America's Free Work Kit

Dear American Worker,

You are important! The work kit you have received contains several different ebooks containing a wealth of information, that when read entirely, will prepare you and arm you with enough knowledge to give you a lifetime’s worth of work that YOU control and you can even start your own microbusiness in any field within the kit and get health insurance. Please read the ebooks from start to finish and read all of them. You will be able to begin work and make money immediately as a task worker and catch up with bills or pay the rent and buy food. You can spend time training and working in any of the other jobs outlined and make a six-figure income or more as a successful small business owner. This information is the distillation of 2 decades of study, and is ready for you to use to achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliance at last. America needs to rejuvenate the small business sector (which is 70% +/- of all business) and can find solutions for the working and middle class and beyond and their needs by developing and creating microjobs and microbusinesses, redistributing the power to the individual, and in return, the people. The effort of this campaign is to mass distribute this unique work kit to 500 million people here in the USA. The work is there, this work kit contains enough information to assure lifetime work and health insurance for ALL Americans. Make sure you research everything in certain topics within this kit; you will find all of the information by finding basic online research techniques( “type “basic online research techniques” into a search engine and read the first few pages worth of results) and immersing yourself in self-taught training. You can do it!

Best wishes,

A concerned activist and citizen.

How To Get Private Health Insurance

As a microbusiness, you can get private health insurance if you own a small business with 2 or more employees from www.paychex.com. You can get a small business license in your area by checking with your county clerk’s office and applying for one (mine cost 33$). A DBA license is a sole proprietorship, and an individual can get one by just applying. You could also apply for private health insurance as an individual or a family at many providers.

Setting up a Home Office:

You can set up a home office in any way you prefer, but here are a few things traditional home offices have around, and some of the paperwork you will need to get.


High-speed computer with high-speed access, large memory:

Computer screen – necessary websites, programs, work guide files, other files, applications, features:


Dedicated Phone Line:

Noise/Distraction Free Work Area:

Secure system with password protections:

Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine:

Food Arrangements/ Break Space

Paperwork, license, accounts and tax forms, security:

Business license in your area (mine was 33$), business bank account checking savings with debit card and online banking, paypal business account, IRS Tax Id#, IRS 1099 Tax Form, Independent Contractor Work Agreements, Final Acceptance Form.

Secure storage of personal employee data, ID for immigration laws on file – DL & SSC copy.

One thing you can do is to look up “how to set up a home office” in your search engine and read any articles you may find on the subject. Studying small business methods and “how to run a small business” in your search engine will also help you figure it out as well.

Freelance Worker Primer

You can be a freelance worker in any area you wish, and whether you have the skills or not, you can train in them (a little more about here). You can do so either online as described below or offline in the more traditional way. You can get books/ebooks/etc. on how to be a freelancer online or offline in almost any field available and self-study and research how to do so by your own efforts.

Additional books and articles on the topic of freelance work can be found in your public library or online by typing the words “online freelance work training information “ into your search engine or looking for them in online bookstores and library resources.

There is a huge amount of work available online as a freelance worker. The types of work can be found listed in the websites, and with time and research, you can find and decide for yourself how to create your own work at home job in any number of areas. You can do this in your spare time, or time you have to work with. If you don’t have a computer, internet access can be found in your local library or you can utilize many resources online.

Here is a list to start from:





These sites have an ever different and unique individual project and job opportunity stream of leads in all different work categories. You can even get an RSS feed into your email from Freelancer.com that gives you a constant stream of opportunities right into your email for viewing, customizable by job category. You have to establish yourself over time and develop your skills and build a reputation and ranking, and compete, but you can definitely make the same amount of money as a traditional desk job over time.

You should check out the first major 50 entries and you will find the freelance sites. You should prepare by investigating the websites. The next thing you should do is make a list of your own skills and abilities. You should then make a list of skills and types of freelance work you are interested in. Then you should make decisions as to what work you will do. In many cases you will need to prepare a profile for yourself on the freelance site and learn how to bid on work.

You should take the time to learn how to do this. You can find tips, training, and certfications on the websites themselves. You should also study and research the sites themselves extensively. You will find many unique p/t and f/t jobs as well as individual projects. There are always increasing numbers of unique situations that exist. You should study the sites daily, always looking for new things. There are tens of thousands of sub-skills and categories to choose from.

There are hundreds and hundreds of skills and work types available. You can train on your own for most of them, with the help of online resources. You don’t need formal education or experience to be able to perform the work, if you research and learn how to do the job effectively and competently. Matching skills you have with available work is one thing, learning and acquiring new skills is entirely within your grasp however. Everything you find online you can offline as well, or as your own freelance professional in any or multiple categories of work with your own home office to do so.

You then need to prepare to train yourself in your new skill, or add to the knowledge in your existing skill base as you go along.

You for example can take the skill (and they are listed in the websites by category) and then you can type in the words i.e. “Microsoft Word Training” (if the skill is Microsoft word) into your search engine. Then you can find the training for your new skill. Microsoft actually offers training in Microsoft Word online itself. There are many different training certifications offered on freelancer.com that will allow you to be certified in any category you wish on their site. There are fees in most cases but there are many free online resources you can use to train yourself in many skills.

You will need to direct your own research and training efforts! You will need to learn how to study and work on your own, which can be a little scary, it can be frustrating, it can be time consuming, etc. You will need to develop the discipline to order to do so. This can be fun, and the love of knowledge is all you need.


You will need to devote a large amount of time and energy and research, training, and work time to do this work. You will need to get your home office professionally equipped and operating as a functional work environment. You will need to read articles and brainstorm in all related areas to this new job you have. You can cross-train and re-train for new skills at anytime, and work in several different fields simultaneously if desired. You will need to make payment arrangements (paypal is very popluar) and other items not in this primer. You will need to research and find the things you need to custom create this work for you.

Five tips:

Don’t underbid on work

Develop a good rating and keep it

Don’t stiff your clients

Keep deadlines

Max your quality

Learn more about freelance work by reading articles and gathering information on freelance work online or in your local library or bookstore. You will need to do a lot of preparation in these areas and get the necessary equipment and tools, training, etc, necessary to do the work ahead. Educate yourself in these areas and you will find out what you need to know in addition to these materials.

Best of luck, and remember, you always can use the independent work task specialist position you have now to finance any of the other work (or any other) at any time (see the dream page career planner in this kit). This means you can make money you need to survive now (or later) and then decide what to do with the rest of your choices. You could also do the easy writing work or other work outlined in this guide, it can all be used together at different times to strategically plot a general career path and leave room to maneuver and never do the same work all the time, basically, never getting burnt out.

Task Specialist Job/Micro-business

This is a job where you are your own boss. Anyone can do this job with average abilities.

There is enough work in your neighborhood or area in the form of small businesses and private residences to be able to create your own job doing individual work tasks for the individuals.

The job of an individual work task specialist is to focus on doing individual tasks, and these tasks can be almost anything, from washing dishes and making dinner for people, to painting fences or similar duties.

You never know what you will get. You may get some repeat work, be willing to work extra hours if necessary. In your local area you can find private residences and businesses that will allow people to do short or long term task work assignments for set prices.

You can create a schedule of work assignments using notepads, online schedulers and the like to keep track of work assignments. You can keep track of your customers/clients with an online schedule as well, and keep track of the work and time this way.

If you want to be an individual work task specialist, you can find a way to be able to do so quite easily in your neighborhood whether you live in a small city, suburb, or large city or some rural areas, you will be able to find a wide variety of opportunities here in the United States.

One good way to search for ideas for tasks to do is to go to www.taskrabbit.com and see what they are doing. You may even find work there too (not an endorsement but they have a good reputation).

You can start by creating a skills sheet, listing all of the skills you have are able to do currently. You will also be able to train and do a large number of other skills. You can train for them from Internet searches as to how to perform tasks. Even tasks performed that you do not have any current skill to do.

You never know until you try, and you can easily research online how to perform individual tasks as you go along. For example if you don’t know how to refinish a desk, you can look up how to do so online just by doing simple Internet searches be able to find out how to perform the tasks. You can apply this to any task.

The ability to perform these tasks will vary from task to task, but there are many, many, many common tasks that you could perform and train yourself how to do. You can look up online how to do these tasks, such as how to use a paintbrush or any other tool to perform the tasks.

People have done this for years and many have called it odd jobs. Individual task work specialists though are more organized, utilizing Internet resources to focus on individual tasks and jobs that need to be performed.

You take a job assignment and you break it down into what needs to be done, and match it with the skill. You can teach yourself skills, and develop new skill sets as you go, by identifying the functions needed to perform the task, and matching them up with the tools necessary to do the job. In this way, you can learn what skills go with what job, and the tools to go with it.

Once you have a skills sheet, which you can make out of a Microsoft notepad application or other word processing program, you can then move on to create a tools list. This list of tools that you use to perform various tasks will be a guide that you use while performing the tasks as well as using with the skills sheet to know what you can do.

Many people have the tools you need to do the tasks themselves, or you can have them supply the tools and supplies to do the tasks, if you don’t have them already. You will want to add to your tools and keep a tool library. You can also ask your clients to provide your tools.

When you buy tools, make sure to buy quality tools, poor quality tools will not last long, and break easily and/or do a poor job.

You can cross train in any number of task areas, and the ability to learn new tasks and gain new knowledge of how to perform them can be learned as well.

You could always take the time to learn how to use tools train yourself in skills on how to use them in perform tasks by doing simple Internet searches for information.

This could be anything, such as mowing a lawn or painting a fence, or anything anybody asks you to do. You just look up the specific information you need by typing it into a search engine, it could be any information, such as “how to use a jigsaw” or “how to install a hardwood floor” or anything. Specific internet searches will yield specialized results for any task, tool, or skill information you need to do a task. When charging your customers, you will want to look up and find average prices to charge for the type of task you perform, or estimate it by how much work is charged for (for the same work) in your area.

You will need to spend time scheduling tasks, and making arrangements to be paid. Your clients may not always be there when you are done, immediately, to pay you.

You will need to use a simple Independent Contractor Work Agreement. Here is a link that you can cut and paste into your browser of a sample work agreement.


Use this Independent Contractor Work Agreement to make work agreements with your clients. You can modify it or make or use another one.

If you employ workers and get a business license, you should do the necessary paperwork per Immigration Laws to document your workers, and have on file copies of their ID such as licenses and Social Security cards.

You should also invest in getting a copy of your background check and present it with proper ID (and offer this in advertising) to your potential clients. This will help them feel much more comfortable allowing you in their homes and businesses around their valuables. You can get low cost background checks for as low as around 12$ online that are comprehensive complete national records.

When utilizing yourself and another or more, you can get health insurance for you and your employees. Your family can also be covered.

There are several health insurance companies that can offer health insurance; a reputable and good one is located at paychex.com. Health insurance for your company is available through them if you have two or more employees.

Good help is hard to find!

Every employer or client knows this and either knows this is your critical advantage in today’s economy.

In order to do this work you will need to be dedicated to it, and consider and meet all challenges, and treat it like any other job.

Not everyone wants to do this work either, but the unemployment rate is around 10%, and everyone who needs work and is willing to work hard and has the skills and or ability to learn the skills necessary can find this work and do it in most cases.

It’s ok. The process of attaining clients and doing tasks can be fun and rewarding work. You can find new things to do all the time. You can find ways to learn the new skills you need by research and study online.

You can use the everyday tools such as a phone, phone book, and internet along with personal or arranged transportation. If you don’t have a phone, internet, or transportation you can still walk and use just a libraries copy, or a friends or other personal copy of the white and yellowpages.

You could call and find on average maybe four clients an hour, one every fifteen calls or so, each call that ends in a sale that takes about 15 minutes to discuss and close the deal this can lead to more work for you from the client and their friends and associates as well.

You will want to get a telemarketing script. You can create one or you can have one made, and you can get telemarketing scripts by doing Internet searches for telemarketing scripts. You can also canvas for work business-to-business or door-to-door at residences. Developing a flyer to give these people is a great idea.

