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An American Fairy-Tell

An American Fairy-Tell








John J. Alexander



Copyright 2016 by John J. Alexander Shakespir Edition

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.







This is the first edition of An American Fairy-Tell entitled “ Backlash ”, volume 1. In it, we learn how politically correct SJW lunatics nearly destroyed America with intimidation, hate, and bigoted views, hell bent on eradicating anyone with common sense. These temperamental snowflakes with chucklehead tendencies served the elite ruling class of the Plutocracy. The decision-making underbelly of the government, shielded from public view and criticisms. After years of politician manipulation and corporate greed, the sleeping giant finally awoke. The true American voice once muted by government oppression made its thunderous revival. Not by bloodshed, but by constitutional right, the people took control away from corrupt government agencies run by unruly children put in place by indoctrinated self-righteous nitwits. The surreal state of America gave rise to the PartyUnited that ushered in a new golden era setting new standards and values for generations to come.



The Cruel Ending



America, burdened by the relentless attacks from the politically correct Nazi’s known as social justice warriors, or SJW’s, fought back against the oppression and subdued the ill-logical propagandist with common sense problem solving tactics. The country had taken a beating by theses delusional fools who pushed the majority past the breaking point with irrational policies designed after failed ideologies. After years of fast-paced economic growth and ever increasing individual comforts, we grew soft and compliant to those yelling the loudest as we turned a blind eye to their nonsense. Most people enjoyed good lives and just wanted to be left alone in order to enjoy limited precious time with family and friends. When a fringe cause made headlines, no one really cared because it did not seem to affect daily life. Year after year, this happened, giving strength and confidence to the SJW community. Each “victory” against the perceived patriarchy system and despised Christian values in America fueled a silent rage indoctrinated on college campuses throughout the country.


The dividing of a nation’s people is the first step in domination. History shows Hitler brainwashed the youth and turned German against German based on individual beliefs. Free speech and open discussion are dangerous to would be dictators, which caused SJW’s to attack free thinkers and push for government suppression. Hitler used progressive propaganda to force radical ideas and create a need for change only the government could provide. Hijacked American Media outlets, large and small, helped to promote new radical ideas distorting the real issues causing internal conflicts between the old and young and family and friend. The SJW’s were the soldiers fighting for ever-changing agendas but legislators and too big to fail corporations pulled the strings. Who was at war with little o’l America is hard to describe, but the anti-American movement spoke loudly as it crept into every State suppressing free speech and logical thought.


America, the land of the free and home to the brave had sadly become land of the big government and home to growing taxation without fair representation. Those who refused or could not pay ever rising taxes were fined and/or imprisoned, sadly an accepted reality millions understood all too well. Citizens never really own land, but rent lots from the government until dead or unable make the payments, the land is then transferred to someone else and the cycle repeats. Inflation devalues money but inflates property values and everyday commodities, which increases tax revenue. Another never-ending cycle used to enslave the masses. In reality, slaves to a necessary but oppressive master.


The once proud cities, over-run by Leftist Regressive thinkers, fell victim to ridiculous regulations and unconstitutional decrees forcing many to flee the radically oppressed areas. These one-sided ideas caused many snowflakes to cheer when introduced as the naysayers argued against such non-sense to no avail. Men could now use a woman’s restroom or shower without legal prosecution, illegal migrants received healthcare and food and housing benefits while citizens went without. The borders became jokes as millions poured through seeking safety in unconstitutional sanctuary cities set-up to avoid federal deportation. Felons and illegals were given voting rights as citizens in the military and abroad were silenced. Widespread voting fraud became commonplace as the dead voted in most elections and more than once, all in the name of democracy. The government openly spied on its citizens and stripped away constitutional rights in the name of protection against enemies without borders. The government stole hard-earned retirement money with little means to repay the billions lost, all the while blaming it on a flawed system. Social Media giants stole personal information and sold it to the highest bidder. Carefully selected Politicians dominated the media streams as others were subjected to unfair suspicions while the elite by-passed corruption and fraud charges with little effort. The national debt doubled and doubled again as the yearly deficits were used as weapons to scare the masses on a recurring frequency. The righteous and virtuous were mocked and sometimes prosecuted by the media and judicial system alike. The minority was given authority over the majority by way of executive actions by a few power hungry narcissistic buffoons. A person’s light colored skin now caused injustice and hatred for no other reason than bigotry and racism. Working for a living was deemed backward and old fashioned as people opted to demanding “free” stuff from the government instead. Given all the rights allowed to illegals, what incentives were there to be American Citizens and pay taxes for others to abuse? The “it’s not my fault generation” and “you owe me generation” yelled at the top of their overly developed lungs until the whole world stopped to listen. The world finally took notice at all the nonsense these whiny people had subjected the hard working and caring masses to over several decades. The world was not happy.


The world looked at America hoping for a response or jester to such nonsense and the sleeping giant finally opened its eyes to witness the burden America had subjected its self and the world to while turning the other cheek in the name of progress. Tolerance had been the damning argument leading to the downward spiral of the nation. Tolerance was the ironic movement praised by the SJW’s that condemned generations to oppression by so-called victims. Scathing labels were given to those that opposed these moronic ideals along with frequent social media and hand written attacks toward family members, friends and employers. The new world order of the offended cried when someone disagreed with their opinion and demanded justice by means of jail sentence and fine. Tolerance allowed enemies to live among us, to gain our trust and attack without warning. After multiple daring attacks on American soil, enough was enough, so the pushback began with a grumble as the backlash snapped into a full whip as the SJW’s scattered into the darknet away from public fury.


Intolerance to normal thought and common decency was replaced with major social and economic revisions imbuing a sense of hope and welcomed change back to true progress for all people, no matter class, cred, or color. Americans started acting like Americans again. A true melting pot were all races blended together into the red, white, and blue colors making the stars and stripes a symbol of strength and freedom for all those willing to stand united as one Nation. For all the good diversity brings, it also brings division and strife causing conflict and pain if not regulated with careful understanding. The past should never be forgotten or rewritten as we live in the now preparing for the future to overcome our enemies both domestic and foreign alike.


The Rough Beginning


The cities governed by SJW’s over long periods of time had become indebted shitholes overrun by corrupt leaders highlighted by high crime rates, mass unemployment, failing infrastructure, high inflation, and mass migration to greener pastures with less regressive policies. These once vibrant cities now filled with bigoted and anti-American mindsets fought back against common sense and reality. These delusional fascist triggered by free speech and impending law enforcement tactics, screamed civil rights violations and threatening national lawsuits. Still others, radical snowflakes, became violent burning American flags and rioting in the streets, indiscriminately looting and burning private properties.


The absurd and pitiful infamous election with a known criminal and self-proclaimed socialist was the tipping point as millions of zombie voters became painfully self-aware of voter manipulation. The world watched in horror as scandal after scandal was uncovered with little to no reaction by the paid off media. Laws and procedures were broken as the body count grew with every denial. The Federal Government backed the criminal and so declined to prosecute even publicly known violations. Most people were in shock and disbelief American lawmakers would allow such corrupt behavior, and so the public reacted very slowly. Voters waited for whoever was in charge to say something and do something to stop the lunacy, but no one did anything. The ridiculous circus steamed ahead as the country quickly divided into opposing groups with no real winner to be had. The candidates toured the countryside pandering for votes and inciting riots as professional race baiters demanded retribution to fictional prejudice laid out by the hate mongering media. Foreign leaders watched in bewildered awe as the leading Nation of freedom and democracy fell to internal greed and power mongering.


The criminal narrowly won the election through media manipulation and voter fraud as the butthurt opposition did nothing to stop it. Instead, the long established right elites waited until after the inauguration to impeach this criminal for the sole purpose of humiliating the SJW followers and freethinking Americans alike. In their petty little minds, the voters would kneel before them and ask for guidance in this troubled time. However, the people had paid attention to this dog and pony show as it unfolded, turning voters against the self-proclaimed ruling class. As the vice president was sworn in as president, the vultures started circling. As with most vice president positions the main qualification for the job is not to lead but follow and support. However, a subordinate Commander in Chief has no place in America as the low approval ratings reflected. The racial tensions and immigration crisis still simmered but never boiled during that undercard presidential term. Everyone knew the main event was coming and a movement began to take shape.


The people finally came together as egalitarians and spearheaded a government takeover by the only means available, by overwhelming votes. Votes not for lifelong Politicians or handpicked replacements by the self-serving establishment, but real citizens feed-up with all the lying, stealing, corrupt backroom deals and anti-American policies. The sad reality of the coup came not from organized citizens, but accidentally through nationwide consensus when ridiculous candidates were forced on the people with outlandish and blatant voter manipulation. The harder the elite pushed for a candidate the harder the public pushed back. Even with the Media’s biased support the establishment failed as the world took notice and watched with suspicion at the things to come. The first victory came on the highest political level giving hope to the Nation as it faced a critical turning point in morality and national safety. This new wave of confidence sparked statewide debates that toppled longstanding government monopolies and ushered in desperately needed awkward conversations. A new reality crept over the land spreading both sadness and joy as people came together on a fragile alliance riddled with animosity from past transgressions. While many ideas and beliefs could not be agreed upon, several key issues ushered in solidarity among the masses. The need for more revenue without raising taxes was paramount, along with lowering real unemployment rates and increasing public safety. With decades of failed policies to draw knowledge from the single belief “desperate time’s call for desperate measures” resulted in bold new answers some believed illegal and unethical while the majority cheered and embraced the much-needed reforms.


Communication between people had to improve as well as between state and federal agencies. Starting in local communities, people started discussing grievances and concerns. The widespread notion of open door relations helped to bridge long-standing rifts. The bewildered snowflakes were flushed out of their safe spaces and forced to face uncomfortable realities of everyday life, just like the rest of us. Instead of fighting each other over the past, people focused on improving the future.


After all Federal criminal databases were made available to local law enforcement agencies; the military was called into the rough neighborhoods ruled by gang bangers and lifelong criminals. Any and all suspected foreign terrorists and supporters were deported or detained for further review. Newly elected Federal officials gave temporary law enforcement authority to well-trained military squadrons. These squads arrested millions of known criminals and transported them to temporary holding camps for processing, with any and all opposition crushed by state of emergency authority. In the initial weeks, many neighborhoods and small towns resembled a warzone. People died and mothers wept as sons, daughters, and husbands were dragged away to detention camps creating chaos and confusion before the peace and quiet sat-in after a few months. The revitalized neighborhoods became safe from old and new would be criminals by long overdue laws legalizing drugs and prostitution. Prohibition taught the Nation outlawing recreational activities only supports unlawful opportunists and bullies. The patriarchy driven underworld was turned upside down exposing unimaginable horrors thought impossible in modern civilized society.


The 4:20 Laws tackled the enormous drug trade affecting not only America, but also the whole world. By legalizing many of the more popular illegal drugs, the Federal government took the money and power away from the international drug cartels and local gangs. Cutting into the heroin trade cut terrorist funds by 60 percent. All non-violent drug related charges were dropped and prisoners released. The new legal rights of users gave prosecutors power to jail and fine would be intimidators and racketeers preying on the weak. Through careful regulations at both the Federal and State levels, all drugs were legalized except for meth, which was deemed toxic. The new drug laws and regulations outlined a system similar to alcohol consumption and distribution. Legalized drugs could only be distributed by Federally authorized suppliers overseen by State and local governments. A set tax rate of 5% for each government identity was enacted to help keep cost down making legal drugs competitive with illegal drugs forcing illegal distributions out of business. The new drug market helped jump start the national economy by collecting billions in taxes and adding millions of jobs all the while keeping money in America instead of the cartel bank accounts.


