Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age

Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age

A Series of Channelings

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Copyright 2015 Katy Simmone

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1: This Book’s Purpose

Ch. 2: Introduction: About Me

Ch. 3: What is Channeling?

Ch. 4: Trance Channeling

Ch. 5: My Channeling Process

Ch. 6: Common Questions about Channeling

Ch. 7: About Aristotle, Our Past Lives, and Channeling Him

Ch. 8: 6/25/10 Aristotle’s First Telepathic Message on World Peace

Ch. 9: 4/20/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #1 on the New Age and Wanting to Write a Book

Ch. 10: 4/25/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #2 on The New Age

Ch. 11: 4/26/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #3 on New Time, Vibration Quality, Thought Awareness, and More

Ch.12: 4/27/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #4 on Dream State, Multidimensionality, and Sensing Vibration

Ch. 13: 4/28/15 Aristotle’s Video Trance Message #5 on New Age, Cleansing, Compassion, and More

Ch. 14: 4/29/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #6 on The New Age, Releasing Quickly, Flexibility, and More

Ch. 15 4/30/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #7 on The Earth’s Shift, the Heart, Power of Breath, and More

Ch. 16 5/1/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #8 on Our Gifts, Meditation, Power of Your Heart, and More

Ch. 17 5/5/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #9 on Altruism

Ch. 18 New Method of Channeling: Iterative Channeling Process

Ch. 19 5/6/15 Aristotle’s Iterative Message #10 on Reasonability

Ch. 20 5/7/15 Aristotle’s Iterative Message #11 on Commitment and Promise

Ch. 21 5/8/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #12 on Assurance

Ch. 22 5/9/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #13 on These are the Days, Turning Inward, and More

Ch. 23 5/10/15 Pliny the Elder’s Telepathic Message #14 on Immortality and Eternal Faith

Ch. 24 1/25/15 Altun Hans’ Telepathic Message and 5/16/15 Altun Hans’ Telepathic Message #15 on Opportunities, Mindfulness, and More

Ch. 25 5/18/15 Aristotle’s Iterative Message #16 on Power of Music, Sound, Listening, and More

Ch. 26 5/25/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #17 on Heart Space, Life Lessons, Helping Others, and More

Ch. 27 5/27/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #18 on During this Revolution, Equilibrium, Our Power of Creation, and More

Ch. 28 5/28/15 Pliny the Elder’s Telepathic Message #19 on All-Knowingness

Ch. 29 5/30/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #20 on Understand Yourselves, Become Aware. and More

Ch. 30 5/31/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #21 on We are Not Alone, Early Man, Your Evolvement, and More

Ch. 31 6/3/15 Asgard’s Telepathic Message #22 on the Power of the Moment, Gratitude, and More


Connect with Katy Simmone

We are all evolving souls, who have chosen to incarnate on the planet Earth, to realize our divinity, and to become fully this.

~Katy Simmone

“You have a purpose-to become naturally the Divine Being that you are!

You shall touch and walk in the Truth of How You Have Been Created.”

~ Aristotle, Channeled Message #21 5/31/15, excerpted


With much love I thank my very special husband of many years, Timothy Simmone. Without his enduring, daily support in me and the work I do, this book would never have left my computer. His never-ceasing belief in me and patient encouragement provided me with the strength, stamina, and faith necessary that I needed to fulfill my “Divine Function” as a messenger for Beings of Light and Love.

In deciding to incarnate on this planet he is sharing this amazing and surprising adventure of life with me. I thank my husband for not bolting for the door in the cusp of my awakening during which I experienced highly unusual, psychic phenomena and for not thinking that I had turned into a mad woman.

I thank his soul for recognizing me instantly in this lifetime during that fateful first day when we met in Honor’s English of my sophomore year in high school. He was a complete and clear conduit to his soul’s desire in finding me and then asking me to be his life partner after college.

Our matrimonial union was divinely inspired and fated. We continue to be blessed in our sacred matrimony, not only in form but in the truest of depths of holy commitment.

Ch. 1 This Book’s Purpose

Aristotle’s Specific Request to Me

I wrote this book on behalf of and at the direct request of Aristotle, the one who provided the majority of the channeled messages in this text. This, of course, is Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher and scientist who died in 322 B.C.

In April of 2015, through telepathic transmissions, Aristotle specifically asked me to share his messages in a book to help people understand the “New Age” in which we are currently evolving. The intent of these writings is to help people become aware of how the Earth is growing and how all will be affected by the unfolding of “the Plan.” I have been chosen by such Beings, as Aristotle, to provide these crucial, critical transmissions at this juncture in time. These teachings are pertinent to everyone’s evolutionary growth.

The Audience for this Book

This book is for everyone who is drawn to it, open, and ready to hear the words shared within its pages. That you are reading this now means you must have heard and answered your soul’s yearning for such information in your life at this present moment. To understand this book there is no requirement for a certain knowledge base in spirituality or metaphysics. I have provided explanatory information where needed. What is needed by you is only faith, trust, and hope in the words delivered.

Connecting to the Beings

Because we are eternal beings, our consciousness continues on even after physical passing in other dimensional realms as Aristotle’s consciousness has. There are such Beings, such as Aristotle, who exist in higher frequencies which many cannot discern with their physical senses. I am able to telepathically hear some of their broadcast communications, thus making it possible for me to relay their important information to others.

About Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age Channeling Series

In April through June 2015 I channeled twenty two messages, the majority of which were from Aristotle. Four of the messages were from three other Beings of Light and Love, who stepped in his behalf, including Pliny the Elder, the Altun Hans, and Asgard.

The following is an excerpt taken from Aristotle’s first message that I channeled on 4/20/15. This regards what he wants to impart to others and what he wants me to share through this book:

“…I want you to write a book. I want to help you….I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down, and put it out there for others to read to learn about my work. I have many things I am working on right now…

There are many new changes for everyone, for the air, for the sky, for the plants, for the dirt, for the trees. All is changing. This is a New Time, a New Age, an age of rapid growth and acceleration for many human beings. I have come to tell you this to let others know they are changing fast. They are changing every day. You are similar…You have experienced rapid changes in your systems. This has allowed you to do this work now, to communicate telepathically, with me and many other fine, Light Beings…

Much help is needed by many who have received the call to duty to serve in this way. I am included. I have come to share my words to teach you and for you to share with others. Now is the time for you to be aware of how your planet is growing and how all things will be affected on many levels for many generations to come…”

While trance channeling in April of 2015, Aristotle recommended I should sit down every day to receive a message from him. I was told the morning hours would be optimal for this work, because I have more energy and alertness at this time.

This is a channeled message, excerpted, from Aristotle on 4/25/15:

“…All human beings should realize the climactic changes taking place currently on the planet Earth as of this time, many new changes to help many. Understand it is part of all of your awakenings. A New Time! A New Era! A New Dawning in human history! It has all been planned for, this acceleration at fast speeds to take place. This is a good thing and a necessary requirement for advancement to the New Age.

Each and every one of you is important for each person’s development allows others to follow. It is a ripple effect of high design. Trust in us, the fine Beings, who are helping to usher in this New Age of Equanimity. ‘Tis a grand time of opportunity and aligning with your life purposes, which each of you has been designed for, individually.

I am Aristotle. I have come to you at this time to share aspects of the Plan. Do not forget. Be reasonable. Take time daily for a period of inner contemplation. For it is from within much shall flourish, came forth, and shine the light for others to follow.

In your good graces, I shall leave but return many times to share other such important news to help you…”

I called this series of channeled messages “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age” because of their common theme. I also included in this book the first channeled message I received from Aristotle in June 2010 and a message from the Altun Hans from January of 2015. I refer to these Teachers of Light and Love such as Aristotle as “Beings” in this book.

The channelings are inspirational and revealing. There are also practical channeled exercises for you to integrate into your life daily for your well-being and to induce self-healing.

Shifting into the New Age, the Aquarian Age

Presently, we are experiencing a massive, major transition of spiritual transformation and healing on a planetary level. For some human beings, these times may be volatile. December 21, 2012 was the completion of an astronomical event: the 26,000 year solar cycle during which our sun was in orbit around the Pleiades. This date was regarded as the end-date of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mayan calendar. For hundreds of years the Mayans and many other ancient tribes of the world had foreseen this event happening. It has been foretold in multiple prophecies. December 21, 2012 also marked the beginning of a New Age.

Following this date for roughly the next 2,000 years every human being is to experience a dramatic shift in their perception of reality and how they perceive the world. All of the Earth’s inhabitants will shift as well, including the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms. The planet will be shifting from Third Dimension, otherwise known as 3D consciousness, to the 4D, and then to the 5D consciousness of enlightenment. This will bring humanity into the Aquarian Age, which will be one of a harmonious world, unified in peace, and well-balanced. Prior to this for the past 2,000 years, the Earth was in the Piscean Age. This is because the astrological ages last for approximately 2,000 year durations.

The Plan

The terms “The Plan” and “Grand Design” are mentioned in a few of the channeled messages, which I share. I sense these terms represent themselves clearly; they denote an overall high level, powerful design and conception for the purpose of Creation’s evolution. The Plan is well thought out by the Beings involved and has specific key details.

This is an excerpt from the eighth channeled message from Aristotle on 5/1/15 in regards to the Plan:

The Power of the Plan is strong and pervasive through all these things, all creation…There is a primary purpose for all things and people. Do not doubt this.”

My Divine Destiny

Writing this book is my Divine Destiny, part of my “prime directive” and duty to do so. I am a “spokesperson for the New Age,” (from Pliny the Elder’s channeled message #14 in this book), a “designated representative,” and “prophet” for various Beings from beyond. (The preceding terms in italics are directly channeled.)

In a channeled message from the Altun Hans in January of 2015 in this book, I was told the following:

You are a herald whose prominent function is to disseminate this information for others to understand and feel comforted by these changes rather than overwhelmed so that stability is kept.”

I am a messenger of hope and inspiration of words from the Beings. I know this because I have heard all of this telepathically, myself, on many occasions. In channeled message #18 of this book Aristotle stated the following in regards to my role:

“…You have come to share information to others, to increase their knowledge base, and to help with their expansion…”

In addition, I have telepathically heard many times I made “a promise”, “a vow,” and I convinced the “Elders” I should come to Earth at this time and to be of service in this way. (The preceding terms in italics are directly channeled.) I have heard telepathically when you receive a gift, you must give back. This book is part of my giving back, fulfillment of my obligation, and my life contract.

My function in writing this book is not to reiterate what is already readily known and that has been publicly shared about Aristotle, his background, and prior teachings but to disseminate new, information, which he felt was pertinent to share at this time.

In May 2015 I received a trance channeled message that I will be writing many more books.

My Personal Purpose in Writing This Book

Through my writings, teachings, and channelings, I would like to help you raise your consciousness and to increase your open-mindedness to the possibilities of high level, magnanimous intelligences existing in other realms of existence and dimensional frequencies, who are helping mankind. I want to help you become aware of the opportunities to have communications with them. We are not the only intelligent Beings in this Universe.

My Hope for You

My hope is by sharing these beautiful and uplifting messages, you will better navigate your own life. They will help you to more fully understand the times we are in as well as your role in them, help to increase flow and grace through all your challenges, and help you to receive much needed illumination. On many occasions in other channeled messages, which I have not shared in this book, various Beings have let me know to share their words to help others. That is their hope and mine as well.

Organization of this Book

Very deliberately I organized this book. I thought it was imperative I explain about myself and the channeling process upfront as a helpful, explanatory antecedent to the channeled messages. I know each of my readers comes from their own unique backgrounds with a varied range and depth of knowledge in spirituality and metaphysics. Some readers have a precursory or introductory level of understanding with others being more advanced and familiar with the topics I presented. Therefore, I felt it was prudent and a prerequisite to include some preliminary information upfront at the beginning of the book before sharing the channeled messages.

About the Channeled Messages

I have noted in this book when the messages were trance channeled, telepathically channeled, or iteratively channeled. Some of you may not be differentiating or concerned with these differences in channeling style, but for those of you who are more discerning, I have included this additional detail for your benefit.

I provided introductory background information to some of the messages as necessary. Purposely, I did not include my commentary on the interpretations of these messages. I want your consciousness to have its own, unique experience in receiving and absorbing the content, fully and integrally. I wanted to avoid possibly distorting, skewing, or slanting the messages with my personal translation.

I made a decision to organize the channeled messages by the chronological dates in which I received them. I defer to the Universe that this ordering was preplanned, not happenstance. Therefore, I honor the order of the messages that I received them in and presented them in this same time sequence for this book.

As a practical matter I did not organize the channeled messages by subject matter. This was because many times multiple subjects were presented in a single message. There were only a few messages, which were isolated to a single subject. I also did not want to “dissect” the messages and pull out specific sections to fit into a certain subject matter. This would have broken up the messages. For your benefit, I wanted to keep the integrity of the entire flow of the messages from their introduction to their closing as I received them directly myself.

The messages are in the form I channeled them in with some minor editing for grammar, punctuation, and reordering of some of the lines for more clarity, coherence, and better flow. I value the channeled words imparted to me the way they came in. Therefore, I was very careful in the editing process.

I have added the days, times, and locations that the channeled messages were received, where and when it was available. Within the messages for this book, I have also added subheadings for helpful summarization of the content for the reader.

Recommended Ways to Read the Messages

Set aside special, quiet time in your day to read the channeled messages. Create this much needed sanctuary for yourself. For maximum benefit I recommend you read the channeled messages, slowly, without rushing through them. Take the time to pause frequently when reading to contemplate the words shared. Reread the messages often as there is much valuable content for you to assimilate and absorb. It will be worthwhile to do so.

If there is a time when you feel out-of–sorts emotionally and need words of upliftment, encouragement, or comfort, I suggest you reference the channeled messages in this book. Be guided intuitively or spontaneously to the proper channeled selection for yourself to lift you out of your desolation and doldrums.

Ch. 2 Introduction: About Me

My name is Katy Simmone, and I am a psychic life adviser and an advanced channeler of Beings of Light and Love. I provide life wisdom from beyond. My Divine Destiny is to be a messenger for these entities, whom I refer to as Beings, and to share their inspirational, uplifting messages to humanity. These Beings exist in other dimensional frequencies, which many cannot discern with their physical senses, but that I can hear telepathically.

My Chronicles on My Blog

I have been told telepathically my “specific function” is to share what I know and how I acquired this wisdom, as well as to chronicle my psychic experiences in an “expository fashion” (the preceding terms in quotes are directly channeled) since my spiritual awakening in 2009. I share these on my online blog, which is part of my website, www.SoulEvolutionCenter.com. My work can also be found on the Soul Evolution Center LLC Facebook page, Soul Evolution Center YouTube, and on the Soul Evolution Center show on www.Blogtalkradio.com.

My Spiritual Awakening

I had a sudden spiritual awakening in the spring of 2009, which catapulted me into the throes of a major transformation. It forever changed my life. This is when I consciously began to realize for the first time in my life that I am a spiritual being having a physical existence for the purpose of my highest evolution. I began to look out into the world with a new, expanded vision, a heightened perception of awareness, sensitivity, and a higher level of consciousness. My inner vibration was raised.

My spiritual awakening began with me embarking on a practice and discipline of sincere “self-improvement”. I wanted to liberate myself from such feelings as judgement and anger. I yearned to become a better person and to be at peace as much as possible. At the time, I was not familiar with such spiritual terms as enlightenment and transcendence, which is really what I was aspiring toward. Somehow, my inner being naturally navigated me towards these higher, evolutionary desires.

Diligently, I began saying many positive affirmations, repeatedly on a daily basis, to improve, what I thought of, as personality flaws. Just to give you an idea of how committed I was, I would repeat up to 80 affirmations a day with enthusiasm and heartfelt attention.

For the first time in my life in 2009 I started meditating and doing spiritual yoga. I released emotional burdens I had been carrying around, consciously and unconsciously, for years. I did forgiveness work in regards to my family. I also asked, telepathically, many times with much heartfelt intensity “How can I serve humanity?” From these activities, my inner frequency was raised to a higher vibrational level. The following occurred as a result:

Extrasensory Perceptions and Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs)

During my spiritual awakening, I developed the six “clairs” or psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, claircognizance, and clairsentience. I also started seeing light forms, like orbs, mists, sparks, bands of light, and energy with my physical eyes in the environment around me. Some of these light forms are Beings, who present themselves as light.

When I look with what I call “soft eyes”, I also see auras around people and all things as a beautiful halo of golden white light. These are all forms of clairvoyancy, the psychic sense of seeing. No one else I was with could see these light forms.

I also experienced other psychic phenomena, such as having lucid OBEs, during my sleep state. My dream time changed dramatically. During these times I participated in spirit crossovers, travelled to other dimensions, and interacted with extraterrestrials. I have shared some of these experiences on my blog.