You may also want to advertise in your local newspapers or online free advertising sites such as craigslist, backpage, and other free advertising sites, using these sites to solicit business.

These are some of the marketing methods you can use, although you can also develop postcards and send them in the mail. If you do this you’ll want to get an answering machine for your telephone if you don’t already have one, you’ll be able to get phone calls and get the messages from potential clients.

You would also want to develop your business, adding skills scheduling new tasks and looking for new opportunities. Creating new business opportunities is part of maintaining your existing workflow.

Expanding your skills, and looking for new and better ways to do work and broadening and deepening your knowledge and abilities is part of an ongoing training that will help you make more money and be able to do an increasing number of types of work.

Remember that organization is the key, and to be prepared for each individual task as it comes up. Once you have developed your skills sheet and tools list, prepared your telemarketing script, found your customers, created a work schedule, arranged for your transportation to and from job sites, you can then start to get to work.

You may want to also get a business license as mentioned, and you may want to get a PayPal account and a bank account for that business. PayPal has a card reader for ATM and debit cards that will allow you to process payments on the spot from customers, so you can get paid on the spot. Cash works well too of course.

Keeping track of your money and using accounting programs online will allow you to manage your money, you will have to buy new tools and equipment as you go along, and make other arrangements to pay for transportation and other business costs.

Find out what those costs are and account for them in your overall budgeting. Study how to run a small business by reading books and articles online about small businesses and how they operate, and you should be all set in your new job as a individual task work specialist.

Save well, spend wisely.


As a freelance writer, you have to include both marketing and time for marketing in your schedule in order to make money. And, you should have a marketing plan and business plan in place, in written form. You don’t have to scramble for work in fact you should be in a position where you TURN AWAY work. Does this seem impossible, well, it really isn’t.

You just need to know where, and how, to find writing work. This training course shows you all you need to know. With what it contains, you should never worry about being able to find work again.

This course outlines and shows you a whole bunch of methods, more than you need, yet I do not cover every detail of what you do. You will have to do some reading and research to make that happen (I just give you the raw information and basic facts you will need to fill in the many details of how to best use them). Don’t worry, that’s easy. If you want more information on a subject, you just do some internet searches and you should quickly find tons of information.

If you are going to seriously get into freelance writing, you should immerse yourself in the subject, constantly gathering more facts and information as you progress. That’s how I did it; I have been studying freelance writing as a freelancer for two decades, so with this course you have an 18 year head start and can benefit from my countless hours of research, really. Through this eBook you will be directed to find more writing work than you could do, but it’s up to you to decide which work, what course to take, and how you use this information.

#1 eBooks & Best (Free) Marketing

eBooks – publish your eBooks for free on websites such as www.bookcountry.com and www.Shakespir.com. See sites for details.

Market your eBooks:

A – Use Free Article Submission Directories – these directories can be used to publish articles for free across the internet to a global audience. While the articles you write for these directories cannot be directly promotional. They cannot be focused on your eBook or your company, they must be about an actual topic; links can be inserted but only incidentally or in resource boxes provided when submitting.

If article is deemed to be too promotional in any way, your article and your account may be banned. Please see sites for specific guidelines. However, you can use these articles to promote, just not directly. They want the content to be factual, not commercial, so as to constitute actual articles, not advertising copy.

Writing 2-3 articles each for the top 25 free article submission directories (with interesting content with catchy headlines) will make your traffic to your eBook web pages skyrocket, with mass sales potential. The best part is it’s all free, publishing the eBook AND marketing it this way.

Related search: “top 100 free article submission directories”

B – Forums – you can join forums, general and topic-specific, to promote links to your eBooks and sell a healthy amount of copies this way too.

C – Make a YouTube Video – (you can hire someone from a microgigs website to make the video for you dirt cheap, sometimes for like $5). You can have the same microgig sites promote the YouTube video too. Check offers carefully, and read reviews and ratings, there are some cons but most are for real or they don’t last long. See rest of this eBook for microgigs information.

D – Affiliate Sales – you can find a number of digital goods sales platforms and hire affiliate marketers to sell your eBooks. See sites like www.payloadz.com and www.clickbank.com and do what is needed, but you can be sure you will be able to sell well if your eBooks are valuable.

E – Microgig Sites – these sites (like www.fiverr.com and www.gigbucks.com) have advertising and social marketing sections where you can have your eBook promoted (or your blog for that matter). See more on how to use microgig sites to promote your business later. View offers and brainstorm which offers would work best for you!

#2 Blogging & Guest Blogging

One of the best ways to make money as a writer online is blogging. Ok. You say, sure, I’ve heard of that. But you’ve also heard it takes a very long time and you have to learn incredible amounts of information and work your ass off at it, and most times you end up wasting your time, really. Well, that isn’t all true, but here it is also not the point. The fact of blogging, a hidden secret lies in GUEST blogging (for $50+ on up per post).

Tons of opportunities exist to guest blog for top pay, and you don’t need a highly successful blog of your own to work from. You mainly just need a blog you have developed with an average number of posts (1 per week will do) for usually a minimum of 3 months. Then you can guest post at a potential unlimited number of blogs in the topic that yours is (niche).

This is an exciting opportunity for many people who want a great career blogging, but don’t want to invest everything in their own blog. You can also still keep developing your own blog as well though (the point is it doesn’t have to be wildly successful if you don’t want to invest all it would take to make your blog this lucrative, necessarily), and guest blogging and linking back to your blog will greatly increase your readership.

You win both ways on this one. And you can cash out on those guest blogs on a regular basis. Having 2-3 blogs on separate interests of yours will make it possible to have virtually unlimited guest blogging opportunities open up before you for life…

Related searches:

“websites where you can guest blog”

“how to start and monetize your own blog”

“guest blogging opportunities”

“how to guest blog”

“paid to guest blog”

“high-paying guest blogging opportunities”

[+ https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=paid%20to%20blog%20job%20board+]

You could also invest the time in blogging to develop a blog, get it ranking well, and then just sell the blog. You can do this as many times as you like. Great blogs take some time and energy and research to be able to figure out how to do, but you could just sell them for big profits.

Related searches:

“how to develop a blog and sell it”

“where to sell blogs online”

“developing a highly successful blog”

Go to those searches and research all you can on how to develop, and then sell you blogs; there is a lot of money in this too.

#3 Submit High-Paying Articles & Blogs Directly

Search for “where to submit high-paying articles” or “paid to write” in a search engine and study the results. Submit articles; opportunities for high paying articles are all over the internet. Just come up with a pitch and send the query to publishers. Tackle a few pitches a week, and prepare for some rejections. Make room in your schedule for as many assignments as you can handle, overreach in fact, but schedule enough time overall to make up for it.

You don’t want to really have TOO much work all of the time and you want to make time for your commitments. It’s a balancing act, but the name of the game is leaving cushion room in your schedule. Have some limbo hours built in, where you either catch up with work or do additional work acquisition in that time.

You will also want to build time in your schedule just for getting work. Time to find work/market built right in. Hey, it’s part of the job, not an afterthought. Just because the work is a product of your imagination to a degree does not mean you can ignore marketing, after all.

Just read all the sources you can find and make a master list, there are TONS of opportunities, many of them repeat business. You can also type in “(insert topic of your choice) guest blogging opportunities” and “(insert topic of choice) blogs” and you can read their blogs for opportunities to guest post, with or without a blog of your own.

#4 Set-up Website & Market Writing Services

You can set-up a simple website for your writing business using Wordpress for free, or as low as $18 with your own domain. You can drive traffic to your website using AdWords, free article submission directory articles, Craigslist and Backpage ads, and use it as a sales tool with warm-calling and direct mail sales techniques (explained in this course).

You can also place flyers in the doorways of small businesses with your website address and email address on the flyer, and this is one more way to promote your writing business. Getting people to sign-up for newsletters and evinces, you can build an opt-in email campaign to generate a following online, and also promote using your Face book (make a page for your business too) and Twitter accounts.

Twitter accounts are easy to get new followers, you just follow businesses or individuals, and many times they will follow you too, although some will leave, many will stay and you can market to them too through Twitter.

You can send out periodic emails to your opt-in list, just don’t do it too often and remember to put unsubscribe links on the bottom of emails and newsletters, to comply with spam laws. If you don’t comply with spam laws, customers will shun you and you face heavy fines.

You may want to use paid traffic websites, or traditional internet marketing and advertising, placing ads like banners and block ads on other websites that would be a good fit, and drive business to your website and business. Advertising on writing websites and even using blogging to link back to your website is a great idea.

You may want to actually use those free article submission directories to link people to your writing services website as well. Traditional internet advertising occurs in many different forms online, in some cases you can even hire an adverting agency or internet marketer with a vast storehouse of ideas beyond the scope of this eBook to work for you, and you will meet your goals in services sales.

Other methods:

Also, it may sound redundant, but you can even get an internet marketing consultant to do in depth analysis of your website and get them to recommend traditional internet marketing and advertising techniques not mentioned in this eBook, if that would help you, additionally. You may have to pay for those services, but it is one more way to guarantee your workflow, and that’s the point here.

Paid traffic is another way to do this, but be careful of scams, there are a few that deliver real results, type in “paid web traffic” into Google and you can some on the first page that are really low-cost marketing and advertising instead of just empty traffic. Educate yourself in the differences, and don’t accept bogus offers, know what you are getting first by studying paid traffic.

One more really great way to advertise inexpensively is to go to microgig sites (like fiverr.com and gigbucks.com) and find bloggers and other s to advertise links and do a little promotion for you on their blog. This works well for eBooks too. You should find bloggers who have a large following and are good writers, with success. Avoid con jobs at all costs, but you can find good people to do this for you, for as low as $5. Ask yourself if they sound prosperous and legitimate.

For one example I found a woman blogger who offered to promote and list my link for the website, adding a little bit of a personal touch with her writing skills for this eBook with 50,000 followers on her blog. She is a real blogger, you can tell. Only 5$! Avoid con jobs like I said, but with this approach you can get tons of organic views, and hits, and then customers from this if your offer is good.

One more option is Facebook ads; in my example I got 840-2400 visitors to your website per day (quoted from my campaign, for one although I am using many advertising methods for this eBook) for freelance writing ads posted on Facebook for only $10 per day. That’s pretty good!

#5 Content Companies

Content companies have a somewhat dubious reputation, although in reality you can make pretty good money if you do this right with many of them. With the use of good research techniques, speech recognition software equipment, and other tools such as the Clearly research tool and through the Evernote.com website, you can expect to write quickly and well.

And if you have a variety of companies to work for, you should be able to have an endless selection of work you enjoy that you know something about that you can do whenever, and however, you want.

Some will decry this work approach, and advise you to not have anything to do with such so-called “mills”. However, if you have limited developed writing skills and little experience, they are perfect to build a portfolio and grow and polish your skills and gain necessary knowledge. You can gain a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge working for these companies, and this translates into higher pay and enough ability to navigate the world of freelance writing on a professional level later, while paying the bills NOW.

Some of companies pay at higher rates than others make sure you check out each company and their website individually. Yet, you are generally not obligated to work any set amount of work for any of them, and can come and go as you please as long as you meet deadlines on the assignments you accept.

Rates of pay will vary, from

Some standard content companies:











You can get many more writing company website addresses by typing in “top 100 content writing companies” into search engines such as Google, Ask, & Bing. You can just search and look over the results at your leisure, you will be sure to find hundreds and hundreds of available content companies to write for online…

www.infobarrel.com is a site you can make a stream of residual income doing work you want to write about only. You earn revenue by the amount of traffic your articles generate. It can substantial, and revenue recurs every month. It’s a great opportunity.

#6 Freelance Work Boards

Freelance work boards are great places to find work. Upwork is a high-end freelance board where there are TONS of high-paying projects and jobs for writers in all areas of writing.Freelancer.com also has plenty of higher paying work, but a lot of is not, so learn to spot the better assignments and choose those.

