Mia’s house.

“ So are you really coming in? Come over for a little while pleeeaaase!” Mia begged. Quinton was home and the very last thing she wanted to do was make small talk with him. He stayed trying to be all up in her business,acting all buddy-buddy.

“ Girl I really wish I could. Like I said I know it ain’t nothin’ sweet to eat at my house but I did promise my mom I’d pick up and start dinner before she got home so I better just get to it. I’ll call you later though.”

“ Aww. Okay then.” Mia said as they waved good-bye and parted ways. Rayna lived the next block over. Mia looked at her driveway and saw two cars parked. I see he has friends over.

I need to tell my mama about this bullshit again. I could barely get to sleep the other night they were so loud,Mia thought frowning.

All Quinton does is lay up, go to his little part-time job….when he even has one and chill up in my mama’s house. Mia had never met her real father. All her mother would say about him was that he’d left her once he found out she was pregnant. All they needed was each other and to stop asking about “ that man” and his family. She was all Mia needed. Eventually Mia did stop asking. You could only wish for your daddy so many birthdays and write it on your Christmas list so many times before it sunk in. Her mother had been right though, in all her almost 18 years her father was the only thing she’d gone without. She was provided with all the material things a child could ask for. Her mother wasn’t the most affectionate person but during her earlier childhood her grandmother had provided her with all the  love and attention a child could ask for.

Unfortunately her grandmother had passed two years ago. Which gave Mia a crash course in independence. After all her mother did work a lot of long hours to keep them with all the extras. Life had been as perfect as she could expect until her mother had hooked up with Quinton. I mean come on. 26? She was embarrassed to admit it to Rayna but she was right! At his age he really was damn near in her age bracket and the way he acted with his friends showed Mia  he wasn’t even a mature younger man.

She tried to keep all those negative thoughts to herself though. Her mother really did seem happy with him and Mia truly wanted her mother to have someone in her life to love. All her mom did before meeting him was work and take care of her. When I go off to college I do want my mom to have someone.

Mia walked up the steps of her porch and turned the knob,once the door was open she was hit with the smell of weed. Quinton and his friends were sprawled all over the living-room and kitchen area.

“ Hey baby-girl,how was school today?” Quinton asked cutting his eyes her way and smiling as he took a pull of his blunt.

“ It was fine thanks.”

Mia was actually hungry but instead of going into the kitchen where she could see several of Quinton’s friends were also hanging out, she decided to just go to her bedroom. Mia looked around her room and began picking up her mess from this morning. She was neat but without a doubt every morning her room looked like a tornado had ran through it because she wanted the perfect outfit. She had the first period tardies to first period to prove it too.  Her room was located on the second floor over-looking the driveway.

I know one thing they better hurry up and leave. I’m hungry as hell and I’m not trying to go sit up around Quinton and his friends!

Mia thought walking to her window to look out. Not one car had left. Matter of fact there was another car in the driveway.

Fuck this I’m calling my mama.

Mia grabbed her cell phone and dialed the number to the floor her mother worked on.

“ May I please speak to Terri King please?”

As she was waiting for her mother to come to the phone she looked around. Spotless. She thought smiling.

“ This is Terri King?”

“ Hey mama it’s me.”

“ Mia what have I told you about calling me on the floor? I’ll check in with you when I go on break I was with a patient! What is it?”

“ I know mama but Quinton has a whole lot of friends over here. I don’t even feel comfortable going into the kitchen to get anything to eat!”

“ Well what do you mean by that? Has anyone said anything to you?”

“No but….,”

“ No but shit! Mia grow the fuck up. You’re almost 18 years old! If no one has said anything to you,why the hell are you uncomfortable? Don’t sound like your ass is too hungry to me! Ol’ bougie actin’ ass. I swear to God,you ain’t never even met your daddy’s family and you’re just like them! Think you’re better than somebody. We ain’t getting into it now because I’m at work but Quinton’s mentioned to me SEVERAL times how nice he’s been to you and how rude you are. He’s even left money for you and you can barely thank him. Take your ass down to the kitchen, eat and don’t call here with this nonsense again either.”

“ Well can I just go to Rayna’s house since he has all his friends over here?”

“ NO! Stay your black ass at home. You ain’t gon’ be running over Rayna’s damn house all the time like you ain’t got no goddamn home. I noticed how her mom was looking at me funny the last time I picked you up. That bitch think she’s better than me just because she’s married. Bye.” her mother said hanging up on her.

Mia had no idea why her mother always talked about Rayna’s family the way she did. They’d never been anything but kind to the both of them. Truth be told a lot of the time they were her substitute family for what her own mother wasn’t doing. Mia never thought to make a big deal about it because usually when her mom couldn’t show up to support her activities,she was at work.

Let me just go make myself a sandwich and some chips and hurry back up to my room. Maybe I’ll call Marquise.

  • * * *

7. If Only I’d Met Her First

“ Damn nigga! I don’t know how you do it walking around here with that fine ass daughter Terri got! I know if that was me I’d be trying to holla’ at her daughter too! Terri keep herself up for an older woman I guess but that daughter of hers? That’s a chocolate queen right there!” Cedric said looking at Quinton.

“ Man keep your eyes to yourself. That’s my girls daughter.”

“Ummhmm. I know who the fuck she is…,” Cedric said laughing “…I also know your ass too nigga! I seen how you looked at her when she walked in the house. All I’m saying is hook a nigga up. We can double date or some shit. You get the mama and I get the daughter.” Cedric said laughing as he continued with the play-station game.

Jeremiah,Cedric’s young brother sat in the recliner listening to the exchange between his brother and Quinton.

“ Both y’all old asses need to shut the fuck up. Especially you.” he said pointing to Quinton.

“ Damn lil nigga we just having some fun.” Quinton said taking another pull of his blunt.

“ Aye man,where’s the bathroom?” Jeremiah said standing up. He was mad as hell. He had come to chill with his brother Cedric and he’d brought him over to Quinton’s spot. Quinton was was cool but the nigga talked a lot of shit for no reason. How the fuck you bragging you got this and that and it all came off your woman’s back? His brother told him damn near a year ago his boy Quinton had hooked up with some older sugar mama and all his boy needed to do was lay up and fuck her and she was content.

Jeremiah had just officially finished up his assigned probation period after spending a year in jail on some petty robbery charges. His older brother Cedric called himself really taking his responsibilities serious during his probation. Taking him everywhere he went. It had been tough avoiding the drama for the last two years but with the help of his brother Cedric he’d done it. He’d only wanted to hang with Cedric since he kept himself busy with work. This was the first day he’d taken off in weeks and Cedric had dragged him over here.

Hell he damn near had a contact high off all the smoke he was around. It was cool though, at least Cedric was there for him when he’d been released unlike their mother.

“ Man just go down the hall to the right.” Quinton said pointing in the direction of the bathroom.

Mia walked down the stairs praying no one said anything to her.[_ Just let me get to the kitchen and back up to my room._]

“ Hey baby-girl!” Quinton called out.

“ Hey.” Mia said as she continued walking into the kitchen.

“ I’ll be right back .” Quinton said to Cedric as he rose from the couch and followed her into the kitchen.

“ Are you hungry Mia? We ordered some pizzas. I got your favorite. Hawaiian right? I made sure no one touched it. Here you go.” Quinton said sliding the box towards her.

“ I was hungry. Thanks Quinton.” Mia said smiling. She turned and reached into the cabinet to grab a plate.

Quinton couldn’t stop smiling. Watching her round heart-shaped ass as she reached into the cabinet had his dick hard as concrete. Since the day he’d laid eyes on Mia, she’d captured his every thought.

Unbeknownst to Terri or her daughter, he’d seen and been immediately attracted to Mia long before he’d ever actually been introduced to her. One day he was at Sam Houston High School with his boy Jarrod who was known amongst his circle of friends to be into young girls. At the time Jarrod had been seeing some hot in the ass senior girl. Quinton rode over there with him after school to pick her up. Though at the time he didn’t know who she was, when he saw her exit the building talking to a friend he’d been unable to take his eyes off her. DAMN! He didn’t know they were making high-school girls like this. She looked like she was at least 20 years old.  No wonder Jarrod had his ass over here. There was a better selection of females at the damn high-school than there was at the club!

Two weeks later he’d been at Santas, one of the local spots and had met an okay looking older woman named Terri King.

Terri was kind of plain. Nice body and after talking to her a while he discovered she had a good job too. Aint no way he wasn’t going to check her out . Especially since he was sick of living with his mama,sister and her two kids. It was crowded as hell up in that muthafucka.

Two weeks after meeting Terri and fuckin' the hell out of her all day- everyday while her daughter was at school,Terri was sprung. She'd insisted he meet her daughter.

Terri planned an elaborate dinner for the three of them excited for the two of them to meet. He and Terri had fucked all day long until Terri made him get up and dressed because it was almost time for her daughter Mia to walk in from school. Quinton was shocked when the door opened and he was greeted by the sexy ,young chocolate sista he’d seen a few weeks earlier at the high-school. He’d never forgotten her face. To make matters worse she was even more beautiful up close. The hook up he had with Terri was too good for him to walk away. From that day on, every time he was fuckin’ Terri he wished it was her daughter Mia who was laying underneath him. That was nine months ago and his feelings towards Terri hadn’t progressed at all…. his feelings for her daughter were at all time high. If Mia would actually take notice of him,he would leave her mama in a heartbeat. He’d get a job,take care of her….shit he’d wife her young ass. Yeah the situation was fucked up but they could work all that bullshit out later. Fuck what other people had to say. Once the whole situation with him and Mia played out the way he wanted it to he wouldn’t about what anyone else had to say. Hell if Mia was worried about it,they could leave Texas all together and start fresh.

When it all went down,he wanted to be as far away from Terri as possible when he and Mia built their life together.

What pissed him off though was for some reason Mia acted like she couldn’t stand him.

“ Are you having some? I can’t eat all this by myself.” Mia asked. The softness of her voice drawing him out of his thoughts of the unresolved feelings he had for his girlfriends daughter.

“ Oh no. I’m good, I just wanted you to have something to eat and I know that’s your favorite.”

“ Well I appreciate it Quinton. Thank you, I was starving.”

“ You’re welcome. You know I got you Mia, anything you need all you have to do is ask.” Quinton said smiling.

Oh my God! Here this nigga go with the creepy ass smile!

“ I think I’m going to go sit out on the porch and eat.” Mia said grabbing herself plate,a soda and walking out of the kitchen.

Quinton stood there a few minutes staring after her. He couldn’t go back in the living-room room with his dick hard. I know one thing. I got to have that young bitch soon. I’m tired of waiting. Terri so strung out on this dick she’ll do anything thing I ask her too. Shit,imma just tell her simple ass I want her fuckin’ daughter.

Mia finished her pizza and laid back in one of the comfortable porch chairs,she pulled out the note from Marquise and began reading it over again. I don’t know about this nigga right here. I mean he’s fine and all but he’s kinda been around. I ain’t trying to involve myself with no dude that’s going to be having expectations from me…especially when it comes to sex. Derica Gibson makes a point of letting everyone in 3rd period know they have sex all the time.

“ Hello. How you doin’?”

Mia jumped,startled by the sexy voice coming from behind her. She turned to find one of the finest brothas she’d ever laid eyes on. Caramel brown skin,6ft 2inches of nothing but pure muscle. His hair was cropped low and faded. Mia was already shy around boys as it was. Now she was just speechless.

“ Umm,hello. I’ll get outta your way I was just leaving.”

“ Baby you ain’t in my way. Aint this your house? I’d say I’m in your way if anything.”

Mia couldn’t help but laugh.

“ You got that right.”

“ Stay out here and keep me company.  The smell of weed is getting on my nerves especially since I can’t smoke none.” he said pulling up another lounge chair next to her.

“ Oh so you’re a weed-head? It bothers you not to be able to smoke?” Mia asked rolling her eyes at him.

“ I mean I do smoke but it ain’t that serious to me. I’m just trying to keep my nose clean you know what I mean. I just got off  probation so I’m trying to stay away from anything negative. Keep all these good habits I have now.” he said laughing as he leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. It was almost six in the evening and the glaring Texas sun had finally cooled down, it felt bearable. Earlier it was so hot you could barely breathe.

“ So you were on  probation huh, what did you do?” Mia asked nervously.

Jeremiah could detect the nervousness in her voice and laughed.

“ Why you scared I might do something to you?”

Mia stood up quickly to go back in the house but he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back down in her seat.

“ Sit down girl. Aint nobody gon’ do shit to you. Me and my boy Darnell broke into a couple houses over on the northwest side. He was dumb enough to tell someone and you know how it goes…I did a year. Did my probation and now I’m done. That’s the past.

Mia slowly eased back down in her seat.

“ You can let go of my hand now.”

“ Yeah I guess I could.” he said slowly releasing her wrist.

Mia’s heart was thundering in her chest. She’d never felt this way around Marquise. Ever. She could barely breath. How old is he? If this is a grown man I’m really going back in the house!

“ You haven’t even told me your name? How old are you?” Mia asked.

“ Jeremiah Wilson. I’m 19,how old are you?”

“ 17. I’ll be 18 in three months. What are you doing hanging around these guys if you’re fresh off probation and trying to stay out of trouble? None of them in there have much going on for themselves…how could they? They’re over here a couple times a week hanging around Quinton.”

