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Angie Webber: A Simple Introduction


Angela Webber

A Simple Introduction

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This story is a work of fiction. With the exception of recognised historical figures, all characters and events are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Published by B. Gage at Shakespir.


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Angela Webber

A Simple Introduction

Changing Seasons Collection

B. Gage

From the Author

Dear Reader,

This is but a simple introduction, that’s all.

“Most people place this type of work at the start of their story, don’t you know?”

Being an avid reader myself, I must agree with you there. However, having begun to know Miss Angela Webber personally as I have, I just couldn’t bear the thought of you having to wait any longer to meet her.

You see, in the full account you’re going to jump right in at the start of a wonderfully, big change in her life— in this introductuary chapter I took the liberty of backtracking a few months so you could experience a very significant day in her journey so far. A moment when she took another important step closer to seeing her dream fulfilled.

Growing up in the early 1900s, this young lady is not so far removed from us today, apart from the obvious use of technology and such external advances. I’ve found that what makes us humans tick is generally the same, regardless of the year we were born. It’s all about finding out who we are, why we are here and then how to go about doing it—overcoming the different obstacles life throws our way. And in my case this includes depending upon the living God for His guidance and help in it all.

I said all that just to emphasise the thought that the romantic past is not much different than our romantic now. Sometimes we can look back and see things through rose-coloured glasses, but for those living in that time, it was the same as it is for us living in our time. Let’s be one who learns from those who have gone on before, enjoys the moment we are in, and embraces the days to come with faith and confident expectation!

Anyway, please allow me to tell you a bit more about dear Angela. I know you will grow to love this spontaneous yet level-headed, book-loving yet outdoor-exploring, surprising yet consistent young lady.

Angela prefers to be known as Angie—where propriety permits, of course. To her, it seems less formal that way. Her mamma usually calls her “Angela” in moments of intense communication and sometimes resorts to “Angela Webber.” You could say that is part of the reason she likes “Angie” so much.

She had the courage to dream a dream, and then the boldness to go ahead and pursue it. I’m sure this description could well be said of you too—and if you’re at least in the dream-part of the journey, be encouraged to just keep going!

From a close-knit home in a beautiful part of rural America, she knows all too well the value of community, hardwork and faith in a Good God. Armed with these values she is about to embark upon the most daring adventure of her life so far.

I trust you will enjoy travelling this part of the journey with her.

I know I have.


B. Gage


“Susie, I did it!”

Angie burst in through the back door of the house of her dearest companion.

“Did you really?” Susie, who was baking bread in the kitchen, looked up and grinned at her friend.

“Yes, it’s in the mail, and there’s nothing more to be done about it.” With a deep breath, she seated herself on the tall stool and watched as Susie placed the finished loaf on the piping hot stove. Washing her hands, she poured some freshly made lemonade into the tall glasses, grabbed a jar of cookies, and motioned for Angie to join her at the large wooden table.

“I have to admit that I’m slightly nervous! Here I am in a small farming community so far removed from the professionalism of New York.”

“Oh, Angie! Don’t even think like that. You have as good a chance as anyone.” Smiling she patted her friend’s hand, “Everyone deserves a good education and the right to better oneself. I know those professors must agree or why else would they be there.”

“Thanks Susie, I needed the fresh perspective!” She smiled and took a sip of the ice-cold lemonade, “This is still my favourite! Your mama makes the best lemonade around!”

“She made that especially for you! Now, listen to me, you’re going to get accepted I just know it.”

“Oh, I really do believe it too Suse!” She exhaled and placed her near empty glass down on the table. Then, much to Susie’s surprise, Angie stood up with a sudden burst of expectant energy, “And to get into the prestigious Teachers Training Academy in New York City will be the best possible way to complete my schooling!” she exclaimed, finishing with a bow and dramatic waving of her arms for greater emphasis.

“Hear! Hear!” Susie countered. Giggling, they mocked a toast to salute the moment.