Guru has lots of options to find higher paying clients, and you can develop all three boards to maximize your earnings. Make sure you see sites for details and develop your profile to make your presence the best it can be, and attract the most clients with better offers. Here’s the links:





#7 Five Websites You Don’t Want to Miss!

These websites can be mined for unending writing work and you will find it never-ending. See sites for details and figure out how they work, but believe it, there’s tons of writing work on these sites alone for life!






Related searches:

“freelance writing work online”

“where to find freelance writing work”

“freelance writing work”

“how to find writing work”

#8 Free Advertising Websites

These sites can be mined for writing work from all over and you can also advertise your writing services on them. You could use these sites as a great source of writing revenue. Writing jobs and gigs open up all the time. Advertise in the services section under writing and translation and you can get clients with the right advertisement post.



#9 Online Auctions

Use eBay or other top auction websites to advertise your freelance writing services.

#10 Microgigs

Microgigs – search online for “top 10 microgigs websites” and go to the microgig websites; you will be able to advertise and find all kinds of writing opportunities. Make sure you understand and study the sites to figure out how they work. The work may seem low priced, at $5 per article or blog, but if you know the subject you write about well, you can write using speech recognition software equipment from the top of your head, and write a $5 piece in 10 minutes or less, which pays you $30 an hour or more.

#10 Direct Mail

Sending direct mail is still a very effective way to get new leads. It showcases your skills and usually gets a 1-3% response ratio on average you will get 1-3 customers for every 100 pieces of mail you send. You will want to send 1 st class postage and hand-sign the letters, use the name of who you are sending the letter to in the greeting, not a generic greeting.

Send direct mail sales letters to small businesses in need of writing services and web designers, web design agencies, advertising and marketing firms, and webmasters as well. You can sell your services directly to a company, or offer your services to the designers, agencies, etc.

Make sure you write your best sales letter copy as this will be a major selling point, your product has to sell itself, so do your very best for these sales letters.

#11 Visit Agencies and Designers in Person

Advertising agencies/marketing agencies/webmasters/web designers/ web design companies often will hire new copywriters, and many desperately need them! You can canvas these companies in person to query for work. Bring a business card and a resume, offer samples and references, and dress for success. You are likely to get some offers and steady clients for your freelance business this way. All it takes is 1-2 agencies or designers with steady work for you, and you’re good for quite a while.

#12 Websites – Backdoor Method

Visit websites and critique the content, send company emails telling them you can write better copy, and show them examples, and explain why your content is better, and what is wrong with existing content. It would be wise to study how to write better headlines and high-conversion copy and be able to prove to the customer why your content is better than what they have, drastically better.

So focus on websites with valuable products or services but truly crappy content, it should be an easy sell if your prices are fair and you have excellent copy that can deliver results.

# 13 Canvas Businesses in Person

Visit businesses in your area in person, or travel to an area like a big neighboring city and stay for a week a month, line up the work, then travel back and forth. You can carry business cards or flyers and resumes, and samples. Organize yourself, and prepare a sales pitch. But if you are not afraid of a few rejections and some mud puddles, this just may be right for you.

You can also visit web designers, marketing and advertising agencies, and webmasters directly, and bring a business card and make a verbal sales pitch to the small business directly. Studying how to make these pitches or, hiring a sales agent to do this for you may be a good choice. You would have to completely educate the sales agent in you and what you offer, so they can accurately present you and your work services.

# 14 Offer Services Through Online Forums –

Finding online forums for general or niche interests and marketing your services when you get appropriate chances in a good idea, just develop your presence in the forum and tell people about your services when you get a chance. Never be pushy, just make your services attractive and offer them to people you meet.

#15 Clubs/Associations and the Chamber of Commerce

These places will have new business listings and business information to find new businesses that are in need of website copy and other writing copy products, just locate them online and use them as sources for leads and use the methods explained in this course to approach and get them as clients.

#16 Personalized Emails

Personalized email – you can send personalized emails to businesses or non-profits, and as long as they are sent from a personal email and individually written, you are not breaking any spam laws, and can email these companies directly. This can also lead into warm-calling, where you send 2-3 emails and then call the business on the phone, telling them you are going to call in your emails. This is much better than cold calling, where they have no idea who you are and you have to break through several gatekeepers which is seldom successful.

#17 Hire a Telemarketer

Hiring a real professional telemarketer to make cold sales calls isn’t exactly the best of choices, but it is somewhat effective, and you can usually hire a telemarketer from Craigslist. If you can find a good one you might want to choose this route. You will probably have to write a script for them, and educate your telemarketer in all of the facets of your services you want to portray to a potential customer by phone. Find leads using the Yellow pages online.

#18 Lead Generation Services

Getting a lead generator service to work for you can also be one route you could pursue. They most likely can get you the work you need if you don’t have a lot of time for marketing yourself.

Using services such as Thumbtack.com and eByline.com can also get you unlimited work, although there are upfront fees (not too dear) for Thumbtack.com.

#19 Telecommute & Traditional Job Boards

Telecommute writer positions open up on sites like Indeed and Monster (search “job boards online” for complete information on these boards). Telecommute job boards have many positions in writing available (just type in “telecommute job boards” and search the boards for telecommute writing jobs).

#20 Sales Agent – last but not least, you can get a sales agent to sell your services using some of the methods described in this book instead of doing it yourself.

For novels in paper form: the advent of the internet has made electronic media and digital documents the way of the future, and the way of the present as far as writing this type (novels, short stories, etc.). However, if you want to go the traditional route, remember, the big 5 and other publishers NEVER accept unsolicited manuscripts. However, agents will. And the will listen to agents. It’s just part of the process to get a good agent, and they can be found through internet searches both nationally and locally in the USA. You just need to get a reputable agent, and have them read and bring your work to a publisher. You do need an agent, but there is no mystery to it. Unknown writers with talent approach agents every day, and an agent will help you get your work into the hands of a publisher for consideration. Inquire at agents websites for contact information.

For other fiction and writing forms, you can search these search phrases and find as many outlets for this type of writing goes;

“magazines that take submissions”

“newspapers that take submissions”

I am not trying to cover every area of writing and writing work in this eBook. There are things not mentioned here, but I tried to cover most freelance writing work and at least the process for novelists and fiction writers, and journalists, to give these writers options too.

Final advice:

Subscribe to writing blogs and newsletters, comb the internet and always gather new information and take notes in physical form and keep a folder of bookmarks and a back-up copy of those bookmarks in case your system crashes. Learn all you can about the industry. All kinds of new opportunities are constantly becoming available, with this course you are prepared with all the information you need…

The freelance writing industry evolves over time too, keep a look out for new opportunities as they arise; the internet will not be the same all of the time, vast new work opportunities and ways to get work come up every DAY. Keep aware of them by studying the industry… and doing research. You have to be in it to win it!

Best of luck…


If you have any issues or concerns, and you should not after reading this eBook, but if you do and you want a refund for this eBook, you can write a brief explanation of your problem (in an email to me personal email address [email protected]), and either I will solve it for you through consultation, to your satisfaction, or I will issue a full refund.

I am here to help and please me readers, not just make my money and be gone. If you honestly find it improbable you could make great steady money from work from the contents of this book, I honestly want to hear about it!

The Guerilla Guide to Fun, Easy Freelance Writing

Self-contained job/micro-business.

To begin with, think in game [* theory: Once you think of the job as fun, it becomes easy, like word puzzles. A word puzzle can be defined as 100-1500 word content articles, 250+ word model term papers, 50+ word blogs, X words copywriting types (see freelance writer as business section) and each puzzle follows certain formatting rules. You will train yourself using this as a guide for training and workstation with lab controls. *]

Note: Please read entire ebook thoroughly – the information is solid and will put you to work immediately and give you a career choice and something to always fall back on! Everything is here, links and information on specific companies to work for online are provided within its’ contents. What you will want to do is set aside a chunk of time and schedule time regularly to read and research and study these materials in order to optimize your new jobs’ potential (don’t worry this is fun!)

Part 1

This is a short course in freelance writing for those who want to become freelance writers, and need enough information to be able to do so. I am a freelance writer, and have done enough research and work to be able to know about this subject and write up this guide to be of benefit to others. Writing can be fun and very profitable, and if you have the competency of a 10th grade student in English, you have the skills necessary to do this work. You will want to use the materials presented in this guide however to fully train yourself in the content writing and blogging. There are courses offered in here as well at schools online you could take if you really want to, but there’s enough information here that if you read it all and took notes on everything, you would be well prepared to meet the challenges of freelance writing, without a doubt.

There are several ways to be a freelance writer, either part-time or full-time. You can also start out part-time as your skills progress and you establish yourself, and you can easily transition to full-time work without having to worry about keeping your present job in the meanwhile. You can do so, or you can do only part-time or for additional money. Again, to make it fun and easy, you can visualize this all like a game, and you are “Solving Word Puzzles for Cash”. (See The True Secrets To Unblocking Writers Block in this kit, it will really make it fun and easy to do this work. The word puzzles of course being the articles, papers, blogs or copywriting. It is a game of sorts, but you can win big with some effort and time invested. The information I have amassed here spell out the rules, you play the game by doing the work for the companies provided. The prizes are real life, and so is the work. The point is though, its fun! You will never be bored with this I’m telling you right now.

Freelance writers typically work for themselves, either as a business entity with their own website and self marketing, or they write for other outfits, such as content “mills” or other consumers of freelance writing. If you’re going to be a freelance writer, realize that your talents, if you have them, can be substantially rewarded, however the freelance writing marketplace online and elsewhere pays a notoriously low wage for most writing unfortunately. There are ways to get around this, and there are things you can do to get paid what you’re worth.

Let’s first define what the writing is. Web content writers will typically write articles, keyword articles/SEO articles that are used on websites for content. If you are writing for a content “mill”, you will get paid a low amount of money for such an article, although payment varies based on quality and complexity, and a content company you are writing for. These are key word articles, and there are plenty of websites online and content companies to work for.

Model term paper academic writing companies are a whole other type of writing company that you could work for. These companies produce model term papers for students to use, on a case-by-case basis, to be able to reproduce into papers to hand into their classes. The theory behind this is that writers will produce these model term papers, and the student will take the paper apart and re-create it, with all of their research done for them, and this is what they pay for.

Article writing and model term paper writing are the two most common forms of web-based freelance writing that you can easily get paid for, although blogging is an entirely different form of web writing and you can do that too. You can get paid substantially, up to a six-figure salary plus annually, for successful blogging efforts on a full-time basis. This guide will include links as to the blogging as well.

[* *** WORK, WORK, WORK *** *]

Let’s take a look at some of the companies that offer pay for writing online that are easy to access and routinely hire new writers to work for them, either part or full time, and let’s also see what they have to offer here in this next section. There are links at the end of the section for UNLIMITED opportunities amongst hundreds of different companies online you can work.

Three example content mills: the content authority, textbroker, and ecopywriters.

You can find these three companies at the following web addresses:




These three companies are some of the major content mills online for keyword article writing. I personally work for both the content authority and text broker. I prefer text broker because they have a much larger selection of work available, content authority just seems to have some work some of the time, while text broker has a constantly changing board where work is posted 24 hours a day, there is no lag times, work is always available. I have not worked for ecopywriters, but I found out about it through some research. I cannot give a review of ecopywriters, but I’m sure the pay structure is similar to the content authority or text broker. Let’s do a review of these first two companies, the content authority and text broker.

Review of the content authority and text broker:

The content authority; they have 4 tiers, or levels, that the writers work on. The first tier you will get paid $3.50 for every 500 words you write. The expectations of such writing are not great, and these articles are easy to do. If you get bumped up to the second tier after writing for a short while, you will make five dollars for every 500 words. The third tier comes after that, where you will get paid seven dollars for every 500 words. The levels of quality will vary, although the expectation is that with the higher paying work comes a higher complexity and level of quality that has to be produced.