“ I’ve just been working a lot lately. Today is my first day off in I don’t know how long so I’m just over here with my brother.”

“ He’s creepy too…your brother I mean.”

“ Shit your step-daddy is creepy!” Jeremiah said thinking back to the conversation between Quinton and his brother Cedric.

“ Oh my God. Quinton is NOT my step-daddy! Please don’t even go there! Anyways, you are right though…he is creepy!” Mia said laughing.

“So what’s up with your mom? I guess she’s one of these cougars.”

“ Don’t even ask. I don’t know what she’s thinking. She doesn’t date much so I don’t know. It’s some kind of phase…” Mia said frowning. “…I wish it would hurry up and end though.”

Mia’s cell phone rang. When she looked down she could see it was Marquise. For some reason she wasn’t that interested in talking to him anymore.

“ Why you ignoring the call? Is that your boyfriend or something?”

“ How about your ass stop being nosy? I don’t have a boyfriend  and if I did I wouldn’t ignore him just to talk to you.” she said rolling her eyes at him.[_ He’s fine but he can really miss me with all that conceitedness. Shoot nigga you ain’t the first fly boy to try and holla at me!_]

“ So let me get your number so we can keep in touch. I mean since you ain’t gotta man.” Jeremiah asked smiling. I don’t know why she trying to play hard to get! She know damn well her ass want me.

They both pulled out their cell phones and quickly exchanged numbers. Just as they were finishing,Quinton,Cedric and Tony and Jarrod came out the door laughing.

“ Man holla at me later. Maybe your ol’ lady will let you out the house and we can hit the club later on.”Cedric said walking down the steps. “ Let’s roll Jeremiah. Bye Mia, ol pretty black thang.” he said looking her up and down.

Mia frowned.

“ Bye.”

“ Nigga let’s go. Let me drive since you’ve been drinking.”Jeremiah said pushing his brother towards the car. “ Imma call you later Mia.” he said flashing her a smile so bright it made her heart skip a beat .

Quinton saw the looks passed between them and didn’t like that shit at all. Had he known Mia was out on the porch with Jeremiah he would have put all their asses out sooner.

“ Man get your ass on in the car! ” Quinton yelled out.

Quinton walked back into the house locking the door behind him. He’d broken out into a nervous sweat just seeing her smiling at Jeremiah. It pissed him the fuck off. I go outta my way for this girl despite what’s going on with me and her mama and she can’t never smile at me? Be nice to me for a change? Shit I take money from her fuckin’ mama and give it to her and she saving the fuckin’ smiles and laughing for some nigga she just met today? Fuck that.

“ You know you really shouldn’t involve yourself with him. Jeremiah is trouble. That nigga is fresh out of jail. He’s definitely not the type of boy your mama would want to see you with.” Quinton said following her into the kitchen.

“ Excuse me? Who are you talking about ?”

“ Mia you messing with that many niggas around here you don’t know who the hell I’m talking about?” he said angrily. Maybe he was wrong about her? Hell the majority of these teenage girls was out here fuckin’ all out both legs of they panties anyway… maybe she was too? She’d seemed innocent though but shit who knows? I just came on the scene nine months ago. Aint no telling how many of these lil niggas done came up in this muthafucka while her mama been working the night-shift.

Mia stopped in the middle of putting her plate in the dishwasher and looked at Quinton like he was crazy.

“ Umm let’s get something straight okay. In case you didn’t already pick up on it… I don’t like you. I try to be cordial because for whatever the reason…,” she said looking him over thoroughly “…my mother seems to like you. But don’t for a minute think you have anything to do with me. What I do or don’t do is none of your business.”

“ Oh so you are out here fuckin’ these niggas huh?”

“It’s none of you business what I do Quinton! I think the only one you should be concerned about is my mom isn’t it? If you didn’t like them being in my MOM’S house why the hell did you invite them over here? They’re your friends. I just met them.” Mia said pushing past him to leave the kitchen.

Quinton grabbed her around the waist so she couldn’t leave.

MOVE QUINTON!” This nigga has officially lost his damn mind. Wait until I tell my mom about this!

“ What did I ever do to you? I’ve never done anything to you and you walk around me like you’re too good to speak to a nigga.” he yelled grabbing the back of her hair and turning her to face him. He was inches away from her mouth and all he wanted to do was kiss her lips. Fuck her mama. Her daughter is who I’ve always wanted. In nine months months this was as close as he’d ever gotten to her.

Quinton leaned down smelling her neck. This is just how I imagined she smelled. Brown sugar.

Mia was terrified. Shocked that he’d actually grabbed her.

“ Let go of me Quinton.”

He gently released her hair and moved away.

Mia began walking out of the kitchen and stopped and looked back. Quinton was standing in the same spot.

“ You wanna know why I don’t like you Quinton?”

Quinton stood there feeling ashamed of how he’d spoken to her. He hadn’t meant to grab her the way he did.  He’d never do anything to hurt Mia. At the same time he now knew without a doubt he had to have her. It didn’t matter who got hurt in the process. Even if it was her mother.

“Why Mia? I know for a fact I’ve never done anything to you. I try to do things for you all the time. I bend over backwards trying to do shit for you. ”

“ Quinton, I don’t like you because every since the day my mom brought you here nine months ago…you look at me the way you should be looking at my mom. Don’t even try to deny it. It was just a suspicion on my part before but I just felt the evidence. Why don’t you just leave now, because I’m telling my mom as soon as she gets home.”

Quinton couldn’t do a thing but look at her. She was absolutely right.

When he’d pulled her close to him his dick had immediately swollen at the nearness of her. Hell it felt like it was growing harder by the second now. Being that close to her and feeling her body against his had just lit a fire under him that wasn’t going to be put out until he had her and make no mistake about it…he was going to have Mia. It was meant to be.

  • * * *

8. My Man or My Daughter

Mia sat in her room unable to concentrate on anything but what had transpired between herself and Quinton earlier. I need to talk to my mama as soon as she gets home. I know my mom said not to go to Rayna’s house but it’s only seven. I’m going to Rayna’s until her parents tell me to go home. At least by then it’ll be almost time for my mom to be off work. She gets off at 11,so I’ll be back home by ten.

Mia grabbed her cell phone and quietly walked down the stairs and quickly out the door before Quinton could even attempt to ask her any questions.

Quinton heard a door slam.

“ Mia?” he called out. He looked down at the picture in his hand, Terri kept a picture of Mia on her night-stand,as of late he’d found a much better use for the picture. His left hand was holding the picture of Mia smiling sweetly in her senior pictures, his right hand was stroking his thick eight inch dick. Quinton glanced over at the door. It was locked,besides Mia never came in her mother’s bedroom. He continued jacking his dick all the while fantasizing about Mia climaxing with a loud yell. He laid back in the bed totally spent but there was one thing he had to do before Terri got off work.

Quinton grabbed his cell phone and sent Terri a text message :

Call me ASAP

Her ass could be in the middle of saving a damn life but I know she’s gonna drop whatever the hell she’s doing to see what I need! Quinton thought laughing.

Not two minutes later his cell phone rang.

“ Hey baby,how is your night going?” he asked his voice full of fake concern for her. He rarely ever asked how her day was. He didn’t give a damn as long as she kept pulling those double shifts and bringing home those fat checks.

“ So far so good. I can’t wait to get home to see you. What’s going on? You never call me at work.”

“ Look imma need you to talk to Mia when you get home. She’s gettin’ outta pocket around this muthafucka’. You know I don’t get in between y’all relationship but some things need to change.”

“ What are you talking about Quinton? Tell me exactly what happened. Mia did call me earlier saying you had a house full of friends over….again! I thought we already talked about that Quinton? You already know I don’t like a bunch of foolishness in my damn house.”

“ Yeah I had a few of my niggas over. So what? I ain’t tryin’ to hear that noise Terri. If you think imma sit up in this muthafucka’ day in day out with no one to talk to,just looking at the T.V. all fuckin’ day you better think again. I don’t need to stay here. I can be at a job shit,You got me fucked up!”

“ All I’m saying Quinton is keep the company to a minimum! Mia is there and when it’s late at night sometimes she says she can’t even study for all the noise or get any good sleep. That’s all I’m saying baby calm down.” Terri said. The last thing she wanted was for him to get mad and leave.

The last time he really got upset with her he’d left for two weeks. He’d gone back to his mothers house and she’d had to go over there begging him to come back. It didn’t help matters that Quinton’s mother couldn’t stand her. She’d overheard his mother telling Quinton one day “ That hoe is damn near as old as me! Why can’t she keep a man her own age?”

She’d been livid. Especially since she went out of her way to stay in good shape and keep up on the latest fashions. These young bitches ain’t got nothing over me!

“ Well what exactly is the problem now Quinton?”

“ The problem is your little fast ass daughter! You should see the way she be walking around this damn house when my boys are over here? Tight ass shirts and pants. Calling attention to herself and flossing her ass up around these niggas. I’m telling you Terri, you better get a handle on this hot in the ass girl you got over here. I think she may be fuckin’ already. Pretty soon her lil ass will be walking around here pregnant. Now you are older than me…but I ain’t trying to be dating no fuckin’ grandma!”

“ Quinton are you sure? That doesn’t sound like Mia at all. I know for a fact she doesn’t even like any of your friends. So why would she behave like that that. Besides I’m her mom, I buy her clothes…my child does not dress like a whore.”

Quinton paused. He hadn’t counted on her questioning him further on what he had to say.

“ I don’t know Terri, maybe it was different today because Cedric brought his younger brother over here who is closer to her age. Look I know it’s been a long time since you were in high-school but if you think back to way back then…can’t you remember being that age around boys. Look I’m just trying to help!”

“Well put her on the phone real fast.”

“ Shit call her cell! I was in the room trying to relax and heard the door slam. She left the house and didn’t even tell me she was leaving or anything.”

WHAT! Now I already told her ass not to leave the goddamn house. Look I can’t deal with this now. I’ll be home in a few hours to deal with this mess. I’m sure she just went over to Rayna’s house.”

“ Or over one of these lil niggas crib laid the fuck up!”

“ Bye Quinton!” Terri said hanging up. Shit. This is all I need. Mia is too close to graduating to start acting a fool now. I’m not having that shit at all. Beside the only woman that’s going to be laid up in my house fucking is me.

  • * * *

9. Who Can I Run To?

“ Now look you singing ass bitch you! You already know you can out sing anyone in my house. Turn that damn Wii game off. I’m telling you Mia,you sing better than anyone on the radio right now and you have the looks to go along with it. I say we do a video and get you on one of these shows!” Rayna said excitedly.

Mia rolled her eyes.

For years Rayna had been trying to convince her to try and get on one of those singing reality show. Mia wasn’t interested. Yes she loved singing and knew she had some natural talent, she wasn’t about to disappoint her mom who worked too hard providing for her to ditch all her college dreams. The law interested her so law school was where she envisioned herself. _I want to be the dopest female defense attorney out there. _

She had no intentions of trying to get on anyones American Idol, The Voice or X-Factor!  The closest she came to really sharing her music with the world was through the 50 or so YouTube videos she had posted on her channel doing mostly covers of songs she loved and some original material she’d written. She actually had a large following and all of her videos had lots of views and positive comments from the viewers.

Rayna sat with her lips poked out.

“ Well if you wont do that for me, will you at least tell me why you ran through the door looking all sad and about to cry? What happened?” Rayna asked walking over and sitting on her bed with Mia.

Mia wanted to tell Rayna what happened but maybe I should wait until after I tell my mom?

“ I just can’t stand Quinton. Why did my mom have to move him in? He’s sorry as hell, he don’t even work. I never see my mom anymore because she’s always working doubles. I know it’s to take care of him not us….because before he came along my mom worked her schedule and that was it. The only time she did extra was before we’d go on vacation in the summer.”

Rayna sat there quietly listening to her friend vent. It wasn’t the first time Mia had expressed her frustration with her mothers current living situation.

“ Well I can definitely understand where you’re coming from but what can you do? You know damn well black parents don’t play that. If you try and talk to her she ain’t gon’ do nothing but come at you with the whole “ I’m the parent,you’re the child” type thing.”

“ I know. I used to think we had a really good relationship. Now I’m not too sure. BUT something else did happen today.” Mia said grinning.

“ What is it girl! Did you talk to Marquise?”

“ Oh yeah, Marquise did write me today, here you can read it…,” Mia said reaching into her back pocket and grabbing the note, “…but that ain’t who I’m talking about! I met someone new today. Jeremiah. He’s 19 and oh my God! I thought Marquise was fine but he ain’t got nothing on Jeremiah!”

“WHAT!? Bitch you know you better fill me in quick fast and in a damn hurry!” Rayna squealed.

Mia spent the next half hour filling her in on both Marquise and Jeremiah.

“ Giiiirl! When you hot you hot I guess. What are you going to do?”

“ Well I mean I just met Jeremiah and he gave me his number but that doesn’t mean much. I’ll have to talk to him more. But before I say anything more to Marquise I need to see what’s up.”

“Go head on shot caller!”

They both fell out laughing.

