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Anxiety Free Copper Detox


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Table of Contents






Chapter 1

Copper Toxicity


Chapter 2

The Orthomolecular Doctors


Chapter 3

An Introduction to Aluminum


Chapter 4

Sources of Aluminum and Copper


Chapter 5

Detoxification of Aluminum and Copper


Chapter 6

Acid, Acid Everywhere and Not Enough of Something to Clear It


About The Author



I decided to release this information about anxiety free copper detox in an eBook form. I could have found a health blogger and asked to do a guest article. But, since I am unknown in the health advocate blogger world why would anyone let me do a guest article? Maybe I could have pointed to the last short piece about killing colds and flus in my eBook “I Moved Here For The Chowder”. Well, in my brain bag one article about salt and calcium does not a health advocate make.

Plus I’m a non-trusting lot. I tend to not trust people I’ve never read or never met. It’s a copper character thing: Paranoia.

I’ve figured out something about detoxing from copper toxicity that no one knows. Something that will make it easy for anyone to detox without anxiety and the panic attacks that accompany a copper detox. What health advocate wouldn’t want to rip that off? Take all the credit for stopping the suffering of a copper detox. “It’s my idea and I’m not going to let anyone take it away from me!”

I thought I’d wait and put it in my weight loss book. But, that’s a year or two away. I’ve read so many copper detox blogs. So many sad stories. I knew I had to share how to have anxiety free copper detox.

I have secrets. I don’t blog because I want to protect my secrets. I collect my secrets. Hoarding is a copper character thing too.

So I thought, “What if I write my own copper detox book?” I could tell a few of my secrets and leave the rest for my weight loss book. Weight loss book writing is a cut throat business. Full of sue crazy happy people.

The thing about an eBook is when you publish your publisher copyrights the book. This forever stamps the date of the record of your discovery on the information. Web pages are fluid. I could lie and print any date I said it was published on the page.

My publisher, Shakespir.com, won’t allow anyone to fake the publishing date. When I publish the eBook they have the record of the date and it is always there.

So I discovered anxiety free copper detox. The date was 9-27-16. I came home took the supplement I figured would do the trick and fifteen minutes later – anxiety was killed. Panic no more.

Beauty baby. I’m no genius, but I know things.

Adding one supplement is not what this book is all about. Time of day and what’s in the rest of my detox package is also required.

So there’s the why of this book, but who is the who?

I live in Seattle. I work as a security officer. A few years ago I accidentally found out an interesting way to lose weight and that started my internet research project. I also found out I had chronic fatigue syndrome. And lately I have come to the conclusion that copper toxicity mostly responsible for it. We’ll find out after the detox is over and then I’ll update this book.

Now while, I guess, you shouldn’t take medical advice from people like me, who are not doctors, most of the time you have no choice. There’s probably only one clinic in each state (if that) that even recognizes copper toxicity.

So here comes the usual semi legal release stuff: This book is for entertainment purposes only. Anything you might want to do because of the information in this book should be run by your doctor or health care provider. The choices you make about what you want to do are your own. The information in this book is not meant to treat any particular disease, medical condition or malady.

Even though I make a lot of sense, always remember I am just a security officer. That being said, everything in this book (as far as I am concerned) is pretty harmless. By harmless I mean what I offer works, or it doesn’t do anything and there are no side effects that I have read about.

Well, maybe one; if a supplement doesn’t work for you you’re out the $10.00 to $40.00 bucks it costs. And the side effect is a lighter wallet.

Welcome to my world. Let’s do this thing.


Chapter 1

Copper Toxicity


If you go to the websites of most doctors, major research hospitals or medical schools and look up “copper toxicity” you’ll find that copper toxicity is rare. They will mention Wilson’s disease and a few might mention pyroluria. Both are considered genetic disorders.

Sadly that’s about all the help you’ll get from mainstream medicine. Oh, some doctor might humor you and order up a blood test if you asked. But, you sure as heck wouldn’t get a hair mineral analysis test.

There are doctors out there that don’t think copper toxicity is rare. In fact that they say it’s actually very common. These doctors are few and far between. The more I’ve read about copper toxicity I’ve kind of estimated that there are about one or less in all fifty states. Possibly as much as 30 clinic across the country. But, my estimates might be a tad bit optimistic; it’s probably more like 15 or 20.

I know one doctor in my Seattle area that treats copper toxicity. I also know of two doctors that I could convince in fifteen minutes or less that copper toxicity is real and a growing problem.

I won’t say why I think it’s a growing problem right now. We’ll keep that for later in this chapter. For right now it would make the complex more complex. I will say that copper toxicity is the greatest health concern of our time. Almost all of the chronic diseases and medical conditions are connected to copper toxicity.

You see until about the late 1940’s it was never possible to have copper toxicity. And over the decades it became more and more possible. In fact it has become inevitable. It ballooned in the late 1970’s. And increased dramatically in the 1980’s to 1990’s with such conditions related to coper toxicity as – chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, liver cirrhosis, estrogen dominance, hypoglycemia, diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s, MS, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and on and on.