The fourth tier will pay out about $15 per 500 words. You can write e-books at this level, and other forms of writing that pay about this much. This is for the higher quality work that demands more time to be able to create. Please note, with the right tools

and the right writing system, you can create articles at a five dollar or seven dollar level, 500 word articles, in about 20 to 25 minutes if you do it right, including research. This makes your pay rate varied from about $8-$14 an hour.

This would be about the same for most of the work you will find on the next site, text broker. There is just more work available on text broker generally and you will find on the content authority as I have discovered anyway. Text broker also has a system where they review every five articles that you write, and then base your access to article type on the quality that you have produced in the last five articles. They have four pay structures based on quality level. Quality level is based as such; two stars, three stars, four stars, and five stars. The two star level pays out $3.50 per 500 words, the three-star level pays out five dollars per 500 words, the four-star level pays out seven dollars per 500 words, and at the five star level you get paid out $25 for every 500 words.

This makes the top paying levels for the content authority pay out $15 for 500 words, and the top paying level at text broker paying out $25 for 500 words. The amount of work that goes into higher quality higher-paying articles is considerable, as well as the time it takes to produce them. You’ll probably spend at least an hour producing article, more like 1.5 hours, for articles of this quality. This will make your pay rate per hour be about 16 2/3 dollars for text broker at the $25 rate or in some cases $25 an hour if you can produce it in an hour. I can many times write about subjects I already know, and whip off a 5$ article in 10 minutes, this is 30$ an hour. You could probably write about stuff you already are an expert at the highest quality rate and do two pieces every hours, for 30$-50$ per hour. A couple extra hours a day spent on making things perfect is worth it too.


You will also need a business paypal account to receive payment for services, and you may need to fill out a W-9 form and submit a drivers’ license/ social security card copy to Textbroker. At Textbroker, they also have a time lag in between accepting your first five orders and giving you a rating, after that, they let you loose to do as much writing as you want. You may want to get a business license and a business bank account, and then get a business paypal account, if you don’t, you will be limited to withdrawing only 500$ per month from paypal (sorry, it’s how they do things). A business license cost me 33$ in my area, and my bank let me create a business account with only 20$ to start. Paypal account set-ups take several days, but are free. Once set-up, you can make as much as you want and take what you want out of your paypal account. If you are only going to make 500$ or less per month, you can use your personal paypal account if you like and withdraw up to 500$ per month, but that’s the limit with a personal account.

***Application to companies may include filling out and providing tax forms and identification, testing, writing samples, etc. Contact companies individually or see online what their procedure is, it will take a little time, but you can get working VERY soon and never run out of good paying work again, work you do from home. Different companies may have different terms they work with writers with, read the offers in the links below carefully!

****GOOD NEWS****

These three companies are just the tip of the iceberg – you can find MANY MORE content companies that pay even more within these website links. Just read and research the sites in these links below:

(Copy&Paste all links)

Keyword articles and web content:

[+ http://freelancewriterroad.com/list-of-companies-that-hire-freelance-writers/+]

[+ http://www.affhelper.com/how-to-get-paid-top-dollar-to-write-articles/+]

[+ http://inkwelleditorial.com/digital-freelance-writing-job-opportunities+]

[+ https://sites.google.com/site/newentrepreneurcuresite/employment-opportunities/time-trackering/beginning-freelance-writers/+]


[+ http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Find-the-Highest-Paying-Freelance-Writing-Jobs-Online&id=6430679+]

[+ The Master Content Mill List – EntrepreneurCureSiteArticleteller Signup Page+]

Writer Application and Forms – Please Complete & Submit | QualityGal.com

[+ List Of Companies That Hire Freelance Writers » Freelance Writer Road+]

Articleteller Signup Page

[+ Lots of High Paying Article Writing Jobs e.g. $50 per 600 Words+]

30 Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly

[+ Best Upfront Pay Writing Websites and Blogs 101+]

[+ High Paying Writing Jobs+]

You can even find more by typing in “web content writing companies” and “where to write keyword articles for pay online” into a search engine and searching for writer applications within the sites.

Term paper companies:

Here’s a list of academic writing companies that hire writers.

Term Papers, Thesis Papers – Help Wanted

Earn Good Money with Freelance Writing Jobs

Academic Essay Writers | Contact Us

We are hiring writers! Writer jobs, work

[+ Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay By Page+]

Opportunities for Freelance Essay Writers

Freelance writing work, freelance writers job, job for writers,essay writers,online writing jobs

Writing Jobs « Writing 4 Effect

OvernightEssay.com: Custom Writing Company: Academic Writer’s Position

Freelance Writers – Join Our Custom Research and Academic Writing Team!

EduWriters.com: academic writer preliminary application

Academic Writers Needed, Freelance Academic Writers Wanted, Academic Writers Jobs | proficientwriters.com

You can find more by typing in “academic research companies” into a search engine and searching for writer apps within the sites…

Social Networking Site Work:

[+ 19 Ways To Make Social Sites Pay+]


I don’t know a lot about blogging, but I have amassed a great amount of information on it within the following links – It appears you can make 1000$ per day on average if you do it right, these links will show you how if you are interested – requires a great deal of time and effort, and you need to train to make that much money, but it can be and is done every day. Sounds fun!

Become A Paid Writer For Make Use Of!

[+ Get Paid to Blog on HubPages+]

[+ Best Upfront Pay Writing Websites and Blogs 101+]

Create a Blog – Blog Help – Start a Blog – Blog Marketing – Make Money Blogging – Writing Jobs for Bloggers – Business Blog – Design a Blog

[+ SimpleSite.com – Try it out free+]

[+ 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog+]

[+ Top 50 Earning Blogs!!! | OnlineIncomeTeacher+]

34 Sites That Pay Bloggers To Blog

[+ Top 20 Best Blogging Platforms – Best of weblogsites+]

[+ Websites That Pays: List of 21 Get Paid To Blog Websites+]

[+ How to Become a Paid Blogger+]

SocialNexus Social Media Consulting » Blogger Jobs

[+ The Best PPC Blogs – The Definitive List of Pay-Per Click Blogs+]

Top Get Paid to Blog Websites

[+ The Truth Behind Professional Blogging+]

[+ How to Become a Professional Blogger | eHow.com+]

[+ Blogging Job – 6 Steps to Get a Professional Blogging Job+]

[+ How to Earn Money as a Professional Blogger – US News and World Report+]

[+ How I Became a Professional Blogger Overnight+]

Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging – ProBlogger

Ten Steps to Professional Blogging

[+ How to become a professional blogger | News & Views | Career FAQs+]

[+ How to become a professional blogger – Creating and monetizing a successful blog | Antivirus – Malware Removal Forums & Tutorials+]

[+ How to Become a Professional Blogger+]

[+ How to Be a Professional Blogger » Mommy Blogger+]

[+ Learning to be a professional blogger « My Spirit Journey+]

[+ So You Want to Be a Professional Blogger | IFB+]

[+ Learning to be a professional blogger « Rainy Day+]

[+ Tips How To Write A Professional Blog+]

[+ Get Paid To Write Review Websites For Bloggers | Make Money Online, Social Media, Blogging Tips | BloggingeHow+]

[+ Get Paid to Blog on HubPages+]

Create a Blog – Blog Help – Start a Blog – Blog Marketing – Make Money Blogging – Writing Jobs for Bloggers – Business Blog – Design a Blog

[+ Best Upfront Pay Writing Websites and Blogs 101+]

[+ Top 50 Earning Blogs!!! | OnlineIncomeTeacher+]

34 Sites That Pay Bloggers To Blog

[+ Websites That Pays: List of 21 Get Paid To Blog Websites+]

Top 100 Websites | Top Sites Blog

[+ Paid Blogging Jobs – Top 10 Places to Find Paid Blogging Jobs+]

[+ 45+ Beautiful Blogger Templates Free To Use | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers +]

[+ 5 Blog Best Practices+]

[+ 50 New Beautiful Blog Designs | Smashing Magazine+]

[+ 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts | Social Media Examiner+]

[+ 7 Steps to Writing A Great Blog Post+]

[+ A Simple Plan for Writing a Powerful Blog Post in Less Than 2 Hours+]

Parts of a Blog

[+ Popular Joomla Blog Components+]

[+ Rules to be a good blogger « The Kassandra Project: freedom against disinformation+]

[+ Small Business Blogging Best Practices+]

Smitten Blog Designs — Free Blog Designs, Custom Templates, Blogger, Wordpress, Custom Logos, Free Printables

[+ Starting a Blog – The Essential Resource to Starting a Blog+]

[+ Step 2 – Set Up Your Blogging Rules and Guidelines | The Edublogger+]

[+ The Components of a Designer | Blog | design mind+]

[+ Top 15 Blogging Best Practices | MyBeak Social Media+]

WordPress › Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS

[+ Writing a Good Blog – For Dummies+]

Your Darling Blog Design Workshop :: Inspiration, Advice, Tools and Feedback to create your own Beautiful Blog

The Blog Designer Network

[+ Multimedia Use In Blogging – Social Empire Media Marketing+]

[+ Movable Type: Free blog software for bloggers and professionals+]

[+ How To Design A Better Blog? Break Down The Rules | PVM Garage+]

[+ Guidelines to writing great blogs by BuildIdaho.com+]

Free Web Design Software Downloads | CoffeeCup Software

Flash XML – Free Flash Components, Galleries and Templates

Download free Blog design by blog design software 93571

[+ Blogging Rules and Etiquette—The Complete Idiot’s Quick Guide+]

[+ Blogging Best Practices Wrap-up – Everything Typepad+]

[+ Blogging Best Practices: Structuring Your Posts Effectively – Everything Typepad+]

[+ Blogging Best Practices: The Power of Personality – Everything Typepad+]

[+ Blogging Best Practices | EchoDitto.com+]

[+ Blogging best practices (2)+]

[+ Blogging Best Practices – Social Media Quickstarter+]

[+ Blogging Best Practices – Blogging Best Practices All Bloggers Should Follow+]

Blog Designs, Custom Blog Design, Pre-made Blog Design – Designer Blogs

[+ Blog design best practices: What makes a good blog design? | Web development and design blog – Webdevelog+]

[+ Best Blogging Practices: 10 Blog Tips that I’ve Learned the Hard Way @ Blog Bloke Tips+]

[+ Best Blogging Practices | Social Hospitality+]

Best Blogging Practices

15 Blogging Best Practices — Matt Mullenweg

[+ 12 Ways Best Blogging Practices Aren’t+]

[+ “How to Set Up a Blog” – a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners+]

[+ 10 Best Blogging Guidelines You Should Embrace Quickly | Hello Bloggerz+]

[+ 100+ Design Components to Create Top 10 Apps - Verious Blog +]

[+ 100 Nice and Beautiful Blog Designs+]

[+ Components of High-Quality Blog Posts+]

WordPress › Download

[+ How to Write Great Blog Content : @ProBlogger +]

[+ How To Write A Blog With Great Content Every Time | Jeffbullas’s Blog+]

[+ How to Create Guest Post Guidelines for Your Blog+]

[+ Top 20 Best Blogging Platforms – Best of weblogsites+]

[+ How to Become a Paid Blogger+]

[+ SimpleSite.com – Try it out free+]

[+ 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog+]

[+ Download Free Windows To-Do Lists Open Source Software – SourceForge+]

[+ A Truckload of Desktop Apps for Writers | Envato Notes+]

Part 2

****Operations and Working****

Equipment and Tools:

Note: if you cannot afford some of this equipment to begin working with, you can make do with free alternatives or manually typing, or other means and methods to compensate until you can afford the optimal equipment array.

[* There is an assembly line and controls lab that I created at the end of the ebook entitled ***PLANT***. This is the system I use myself to create content articles. You can use any parts of it you want. You should read all the materials as training that are provided in the links below in this section, and educate yourself in all areas and see how they work together. Take notes and use my “plant” in conjunction with your own system you create yourself, using these things as a model. *]

Speech Recognition Software: Essential!

