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Assassins Creed Resurrected


Veen R

Assassins Creed Resurrected


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Original Title: Assassins Creed Resurrected

Veen, 2015

Ages : 0 and up.

Classification : Game, Fiction, Fantasy

I am really grateful to all for supporting me to finish this book. This Story revolves around the life of Desmond Miles after the events of Assassins Creed 3 where he eventually dies at the end. Is he really dead.

I have tried to make this really simple and give an effect of a movie while closely sticking to the AC Storyline.

Assassin’s Creed is a historical fiction action-adventure open world stealth video game series that consists of nine main games and a number of supporting materials, as of 2015. The Franchise is owned by [*Ubisoft *]and not me.


[* *]

  • Resurrected
  • The New Assassin
  • The Crystal Skull
  • The Conversation
  • Voronino Kills Voronino
  • Juno’s Assassin
  • The Fight In Time
  • Epilogue


“In a few short months my life changed forever. I know my easiest days are behind me, but I don’t want them back – not now. My name is Desmond Miles, and I am an Assassin.”

―Desmond reflecting on his past, in the Black Room. 

—“This is a total fiction revolving around the events occuring after Assassins Creed 3 where Desmond dies. Did Desmond really die?”—

What choice did I have, not releasing Juno or saving the entire human race, which appears more important, yes I took the choice to release Juno and save all the fellow humans and thus gave up my soul. Why did I do it, why sacrifice my soul for others, Because I’m Desmond Miles.

People thought I was dead after I touched the sphere, but I felt my soul still living but unconsious.Minerva saved me after I touched the sphere and I was carried to some strange place. When I regained my consciousness ,there was Jupiter,Minerva and Durga standing there awaiting for me.

Am I god now?

No you aren’t, neither are we. We were in existence just before you said Jupiter,the same answer to the question.

Jupiter was unhappy about my decision of freeing Juno. All of them were in a state of tension. I stood there silently while they were seriously discussing about something.Then Jupiter came facing me and he said “We have decided to give you an another opportunity to right your wrongs.” What does that mean, I stayed confused and puzzled. They have decided to give me rebirth again in Earth and wanted me to find and stop Juno.They also gave me a Piece of First Civilization, Time Stone.

Time Stone had the capability to make the holder travel across time and change the events of the time.

Durga was kept in charge over me. And so I was resurrected back in Earth as Detro Milan somewhere around India. Yay that’s who I am now, Detro. I was born to the Milan bloodline. I grew under the guidance and training of Durga, Durga taught me everything from martial defence to inner peace and also trained me to use the Time Stone. I retained all my memories as Ezio, Altair, and Kenways but did not have the clear view of Desmond life, just remembered some glimpses of Desmond, while the fact that I am Desmond. Durga told it was for the good of the people he cared for. I did my training continuously and gained my rank of assassin again.

Durga handed me my weapon and Time stone and thus named me Assassin Detro. To use the Time Stone, one must have complete control over his mind and body to use it properly. If the Time Stone is not used properly, it may cause a rip in the timelines, a time paradox and the user may get stuck in a paranoid world between timelines.

So Durga wanted me run a test on how I use the Time Stone. She ordered me to travel across time to where I killed Lucy Stillman at the vault and kill Lucy because she was a Templar. It was a big shock to me, I never knew what happened at that time, maybe this was the reason. The ME from future controlled me at the vault when this happened.This is the Time Continuum of events.

So with my full concentration, and my full thoughts on the time i needed to enter, I activated the Time Stone. A white beam of light filled me and I could not see anything but white around me. Once again it felt the same way as I was in the animus and there I was in the vault as Desmond Miles standing in front of the apple with Lucy on my side. Lucy suggested me to take the apple, but my mission is to kill Lucy. I was really tensed,and i couldn’t. I couldn’t kill Lucy, because of the soft side I had for Lucy. So I reached and took the apple as Lucy suggested and when I did, an external power entered Desmond’s body. It was Juno that tried to take the control over Desmond body. We both fought vigorously over Desmond’s body. But Juno was overpowered and easily defeated me. So Juno took over Desmond and killed Lucy with the hidden blade and I couldn’t stop it from happening. I tried to stop Juno right there but my efforts went vain. Then Juno left Desmond body forcing me to out of the body, and Desmond fell into Coma. The Time Continuum remained the same as before.

