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Atop The Highest Tower: A Collection Of Poems

Atop The Highest Tower: A Collection Of Poems

By Saleh M. Radaideh

Published by Shakespir


#1: Our Lives Have Become Stagnation

#2: In My Grave I Will Be Free

#3: The Eyes Of Our Youth

#4: From A Pearl To Darkness

#5: Untold Greed

#6: The Gates Of Hell

#7: Where Did This Earth Go Wrong?

Dedicated to those who never give up hope, and who chase the light amidst the darkness

#1: Our Lives Have Become Stagnation

The lies of the world go on from left to right

Can you not hear the sound of that inner fright?

The inner scare of not knowing what is to happen to our youth

When they’re born into a world completely devoid of truth?

Can you not hear how the days are drawing to an end?

Where inside we’re dying and outside we smile and pretend

Playing the happy fool, while inside we forever cry

Knowing that for an eternity, we’re engulfed in a web of lies?

Can you not feel how the whispers of the devil sink heavily into our skin?

Making it all worse and worse, this horrible state we’re in?

So that when the lies are revealed in the afterlife so clear

There would be nothing to grip us but absolute fear?

Can you not feel the deep burn of a life bringing no fruit?

Where on the inside we’re children, and on the outside we’re brutes?

Stepping on one another to achieve our aims, and then achieve none

Are we really human beings striving under the rising sun?

Can you not hear the drums of war, signalling a doom to come?

So that to all of the Devil’s whims did we succumb?

So that when it all ends, we’d have nowhere to run?

And God would ask, my sons, what have you done?

The lies of the world are massive, bombarding us with separation

Turning our lives into segregation and massive stagnation

Removing from our lives the ability to connect

Where the power of love is forever in dissect

The lies are everywhere, and in many forms

And the good old story of he who goes out of the norm

How he gets killed, although he wished to have us saved

Oh God oh God, a saviour is what the world craves

The lies eat us alive, leaving us buried while still alive

Between the pangs of life and the lies, we’re barely able to survive

We jump right and left, trying to avoid the pitfall down below

Yet the pitfall goes much deeper than that, if only you know

The truth is concealed beneath entire deserts of sand

It being the only thing that’ll make our lives worth living and grand

Yet it remains buried with lies covering it in infinite layers

And to the punishment of the hereafter will we all be payers

We’re sick and tired, yet that phrase isn’t enough

To explain the situation of the world boundlessly rough

How our very souls and spirits go to pulverization

As we continue to feed with our work the corporations

The corporate media feeds us more lies than we could imagine

Making our minds swirl in more ways than we could fathom

Covering the truth, the truth being the only way to salvation

And then we still wonder why our lives have become stagnation

#2: In My Grave I Will Be Free

And if a man spilt his guts forth, trying to appeal to a world so lost

Shouting that he’d be willing to pay absolutely any cost

His words would fall for nothing, despite his many cries

As his tears drown him further into a world of lies

The fury in man builds every day, a kind of hell brought on Earth

Everyone praying for the planet’s full and beautiful rebirth

Although the rebirth ought to arise from the ashes of destruction

Can we not listen, to the whispers around us, those of concoction?

The lies are in the details, consuming every last breath of life

Where it has become normal to endure forms of endless strife

Where if a man shouted atop his lungs that this life is not what it seems

We’d still turn the other cheek when it comes to good, and give up our dreams

Can you not feel the lies, swirling in our fragile minds without us knowing?

And as we continue to try and do good works, and to heaven go on rowing

That while we do the good, the evil amongst us kicks us every time we get on track

Can you not feel how that when you look up to the light, you only see forms of black?

The lies come in many forms, and so we’re attacked from all angles

Bringing upon us a spiritual deprivation that we simply can’t handle

So that when the truth arises, which is something we’ll eventually find

We’ll say, “I can’t handle the truth, it’s too bright, I’m blind!”

Can you not feel the lack of breath, within our lungs seeping

Where the Devil from the left to right is forever creeping?

And as we jump from one foot to the next, in this reality

We understand that the whole time, we couldn’t see?

If revolution doesn’t come, then how is change supposed to?

Is it not true that the Judgment Day is a day we’re close to?

Is it not true that when truth is hidden, our eyes no longer see

Yet more than that, our lungs no longer are able to breathe?

And if a man shouted to the sky, about the lies consuming the planet

Will the lack of answer from the skies become a sort of habit?

So that not only the gods ignore us, but humans as well

Is it not true that in the underworld do we dwell?

And if a man sought out the truth, even though he reigned in hell

While around his heart there was no protection or shielding shell

Would he be disappointed, realizing that the truth had died aeons ago

And beneath in hell he’d say, “the suffering goes further, if only you know.”

What if a man beat himself up, just for the sake of feeling pain?

Knowing that no transcendence or guidance came from the rain

To end his miserable life, hiding behind fake tears in his weary eyes

Knowing that there was never an escape from this world of lies?

And what if a man dug his own grave, while people watched him with confusion

Would not the man say, “Where’s the ideal in living in a world of delusion?

Why hide myself in this world, where no one has the eyes to see?

Is it not true that in my own grave, I will be free?”

