Are You Dating a Liar?


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1. Introduction

2. Why Graphology?

In a nutshell


3. Lying is not cheating

4. When to infer that a person is a liar

5. The Lying Strokes

6. The Secretive

7. The Self-Deceiver

8. The Manipulator

9. The Emotionally Withdrawn

10. The Slow Writer

11. The Coverer

12. The Pretentious

13. The Letter Eater

14. The Touch-up

15. The Illegible Writer

16. The Illegible Signature

17. The Pretentious Signature

In a nutshell


18. Exceptions

In a nutshell

Wrap Up


Question or Comments

About The Author


I was introduced to the science of handwriting analysis as a surprise. Graphology came into my hands by chance. Let me share with you how. Being a voracious reader, I almost finished all the books I had, so I went to a local bookstore and asked the bookseller to show me all the English books he had. He replied, “Yaha English reader nhi hai, toh hum English books nhi rkhte but aap peeche store mein jaake dekh lijiye agar apko koi kitaab mil jaati hai.” (There are very few English readers in the town so we don’t keep English books. You can go to the warehouse behind the shop and look around if you find a book of your interest).

I went to the warehouse and started searching for a book. After digging through the books, which was like finding a needle in the sand, I got my hands on a book on handwriting analysis. I was sceptical about the topic. I quickly flipped through the book and the topic caught my attention. ‘Having nothing to read, this book, at least, won’t do any harm,’ I thought as I bought the book. I never thought I would go in depth on the same topic and use it in my day to day life so much.

Initially, I used the knowledge of the book and applied only to myself. I found a drastic change in myself. And then after a few years, I contemplated why not apply this knowledge to others too. Using handwriting analysis, I was able to filter and choose my friends wisely. To be frank, whenever I ignored a negative trait I saw in a person’s handwriting thinking ‘this person is not like that, maybe handwriting analysis is not 100% correct’; I was proved wrong.

I won’t guarantee that handwriting analysis is 100% correct, but 99% of the time, it is!

This book contains my knowledge from reading different graphology books, knowledge from other experienced graphologists, and from my own personal experience. You will learn how to find quickly whether the person you are dating is a liar or not using various graphology insights.

The book structure

To be able to get the most out of the book, even as a lay reader, the book has been divided into three parts. The first part, of course is the introduction to graphology which helps you understand what graphology is and what it can help you explore through a person’s handwriting.

The second part of the book highlights the various traits that can be found in the handwriting, having a collection of which in the handwriting can be inferred that a person is a liar. This part shows how you can spot a liar through a handwriting sample as well as how you can find a liar through only the signature.

The third part includes some exceptions that may be seen in the handwriting of a liar and why they would occur.

All the traits are accompanied with graphical examples so that the reader can easily understand how a stroke actually looks for a particular trait. So let’s jump into the next part and find out, ‘Are you darting a liar?’

And yes one last thing:

DISCLAIMER – The author is not liable for any damage or harm done from the information contained here within. The information contained in this book is purely educational, obtained from personal experience and knowledge from various books.


CHAPTER – 1: Introduction

What Graphology actually is?

Before we begin our journey to find more about whom you are dating and is he/she a liar, it is vital to understand what graphology is and what it can do.

Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting purporting to be able to identify the writer, indicating psychological state at the time of writing or evaluating personality characteristics.

Simply said, graphology is the science which helps analyze a person’s nature, character and gives an in-depth detail of the personality as a whole just through his or her handwriting.

What Graphology can help find?

Graphology can help find a lot (I mean, literally A LOT) about a person. Some of such findings include:

• State of mind

• Emotional Expressiveness

• Thinking pattern

• Strengths

• Weaknesses

• Hidden fears and angers

And much more!

When I learnt a few things about graphology, I applied that knowledge to find out that I had some weaknesses in my personality. Among those anchor-like disdaining traits was a low self-esteem. I hesitated to talk to people and had an inferiority complex.

Applying grapho-therapy during the initial stages helped me swiftly skyrocket my self-esteem. I felt that change in myself. I became more confident, socializing and started emitting positive radiance.

What Graphology can’t help find?

There are times when people try to test you. Sometimes people give me a handwriting sample and ask, “Which one of us has written this note?” In such situations, it is best as a graphologist to be honest and straightforward. I directly tell them that a graphologist can’t find out who the writer of the note is; that is the job of a forensic document examiner. You see the difference?

