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Anthem of the Broken Hearts: A Poetry Collection

Anthem of the Broken Hearts

Written by David Livingston Hawkins III

With a Cover created by Eloise Maybelle

Anthem of the Broken Hearts

by David L. Hawkins

©Copyright 2015 David L. Hawkins

Shakespir Edition

The author claims no ownership of quotes, art, and images

used in this document.

They are all the property of their legal owners and creators.

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Getting Lost 4

The Only One 7

Alone 10

The Lighthouse 12

Alive Inside 16

Anthem of the Broken Hearts 19

Hold On 24

Dear Mirror 27

The Meaning of Fear 31

No More Fear 34

Worth Fighting For 37

Broken For Now 39

Stand Down, Stand Up 41

Far From Over 44

Not An Ending 47

Outro 50

  • Introduction*

We all go through those times in our lives when we feel hopeless, lost, and afraid. We walk through life as if we are never going to get anywhere. We go through life like a zombie. This poetry collection was written for those broken times. Whether you have went through it in the past, watched a loved one go through it, or are currently fighting the battle this collection was written entirely for you. I hope you enjoy this book just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

  • Getting Lost*

Sometimes the maze may take ahold,

Sometimes the world is so confusing.

One minute you’re happy,

And the next your life is turned upside down.

I wish that I could find my way,

Yet still I am getting lost.

Getting lost in the words I could not say,

Getting lost in the times when I was too afraid.

Getting lost in the evil deeds I have done.

Getting lost and feeling like I am the only one.

Can anybody show me that I’m not lost?

I’m not lost but I can’t find my path,

I’m not lost but it still seems impossible.

One minute I’m fine,

And the next I’m struggling to go on.

I wish that I could save myself,

Yet still I am getting lost.

Getting lost in the promises that I break,

Getting lost in the pain of my mistakes.

Getting lost in all of my broken dreams,

Getting lost in the difference between.

Now I finally realize that I’m not lost.

I’m not lost because I have found myself,

I’m not lost because I’m not giving up.

One minute I was on the edge,

And the next I have stood to my feet.

I wish I would have known this sooner,

That before you find yourself you have to get used to getting lost.

  • The Only One*

Darkness descends and I feel so distant,

I am caught up in the difference between.

Mistakes weigh down upon me,

And I want to let go of these broken dreams.

So now I feel like I’m all alone,

And I’ll never find the sun.

Could it be that I’m really the only one?

I am caught up in the things that I’ve done,

Mistakes that can’t be erased.

And I want to just forget about them,

So now I want to just runaway.

And I want this to be done.

Could it be that I’m really the only one?

Mistakes creep in while I am still sleeping,

And I want a way to escape.

So now I am about to explode,

And this battle may never be won.

Could it be that I’m really the only one?

And I just need someone to save me,

So now I want to find a way out.

And time may make these wounds go numb,

And I am waiting for my kingdom come.

Could it be that I’m really the only one?

And I carry my burden and it weighs a ton,

Was I always the only one?


The light seems to fade away so fast.

How can I make it through?

Where did the light go?

Why am I here all alone?

Questions racing around and around,

Doubts and fears bring me down.

Was I meant to walk through this fire alone?

Doubt seems to creep in no matter what I do.

How can I prove them wrong?

Where did everybody go?

Why is the darkness all there is?

Questions forcing me back into war,

Doubts and fears leaving me torn.

Was I always meant to fight all alone?

Light coming from a distant dream.

How can I learn to hope again?

Where did this light come from?

Why was I ever alone?

Questions no longer controlling me,

Doubts and fears aren’t all that I can see.

Was I ever truly alone?

  • The Lighthouse*

There is nothing left but ask and dust,

Dying lights and shattered trust.

The reasons I gave myself to run,

Instead of fighting until the rising sun.

So now I feel trapped in this eternal night.

Searching for a sign,

Searching for a lighthouse.

Can anybody lead me out of the dark?

Can anybody hold me from falling apart?

Can anybody restore this sinner’s broken heart?

Nothing and nobody but Jesus.

