Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace



Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace

Mehmet Kurtkaya

The Way Forward in 6 Steps










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[][][][][][][][][][] INTRODUCTION

In 2005, I was convinced that American banks were “printing” excessive amounts of dollars and not just for sending them to Iraq. US was losing the war yet its economy looked wonderful on the outside, thanks to printed dollars/debt!

In June 2007, I was sure that the collapse of capitalism was imminent. In early 2008, with Bear Stearns bailout, my predictions were confirmed. I started taking notes in 2008. I kept on reading on the internet to learn more about finance and economics. I knew about the principles of Ataturkist economics, capitalism and socialism but wanted to dig deeper into the inner workings of Western (US/EU/Israel and their vassals’) finance schemes.

When an acquaintance who was considering moving to the US replied me in protest to my cheering for the crash of October 2008 with “I love America”, I told him jokingly “you will love socialist America much more”. I was teasing him but as a real Ataturkist, someone fighting for the people and not the bankers, I would have loved it if the American people had gone back to their roots along the lines of JFK and Thomas Jefferson after decades of looting by Wall Street banks.

I knew capitalism was responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths around the world including two World Wars yet the West/Western controlled territories were still run by this evil and archaic system.

The more I looked, the more I saw how deep the rabbit hole went. Not only the politicians, the government, the media but the judiciary and most academia were neck deep into an immensely corrupt private banker run system called capitalism.

I was certainly not alone to make this diagnosis. Post 2008 economic collapse, manifestos were in abundance. These manifestos not only opened some eyes but they also provided a great exercise in the quest for truth. Yet a good definition of capitalism and detailed description of its workings was unavailable.

That was due to 200 years of misinformation. People have imaginary ideas about capitalism due to extreme brainwashing by the Western education system and the Bankers’ media. Parenting also plays a major role into forcing people accept propaganda as reality.

Capitalism which is only 400 years old, has never been about private property, private business or entrepreneurship. One can find the above economic concepts some 5000 years ago in Sumer and throughout neolithic history. Capitalism has always been about Western finance and money.

On the political front people wanted change from W Bush’s war years, long before the financial collapse of October 2008. Upon watching Obama’s Iowa caucus speech in January 2008, I wrote an email to an American friend, a republican, that Obama spoke like Denzel Washington both in speech and posture and as such he was guaranteed to be the next president of the US!

About two months later in March 2008, I wrote, probably in Michael Moore’s website reader comments section, that Obama’s presidency will be a continuation of neocon Bush years and that nothing will change. And in January 2009, shortly after Obama’s election, I have written that Americans must start working towards electing a people’s president for the 2020 presidential elections.

I started writing the core of my Ataturkist Manifesto in early 2008. I had been telling anyone who would listen that capitalism was about to crash terminally since June 2007! Unfortunately, nobody listened as they were all Western educated/brainwashed, Western media-drugged people whose salary depended on their not understanding it. With the political and financial events unfolding before anyone giving an eye, I was sure and certain about the terminal fall of capitalism in March 2008.

Now in 2016, with negative interest rates and neverending bank bailouts, it is a mathematical certainty!




[][][][][][][][][][] 21st CENTURY WEST, A QUICK SUMMARY

Capitalism is as dead as Adam Smith, famed author of economy novels.

It is lying dead since its terminal crash in 2008. Yet Westerners don’t want to bury it. They hope that if they keep doing more of the same things that led to the crash, Wall Street and City of London money printing and waging Neocon/liberal wars, capitalism will somehow be resurrected. They want to believe it will be back to the boom years of fictitious wealth and fraudulent promises.

They know it won’t.

Unemployment, underemployment and poverty continues to rise while the real state of affairs is kept from the public by Western governments with direct handouts and sugar highs of money printing.

The economic boom of 2001-2008 created millions of new empty homes and millions of new homeless people at the same time! An immense waste of wealth which could have otherwise been available to the people instead of the debt they are burdened with.

More empty houses and more homeless people simultaneously! Noone seems to bother to ask the most basic question: Why?

The crash happened right after the massive economic boom while the West was losing and not winning the immensely costly war in Iraq. The bubble was pumped up to keep the masses placated during war. It was the adrenaline shot to Western people while their wealth was severed from them.

This artificial bubble was reflated after 2008 with 0% interest rate for the banks -much higher for the people- and with even more money printing which brought a huge overcapacity of production for consumer products. Yet most consumers do not have the money to buy them. Aptly called consumers and not citizens, many struggle to buy even the most basic items including health care coverage. A similar situation on a smaller scale had happened with the dotcom speculative boom during 1995-2001. Many tech companies were killed after speculative money drowned them while many honest, innovative small businesses were pushed aside -including my own! And on top of the visible speculative booms, there was another boom, away from public scrutiny: War Business boom picking up steam with the first Iraq war of 1991 right after the end of the Cold War and getting an immense boost after 9/11.

Money printing and wars have been the only post Cold War Western strategy, as proven by PNAC, Project for New American Century, in the late 1990s. This meant transferring savings and labor of the people living under the Western Empire to Middle Eastern, North African and Asian wars while simultaneously indebting people at home with all kinds of loans in artificial booms.

The so called successful periods of capitalist booms are similar to the looting frenzies of millenias prior that came along with coups, civil wars and foreign wars.

Part of the true economic costs of capitalism to society is the misallocation of resources evidenced again in the consecutive boom periods, 1995-2001 tech and 2001-2008 real estate and 2009-2015 stock market/bond bubbles.

Contrary to popular belief, the costs of economic busts to societies are much higher than the earnings of those who start, pump and benefit from the speculative boom. Technically speaking it is not even a zero sum game, it is a negative sum game for the society.

In order for the bankers to earn one dollar, the society has to lose many times more. This economic decadence is dampened in part by technological advances which is an ongoing, uninterrupted process since millenias regardless of the economic system!

Mathematically guaranteed and a priori known failure of the pyramid/ponzi economic scheme is not a concern for those who benefit from it. In order to earn a few percentage point profit, the banks give an economic damage to society equal to the full value of the misallocation of capital in empty houses, wasted labor, wasted natural resources, destroyed environment in addition to the preplanned wars and debt.

The top of the socioeconomic pyramid takes its cut and passes the patsy (mortgage backed securities, stocks, bonds etc.) unto the next level , the 0.1% of the society which takes its own cut and then passes unto the lower level and this finance scheme continues until it blows up at the hands of the people at large shortly after they themselves take crumbles off of the pyramid scheme. It is not even a trickle down and anyone who looks closely will see that the people hoard debt at much bigger rates than these crumbles fall upon them.

[The damage will be born by the people living under Western control who use Western monies (dollars, euros, yen etc.), those who trade with the West and finally by the Westerners living at the core of the Empire.
Those who do not take part in the speculative looting frenzy and those who refuse to take part in the capitalist scheme whose failure is a mathematical certainty, lose!]

Yes, they lose even when they refuse to take part in the crime.

And there is a simple reason for it. The monies which are digitized out of thin air and given as credit to people by private banks to fuel the speculative booms and eventually printed by the Central banks these same private banks control, are the same monies people use in their daily lives, as in their wages, savings, assets, and retirement funds. In short the bankers manipulate people to eat their current assets and their own future. Capitalism is a pig that eats its own testicles.

So when central banks start printing money to bail out Wall Street and City of London banks and their corporate cronies, all the people who use dollars, euros, pounds, yen and other Western currencies, will pay in price increases for their every day expenses in food, rent, healthcare, erosion of their savings, shelving of their retirement plans and loss of earnings.

And that’s not all people will pay. In addition to paying for the damage to the society by the speculative booms plus the fees and bonuses of the banks and corporations, a pyramid scheme used by the financiers since at least two thousand years, the people who live under Western controlled governments will also pay taxes to the Western governments these financiers control.

And no, even that’s not all! The people are subject to even more extreme measures, as the template used in the EU run South Cyprus showed, with partial deposit confiscations known as bail-ins and the negative interest rates that EU bonds and banks “charge”.

[So all these speculative booms are financed by the people who do not have any interest in Middle Eastern wars or financial speculations.
Good capitalism-bad capitalism routine of the complicit and corrupt Western media involves distractions and misnomers such as casino capitalism or jungle capitalism. In reality it is neither. It is not a casino where people can opt out and it is not a jungle where everyone has the same chance as the next person. It is a closed cage. It is a plantation heavily guarded by armed men, under constant surveillance while non stop propaganda blasts out of TVs.]

And for those who run capitalism, it is guaranteed earnings as long as the system runs.

This structure applies to all other bubbles of capitalism: MIC bubble, consumer loan bubbles, auto and student debts, stock market bubble, healthcare and every other aspects of life under capitalist econopolitical system.

[And during the booms numerous laws are broken, constitutions are shredded as goddamn pieces of paper and the whole crime will be propagandized with the euphemism “moral hazard”, in an era when everyone knows that injustice is what breaks down societies.
The pyramid scheme of capitalism is innate and there are two reasons for it.]

The first one is financialization of everything we use in life, hence the invasiveness of banking to every aspect of the economy advancing uninterrupted in the West since the 1600s in Europe. This financialization increased exponentially with the management of the surplus (overcapacity) generated by the Industrial Revolution, imperialist wars and labor exploitation.

[* The second reason is even more basic. If not for the bubbles (and wars) whose frequency has increased so much as to become one continuous big bubble especially during the last 100 years since the founding of the FED, the capitalist system would crumble under the weight of the compound interests accumulated throughout decades and even centuries of debt -such as The south sea Bubble ] payments paid off over centuries *by the Bank of England.

In capitalism, interest and money creation are nothing but resource allocation/accounting tools used by the bankers to manage society until the mathematically guaranteed bust of the pyramid. One of the many real life proofs of capitalism being a pyramid scheme was the real estate program American banks used to value their real estate portfolio: These programs did not have any room for the possibility of real estate prices going down!

There are many mechanisms of society management using money in capitalism but interest is the main mechanism with which wealth is siphoned off from the lower levels of the pyramid, just like the pyramid symbol on the dollar bill. Booms delay the ultimate failure of capitalism until the next war.

And when the whole scheme fails as it is destined to, the people are forced to bail the banks or face war or civil wars: in 2008, Goldman Sachs alumni US Treasury Secretary Paulson threatened tanks on the American streets in a speech to US congress and banker George Soros blackmailed public by saying that the end of capitalism would be worse than the collapse of the Soviet Union. Bailouts are not the exception but the rule as proven by hundred(s) of years of western central banking and they are the main reason for the existence of the central banks!