Graphology can’t find the following details:

• Writer of the handwriting sample

• Writer’s gender

• Writer’s age

• Time when the document was written

• Race or religion of the writer

CHAPTER – 2: Why graphology?

Why use graphology?

I was very sceptical about graphology initially. Statements like “find everything about others just by their handwriting” sounded too good to be true. As the popular saying goes ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, I was not able to digest such statements. But when I gained more knowledge about the subject and applied a few things to myself I found results. WOLAAA! This works! That was my reaction.

You can and should use graphology for two simple things:

1. It is easy to obtain someone’s handwriting.

2. It is a proven science, with many years of research. (Did you notice the word SCIENCE?)

Is Graphology a science?

Yes. Just like every other branch of science, namely Biology, Anthropology or any other –ology, graphology too is a science. It is a science because it contains proven principles and methods which are universal in nature.

As a professional analyst, your handwriting will be broken down to the same traits from a graphologist from America, as it would be described by a graphologist who dwells in Australia, though they both may describe the same trait in a different way.

One handwriting analyst may call your “courageous” trait as ‘brave’ while the other one may call it ‘unstoppable’. The trait remains the same, but the description of the trait may vary from graphologist to graphologist. So, yes graphology is a science but it is also an art.

Is graphology an art?

Yes, graphology is an art as well as science. Because the traits will be identified exactly by two graphologists (assuming they have equal knowledge and experience), but how they describe that to a client totally depends upon them.

One graphologist may use all the technical terms, which may confuse the client. While another graphologist may give metaphors for the traits that he sees in the handwriting. Furthermore, another graphologist may make use of examples to explain the traits that he finds in the handwriting. Thus, how a trait is described in the handwriting totally depends upon the graphologist and his ability to communicate the trait to the client.

Therefore, we can say that graphology is not only a science with proven methods and principles but also an art which requires the graphologist’s knowledge, experience and eloquence to achieve the best description of the handwriting.

In a nutshell

• Graphology, also known as handwriting analysis, is the science of extracting characteristics of an individual using his/her handwriting.

• Graphology can help you find various things about an individual; such things include state of mind, emotional expressiveness, thinking patterns, strengths, weaknesses, hidden fears and angers.

• What graphology can’t answer is the writer of the handwriting sample, gender, age, race, religion of the writer.

• Graphology is both a science as well as art as it has proven techniques, principles and methods. The effectiveness of graphology also depends upon the communication skills and experience of the graphologist who is analyzing the handwriting.

Part – II

Before we begin finding out the various traits that can help you find if you are dating a liar, we need to take care of one of the confusions that lying is not cheating.

CHAPTER – 3: Lying is not cheating

It is normal to occur to anyone’s mind that if a person lies, it means that he/she might also be cheating you. But it is not so. Since, we all have imperfections, lying may be that imperfection in the personality that may bring perfection in life. In simpler words, if a person lies, he/she lies for a specific reason.

Think about it, as a kid; when did you lie? When you thought that you would be punished or that you would be grounded right? The same fears linger on to the adulthood. These are just fears from the childhood that lead to a lying personality, nothing more nothing less. It can be seen this way that lying is actually a defence mechanism that the personality has developed in order to survive the dangerous world.

This lying mechanism may have developed from various reasons ranging from having bad-relationship parents to having a strict partner. So a person may lie just to evade a bad experience or a moment of pain and punishment. It is important to highlight here that LYING IS NOT CHEATING.

CHAPTER – 4: When to infer that a person is a liar

You will be introduced to various traits in the forthcoming part of the book. It would be unfair if you simply jump to the conclusion just by finding a single such “lying stroke” in your partner’s handwriting. I would suggest that you find at least four of the lying strokes in the handwriting to finally consider a person a liar.

In my personal experience, I judged a person as a liar and never actually allowed her to come near me. I always had my walls high for her until I found that all she does is tell white lies. Why so? Because she is very notorious; I prejudged and kept a nice person away from me for so many years till I found out that she just loves to say white lies and pull someone’s leg. It was a loss on my part.

Yes, I saw a lying stroke in her handwriting but I didn’t see enough of the lying strokes to conclude that a person is a liar. You get the point, right?

So to eliminate such confusions, it is best to look for at least four lying strokes in the handwriting, then you can conclude that a person is a liar.

Now let’s look into the lying strokes that can be found in the handwriting, which will help you answer the question: are you dating a liar?