The symptom list of copper toxicity is even longer than the disease list. It includes a copper personality (I’ll explain that later):





Diarrhea (hyper-poopism),

Constipation (hypo-poopism),



Crying at the drop of a hat (hyper-emotionalism),

Emotionally flat (hypo-emotionalism),



Loss of appetite,

Loss of libido,

Low testosterone,

High estrogen,

Estrogen dominance,

Low progesterone,

Severe PMS,


Panic attacks,

Closely spaced teeth,

Brain fog,


Ringing in the ears,

Low stomach acid,

Low digestive enzymes,

Malnutrition from absorption problems,

Fungal overgrowth,

Eye disturbances,


Migraine headaches,

Cold hands and/or feet,

Slow wound healing,

Muscle fatigue,



Mood swings,

Not open to criticism,

Creativity (author’s note: even when what they do is not really creative at all.)

And on and on.

All of that was just off the top of my head. I got a big head, huh? But, I got bored with reciting all the copper symptoms….oh, wait ADHD, autism, lack of concentration and on and on and on.

So you can see copper toxicity is a big problem. It’s killing us. And while it’s kills us it makes life not to fun.

One of the symptoms I find most interesting is “not open to criticism”. These days it’s so hard to question anything. Like with my own father. I said to him a few years ago, “I’m really wondering if body fat is fuel. Maybe it’s just waste that’s stored.” And he goes off at me for what I’m thinking is for no reason. “All the medical science says that fat is fuel! SO WHO ARE YOU….” That’s when I stopped caring what he was saying. And wondering why my speculation had set him off. My father is so even keel that “even keel” in the dictionary should mention him by name. And here he is going off at me as if I had questioned the existence of God. He’s a retired Baptist minister. So questioning the existence of God is a big thing to him.

All of us are copper poisoned and weird emotional outbursts are a sign of that poisoning. I mean what should he care about what I think about fat?

Is fat fuel or is it storage? Or is it both? And when it stores toxins does it save us from ourselves? Speculations for my next book

Copper is an emotional mineral.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about “crying man syndrome”. I have been there. Copper detox has helped me. I can now get through an entire football game on TV without crying at all. Yes it had gotten that bad. And I’m not talking about crying during the commercials. I was crying about things that happened on the field.

Being emotional and not open to criticism are both part of the “copper character” that people with copper toxicity have.

Some people are born copper toxic. During the final term of pregnancy the mother dumps copper to the fetus. This is how closely packed teeth is a symptom of copper toxicity.

Other things in the copper character are creativity, moodiness, child like, day dreams, likes to argue, spacey, though most of the time is very kind and caring, brain fog, inhibitions are low, little or no dream recall, poor ability to cope with stress, overly dramatic, loner, uncomfortable with strangers and a bunch of other stuff.

One of the things I think about and have read other people speculate is, “When this detox is over who will I be?” I’ve got the copper character. Will that all just go away?

I’ve noticed I don’t yell as much. I’m not as angry. I don’t cry as much. When I receive criticism I’m like “Oh, well, says you. Who cares.” And with important things like changes at with my job its like, “That makes sense. I’ll do that.” There is no longer the panic.

I’m just a better me.

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer found that copper was attracted to estrogen. So while the pill does not have copper in it, it has estrogen in it.

There are other estrogens – phytoestrogens (from food like soy products), xenoestrogens (BPA linings in water bottles and other plastics) and estrogenic heavy metals.

And there you have it. The last three words in the last sentence of the previous paragraph. It’s the answer to the answer. Why is copper toxicity increasing? Mainstream medical says copper toxicity is rare. Medical doctors on the fringe say it is common.


Who is right? Who is wrong? I’m guessing since you are here with me you think copper toxicity is common. And now I’m going to tell you why you are right.

“Estrogenic heavy metals” That’s the key. I was walking around the school I work at and thinking about copper. And I was also thinking about aluminum. I was reading about both, back and forth. I couldn’t connect them. Copper caused about 90% of the problems I was researching. Aluminum caused the other 10%.

There seemed to be no connection between the two.

Copper toxicity is rare. Except for one thing. Estrogen.

And then I thought, “Is aluminum an estrogenic heavy metal?” I did a quick web search. It is. I knew that aluminum displaces magnesium in red tissue cells.

Most estrogenic heavy metals are fat soluble. Only aluminum is water soluble. This means aluminum is the only estrogenic metal that goes inside of red tissue cells. The rest of the estrogenic heavy metals only collect in fat cells.

Estrogen does not go inside cells. Aluminum does. Phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens don’t go inside cells. All three molecules are to big to go into cells. They dock onto exterior estrogen receptors.

Aluminum is the only estrogenic heavy metal that exclusively goes into red tissue cells. And when aluminum goes into cells it’s estrogenic nature draws copper into the cells with it.

Aluminum is pervasive. Aluminum is the third most abundant metal in nature. So aluminum has been around for like ever. But, it was always bound. And now we are in the “age of aluminum” (Google that and read it.)

Until the 1930’s the world had never encountered unbound aluminum. So for the first time in history we had an estrogen that went inside of red tissue cells. And then it drew copper into the cells where it did not belong. For the first time ever.

First time ever. Never happened before.

Mainstream medicine is right. Copper toxicity is impossible. If you ignore aluminum toxicity. On the other hand both copper toxicity and aluminum toxicity may never be recognized by the mainstream. It’s not in their interest to recognize them.

It’s O.K.. I know. And now you know. We can do things without them.

To sum up this chapter: I think you can see from the symptoms of copper toxicity that copper can effect you in many ways. From physical, to emotional, to mental and even to social. It’s an increasing problem and everyone has the potential to be effected. Next chapter I’ll tell you about pyroluria and Wilson’s disease. We’ll look at two dead doctors, whose work should never die. You’ll find out what supplements they used to fight copper toxicity caused by pyroluria. This will help us with our own copper toxicity not caused by pyroluria or Wilson’s.