So I activated the Time Stone and reurned back to the real timeline. I was worried Durga would be upset on me, but she was pleased and said I had passed the test and that I was ready and left. I didn’t say about Juno as it remained a personal revenge for me.

The New Assassin

Am I really ready, a question lingered in my mind. But I beleived in Durga and accepted to become an assassin again.Juno isn’t gonna wait for me to come and stop her. She has been busy finding her way to enter into the world in some form, and so neither should I wait for anything. Durga guided me into a room, a room filled with euipments of an assassin. A room with awesomesness filled in it. Stood in the centre was an Assassin costume. Durga said it was for him and this was his training hall. It might not be the best of armor piece that i wore but it perfectly gets itself the modern era look fed in it and looked awesome by looks. I loved the costume.

           I am Detro Milan and I am an Assassin.

Durga said I must stop Juno at all costs and also said that it was time for Durga to leave him. Durga’s mission was to resurrect Desmond and prepare him back as an assassin to fight against Juno. Now that Durga has successfully completed her mission, she prepared to leave. It was now left entirely on me to fight Juno. 

Durga advised me to defeat Juno at all costs and use all the required and useful resources to defeat her. And so saying this, she left me and joined the other First Civilization Members leaving me a hint on Juno current location and condition.

Currently Juno’s consciousness managed to inhabit the equipment brought to the scene by the Abstergo forensics team looking for Desmond’s body. From there, she spread through the web to inhabit a wide variety of networked systems; “the Grey”, as it was called by John Standish, an IT employee working for Abstergo Entertainment and a reincarnation of Aita. Aita was the husband of Juno in the First Civilization. Aita has taken control over an Abstergo employee and has been trying the possibilities for Juno to enter the world. I needed to go to the Abstergo Industries to stop Aita. There was a teleporter in the Training hall at one corner. I used the teleporter to reach the location and set the destination. So I was teleported exactly to the the set location. But I was too late. When I reached there, found John lying on the ground with shot wounds and nearly dead state. The room was sealed from outside and was no one else than John.

I rushed to John and tried to ask him about Juno, but he was not in the state to answer the questions. He was in a state of neither dying nor living. “Crystal Skull, India,Nanda Reckino” was the last words uttered by John before he requested me to end his life. I believed there was something about these words, as no one would be lying at thier end. So with these words I ended his life with my hidden blade. Though Aita might incarnate in some other form, his life as John Standish has ended. Another Sage may arise soon.Wait doesnt that make me too a sage.??

The Crystal Skull

I teleported myself back to the Assassin Training hall. 

Crystal Skull,


Nanda Reckino,

what do these really mean. India is currently my position. Nanda Reckino maybe the name of someone in India and Crystall Skull is a piece of eden involving communication and observation. But there are three types of Crystall Skulls and which skull did John mention. There was only one who could say how all this were related, Nanda Reckino. 

I spent hours thinking and searching the internet who this Nanda Reckino might be, but not even a hint about this person. Finally a idea bolt strikes my brain, if John has said this name, he must someone known to him and as it was his death words, who were those people related at that time. Eventually it was me and the Abstergo Analyst who was under John’s influence. So I contacted Abstergo and verified whether Nanda Reckino worked there, and I was totally right. Nanda Reckino is the employee of Abstergo Entertainment that was assigned to the Sample 17 Project. I also confirmed his address to India. I became overjoyed and shouted “We did it,Shaun” forgetting the fact I was the only one in the hall. My lonely side striked me, I needed someone on my side and I am restricted only from my old team only. Glimpses of Desmond memory glimpsed again.

With the address from the Abstergo, I tried using the teleporter again, but it showed the warning recharging.The nearby sign said the teleporter can be used once every 24hrs. So this time I needed to use the external transport to the location. I met Nanda at his house. I enquired him about the John, he said eveything that he know, but there was nothing about the Crystal Skull. I insisted him to say about the Crystal Skull. But Nanda said he has never heard anything about the Crystal Skull. He wasn’t lying from his emotions. 

I am stuck at the final point. If he doesnt know where the Crystal Skull is, why did John direct me to him. Did John lie, or is Nanda lying. What if both of them said the truth. Maybe Nanda may not know it,but his inner mind might. I had a way to find it all, Time Stone.