CHAPTER – 5: The Lying strokes

This section of the book enumerates various handwriting strokes, termed as “lying strokes”, which will help you deduce whether a person is a liar or not. In order to ease the understanding, this part of the book is further divided into two parts- finding the lying strokes in the handwriting sample and finding the lying strokes in the signature.


CHAPTER – 6: The Secretive

The secretive stroke can be identified by looking at the “o”s of the handwriting. When the letter “o” has a loop towards its right side, it means that a person is secretive. A secretive person holds secrets to himself/herself.

In the book’s context, it can’t be said that a secretive person tells lies but definitely he/she is holding back to something. It is like lying in reverse. Where you know something but you do not share it with your partner.

It should also be noted that as the loop in the letter “o” gets bigger, so does the amount of secrets that are withheld by the person. Consider the loop of the letter “o” as a bag – bigger the bag; the more secrets can stay inside it.

Also consider that presence of such loops occasionally in the handwriting accompanied by normal loop-less “o”s means that the person keeps secrets to others (which he/she should) but is otherwise honest and straightforward.

This simple stroke is very common to see in handwriting and should not be considered as something which would define a person who is habitual to lying. Though, this trait accompanied by other strokes can lead to the finding that you are dating a liar.

When I initially learnt about graphology, I learnt that this rightward loop in the letter “o” means that a person keeps secrets. When I saw this stoke in one of my then best friend’s handwriting, I had a big fight with her as I thought she shared all the secrets with me.

But on gaining more knowledge about the subject, I learnt that some personalities do need to keep secrets. This is their personality’s need. If they do not fulfil this need the personality does not feel to be in equilibrium. Do you think your personality has any such specific need, which if left unfulfilled, makes you feel not being in equilibrium?

Is it okay to date a secretive person?

Of course, you do not want to date a person, who broadcasts all the secrets that you share with him/her, do you? A secretive person, if ignoring the other traits of the handwriting, is proved to be a very good friend with whom you can share your emotions, feelings and speak your heart out (Did you notice ‘ignoring the other traits’?).

On the contrary, if the secretive stroke appears along with other lying strokes, then it should be conferred that the person you are dating is definitely holding a lot of secrets that you should be aware of but are not told about.

Since this stroke is so common, you should not get all paranoid after seeing this in your partner’s or even in your handwriting. It is completely okay to date a secretive person. After all, we all have some dark secrets hidden deep within us, isn’t it?

CHAPTER – 7: The Self-Deceiver

A self-deceiver can be identified with the presence of a leftward loop in the letter “o” (Note: the secretive person has a rightward loop while the self-deceiver has a leftward loop in the letter “o”). This stroke is not as common as the secretive stroke.

A self-deceiver is definitely a liar. But behold, this person doesn’t lie to others but to himself/herself (No typos). Yes, you read it right, self-deceivers deceive not others but themselves. They are of a habit of telling white lies to themselves every now and then. “Why?” you may ask. Well, it is part of their defence mechanism. As a general rule, it is said that when self-deceiver is not able to face the reality, he/she lies to himself/herself.

In one incident I saw a friend’s boyfriend hanging out with another girl in the mall. I immediately called her and told her what I saw. Being a self-deceiver she replied, “No, you might have mistaken him for someone else because he is here with me.”

Later I even met her boyfriend just to be double sure. That’s self-deceiver right in action.

When this stroke is present with other lying strokes, it becomes evident that the person is a liar. But considering this trait alone, a person lies to himself/herself.

It is also a fact that since self-deceiver closes their eyes while watching reality so they are the person who knows the least about themselves as well as what is going on.

Majority of the time, when I analyze a self-deceiver’s handwriting there is one reaction I always get “No, that is not me” and the best friend sitting just behind her would be nodding and saying “Yes I know she lies to herself.”

Is it okay to date a self-deceiver?

To some extent yes, it is okay to date a self-deceiver. You see, self-deceiver find it hard[] to face reality so they tend to lie themselves and keep themselves aloof from the reality. Sometimes, this self-deceiving goes to that extent that the person starts to live in his/her own imaginative reality. To what extent this imagination can go is the question that can be answered by a self-deceiver and no other.

When the self-deceiving stroke is present in conjunction with the other lying strokes it’s not the time to walk away but to run!