Chapter 2

The Orthomolecular Doctors


Wilson’s disease is a genetic disorder discovered by Dr. Wilson. Basically it’s a genetic condition that limits the production of the copper transport protein called ceruloplasm. This causes copper to accumulate. There’s not much for us here. The symptoms are what you’d expect from copper toxicity. It’s treated with penicillamine (a copper chelating drug) and high levels of zinc. Much higher zinc than anyone would recommend for a normal person.

With pyroluria the two main doctors used vitamins and minerals and not prescription drugs. This is information we can use.

Pyroluria is the excretion of krypto pyrroles in the urine caused by incomplete red cell production. When these krypto pyrroles are released in the serum they grab onto zinc and vitamin B-6 and this causes an increase of copper because of the deficiency of zinc. It was discovered by the Canadian research headed by psychiatrist Dr. Abram Hoffer.

Dr. Hoffer called it the “Mauve Factor”. Somewhere in the 1960’s Dr. Carl Pfeiffer renamed it pyroluria. No one knows why. The reason for the name mauve factor is that a simple urine test for pyroluria would change the test paper a mauve color.

The odd thing is that even though Dr. Hoffer discovered the mauve factor he didn’t seem to do anything with it. He was already treating schizophrenics with Niacin (vitamin B-3) and vitamin C. Both in large doses. Meanwhile Hoffer told Pfeiffer about the mauve factor and Dr. Pfeiffer seized onto it and ran with it and treated it with moderate zinc supplementation and high levels of vitamin B-6 (in the active form of P-5-P). Also a little molybdenum and manganese.

All six of these vitamins and minerals are copper antagonists and also chelate copper. For my copper detox I use five of them. And I sometimes take niacin (which is the sixth)

Dr. Hoffer worked mostly to reduce adrenalchrome formation. Adrenalchrome causes psychosis. He wasn’t really concerned with copper toxicity. But vitamin C and niacin, in the amounts he prescribed, reduces copper toxicity like crazy.

Dr. Pfeiffer was concerned about copper. But his protocol doesn’t seem to do much about reducing copper. Hoffer worked with grams of niacin and vitamin C. Pfeiffer worked with micrograms of P-5-P and molybdenum and milligrams zinc and manganese.

I have seen that the Pfeiffer Institute now has a copper reduction protocol with grams of vitamin C a day. I’m not sure if Dr. Pfeiffer had anything to do with this protocol.

Both doctors came up with questioners for their patients. They used these questioners the first time they saw the patient and later to see how the treatment was progressing. I have never seen Dr. Hoffer’s questioner. I have seen Dr. Pfeiffer’s pyroluria questioner and it fits exactly with on line copper toxicity questioners I’ve seen.

What is best about these doctors is that they where controlling their patients schizophrenia to the extent that the patients went from insane asylums to working and living normal lives. Dr. Hoffer even made “the patient is working and paying taxes” part of his definition of cure.

Of course he was working in Canada. Their system of going from welfare to work is much more fluid than ours. Here it’s almost like they want you to stay on welfare.

Dr. Hoffer during his life wrote a how to book on schizophrenia called, How To Live With Schizophrenia. Dr. Pfeiffer has a book called, The Schizophrenia’s Our To Conquer. If you know anyone with schizophrenia or bipolar (which looks like schizophrenia) I would urge you to check those books out and not let good dead doctors work die.

The thing is their work does go on, but it’s not as widely known as it should be. Most of mainstream medicine condemns their work.

So there you have that. We’ll move on to something else. I just wanted to introduce you to orthomolecular therapy. And also to point out that People have been taking grams of vitamins a day not just for years, but for decades straight during their lives.


Vitamin C. niacin, P-5-P (the active form of B-6) and others, we’ll look at later, are so safe that any rare side effect is relieved by stopping their use.

I’ve probably had more side effects that made me stop taking vitamin C, MSM and glutathione (two more supplements that get rid of copper and aluminum) than any of you will probably encounter. I figured out how to correct those side effects and still take the supplements that cause them.

I’ll tell you about that later also.

One of the side effects of these three is vitamin C causing kidney stones should be addressed here. Dr. Andrew Saul in his book ‘Doctor Yourself – Natural Healing That Works’ wrote, “The vitamin C kidney stone myth is one of the better-known nonfacts in existence. Every doctor has heard of one, yet none of them has ever seen one.” Dr. Saul knew Dr. Abram Hoffer. In fact Dr. Hoffer wrote the foreword to this book. Both of their ten’s of thousands of patients have use 3 plus grams a day for decades and they never saw a kidney stone cause by vitamin C.

The more I have read about Hoffer, Pfeiffer and Saul, the more I see three caring doctors who would not endanger the health of their patients in anyway. Including prescribing drugs that really do have severe side effects.

Next chapter let’s talk about aluminum. After all it’s the answer to the answer.


Chapter 3

An Introduction to Aluminum


Perhaps the most scariest thing, at least for me, about aluminum is that it appears to do nothing. You could poison a person in a lab with aluminum for years and nothing about him would appear to change. Oh, he might have a downgrade in metabolism, because aluminum attaches itself to the phosphorus in ATP. Which inactivates ATP.