“ On the real though Mia ol’ boy just got off  probation! That nigga is on some bad boy shit for real. You may not even want to go there with his ass. I mean is the nigga rockin’ an ankle bracelet or what? Are you sure he’s done?”

Mia couldn’t help but laugh.

“ Girl no. He had on some shorts. Besides I just told you he just got off. He ain’t on probation anymore. We’ll see what’s up with him though. You need to be lining up a date too! Prom is right around the corner and it’s our senior year. We’re both going with dates!” Mia said rolling her eyes at Rayna.

“ You should talk to Corey Williams on Monday,he’s cute.”

“ Corey is okay. He’s so goofy though.”

“Who cares? That boy looks good, you don’t wanna take no ugly dude and have him messing up your prom pictures!” Mia said laughing. “ Anyway,let me get home my mom will be off soon and I already know after me and Quinton getting into it today he done ran and called my mama. His sorry ass stay minding my business. Like he really don’t realize he’s damn near in my age group. I may not know who my daddy is,but I do know it ain’t his ass. Okay I’m gone. Imma go say bye to your parents real fast then I’m out.”

Rayna and Mia exchanged quick hugs and she left her friends bedroom,said good-bye to her parents and began the walk home.

Mia had just left Rayna’s yard when her cell phone rang.

“ Hello.”

“ What’s going on? I guess you was gon’ wait to call me huh?”

Mia started laughing.

“ What are you talking about? You just gave me the number a couple hours ago Jeremiah!”

“ I know. I wanted you to call me ass soon as we was pulling out the damn driveway.”

“ I probably would have if I hadn’t gotten distracted. How are you? What are you doing right now?”

“ Shit I’m wishing I could see you right now.”

“ Hmm you know what? As crazy as it sounds I wish I could see you too.”

“ Well let’s make it happen then. Imma take you out,the full treatment girl,dinner the movies whatever you want to do. Where you at by the way? You sound like you’re outside.”

“ I am outside. I’m walking back home I was over my best friend Rayna’s house. I had to get out. I can’t stand Quinton. I swear to God I hate his ass.” Mia said stopping to talk.

“ Damn girl it’s after ten. You don’t need to be out walking this late by yourself. How far away from your house are you? Do you want me to come get you?”

Mia couldn’t help but smile that he’d even offer. They didn’t even really know each other.

“ You don’t have to do that. Rayna just lives the next block over. I just had to get out of my house for awhile. Quinton and I got into it so I left. I know my mom is gonna be pissed I left since she told me to stay home. I had to leave though.”

Jeremiah’s mind immediately drifted to the conversation he heard between Quinton and his brother earlier today.

“ Jeremiah…honestly I don’t know when or if my mom is gonna let me see you. I mean granted I’m almost 18 but you’re 19, out of school,just off probation. What am I supposed to tell my mama about you? I mean really it ain’t sounding too good for you!” Mia said laughing.

“ I mean do you even have a job? Are you trying to get your education Jeremiah? Give me something to tell my mama.” Mia paused once more. She’d just turned the corner and could see her house.

“ Shit pretty soon you just gon’ say “ Mama I love him!” that’s all her ass gon’ need to know.” Jeremiah said confidently.

Mia burst out laughing.

“ I don’t know why you laughing. I’m dead ass serious.”

“ I’m not playing Jeremiah do you even have a job?”

“ Yes Mia, I do have a job. I mean I get my hands dirty. Imma blue collar dude but it’s legit. I’m working at my uncles shop as a mechanic. I’ve always been good fixing things putting them together and taking them apart. They also had this program when I was locked up where they taught us. I have a little certificate and everything.”

“ Okay that’s good. I don’t even want to take the time getting to know you if you plan on being in and out of jail.”

“ I understand. So when are you gonna let me see you again?”

“ Well let me see how much trouble I’m going to be in after tonight and I’ll let you know okay?”

“ Cool. Holla at me if you need me.”

“ I will. Bye.”

She took out her key and opened the door and headed straight for the kitchen. Quinton was laying on the couch watching a movie.

“ You know your mama said you weren’t supposed to leave the house.”

Mia continued walking to the kitchen to get something to drink and then go to bed.

[_Who the fuck this lil bitch think she is ignoring me all the goddamn time? I see this shit starts early. Bitches thinking they the shit and too good to open they mouth and speak to a nigga _]

Quinton raised up from the couch and followed Mia into the kitchen.

“ Little girl don’t you hear me talking to you? I said your mom didn’t want you leaving the house.”

Mia pulled a cup out of the dishwasher and opened the refrigerator. Mia quickly made up her mind to not even agitate Quinton by arguing with him. She wasn’t in the mood and her mom would home soon enough.

“ I heard you Quinton.” Mia said pouring herself a drink and turning to walk out of the kitchen.

“Don’t turn your back on me when I’m talking to you.”

“ Quinton I said I heard. Aren’t you happy? I heard you aren’t you happy,what more do you want me to say?”

“ You’re so disrespectful do you know that?”

“ Actually I’m not.” Mia had enough. “ For the life of me I don’t understand what my mom sees in you. You walk around here like you should be getting some kind of respect from me and you don’t even deserve it. All you do is use my mom and live off of her….,”

“ Mia your mom is the one who asked me NOT to work. You steady judging me for what you mom wants.” Quinton said trying to plead his case. He didn’t know what it was about Mia but her didn’t want her to think badly of him.

“ Well you know what? Even if my mom did ask you to do something like that, what kind of man would accept that? You’re damn near in the same age group as me and you think it’s okay to lay up and live off a woman? It’s pathetic. I’ll be glad when I graduate in a few months so I can get out of here. If you’re what my mom wants fine. At least I don’t have to watch her get used anymore.” Mia said walking up the stairs to her room and locking her bedroom door behind her.

Quinton stood at the bottom of the stairs, panic beginning to set in. He’d given plenty of thought to the fact Mia would be turning 18 soon but he was more concerned about whether  he should come on even stronger. When Mia turned 18 he had every intention of leaving Terri and letting Mia know he was in love with her. He’d had enough of being Terri’s kept man. It was cool the last few months but he was more than ready to move on from Terri….even if he had to move in with his  mama for a hot minute.

The thought of Mia actually not being there for him to see everyday? Another day passing and him not being able to reveal his true feelings for her were driving him crazy. Now here she is all up in Jeremiah’s face and ain’t no telling how many other niggas? No, I can’t have that. I can’t have that at all.

  • * * *

10. Never Trust a Bitch…Even if You Made Her!

Terri pulled into her driveway mad as hell! It wasn’t like work was ever that great anyway but walking around trying to avoid that little whore LaTonya all goddamn night had her temper at an all time high. She couldn’t wait to get in the house to confront Quinton. Terri barely turned her ignition off before jumping out of her car. Leaving her purse and everything in the car.

“ Quinton! Quinton! Come here!” Terri screamed walking quickly through the house. [_Where the fuck is this negro? His car is broken down and he doesn’t work so the only place he should be is home! _]

Quinton walked down the steps.

“ What the fuck are you doing all this goddamn yelling for? What I tell you about yelling my damn name like I’m your child?”

“ Well if you didn’t act like a child I wouldn’t have to treat you like one, Quinton I told you the last time you would not be shaming me up at my job. I just spent the last four hours during my shift trying to avoid your lil hoes you meet out here in these streets! I will not be humiliated like this!As much as I do for you I’m tired of this shit Quinton.” Terri said standing toe to toe with him,her 5’4 frame glaring up into his 6’2 lean, creamy peanut butter brown muscular body, his brown eyes blazing down at her.

Quinton looked down at her disgusted.

It wasn’t like Terri was a bad looking woman she was just plain. It was if he was seeing her for the first time and his eyes were wide the fuck open.

Terri looked for lack of a better word… old.

Damn near like his damn mama. Truth be told she was only six years younger than his mother. His own mother never let him forget it either. Whenever he stopped by her house she never hesitated to ask how the “child molester or his OLD lady” was doing.

“ So what are you gonna do about it Terri? You know what? Fuck it. I’ve been doing some thinking my damn self. You act like you’re providing everything in this relationship. You never think about the shit I’m giving up being with you?” Quinton asked pointing at her.

“ Nigga please! Any man would be grateful for all I give you! Have you been in this muthafucka smoking crack?”

“ Bitch please.”


“ Would you rather I call you Medusa? Hell that’s how you make me feel being with you….like you’re turning me to stone. Old ass. All you’ve really done is drain the fucking life out of me. Especially with all this fuckin’ arguing. I mean let’s be for real here. You can’t get enough of this young dick. Every time you suck my dick and swallow you’re drinking from the fountain of youth! What do I get out the deal? Terri you do realize your pussy don’t even get wet half the damn time? It ain’t me either because you the one always coming for me! I ain’t used to fuckin’ with women that always need some store bought lubricant n’ shit.”

Terri was shocked into silence her mouth snapping shut.

Tears sprang to her eyes. She couldn’t believe the words that had come from his mouth. Quinton had never been so blatantly cruel towards her. Yes lately she did find herself needing to use lubricants when they had sex but Quinton was thick! Didn’t he have any sympathy for the fact she worked all the time to take care of them? She was always tired…her body just needed to get properly charged and rested. He was making it seem like it had to do with her age!

“ Don’t even get me started on the fact I’m a 26 year old man. I hope you didn’t have it in your head that just because I’ve been laid up with your old behind all these months that I lay up with ol’ broads on the regular. I want a family. Is your body even making good eggs still? Or are all the eggs your body is dropping at this point down syndrome babies? I can’t have kids with no old woman. That would be an embarrassment to my future kids you showing up at the school looking like their grandma.” Quinton said his lips turned down looking at her like he smelled something bad.

“ A baby! You want a baby?”

“ Of course I do bitch! I’m too fine not to pass these genes on to a child. Shit I’m my mothers only son..she wants me to settle down with a nice young woman some day and make her some beautiful…healthy babies one day!”

Mia sat in her room ,she could hear the yelling coming from downstairs. Maybe I should go see if my mom is okay? She thought opening her door and walking towards the stairs.

“ Mom are you okay?”

Terri looked up at her daughter and was suddenly resentful. Mia was beautiful…young. The very last thing she wanted to look at after Quinton’s hurtful words towards her.

“ I’m fine Mia. Go back in your room please.”

Quinton looked up towards Mia as well but his thoughts were the very opposite of Terri’s.[_ I know she think she’s about to come down here and tell her mama some shit about me. As much as I want her I can’t trust her either. One day we’ll trust each other I know it. Not right now though._]

“ Mom I need to talk to you…”

“ Goddamn it Mia! Get back in your fuckin’ room!” Terri screamed.

Mia ran back up the stairs.

Quinton couldn’t trust Mia,but he didn’t want her mama yelling at her either. Shit Mia didn’t know it yet but she was his woman,and wasn’t no one gonna be talking to her crazy…even her damn mama.

“ You didn’t have to yell at her. Bad enough you got your only child out here raising her own self. How many jobs have you asked me to quit just so you could keep tabs on me Terri? You don’t have to work as hard as you do but you like that shit. You want to be in control of everything. Then play the poor Terri card. You can keep that mess. Then you got your child thinking I’m not shit.”

“ I’ve never said anything negative about you to Mia!”

“ You didn’t have too! The simple fact you have me sitting around here day after day is enough. Everyone thinks I’m here because I’m lazy. If they only knew the truth. Look I can’t do this anymore. I need to be around people more my age I think. I need a woman that can keep up with me physically….sexually. Hell your own daughter is more in my age group than you are.”

“What are you saying Quinton?” Terri starting to panic. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Her breath quickened.

“ I’m saying I do love you Terri but I don’t know if it’s enough. I’m torn between you and my youth. You don’t understand it because you’re older…you’ve lived your life. I’m torn between loving you and leaving out this house everyday to see what I’m missing. If I can’t have all my needs met in this house,Imma have to step out this door for what I need. This arguing with you all the goddamn time is just making my decision to leave easier to make.”

Terri dropped to her knees crying. Out of all the words that had come out of Quinton’s mouth the only words she could wrap her mind around was him leaving. He couldn’t leave her. She’d put her all into their relationship trying to make him happy. Terri couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down her face.

“ Please don’t go Quinton, I need you. I love you…you said you love me too! We can make this work we can…”

“ I don’t know Terri,too much shit around here has to change. Besides the age difference ain’t never gonna change between us. I want kids you’re older…now that I think about it,didn’t you tell me you tied your tubes ? Even if I did stay with you Terri..what about a baby? I need a son,a baby girl. That’s non-negotiable.” Quinton said grabbing her keys and walking out the door.

[ * * ]

11. Pill Popper

Quinton drove to his boy Jarrod’s house laughing his ass off! All he needed was a damn camera to snap a picture of Terri when he’d called her eggs old! He pulled into the apartment complex  and parked. Terri’s purse was laying on the floor of the car. Quinton reached down and picked it up. What’s up in here? Oh shit…ol girl did get paid today. She must have hit up the ATM machine at the hospital. Quinton counted out  600 dollars. [_Let me gon’ head and help myself to a little change! _]He quickly counted out 150 dollars and pushed her purse under the seat…after all,Jarrod lived over on the East Side. That side of town could be touch and go. He wouldn’t want anyone stealing from Terri after all.

The music was playing loudly as he knocked on the door, after a few moments Jarrod finally opened the door.

