Arabic for Beginners: With Audio

Arabic for Beginners

with Audio

By Hosam Elmetaher

Sample Question: How to say “I am” in Arabic?

A. Ana

B. Ana men

C. Sou-edtoo bi lika’ek

D. Mar-haba

Answer: A. Ana “I am”

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Hint: “Ana” can be followed by your name. Like in English “I am John,” in Arabic it will be “Ana John”. You may follow this with a question like, “And you?” in Arabic “We enta?”

Some facts about Arabic

Before we study the first Arabic lesson, let’s first see how much you know about it!

Q1. How many letters in the Arabic Alphabet?

A. 28 letters

B. 27 letters

C. 26 letters

D. 25 letters

Answer: A. 28 letters

Hint: How to pronounce the Arabic Alphabet, click HERE

Q2. Arabic is a language that is written from?

A. Left to right


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Arabic for Beginners: With Audio

This ebook contains two interactive Arabic lessons, with audio. In the first lesson, through questions and answers, you will learn basic Arabic vocabulary and phrases to fluently introduce yourself. In the second interactive Arabic lesson, and again through questions and answers, you will be able to learn basic Arabic food vocabulary and phrases. For both lessons, the audio will help you to clearly speak the language. Enjoy the cheapest price ever, for a limited time!

  • Author: Hosam Elmetaher
  • Published: 2016-04-12 16:35:07
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Arabic for Beginners:  With Audio Arabic for Beginners:  With Audio