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The Assignment

Everything exists simultaneously, deeply interrelated. It’s a total state that comes from a vibrating environment, from the vibrations that give form to all. There is no crevice of reality that’s static or free from vibratory frequencies. At each point of reality there exists, simultaneously, an infinite range of vibratory levels, and it’s only the effect of the interaction of these intensities that produces what a being gifted with discernment can perceive. In the background of each creation we see the same pattern, which is repeated over and over again at different scales and at subsequent levels of reality.

However, this repetitive design will only be evident to whoever has an uninterrupted state of lucidity. True, a partial consciousness can not perceive in the same way that a total one does. But, the partial perception can capture, visualize and experience what is present in certain vibratory bands or levels of the Whole. The range of frequencies that is perceived by this partial consciousness will form environments or energy modules of similar vibratory frequencies that we’ll call Cofrequencies.

What’s perceived by a particular type of partial consciousness is not necessarily the same as what’s perceived by another one. Some can better appreciate what’s formed by the concentration of a certain range of vibrations, and others will only perceive what’s configured by the oscillations of other frequencies. And, it’s because of this feature that each partial consciousness only manages to distinguish what’s structured by vibrations that are correlated to its perception system, and therefore, it won’t perceive the rest of the environment that surrounds it.

When a partial consciousness simultaneously perceives what exists in more than one Cofrequency, that is, in more than one energy environment, it’ll be perceiving Transfrequentially. This is the only way in which a partial consciousness can distinguish the unity and continuity of the Whole.

We can consider a Cofrequential ambience as a group of energy-forces that are contained in the same horizontal stratum, an environment where each energy level forms a dimension that’s perfectly distinguishable from the next or from the previous one.

On the other hand, the Transfrequential setting is a state, or an action, which expresses itself vertically, that is, through all the Cofrequential “horizontalities.” There are no lateral limits to the Cofrequential environment; nor do they exist for the “verticality” of the infinite Transfrequency, whose effect is only noticed when lucidity travels from the longer frequencies to the progressively shorter ones (or vice-versa).

It’s useless to look for the exact origin or boundaries of Transfrequency, for we’ll only find the limits of our own partial consciousness. Energy structures don’t begin or end, but the ability to perceive them does.

To appreciate it all better, we must understand that each effect is the product of a cluster of vectors generated by a well-calibrated cause. Their propagation, along with the new effects that each flight path generates, has always been systematically evaluated and responded to by SyCON, the agency that’s responsible for giving shape and presence to any implicit purpose found in the indications received by the device that links it with Primal Cause.

In other words, SyCON is the superlative interceder mechanism between a still unexpressed Supreme Intention and its subsequent realization—a crystallizing boundary between a functional impulse (an abstract design) and the most appropriate way of expression.

In faithful obedience to the constant and diverse purposes that come from the Primordial Energy, the multifaceted processes of SyCON manage the network formed by the interactive components in force in each Cofrequential ambience of this part of reality.

Any change in the energies coming down from the High will cause SyCON to propel a new effluvium of adjustments toward the intangible tensors that sustain each facet of the Whole: the tenacious but ephemeral configuration whose duration is scarcely an instant, a very thin slice of eternity.

If it is to bring forth an objective, SyCON selects the appropriate frequencies of its vibratory pallete, gathering them in a beam that it accurately projects to the predestined Cofrequential setting. In this way, since always and forever, SyCON regulates the creative vortices in the quadratic frequencies of Antaros, maintains the multi-reality of Vintegar, supports the elastic bases of Crastal, calibrates the… But why even try to enumerate them?

The syntax of this primitive language, this writing, will only allow me to state the name of a tiny portion of the unlimited Cofrequential realms, barely a niche of a much larger infinite.

However, allow me to clarify, that only the ubiquitous and preponderant processes of SyCON can produce the impeccable synchronism, as well as exercise the exact measure and quality of the energy required to keep functioning a dynamic state in which perfection is in a permanent search for the ultimate excellence.

It’s at this precise moment when the meta-vibrational interface of SyCON begins to receive the pulsating sequence of a new design. Noticed its high-priority code—without any delay—the missive is directed to the Translator Circuit. There it’s decoded, location coordinates are added and then it’s retransmitted to the General Distributor of Information without any loss of time. The Distributor, upon recognizing the message’s preferential code, shuttles it to one of the most direct lines, to immediately be channeled to the Central Processor. The message says:

COORDINATES: Quadrant Elnath, Alhena, Aldebaran six, Mintaka dash two.


CLASS: Experimental area, populated by automated symbiotic holograms.

EVOLUTION: Pre-integration. Ideogrammatic users.

OBJECTIVE: To give form to a new energy configuration, capable of using SyCON’s processes to their maximum capacity, according to the formation’s intrinsic design and to what its own free will allow it to do.