You will want some equipment that freelance writers typically use to improve their productivity and speed. Probably the most important tool that you can get that will help you as a freelance writer is what’s known as a speech recognition software program. Right now I am writing these words by speaking into a headset, and the program I am using is writing the words for me as I speak. The program that I use is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I use the version Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. It only cost me $50, and works great. You have to train the program to the sound of your voice, and you have to import lists of words to improve the accuracy, and manually train words as you go, but it works wonderfully with only some corrections necessary as you go along. It’s a great time reducer as far as work time goes, and you can avoid carpel tunnel entirely from repetitive writing and typing, by the use of one of these speech recognition software programs. You can find versions such as mine available on websites such as Amazon or the Dragon NaturallySpeaking website.

Go to:

www.amazon.com (Type in: Dragon NaturallySpeaking into search for products)


Automated proofreader: this is an excellent proofreading software program that far exceeds standard spell and grammar check, it is essential for improving quality and therefore making your product much better, and making you more money too.

[+ http://www.grammarly.com/?q=proofreading&gclid=CLfJw9zw57UCFcdDMgodx2AAyA+]



Working Information Tools Section:

(Research, reading, outlining, writing)

You will have to get into the practice of being able to research and find information on any subject if you’re going to be a freelance writer. You have to be able to conduct research quickly and be able to find what you are looking for. Using multiple search engines to find information is the easiest way to do it, really. Google, Yahoo, Ask, Metacrawler, Bing. Those are the five search engines that I use for almost all of my searches.

Remember that through the use of meta-tags and keywords, when you type something into a search engine, it will search every possible category online for these things that it has listed. Research isn’t all that difficult to do, with the use of the search engines it’s a remarkably easy task all in all. Get into the practice and habit of learning how to research online, if you think you can’t find information on something, the fact of the matter is, you can! Don’t rely on other people to find your information online, in other words, you can easily do all the research on any subject under the sun yourself.

I was asked to provide several links to help someone find work as a freelance writer online, the fact of the matter is they could have just as easily found the information themselves just as I have, so if you are going to be a freelance writer online you have to get used to finding information and researching. It is imperative that you learn how to do so in order to be an effective freelance writer. No one else is going to do it for you, and it’s not all that difficult.

You will have to develop your own system for writing, myself I can research and write a 500 word article in about 25 minutes on average. I used a stopwatch below and timed myself after I disciplined myself in how to read and writer quickly and well. It takes practice, a lot of practice. This was accomplished by using a speech recognition and software program, and the use of the following tools: You can practice and keep your time down to 20-25 minutes per 500 words for 3.50-7$ keyword articles, model papers to 8$ per 500 words in about 40 minutes.

Higher paying work you can get eventually, and make more per hour. STUDY these tools and systems, refine you speech recognition program training and optimize your quality and timeframes for production. Making your own system through trial and error will help you improve your time and quality, using someone else’s system will not be as good as one you devise from these tools on your own! Times and rates will vary, remember this. Find what works for you – this is fun stuff, and people who read your articles and papers you are doing a great service to, its meaningful work, and very personally rewarding, as well as financially. These tools below are essential information on content writing for the web, and you should read everything here and takes notes you can use when writing then analyze everything and condense into a working formula. I have done this for myself, but you should learn everything in here before you get to work. It will help you immensely in speed and quality, making the work fun and easy to do as well, once you have trained yourself in these materials. This may take a few days, but don’t overlook it. This training is part of your new job.

These tools will definitely make you able to do this writing and do it well, in addition to the knowledge you already possess.

(Reading, writing, outlining.)

[+ How to Write a Keyword Article Quickly: 8 steps – wikiHow+]

[+ How to Write Keyword Articles | eHow.com+]

[+ Good Web content examples and what makes them work | Webdesigner Depot+]

[+ The Content Creator’s Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words+]

[+ How to Write Faster: 7 Tips+]

[+ 10 Easy Ways to Read Faster When You Study+]

[+ How to Read Fast & Still Comprehend | eHow.com+]

How to Take Research Notes | eHow.com

[+ Taking Notes from Research Reading+]

[+ Freelance Writer’s Guide to Internet Research+]

[+ How to Write Faster: 12 Top Tips for Freelance Writers+]

[+ How to Outline Articles Faster in 5 Simple Steps – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com+]

Improving Content:

[+ http://www.crocusplains.com/articles/index.php?view=296+]

[+ http://www.slideshare.net/silverpegasus90/keyword-article-writing+]


[+ http://www.dailywritingtips.com/five-tips-for-writing-great-web-content/+]

[+ http://www.onextrapixel.com/2011/01/27/writing-web-content-the-top-15-rules-for-better-copy/+]

[+ http://www.sightline.org/research/channel-surfing-an-online-writing-guide/+]

[+ http://www.ocularconcepts.us/blc/blog/search-engine-optimization/8-tips-to-writing-web-content-effectively/+]

[+ http://www.susangreenecopywriter.com/articles/write-website-content.html+]

[+ http://smallbiztrends.com/2010/08/4-things-to-consider-when-writing-site-content.html+]

[+ http://www.intuit.com/website-building-software/blog/2011/11/how-to-write-web-content-quickly/+]

[+ http://www.marketing-jive.com/2007/03/37-things-to-keep-in-mind-when-writing.html+]

[+ http://webwisewording.com/Web-Writing/walk-a-mile-in-my-shoes+]

Audience Analysis:



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On sentences:

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Basic Paragraph Structure

Other grammar:

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****Training and education****

Certificate course in web content:

[+ http://www.training-classes.com/programs/02/75/27556_wavelength_s_content_writing_for_the_web_certificate_online_.php+]

Blogging Courses:

Blogging Courses : Full Sail University

Part 3

Concerning being a freelance writer, marketing your own work as your own website and business, self-employed freelance writer working for businesses as a web content writer/blogger or general copywriter:

You can do this, but being a content/copywriter/blogger takes a lot of work, and you have to investigate and do a lot of study and research in the field before you take it on. One great article concerning the different opportunities available to copywriters is written by an expert in the copywriting field named Bob Bly. You can find this article here, it lists 88 different types of writing you can do as a copywriter. Make sure and read and research the different types listed, it gives estimates and ballpark figures for most of the entries as to the kind of money you can make!

[+ http://books.google.com/books?id=pNb2VP_wqI8C&pg=PP8&lpg=PP8&dq=where+to+sell+high+paying+copywriting+assignments&source=bl&ots=8Vivy_atca&sig=x5MHHawf3ZPFOjODSnxg7OeBwes&hl=en&sa=X&ei=nFDjUM2kD-is0AGXgYHwCg&ved=0CGwQ6AEwBDgK+]

If you’re going to do blogging and article writing on a high-paying basis, you will need to learn all about blogging and how to submit articles for high paying work. At the bottom of the guide are a number of links that you can read that will give you information about high-paying blogging and article writing work, as well as tools for blogging. After reading these articles, do your own research by reading articles online about content/copywriting/blogging and the business.

Remember you can find information on any subject by internet searches. In order to do this kind of work, you would have to do a lot of preparation and define what kind of writer you’re going to be and what you’re going to specialize in writing about. Bloggers typically have a niche, or specialization, that they focus on. These specialize on a certain subject area and write about it exclusively, or several in some cases. Blogging is different than article writing or model term paper writing, and I’m not quite sure exactly what goes into it, I have other plans and I won’t be doing freelance writing my entire life, I have other goals in writing and in business.

In order to succeed as a content writer/copywriter/pro blogger you have to really apply yourself and make it your full time job/passion.. You can even find courses on blogging and freelance writing by typing “freelance writing courses online” and you will have opportunities for being taught the trade, rather than learning it yourself all alone. Don’t be put off by trying to learn on your own though, I went to the University of Phoenix online and graduated with an Associates Degree in IT/VisCom, it basically taught me how to teach myself, and that is an immensely valuable education in and of itself.

The online courses are there if you need them however! It was just fun learning these last few years on my own how to do freelance writing, this ebook is a product of self-taught education. I did learn how to do that in college though, although I have been a self-taught artist from a very early age.

Here are some copywriting business links:

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You may need this software (or others) if you want to run your writing business:

Small Business Software | Wave

How to price your work – use this link as a guide…

Web Content Writing – Web Copywriting – Cost Estimates

The True Secrets to Unblocking Writer’s Block V2.3

Writer’s block. Why? NO MORE!

After reading this Ebook, either you will never have it again, or you LOVE to be bored and in pain!

Writers block can be unblocked easily and effectively.

This ebook may seem unorthodox to some, but please bear with the author, if you consider what is being said within it, it may just do the trick you need to unblock writer’s block, and here’s a little story to warm you up. I just made it up.

I never have writers block, but I used to, long ago. True story, too.

For now, save the reviews.


Writer’s block comes from trying to come up with an idea and write from it, unraveling the mystery of the story before it gets written.

A blank page in front of you for beginning or even experienced writers seems like an impossible hurdle, an insurmountable obstacle. There is a simple reason for this; the approach makes it this way.

A writer staring at a blank piece of paper trying to come up with an idea, or stuck somewhere without an idea, is an all too common fixture in the writing world.

There is an easy effective way to overcome writers block for every single writer, no matter who they are, or level of writing ability or any other factor. It’s in here somewhere… let’s go looking…

First of all, a story is a story. No matter how you approach writing your story, coming up with an idea and trying to create a story around it is the main problem, as previously stated.

The easiest solution for this is to start to make up stories, to practice writing stories, to make up stories. Practice stories, practice lines. You don’t have to write war and peace right off the bat, you don’t have to find a great story by any exertion or special stroke of lightning, or magic, or good luck charm rubbing, or any other divine appointment.

And most importantly the great ideas you’re looking for exist within you, they do.

You’ve tried everything.

…here’s some practice…

You strain, you starve, you yell, your girlfriend left you because she can’t take the moods you’re in. Who knows.

Try a “little of this out” our Faustian stand-in… it works better, and there’s always more chicks… just a joke ladies just a joke… well you got away didn’t you? I would just count my lucky stars and be grateful it’s over… let me take care of this bastard… fair enough?

Besides, don’t you have a trail of men left yet to destroy?

Just kidding…

You might say these are just some old jokes, or a simulation… I didn’t mean nothing by it, and when he gets his frustrations out this time, and makes a book deal, you’ll be living high on the hog on easy street… IDK maybe he’ll send you a postcard or show up with a bankroll and a bouquet, that old smile come back, you know, the one that melted your ice like none other, or ever will again… and you know it… I can’t make any promises, but here goes nothing…

A story you can live with… mmmmmmmm…

… that was just an example of an impromptu scripted story/idea – a simulated stab at humor was involved too …

WELL – back to work…

What you have to do is come up with simple story writing exercises. Practice coming up with simple ideas, easy ideas, easy simple stories, it’ FUN, just

keep that in mind.

You have watched enough movies & television, you are well read, you have a perfect understanding of the language you are writing in, you understand the rules of composition and grammar, and you have the ability to actually form sentences and paragraphs.

So what do you do? You practice writing stories!

Before you come up with your story, or a story you’re going to write about, do the research, come up with the plot line, take all the notes necessary, or create in any form any other element of the story, you have to come up with an idea for it.

Or so you might think.

However, you’re trying to go in a straight line, when the path is not a straight line at all.

This seems to be the problem with writer’s block altogether. Writers block is not a lack of ideas.

You have plenty of ideas! You have enough information packed into that brain to fill a library!


To start with, the easiest way to go about this is to place yourself into the role of short-term imaginary characters, or imaginary, short stories. Who are they, what are they about, what is their story, what do they do or say, what happens to them? Ask yourself questions like these and make up answers!

Using your imagination isn’t the problem, finding an idea to center it around is. However, before you do that you have to brainstorm MANY ideas to put it together.

There are easier ways to come up with ideas than try to divine giant ones from nowhere, remember you need to plow a field and sow many seeds before anything grows.

It’s fun, simple too, really, as easy as coming up with jokes or holding a conversation or thinking at all about anything. The thoughts will come if you make a fun game out of making up stories on any subject at all, little ones, and then expand, expand, expand.