Clairaudience (Telepathy)

My strongest psychic sense is telepathy, which is a form of clairaudiency, the psychic sense of hearing. I receive much of my information this way. I receive it in my own thought voice, not only for clients, but for myself regularly, during a typical day. Throughout the entire day and evening it comes in spontaneously and randomly. It is especially strong in the time right before bed and immediately upon waking up, while still in bed.

If I quiet my mind just a little and slow down my self-talk, I almost always hear a mumbling in the background of my mind. It may not be readily discernible, but I can hear it. It is like the Beings are always there. That is the way it is: our etheric Guides and Angels are always there communicating to us to help us on our life journey. Becoming conscious of this is a matter of becoming still, tuning in, and connecting with them.

My Numerology

The level and rapidity of my spiritual awakening is explained by one of my key numerology numbers, the Life Path number, which is eleven, the number of the spiritual seeker.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. Each one of us is born with a set of unique numbers. Numerology is based on the premise that each number has a unique vibration and therefore a unique quality. Numerology is used to understand a person’s personality, emotional reactions, strengths and talents, weaknesses, drive, challenges, opportunities, and inner desires. It also shows us the manner in which we interact with others.

I strongly encourage you to learn your major numerology numbers. It is very interesting and often very revealing. It can help you understand yourself, your nature, and your life. There are numerology websites which will offer this service and your numerology reports to you for free.

I have reread my numerology report many times on different dates. Each time I reread it, I receive further understanding about myself.

The Life Path Number

The Life Path number is considered to be the most important number in your personal numerology. It is who you are at birth and how you will move along your life journey. It is calculated from your date of birth. The birth month, day of birth, and year of birth are added together to arrive at a total. Next, this four digit number is reduced to a single digit or master number.

My Life Path Number of 11

My numerology report showed my Life Path is the number eleven. Eleven is considered a master number in numerology. The Life Path of eleven is the most sensitive and intuitive number of all the numbers. It also represents one who is a seeker of spiritual enlightenment. People with the Life Path eleven are here to use their gifts of sensitivity and intuition to help others.

My Alien Background and More

Since my awakening, what I have heard telepathically is at many times surprising. If it was not coming in telepathically in my own thought voice, I would not have believed it myself and questioned it. Because this was all new to me, I found the information I received surreal and fantastical.

I have heard I am a fifth-dimensional being on the sixteenth level, a star seed, a hybrid, and I have been genetically modified. I learned I had been rescued, and Archangel Michael had participated in this rescue. I also received fuzzy, clairvoyant images of this as well to confirm what I was being told.

Telepathically, numerous times it was made known to me I am an “indigo”, an angel, an oracle, and I have Christ DNA. In the summer of 2015 I heard repeatedly telepathically I am an Arcturian, a type of extraterrestrial that some may be familiar with and from which other channelers have received messages from.

Many of these terms I had to research and learn more about because I was not familiar with them on a conscious level. Some of my research shed little light on my understanding as there was minimal or conflicting information.

My Feelings about My Background

To be honest, though I received this unusual, telepathic information about myself directly, I maintain my emotional balance and stability. I do not get overexcited, caught up, or arrogant about this information.

As I look back on my life, I am thankful for the technical, formal training I received in my college and masters level education in the fields of mathematics and accounting. These studies helped me to cultivate a specific thought system, which trained my mind to become more analytical, rational, and logical. It helped to balance the yin and yang aspects of my energy. Therefore, it is easy for me to stay grounded and not get carried away with the incredulous types of information I have received about myself to date.

Further specific details about these aspects of my background that I received telepathically have not been revealed to me as of this point or else I would have shared them. I have detached from this expectation of knowing more. I trust in the Universe’s guidance to provide more explanatory information to me when the time is right. All is in Divine Timing.

How I Learned How I Could Channel

I attended my first angel messenger class in 2009 to learn to connect with the Angelic Realm and to give readings through Angel oracle cards. An exercise to channel Ascended Masters was done in the class. Ascended Masters are high level Beings, who once lived on the Earthly plane. Their mission is to help humanity.

From this class, I learned I could receive information telepathically in my mind in my own thought voice when I asked for guidance on a question. I channeled my first written paragraph from the Ascended Master, Master Kuthumi.

This is how I learned I had the ability to channel, to receive messages from Beings that did not exist in the physical world but in other dimensional realities. In 2014 and 2015 I heard telepathically I “operate on multiple frequencies,” which explains why I am able to hear some of these Beings’ communications.

Other Beings I Have Channeled

Since first channeling Master Kuthumi, I have channeled over forty different Beings, who have delivered technical and inspirational messages to help humanity. In April 2015 I telepathically heard the term “ultra-high frequency” was an accurate way to refer to these Beings. I sensed the Beings preferred this nomenclature and to them this was more accurate.

I have received messages from humans-in-spirit such as Aristotle, Edgar Cayce, Benjamin Franklin, Ghandi, Jesua, and Pliny the Elder. These are Beings who once walked the Earth in human form.

I have also channeled the Angelic Realm, Archangels, and other Divine Beings. In addition, I was able to connect with my invisible, etheric helpers such as my Guides, Teachers, and Doctors. These Beings are helping me during my Earthly incarnation. You have such helpers as well. We all do.

At Soul Evolution Center I teach private evolution coaching classes on how to connect to your Guides. You will learn specifics on how to do this. This class is available to everyone privately or for custom small groups by phone, Skype, or online. I also hold workshops on this subject.

I believe this may be the first time a channeler has received messages, knowingly, from certain Beings. I say this because many times, when I Google these Beings’ names, whom I have channeled, I do not receive any hits on the internet.

In 2009 I asked for a group of light and loving Beings to work through me to provide guidance, hope, and affirmation to people’s life’s questions through readings. That is when the Channel of Five to Eight connected with me. I sense they are not from Earth as some of their vernacular and use of terminology suggests this. Nevertheless, they provide high level counsel. Since then, I have channeled them, as well as Edgar Cayce and the Angelic Realm, during readings to provide guidance to clients’ life questions.

During a client’s reading I voice channel, directly word for word, in a very light trance. It is as if the Beings are talking to the client through me. They act as high level, gracious, and compassionate teachers. They are honest and diplomatic about helping clients on their life path. To learn more about my reading services, please see SoulEvolutionCenter.com.

It is amazing and beautiful we have the capacity to receive information from Beings from beyond who want to help us and with whom we are able to communicate with. After my spiritual awakening, I realized I had experiential, direct knowledge of other alternate realities and intelligences existing in these realities. I had experienced this first hand in my communications with these Beings, as well as in my OBEs.

Prior to My Spiritual Awakening: Hearing Voices

People ask me if I have been psychic all my life. The answer is “no”. Prior to 2009 I led a normal, traditional life. I had not experienced any unusual, psychic development; however, as a child, I was always sensitive as I am a Cancer, which is an astrological sign of the water element.

The only psychic indicators I had prior was experiencing some clairaudiency in the form of hearing voices in my head as a child before drifting off to sleep at night. At the time, I thought it was my mother and father talking in the kitchen.

Into adulthood right before sleep I continued to hear these voices in my head. I would actually hear human voices. It was not in my own thought voice. It was like I was eavesdropping on people’s conversations. I thought everyone went to sleep this way and did not question this.

It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties, when I was out with one of my girlfriends that I thought to ask her if she heard voices in her head before going to sleep. I was surprised to find out she didn’t. When I got home, I asked my husband the same question. We had been married for over ten years. Again, I was shocked to learn he did not hear voices either! I asked my sister and brother as well and neither did they. I was perplexed, to say the least!

Years later after my spiritual awakening, I understood in this altered state of consciousnesses right before sleep I was able to hear Beings’ conversations. These Beings exist and evolve in other dimensional frequencies than our own.

My Career Change to Psychic Life Adviser

In the few years following my spiritual awakening of 2009, I made a drastic career change to becoming a psychic life adviser from being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in the accounting field. In 2013 I founded Soul Evolution Center in South Florida. Its mission is to help you evolve into your best life.

Love heals all. It is through love all is possible to everyone. It is with love, the Universal Energy, Spirit, and many Light Beings who guide us that the Center was set up to inspire, encourage, help, and support others to remember we are spiritual beings having a physical existence for our continued evolution. This is who we are, who we have always been. Some of us have lost touch with this in our busy, hurried lives.

At the Center, I help you in letting your glorious heart light shine through. This is everyone’s birthright. Living a life of joy, peace, unconditional love, and abundance on all levels, while we walk this physical plane, is an existence we are all entitled to and of which we are deserving.

The Challenging Transition to Surrender

The transition to spiritual service was not the easiest one for me to make. I had to release slowly over a period of six years my old value system, which attached success to job title and job prestige in more traditional career roles. It was a process, a gradual undoing of a superficial belief system, strengthened by societal indoctrination.

When I did Tarot readings for myself for guidance in 2009 and 2010 to understand the extraordinary psychic experiences I was having, many times I received the Death card. This is a major symbol. It is a marker of life transition, the end or death of one stage of your life and the beginning of another.

In addition to add to my discomfort of changing to a spiritual career, no one in in my immediate social sphere-whether they be friends, family or associates-was involved or engaged in such spiritual activities. I felt I was the only one in my circle to be in involved in the spiritual arena. This made it more challenging for me to accept this shift of my life to the unorthodox. Many times since my awakening in 2009 I would vacillate and question the unusual, drastic turn in my life direction to one spiritual in nature.

Admittedly, I was a reluctant author. If I had not heard it directly from Aristotle himself in a trance channeling through my own mouth in 2015 to do so, I would not have written this book. Becoming an author had never crossed my mind until Aristotle’s firm request of me. Prior to this point my attitude about writing books was that it was a lot of work, not my style, and I desired to spend my time and share spiritual knowledge in other ways! To say the least, my life became full of interesting surprises, revelations, and personal changes after my spiritual awakening!

In mid-2015 I could say I fully surrendered, accepted, and then embraced my Divine Destiny. When I did this, the telepathic stream of information I received on my life function and role was increased. It was reiterated dramatically to validate and affirm this career change was indeed the correct decision to make.

Now, I am happy to take what is gifted to me. I understand it is a “mutual partnership” or “association” between me and the Beings I channel, “extending beyond the Third Dimension,” the Earthly dimension, that we are currently existing in. (The preceding terms in quotes are directly channeled.)

I am not the Only One

This transformative life process I underwent and continue to experience is not unfamiliar to many as we realign to our life purpose. As Aristotle has channeled, many are undergoing such changes in this Age of Aquarius. Perhaps, you, too, are experiencing your own releases and shifts in your life, which may be causing you turmoil, discomfort, and you perceive as upheaval. Know you are not alone. These are part of the evolutionary changes going on many levels on the Earth at this time.

What I Do Now: Readings

Now, I have aligned myself completely and fully with my revealed life purpose of being a herald and spiritual teacher.

I offer readings to clients to provide guidance to their life questions, where I voice channel, word for word, guidance from high level Beings, including Edgar Cayce, who is a renowned American psychic in spirit, the Channel of Five to Eight, and the Angelic Realm. Besides doing readings by direct voice channelings, I also do Tarot and Oracle card readings.

Reiki Energy Healing

I also learned about energy healing. I became a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. Reiki is an energy healing technique, which uses the life force universal energy for self-healing, healing on others, including pets, for world events, and places. I offer private remote or long distance Reiki Plus energy healing sessions. In South Florida I teach Reiki I, II, and III Master/Teacher certification courses.

Classes, Coaching, Certifications, and More

Classes, readings, soul evolution coaching sessions, and certifications in Reiki, Tarot Basics, Oracle Card Readings, Intuition and Psychic Development, and Channeling are available. These can be taken live, by teleconference, by Skype, and/or online in private sessions as well as for custom small groups.

I am a published writer, including being a featured writer for the online International Spiritualists Magazine. I am a speaker and workshop facilitator on various spiritual and metaphysical topics. I have come a long way from my academic studies of mathematics in college and accounting in my Master’s program!

The Soul Evolution Center Show

In my Soul Evolution Center Show that I host on Blogtalkradio.com, I share various metaphysical and spiritual topics to help you evolve into your best life. I also share channeled messages from the Beings. This show is available as free audio podcasts on iTunes as well. The free episodes can be downloaded or listened to 24/7 at your convenience.

These channeled messages can be used as meditations for your healing and to raise your consciousness and vibration. I have been guided by the Beings to share it will be helpful for you to listen to these meditational messages a few times to help you assimilate it into your consciousness for expansion. Many of the transcripts for the episodes are shared on my blog at SoulEvolutionCenter.com for your reference as well and as a gift from me to you. So please read those as well.

What and Why I Share on My Show

During the show, I share my own experiences including psychic information I receive and how I receive it. I also may share my out-of-body experiences. In sharing my own personal experiences, I hope to teach you these type of experiences are also available to you and to what channeling is.

Ch. 3 What is Channeling?

For those who may not be familiar with the topic-“What is channeling?” allow me to explain. Channeling is the ability to receive information psychically from Beings that exist in dimensions other than our own. We currently exist in the Third Dimension, the Earthly plane. There are many other dimensions existing simultaneously along with the dimension in which we currently live and evolve. These dimensions oscillate in frequencies many cannot readily detect with their physical senses. Our senses are often limited to perceiving only our one dimension and the human beings, living creatures, and forms present within that vibration.

Who Can One Channel?

Who can one channel? In these other, alternate dimensions, there are highly evolved consciousnesses. You can also think of them as intelligences. There are many “non-ordinary” (the preceding term is directly channeled) Beings and energies which exist helping mankind.

You can also channel Angels, Archangels, or other Divine Beings. Since the onset of my spiritual awakening, these type of Beings are the ones, who have made contact with me telepathically over the past six years, to share their messages and help humanity through me.

I serve as a direct channel, which means I receive telepathic information from certain Beings and I can relay their information, word for word. I do this through my voice or by transcribing their messages on my computer as I hear their words come in telepathically into my mind in my own thought voice.

Higher Self

You can also channel your Higher Self, which is part of your consciousness that is all-knowing, complete, and knows everything about you. Your Higher Self is the real you, your total soul consciousness, transversing current, past, and future lifetimes. Your Higher Self exists as an integral and key aspect of your Divine consciousness. It is never separate from you. Therefore, it remains a constant source of information and guidance on your life journey on conscious and subtle levels. One way it communicates to you is through your intuition.

Your Higher Self knows your spiritual contract, which is the life plan you made for yourself before you incarnated on this Earthly plane. It has the instruction manual for your life as well as all your other lives. The you living here on Earth is just a single projection of the consciousness of your Higher Self. You are a multi-dimensional being, existing on many other levels of frequency or dimensions as well.

Everyone is Psychic and Channels

Everyone is psychic and channels or tunes into different frequencies. Everyone has the ability to channel to receive psychic information, which is not obtained from our six physical senses. We were born this way. This is our endowment. We are all wired for this. Many simply never develop this gift and ability or even have awareness of it!

We each channel in different ways and on different levels. Channeling occurs in various ways in accordance with many factors, including each person’s life plan and energetic blueprint. My ability to channel is directly related to my Divine Destiny during this Earthly incarnation.

I share my experiences and how I channel so you can learn to expand your consciousness to not only know there are other Beings who are here to help us but to help you explore the possibilities of being able to communicate with them.

Forms that Channeling Takes

In what form can one channel? You can channel single words, phrases, sentences, feelings, sensations, or other more theoretical concepts like ideas and precepts. Sometimes, the great idea or epiphany popping into your mind was channeled! Imagine that. So you can see what a fuzzy area this is and how some may not know they are channeling and thinking it was their own thoughts. You have been channeling all your life without even realizing it!

Spontaneous Channeling

Many people spontaneously channel throughout the day, without having awareness of it. It takes a certain amount of awareness and “keenness” (the preceding term is directly channeled) to recognize consciously when you are channeling. I have learned to develop and hone this awareness over the past six years since my awakening in 2009. I work and practice on it daily.

When I read some people’s writings, I can recognize when it is channeled. Many times these people are not even aware that they are the conduit! I especially observe it when people write differently than the way in which they converse. Their writing vernacular and style is sharply distinguishable from their verbal style. I have recognized this in some of my own friends’ emails!

Another example of being a spontaneous channel is when you share a resource or a recommendation to a friend, and your friend says to you “I was just looking for that.” Or you decide to contact someone out of the blue and that person says to you, “I was just thinking of you!” Spontaneous channeling is a common occurrence in our daily lives.

How many times have you experienced these type of occurrences in your life? These are more than just coincidences. These are all valid and real forms of channeling. They should not be discounted or taken for granted. These are examples of your amazing gifts!

Sometimes, I will channel automatically when I am writing an email to console a friend or even when I am writing a Facebook post or comment. It will just come in telepathically. Due to its more eloquent, gracious, and formal style of communication, I recognize it immediately as channeling and coming from beyond. Start noticing from now on if this happens to you when you write, send out emails, or communicate to others.