#3: The Eyes Of Our Youth

If a man says that the media is full of lies, would he be lying?

That when multitudes of men and women all over are dying

The media reveals topics which are completely irrelevant

It seems to the man that there is no equivalent

To the truth, which is hidden so that a newer day won’t dawn

There seems to be no answerer to lay our prayers upon

The world needs the truth, more than anything else

To the one true God above we all ask for help

The days are getting darker, with the light diminishing in power

And although a man cried to the heavens atop the highest tower

Pleading for the heavens to rain upon the Earth salvation

Why is it that all he sees is eternal damnation?

And if a man ran as fast as he can towards the horizon ahead

With all the demons in the world raging in his head

Just so that he can escape a life so dormant and asleep

He’d shout, “I never knew that suffering could be this deep!”

And if all the demons and angels combined their powers to stop this madness

It seems that there is an eternal component to the depth of human sadness

Hell has been brought upon the Earth, yet even worse

To each of us there is a kind of relentless curse

Time is running out, and with each tick of the clock hung on the wall

We are getting closer and closer to humanity’s entire fall

And although we all have the strength to arise from the dirt

It becomes and harder and harder to rise once you’re cursed

Yet the world itself is cursed, with the energies swaying about disease

Since when have we heard a man say, “Surely we can take life with ease”?

Is it not true that the spirit of man can be smashed going down to zero

While still holding the capability to arise and become a needed hero?

The depth of the skies is covered in pollution from the makings of mankind

And if we all look deeper into the breadth of life we will find

That man has ruined the Earth with the greed instinctual in us all

When is it really, the day when the Angel of Death’s Trumpet will be called?

The fury within man grows by the day by the lack of change

Where the educational systems have had our minds rearranged

Turning us into robots, but nay worse, even beasts

We could have educated our children how to love life at least!

The universe itself is calling for us all to wake up, and wake up fast

Silently whispering into our ears, “To build a brighter future, learn from your past!”

Yet while the universe whispers, we still all ignore it then it cries

Knowing it can never awaken a human living in a world of lies

All we want is the truth, even though just a portion of it

Because we never wanted to hate life, but rather to love it

Yet how can we love life, when the dignity and honour associated with truth

Is all downtrodden and undermined in front of the eyes of our youth?

#4: From A Pearl To Darkness

The galaxies themselves have given up on the Earth

Because as I said, upon it there is a dire and severe curse

Where the voices of those who wish to have the world changed

Are all locked behind closed doors crying, to the world estranged

Surely all the angels above are scouting around for men ready to make change

Searching throughout the Earth on such a massive range

Looking for a man, or a group of men, who are willing to give their lives

If it but means that on this Earth will we all survive

Yet the pain goes deeper, if we but listen closely

To the beatings in our heart beating so abruptly

Where heart disease will prevail across the world in transgression

All because of this rising epidemic of severe, major depression

The depression eats us alive, and although people like to keep their depression to themselves

We still secretly go to the self-help section at the book stores, scouring the book shelves

Looking for the answers to our growing and abundant depression

How can I still stand on two feet, after having faced such regression?

The world needs change more than anything else, yet I’m a fool

To think that change will occur in a world filled with tools

Cogs in the machine, yet even worse, they’ve take our souls!

What higher price must we pay, what higher toll?!

We spend our whole lives dreaming of heaven, the place we’re meant to be in

A place filled with the wonder of perfection, and away from Earth’s boundless sin

Yet we get disappointed every time, knowing that we have to die to get up there

So while alive we swallow our tongues, and deal with every day life’s perpetual scare

The depths of hell have been breached, bringing its misery right here

The entirety of the Earth is in a vagueness, far from clear

Suffering filling the planet, with people crying atop their lungs to the skies

Is this the price we have to pay, for living in a world of lies?

It seems that hope is drifting farther away along the breadth of the seas

Where there is a flickering of darkness, hovering about nature and the trees

Where the wisps of nature are pleading for us to hear their whispers

Yet the Devil still reigns on the Earth, while in our ears does he pester

Man can no longer persist, for persistence itself has a limit

As all around him there are the systems which do inhibit

His ability to see, reflect and truly understand reality

Is there an end to this ongoing insanity?

He tries to understand the world, one which is descending into chaos

While inside his body, there’s a burning sensation in its carcass

Bringing him hell on Earth, and while his eyes burn bright red

All along, throughout it all, he wished he were dead

He walks alone at night, and curses the skies with sick pride

Cursing every time that those around him have lied

Swearing at the times his dreams were crushed by the systems of the world

How can this world turn into darkness, after once having been a pearl?

#5: Untold Greed

Man looks into himself, and sees nothing but a worn heart

For he always knew what demons lay in the dark

The ones that are ready to eat him alive, the moment he steps out of the light

He knew all along, that while he was alive, there was no end to this fight

He goes atop a mountain, and begins to pray to God for the truth and enlightenment

After having lived an entire life of degradation and bombardment

He asks for a hint of peace, despite the turmoil within his being

“Oh God,” he asks, “will you give me the eyes to do the seeing?”