Under the Magdalene Laws, prostitution became legal on the Federal level with each State voting to allow or deny without prosecution. All legal prostitutes were entered into a Federal database and required to conform to local laws and regulations. The National database recorded picture I.D., date of birth, fingerprints, sex orientation, business address, and blood type with current STD testing results. The blood tests would by updated every three months and failure to comply would result in a fine and legal business suspension. Prostitutes were only allowed to service legally documented clients known as Johns. A fine and business suspension could be issued if found conducting business with an illegal John. All “Johns” were required to submit photo I.D., date of birth, fingerprints, sex orientation, home address, and blood type with current STD test results with updates every three months or face permit suspension and penalties.

The Prostitution and John permits regulated the once illegal trade giving legal sex workers protection under the law when threatened by criminals, whether they be pimps, Johns or angry religious believers.


The new and revamped prisons required all prisoners to contribute in some way for the cost associated to house them. Any prisoner not contributing would go without food, showers, clean clothing, and newly added amenities such as prostitutes and drug sessions. Death row inmates were terminated or exiled to various military posts around the world and all Federally funded prisons recognized and participated no matter the individual State statues. Violent crimes committed in prisons are now settled by courts held in the same prison. Murder and attempted murder required a swift death penalty as long as true evidence supported the accusation. Rape became punishable by castration or execution. Lesser crimes were settled by regulated payback rules where the victims choose from predetermined punishments or blood money amounts to resolve the issue. Prisoners became motivated hard workers allowed to change prisons for better opportunities in different regions of the country. Upon incarceration, each inmate is issued a resume recording past and present work performance used by other prisons for evaluation on transfers. Programs aimed at educating and uplifting peoples place in society were implemented for those compelled to do so. Jail sentences were maxed at ten years and the three strike ruled banned. Family members that harbored criminals risked losing government assistant and faced jail time themselves. The day of reckoning and personal responsibility came swiftly without bias or empathy. Doing time for committing a crime became understood as the right punishment regardless of skin color or background. It was also understood, once out on the street, all freedoms returned and ex-felons became a thing of the chaotic past.


Many people rejoiced as the religious and non-drug users turned a not so blind eye in order to bring peace and prosperity back to the Nation. The new closely regulated industries generated billions of new tax dollars helping Federal, State and local governments cope with ever-increasing budgets as the population grew.

American Citizenship


In an age full of anti-American sentiment, debates arose as to what it meant to be an American citizen and who should be granted this constitutional right. The ridiculous idea any person born on U.S. soil, regardless of parental citizen status was by default an American citizen, caused unnecessary hardships on the economy and national defense. The misuse of this out dated law caused massive illegal border crossings by desperate parents looking to by-pass immigration laws and procedures. Many uneducated and non-English speaking families with little to no money illegally crossed the border looking for government assistance. Knowing giving birth on American soil gave constitutional rights to their children, many women crossed while in the last trimester of pregnancy forgoing the baby’s safety. Moreover, as the SJW’s gained more political control, children born in other countries were given goodwill assistance granting amnesty to the parents. This caused backlash from legal immigrates and natural born taxpayers concerned with unvetted persons allowed to roam freely anywhere in the country. To make matters worse unconstitutional sanctuary cities gave protection from prosecution. Crime rates and unemployment steadily climbed as these welcomed invaders demanded government handouts while denouncing American culture by burning U.S. flags in protest to free speech.


The SJW’s did not understand America was not given; it was made by the people for its own people. For better or worse America was not theirs to give away. European settlers invaded the Americas driving the natives further west as they cut down the forests and sowed the plains. There were no cities, roadways, or infrastructure to help build a nation. These settlers made everything we have now possible through hard work and determination. Over several centuries, the Nation grew and evolved into the melting pot of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Those immigrates loved America and made a home for all willing to work hard and uphold the Nations laws. Any persons not willing to adapt were shunned and forced to return to foreign lands. Why would people fleeing their homeland travel to a foreign country with dreams of turning it into the very place that caused them to flee in the first place? The answer would be better opportunities and knowledge of tolerance and submission by the Government lackeys.


The updated requirements demanded children born on American soil have at least one legal U.S. citizen parent in order to receive legal citizenship. Furthermore, children not raised on American soil qualified for limited benefits. All adults need at least ten consecutive years living on America soil to obtain full benefits, which then covered any natural born children and/or adopted children under the age of thirteen years. Older children would have partial benefits until meeting the ten-year requirement or joining a military branch and completing service requirements. To receive full benefits all persons were required to study and pass American history certification classes, regardless of legal status. The pledge of allegiance to the American flag became mandatory in every school nationwide, omitting under god. National pride became mainstream again as the people stood together instead of hating common sense thought labeled as hate speech.


In-order to teach National responsibility and receive full citizen benefits, all able body persons reaching the age of 18 must enlist in the National Guard or other Military branch for at least two years. All others must find work in VA hospitals or civilian positions on military bases for at least three months prior to the age of twenty-one.


Treason can be described as war against ones country or giving aid to the enemy. Treason can also be described as a betrayal of trust or confidence or impair the well-being of one’s own sovereign state. Our great government for far too long acted in treacherous manners and the time for justice came upon them. Over half the lawmakers in the Federal Government that held office from 1988 to 2016 were found guilty of treason. The decision was appealed, but held its own against the corrupt opposition. Most were given pardons from prison with pensions suspended and Medicare as primary Health Insurance plan. The result was a reset of all laws to pre-nineteen eighty-eight. All committees and over sight groups and any one appointed to a Federal position were dismissed in a six month reorganization.


All foreign aid was stopped and re-evaluated, as elected officials could no longer give taxpayer money away for any reason. All foreign aid going forward came directly from U.S. citizens and businesses by way of specific open view donations. The Federal Government would distribute the funds and be held accountable for overseeing the appropriate disbursement. All domestic grants were stopped and re-evaluated as going forward fell under the jurisdiction of foreign aid regulations. Domestic aid procedures stayed mostly intact with added over sight regulations to help ensure citizen safety. Anything and everything was on the chopping block and the people were out for blood. It was agreed Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Civil Defense would be off limits until the dubious overhaul was complete and stable.


Many people cried and threatened action when the act was finally set in motion and the outcome was far from perfect but a necessity by most common understanding. The ripples both good and bad gave cause to take notice on how far the government had strayed from the people’s best interests. Some temporary sacrifices had to be made, but the end justified the means.


The World was watching and held its breath while the reconstruction got under way. The stock market plummeted for a short time, but rebounded once the Nation proved to be on the right course and remained strong in investor’s eyes. The money market looked like a sinking ship full of drowning rats scrambling to find a life raft. The day of reckoning had come to Wall Street, but the web of lies and deceit affected all of us, a burden we all had to bare in order to right a sinking ship.

American Identification


The outdated paper Social Security cards were replaced with plastic picture ID’s detailing date of birth, gender, race, national status, language, blood type, known allergies, and Social Security number embedded in a chip. All American ID’s were issued free of charge to legal citizens only requiring fingerprinting and birth certificate to obtain which renewed every five years on ones birthday. To receive a new card Americans only needed to show the expired card in person and check all the information was correct. The new American ID’s helped fight against voter fraud as it was required to cast Federal and State votes. Once the card electronically read and ballot cast, the ID became invalid to use again in the same election. To receive any social services or benefits such as welfare supplements, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security payments, education grants, or any public backed services, the updated Social Security cards were now required to be presented in person at the appropriate office. To accommodate handicapped and elderly citizens having difficulty in traveling to the appropriate offices, a video call between the applicant and official, would be accepted with a legal proxy to hand over the American ID for verification.


All Non-American citizens were issued a Non-Citizen ID and finger printed, for a fee, before being allowed to live in the country. The Non-Citizen ID recorded date of birth, gender, race, blood type, known allergies, country of origin, known languages, spouse, children, employer or school sponsor, address and phone number. Only American citizens were allowed to vote during the Federal and State elections. The fingerprints and all ID information updated and stored on FBI servers made available to local law enforcement officials as part of the Anti-Crime division.


As the new ID’s were implemented, employers became liable for updating employee records by verifying current and future workers obtained the Federally mandated ID’s and submitting the data to each state government of operation. Each state was then required to submit the newly collected worker information to the Federal database, updated quarterly each year thereafter. Employers found in violation would be fined and become subject to economic sanctions. Employers found employing workers without legal ID’s or out of date ID’s would be fined and face mandated surprise inspections and become subject to economic sanctions. States, cities, communities or groups of people found ignoring or not reporting individuals without current ID’s would face fines, sanctions and possible jail terms. The new data collection system helped record a more accurate unemployment figure with real workforce numbers opposed to current unemployed workforce assistance benefits, which gave false figures once the benefits ran out.


The American ID became mandatory along with the Updated Federal background check that must include at least three personal references when purchasing any firearm from any firearm dealer. Any person with recorded violent history, currently on the FBI watch list, recorded mental health problems, recorded ties to domestic and foreign terrorist organizations would be denied approval to purchase firearms. When selling or gifting to a private buyer from a private seller, a transfer form must be notarized and mailed to the FBI database for updating or face a fine. Selling to an individual or acting as a personal reference for someone personally known to pose a threat to society could result in forfeiting ones right to sell and bear arms, prison sentence and fine or loss of government assistance. Failure to report known criminal activity could result in forfeiting ones right to sell or bear arms, prison sentence, fine or loss of government assistance.


Political bribery in any form was banned; from corporate donations, stock options and vacation packages to yea votes and government assistance targeting specific groups of people, with severe fines and prison sentences for those found breaking the law. People charged with bribery forfeited their legal right to vote, for life. Any person receiving government assistance forfeited their right to cast votes during primary elections. However, if an individual volunteered or worked 20 or more hours each week for a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks prior to elections, voting rights would be reinstated as long as the minimum requirements were continually met. Any and all food, housing, and disability programs were classified as government assistance. Social Security, Medicare, Veterans benefits and government retirement funds were classified as “paid for services” and not government assistance. Non-Citizen status prohibited voting rights in any state or federal elections. Government assistance programs allowed for limited participation by Non-Citizens in exchange for volunteer work or special needs requirements on an individual basis.


Politicians could no longer bribe the public with taxpayer money or hide behind poor families when confronted with hard facts contradicting their lame duck policies and ridiculous narratives. Many people questioned the need for politicians at all. The need for corruptible headpieces seemed redundant in a world filled with electronic voices capable of instant answers by votes from anywhere in the entire world. Most people agreed using the American ID cards with electronic voting would put the voice of the people, back into the people’s capable hands and out of reach from corrupt corporations and foreign powers. Many believed limiting total government rule over American citizens was in the best interest of the Nation. The Federal government was established to protect our borders and negotiate with foreign countries regarding trade policies and peace treaties. State governments gave citizens a voice to protect and preserve the pursuit of happiness and lawful freedoms against tyranny and suppression from enemies both domestic and foreign.

Truth in Voting


The clownish American political trail did little to sway voters with policies, instead it was a popularity contest modeled after reality shows. The candidate with the best sound bites and comebacks usually won the most votes as the real issues fell to the wayside. This ridiculous sideshow deterred many voters as they considered voting a waste of time. The career politicians proved hard to beat as most people voted for a name they recognized on the ballot, most too lazy or disfranchised to research new candidates and their policies. Term limits for these leeches were long overdue.


All federal level offices became limited to 4-year terms with a maximum of 2 terms. The vice president office was separated from the presidential election and staggered 2 years apart. The vice president lost power over the Senate with the tiebreaker vote going to congress. However, the VP was given more power to help make decisions on the Executive level. The two most powerful authorities being to veto presidential pardons and a needed vote for executive orders. The Department of Justice crucial to upholding the law of the land and protecting the Constitution had been improperly swayed by previous administrations. To help protect against this, the American Congress was given sole power to appoint Attorney Generals relieving the President of any political influence.