[Capitalism is born out of wars/class wars and needs wars/class wars to keep going.
“Peace at home, peace in the World” of Ataturk means the end of capitalism.]


[][][][][][][][][][] WHAT IS CAPITALISM (BANKERISM)?

What do you need to live? Money.

Who manages money? Private banks and their puppet central banks.

Who manages your life?

In capitalism, private bankers and the central banks they control determine all interest rates including credit card and mortgage rates that people pay, the number and the amount of loans hence employment, the distribution of loans hence winning sectors and corporations, economic bubbles (1990s tech, 2000s subprime mortgage, 2010s stock/bond), oil prices, real estate prices, rents, agricultural product and grocery prices, salaries, pensions, currency exchange rates and much more.

In short, private banks (Wall Street/London and affiliates) either determine or largely influence all prices, salaries and profits in Western economies, simply put, they manage Western economies.

Unfortunately, people are not aware of this most basic fact except for the interest rates on their credit cards, mortgages and loans which they know are determined by the banks. They do not know why they pay 20 percent instead of 10,5,30 or 0. They do not know how these rates are fixed by the private bankers and accept these rates as a fact of life determined in a so-called “free market” they know nothing about.

Only in times of crisis such as Savings & Loans, internet, subprime mortgages that they become aware of the role private banks play in the economy. Yet they still are unaware that food prices, car prices, oil prices etc. are also influenced and at times fully controlled/manipulated by the same major private banks. Employment figures too are largely influenced by central banks these private banks control and this fact is even publicly stated in bankers’ media.

Private banks manipulate all these economic numbers for their own interests!

There are countless proven cases of price fixing and rate rigging including interest rates, interest market rigging (Citibank), gold price rigging (9 other banks involved) and silver, oil price rigging exposed just months after Liborgate, Deutsche, Barclays Foreign Exchange Algos Rigging, insider trading cases where banks have paid tens of billions of dollars of fines since 2008 yet “somehow” avoided criminal prosecution thanks to Western Justice.

It is not only the prices/markets that are rigged. Even The Regulators Are Rigged (SEC in the US) ! And there are questions whether the NSA is manipulating the markets too.

US central bank FED admits it is causing inequality by printing money that pushes stocks higher!

And who can forget the top rating agencies which had rated AAA (most safe) all the major Wall Street/London banks and corporations including Lehman Brothers which went bankrupt in 2008 and the rest which would have gone bankrupt if they were not bailed out by the governments and central banks via money printing and loans? Eventually the people around the world paid and still continue to pay for these bailouts via taxes and inflation (price increases in living expenses).

When almost every Western major bank and Western government body is involved in market manipulation, it is impossible to call them scandals like the banker media does. It is not an exception but the rule of capitalism: manipulating the price of just about anything Western ruled people buy.

Yet people in the West are completely oblivious to this most basic fact about their daily lives. They have fictitious, TV and academic propaganda influenced ideas about what capitalism is!

Ask anyone in the West what capitalism is and you will get a variety of answers almost all wrong or incomplete.

“Capitalism is the econopolitical system of the West ruling over almost all the 130 countries where US military/NATO has bases and some more.

Contrary to what is propagandized in Western media and academia, capitalism is first and foremost a political system. All economic systems are part of politics and it is important to note there has never been economics independent of politics and there can never be.”

So, what is capitalism?

Capitalism is the management of society by private bankers for their own self-interest using money printing and finance schemes including usury.

In capitalism, the government is owned by the bankers. Therefore capitalism is the rule by the bankers and the corporations they control, complete opposite of democracy which is the rule by the people!

The word Capital-ism provides a clue but for clarity it should have been called Bankerism to specify private owners and managers of capital. In addition to private banks, other private finance companies such as hedge funds as well as the major private shareholders of corporations form the backbone of the capitalist class.

Western Big Business, major corporations all depend on finance, hence the means of productions much discussed in socialist terminology whether they are private or public will ultimately be controlled by the private bankers who manage money in the form of bonds, loans, futures, stocks etc.

During the eight years after the terminal collapse of capitalism in 2008, ownership of the US/EU governments by the Wall Street and the City of London bankers was laid out bare for all to see with the Too Big to Fail and Too Big to Prosecute (Obama: TTIP Necessary So As To Protect Megabanks From Prosecution May 8,2016) words uttered by Western governments and their judiciaries.

In other words, capitalism is a wealth generation and distribution system where private banks control every aspect of the economy yet they are accountable to noone! This truth was directly echoed in the words of Blankfein - CEO of Goldman Sachs, world's most powerful bank whose alumni run US and EU central banks and governments among others- when he said he was doing God's work."

Banks and other private finance companies are constantly bailed out with the freshly digitized/printed free monies (Quantitiative Easing/QE upwards of 15 Trillion dollars) given by the central banks the private banks control. The whole capitalist system is geared to ensure that the bankers and their corporate cronies stay on top of society regardless of their performance unlike other people who work for a living! They make money because of where they are not because of what they do.

It is very easy to confirm this fact: When was it that small businesses were saved by the government when they failed?

Heads they win, tail you lose. Private bank bailouts have been standard since at least the 1700s (WSJ article, Government bailouts: a short list September, 2008) , so bankers know full well they will be saved by the people when they fail. The ultimate guarantee for all the financial dealings of the banks are the people who use the currencies banks print!

Below are just a few examples how in capitalism people around the world are forced to save private Western banks:

- In capitalism bank bailouts are forever: All the big US banks were insolvent in the 1980s too! Article:December,3 2015

- Europe’s Bailout Costs In One Chart: 2 Trillion euros And Counting, June,3 2012

- Conspiracy proven FACT: US FED bailed out EU and Japanese banks! September,9 2014

- Bond bubbles risk hits unbelievable 555 trillion dollars, December 22, 2014

- US Taxpayer on the hook for 303 Trillion dollars Wall Street Derivatives, December 12, 2014

- US Taxpayer Is Now A Major Counterparty To Wall Street Derivatives, April 23, 2016

- Deutsche Bank Derivative exposure 73 trillion dollars 20 times German GDP, February 3, 2016

- Italy Just Bailed Out The World’s Oldest Surviving Bank

- Italy’s Bank Bailout Fund Already One Third Empty After First Bank Rescue, April 29 2016

And to compensate for the bailout money they pay to the private banks via inflation/government taxes, the people are forced to hoard debt from the same banks they save!

And largely for basic living expenses like healthcare, education, housing, even food.

The money that the central banks digitize/print are used by these banks to buy stocks hence stock markets go up, corporate shareholders become richer. FED finally admitted frontrunning central banks is what moves markets! These monies that central banks print make big corporations flush with cash which the CEOs use to buy their own shares (corporate buyback) hence stock markets go up!

All big corporations in the West are recipients of central bank/FED money. In 2008, when the terminal crisis of capitalism had started, some 20000 companies from McDonalds to European banks such Deutsche bank had gotten money directly from the Western central banks in addition to indirect money handouts in the form of zero interest loans which the people cannot get.

To simulate the capitalist experience one can play a few rounds of the game of monopoly taking as much cash as one likes from the bank and see how long it will take before winning the game, assuming other players do not object!

The wealth distribution in a capitalist society is pyramid shaped. Not unsurprisingly the capitalist system behaves like a pyramid scheme during the boom years and a ponzi during the bust. Creative destruction is one of the many big lies of the system. Contrary to Western propaganda capitalism is destructive creativity rather than creative destruction!

Capitalism is the tiranny of the private bankers via the central banks and the governments they control.

[][][][][][][][][][] Historical facts: Capitalism is Based on Private Bank Bailouts

[* 1- Private bank bailouts are an inseparable part, a built in feature of capitalism since the founding of the first central bank in Sweden in the 17th century. *] In the US, private bank bailouts are a fact and a necessity for capitalism since 1792 as the September 2008 WSJ article clearly shows.

The frequency of private bank bailouts by way of Wall Street owned government has increased since the 1980s so as to form one continuous, uninterrupted bank bailout.

Citibank bailout during the Latin American crisis in the 1980s, Lehman Brothers in the 1990s (yes, that Lehman which failed in 2008 with a AAA rating) and LTCM are some examples. Just like when the government bailed out Goldman Sachs through bailing out AIG in 2008, one bank bailout means a complete Wall Street bailout as they are all connected through finance schemes!

[* 2- Private bank bailouts are paid for by the people at large. *] It is the most effective way to transfer wealth from the people. There are two major tools bankers and their corporate cronies use: INFLATION (money printing) and GOVERNMENT TAXES!

[* A- INDIRECTLY/INFLATION: *] Since the founding of the FED in 1913 the US dollar lost 99% of its value which means prices rose exponentially. The people's earnings have stagnated especially since the US/WEST got off the gold standard in 1971. The wealth of the people has been transferred to the bankers and corporate class with inflation (price increases). They call inflation a stealth tax but in fact it is much broader than a tax, it affects everyone who use Western currencies. Bankers can print themselves any amount of money with government enforced bank bailouts using Western central banks (FED,ECB,BOJ,BOE) money printing, euphemistically called quantitative easing.

[* B- DIRECTLY/TAXES: *] Money handouts, tax breaks given by the government to the banker/corporate class. The taxes people pay fund their multimillion dollar salaries, executive golden parachutes – many over 100 million dollars each-, yearly 7 figures bonuses, billions of dollar worth of stocks etc.

A few Too Big to Fail Wall Street banks made millions of small businesses and entrepreneurs too small to succeed!

Wall Street’s economic management of society (capitalism) created millions of new empty homes and millions of new homeless people at the same time!

Bailing out the bankers and not bailing out other private businesses goes against the equality of men established legally since 1789.

This debate is at least 8, probably 200+ years overdue! Bailouts mean bankers stay on top of the economy regardless of their failure (like masters!)

Not one in the last 30 years asked: If Wall Street bankers are the Masters of the Universe, then who are the slaves of the Universe?

Why should there be any Too Big to Fail PRIVATE business/bank? Why should any society’s livelihood depend on a few bankers? What do the bankers produce?

Who pays for the private bank bailouts? The people do, by paying higher food prices, rent etc. (inflation) and government taxes!

And most people are not aware of this most basic fact: Inflation (higher prices) and higher taxes are due to ONGOING private bank bailouts

Western Central banking is mostly about one continuous private bank bailout since at least 1792! Fractional reserve banking (money printing) is closely related.

Almost all Western banks are insolvent and interrelated. London based German Deutsche bank, Italian Monte Paschi were recently in the news.

