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Bagged and Dragged

Bagged and Dragged

Copyright © 2016 by Wolfen Saunderson

Hyena Press

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Emma “Bruiser” Vardaman


“Jesus, erm…Emma,” Sekhmet’s lovely girlfriend, Jeena McCree quipped as I let out a content but rather un she-wolf like belch as I pushed open the double doors of Monroe’s on the corner of 4th and Truman, and back to our ride in the lot. “I thought you were damn near gonna swallow up the whole establishment with the way you wolfed everything down.” “Well, hey, what else can I say?” I chuckled. “I was starving after all.” “She comes up with the exact same spiel every damn time.” Sekhmet laughed along with Jeena, shaking her head. “Hey, whataya say we go ahead and hit the sack now with Jenni and all the rest of the guys over at the clubhouse? I’m spent.” “On second thought,” I suggested. “JayJay’s been hella mute for a good long while ever since that little staycation of hers she decided to go on. Maybe we should go and see how business is booming over at her little crib.” “Eh, I’m pretty sure she’s busy jamming to the next O-EZ album or something. Let’s go ahead and cruise.” “I don’t know, Sekh.” I answered, a little uneasy as I took the wheel of her banana yellow Cobra. “Something definitely just feels a little bit off; like it’s not really sitting right with me, ya know?” “Probably just indigestion finally starting to catch up with you.” Jeena laughed. I sighed playfully, turning steadily onto Falls Church Road. “You know, you’re starting to sound a hell of a lot like Leslie.” We arrived rather shortly in front of Jessica’s old five story complex and began padding our way up the stairs to the fourth floor at room 419; where immediately my primal senses kicked into instant overdrive. A deadly and unearthly silence filled the atmosphere of the room from the outside, and the mountain lion’s vaguely familiar scent of Ocean Breeze shampoo; with only a hint of California style designer perfume was now just barely above the sense of a slight aroma in the still, midnight air of the room. About the only other ambiance in the area around us were the rhythmic beats of my own heart along with the hearts of Sekhmet and Jeena standing closely by my side, getting a good scoping out of the situation at hand for themselves as well before contemplating on a next move. Sekhmet gave one last set of knocks on the door, but unfortunately, as I sensed and predicted, there was still not at all any form of response. There was only one more card left present at that time for all of us to play. My instinct then screamed at me to try the door, and to my utter shock and surprise, it opened with only a slight twist of the knob. As scary and street smart JayJay had always more than constantly been about this particular neighborhood and other hotspots around the city, she had never once even thought about leaving her door unlocked for anyone. Weapons drawn, we each filled in one by one and slowly began to search every nook and cranny of the place for our dear friend, but with hearts heavier than a sinking stone, we turned up empty handed with absolutely nothing but a small slip of yellow scrap paper taped to the top corner of her refrigerator door.

Bagged and Dragged

  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-06-17 08:50:06
  • Words: 617
Bagged and Dragged Bagged and Dragged