“ Damn nigga you took long enough.”

“ Call first nigga!” Jarrod said laughing as he walked into the living room. There were three young looking girls sitting on the couch laughing and talking. James introduced everyone. Lisa one of the young  girls quickly made her way to Quinton’s side.

“ You know you look good right. I’m so glad you showed up because it’s way too much pussy in the room for that one dick!” she said laughing and pointing at James.

“ Hush your goddamn mouth girl. Y’all go in the kitchen and fix us up a little something to eat.” Jarrod said.

Once the girls left Quinton couldn’t resist asking.

“ Nigga how old are these females you got up in here? Shit I’m bout to leave before the law bust up in this muthafucka!”

“ Aww nigga hush! You been laid up in that old twat so long you don’t even know when a bitch in your age range. I don’t do MILFS…I like my pussy young,moist and of child bearing age.”

Quinton couldn’t help but laugh. Hell it was damn near the same thing he’d said to Terri earlier.


Is that what his boys really thought about him being with Terri? He’d always thought the benefits of being with an older woman like Terri far outweighed her age. That is until the day he’d met her daughter.

“ Well nigga I’m out. Me an ol’ girl got into it so I had to get out the house for a minute but I ain’t trying to get in your way…”

Jarrod took another pull of his joint and handed it over to Quinton.

“ You ain’t interrupting shit over this way my nigga. You already heard her…we needed another dick anyway if you want in. Imma give these hoes some X, smoke this green and fuck. You can join us if you want to.”

Quinton considered it.

Goddamn it would be nice to slip his dick up in some nice,tight wet…young pussy. None of the females were bad looking. None of them looked like Mia either.

“ Man if you worried  about their age don’t be. They all 18. Shit I’m crazy and I do like my pussy young…I like that shit legal too. I know all these complex hoes.” Jarrod laughed his eyes narrowed into slits.

“Complex hoes?”

“ Yeah nigga….they all stay right here in the apartment complex! Nigga yo ass done turned square than a muthafucka messin’ with that old broad.”

“ Damn. You giving them X? I ain’t never did it before what does it do? Knock they ass out?”

“ Nah nigga. It just bring out the freak in they ass. Look the down side to fuckin’ with some of these young females is they ain’t used to just doing shit. They don’t know the game. Now these hoes over here today been fuckin’. Shit they may be 18 but I guarantee your ass they got a good three years worth of dick miles on their pussy. All of them in there done popped X before. That shit make a bitch wanna do anything…I mean anything.” Jarrod said laughing.

“ Oh yeah? Shit give me a couple.” Quinton said getting excited. Damn… Anything?

“ Give? Nigga if you got some money yo’ ass can BUY some! 15 a pop and I can only spare four till my man hook me up again. You bout to bring out the freak in your ol’ lady tonight huh?” Jarrod asked laughing.

“ I sure the fuck am.” Quinton said pulling out the money he’d taken  out of Terri’s purse and handing Jarrod 60 dollars.”

“ Holla at you later nigga.” Quinton said walking towards the door. He paused and went back.

“ Jarrod,whatchu got that will knock a bitch out?”

“ You need some sleeping pills or that shit that will leave a muthafucka not knowing what the fuck happened to their ass?” Jarrod asked ,the girls were making their way back into the living-room and Jarrod shooed them back into the kitchen…hell he was talking business now.

He’d never taken Quinton for the type a nigga to drug anyone but who was he to judge? Quinton had always been on some play boy type shit . As long as he got paid he didn’t give a fuck.

“ I want the shit that leave a bitch dazed and confused.” Quinton grinned.

“ Well you know I got it. It’s gonna cost you though and damn sure more than 60 dollars. This new shit I got I called “ Sleeping Beauty” imma tell you exactly how to use it too. That way the next day these hoes don’t even feel groggy and drugged. First get me my money.” Jarrod took a pull of his blunt and held out his hand.

“ I got you. I have more money in the car. Be right back.” Quinton said damn near running out of the door to the car….to get the money out of Terri’s purse.

[ * * * *]

12. Mirror,Mirror

Mia stood outside her mothers bedroom door unsure what to do. She didn’t know what her and Quinton had fought about but her mom had been crying every since he’d walked out. I can’t stand his ass but he makes her happy.

Mia turned the knob and walked inside to find her mother balled up on the bed sobbing.

“ Mom are you okay?” Mia asked walking to the bed and sitting down. “ Do you need me to get you anything?”

Terri suddenly stopped crying and just laid there not saying a word. Rolling onto her back and staring at the ceiling.

“ Are you hungry? Quinton ordered pizza…our favorite kind. I can heat you up some.” Mia asked softly.

“ You’ll never know the type of pain I’m feeling right now.”


“ You heard me Mia. You’ll never understand what it’s feels like to be the the one girl in the crowd to never get asked out, or to never have a man truly want you. My own daughter is the type of woman I’ve always wanted to be my entire life. You’re also the type of woman I’ve always hated.”

Mia sat there confused as hell. She’d never heard her mother talk like this before. Where was she going with all this?

“ Go sit at my vanity Mia I want to show you something.” Terri said.

Mia walked slowly over to her mother’s vanity table and sat down nervously. Terri reached over Mia’s shoulder and grabbed her hairbrush. She began slowly brushing through Mia’s long,thick ,jet black hair.

Mia began to relax. Maybe her and Quinton broke up and her mom just needed someone to talk to? Her mother didn’t have many friends. Though in Mia’s opinion the few ladies her mom used to hang out with,like Ms. Janice disappeared soon after her mom had met Quinton.

“ You’ve been beautiful since the day you were born. My entire pregnancy I was scared. Can you imagine what it’s like to walk around for your entire pregnancy scared to death?” Terri made a strange muffled laugh.

“ I understand mom. It must have been scary thinking about becoming a single mother. I’m sure you had a lot on your mind.” Mia said as gently as she could.

Terri laughed,never missing a brushstroke.

“ I wasn’t scared of being a single mother. I always knew I wasn’t a stupid woman Mia. I didn’t have my degree at the time but I always knew I’d make a way to take care of us financially. Despite what you may think about me now I’m not a weak woman. But a man can bring the strongest woman to her knees. You just remember me telling you that. It ain’t happened to you yet. It’s coming though.”

“ Mom I don’t….,”

“ No need to try and cover it up Mia I can see the disapproval all over your face every time you look at me. You know what I was afraid of  the entire time I carried you? I was afraid you’d be plain looking like me. Can you imagine? The entire pregnancy I worried about how you would look. I’ve never really spoken to you about your father. Leon your daddy was half Mexican. That’s where you get all this long,thick black hair from. You damn sure didn’t get it from my side of the family.”

Mia sat unsure of if she should say anything. Part of her wanted to bolt from the room her mother was acting so strange. On the other hand in almost 18 years her mother was finally revealing more facts surrounding the circumstances of her birth. Details about her father.

Terri rubbed her hands over Mia’s face.

“ Your face is flawless. Not a pore to be seen. It’ s not your age either. There are plenty of young bitches walking around looking a hot ass mess. You’re a true beauty Mia. Even with your mocha skin tone,no one is gonna care about you being dark because you’re fuckin’ beautiful. Half these hoes out here buying packs of hair trying to get what you have naturally. Your figure. Tall,curves in all the right places,big titties,tiny waist and flat stomach. You’re every woman’s nightmare. Here I am stuck raising you. You bitch!” Terri yelled pushing her forcefully in the head.

“ Mom! What are you saying to me?” Mia said jumping up and away from Terri.

“ I’m saying I’ve given up my entire life for you and you’ll be gone soon. Your going to float through your fuckin’ life…the life I gave you without a care in the world. You’re the type of woman that a man will take care of. Marry. You’ll be someone’s wife and even though you’re my daughter and I love you more than life itself, though I don’t always show it,I hate you too. I mean it Mia,you’re my daughter but I really,really hate you. Get out Mia. I need to be alone right now.” Terri said turning her back to her and walking into her bathroom.

Mia practically ran out of her mothers bedroom and didn’t stop until she was in her bedroom with the door locked. She glanced over  at her desk,walked over and pulled her chair from the desk positioning it under the door knob for extra security.

Mia heard her cell phone beep and jumped. I don’t know what the hell is going on around here. This is not the mother I know. I need to get out of here now. Everything in her mind was telling her she wasn’t safe but where could she go? They didn’t have any family she could reach out to. Her grandmother passed away two years ago. Her mother had a sister in Maryland but they barely spoke.

She’d already spent the most of the evening over at Rayna’s house. It was after midnight. No way could Rayna get her in our out of her house this late. Mia stopped for a minute to see who the message was from. It was Jeremiah.

I have to get out of here.

Mia pressed call on her cell phone,on the second ring Jeremiah picked up.

“ Jeremiah,can you come get me?” Mia whispered.

“ Now?” Jeremiah asked confused. He definitely wanted to get with her but he hadn’t expected her to try to get with him this quick. Especially after their conversation earlier.

“ I know your mom ain’t letting you out the house this late is she?”

“ Jeremiah can you come or not? It’s some crazy shit going on in my house I can’t explain right now. I just need to get out of here and think. If I had someone else to ask I would but I don’t. I’m going out regardless. So if you can’t just say so.” Mia said hotly. She was trying to keep her voice down so her mother didn’t come to the door asking any questions.

Mia looked out her window over the driveway and saw Quinton was still gone in her mothers car. The last thing she wanted to hear was their fighting when he returned.

“ Damn baby…I don’t know what’s going on but it sounds like you need somebody. Imma fall through and get you.” Jeremiah said hesitantly. He didn’t know what the hell was going on but something wasn’t right.

“ You remember where I stay right? I’ll meet you around the corner from my house okay. I’ll be there in thirty minutes. Please hurry Jeremiah…thank you.” she whispered hanging up the phone.

Mia looked down at herself. Her mind was going in a million directions but still wasn’t going to leave the house looking crazy. Quinton was gone so she took a quick look at the clock and removed the chair from the door. I’m going to take a quick shower, and throw on some jeans and a shirt. Mia grabbed her towel and walked out of her room down the hall to the bathroom.

As she walked into the hallway she could hear music blasting from her mothers room. The Ojay’s “We Cry Together” was playing loudly. Before Quinton came into their lives,there was a time when Mia would have run into her mothers room and enjoyed the music with her. Her mom would even request her favorite songs. She’d sing to her mother they’d talk about plans for the future…for the both of them. Those times seemed so far away it was hard to believe they’d ever happened.

Those days were over.

Her own mother had just confessed to hating her.

  • * * *

13. Sang It!

Jeremiah reached across the table to hold Mia’s hand. Mia hadn’t said a word every since he’d picked her up. He’d taken her to a nice little karaoke bar. One of the bouncer’s was his friend so they got in without any problems.

“ I know we just met Mia,but you know you can talk to me if you need to. You can tell me anything,I’ll be here for you…,”

“ My mom told me she hates me Jeremiah. That’s what she told me right out of her own mouth.”

“ I’m sure she was just upset. I know at times we think our parents are above the things we do but they are human. They get mad too.” Jeremiah said trying to ease her mind about the situation. Yeah it was a fucked up thing to say to your kid but hell he could clearly see Mia was well cared for. Hell he’d been in her home today. He and Cedric came up in a home with a single mother where they did without all the time. This clearly wasn’t the case with Mia.

“ Please don’t do that to me Jeremiah. I already know what you’re thinking. You don’t know what she said to me. What I been going through in that house with Quinton…,” Mia said finally breaking down in tears. She’d managed to hold them in every since the cruel words fell from her mothers mouth.

Jeremiah got up and went to the other side of the table and wrapped his arms around her. The bar was loud and people were singing…badly but for those few minutes wrapped in Jeremiah’s arms Mia felt like her world wasn’t crashing down around her.

“ Mia what does any of this have to do with Quinton?” he had to know. The exchange about Mia between Cedric and Quinton earlier that day had never left his mind. Yeah his brother was just being a rude ass nigga with his loose comments. But that nigga Quinton? If he was any type man he woulda checked Cedric off the rip instead of laughing along with him. Jeremiah’s also noticed the way he’d been looking at Mia. When that nigga came out the house and saw him laughing and talking with Mia…that nigga looked like he was ready to go off the deep end. It wasn’t on no protective father figure type shit either. That nigga looked jealous as fuck. He’d planned on asking Cedric about it but when they got in the car Cedric’s ass fell asleep high and drunk.

As they sat there Mia confided in him everything that had taken place in her life from her younger childhood and her mother refusing to tell her much more than her father’s name, her mother meeting and moving Quinton into their home within weeks of knowing him,down to the glances,looks and unnecessary touches. Mia broke into a fresh round of tears when Mia relayed the earlier conversation with her mother.

By the time she was done talking,Jeremiah wanted to cry for her. What kind of woman would turn her back on her own child over some dick? He knew it happened all day every day though.

“ Baby why don’t you hit the ladies room and wipe your face,hell both our asses in here under age but imma get us a damn drink.” Jeremiah said standing up.

“ I don’t drink Jeremiah!”

“ Don’t worry we’ll just have one. Imma get you a nice friutty,girly drink.”

“ Just one Jeremiah. Then I need to get home, I did sneak out and I have to sneak my ass back in!” Mia said laughing as she walked away to use the ladies room. My God! I look a damn mess.