Major central banks FED,ECB,BOJ,BOE keep propping up stock markets by “buying” shares and provide continuous bailouts to private banks. What is buying for a central bank, they can print as much money as they want.

If people bail the bankers so they give out loans to the people, why pay trillions to the bankers as middle men?






[][][][][][][][][][] Reactions To Neverending Bank Bailouts (2008-2016) By Capitalism Apologists

The bankers good cop-bad cop economists and journalists started writing “Oh, this is not capitalism, this is crony capitalism” To these presstitudes one should ask:

When in the last 400 years bankers and their collaborators did not network and gain privately at the expense of the people at large using the governments they control?

When in the last 400 years of its existence capitalism was not crony?

Then they would apologize “Oh, this is not capitalism this is oligarchy.” “When capitalism was not an oligarchy?”

“Oh, this is not capitalism this is monopoly.” “When was it that capitalism was not monopolistic whether in finance or industry?”

“Oh, there are no longer free markets.” “Which day was it when free markets existed during the last 400 years of capitalism?”

And when the mass spying on society, especially on dissidents surfaced first with the revelations of Wikileaks’ courageous Julian Assange thanks to the heroic acts of Chelsea Manning and later on with the revelations of Edward Snowden, most Westerners responded with a big yawn.

And some others protested we are a police state now and democracy is dead.

“When in the last 400 years in the West, democracy was alive?”

How can you have bankers and their corporate cronies manage a society for their own self interest yet claim it a democracy which means rule by the people? Is that a hard question to answer?

Capitalism apologists would never ask these questions and certainly not answer them. Liberal economic system is fascism veiled by propaganda at least since the times of the famed fiction writer, opium company propagandist Adam Smith. Neoliberal, Neocon, Liberal, Free markets are all trademarks of the same bankers and they are all capitalism by another name.

[][][][][][][][][][] What Capitalism Is Not

Few rich are capitalist. Access to money and government is what counts. Only when money can be converted to power over governments via banks, lobbies, media and big corporations it becomes a society management tool.

Contrary to Western propaganda capitalism does not mean the existence of private property, private capital or entrepreneurship.

All of the above existed in an anti-capitalist society, the 1930’s Ataturkist society.

In fact, lasting freedom of entrepreneurship is only possible in an Ataturkist society and not in a capitalist society where private monopolies mostly stemming from private monopolistic control over money and misallocation of capital ruin entrepreneurship.

Ataturkist economy had state monopolies in vital social sectors including state owned central bank, state owned consumer and investment banks as well as capital controls but the state also promoted private businesses and entrepreneurship as well as independent farmers. Ataturkist economy should not be called a mixed economy as not only all economies are mixed but also the major distinction of the Ataturkist economy was that it was managed by the people unlike in US/Europe where the economy is run by the bankers.

1. It is not only in Ataturkist anti-capitalist society that private property and entrepreneurship existed. In fact over millenias since Sumer and at least 4000 years before Sumer, private property existed.

2. Entrepreneurship is the drive for innovation, hard work and reaping the benefits of one’s labor and as such is part of the human experience. Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with capitalism which is 400 years old.

3. The existence of a central bank does not necessarily mean existence of capitalism. For example in Sumer money creation was centralized but their system was certainly not capitalism. If central banks are owned or managed or controlled by private bankers then it is capitalism. If a central bank is managed by the people for the people then it is not capitalism.

4. Capitalism is not free markets economics, it is the exact opposite! Capitalism is a centrally managed economic system run by private bankers through central banks they control. There are no free markets in capitalism nor can ever be. The free market in the West is an illusion. Private banks like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and many others have been caught rigging the markets with scandals ranging from libor interest rate fixing, gold and silver price fixing, money laundering, insider trading to terrorism financing. (For example see Deutsche Bank money laundering, terrorist financing probe May 1, 2016 )

5. And lastly, technological advancement is NOT a product of capitalism as its propagandists claim. Technology advances since the control of fire 100000s of years ago and especially since the invention of writing in Sumer at least 4000 years ago. Technology, including space, rockets, materials, medical technology advanced under Soviet Union, now advances under Russia. It advances under China, Cuba and other non capitalist societies.

So when thinking of capitalism one should really understand that the existence of private property, entrepreneurship, free markets, central banks and advances in technology have nothing to do with what capitalism is, contrary to what is propagandized in the West.

[][][][][][][][][][] What Capitalism Is: The Most Elaborate Form of Master-Slave Relationship

Not one soul out of tens of millions in the US and Europe, who have read it, heard it day in and day out in Western media during the last 35 years asked:

“If Wall Street bankers are the Masters of the Universe, then who are the slaves of the Universe? Let us be more mundane, who are the slaves of the world?”

Wouldn’t that be the most obvious question to ask?

From the first fully fledged civilization the Sumerian Turks, to the West, for their livelihood the people depended on kings claiming to be doing God’s work: they gave them their foods, they built their palaces, they stood guard in their defence and they gave their lives for their wars.

In Western philosophy’s much cleverly hidden and conveniently overlooked masterpieces, “Social Contract” and “On the Origin and Foundation of Inequality of Mankind”, Rousseau, the thinker who almost singlehandedly influenced the French Revolution of 1789, speaks, albeit very briefly, of this mind blowing contradiction hidden right before people’s eyes for thousands of years.

Capitalism is the most elaborate form of econopolitical systems based on master-slave relationship. And that is the core of the West.

Bush’s “Either you are with us or against us” wars are reaffirmation of what the Western capitalism is.

Putin’s speech in 2011 after being very patient for years, stating that the West lives a parasitic life off of the back of other people was a clear rebuke of the US hegemony.

Western oligarchs were getting goods and services from other people including the people of Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and the non-Western world and eventually Western people- in exchange for money with no intrinsic value and only backed by the US military's firepower.

When Vladimir Putin declared that the West does not want partners but vassals, it seems he had pointed out at the structure of capitalism. And when he said “Russia was never enslaved nor will ever be” it is a direct rebuke of imperialism exactly like what Ataturk did a century ago as the first leader to have won the war against Western imperialism. Ataturk had received help from the Russian people and leadership, then the Soviet Union, while waging the war of Independence against the invading West led by the superpower of the era, the British Empire.

“Master-Slave is NOT a manager-employee relationship! It is based on the permanence of the power of the master, as a class, over enslaved people’s economic, social and political life over centuries, millenias, controlling all aspects of people’s social life.”

Capitalism means the people live inside a company 24 hours a day and they cannot get out, like in the movie Matrix. The major difference between bankerism (capitalism) from slave societies such as Sumerian Turks and feudal societies of Europe, monarchies and other caste systems was that the average person had a better chance of joining the ruling class by serving it and hence find a higher place in the pyramid, except the top level. This is called the “American dream”.

This economic mobility largely depends on the services said people provide to the masters, most of whom are visibly psychopathic. The pyramid shape maybe considered as an advancement over rigid caste/feudal structures. This upward class mobility, however small, gives people an extra drive compared to feudal societies and an increase in economic output. Yet hereditary nature of capitalism is seen not only in families but also as a class. “To be rich either you are born rich or marry the rich” is incomplete, you can join the capitalist class.

In the 21st century, this archaic, 400 years old system called capitalism has fallen back to where it started, feudalism. The Western people not only lost their small economic mobility but a trend of downward mobility has picked up momentum after 2008 bank bailouts. Much like German Uncle Karl had predicted 150 years ago.

US is now meeting its reserve currency dollar’s damnest curse after enjoying its blessings since 1945: Master will run out of foreign slaves and use its domestic slaves.

Capitalism has proven itself as a very regressive econopolitical system for the 21st century society with advanced human rights/values and internet technology!


[][][][][][][][][][] Why People Are Not Interested In Finance or Economics

Average person is not interested in finance or economics because it seems complicated since these fields involve math. In reality the basics of economics do not require more than primary school arithmetics. All the math formulas and charts one sees in the media or academia are actually based on simple economic relations. The house of cards that capitalism is based upon is actually quite simple.

As an example consider a tennis ball that a player hits. One can write complex math equations involving the path of the ball but the essence is that a player hits the ball to win the game. If one looks at the tennis ball within the context of a math equation one will see only a transient part of the game, one shot and will not even be aware that this is part of a tennis match. The game though does not depend on this equation nor this one shot rather on the players ability, strength, training and of course the fact that it is limited to predetermined rules. So Western economists would only look at snapshots of the whole at times with complex formulas or unreliable statistics wilfully ignoring all the reality surrounding the events they analyze.

There is another reason why people are illiterate in finance and money. They would not personally benefit from learning economics! They cannot duplicate the results of finance execs and shareholders which run the Western world of finance as it is a small club and they ain’t in it. This is the fate awaiting every retail investor or any citizen subject to Western economics.

How about the American or European dissidents? Wouldn’t they be better off if they learn the basics? Unfortunately most are not interested as capitalism seems too big for them to tackle. People are not interested in things they believe they cannot change. Furthermore they are too tired, busy and consumed to find time to look at the realities and the managers of the society they live in.

Even worse they are happy counting whatever monies they have so-called “earned” from the corrupt system.

That is exactly why Ataturk wrote an address for Turkish Youth as the only potential savior in case society failed and was invaded. He reaffirmed his stance with Bursa Address a couple of years later in the 1930s.

[][][][][][][][][][] Historical Shift of Power: From Kings and Priests to The Bankers

Although its early beginnings can be traced back to early merchant banking in Italy, Hanseatic League of Germany and the Baltics, trade guilds and monopolies in European city states, international traders in Europe and the Atlantic slave trade starting in the 1400s, the start of capitalism as we know it can be dated to the founding of Dutch East India company in 1600 and the British East India company in 1602. The latter had received monopoly charter from the Queen of the British Empire to trade with and loot Asia.

This marked the start of banker ownership of government. The shift of power from kings and priests to the bankers was completed in 1696 with the founding of the Bank of England as the private monopoly for issuance of money in the British Empire.

This monopoly power of money issuance spread to other Empires in the West and the territories acquired by the Western Imperialist Wars. Colonialism was being replaced by capitalism’s highest stage, Imperialism as Lenin put it. This is the what Globalism/Neocolonialism is, resented in the world by many countries controlled by the West.

[][][][][][][][][][] Money (Fiat)

Capitalism has started as the management of society, that is to say governance, through the use of money/capital loaned as debt at interest by the bankers.