CHAPTER – 8: The Manipulator

The manipulator is identified by having two loops in the lower case letter “o”. (Yes, it is a combination of The Secretive and The Self-Deceiver.) This is one such stroke which if present is a sure shot thing that a person is a liar. Presence of two loops in all the lower case letter “o”s of the handwriting is a sign that you are dating a master-manipulator. Probably its time you cross check his/her words.

Generally speaking, the words of The Manipulator should be cross-checked. Their lying is not white lies.

In my personal experience, I have seen this trait in all the divorcees’ handwritings I have ever analyzed, without exception. The reason for divorce may be that the partner was too strict and the person felt like being in a cage or that the person told so many lies that on cross-checking the partner felt it is better to part away than to be with this person. Whatever the reason may be, this is one such trait that clearly says “run away from this person”.

On a deeper note, it is important to find out the root of the problem – why does a person lie or manipulate? If you can find out the root cause, handling that cause would automatically eliminate this stroke gradually. Most commonly, the manipulator stroke is a personality’s self-defence against strictness or abusive relations with close ones – which include parents, in-laws, spouse.

On being asked why they lie, the manipulator will answer, “Because you can’t handle the truth.” (A statement that is a mix of both self-deceit and secretiveness, hence it is the combination of both the strokes).

Is it okay to date a manipulator?

Do I need to answer it? Let’s for instance go away from the context of this book and think if someone asks you “will you date a manipulator?” what would you say? Of course a big NO! Unless if you want to experience what it is like being with a manipulator, then there is no other good reason to date a manipulator.

When you see the manipulator stroke predominantly used in the handwriting, it’s the time to say goodbye to the person. This stroke alone is a sure shot proof that the person is a liar.

CHAPTER – 9: The Emotionally Withdrawn

Under the slants section of the basic graphology, an emotionally withdrawn person is the one whose handwriting tends to slant towards the left side of the page. More precisely, when the slant is more than 90 degrees of angle, a person is said to be emotionally withdrawn.

The more the handwriting slants leftwards, the more emotionally withdrawn the person is. An emotionally withdrawn person tends to keep things and emotions to himself while conversing, his facial expression and body language would be inanimate (a sign of liar if you refer any good body language book).

An emotionally withdrawn person tends to keep emotions to himself and may eventually lie to you about being in good mood, when actually he might be feeling terrible. This is just a starter of an emotionally withdrawn personality. He/she can lie to you about anything and most of the times would express false emotions.

I had a close friend who slanted leftwards. When I analyzed his handwriting and I said that he had suicidal tendencies. He had attempted to kill himself in the past. He denied abruptly. I stood by with my analysis and he with his statement. Few months later, he admitted that he had attempted to kill himself a few times.

Just not to embarrass himself that he had attempted suicides, the emotionally withdrawn would lie. On the contrary, revealing such a secretive thing (such as attempting a suicide) to the opposite of an emotionally withdrawn person would leave him in tears or at least would make him jump out of wonder.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me her boyfriend’s handwriting sample. I saw the leftward slant of the handwriting and a few more traits that create problem in relations. I told her that my analysis says that he is a selfish person and will leave you if he feels that being with you is of no benefit to him.

After almost two weeks, I received her text “Manhar you were right.” When I inquired further she added “He left me”.

Is it okay to date an emotionally withdrawn?

Date an emotionally withdrawn person only if you are an emotionally withdrawn too. Otherwise, you will end up dissatisfied as emotionally withdrawn person do not tend to share their emotions and feelings. Moreover, if you try to share your emotions and feelings they will feel like enduring you. For them sharing feelings or expressing love is just a waste of time.

When the leftward slant appears in conjunction with other lying strokes, the answer is evident.

On a further note, it should be considered why a person withdraws his/her emotions? Generally, being emotionally hurt, they tend to keep their emotions to themselves. They tend to build big walls around them so that no one can come near them and hurt them.

CHAPTER – 10: The Slow Writer

On a general note, how do you find out if a person is lying during a conversation? On being asked a question an honest person would be able to swiftly tell all the facts and story of an incident while it is the liar who needs time to make up a story and then tell you the truth. So in a normal conversation, a person who replies slowly is the person who has the tendency to lie.

Similarly, in case of handwriting a slow writing is considered as the handwriting of a liar. It should be highlighted here that you need to consider environmental factors before jumping to the conclusion. An area with a lot of distraction or noise naturally causes slow writing. Similarly, when a person is writing something which needs thought and consideration then the writing will be naturally slow. Furthermore, fatigue or restlessness may also cause the slow speed of the writing.