To ensure everyone’s vote counts and voice heard, the popular vote was reinstated and Electoral College banned in hopes citizens would vote on Election Day. All ballots must contain all candidate names as biased party tickets were banned. Too further encourage people to vote, Election Day was declared a mandatory National Holiday followed by Celebration day allowing people to celebrate or cool off before heading back to work. Presidential elections saw a very different process as all parties became one, PartyUnited. Any legal citizen backed by no less than one million signatures from verified legal citizens and aged between 34 and 67 years of age qualified as a candidate. Once verified, the candidates answer a series of nationally pertinent questions from online polls with the answers posted online for everyone to see. The identity of each candidate hidden, leaving only the substance of the answer to draw from as the personality aspect deemed less important than the thoughts and intentions each candidate possessed. The top five rated candidates are chosen for the primary election and the ugly politicking begins. All presidential candidates are given equal airtime and campaign money from the National election fund. In a monumental attempt at fairness and transparency, donations to one specific candidate was outlawed. The total money collected before the final five selection, is recorded and put into public accounts for all to see and monitor. The puppet politicians finally replaced with sensible citizens looking to make a difference instead of a quick buck.


The American people held hostage by lunatic Politicians voted in by other States or different districts, introduced a National impeachment clause. Any Politician introducing legislation affecting the entire country could be subject to impeachment by popular vote during primary elections if 500,000 signatures requested it. These new policies guaranteed power hungry politicians would be limited to public manipulation driven by self-interests and backdoor deals. Politicians impeached by popular vote become ineligible for any further Federal Offices. Supreme Court Judges were subject to these new regulations and stripped of the authority to rewrite or reinterpret laws of the land. The Federal Court would settle disputes between individuals and entities, but not constitutional rights for all citizens. The popular vote by the people of America would decide what was best for the country and not a few over paid hall monitors.


Voter intimidation during candidate rallies had become violent as paid protestors from other states caused chaos and destruction. This unwanted unlawful unruliness was banned and anti-rallies could only be scheduled the day before or day after the original rally. All acts of violence or civil disobedience such as blocking roads or unlawful rally entry were prohibited. Any protestor in violation would be promptly arrested with a 7-day minimum jail sentence and fine. Repeat offenders could face lengthy jail sentences and fines, as well as being banned from certain cities or States. Any person found promoting physical violence or issuing death threats in public or through social media outlets would face 7-day minimum jail sentence and fine. Free speech is one of the founding blocks of American ideology and must be fiercely protected where as physical intimidation has no place in modern society. People who threaten others liberties shall lose their own as punishment so they can learn the importance of common freedoms and compassion for others.

Court System


The court system, a work in progress but now less burdened by drug and prostitution arrests was spearheaded by the new egalitarian movement. Egalitarians believe all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. The PartyUnited believed all people are born equal, but legal citizens alone should have control over the government and how tax dollars spent. This proved a hard transition for hate groups such as MSM feminist, erroneous racial movements, illegal immigrate activists and numerous lunatics accusing others of various phobias when confronted with rational thought. The ludicrous idea ones gender, skin color, or legal status required special treatment and discriminatory laws and regulations had run its disastrous course.


The SJW’s first used ostracism as a way to punish those who dared challenge them on social issues and quickly moved to enact laws punishing all that disobeyed. When facts contradicted their self-serving narrative, outlandish reasons were given to shift blame onto other perceived enemies, such as white Christians or legal gun owners. Once triggered, they often judged people prematurely before all the facts could be brought to light. But once in their crosshairs, legions of indoctrinated lunatics would blast hate filled lies and half-truths inundating all social media formats in hopes of ruining the victim’s life. The SJW’s along with certain Atheist moved to destroy Christianity, which also helped destroy social obedience. The backbone of American criminal law reflected the teachings found in the bible, which only strengthened the law of the land. For centuries, Christians swayed from committing crimes for fear of hell fire damnation eternal. As less people believed in an all knowing all seeing god, they understood actions are a crime only if you get caught and convicted. By taking religion out of the equation, only prison sentences deterred criminal intent. A prison system filled with corrupt officials and loophole conditions designed to entrap the poor and empower the rich.


Most people put themselves in prison through poor life decisions and failed to understand what went wrong. More often than not, the blame goes to the “man” or the system and not personal decisions and actions. Many raised in violent homes surrounded by worse neighborhoods turn to crime to support themselves or family members. So-called social movements did little to change corrupted mindsets in these ghettos by blaming others for the actions of the guilty. Once ensnared in the system many poor souls found it impossible to break free without outside assistance. Many prisons suspended helpful programs meant to rehabilitate and teach prisoners skills creating better employment opportunities once released. The old idiom,” idle hands”, rings true for people forced to live paycheck to paycheck without any real path to a meaningful life. The court systems are only as good as the prison systems they depend on, which are only as good as, the society that runs them.


One of the things missing in most court cases was the victim’s voice and hand in judgement. To deter wrongdoing and deliver justice, the victim(s) of personal assaults, theft, cyber bullying and defamation were given power of criminal sentence according to stated punishment guidelines and fines allowed by law. Meaning if a person(s) were found guilty in a court of law, the victim(s) would decide the level of punishment, allowed by law, giving some restitution to the victim(s). Any plaintiff found guilty of fraud shall be held without bond and sentenced by the accused. Deceased victims would still have a voice through way of proxy by closest living family member or guardian.


Many people disliked the idea one person judging so many cases, arguing for a panel of three to oversee all trails. The main reason being like it or not a judge is only human with human characteristics and flaws resulting in irrational decisions and ill-advised determinations. The addition of two street judges along with a court judge brought a sense of checks and balances to the masses. The court would need two or more yea’s to decide rulings on subpoenas, overruled and sustained rulings, sentencing of the guilty, and evidence allowed into court. The court judge directs the courtroom with the two lower-ranking street judges speaking only when needed. The street judges are voted into office from the public by the public every 4-years with a 2 term limit. A gender neutrality clause was added stipulating a 2-1 gender-to-gender ratio. In the name of equality, the three judges could be two men and one woman or two women and one man, but not three of the same gender. The main goal being; while courts remain orderly and conducted with respect, judging people by internal character and not the quality of dress or proper vocabulary remain paramount.


The long underpaid duty of juror proved troublesome for many citizens. The idea a person’s workplace should pay for civic duty was ridiculous. The government demands people provide a service, but doesn’t believe in paying a fair wage for it. The realization people need to work in order to survive seemed difficult for the Judicial system to care about. The updated juror duty requirements mandated no less than the current average national hourly wage paid for services rendered to all selected jurors. The two pay rates for employed and unemployed was found biased as jurors should get paid equally for the same service.


Several hotly debated topics, now mostly out of the court’s jurisdiction and under the voice of the people by popular vote, still caused strong emotional responses and demonstrations. The barbaric tradition of prohibiting suicide for terminally ill people angered those who witnessed such horrific experiences and gave false moral convictions to those far removed from such atrocities. The reasoning for either side is pointless compared to the true nightmare lived by the afflicted and those trying to comfort dying bodies and lost souls. Only sinisterly minded devils pretending to truly possess righteous moral high ground and religious authority over those suffering would dare argue for legalized torture. We are taught death is a terrible life experience, but as inevitable as paying taxes and the sun rising. Many religions teach death is actually re-birth and a new beginning to something unimaginably wonderful. So, why the crazy notion that death by suicide is illegal, but without doubt inevitable for everyone? If death is not a choice but a fact, why should we choose when some else dies? People pick and choose which rules to follow from different religions, but in reality all rules are important or none are worth obeying. Humans feel emotional pain just as often and just as intense as physical pain. And when we feel that pain the first instinct is to make it stop and avoid ever feeling that way again. This combination of religious belief and self-preservation has clouded our judgment about death. About what it is and about what it is not. Death is the terrifying great unknown and life is all that is good, to most people. Life is a great gift and should be cherished and preserved as we only have one that we know of. The hard reality of life is, not all lives are created equal and no law can ever change that. Most people whine and complain when confronted with a common cold or pulled muscle. We go to a doctor for treatment and after a few days things are back to normal. Terminally ill patents have no relief, no back to normal, no false sense of immortality. Only the sure as hell understanding that death is knocking, knocking, knocking on their front door.


With renewed pressures and human compassion, the suicide laws were rewritten to allow terminally ill patients to choose when and how to die. A newly regulated assisted suicide ensures only licensed professionals can help relieve a patent of their pain. This allowed family members to be present and the patent to die at home in their own bed instead of a cold hospital gurney or death camp known as hospice. To initiate assisted death, a living will must be signed by a physician and publicly recorded with all legal matters resolved to the best of one’s ability. Family members have no authority over pre-written wills in the event of mental incapacity. The life of a person is believed to belong to that person and that person alone.


Abortion has been described as legalized murder and considered a mortal sin by religious groups, but what is it really? A woman has total authority over her body, most of the time. The exceptions arguably being rape, airport security, gynecological exams and child abuse while pregnant. Rape is self-evident as unwelcomed to say the least, with security measures and Gyno exams being understood as necessary evils. Child abuse while pregnant is a grey area at best that verges on held hostage in ones on body. Even when eating, drinking and exercising as doctors prescribe, the baby can develop physical and mental problems that can cause a miscarriage. Some call this natural section or survival of the fittest. Many states have charged mothers who gave birth to drug addicted children, with mixed results. No laws outright criminalize such behavior, but other charges of contributing to a delinquency of a minor, possession of a controlled substance and assault with a deadly weapon have been used against would be mothers.


SJW’s fought for the right of a pregnant woman to abort up until the date of delivery, claiming little difference between a C-section and an abortion procedure. This angered many people on both sides of the political aisle as abortions are meant to kill and C-sections save lives. The procedures may be similar in that the fetus is removed from the female body, but the intentions could not be further apart. The crazy idea that a baby has no legal rights until free from the shackles of the female womb is also a grey area. If a pregnant woman is harmed by another person in a way that results in the death of her unborn fetus, criminal charges can be brought against that person. If a pregnant woman kills her unborn fetus by abortion procedure, no law is broken. However, the end result is the same, death of the unborn child. The biological father has little say in these matters, since the woman’s body produces the fetus. Some argued since the fathers DNA is also present in the mother’s womb, he should have some legal rights to the decision making process.


The new law of the land was very controversial, but the push for true equal rights swung both ways on the gender aisle. While the federal government legalizes abortions, states have the right to allow or deny such procedures without penalty. In the case of consensual sex, the father could claim co-ownership of the fetus after the four month period of pregnancy. Also in the case of consensual sex, the father could release his ownership of the fetus before the four month period of pregnancy without penalty. Abortions after the four month period were outlawed unless deemed medically necessary. Rapists, regardless of gender, have no legal rights to unborn fetuses or living offspring. A female rapist that becomes pregnant, as a result of the rape, has no legal rights to the fetus or living offspring. If the rape victim chooses abortion, the rapist is by law required to abort the pregnancy. If the rape victim (or guardians for minors) elects to keep the baby, the rapist must bring to full term without malice or face charges of murder. The old adage, “it takes two to tango”, carried real meaning with respect to what happens after people have sexual relations. The act itself is between those who participate, but the ramifications of those actions carry great concerns for modern society. The financial burden of children are tremendous, as well as the long-term nurturing needed to rear them into self-sufficient citizens. Common decency dictates adults can be left to fend for themselves, while any and all children must be protected and cared for above all else. This communal thinking causes troublesome burdens on civil governments when individuals fail to follow unwritten ethical laws limiting the number of children to financial means.


