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Among Our Pages II A Spoof


Among Our Pages II: A Spoof


Copyright 2016 Ehko Masks

Published by Ehko Masks at Shakespir




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Table of Contents


Chapter0 Just a Story

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Author’s Note



Thanks to those who inspire others for the better every day. Thanks to my readers, you are all wonderful. Love you my lovelies, take care and stay well. Thanks to my sissy for reading my works. Take care dears.





















Chapter 0

Just a Story


“So… What did you guys think of my story on all of us?~” Persefome questions as she beams at everyone, the book titled “Among Our Pages” in her hands.

The faces of her friends are all less than amused.

“A bunny? Seriously?! Just because I have a pet bunny doesn’t mean that I should…” Auro starts to fume, but is stopped.

“Excuse me, but…” Rie interrupts with soft raise of her hand, her eyes closed. Then, with a soft sigh as she sits there, keeping her eyes closed as she laces her fingers together in front of her face and begins to voice her concerns, “Why are you saying that Ultima and the others sacrificed themselves? That isn’t our religious history. Earth is only where our heroine was hidden while Yudiyu was looking for her to kill her before she could grow up and save the world. No one from Earth has ‘ever’ actually come here through the gate. Also…” she then opens her eyes and glances at Persefome with only her eyes as she questions, further, “Why is our home of Refrodi the quote unquote “Dream Realm”? Why is there a nightmare realm? Are you referring to the ‘dark lands’ that are an inhospitable place for us because light never reaches there? It’s where the dark elementals use to live back when there were elementals on Refrodi. Back before magic on our planet disappeared. ‘And’ the valley of lost souls isn’t attached to our world at all, it’s within Syrellia. ‘That’ is where the fallen spirit beasts, the ‘dayomon’ that rule it and take all the lost souls are, ‘not’ “Syr-RAYL-Ea. Among everything else that you got incorrect or made up.” She sighs then remarks as she hangs her head, “Your imagination is ‘quite’… something, Persefome.” she then glances Persefome once again.

Syrellia: {sir-rehl-lE-uh} 1: noun: A place created to imprison the fallen spirit beasts other than Yudiyu, also where the souls of sinners go in Refrodian religious history.

2: exclamation: used to express annoyance or surprise or for emphasis. “Oh, syrellia-- where will this all end?” “Oh, syrellia, no!”

Spirit beast: {pronounced how it’s spelled} noun: 1: a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent or messenger of Ultima, conventionally represented in human form or animal form or a mix in-between.

2: a person of exemplary conduct or virtue.

Dayomon: {day-O-mOn} noun: 1: the fallen spirit beasts who were against the imprisonment of Yudiyu and believed she should be erased from existence instead. Were banished into Syrellia.

2: a person of poor conduct or virtue.

Persefome pouts, “I thought they were all chichie concepts.”

Chichie: {chE-chE-Ay} 1: adjective: “Double Magical” A slang term meaning something that is really impressive and/or interesting.

Everyone’s attentions are now taken off Rie and placed back on Persefome as she whines. Then back to Rie as she speaks once again.

“They are…” she sighs, “Very interesting ideas, however, incorrect.” she says as she looks down while closing her eyes once again.

Pouting Persefome shrugs and closes her eyes, “Yeah. Well I thought they all sounded chichie.”

“Let’s not even get into the fact that you had ME following around Auro like some lost puppy!” Lylith pouts as she glares Persefome who smiles at her nervously and laughs.

“Hehe… Yea… Well… You two seem cute together to me. The way you two act towards one another is just adorable!~” Persefome sings.

Auro and Lylith both sigh and hang their heads.

“Why? Just… why?” Lylith pouts.

“Stor. ry.” Persefome emphasizes. “It’s not all supposed to be real you know. Sheesh. Why do you have to keep being so negative about it?” she pouts as she hangs her head.

“And you just had to make yourself be so chichie.” Demechi pouts, “Whereas I was some loser of Abyzo’s. WHY?”

Persefome pouts more, “Hey. I think I made all of you pretty chichie too, you know. You redeemed yourself in the end Demechi which was pretty chichie.” she says with a wide grin.

