Awakening The Salesman:Wake Up Your Inner Salesman

Awakening The Salesman

awaken your inner salesman overnight


Grant How

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The only way to make money doing what you love is to sell. The only way to make money, in general, is to sell. If you are currently employed in the field of selling,great. If you think you are not a salesman, your wrong. You might be a musician, business owner, cashier, writer, artist or preacher but you are a salesman. Here is my definition of being a salesman: Someone who transfers emotion to another person in order to get something. Every day you are buying ideas, things, food, products and other people’s visions. Some are sold on the idea that they have to go to school to be successful. I was sold on the idea that I needed a car even though my bike was more practical and cheaper. Everything is selling. Transactions, negotiations, and transferring of ideas are selling. Religion and pharmaceuticals are some of the biggest salesmen. Selling is selling yourself, I don’t literally mean your body, but your personality, looks, and people skills. In romantic relationships, you are buying the belief that your significant other will improve your life. Do you want to make money selling things or ideas, get a job, keep a job and have better interactions? Well, It all starts with the people. No matter where you resign or the business you do now you are in the business of serving people. When you sell products or services the items themselves don’t speak to you and try to convince you that they are worth your money the people do, as well as convincing you that a specific company is worth returning to and buying from in the future. People are buying what you say and the product is just a souvenir. When you sell ideas, you are selling yourself. When a new product is released and all you have to go on is what the salesman tells you, you are buying into his vision that you will enjoy the product. The salesman influences the outcome of the sale because of what they can say and do for another person. Selling is not about the products, it’s about you. After designing, producing, shipping and stocking here lye’s the salesman, the final piece of the puzzle who have the ability to influence customers to make purchases. The success rate depends on determination and dedication. Selling is the fairest profession In my opinion because regardless of gender, race, religion and disabilities,all are accepted and even thrive. If you can effectively serve the people you can influence them to buy whatever it is you’re selling. Every business is selling a product or service and there is one simple thing that influences the end result, the salesman. I see lots of business’s who employ just awful salespeople the kind that I never return to. And that’s fine if you enjoy operating a mediocre company, but I want to see you be a part of something bigger. I will explain the skills I have developed that will increase your people skills, influence, self-confidence,and profit. You will awaken the salesman inside of you overnight.



To effectively sell to someone you have to figure out two things: Who they are and what they want. Imagine you are a hunter (someone who seeks out and kills animals) the first thing you do is identify what you are hunting in the field of selling, who. “The most amount of people possible” does not suffice. If you already have a general idea of who makes up the majority of your customers, then break them down into specific details. If you don’t, then identify your potential crowd (The people you want to sell to) Get specific and any minuet details do matter. Now what kind of people are these? 35 Year old men who work construction, 16-year-old girls who love makeup, the list goes on. The reason to know who is, because it’s easier to learn about them and what they want. (A child wants a toy, but an adult wants a beer) Now a hunter will decide what he is hunting then learn everything about that animal. Their calls, likes, dislike, living condition, best season to pursue, etc.. You will do the exact same for your customers. A simple idea about people is that they love to work for the “meal” but they don’t want to know they’re doing it. One of your jobs is to hide this fact. See I love to buy, but I don’t like to be sold to, when I buy a car from a salesman, it’s because I want to buy the car and I want him to sell it to me. If you can understand me by knowing what I want and give it to me, I will buy whatever it is every time. The information you know about someone is what you use to influence them to buy. Consumers buy from their hearts and Stockbrokers buy from their minds. We the people don’t buy because we NEED it’s because we WANT. Want is in the disguise of the feelings of necessity. Say you go shopping for food at the beginning of the month and you easily buy a month’s worth of food, then a few days later your at the store getting more, you don’t really need the extra you’re not going to starve to death without it but you feel like you need it. This is the secret: to make someone feel like they need you. The best way to learn about someone is to ask, hardly anyone will decline an offer to talk about themselves but this works for us because we will use this information to influence them in the future. It’s impossible to ask an animal “What’s the best place and time to hunt you?” but consumers will volunteer that information (how and what to sell them) and all you have to do is ask. (This includes social media and in person) If they don’t want to talk just be polite and next time you see them start up a conversation. I learn so much from eavesdropping and talking to customers, a great thing to do is get people talking and remember everything you learn and keep a record of this information. Here’s how it worked for me. I wanted to sell video games so I researched, visited and consumed everything I could on how a gamer acted and what they positively respond to. I really understood my market and who bought in that market so with that information I was able to influence them to buy from me over any big game shop the kids would come in and be so excited to talk and socialize with me, they liked me because I understood them. So identify and try to understand.