The growing need for self-responsibility and the understanding actions have consequences had become an epidemic in the push for a greater nation and by default amazing future. The regressives had indoctrinated millions of young minds, turning them into bigoted snowflakes with chucklehead tendencies. The cure for Liberalism was a hard pill of reality many refused to swallow. These misguided fools could not accept people are the problem and only people could fix what was wrong. Not with safe spaces and bigoted laws meant to oppress free thinkers and individuality, but common courtesies extended to all and punishment for those who do illegal things. Perceived cultural hierarchies through specific race, gender, nationality, religion or family backgrounds, were denounced as fallacies, meant to divide and suppress all people. Finally, the Nation started moving past all the fabricated resentment and unbridled mistrust bubbling on the surface of social realities.


Health Care Problems


The Healthcare system in America became impractical after the government forced unproven policies onto the public causing rapid cost increases along with unconstitutional tax penalties for noncompliance. The government, with a terrible track record managing social programs, always put big businesses before the people resulting in problematic execution and sustainability. In a move to better veteran and civilian healthcare services, the Veterans Affairs opened its doors to paying customers and banned most worker unions. The Unions main concern became employee legal rights against racism, sexism, freedom to express political ideologies and unlawful write-ups and terminations. The increase in revenue for the V.A. helped pay for better equipment and build medical facilities in needed areas. The departure from labor unions allowed for more productive and caring facilities freed from bureaucratic nonsense and corruption. A new initiative promoting the hiring of veterans and low-income citizens helped fill vacant positions and trained millions seeking a better future. Instead of paying a college for generalized medical knowledge the VA provided on the job training in real-life environments under real conditions in exchange for low paying internships. Persons with verified experience and college degrees were welcomed with higher salaries when agreeing to teach others enrolled in the VA programs.


A large part of HealthCare’s rising costs came from under regulated medication costs. Too much of the production and research cost went to pay sales representatives and National advertisements as-well-as ridiculously inflated CEO salaries and stock options. Medicine, believed by most people to be human necessities were in reality big business cash cows enabling corrupt CEO’s to bribe corrupt politicians into allowing artificially inflated prices onto the powerless public. To fight against price gouging, pharmaceutical companies around the world were invited to offer online sales and brick and mortar stores to American citizens, once approved by the newly revitalized F.D.A. The drug patents now only guaranteed a percentage of profits from other distributors and not monopolies on much needed medicines. In a capitalist economy, healthy and balanced competition self regulates price and corruption.


Many hospitals owned and operated by large corporations confessed to regularly overbilling the insured patents to compensate for the uninsured patents, as many did not or could not pay for services rendered. It had also become commonplace to micro-bill for normal services associated with Healthcare procedures. The rampant price gouging of patents for ridiculous bills such as to hold ones newborn baby, nurses to hand out meds, disposable gloves, plastic cups, tissues, swabs, lighting and exorbitantly priced over the counter medication helped to cripple the American Health system. The accepted idea of Healthcare as a business first and public necessity second had transformed the once affordable services into a numbers game rigged in the Hospitals and Insurance companies favor. With some bills totaling more than people’s homes, hospitals hired collection agencies to harass and threaten people after administering treatment. Unlike other industries that have clearly marked prices, medical services usually came with hidden fees and trumped up prices with little protection from the law. Many families suffering both emotionally and financially after a major medical crisis were hit with bills so large the only option was to file bankruptcy, adding even more stress to an already bad situation. To make matters worse aggressive debt collectors would harass and threaten these health victims with no regard to the validity of the bill.


The governments failed attempt at healthcare reform highlighted the need for a new direction with policies aimed at truly reducing healthcare cost while retaining high levels of service and care. While many hospitals and insurance companies warned about unproven national reform by predicting hospital bankruptcies and shortage of future doctors, the people moved forward anyway. The truth in medical pricing act transformed the healthcare landscape. All government-assisted hospitals were required to charge no more than 25 percent above supply costs while private facilities were limited to 15 percent. All medical procedures now had to include all necessary supplies, personnel, facilities, recovery room time and any other aspect needed to fulfill the requested service. Gone were the days of ludicrous billing practices that were little more than legal theft. The intent behind the bill was to bring back not only morality, but also affordability and transparency to a necessary industry crucial for a successful Nations future and well-being of its people.


The new law protected people’s personal property, home, and credit score from being used as leverage in order to force medical repayments for services rendered. The bullying debt collectors could now only contact a debtor once a month or face heavy fines and once a financial assessment was completed no contact was allowed. The financial assessment would allow up to 5 percent of net salary available for repayment with mandatory automatic payments via a person’s paycheck or bank account. Legal citizens without income would need a special request form from their state of residence to void financial responsibility. The state would pay the bills from the newly funded Health relief account from the added 1-cent increase to the sales tax. Illegal citizens would be deported after any immediately needed or life-threating treatment was rendered.


Health insurance companies came into being after hospitals first offered medical plans directly to employed worker groups. Looking to boost profit margins and streamline services many hospitals and smaller medical facilities once again offered direct services to the public, cutting out the Insurance companies all together. This freed medical practitioners to make treatment decisions without first consulting with a patient’s insurance company for approval or denial of service. Common sense policies were introduced replacing job clogging bureaucratic red tape regulations freeing up clerical man-hours. Several start-up medical equipment companies funded mainly by public donations helped to lower prices on crucially needed healthcare devices. These new companies added much needed jobs and pride back to America. By taking the Federal governments job killing overreaching narcissistic bureaucracy out of the equation, people turned to each other for solutions giving the public more control over what needs to be done and how it should be managed. History shows self-serving government rule was the ruin of many civilizations.

Marriage Bureaucracy and Responsibilities


People have funny ways to show love toward one another and even tend to hurt those closest in many aspects. For many, bringing a child into the world is an expression of eternal love. For others, a child is a lifelong hindrance and unwanted responsibility. Caring parents try to teach children right from wrong, but their actions often contradict those teachings. Sometimes life delivers challenges and awkward circumstances requiring teachings unaligned with one’s personal beliefs. Life is filled with missed opportunities and misguided decisions resulting in heartache misery. Life is also filled with wonderful events and spot on reactions causing intense states of euphoria. The way people deal with unforeseen dilemmas often define a person’s character and how others perceive them. The true meanings behind idioms “live like you were dying” and “YOLO” escapes most people’s everyday state of mind, preoccupied instead with superficial needs and unwarranted microaggressions triggered by hapless aggressors. Life offers many different paths leading to the same destination, death and the great unknown. Over the millennia’s people developed a coping mechanism to combat the e stresses of everyday life. The perceived safety in numbers gave comfort and promoted unions between people while religious beliefs demanded lifelong commitments between men and women. Marriage became a constitution defining progressive societies.


For ages, men and women married for love, money, responsibility and desperation. Whether it was to prove a woman to be a man’s property or secure a person’s financial future, marriage was believed to be the golden ticket. As time went forward love between genders proved fluid and gay couples demanded total acceptance from the masses by subduing long accepted religious beliefs. The SJWs fought to punish people that stood by their cultural and personal convictions by promoting bigotry and hate speech toward them. The long tried and tested institution of marriage became a nationwide debate with valid points on both sides of the religious and political aisles.


The ridiculous idea to promote freedom with oppression made perfect sense to the emotional SJWs, but caused a backlash from common sense folks no matter their political or spiritual affiliations. To solve this issue, marriage was no longer legally recognized by the Federal government. Instead, a legally binding contract signed by two or more persons held them financially bound together in a court of law. The “Legal Rights Contract” names the parties involved without listing gender or race. It can be a simple form or detailed manuscript listing property and financial terms upon death, breach or fulfillment of contract. The contract can be valid for life or predetermined years with either renewal or termination options. Very much like a prenuptial agreement with termination options and easy filing through local governments. For a fee, the completed contract is notarized and filed holding legal authority over all parties listed and recognized in the State and Federal courts.


The most popular contract period of five years allows for easy exits for greener pastures or renewing vows. The termination clause promotes contract partners to act accordingly or face legal separation. Modeled after traditional marriage license rights, the Legal Rights Contract validates insurance policies, parental rights, property transfers and gives financial authority for contract signees regardless of sexual orientation. The only stipulation being all parties must be legal American citizens or the contract is legally void without reconsideration. Marriage no longer guaranteed American citizenship.


The religious act of marriage can be performed and celebrated by any persons wishing to participate, but it has no legal rights in a court of law. A marriage certificate may be giving by a representative of the church for symbolic reasons; however, as per American law a person can only be married to one person at a time no matter the religion one follows. This was a true separation of religion and state in order to move forward with common sense answers giving equal legal rights to both sides of the argument. Most religious followers seek approval from their god or gods and not one-sided governments. All marriages performed prior to the Legal Rights Contract were grandfathered in protecting the time-honored tradition.


Single parent families had become common practice as religious beliefs declined and social programs promoted such behavior. Several new revisions in paternal rights and welfare programs changed the national handout landscape. The idea behind financial assistance was to help during a hardship and not promote lifelong dependence to forced taxpayer contributions. The idea tax money came from all working citizens and not just the wealthy was hard for the welfare dependents to grasp or care about. The overburdened support system had become a never-ending financial and emotional nightmare that promoted hatred from its participants toward the very system supporting them. By giving unconditionally to those meeting certain stipulations the government had created a troubled welfare nation hell bent on taking more than it contributed. The stipulations were modified to provide more assistance to those participating in the Legal Rights Contract movement and less for single parent households. Volunteer and work requirements helped to motivate deadbeats instilling work ethics long absent from misguided generations lost in a vale of political deceit.


The one-sided parental rights given to females were equaled giving fathers a vote on legal responsibility. If an uncontracted or unmarried couple becomes pregnant, the man could give up all legal rights and financial responsibilities once the pregnancy is known to him. An uncontracted mother could not claim any financial support for the child from the father and limited support from the state. The father would be barred from contact with the child unless financial restitution was paid to the mother and approved by the state. In cases of premature death, the surviving contracted parent or guardians would be entitled to predetermined federal support. Uncontracted and unwed families receiving welfare or single pregnant women prior to the revisions were grandfathered in, but no new claims could be made 10 months after the deadline. The best birth control is a woman’s mindset and a man’s participation is controlled by a woman’s permissions.


In proven forced rape cases, the rapist has no legal rights to the woman’s pregnancy or child if delivered. A rape victim shall be eligible to federal and state assistance as well as compensation from the attacker. The punishment for convicted forced rapists and sex traffickers is death or physical castration. For multiple rape offenders the punishment is death. Statutory rapists under the age of 21 engaging in sexual relations with persons over 14 could escape punishment if the victim agreed to grant a pardon. An exception in the Legal Rights Contract allowed the biological parents of unborn children over the age of 14, full authority to lawfully enter into a contract.


Sexual relations between persons under 15 and over 20 were deemed unnatural and prohibited, regardless of religious views or culture background. In the result of a pregnancy, the rapist has no legal rights to the child, regardless the gender of the rapist. If a child is delivered and the victim is under the age of 18, the victim’s parents, grandparents or legal guardian can apply for custody. Neither the victim nor the rapist can be forced to have an abortion, under any circumstance or condition. Convicted Statutory Predators over 20 are subject to prison sentences and contributions paid to the victim. Multiple convictions or threats rendered to victims may result in castration or death. In the event of minors sexually assaulting minors, the aggressor shall be banned from physical and electronic contact and threats made through third parties whether physical or electronically. If a victim is subject to harassment from the aggressor or third party, the legal parents or guardian will face fines and the aggressor sentenced to social reform and detainment. If an adult commits the harassment, the punishment will reflect the crime, with a minimum of 30 days of jail.