ATP is adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the cells.

You might get a little brain fog. Some dry mouth. Some drying of mucus membranes. But other than that not much.

But, if you checked a little deeper you would find that the man’s detoxification system was shutting down. Aluminum inhibits the production of glutathione. Glutathione is one of the major detox substances in the body. Glutathione is also the major thing your body uses to rid itself of aluminum.

As more and more aluminum accumulates in the body less and less glutathione is produced. In a sense aluminum kills its own detox agent.

Glutathione also detoxes excess copper from the body. And excess copper also inhibits glutathione production.

As time goes by the man, who is being poisoned with aluminum, would start having allergies and insomnia. Aluminum displaces magnesium in the cells. Magnesium holds histamine in the cells. A deficiency of magnesium is connected to insomnia.

It might take decades of poisoning our man with aluminum until he was deficient in magnesium. Mostly because you would have to feed him to keep him alive. Magnesium is in lots of food.

Even though aluminum appears to do nothing, nothing is something. Actually nothing is a big something.

Let’s see what the symptoms for aluminum toxicity are. There is a lot of cross over with copper toxicity symptoms.

Muscle weakness and muscle pain

Bone weakness and bone pain

Interrupted sleep

Dry mucus membranes

Loss of coordination

Loss of appetite



Speech and language disturbances

Kidney problems

Liver problems

Digestive problems


Mental confusion


Ringing in the ears


Inability to concentrate




Mood changes

Feelings of inferiority



Colic, etc..

Diseases aluminum has been connected with are Alzheimer’s, autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, etc..

Aluminum appears to do nothing. That is what aluminum does so well.

We know aluminum:

-Attaches to the phosphorus in ATP (the energy currency of the cells) and inactivates it.

-Displaces magnesium in the cells, causing a magnesium deficiency.

-Displaces boron, causing a boron deficiency.

-Inhibits glutathoine production.

-Causes deficiencies in phosphorus and iron (hence the anemia).

-One of the causes of fatty liver.

I took a calves liver supplement for a couple of months that really helped with the iron anemia. I only mention it here because it was part of my supplement package for just that two months. It was at the start of my aluminum/copper detox. I have found with deficiencies supplementing for one and ½ to 2 months usually takes care of it. Unless something else is actively working to cause that deficiency.

With zinc and magnesium I found that the deficiencies were answered within 1 and ½ months. But, since copper depletes zinc and aluminum depletes magnesium I have to keep taking both zinc (50 – 60 mg a day) and magnesium (400 – 500 mg a days) to keep optimal levels.

I have had no blood or hair tests. I know I corrected those deficiencies by how I feel. With zinc it keeps back a hopeless depression. With magnesium it keeps back my allergic reaction to forsythia. Forsythia blooms for 2 – 3 months. Without magnesium forsythia makes me unable to think more than scrambled thoughts for that 2 –3 months that it blooms.

When I figured out I was aluminum toxic I knew I had to supplement with magnesium every day. Probably for life. Aluminum is so pervasive no one can entirely cut out ingesting some.

I read that since the 1940’s the amount of aluminum smelted in the United States alone doubles every decade. By 2020 that means an increase of 12,800%.

That being said let’s go to the next chapter and look at sources of aluminum and copper.

Chapter 4

Sources of Aluminum and Copper



Let’s start with aluminum. It’s in the air we breathe, the things we drink, the food we eat, the things we put on our bodies and the medicines we put in and on our bodies.


Clarified municipal water. Aluminum juice pouches. Aluminum soda and beer cans. Commercial teas. Infant formula.


Work places: wielding, soldering and smelting. Cigarettes (just for those who smoke) – aluminum is in the filters of cigarettes. The next comes from a veterinarian web site about detoxing aluminum from horses, “North America has the highest levels of airborne aluminum.”


Aluminum cookware. Baking powder (until recently the two aluminum free formulas for baking powder were for export only). In our soil (so in our vegetables). Individually wrapped processed cheese slices (50 Mg per slice. 150 Mg per grilled cheese sandwich. I always use three slices on mine.). Pickles (“alum” is aluminum. Alum is in commercial pickles. Imported pickles usually have no alum.). Bleaching agent in white flour. Table salt (use sea salt instead)


Ulcer medications. Antacids (800 – 5000 Mg a day). Vaccines (adjuvants). Buffered aspirin. Hemorrhoid medications. Diarrhea medications.


Lotions (again with the babies). Sunscreens. Toothpaste. Douches. Antiperspirants (natural alum ones too).

I saved the worst until the last on purpose. I really used to love using antiperspirants. I specifically loved using my all natural Thai crystal. Run some water over it and wash the pits with it and I was good to go. I got one to last for a year. My dad’s record was three years. Not bad for $6.00 to $7.00!

But I had problems with my Thai stick. A few years ago I was in really bad shape. I was getting close to where I might have had to quit my job. I remember Saturdays and Sundays. I would wake up do the shower thing, drink coffee and hang out in the robe. Unlike the rest of the week I would feel positive and think “I’m going to get things done today!” I’d then go to the restroom and do my minimalist toilette. Brush the teeth with baking soda, blow dry the body and then clean off the smell with the all natural Thai stick.

I would dress and then come back to the living room and collapse into the couch, repeatedly saying “What just happened? What just happened?” Moments before I was looking forward to the day and then I crashed. My brain stopped working caught in the fog. Brain fog; my hated old friend. I didn’t ask you over and why did you come to visit me now. My day was shot.