Debt is a future obligation and is the bond that links the slave to his master since the first slave societies in Sumer. The people who could not pay their debts would sell their children to slavery just like in the West today. However Sumer 4000 years ago was more advanced socioeconomically than the West today as they held debt jubilees every 7 years. Sumerian Turks knew society would crumble under debt!

Banks now manage the future of nations with elaborate schemes they developed like mortgages, retirement accounts, derivatives. As such they control society’s present economy and its concocted future wealth by using money and finance. The ability to print and control a nations’ money with a private monopoly is the governance of society with finance schemes, as Rothchilds’ two centuries old quote shows.

Money was invented by the Sumerian Turks as grain weight unit about 5000 years ago. It was enforced within the frame of the oldest legal codes in history Urukagina and Ur Nammu laws.

Paper money was first invented in China 600 years ago. It was used by the emperors and had resulted in hyperinflation and collapse many centuries ago. It was later adopted by European bankers for their own interest as means for giving out loans to industry and the people. Starting in the early 1800s England paper money replaced gold.

Soon the leverage of paper money dwarfed existing capital. Bankers issued debt and managed debt rather than existing capital.

A certain leverage, monetary flexibility is needed as it paves the way for economic expansion, depending on the country and the people. However, the debts issued by private banks were simply too much as the system was very violent, growing through imperialistic wars abroad and repression, slavery, bubbles popping at home since the Tulip Bubble in the mid 1600s Europe.

Bankers printed money freely and legally for their own interest in the form of loans/debt to businesses and people. Hence they managed future promises and obligations without basing them on existing capital! They printed money out of thin air. Money printing was used as a tool of imperialism and slavery. Debts exploded and provided an opportunity for the bankers to gobble up businesses and industries hence capitalism took over societies.

The terminal failure of capitalism is baked into its cake as demonstrated by Uncle Karl mathematically, albeit in a complicated manner. The only way debt at compounding interest can be sustained is through infinite growth which is impossible to achieve in a finite world. Individuals can pay back their debt but societies as a whole or the collection of societies known as the West cannot as bankers issued debt many times their existing resources sometimes as much as 30 times to devour assets around the world at much inflated prices.

The whole scheme known as capitalism is a pyramid scheme that is guaranteed to fail in the absence of exponential growth which of course can never happen for sustained periods in a finite world.

In fact even if the West enslaved Russia and China, which is impossible by the way, capitalism can only postpone its demise and not change it.

The only reason why capitalism went on for 400 years is that terror, coups, civil wars and wars instigated by the bankers and their governments and their media furthered people’s slavery until today.

[][][][][][][][][][] Bankers As Accountants of Both The Society and The Individuals

In addition to the management of production and existing resources through the use of money and finance schemes, banks act like accountants of both the individual and the society. So when people try to save whatever meager earnings they have they actually save the bankers since the accounting is done by the same bankers whose wealth is tied to their host, the people.

Capitalism is fraud and money is the enabler. Bankers provide both divisions and peace brokerage among sections of society and among nations using wealth transfers. They set them up against each other, people vs. people, nations against nations, generations against generations. Contemporary examples are plenty: German society against Greek society, baby boomer vs. millenials, fake right vs. fake left.

Divide and conquer on all fronts. They are the ultimate middlemen yet invisible -except for the internet- unlike the politicians they control.

Once a war/coup is over they financialize the results, put them on paper as privatizations, usury, asset confiscations etc and the slavery starts. Since the whole system is based on fraudulent future promises and leveraged debt of printed money, when the day of reckoning comes bankers step aside and set people fight each other on real world assets dwarfed by the immense paper/digitized wealth.

And during the collapse they pick distressed assets pennies on the dollars with monies they print.

Divide and conquer as the basic policy tool is prevalent in providing the exchanges nations use, currency exchanges, bonds and finance as well as trade.

Rinse and repeat.

[][][][][][][][][][] Peace Would End Capitalism. What Would Be Next?

Capitalism impoverishes people with printed debt at interest then use the same people as cannon fodder or patsies, as seen in the meltdown in American subprime mortgages and Greek economic collapse.

It is a war on two fronts: a class war within the West/Western controlled territories and an imperialist war elsewhere, against countries capitalism could not conquer.

What most people fail to see is that debt is a two way promise! People only see other people who struggle with their debts to seemingly omnipotent banks. The truth is largely the opposite of what people know. Rather, it’s mostly the bankers who do not keep their end of the deal. The private banks manipulate the value of the money people use via printing too much money, largely via credits and loans, for their own gain and at interest no less.

The bankers’ trick is simple: when they loan money to anyone with a pulse knowing full well the boom will end with a bust just like it did since 400 years, the latest example being subprime American mortgages, they also give themselves and their corporate cronies, stocks, bonuses and huge salaries.

Basically Western banks sell participation to a pyramid scheme while acquiring huge personal gains.

Hence consumer prices rise and the people are impoverished via inflation and they need debt to survive. They are slaves to the bankers who enrich themselves at the expense of the people and at the same time cause unemployment and crash the economy with unpayable debt.

This is wholesale fraud by the bankers to stay on top no matter what (Too big to Fail) as made apparent in the aftermath of the 2008 Western bank bailouts. The rigging of interest rates, gold prices, HFTs, currency manipulation is a fact proven by even the corrupt Western regulators. Yet banks rule over the econopolitical system by simply paying fines as cost of doing business.

And if central banks controlled by the private banks do not continue printing money, capitalism goes bankrupt in a deflationary downward spiral since fewer and fewer people own most of the productive assets and the people at large become poorer and unemployed as evidenced in ever-increasing income inequality (Richest 1% own over half of Global Wealth) and the disappearance of the middle class.

Capitalism is destined to fail with or without money printing, bound by hyperinflation and deflation hence in a terminal stagflation.

The pyramid scheme is illegal and capitalism is a pyramid scheme, hence capitalism is illegal according to its own laws.

It is a centrally planned, centrally managed and chaotic system run by the bankers and their corporate cronies for their own interest. In the age of immense collective human knowledge, capitalism is very harmful and inefficient for the society.

The whole capitalist system is run on faith until physical failure hits people on the head or the wallet. And the answer to which one comes first is obvious.

So, what comes after capitalism? Those who are free with a clear conscience must start the discussion.


It means that the West and the Western controlled territories are drowning in private, government and personal debt which is mathematically impossible to pay.
In order to delay the inevitable collapse of the system, Western bankers print money using Wall Street and City of London controlled Western central banks (FED,ECB,BOJ and others) at the expense of all the people who use Western currencies around the world.

On top of direct money printing, euphemistically called quantitative easing, bankers write derivatives to not only postpone failure and mask debt but also implement banker run price controls on commodities, precious metals such as gold and just about every item that the economy needs.

[Yes, price controls are implemented in the West, since the beginning!

Derivatives are largely fraudulent guarantees to prop the structurally failed system another day. They enable bankers to establish defacto price controls as opposed to government price controls in non-Western countries.

Especially since the 2008 terminal crisis of capitalism, all manipulations became much more visible, for those who search for information on the internet blogs as opposed to banker owned/controlled media.

The terminal failure of capitalism was visible to anyone who paid attention since June 2007 but noone I mentioned to, including the so called leftists/socialists who are fake dissidents believed it at that time. Everybody was happy filling their pockets. The people believed in and had accepted the supremacy of capitalism with whatever monies/jobs they were holding on to.

Failure of capitalism means the debt (the monies printed) and the physical world assets as well as the capacity of societies to generate wealth under current capitalist management do not match and can never match.

Warnings were issued in the 1990s by some American economics professors as well as true leftist dissidents especially about the disconnect between the paper wealth that cross borders electronically around the world and the underlying physical assets of the world.

The reason for the disconnect is actually very obvious.The head of a Western central bank can create a trillion dollars with the click of a mouse on a computer but it would take an immense amount of labor for the people to generate one trillion dollars worth of goods and services. Hence money printing by Western central banks for the benefit of private bankers is exactly like a King’s decree of past millenias with no physical connection to the realities of the world.

Financial promises the West made to the people about asset prices, capital allocations, savings, retirements were mostly fraudulent. They cannot be met, they were not meant to be met and they will not be met.

Major private banks achieved their short term goals by fraudulently fixing every finance number, like the interest rates as shown in LIBOR fixing scandal concerning the base interest rate in the Western world, as well as price rigging scandals in gold, stock markets, government bonds, oil etc.

The best recent example out in the open was Swiss Central bank who backtracked from its promise of holding the Euro peg which was, by the way, a capital control. So much for the free market illusion in one of the capitals of Western finance. Deutsche Bank of Germany holds 54 trillions of euros of derivatives which cannot be guaranteed by the German people as it is 30 times their GDP.

The mistrust in the capitalist system was visible during the 2008 crisis when Wall Street/London bankers themselves did not trust each other and did not lend each other hence credit markets froze. Bankers had voted their own finance markets out by buying government bonds backstopped by the people!

This echoes Greenspan, the renowned American central bank king who said in a post crash congressional testimony that he was surprised the markets did not self correct! He was lying like Western central bankers often do, and the lie was eternalized in bankers’ EU puppet Jean Claude Junker’s words: “when it gets serious you have lo lie” with one caveat, it is always serious in banking, at least a 200 year long proof remains in real history books!

Banker debts became government debts with public funded bailouts as evidenced best in the case of Greek economic crisis where people started begging for their own money. In capitalism bankers make people beg for their own money via money printing and bank bailouts. Since 2008 all the so called ECB aid to Greece went straight back to the banks in France, Germany and by extension the Wall Street and London banks that control them.

The people of Greece as well as that of Germany had to bail out their private banks like people in other countries.

[It was not only the people in the West that paid for the Western private bank and corporate bailouts but everyone who used Western monies around the globe. So, the worker in a distant corner of the world outside the US and EU bailed out US and EU banks via taxes and inflation in his home country.
Hence what was a banking crisis became government/sovereign crisis in the following years. Unfortunately people have no memory of the bailouts of 2008 and how they got to where they are in year 2016.
It was largely because Occupy Wall Street did not get enough popular support in the US or Europe!]

Western people hoped cowering under their tables would save their monies. Needless to say sticking one’s head in the sand does not solve a problem. Also, they were located at the upper levels of the pyramid compared to non-western counterparts so they wanted to safeguard their actually non-existant wealth!

Then came the government crisis most evident in Italy, Greece and Spain but reached all Western governments as the capitalist pyramid continued crashing domino style and free monies only postponed the inevitable but bigger collapse.