Now, being the factor “free will” an attribute warranted only by the Primal Cause, SyCON acknowledges that it doesn’t have the capacity to generate this feature. Owed to this, it begins a search to locate the areas of the vast Transfrecuencial network whose type of permeability, i.e., lack of cohesiveness, would allow the bearer of this attribute to “seep” into the vicinity of the given coordinates. From there on, it could easily be channeled to the T3 environment.

The Creation

After having evaluated countless possibilities, the accurate processes of SyCON indicate that what is sought will be found among the members of the egregious society of the Adamants, beings with a suitable degree of lucidity, which provided them with an excellent capacity for adaptation. Furthermore, they were already habituated to make full use of their free will, and were located only three vibratory modules away from T3.

It’s important to understand that because of the extreme difference of cycles between the vibrations of one Cofrequential module and the following one, what exists in one, perceives little or nothing of what exists in the other—much less at three Cofrequential modules of separation. Although the environment of the Adamants and that of the T3 system are in the same block of reality, the enormous difference of the vibratory rates and density of the energy structures of each one, greatly hampered their mutual perception.

Without hesitation, after being consulted, the stylized Adamants let SyCON know that they are willing to participate in its important project, even after learning that T3 was a strictly consequential sub-module of energy, that is, that the causes of what happens there are not always obvious, so they’d have to learn to deduce them. However, to decide which of them would be the first volunteer, SyCON, discreetly, leaves it to their own free choice.

SyCON then opens a new database with the express intention of including in it the results of the evaluation of the existing holoid structures of T3.

After collecting, classifying and refining the information, only the functions and characteristics that had demonstrated a solid pragmatism and an optimum stability were selected.

Next, SyCON’s intangible Plotters, tireless and relentless, combined the selected material to set up a new holographic projection—a powerful Transfrequential probe to be called:


The appropriate Synthesizer Circuits then began to encode the extensive programming needed for the operation of the new probe, which would be controlled by simple mental commands issued by the Adamant himself. Thus, while SyCON manages and maintains the servomechanisms of the REBIS, the Adamant himself would direct them toward one goal or another, once it had arrived at T3. Other contrivances will channel the focal point of the Adamant’s lucidity to its destination, automatically and very gradually.

The blueprints indicate that the Transfrequential probe, ie, the Rebis, would consist of three powerful transducers connected in a serial sequence. Each one would be formed with the plastic vibratory essence that corresponds to the Cofrequential modules of to be traversed. All this, in strict accordance with the energy interrelation protocol in force in each module.

As each transducer is produced, six frequency integrators would take form inside of it, each one perfectly able to control one-sixth of the total vibratory band of the transducer in question. The entire complex would be very similar to a “staircase” composed of three gigantic steps, all of them Transfrequentially descending. In turn, each “step” would contain another smaller “staircase” made out of six descending steps.

Actually, the SyCON’s plan is very simple: the idea is to give the Adamant, a suitable mechanism that gradually produces in each Cofrequential module the appropriate degree of permeability, so that his lucidity can be “channeled,” steadily and progressively, through every time more compact vibrations, until it reached the dense vibratory conglomerate that forms the existential platform of T3.

I emphasize that the Adamant is a free state of consciousness, whose intangible expression can be anchored to one or more vibratory levels so as to be able to interact with the many formations that are present in each Cofrequency. Each of the three transducers of the REBIS, the probe structure, will provide the Adamant with a special interaction mechanism, so that it can achieve this anchorage.

It wouldn’t be right to think that the Adamant is going to move, or that something of himself is going to travel from one Cofrequential environment to the next, when conducted by the transducers. No, we must understand that it’ll only be the focal point of his discernment what will be combined—integrated, if you prefer—sequentially and progressively, with the respective functions that exist in each Cofrequency, always with the assistance of the servomechanisms that are present in each transducer.

Thus, when the Adamant finally reached the other end of the REBIS probe, he’ll have fused—accumulatively—with the material of each of the three transducers and, therefore, with the three Cofrequential modules.

Finally, the preparations were ready—right when the Major Cycles were at their optimum alignment.

The Adamants, in their own environment, could clearly distinguish the winding coils of the REBIS’ entrance. They could also see the access to the chamber of the first frequency reducer, the one belonging to transducer number one, whose intricate mechanism had been made with the glistening and malleable materials of the Adamant’s normal ambience. However, none of them, try as hard as they may, could make out anything of the second reducer, simply because the vibratory range of the material that constituted it, was completely beyond the scope of their perception.

Without further delay, the Adamant volunteer took his position, and thus began to integrate with the spongy coupling of micro-oscillators that gave form to the initial section of the REBIS.

