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At Last They Were The Same Age

At Last

They Were The Same Age


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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This is a tale about a happy marriage that took place in Biblical times.


The beautiful young woman named Lynn was 25 and her fiancé, Victor, was 50. He was 25 years older than she and members of both families pointed out that this difference in ages would make their marriage impossible.


The couple loved each other deeply and felt that their ages would not make a difference if they married. Much opposition continued to be expressed from the parents of both lovers. The couple talked about the problem and decided that they would go ahead with their own plans.

Despite the fact that Lynn’s age was only 50 percent of Victor’s, the couple got married anyway and settled in for a happy life together. The families were horrified and predicted bad times for the couple.


The years went by and the predictions did not come true. Still, they continued their opposition.


Twenty-five years passed and the couple was still happily married. Victor got a computer as a birthday present, and, using Excel, worked out a program analysis of the age difference. The machine pointed out that Lynn’s age was now 75 percent of Victor’s. Lynn was 75 years old and Victor was 100.


Many years further into the future when Lynn was 225 years old and Victor was 250, Victor went to the computer again and found that the lovely Lynn’s age was now 90 percent of his. The families of the wedded couple finally stopped complaining about the age difference. Victor was now only 10 percent older than Lynn.


Time passed and when Lynn was 475 years old, she was 95 percent as old as Victor; and when she was 5,000 years old, she was 95-1/2 percent as old as he. When she was 157,000 years old, she was 99.99 percent as old as Victor. But there was a mystery that bothered both parents. They could not understand why Lynn was getting closer and closer to Victor’s age! They were worried over the fact that Lynn seemed to be getting older faster than Victor.


On Lynn’s 500,000th birthday, it was found that her age was 100.00 percent of Victor’s. The couple decided that no matter how much older each became, they would not calculate their ages any more since they wanted to avoid the risk of having Lynn become older than Victor. The members of both families agreed this would be a good idea, and everyone lived happily for a long, long time forever, ever after!



At Last They Were The Same Age

  • ISBN: 9781311650672
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-06-24 05:20:12
  • Words: 496
At Last They Were The Same Age At Last They Were The Same Age