Aluminum causes brain fog. Its release or ingestion is brain fog. Aluminum is the released flakes in the shaken snow globe of my brain. They say that the alum in natural antiperspirants comes in too large of molecules to be absorbed through the skin. They are wrong.

Two suppositions in one paragraph. No one knows what causes the brain fog and whether natural alum absorbs through the skin. But what else was the cause that was killing my weekends?

Some people believe that aluminum in deodorants is the cause of breast cancer. Besides the bones, the liver and the brain aluminum accumulates in breast tissue the most. Since the arm pits are close to the breasts that’s where the aluminum goes first.

The same brain fog happens to me after I eat anything with a slice of processed cheese. Processed cheese slices can have up to 50 mg of aluminum per slice. Real cheese doesn’t have aluminum. A few years ago I was on a road trip and I ate a fast food sausage and cheese English muffin sandwich (you know the one and the fast food chain even. I no longer eat at that chain. They changed the way they make food there. Now its always cooked to just lukewarm. Even their fries. Food poisoning is bound to happen sometime.). And a wave of brain fog rolled over me 15 minutes after I finished the last bite of the sandwich. I now have a bottle of bamboo extract capsules in my car. Bamboo extract has silica in it. Silica binds aluminum in the digestive tract.

Now if I eat say a cheese burger and I’m not sure if the cheese is real or processed I take one of bamboo capsules and no brain fog. They say only 5% of ingested aluminum absorbs in the gut, but maybe some of us are higher absorbers than others. But then they also say aluminum doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier.

Horsetail capsules would work just as good as bamboo extract. Much easier to find.

There’s a temptation here to write page upon page about chemtrails, but I won’t. Or to write about inoculations and how some believe its aluminum and not mercury that causes autism and ADHD. And when they gave shots to us in grade school I can’t remembering the nurse shaking the vial in between each shot, like they are supposed to do. If they don’t shake the vial the people that get the last couple of shots get most of the solids. The solids being mercury and aluminum.

Instead let’s look at the sources of copper;


Water in areas naturally high in copper. Copper water pipes. Water with xenoestrogens in it (fluoridated water, pool or spa water cleaned with bromide).


High phytoestrogen intake (soy, eating more than five servings a week of the brassica vegetables). A vegetarian diet. Chocolate. Cashew nuts. Avocados. Wheat. Wheat germ. Coffee. Liver. Oysters. Mushrooms.


IUDs (intra uterine devices). Birth control pills. Hormone therapy (progesterone, estrogen and testosterone). Medications with xenoestrogens in them (fluoride, bromide).


Carpeting. Old furniture. Older computers. Old cars. All of these have bromide fire retardants in them. Bromide is a xenoestrogen.


A zinc deficiency. Week adrenal glands (adrenal hormones are needed to start the formation of copper transporters like ceruloplasm, glutathione and metallothionein). Improper functioning metallothionein.


Estrogens, xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens do not contain copper. But just like estrogenic metals (aluminum, mercury, cadmium, etc.) they cause the retention of copper. In people with estrogen dominance female and male hormone replacement cause a build up of more estrogen as progesterone and testosterone turn into estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors might be of interest and benefit if used in conjunction with anything that speeds up the clearance of estrogens from the liver. Aromatase inhibitors slow the conversion of progesterone and testosterone into estrogen.

Now the liver can take care of all the estrogens we can throw at. Other people live well with the same load. It’s only when the liver gets clogged with aluminum and copper that the liver slows down.

Copper inhibits the detoxification of estrogen from the liver. And estrogen like substances (xenoestrogens, phytoestrogens, estrogenic metals and just plain old estrogen) cause the liver to retain copper.

There’s one other source for both copper and aluminum. It’s a major source for all of us. It’s our Mothers. Copper and aluminum cross the placenta. So for us whose mothers where high in copper and/or aluminum when they were pregnant we were born high in one or the other or both.

Some of us may have even been messed up even before we were even born.

If you were to read health geek stuff and medical literature for even a short time you will come across a phrase. That phrase you would see repeatedly. That phrase is “As we age…” This phrase is followed with things like: “we make less active thyroid hormone”, “we make less progesterone or testosterone”, “we make less growth hormone”, “our adrenals get weaker”, “we lose our short term memory” and on and on and on.

A number of years ago, I’ve found that “as we age…” is easily replaced with “as we become more toxic…”. If you were to do a web study of estrogen dominance you would be convinced that “as we age…” should be changed to “as we become more estrogen dominant…” If you read about the Buteyko breathing method it would seem “as we age…” should be stated “as we stopped breathing slowly…” or “as we started breathing too much…” Another is “as our adrenal glands become fatigued or burned out…”

What interests us now is the phrase “As we age we produce less glutathione and metallothionein.” Since copper and aluminum inhibit glutathione and metallothionein formation, is it “as we age” or “as we become more toxic”? I’m thinking “as you age you get more polluted”. Blaming things on age as opposed to the longer you spend time on this planet and become more toxic seems like the same thing. Unless you take into account that we can detox.

If it’s age we can do nothing. If it’s pollution we can detox.


Chapter 5

Detoxification of Aluminum and Copper


After I figured out copper’s interesting connection to intracellular aluminum, I knew a detox of one should include the other. A successful copper detox must include an aluminum detox. If the aluminum is not detoxed copper will start to go back into the cells and collecting again as soon as the copper detox is done.