The Adamant immediately felt that he was carefully being wrapped, almost caressed, by a delicate network of twinkling filaments, whose transparent and ethereal consistency was several degrees fainter than his own. So subtle was this part of the process, that he couldn’t detect the soft and unhurried sequence with which thousands of tiny attracto-repulsion “hooks” aligned themselves with each point of his vital essence. Thus, very gradually, the Adamant felt that he was falling into himself. And that at the same time, slowly he ceased to perceive the familiar forms, shades and tonalities of his always luminous world.

As the process of vibratory implosion progressed, the Adamant, oblivious of all the technical details of the operation and of the complex structure of the REBIS, only perceived the reductor where the focus of his lucidity was present—of the next one, he perceived naught; of the former one, he remembered nothing—but he did notice the progressive penumbra that had started to surround him, as the gentle mechanism of the REBIS lulled him with its soothing pulsation.

When he arrived at the denser vibratory ambience found at the end of the first reducer, he felt that the ethereal structure of the REBIS had narrowed down tremendously, so much that all of his being was now converted into a single pulsating and elongated energy beam. He then felt that a very powerful and irresistible force grabbed hold of him and that spasmodic contractions acted on his being with total impunity. The pressure was now tremendous, and he suspected that he wouldn’t be able to resist much longer!

In the next instant, when the last of his resistance was vanquished, all vestige of his lucidity disappeared.

This, owed to technical reasons, unfortunately, was something that the Adamant would have to go through every time he moved across the transition zone found between one reducer and the following one. It was the inevitable effect produced by moving from an incorporeal density to a more viscous one. The process led him from what was diluted to what was more concentrated, from the abstract to the concrete: this was the passage from one universe to the next one—a completely unavoidable condition.

At the end of the first transducer, the Adamant slowly recovered… But, did he really recover? What was worse: the non-being or the non-comprehending?

Arduously, he searched for his usual oneness with the Whole. But, it was all in vain. His far-reaching, spontaneous perception of cause and effect had vanished!

He just couldn’t understand it… How was it possible that to comprehend something, he now had to deal with structures made of lethargic and heavy conceptual blocks?

And all that for what? To deduce a single miserable definition? Bah!

He felt that his soft, vast and instantaneous global comprehension of the Whole had been left behind, to now have to plunge into the glutinous incoherence of the intellect. Indeed, from now on, the Adamant would have to figure things out by deduction, hypothesis, theory, algorithm, formula, premise, logic… Alas! How many terrifying and disconcerting mental tools!

The overwhelming amount of uncertainties and the exaggerated lack of answers conspired to surround the Adamant with a new and totally unknown sense of finitude. The tenuous and remote perimeter that his consciousness had formerly barely managed to discern, had become the solid wall that now abruptly separated the concrete from the abstract.

What a difference compared to the state of free association when… when… when what? Strangely, he could no longer find the appropriate element to make the comparison.

Thus continued his unstoppable integration with the servomechanism that would provide him with what he’d call from now on: his concrete thoughts.

And while this was happening, another unbearable elongation took him by surprise! Again, the terrible compression shook and disrespected every fiber of his being, squeezing it again until it extinguished the light of his consciousness. The Adamant now flowed, swiftly, into the second transducer of the REBIS.

When he woke up, not only did he find himself navigating among the islands formed by his unanswered queries, but now he was also rudely trampled by a multitude of capricious outbreaks. These, inexplicably, seemed to wrangle their turn to continue the fragmentation of his already tattered concentration.

Suddenly, he felt irrepressibly drawn to what seemed to be the single most important goal of his existence!

It enticed him obsessively! Brazenly! With total vehemence!! Just to reject the aspiration once he had it within his reach, for now a new goal, a much more striking and polychrome one, had made its seductive appearance. Impulsively and without being able to think, he gave in to the captivating magic that pulled him toward the new temptation! Yes, this was the price that the Adamant had to pay to link up with the second transducer, which, from now on—automatically—would handle his newly acquired emotions.

Again and again, the Adamant felt that his being was ruthlessly shaken by the uncontrollable volley of attractions and tensions that swamped his being, until everything collapsed—drastically—to integrate him with the third and last transducer.

Once again he regained consciousness, but only to now find himself constrained by the heavy, thick, sticky penumbra of the holographic terminal end of the projection probe, in an environment where he only perceived a rhythmic throbbing, right there in the middle of the REBIS.

The first Anthropos, the fusion of the Adamant with the REBIS, had arrived at T3!

The Awakening

Gone is his multi-dimensional perception of being one with the Whole. Now, very little—in fact, almost nothing—does he remember of a very, very distant place, whose amplitude and luminosity are rapidly fading in his memory. He feels a bitter mixture of horror, confusion and melancholy for the loss of what he knew and a dreadful terror of the totally strange present.

Of all this, what strikes him the most is the agonizing feeling of total isolation and solitude, of being immersed between alienating impressions that are terribly unfamiliar to him.