Becoming a Channeling Conduit

Whenever I have a great idea or insight, I have learned to say I was only the conduit for it-that I simply channeled the information. A high level Being or even my Higher Self could have channeled a great idea to me. It is hard to tell exactly where it came from because it comes in so fast into your mind and of course, without an introduction. So you see, this is a form of spontaneous channeling. You have been doing this all your life.

I cannot stress this enough. Everyone has the ability to channel and to receive psychic information from our extrasensory perceptions. Everyone has this gift.

My channeling ability is not extraordinary, but it is directly related to my Divine Destiny during this Earthly incarnation of serving as a herald for Beings, existing in higher dimensions. Therefore, my channeling abilities have been accelerated to serve humanity. I am able to receive complete sentences, including paragraphs of information from these Beings, to share with others to provide hope and inspiration. This is my delegated role.

Being “Psychically On” All Day Long

I know some psychics believe you should be “closed” psychically and to close your Third Eye chakra during the day or when you are not in a client session. Your Third Eye chakra is a key psychic center and gateway to your intuition, inner sight, and clairvoyance; however, I do not feel this is necessary for myself. I feel as evolving Beings, as we raise our consciousness, we are all going to be become telepathic since this is a natural progression of human evolutionary growth. Plus, I want to receive guidance for myself during the day, which I do. I do attempt to tune in as much as possible, and “stay on” during the day.

How to Enhance Your Channeling

Like so many things in life if you are aware and practice diligently, you can improve your channeling skills. Following are three ways to do so:

1) Listen to Your Thoughts

I have increased my ability to channel by becoming more aware of what is in my mind. I spend quite a bit of the day in listening mode. Instead of generating more thoughts, I listen to the thoughts coming inside my head. From this I discovered many of my thoughts are not my own, though they are in my own thought voice! I recognize them as coming from another source as the information is new, not related to what I was consciously thinking, or unusual.

A Quiet Environment and Inner Stillness

To listen well and hear clearly the telepathy, a quiet environment and inner stillness is highly recommended. In general, for me it is difficult to hear the telepathy, which often comes in very quiet and subtle, into my head. If there are extraneous, loud sounds in my immediate vicinity, it makes it even more challenging to hear clearly the guidance from beyond. The loud noises are very distracting, making telepathy nearly impossible.

A Listening Mode Exercise

This is a wonderful practice to get used to stimulate your clairaudiency or telepathy-listening to the thoughts coming inside your head. In doing this daily, you will begin to differentiate and to filter your own thoughts from those of the Beings’ guiding you or those from your Higher Self.

The thoughts coming from the Beings and Higher Self are often unrelated to what you were thinking of at the time. For me, their messages, words, or phrases come into my mind as a thought interruption or an interjection of my thought stream. With practice, diligence, and determination you will gain more confidence in your ability to receive telepathic transmissions from Beings and your Higher Self.

Now that you have learned about it, practice this listening mode exercise from here forward. This is a common, practical exercise, which Aristotle stressed in quite a few of the channeled messages in this book as well.

The Practice of Anchoring

Anchor this exercise of listening to key daily routine triggers throughout your day as reminders to you. For example, whenever you are in your car, listen to your mind. When you are in the shower, listen to your mind. When you check the mail, listen to your mind.

Tune in. Review your thoughts and your thought-processing, regularly and consistently. What do you observe? Whose voice and what do you hear inside of your mind? What intelligence may be trying to connect with you? On what level does it speak to you or move your essence of being?

The more you can incorporate this listening exercise into your daily life, the greater are your chances of success. It takes a will of determination and a desire to succeed. Do not give up! The rewards will be invaluable.

2) Slow Down or Minimize Your Self-Talk

This second method to increase your channeling skills naturally flows from the listening mode exercise described above. When you go into listening mode of your thoughts, you are not creating your own thoughts. Therefore, your self-talk is minimized and slowed down. This allows larger gaps in your thought stream for Beings and your Higher Self to communicate with you telepathically and through your intuition. It is crucial you slow your self-talk and mind-chatter. I encourage you to practice this and to develop this awareness of your self-talk to minimize it.

Your Self-Talk May Be Surprising

When you go into listening mode and hear your own self-talk, you may be surprised as to what you are telling yourself every day, many times a day. For many people, it operates like a record, playing over and over again in your mind. You may realize your self-talk is not self-empowering, it is hypercritical, judgmental, and possibly derogatory. This is an incredible, revelatory process, which will help to contribute to your own spiritual awakening and growing consciousness.

3) Connect to Your Intuition All the Time

Intuition: a Psychic Skill

Intuition is a type of psychic awareness. This usually manifests as clairsentience, the psychic sense of feeling or sensing, or claircognizance, the psychic sense of knowing. During my channelings and in my daily life I utilize my intuition. Recognizing and enhancing my intuition has helped me to become a better channeler.

Your intuition is your divine guidance and connection to your Higher Self. It is your personal GPS system to help you navigate through your life. Intuition is the delivery system in which your Higher Self gives important, helpful information to you. It helps keep you on your life path.

YOUR INTUITION SPEAKS IN A SOFT, QUIET VOICE. Because it is subtle, we often miss it or don’t feel like we hear it clearly. Then we may question and lack confidence in it. When you listen to your thoughts and decrease your self-talk, you will be better able to tune into your intuition. Your intuition comes from your heart, solar plexus area, your tactile awareness, and in between your thoughts.

The Practice of Using Your Intuition

Practice using your intuition daily. Your intuition is like a muscle that needs to be worked. Like so many other things in life, the more you practice, the better you will become at it. Whenever possible, when you need to make a decision, use your intuition. Start doing this practice even for the most mundane of activities and with every daily decision.

I would love to hear your personal experiences from the listening mode exercise, the practice of anchoring, slowing down your self-talk, and connecting to your intuition to receive guidance from beyond. Please share these in the reviews of this book.

Psychic and Intuition Development Basics Certification

At Soul Evolution Center I teach a Psychic and Intuition Development Basics certification. You will learn further specifics to help you connect fully to your intuition. This certification is available to everyone privately or for custom small groups by phone, Skype, or online. I also teach workshops on this subject.

We Are All Uniquely Created

Please do not compare your channeling abilities to mine. We are both uniquely created with different energetic anatomies and potentially different life purposes during our time here on Earth. Your Divine Destiny may be different than my specific one of serving as a herald of ultra-high frequency Beings.

Whatever form your channeling takes, whether it be a single word, phrase, feeling, sensation or an idea, it is still valid and valuable. Be thankful for the information you receive in whatever way it manifests. This gratitude will take you far in your life and increase the range of frequencies which you are able to tap into for further channeling.

Because of my increased awareness, I may be slightly unique, because I recognize many of the times when I am channeling spoken or written words. Sometimes, however, I do not have awareness of when I am channeling either. At times, I am just a natural, spontaneous channel like many of you are.

I also may be unique, sinceI channel complete written words in paragraph forms, where some people may only receive single words, phrases, or feelings. But you see my uniqueness in having this ability is all directly related to it being my Divine Purpose. Therefore, my channeling ability has been accelerated in order for me to carry out my “Divine Function.”

Channeling Basics Certifications

I teach a Channeling Basics certification course at Soul Evolution Center, where you can learn how to develop and enhance your channeling abilities. If you do not live in South Florida, where the Center is located, this certification class is also available to you by private session or for custom small groups, both live and online. I also hold workshops on this subject. I want to make it available to everyone. More detailed information is available on my website SoulEvolutionCenter.com.

Aligning with Your Divine Destiny

A daily practice of meditation will help align you to your Divine Destiny. Know it may take some time for your Divine Destiny to be revealed to you as there may be some other life lessons for you to attend to, which taking priority. In due time, it shall be shown to you. “Asking for guidance and clarification as to the nature of your Divine Destiny will help facilitate this unfolding.” (This preceding statement in quotes is directly channeled.)

Be patient. Do not get frustrated you are not fulfilling your Divine Destiny. It was not until in my middle-aged years my true life path was revealed to me. Some may say I was a late bloomer, but I know now the Universe knows exactly what it is doing and when. All is in Divine Timing. It is only our impatient ego that wants to rush things.

You may not hear it telepathically and as clearly as I have, but know your Divine Destiny will be revealed to you in the form you are ready to receive it when the time is right.

Ch. 4 Trance Channeling

There are various ways to channel to receive message from Beings. In addition, each channeler may have their own unique way of receiving the information. Trance channeling is one of the most complex, intense ways to receive such information.

There are different levels of trance channeling as well, ranging from a light trance to a deep, full trance. In trance channeling the channeler goes into a deeper state of consciousness to directly channel a Being. The Being blends with the energetic field of the channeler, using the physical system of the channeler including their larynx, vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm, and possibly other body areas as well like their fingers, arms, legs, head, and neck as well. In a deep trance the channeler is unconscious during these proceedings. This process is quite amazing.

With trance channeling, the Being is able to manipulate to control parts of the channeler’s physical system. It is more than just telepathic but may include this as well. Due to its physical nature I have found trance channeling much more taxing on me.

Prior to April 2015 I was doing mainly telepathic channeling. In this modality, I relayed the information I received telepathically in my own thought voice as I received it to my clients. I did this during readings or by transcribing it to my computer, especially if they were messages to be shared to a broader audience.

Trance channeling is a new way for me channel, which first started spontaneously occurring on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Prior to this time, as foreshadowing of what was to come, I heard telepathically many times my gifts were going to be changing. The Beings were right! My gifts did change dramatically with the advent of my ability to trance channel. In retrospect, I feel I developed the ability to trance channel, specifically, for Aristotle to deliver his message directly to me and through me of the edict and importance of writing this book!

On numerous occasions I have heard telepathically and through trance channelings trance channeling is the fulfillment of my ultimate destiny during this incarnation on Earth and part of the greater Plan. I am sure over time as I adapt and develop, I will be able to trance channel with more ease.

Beings I Have Trance Channeled

To date, I have trance channeled various Beings, including an extraterrestrial space traveler named Arduon, an extraterrestrial named Ezrada, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Sandalphon, and four human Beings in spirit: Edgar Cayce, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Nikola Tesla, and Aristotle.

To learn more about the specifics of trance channeling, please see my blog post at:

[+ http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5415-important-info-about-trance-channeling/+]

Ch. 5 My Channeling Process

Starting a Channeling Session

I am going to share my channeling process in detail so you understand how “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age” channeling series transpired. In sharing the specifics of how I channel, I want to help expand your mind to such possibilities and realms of opportunities. When you have an open mind, much more is available to you.

Personal Factors

I usually started these channelings by sitting behind my computer at my desk or the kitchen table in a relaxed state. I have an open Word document and am ready to transcribe. I like to channel when I am physically alert and not tired. My mood and state of mind has a major influence on the quality and effectiveness of the channeling.

I channel only when I have peace-of-mind with no pressing matters at hand. Lower-vibrational feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, and frustration act as blocks to the channeling. Therefore, having a calm, balanced life is not only good for my physical and emotional health, but it is a necessity for me to channel clearly.

Environmental Factors

Sometimes, I have relaxing music playing in the background. On occasion, I have an aromatherapy diffuser on, dispersing essential grade aromatherapy oils into my physical space. These oils could be frankincense, sandalwood, or lavender. My dish of about thirty assorted crystals, which are cleared and charged with love and light, are usually next to my computer.

The Invocation

To start the channelings I take a deep breath. I state my general, usual invocation. Having a well thought out, intentioned invocation to start any channeling is important. It carries the tone for the channeling, sets the vibration, and shows specific purpose to the Universe.

My Invocation to Start the “Teachings for the New Age” Channeling Series

Below is the telepathic invocation I used to start the channelings for “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age” series:


Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age” Channeling Invocation

Katy: Dear Aristotle, I am here to receive the highest and best guidance at this time for humanity. I heard telepathically for the first time on Thursday, 4/30/15, that the “highest and best” should be included as part of my invocation. Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on Facebook and my blog.

On 4/24/15 Arduon, another Being, trance-channeled to me to sit down every day to receive messages from you. You, yourself, came to me on Monday, 4/20/15, through trance channel and stated you wanted me write a book about your teachings.

Please be clear, understandable, accurate, and specific. Please help me to receive your words easily. Thank-you.


After the Invocation

At times, it would take three to five minutes for the telepathic feed to come into my mind. During this time before the message came in, I stayed relaxed, breathed deeply, and closed my eyes. Without force I attempted to tune into the Aristotle’s energy. I used my clairsentience, the psychic sense of feeling, to feel the connection to Aristotle or to the Being, stepping in on his behalf.

Sometimes, I received a clairvoyant image of the Being inside my mind. It popped into my mind like a memory. Clairvoyancy is another psychic sense utilized in my channeling work. It involves receiving images or visions inside your mind’s eye. During my spiritual awakening in 2009 I developed this psychic sense.

When I receive an image of the Being, it is very validating to me as the channeler because I actually have a picture inside of my mind of who is communicating to me.

I, then, typed the message into my computer as I heard the message coming in telepathically. Always, I thanked the Being at the end of the message.

Ch. 6 Common Questions about Channeling

I am going to share some common questions some people have asked me in regards to how I channel Beings.

1. How Do I know if I have Connected with the Specific Being?

Trusting My Invocation

Some people have asked me “How do I know whether the specific Being I requested is responding to my invocation?” My reply is “I have trust and faith in my invocation that what I am asking for with pure intention is being provided in response.” The Universe has heard my request and delivered it. Of course, when I receive validating, clairvoyant images of the Being in my mind this is also very helpful and always much appreciated.

Sensing Energy Changes

I may sense a subtle or dramatic energy shift within or around my physical body as another indicator I have connected with a Being. Many times I have heard telepathically from the Beings they want me to “feel” them.

At times I have found the Angelic Realm have a distinctive vibration. Their energy is very soothing, loving, and gentle. In August of 2015 when I channeled Archangel Jophiel in a personal message for a client, I found his energy very distinctive. It was markedly strong, solid, and stable. Regularly, the Angels and many Archangels have connected with me to transmit their inspirational words, which I have shared on my blog and my Facebook page.

The Beings Identify Themselves

Many times, especially when I am doing a formal channeling session behind my computer and typing in the information as I telepathically receive it, the Beings identify themselves by name or nomenclature during their message. This is complete validation to me of their authenticity and proof I have connected with a Being.

Holding the Intention of Identification

During these channeling sessions I hold the expectation the Being will identify themselves. I let the Beings know telepathically I am going to be sharing their messages and humans, because of their inquisitive nature, want to know from whom these messages originate.

2. How Do I Know if I Am Not Channeling Dark Beings?

Some people have asked me “How do I know if I am not channeling some dark entity or force, a demon, or the devil?” My reply is “It is in the quality of the channeled message that I make this discernment.” The content of the messages I channel are high-vibrational and uplifting.

I encourage you to assess for yourself the quality of the channelings in this book and others on my blog, which are part of my website SoulEvolutionCenter.com. If the message content was negative, critical, mean, dark, and/or paranoid that would be evidence of a connection to a lower-vibrational Being.

I also feel if I channeled a Dark Being (of course, not intentionally), I would sense a subtle or dramatic change within myself and/or with the energy of the space I was in. I would feel the lowering of the vibration.

3. How Do I Know if What I am Channeling is Not My Imagination?

Another question I am asked commonly is “How do I know if the channeling is not my imagination or just me creating this messages?” My reply is “I know because the type of speech and vernacular these Beings use is different from the way I normally speak. It is more formal, educated, sometimes more poetical, and with a more advanced vocabulary.”

Even the sentence construction of the channeled messages is different from the way I write, both casually and naturally. For example, there may be unusual, qualifying clauses or placement of these clauses in the sentences or phrases, which start the sentence.

Channeling Unfamiliar Words

Sometimes, I channel words I am not familiar with consciously or words from another era or generation. This validates to me I am receiving non-ordinary information.

A few times, I have had to research on the internet words I channeled that I did not even know the meaning of. For example, I telepathically kept hearing “Altun Hans” in 2014 and 2015. I had never heard this term before. When I Googled it, I found out Altun Ha was an ancient Mayan civilization. Altun Hans are Beings from this region. I have included a channeled message I received from the Altun Hans here in this book as part of the “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age” channeling series.

Other examples of older style words I have channeled are the words “academia” (in Aristotle’s message #9), “aplomb” (in Aristotle’s message #12), “dignitary” (in Aristotle’s message #13), and ‘tis (in Aristotle’s messages #2 and #21). “‘Tis” is a contraction from the mid fifteenth century standing for “it is.” These are the type of terms t I do not use in my day to day speech, which provide validation to me they were, indeed, channeled.

Sometimes, I channel on topics or ideas on a conscious level I had not paid much attention to or given much thought on. For example, I channeled a message, which I shared on my blog and Facebook, from the Thought Providers, a group of Divine Beings, on the subject of Temperance. I would say “temperance” is an older style word. In addition, its meaning is not one I have thought of philosophically. This would have never been a topic I chose to discuss consciously. Yet, I received a channeled message on it as further proof to me I am receiving information from beyond.