In Julia Childs’ first TV episode of The French Chef she made boeuf bourguignon in a copper pot. She contaminated the whole thing with copper. We, as a people, have been cooking in copper for centuries. Copper only becomes a problem when it’s elimination from the body becomes a problem. Aluminum creates our copper problems. Julia didn’t. Without aluminum toxicity unbound copper has always gone in and out of the body without a problem.

Aluminum makes a problem where a problem never was.

I’m not sure if a successful aluminum detox needs a copper detox, but I do know an aluminum detox will cause a release of copper from the cells. This release of copper from the cells causes the aluminum detoxer to feel like crap.

Since aluminum is an estrogenic metal copper follows it where ever aluminum goes. Intracellular aluminum drew copper into the cells and the detoxification of intracellular aluminum draws copper out of the cells. Estrogen in estrogen out. Copper following estrogenic in and copper following estrogenic out.

We have a few heavy hitters at our disposal. They are vitamin C, glutathione, MSM, sulfuric amino acids and succinic acid. These nutrients grab or chelate both aluminum and copper.

Let’s toss out succinic acid right now. I have used it. It worked fine. But I don’t like the source. When a box comes with only Russian written on it, I’m slightly concerned. And when I talked to my Belarus co-worker about the supplement he said, “I wouldn’t trust that. They’ll sell anything to anyone and say it’s something else.” The safe option is a popular amber weight loss product. This amber weight loss product is succinic acid. But it’s too expensive for us normal people. Dry vitamin E is succinate. It should be related to succinic acid, but I got tired of researching it and never found out. I tried a dry vitamin E supplement and got no effect.

Now with the other three two have sulfur in them. Vitamin C does not. (succinic acid doesn’t have sulfur either, but it’s off my table). A lot of you have a problem with sulfur. From what I have read, supplementing molybdenum for 1½ -2 months should take care of the problem.

What you have is not a sulfur allergy. What’s really happening is you are deficient in the mineral molybdenum. Molybdenum is needed for sulfur metabolism. Molybdenum is needed to convert sulfite to the bioactive sulfate. Copper depletes molybdenum. Molybdenum is required to re-establish sulfur metabolism. Once sulfur metabolism is re-established, sulfur supplementation is needed to get back sulfur stores in the cells. Please look up “molybdenum supplements”+”sulfur metabolism” (with the quotation marks) to find out how it’s best done.

So if you have a problem with sulfur, start with vitamin C, at the same time supplementing molybdenum (not more than 400 mcg) and after two months add glutathione or MSM.

Let’s jump back a few paragraphs. How could I tell that succinic acid was working and succinate was not working?

I know because of my butt. I have a very talented butt. Yeah, my butt is more talented than most of you all butts will ever be!

Maybe that needs an explanation. One of the physical indications of that you are detoxing copper is a slightly acidic stool. When I detox copper my stools are very acidic. To the point that after a few days my butt bleeds. To the point where I didn’t think I could ever do a copper detox.

When copper leaves the cells lactic acid follows and increases in the blood. I used to have chronic fatigue syndrome. Lactic acid is believed to be the reason why CFS’ers get worse with exercising. Anything that increases the metabolic rate causes copper to dump out of the cells. This is exercise, stress, some metabolic raising supplements and allergic reactions. With all of these there is a release of unbound copper. After the release of unbound copper lactic acid then increases.

I would like to add copper detox to this list of things that cause a copper release from the cells and increases lactic acid. Of course it just makes sense. This will make more sense as we go further in this book.

For right now let’s just concern ourselves with my really, really, really talented butt.

When I first decided to detox from aluminum toxicity (the copper connection came later) I took a bunch of supplements back to back that I had a bad reaction to. I Took MSM. On the reviews on Amazon users were getting more energy, clearer thinking, relief from depression and other nice things. I got loss of energy, foggier thinking, increased depression and the aforementioned extremely acidic stools. The same happened with a bunch of amino acids. Always the reviewers had more energy, clearer thinking and decreased depression. And always I had acidic stools and an increase of everything else that was suppose to decrease.

Somewhere in there I figured out copper’s connection to aluminum. I did two web searches side by side on what detoxes copper and what detoxes aluminum. A lot of them where sulfur amino acids. MSM also has sulfur in it. In fact the S stands for sulfur. I figured I had a problem with sulfur metabolism.

So I ordered up some amber succinic acid. Succinic acid has no sulfur. When it arrived I supplemented it. And the exact same things happened. So it wasn’t the sulfur. Some where in there I searched “acidic stools”+“detox” and found out copper detox is known for slightly acidic stools.

As an experiment I ordered up a bag of sodium ascorbate (the type of vitamin C Dr. Hoffer and Linus Pauling used). All of it happened again. Loss of energy, foggy thoughts, depression and acidic stools.

We’ll get back to the acidic stools later. For now I want to get across that acidic stools are an indicator that copper detoxification is happening. Lactic acid causes the acidic stools.

Another indicator is a copper colored stool. You’ll know it when you see it and you too will exclaim, “Yes, that IS copper colored!”. Supposedly this is caused by an enzymatic reaction. With the acidic stools and the copper colored stools as indicators last for the whole copper detox. Or at least word on the web street seems to indicate this.