“That is true.” Rie admits earning a shocked look from Demechi, but then argues, “However, Abyzo wasn’t the cause of the fall of Yudiyu. She fell because she was jealous of Ultima’s love for us humans.”

“I understand that.” Persefome pouts more, “It was just a story. Sheesh.”

“W-why make yourself genderless though? Also, the characters you made up…?” Aruskiy starts only to be drowned out by Auro.

“Was there some weird inspiration for the fake characters not based on anyone of us here in the storytellers’ guild, Persefome? Fre, Ayoumi, Edj, Kusuni, Harris, Tictoc, Verail, Mitchie and Lee? True Mahkdalin was the last known Spirit Beast of Death before the spirit beasts sacrificed themselves, but it was to SAVE Refrodi, for us people and WE humans didn’t sacrifice ourselves for Earth or anything.” Auro questions then notes curiously.

Persefome shrugs, “I had a dream about that Lee girl. As for the others, I wanted someone for Yuuki, so Fre was cute for him.”

“And look where that lead!” Auro shouts as zie slings zim arm back with zir palm up as zie gestures to a frozen Yuuki whose eyes are widen as he is shaking in a dark blush and unmoving. “Poor guy is traumatized by your little romance! You ‘know’ he’s ‘very’ shy of romance and girls touching him, don’t you?!”

Persefome pouts while whimpering out, “It was soooo cuuuuute though.”

Auro sighs and hangs zir head, “On the other hand…” zie smirks and crosses zir arms, “I DID like my portrayal. You got me spot on. Heh.” then zie shrugs, “But, why did I have brown eyes to begin with? Why did I have to suddenly have my rainbow eyes from a power crystal thing?”

Smiling nervously, Persefome shrugs, “I…I don’t know. I just thought that people of Earth wouldn’t have eyes like yours. They are rare here on Refrodi, after all. Only one person every thousand years has them, right? Cause like… They symbolize the chosen prince of light.”

“Hmhm.” Auro just laughs lightly as zie shrugs with zir arms crossed and a smirk on zir lips.

“And why set me up with this Lee girl? Also…” Rymi questions as he blushes and looks away, “You didn’t explain the others.” he seems embarrassed to have brought up her coupling him with someone and is quick to change the subject.

“It. was. Cuuuuute.” she retorts then finishes, “And I don’t know. They just seemed like chichie characters with chichie stories.” she says with a shrug and a smile.

A sigh follows as Demechi remarks, “Anyhow. Are we going to actually come up with a story together this time, or are you going to go off and take the whole thing upon yourself once again, Persefome?” he looks to Persefome seriously as he asks this.

Persefome pouts and shrugs, “FINE…” she sighs and shakes her head, “What should the next story be about then?”

“Anyone have any ideas?” Demechi questions as he looks around at the others curiously.

“I do!” Persefome says as she raises her hand sharply.

“Besides you.” He sighs as he looks away from her looking at the others.

The others laugh as Persefome pouts. Now the others look amongst one another and seem to nod conformingly before looking back to Demechi decisively.

“I believe we ALL have the same curiosity.” Rie states plainly.

Smiling Demechi nods, “Yes. The greatest known mystery of all of Refrodi.”

Aruskiy adds nervously. “A-and it may never be solved.”

“If you ‘actually’ believe the Kiyrim, that is.” Auro interjects, crossing zir arms. “The thing is, however, not everyone is religious, some do not believe in the Mother, the life stream or that Syrellia and the spirits ever even existed. However, … ‘If’ and that’s a very big if… ‘If’ it all actually ‘is’ true… then it is something I myself would like to figure out. The myth goes…”

“It is ‘not’ a myth.” Rie interrupts.

With a sigh Demechi shrugs, “Come on you guys. Don’t go fighting again. Rie is very religious and Auro is very skeptical, we know this, let bygones be bygones, ok.”

Rie looks away while Auro sighs and shrugs.