The Adamant, now transformed into the Anthropos, feels uncomfortable, compressed and suffocated within the three-dimensional shell that the REBIS has become. He doesn’t know what to do to halt, or simply to flee from the alienating deluge of impressions that the REBIS’ mechanisms insist on showing him. Nor can he escape from the hostile mesh that rudely and stubbornly tries to disguise everything with the dense veneer of space and the permanent mask of time.

Oh! But, how to subsist in such an oppressive pocket of reality?

Sensing the uncomfortable struggle of the Adamant, SyCON, with infinite care, emits a sequence of timely commands toward the REBIS’ gyroscopic circuit bank. Specifically, toward the mechanisms that are responsible for stabilizing the forces that connect the first and second transducers, a process that it only stops when the Anthropos begins to show signs of greater self-control. This has been only the first of the countless adjustments that were to be made to achieve the crucial point of equilibrium between the multiple components of a system that crosses, resides and expresses itself simultaneously in several correlative and yet different realities.

Calming down, despite the pervading heaviness that bogs him down, the Anthropos makes a supreme effort to gather the scattered threads of his discernment.

Slowly, he tries to focus on the pictogram that is insistently shown to him, there, right in the middle point of his lucidity.

He remains enthralled for a long time with the strange symbols, which, unfortunately, mean nothing to him.

Quietly, he lets the focal point of his attention drift toward one the top corners of the pictogram. And as soon as he does this, everything present in that area moves to the center of the frame! What could this mean?

Intrigued, he shifts the focus of his attention toward a combination of especially attractive blobs, very close to the bottom edge of the frame—and again, everything takes on a different configuration! What an interesting effect!

The Anthropos, now reanimated and entertained with the coming and going of the many shapes and colors that he perceives in the pictogram, becomes a little more daring and ventures to zigzag his attention from one point to another, from one side to the opposite and from top to bottom, resulting the mixture of effects quite fascinating!

Everything goes well until, suddenly, something different happens! Without meaning to, his attention had surpassed the edge of the pictogram, focusing on a point that was beyond its border, and then, startlingly, a whole section of the Anthropos moved!

Now, everything in the pictogram had changed. All the things in it were new!

What’s this all about?

After having turned his visual field some 60 degrees, his attention was attracted so much by a striking figure that something makes him want to have it, feel it, possess it… Suddenly, once again, something unexpected happens! Now, the Anthropos had caused a part of its structure to unfold and extend toward the mentioned figure. Not only that, but soon it surrounds it with some of his flexible appendages and then, when it retracts this extension, the image thus trapped, as it’s brought nearer, is enlarged until it occupies the entire pictogram! What a curious phenomenon!

Needless to say, this has been nothing less than the first experience between the Anthropos and the always-present three-dimensional space of T3.

All goes well, until he realizes that several of the formations that are present in the pictogram, strangely, can escape the grasping ability of the Anthropos. And that, no matter how much he stretched his extension, repeatedly opening and closing the small flexible protuberances, he couldn’t seize them.


After a while, just as he reaches the apex of his frustrating endeavor, he feels that a strong tremor shakes his entire structural mass, and that the Anthropos very gradually begins to change its center of gravity by executing a series of well-coordinated movements, to then stand completely and vertically erect!

All the sensations had changed completely!

And if this were not enough, a complex mechanism began to execute a rhythmical action that causes the entire Anthropos to move, that is, to displace itself toward the much longed-for formation, to finally be able to secure it!

For SyCON to carry out the dynamic and delicate balance between the many facets involved in keeping the Anthropos in a stable condition is an extremely simple task. Everything is very similar to what it has been doing with the rest of the holoidal manifestations present in T3.

Everything is automatically evaluated and compensated by SyCON.

It’s to be noted that only the Adamant’s capacity of self-awareness, now integrated into the REBIS structure, which gives form to the Anthropos, has the manifest power and privilege of NOT being subject to SyCON’s authority. SyCON can not calibrate or alter its entelechy directly. Rather, it must provide the required support for the Adamant’s creativity to function properly, especially when he acts in harmony with the trends of the all-inclusive Global Field. This is the basis of the project at hand.

The Anthropos is, then, a solitary point of free discernment who has the capacity to integrate himself with the creative mechanisms of SyCON—all alone, in the midst of an infinite and automated Cosmos.


SyCON can do nothing to remedy the oneiric, semi-amnesic state in which the consciousness of the Adamant has temporarily been trapped.

To remedy this, it must let him evolve and adapt himself to the tremendous vibratory difference that the Cofrequential cohesiveness presents to his new way of being. It must allow its creation, the Anthropos, to discover through his own experience the extraordinary potential of the functions that have been included in his formation.

Fortunately, the Anthropos’ expression can be adjusted by the gradual but steady influence of the rhythmic cycles produced by SyCON. And, as I mentioned earlier, the Adamant, now transformed into the Anthropos, is part of a system that continually impels everything toward its perfection.