Getting up from the table, the girls quickly tidied the kitchen and made their way into Susie’s bedroom. Once situated on the floor—as comfortably as possible on their knees at the bottom of the bed—Susie opened up the lid of her beautifully hand carved hope chest. Gently they lifted out the dresses that they had been working on together. Very soon the different pieces of material, pins, patterns, and threads had been organised into groups upon the bed. From there the chat turned excitedly to Susie’s upcoming wedding.

“Oh Susie, I’m so happy you are marrying my cousin Levi; he’s such a wonderful person!”

Gushing with delight Susie held up her wedding dress and showed Angie the progress that had been made since last week. “I keep having to pinch myself Ange, to make sure it’s not a dream.” With a laugh she continued, “I’m going to marry Levi and you’re going to go to New York, and come back and be the school Mistress! Both of our dreams are coming to pass!”

They hugged and giggled some more—then with a new sense of delight, set about finding a cosy spot on the bed to sit and continue their special task.

Picking up the pattern and different pieces of her blush pink bridesmaid dress, Angie found where she had left off and with a skilled hand threaded the needle and began to sow. Together they chatted and worked on their dresses for the rest of the afternoon.

After saying goodbye to Susie’s mother, and thanking her for the lemonade Angie started out on the journey home. She had came into town with her brother that morning, and so found herself free to walk the few miles home alongside the bubbling creek. Once out of sight, she took off her shoes and stockings and turned the hem of her skirt up a few twists. With delight she stepped into the cool, fresh water of the creek, and proceeded to walk upstream singing aloud as she went.

Coming up to the familiar bend in the little river that signalled her exit place, Angie began to make her way across the rushing current to get out the other side.

“Miss Webber, indeed!” A deep voice rang out.

Startled, Angie looked up but mis-calculating her step fell headlong into the water. Gasping she spluttered and splashed until she found her footing. Seconds later a strong arm was assisting the rather wet and bedraggled looking Angie out onto the grassy bank.

“Angie, I’m so sorry!” Levi half-laughing, apologised.

“Levi Webber, that is not funny, how could you do that to me!” Angie scolded, “I’m soaked, my mama is not going to be amused to see me coming in like a naughty child!” Looking up at her cousin she paused, and then the two erupted into hearty laughter.

“Oh your face, Ange! I wish I had one of those portable cameras, like the news-reporter from the city has!”

“Well, I’m glad you don’t. Imagine my shock, thinking a man was seeing me, with my skirt rolled up and no stockings on. Oh I’m blushing thinking about it!”

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Levi sat down beside her, “How come you’re walking home, what have you been up to today?”

Suddenly remembering she squealed, “Levi! I mailed my Academy application this morning!”

“That’s wonderful Ange!” He patted her shoulder, “No doubt about it, you’re going to get accepted. I’ve seen you study with more dedication than some of the boys at medical school—that’s the truth!”

“Thanks!” She smiled as she stretched out on the soft grass, before continuing, “Then I visited Susie to work on wedding preparations.”

Gazing up at the sky Levi grinned, “She’s some girl, isn’t she!” With a grin equally as big, Angie agreed.

The two cousins lay in the sun for a bit to let Angie dry out slightly. Having been neighbours for their entire lives—a couple of years apart in age—the pair had spent many a day together, riding horses, climbing trees and dreaming up wild, elaborate plans of their futures.

“Right, I best be going.” he stated while getting up. Reaching his hand out to Angie, Levi continued, “Come on, I’ll drop you off home.”

“Yay! Thanks!” She jumped up, and moments later they were pulling into the familiar lane of Webber’s Carpentry Business and Homestead.

“Tell your Dad, I will be over to see him tomorrow.” Levi called over to Angie as he clicked his horse on, back down the lane.

“I will!” She shouted from her spot on the front porch.

With a slight inhale, Angie tried to sneak in the front door and upstairs without being spotted by her mama. Not because she was a hard taskmaster but because Angie herself had just turned twenty-two and ought to be acting more ladylike by now.