All adoptions require a completed and filed Legal Rights Contract prior to receiving a child. The contract must contain language detailing financial support for the child till the age of 18. A single adopter may be granted parenthood if qualified guardians are named in a Legal Rights Contract for adoptions prior to receiving the child. With the ever-changing mindsets of people living around the world, new perspectives on normal households gave flexibility and preserved tradition as we moved forward in history.

Immigration and Sustainable Sovereignty


The ancient world once full of uncharted lands and unknown people eventually grew small and crowded with constant conflicts destroying cultures and enslaving nations. As humankind grew older and wiser, the super powers of modern civilization mostly agreed on peace and attempted to subdue those intent on chaos and destruction. The idea of globalization brought hope and change to many while threating the livelihood of others. Most rational people agreed global trade helped grow economies; however, business owners knew that also meant more competition and accounting exposures threating legal liabilities. The unnatural push toward forced diversity by corrupt politicians and misguided SJW’s triggered not only cultural backlashes around the world that promoted hate and violence on both sides, it weakened national governments ability to govern justly infringing on legal citizens constitutional rights.


The push for globalization seemed redundant after the entire world connected via the internet as well as long established global shipping routes and air travel. The only reason behind such an aggressive movement pointed toward the creation of a world government ruled by unelected dictators unconcerned with individual rights or grievances. The power hungry elite used wealth and diplomacy to wage social and territorial war on the naïve nations around the world. The art of war dictates suited armed troops physically invade foreign lands stealing resources, occupy the native’s communities suppressing long held customs and beliefs while systematically decimating opposition male populations.


The world globalization movement legally placed common clothed militants onto foreign soil while the oppressed citizens paid tribute through welfare programs biasedly distributed by corrupt elected government officials. The moronic SJW controlled media and payed for hirer politicians painted Patriots as rogue nationalist and blamed legal citizens for acts of terror committed by immigrate militants. To suppress local uprisings, terms like xenophobia and fascist were used to label common sense thinkers as problem makers and uneducated bigots. While citizens demanded justice, the law turned a blind eye, making excuses instead of arrests as publicly known criminals raped the land.


For the world elite, the idea of one likeminded all-powerful government seemed like a way to get things done, free from diverse opinions and needs, untangled from troublesome red tape and public oversight. The problem with too much power is repeated throughout history as each new regime over burdens and lies to the masses in order to control and manipulate in the name of progress. The leadership takes more than their share and gives unwarranted attention and resources to those undeserving. Without true democracy, governments are doomed for failure as the masses suffer in anguish until a cataclysmic event changes the political landscape.


Americans had watched in horror as the motherland fell to foreign invaders through the new diplomatic warfare. One by one, cities became overrun with culturally unyielding invaders hell-bent on making each new land their own. Just like the unconstitutional Sanctuary cities in America had harbored illegal criminals along with illegal families looking for a better life. The breaking point came after several citizens were murdered and countless women raped in a short time span by guilty illegal immigrates hiding in protected sanctuary cities. The nation’s mood had shifted with the presidential election of a true American patriot who understood the unnecessary destruction these cities caused. State by State, city by city, each of these vile criminal havens fell with the common sense movement spearheaded by the PartyUnited. The national border patrol in conjunction with the immigration department and military branches systematically targeted these sanctuary cities intent on deporting criminals and offering fast track citizenships to qualifying families.


As with most unruly children the lack of parental guidance and discipline often creates social monsters. The old adage “spare the rod and spoil the child” still holds true in modern societies. With treacherous actions committed by previous federal administrations, the American borders had become porous and a security joke by world standards. This unbelievably unconstitutional agenda allowed for millions of illegal aliens to enter America undocumented. The thin veiled propaganda of progressive globalization was overshadowed by the obvious attempt to gather more votes for SJW candidates and push their dangerous policies. Some of the invaders were peaceful and grateful for the chance at a better life. However, the “opportunity” also attracted lifelong criminals that flocked to the sanctuary cities in droves. The dirty politics of the SJW’s created dangerous living conditions for law-abiding citizens. Crime rates steadily rose as the immigrate numbers rose. The influx of undocumented invaders burdened taxpayer funded welfare programs and reintroduced dangerous diseases to the masses. The sanctuary cities gave the invaders not only legal protection from deportation and criminal detection, it gave them confidence to attack police and slander our country in daring ways once thought impossible on American soil.


The local and state police along with the FBI watched and reported known criminals thought to be illegal aliens to immigration who sent arrest warrants to the military. Ground troops along with local law enforcement captured the invaders. A military convoy transported the criminals to border patrol that handled the deportation process. Murderers and rapist were tried in American courts with harsh punishments carried out immediately. The hard realities faced by millions of criminals and their families caused an outcry of sympathy from the SJW’s who demanded retribution for Americans protecting national sovereignty. The backlash was swift as the American people rebelled against homegrown tyranny and systematically prosecuted hate filled groups breaking laws once protected by biased corrupt government officials. Most of the punishment involved social rehabilitation with factual history courses and up-to-date criminal data translated by respected common sense educators. People who broke more serious laws also faced jail sentences and probation. Free speech and free thinking will always be paramount to a free nation and anti-American sediment will be allowed as long as laws are not broken and liberties not infringed upon. Nationally recognized terrorist groups along with any and all supporters of these groups were outlawed and violators faced jail sentences, fines and immediate deportation for non-citizens. Burning of the American flag or denying its presence in public areas were made illegal and punishable by fine and jail sentence. The ridiculous reason to ban the flag in fear of offending non-Americans made little sense on American soil. The political correct SJW’s had over stepped their ill-rational boundaries by dishonoring all those who fought and died for our country.


The days of public hate filled speeches promoting death to whites and Jews came to an end, just as racial discrimination against people of color came to an end. The ridiculous argument of racial and gender privilege also came to an end, making room for real debate in order to strengthen our nation into the PartyUnited. Blaming innocent people for crimes committed by others is illegal and frankly, stupid. Understanding the courageous people who came before us laid the ground work for our future and by paying respect to their memory only strengthens our nations resolve to endure and prosper in a world full of discontent.


Legal immigration has always been welcomed in America and rightly so. The problem started when immigration laws became viewed as politically incorrect. The SJW nation petitioned for reform and open borders letting in any person regardless of education level or criminal background. Once the backlash movement took back political power, revised immigration laws secured our borders and slowed the stream of violent attackers. The new protocols allowed foreigners the right to live within American borders once an education or work visa was legally obtained. All workers entering America were issued Non-Citizen ID cards upon arrival. A test would be given on American cultural and common sense laws to educate foreigners on legal responsibilities and penalties. The education visa would need sponsorship and health care coverage from the institution one would attend with a predetermined exit date. The working visa would need sponsorship from an employer. The employer would be responsible for health insurance and reporting to immigration if the worker fled without notification. Failure to do so would result in fines and loss of legal right to hire immigrates.


Travelers looking to visit for a short time would be issued a Non-Citizen Tourist ID with all vital information entered into the National database along with fingerprints. Most of the information could be registered online or upon arrival while being finger printed. Citizens from certain countries were prohibited entry without proof of round trip travel plans and authenticated criminal background checks. The world is welcome to visit America as long as legal citizens are protected from foreign threats in every corner of our country.


Foreign Affairs


America had a long history of meddling in foreign affairs long before the SJW’s came into power; however, they believed themselves above all others with imperialism as their motto. The unadulterated power hungry driven ideology knew no bounds as their hijacked Federal government became known as the aggressor around the world and self-proclaimed indispensable nation. The adoption of pay to play became synonymous with America the world over. The house of cards, once hidden by top-secret bureaucracy, was exposed by the vary tool the SJW’s used to seduce a nation. As one of the most important inventions of humankind, the rise of the internet ushered in a golden age of information.


Gone were the days of muted news streams printed on rolls of paper, trucked to the masses once a day. The long running six o’clock news had grown into twenty-four hour must see programing as urgent news flashes raced along the multi-screen devices around the globe. Social Media sites sprang up to fill the public’s insatiable need for more information. These groundbreaking networks added the ability to modify the information before sharing it to anyone willing to stop scrolling long enough to read a sloppily written snippet of news or kitten meme.


The Police State


The law enforcement of the land had become too aggressive toward normal calls after dealing with too many high threat criminals. The real debate highlighted the black population committed over half the crime compared to only a fraction of the total population. This high rate of aggression reflected the high percentage of arrests and high profile deaths. The problem was not a black problem but an American problem. A problem the SJW’s refused to discuss or address in a meaningful way. The many years of promoting such bad behavior had resulted in violent movements spearheaded by racist activists driven by moronic history and bigoted views toward the white population. The country had become filled with angry children focused on punishing those who stood beside them instead of those who enslaved them.


Pro-active policing became a topic of national debate. The fine line between racial profiling and reasonable suspicion for stop and frisk pitted many people against one another as a real solution to crime prevention. The old saying of “we have a people problem and not a gun problem” was factual and needed to be addressed instead of overlooked as a right-winger proverb. Pro-active policing not only comes from the police, but from our homes and communities. By standing with criminals in an effort to show solidarity against perceived oppression and physical violence the opposite affect took place. The criminals became empowered and grew ever brazen with every attack on the police and common person on the street. Protest after specifically targeted incidents grew into riots turning our once peaceful cities into 3rd world countries. The aim was to limit the police power so the criminals could rule certain areas. The ridiculousness had gone too far and the people pushed back and pushed until life got better. Better for all races, all sexes, all nationalities, all people.


After the dust had settled from the American Backlash and people relaxed into a new normal existence with much less hate, people looked at really solving the problems we faced every day. It was understood people and life can be hard and unpredictable, but checks and balances must be set in place for civilized interactions between all. With the legalization of drugs and prostitution along with the purging of the most violent of criminals from the streets, new policies were made into law. Police officers must state why someone is being questioned and what the officer’s intent is. If a person is falsely accused of a crime and arrested, restitution must be paid in the form of public apology and predetermined monetary payment. The intention was to stop bad cops from abusing the system, but allowing well-trained officers to use necessary techniques to catch criminals and keep them off the streets. It became illegal for officers to shoot first and ask questions later, unless shots were fired at police officers. Once shots were fired, lethal force became legal and necessary. If a police officer fires at a person without cause, the person has legal rights to defend him or herself against a hostile threat. In a case of mistaken identity, the fault falls on the police officer, as are all consequences. If a person threatens the life of an officer without cause, that person can be subdued by any force necessary, at the time of incident or anytime thereafter. Persons under suspicion but not under arrest found running away from police without malice, were protected by law to be free from physical danger. With mandatory body cams for all field officers, police harassment and bad judgements along with pedestrian instigators of misconduct fell to record lows.


A law enforcement officer works on the streets with people on a daily basis. They see the same people over and over and have real insight into the human psyche. Using street knowledge and experience makes for keen officers when faced with real life situations. The upper hand of the officer helps to stop crime before it happens and helps to catch a suspect after the incident. Watching the progression of people either into criminal life or out of criminal life shapes a way cops view their environment and the people in it. What civilians may see as profiling, the police see as a job well done.