Mia quickly grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and splashed water on her face. When she was leaving the house,all she’d done was take a quick shower. Mia pulled out her makeup bag and did the fastest makeover known to man. A little BB cream,a dab of blush and lip gloss and she felt a hundred percent better. I may as well enjoy myself because I need to make plans to get out of that house. Quinton isn’t the only one I have to watch out for apparently. Mia thought pulling her large pair of  silver hoop earring from her purse. Her hair was already in a smooth top knot,high on her head.

Jeremiah was at their table waiting with a Blue Hawaiian waiting for her. He saw her walking towards the table but she was delayed by a few nigga’s trying to stop her on the way trying to get her attention. Mia handled the unwanted attention with class and grace. Twice he saw her just smile and point over at him. Damn she got niggas wide open. Jeremiah’s chest swelled with pride. Nigga bring that shit down ten notches ! You gotta make her yours first, he told himself.

“ Okay I’m back. What is this you bought me? It looks yummy! Is this whipped cream on top?” Mia asked taking a sip.

“ You like it? It’s called a Blue Hawaiian. Take your time with it baby it does have alcohol in it. That shit will sneak up on you.”

They spent the next 20 minutes laughing and talking. Jeremiah was  making fun of the people who were getting up to sing. A few people sounded okay but the majority were horrible!

“ These people sound like hit dogs that need to be put down! What made them think they could even get up in front of people?” Jeremiah was placing his hands over his ears. Not giving a damn who saw him either!

“ Don’t be like that Jeremiah. Music is about expression. Just because a person can’t carry a tune in a bucket doesn’t mean they don’t love the lyrics, the melody all that.”

Jeremiah rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. You getting up there to sing? I like you girl but don’t make me have to sandman your pretty ass off the stage. I’ll boo you too if I have to.”

Mia paused a moment then stood up and walked over to the books to choose a song and put her name on the list to sing.

“ Oh shit! Look Mia you don’t have to prove yourself to me!” Jeremiah said laughing.

“ Don’t make me have to get up and move to another table out here embarrassing me.”

“ Jeremiah please hush! Let me see you get up in front of all these people. Whether they can sing or not…at least they have the guts to try. They don’t give a damn what other people think about them. I like that quality in people. That’s the type of guy I want one day.” Mia said smiling.

“ Is that so?”

“ Yep. It’s the reason I’m almost 18 and have never had a boyfriend. I mean I don’t want a crowd follower, someone always worried about what other people think about them. I want a guy that will stand up for me no matter what. Through good and bad you know? After all the crazy shit my mom said today, I feel that way even more. Do you think she’s losing it because my dad never married her? If so she should have gotten over that years ago.”

“ Mia King to the stage!” came over the loud speaker.

“ Oh Lord!” Jeremiah groaned.

“ Go to hell Jeremiah.” Mia laughed getting up and walking to the stage.

“ Only if you and your bad singing are going with me!” he said ducking back in his seat. Damn I didn’t bring her here for her to actually get up there trying to damn sing.

Mia took the stage and the men were already clapping. The familiar tune by Rose Royce began to play. Everyone in the club seemed familiar with the old R&B classic “ I’m Going Down”.

“ Time on my hands, since you went away boy…”

The crowd was mesmerized from the minute Mia opened her mouth and so was he. Mia could not only sing…she sang!

When the song ended people were standing up cheering,Jeremiah included.

“Encore! Encore!”

The crowd was shouting. Mia politely thanked everyone and left the stage. All she’d really wanted to do was shut Jeremiah up!

“Oh you really played me didn’t you? Your ass knew all the time you knew how to sing.” Jeremiah smiled. Mia really did sound good.

“ I’m okay.” Mia leaned back in her chair smiling. A few moments later a man walked over to their table.

“ Excuse me,I don’t mean to interrupt but I’m the manager here. You really blew us away. Have you ever considered singing professionally ? I mean I know this place isn’t much but we’d pay you to host the karaoke night,the DJ would do everything else you just introduce and sing in between. If someone needs a duet partner and doesn’t have one you stand in with them. Oh and I’m Don Jackson by the way.” he said extending his hand to both her and Jeremiah.

“ Well thank you for the offer Mr. Jackson. Can I think about it overnight and get back to you tomorrow?”

“ Please do Mia,we’d love to hear your beautiful voice around here on a regular basis.” he said getting up to leave.

“Oh my God! This may be just what I need Jeremiah. I mean everything in me is telling me I can’t stay much longer with my mom. This will at least make me a little money. Anyway,it’s almost three in the morning I’d better get my behind back in the house.” Mia really needed the time away from home. Her mind was clear on one thing. Her days in her mothers home were numbered. Everything was going to change. Even the plans she had for college. There was no way in hell she wanted to feel indebted to her mother for her life.

The things her mother said to her were unforgivable. Her mother couldn’t even say she’d spoken to her that way because she was drunk.

[ * * ]

14.Pity Sex

Quinton came into the house quietly. The last thing he was in the mood for was another argument with Terri. He just wanted to give her time to think about the things he’d said to her earlier. Terri was either going to jump on board with what he needed or he was ready to bounce. Either way he planned to have Mia in his life.

He needed to get Mia to trust him. That was the only way they’d be able to make any progress.

Quinton walked up the stairs quietly looking in the direction of Mia’s room. He wanted to stop by and make sure everything was okay with her. Terri had been out of line yelling at her earlier. Let me just leave it alone for now. Everyone in this muthafucka mad as hell right now.

Terri was laying in the bed with her eyes closed when Quinton walked through their bedroom door. He didn’t say a word but she could hear him removing his clothing and seconds later the sound of the running shower filled the room.

What the fuck is he jumping in the shower for? His black ass must be trying to wash the smell of another woman off! Terri threw the covers off and sat up in the bed. I don’t give a fuck about all this youth and baby shit Quinton is talking. I will not have my man out running these streets. Not after all the shit I do!

Terri stalked into the bathroom and yanked the shower curtain back. Some of her built up anger quickly dissolving as she took in Quinton’s beautiful body. He was truly a beautiful man. When he’d approached her that night at the club she couldn’t believe it. Terri wasn’t a woman who turned heads herself but she did have a weakness for fine men. In her eyes Quinton was on the same level as Mia’s father Leon. The difference this time was she intended to be in the drivers seat in this relationship. Though as of late Terri had to admit she didn’t feel like she was as in control of their relationship at all. How had she allowed a man 14 years her junior to completely control her heart and mind?

“Hey baby, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. I know you’re tired. I know you worked all day. I thought about things while I was out and I want to apologize to you. The last thing you need to hear  coming in from a hard night at work is arguing. There’s a time and place for everything and that definitely wasn’t it. I’m sorry. ”

Terri was caught off guard. Lately all Quinton had to say was negative. She hadn’t expected the gentleness of his voice.

“ So you didn’t mean all the evil things you said to me earlier?” Terri asked hopefully.

Quinton dipped his head under the steaming water.

“ Oh I meant every word of it. All I’m saying is that wasn’t the proper time to have the discussion. Since you’re up,do you wanna join me? It’s humid as hell outside. We may need to move somewhere cooler. Come on in.”

Terri quickly removed her thin cotton gown and stepped into the shower with him. It had been so long since he’d actually taken the initiative for them to be intimate. I know Quinton loves me too. We’re just going through a rough patch. I do need to be patient with him, he is younger than me I need to show him more patience and be understanding of the fact he is younger. There are going to be times he’s tempted and me nagging him isn’t going to make him feel any better,Terri thought rubbing the soapy washcloth over his muscular back.

Let me go head and give ol’ girl some dick tonight Quinton thought as Terri ran her hands over his back,down his ass and reached around to stroke his growing dick. She right here…I may as well shut her ass up for now and send her off to work tomorrow with a little pep in her step Quinton thought holding in his laughter. It wasn’t all bad though. Terri could suck a dick like a porn star. Terri dropped to her knees in the shower and took the length of her down her throat.

Quinton couldn’t help but wonder how Mia sucked dick?

[ * * ]

15. Heaven Sent

Jeremiah and Mia sat in this car parked around the corner from her house. Mia dreaded going back into that house but for now she had no other choice. It wasn’t like as if she had many options. Had her grandmother still been alive her home would have been the first place she went but Big Mama was gone.

“ You sure you gonna be okay getting back in the house?” Jeremiah asked nervously.

“ Yeah I’ll be fine. I don’t sneak out often but I wont lie,I have done it before. My bedroom door is locked, and the lights are off. I left my window open. I just need to climb on top of the garage and slip into the window.”

“All right cat burglar.” he said laughing at her.

“ Thank you for coming for me tonight. I didn’t know who to call. I had already been over my best-friends house most of the..,”

“ Mia you don’t have to explain shit to me. Anytime you need me,or anytime you just want me, call and I’ll come for you okay? No matter what.”

Jeremiah held his hand out to her and Mia gently intertwined her fingers with his.

“ Kiss me.” Mia said.

Jeremiah leaned over to her and before Mia could even begin to question her request,his lips were on hers. Mia was glad she was sitting because Jeremiah’s lips on hers made her feel like she was melting. His tongue probed her mouth thoroughly,he gently nipped and bit her lips before his lips left a blazing trail over her jawline down to her neck.

When they were done Mia was breathless.

“That was my first kiss.”

Jeremiah was shocked, I mean damn Mia was almost 18. he couldn’t believe none of the guys at her school had tried to get at her.

“ Wait let me me more specific. That was my first real kiss. The one I’m going to remember forever. I’ve already forgotten the other ones. They didn’t compare to you at all. On that note. Let me go.” Mia said opening the car door. Jeremiah quickly pulled her close for another kiss before he let her go.

“ Hit me up when you get up later. I’m working till 4:30 but call me,text me….do something because I need to see you again. Soon.”

Mia laughed.

“ I feel the same exact way Jeremiah. Let me go now or I’ll never want to leave you. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Mia quickly got out of the car and crossed the street,it was only a short walk to her street and within minutes she’d climbed her garage and slipped into her bedroom window. It seemed pretty quite,Mia changed into a t-shirt,shorts then decided to leave her bedroom to use the bathroom and wash her face.

Mia made it down the hallway and almost turned around she was so disgusted!

“Quinton! Oh yes baby! Fuck this pussy Daddy!!” was the sound she heard coming from her mothers bedroom.

Mia continued to the bathroom,handled her business and practically sprinted back to her bedroom. Sleep didn’t come easily though. I don’t even know if I feel safe here anymore. Granted this is the first time my mom has ever said anything like that to me before but at the same time it now called attention to all the times during her life her mother never said anything complimentary to her either. Mia thought about the countless dances and parties she’d dressed up for never to get a single ounce of approval. Even when Mia would blatantly ask her “ Mom how do I look?” the only response her mother would give her was “ You already know you look good.”

Last year when she’d been voted Prom Queen,the same reaction. As Mia laid in bed replaying her short life, every compliment or boost to her self-esteem had always come from her grandmother. Never from her mothers lips.

Mia’s phone vibrated. There was a text from Jeremiah.

“I miss you already. Make it your business 2 C me

later. Even if you gotta climb out that window!-J”

Mia couldn’t have stopped the grin from spreading across her face if she wanted to…and she didn’t. I suddenly have a lot on my plate right now but I know one thing…Marquise doesn’t stand a chance. I may as well let him know at school Monday.

[ * * ]

16. Man of the House

Quinton laid in the bed the next morning tired as fuck! All he’d planned on doing was slipping Terri a little dick to shut her ass up so he didn’t have to argue with her behind all goddamn night. Terri took it as her chance to try and out fuck every twenty year old she thought was laying in wait to take her damn spot.

If this damn bitch don’t get this tired pussy up off me she gon’ give her own self a damn heart attack! Fuckin’ with this damn young dick gon’ have her laid out fuckin’ with me. Shit it would be one thing if I wanted the pussy like that but I’m over it. Time for me to move the fuck on…to her daughter.

Terri came through the bedroom door carrying a tray of piping hot food.

“ Good morning baby! You had me so charged up from all that good dick last night, I just knew I had to get up and put in some work in the kitchen this morning.” Terri leaned down and placed the tray over his lap and grabbed his dick for a rub.

“ Yeah it sure was  something.” Quinton said stuffing his mouth with cheese grits and rolling his eyes at her back as she walked into the bathroom.

“ Well we really needed that time together last night Quinton don’t you think? It was just what we needed to get our relationship back on track. I’ve made a decision. I’m covering for Gloria tonight so when I go to work at three I wont be home until after seven in the morning but you know what? After that I’m done. No more doubles,I’m done. I need to dedicate more time to our relationship. Matter of fact on Monday when I go in I’m putting my paperwork in to switch to day shift.” Terri said excitement filling her voice. She’d planned it all out while preparing him breakfast.

Quinton did need to feel like a man in the relationship. It was her job as his woman to build him up in every way!

Quinton almost choked on his damn toast!

“ You thought of all that huh?”

“Yes! We’ll support each other. I’m going to support you in your job hunting.” Terri smiled.