Learn how to tell a story. Learn what the story is all about. Practice. You may say, you’ve led me right back to the problem again.

Let’s jump to the part about all the books, television, or other general knowledge you have of all the subject matter you have educated yourself or been educated in.

Take stock of your interests.

Decide the things that you like, or prefer, to think about the most.

Now, practice writing tiny stories. Lots of them.

Write a little story about…anything, everything, nothing. Don’t try to come up with the greatest novel that’s ever been written immediately out of nowhere.

You may or may not come up with this idea, but for now this is entirely unimportant.

The tiny stories, this is where you should start.

Write a story about how matchbooks are created. Write a story about how oxygen is formed in the atmosphere. Write a story about how your neighbor is cheating on his wife, true or untrue. Write a story about how your cat came down with cat AIDS and died a tragic early death. You don’t have to have a cat to make this story possible. You don’t even have to like cats.

Write a story about shoelaces. Write this story on other uses of shoelaces than to tie shoes. Imagine what people do with shoelaces other than use them to tie their shoes.

Making up a whole bunch of little tiny stories to practice is easy. You don’t have to write them down, you don’t have to remember them, and you can practice out loud. Get in the habit of practicing making up stories, and get used to it. You will be doing a lot of this.

Let other people’s stories inspire you. Anything is fair game!

Make up stories that make you laugh. Make up stories that would make you cry. Make up stories about things you don’t care about. Make up stories about things you care about. Analyze some of everything you write and come back to it when you can; write stories about everything you can think of, use your imagination at all levels.

PRACTICE 24/7! Free entertainment!

Challenge yourself to do better all the time, that is, get better and better at telling stories to amuse yourself and others.

If your lonely, make up love stories, put your heart in it, make up girlfriends or boyfriends you dream of having, turn them into characters, reuse ideas, expand them, recycle ideas, and make them newer and better as you go along. Make up love stories, become rich and famous writing stories, and then look for love in your fan base perhaps… could work guys, could work that idea…

Make a list of human emotions, look up with those emotions are all about online.

Study the dictionary, study the thesaurus, study books about writing, it’s unlimited.

Pick what you want to use,

discard the rest.

Once you have your list of human emotions, make up a list of human psychological factors by studying books on psychology.

Study religion, philosophy, humor, human interest stories, pet stories, and esoteric interests off the beaten path.

Make a shopping list. Make a story about shopping lists.

Make a story about everything!

Make up stories about stars, the kind in the sky. Make up stories about any movie stars, make up movie stars, ones that don’t exist. You can choose any topic and write little tiny test stories. Write stand alone lines, try clever, funny, tough, mean, nice, angry, etc. Human emotions. Keep going, don’t stop TOO long, you’ll get stuck. Maybe not, there’s more going on in what you wrote than you might think!

The use of logic and statistics can be an invaluable aid in creating stories. Study books on logic and statistics, after that apply what you’ve found to everything else. Once you understand how numbers reflect realities, and you insert your imagination in between, you will have an unbelievable amount of imponderable mysteries on your hands, more stories than anyone can possible imagine.

Keep practicing. Keep making up little stories. Make up stories all the time, not just some of the time. There is a story in everything, the bubblegum on the counter, the sidewalk in front of your house, the people who built your house, the blades of grass in front of your house.

You could write a story about all the different types of grasses in the world. There are millions of types of potential stories everywhere, and remember this is all practice. You have to practice writing little stories that entertain you before you’re ever gonna come up with that great idea that you will choose to write about in depth, with the research necessary, with any of the other writing methods that you can come up with by yourself if you study the different types of methods that other people use traditionally.

Keep practicing. Put yourself in the role of your characters, and pretend you’re them. Pretend you’re the king of Spain for an hour, pretend you are the grocery bag kid at the local supermarket. Be anyone you want. Now you are an actor. Get good at it, there’s a lot of fans, don’t make them throw tomatoes and rotten onions.

Pretty soon, you will have more ideas than you will be able to keep up with. As a matter of fact, you have to sacrifice some of them, lose some of them, forget them even and you’ll start running out of time more than anything else to be able to write your stories.

Take television for example. There’s 500000 channels of God knows what running on that thing 24 hours a day. To me these are the littlest stories of all, because I just don’t watch television.

I am too busy creating too many stories that are too much fun for me personally to bother spending 100$ a month to bother watching somebody else’s stories that are mostly garbage anyway and miss my favorite episodes of “insert – whatever I write”.

Don’t let that stop you. All of the stories on television or any small story you can use to simulate your own from.

You can easily start to make up stories based on the subject matter yourself, for the sake of practice if nothing else.

Rewrite stories you see! Rewrite a newspaper article in your own words, or a magazine article, or something on the internet. You don’t have to write it down on paper to practice, out loud is good or in your mind if you want.

Keep track of current trends, keep track of things you might not ordinarily interest you. Study history when possible. Keep an ongoing ledger in your catalog of ideas; go in and out of the ledger adding, because you can really never subtract any of them. You can however choose which ones you want to access, at least some of the time, but the mind will wander – LET IT – and enjoy the show. You already have a library of information inside your brain.

Ignore the stories that keep you distracted from creating them, such as the stories of day to day real life that get you stuck, or turn around and use THOSE for practice. The very things holding you back can be more fuel to add in this way. Keep it fluid, keep it flexible.

Let’s say you’re an 11th grade student. You’ve already gone through kindergarten, and 10 years of school. You’ve learned and absorbed a mountain of information and it’s all packed in your cranium somewhere.

This is easy enough to access mostly, memory will provide a storehouse, although control over your thoughts and what you’re going to focus on seems easy, but the human mind is intricate and delicate instrument, like the grey matter that it’s made out of. Let it flow and don’t interrupt yourself.

There is so much information in your brain already, all of it ideas already neatly categorized in different files, but there is no way to be able to accurately go back in time, and figure out everything you already know. Nonetheless you know it.

All of this information is at your disposal however, in the creation of stories that you personally get to choose, or not choose, at any point in time.


Practicing writing is easy. It’s as simple as making up stories to entertain yourself, so just get busy thinking and always learn. If you’re really bored, you really never need to be.

You could always make up a story on the spot.

Practice doing this everywhere, in the shower, at the movies, when you’re already watching a story. Make up stories while you enter the theater, take your seat, exit the theater, and make your way home.

Write about the cute person sitting next to you, or two seats up, or the staleness of the popcorn, or how much butter they put on it.

They don’t have to be extremely complex or intricate stories, they just have to be stories of one form or other. Making up stories is easy as making up the story to entertain yourself, making yourself laugh, making yourself cry if that’s what you like to do, or finding a new way to screw over the asshole down the block who keeps stealing your lawn ornaments.

Make up a story about how you could get revenge on the son of a bitch, and you can even follow through on it if you choose.

Don’t be afraid to pull pranks.

Fight fire with fire.

Study theater, study drama, study poetry and spoken word performance. Go to cafes and watch people perform at open mic performances. Watch YouTube videos.

(make new friends even).

In your spare time, study acting, watch how people act, study people, people watch. Watch children play, watch old people play, ask them what their lives were like. Listen to their stories, listen

to anyone’s stories.

You could go to 12 step program meetings, they got stories all right, free stories all night and day, a whole education and a circus all in one. If you like that sort of thing, it’s a good place to study stories, they got it down pat. If it wasn’t for the ability to tell stories, they would all be dead as a doornail,

it’s the only thing keeping them alive, so as you might

imagine they get kind of good at it.

Free coffee too.

Study how other writers and storytellers put their stories together. Study stories and how they are put together. Always be original, don’t make up stories based on other people’s ideas. Don’t make up any stories that are going to capitalize on other people’s ideas. This is a form of plagiarism. This is illegal in the writing world, but you probably already know this. Well now you do if you did not already.

Make up a story about your mom or dad, make up a story about the mom or dad you never had, make up a story about how the girlfriend that you wanted in seventh grade has decided that she is in love with you after all and is about to show up on your doorstep in a really big way. Of course, she probably isn’t thinking about you at all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find another chick even better looking and more attractive than she was! World famous writers and writers in general are attractive to some potential partners, or so they say. True.

In fact after enough practice, you’ll be able to finally come up with that one idea for a story that’s good enough to actually pursue sitting down and writing a full-length novel, novelette, short story, poem, scribble, or graffiti tag of your choice. You can look up online what a graffiti tag is, if you don’t know. Mine’s TNT 45.

Keep practicing. Make up more stories, you have an imagination, just get out of your way long enough to be able to use it. Like I was saying earlier, most writers develop writers block because they’re burned out trying to come up with great ideas or other factors in their life that are wearing them down and making it impossible to come up with good stories or words at all. You may have depression, may have bipolar disorder, may have perfect mental health are just tired worn-out and world-weary. All of these things can create the conditions of writers block. They can also work for you.

Writers block just isn’t necessary. You can create small tiny stories for your own entertainment, you can work out your problems through creating stories, you can write out problems as stories and solve them as you go. You can study self-help books and other things that will aid you in how to figure out problems of human nature. Earlier I was talking about human psychology, there is a great deal to study as far as stories and theories go. Between statistics, human psychology, television, humor, books, politics, religion, and any other subject you want to get into or are interested in that deals with human beings and what happens to them, you will have an unlimited amount of resources to come up with ideas for stories with.

Keep practicing. Right now I’m writing a story in my mind about you reading this. I don’t know who you are, but I came up with this writer’s block solution, and sold it to you online. I don’t really know if it’s going to help you, but it couldn’t hurt.

I will be working on this story from time to time, but I’m busy right now.

These are the ways that I’ve come up with to write tons of stories to entertain myself, and I’m working on about 20 novels right now. This was not always the case, when I was 16 years old and decided I wanted to become a writer, I found myself staring at a blank piece of paper with absolutely nothing to write about. I felt inadequate, perplexed, a bit frightened, angry at myself that I didn’t have any ideas. I was also excited as hell.

I soon realized that for myself, I needed ideas to be able to work with, and experience, in order to fill that gap. Or so I thought. What I really needed, was this writer’s block manual right in your hands. Although I’m almost 45 years old and have a lifetime of experience behind me, of all different kinds and types, if I knew then what I know now, I probably would have done the same things and had the same experiences of life, but I wouldn’t have found it necessary to do this to begin a career as a writer after all. Either way, it’s done now! You can make up stories out of your own imagination, any time you want to, on any subject under the sun, for any reason at all. This is true of fiction, however, when you get into non-fiction the rules change a little bit. However, the practicing of making up stories and writing stories remains the same if you choose nonfiction to write about or not, then it may not seem like a great idea to make up fiction stories. Writing fiction can produce story telling methods that are easily laterally transferable to

non-fiction. A story is a story, fiction or non-fiction. With non-fiction, you deal with facts, but you come up with your own ideas to go with that, so making up fiction as practice, or even any of these methods in the form of true facts, can suffice as practice and preparation.

Story, story, story, story, story, story, story.

If you write a nonfiction story, you’re going to use your own sense of wonder and imagination to be able to create that story, one way or another. Making up stories is easy.

Here’s some facts for you may not know. Books, films, newspapers, televisions, and all forms of media and communications are based on language. Even art is based on language to a degree although this can be debated. It’s a communication of some form, and there’s a language in whatever form of some kind, created. Basically, although as far art goes some may argue with that. There certainly is enough typography at work in art overall, to include language in it, especially in commercial art. One picture speaks a thousand words one way or another, so with all the art in the world, there’s a lot of stories, geez, somewhere…

You could get a pen and pencil set and draw, if you’re not good at it you think, but might want to learn how to be, there’s ways now they can teach you how to do some art with little or no inherent abilities.

Research that story a little, you might like it, it’s more fun, free cartoons maybe. Free cartoon channel.

The common denominator of human existence is words. Business is conducted with words. Everything is conducted with words. Words are the primary means of communication and expression in human life. Words are everywhere. Stories also are everywhere, there are more stories and words than there are anything else in human life.