There is nothing left but hope long lost,

Bitter cold and forgotten frost.

I wish that this didn’t hurt so much,

I wish I didn’t feel like giving up.

So now I feel trapped in this eternal night.

Searching for a sign,

Searching for a lighthouse.

Can anybody help me see that I’m not okay?

Can anybody show me that I don’t have to be afraid?

Can anybody be a light in an endless sea of grey?

Nothing and nobody but Jesus.

There is nothing left but newfound hope,

Reasons to live and ways to cope.

God washes over me with His endless Grace,

He helped me finally find my way.

So now I finally feel set free.

He is the sign,

And the lighthouse for me.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” John 8:12

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

  • Alive Inside*

You died for me,

But I won’t live for You.

It hurts today,

But I will make it through.

My sins were the reason You died,

So why am I feeling so dead inside?

When will I finally follow Your light?

When will I finally give You my life?

And let You lead me away from this strife.

I’m never gonna give up my hope,

Because You give me Faith.

I’m never gonna give up,

And You are never gonna go away.

I need You now,

Yet I refuse to run to You.

It hurts so much,

But You’re gonna help me through.

Jesus saves me even when I try to hide,

So why I am feeling so dead inside?

When will I give up the dark?

When will I admit that I’m falling apart?

And finally let You into my heart.

I’m never gonna stay down,

Because You are my crutch.

I’m never gonna let go of my beliefs,

Because Your sacrifice was out of love.

I surrender myself,

Because I realize that I need You.

I have finally found my Faith,

And I’m gonna make it through.

When hopelessness comes down you turn the tide,

Jesus renews me and makes me feel alive inside.

  • Anthem of the Broken Hearts*

This one is for the machines with souls,

Feeling like they can’t be whole,

Feeling like their always lost,

Like under their skin wires are crossed,

This is for them.

This one is for the runners who quit the race,

Feeling like they are slowly going insane,

Feeling like this is their last chance,

Like they can’t keep their running stance,

This is for them.

People ready to fight for what they believe in,

The ones who, despite everything, keep on breathin’,

No matter what the consequence,

To them quitting never made sense,

This is their second try,

Join together and they cannot lose,

Together they can make mountains move,

They’re almost to the finish line,

People who were way before their time.

This one for the ones left behind,

Feeling like they can never be fine,

Feeling like every breath is a regret,

Like they might give up just yet,

This is for them.

This one is for the orphans of the American dream,

Feeling like they are bursting at the seams,

Feeling like this is their final day,

Like no one would care if they fade away,

This is for them.

People who tell the truth hidden within lies,

The ones who catch your tears when you cry,

No matter what the price is paid,

To them it never made sense to be afraid,

This is their last goodbye,

Join together and the war can be won,

Fight to the rising of the moon to the fall of the sun,

Their almost past their last mistake,

People who were just about to break.

This one is for those blaring music loud,

Feeling like the lyrics stop them from falling down,

Feeling like they’re the only ones that are broken,

Like no one else is a little crazy underneath their skin,

This is for them.

This one is for the poets with no words left to say,

Feeling like they are finished for today,

Feeling like these rhymes keep them alive,

Like behind bleeding pages is where they hide,

This is for them.

People will be ready to tell you no,

The ones who’ll fall after just one blow,

But no matter what we get back up,

To them it never made sense to give up on love,

This is our dying prayer,

Join together and we can move on,

Fight for what’s right and against what’s wrong,

Now they’re singing the Anthem of the Broken Hearts,

Finally they can never be torn apart.

Hold On

The whole world may seem to fade,

And I’m lost and so afraid.

I doubt that I can be saved,

Will I ever really be okay?

And now this fortress must come down,

And I must live in the here and now.

So when tragedy strikes I refuse to let go,

I will hold on.

The lights may seem to disappear,

And all I have left is fear.

I keep on screaming that I need You here,

Will I ever wash away these tears?

And even when my Faith wore thin,

You were there to wash away my sin.

So when tragedy strikes I refuse to let go,

I will hold on.

The darkness may come to steal my heart,

And I may cave in and fall apart.

You’ll never force me into the dark,

Will I ever get the chance to restart?