The sharp holography presented by the REBIS probe in T3 is generated by the third, most dense and last transducer of the sequence. However, far from being an inert projection, it allows the Anthropos to interact with anything whose vibratory constitution is close to 4.05 × 1016 cycles per second, in any of its relative states.

This holographic ending, in addition, gives the Anthropos the convenient sensation of having a “consistency” similar to that of the other formations present in T3. It also allows him to use several types of sensors with which to perceive, although not all the vibratory frequencies present there, enough to attain an effective interaction with T3’s environment.

We could say that with all the functions that SyCON provides the Anthropos, he can develop his own particular creative style, in accordance with the cadence of cyclic events that govern the entire T3 system. All this in perfect agreement with the original instructions that it had previously received.

By the use of his free will, the Anthropos can make use, or not, of the programs offered by SyCON. He will later discover that any action that harmonizes with these functions is in sync with the evolutionary process that permanently acts in T3, that is, with what produces its continuous creation.

This is the only way that Anthropos can use the full potential of SyCON.

But if the Anthropos, voluntarily or involuntarily, consciously or unconsciously obstructs, distorts or deflects the action favored by the functions of SyCON and therefore, does not allow the cosmic order to be carried out, he’ll be losing his time trying to code unrealizable routines, according to the principle that says:

The greater the divergence between the directional vector of a given action and the synthesis of conditions dynamically upheld by SyCON, the greater the disproportion between the maximum possible effectiveness and the result produced by this action.”

Parables and Allegories

After this first projection, SyCON had to repeat the now customary routine of Transfrecuencial implosion, enabling a REBIS probe to every Adamant that was to be projected into T3. This caused so many Anthropos to be present in T3, that SyCON decided to establish a fair and convenient system of attendance, whereby each one remains in T3 enough to evolve one more click of his life cycle and then return to his own environment—simply by reversing the REBIS projection process.

The Adamants themselves, after their experience in T3 and back in their pristine original environment, remember even the smallest detail of their adventure; but while they’re in T3, unfortunately, there are very few Anthropos who remember anything of their own world.

Actually, let’s face it, it’s quite difficult to appreciate things from the perspective of an Anthropos.

In the first place, a real and sustained effort must be made to adapt themselves to the limited depth of field that comes from having to perceive pictograms that only include elements of the most immediate Cofrequential ambience, which leaves out the rest of Transfrequency, as if it didn’t exist.

At the same time, in T3 one has to get used to the fact that circumstances don’t reveal the continuity of the action between what happens at a given moment and the effect that follows. No, everything seems to be fragmented into episodes called “situations,” which must be extrapolated with segments of a strange measure called “time.” All of which, of course, makes it considerably more difficult to establish the proper link between an effect and its respective cause. Obviously, with these limitations, an Adamant’s natural and eminent awareness becomes very confused (to say the least).

In spite of this, there were Anthropos that managed to maintain, or to develop, their original and crystalline lucidity, notwithstanding the trillions of vibratory oscillations that Transfrequency imposed on them.

They were able to retain their perspicuity, despite the inescapable presence of the denser Cofrequential environment of T3, which tends to distract the attention of most of them.

Those noble and always remembered Corybantes and Egregors generously tried to share the product of their clear discernment with the other oneiric Anthropos.

With parables, metaphors and simple allegories, they tried to make their fellow Anthropos understand the basics of Transfrequential interaction. They explained how an Adamant’s free will could merge with the powerful functions of the REBIS probe and with the sovereign mechanisms of SyCON, a combination that provided the Anthropos with quasi-magical abilities.

These enlightened individuals, on so many occasions and in so many different ways, tried to remind the other disoriented Anthropos, that each of them was, in fact, a courageous Adamant. Moreover, they not only explained it but demonstrated what could be achieved by aligning themselves with the powerful processes of SyCON and the local energy-forces of T3.

Truly, there were very few Anthropos who managed to overcome their own obstructions, so that they could understand what those enlightened beings tried to explain. These, during their brief stay in T3, undoubtedly gave the very best of themselves.

The Present

The evolution of the T3 environment had advanced a few degrees more and yet, the vast majority of Anthropos, not realizing their true location or knowing that through the REBIS they could access a mechanism with which they could orient themselves, have become easy prey for the Exploiters of Misinformation.

The simple explanations of those enlightened visionaries of old have now been converted into popular but incomprehensible ravings.

Astutely some and artlessly others, completely misrepresent the context of their wise words, so generously given with brotherly love. All this, so that a few, equally or more injudicious individuals, skillfully plotted with their three-dimensional logic, all sorts of dismal and distressing ideograms with which to mislead the sensitive programming of the Anthropos.