With aluminum detox the indicator is mucus. For me it ain’t fun. Always clearing my throat of that ball of mucus and always blowing my nose. With aluminum detox there is very little on the web of personal experiences. I ran out of web pages in about 10 pages in my search of “aluminum detox”+”mucus”.

But an indicator of an aluminum detox might not mater. Aluminum does nothing really exciting (deactivating ATP is kind of boring). Copper is where the excitement is.

A copper detox causes all the symptoms of a copper detox and an aluminum detox. Except for the excess mucus.

Now why am I focusing on indicators of copper and aluminum detoxes?

Going to go slightly rogue here; I don’t think you need a doctor to monitor you while you do a copper detox or an aluminum detox. I’m doing both on my own and I think you can too.

This only sounds controversial. There is a doctor in LA who never tests his patients for aluminum toxicity, since 80% come up positive in hair mineral tests. A veterinarian of mainly horses in northern California never tests for aluminum toxicity because she has found 100% have aluminum toxicity.

Horses drink out of aluminum water tanks. When I was a child my grandfather’s stock tank was galvanized steel. But, sooner or later galvanized steel rusts. Aluminum never rusts. That’s why they switched. Galvanized steel leeches zinc. Zinc is a copper antagonist so it keeps copper in check. Just like our previous galvanized plumbing which was switched to copper plumbing.

The best and cheapest way to start a detox of aluminum and copper is to start with MSM, sodium ascorbic or liposomal glutathione. If you get one of the two copper detox indicators, the aluminum detox indicator or copper detox symptoms you can continue the detox. If you don’t have any indicators or symptoms you’re not out much money. In fact you can keep taking the supplement, you chose, until it’s gone.

The reviews on Amazon.com, for these three supplements, have people saying that they feel better taking them.

All three, (MSM, vitamin C and glutathoine) are safe and have been taken continuously for years by people. Also they have been taken by people in gram doses. And not just gram doses, but multiple gram doses a day.

With all three of these the first what I notice was the acidic stools and then the copper colored stools. With MSM and vitamin C I had to quit because of my very acidic stools. By the time I took glutathione I had learned out how to control the acid level of the stools. I’ll get into that in the next chapter.

On the fifth day of taking 500 mg in the AM and 500 mg in the PM I felt like I had come down with a weird flu. No chills or fever, but a sore throat a lot of mucus in the nose and throat. Also mental fog and physical weakness.

Anxiety to the max. The roller coaster – anger competed with numbness. Free floating depression competed with chuckling for no reason. All the copper detox symptoms were showing up.

Relationships have been weakened and lost because of these symptoms. Therapy has been required by most. Panic attacks are common.

I was on a stay-cation at the time of when I started glutathione. I kind of felt all the bad things were kind of livable. On the other hand I wished I had someone to talk to who understood a copper detox.

And then someone made a mistake. Sometimes a mistake makes all the difference in the world.


Chapter 6

Acid, Acid Everywhere and Not Enough of Something to Clear It


To get a fuller picture of what I am researching I read every web page I can find on the subject. It was hard a few years because I couldn’t focus for more than five minutes at a time. But for the last couple of years I can read and read forever.

I was looking up “copper antagonists”+”detox” just to see if I had missed anything. And that’s when I read a web page with a mistake. The web page listed vitamin B-5 as a copper antagonist. I had never seen that before. I checked to make sure if B-6 was also listed. Sometimes people mistake P-5-P (the active form of B-6) as vitamin B-5. But B-6 was also on the list.

Curious about pantothenic acid (B-5) I looked up its deficiency symptoms.




Cold hands/feet







Loss of appetite



All of those sound like copper detox symptoms. I knew I had some B-5 at home, but I couldn’t remember why I had it. I consulted my notes and found something I had written months before, “Lactic acid increases during copper elimination. Lactic acid is the cause of acidic stools during copper elimination.” And then I had my lists of what buffers lactic acid, what decreases lactic acid and what aids in clearance of lactic acid.

Under the clearance list was pantothenic acid, vitamin B-5.

As soon as I got home from work I took some B-5 and 20 minutes later I was anxiety free. And I chuckled. For the first time since I had started taking glutathione I was panic free. And I knew I had figured out anxiety free copper detox.

After that doing my aluminum/copper detox was relatively easy. Thiamine (vitamin B-1) also helps to clear the body of lactic acid. So I added that and it help me not feel so dull from the detox. When you’re low in thiamine things loose their interest somewhat.

Basically I am copper detox symptom free. I still have the three indicators (acidic stools, copper colored stools and the mucus in the throat), but all the rest is caused by a functional deficiency of vitamin B-5 created by increased lactic acid production.

This why I don’t think I need a doctor to help me detox. I’ve got my indicators to tell me when the detox is through. I don’t need encouragement to keep doing the detox, because it’s not hard anymore. Hair mineral tests would be nice. But I don’t feel as if I’m flying blind without them.

Without a guide or road map I’ll get there when I get there. Maybe I’ll even figure out where there is when I do.

I do know that my body temperature is normal. Copper directly interferes with the conversion of the less active thyroid hormone T-4 to the more active thyroid hormone T-3. So less copper better conversion of T-4 to T-3. So I’m less hypothyroid. My eyebrows are even getting thicker and fuller. Thin eyebrows, especially at ends, is a sign of hypothyroidism.


Let’s pick up a few odd ends and pieces. Then I’ll list out what I take and when I take it.