I also channeled a technical message from Archangel Uriel on Group Karma, a topic I consciously did not have technical knowledge on. If you get an opportunity to read this message on my blog, please do so.

Some of my friends, who read my channelings, notice my channeling style is very different from how I speak or write casually. These are all signs I am channeling ultra-high frequency Beings. I am simply the conduit and messenger for their words.

I hope you find this background information on channeling helpful, and now you are more knowledgeable about the channeling process.

Ch.7 About Aristotle, Our Past Lives, and Channeling Him

Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist, who lived from 384–322 B.C. He is one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history. He is credited with the earliest study of formal logic and is known as the father of the field of logic. One of his early teachers was Plato, who had in turn studied under Socrates. Aristotle’s most famous student is Alexander the Great.

Aristotle wrote on many subjects – including, aesthetics, biology, ethics, government, linguistics, logic, metaphysics, music, poetry, politics, physics, rhetoric, theater, and zoology. His writings, including 200 treatises, constitute the first comprehensive system of Western philosophy. He was the first to classify areas of human knowledge into distinct disciplines such as biology, mathematics, and ethics. Some of these classifications are still used today. Aristotelian concepts remained embedded in Western thinking in current times.

To learn more about Aristotle’s wonderful contributions and accomplishments during his time on Earth, please research and refer to the many writings about him and by him. There are many fine writers and talented historians who have published such information. As I stated earlier in the chapter This Book’s Purpose, my function is not to repeat what is already readily known and has been publicly shared about Aristotle, his history, and prior teachings. My function is to disseminate new information he felt was pertinent to share at this time.

Aristotle first connected to me telepathically in June of 2010. At this time I received his first channeled message, which I share here in this book. Prior to Aristotle’s connection with me, I had no conscious affinity or attraction to him. I studied him in school and that was the extent of my connection with him until June of 2010. He and I reconnected again in April and May of 2015.

My Past Lives with Aristotle

I sensed I must have had some sort of past life experience with Aristotle, which was why he was able to blend naturally into my energetic field and why I heard him telepathically. We must have had some sort of connection in previous lifetimes.

The past lives we had together were confirmed by Aristotle on Tuesday morning 5/5/15 at 10:38 a.m. He came to me telepathically and delivered the following personal message to me. These are his words, excerpted, which I transcribed as I received them:


Channeled Message from Aristotle on Our Past Lives Together

5/5/15 Tuesday 10:38 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle:…I want you to know it is our past lives together that has allowed this blending, this correlation. It has been fortuitous and successful. When you are in the advanced levels of your design, this type of coming together is powerful and well-intentioned.

You have the energy field now to sustain such communications of high vibration…You are in advanced studies of thought development…

I have to be honest. On a conscious level I have no recollection of these past lives with Aristotle and still do not. In due time, perhaps, I will attempt to do some past life regression meditations to learn about these life times with him. At this time, I do not feel a pressing desire or need to do so, so I have not yet embarked on this journey of discovery.

I do sense I had incarnated during Greek times and perhaps was a mathematician. Mathematics was actually my Bachelor’s degree in this lifetime; however, this factor has not been validated to me as of this date.

How Aristotle Communicated to Me

Please know Aristotle selected me to communicate to. I did not invoke him. It was quite surprising to me on a conscious level when I did hear him telepathically initially because it was unexpected.

Clearly, Aristotle had a specific, dedicated agenda to impart to me through his channeled messages. He did not talk about his past lives on the planet Earth and refer to his Earthly achievements and contributions. I know many humans would have enjoyed reading about those times.

Aristotle, an Evolving Consciousness

It is important to understand Aristotle is a continually evolving consciousness as we all are. Since he walked the Earth as the Aristotle we know from history, he may have reincarnated on the Earth more times or incarnated on other dimensional planes of reality as well. He has not been frozen in time since his death in 322 B.C. His most well-known lifetime on the planet Earth as a prolific scientist and philosopher was only one of his many lifetimes. Aristotle is multi-dimensional with many lives as we all are. He stated this in his channeled message #4 of this book.

“Aristotle has ascended through many levels.” (This preceding statement in quotes is directly channeled.) Therefore, the Aristotle I channeled for this series is not the same Aristotle we learned about in our social studies in school. Since then he has been maturing and evolving. He, himself, expressed he was evolving in channeled message #1 of this book.

My Channeling Sessions with Aristotle

There may be few readers who may think there was a back and forth of strong communication between Aristotle and myself, a sort of camaraderie, during the times when I received his channeled messages. Some may think he was sitting in front of me at my desk like a hologram. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that. I wish it was.

Aristotle had specific, intentional plans and relevant information to share through me. He was the boss and in charge of these communications. And it was done mainly through telepathy without correlating visual or clairvoyant images or visions.

During our channeling sessions there wasn’t the opportunity for me to have a question and answer session with him. I sensed this. When I was ready at my computer ready to transcribe his messages, he would come to me telepathically, impart his words, and then depart. It was all very streamlined and efficient.

You can think of our channeling sessions as a one way communication. Aristotle acted like a broadcaster or transmitter of information, and I was the receiver. I was simply the dutiful transcriber of his words, a glorified secretary of sorts taking dictation, nevertheless, an important job.

How I Roll When I Channel

Since my spiritual awakening of 2009 I have learned to detach from my human, egoic consciousness with all of its highfalutin expectations of wanting to receive channeled information in a certain way. In the past admittedly I have gotten frustrated, resentful, and impatient when telepathic communication was not given in the specificity, completeness, and volume level, which I desired. Many times my clients and I expected this. These type of expectations did not serve me well.

Finally, I have learned to release from these unrealistic demands. I have learned just to be grateful for what I receive in whatever form it takes. This is a much healthier state of mind for me to be in. This attitude will serve many of us well in aspects of our life where we try to control, force, and dominate. “When we relinquish control, much more is available to us.”(This preceding statement in quotes is directly channeled.) I am still being constantly reminded of this principle in my daily life.

I have accepted I am on a need-to-know basis when I am channeling. If the Beings, like Aristotle, did not deliver it to me, I don’t need to know it, or it is inconsequential at this time. At times, I attempt to receive clarifying information by asking the Being for it telepathically. Sometimes, I receive it, and sometimes I don’t.

I am very honest and authentic. I deliver only channeled words I receive. If I don’t receive it, I don’t pretend I do or make it up. “This process of releasing from egoic control is called “surrender.” (The preceding statement in quotes is directly channeled.). I have learned to be comfortable in saying “I do not have all the answers and that certain information was not channeled to me.”

There may be some psychics, mediums, or channelers who make claims of their extraordinary psychic abilities and talents. It is not in my place to be in judgement of this. With humbleness, I state to you I am not one of these types of psychics. I wish I could say I was the dynamo psychic, able to tune into any Being at any given time to receive clear, pin-point specific, coherent information to help my clients and to share, all in a moment’s notice. But alas, I am not this type of psychic. Currently, I do not work in this way. I continue to ask for help from the Beings in this endeavor, but I have learned to detach from expectation for my own well-being.

It is in my genuineness many Beings have chosen me as their spokesperson for their teachings. Often, telepathically, I hear I take “due care”, I am very “careful,” and “devout.” My desire as a “designated representative” for these Beings is to perform my channeling responsibilities with integrity, care, and in a trustworthy manner. I know the True Judges or Assessors of the quality of my service exist in higher dimensions than the human dimension in which we currently exist in.

I share with you these lessons about how I overcame limiting aspects of my human, egoic consciousness in regards to my channeling expectations to help shed some light on your own life challenges. These lessons have been a part of my life journey for me to learn to evolve for my highest good.

I hope, now, it is clearer to you how Aristotle came to me and how I received his channelings. I know it may not be easy to fully comprehend some of these nuances I share especially if you have not practiced developing your own channeling, mediumship, or psychic skills. Nevertheless, I felt guided to share my words with you on this topic of the modality of receiving quality and quantity psychic information. This subject is one very dear and near to my heart. I acknowledge some other psychics, mediums, and channelers may express differing views on this subject of psychic receptivity. With truth I have just expressed mine.

Chapter 8: 6/25/10 Aristotle’s First Channeled Message on World Peace

I received my first channeled message from Aristotle in 2010. While driving home in my car from the doctor in the morning hours in South Florida on Friday, 6/25/10 Friday, I heard telepathically in my own thought voice, “Aristotle…talk to you of peace and other worldly matters…”

I took this to mean it was important for me to sit behind my computer to channel a message from Aristotle and to type it into my computer as I heard it telepathically. As I shared earlier in this book, this is my usual channeling process. Therefore, later that morning at my desk in my home, I sat behind my computer to receive a message and specifically asked for Aristotle. Following is the transcript of the channeling session:


6/25/10 Friday 10:52 a.m. South Florida

Katy: Aristotle, I am here to receive messages from you for mankind especially in regards to peace.

Aristotle: I am here. Thank you for calling me.

Peace is an elusive matter. Surprisingly so. The time has come to share my thoughts, ideas, and resolutions on such things given the state of affairs in the world today. This is of prime utmost import at this juncture.

For the Common Good

We know many are grappling with conflicting ideas, seemingly opposed on each side of the spectrum. A resolution needs to be at hand, a common meeting ground, a median point. The self-serving interests of those in power must be put aside for the common good. The citizens must be considered in the overall decision-making process.

In addition, the Earth and ramifications and effects to its physical surfaces must be parlayed to those that live, exist, and breathe the air there. Wonderful events of great magnitude shall transpire with such prudent reasonings and considerations of the heart and soul. In the end this shall take care of intended and unintended consequences.

The gulf spill is indeed tragic but a learning lesson to all. Since its impact is of such dramatic nature, it has effected the lives of many including those not immediately involved. This is serious.

(Note: The gulf spill was in reference to the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. It began on 4/20/2010. It was considered to be the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. It was estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil were discharged into the water.)

Proper Stewardship of the Planet

Lessons (are) to be learned for all of proper stewardship of the planet, of the symbiotic relationship between man, nature, and the Animal Kingdom. All this is interrelated. The oil spill signifies the coming together of past decisions made by the collective consciousness in search of wealth, power, and greed. From this, the gulf crisis has emerged.

The military power of those seeking to pursue mineral and oil deposits has been increasing at an alarming rate. The time is now for this to be reined in. This must stop. The forebodings will get only stronger if a change is not manifested.

Results of Our Decisions

Please, hear my words, and follow them. The results of your decisions are being played out on the Earth’s surface. Respect those around you and that which nourishes you. Respect for the planet Earth is key to sustained growth in the near and long-term future. Peace will be impeded without this knowledge.

With Awareness

You are aware. Share and change what is happening around you. It can be done. It must be done for the sake of mankind. Help those who cannot help themselves. Respect all that is given to you. For in this gratitude, this state of being, a beautiful state will emerge to embrace this planet and all of its inhabitants.

Prepare for the day is coming when you will be truly tested. Foreboding is close at hand. Follow your hearts within as this shall lead you to your destinies and to the paradise found on Earth. Pretending all is good when it is not is not the solution. Mastery of one’s senses to conquer the negative ill will projected to those in the light is important. You are the one.

A New Consciousness

Your leaders have been ill-advised of late to make certain decisions based on monetary matters. This is a dead-end. The gulf coast disaster has exemplified this. But from this catastrophic event, new will emerge. A new consciousness of the masses shall take root. This will represent a change, a change of good over evil. Remember always to be true to your word and faith.

With the utmost concern for man. In highest regard to all,

Yours truly,


Ch. 9 4/20/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #1 on the New Age and Wanting to Write a Book

I did not hear from Aristotle again until April of 2015. On 4/20/15 Aristotle, unexpectedly, communicated to me telepathically in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. He spoke directly through me, out loud, using my diaphragm and voice box. As I explained earlier, this is a form of channeling known as trance channeling. Whenever he spoke, my diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed. It then released between the spaces of the words.

My spouse was next to me in bed. Of course, he awoke when this happened. He recorded it on a smart phone, using the voice memo recording function.

Sound File of the Trance Channeling Process

The actual sound file of this trance channeling was shared on my blog; however, the quality of this sound file was poor, and its volume was low.

I have included the written transcript below, which has been edited slightly to enhance the flow of the message. This made it much easier to read than to listen to the sound file. Please note at times during this communication there are pauses due to the nature of trance channeling.


4/20/15 Monday between 2:00-3:00 a.m.

My Bedroom in Seattle, WA 8 minutes 46 seconds long

Aristotle: I am Aristotle…There have been many different prophets…You are one of them. I want you to share my words with others who can hear me. I am like you. I come from Earth. I have been evolving over many, many…I like to think about how all is connected and comes together in a single unit. The Earth is like that.

I want you to write a book. I want to help you. I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down. Put it out there for others to read and learn about my work. I have many things I am working on right now…

I have some time to tell you. There are many things going on in the…There are many, new changes for everyone, for the air, for the sky, for the sky, for the plants, for the dirt, for the trees. All is changing. This is a New Time, a New Age, an age of rapid growth and acceleration for many human beings.

I have come to tell you this to let others know they are changing fast. They are changing every day. You are similar and so is your spouse. You both have experienced rapid changes in your systems. This has allowed you to do this work now, to communicate with me, telepathically, and many other fine, Light Beings…Angels…

Much help is needed by many who have received the call to duty to serve in this way. I am included. I have come to share my words to teach you and for you to teach others. Now is the time for you to be aware of how your planet is growing and how all things will be affected on many levels for many generations to come.

I am Aristotle. I have come to share my words. Now it is time for me to go at this late hour. Thank-you for entertaining me and allowing me to be your guest this evening.

Ch. 10 4/25/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #2 on The New Age

4/25/15 Saturday 11:12-11:19 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am here to advise you of the advancements of the New Age. It takes time to develop, to evolve. You shall hear my voice many times as I have much new information to impart. You are clear so you are able to receive my words.

All human beings should realize the climactic changes taking place currently on the planet Earth as of this time, many new changes to help many. Understand it is part of all of your awakenings. A New Time! A New Era! A New Dawning in human history! It has all been planned for, this acceleration at fast speeds to take place. This is a good thing and a necessary requirement for advancement to the New Age.

Each and every one of you is important for each person’s development allows others to follow. It is a ripple effect of high design. Trust in us, the fine Beings, who are helping to usher in this New Age of Equanimity. ‘Tis a grand time of opportunity and aligning with your life purposes that which each of you has been designed for, individually.

Practical Exercise: Inner Contemplation

Be reasonable. Take time daily for a period of inner contemplation. For it is from within much shall flourish, come forth, and shine the light for others to follow.

Aristotle’s Closing

I am Aristotle. I have come to you at this time to share aspects of the Plan. Do not forget.

In your good graces, I shall leave but return many times to share other such important news to help you. Feel blessed, and know you have chosen to incarnate at this time.

Namaste and to all, blessings of well-beingness.

Ch. 11 4/26/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #3 on New Time, Vibration Quality, Thought Awareness, and More

4/26/15 Sunday 10:32-10:51 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am here. I have come on your request and specific invitation. I hope to provide high level knowledge to those who are ready to hear my words.

A New Time

This is a new time, yes, a time of change, a time of revolution. In order to succeed in this Age, one must develop higher perceptions of thought and ideas. No longer will a weak value system service you. It is time, now, for a stronger code of ethics for yourself and how you treat others.

Quality of Vibration

Remember, it is all in the quality of your vibration. This determines all. Your vibration is based on frequency. Your thoughts affect your vibration. Know this, and apply this.

Practical Exercise: Thought Awareness

Become aware of your daily thoughts. This mindfulness will allow you to make better selections and help you to raise your vibration. Do all you can to improve the quality of your life by becoming aware of your emotions, your thoughts. When you immediately recognize these, you can make alternate decisions. You can choose more wisely. You will feel better as well, and notice immediately the difference within you as you react less and in a more empowered way.

Your vibration is the key that unlocks many realms of potentialities. You can transcend your low-vibrational emotions. This will become easier as you practice. It will become second nature.

When this happens, you will have reached a high benchmark. This will allow you to manifest with much more ease, clarity, and rapidity. There is much fertility and the ability for creative expansion. The air waves are changing according to the Plan.

These are simple teachings yet essential. Understanding this will help you to evolve and rise quickly to the next level of your evolution. For this is what is all about, your evolution. This is why you have come to this planet, to have these experiences.

You are An Evolving, Divine Being with Many Lives

Know you are an evolving, Divine Being. Your essence is of divine nature. Keep this in your mind daily.

This is one of your many lives. Each one allows you to develop. Each development creates a vibration within your energetic system. It changes the color of your aura and the tones you emit on subtle energy levels.

Your time on Earth is one of learning and growth.

All is Good

All is in good order despite what you may personally feel. These are the challenges to be faced and overcome. For it is within your strength and resilience you shall move forward.

Aristotle’s Closing

I am one who knows this. It is my role to share this information with you.

I feel your vibration and hope you can share my words to many for this is the time to make such things known.