The tensions between civilians and law enforcement personnel stayed high as officers were tried and convicted for harassment and murder on a national scale. Police felt under attack for protecting American citizens, for doing their job to preserve and protect. Citizens felt relived as the criminals were taken off the streets along with the bad cops that helped create negative views of law enforcement. Law-abiding Americans found themselves caught in the middle between the criminals and the corrupt cops, with no clear winner to reach out to. Laws written to punish hard to catch criminals had been used against normal people as a way to grab quick cash. The cloudy description of illegal actions caused many business owners to fall victim to illegal search and seizure practices robbing them of property and cash. Police could raid homes based on suspicious behavior and confiscate possessions for the police force. A normal family with no priors could lose everything if a child was found selling drugs without the parents knowledge. The young adult’s behavior gave grounds to convict the parents, even though they and other siblings were innocent. These actions were ruled unconstitutional resulting in laws holding each person responsible for their own actions regardless of age or social status. This also included people with mental illness and other disorders. With the legalization of drugs and dramatic fall in criminally related activity, these laws became outdated and harmful to lawful liberties. As long as having American cash money was legal, so would be possessing large sums on hand when stopped by police for questioning. Gone were the days of guilty by having cash on hand. While the intent was used to catch criminals, it also allowed for corruption.


The illegal stopping and searching of cars in order to catch illegal activity was found unconstitutional. By its very definition, the practice was illegal search and seizure. A revised version of road checks involving cases of child abductions and criminals on the run was legalized, but any other infractions found during those stops were inadmissible in a court of law. If someone was found drinking and driving or driving without a license, the car would be impounded and a car called to take the person(s) home at their own expense. Wearing a seat belt, while a very smart safety tip, was not enforceable by law after a popular vote overturned the ruling. This was a violation of personal freedom, as it did not affect anyone but the person wearing the safety belt. Driving too fast or erratically could injury someone else on the road, but no one else died from someone not wearing a seat belt other than the victim. Some regressive cities thought people should have less personal freedoms and decided to manipulate eating habits by limiting serving sizes and banning certain foods available to children. These fools believed to better society, society must rule over the people in order to decide what should be allowed and not allowed, foregoing the American liberty of personal choice.


The often-ridiculous approach to feel good laws usually started with a public outcry for justice due to some poor soul waking up dead somewhere. Many people die from motorcycle accidents every year. To help non-bikers sleep better at night, the idea to force riders into wearing helmets or face punishment was written into law. Do helmets save lives? Sure they do. Do wearing shorts and flip flops save lives? No, but they are not illegal to wear while riding either. While helmets do save lives, they can cause injuries as well. The construction of the helmet limits road vision that creates blind spots. The weight of the helmet and the fact it’s strapped to the head, has been known to cause spinal cord injury and death. Smoking is banned in most public buildings and many outdoor areas for health concerns. The act of smoking is legal, but the places to partake are limited. The personal freedom to harm oneself is protected by the constitution, when people feel good about it. Eating fast food every day or even several times a week can cause serious health problems, but it is not illegal nor should it ever be. The double standards of the feel-good police had chipped away at the constitution and the liberties it so desperately protected. Thankfully, as the American backlash lifted the veil of idiocracy, the people cautiously gave freedom another chance. And after a popular vote on helmet laws believed in violation of personal freedoms, the ruling was overturned.


With freedom of choice comes responsibility. With responsibilities come consequences. These consequences are hard for some to understand because they are sometimes preventable: preventable by making a different choice. So to guarantee a person makes the safest choice, freedom must be suppressed for the greater good. This, arguably, rational way of thinking had led the nation down a slippery slope of self-imposed Orwellian politics, better left to fairytales told to scare freethinking children. What these Orwellian minded chuckleheads failed to realize was people that make questionable choices do so on their own volition and gladly accept the consequences.


People are the root of most evil happenings. Money may be the objective, but the actions come from the hearts of humankind. America and in deed the world have a people problem that can only be fixed by the very people causing the problems. Cars don’t run over motorcyclist all by themselves, some idiotic person is driving the damn thing. Guns and knives don’t randomly kill or maim people, they are wielded by dangerous humans. These terrible actions are the effects of personal decisions made by problematic people with no concern for others wellbeing. What sense would it make to ban guns and force safety devices onto people not breaking the law? The lunacy of the narrow-minded fails to see the problem is with the rule breakers and not the victims.


Instead of policing through intimidation and vague laws, crime stopper phone apps were made available to the public free of charge. The public became the eyes and ears of the streets through popular apps like Crime Snapper and Street Police behind such slogans as “videos don’t lie” and “the peoples shield”. When a crime was reported, the location and phone identification number was recorded with the file. The public videos were used in court as evidence, which resulted in large volumes at first introduction, but soon subsided, as people understood the consequences and seer number of people with the apps. Once a person was identified, a fine or arrest warrant issued and an email or letter was sent to the known address on file. Fines were scheduled once a month with the option to pay online or in person before the court date if pleading guilty. Of course, all videos were available online for public viewing and became a media shaming bonanza and cash cow for the state. In addition to the phone apps all public buildings were fitted with security cameras recording 24/7 365 days a year. The digital age was upon us as security and privacy butted heads over public wellbeing from criminals and law enforcement alike.


Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Education System


The backbones of the education system had evolved over the years into a large social program geared specifically toward youth development and wellbeing. The nation’s public school system was well-developed providing general education for all children in addition to meals, counselling, limited health checks and after school sports activities. In an effort to help parents, reliable and safe transportation was provided to and from schools free of charge. American taxpayers paid the costs of these services, whether they had children or not the money was collected and spent on the nation’s youth. As with most social programs people take them for granted and fail to realize how important and helpful such services truly are. While education is very important to any Nation, it’s not a guaranteed civil right.


American parents had somehow grown to believe their educational responsibly to their own children stopped once the child started school. As if sending their children off to strangers to learn a general education was all responsible parents need do. Most working parents viewed schools as daycare centers holding the teachers responsible for the actions of their little monsters. Some parents were more involved than others and could become overly demanding, even threating teachers if little Johnny performed poorly on test scores. Sadly, oblivious to the reality education starts at home and should be practiced every day in one form or the other. SJW’s argued not all families are created equally in terms of basic and worldly knowledge, which in turn caused a disadvantage to some students. The hard life lesson, the world is not a fair place and some people will have advantages over others proved difficult to accept. No matter what laws are passed or services made available will change hard realities. With the readily availability of the World Wide Web, lack of educational knowledge became a personal choice and not a social status disadvantage. History showed you got what you gave.


Over several decades SJW’s and looney liberals had infiltrated the education systems in a deliberate effort to in doctrine our youth much like Hitler and Stalin. This ideology labeled as progressive and forward thinking gave rise to bigoted views condemning free speech and common sense ideas. Students were encouraged to attack opposing ideas both physically and emotionally. These followers demanded safe spaces void of opposing rational thought while seeking to outlaw sediment deemed hurtful and offensive. Radical outbursts were commonplace when these snowflakes failed to convince non-believers of their politically motivated agendas. Parents sent their children to public schools and then college in hopes of guaranteeing a productive future. Unfortunately, many returned home mentally unable to function in normal society and flocked to the SJW stronghold environments of Media and government positions. These two industries willed great influence over public opinion and helped push radical ideas once deemed ludicrous. After the Red election and the aftermath that followed, most parents restructured family time with their children in an effort to oversee the quality of education taught and learned.


States abandoned the common core curriculum and focused on a more productive approach to education. People realized if everyone had a college degree it would become meaningless and the high cost of higher education unwarranted. Government backed student loans were abandoned to help bring college costs down based on supply and demand instead of guaranteed money paid by federal loans from foreign countries. Public schools focused on practical subject matter pertaining to actual recorded history of world events and real world applications. People have natural tendencies toward certain interests and these interests were used to help develop better curriculums for young minds. Educators suggested less emphasis on arduous testing that stressed the students and teachers alike. Instead, they recommended the common sense approach of observation and discussion with fewer written test for grading student’s progression. The main intention was to set minimum baselines on necessary education requirements for tradesman careers with room for higher education options for those wishing to pursue professional careers. Allowing children, in especially in lower grades, the opportunity to express creativity through art, music, and writing helped expand knowledge instead of suppressing it with inaccurate and frustrating tests. Students could now follow reasonable lessons meant to engage and teach instead of belittle and hinder most common sense thinking young adults. The educational reins were handed back to the teachers with faith they knew their students better than some suit with little or no classroom experience. The overburdened teachers had been pushed around for years and thought of as nannies more than trained educators. The micro-organized classrooms resembled more of a corporate office than motivational hub of learning. Yes there were age appropriate posters with witty memes and colorful furniture, but the daily schedule of knowledge was more life draining than uplifting. Student incentives to focus on tasks at hand fell by the wayside after everyone got a trophy for just being a student instead of acting like an individual, each responsible for their own actions. Not everyone can win and understanding this helps build character and perseverance when working to improve oneself against future challenges.


The belief everyone is the same is a foolish fantasy better left for the MSM headlines and clickbait pop-ups on the web. By all accounts, every American citizen has equal legal rights and oblations. Many citizens argued we created a social construct in schools by telling children they must get a college education and they must follow a certain career path to not only be successful, but also in essence be happy. The reality was far from that establishment lie, spouted in every school building on every school website in every county in every state across the whole nation. America was made and not given, through hard work and determination by normal Americans willing to sweat and sacrifice every day in order to provide for their families. These people were the very backbone of our Nation that raised the next generation of inventors and scientists that moved the whole world forward. All nations need the very best in all levels of the workforce and by promoting only the white-collar jobs severely diminished the greatly needed blue-collar workers. The new school programs helped to promote choice and support of student desires to make America successful, strong and efficient again.


In an effort to raise teacher salaries without raising public taxes certain cost saving approaches were introduced. Text books were written based on a school’s specific curriculum and approved by educators prior to publication. Open bids from American companies would yield the best price for predetermined book specifications. Gone were the days of backdoor deals that lined the pockets of handpicked publishers that spread liberal opinion as fact to impressable minds. Instead of overpriced propaganda written by biased authors looking for high profit margins on a taxpayer tab, the material was written for the people by the people at reasonable prices. The new books held relevant information with tests reflecting the information actually found in the book, instead of ridiculously written garbage meant to confuse and misguide. The books were used as guides as the students practiced writing on paper instead of inside the book. This prolonged the books usefulness and taught responsibility of ownership to the students as each book was returned to the school for next year’s students. Any unauthorized markings or damage was recorded in the students records and parents fined accordingly. It was then left to the parents to discipline and teach their children about self-responsibility and consequences.


As the school budgets tightened many teacher assistances were let go, shifting even more responsibility onto the overworked teachers. In a move to help fill this gap, qualified volunteers from the newly established welfare offices sent workers to fill needed positions. All volunteers would be interviewed and approved by school HR personnel before final job placement. These positions allowed the volunteers to receive government assistance and renewed hope for permanent job placement. Many permanently disabled Americans were also offered a chance at these jobs. For some physically disabled workers, it gave a needed fulfilment of self-worth and confidence to preform normal daily activities.


Along with virtually all other salaries in America, one of the main teacher salary killers was the ever-rising health care prices. Even though teachers received group rates, the overall costs equaled 20- 30 percent of salaries even with outrageously high deductibles. The option of changing from traditional health insurance plans to direct pay healthcare plans allowed for some savings passed on to the teachers. The amount varied from state to state as did the coverage. Larger Health facilities and larger networks typically cost more, but provided more options. The smaller Health facilities and networks typically cost less, but offered less options. It was a give and take framework focused on quality care at affordable costs. By cutting out the Insurance Companies and negotiating directly with local doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, the savings for each employee would be put in a savings account or distributed on monthly paychecks. The school budgets stayed the same, but the teachers saw an increase of monetary benefits with agreed upon healthcare services.