In a very subtle and deceitful way, they were spreading an intricate pseudo-system, which, instead of reintegrating, or re-linking the Anthropos with their essence, only helped to maximize the reigning disorder in T3, thereby aggravating their existential conflict.

As time went by, the tremendous misinformation and the excessive accumulation of falsehoods and incoherencies, began to overload the second transducer of the REBIS, drowning it in a mirage of anguishing guilt. Then, with studied solemnity and feigned paternalism that the proper histrionic representation required, instead of providing clarity, truthful information and above all, serenity, the Crazed Minority is only concerned with proclaiming themselves as “the only authorized” agents that could give the “absolutely necessary assistance” to all the other needy and gullible Anthropos present in T3, so that in the long run, they may remedy their terrible confusion.

Brandishing their cunning sophisms, along with the fallacious ideogram of the sub-modular Demogorgon, they continue the extensive and ominous reprogramming of every Anthropos that was within their reach. Undoubtedly, from there on every act, routine or program carried out by the Anthropos would suffer a terrible conceptual deformation.

For the Deceivers who wanted to impose, cling and defend the Norm, any argument was valid. Specially if they reaffirmed the power derived from naming themselves “the only authorized intermediaries” that were able to establish contact between the Anthropos and the objective processes of SyCON.

First, they distorted the rotational system that controlled the presence of the Anthropos in T3. This seemed to them a very convenient subject for their unspeakable purposes, since the witless Anthropos could not understand what happened to them upon completing their cycle of presence in T3, when they had to leave the more corporeal Cofrequencies. Undoubtedly, a very fertile ground for those “Intermediaries” not to take advantage of.

It becomes necessary to explain that any data that impacted with sufficient intensity the sensors of the Anthropos would be incorporated into its basic programming. This would model, or condition, any future action that directly or indirectly included said data. It’s also true that all the data that constitutes the Anthropos’ programming, some with greater effort than others, could be removed, substituted or modified. This could happen as long as the Adamant voluntarily or involuntarily wasn’t opposed to it and if he was prepared to undergo the necessary reconfiguration that the Anthropos would automatically do to any program that included this parameter.

In order to continue their ominous influence, the Hieratic Minority conspires and decides to implement what they consider to be their Master Plan.

They knew that in order to maintain control, they had to keep the Anthropos away from anything that would allow them to reorient themselves. Therefore, the plan was to interfere, limit and regulate the free use of the potential that was freely offered by SyCON to each Anthropos.

And, to do this, with one single blow, they took away the Anthropos’ free will! To do this, nothing better than to generate and spread the most amazing, terrifying and intricate ideograms with which to intimidate, confuse and distress them. How could they have come up with something better than to deprecate any Anthropos who dared to use the functions of SyCON, even a millimeter beyond what was dictated by the Rules that they themselves had established?

In this way, all of a sudden, the use of free will was turned into something evil, impure and dangerous—the cause of all the calamities of the Anthropos!

With all perfidy, they managed to propagate and convince the Anthropos that anyone who dared to violate the Precepts established by them, would have to face “the most horrible and dismal consequences”—a monstrous and eternal extinction, as well as the inevitable encounter with the abominable dregs of the remote hypo-frequential zones!

And they get away with it! Oh, gloomy occasion, in which the Anthropos begins the most ruinous stage of their existence in T3—they have succumbed to the preponderance of the Traffickers of the Repetitive Negative Influence!

The Evaluation

Obviously, SyCON was aware of the insolent behavior of the Conspirers. But, in faithful compliance with the mandates received from the Primal Cause, it must allow the Anthropos to freely continue with their own matters. The indoctrinated Anthropos—deluded, lost, vacuous, oblivious and alienated—now spend most of their time in T3 in a sterile search of all that the Repetitive Ideograms could instill in them. And in the midst of their bewilderment, they increased the rhythm of their mutual interaction to frantic proportions, always more alienated and frightened.

The Anthropos now collide with their environment and among themselves, without achieving what they should or what they want. They yearn to solve their distressing situation, but at the same time they continue to ignore the processes of SyCON, all in faithful obedience to what has been indoctrinated by the Minority that’s in control.

As time passes, this causes a tremendous pressure on all of their transducers and little by little, each Anthropos begins to show defects that affect the stability and duration of its holographic projection into T3.

And thus, the immense potential offered by SyCON and the unshakeable loyalty of its servosystems—all this and much more—is now unknown by most of the Anthropos, so that many, perhaps too many, vegetate in the most vile and miserable conditions.

Despite being obliged to maintain an attitude of “non-intervention,” SyCON also has the inescapable responsibility of having to continue the global evolution of T3, because the constructive advance of the Whole can not be stopped by just one of its parts. But, owed to the love that exists between a creator and his creation, SyCON begins an exhaustive review of the entire Anthropos Project. And, for this, it proceeds to check all the premises and theories used to design and construct the REBIS.