A detox symptom that remains is loss of taste. It’s more of a change of taste. If chicken was fried a couple of hours before I eat it, it tastes rancid. Most sausage tastes too strong, like liver, to me. Fishey fish is too fishey for me. Mostly my taste switch has to do with meat and some cheeses. Vegetables, fruit and starches seem to be immune. But, their taste has become boring. Boring is better than repugnant.

This change in taste is caused directly by copper. When copper gets detoxed it’s going to displace a lot of zinc. Zinc is need by the taste buds to translate taste.

As for my acidic stools I buffer the lactic acid with creatine. I use CGP or creatine glycerol phosphate. Creatine monophosphate would work. But currently I can’t find any on line. The supplement companies switched from the monophosphate to creatine monohydrate. The monohydrate is broken down inside of the cells so it does nothing to buffer lactic acid outside of the cells.

I also take burdock capsules. Burdock helps to decrease lactic acid. I also take milk thistle extract (silymarin).

A few years ago I had pseudo gout. A definition of pseudo gout had part of the condition is “metabolic acidosis that does not respond to bicarbonate”. I could never figure out how you could have an acidosis that doesn’t respond to bicarbonate. So I put that in my mental drawer of things-to-get-answers-to.

By the way I cured my pseudo gout by drinking a glass of tamarind tea once in the morning and one more in the evening. Tamarind is used in India to reduce fluoride in people who are poisoned from their well water. Fluoride is very acidic. I used tamarind extract which comes from Thailand. At the end of three jars my gout pain was gone. That was 12 years ago and it hasn’t come back.

Back to the metabolic acidosis. So I was watching Jacques Pepin and he was making a soufflé. He pulled out a copper mixing bowl and explained that in all the kitchens he had work in France had a copper mixing bowl for mixing eggs for soufflés and meringues. The copper acidifies the egg whites when you beat them with a metal whisk. Acidified eggs are fluffier.

So I think I got my answer to metabolic acidosis. Bicarbonate doesn’t do anything to copper. Any metabolic acidosis caused by copper toxicity wouldn’t respond to bicarbonate.


Now let’s list out my protocol. I now use detox agents (glutathione, MSM and vitamin C) only in the evenings. I find this keeps my mind sharper than taking them through out the day. Also any P-5-P, zinc, molybdenum and manganese supplemented at the same time as a detox agent would be wasted.


Upon waking up;

150 mg P-5-P (B-6)

250 mg B-1

500 mg B-5

400 mcg molybdenum (if you can find 100 mcg it would be better)


Lunch (only at work. not weekends)

Activated B complex

650 mg HCL (with pepsin) (copper causes low stomach acid)

40 mg Manganese


Afternoon break (about 2 ½ hours after lunch)

60 mg zinc citrate (less stomach upset)


After getting home from work

500 mg Glutathione or MSM or vitamin C

500 mg Burdock

500 mg Milk thistle extract.


In the evening

500 mg Glutathione or MSM or vitamin C

500 mg Burdock

500 mg Milk thistle extract.

400 mg Magnesium malate or citrate

¼ teaspoon Creatine glycerol phosphate powder (if your stools are not to acidic you may not need this)


On the P-5-P I take 150 mg. This is what I need to get dreams when I sleep. Some of you will need less and some of you will need more. For people afraid to dream because your dreams are nightmares don’t despair. Dr. Pfeifer found that P-5-P takes away bad dreams. To the extent that a colleague of his who did dream analysis had nothing to analyze from the dreams of a shared patient.

For most of you you could double or even triple the detox agent in the afternoon and evening supplement times. 500 mg to 1 gram is just what I take because my stools are very acidic. I might play with doubling the glutathione and doubling the creatine to see if I can take more of a detox agent in the future.

Point is there is no tried and true. Let’s say you take MSM, you get no detox symptoms, but you get the three detox indicators – well, you’re in luck. You don’t need to take all the supplements I need to take.

At this point one would think this is a good place to end the book. I achieved all my goals by telling you how you can have anxiety free copper detox.

Hopefully this book will help a lot of you get your lives back as I have gotten my life back. It may be a long road for you, but the road is easy and the burden is light.

About the Author

James Wallace lives and works in Seattle. He is just a security officer at a school in Seattle. But his work gives him time to think. Never underestimate anyone who has time to think.

His next book is about weight loss. Currently he experimenting on himself to see if his weight loss system is now safe. Previously he had reached his weight loss goal, which was 180 pounds (he’s 6’ 1’). Some where in there he quit smoking and gained 43 pounds.

For James Wallace this was seen as an expanding of his canvas. He had reached a goal. Could he reach it again, in a safe way.

And could other people lose weight his way. Hopefully we’ll find out with his next book.

Anxiety Free Copper Detox

This is James Wallace’s first book as a health advocate (whatever the hell that is). His first eBook “I Moved Here For The Chowder” has a chapter about killing colds and flus, but was mostly a collection of short stories. In health matters James Wallace doesn’t just think outside of the box, he acts as though there is no box. And maybe there isn’t. This book is for both people who have never done a copper detox and those that have done a copper detox and had to give it up. Copper detoxes are known for anxiety and panic attacks and a bunch of other nasty things. James Wallace had failed at three attempts at a copper detox. On the fourth attempt he had figured it out. In this book he tells you what he has figured out. When James Wallace encounters a problem he becomes a pit bull. His teeth sink in and does not release until the deed is done. With copper detox symptoms the deed is done.

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