More Money More Problems


The people asked a very important question: why does an essentially private bank issue American currency with their name and seal stamped on the front? The” Federal Reserve Note”. This is the United States central banking system and our lender of last resort. We paid them to issue money and then paid interest on a never ending cycle with a hidden tax called inflation. Most people were unaware the “Fed” had features of private corporations and public federal agencies and acted as an independent entity within the Federal Government. They once proclaimed in court the Fed wasn’t a federal agency and not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. The first audit ever, revealed a hand out of sixteen trillion dollars to domestic and foreign banks with zero percent interest without congress consent. The taxpayers were paying the Feds bill and being charged interest. The public was mad as hell and wanted to know why we paid these bankers to find ways to take taxpayer money and harm our way of life? The twelve Federal Reserve Banks managed by directors voted in by corporate banks and appointed by the president and approved by the senate was overhauled. A corruptible president and congress would appoint directors willing to fund their campaigns. The bottom line was the U.S. Federal Government had no control over the Federal Reserve. The rally cry to make the Fed a government agency with clear oversight from Congress and the public happened while crooked bankers warned of dire financial consequences. The results proved the bankers wrong as the dollar rose against the euro after the Fed came under Federal jurisdiction. The Board of Governors would now approve Fed presidents, but they would be held accountable by Congress and the people and could be removed by popular vote.


The national debt was more than the national GDP with little direction from our leaders on a way to repay our foreign creditors. The corrupt officials used the national retirement fund to buy Federal bonds to prop up the economy and filled the fund with IOU’s. The Federal government basically stole the people’s money and forced the people to pay it back. Politicians then used the underfunded retirement fund to scare the masses when pushing self-serving agendas. The American backlash eventually sent most of the crooks to prison, but the money would prove difficult to recoup under such tremendous debt.

The current national debt would take more physical money than there is in the entire Nation. Meaning, if every single person was to turn over all his or her cash and coins, it would fall well short of paying the total amount. Even if we put all the electronic money with the real cash, we would still come up short. The terrible truth is we just don’t have enough money to pay back what is owed to foreign countries. Worse yet, we don’t have enough to pay for legally obligated services like Social Security or Medicare. America has run-up and credit bill so large, we can never pay it back. The interest payment alone is over $225 billion per year. The number one national threat is debt, but the politicians warn of global warming and terrorist. While those two threats are real, they pale in comparison to running out of money in a money driven world.


The ridiculous notion of trickledown economics was made clear by the greedy elite masters as jobs became burdened with more responsibility and awarded fewer benefits as laid-off positions were filled by double duty employed slaves. What sense did it make in a consumer driven economy to take money away from the all-important buyers? If anything made sense, it would be flow-up economics. Put a dollar in a poor man’s hand and it’s gone in a flash, put a dollar in a rich man’s hand and he never lets go. The poor man has many bills and needs whereas a rich man wants for very little and will wait for better deals to fall in his lap before spending that money. Yes, a rich man that starts a business creates jobs for the masses, but the masses keep the rich man in business. A business will fail every time without customer support, but people will rely on other people to live and prosper.


The economy is a never-ending cycle perpetuated by producers and buyers with intermediaries and overseers dependent on each other to keep the machine oiled and working. The overseers and intermediaries implemented policies and laws meant to siphon money from the producers and buyers into their deep pockets. Existing tax codes stole money from those working the hardiest and gave it away to the least productive. The tax codes were rewritten with a simple flat sales tax for the masses eliminating complex and troublesome forms. Corporate tax was replaced with a corporate license, renewed annually based on employee salaries and profit margins. With top admin and executive salaries counted as profit. The higher the low-level employee salaries and lower the profit margin, the lower the renewal fee. The lower the low-level employee salaries and higher the profit margins, the higher the renewal fee. These measures ensured more money went into the hands of the masses before taken by the IRS. This was a crucial step missing from recent tax schemes that took money out of the market cycle, hindering domestic growth. The IRS was revamped and made open to the public. With the new simple tax forms, the need for personal audits virtually disappeared. Gone were the sneaky loopholes, deductions and write offs. All money collected by the IRS was made available for public viewing along with quarterly audits. The power to seize personal property and bank accounts was rewritten to include a court warrant. Businesses now also required a court warrant and list of items to be seized.


In a healthy economy over leveraged companies fail and replaced with better leveraged companies. Unfortunately, during several worldwide recessions, modern governments propped up those deemed too large to fail with taxpayer backed bailouts. In theory, this blatant robbery was supposed to cause stabilization and then growth. In reality, it paid crooked financiers bonuses for unscrupulous work ethics and tied-up more money in the markets leaving less for actual job growth. The government regulated rock bottom interest rates were supposed to encourage less saving and more investing by businesses, but failed to kick start the economy. The government had insured these industries far too long, which enabled them to cheat the safe guards with little consequence. Many growing nations seen as sure bets, slowed as result of these corrupt actions and caused panic from all corners of the world. Some countries used negative interest rates to stimulate spending, where central banks charged for cash deposits instead of paying interest payments. The die had been cast and the future set for failures as the masses sat eyes wide-open along for the dumpy ride.


The American governments had grown fat and lazy after decades of self-interest policies and public manipulation aimed at subduing public desires to improve living conditions and basic freedoms. The economy is like a living breathing entity needing nourishment and proper care from loving parents looking to provide the best possible environment for their baby to grow and prosper in the harsh world. Most parents will ensure their child is well fed and clothed while settling in a safe neighborhood with other growing likeminded kids. Everything goes well as long as the other parents and kids play by the rules, but introduce a bully or irresponsible parents and things go awry.


Storytime for the masses

A big bully, known as the Federal government, had told the other kids, known as the local governments, to obey or be punished. This bully collected everyone’s lunch money before school started and then redistributed it back to them minus his share for being a bully. Some kids got more than they gave and others less. This caused some kids to oppose the bully while others sided with the bully and even lied to protect the bully. The angry children told their parents about what was going on and pleaded for help. So, the parents called a school meeting and talked with the school officials. After hearing both sides of the story, the agreement to do nothing was the decision. While taking money is wrong, none of the children missed a meal. Some kids ate better than others did but all received some food. The well-known bully was a star athlete that helped win a national title by cheating and playing dirty, but winning brought needed attention to the school and town. The bully’s parents, known as congress, threatened to enroll him into a nearby rival school if anyone dared punish their child, no matter what the accusation. This went on for months until one day some of the parents stopped sending money and started packing lunches. At first, the bully only took money from the ones still bringing money, took his cut and distributed what was left. These kids were used to getting more than they gave, but now felt angry and also started packing lunches. Not deterred, the bully now collected all the lunches and redistributed the food after taking his favorites first. It was more of the same; some received more food than they gave while others received less. The parents knew no matter what they did the results would be the same, so they started home schooling. This took the power away from the bully along with his parents and the school officials. The bully lost his power and the school closed. The parents bought the school with strict rules of conduct that applied to everyone. The school flourished and attracted likeminded people. The strong bonds built strong teams that won many national titles that helped build the “economy” by people wanting to be part of a winning team based on integrity and leadership.

GMO’s and Farmer Woe’s


For the past fifteen thousand years, mankind has painstakingly cultivated the land and manipulated crops in order to feed and earn money. The same thought true today as it was all those years ago. Those who grow the food have the power. As America grew into a large country with ever-growing population, greedy corporations took notice and infiltrated the supply side, finance, processing and packaging businesses. These sneaky manipulators understood higher profit margins could be had if the suppliers and not the producers dictated the prices.


After WWII, many wartime companies had to find other products to make and sell. Some built airplanes and ships while others manufactured automobiles with several producing gas to fuel them all. It was a great time of prosperity after a decade of worldwide hardship during the great depression. A few chemical companies joined in on the war supply bandwagon and eventually sold products for civilian uses. One of these products was a popular insecticide used to fight malaria and adapted to help save crops from natural pests. Later a herbicide was introduced along with herbicide resistant seeds. This gene manipulation led to greater crop yields with less maintenance and higher profit margins. These chemical companies grew larger and larger with every decade, demanding tremendous influence over all aspects of farming industries. They collaborated with other industry dominating companies in order to manipulate sales of fertilizers, pesticides, crop seeds, grain processing, along with livestock production and processing and even farm finance. The overwhelming success generated huge profits resulting political influence over smaller companies and single-family farms. These corporate giants squeezed small farms out of business and overshadowed the economic market farmers relied on. Many farmers had become accustomed to the take it or leave it contracts offered by the monopolized farming industry as our government just sat idly by.


After the introduction of gene-modified seeds, the public became aware of disturbing anomalies. American honeybees died off at alarming rates, causing great concern for the future of agriculture and human existence. Without the bees to pollinate, crops would fail and food shortages would decimate world populations. Several mysterious illnesses baffled Doctors, as pharmaceutical companies owned by the chemical companies pushed ever-growing prescription drugs onto the public. How convent it was for the chemical companies to introduce genetically altered food just as nationwide problematic ailments were met with prescriptions filled by the pharmaceutical companies under the same corporate umbrella.


The federal agencies put in place to protect the public revealed all research came from the very companies looking to sell products to the masses. Therefore, the federal agencies viewed data provided by the chemical companies and made final rulings without third party testing; third party testing because our federal agencies did not actually test anything. This meant large corporate backed companies and farms had ample resources to sway federal agencies and politicians, further pressuring the smaller iconic American farms out of the industry.


Around this time, a national drive to eat healthier had taken hold as more and more Americans were found to be overweight. A diabetes epidemic in children and adults alike had caused people to forgo fast food in favor of natural foods and the more organic the better. Organic labels had become synonymous with good health and green energies. Both viewed as very politically correct and forward thinking ideas most intelligent people supported, whereas, to promote genetically modified seeds would be a faux pas and on the wrong side of stupid. The bizarre stance of companies not labeling foods containing GMO’s only added fuel to the fire. For years, the government mandated foods label all ingredients, but the chemical companies fought to be exempt from such laws in attempt to fool the public. The combination of questionable natural anomalies, thug like business practices, government manipulation and health concerns, all caused a massive backlash against these perceived public boogeymen.


The people were fed-up with government oversight aimed at manipulating the public to increase corporate profit margins and forgo reasonable health concerns. The entire agriculture industry was revamped, with the intention of putting safety first and family farms above corporate crooks looking to make a quick dollar at the public’s expense. These corporate boogeymen had used seed patents to intimidate smaller farms. The new patent laws took away complete control of the seeds in exchange for predetermined profit payouts. Upon selling of patented seeded crops, the supplier receives a set percentage of the final sales price. The farmer can reseed with the same seeds without penalty, but must pay patent fees every year of use. The federal government was charged with testing all crop samples prior to sale. Any farm found in violation of patent laws faced fines matching the patent fees owed to the supplier.


Corporate buyouts of other companies became public concerns and legal names an important issue as branding drives sales in the modern world. In order to provide much needed transparency to the public, all smaller divisions of lager companies were now required to adopt the parent company name. The days of rebranding by hiding behind a more credible name had come to an end. Even company mergers required publicly displayed disclaimers detailing past company names along with the new brand. A reliable check and balance mechanism is an informed public and necessary for a truly free market.


The globalization of the world had many positives and negatives with respect to agriculture. New markets meant new buyers for producers and more choices for consumers. Along with it came more competition for producers and sometimes-higher prices for consumers. The backlash of GMO’s caused issues from countries not wanting those frankenfoods exposed to their lands. Many foreign countries expressed concerns about the effects on human health and safety of future crops without proper research and testing. A deal was made to limit the use of GMO’s to only naturally accepted pairing. Meaning, only plant genes could be spliced with other plant genes. Splicing animal genes with plant genes was deemed unnatural and therefore illegal until long-term testing could be completed for final judgment.