Shaking zir head, Auro continues zir train of thought from before. “Ok. Sorry. Right. So, the legend goes that there was once a Father who created a daughter whose power was soul and creation, that there was always a void whose power was reducing all to nothing, then the Father left the daughter an angel who married the daughter and they had three children. Two girls, Rysyn and Yudiyu and a boy, Kuragane. The eldest sister, Rysyn wished to get along with her younger siblings, however, Yudiyu hated her for some reason and wanted the Kuragane’s attention all to herself. Kuragane however wanted to be friends with both of them and somehow get the two to get along. The eldest did wish to be friends with her sister, but was not as… we’ll say… tolerant of Yudiyu’s behavior as the Kuragane was. She believed in punishing her when she wouldn’t listen while Kuragane tried to understand why she acted that way and explain to her why it was wrong. It was… interesting, to say the least.” zie shrugs.

Rie looks back to Auro and nods, “Correct.” Then she looks amongst the others as she continues, “Then, one day, Kuragane just disappears and Yudiyu kills her father and tries to kill Rysyn and Ultima as well. They fight, Ultima punishes her by creating Blood Realm and then sealing her inside alone.”

“Right, by then, the spirit beasts and humans were already in existence, so Ultima creates Refrodi and all the elements except ice and metal as we know it today, also death came into existence. Then…” Rymi tilts his head looking up as he thinks.

“All the normal animals are made and humans were put down here.” Demechi finishes for him.

“Right.” Rymi says with a nod then looks to him saying gratefully, “Thanks.”

He gives him a kind smile while replying, “No problem.”

“Then Abyzo is sealed in the void by the Father and Ultima leaves to try and find her lost son.” Auro continues.

“That was only ‘after’ the Father ‘told’ her to leave the rest in Rysyn’s hands and go look for Kuragane.” Rie corrects zim.

“Right. Right.” Auro says while waving his comment off.

“An-an-anyw-waaay…” Yuuki interrupts nervously, drawing everyone’s attentions to him before he looks down nervously, his lavender hair falling around his shoulders.

“Hmm? What is it Yuuki?” Auro questions him curiously.

“W-well…” he sighs softly before looking back up at everyone and stating simply, “W-we all wish to kn-kn-know what h-h-happened to Kuragane, s-since it was only ever as-sumed that Bakura W-WAS Kuragane and n-nev-ver actually pr-proven… S-s-so…” he then looks down shyly once again and sighs out nervously. “W-well… We… We could all g-go and i-in-investigate…?” he questions before looking up at everyone while still in a deep blush.

“Hm? What do you mean Yuuki?” Rymi questions him while straightening his glasses.

“R-right.” Yuuki replies with a nod as he looks down then explains, “W-well…” he then looks up at everyone as he explains, “D-realm is said to STILL ex-exist… a-a-as well as Syrellia.”

“Sounds good to me.” Auro encourages while patting Yuuki’s shoulder with a smirk.

The others look around at one another curiously, all seeming to wonder if this is actually a good idea or not before their attentions finally fall on the one who now speaks.

“So, are we all in then?” Demechi questions as he looks around at everyone now curiously.

With a bright, beaming smile a shout of, “Let’s go already.” is heard from Persefome as she excitedly jumps from her chair at the round table of her seven friends before running for the door.

Lylith shakes her head and sighs, “As excitable as ever.” she says while standing calming before then following after her like a lady.

Auro chuckles, “It’s more fun that way Lyl. Also… I now wonder what you would look like if you actually had albinism like the Diamond Knight.”

Lylith shrugs, “Yeah. I wonder why she wrote me that way as well… Well, I suppose I ‘did’ say it would be chichie to look like the Diamond Knight once, that probably did it; but I’ll keep my chocolate skin any day.~” she sings out in a chuckle. “Also, fond of my black hair and green eyes, so…” she shrugs, “Though my eyepatch is FAR from a metal plate on my face.” she pouts cutely.

“How’d you lose your eye again?” Auro questions as zie looks to her with a smirk.

She half glares him with her one eye then sighs and looks to the open door Persefome had ran out of before answering, “I told you a hundred times already, Auraurokane.”

“A hundred and one, please?~” zie begs with puppy eyes.

