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An Ideal Date

An Ideal Date


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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An Ideal Date


“Let’s do it!” Tom had said. “Yes, let’s!” Wilma had enthusiastically responded.


Tom Drake and Wilma Cullie were co-workers at Apex Games Incorporated. Both were college graduates but the only jobs they had been able to obtain were at McDonald’s where Tom flipped burgers with the best of them; and with St. Gordon’s Hospital where Wilma was employed as a nurse’s aide. Their prospects for the future had suddenly improved when they were both hired on the same day as game developers at Apex.


Orientation at Apex would require two weeks of training. There were a dozen new workers; Tom and Wilma found themselves sitting next to each other in the classroom. During breaks, they exchanged only pleasantries at first but, gradually, their conversations became more personal. An attraction developed between them similar to the magnetic fields generated by some of the games that this company manufactured. A picture showing Tom and Wilma is on the cover of this book.


There were two break periods during each day of classes and a half hour for lunch. Meals were free in the cafeteria; for students. Tom and Wilma would sit across from each other at a small table while eating. During lunch, each gained more knowledge about the other. Tom was 23 and lived alone in a small apartment in Elmville. Wilma, 22, was living with her parents in the adjoining village of Ames.


Both Tom and Wilma had dated casually in the past but, for each, there was nothing serious going on at present with another person. The couple had found a strong attraction for the other early on and looked forward to their daily meetings.


During lunchtime on the last day of classes, Tom asked Wilma, “How would you describe an ideal date?”


She was surprised by the question but was able to formulate a response. “I’d like it to be on a Saturday afternoon,” she said.


“Good start,” Tom cemented.


“I’d like it if a man I admired picked me up where I live and, together, go to my sister’s home near Clifton where she and her husband run a horse farm. I love horses. My sister’s name is Jeannie and her husband is William. Everyone calls him Bill.”


“Sounds like two people, I’d love to meet,” said Tom “And . . .?”


“Then have dinner at the Granthouse Restaurant in the village. This is an old fashioned country place and their meatloaf is like nobody else’s in the world!”


“Sounds wonderful.”


“Finally, take a short walk through the village. There are some homes there that were built hundreds of years ago, some with huge columns at the front. I’d love to live in one of those!”


“If that is a dream of yours, I’m sure it could be made to happen.”


“Finally, I and my date would go to the Friendly Ice Cream restaurant in Ames for ice cream. I’d love one of their double-sized banana splits.”


“And then?”


“My date will take me home.”


“Would there be an invitation for coffee.”


“No, not on that date.”


“A goodnight kiss?”


“Mayhbe a peck on the cheek!”


“Would your answer be yes if I offered to be your escort on a date like that?”


“Yes, Tom. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather say yes too.”


“Let’s do it!” Tom said. “Yes, let’s!” she enthusiastically responded.


Though Saturday was the following day, for Tom, it required a year to arrive. Finally, when it did, he drove to Wilma’s home in his silver Smart Car. It was a mild, autumn day and he had opened the auto’s roof. She was waiting on the porch. When he parked she ran to the car, opened the passenger’s door and slipped into the passenger’s seat. In the meantime, Tom had exited from the vehicle and darted to the other side so that he could help buckle and adjust her seat belt.


“Lovely car,” she exclaimed. I didn’t know you had a Smart Car. “Just right for two,” he replied. He drove off while Wilma waved to unseen personages in her home.


They arrived at the horse farm a mile from Clifton about half an hour later. Jeannie and Bill were puttering in the stable not far from their home. Inside were six stalls, five of which were occupied with beautiful horses. The two greeted their guests and there were introductions all around. The horses were released to graze on the grounds while Bill proudly showed and described what he and Jeannie had built. At one point the hosts had gone to the house to obtain preserves to give their visitors. Wilma took this opportunity to throw her arms around Tom with a fervent hug.

“I’m so happy to have met you!” she murmured.


Surprised and awed by the sudden expression of affection, he stood as if frozen in time. At last, he was able to mutter, “And I, you!”


Dinner at the Granthouse was as sumptuous as Wilma had predicted. They elected not to take dessert since they wanted to enjoy the banana splits later at Friendly’s in Ames.


They walked to the village of Clifton and enjoyed a leisurely stroll on ancient pavements enjoying the architecture of years gone by. At one point a stately white home on Waterview Avenue, graced with four tall columns, caught Wilma’s attention. She stood viewing it for several minutes. Tom thought she might be searching for a For Sale sign. At last she broke off her fixation and the couple resumed their walk.


It was nearing seven-thirty when the travelers made their way to Ames and enjoyed their ice cream.


An hour later, they arrived back at Wilma’s home. Dusk was settling on the lawn and home. The couple walked to the porch and up the short flight of steps. “Is it peck time?” Tom asked reluctantly. She didn’t answer. “Wait!” she exclaimed, and ran into the house. She was gone for a few minutes.


“No peck time now,” she declared when she returned. “That’s postponed until later! Come inside, my parents want to meet you!”


An Ideal Date

  • ISBN: 9781370096619
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-07-22 06:20:07
  • Words: 1090
An Ideal Date An Ideal Date