The nation attempted to limit the size of “too big to fail” corporations in order to create individual companies that would promote job growth while providing healthy business competition and choice. Balances between too small and too big sized businesses were paramount in securing the future of American agriculture. The need for economic and environmental sustainability along with public safety had become compromised through years of backdoor deals and blatant attempts at public propaganda. The people, finally fully aware of how the old system worked, focused on the future by replacing federal government overreach with common sense systems regulated through local voting rights and state government protections.


Legal Liberties


The belief everyone is the same is a foolish fantasy better left for the propaganda MSM headlines and clickbait pop-ups on the web. By all accounts, every American citizen has equal legal rights and obligations. Every American citizen also has freedom of self-expression that should be protected from narrow-minded bigots who labeled different opinions as racist statements. Many individuals can identify with so-called radical labels known as free thinkers, millennials, deplorables, progressive, far-left, black lives matter, all lives matter, gay pride, feminist, Islamic, Christian, Atheist, conservative, republican, alt-right and so on and so on. All deemed radical or extreme by the other groups and by some accounts have people that are extreme and radical, but that does not mean all persons identifying with said group are dangerous. Many individuals will relate to more than one ideology and feel a social choice must be made in order to fit in to self-serving mainstream labels. This type of public labeling can cause people to act differently than their personal beliefs in order to fit in to perceived groups parameters. Social construct is hard to identify and harder to prove as beliefs change as society changes with no clear determination as which one is the instigator.


For too long we blamed others for the mistakes and criminal misconduct minorities plagued upon our social and justice systems. The Majority had the same track record except with a smaller overall percentage of troublemakers per capita. The reality of failed policies stretching back over half a century were angrily staring us down and begging for a war that would destroy the Nation, once and for all. The old headlines of relentless oppression and racism had grown thin and held little merit as the facts told a much sinister story. Minorities by definition made up less than 35 percent of the population but committed the majority of the crime. For decades, laws granting privilege over the majority did little to appease these misguided souls, lost in a hopeless world constructed from fear and hate by a corrupt political party. The ridiculous notion that the white devil was to blame for all bad things in life was told generation after generation until it became accepted as the truth. Misinformed parents drilled folklore instead of facts and lied to themselves when the truth was too hard to bear. If the white race was so terrible and hated all others as much as the media suggested, the 14th amendment would have been repealed. All others races would be found less than equal and possessions confiscated and redistributed. This ludicrous behavior is not who the white majority is or what they do. The truth was both the minority and the majority had blood on their hands with good and bad people in each group.


Centuries of “white” dominance from different countries around the world helped enslave many nations to be sure, but slavery was as old as humankind itself. Every country has some history of slavery in one form or another. Native Americans both North and South had slaves prior to European influence. Africa has always been a hot bed for human rights violations and atrocities, before and after America found Independence. People of all races were taken during the Muslim push into Medieval Europe, including over a million white slaves sold into a life of misery. World history did not begin in America as many seemed to believe, nor was slavery created there. America was a product of the shared ideas and beliefs people in that time period believed in and lived by. As the world changed and men’s notions changed, so did America. Slowly all persons became equal by way of the constitution. This does not mean all persons are the same nor does it mean all persons should be treated the same. If you are responsible and caring, respect is given. If you are lazy and dishonest, criticism is given. Each response can lead a person down different paths, by viewing the remarks as either positive or negative. Life is full of choices, choices that define our lives and hold consequences for civil disobedience. The reason to openly discuss these deep-rooted problems and concerns was not to blame or hate, but rebuild fractured relationships and move forward as a strong Nation. A Nation working together with a singular dream to better not just oneself, but all citizens from the richest to the poorest no matter race, creed, religion or cell phone format.


The beginning was rough as all sides blamed the others for current and past relations as well as solutions to remedy them. One of the first breakthroughs was the complete banishments of real hate groups. Not a group with a different opinion labeled extreme or hateful by a vengeful opposing group, but any group calling for or carrying out physical violence toward others. Freedom of speech is still free as long as physical harm is excluded from the conversation. A free society has no room or patience for bullies and oppressors. Attacks on personal character and businesses fell under the statute to combat cyber oppression. Anyone found guilty of knowingly spreading fraudulent information about a person and/or business shall spend no less than 180 days in jail or restitution paid with final sentencing by the victim.


Any person(s) that uploads a video to social media site(s) knowingly promoting lies in order to promote unrest and riots will face a minimum of 180 days in jail without bail. The phrase “yelling fire in a crowded theater” refers to falsely doing so to cause a panic and is illegal to do so. The media is a form of common thought and entertainment were thousands and millions of people gather to learn and communicate. Social media and News outlet sites attract people from around the world and have great influence on the masses. With this power comes great responsibility and steps should be taken to ensure equality among the messages are not filled with false or twisted truths meant to cause division and strife.


When an individual posts an opinion, people take little meaning in the content and it’s soon forgotten. When a news outlet reports on a subject, people take notice and believe the content true, regardless of the facts. This known truth alone, showed intent by the bias mainstream media to manipulate and deceive the naïve public in order to push corrupt political agendas. This malicious intent angered the now aware public, which resulted in a new set of laws for public well-being. The Truth in Media act made lying to the public illegal and punishable by jail, airtime suspension and fine, if convicted. When a network airs false information and fails to publicly announce the error within the given timeline or repeatedly demonstrates poor fact checking journalism, punishment will be handed down from a court of law. If a network voices one-sided opinions, that network shall by law be made to make public announcement of its intent or face punishment by court of law. The plaintiff shall be the public and accused the owners of the network and its executives. Any politician found or attempting to, manipulate the public through media channels shall face impeachment as well as legal punishment under the Truth in Media act. Any foreign propaganda would also invoke justice, whether on American soil or the government found manipulating other nations.


Many Media outlets were owned be the same conglomerate firm in an attempt to hide political ties and agendas. This type of public manipulation was deemed illegal and ownership of more than one network whereas perceived as different companies’ invoked penalty of law. These type of mini monopolies controlled whole industries through corruptible politicians by passing horrible regulatory laws intended to hinder upstart competition companies. Since the media was corrupted from ownership, the damning evidence came from hacked emails provided by third parties feed up with the blatant deceits orchestrated by people thought most reliable. The SJW’s first claimed the emails were forgeries and then threatened legal action and finally fabricated factitious lies against all that dared call those lying weasels criminals. The fix was in and the whole world knew it, but the game was rigged in the bigots favor. These self-righteous Liberal thugs had spent years placing themselves in positions of power and created organizations to help carryout detailed actions against the opposition just to manipulate the public. The dirty Liberals had come to fight and with any means necessary to get a win. Lying, stealing, manipulating, fabricating, deceiving, and treachery was all part of their plan. The bar had been lowered far below the threshold of dignity, which set forth the mechanism of their own downfall. With the new battlefield established the public fought back with the same heavy-handed tactics as the internet came alive with angry Americans united against a common enemy. The united voice of the people carried a very big stick as spineless politicians cowered in fear of upcoming elections. As the public demanded answers and threatened voter backlash, the tide turned and exposed the lawlessness woven into the American institutional fabric. The sleazy Left used manipulated web searches to hide opposing opinions and facts alike, while many right-minded people were silenced on the most popular social media sites in a coordinated effort to repress free speech. With the truth finally in in spotlight, the politicians had no choice but to indict these criminal miscreants.


First to fall was of course the patsies, followed by the managers that led to the executives and CEO’s. The politicians proved hard to jail, but as new bills passed into law, justice was eventually served. The Stop the Lies Act made politicians legally liable for slanderous remarks toward other politicians and all forms of manipulation toward the public. The common practice of lying to the voters and wooing Wall Street came to a crashing end. The whistleblower laws were revamped to allow any and all information considered public concern free of penalty. Even documents considered top secret were protected under this revision. In an attempt at true transparency, all American documents were made public after two years regardless of government security level. This new transparency attempted keeping the American government honest and to deter any illegal mischief. Such as arming known terrorist in foreign countries for the sole purpose of overthrowing a legal government or using international sanctions for dishonest reasons in an attempt at blackmail. Any politician found using non-government servers or devices for government purposes would be found guilty of treason and jailed without due process. A military trial would be held and sentencing carried at immediately with appeal approved only by congress.


Another injustice committed by virtually every online company and computer app developer was the illegal collection of personal information. Data collected through illegal practices because electronic information was not included in the constitution as it was not invented yet. The dirty practice of demanding full access to one’s personal device to receive application updates was ruled illegal. The application’s must allow updates free from personal information if the user chooses so. No one would allow strangers inside their home to look through personal pictures or wiretap home phones after buying a computer or phone, but allows such illegal behavior on the electronic side of reality. It was also deemed illegal to license computer operating systems to retailers. Once a consumer purchases a computer, tablet or smart phone, the OS installed must have a license for said buyer. The moment of purchase, the product and the electronic intellectual property transfers to the third party buyer. The buyer cannot duplicate the software for resale or gift, but can install on other personally owned devices. The buyer has the right to manipulate and modify at will without legal penalty, but may void product warranties. The license also allows for the Operating System to be “downgraded” to previous OS versions for free. The nonsense of limiting personal ownerships to corporate forced leases came to a long overdue end.


Privacy laws were established centuries ago for good reason, but modern day criminals found a loophole in the laws as elected politicians stood idly by while the trusting American people were molested. Even free apps were banned from access to personal information if the user so requested it. This personal information was used against the public to manipulate shopping patterns and public elections. It made no difference public or private company, all data was made illegal to sell or use to manipulate outcomes. Search engines and social media sites could no longer change real time results in order to hide or promote false narratives or political agendas. The American backlash manifested from a low period in our nation’s history, but brought forth a great period filled with true transparency, growth, safety and unity.



Thanks for reading my book


I felt compelled to write it after witnessing all the terrible things happening in the world today. This is of course fiction, with real elements incorporated to help explain my thoughts on problems we all face and alternative answers for the solutions. My purpose for this book is to stimulate thought and discussion on sensitive topics that need our immediate attention. I do not claim to have all the right answers or understanding to solve long-standing issues. I merely wish to start conversations and direct attention toward important issues. I do feel we can unite as a Nation in order to fix our sinking ship. Many people are quick to judge and abandon our nation in favor of perceived greener pastures. Sorry Canada, and sorry Mexico, nobody ever mentions you. I ask those willing and able, to help mend fences and build new relationships to ensure a better future for you, me and the generations to come. I honestly feel we should learn from the past to build better futures and not live in the past to sabotage the future. We all live in a time of amazing wonders and horrible tragedies that causes internal conflicts and jaded opinions. The answers we seek are in our grasps if only we reach together for a common reality, void of government manipulation, united as people for the people.

An American Fairy-Tell

This is the first edition of An American Fairy-Tell entitled “ Backlash ”, volume 1. In it, we learn how politically correct SJW lunatics nearly destroyed America with intimidation, hate, and bigoted views, hell bent on eradicating anyone with common sense. These temperamental snowflakes with chucklehead tendencies served the elite ruling class of the Plutocracy. The decision-making underbelly of the government, shielded from public view and criticisms. After years of politician manipulation and corporate greed, the sleeping giant finally awoke. The true American voice once muted by government oppression made its thunderous revival. Not by bloodshed, but by constitutional right, the people took control away from corrupt government agencies run by unruly children put in place by indoctrinated self-righteous nitwits. The surreal state of America gave rise to the PartyUnited that ushered in a new golden era setting new standards and values for generations to come.

  • Author: John J. Alexander
  • Published: 2016-10-27 18:35:11
  • Words: 20562
An American Fairy-Tell An American Fairy-Tell