In its analysis, it pauses when it reaches the explanation regarding the connection between the attracto-repulsive hooks of the REBIS and the vital points of the Adamant, a technique by which each of these unions will configure a unique Anthropos among the countless possible combinations. This allows each one to be able to discern what’s in T3 from a perspective more or less similar to that of any other one, and at the same time be a unique component of the system.

No configuration can cover all the possibilities; but, undoubtedly, the programming that was later indoctrinated by the Conniving Villains, will cause the behavior of some Anthropos more discordant with what SyCON maintains created in T3. Although, this doesn’t jeopardize the possibility that each one has to discover, in their own way, what that reality—their particular reality—really is. As off track as an Anthropos might be, (s)he will always have an open channel to request the generous and impartial help of SyCON.

Continuing with its investigation, SyCON construes that a great many Anthropos are not acting in accordance with the attributes of their own individual design. Instead, they are trying to adapt themselves to an alien pattern that has been imposed on them by the surrounding environment and, in addition, one in complete conflict with the true underlying reality.

System T3: what began as an ecological environment of perfectly interconnected cycles, full of harmonious automated formations that functioned in accordance with the rhythms and cadences generated by SyCON, now consists of discordant automatons, who due to apathy, ignorance and inertia now insist on destroying everything.

Yes, this is what the Anthropos have become: ignorant automats that perform over and over the same limited, ineffective and conflicting programs.

As was said before, the omni-network managed by SyCON is not static.

The rhythmic variation of intensity of the Primal Cause keeps all the components of T3 in a constant oscillation. And in this eternal to-and-fro, only what is capable of expressing a state of dynamic symbiosis with the essential energies will be able to tread, one by one, the teeth of the gear of evolution that corresponds to it.

This is an unappealable law imposed by the universal environment on each component of T3: to maintain the required flexibility to move through each and every minimum and maximum, while coexisting in the best possible way all of Creation.

Each part has to adapt itself to the unstoppable and cyclic sequence of relative states, in which:

everything empty accumulates,

all that accumulates reaches a point of fullness

and everything that becomes saturated will begin to empty,

as the cycle repeats itself along a new spiral of its path of evolution. Keep in mind that the intangible wheel of evolution will pulverize anything that tries to force its permanence in only one of the relative states.

Anything rigid, inflexible or static, eventually and inevitably will be crushed, so that its components can be used as raw material in the formation of new expressions. Hopefully these will be more capable of manifesting the proper degree of harmony with the attributes of each Cofrequential environment and, therefore, become better integrated with the Transfrequential principles of Unity.

The pulsating, serrated and long sinusoidal waves generated by the expansive Primal Cause now indicate the logarithmic energy variation that qualitatively and quantitatively has to be regarded by SyCON.

The unrestrainable ebb and flow that crosses each Cofrequency has the express purpose of modifying each individual structure, so that each one can better integrate itself, in its own particular way, with the requirements of Transfrequential conditions. It’s something that tries to find a fluid and equitable distribution of its effect, because the stability of the Whole depends on the dynamic and balanced energy exchange carried out between its parts.

Since approximately 1999 AC, one of the particularly strong factors of the Primal Cause began to exert a progressive influence on the T3 environment. Undoubtedly, this has tested the cohesion of all the functional links that constitute the omni-network of SyCON. This factor rules the Averno.

Once again, it must be remembered that any formation that tries to maintain an isolated and autocratic way of existing, without taking into consideration the parameters that govern T3, must rectify this immediately, or else face the consequences of its unavoidable involution.

The intangible tensors that hold up reality can not be severed or disengaged; but neither will they tolerate—unperturbed—a pernicious deformation that puts in imminent danger the process of bringing about the perfection of the collective effort.

Also, the pseudo-reality accepted by most of the Anthropos, of course, will also suffer its quota of adjustment. Much of what they now consider to be their most valuable things, because they’re based on unreal premises, will simply disappear. And those who don’t know their true purpose, will be completely lost.

As the vector field of T3 is adjusted, the components of each ideogram that don’t harmonize with the underlying design will be disintegrated and removed from the programs that have been using them, leaving the rest of the program’s instructions pathetically disconnected and without any interrelation whatsoever.

Every program and routine indoctrinated into the Anthropos must be re-evaluated and promptly corrected or discarded, as best suited. Nothing should resist the forthcoming equitable symbiosis; nothing should try to retain for itself, in excess, the product of the increase of intensity of the overall field.

Even mirages are based on real waves, and they disappear if the conditions that generate them change.

The Solution

What is needed is that the Anthropos begin to see through the cruel illusion produced by the fallacious programming that has been implanted in them.