Quinton groaned on the inside. Now I know I was talking shit last night but I didn’t say word one about getting a damn job this week! DAMN! Looks like imma have to step my plans all the way up. Quinton continued digging into his food to avoid having to talk to Terri. His mind was buzzing with all the things he needed to set in motion now that Terri had all these new “plans”.

Shit her ass ain’t planning a damn thing for me. I do the fuckin’ planning around this muthafucka little do she know!

Quinton got up from the bed and threw some sweats on.

“ Thanks for breakfast baby. You really put it down…in more ways than one.”he said winking at her.

“ You’re welcome honey.” Terri felt so good. Last night and those early morning hours were just what they’d needed. In a month Mia would be graduating and on her way to college. It would just be her and Quinton. I need to stop being so insecure in our relationship. After all Quinton chose me out of a club full of younger women. At the end of everyday he chooses to lay his head here…with me.

Terri leaned into the mirror…are those lines in my forehead? Oh hell no! I’m leaving for work early so I can hit up the mall before work. Maybe I can find a really good moisturizer.

“ Imma be busy today. It’s a lotta things that need to be done. I’ll get this yard done before the sun is out.” Quinton said grabbing the tray and heading towards the door before he stopped.

“ Did you leave a plate of food for Mia?”

“ No. I just made food for us. If Mia wanna eat she know how to get in the kitchen herself.”Terri said offhandedly. “ Mia needs to start being more independent. After all, in a few months she’ll be 18 on her way to college and it will be time for me to do me.”

Quinton sat the empty tray down and walked over to the bed.

“Terri come here I wanna talk to you. I ain’t trying to make you mad or no shit like that but I am curious. I’ve never pressed you before but I do wanna ask you a few things about Mia’s dad.”

Terri knew where this was headed every since the day she’d found out she was pregnant she’d avoided talk of Mia’s father. Only ever opening up to her mother…who didn’t help the situation.

“ What is it Quinton?” Terri asked cautiously.

“ Where is Mia’s dad?”

“ He’s around here somewhere. Last I knew.”

“ What do you mean he’s around here?”

“ I mean the nigga lives right here in San Antonio with his wife and family.”

“ So he just chose not to have anything to do with his child all her life?”

“ Not exactly. I never told him I was pregnant.”

Quinton just stared at her. He knew he could do some low down shit but damn. How you not gon’ tell a nigga he gotta baby on the way?

“ You know you dead ass wrong for that. You let your own daughter walk around thinking her dad wants nothing to do with her when he never knew about her at all? That’s fucked up.”

“ No it was fucked up when he didn’t leave his girlfriend for me! I was fuckin’ him first! Then he claimed he had to stop seeing me because he met the love of his life? By all rights he should have chosen me. I was in the picture first!” Terri said hotly,rolling her eyes.

“ Well did he love you? Did he ever lead you to believe he was wanting a permanent relationship with you?”

“ No. You know what it’s you and I love you so imma go ahead and tell you. It was so long ago who cares right? I got pregnant with Mia on purpose. I was young and I couldn’t see past the fact I wanted him. I thought if I tipped the cards in my favor with a baby he’d chose me. Before I could even tell him I was pregnant he cut me off completely. The things he said to me were so cruel Quinton.” Terri said tearing up.

This hoe crazy as fuck. Quinton thought looking at Terri.

“ Well I ain’t trying to take you all through it again.” he said getting up,picking up the tray and walking out of the room. I ain’t even trying to get pulled into Terri’s issues because when I get with her daughter her ass gonna have a hundred more!

Shit! I’m hungry. Mia looked at the clock,it was 1:45pm. Mia had been hiding in her bedroom all morning long trying to avoid her mother. Usually it was Quinton she didn’t want to lay eyes on. Today it was her own mother.

“ Open this goddamn door Mia! What have I told you about locking doors in MY house? Don’t no one lock doors around here but me!” Terri yelled on the other side of the door.

Mia rolled out her bed groaning. It just doesn’t get any better does it?

“ Morning mom. Are you on your way to work?”

“ Actually it’s afternoon and you need to get your lil ass up and do some chores around here. Start pulling your weight around here. Here I am walking out the door to head to the job,Quinton is outside getting ready to do the yard and here you are, damn near two in the afternoon laid in the bed. Now you need to contribute to this household as well.” Terri walked around Mia’s bedroom looking for something to complain about. Fortunately Mia had cleaned her room the day before.

“Well is there anything else you want me to do around here? I’m the one that does most of the cleaning around here already. I cook for myself almost every day unless you leave money for me to order something. I do our laundry…,”

“ Bitch are you getting smart with me? I saw Quinton putting his own clothes in the washer the other day so you’re NOT doing all the laundry are you? I’ve held my tongue on some things but you better realize little girl…Quinton is the man of this house!” Terri wanted to slap the hell out of the pretty bitch she’d popped out of her pussy.

Mia had been a beautiful baby from the womb but each year it just got worse. She’d been so hurt by the treatment of Mia’s father she’d often found Mia hard to look at. Leaving her screaming for what seemed like hours at a time. Lucky for Mia her mother had been near by during those days.

“Okay mom. I’ll clean up around here really good. When I’m done can I go to the movies with Rayna and a couple of friends from school?”

Terri stood quietly looking Mia over for a few minutes. Uh-uh. Graduation needs to hurry up and happen. Mia has got to get out of this house. Terri’s eye’s did a slow appraisal of her daughter’s body. This bitch needs to go! I can’t have her walking around Quinton.

“ Are you fucking Mia?”


“ I know damn well you ain’t deaf. Are you fucking? I can already tell that lil fast ass Rayna is opening her legs for these raggedy niggas around here.”

“ Mom I’m not doing anything with anyone.” Mia answered confidently. Maybe this would get her mom off her back.

“ I know you better not be and if you are crazy enough to let any of these losers between your legs… you damn sure better not bring anything home that requires food,clothing and shelter. I’m almost done raising you. It’s time for me to live my life.”

Mia knew without a doubt now was not the time to debate her mother in anyway. Not that she ever talked back but their pre-Quinton relationship had at least allowed for some discussion.

“ I swear Mom I’m not doing anything I just want to go to the mall and the movies after I’m all done with my chores.” Mia pleaded.

“ You can go….IF Quinton says you can. I want him to look over all your chores before you step out of this house today. I’ll leave you some money with Quinton if you get it all done. Didn’t you say you needed to get your prom dress?”

Mia couldn’t believe her mom had brought it up. Hell the way her mom had been acting lately,she hadn’t wanted to bring prom up at all.

“ Yes. Thanks mom.”

  • * * *

17. I Got to Have You

Fuck this shit! We’re hiring someone to come do the damn yard from now on,Quinton thought as he dried himself off from the shower . He was tired as hell all this manual labor is not the business. He planned to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling. After throwing on a t-shirt and shorts he made his way down the stairs but stopped on the landing when he heard Mia’s voice.

“ Start getting ready Rayna! I just got done with all my chores,I’m going to ask Quinton to look it all over then I’m going to start getting ready. I’m just so hungry I need to eat first…yeah I know I have to let Quinton look over everything or I wont be able to go. Some new shit my mom has cooked up. Trust me when I say I have a lot to tell you when I see you later.”

Quinton slowly crept back up the stairs and into the bedroom. I need to find a way to get this started tonight. I’m tired of waiting,Terri got her ass at work all night. If not now… when? Quinton grabbed the Sleeping Beauty pills and mentally ran over the instructions he’d been given by Jarrod the day before as he walked back downstairs.

“It smells good up in here,what are you making?” Quinton asked walking into the kitchen.

“ I made tacos. There’s more than enough if you want some. After I eat I’m going over to Rayna’s we’re going to the mall and the movies. Mom wants you to look over the house before I can go though.”

Quinton decided to play it cool today. He’d slipped way too many times before damn near letting her know how he really felt about her hoping she’d catch on. After yesterday he knew he was playing her too close.

“ Thanks for the offer. I’m just gonna make a sandwich and get on outta here for a while myself…oh and I don’t need to check behind you. You were doing your chores long before I came along. Your mom is tripping with that.” Quinton said never once looking at her as he spoke.

Mia looked up from stirring her meat. She was a little surprised,though she shouldn’t have been. Quinton was always nice to her. He was dead wrong for grabbing her last night but maybe she’d pushed him? She had to admit from day one her attitude towards Quinton hadn’t been the best. As she was doing her chores earlier she thought about everything that had taken place yesterday. Was Quinton really staying home because her mom wanted him too? I guess he is because after that display of crazy from her last night…I can’t really say I know my mom at all!

Mia glanced up at the kitchen clock. It was almost four. She hadn’t wanted to bother Jeremiah while he was at work but she wanted to send him a text to let him know she’d be able to leave the house tonight. Without sneaking out this time.

Mia looked around the kitchen for her phone. Dammit it’s in my room!Her meat was done,she turned off the heat and left the kitchen to get her phone.

Quinton watched her leave the kitchen and looked on the counter where there was a glass of what appeared to be apple juice. Quickly grabbing a spoon he quickly dropped two tablets in and watched as they quickly began to fizz and dissolve. SHIT! Let me pour a little more juice in here he thought grabbing the pitcher from the refrigerator and pouring a small amount into the glass quickly stirring it so there was no residue on the sides of the glass. He could hear Mia coming back down the stairs.

Quinton quickly threw the spoon in the sink and carried the pitcher of juice to the cabinet to act like he was pouring himself a glass.

Mia walked back into the kitchen and began to prepare her food. Wow this is strange. Quinton always tries to speak. Not today though. He must be mad at me too. Lord have mercy. I can’t have everyone in this house hating me. It’s not like I have anywhere else to go.

Quinton grabbed his lunch and began to walk out of the kitchen.

“Quinton can we talk?”

“ No.” Quinton said smiling.

“ Quinton please,I really do think we need to talk.” Mia said carrying her food to the table.

Quinton laughed inside. Now she wants to talk? I love her..but fuck her. I know she’s only speaking because her mom got in her ass. I ain’t making this easy on her.

“ Mia what can I do for you? You obviously want something from me. I already told you I’d let your mom know you did your chores. You made yourself more than clear last night you don’t ever want us to be friends,accused me of some foul shit and I’m done. I’ll leave you alone Mia. I’m not worried about us getting along or being cool anymore.”

Mia felt like shit. She knew she’d treated him badly from the day she’d met him. He gave her a bad vibe though! You’re supposed to listen to your intuition. That whole inner voice crap. Right?

“ Look Quinton I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted towards you. But can you at least see it from my point of view? My mom for whatever reason has barely dated my entire life. I don’t even think my dad ever lived with us. Then all of a sudden she hooks up with you,moves you in. My mom never even sat me down to have a conversation about it. Not to mention how much younger than my mom you are! You’re almost my age. Can’t you understand how I feel?” Mia asked taking a sip of her apple juice.

Quinton had to stop himself from smiling. Let me go head and ease up so she can finish that drink.

“Okay let’s talk.” he said walking towards the kitchen table. Shit let me gon’ head and sit down with her so she can eat…and drink!

Mia grabbed picked up a taco from her plate and took a bite.

“ Mia I’m not really even trying to go there about the past. What’s done is,is done. All I know is this I outside of last night, I ain’t never said or done a damn thing to you. From day one I’ve tried to be nice to you. Very nice to you. You don’t think I hear how your mom be talking to you sometimes ? I already know it’s not my place to tell you what to do or no shit like that. When I occasionally do say something to you it’s because I know your mom is tripping with you and I’m trying to help you out. I give you extra money that your mom ain’t even giving you and yet for the last nine months I’ve been the villain.”

“ Well hasn’t it been my mom’s money anyway?” Mia couldn’t hold her tongue on the one point she could make. Quinton had made a lot of valid points. She’d never looked at things from his point of view.

Quinton smiled and laughed.

“ Now see Mia that’s where you got shit fucked up. You wanna say I’m damn near your your age well imma talk to you like you grown then. After all you’ll be 18 soon anyway. Now I realize that’s your mom,but what goes on between your mom and I ain’t none of your fuckin’ business. You’re her daughter but I’m her man.”

Mia finished chewing and took another bite of her taco,washing it down with her apple juice.

“ What exactly does that mean? You feel like I don’t have a say in what goes on here…,”

“ Mia if you had a say I wouldn’t even be here now. Look all I’m trying to say is this. Stop making me the bad guy. At the end of the day,what goes on between your mom and I is our business. I ain’t never put my hands on your mom. Do we argue…hell yeah we do. Couples argue. As for the work issue, I wasn’t lying about what I said to you last night. I also don’t need you questioning my manhood period.”Quinton popped the last bite of his sandwich into his mouth and rose from the table.

Mia was a little lost as to how she should feel about Quinton now.

“Any way,I’m going to take a nap. That heat ain’t no joke. Maybe your mama wanna pay for a yard boy?”

Mia paused with her drink in her hand,rolling her eyes at him.

“DAMN! I’m joking! You really need to lighten up. Bye.” Quinton said walking out of the kitchen and looking at the clock. Hurry up and shut your ass up and eat and drink!