This means that there are words in every single aspect of life in sum total. The Internet, the world’s largest library, art project, museum, business marketplace, etc. has an incalculable amount of words being inserted into it every single nano second. The same with every other media form on the planet, and words in general everywhere.

It is also interesting to note, that God himself according to the Judeo Christian tradition, and the Bible itself, created the universe and the world, through verbal commands.


It is no coincidence that human life is centered in language and words, and stories.

Human beings have a spirit and a soul; language plays an integral role in spiritual development.

If you are an atheist or a Buddhist or don’t believe anything about religion you can ignore this and just make up stories anyway, like about believing in God. Nice story one way or the other and it can’t hurt.

Language and words are everything there are to the universe. Mathematics is built out of language. You may not necessarily think so, but it is. The characters, the numbers, are a language, but the forms themselves. They tell stories, they speak about relationships, they define parameters, distances. Language is used to describe mathematics, and explained and taught through language, and was created through language.

Words are everything.

This could be why people decide they’re going to become writers after all, this could be the reason people want to create something.

They write for the beauty, for the power, for the expression of themselves, for the connection to the divine, and other personal reasons.

Remember how to practice writing. It’s as easy as entertaining yourself, making yourself laugh, using your imagination to create what you want it to create, harnessing your brain power which you already use to do any number of tasks, and above all having fun. There’s always the discovery of something new. That’s what you have been trying to do that gets blocked, isn’t it? The answer is: EVERYWHERE! EVERYTHING!

The process of writing stories can be a process of uncovering things that mean things to you. You can make up stories based on things that mean things to you, or someone else. Don’t be afraid of inspiration, it can strike anywhere at any time. Keep an open mind if possible. Remember how to make up those tiny stories. Making little stories about everything is the way to practice.

If you sow enough seeds in fertile ground and water them (practice), something will grow eventually.

Don’t let your own thoughts and feelings get in the way. Put them aside or convert them into material. Move outwards, it’s a big universe out here.

A bunch of tiny short stories as an example:

Sometimes this can happen instantly when you get good at it. That period at the end of that last sentence contains a myriad of stories. You may not think so, oh, but it does. It seemed like the end of something, but it’s a beginning only. First of all, if you look at that period, you may see a small white speck on a dark field. You wouldn’t believe what went into that period. First of all, there is the matter in which it is contained. Every single atom and molecule and some of the fabric of existence within that period was not contained whatsoever. The space in which it inhabits is a constantly changing mass of matter.

It just changed almost completely too. It cannot be fully defined by the space in which it inhabits, as the constant motion of atoms and molecules and whatever else the matter is made out of that we do and don’t know about. Creation is an ever changing mystery that no one no matter how intelligent or gifted they are can fully define under any circumstances.

Moving on in the subject matter of this period, there is of course the ordinary

period in the context of use in an ordinary sentence.

This writer’s block guide was created in a Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 speech recognition software program. Someone had to be able to create the programming that creates periods within the program. Someone invented the period that is used in language itself.

The origin of the period

is a mystery that I’m not aware of, but I know it exists.

Everything has an origin.

The electricity that went into and goes into a computer screen that creates the image in pixels, what the graphic image itself is made out of, is a whole other mystery in and of itself.

Just how much electricity it takes to form the image on the computer screen is incalculable, and changes constantly. The amount of electricity in your brain, to form the image in your brain, and how much electricity it takes for your brain to process the image is another mystery. The amount of electricity that forms the period at any given time, seen or unseen, as well as the atoms and molecules that form the surface image juxtaposed with whatever time frame, measurable or immeasurable, is an entirely other unsolvable mystery.

You simply cannot calculate how much electricity there is in the visible image of the period, in your brain, both viewing your eyeballs or calculating the image by any scientific measurement that could possibly be conceived. No one really knows what matter is made of entirely either, not at all. The state of creation is unknown, with no clues.

With the changing amounts of electricity, and the movement of the atoms and molecules, and the time involved (seconds are actually extremely long compared to time segments which only get smaller through infinity if you divided a second into smaller and smaller parts) and the amount of electricity also is an indefinable amount of atoms and molecules and other matter moving along an electrical path.

There is simply no way to accurately measure in any way ever the changing atomic and molecular composition of the period or the amount of time itself necessary to get even one discernible moment, of whatever definition you may choose, of even the quickest glance of any single period that you have ever seen, or ever will, including the electricity.

Kind of an interesting story, but of course there’s even more to it yet. Stories are always more than they can be made out to be, there’s always more, always. Every single time there is something not found. It’s always a mystery underneath it all.

There is the story of how I got my software program, how much it cost, the exact date and time I bought it, how long it took to get here, who supplied it, its place in line numerically in the history of the software program, how many atoms or molecules there are in the CD (and where they came from) that the program is in, the life histories of those who invented it, jeez, what else is in it?

In the history of periods, it has a place in line, a number, which I don’t know. You may say, who knows? Who indeed… however, it’s just not there to stop me from wondering what else is in this thing. This little period I mentioned. There is of course there’s the computer that I’m creating and viewing this little ebook in.

There is the first computer of course. Related; there is the last computer off assembly line at 5 PM yesterday, then there’s my service provider, and just how much bandwidth there will be in the sum total of the transmission of all the data that I will use to market this guide is somewhere. There’s everyone’s personal story of course that buys this guide, and their families, and their pets.

There is the key on my key board which has a period, but that wasn’t used to create that particular period that I was discussing, however it’s a period, and is related in subject matter nonetheless. In order to be able to create that period, there is a whole other story that goes into this. In fact there’s a whole lot of stories that go into this. After so many stories that go into the creation of this particular period, there is absolutely no way in hell that it anyone could figure out any part of it, as a whole.

Then there is of course the stories of all the atoms molecules and electricity related to the period and all it touches

and their history combined, which is whole other story.


… for the sake of fun, find out what a tall tale is, and make up as many as you can… you might like em… you can tell your friends and even your grandkids…

Then there’s ghost stories. The kind you make up to scare people at campfires.

I’ve got the world’s best ghost story, myself. Be grateful I haven’t told you this one.

Do you have a cup of water? It’s time to take a break, tricked ya hahaha it’s another story. It’s about the last cup of water you drank. You know, earth has been around a long time… but the water has been a few places since it started. You could be drinking part former… ah jeez, a list. Well, it could be part glacier, third molecule from the center bottom. It could be part Amazon, somewhere in the middle, a few molecules to the right, back up and take 3 molecules to the left, now one molecule down, and another one again to the left. A little Nile, that’s in there somewhere, I’m not getting a good reading where exactly, but I’m pretty sure it is, I can smell it. How bout you? Where are they now? Oh, you got some snake river in your big left toe. What else is in there?

MMMMMMmmmm… Well, the air is a factor, atoms and molecules from everywhere get ALL in you, and from where does it come and where does it go and where does it stay… take some guesses and maybe you’ll come up with ummmmmmmmm.???????????????????

Maybe a little story, or two, or something like that…

Well, the stories are there, you just have to find them….er…. somewhere…something hmmmm… well, don’t get lost or anything…

There you go, more stories than you can shake a pen at, no matter what anyone says, and they are ALL yours.

I could spend the rest of my life trying to figure out the entire story about the period, and there’s absolutely no way I would run out of stories, or the ability to tell them, for the rest of my days, under any circumstances including breaking the laws of physics in any dimension in any universe.

There’s that and the fact that, 275 universes away, there’s something going on in relation to this. That is another story that I will be never be able to figure out either, also involved in stories within the story that I’ll never be able to figure out, but I sure can use my imagination and wonder a little bit, and maybe come up with at least a story or two out of it all, or it will give me other ideas for other stories, perhaps in a dream. Stories spawn stories, they grow like weeds out of dust. And elsewhere.


Just practice little tiny stories at first as exercises, practicing them over and over and over, until maybe you come across a grand idea or two, then head to those ideas and form other ideas and other thoughts, and keep adding to those ideas and thoughts until you come up with other stories, and then maybe you’ll write a story out of that too, or get an idea or an eternities worth of stories for your trouble.

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p<>{color:#00F;}. http://www.slotland.eu/online-slots-real-money.html

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p<>{color:#00F;}. http://www.anno1777.com/index.php?i=364303

p<>{color:#00F;}. http://lucktastic.com/

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p<>{color:#00F;}. http://www.domystuff.com/

p<>{color:#000;}. http://www.craigslist.com (find online tasks – get paid online)

p<>{color:#000;}. http://www.backpage.com (find online tasks – get paid online)

p<>{color:#00F;}. http://www.ether.com

p<>{color:#00F;}. http://www.paid2youtube.com

500 more websites that pay cash:

p={color:#00F;}. http://moneypantry.com/extra-money/

B) [+ http://moneypantry.com/free-ways-to-make-money-online/+]

Some of these websites require tasking skills, writing skills, design skills, computer skills, office skills, or other constraints created by the actions being performed. There are different offers and terms for each website. The key is to find out what you are being paid for and find out how to do it if you don’t know already. Information can be found online and one can train oneself in endless tasks.

Just make a skill sheet and keep a log of your work. Pay is always at different times for each website, with different conditions, and some websites may need ID and an IC contract filled out to work for them. Make sure you know what is expected of you, and what you can expect from them. Some links here are employers, but many are not. Find what fits for you.

Some sites you can get paid within 48 hrs or less; study the websites intently and find out what is going on. Learn as you go, and make your money part time or full time. You should mentally identify the different types of work and how to train for skills, up skill, or develop skills. You as an independent worker are entitled to rights and you have access to legal recourse in the event of pay disputes.

Author in no way takes responsibility for any of the websites listed, or for any transactions taking place as a result of use. Although author has painstakingly picked websites that are known to be real and legitimate, some sites will err at some times and this is out of author’s control. The large number of websites in this list, and the wide variety of website types makes this list serve a unique niche – it creates economic certainty for those that possess it.

Using this eBook as a financial survival tool alone, the internet can make it possible to work remotely and survive, even prosper, for life, independently and free. You may want to train for skills in certain parts of this eBook, and there are books and training available if you search for relevant information online.

Thank You!


- Practical nuts and bolts guide for new or would be online business/website

owners who need critical foundation information –


Finding capital


Pick a product or service to sell


Come up with a marketing plan for your business


Develop a marketing campaign


Have a website created


Get high quality written content for that website


Implement complete marketing campaign and follow marketing plan


Maintain, market, manage, develop, expand




Make sure you have the budget to do it right, and save up for it if you have to, but make sure you have a sound and complete effective plan and budget. Work odds jobs or whatever you have to come up with the capital, or find investors by placing ads in the financial services section of craigslist. SBA loans are another option.

You may just want to start some smaller money making micro-businesses, such as hiring people and a manager to do ordinary work such as landscaping, painting, drywall, repairs, cleaning, etc find employees by placing ads on craigslist and find out how to write craigslist ads by typing in “how to write craigslist ads” just run a couple of these for the money you need and it should work out.

You can find other micro-business ideas online or in the business reference section of your local library type in “how to run a small cleaning, painting, landscaping, etc business” and “top 100 small businesses to start on a shoestring” into your search engine – with hard work nothing is out of reach! These smaller businesses can be used to fund your website, or help you with financing the business you have. It’s just revenue.



Find out how to pick a great product or service if you don’t already have them in mind – Information to do this can be found by internet search and research, try these links – Using – Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, Deep Web, Met crawler… etc… -

“How to find a great selling product or service to sell online”

‘Top 1000 products for sale online”

“Best selling products or services online”

“Best online service businesses to start”

“Lists of products that you can sell online”

“How to research and find great selling online products and services”

“How to start a website and sell products online”

“How to use a website traditional and popular marketing to sell products or services online”

“EBay and craigslist best selling products lists”

“Proven selling products and services online”

“Top proven selling products online in USA in 2012”


There are MANY with bogus offers that you can easily avoid.

You should ALWAYS be able to find information for free in all these categories online somewhere, just hunt for it in the search engines, it will take some time but the effort will pay off. You should not have to pay for information.