A slow writing speed simply means that the person is being calculative. Research suggests that on an average, a person can think spontaneously, so there is no need for a person to write slowly naturally. So how do you find out if a person writes slowly or not? The easiest way is to be present when the person is writing something. Thus, just with the observation you can find if a person writes slowly.

What if the handwriting sample is already written? Well, then you can find the following two things in the handwriting to judge the speed of the writing:

1.If the ending up or down strokes have less pressure (are light) at the end, then the writer is writing quickly.

2.If the width of the up and down strokes is equal, it means that the writer was writing slowly.

Is it okay to date a slow writer?

As slow writers are calculative in nature, you can potentially learn a lot of things from them (provided you are a keen observer). Presence of slow writing alone can’t harm anyone but if the same trait prevails with other lying strokes then it may be time to rethink about your relation.

CHAPTER – 11: The Coverer

Cover strokes are those strokes that generally start from the last letter of the word and then moves towards the left, covering all or most letters of the word. In handwriting, the rightward strokes pertain to others while the leftward strokes are tended towards self. In cover strokes, the person covers the word from the right side of the page, which means that he is covering and protecting something from others.

A writer who uses cover strokes is being self-protective. There may be various reasons that have caused them to become protective about themselves. The coverer, user of the cover strokes tries to suppress his/her feelings from others. He/she has an unconscious need to protect himself/herself so they start making things up to appear nice and honest.

Even during an examination, there are people who would hide their answer sheet from the invigilators by covering up using their arm. They would hide the answer sheet even if they do not know any answer in the question paper. This is a little example of how cover up stokes could tend to be self-protective and times evasive.

It should be noted that cover strokes alone may mean just a self-protective person. But when other lying strokes appear in the handwriting, you get the answer to if you are dating a liar.

Is it okay to date a coverer?

As already stated, presence of cover strokes alone only means that a person has the tendency to suppress his/ her feelings. They are self-protective in nature. If you are okay to date a person who suppresses the feelings, it is okay. But when the cover strokes are accompanied by other lying strokes, it is a call for action – to run.

CHAPTER – 12: The Pretentious

The pretentious is identified by having done garnishing or flourishing in the handwriting. Generally, the writer garnishes the first letter of the sentence or just the capitals in the handwriting. The writer which practices this is the person who is pretentious in nature. He may appear nice on the face but behind the back he may be someone else.

Generally, the pretentious is a person who is a bluffer. He bluffs and boasts about things. At a subconscious level, in order to hide his/her real face, the writer tends to garnish the real letter so that it appears nice and appealing.

In the same context, it would not be wrong to say that the pretentious writer is the one that may not miss to put on a fake mask whenever he/she gets a chance.

In reality, honest and hard working people, who are laborious in nature, do not feel the need to flourish or garnish their handwriting. Therefore, it can be inferred that the pretentious writer is the one that may not do the most work but would boast about how much he works.

Note: do not be surprised to see them climb the corporate ladder quickly because of their boastful nature. But on the negative side, they may have lost all of their credibility by the time they reach the top of the corporate ladder.

Is it okay to date a pretentious?

Well, I would like to ask you “Are you okay dating a person who pretends to be what he projects?” the answer should evidently be a no. Pretentious writers exaggerate and garnish the platter before they serve a cold dish. You may be impressed with the appearance, but the saying goes “appearances can be deceptive”, but when you taste the dish you find out that you have been conned and now the time has gone when you could undo the order. In simpler words, a deceiver who would eventually deceive you may appear all nice and honest in the beginning just to earn your trust.

CHAPTER – 13: The Letter Eater

Another trait to find out if you are dating a liar is to find out if a person is the letter eater, well not literally. A person who misses the letters in a word frequently while writing can be called a letter eater. Now, it should also be taken into account that if a person is exhausted, tired, restless or is being impatient, it is evident to write quickly and omit a few letters here and there or make use of the chat language where “evrythng is wrtn in shrtcuts”.

More exceptions to this trait is that rare chances of missing letters can only mean a typo, so an infrequent occurrence of omission should not be considered as a letter eater. Furthermore, hasty situations or wandering mind can also be added to the exception of a letter eater.

If and only if the occurrence of omitting letters is frequent, it may be considered as a sign of a liar (provided there are other signs that support the decision). Psychologically speaking, a person who misses out too many letters is actually constantly thinking or making up things in his mind, you know, an obnoxious story to convince you that he/she was not with someone last night.