Once good EU/ECB puppets, Prime ministers of Greece, Papendreu and that of Italy, Berlusconi were replaced by the ECB and the Wall Street/London bankers without an election. And by Goldman Sachs alumni no less. If such things had happened in the former Soviet socialist bloc, everyone in the West would be shouting bloody coup!

These economic and political events caused by the banks strained relations between nations within the EU as the crisis progressed to higher level economies such as Germany. EU shook up to its foundations, QE money printing only postponing its unavoidable implosion. The imperialist criminal wars the West waged in Libya and Syria not only created a mayhem for the people living there but also an immense humanitarian crisis which eventually affected the EU.

In short, rather than letting their banks fail in 2008, Western governments and the people who support them rewarded bankers for their failure and got more wars and more instability at home as payback.

As a result, the inequalities within the society and among nations have skyrocketed to highest levels in history. There were bright spots for the people albeit short-lived. These were not in the West but in the Western controlled Eastern countries. First Tunisia then Egypt was able to rise up against the econopolitical oppression of capitalism. In Istanbul, people organizing from the internet were able to stop the Western installed Wall Street funded fundementalist AKP government in Gezi park protest (Freedom uprising) that swept the country. A protest movement for Emek movie theater had started on March 2010 though on a much smaller scale. There were two other prominent protest movements before Gezi uprising (Freedom Uprising): protest movement against Silivri camp prisoners consisting of patriots and Ataturk followers; protest movements against UEFA supported conspiracy against Fenerbahce.

TARP and other out in the open bailouts were just the tip of the iceberg for public consumption. The real bailouts with Fed money printing were in the 10-15 trillion dollars range and were used to postpone the crash another day. Sane people in the West warned against reflating the bubble in 2008 but of course they were a tiny minority and noone paid attention even when their opinion pieces appeared in popular websites.

[It was later revealed that the big story was the derivatives which would have exploded City of London banks and then cascade across the West. Western derivatives are a way of saying don’t worry you’ll get your money next week, month, year. Why worry, enjoy your TV show and Hollywood movies, everything’s gonna be printed all right.
Capitalism has lost its capital long ago. All economic systems are based on trust (faith) first and foremost and that trust is long gone. Average Westerner would not notice it or would rather not recognize it.
The West is regressive since the failed revolutions of 1848 in Europe and since the end of civil war in the US in 1865.]

Since capitalism is based on master slave relationship it is a regressive force for the 21st century information age society. It was not even compatible with 20th century human rights, laws, international treaties, what we call civilization.

[Let us not forget that we live in the age of abundant tech capabilities yet the system inhibits wealth! Banks stay on top of society by denying wealth to people. Victor Hugo’s great quote, “nothing can stop an idea whose time has come” is more true than ever!
21st century social life is totally incompatible with capitalism, a 17th century construct.] Capitalism would create racism, internal social divisions, magnify existing divisions and usurp divisions within societies like the Neocon/wall Street/London banker created attacks in Ukraine and Syria have shown in most inhuman ways.

Printing money to postpone failure is like driving with an oil leaking engine and adding oil every time smoke comes out of the hood. Eventually you ruin the engine and fail.

First the FED than the BOJ and ECB all printed money and impoverished their populations for corporate and bank bailouts and the neocon wars of the American empire in the Middle East. European banks are leveraged almost 1/30 and a small loss would wipe all their capital. Yet Euro-peons keep the Euro that enslave them.

Consider a business owner who sells goods to customers who have not paid for their previous purchases and yet the businessman keeps selling them on credit as he finds no alternative. This is how people feel. First and foremost, they are holden hostage to the misleading idea that there is no alternative to capitalism. And then they are holden hostage to the banks. This leads to continuous exploitation of the people by the banks.

The cost of Iraq war was said to be 100 billion and it turned out to be 6 trillion dollars with no end in sight. And this is the cost of the Iraq war. There are many wars from Afganistan to Ukraine to Syria that US is waging and all these costs are being transferred to the people in the West and those who use Western currencies.

[Certainly the real cost is not the monies, it is the human death toll, lost lives, wounded people men, women and children.
Humanity was replaced with money in Western governments long ago and only a handful of courageous, real dissidents in the West fight back.]

[][][][][][][][][][] WESTERN POLITICS

Why should the elected represent you?

They have other interests. Would you risk telling the truth if you were them? Especially, if the alternative was filling your pockets and a great retirement package?

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical question. There is a definitive answer with factual proof. Look at how many whistleblowers came forward in banking or government circles while immense fraud was committed leading up to the 2008 terminal crash. How about drug companies, insurance companies etc? How many whistleblowers were there amidst all the corruption, fraud, bribery and countless other crimes?

How many people came forward out of tens of millions of Americans and Euro-peons?

[][][][][][][][][][] Shamlections

The politicians are first selected by the money powers, brought to public attention by the banker/corporate media, before people elect them! It is an ugly truth that Westerners never vote for the parties or the candidates that would represent their interests. They do not, except the so called marginals, marginalized by the corporate media.

Most people do not have a real objection to living under banker/corporate rule yet they complain these institutions rob them blind.

True, Western politics have entertainment value with political theaters, fake debates and colorful language and even more colorful balloons but it is extremely costly to society.The real cost is not the huge amounts of money spent on campaigns rather the social damage done by continuing a corrupt, failed econopolitical system. The whole election scene is full of falsehoods, fake quarrels, false dichtomies (choices), blatant lies, big lies and subtle deception.

Elections are a staged fight where bankers and their corporate cronies pick people’s pocket while politically entertained Westerners watch the show on TV.

One should not forget that critical elections are rigged in the US even when both parties are owned by Wall Street. A candidate in one party may be too important over the other such as W. Bush in 2000 or H. Clinton in 2016

Western elections as an exercise of choosing lesser evil! Anyone dare to ask why are you forced to pick a lesser which still evil? Why not vote for what you think is good?


[][][][][][][][][][] Western Demockracy – Politicks

Mathematical proof is there for anyone to see, there is no such thing as Western democracy. There has never been.

If you look at the wealth inequality graph where both parties of the one party-two sides system alternate in government offices, you will see the continuous impoverishment of the people through decades. And if you superimpose congress approval ratings on top of that graph you will see that more and more people despise the congressmen they elect to the point that Congress approval ratings go down to low teens which mathematically means elected people are not representative of the people.

There is more. It also means people vote for the parties that make them poorer yet they continue voting for them. They vote against their own self interest and also against their countries’ well being.

Do the Westerners want to be poorer and less safe?

This is why Western elections should be called shamlections. Why pay for the election costs if people are going to keep paying more money to the bankers and corporate executives via inflation/bailouts as [_*“society management tax“_][?*]

American one party-two sides system has been installed in Europe after WW2 with some additional distractions, usually a third party or even a fourth party coopted by the same bankers that run the system. In England it was the Libdems, in Germany, the Greens, in Greece, Syriza. Turkey has 4 parties in parliament all fully remote controlled by the West. Surely these are liberal and/or fake left movements coopted by who else, bankers whose major public face is Soros, the green-liberal-alternative-progressive-democrat.

And then there are smaller protest movements infiltrated by the City of London run European police and spies. A few scandals came to light when it was revealed that in Europe, Canada and the US, the police have infiltrated rights groups, green activists for many years. And some of these British undercover cops/spies have impregnated activists in Europe. Very telling of what bankers’ men do to dissidents in the West! Rosemary’s baby is real in Europe.

In France there is almost no party independent of the capitalist system or wanting to challenge the system including the communists. National Front is not Gaullist, it does not seem to be more than a misleading reactionary movement.

Overall, a tiny number of parties in the West represent the people and get the smallest number of votes. This means overall Western people are happy or deluded or insouciant.Then there is the talk of nuclear war in the highest levels of governments as mentioned in their media. So the Westerners are very happy but can be anhilated at any moment because of the overseas wars they wage and their crooked financial schemes. They are nuclear-happy, certainly more real and worse than what we saw in Dr. Strangelove!

There is a major reason for this Western popular schizophrenia.

Westerners still refuse to understand one most basic fact: Economics is a subset of politics and never independent of politics.The hard work, the American dream and all that in economics is only secondary since economics is built upon politics.

The same can be said about the so called Western sacred cow, central bank independence. Independent from who? Why, the people of course!

NY FED is the single most important Fed and is run by Goldman Sachs as evidenced by whistleblowers’ testimony.The people have no control over the policies of the Fed which actually controls almost all aspects of their daily lives such as the interest rates, healthcare, housing prices and government debts which are paid by the taxpayers.

[Think about the last 400 years of Europe since the Renaissance and Enlightment: Why wasn’t there a single revolutionary statesman in Europe? Ok,forget revolutionary, why wasn’t there a single leader in European history who Euro-peons could call one of their own and who worked for them?
What’s with the European democracy?]

Not one people’s president/prime minister in power in the last 1500 years since Europe came about. So, never. Why is this question never asked in the Euro-peon media or in the universities? Why no revolutionary leader or people’s leader in power in European history?

[Americans had two, Jefferson and JFK. Unfortunately for the Americans and the world, JFK’s presidency was cut short by a coup d’etat executed by the CIA and ordered by Wall Street/Big Oil/MIC, the rulers of Western society. They told Americans “Nothing to see here, go shopping” and shop American people did, maxing their cards for the next 50 years and selling their children into slavery with debt.
The truth is hidden right in front of you, but then there is no will to see the ugly truth, the American dream is too sweet.]


[][][][][][][][][][] Western Political Scene

After 1980, Western left has become what was left of the right. The fake leftand right renewed their wows under a banker union. This reinforced union was called neoliberal economics. Whatever the nametag, liberals and the neocons are two heads of the same banker war oligarchy. And under their rule fascism, racism and religious hatred flourish.

Bankers create false divisions within society and incite as much religious, civil, racial divisions as possible in order to rule over society. They use patsies to distract people from the real issues of freedom and justice, such as gay rights, feminism, and even environmental issues. The real causes behind symptoms are carefully ignored. Political scene in the West looks like Western supermarket shelves, many brands but one global corporation behind them.

The whole scene can be summed up in what Fake Left tells Fake Right:“Honey, Don’t whip the slaves too hard.”

To really visualize it, think about American congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as the compassionate slave owner, liberal and democratic looking over the shoulders of a rabid John Mc Cain, both Wall Street owned.

And when the slavemaster Right whips the slaves real hard the Fake Left would shout “Ouch that hurts” while staying on the sidelines.

And most Western brainwashed/educated people in Western controlled countries, in Turkey, Egypt, Argentina and others would look up to the West for democracy standards. These educated people are just like their brainwashed counterparts in the West minus their ever diminishing wealth.