And I realize that these things do hurt,

All of the memories and unspoken words.

So when tragedy strikes I refuse to let go,

I will hold on.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Dear Mirror

Dear mirror hanging on the wall,

I’m not perfect and I never will be.

You keep on reminding that I’m not good enough.

Maybe I don’t want to feel like that now,

You can shatter now.

The reflection showing me every single flaw,

Staring into the failure hanging on the wall.

That mirror making me feel like an outcast,

I’m tired of being judged by glass.

I am me and I never need to change,

No longer will the mirror cause me pain.

No more mirror laughing while I fall apart,

Watch it shard into a thousand shards.

Dear mirror hanging on the wall,

I don’t need to be an image of perfection.

You can no longer control me because I don’t need your approval.

Maybe I don’t feel so worthless anymore,

So you can shatter now.

I’m not gonna let some mirror hold me down,

Thoughts of who I’m not used to let me drown.

This is the last time I feel like I’m not good enough,

I don’t need a mirror to make me want to give up.

This mirror had me trapped in a crippling plight,

It held me in darkness but I still found the light.

Without this mirror I finally realize I’m worth it,

We can all be beautiful without being perfect.

Dear mirror falling to the ground,

I want you to see that beauty can be found in imperfection.

You can no longer shatter be like the brittle glass you are.

Maybe we never really need you in the first place,

Now you have shattered.

  • The Meaning of Fear*

Whether you fall or whether you fly,

Whether you live or whether you die.

Whether you act you whether you freeze,

Whether you fail or whether you suceed.

You can’t let anything hold you in place,

Because it wants to control you.

That is the meaning of fear.

The meaning of fear is to hold you back,

And take advantage of the things you lack.

Make you feel bad and think you’ll fail,

But fear is afraid that you might prevail.

So it’s hoping it can stop you from crossing the finish line,

It creeps like a spider into your mind.

But your fear doesn’t have to dictate what you do,

Even after times you have failed,

And things that you’ve been through.

Whether you win or whether you lose,

Whether you’re forced or whether you choose.

Whether you run or rather you fall,

Whether you hold on or whether you give it all.

You can’t let anything push you down,

Because it wants to drown you,

That is the meaning of fear.

  • No More Fear*

Silent screaming,

And no hears me.

I keep on crying out,

But I am trapped in this place.

What happened?

How did I get to where I am now?

I’m not the monster I once was.

I don’t know how I got here,

But I say, “No more fear.”

I used to be run by the fears in my mind,

They made me broken and they made me blind.

I allowed them to rule over me day after wretched day,

But now I’m taking my life back and they’re going away.

Keep on running,

As if I’ll ever get anywhere.

I keep on going,

But I seem to be stuck in place.

What am I now?

Where did the fear go?

I’m not the coward I once was,

I don’t know how I got here,

But I say, “No more fear.”

Those fears used to laugh every time I fell,

It always felt like I lived in a locked cell.

I allowed them to take away everything that I once held dear,

Until I screamed, “NO MORE FEAR.”

  • Worth Fighting For*

The ashes fall and you realize the hurt that you’ve caused,

You fought a war with no faith and now it’s all your fault.

All of your old enemies are lying dead at your feet,

They fell but you are the one who has faced defeat.

You used to be innocent but not anymore,

You have lost everything worth fighting for.

All you did was follow their orders,

You fought through enemies and moved past their borders.

You left death and destruction in your path,

Now you are standing in the fire and the aftermath.

You used to be a soldier but not anymore,

You have lost everything worth fighting for.

There was once a time when you fought for freedom,

Still you are fighting but you don’t know the reason.

The politicians send you to a war that you don’t believe,

You see all of the death and you wish you could leave.

You used to be a hero but not anymore,

Because you have realized that you have nothing worth fighting for.

  • Broken For Now*

A veteran getting back from a war where he didn’t belong,

He fought and fought even though he knew it was wrong.

[*All he did was fight for our freedom, *]

And now we hate him.

Vietnam was hard and so is coming home,

Where no one respects him and he feels so alone.