Is it okay to date a letter eater?

Well, you would be better off dating a human-eater (cannibal? Just kidding!). But frankly, if you are able to find at least four traits that highlight a person is a liar along with the letter eater then asking a question “should I date him/her?” is incorrect. The correct question should be “When and how can I get rid of him/her?”

CHAPTER – 14: The Touch-Up

What is a touch up? It is a temporary make up or putting on fake beauty to go on stage, to project a desired image, right? A touch up in the handwriting also means the same thing. A touch up is when the letter has already been written but the writer goes back to the text and edits it – overlapping, darkening etc. The touch ups are fine, everyone does that every now and then. The point of concern is when these touch-ups decrease the legibility of the text. When the legibility is compromised, it is a sign of a person who wants to hide something. A touch up thus is another way of writing illegibly.

Do you remember how we used to try to be over-smart in our kindergarten when we used to write “o” in such a way that it should resemble “o” as well as “a” when we were not sure which vowel was to come in the spelling. The touch-ups are the advanced version of that same smartness. WINK.

Is it okay to date the touch up?

Touch up as a standalone trait cannot convince that a person is a liar. But when coupled with the other lying strokes which can mean that a person is a liar then it would not be okay to date a liar. Who wants to date a liar? And to your surprise, even you won’t be able to find out if he is a liar. Why? Well, he/she will touch up the things the way they should look and not what actually is.

CHAPTER – 15: The Illegible Writer

Before we get down to finding out if an illegible writer is a liar or not, let’s first make it clear what is illegibility. Illegibility means such text in writing which is almost impossible to read. Ambiguity text on the other hand means any such text which may mean either point A or point B. writing a letter which may take shape of two or more letters; Magic? No; that’s ambiguity.

Generally speaking, illegible notes are written only when a person wants to keep things to himself and not to reveal it to others. So, it can be concluded that illegible writers like to keep things to them (just like the secretive people do). Before we jump to that conclusion it should also be considered that when a writer is writing something for himself only then illegibility may occur. Though when the note has to be read by someone, then illegibility may mean that a person keeps things to himself/ herself.

Lack of legibility also suggests that a person may have a mental confusion and to some extent some anti-social feelings. There are some other traits to be checked to conclude if a person is anti-social or not.

Ambiguity writing occurs when a text appears to be either point A or point B. Ambiguity and illegibility can only be considered as the sure signs of a liar when they are clubbed with other traits of the liar. But it should be noted that as the illegible writer may keep things to himself, he literally might not be lying to you but figuratively he/she might not be telling you the whole truth.

Is it okay to date an illegible writer?

Only if you are not sensitive and that you do not care if the person tells you half-truths, the illegible writer is bound to keep secrets. It is in their personality to keep things to themselves. In such a situation, telling half-truths or not revealing everything that you should know may not technically mean that they are liars but figuratively, they may be.


Though the scopes of finding a liar through a signature is very limited and discouraged, but why not use a tool that is available, right?

Before we jump right to how you can spot a liar from the signature it is important to discuss what is the difference between the handwriting sample and the signature of a person? This is one of the most debated topics in handwriting analysis, but most of the graphologists suggest that a handwriting sample is what the person actually is while a person’s signature signifies how he projects his image to the world. It is how he would like to be seen in the public.

So the following chapters highlight the various traits that you can find in the signature that can help you spot a liar.

CHAPTER – 16: The Illegible Signature

Just like how we saw an illegible handwriting an illegible signature may project the same – the desire to be mysterious. Illegibility of any kind in the signature depicts that the individual doesn’t want others to know about him/her.

You can’t right away see an illegible signature out in the street and point the finger at a person and shout “You are a liar!” That would be rude, and of course quite irrational. You shouldn’t jump straight to the conclusion.

Since the individual doesn’t want others to know about him, he would not say a lie but he may try to dodge any personal questions that may reveal his real identity.

Is it okay to him/her?

As already said, an illegible signature as lone trait stands for a person who likes to be a mystery for others. Simply put, he/she doesn’t want people to know about them. In such a scenario, it is okay to date him/her.

The problem occurs when this illegible signature is coupled with other lying strokes which are revealed in the handwriting. Then you know that it is time to run away.