Yet in these countries there are true patriots and true revolutionaries, albeit a handful.

And they are the real example in the fight against capitalism and imperialism. It is in the Western colonized East that people rose up, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey that became examples for the dissidents of the West because the repression of the West is much bigger in the peripheries than in the core countries. Eventually the revolutionaries/reactionaries were unable to bring decisive change since they had no ideological awareness and cohesion to challenge the system.

The fake left of the West is more dangerous than its right as it inhibits real left. Fake left kills real opposition. The true opposition in the West comes from the American libertarians, most of them readers of Zerohedge and a few real conservatives like Paul Craig Roberts.

There are more dissidents among Americans than among Europeans largely thanks to the followers of Thomas Jefferson as well as the fact that dissidents in the US are in the center of the Empire and they may have a better look at the machinations of the Empire than the subdued Euro-peons.

[][][][][][][][][][] Western Democratic Fascism

You could not sell today’s leftist as a right wing guy some 35 years ago! The whole political scene moved to extreme right gradually over decades as people only cared about their immediate personal interests believing in fictitious promises and chasing elusive wealth such as retirements, stocks etc. Like the proverbial frog they were slowly cooked into fascism.

Free market democracy is a cool euphemism for bankers’ democratic dictatorship also known as fascism. The lies are backed by the invisible hand of the market who is holding a gun behind his back while the visible hand picks people’s pockets.

Democratic fascists praise free market economy yet never practice it.

Bailouts, monopolies, oligopolies, market rigging, price fixing, corruption in all major sectors in the West are not the exception but the rule. Central banks run by private bankers apply all kinds of capital and price controls without naming them as such, which makes them Western! In capitalism central planning is done by the private bankers who control their central banks.

They lie and sometimes they even admit that they lie. Yet noone wants to ask why the central bankers have to lie and what good can come out of the lie.

The bigger lie is political, that people’s free will determines the outcome of the elections when in reality most voters are brainwashed to do whatever mass media tells them to do. The cause is not mentioned and the event is looked to appear genuine, like the votes people cast. This is disowning the real cause of a negative event.

The major Western political parties’ modus operandi is to lie, lie, lie and when caught, deny. Sounds a lot like Hitlery Clinton, right?

Democratic dictatorship of the West is superior to the so-called Third World dictatorships as people gleefully comply!


[][][][][][][][][][] Westerners Left Without Ideas or Alternatives

And worst of all, the people in the West vote out of fear against rather than for a party!

They are out of ideas and alternatives because they are captive to a system with false choices and fraudulent promises.They are both driven over the cliff and simultaneously willing to do so for short term personal gains!

The whole political system has been about check writing in an ever expanding imaginary social wealth much bigger than what current technology and resources allow them (Alexis de Tocqueville’s 19th century observation comes to mind) where everybody tries to write a check to themselves but the bankers and corporate execs are the ones able to write them big and more importantly able to cash those checks. It is very much like a theater fire exit. The bankers have seniority over the plebs, err, the glorious people of Westistan.

There is no way to print one’s way into wealth otherwise people would not need to work at al. They would simply print paper and pass it around. This Keynesian thing is another lie. Keynesianism, liberalism, neoliberalism, classic and even Austrian economics are flavors of the same capitalism/bankerism.

When people want change they want change to come from the party which has the biggest chance to win and that would be the runner up of the previous election. And the same for the one before. And instead of real change, they vote 400 years old, archaic capitalism to power.

And if the politicians reject bailouts theatrically as in the case of TARP, the so called markets will be pushed down via HFT's and other means until the people will accept them. In case of Greece interest rates will be pushed higher or capital controls will be implemented to scare people into voting for the desired outcome. Yet when the outcome of voting showed that people no longer are as much afraid then banker owned politicians will do whatever they planned as seen in the case of Syriza after the 60% OXI/NO vote of the referendum in July 2015. So when economic blackmail does not work, bankers will shove their interests down the throats of the voters using the politicians they own.


[][][][][][][][][][] WESTERN MEDIA

[][][] Major News On Western Media

Top German journalist admits: Mainstream media completely fake, we all lie for the CIA March 28, 2016

Are Newspapers Captured By Banks? May 14, 2016

First Italy, Now Greek Banks Being Investigated For Funding Politicians, Media May 19, 2016 -Surprise! 6 Giant Corporations control American Media and Americans consume 10 hours programming per day May 28, 2016 -You didn't know that!



[][][][][][][][][][] Why Should The Corporate/Banker Media Tell The Truth?

The most basic questions that need to be asked in capitalism are those that are never asked.

Western media is in the business of making money for their masters not telling the truth.

Look around you or better yet, imagine yourself starting a media company!

In general, corporate media can only report news and opinions that conform to the bankers’ political and economic goals. Otherwise, no soup for you!

There is nothing surprising about this but what is truely surprising is that Westerners never ask this question. Even more interesting is that people are actually paying for newspapers or TV subscriptions which spew corporate propaganda.

Why pay for propaganda? Western Big Media would distribute them for free if you did not pay for corporate news. Then again, if it was free you would probably not find it worth reading, think about any paper that you received for free!

[It is not only more profitable but also more feasible for the corporate masters to make you pay for your own brainwashing.
In the West, banks control people’s physical needs while their media control people’s minds.]




[][][][][][][][][][] Lying By Omission

How could you ever find what is not reported if you kept watching or reading the same news sources including fake independent websites, corporate journalists’ blogs?

In fact the most basic, the most effective lie in Western media is lying by omission. You wouldn’t know if a comet hit the earth unless it is reported in the media.

If you watch or follow a corporate media source, the question you need to ask, why that news is there among many others that could have been? This should point you in the right direction.

Bankers’ editors pick a few among thousands of events and opinions everyday. Corporate censorship unknown to the reader is deceit, lying by omission. How will you access truth if they are in the business of lying?

A truely independent blogger rarely has supporters among the public, mainly because s/he does not have any means to reach the public and the public is not willing to support the blogger with money. It is extremely costly to reach people as the medium is controlled by mega corporations’ money and people’s long established habits and their power worship simply keep them from looking elsewhere.

And even worse, truth would frighten most people.

[][][][][][][][][][] Don’t Let The Truth Deceive You!

Luckily, with the internet, Western media was dealt a major blow. That’s why Western media’s newest unspoken motto is “Don’t let the truth deceive you!”

More people go to truely independent sites, truely alternative opinion sites on the internet. And the only defense left to Western Banker media is this one. And they are pretty serious about it because in the age of the internet marginalizing everyone spoiling their narrative is key to their relevance.

They do not only follow this line of attack against independent bloggers but also against any other media organization which challenges Western narrative like Russia’s RT.

[][][][][][][][][][] Knowledge Vs. Opinion

You cannot have any opinion to yourself without fully understanding that opinions are formed as a response to the news given in corporate news outlets. If you are fed lies you will spew garbage as your dear opinion.

[][][][][][][][][][] Western Truth Is Negotiable

Western truth is negotiable like the Western Big Crime (the media calls it Moral Hazard).

Consider this hypothetical TV debate: A famed pundit claims the world is flat while a relatively unknown and awkward person presents you the evidence that the world is round.

At the end of the debate, suggestable viewers, because the show is on their favorite channel and presented by their favorite anchor, would think that either “viewpoint” is equally correct. So the roundness of the world would be pushed into half flat half round in their mind.

A while later another debate would be held and this time more suggestable, gullible or simply lazy people would be convinced that the world is mostly flat and partly round.

If this result is satisfactory for those who spread the lie, it would be left at this stage, that of moral relativity. This manufactured ambiguity would force people to refrain from taking a position against the physical events that the lie is created for. People would be paralyzed to take action against those who say the world is flat and who are acting based on this lie.

If corporate media needs to further move public opinion, the next steps would be to shift people’s knowledge of earth from round to “absolutely flat man, are you kiddin me?”

The debates would go on ad nauseum on TVs, papers, corporate websites, supported by twitter trolls until everyone agrees that anyone challenging the fact that the world is flat is a conspiracy theorist!

This would be the ultimate “reversal” of reality. Of course one should always remember Bernays admirer Nazi Goebbels’s favorite line that people can be lied to as long as they are shielded from the consequences of the lie.

The whole process of reversing the truth takes a long time in coordination with academics marking the regressive nature of the West since 1848.

Of course lies will eventually be trumped by reality. Once physical products are manufactured with earth is flat “reality” they would fail. The idea for the liar is to get greatest benefit until reality hits people.

Many Western people will hardly leave their comfortable zone, called “when ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise” until the devastating reality comes hitting them. And worst of all, they may not even be aware what hit them and continue to play into the hands of the liars even after they are exposed to the consequences of reality and not the reality itself.

The lie is now broadly exposed since the 2008 terminal failure of capitalism and people can no longer be kept from the consequences of bank frauds and subsequent bailouts when they go shopping for groceries, just like Bernays inspired Goebbels predicted.Yet there is no real understanding among the Western populace about the cause of the economic hardship and most unfortunately neither of the way forward.


[][][][][][][][][][] Conspiracy Theory: Capitalism Itself is a Conspiracy Against The People

On the one hand there are the Iraqis and on the other the Western troops, the oppressed and the oppressor. Now let us be objective, right? Being objective is good. Then both for and against arguments would be published on Western media(tor) which is also the ultimate truth negotiator. Of course they would not consider this approach with the Nazis for if they did there would be no point in taking sides in WW2.

In September 2003, almost 70% of Americans believed Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11. Yes, more than 2 in 3 Americans believed it. And that was the case in the age of the internet where a quick search would reveal the opposite in the so called conspiracy websites!

However most Americans never wanted to search for truth. Some were lazy but there is a much bigger incentive for not seeking the truth.

Truth is dangerous in the West! It would spoil Westerners’ happy lives as well as the lives of those who tell the truth. They chose to believe Saddam had a hand in 9/11.

Truth is called conspiracy theory by the bankers’ media. In fact the deceitful scheme called conspiracy theory was developed by Wall Street founded CIA in 1967 as a response to people’s rejection of the government explanation of the JFK assassination. Conspiracy Theory scheme was developed to ridicule truth seekers or anyone doubting government propaganda and to supress truth from dissemination.

Up to 2 million people were killed as a result of 9/11 and the WMD lie. The media showed the Western aggression as if it was a film and spread lies in their neocon networks such as the Banker’s Broadcasting Corporation also known as the BBC, Guardian of the City of London, NewYork times, WSJ, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others.