  • * * *

18.Sleeping Beauty

Mia stepped out of the shower and wrapped her towel around her body. She was exhausted! Damn this house must have really needed a deep cleaning. I can barely keep my eyes open Mia thought walking back into her bedroom. She’d gotten in touch with both Rayna and Jeremiah earlier setting up a time to meet.[_ I can’t do it. I’m way too tired. I need to lay down for a little while before I can even think about going out._]

Mia sent Jeremiah and Rayna both texts saying she’d meet up with them in a couple hours. Rayna was talking shit as usual,Jeremiah was cool. After all he’d just worked all day long. Mia sat on the bed trying to decide what to throw up on. Before she knew it,she was knocked out.

Quinton looked down the hall. Mia’s door was closed. Well let me see if she’s a damn sleepy beauty for real. Quinton walked to Mia’s bedroom door and knocked several times. No answer. I already know she got this damn door locked. Quinton reached into his pocket and pulled out his knife. He’d broken into Mia’s bedroom so many times he was in within seconds.

“Mia? Mia?” he called out stepping closer. Thank you Jesus! Mia was knocked the fuck out. Quinton picked up her wrist and let it drop. Nothing. Aww SHIT!  I’m hittin’ Jarrod up for a gang of these muthafucka’s.

Damn half the work is already done for me. Quinton leaned down and undid the towel that was wrapped around Mia’s body. Every part of her he’d dreamed about was now on full display. He rolled Mia completely on her back leaving the towel under her back.

Her skin was still moist from the shower.

My baby didn’t even have time to put her lotion on before she fell asleep. Quinton looked around her room and spotted a jar of Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion. He picked the bottle up and opened it to smell it.

“ Yeah this is the one you wear baby,I’d know your smell anywhere.”

Quinton poured some into his hands and rubbed. He gently applied the cream to both her arms then ran his hands over her breasts. His large hands kneaded her full breasts.

“Baby I knew you had some pretty titties. I knew it!” Mia’s nipples pebbled under Quinton’s touch. He stopped quickly. His eye’s going from her breasts to her eyes.

“Mia?” He called her name again. She was completely out,yet her body was responding to his touch.

Quinton’s dick felt like it was bursting out of his shorts. Calm down nigga,she obviously ain’t going no damn where. Let me just do my baby’s body right and finish with this lotion. Mia has beautiful skin all over. One day she’ll be asking me to do this for her.

By the time he Quinton was done moisturizing Mia’s entire body his desire for her in every way had increased in every way. I know I should feel bad about even doing this but it had to be done.

“ One day when you’re in love with me, you wont even care about me having done this. Not that I’ll ever tell you! This is love right here girl. When you love a woman the way I love you…you’ll do anything to make it happen.”

Quinton heard something fall to the floor and looked down. It was her cell phone.

He picked it up and began to scroll through her text messages.

“ Oh I see you’ve been a bad girl huh? Sneaking out to see that lil wack ass nigga you just met yesterday? Mia if you don’t know,your ass about to find out. I’m not allowing that shit at all. Now I know you’re a good girl so imma trust you didn’t let that nigga put his hands on you?” Quinton asked angrily. Mia laid there unresponsive to his questions.

“ I know I’m tripping girl. That’s what you do to me though . I can’t help it. Do you realize I’ve loved you from the minute I laid eyes on you? I’m not mad though. You’re young. I know sometimes you’ll mess up. We both will and we’ll forgive each other because that’s what people in love do.” Quinton said standing to take off his clothes until he was butt ass naked.

“I’m not gonna try to kiss you…that would just be weird since you can’t kiss me back. I will give you a lil peck on the lips though. Trust me when I say,I ain’t the type of nigga that just jumps on a female and goes straight for the pussy….I mean I do that to your mom sometimes but that’s totally different. I’m not in love with her.”

Quinton climbed into the bed laying his body over Mia’s. He bent down and placed a kiss on her lips,gently licking, sucking and savoring the taste of her lips.

His lips traveled down to her neck as he cupped her breast and placed his lips on Mia’s nipples. They taste of her skin was intoxicating.

“Baby I’m trying to hold on but I need to taste you. I can’t wait another minute.” Quinton raised to his knees,gently bending her legs up at the knees and letting them fall open and spread. Her lifeless legs opened the pathway to the most beautiful garden he’d ever laid eyes on. He felt liked he’d opened the gates of heaven and he wanted in…now.

“ Damn girl you killing me. When I was in high-school, the girls were rocking bushes on their pussies. You high-school girls doing the damn thang now I see!” Quinton couldn’t stop grinning as he ran his thick fingers up and down the slit of Mia’s pussy.

“Mia baby, I got to have this.” Quinton raised his fingers to his mouth rubbing her juices over his lips,and licking them. He dove head first into Mia’s pussy like a starving man. In his mind he was,he’d waited nine months to taste what he knew would be the sweetest pussy on earth. To him it was. Mia’s was the only female Quinton could honestly say he’d ever really wanted.

After feasting on her he rubbed his dick over her slick,swollen pussy lips until his dick glistened with her juices.

“ Baby you don’t know how bad I need to slid into you but imma wait. When we finally make love I want you to be be right there with me. Goddamn the wait is killing me though!” Quinton rubbed his dick around her tight opening,circling the head of his dick around her pussy until he finally exploded,releasing his hot seed all over her.

Quinton collapsed between her legs covered in sweat,breathing heavily.

“ You’re gonna have to love me Mia. I know when it’s all over things wont be perfect. It wont take long for you to forget I was ever even with your mom when you see how happy I’m going to make you.” Quinton kissed her once more. Then got up and went to the bathroom to wet a washcloth to clean Mia up. After he was done he wrapped the towel back around her body,propped a pillow under her head and looked down at her. Mia truly did look like sleeping beauty.

  • * * *

Present Day

19. Going Home

“ Baby are you sure about this? Can’t you wait and I can go with you. Too much shit has gone down for you to be traveling there all by yourself. I talked to Cedric the other day and that nigga Quinton still asking about where we are. Now ain’t the time for me to leave though. Can’t you hold off until next month?” Jeremiah asked. They were in the cab headed for the airport. Mia was catching a flight back to San Antonio to see her mother for the first time in three years.

“ I wish I could wait Jeremiah. Reginald is on my ass though. I at least need to have this conversation with my mom. Hopefully she’ll keep her mouth shut. Hell she was in the wrong anyway.” Mia looked out the window. Jeremiah was only concerned and rightfully so. He was the only one who knew what she’d been through. Her emotions were at an all time high today. I wonder if Rayna is still there? Mia thought her heart heavy. Her one regret when leaving was not reaching out to Rayna and letting her know where she was going but she couldn’t risk anyone finding out. Besides it was for her own safety. When she’d first left Quinton had threatened to harm every friend of hers he knew of. By the time she’d finally left, Quinton had proved more than once he’d try to get rid of anyone or any obstacle he thought was coming in between “ them”.

After they arrived at the airport and Mia had checked in Jeremiah walked her to the gate as far as he could.

“ I want you back here in three days Mia. If you’re not back within three days, imma be on a flight there you hear me?” Jeremiah turned her chin up to him.

“ I love you girl. Do what you need to do and come back home. No matter what happens don’t let shit they say fuck with your head. You’re in charge of your life now,not your mom not Quinton.” Jeremiah leaned down and kissed her softly.

Mia wrapped her hands around his back squeezing him tightly.

“ I love you too, I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Y’all call me tonight okay. Tell Mrs. Klein again how much I appreciate her okay? I gave her the hours you work,please be back on time okay? Mrs. Klein is such a blessing to us.”

“ That she is. Jacobi loves her.”

Mia could see the line growing longer.

“ Okay baby let me check in. I feel good about this. I’m not scared either. I’ll call you when I land.” Mia kissed Jeremiah once more and made her way to the security gates.

  • * * *

20.The Fans

Mia landed in San Antonio without incident. Her entire trip had been smooth too bad she hadn’t at least been able to take a nap. Though she had to admit it felt damn good to be in Texas. Damn  I never thought I’d ever say I missed this place but I did. Despite everything that had gone down it was home. Mia grabbed her luggage and made her why to the car rental booth. It was late afternoon and luckily the lines weren’t too bad.

“ Can I help you ma’am?” the young man behind the counter asked.

Mia removed the large sunglasses from her face and smiled.

“ Yes please. I just need a small car,nothing too fancy for a few days…,”

“ Oh my God!Aren’t you Mia the singer?! Oh my GOD! It is you!” the young man shrieked loudly. Several people in the area turned to see what was going on.

Lord I love a fan but I don’t need this now! Mia leaned forward to read the young mans name. He now appeared to be hyperventilating.

“ Daniel? You’re correct but ssshhh…I kinda need to get in and out of here but if you want to take some pictures or something before I go that would be cool.” Mia said sweetly smiling at him. Hey…she’d been told her smile could stop a man in his tracks,may as well try it now! Even though it was clearly evident by the looks of Daniel he had no interest in women at all. His eyes were damn near arched better than hers and his lip gloss ? Oh yeah. It was definitely poppin’.

YAAAASSSS!!! Girlfriend you already know I’m giving you an upgrade!”he said grinning from ear to ear. “ Ohh honey!You are giving me LIFE right now! I can barely get this done I’m so excited to see you in the flesh! What in the world are you doing here of all places?” Daniel asked his fingers clicking quickly over the keyboard completing her transaction.

Daniel leaned to the side to speak to someone behind her.

“ Excuse me sir… right now I’m checking out our last car. We wont have anymore rentals until six this evening. I’m sure Hertz can help you! Thank you!” Daniel said pointing his french manicured nails to the right of him.

“ Damn y’all busy up in here huh? I got the last car.”

“ Chile boo! We have a fleet of cars up in this muthafucka but as soon as we’re done I’m personally escorting you to get this car!! Aint nobody got time for that!” Daniel said laughing.

Mia burst out laughing.

“ Look Daniel don’t lose your job now!”

“ Please if I did it would be well worth it! I LOVE YOU!” Daniel looped arms with her as they walked to get the car.

“ No I do think I’m your number one fan so PLEASE let me do a quick interview for my vlog and Youtube channel! You would make my life if you said yes.”

The reason she was in Texas sucked but if her fan needed a quick impromptu to make his life. Goddamn it she was going to give it to him!

“ You got it Daniel. I don’t look too bad do I? You know I just got off a flight from New York.”

“ You look beautiful! Let’s go.”

For the next 15 minutes Daniel grilled her on what seemed like 50 questions. Mia was shocked at how much he was able to pack into such a short interview.

Her car arrived and they took several pictures before Mia jumped in the car and took off. It was as if she hadn’t been gone a day. Mia headed straight to Chachos her favorite Mexican food spot. Mia made a point not to take her shades off this time. Only because she was exhausted. By the time she checked into the Hilton,called home…her new home to her loved ones she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

  • * * *

21. The Entourage

“ Bitch hold on!” Tanya practically screamed  into the phone. “ Maria,Carrie?”

“ We’re here! What’s going on crazy?” Carried asked pissed. Hell it seemed like they’d just gotten off work and here Tanya was messing up her damn sleep!

“ What’s up is that you need to call in sick because tonight is going to be epic!” Tanya shrieked.

“ Hoe if you don’t hurry up and get off my phone with this,it’s gonna be epic how I hang up on your ass. I am NOT in the mood. I had to work with that bitch Terri last night and we got into it. But I got her ass too good. If I get written up or fired she can wrap it up. The dirt I got on her ass is what the fuck is epic!” Maria said .

“DAMN!” the other two ladies on the line said in unison.

“Okay well here is the scoop. Guess who is in San Antonio right now. RIGHT  NOW BITCHES!”

“ Who?” Carrie asked barely covering her yawn.

“ Mia! You guys the singer Mia is right here in San Antonio. Apparently she’s from here! Who the fuck knew? I thought her ass was from New York. I guess that’s just where she lives now.  It never occurred to me to ask otherwise. I was just on Daniel Avila’s Youtube channel. Carrie the rest of us are off tonight. So call in. We going star-gazing bitches. Now if she’s with family we’re stuck and no telling what side of town her people stay on but I think we should hit downtown! Mia could be at the Hilton or the Sheraton. You already know I have my laptop on and I’m hoping and praying she comes on her site. Aint a bit of shame in my game. Imma tell her we want meet her shit! Why not?”

The three ladies ended their phone call finalizing plans for their night out and Carried catching a sudden case of fever and diarrhea !

[ * * ]

22. Confrontations & Revelations 

It was 11am Saturday, Mia wasn’t sure if her mother even still worked nights but Mia planned on being on a plane tomorrow night headed back to her new life. If she isn’t home,I’ll just have to go up to Methodist hospital. Mia turned of the ignition and got out of the car. They don’t control you anymore! Mia coached herself all the way to to door. Mia rang the doorbell her heart beating wildly. Maybe no one is home? Mia rang the bell again and turned to leave when the door opened.

“ Didn’t we tell you we don’t want no damn… Mia? Oh my God Mia you’re home. Come on in.” Terri was shocked! It was as if the argument she’d had with Quinton about Mia last night while she was at work had resurrected the dead. Well at least she finally knew her only child was alive and well. Mia was a grown woman now and more beautiful than ever. As if it wasn’t bad enough having to live in this bitches shadow every night now she shows up three years later looking better than ever? Daughter or not. Get the fuck off my goddamn doorstep bitch! Terri held her true thoughts in and welcomed her inside.

Mia looked at her mother,the last three years had not been kind to her mother. Mia wasn’t surprised,the color evil never looked good on anyone. Mia leaned in closer and covered her mouth because she could feel her jaw dropping.