And then he looks down the mountain, wanting to jump all the way down

For what is the point of living a life full of disappointments and frowns

What is the point of living an entire life with a veil over his eyes?

How can he live a decent life once trapped in a world of lies?

Yet he gets down, knowing that it’s worth living another day

For maybe something will show up that will dissipate his sadness away

And so the perseverance of man grows until his heart beats faster and hotter

Until one day, with enough perseverance, he turns into a monster

Man wakes up in the morning with a mind diseased and lost

Where his soul and body consist of nothing but ice and frost

And then he curses at night, at the failure he has become

Where do all of these voices and whispers come from?

Man no longer sees the beauty in light, for the fury within expands

Looking everywhere for the needed truth, through all the deserts’ sands

Cursing everything in existence, for placing him in a position so damned

Where his very soul and spirit were effectively rammed

He scours through the Earth, with a belly full of disease

And when the pain hits him hard, he shouts out, “Please!”

He wishes to see the beauty in anything, yet in a world so corrupt

He realizes that his mind and heart are slowly going abrupt

Man has been separated from others, slowly disconnecting

With no light or shining guide directing

And as he sinks further down, with no apparent solution

He understands that he’s been living in a world of delusion

The pain of a thousand years descends upon mankind in bouts

Where people from all over shout, “Surely there’s no way out!”

How can we see when a covering is upon our weary eyes?

Is there no truth to shine through the damned skies?

The downward descending of mankind continues to this day

Where all the heroes we’ve ever seen have been slain

So that even though we’d want nothing more than to be saved

We all continually move on to our nearby graves

The fury grows, yet at an exponential level

Where in our minds there exist the seeds of the devil

And although light is something we all truly need

The world truly is engulfed in untold greed

#6: The Gates Of Hell

Drowning further into misery, man wonders what it would take

To get from this life some sort of break

So that when he shouts out to the gods above

He can look back here to a world of love

Yet if a man was dying, his insides spilling out

No one would come to his aid, there is no doubt

So that we could come to a phrase with which all could relate

That the world is filled with unbound hate

And this hate swirls in our minds, until unleashed

So that when all the demons of man are released

We realize that greed has taken everything that was good

So that is why we ought to chant across every neighbourhood

That a stand against evil is a necessity, although people would ignore

Ignore that chance to see what love has in store

Love, being able to connect that which is fragmented

Yet within our hearts there is something dissected

We feed off one another, and let others down so easily

We step on one another to get to our goals so readily

So that when God comes down to the Earth, he’d come in rage

And then he himself would have to set upon us a new age

Yet the pain goes deeper, will you not listen

That behind the ocean’s waves, as they glisten

There are the sounds of lost souls, hovering about

Can you not feel how there’s no way out

The pain grows, with love being shunned out at every chance

Unless every last human in the world takes a stance

Against evil, then everything will end up being lost

We must change the regions we are in at any cost

Yet even as these words are said, mockery will come left and right

Is this not the reason why we are all lost in blight

So that even when all the angels combine their power to bring in light

We’d all attend to our devils and run from the angels in flight?

Man walks down a staircase of doom, towards his own hell

Where in that place he can hear sufferers screaming from their cells

And while they scream, while standing on thorns and spikes

They’d say, “Surely, Earth and hell are really much alike!”

The pain and the confusion intensifies with each passing day

Man does not know where his dear heart does lay

When dreams are shattered, and his pride too

There’s still more to what man has been through

The tides of the sea move about to signal an upcoming demise

Where the ideas of happiness and liberty are removed from man’s eyes

From the restricting systems of the world, will we all die

We’ll die for sure, but we’re still not able to cry

Can you not feel how the disease arises from within

How most of the times, we’re not forgiven for our sins

So that when our spirits are crushed, our souls as well

We simply become greeted at the gates of hell?

#7: Where Did This Earth Go Wrong?

Is it not true that love has been denied?

Where good people around the world wished they’d died

Where in this world filled with untold lies

Our days become consumed by frustration and sighs?

Can you not feel how hell has been brought on Earth?

Is it true that we still haven’t broken our own curse?

So that when all the devils come raging at us, unprepared

There’s nothing to consume us but a damned scare?

Can you not feel how our days are numbered and limited?

And how the systems of the world have it all inhibited?

Our lives and purpose, all strayed down the depths of nowhere

How can one repair after having had a life so impaired?

Man is going down a path with no safe return

And surely we can’t hold our heads up high and firm

For this world of lies has destroyed our ability to feel

All of this pain and sorrow is just too far from real

Is it not true that man is reaching the end of his rope?

Where on the one hand he’s carrying on, and on the other he can barely cope?

So that when destruction comes upon the lands, with a doomed scare

The whole time man has been unprepared?

Can you not feel the sinking of the world down to zero?

How we are mourning every last one of our heroes?

And the pain just intensifies, so that pleasure is gone

Where did this Earth ever go wrong?


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Atop The Highest Tower: A Collection Of Poems

  • Author: Saleh Radaideh
  • Published: 2016-07-27 13:35:06
  • Words: 3507
Atop The Highest Tower: A Collection Of Poems Atop The Highest Tower: A Collection Of Poems