Years later, websites that started out at least on the surface as independent went full corporate like Huffpost and Drudge. Today there are many fake independent websites or coopted ones run by professional trolls.

Mark Twain had observed it more than a century ago. “It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either.”

In this environment of no real news and no justice, both were provided by TV comedy shows like in the show of banker stooge Jon Stewart. Viewers would laugh it off and the TV justice would be instantly served! No need for pesky courts.

People thought Obama had the most campaign donations from the average folks but the truth was the opposite. It was revealed after the 2008 election that both candidates took most of their money from Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs. Who cared about this piece of truth revealed post-elections? Noone who voted for Obama.

And when the truth comes out thanks to courageous whistleblowers like Manning, Snowden and wikileaks’ Assange the media will either ignore or trivialize it before attacking the whistleblowers. The heroes of the West would be called traitors.


[][][][][][][][][][] Learning About The Society One Lives In From the TV

The people learn about each other and the society they live in through the mediation of these banker/corporate controlled sources and hence they are ignorant of the true condition of the people or the society around them. So when they hear unemployment is down they would blame themselves if they are unemployed even though the true unemployment figures are much higher and the unemployment is a systemic problem rather than personal, at least for most of the people. They do not have a sense of the others unless they go to free and independent websites or less censored microblogging sites like Twitter.

(They would speak under Western influence. Sir, are you under Western influence?)

As Mark Twain astutely observed it is easier to fool people than to convince them they are fooled.

[][][][][][][][][][] The Bigger The Lie, The Better

Western big lie is much bigger than what the system insider George Orwell said in “Ignorance is Strength”.

The truth is polar opposite of propaganda as in “Aggression is Defense” one may see in naming US Defense department which initiated or took part in over 200 overseas wars and coups since the end of WW2. It was called War Department during WW2.

And then there are subtle yet powerful lies that come from controlling the language, like saying main stream media (MSM) instead of banker media (BM).

Media mirrors politics as an exercise in false choices, in TV debates, in articles. Hence Western shamlections follow.

Yes at times truth would be told in Western media too, but only when it serves bankers’ agenda or when these media corporations need to stay relevant faced with an increasingly uneasy Western population or when they can no longer hide and they need to frontrun the people who tell the truth.

[][][][][][][][][][] Historic Warnings of Thomas Jefferson 200 and of Upton Sinclair 100 Years Ago

True American revolutionary leader Thomas Jefferson’s 1807 quote about newspapers is spot on. Even then he noticed how people were misinformed by the media and this was worse then not knowing anything. Jefferson was right 200 years ago, it is easier to inform the ignorant than to change the mind of the misinformed.

“The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors.” 1807

“I had for a long time ceased to read newspapers, or pay any attention to public affairs, confident they were in good hands, and content to be a passenger in our bark to the shore from which I am not distant. But this momentous question, like a firebell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. I regret that I am now to die in the belief that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776 to acquire self-government and happiness to their country is to be thrown away, and my only consolation is to be that I live not to weep over it.” 1820

One can see his desperation towards the end of his life.

New York Times ex-editor John Swinton’s 1880 quote “Journalism is intellectual prostitution” and real journalist Upton Sinclair’s courageous and very important work about the American media in early 1900s actually prove how long Western media’s Big Lie has been going on. Western generations were born into lies and have died into lies over centuries. Yet people wonder how come Americans are so brainwashed?

To top it all, the most prestigious American journalism award is named after the founder of “Yellow Journalism”, false propaganda, Pulitzer.

CIA ownership of the German media came to light in Germany when the editor of a famous German media outlet came forward in 2015. Operation Mockingbird of the 1960s is well known and even listed in western controlled Wikipedia. The ownership of Western media by the Wall Street banker founded CIA is now known but is greeted with a big yawn from Western populace too eager to count on their fraudulent savings and retirement packages.

[][][][][][][][][][] WESTERN ACADEMICS (SOCIAL KIND)

The power that drives social fields in the West (US, Europe, Israel and Western vassals) is the money given/gifted to academics and writers. The papers, the articles, presentations, research grants, speeches are mostly reverse engineered to fit the conclusion the payment requires.

Wherever in the West one turns to, the 100 year old saying by the long forgotten real journalist and writer Upton Sinclair, “It is difficult to make someone understand something if his salary depends on not understanding it” holds true.

The relationship between the money powers and the universities is out in the open for everyone to see, though at times under the table through grants, scholarships, columns, think-tanks and speech arrangements.

The role a Western academic plays in society is best described by the Nazi supporting Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays’ quote, who is taunted as the founder of public relations in Wall Street:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Not coincidentally, Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels highly valued Bernays’ work.

Academics are instruments of Western governments. The more famous the academic or the writer the more likely s/he is a sellout, though there maybe exceptions.

Nobel piece and literature gifts are particularly important for Western propaganda. Two war criminals Kissinger and Churchill were handed Nobel peace and literature gifts respectively.

There was a great article I have seen many years back which showed the monies given by the FED to the economists topped 400 million dollars per year, supposedly for research, speech, papers etc. In reality it was given to promote free market dictatorship by spreading FED propaganda!

And to think, educated people read these academics on internet blogs, newspapers and watched them on TV thinking they were independent voices.

Academician filled think tanks would form not only US government policy both domestic and foreign but also provide talking points and canned cleverness to the university educated, liberalized masses to further spread the propaganda.

There are so many of them that American Empire would run out of tanks before it runs out of think tanks.

[][][][][][][][][][] Academic “Predictions”

The predictions Western academics in political fields make are anything but predictions. The prophesy of neocon Samuel Huntington in his book “Clash of civilizations” in the early 1990s which was based on the work of imperialism-supporting historian Bernard Lewis is a clear example.

This thesis, a non-prediction, was nothing but a 20th century euphemism for Religious Wars or Crusades. A similar work was published by war criminal Breszinski in 1996, The Grand Chess Board where a need for a new Pearl Harbor was mentioned.

Very specific predictions indeed by neocon academics, those misfortune tellers! Somehow, who knows how, these predictions come true.

Breszinski was among those who created/supported Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan back in the 1970’s against Soviet Union’s socialism and there is a photo which shows him handing a weapon to non other than Bin Laden.

Western Academics are instrumental not only in shaping domestic and foreign policies politically but also economically. Milton Freidman of the Rockefeller founded University of Chicago advocated free markets devoid of coercion throughout his career yet became an advisor to one of the most brutal dictators in history, Pinochet to implement free market reforms in Chile! This is not hypocrisy, this is a Big Lie.

Unfortunately Naomi Klein had constructed her criticism in Shock Doctrine as if IMF and other banks needed any natural shock to implement their policies. Bankers would create their own shocks in military coups (1980) or financially (2001) like they did to left leaning prime minister Ecevit in Turkey – for refusing to participate in West’s criminal war in Iraq. Interestingly one of the Bush administration officials is rumored to have said “We are an empire and when we move we create our own reality”. Whether someone said it is irrelevant because all Neocon actions prove it as a political reality. Just like when Bush is reported to have said “Constitution is a Goddamn piece of paper.”

Hidden from the public is the relation of the cause of real life events. Prediction is based on disowning the cause. A stock manipulator may well “predict” the fall in prices of the stock he manipulates. That would make him not only rich but also a market guru. Western academics rather than predict help shape policies they supposedly predict together with the government and the bankers.

Western governments buy people to foment trouble in the countries they target and then their media depicts the rebellion as a natural uprising of the local people. Needless to say this opens the door for “liberal humanitarian interventionism” a euphemism for imperialist war, like in Syria, by using mercenaries and terrorists against the legitimate secular elected government of Assad.

[][][][][][][][][][] Academic Job: Hiding Banker Owned Governments’ Conspiracies

The long list of proven and admitted government conspiracies would never make a dent on the beliefs of the Western educated masses. They would never think that when a government with all its agencies including the justice department conspires it would be extremely difficult for it to surface. Instead of thinking a number of proven conspiracies as the top of the iceberg as logic would have it, they would swear them as harmless exceptions without ever thinking why should there be any exceptions!

[][][][][][][][][][] Western Hi-Story

[Like every criminal wanting to hide evidence of its crimes, many complicit Western academics would bury history under piles of deception, omission and verbal booby traps. By looking at the legacy of its graduates in social fields like economics, management and hi-story one can conclude that Harvard University’s logo must read Frauditius, unfortunately for humanity, it is Veritas.
One of the major academic tricks in the West is the extreme division/compertamentalization in social fields.] The division of subject matters into strict specializations make sure academics can’t see the big picture of human experience even if some would want to: History is fragmented and as such people can rarely find the truth by looking at existing knowledge. Those who try cannot see the big picture. For the sellouts, money and its politics is the only driver.

[Albert Einstein, scientist, author of “Why Socialism?” had a proposal for a people oriented education system in 1948 right after the end of WW2. Unfortunately not even American leftists have heard of Einstein’s socialist writings.
All the good Western people fighting against capitalism are kept hidden in the Western hi-story.]


I remember like yesterday when I told my high school friend Mustafa who was a chess player like me, that chess computers could never beat top chess players. That was in the early 1980s.

Less than 20 years later IBM Deep Blue computer beat Kasparov then the world champion. When I had made that statement back in high school, I was closely following physics research and tech news, yet I had never thought chess would be possible to master for a computer given the immense number of chess move probabilities.

Years later, I became a mechanical engineer with an MSc degree. I no longer make such statements as I know what capabilities scientific and technological research offers. And I know it can be scary.

Top scientists like Hawkings, tech billionaires like Bill Gates try to bring public attention to the dangers artificial intelligence and tech advances may cause to society and human life. They rarely talk about the danger within the context of capitalism but since anyone can see government sanctioned fraud around the Western world and how easy it was and it is for the West to wage wars based on lies, it is clear that capitalists can easily outdo Hollywood villains. Joker in Batman (especially in the first film), Skynet in Terminator and Matrix are all too real or too close to reality.

Technology advances in every country, including those that are not capitalist like China and Russia but it is the US led capitalist West which has an agenda for world domination and since WW2 was involved in over 200 wars and coups against countries which refused to be their slaves, killing tens of millions of people that technology presents a grave danger.

There are immensely useful, life saving advances in technology, both in the West and elsewhere, especially in biotech and genetics research. Major illnesses like cancer, HIV and other chronic diseases are treated thanks to these developments. Advances in organ transplants, robotic prosthetic limbs and genetic therapies help people around the world.