I am Aristotle, and these are my words. Many are waiting to be enlightened.

Feel my vibration. Know this is the Truth. With many high hopes for you and all that you touch, I shall return.

Ch. 12 4/27/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #4 on Dream State, Multidimensionality, and Sensing Vibration

4/27/15 Monday 9:15-9:28 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am here for another valuable session.

Dream State

Today’s topic will be on your dream state.

When you dream, this is an opportunity for you to experience your many lives. This is a time for you to have adventures. In this state, you can become more lucid and retain a high level information for you to bring back consciously. In your altered state of consciousness, you can travel through the portals of time and visit other alternate dimensions. This is part of your wiring and who you are.

Your dream time is a time for your consciousness to naturally exit your body and to return again. You can feel this lift if you are aware; however, many do not feel the exit and entrance back into their physical system. Others do. There is quite a range. In time, all shall become more aware of their concurrent lifetimes as part of their evolutionary growth.

Our Multi-dimensionality

You are all naturally multi-dimensional. This is a large concept. Principles of dimensional travel are based on energy and vibration. Therefore, what you are vibrating at currently determines the type of travel and destination points you will experience.

Practical Exercise: Sensing Your Own Vibration

You can feel your own vibration. Become familiar with it. This type of sensing is part of the New Age. Many shall become more aware of their energetic state. In doing so, you can better manage your relationships and your communications with each other.

As you learn more about yourself, you will be able to feel the vibration of all that is around you. As you understand yourself and your motivations, you can better navigate your destiny. It takes time and a constant practice. There are many teachers in physical form on the Earth today who can help you. Take the time to learn who you really are.

Aristotle’s Closing

I am Aristotle, come to share teachings for the New Age. Thank-you for allowing me the opportunity for this dialogue.

Ch. 13 4/28/15 Aristotle’s Video Trance Message #5 on New Age, Cleansing, Compassion, and More

4/28/15 Tuesday Daytime Seattle, WA 20 minutes 59 seconds

Unexpectedly when I was working on my desk at my computer, I felt the familiar physical precursors of a trance channeling. I felt a Being wanted to express themselves directly through me. I felt the energy welling in the base of my throat, a classic sign a trance channeling was to occur. I sensed it was Aristotle.

I grabbed my smart phone close by and decided to video record it through my phone. This is one of the few video recordings of one my trance channelings, live as it happened.

To view this live trance channeling video, please see my blog at: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/42915-trance-channeling-with-video-aristotle-new-age-power-of-prayer-heartspace/

Aristotle spoke to me, directly, using my diaphragm and voice box. Whenever he spoke, my solar plexus and diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed. It then released between the spaces of the words. Because of the nature of trance channeling, my voice tone changed. I had unusual voice inflections. My voice also sounded modulated. At times, I had to clear my throat.

A few times during the channeling Aristotle had difficulty getting the words out. There were also some pauses in the channeling as you can hear in the video. All of these were indicators to me and how I knew it was a trance channeling and not just a telepathic channeling.

Aristotle was able to manipulate my physical system. Quite amazing!

To become free from distraction and for stronger focus, I kept my eyes closed during this trance channeling. This allowed me to fully receive the information coming in.

Please note during this video, I was just recovering from a cold. I had to do some physical releases, like blow my nose, during this session in order to fully connect with him.

Here is the transcript of the video:

Katy: I am here to receive a trance channeled message from Aristotle. I can feel him. He is very close.

Aristotle: I am … I am… I am Aristotle…I am present. I am here to share knowledge…I have come on your request… (pause)…

The New Age

I want to share some new information…to help you and others understand themselves better in this new Age of Time and… Reason.

I am here to provide this to you … Many are experiencing major changes in their lives as the energy of the Earth is rising. There is much volatility and change, disruptions in people’s lives, causing them to question and doubt. I am here to let you know this is part… (pause)…of the process.

As the Earth moves through its stages of growth, all on its surface will experience these changes. Have faith. Know you shall come through this with strength, fortitude, and resilience.

Type of Cleansing and Recalibration

There are difficulties, especially for those who are not as aware and mindful of the Truth, in these situations. This is not punishment. This is not an evil. This is a type of cleansing, recalibration, and attuning for many human beings. This is a time to go within and connect with your Higher Selves, the True Essence of who you are and your divine nature.

I have come to share these words to you to provide you with hope and trust. Inspiration is a very important vibration at this time. It will help lift many out of their doubts, fears, and anxiety. It will provide a strong foundation to rise above and transcend.

A Time of Compassion

Those that can, please, help those who need their support and guidance. There are many high vibrational humans on the Earth today to serve in this way. All light workers have much work at hand and shall rally to their posts of service and charity to their fellow human beings.

This is the time to go within and connect with your Higher Selves, the true essence of who you are and your divine nature. I have come to share these words to you to provide you with hope and trust.


Inspiration is a very important vibration at this time. It will help lift many out of their doubts, fear, and anxiety. It will provide a strong foundation to rise above and transcend. Have faith. Know each one of you is deserving of many fine gifts.

You have all come to this planet at this time. You have chosen this for yourselves. This is your time now, to rise, to ascend through these hard times.

Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is important. This is your special communication to the Divine. It is a powerful pipeline and conduit of your desires. Prayer shows a willingness for help and support for those who seek it.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. You have many, Divine Beings in your energetic field, who have combined with yourself, to provide you with key guidance during this time for aid and assistance. Look for the signs. When you are mindful, you shall see, and know then what it is you are meant to do.

A Time of Awakening

This is a time of awakening for many. Many are needed to carry the torch. Help light the way for others, and you shall be blessed in many ways for you are all divine. Feel this vibration. Know this is you, the most important aspect of yourself. This is the Truth.

I have come to tell you, to reassure you, and to let you know fear is very powerful and will debilitate your inner sanctum, your heart space.

The Power of Your Heart

The power of your heart is very strong and has a magnitude that radiates quite a distance from your physical form. Your heart is your True Nature. From within this space, much creativity is available to you. It is important to vibrate from this area.

Have knowledge of this. Remember the mind, your mental capacities, are a tool for your heart. The heart is the pilot, the captain of your ship, the most important of you.

When you are in fear, this creates obstructions in this space. It needs to be clear, pure, and vibrating at a high level. This will allow you to access much new information about yourself to understand your purpose and your divine nature. The heart is a fulcrum point. It is the base. Use this wisely to separate and discern aspects of your nature , which do not vibrate within your heart space area.

The Power of Your Mind

Your mind is very powerful and quick to create illusions of perceptions. This is part of your learning and the Grand Design. To learn how to differentiate between the heart space and the mind is crucial now at this time inflection point.

Practical Exercise: Stillness for Attunement and for the Power of the Light Within

Take time to be still. In your stillness, much will be revealed. In addition, this is an important time for your guides and teachers to help attune your vibration to prepare you for your next state of advancement.

You have heard my words. Take the time to absorb it. Be still. Take time for inner reflection, and you shall see the light, the light within each and every one of you that shines so bright. This is who you are. The light is strong and all-knowing. When you can rest in its vibration, you shall feel anew. You will be replenished and rejuvenated. This is the power of the light within you.

Aristotle’s Closing

Now, it is time for me to go. I shall come again as I have promised to share other information for the New Age. I look forward to these times when I can express myself, fully and directly, through my charge.

Thank-you for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thank-you. I send to each and every one of you, the love from my heart and blessings from many, who are committed to helping you during this time.

Katy: Thank-you, Aristotle. Thank-you for coming today and sharing your words.

Aristotle: It has been my pleasure.

Ch. 14 4/29/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #6 on The New Age, Releasing Quickly, Flexibility, and More

4/29/15 Wednesday 11:35-11:51 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am present. I have arrived.

The New Age

It is in your destinies that you shall all succeed and make major changes in your lives for success. Succor shall be yours. Know it is a time of cataclysmic changes, of new beginnings. From this you shall all grow strong and powerful.

Practical Exercise: Release Quickly Low Vibrational Energies

To understand this will help you to release quickly low-vibrational energies, existing in your energetic shells. When you respond more timely to the disturbances within your emotional state, you can better control and change its ramifications on your physical system as well as your thought forms. This is the power you have to make these adjustments within yourself.

Practical Exercise: Learn to Recognize Your Unbalances

Learn to recognize when you feel unbalanced, unstable, and insecure. These are the preliminary indicators that your mood, and therefore your mind is not at the proper set point. Your high vibrations will help to send energy into the atmosphere, creating much-needed and anticipated breakthroughs for all humanity for this is the Changing of the Times, a New Day, a New Era.

My Role

You are the herald for these words, not only for me, but for other Divine Beings, who will express themselves through you. It is a time to usher in the New Age.

I have come to tell you, to inform you, so you may spread the seeds of divine love and inspiration to others, for them to relax in these moments being created specifically for human evolution.

Becoming More Flexible

As you grow, as you become more flexible and adapt willingly to the flux around you, surrounding you, your inner vibration will create a magnificent sound and resonance. This is the test of these times, making all things possible. It has been foretold in this way, and this is the way it will unfold.

Hope and Stay Strong

Have hope! Carry this within. Let this be the main accelerator for all of your thoughts and words as you speak to others for this is a Grand Time of new opportunities, unlimited in scope.

Stay strong. Persevere for herein lies your Ultimate Destiny. You shall succeed! The flame of love burns eternal bright within each and every one of you. Let this shine! It shall guide you to the next levels of your development.

Aristotle’s Closing

I have spoken. Now, I depart to return again in our customary manner.

Have faith, and continue on, our Loved Ones. I represent many and speak on their behalf. With love in my heart extended to you, feel this. You are cherished!


Ch. 15 4/30/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #7 on The Earth’s Shift, the Heart, Power of Breath, and More

4/30/15 Thursday 10:14-10:26 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: It is a new day, a time for fresh beginnings. Remember, in every moment you can create yourself anew. Nothing is permanent. Change is inevitable.

I have come to you today to share my words of wisdom and peace. All this is available to you.

It only takes a willingness to want this, and your destinies shall come to full fruition.

The Shift-The Grand Design

There is much at hand. There are many changes happening on the Earth now as part of the Shift, the Grand Design. You have chosen to be in this moment. Now, the moment is yours. I want you to feel this power, and relax in this. This will release a monumental energy charge that will allow you to grow by leaps and bounds to become more which you are.

Inner Sanctum of the Heart

You are powerful. You are all-knowing. Do not let your mind limit you. The heart knows the truth of this. In your inner sanctum all is available to you. To create this direct, flowing channel into your heart space requires only a willingness and a true desire. This is optimal. This will allow many new developments to enter into your field of influence. You shall see the change, and notice the difference.

Practical Exercise: Power of Breath

Take deep breaths throughout the day. This will allow the new thought forms that are being delivered to the Earth’s air systems of everlasting peace, love, and security permeate all aspects of your physical and energy being. This is a tool given to all human beings at this time.

Remember to do this. You shall see your life change and the quality of your relationships improve. It will allow increased expansiveness to enter into your consciousness. You will learn new ways of being. In doing so, you will create and generate full and total energy movements, which will allow others to develop themselves.

The Winds of Change

You have heard the call, and so you are here. Remember this is an important day as all days of your human existence are. These are the winds of change. Feel this. Know what you have been asking for will be delivered.

Release. Totally discharge into the beauty of creation, that you are an essential and integral part of. This is you and who you have always been. It is time to come back into this remembrance.

Aristotle’s Closing

With these words of Divine Inspiration and Truth, I take my leave, to return again to continue my sharings. Till then, live in the generosity of your heart, and your path will be clear. Tidings to you of great joy, love, and comfort.


I am Aristotle.

Ch. 16 5/1/15 Aristotle’s Trance Message #8 on Our Gifts, Meditation, Power of Your Heart, and More

5/1/15 Friday 10:35 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: Aristotle is here. I am here to provide you with key guidance at this time as you have requested of me.

Importance of Using Your Gifts

I want you to know how important it is in this day and Age, to use your gifts, the endowments you have received. Use these to spread the seeds of love to all you encounter.

Each human being has a unique design, specific to them. It is important to completely utilize, and integrate your gifts to fully align you with your purpose. You understand now what your endowment is. Others shall feel the vibration of this, and know you are genuine and authentic.

(In these last 2 lines, Aristotle is speaking directly to me here. All other parts of this message are universal.)

Practical Exercise: Meditation and Stillness to Align with Your Divine Gifts

For those, who are not completely aligned or feel confused or unsure as to what their divine gifts are, it is recommended you engage in a daily practice of meditation and stillness. You shall see. In time it will be revealed to you clearly and with focus.

This is the primary purpose of such a practice to align in entirety with Source and all that you naturally are. When you are away from the distractions and illusions of the physical world, you can more clearly see, and feel the difference within your inner sanctum (your heart space).

Benefits of Discovering Your Innate Gifts

Discovery of your innate gifts will help to relax, stabilize, and solidify yourself. It will ground you to Mother Earth. It will create a sanctuary within yourself of inner peace, balance, and harmony. For when you understand yourself and what your primary purpose is during your time on Earth, you shall realize the Grand Design of All Things and beauty within this, the organizing pattern.

Power of Your Heart

Let your heart be the well of your thoughts. From this, you shall draw needed sustenance for your well-being. What you are clearly lacking in your thoughts will be revealed to you. All shall come in due time.

Power of the Plan

The Power of the Plan is strong and pervasive through all these things, all creation. You have come to know and understand this. There is a primary purpose for all things and people. Do not doubt this.

Words to Live By

Love yourselves. Be kind and gentle, not only to yourself. but to all around you. Respect and honor all. In this way, you shall see the light, and know the Truth of who are you.

With much reverence to all, I bless you.


Ch. 17 5/5/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #9 on Altruism

5/5/15 Tuesday 10:17–10:30 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am the one you know as Aristotle. I have come once again to provide key guidance.

Today’s topic will be on altruistic qualities for this is within your design, your DNA, and part of your encodings. Altruism, a higher vibrational trait, which will service mankind. Altruism is the ability to look beyond your own immediate needs to those around you, to serve them in the best possible way. Altruism is forward thinking and an optimistic outlook. To be altruistic requires a sense of compassion, of analysis, and a desire to place oneself in the hands of another to contribute in a meaningful, significant manner.

When you have an altruistic outlook on life, your vibration changes. It shifts, allowing you new, advanced perspectives on all that is around you. Your frame of reference changes. This perspective will create other new vibrations and ripples into the biosphere, allowing others to complete their destinies of altruistic behaviors as well. It is all intertwined.

Altruism extends beyond human relationships, to the Animal, Mineral, and Plant Kingdoms as well. It is all encompassing. Living in this vibration will change your energy field. Altruism is a marker of growth and development. It sends a beam and waves of energy to all within your range.

Practical Exercise: Altruism

Your altruistic capabilities are part of your growing evolution. Altruism is that which is part of your Supreme Destiny. Ponder this word. Contemplate it. Take the time today to go within, and truly understand and feel what it means to be altruistic. How would this be reflected in your social dynamics? How would this be with all of your relationships, including those with whom you do not have a definitive, engaged status?

Remember, this time of inner reflection of creating a pause within your day will help your Angels and other high-level developed Beings interact with you in your field to help you gain important, fruitful knowledge about your destiny. This is how it works. This is the Plan.

Learn to live in this moment.

Aristotle’s Closing

I am with you always as this is part of our destinies. This is our divine blend.

I am Aristotle come to deliver advanced academia to those who are ready.

Namaste to you all with many courtesies to be bestowed upon you in your best interest. This will be the way.

Ch. 18 New Method of Channeling: Iterative Channeling Process

Messages #10, #11 and #16 came in differently than the earlier channeled messages from Aristotle. I am grateful that I have the awareness to sense these differences. In these messages instead of the usual strong, streaming, direct, telepathic flow from Aristotle, there were pauses and a jumping back and forth. I, also, sensed some sort of consortium with my Higher Self until the message content was finalized.

This technique was more of an iterative process, in which when I reread the message from the beginning to the end, I would receive additional telepathic information to supplement what I had already received. I must have reread these messages at least six to eight times and added words or qualifying phrase or made edits and word replacements.

Some may think this was just simple editing; however, know when I reread parts of the message, I would pause, and listen for any telepathic information to come in for “improvements of clarity.” (The preceding terms are directly channeled.) When I paused and listened in this way, the telepathic information always came in. Then, I would type these clarifications into the existing message.

Because of the subtleties and nuances of receiving psychic information and the way it came in, indirectly, it was difficult for me to discern exactly who was giving me these enhancements. As I shared, I sensed some of it may have been from my Higher Self. I do trust that Aristotle, himself, was involved as he was the one who delivered the messages to me and was my main connection.

After about the sixth to eighth time of rereading the messages, I experienced claircognizance, the psychic sense of knowingness it was time to wrap it up that the message was complete. At this time, I did exactly that. Then I shared it on my blog, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Because I like to teach others my channeling process to help them, I shared these messages with the denotation it was an iterative process. I presented this technique as another possible modality of how one may receive transmitted, telepathic information. I sensed this iterative channeling technique is how many authors naturally write and channel, whether they are aware of it or not.