I left the place thanking Nanda,and back to the training hall. Once again I activated the Time Stone and this time ,zoooom, the same white light filled around me and travelled back into time.

This time I entered the body of Nanda Reckino at his moments with John. I am the inner mind of Nanda. I was at the end of the pointed gun by John. He wanted me to accept Juno as a host. John said “I am a Aita and all I need is my Juno back, I am incarnated as one of your puny kinds. All will stop when Juno enters the world”.He also said about Crystal Skull 2 that he had and also disclosed its location to Nanda, but technically it was to me.Then John syringed Nanda with some kind of chemical.

I left his body and travelled back to the present time.The Time Stone reminds me of the experience of the Animus, where I relived my own ancestors memory and by Time Stone I do the same with others memories.

So now I know the location of The Crystal Skull 2. It is in the cabin of John secretly hid from others. But there arises the problem, I cannot access that cabinet in the Abstergo Industries directly from who I am. So asked help from Nanda, and he offered his help and went to Abstergo to fetch me the Skull. Nanda successfully got the skull from there and gave it to me, though the real reason he was there was to quit his job. I offered him to stay at my place, but he refused and went to his place. This loneliness is killing me, I really needed someone to support by my side. 

The Conversation

Once Nanda left the place, I started inspecting the skull. It was Type 2 Crystal Skull and is ability is to record live events, so that it can be playbacked when needed. So I tried to trigger the Crystal Skull, but nothing seemed to happen. I was really confused on how this Crystal Skull would be of help to me. But some instinct forced me to use the Eagle Vision ability and when I did use the Eagle Vision, I saw it. I saw the playback of the Crystal Skull in Eagle Vision mode. It was a playback of a conversation between Juno and John Standish.There stood John Standish with the Juno in glitch like structure.

The Conversation preceded as,

Juno: Aita, we must carry out our plan quickly as possible. I can feel myself getting more bonded with the Grey. If I am fully bonded, then I cannot enter back to the real world.

[* John:*] Don’t worry Juno, you can take over the Abstergo employee body as soon as he reaches here.

[* Juno:*] The Host must be in a fully acceptable state or must have lost their mind, else I cannot take them as host.

[* John:*] If he doesn’t accept you dear, let me induce him with this syringe which will make him out of mind, then you can control him.

[* Juno:*] If anything does go wrong with this plan, I will carry out Plan B. If I cannot enter back to this world, I will make all those people enter the Grey and their they will be my slaves once they trap themselves over there.

[* John:*] How is that possible Juno?

[* Juno:*] I control the Grey Aita. I can travel through this world through this network,by which the world is connected and also through time where these network is present.There are two ways Plan B can procede. One way is to slave the people through the Abstergo Entertainment’s latest console through which I can drag them into the Grey.The Second Involves Voronina, a member of the Assassin Order, working as a scientist in a cell located in an old Assassin laboratory in Protvino.

John: How could Voronina help us, that too a member of Assassin Order.Are you nuts?

[* Juno:*] I am not nuts, its Voronina who is nuts.Voronina has built an Animus and has been testing it. I am using that Animus to trap many assassins to the Grey. She has been under the Bleeding effect and that makes her a easy target for me.

John: Good plan Juno dear…………. Someones coming, think it might be the fool, act as per plan and go now.”

And thus the playback ended giving me the entire vision over the plan of Juno. How could she really think of this. The world being connected more day by day, the more powerful Juno is becoming. But this time I know where to stop her. I must head to Voronina and warn her and stop her Animus while Shaun and Rebacca should stop the Abstergo console. So I wrote a blank addressed letter to Shaun about the Abstergo Console and its process to trap people into the Grey and wished the letter reaches Shaun or Rebecca in time.

Its once again time for the Time Stone to get in action. This time I needed to reach Voronina sometime around the middle of 2013. Activated the Time Stone with thoughts of the timeline in mind. The white light around me and when it cleared I saw myself in middle of a forest of an unknown location. I travelled in every direction to find myself still stuck in the forest. The Time Stone has landed me somewhere else and the reason is me, my feeling of loneliness has distracted my thoughts and thus landing me in this unknown location and time. The moment I was feeling about my loneliness, I felt a company behind me. It was a White Wolf the half the size I was. It started chasing me as I ran. The chase was really intense that I couldn’t run no more, so I activated the Time Stone back to training hall and the white light filled again around me, but this time in it with me was the Wolf too. Both me and the wolf was transferred back to the Hall.