It must be something special… Something that, like a comforting balm, dilutes the sharp crystals of fear. The solution should remind them that they can use at any time the wonderful processes of SyCON to solve any problem or circumstance that may interfere with their stay in T3. Still, the solution won’t come when the Anthropos wants it to, but when it’s actually needed—at the most appropriate time, in the most fitting way—permanently in sync with the rhythms, cycles and trends that are active in T3.

I repeat: it’s crucial to make the Anthropos see that any unreal parameter (or procedure) that has been included in their “Chart of Possibilities” can be modified or replaced by other premises that are more consonant with the underlying and true Reality. That in T3, what each Anthropos deems as possible to make or do, always subordinated to the qualities and skills included in their own design, and that does not infringe the harmony of the Universal Principles in force in this environment, the powerful, impartial and automatic processes of SyCON must help them achieve that goal.

Today’s Anthropos must know about the order that was given to SyCON by the omnipotent Primal Cause. They must become aware of what was expressly ordered to it by these almighty forces:

The orders were: to equip a conscious entity with everything that it may need to make use of its free will, in accordance with its individual attributes and with the Transfrecuencial laws in force in T3, to:

Design – Form – Develop – Evaluate

For, think about it, what’s the use of having a free will, if there’s no mechanism by which to carry out what one freely decides to achieve?

After evaluating the thousands of possible solutions, SyCON decides to put into practice something that neither suppresses nor compromises the free will of the Anthropos. It’ll be a very subtle remedy; something with an asynchronous and subliminal effect. Something of external origin—mostly graphic—but aimed directly toward the controls of the Anthropos; something that integrates immediately with its standard programming. It must also be an action to be set in motion without requiring the conscious approval of the Anthropos, since he won’t notice having been subliminally impacted.

This is why SyCON decides to make use of one of the many Anthropos who are present in T3.

He is an unknown iconoclast, but one whose individual design has allowed him to see a bit further through the hard shell of the status quo. Someone, who despite his own limitations and existential fears, was willing to carry out the task of writing a simple story called:


About the Author

Come to think of it, I’m sort of a three-way hybrid. My family upbringing was definitely European (Belgian), my early teen-age years were enjoyably influenced by the American way of life (Glendale, California), at the beginning of the Rock ‘n Roll era (anybody remember?), and the rest of my life exposed me to the fast-paced Latin American culture (in Venezuela and several Caribbean Islands). This gave me the order and discipline of a Northern European, the modern vision and progressive imagination of an American, and the animated soul of a Latino.

By trade, I’m a Computer Systems Engineer, who specialized in setting up the Data Processing Department for large, high-rise hotels in Latin America.

For the past 25+ years, after having investigated a number of ambiguous fields and debunking a lot of ineffectual information, I've been designing a system that I named ASTRONICA (which has very little in common with classic Astrology). In a nutshell, it's a technique that anyone can use to (1) know their inborn attributes, qualities and skills, and (2) to determine the ongoing astrophysical conditions (exocauses) that inevitably influence us and our environment. You can test the efficiency of Astronica for yourself, by visiting the Astronica website ( www.astronica.org, in Spanish and English – up since 1997). Try out any of the free and user-friendly online apps that you’ll find there—they’re all based on astronical algorithms. You can go there either with a desk PC or a laptop. But if you’re mostly on the go, feel free to use a smartphone or a tablet. No registration, no cost, no hype—the apps work just fine!

After retiring from the Hotel Computer field, and after having put together the Astronica system, I began to write in two different fields: fiction and non-fiction. In the non-fiction section, I’ve written several books that have an astronical undertone (e.g., The Astronica Handbook, The Cyclegram, Dynamy and Polarity, Code Terra, The Cosmic Tree and The Hidden Circle). Some are still being prepared for online publishing.

My writings in the fiction section usually include characters who live in the imperceptible “threshold area” that’s between our everyday reality and the rest of the Multiverse (some of the titles are: Eemo, The Keepian, Anthropos and an ultra-short story, Nothing Speaks). I like to call this genre MetaFiction: the Reality that lies beyond reality.

Currently, I live in Caracas, Venezuela and work every day on the Internet, to expand and further hone the astronical resources. Now and then, when my Muse prods me, I take another shot at story writing, so feel free to look me up.

Hope you liked the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Other Books by this Author

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It's a story that'll make you think. In addition, as you read it, your subconscious mind will be entertained with the subliminal illustrations that your conscious mind probably won't understand. Or their meaning may dawn on you in a forthcoming dream... Go along with our protagonist through the multiple energy environments that he must cross, before becoming the only entity with free will in a fully automated world. See what hinders and what helps his existence. Please refrain from reading the story if you have psychotic tendencies, glaucoma or claustrophobia, or if you present symptoms of schizophrenia. ;-)

  • ISBN: 9781370741120
  • Author: Frank Desmedt
  • Published: 2017-04-20 03:20:11
  • Words: 7650
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