Spit fires right outta the crowd,

The disrespect hurts and it brings him down.

It may hurt but he’s only broken for now.

A rebel in a world of conformists making his own path,

He lived and lived until he finally faced their wrath.

All he did was walk a little differently,

And now we hate him.

School is hard and so is having no friends,

Where it feels like every day could be his end.

Words like water makes him want to drown,

They try to hurt him but he won’t bow,

It may hurt but he’s only broken for now.

There are times when you’re broken and you feel beyond repair,

Where you feel so alone as if no one is ever there.

All we do is what they hate,

And now they hate us.

The world is hard and so is life,

Where we are faced with hopelessness and strife.

Times like these are more than we can allow,

The world watches us as we hit the ground,

[*It may hurt but we’re only broken for now. *]

  • Stand Down, Stand Up*

We are living a world where injustice goes on because of our excuses,

While countries go to war and teenagers tie their nooses.

We say things like ‘life isn’t fair’ and ‘nobody cares’,

While our light is running out and morality is impaired.

Maybe we need to stand up instead of stand down.

We got our rights to the point to where the mean nothing,

Because we’d rather be silent instead of risk something.

We’d rather watch our how begin to slip away,

Instead of standing up and being the first to say.

Instead of watching this whole country creep toward the brink,

And seeing entire species about to go extinct.

We can be the ones to bring about the change,

Instead of making others bear our shame.

We are the ones who did this,

Now it’s time to undo our injustice.

We are living in a dark world but we can all be the light,

Instead of giving up on the fight or losing hope in our plight.

We no longer need to be idle when we are pulled into war,

We are finally better than we once were and not the same as before.

We are finally standing up instead of standing down.

  • Far From Over*

It may seem bad now,

Like everything is crashing down,

And no one else is left around.

It may seem like there is no hope,

Like can never truly cope,

And you are slipping back into comatose.

But just keep marching, you’re my soldier.

You are far from over.

You think that you’re too far gone,

But I haven’t given up.

You may think that you should quit now,

Because you’ve had enough.

I am still here to stop you from looking back,

You still have a future,

So let go of the past.

It may seem like you are lost,

Like the stars remain crossed,

And you have suffered too much loss.

It may seem like you shouldn’t disappear,

Like no one would notice you aren’t here,

And believe everything that you fear.

But you keep on holding this world on your shoulders,

Because I still believe that you’re far from over.

I will always hold you high,

Even when things grow dark.

You are the one that gives me hope,

Even when I’ve broken my own heart.

I will save you from that beast that you hide,

I still believe in you,

And there’s still good inside.

Now it is better than before,

You’re out of the darkness and away from war,

And you know that this is worth fighting for.

Now it seems like there is nothing but light,

You don’t recall when this used to be night,

And you’ve finally allowed your dreams to take flight.

You went to the end and you didn’t lose your composure,

And now you finally believe that you were far from over.

  • Not An Ending*

The sun may be gone but this is not an ending,

There is still hope for me as I pray for mending.

I still have things to fight for and people worth defending,

As long I still live then this is not an ending.

Times get hard and I grow weak.

I find myself fighting on knees.

Praying God for my soul to keep.

But it is hard to fight when I don’t believe,

And what you got isn’t exactly what you need.

Times get hard so I have to remain strong,

Even when everything seems to be going wrong.

Grace covers me so I am not too far gone.

And the hardest thing to is to just hold on,

So now I will keep on fighting despite the pain.

I wanted to fall but this is not and ending,

I know that He hears all of these prayers that I’m sending.

I don’t need to hide my beliefs anymore because I’m sick of pretending,

As long as I live for Jesus there will never be an ending.


Once again I would like to thank God, everyone who has supported my writing, and anyone who I reading this right now. I would not have the courage to put my words out there for all to see otherwise. Thank you all so much!

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Anthem of the Broken Hearts: A Poetry Collection

  • Author: David Hawkins III
  • Published: 2015-10-29 22:05:21
  • Words: 3640
Anthem of the Broken Hearts: A Poetry Collection Anthem of the Broken Hearts: A Poetry Collection