And of course there is the internet which I see as the greatest advance of all. Today knowledge is available to the public like no other time in history. It has unleashed an advance almost similar to the invention of writing in Sumer.

Internet is the only viable venue for truth tellers, most important tool in the path to freedom from slavery. It gives people an opportunity to defeat the lies of capitalism and reclaim hidden history. It provides an opportunity to gather online and discuss, to organize in real life whether for a protest or for entrepreneurship or a film project.

Since the early 2000s technological advances took on an exponential path. New discoveries gave way to others and more importantly advances in material sciences, computer technology made existing research more applicable. Thanks to software and supercomputers, genetics and biotech fields saw major jumps forward.

Especially artificial intelligence is closing on human intelligence. In recent years a computer beat top Jeapordy winners in Jeapordy. In 2016 a computer program beat Go world champion a game even more difficult than chess for a computer to master. Some artificial intelligence programs do better in IQ tests than average university graduates!

Add genetics and robotics developments and it becomes scary.

Ending capitalism and bringing people to power would greatly curb the risk of evil people destroying society and human life.


[][][][][][][][][] THE WAY FORWARD IN 6 STEPS


Correct diagnosis of any problem is the first and the most important task in solving it. Any solution must address the root cause(s) of a problem. Unfortunately, people are distracted away from the real issues by the Banker/Corporate owned media and the political parties/leaders. The way forward out of this economic depression (terminal failure of capitalism) and the political mess in the West is only possible with a correct diagnosis of the underlying problems as well as applying correct solutions that address these problems.

Equally important for the people with a clear conscience is to take charge and inform people. If you agree with any of my statements below, feel free to use them in your tweets, blog posts, internet site etc.


The problems cannot be solved by those who have created it. Only the people with a clear conscience can bring about real change with a good direction.


For peace, secular social state, equality, justice, freedom and entrepreneurship:

Out of Capitalism in just 6 Steps!




[][][][][][][][][][] 1. End Private Bank Bailouts


People are forced by Western governments to bail private bankers out with their taxes and price increases (inflation). Anyone who supports capitalism should pay for bankers’ wealth.







[][][][][][][][][][] 2. End Tax Havens!


Why would do the banks/corporations, the rich pay little to no taxes?

This goes against the equality of men legally established since 1789!






[][][][][][][][][][] 3. End Private Banker owned/controlled Western Central Banking


or Start People Ownership/Scrutiny of Central Banks





[][][][][][][][][][] 4. Start Structural Reforms!


Only the people can bring change and NOT the money managers. Unemployment caused by tech progress and especially of university educated, environmental issues, health care costs must be immediately addressed.





[][][][][][][][][][] 5. Support National Interests


and not the banker/corporate interests!


Say NO to all divisive politics based on race/religion/gender! These only serve the interests of the bankers/corporate rulers!





[][][][][][][][][][] 6. People’s rights can only be protected with a WORKING JUSTICE SYSTEM


under people’s scrutiny.


People’s globalization based on mutual respect among nations is the wave of the future like Ataturk had predicted 100 years ago.












[][][][][][][][][][] BEWARE OF FAKE SOLUTIONS


p((<>{color:#000;background:transparent;}. Fake solution: Any solution that does not address the CAUSE of massive income inequalities, poverty and imperialist wars is a fake solution!


p((<>{color:#000;background:transparent;}. Fake solution: Huge Income inequalities are a result of the failure of capitalism. The likes of Piketty do not address the workings of capitalism but only with its results, hence they are frauds.


p((<>{color:#000;background:transparent;}. Fake solution: Basic Income within Capitalism is Fraud! It does not touch the real causes of income inequalities and poverty nor the major issues of imperialist wars. It would create bankers and robots societies where people are converted to passive zombies.


p((<>{color:#000;background:transparent;}. Fake solution: Any politics/parties based on divisions of religion, race, gender. Any divisive effort to distract people’s attention from the real issues of capitalism.


p((<>{color:#000;background:transparent;}. Fake Solution: Any politics that supposedly protects national interests but is imperialist in its nature (Neocon/Wall Street/London/US/ EU/Israel/Western vassals’ wars)! Any such politics that violates international law.


p((<>{color:#000;background:transparent;}. Fake solution: Any solution that involves small government but does not challenge government ownership by the bankers and their corporate cronies. A government may be small and efficient in robbing people in order to pay banks/corporations. Libertarians should take note.



People look at each other but never above to see who rules them over. So Capitalism/bankerism easily cast people against each other. Divide and further divide.


- If you want to support small businesses, entrepreneurship, justice and social justice END the tiranny of the bankers, their puppet politicians and their lying media (=capitalism)! Support the people and not the bankers/big corporations!

- Thinking a 17th century system, capitalism, can solve 21st century problems is similar to trying 17th century medical practice today, like bleeding people to death as treatment.

– Better to support ideas and find out who’s sincerely defending them than be loyal to political parties and leaders. Otherwise it’s Western Politicks, demockracy, shamlections again and again.
– Smoking kills, capitalism kills many more! And unfortunately it is more difficult to quit capitalism than smoking.]

[][][][][][][][][] GREAT QUOTES from Ataturk, Marx, Lenin, Mao, Jefferson, JFK, Chavez, Rousseau, Hugo, Twain, Brecht, Goethe, Steinbeck and more

Adding quotes. “Sovereignty, without any condition and reservation, belongs to the nation.“ Ataturk

“The Republic of Turkey can never be land of sheikhs, dervishes, disciples, cohorts.“ Ataturk (Note: disciple meaning a member of interest group/lobby/secret society)

“Only people with free minds can save their nation.” Ataturk

“The foundation of the Republic of Turkey is culture.” Ataturk

“Nations who make habit of living comfortably without learning, hard work and tiring will first lose their dignity, then their freedom and ultimately their liberty.” Ataturk

“Our true mentor in life is science.” Ataturk

“They call us nationalist, but we are such nationalists that we show respect and interest in every nation that will partner with us and we recognize all the realities of the nationalists in these countries. Our nationalism is neither egotistic nor arrogant.”

“I am proud to have never deceived my nation with my promisees and actions.”

“No victory can be a goal. Victory, is only a means to achieve a higher goal. That goal is an idea, no victory without an idea can live long.”

“Humankind is made up of two sexes, women and men. Is it possible for humankind to grow by the improvement of only one part while the other part is ignored? Is it possible that if half of a mass is tied to earth with chains that the other half can soar into skies?”

“Education is what makes a nation free and glorious or slave and poor.”

“A nation whose judiciary is not free, cannot claim statehood.”

“If a nation’s existence is not in danger, war is murder.”

(Ataturk has been wounded and escaped death in two decades of wars including the Gallipoli War as an officer of the Ottoman Army , then waged the War of Independence against British led Western invasion at the end of WW1, eventually founding the Republic of Turkey)

“We are only the enemy of those who are the enemy of humanity.”

“My people are going to learn the principles of democracy the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will, every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow men.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

“Those who use religion for their own benefit are detestable. We are against such a situation and will not allow it. Those who use religion in such a manner have fooled our people; it is against just such people that we have fought and will continue to fight.”


Address to Turkish Youth

Your first duty is forever to preserve and to defend the Turkish Independence and the Turkish Republic.

This is the very foundation of your existence and your future. This foundation is your most precious treasure. In the future, too, there may be malevolent people at home and abroad who will wish to deprive you of this treasure. If some day you are compelled to defend your independence and your republic, you must not tarry to weigh the possibilities and circumstances of the situation before taking up your duty. These possibilities and circumstances may turn out to be extremely unfavourable. The enemies conspiring against your independence and your republic may have behind them a victory unprecedented in the annals of the world. It may be that, by violence and ruse, all the fortresses of your beloved fatherland may be captured, all its shipyards occupied, all its armies dispersed and every part of the country invaded. And sadder and graver than all these circumstances, those who hold power within the country may be misguided and may even be traitors. Furthermore, they may identify their personal interests with the political designs of the invaders. The country may be impoverished, ruined and exhausted.

Youth of Turkey’s future,

Even in such circumstances it is your duty to save the Turkish Independence and Republic.

You will find the strength you need in your noble blood.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

“The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles.” — Marx

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” is a Chinese proverb. “Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.” is attributed to Marx.

“Capital is dead labour.” — Marx

Convinced as I am and as I am from my government that the world needs a new moral architecture over all I believe that this should be the first topic to debate in our world of today, ethics, moral.” Hugo Chavez

I smell sulfure (referring to W. Bush) in UN room. Chavez.

“In the United States, the government is bailing out banks, intervening in the economy, yet in Latin America, the Right continues to talk about ‘free markets.’ It’s totally outdated; they don’t have arguments; they don’t have any sense.” Hugo Chavez

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.” – Thomas Jefferson

I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. Thomas Jefferson

One man with courage is a majority. Thomas Jefferson

The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it. Thomas Jefferson

“There are decades when nothing happens, there are weeks where decades happen.” Lenin.

“Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.” Lenin

Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend. Mao Zedong

Political work is the life-blood of all economic work. Mao Zedong

Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners. Vladimir Lenin

Fascism is capitalism in decay. Vladimir Lenin

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen. Vladimir Lenin

Democracy is indispensable to socialism. Vladimir Lenin

Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. Thomas Jefferson

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind. John F. Kennedy

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

We cannot expect that all nations will adopt like systems, for conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. John F. Kennedy

Why should man’s first flight to the moon be a matter of national competition? Why should the United States and the Soviet Union, in preparing for such expeditions, become involved in immense duplications of research, construction and expenditure? John F. Kennedy

Falsehood has an infinity of combinations, but truth has only one mode of being. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Virtue is a state of war, and to live in it we have always to combat with ourselves. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo

“What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?” Bertolt Brecht

It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either. Mark Twain

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark TWain

“Happy slaves are the bitterest enemy of freedom”. Marie von Ebner Eshenbach

“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” – Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, 1841

“It has always seemed strange to me… the things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second.”

John Steinbeck Cannery Row (1945)

Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace

What is capitalism, really? Almost all definitions out there is based on hearsay or wishful thinking. Correct diagnosis of any problem is the first and the most important task in solving it. The way forward out of this economic depression (terminal failure of capitalism) and the political mess in the West is only possible with a correct diagnosis of the underlying problems as well as applying correct solution. Equally important for the people with a clear conscience is to take charge and inform people.

  • Author: Mehmet Kurtkaya
  • Published: 2016-10-30 14:50:24
  • Words: 18036
Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace Ataturkist Manifesto: End Capitalism for Freedom and Peace