She pouts then shakes her head and sighs, “I tripped when I was three and landed on a Spikel Flower. It took out my eye.” she says dully.

Auro chuckles with a smirk, “Cute little Lyl.” zie says as zie pats her head.

She half pouts and half glares him while waving his hand off her head with both her hands frantically, “I should have stayed in Lau. Coming to Lyra to join the storytellers’ guild was stupid. I have to put up with YOU now.”

Auro smirks more, “Be honest with your feelings. You should ask me to marry you now.”

A dark blush grows across her cheeks as she glares Auro even more before she shouts in protest, “I would rather be killed by the snake vines of Barrum Barrum Forest!” before then turning away from him and stomping off after Persefome.

Smirking proud of zirself, Auro chuckles and then follows after. One by one, the others shake their heads at these two and then follow after them.

“They really ‘are’ made for each other.” Rymi chuckles with a smirk.

Yuuki nods while blushing uncomfortably.

With a sigh Demechi remarks, “If that is “made for each other” I would hate to see what mortal enemies looks like.”

Rymi chuckles at this while Aruskiy and Yuuki both smile nervously at the remark and Rie ignores it just quietly following after the others. Then, these five all walk out of the room after the other three.

Now, one could not disagree that they ‘do’ fight a lot and I’ve only been watching them for about twenty minutes here; though I do tend to watch them quite a bit. Speaking of which, I think I should follow them on this little quest of theirs. After all, I’m the one they’re looking for.~ You may call me Bakura, I prefer that name over the one mother gave me. See you all soon~





























About the Author

I am a person who does things. I am a wierd person who loves to write and spell wierd incorrectly {save for in stories} and I adore making people smile and laugh. I am grumpy quite a lot, but *shrugs* oh well... I guess. ... Yeah... I am a genderless Asexual who only likes romance in stories, or ones that I myself am not in. So, that is a thing. Nothing really important to say otherwise really. I just love to write stories that hopefully puts smiles on faces and cheers peoples up when they are down. Not really a whole lot to say I guess.

Here, please read my interview thingy if you like please and thank you: https://www.Shakespir.com/interview/EhkoMasks

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Author’s Note

Please fight not over my story. It was NOT intended for such a wasteful purpose. This story itself is about acceptance and knowing to show evil its opposite. So please do not argue over my reasons, feelings or lore of this story, it was not meant for that purpose and any who do are no fans of my work nor me. I shall not nor ever consider them my fans either.

My book is about teaching one to accept other’s opinions and faults as your own, not scorning them for it as who ‘actually’ understands my story or not. So, if you disagree simply say, “I respect your opinion, although I cannot share in it.” Accept what others believe or wish to believe of it and return scorn with kind word, hatred with love and curses with blessings. Never stoop to the level of those who would show you cruelty.

And if someone writes something bad or unkind about me, please don’t show hate or hostility. Simply say, “Are you alright? Are you sad? Is there something that has made you have a bad day? Do you need a friend?” They may have had a bad day today and need someone to care, not hate on them. Just remember that.

Please do not argue over who should be with who, as again, that is NOT the point of this story. I am not a romantic person myself really. I get sick of lovey-dovey stuff myself quite easily and am like Ayoumi, Lithromantic bordering on A-romantic. There were some couples I liked then I got bleh about it after a while as that is how I am. You are free to like whatever coupling you like, but do not think that everyone must agree with you. Please don’t argue about trivial things such as that. Anyway, please be good to one another, accept your differences and treat one another with respect, admiration and love.

Love you all my lovelies. Take care and God BLESS~!

Ehko Masks



Among Our Pages II A Spoof

A little snippet of a funny Spoof of my book "Among Our Pages" where I make... A FEW changes to how the original story went. It's just a take on what COULD be the truth behind things, but of course isn't. It really is just a cute silly little spoof that goes with a "What if Refrodi is real and not just the "Dream Realm"?" sort of theory. You just have to read to find out really. It's cute, I think.

  • ISBN: 9781370065226
  • Author: Ehko Masks
  • Published: 2016-12-22 08:20:09
  • Words: 3306
Among Our Pages II A Spoof Among Our Pages II A Spoof