At Ninety-three Can I Tell You Something?

At Ninety-Three

Can I Tell You Something?


Mario V. Farina

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Some people feel that when a person has reached the age of ninety-three, he or she should be considered old. I don’t agree with that. Just because a person has reached an advanced age, doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has reached old age!

It has been said that a person’s age is only a number. Yes! That is true. However, remaining a viable member of society has nothing to do with numbers. It has more to do with how a person feels about himself or herself. Are people are required to behave differently when they are thirty from when they were twenty-nine? Of course not! Are they required to behave differently when they are forty from when they were thirty-nine? Not at all! Are people are required to behave differently when they are at any age from when they were at any other age? I don’t believe so!

It is absolutely possible for a person at any age to be as capable of contributing to the welfare of society as any other person regardless of age. Age is not mandated to be a limiting factor. It’s my opinion that, barring health issues, the only limitations that persons place on their abilities to lead a useful life at any age, are imposed by the individuals themselves.

Some people feel that various stages of life call for different manners of behaving. That may be true to a limited extent. When one reaches middle age, one should behave befittingly; when one reaches an older age, a person’s behavior should moderate accordingly. But what is middle age? What is old-age? There is nothing on any calendar that determines this.

Are you sixty-five or older? Do you feel it’s time to retire? No? Then don’t do it! Do you feel it’s time to stop being of service to humankind? No? Then don’t do it! Do you feel it’s time to stop savoring the pleasures that life offers? No? Then, by all means, don’t do it! There is no law, written or unwritten, that decrees you cannot continue to follow your yearnings at any age at which you may happen to be.

I’m ninety-three. I written this book to celebrate the event and to tell you how I feel about my life at this stage. Much of what I say is unadulterated opinion. I don’t claim to be the last word in anything! However, you may consider some of what I say to be of interest. You may even be inspired by some of what I say. That is why I ask whether I can tell you something?

When one has reached the age of ninety-three, or any age, how does he or she move forward? The same way that one moves forward at age twenty, thirty, forty, and others! That is, by making plans for the future and adhering to those plans.

I have come to believe that everyone, regardless of age, needs to have three objectives continuously in mind; one for the short term, a period of several days to several weeks; one for the intermediate term, a period of several weeks to several months; and one for the long term, a period of several months to several years.

As an example, a short range objective could be to have the appearance of the front entrance to your home improved. An intermediate range objective could be to take a sightseeing trip to the Grand Canyon. A long-range objective would be to learn a new language; for example, Spanish.

I believe that, in life, one should accomplish something! Something that will continue to live after he or she has ceased to do so. It might be a building, a painting, a book; something that will declare that the person lived on this Earth for a period of time and left something behind to give evidence of that fact. (This book is the 165th one that your author has written and published in Shakespir!)

At age ninety-three, or at any age, will you be acting presumptively by making plans for the future? Will you be stating that you have the ability to defy the natural laws of life and death? Of course not! You will simply be declaring that you intend to live fully every day of the rest of your life!

You may recall the saying, life begins at forty. When I reached forty, I found that this observation was indeed true. And so it was when I reached fifty, then sixty, then seventy, etc. I’m ninety-three. My life began at ninety-three. You can make your life began at any age!

I want you to believe that you can enjoy life and be of service to humankind at any age. Your life began this morning! Rejoice in this! Live every day of your life with supreme zeal! Live, love, create, accomplish!

At Ninety-three Can I Tell You Something?

  • ISBN: 9781370701414
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-08-13 08:05:07
  • Words: 885
At Ninety-three Can I Tell You Something? At Ninety-three Can I Tell You Something?