It was a good attempt but much to her dismay it didn’t work as she had hoped. For just as soon as Angie stepped into the house her mother came out of the library and looked right at her.

“Oh Angela, what have you done to yourself?” After explaining the unexpected happening, Angie grinned as her mama burst into laughter, “Wait till I get my hands on Levi, he’ll know what it means to be surprised!” Laughing she made her way to the kitchen to get some warm tea made, while Angie headed upstairs to change.

Moments later they were sitting together around the warm stove, chatting and supping tea. “Well, it’s in the Lord’s hands now dear. You sent everything they required and more besides—you’ve most definitely done your best and that’s all anyone can ask for.”

“Yes, you’re right mama. They said to be prepared to wait a few weeks before getting a response, so I’m going to focus on helping Susie with the wedding, and work at keeping my mind off it!”

“You keep rejoicing in the Lord, for that will keep the dark clouds away,” she replied, “That’s what your Mimi always tells me when there’s something trying to press on my mind. I can tell you Angie, over the years, there’s been many opportunity to worry and fret, but that would accomplish nothing but send a-body to an early grave, so I made the decision to act on her counsel and the Good Lord always filled me with His indescrible peace.” Smiling at her mama, Angie reached over and patted her arm, “Thanks mama, He sure is our good, Heavenly Father!”

They finished off their tea and began to prepare the evening meal. Angie lovingly looked over at her mama who was checking on the roast beef. Such a strong, wise woman, that as far as Angie could remember, never turned anyone away from her door without first offering up a hot meal and strong mug of coffee, wrapped in a word of encouragement or cousel. With a warm glow inside Angie focused on setting the table, ensuring all was just as her mama liked it.

The evening passed by peacefully with nothing but enjoyable chat and good food. Now Angie found herself snuggled cosily in her bed with kitty at her feet. She looked up at the ceiling and began to dream—not the fast-asleep type of dream, but the wide-awake one, where the walls of your room expand and the ceiling disappears as the world becomes your playground, and anything is deemed to be possible.

Angie smiled to herself as she allowed her imagination free reign. There she was, one year from now a graduate from the Academy of Teacher Training, getting ready to come back home to step into her new role as the School Mistress of Mistysprings!

Rolling over she allowed her drooping eyelids to close, and seconds later fell soundly asleep, confident in the knowledge that her application-letter was making it’s way across the plains to New York City.

Angie Webber: Leaving Mistysprings

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From author B.Gage comes the first novel from the new ‘Changing Seasons’ collection. Angie Webber, Leaving Mistysprings, is both reminiscent and adventurous. Set in the early 1900’s, a young lady, born and raised in a quaint, rural community dreams of finishing her schooling in the prestigious ‘Teacher Training Academy’ in the most famous city in the world.

Will it remain a dream or can she make it a living reality?

Travel the path with Angie, from the familiar boarders of her home to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Time will tell if the different opportunities presented have the power to alter her course for better or for worse. Will the change be too great and too sudden? Is she really ready for City life?

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About B. Gage

From Northern Ireland, B. Gage has always had a passion for storytelling, and creative writing. Many years were spent amusing young relatives with ‘on-the-spot’ stories, and adventurous tales. As time passed by, her attention was turned to Christian fiction—a genre which she thoroughly enjoys reading and believes is a valuable tool for sharing the love of God to many.

Her mission in writing novels is that the reader, not only gets lost in a good book, but also is invited into a more personal and intimate relationship with Jesus.

If you are interested in connecting with the author, please subscribe to her official facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/BGageOfficial

You can also email at: [email protected]


Angie Webber: A Simple Introduction

  • ISBN: 9781370662494
  • Author: B Gage
  • Published: 2017-09-10 06:20:13
  • Words: 2562
Angie Webber: A Simple Introduction Angie Webber: A Simple Introduction