CHAPTER – 17: The Pretentious Signature

As already discussed in a previous chapter of the book, a pretentious signature is a signature which has extra unnecessary floweriness or decoration, which acts like a make up for the signature. If you look deeper into the concept, you need to understand that:

First, the signature reveals what the other person wants to be perceived as in the public. The signature is his projection of the image to the public.

Second, since he uses fluffiness and extra decoration in the signature alone, it means that he just projects a specific image or masks his image in the public though in person he may be a different person.

Third, if his handwriting as well as his signature has extra unnecessary decorations, it means that he masks up his personality in his personal life as well. This may be a matter of concern. If this trait is coupled with other lying traits listed in this book, it is time to contemplate about your future.

Is it okay to date him/her?

If the pretentious trait is only in his signature but not in his handwriting sample, then you may take a sigh of relief because this would only mean that the person masks up his personality only in public and doesn’t pretend in his personal life.

But, if he/she uses pretentious traits both in his signature as well as his handwriting, then it means that he/she is masking up his/her personality in his personal life as well. He/she may boast a lot about his bank balance, property or how he is in touch with your favourite cricketer or actor. Understand that he is just making things up for you.

When this trait occurs in congruence with other lying traits; it is a worrisome situation.

In a nutshell

• It should be noted that lying is not cheating. A person might lie to you but he/she might not be cheating you.

• Lying is a defence mechanism which surfaces to survive the world.

• Look for the “lying strokes” in the handwriting of your partner. But do not jump to the conclusion finding a single such handwriting stroke.

• Look for at least four such lying stokes to infer that you might be dating a liar.

• The various lying strokes are:

- Right-side loop in the letter “o”
- Left-side loop in the letter “o”
- Presence of double loops in the letter “o”
- Leftward slanting handwriting
- Equal width of up and down strokes
- Leftward stokes covering the whole word
- Flourishing the writing
- Frequent omission of letters
- Editing the letters that compromises
- Non-readability of handwriting

• Handwriting sample is what the person actually is while a person’s signature signifies how he projects his image to the world. It is how he would like to be seen in the public.

• The following two signature traits reveal a liar:

- Unreadable signature
- Decorative and flowery signature



It is rare that I am not able to find a liar in the handwriting, but yes there are few exceptions to spotting a liar in the handwriting. This part of the book will reveal those exceptions which may make it difficult to spot a liar

CHAPTER – 18: Exceptions

The book How to Analyze Anyone suggests that if the individual doesn’t care about telling the truth, it would be almost impossible to spot when he is lying. Similarly, when the individual doesn’t care about the truth, he may reveal very little lying strokes.

One of the strokes to find out if the individual doesn’t care is to feel the back of the paper where he/she has written. If there is no or negligible impression on the back of the paper it means that the person doesn’t care much about anything.

The mind set of not caring about whether the truth is told or not hinders the ability to spot a liar.

Another exception to spotting the liar is if a person lies almost every day, soon it becomes second nature to him. This means that in the future, he becomes a more skilful liar revealing lesser and lesser traits of lying through his body language, same goes to handwriting analysis to some extent.

Mostly even the skilful liar is spotted through handwriting using the traits found in the book but there may be a rare case that a skilful liar may not feel any more that he is lying, thus not revealing that trait in the handwriting.

Next, if the individual is very exhausted, his handwriting sample would be different from how he actually writes. This sample, which he/she wrote is temporary in nature and can’t be analyzed accurately. This state of exhaustion of the individual also poses an obstacle in the way to find out if you are dating a liar.

Another practical exception to spotting the liar through handwriting is the base being used for writing the sample. If you notice, you will find that writing in a notebook feels different than writing on a black sheet kept on a hard surface. This is where the base being used comes into the picture.

A soft and convenient base, such as keeping two to four blank sheets underneath the blank sheet where the individual is going to write makes a big difference in how he feels when he writes and helps in having an accurate result.

In a nutshell

• If a person doesn’t care about whether the truth is told or not, it is hard to spot the liar.

• A frequent liar too becomes habitual and is able to cover up the lying strokes in the handwriting to some extent.

• If the individual is very exhausted, his handwriting sample would be different from how he actually writes. Thus eliminating the chance to reveal a liar.

Wrap Up

Step – 1: Obtaining the handwriting sample from your partner

Step – 2: Finding at least four of the lying strokes in the handwriting sample collected

Step – 3: If there are four or more than four lying strokes present in the handwriting sample, it is time to cross-check and come into a conclusion that you are dating a liar.


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Are You Dating a Liar? Are You Dating a Liar?