Aquatica the Princess Fairy


Aquatica the Princess Fairy

Mary K. Smith


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Aquatica the Princess Fairy

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[] Aquatica the Princess Fairy

Aquatica lived in a magical forest with her three best friends, Nocturna, Flora, and Primavera. Together, the four Princess Fairies took care of most of the necessary changes that the forest wouldn’t be able to function without—such as turning daytime into nighttime, making sure the seasons changed, helping flowers grow, or in Aquatica’s case, making sure that the forest got a good balance of sunshine and rain.

Aquatica was a perky little fairy with alabaster skin and golden hair that waved like the ocean. She wore a two-piece pink dress that she had made from flower petals, and she was able to bring about rain with a snap of her tiny fingers.

Aquatica’s job was usually rather easy, but one hot July, changing the weather began to be a problem for Aquatica. The plants, flowers, animals, and other woodland creatures were enjoying the warmth and sunshine so much that they didn’t want it to ever rain again.

Aquatica understood how they felt—but at the same time, she knew how important it was for the forest to get rain. Without rain, plants and flowers would wither and dry. Animals would go thirsty—and so would Princess Fairies! The berries, fruit, and nuts they depended on for food would no longer thrive in the forest. But the rules of the forest stated that a majority of the woodland creatures had to agree about the importance of rain in order for Aquatica to make it rain. And now, every time she snapped her fingers, nothing happened!

Aquatica talked to her best friends first. “I know the sun is pretty,” she said, “but rain is very important, too! I’m worried about our forest.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Flora replied, frowning. “My beautiful flowers are starting to droop. They don’t realize how much they need water!”

“Maybe you should talk to the flowers, Aquatica,” suggested Primavera.

“And the other woodland creatures, too!” Nocturna added.

Aquatica started with the flowers. “Don’t you like having lovely yellow petals?” she asked a group of daisies.

“Of course we love it!” replied the daisies. “We are beautiful!”

“Yes, you are,” Aquatica agreed. “And I’m sure you’d like to stay beautiful.”

“What does that mean?” one daisy asked.

“It means you need rain to keep you healthy and to make sure your petals stay fresh and bright,” explained Aquatica.

“The sun is so warm and pretty, though,” argued another daisy.

“But is having sun all the time really worth losing your gorgeous petals?” Aquatica asked.

The daisies thought about that.

Next, Aquatica talked to the butterflies. “Don’t you like being able to feed on yummy flower nectar and syrupy tree sap?” she asked them.

“They’re the best!” cried the butterflies.

“You know,” said Aquatica, “if it never rains in the forest again, no more flowers will grow. Instead, they’ll wither and die. And trees will stop making sap.”

“It’s so nice to have sunshine, though!” one butterfly proclaimed. “Rain is dull and gloomy.”

“But is having sun all the time worth starving?” asked Aquatica.

The butterflies thought about that. For the rest of the day, Aquatica had similar conversations with other woodland creatures.

The woodland creatures are being so stubborn, Aquatica thought. She decided to talk to the moon. After all, he was an expert on being stubborn! Sometimes, he didn’t want to shine at night—but Nocturna always made him.

After Aquatica had explained to the moon what was going on, the moon just grinned at her. “Even I’m not that stubborn,” he said. “If my life or my beauty were at stake, I would definitely cooperate and wish for rain. I think your woodland friends will start to see your point pretty soon. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m trying to get a nap!”

Aquatica felt better after her talk with the moon. She fluttered back down to earth, where she gave her forest friends a little more time to see how right she was. Then, after a few hours, Aquatica snapped her fingers—and this time, the sky opened up. It was raining! The flowers and the insects and the animals had realized that rain was indeed very important!

Aquatica was so happy to see her beloved forest being refreshed by the summer rains that she threw a party for all of her friends. Halfway through the party, the sun came out—but it still kept raining.

“Look, Aquatica!” the other Princess Fairies shouted. “There’s a rainbow!”

Aquatica looked to the sky and smiled. Sure enough, there was a big beautiful rainbow—a symbol to all the creatures of the forest that both sunshine and rain are necessary to keep the earth green and healthy!

~ ~ ~

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Aquatica the Princess Fairy

Aquatica the Fairy Princess! Aquatica is one of the four Fairy Princesses. They are four best friends that live in a magical forest. Each fairy has a special magical power! Aquatica is a perky little fairy with alabaster skin and golden hair that waved like the ocean. She wears a two-piece pink dress that she had made from flower petals, and she is able to bring about rain with a snap of her tiny fingers. This is her magical power. But what happens when the rain won't come? -Excellent for beginning and early readers -Great for reading aloud with friends and family -Illustrated storybook great for a quick bedtime story This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home. Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

  • Author: Hey Sup Bye Publishing
  • Published: 2015-09-29 22:40:23
  • Words: 1004
Aquatica the Princess Fairy Aquatica the Princess Fairy