What in the hell has she done to herself?  Her mother had always had average sized c-cup breasts. Now here she stood rocking what looked to be a pair of double d titties! When her mother leaned inside the door to set the towel down she’d had in her hand her ass looked unusually large on her otherwise curve free body.

“ Hello, I’m in town and I need to speak with you. Is Quinton here? I can get this over with faster if I can speak to the both of you at once.” Mia asked calmly.

“ Oh you’d love if Quinton wasn’t here wouldn’t you? Well I got news for you bitch. HE IS! Right with me where he’s gonna stay too! Bitch I knew the day you slid outta my pussy you were going to be nothing but trouble and true to form just like your sorry ass pappy you are!” Terri yelled place her hands on her now oddly shaped hips.

Outside of today Mia had never said a disrespectful word to her mother. Even during all the pain,and humiliation she’d suffered at their hands. Emotional scars she honestly didn’t think she’d ever get over and this has nerve enough to stand in front of me like I want her man? Fuck this bitch!

“ You know you can get all the implants in the world…buy all the fake asses you want and by the way…please tell me you can get your money back for that bullshit because you look crazy as fuck. You can do a million things to yourself but the one thing that you can’t buy because it’s priceless is this. Terri you can’t ever be me. Ever.”

Mia hadn’t intended on entering her mothers home at all but given the fact it appeared Terri intended on trying to prevent her from speaking to Quinton. She could go the rest of her life without ever laying eyes on either one of them but her life and livelihood were on the line.

Mia pushed past her mother into the house.

“ Quinton! Quinton come down here I need to speak with you.”

“ You have a lot of nerve showing up here after the way you left.” Terri was so mad she was shaking.

“ The way I left? How did I leave Terri ? Tell me why I would run away from the only home I’ve ever known for no reason. You know exactly why the hell I left.” Mia yelled.

Quinton laid in the bed watching ESPN smoking a blunt. This some good shit right here.. I'm hearing Mia's damn voice! Fuck- three years later and my dick still gets hard at the thought of her. Quinton rubbed his hands over his crotch,his dick instantly growing but his heart was heavy.

Things between him and Mia hadn’t exactly gone as planned and he’d tried like hell to just forget her but it wasn’t happening. Three years later his thoughts and feelings towards her were as strong as the day he’d watched her walk out of the doors of her high-school. Mia had a spell cast over him that Quinton didn’t think would ever be broken. The sad thing about it was he didn’t want it to be…ever.

The door burst open. Quinton pulled his hand out of his pants so startled he dropped his blunt.

“ Nigga don’t you hear your name being called?” Mia yelled angrily Terri right on her heels.

“ Hoe you can’t just come up in my house!” Terri reached her hands out to grab Mia.

“ Lay one finger on me and I’ll kill you bitch. Do you hear me? I’ll slit your muthafuckin’ throat bitch.” Mia said looking her mother dead in her eyes. She meant every word of it too.

Quinton jumped off the bed his heart beating wildly,it felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest.

“ Get out Terri so we can talk.”

“ What..I’m not going anywhere!” Terrie sputtered.

“ Yes you are. Take your ass downstairs. You knew Mia was here and didn’t come get me?” Quinton’s hand was itching he wanted to slap the hell out of Terri.

Terri looked frantically back and forth between the two of them.


Terri’s shoulder jumped at the sound of his voice,tears smarted at the corner of her eyes as she walked through the door.

“ How have you been Mia? Where have you been? I looked everywhere for you.”

“ Look Quinton I didn’t come here for any type of family reunion. I came to lay some things to rest so I can move on with my life.”

“ Mia after all I’ve done to get next to you…for you just to notice me….,”

“ Quinton I noticed you the day my mother brought you home. I hated you then and I hate you even more now.” Mia said angrily.

“ You didn’t hate every minute Mia and even if you did your body damn sure didn’t hate it.” Quinton said his eyes taking in every inch of her. The past three years had been very good to Mia.

“ What can I do for you Mia? You’ve always made it very clear…expect on a few occasions, I couldn’t do anything for you. You ran away in the middle of the night with that no good ass nigga Jeremiah I can only presume and ain’t no one heard from you since. You haven’t even contacted your best-friend Rayna. Now here you are…needing something from me…your mom? What is it? I may or may not be able to help you.” Quinton said anger setting in.

Mia took a deep breath.

“ Quinton I basically only came back here because I needed to know if you and my mom will leave me alone. I mean totally leave me alone if you’re ever asked about me.”

“ Who’s going to ask about you? You mean job references?” Quinton was confused. In the three years Mia had been gone no one had ever called concerning her.

“ Kinda.” Mia walked over to the bed and picked up the remote for the television. Maybe there would be something on. After flipping around a few of the music channels she stopped.

“ You came over here to watch T.V. ? That nigga you ran off with can’t even get you no damn cable? I…,” Quinton looked towards the T.V. and stopped mid-sentence as he watched Mia stride across the screen,her voice filling the room.

“ Oh so you big time now huh? You don’t want anyone knowing about your family?” Quinton re-lit his blunt. His nerves were shot.

“ Here’s the deal Quinton. My management company is on me because I have an empty bio. They want to know why I don’t talk about my family,parents all that kind of thing. I shouldn’t even be having this discussion with you because you aren’t related to me anyway but for whatever your reasons…here you are still with my mother. I just need to know if you’ll keep my name out of your mouths. The both of you. Don’t ever contact me, talk to the media about. Just leave me alone. Forever. ” Mia asked her head was starting to hurt and being back in this house just brought back too many ugly memories.

“ So you need me?”

Mia’s eyes narrowed to slits. This man needed to be on medication.

“ Quinton you know I could always go to the police. You drugged me! You committed crimes against me,drugged me against my will. I don’t even know what all you did to me. You even got my mom involved. I never consented to any of it and you know it.”

“Prove it. You can run and tell the police I drugged you if you want to but you can’t prove I ever slept with you at all Mia. It’s my word against yours. Look why are we going there anyway? You know damn well I’m yours,always have been. From day one. All you need to do is say you want me and we can be together.” Quinton stepped closer to her.

Mia backed up placing her hand in her back pocket.

“ Don’t come any closer to me Quinton…and I can prove you raped me.” 

“ How? You’re going to need more than your imagination to send me to jail Mia.”

Mia laughed loudly shaking her head.

“ Quinton I look at proof you raped me every day when I look at your son and even though everything you put me through was the ugliest experience I’ve ever been through in my life I have no choice but to let it go so I can see the beauty in him. I have to let all the shit you did to me go so that I can be the best mother I can be to your son.”

Terri stood on the other side of the door and slid to the floor in shock. She was devastated. That was supposed to be my baby! Mine and Quinton’s and she took him! A baby boy! Terri burst into tears as she recalled the night she’d gone to Mia in the middle of the night. Terri managed to pull herself from the floor and ran downstairs to the kitchen.

Quinton’s knees buckled at the thought that he had a son with the only woman he’d ever really loved.

“ How could you do this to me Mia? Three years…you kept my seed from me for three years and now what? You gon’ show up three years later to tell me to stay away for good. From my only child? My son? He needs a father in his life. I love you Mia but you’re not keeping me from my son.” Quinton paced the room,his head was spinning.

“ Quinton my son has a father…,”

“ You just said I was his father…which is it Mia?”

“ You’re a technicality. That is what the fuck you are Quinton.” Mia gritted out. Fuck this I don’t care what Reginald and the label may think. I’m just going to talk to him and explain everything. At the end of the day I didn’t do anything wrong.

“I’m leaving I thought you’d have the decency after three years to walk away. You and your woman,my mother. I haven’t asked you for anything…,”

“Who does my son think his father is? Jeremiah? You think I’m lower than dirt,what about you Mia?”

“ Fuck you Quinton. I don’t owe you any explanations. I’m leaving.”

Mia walked towards the door and Quinton grabbed her pushing her roughly up against the wall.

“ I prayed for you to come back and now you’re here. I have a son. We have to make this work. We have a family.” he rubbed his hands along her arms. Mia smelled exactly as he remembered. Brown sugar.

“ Don’t touch me Quinton.”

“ I got to have you Mia. As soon as you stop fighting it we can be a family. Get rid of that nigga Jeremiah and we can be a family. Give me a chance,a real chance. I’ll get a job,I can provide for my son. Where are you living? If you’re all on T.V. now where are you? California? New York?”

Terri burst into the room wiping her eyes. Wielding the largest knife she could find.

“ You get your hands off of him!” Terri yelled running across the room and slapping Mia to the ground with her free hand. Mia fell, her purse flying out of her hands.

“Terri get your ass out of here!” Quinton yelled yanking the back of her shirt trying to pull her off of Mia. After all that was his son’s mother. He couldn’t have no anyone putting their hands on her!

“ Get your hands off me.” Terri screamed ,twisted and kicked until she’d come out of her shirt and was lunging towards Mia again.

Mia scrambled onto her back,reached into her back pocket and pulled out her knife as well.

“ You better be ready to use it bitch because this will be the last go round we have about my man!” Terri continued to rage on as she paced the room cutting the air with her knife. Quinton stood between the two women.

“ Mia put the knife away. I need to speak to you before you leave. This isn’t over. I want my son Mia. Terri you touch a hair on my baby mamas head,I’ll kill you myself.”

Mia picked up her purse and walked out of the room. Terri quick on her heels.

“ You little bitch. What you came back here to rub it in my face that just like I predicted you have everything you could ever ask for and now you want to rub having Quinton’s child in my face.”

Mia refused to acknowledge her with a response.

“ Don’t you ignore me bitch! You’re just like your goddamn father! You hear me! Don’t you ignore me!” Terri screamed shoving Mia in her back. Mia began to slip on the stairs and grabbed the banister so she wouldn’t slip.

Quinton followed behind them trying to get the knife from Terri.

“ Terri leave her the fuck alone.”

“ You would take her side. All you’ve ever done was use me Quinton, I’ve loved you,supported you. I’ve been anything a man could ask for and yet here she shows up and can still take you away?” Angry tears spilled down her face. The knife shaking in her hands.

“ Mia just leave we’ll talk later today. Where are you staying? I’ll come to you. Obviously we can’t have a serious talk right now.” Quinton called out.

“ No!No You are not meeting her anywhere!” Terri yelled as she grabbed the back of Mia’s shirt pushing her down the last few stairs until the were both on the ground and fists were flying.

Even after all her mother had put her through those last months in her home Mia had never imagined herself physically fighting her but what was this compared to the emotional scars her mother had inflicted on her? Mia rolled over onto of her mother and began banging her head on the ground repeatedly.

“ Don’t you ever put your hands on me bitch. You hate me well I hate you too! You deserve to be miserable because that’ s what you are. A miserable ass bitch and you know what? Even though I’ve never met my father I don’t blame him for never wanting to be with you.” Mia spat.

Terri kicked Mia off of her and quickly stood up to charge Mia with the knife.

“ Mia look out!” Quinton screamed.

Mia turned quickly with her knife poised to defend herself.

Quinton jumped between the two women.

“Mia” Quinton groaned as he dropped to the floor his eyes wide with pain.

“ Quinton! Oh my God !” Mia screamed.

“ You killed him! You killed my Quinton!” Terri screamed.

Mia looked over at her mother as Quinton lay between them on the floor bleeding.

“ I killed him? Bitch you may have killed him!” Mia screamed they were both holding bloody knives in their hands.

Mia looked down at Quinton as he grabbed her ankle.

“ Call an ambulance.”

  • * * *

23. Breaking News

In Breaking News today the The Snitch. Com has just learned that rising R & B songstress Mia has been taken into custody in San Antonio,TX along with her mother nurse Terri King on attempted murder charges of a young man,Quinton Jones who sources have revealed to us is Mia’s mother’s long time boyfriend. Talk about a love triangle. Stay tuned as we update on if this hit songstress will need to change her song to “ Ballad of a Bitch Behind Bars” .

My Voice

My voice

seemed only a whimper when I told him to stop,

begged him not to take my pride away

day after day after day…

*he could never hear me *

My whimpers became mumbles.

My voice humbled.

*Until finally … I went to she sworn to protect me, *

even though he made me swear to keep it

*I chose to expose his dirty little secret. *

The reality …

nothing like I expected it to be.

She didn’t side with me,

this crushed what ever remained of my dignity.

*She called me jealous of her in privacy *

called me a tramp for letting him inside of me.

My voice muted

moved, removed

extracted so their version of love was no longer distracted.

This is not how someone who loves you should have reacted.

*Pain in me, *

all that remains in me,

the memories still remain in me.

My voice

all I can muster

all I can conjure.

my life has been a cage

Stunting my growth

not my rage,

not those still pictures of him quietly stealing away my innocence.

I was only 17

still a child in mind

*but he… *

he didn’t stop until he was sure he found the woman in me.

He only planted rotten seeds in me

still growing

only numbing my soul,


I am the hate that hate produces

*when those sworn to protect you *

only come up with excuses.

*There will be now peace *

not without retribution,

*he told me *

she told me

*they all made be believe *

I could never

would never achieve.

My voice..

it has bought me center stage

front page

my heart

my soul

*will be *



*Writteninpain *

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