How To Think And Make Sales

You become what you think about. What do you spend your personal time thinking about? Did you know that the way you think actually affects the outcome of the sale above all skills and personality your thoughts sell yourself. This is why positive mental attitude is the only possible way to succeed in any undertaking. Being positive attracts good things, being negative attracts bad things, it’s simple.


Dreaming and fantasizing about what you want to happen is not a joke or a false idea it really does work! Ask any successful person and they will tell you they spent most of their time thinking about their future and it ending up happening, there is no coincidence there. However, just visualization alone does not work because it has to be mixed with an actual plan of action, something that you work diligently on and strive for every day. Fake it till you make it, think about what you want to become and act as if you are already that person. This took me a long time to actually start doing, but it increases your self-confidence and makes you really believe you are what you dream about. Before I go to bed, I think about who I want to become and what I want to achieve. I am a salesman. I am a *fill in the blank* I am whatever I want to be. I wake up in the morning, shower and I dress to impress; wearing a suit and watch. Get my hair done and present myself with all the traits that I want to possess. And I work my butt off. I tell people I'm a salesman and I will sell this many units today or I will accomplish this goal today. You become what you think about. I give myself daily goals that are just above my comfort zone. I write this goal down before bed and when I get up I keep it in my pocket and I think about it all day visualizing achieving that goal. Something surprising happens when you really believe that you will do something and have genuine faith that It will come true.. It really does. So write goals! And believe that you can achieve them! If only one thing resonates for you In this book, then make it be this statement. YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. Say to yourself everyday aloud what you want and what you intend to give in return. And believe, nothing works unless you really believe that it will. I believe that everyone should be allowed to get what they want, but this is only partially true. I believe that everyone who puts in the effort and believes in what they are doing should get what they want. Visualize what you want, see yourself having it and what you are giving in return. “You cannot get without giving” The more you think and obsess over something happening the more likely it will happen. Regardless of funds and support, it all starts with you. Make a choice to work for something and don't give up. This is why everyone will fail because they give up before they even begin.



20 Reasons Why You Failed To Sell

1. Lack of Well Defined Purpose-Not knowing why you are working and what you want.

2. Lack of Ambition-No strive to get ahead.

3. Lack of Education-Not knowing how to get what you want without violating the rights of others.

4. Ill health-Not eating right, not exercising and overindulging in activities.

5. Letting childhood influences bring you down.

6. Procrastination-Excuses and putting things off.

7. Lack of Persistence-Not constantly trying.

8. Negative Personality.

9. Lack of Controlled Sexual Urges.

10. Desire of “Something For Nothing”

11. Lack of Decision-Not making and following through with definite decisions.

12. Fear.

13. No Emotional Relationship.

14. Wrong Selection of Business Associates.

15. Superstition and Prejudice.

16. Wrong Selection of Job.

17. Lack of effort.

18. Lack of Enthusiasm.

19. Intolerance-Closed mind.

20. Intentional dishonesty.

21. Egotism and vanity.

22. Lack of thinking-Guessing instead of thinking.

23. Lack of capital-No money or credit to invest.

24. Lack of self discipline-No self control.


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About The Author

Grant How has spent his entire life operating in secrecy until now. “I was born a salesman, I started selling at age 8 and I have no intention to stop. I’m just too damn good at it!” His humble beginnings of selling electronics,food,clothing and video games to managing small business’s and consulting for start ups and established companies. Grant has consulted authors, content creators, small/big business’s and tons of individuals. He has always given advice but mostly through private contacts. “I specialize in people” Grant has owned a heaping of small companies ranging from landscaping to video games,clothing,electronics, art and repair shops. He has been actively involved in selling,managing,marketing and investing since he was 18 years old. After he invested in the stock market, He managed to pay his way through University to study Business and Psychology.

“My favorite books are American Psycho and The Bhagavad Gita

Awakening The Salesman:Wake Up Your Inner Salesman

Everything is selling and everyone is a salesman. Some of us just don't know it yet. I will awaken YOUR inner salesman and transform you into a person who can sell anything by simply understanding people. This book is for experienced sellers who want to learn what this "job" is really about. And for newcomers who want to learn it all. Use this book as a manual or reminder for successful selling. You will learn: How to improve sales at work and home How to get what you want How to make money and more of it How to make friends How to influence and persuade people How to be an effective leader How to do marketing How to increase profit How to sell ideas,products, or services And more Everyone has a salesman inside of them and some of us can awaken it with just one book. "Selling is simple once you realize your dealing with actual people who need real attention"

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Awakening The Salesman:Wake Up Your Inner Salesman Awakening The Salesman:Wake Up Your Inner Salesman