A Recommended Writing Practice for You

I would suggest you practice utilizing this technique of pausing and listening to what is inside your head, when you are writing emails, composing other correspondence, or even for work or school reports and projects. You may be surprised as to what you hear inside of your head or to what you feel!

Ch. 19 5/6/15 Iterative Message #10 from Aristotle on Reasonability

5/6/15 Wednesday 12:55-1:31 p.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am here now. I have come to share my words on the concept of reasonability. Reasonability is the ability to think rationally and logically. It also implies having the ability to see, to be introspective about the various angles of a situation, and to select that which makes the most sense. It implies flexibility.

Reasonability is the ability of being able to see the Truth of the Matter, without forcing or imposing your beliefs on another and knowing how to adeptly deal with it. It denotes an underlying respect to others involved.

Reasonability, a powerful word, and a very useful attribute in many life events. It can help shift the vibration of circumstances and carry you to new understandings.

To be reasonable also injects a certain amount of firmness without force. Reasonable people are needed today to see beyond the emotional and fraughtness. With reasonability comes stability, balance, the ability to ride through difficult times, and (the ability) to think clearly with foresight.

Being a reasonable person will demonstrate to others as well the power of this simple but yet much needed, effective trait. It will help create shifts in others, sometimes on subtle levels, to emulate and become more reasonable. Reasonable people make great leaders, who have the ability to compromise, as needed and as prudently required.

Reasonability is not rigidity. Those who are not reasonable are constrained and bound by their thought forms and belief systems. It is important to see beyond with conviction and rationality. The human mind can create much drama, which interferes (with) and influences perceptions and creates and accelerates explosive situations. Many times, this is to the detriment of the human being. It does not contribute to the overall wellness of the collective or community.

Reasonability allows flow and fluidity. It is expansiveness. Reasonability allows doubt to dissipate. It takes the charge away from volatility.

Reasonability is tempered and balanced.

Reasonability is a form of grace.

Practical Exercise: Reasonability

Are you reasonable? Look now, in quietness, with gratitude and humility, at recent events in your life. Did you act reasonably? Was there someone else who did (act reasonably) in these specific situations, and now you are able to see it?

Reasonability. Become more aware and mindful of this evolutionary trait. Put it into play regularly into your daily life with others and yourself.

It is easy to act impulsively, brashly, (or to be) reactive and to be non-reasonable. To be reasonable requires thought control and sometimes even reflection, especially if you are not used to utilizing this characteristic in your life, and it is new to you. Practice now. Feel what it would mean to you if you exhibited reasonableness.

How would your life change? It would improve the quality of your life and add much needed restraint and calm. It would create a welcome oasis and sanctuary within your inner space. You would be more able to make appropriate decisions for yourself and on behalf of your family with confidence and self-esteem.

It is all a learning process, a development in progress. You have this power within to develop this trait of reasonability. It only takes intention and willingness to do so, to commit to this practice. Be patient. Know with vigilance, discipline, and awareness you can evolve to this (state of being). You are capable of succeeding in this endeavor.

Ch. 20 5/7/15 Aristotle’s Iterative Message #11 on Commitment and Promise

5/7/15 Thursday 12:55-1:31 p.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am here. My speech, today, preplanned, is on the topic of commitment. A commitment is a type of promise. When you commit to complete a task or fulfill an obligation, your word is given with intention and foresight. To retract this, without communicating fully your intentions, often causes disappointment and deep hurt in others. Lack of clear, coherent communication is the root of many problems and the cause of marital strife and relationship disharmony.

Understand this. Comprehend when you engage in a commitment, it is a duty or obligation to fulfill until you rescind it with grace, honor, and dignity in a timely manner, with regard to all parties concerned. It is this level of care, which will signal your high vibration.

Many times, people commit without realizing the sense of honor and integrity that comes along with it. Commitments come in all forms and sizes, sometimes with dates, deadlines, and times attached.

Each one is precious and to be respected.

Practical Exercise: Become Aware of Your Words

Become aware of your words spoken to others and the contracts you have made. Though you may have made it light-heartedly on your end or in jest, those who are potentially on the other side of it may see it in an entirely different, meaningful light. Become sensitive to this.

It is this practice of becoming cognizant and careful of what you speak, which will broaden your consciousness in other ways as well as to help you with your growth during this period of your incarnation.

You Cannot Control Others

You cannot control the reactions and perceptions of others. Some of these are based on distorted value and belief systems and unrealistic expectations; however, if you come from a place of good intentions, integrity, and wanting to serve those around you, with selflessness and with compassion, you will be well-guided.

Practical Exercise: Tune into Your Intuition

Take time to tune into your all-knowing intuition. Turn away from the controlling aspects of your egoic consciousness when desiring enlightenment as to how to proceed. This will always serve you well, and be a light of luminescence.

Practical Exercise: Watch Your Words

Watch your words for they carry great import. They have the power to cause harm and distress to others. It is this sensitivity to others and the selection of what you verbalize, which is a marker of high vibration and an indicator of heightened, spiritual development.

The Matrimonial Union

One of the greatest of all commitments is the matrimonial union, the most powerful decree, done often in a sacred ritual with the symbol of the ring for continuity and perpetuity. This union is to be honored. It is a remembrance to the commitment to be placed on the forefront of your thoughts and actions.

It is this great care, this honoring of your own word given, performed in a sacred ceremony that will have significance and be a sign of your maturity. Those, who commit adultery and engage in infidelity, will answer to the governing principles of the Universe in regards to Cause and Effect. Every action has a reaction. Be mindful of this Wisdom.

Take great care in the commitments you have made to your spouses, to your children, to your loved ones, your associates, and to yourself. Honor the words you speak to others and promises you make.

Ch. 21 Message #12 5/8/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message on Assurance

5/8/15 Friday 10:37-11:00 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am in the house. I have arrived. Today’s special subject is on assurance. Assurance is a type of knowingness. When you feel assured, you feel safe, and comforted. To give assurance to others is a wonderful gift. To be self-assured is to allow yourself the genuine feeling of self-confidence without flamboyancy and with aplomb. To be successful, one must be self-assured.

Assurance is a higher, evolutionary trait. Assurance has stability and a foundational support. Assurance is pervasive, firm, and supporting. Assurance is never irritating. Assurance with a complementary smile is an endearing package to receive from one.

Assurance is gratifying. It can help lift your spirits from despondency to security and faith that you are navigating your ship in the right direction. Assurance comes from a deep place within, from your well of understanding.

Assurance is not superficial. It has its own vibration.

Practical Exercise: Assurance

This is your specific practice today to become more aware of this concept. Notice when others are self-assured and when they are not. Notice when assurance is extended to others. Do you see the change in the energy field of the receiver? Observe this in quietness and stillness.

Make a mental note to yourself as you go about your day. Keep an inner memory of this to serve as placeholders for you and markers for your thought system. This practice requires discernment and acuity of perception. As you engage in this, it will increase your sensitivity to your surroundings and the quality of your human relationships.

Christ was assured. He did not deter from his path, fulfilling his promise, his obligation. His inner knowingness contributed to his assuredness. It is this, which can propel you forward, to transcend doubt and apathy.

Practice assurance. Observe it around you. In this way, you will grow to develop your consciousness to higher levels of thought and perception.

I am with you always as it is our divine blend.


Ch. 22 5/9/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #13 on These are the Days, Turning Inward, and More

5/9/15 Saturday 1:08-1:33 p.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: These are the days that try and test many. Many are learning to adapt and release their old thought patterns, habits, and reactionary states. These are the times for such learnings.

I encourage you all to go forth with high hopes and assuredness. You are being well-guided. There is a Grand Design of True Nature.

I am here to give you comfort, to soothe, and reassure you. You are all powerful. It is in this power in which your destinies shall be revealed and for you to create a New World of Truth, Justice, and Honor.

These are the New Times, a new wave of disclosure, and obscurities revealed. This is the time for you to rise to your granted positions of power and boundless love. Rise! Rise for now is the time!

These are your times! Frolic! See it as an Adventure of the Ages! Have this moment!

We have hope for you. that you will rise and help to create a great nation of peace, prosperity, and abundance on all levels.

Practical Exercise: Turning Inward

Your thoughts help to enforce and perpetuate this into the reality of the physical.

Simply turn inward in those moments of discomfort and agony to be released from the ties of your emotions. Learn melancholy is a result of your own perceptions, limited in range and scope.

Be still. Learn to tell time by the beating of your heart. This is your True Essence and in the very caliber of your Design. It is your Primary Purpose to be fearless, and march forward with courageousness and bravery. Unto you, this will come.

Enhance Your Self

Exert your time, efforts, and labors only on those activities, which enhance your sense of Self, to understand your mind, heart, and the everlasting connection between the two. These are the two components of your effervescent nature.

Speak Your Truth

Speak your Truth, with kindness and with respect to others. Know those who are ready are already heeding these words I impart. They recognize it, deep within their hearts, as the words of the Almighty, All-knowing, Divine Consciousness of Ultimate Supremacy.

(Note: I received a tonal download in my right ear for about 10 seconds at this time. This is the psychic sense of clairaudience, the sense of hearing.)

Feel the Vibration

You will feel the vibration and shift within you as you change and accept your delegated roles with specific functions, designated by your own Nature. Your contemporaries also will feel this shift in vibration. You are all in this together in this glorious time of the New World. Learn to love! Love to learn!

You will feel the light. Bathe yourself in the superb glory of its rays! You have this design.

Aristotle’s Closing

I am you. I have come at this time to share my words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement. Live in the eternal beauty in which you have been created. Each and every one is a divine spark and inspiration of the Divine.

Love, everlasting, your trusted dignitary,


Ch. 23 5/10/15 Pliny the Elder’s Telepathic Message #14 on Immortality and Eternal Faith

Prior to Pliny the Elder’s connection with me in May 2015 in this message, I had no conscious affinity or attraction to him. In fact, I did not know anything about him. I did not recall studying him in school. In the early years after my spiritual awakening in 2009-2011, I had received the word “Pliny” sporadically, spontaneously, and telepathically.

I only received his first name and nothing more. I did not attempt to receive further information as I was receiving other bits and pieces of telepathic information on so many topics at the time as well. It would have been overwhelming for me, time and effort wise, to channel information on all the things I was receiving.

I was attempting to invoke Aristotle when I sat down to do this channeling. After my invocation to start this channeling, when I tuned into Aristotle, clairvoyantly, I received a blurry, quick image of Aristotle with two other males next to him on his left side in long, tan robes. They were in a non-descript room with a white wall behind them. Aristotle appeared to be talking to them and gesturing with his left arm. I believed one of these men was Pliny the Elder.

Why I sensed it was Pliny the Elder–My Prior Psychic Experiences

When I googled Pliny after receiving this message from him, I was surprised to see there was a Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger, his nephew. I wondered which Pliny it was who I channeled. In the beginning of his channeling, Pliny had only delivered his first name when he introduced himself. After receiving this message, I added “the Elder” to his first name when I felt I had clarity on his identity.

I sensed it was Pliny the Elder, also known as Gaius Plinius Secundas. I felt this because prior to this message I heard the word “secundas” telepathically a few times in 2015 at random times. I had no idea what it meant at the time I received it. After this message, I felt I received the word “secundas” to denote Pliny the Elder. When I Googled the meaning of the word “secundas,” I learned it was the Latin word for “second.”

Also, in the few days prior to receiving this message, telepathically and randomly, I heard the word “extant.” I heard this word about five times. Again, I had no inkling what this meant nor why I was receiving it. After receiving this message, I sensed this was to validate it was Pliny the Elder I was channeling rather than his nephew because the word “extant” appeared in the first biography description about him that I researched on the internet.

This is not the first time I telepathically heard the name “Pliny.” At the beginning of one of the trance channelings in April of 2015, I clearly heard “Pliny” just before Aristotle channeled a message to me. Intuitively, I sensed they were working together.

About Pliny the Elder (AD 23–8/25 AD 79)

Gaius Plinius Secundas (Pliny the Elder) was a Roman army and naval commander, a naturalist, philosopher, biographer, and historian. He is best known for his extant work, a 37-volume Naturalis Historia (“Natural History”). This was a comprehensive guide of ancient knowledge of the natural world. It became the model for all other encyclopedias which followed and served as the basis for scientific knowledge for centuries. During a rescue attempt when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, he died in 79 A.D.,

About Stepping in on Behalf of Aristotle

It was not a surprise to me Pliny the Elder stepped in for Aristotle during this message. I sensed in these other dimensions there is training going on as there is in the Earthly dimension. Aristotle and Pliny the Elder must have agreed it was best for him to speak up at this time in the channeling series. Perhaps, it was for Pliny the Elder to learn how to interact with me telepathically for his own growth and development. I am just happy to be the message deliverer.


5/10/15 Sunday 11:33–11:55 a.m. Seattle, WA

Pliny the Elder[_:_] It is I, Pliny. I have come on Aristotle’s behalf. He asked I step forward to share my words with you so you can distribute them to those who are willing and ready to receive such generosity of information dissemination.

I am another, who has walked the plane of Earth since its birth. I acknowledge the work you do with willingness and great care. You are diligent.

I am here to provide discourse on the ideas of immortality and everlasting faith. You are all Divine Consciousnesses, who have chosen with thought and foresight to incarnate in the physical forms you are currently in. You come from a long lineage of such eternal Beings.

Being in Physical Form for Growth

When you are in physical form, the opportunities abound for learning and development of your evolving consciousness. The Earth has unique parameters for soul evolution. In this paradigm, you exist, to grow, to develop, to create. As part of your purpose, you will be able feel and become sensitive to others in your soul community. This type of awareness is vital for your soul’s development and understanding.

You work in this way. Each experience brings you closer to that which is a natural part of you and your existence of divine beingness. Each thought you have is a product of learning and your creation.

Practical Exercises: Mindfulness and Listening

Become more mindful of your thoughts that float and sometimes meander through your mind. Take the time to listen. Tune into your own frequency, your thought waves. Support yourself in this way.

This ability to venture within you will allow you freedom of movement and thought selection. You have a wondrous ability to create with your thought vibration. Feel this. Know it is genuine and authentic.

We are Evolving, Divine Beings

You are evolving. When you can feel the vibration of your own mind and the sacrosanctity of your heart, your yearnings will be set free. You will understand the true meaning of your Divine Being and the choices you have selected for yourself.

You will feel your Higher Nature, and understand this is what you have come to Earth to do. This is how you are being prepared for your levels of advancement in the continuum.

Look at your life through these filters, and your paradigm will change. It will help you to release the mundaneness and trivialities of your daily lives. Focus more on what is of real value and true import, your growing consciousness.

Pliny the Elder’s Closing

I am Pliny. I have come to share my words to help you determine the pace of your self-evolution. This is you and why you have chosen to come to Earth, to have this experience, to expand your consciousness in a unique setting. It has been preplanned and predetermined.

I am that, which you are, an evolving consciousness. As part of which, I have been sent to help others and teach of new concepts, new ideals, new ways of existence to allow you freedom of thought and freedom of mind. I parlay this information to you for you to realize, to feel, to understand the quality of your being, and how you have been designed in this eternal way.

Feel me. Know I have been sent from the Realm of Ideas and Philosophies in a purposeful way, to help you relinquish your lower ideals and grow in the magnificence that is your Nature. I am a divine messenger of faith and hope, entrusted with this knowledge. Now I have delivered it to you, my faithful representative.

(Clairvoyantly, I see him bow. Telepathically, I say “Namaste.”)

You have well-earned your position. You are a spokesperson for the New Age.

Ch. 24 1/25/15 Altun Hans’ Telepathic Message and 5/16/15 Altun Hans’ Telepathic Message #15 on Opportunities, Mindfulness, and More

Please note though I asked for Aristotle, in this message, the Altun Hans, stepped in for him. This is another time a Being has stepped in for Aristotle to deliver a message. In message #14, which was shared prior to this message, Pliny the Elder stepped in for Aristotle.

My Prior Psychic Experiences with the Altun Hans

In 2014 I kept spontaneously hearing telepathically the name, “Altun Hans.” There were some days when I would hear this five to ten times a day! It took a few months before I finally received a message from them. Even when I sat down to receive channeled messages from Beings, the Altun Hans did not step forth until January of 2015. At this time, they channeled two messages to me.

Background on the Altun Hans

When I initially received the word “Altun Hans,” I had no idea what it meant. I Googled it to learn “Altun Ha” is an ancient Mayan city. It is located in the tropical county of Belize. From about B.C. 900 to A.D. 1000 it was occupied for many centuries. There are ancient temples and structures here. Altun Hans are Beings, who once inhabited this area.