The Wolf was petrified by the time shift and also fell to the ground tired. I gave it food and tried to calm it down. Now the wolf was scared of me. After having the food the wolf fell asleep. I was really happy to have it with me and felt it like my friend. My loneliness seemed to vanish with the Wolf around here. The Wolf remined me of Ratonhnhaké:ton, so I named the wolf Raton.

Though this event did make me happy, I have a mission to carry on with Voronina.

Voronino Kills Voronino

“What happened to us? What happened to our future? What kind of world am I leaving to my twin girls?”―Voronina

This time with my full concentration on the destination time, I activated the Time Stone and I landed at correct time in form of a halo spirit like thing. I couldn’t stop Juno because she has already possesed over Voronino, which had happened the moment after she escaped from the Abstergo industry trying to host Reckino. Now Juno is using Voronino and forcing other Assassins as test subject for the Animus that Voronino has built, thus traping them into the Grey. I tried to enter Voronino but Juno has some kind of force field blocking me from doing so.

The only way now left for me is to stop Voronino externally by killing her. She doesn’t deserve it but it is the only way. To do so I needed a really powerful person. Gavin Banks was whom that I chose here. Gavin Banks was the leader of the Assassins Order in this timeline. So from my Halo spirit I entered into Gavin and took control over him. Gavin could give order to any of the Assassin and he was stationed at the boat named Altair II.

By using Gavin Powers, I ordered to team up Emmett Leary and Emmanuel Barraza and wanted them to investigate the Lab of Voronino and also explained about to them about Voronino losing her mind due to the animus. I gave them the mission to stop Voronino activities and also gave permission to end at her life if needed, thus planting the idea of killing Voronino in their mind. Thus they left for their mission.

Both Emmet and Emmanuel travelled to Protvino. The team was joined by Galino Voronino, whom was discovered as daughter of Voronino. Emmet body tried to explain about her mother condition to Galina.Emmet said that Galina mother has gone insane due to the Animus she built and must be stopped immediatly. Galina has escaped from the other lab where she and her twin sister were forced into Animus, while she retained her mind in focus escaping the bleeding effect. So seemed to know clearly over its effects and was Ok with ending her mother’s misery. Thus planting the idea to Galina was also successful. The team travelled together to Voronino’s Lab and broke into the Lab.They found Voronino strapped to the Animus and babbling about a lost husband and the Grey, while images of Juno appeared on monitors on a nearby wall. Galina went near her mother and started crying. She tried to kill her mother Voronino, but she hesitated and couldn’t do it. So I took control over Galina. Voronina was subsequently put out of her misery, when I through Galina plunged her Hidden Blade into Voronino. At the same time, Juno screamed and disappeared from the monitors with an angry emotion. 

I defeated Juno for the first time, I stopped her plan. This is the start of downfall of Juno. With a happy mood, I travelled back to the Hall and spent some time with Raton while explaining my victory over Juno.

Juno’s Assassin

For the first time,I have defeated Juno’s Plan. A big victory to me against Juno. Shaun has also been working to stop the console developed by Abstergo and he is gaining success over it with the help of Rebecca and other Assassins. Though I have stopped Juno’s plans, I haven’t stopped Juno. Juno is still free out there seeking ways to enter back into the real world and devicing plans to do it. But its up to me to stop the plans of Juno and keep her trapped until I find a way to destroy her completly out of existence. 

It has been four weeks since I heard about any activities of Juno, she must have been in silence knowing the presence of me to stop her plans. I spent time training and my free time with Raton. I wondered why Juno didn’t attempt to kill me though she knows of my presence. But soon got an answer to my thought. One day, entered my training hall for my training session when I found Raton in ground severly injurned and unable to move, and at the straight opposite found an Assassin, well a most different Assassin from others of us. He was totally armored in metal suit, with a Assassin Insignia in the chest and his hidden blades were in some light form.

