Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4

Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4

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Issue 4

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Thank you for purchasing this issue of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming.



Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4

Hello, reader. Thank you for purchasing the latest issue of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming! Backlog and Bucket List Gaming focuses on two aspects: games you should play and news you may have missed. Prepare yourself for some of the biggest news headlines and best games out there.

In this issue, we are showcasing four great games in our Backlog and Bucket List segments. For the first time, they are all Bucket List games this month. And they are all Halloween Horror themed in honor of the month of October. We have zombies, blood and gore, and vampires covered in this issue from franchises that have been around for twenty to thirty years! Prepare to have spook-tacular fun with this issue’s games.

In our Topic section, I ask all of you to ponder your memories of the original PlayStation: how did it feel handling discs, hearing CD quality sound, and playing the breadth of games that would one day be Bucket List Gaming material for the first time?

And of course, we have plenty of headlines galore in our Top 20 Game Headline section: the Nintendo NX is finally unveiled Oh my!

Read all of the above and more in this issue of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming. See you next issue, friendly gamers!

The Game Archiver, Captain Walapie

Backlog and Bucket List Tip #4

Catalog Your Collection

Now that you have read Backlog and Bucket List Tip#3, it is time to catalog your Backlog and Bucket List gaming collection.

Getting through all of the games you would like to in your lifetime does not have to be hard, but small things tend to make it more difficult. Maybe you forgot where you placed a game or perhaps you do not remember what system you bought the game for. But I am here to ensure your collection is as organized as possible, making your Backlog and Bucket List clearing journey much easier with five main points:

1. Consolidate Your Collection

2. Make Your Collection Accessible

3. Keep a Journal of What You Own

4. Allow Space For Expansion

5. Out With The Bad

Utilizing these five tips will help you improve your Backlog and Bucket List efficiencies. And for the next five issues, I will be going over each one—starting with the act of putting all of your games in as few as places as possible.

Consolidate Your Collection

When I say consolidate your collection, I do not mean get rid of the bad games. That is tip number five, and we will cover that topic in another issue. What I suggest is for you to put all of the games you own in as few places as possible. By doing this, it will be much easier to find a game you are looking for.

Just think—you most likely know where your forks, spoons, and knives are. You do not need to worry about trying to find any of those three because they are all in one place. The same goes for games.

For digital games, keeping your games together simply requires you to create a folder on your PC. Name the folder whatever will remind you that it is the central place for you digital gaming collection. Whenever you get a new game or gaming program, put it in this folder so you will never be confused as where to find it.

For physical games, there are many different ways to keep your hardware and software together. I keep all of my games together by using sturdy plastic bins, separated into three categories: retro games, Nintendo games, and Non-Nintendo games. Because each bin holds a certain category of my gaming collection, I always know where to look. This is made easier because the bins are transparent—which I definitely recommend—so I can easily see the contents inside the storage unit.

Furthermore, the bins have snap-on, snap-off tops that are easy to remove and put back on so I can delve into them without friction. I personally love the medium-sized bins I purchased for my collection, but you can also use bookshelves, shelves, bins, and so forth—whatever works for you and fits your needs and space restrictions. If you require a larger bin or bigger shelf, you can always upgrade in the future or purchase whatever size you need now for expansion (which I will cover in tip number four—exciting!).

So now that you have all of your games together in a centralized place, it is much easier to find the next game on your Backlog and Bucket Lists to play. See you next issue for Backlog and Bucket List Gaming’s Tip #5 “Make Your Collection Accessible”.

Industry Headlines For October 2016

News You May Have Missed.

Too lazy, didn’t read? We got you! We worked hard breaking down the news into short serving sizes for easy consumption.

Enjoy exciting gaming news headlines!

1. All Links this month from Polygon.com unless noted otherwise.

2. Backlog and Bucket List Games is not affiliated with any website or company linked below unless noted otherwise. Information provided by third party links and information is subject to change. All links work at the time of publication and are subject to not working in the future.

3. Unless specified otherwise, all prices mentioned are U.S. dollars.

bq. Top 20 Game Headlines


The best of October’s News You May Have Missed.


Play Overwatch’s Halloween Event

From October 11th to November 1st, players can team up to play in a four-player cooperative mode. Over 100 spooky “cosmetic items” are also available



Use Your PS4 Controller On Steam

Valve is working on allowing PlayStation 4 controllers to work with its PC gaming platform, Steam



Relive Animal Crossing DS On WIi U

Animal Crossing: Wild World can now be downloaded from the Nintendo Wii U digital store



Friday the 13th Game Delayed

The game based off of the popular horror movie franchise has been delayed to early 2017 to add a single player mode among other additions



Pokken Tournament Gets New Character

The arcade version of the Pokemon fighting game is getting Scizor as a new playable character on October 20th, 2016



Final Fantasy 14 (Online) New Expansion Revealed

The new expansion, Stormblood, will be released in ”early summer 2017” and will include new job classes and a higher level cap (now level 70)



New Final Fantasy 14 Expansion Not Coming To Older Consoles

The Stormblood expansion will not be released for PlayStation 3



Must-Watch Satoru Iwata Tribute Video

The popular “Did You Know Gaming?” YouTube channel released a 20 minute video on the late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata



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Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4

In Issue #4 of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming, learn about . . . 4 must-play games you should add to your Backlog and Bucket Lists! Mortal Kombat 2, ZombiU, Castlevaina: Dawn of Sorrow, Mortal Kombat 1 The Top 20 gaming headlines you don’t want to miss: Nintendo Switch! The Topic–What are your PlayStation 1 memories? And more! Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is your primer of the biggest gaming news in the past month! It's overwhelmingly hard to keep up with all the latest gaming news, even for an avid gamer. So why miss the newest article, rumor, or game releases? Backlog and Bucket List Gaming has you covered! Each issue gives digestible details of some of the biggest gaming news of the past month! Too Long, Didn't Read? (TLDR) No worries! The biggest headlines, and longest articles, are summarized in a smaller package--while still providing exciting details--just for you, the time crunched reader! Hungry For More? For those clamoring for more information, article links are included alongside every bit of information provided to provide more information. Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is your source for must-play games to play in your lifetime! The center piece--and namesake of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming--is our recommended Bucket List games. Enjoy a handful of gaming title recommendations, from great classics to stand-out modern titles, every issue. Each title is detailed with pertinent information such as where you can purchase it and its release year while the persuasive write-ups are written by an avid gamer of over twenty years! We truly have passion and fond memories for the games we recommend. Need to Know What Games You Should Add to Your Gaming Bucket List? Want to Know what fun, but not essential, games to add to your backlog? Wonder no longer. Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is here!

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Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4 Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4