I sensed the Beings from this area were attempting to make contact with me, which is why I heard “Altun Hans” so frequently, telepathically. I did not receive any other clear information about them until January of 2015. Then, in their channeled message below, they stated “We are an ancient race, wise, and secular.”

Prior Messages from the Altun Hans

In January of 2015 I received my first two channeled messages from the Altun Hans: one about the Orca whales and the other on the New Age. They are beautiful messages. Please read their message about the Orcas on my blog at the following link:


I decided to include the Altun Hans’ second message to me on the New Age from January of 2015 in this book because it is so relevant to this book’s theme. This is not formally part of “Aristotle’s Channelings for the New Age Series” but nevertheless, still very appropriate.


1/25/15 Sunday 9:02-9:38 p.m. South Florida

Katy: Dear Ones, I am here for a channeled message from a Being of Light and Love to share with humanity. I ask for the highest guidance. Thank-you. Namaste.

Altun Hans: We are the ones that you know. We are the Altun Hans and have come on behalf of your request. We are an ancient race, wise, and secular.

You can feel us. We are familiar to you now as we have come to you before. Know our notes as they rise and fall in pitch. Be familiar with our sounds.

Earlier, we had shared a message from the Orcas, which was important to deliver to you in a timely way. Now, we shall speak on other matters, just as important that will be beneficial to your spiritual development. Your Angels acknowledge us and are willing to allow these type of communications in thought-speak.

My Development

You are developing rapidly in this New Age. Be careful to share what you know with grace and balance as others are advancing as well. We send you our very best. Your sounds will increase in their vibrancy, clarity, and pristineness. This allows you to hear us as you evolve into higher developed consciousness levels of advancement. Your brain is firing new signals at a rapid pace. You are being heard!

(This preceding paragraph is specific to my personal development. At this time, telepathically, I asked the Altun Hans to give me a message to share with others. I didn’t want this message to be all about me.)

New Ways of Learning

In your good graces we have gained favor. We have come to share to you and others that the tide is turning. New ways of learning are being prepared for those, who are successful in being devout in their commitment to develop themselves. These new ways of learning are highly advanced and will be felt by many, who care about the Planet Earth and desire peace, justice, and harmony for all, across all species.

New Vibrations and New Thought Waves

You shall feel this new vibration, this shift with your higher vibration. You already know it in the wind as it blows against your skin. These are new vibrations, preparatory, for those who can make these shifts.

The time is coming, the tide is turning. With your new thought waves you can formulate and make corrections of errancy. These are powerful times of change. Learn to be in this flow. It is your devoutness to your growth, which clearly distinguishes you from many others. When you emit these tones, new helpers, advanced, arrive to share their teachings.

Dramatic Changes in People’s Lives

People should prepare for this new rapid advancement. Many will shift their lives dramatically in terms of purpose. What they desired earlier shall fall away quickly to make room for their new desires, more aligned with their true purpose and nature.

There will be recollections of past lifetimes, new memories from times they have experienced in earlier ages. All these are signs of the Coming of the Age. The rapid advancers shall take the lead to herald in this New Age of Promise and Opportunity. All shall benefit from these changes.

Like the Unknowingness, Be Patient

You made your changes in a more monumental way. Others may shift more gradually over time and in increments. This has been steadily planned. Learn to like the unknowingness, to be open to what your Destiny shall reveal to you. Be patient with others as they are learning alongside you. Be prepared to observe radical behavior changes in others as they adjust to the New World Order. You have come a long way. Now, your destiny has arrived. It is upon you. Many others will be taking their journeys alongside you.

The Year 2015

In harmony, like this, you will also be able to develop at your own speed and pace. There are many preparations and initiatives underway. The year 2015 shall be a grand year, a year of unexpected surprises and abrupt changes! These times will test many and the quality of their relationships as people learn more about themselves and their true calling of divinity and purpose. These are the Times of Rising!

Earth’s Changes

It is important to reassure and counsel others so that they understand their fate. It is not to be fearful but cognizant of these Earthly changes as the Earth raises her vibration to even higher velocities of vibration. This is all part of the unfolding and birthing of the New Age. Expansion is taking place on many levels, including the cellular consciousness level. Animals and plants will be changing as well. They are being prepared.

Feel These Positive Changes

We want you to feel this as a positive change, a welcome step in a new direction of light and everlasting love for all of mankind, all of humanity. Feel this change and learn to be of ease in it. When you relax and feel the sound of this harmonic, new opportunities for you will abound.

Your Physical Care is Important

Be aware. Now is the time for proper care of yourselves and your physical bodies as you learn to adjust to these new changing, higher vibrations. Take care not to overtax yourself. Proper rest, care, and sustenance are priorities now. Know as you are being recalibrated, enormous amounts of energy are necessary to be expended. These can cause sleep deprivation and feelings of anxiety.

Take the time to escape into the sanctuary of nature and the peace of the outdoors. In this setting you can replenish and nourish yourselves for the air quality here is of higher level and more conducive to your energetic health and balance.

Gentleness, You are Being Guided, and Coincidences

Be gentle with yourselves. Know you are all being guided by those who care greatly about you, your health, your well-being, and development. Nothing is left to chance. Watch for those coincidences in your daily life, which are almost too unbelievable to be true. You are being led. The Universe and Divine Providence is working at full throttle now to ensure success for many. You will feel these changes and benefit from them.

Changes for Mankind: Technology

This is time for the growth of mankind, for new industries to emerge, and new technologies to develop. This will occur in your generation. Many fundamental changes will take place. It is important to embrace change and (the) new opportunities technology brings. Don’t shy from it.

Know these are the tools for your growth and understanding. Time moves on in your continuum. It is the manner in which technology is embraced and to what higher levels of altruism it is used for that will become major factors.


Integrate our words into your daily practices for your health and well-being for we care greatly for you in the Grand Plan of Design. Learn to live in the power of the moment, and you shall achieve many breakthroughs. You shall see and remember our words delivered to you today.

Altun Hans’ Closing

We respect you. We want you to know many are working on behalf of mankind to usher in this New Age. You are a herald whose prominent function is to disseminate this information for others to understand and feel comforted by these changes rather than overwhelmed so that stability is kept.

We have spoken. You have heard us.

We bow to you in honor and respect. Until our next communication, we bid you farewell.

The Altun Hans (Your language is now becoming quite familiar to us.)


During the week of 5/11/15 I again started hearing “Altun Hans” telepathically once or two times a day at random times. This was a precursor of their desire to want to communicate with me and to the following message I received on 5/16/15.


5/16/15 Saturday 7:53–8:11 p.m. Seattle, WA

Altun Hans: We are the Altun Hans.


We have come to give you advance notice of the opportunities, which will avail themselves to those who have the sense and cognizance to take full advantage. These opportunities are in regards to recognition and fully engaging in the continued commitment to help those in need. These are in the Realm of Idealism and Charitable Service.

Importance of Mindfulness

To be mindful will allow you to be in charge of your destinies at hand. When you are mindful, you can fully take in, and immerse yourself in the Universal Flow and language of Love and Altruism.

Your Commitment

Keep to your commitment. Your resolve shall carry you far. Be mindful. Know your destiny may be different than those around you. It is in this grace you shall succeed.

You have come a long way to be here in time. You have traveled far and through many portals. You have successfully integrated yourself into numerous civilizations.

Now, this is your time to rise, and ascend to your full potential. You honor yourself when you can keep your commitment and promise. This is the New Age of Hope and Possibilities. You can feel the vibration of others. This is important.

Learn to tell the difference between your own inner turmoil and of those around you. Feel this difference. Be discerning.


You are changing. When you transform, your life shifts dramatically. These are the antecedents of historic movements. Many are with you and experiencing similar disruptions of mood and perceptions. These are your growing pains of metamorphosis.

Be Brave

Be brave. Carry forth with this knowledge and understanding. You follow those who hold the torch for you as you shall hold the torch for others.

Our Destinies

You all have amazing destinies to fulfill. It is written in your Books and Records. Feel the momentum of these times and the rapid acceleration.

Altun Hans Closing

We are your brethren and have walked the Earth many times. We are the Altun Hans and have come to help those fulfill their destinies during these Wondrous Times.

Ch. 25 5/18/15 Aristotle’s Iterative Message #16 on Power of Music, Sound, Listening, and More

5/18/15 Monday 11:29–12:08 p.m. On the plane from Seattle to Atlanta

Aristotle: Music has an ethereal quality. It helps to raise your vibration and uplift your spirits. Strings are especially poignant.

Power of Music for Healing

As you listen to musical notes become aware of how it affects you. These harmonics can help clear blockages and obstructions in your energetic flow. It helps to create new awareness of your True Being.

Power of Sound

The power of sound can be felt within your inner sanctum (your heart space). Take time daily to listen to these type of melodies. Feel their vibration in your energetic field. As you naturally relax and release rigidity during these moments, your mind will become more open, allowing new thought forms that are being specifically prepared for the New Age to enter.

These are thought forms of high quality, of everlasting peace, trust, faith, temperance, and love. Ah! The power of sound to move mountains and change hearts! Immerse yourself in this! Feel this change within you as your vibration increases.

The speed of your development is affected by sound, its notes, and energetic movements. Sound, so simple, yet so pure and clear. Be discerning. Select those compositions, which affect you on these deep levels. Discordant sound and notes have the opposite effect and create disharmony and emotional volatility within your system. Discordant sounds do not bring out the best in people.

Cherish these moments in time when you can drift idyllically into the pervasive sounds of music. Use this during your meditations to help prepare yourselves for your Guides’ and Angels’ attunements specific to your purpose.

The Vibration of Your Sound

Sound is a vibration. You create your own sounds, pitches, and notes. Those with a higher vibration emit more radiant, high pitched, and pure notes are instantly recognizable to others on subtle levels. Those, who are despondent, depressed, morose, and cannot see beyond their own narrow prism of perceptions, who are misaligned, generate other tones of deeper bass and tenor. Their sounds are dampened. To those Beings, without a physical form, your sound emanation is a key indicator of your identity.

Throughout your day, your sound changes as your mind reacts to its surroundings and is influenced by it.

Practical Exercise: Surround Yourself with Pure Sounds

Associate and surround yourself with the purest of sounds. Your heart will know and can tell the difference. You will feel much lighter, airy, cleaner, and pure.

A Practical Exercise: Listening

When you speak, listen to your voice. Can you tell its vibration? How does it sound to you? What do you hear in your voice tone? Do you hear frustration? Or is there is an optimistic lilt and inflection?

Learn to tune into a person through their voice tone. Quickly, you will become adept at differentiating the nuances of human emotions and a person’s state of mind. It is a cultivation process.

Your Voice is a Mirror

Your voice is a mirror, a reflection of your inner state. When you can listen in this way to the voices of others, you will better manage your relationships by becoming a better listener. For it is not only the words that are spoken, which are important, it is the manner of speech and voice inflection, revealing key, important aspects to you.

These are the tools I share with you at this time to create more awareness within you of vibration and its various qualities. For to be sensitively acute, is to develop your other levels of discernment beyond the physical senses.

This is important, now, to help you better navigate your time and resources during these volatile, changing times of the New Age. This will help circumvent your lethargy and help you to retain some level of thought control about yourself, your inner being, and your surroundings.

I am here to help lead the Tide of Change and to help those who are willing and care about themselves, their fellow human beings, and the state of the planet.

Ch. 26 5/25/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #17 on Heart Space, Life Lessons, Helping Others, and More

5/25/15 Monday 12:45–1:10 p.m. On the plane from South Florida to Atlanta, GA

Aristotle: I have arrived, dear one. I am here upon your invitation.

Your Heart Space Vibration

It is important to realize you have an inner vibration, created by your inner sanctum (your heart space). Inside of you is this powerful force for change, for creation, and for ultimate fulfillment. This has been gifted to each and every one of you.

Practical Exercise: Heart Space Awareness

Feel your force. Feel your inner sanctum. By focusing here on this area you can create great change within you that will allow you to see beyond your physical world.

Your heart space is a wonderful area of creativity and imagination.

Become more aware of this area. During regular intervals of your day, bring your attention to this space in the center of your chest. Feel this vibration here.

Do this in quietness and when you have an opportunity to clearly feel without noise or interruption. Take your time. Do not rush it or overexert. It will come easily and naturally, this connection and affinity to your heart space area.

In doing this regularly, you will create a heart expansion, a deeper channel, and connection to the Divine. This will be your sweet spot where you can come to relax and touch your inner being, the Truth of Who You Are, and how you have been created.

This is powerful. You will feel the change and metamorphosis within you. Feel the freedom this will bring you and how you will be released and liberated. The heart space area is a special continuum, a portal, and an entry to other dimensions of time and space.

Create the time to endeavor in this activity of furthering your development by connecting to your heart space. Your moments of glory will be revealed. You will learn how to rise spiritually in your physical domain. You will know what it is to be a spiritual being incarnated in a physical, biological form.

Practical Exercise: Live from Your Heart Space

Learn to live your life from your heart space. Make decisions with the connection to this space. When you live in this way, you shall feel the universal flow of all things and the unity of one. When love fills your heart, the possibilities are endless.

Our Life Lessons and Adventures

You have all come so far to be here in time at this nexus. Now, it is the time for further development for the quality of your evolution and purpose. You have come to experience this, to have these adventures, these trials, and tribulations for your expansion. Look back at your past experiences as stepping stones and opportunities for learning. Feel this. You shall forgive yourself and others, more easily and readily. You shall overcome and transcend at a more accelerated rate of expansion.

Practical Exercise: Helping Others

Know others are developing alongside of you. You can help them with your understanding, grace, and compassion. You have all come together at this time and at this specific point in history. This is part of the Grand Design.

Learn to love your neighbor. When you relinquish control and the desire to dominate to subjugate others to your will, you will have reached a major milestone. Your destinies shall be fulfilled.

Become more aware of how you wield your power and to what end. Be cognizant that every human being is a developing soul, including your life partners, your children, those in your family, your co-workers, your colleagues, and those riding the highway of life with you.

Learning to live in this way will be a relief and comfort to you for you will no longer have to “figure it out” for others. It is their soul sojourn to have this discovery for themselves.

Through demonstration, without harsh words and reprimand, you can light the way for others.

You are Responsible

You are responsible and solely you. It lies within your good, capable hands as to how you proceed with your life, how you choose to internalize your life events, how you choose to react, to blame or not blame. These are your perceptions and projections, self-created.

Practical Exercise: Daily Self-Reflection

Take the time daily to reflect upon this in your life. Notice how you are going about your day and what thoughts are being created by your mind. When you can have this awareness, you can better rein your thoughts in, monitor, and modify them for your well-being and overall health. You are in charge. You are the master of your thoughts. Learn to be more mindful.

About Your Guides and Angels

Your Guides, Angels, and those evolved Beings, who agreed (to assist you) and are involved with your care, respect this. Great care is taken in their tutelage and with awareness that you are a developing soul with free will. They pay homage to this. They treat this with honor and reverence. Mind control is not allowed and strictly forbidden. They are there for you. They understand the responsibilities they bear.

Practical Exercise: Get to Know Yourself

Sense who you are. Become more familiar with yourself. Get to know yourself. Do you know who you are? It is in the moments of quietness and with gratitude you shall discover your true purpose and fine design. Feel this vibration.

Aristotle’s Closing

Feel my vibration. Know the Truth from which I speak and share to help humanity continue with its evolutionary progression.

I am Aristotle. I have come to share specific, special teachings to help those who are ready to embrace these thought forms of higher evolution. Unto you I come to deliver my words so you may spread them more readily and make them available to the Truth Seekers.

I am one with you. With many blessings to all and in your good graces,



Ch. 27 5/27/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #18 on During this Revolution, Equilibrium, Our Power of Creation, and More

5/27/15 Wednesday 9:25–9:51 a.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: I am here in your presence, in your vibrational field. I have come to teach upon matters, which are important at this time.

Be devout. Know you are not alone on your journey on the Earthly plane. You have come to share information to others, to increase their knowledge base, and to help with their expansion.

During This Revolution

It is a revolution going on currently, a time of abrupt, sudden changes. Many are feeling inner turmoil. This is a time of analysis, of learning, and change.

Practical Exercise: Look Within to Restore Your Equilibrium

Look within yourselves. You shall find the answers you seek. Your inner equilibrium can be rebalanced and restored in this way. When you can find the time daily to turn inwards in solitude and with the intention of helping yourself achieve inner harmony, you will help to improve the status of your life.

The harmonizing effect is important. When each person can learn to balance themselves energetically and emotionally, you will be able to sustain and maintain the promise you made prior to incarnation to help in the empowerment of each individual.

This is a time of discord, but within each and every one of you, you have the ability to sanctify. It is in your supernal beingness and how you have been created. Teach others to show them the way to everlasting peace. Remember, you are all here together to help each other and to move freely through this world. This is your time.

Feel this new vibration, this uprising. You have succeeded in coming to this planet for this adventure and to learn how to help others. In your wise ways, you can help uplift many.