He intoduced himself as Jinon, an Assassin from the future sent by Juno. He said he was sent here to “erase me off the timeline” and left in a machine, i planted a tracer bug to the machine before he left in it. But I couldn’t understand what he said, but was sure he was here to kill me. I activated the Durga’s GPS device connected to the tracer and looked up on it for the location of the machine. It showed a location near Nanda Reckino’s house. So I used the teleporter to reach the location and when I reached there, I saw nothing over there, neither the machine nor the Assassin. But the device still showed me same location where I was and I couldn’t find Jinon there. Then finally it struck me hard in the mind, the machine might be a Time Machine. Jinon was to erase me off the timeline, destroying me in the past before all these events happents so I would not be there to stop Juno. This is Juno’s plan. When am erased, Juno’s two plans would be occuring without any problem. I must stop Jinon at once, so I rushed back to the training hall, took the Time Stone and travelled back to the time when I first went to meet Nanda. 

But now I must be really carefull that I do not disturb myself from this timeline else its going to change the future events that has happened. The time continuum must remain the same. I used the GPS device to locate Jinon and went to him. Jinon was getting prepared to kill me of that timeline.Went near him I tried to stop him by words. I said both me and him were assassins and we must help each other. But it rathered appeared Jinon was just a mercenary under Juno’s influence as he started attacking me. It was a fierce battle between the two of us. Both me and Jinon were not giving up the fight. But his weapons were more advanced and gave him an upper hand in the battle. With a big chop with his hidden blade, he cut through my blade and broke the time stone. The Time Stone was completely destroyed and it dragged both of us into a world of parallel timelines.

The Fight In Time

I felt myself travelling through time, but with no stop. The worst that Durga feared is happening, getting stuck in a world of parallel timelines. But Jinon still did not give up the fight. The fight continued even over here. He is the worst of all the enemies i hav ever had. He was totally overpowered over me.

But here the fight was totally different, a minute I fought him as Detro and next I was suddenly fighting him as Ezio and suddenly as Altair and all my other ancestors. The ancestors are helping me fight Jinon. It was a battle of me and my ancestors against Jinon. With all powers and strength of my ancestors I was able to defeat Jinon and his body disappeared across the parallel timelines. But I was still stuck in this world unknown what to do.

Its been several hours since am in this parallel timelines world. I coudln’t find a single way to get me off it. Suddenly Durga’s training came to my mind. I started concentrating on my time and meditated with a calm mind. But i felt a certain disturbance from doing so. When I opened my eyes I saw a halographic appearance of Juno and she started speaking with me.

Juno : Hello there, Desmond or should I call you Detro.

Detro : Stay away from me.

Juno: I am here to help you out of here. 

Detro : Do you think I am a fool Juno, its because of you that I am stuck here.

Juno : And I am glad to help you out of here on one condition.

Detro : What is it ?

Juno : Once you escape back to your time, I want you to join me and help me get back to the real world as I am doing now for you. A Fair Deal.

Detro : In your dreams, thats never going to happen.

Juno : Think wise and answer, I give you one more chance.

Detro : I rather rot here than joining you.

Angrily I punched through Juno with my blade.

The halogram of Juno gradually disappeared and took another form. It was Aion, one who controls the time flow. He was sent here by Durga after she telepathically sensed me. But Aion wanted to test me whether I was a worthy one and so tested me as Juno and I did prove my worth to Aion by not giving up myself to Juno. So Aion helped me and put me in the timeline where I was missing and he also gave me an another Time Stone which he had. Aion promised me that he wouldn’t allow Juno to time travel getting her stuck in the time and deep in the gray until another Sage is found.

Here I am back in my time successfully stopping another plan of Juno. Juno has lost everything she can use to enter back into the real world, her sage, her time travel ability and is stuck in the gray and is a least threat to the world. Juno is just a glitch in the real world now and could not currently do anything. A real victory to me.


My Name Is Detro Milan. I am an Assassin.

For the time being I have defeated Juno making her just a useless glitch in the real world. She cant get out of the Gray and all her supports have been destroyed. The Project Phoenix has been also destroyed by Assassins Group led by Gavin and so no sooner is the next Sage of Aita will be found. Even Iniatives are recruited by Assassins to find and stop Sages. A Real Victory over Juno.

Whatever she may be planning for the future, Detro, nope Desmond will stop her at all causes. The Time for now is safe from Juno.

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Assassins Creed Resurrected

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Assassins Creed Resurrected Assassins Creed Resurrected