Help from Divine Beings

We have been working with others, Beings of Divine Light, and doing our utmost to help bring solidity, balance, and a sense of safety to the masses through our interpreters.

Becoming Independently Minded to Our Power

When each person becomes independently minded to the power and strength, which lies within them, available at all times like a reserve, a pool to draw from, there will be fantastic, new developments on all levels of consciousness and growth in technology.

When you know how incredibly powerful you are, you can direct this energy to many aspects of your life for peaceful living in fulfillment. The generosity of your Spirit has allowed this. It has been coded in your DNA for your advancement.

This was your promise to help others learn about the sovereignty of their power for creation and for the Ultimate Fulfillment of Love, Peace, and Gratitude in all the lands.

Ability to Create

You have this power, this wondrous ability to create if you allow yourselves. Truly believe in the opportunities and potentialities it presents. You can create through the Truth of Knowledge with kindness and compassion. Your creativity is a reflection of your Genuine Self , an aspect of you, which is all present and all knowing.

Practical Exercise: Permeation into Your Being

Focus now on this Truth I am sharing. Feel its vibration and its authenticity in your inner being. Absorb, assimilate, and integrate it into your systems, your cellular regions, and all levels of thought. This will give you tremendous will, perseverance, and a desire to dedicate yourself to altruistic causes and to be of service.

Be Courageous, and Do Not Be Limited

Care for yourself but dare to be courageous. Go forward in your life with determination, adaptability, and in the deep knowingness that you are highly qualified with immense capabilities for thought formulation, control, and the creation of new concepts and ideals.


Do not be limited by what is around you. Learn to look beyond. Feel the magnificent power of your heart. With this, manifestation will happen at accelerated rates. As the Earth clears its energy, there will be additional resources available to you. This will happen automatically and naturally.

You are successful. You have already achieved some level of this astounding progression to higher levels of evolution. Bathe yourself in the everlasting light of All-Knowing, Permanent Love and Beauty. This is your requiem.

Aristotle’s Closing

I have come to share with you at this time these important words. Revel in them. Draw them into your heart space, where they can flower, bloom, and fragrance your life.

I am Aristotle with Teachings for the New Age.


Ch. 28 5/28/15 Pliny the Elder’s Telepathic Message #19 on All-Knowingness

As in what happened in message #14, I was attempting to invoke Aristotle when I sat down to do this channeling when instead, Pliny the Elder came to speak on his behalf. This is his second and last message to me in the Teachings for the New Age Channeling Series. In this message, he specifically stated he was Pliny the Elder. In message #14 I shared initially I was unsure which Pliny it was who channeled the message to me, Pliny the Elder or Pliny the Younger, his nephew.

5/28/15 Tuesday 12:18–12:40 p.m. Seattle, WA

Pliny the Elder: I am Pliny the Elder. I have come on behalf of Aristotle, willingly and with great care. I have spoken to you before.

(Note: I saw a clairvoyant image of him as a decorated military person of his day. In my internet research of him I did learn he was a Roman army and naval commander when he lived on Earth.)

My words I share today are on the subject of All-Knowingness, an evolutionary trait. All-Knowingness seems impossible, doesn’t it? Yet, I present it to you to consider, to allow yourself to develop thoughts and ideas on this venerable quality.

To be All-Knowing requires a presence and a state of mind to be in the present moment of all that is. It is possible to be All-Knowing. Some of you have experienced fleeting instances of this during your meditations and in your sudden epiphanies. All-Knowing, a wonderful, pure vibration, which allows you to expand beyond your physical form, to touch the sublime and the essential quality of this.

You are all All-Knowing. It appears to be a contradiction when you look around at your life, at those you interact what and what you perceive in the world. You have many questions. It is easy to get doubtful, to question yourselves, and your purpose.

This lies within you, the effervescent quality of All-Knowingness, of Purity of Beingness. This is your Cause. You can feel this. Know what it is when you tune in, when you still the many thoughts of your mind, and go within with devoutness.

To disappear into this space, this realm of All-Knowingness requires servitude to the Divine and a release, a surrender of all of your convictions, and suspension of thought beliefs. When you can relinquish in this way, you will be free and unencumbered to pursue the divine quality of All-Knowingness, resting within you, waiting to emerge.

All-Knowingness, a superb quality, which transcends time and space and connects you to all that is. In the Grandeur of this Design you shall feel the very vibration of your essence to know who you are.

You can touch the Divine. Feel this within yourself. This is available to you. It is only your lack of confidence and trust in yourself, stopping you. Have faith that you have all the capabilities within you. This is part of your design and inherent nature, an intelligence bequeathed to all.

This special vibration of All-Knowingness is for you to touch, to immerse yourself in. With your own permissions and faith you can travel to this recess within your inner sanctum, and feel the Truth of All Times. You can vibrate in this special area to come home to your primary existence and how you have been created.

Sense this feeling. Let this wave wash over you as you feel your energetic body float, weightless and lightened, freed from its programmings and desultory affairs.

You have this system. It has been incorporated into you. Now, it is the time to discover this for yourself, a relief and reprieve from all which is physical, a divine time for yourself. To connect fully without restriction in the energy of All-Knowing will remove lower vibrational constraints and give you new-found energy and inspiration. You will blaze a trail of such vibrant energy in your life to help lift the shroud, which envelopes many, preventing them from moving forward in enlightenment in the full Truth and Glory of the Light.

I am you. That is who I am. Discovering this revelation will turn your life around. You will feel the ultimate freedom of eternal life ever after. I guarantee you will exist in a new-found place of well-being and non-judgment, a safe haven.

Pliny the Elder’s Closing

Continue on our loved ones. Know our words are meant to inspire, guide, and provide you with the relief you yearn for in the deepest parts of your psyche.

I am you. I have come to share my words so you understand yourselves better, and know who you truly you are, superb in design and beingness.

I salute you! With clear and specific intention to serve and guard your interests, I am Pliny the Elder. Transcendence is yours and available to you in this lifetime!

Ch. 29 5/30/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #20 on Understand Yourselves, Become Aware, and More

5/30/15 Saturday 12:32–12:53 p.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: It is in your good graces I come today that you have allowed me this opportunity to share my words. I feel you. I have high hopes for what you do and the care you take.

Understand Yourselves

Understand yourselves. This is important. In understanding yourselves, you create more empathy for others. In developing an understanding of who you are and what makes you tick, you become more aware. In your awareness, you can create change for your betterment and well-being.

Practical Exercise: Become More Aware

Learn to become more aware of your emotions, how they arise, and why they surface. What are the circumstances leading to the disruption of your emotional state and loss of balance? These will reveal those aspects of yourself you have hidden, suppressed, and are not ready to acknowledge consciously and willingly.

Practical Exercise: Learn About Yourself

These are the times to learn about yourself, how your upbringing affected you and your perceptions, and how your mind created your belief systems. All this is important to you in understanding who you are and what you carrying around inside of you, which is your personality and projection to the world.

Your Powerful Mind

Your mind is very powerful. At times, it does you a disservice and creates unrest within yourself with its distorted perceptions, ambiguities, and inconsistencies. Become more aware of your mind, how it engages, and how it interacts with your thought systems. Be observant. This shall give you the capabilities to withdraw from those interactions, which are not conducive to your overall well-being.

Your Mind is a Ladder

Your mind is a ladder. If you can learn to use it productively and fruitfully, you will be able to climb to higher levels of thought forms and evolution. This is part of the Plan, to learn these teachings and then to integrate them into your life. In doing so, you shall help create change and demonstrate to others the availability of such growth.

Tools for Entraining the Mind–Crystals, Sound, and Nature

There are certain crystals that can help you entrain your mind to these advanced levels. Those are the crystals which work with your rational, logical, cerebral side. Use these as a tool for yourself for assistance.

There are sound vibrations, oscillating to the frequencies of your crown chakra and those chakras even higher, to help you clear and remove obstructions and impurities of thought. Nature, as well, can help create space within your mind for adjustment, re-balancing, and harmonic union. Take the time to learn about such tools. Utilize them in your daily life.

You have been created to be high vibrational Beings of Divine Light and Purpose. Remember this. Take the time daily to feel this. Know this is who you are and how you have been created.

Aristotle’s Closing

I am one who has come to deliver these missives to help you in your advancement and evolution, to help you rise, to transcend those feelings and thoughts, which hinder you by creating unnecessary obstacles to your growth and development.

I am one who knows and cares for humanity. Please read my words. Repeat them to yourselves, slowly, with the intention of absorption into your cellular consciousness, where they will rest and begin to assimilate into your cells and thoughts.

You are unbounded! Acknowledge this.

Love Yourselves Unconditionally

Learn to love yourselves unconditionally. Have high hopes for all you do and are capable of doing. This will have a causal effect. In this you shall attract the Universal flow and abundance into your sphere.

I am you. That is who I am. We are all united! Unity consciousness is a level, which can be attained by all. Feel this connection to all there is.

Aristotle’s Closing

You have heard me clearly. Now, spread my words and teachings to those who are eager to embrace these to help themselves and others.

In your good graces I came, in your good graces I will depart, until the next time when I share more words of Wisdom and Truth. Make haste. Do not delay! Continue to shine your light!

Ch. 30 5/31/15 Aristotle’s Telepathic Message #21 on We are Not Alone, Early Man, Your Evolvement, and More

5/31/15 Sunday 11:53–12:17 p.m. Seattle, WA

Aristotle: ‘Tis a fine design how the Universe has been made and (with) all of its unique, varied denizens from many worlds.

We Are Not Alone

I am here to remind you that you are not alone. There are many high vibratory Beings, who endeavor to help humanity during this time. These are the times for rapid acceleration and advancement.

About Early Man

Early man desired knowledge of the stars, the sun, and the moon. This desire allowed them to enter into Realm of the Celestial. These initial formulations increased their capacity for growth, education, and learning. In time, many came to know the Truth of this Light.

Your Evolvement

You are all evolving at increasing acceleration. You can feel the difference within yourself when you turn inward, and listen to the beat of your heart.

Be Courageous

Be courageous. Take heart. This is part of your initiation and in the course of your development. Trust in yourself. Your soul knows and desires this completion at this stage of your journey.

You Chose This

Understand you have partaken this destiny with joy and the knowingness it will help you to raise your consciousness, expanding your thoughts. As you evolve, you learn the meaning of reverence for all life and consciousnesses. You will feel the vibration of all things and sense their essence. This is in your DNA blueprint and encodings.

Your Purpose

You have a purpose-to become naturally the Divine Being that you are! You shall touch, and walk in the Truth of How You Have Been Created.

You are Unbounded

Do not limit yourself! Freedom is yours! Feel the sanctity this creates within your inner space.

You are unbounded! Teach this. Shower this on others! Feel how refreshing and appealing this is to you! You need to hear this. Acknowledge this within your conscious thoughts.

Teach This

Teach this to your children. Work with them and support them on their path. Relinquish your old-fashioned beliefs and story lines, which keep your imprisoned and do not allow you breathe fully. Put these on the way side.

You are Valuable

You are very valuable for each one of you touches many others. In your interconnectedness, you can awash yourself in joy, laughter, and relaxation. Live your life in this way with this vibration! It will become easier and easier to do so. Let your Thought Speak be pure, loving, and generous to yourself and those in your care.

Aristotle’s Role

I am here to help lift the veil of ignorance and of small-mindedness and to encourage all to feel the quality of their design, their state of eternal beingness. It is a wonderful Plan of High Intelligence with quality of vibration, of sight, and of sound.

As this is a Journey of Truth, Knowledge, and Inspiration, I am evolving as well. I have come to bring to the forefront these special concepts for your integration, for clarity on your life, and for its speed of progression.

Ch. 31 6/3/15 Asgard’s Telepathic Message #22 on the Power of the Moment, Gratitude, and More

I asked for Aristotle during my invocation at the start of the message but a Being named Asgard stepped in for him. He shared below he was from a far galaxy in “other time and space dimensions.”

Prior to receiving this message I have heard Asgard’s name telepathically in 2015 at random times during the day. I also have received short, trance channeled messages, which I recorded as sound files, from him in April of 2015 that were personal in nature. I have not shared these publicly yet. The following is my first channeled message from him to share with others:


6/3/15 Wednesday 10:15–10:38 a.m. Seattle, WA

Asgard: I am Asgard. You have heard my name. This is correct. My primary function is to be a disseminator of knowledge for those to understand themselves and the world they are existing in, for them to know brotherly, communal love. This is my role.

I have come to you before, as you already know, at night-time.

You are clear, and so you can understand me. I am one from a far galaxy, in other time and space dimensions. We can communicate because you have the capacity to hear me on this frequency.

The Power of the Moment

Teach people how important this moment is. This specific moment in time is yours. Be present. Know each moment is precious. In each moment you have the potential to create. You can shift your emotions from despair to joy, all in a single moment.

Practical Exercises: Listening to Mind and the Power of Gratitude

Each moment is to be savored with gratitude. Learn to listen to your mind. You shall overcome its insistent talk.

Be grateful for all you have. Know it has been gifted to you. When you doubt, you disrupt the universal flow and timing, which allows you to receive with abundance and grace.

In gratitude, all is achievable and available to you. With gratitude, you can accomplish what is in your heart’s true desire. Gratitude is a prerequisite to mastery and transcendence. Gratitude allows nature to grow, the sun to rise and to set, and the stars to twinkle. Gratitude is how the universe was created.

Practical Exercise: Gratitude

Be in the vibration of gratitude, and watch your life change. Your Angels work with you consistently to remind you of what you have to be grateful for. It is all around and within you. It is in your sound, your internal vibration, your very being, and your prime essence.

Be grateful. In the quietness of this simplicity, you will fully acknowledge the beauty in which you have been created. Gratitude is a valuable tool for enlightenment. Gratitude will help carry you safely to shore in the storms of your turmoil. It is always available to you and only a thought a way. Reach for this in your moments of distress and despair. This is your lifeline.

Gratitude helps you to balance your conflicting ideas. Gratitude brings you back to home. You all have this ability to feel this, even in your moods of disruption.

Power of Breath

A simple breath of release will bring you here, to this place of peace, tranquility, and knowingness of who you are. The breath, a singular powerful act, to help yourself to find solace! Into this you can exist.

Asgard’s Closing

I am Asgard. I have come to deliver superior teachings for the New Age for your enlightenment and well-being. Hear my words. Feel my sounds.

Know I have come specifically to be of assistance for you all are my primary concern. I have come to teach about love, light, and eternal life thereafter.

It is wonderful you can interpret my words so readily and share them to others in need. Love always and deeply for this is the quality in which you have been made.


After the twenty second channeled message of “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age” series, I intuitively felt the energy for the channeling series waning. I sensed the series was complete. In September 2015 during the editing of this book, when I asked Aristotle telepathically in the early hours of the morning while still in bed, to confirm if this book was complete, I clearly heard “It is complete.” Then, I heard it again, repeated even louder telepathically, a few seconds later. When I receive a message, twice like this, and especially when it is sent again at a louder, telepathic level, I know the Being really wants to insure I received their message.

After the twenty second channeled message I felt I was being redirected to do other related light work to further share and disseminate these messages.

This is why in June of 2015 I created an online radio show “The Soul Evolution Center Show” on Blogtalkradio.com that I host. This is also available as audio podcasts on iTunes. During the beginning episodes of this show I shared the messages in this book as a type of channeled meditation. These can be listened to or downloaded for free 24/7 at your convenience. Please see the chapter Introduction: About Me of this book to learn more about this show.

In the future, I will be writing more books in which I will share other channeled messages, including affirmations I have received to date from the Angelic Realm and other Light Beings. I also plan to share my personal musings, contemplations, and affirmations I have developed and compiled since my spiritual awakening in 2009. These have their basis in the many channeled messages from Light Beings I have received, as well as evolving from my own day to day experiences, interactions, and human observations.

Of prime importance: Please integrate these channeled teachings for the New Age, life wisdom from beyond, into your daily life to evolve into your best life!


Thank-you for reading my book. If you enjoyed it, please take a moment to leave me a review at your favorite retailer.


Katy Simmone, Author

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Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age

Presently, we are experiencing a massive, major transition of spiritual transformation and healing on a planetary level. Through the channeled teachings from Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher and scientist now in-spirit, as delivered to Katy Simmone, the author and channeler, you will understand the times we are currently existing in as well as your role in it. This book will help to increase the flow and grace of all of your life challenges. You will receive much needed illumination. The intent of these writings is to help people become aware of how the Earth is growing and how all will be affected by the unfolding of “the Plan.” The author has been chosen by such Beings, as Aristotle, to provide these crucial, critical transmissions at this juncture in time. These teachings are pertinent to everyone’s evolutionary growth. This book is for everyone who is drawn to it, open, and ready to hear the words shared within its pages. To understand this book there is no requirement for a certain knowledge base in spirituality or metaphysics. Explanatory information is provided where needed. What is needed by you is only faith, trust, and hope in the words delivered.

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Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age