If you choose to, make sure your site is secure and the offer valid before ordering, however It’s just NOT necessary, the information is out there. It’s an information scavenger hunt – hunt well!

Next, get a sound marketing plan and develop a marketing campaign – to do this use an internet marketing service or individual, or an advertising or marketing agency, or internet website design and marketing company or yourself to:


Develop marketing plan


Develop marketing campaign

Information to do this can be found by internet search and research, try these links –

Using – Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, Deep Web, Metacrawler… etc… -

Cut and paste into search engine:

“How to develop a great marketing plan”

“How to find someone to develop a great marketing plan”

“How to hire an agency to develop a great marketing plan”

“How to write a marketing plan yourself”

“Best ways to develop your own marketing plan and strategy”

“Best ways to create your own marketing campaign”

“Best marketing plans for online businesses”

“Best marketing methods for online businesses”

“100 top ways to market you online business that really work”

“Marketing methods that don’t work well for online businesses”

“How to best market (your product or service) online that gets results”

“Using social media marketing to market you business”

“How to market your business online effectively”

“Best ways to market your business online”

“Using traditional media to market your online business”

“Using traditional advertising and marketing to market your online business”

“Marketing campaigns using professional high quality written web content with other marketing methods”.


Have a great website created

Website matters:

Find out where a great website comes into this –

Design a great website; find out more through search and research by using these search engine searches. Information to do this can be found by internet search and research, try these links – use – Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, Deep Web, Met crawler. –

Cut and paste these into your search engine of choice:

“Website design fundamentals”

“Identifying the parts of a website”

“Website design basics”

“What to look for in website design for the non-designer business owner hiring a website designer”

“How to find a great website designer”

“What makes a great website?”

“Different features in great websites”

‘What to look for when having a website designer create your site”

“What to look out for and avoid when having website design created”

“How to find the best price and quality website designer or design agency”

“Top 100 current popular website design features”

“How to use your marketing plan to develop and design the right website”

“How to use professional written web content to optimize your marketing methods and website’s design”

“How to integrate marketing into your website content combining traditional media and marketing methods”

“How to find the best website marketing and design agency”

“What to look for in a great website design”

“Top 100 factors in great website design and marketing”


Get high quality written content for that website

Find out where extremely effective professionally written high quality, optimized custom web content comes into this finding professional high quality written web content:


Implement complete marketing campaign and follow marketing plan

Follow your marketing plan and deploy your campaign.


Maintain, market, manage, develop, expand

Study how to do these things by studying small businesses and how they operate. Finding resources on how to do this can be done easily enough by typing in “small business development” “expanding small businesses” and “maintaining small businesses”.


Websites and individual products. It used to be a niche marketplace online.

Now competition and deals have replaced that with much more choice and overall choice for most any category of product. A unique approach to being the competition will let you in the niches that exist as competition. No one holds that cornerstone; it has eroded into a marketplace melting pot.

There’s always room for someone else with the same thing with a different offering and price. Website domain names can be brainstormed as well as website concepts. You can go and redefine a niche at any point in time, and no one can stop you. Find a product or service through careful research. Spend the time to investigate all facets of the business you are about to embark in.

Get your business license, register your domain and get marketing and website done professionally.

Compare services in this area. Make a good deal on quality design and marketing. Do the research into what it requires.

Study your competition, identify your potential customers. Find your own unique formula through brainstorming sessions. Find others to talk to.

Gather information. Make logical decisions based on facts, choose your path wisely, mobilize and deploy your resources.

Get capital and invest it in yourself. After thorough and complete analysis and preparation, make your business a reality.

This is a primer in this regard it can only point you in the direction of a field of much larger study.

You will need to study small business or add to what you know. You will need to get the facts about everything you will need to do so.

You may require consultation with experts (consultants) who can guide you. The pros that can do the job of setting you up with facts and tips and assistance in every area. This works very well with the right people.

You can use your own website alone according to the former, or also using the following resources immediately below to advertise (amongst other marketing methods) to sell your website products.

You can also read on below to sell online on the top free advertising sites and online auctions as a full or

part time job.

(Utilizing the)

Top 100 free advertising websites

Top 100 online auction websites

(find them by cutting and pasting these two items into search engines).

You can begin selling products on auction and online free advertising sites can be very lucrative. There are a variety of scenarios you can create in order to do this.

The main thing you need to do is get a business license in your area. This will enable you to buy products from wholesalers directly. If you get an IRS tax id # (available with a business license), you can purchase directly from manufacturers (they require the tax id # when making purchases).

You will need to “source” your products.

This involves studying and brainstorming the overall markets for each individual product. Then you have to identify the manufacturer and find a way to contact them (internet search works fine).

With careful and painstaking research, you can develop a list of proven products that you can sell yourself. You need to make lists, compare prices. You will need to contact manufacturers and develop terms with them. You will need to focus also on getting shipping supplies, and or arranging for transportation or pickup of products you have sold.

You will need digital cameras to take photographs of products, you will need accounting software, you will need to make change or arrange payment by pay pal or otherwise. You will need to arrange to find out more about posting ads online, and creating auction pages, including the use of templates.

You will need to study more as I indicated because there are more things to consider that you need to research. It’s ok, you will find out everything you need by studying. Articles and books can be found, as I have stated. Read up and keep researching. Look to the lists online on the auction websites for ideas. Look at the for sale ads on the free ads and call around to see what’s selling at what prices. You can find places in newspapers and magazines and conduct traditional mail order.

Develop “feeling” for what the customer wants or needs. Back this up with sales figures in the product’s market. You can research online into the markets for these products and be able to find information about their sales potential, or use proven selling items online and market them in mail order. Research and knowledge of the sales potential is key and essential to developing a good market strategy and finding what sells and what doesn’t. When you supply what is in demand, you sell. Just offer good deals and don’t rip them off and they will be coming back for more.

Keep working at it and you’ll get there. Make lists of proven winners and sell them again and again. One list and you are set for life, strange isn’t that, but true. You can add to it to and expand your business that way, when you make profits, don’t spend them for the here and now. Instead reinvest them.

Learn to research! Teach yourself how! See what is working, and do it yourself. Look at ebay and other auctions and find products being sold successfully (find “buy now” items and see how many have sold), some will tell you. Call craigslist product sellers and find out if the items advertised are being sold by asking them if they have sold them yet. You can find proven selling products this way. Remember to charge a similar amount of money for the same item.

The given markets will absorb new sellers. You can spend the time to find out what succeeds and what does not. Learning how to make deals and the terms is part of the self-training. Use trial and error. Don’t under price, don’t overprice.

Research and read books on free advertising site sales, and online auctions. Read as much as you can, study as much as you can. Get the necessary equipment and supplies.

Make and keep ongoing notes. Get accounting software. Keep sales records and pay all taxes. Be ethical. Be accountable. Keep good relations with your customers and people will buy from you again.

Keep a good rating. Be fair. Be friendly. Make friends. Work hard.


There are many details you will have to study and learn. You need to be prepared to spend many hours in self-directed study and research and you will have to discipline yourself. This can be a fun and rewarding job. I’ve given you the major tips in this primer. You will need to learn much more though.

Do extra research into other areas of website and online auction/free ads. You will need to read books and articles on the subject. You will need to educate yourself more, but you can use the information in this guide and be able to do well at this.

Be prepared. Work overtime. Work 24/7/365 thinking about it.


Rural areas where there is little opportunity for immediate work for pay can be the place where a variety of small ventures can be launched.

One venture is “organic vegetable farming”.

If you have a small piece of land you live on, and/or access to land – you can create a small farming concern. Organic vegetable farming is one option that almost anyone can master with the right information and supplies. Seeds can be ordered from companies and the rudimentary or more advanced farming equipment can be found with a minimum of investment.

The farming of vegetables without pesticides qualifies the vegetables to be what is known as “organic vegetables”. The price of vegetables as with all food if you haven’t noticed has sky-rocketed in our troubled economy. Organic vegetables are the most expensive vegetables on the market as well.

Even a small farming project will create a huge amount of revenue potentially. You could by-pass the usual wholesale prices and charge a discounted retail rate in your area and beyond for these vegetables, making deals with small grocery stores, restaurants, and others.

You could put small advertisements in neighboring villages, small towns, and nearby urban areas (or online) to attract people to visit you directly to pick-up and purchase these high-demand high quality high price items directly from your small micro-farming concern! Everyone needs food, and everyone is looking for a deal.

If you provide the supply, the demand is already there in an unlimited capacity. Also, you could can and store a percentage of these vegetables and use them yourself. You can also use the fresh vegetables when available to feed yourself.

The small unused part of the property you own can be converted to micro farming and huge profits. You can find out how to do this by reading on how to create greenhouses, and hydroponics. With greenhouses and hydroponics you can create levels of grow space stacked on top of each other, condensing space and making room for more vegetables to be grown.

Commute to your regional urban center (nearest city).

If you have no money to start-up with, here are a few ideas that would work. One way to get this start-up capital is to go to an urban area in your region and do some part time work as outlined in this info-booklet or you could even collect aluminum cans and plastic bottles to save up enough money in a few trips for transportation, or other small money makers to do so (see independent work task specialist for more ideas).

If you have transportation it’s easier, but you could post in local rural newspapers and the local nearest

library small ads offering a barter exchange for services to acquire these rides into your nearest urban area, or for the money to get the micro-farming capital itself.

You can make a trip out of it, and you can find food and lodging at local shelters at churches and kitchens where they will gladly offer these services free of charge.

You could also attend the local churches of your choice while you are there if you would like that. The local library in your rural area is a great resource for you as well, offering access to internet services in many cases and if you want you can make an appropriate donation from your work when you are done with your stay, although they do not charge.

Calling ahead and looking up where these are located and getting a map of the city is what you need. Then you can get lodging and food provided, pay your share upon leaving, and commute back and forth to the city for days at a time to work and you can save your money and finance something else, such as the following.

Internet Access at your Local Library

You could use this access to start an online business as well, which you could run only a few hours a day and can also create a comfortable income. Businesses you can do include the easy writing work and task work specialist jobs and also buying or selling things online, including things found in rural areas such as candle making, quilting, etc. Freelance work on or offline and a microbusiness of your own in any field you like is possible.

You could easily sell these things on websites such as ebay and craigslist. You can also make use of the other ebooks in this work packet in order to work, such as the task worker specialist position.

The “Dream Page” career planner:

The average American worker switches careers an average of 4 or 5 times in a lifetime – a far cry from the old days where you had one job your whole life. The planning throughout your life has to be flexible and adaptive. The following career planner is very effective in managing a life career, and I, the author, have been using mine since 1991! That is 22 years at this point.

The “Dream Page” is divided into sections. The first, you write down every job or work you have performed, and all your skills individually. Then on the next page you write down every job you have wanted to do or dreamed about doing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make any choices immediately from the list, in fact, you will be adding to this list throughout your life. If you lose it, you can start again and write it all over.

The next page you write down all of your education and training. The next page you write down all the education or training you want, regardless of being related to any one work type. For example, you could end up getting training to be an auto body repair and painting technician, and go to school for Fine Art and get a Master’s Degree, and not starve in the process lol.

After you have all four pages written down, you keep them and then make a list of your top 5 choices for careers (and all your educational and training goals), and decide what order you want to complete them. You can dovetail education, skills, and see where different training can apply for skills/interests in each area. This last page is your “Dream Page”. Remember, if you decide something else entirely later on, you are merely adding to it. The “Dream Page” is flexible, you can always modify it and it fits within it. It is a blueprint to find out your interests and desires, your strengths and experience, and help you achieve your dreams over your lifetime. You can use any other method of career planning alongside it.

America's Free Work Kit

This eBook contains a series of eBooks that all show you how to find work in key critical types that most people with a basic set of skills and abilities or a 10th-grade level proficiency in Native American English can do. Work such as: Freelance work online Web writer work online Countless ways to make extra cash offline Countless websites that pay cash Ways to be a task worker from home offline Legitimate work at home jobs Micro-business info Product and auction sales Rural work solutions Also: Career planner Health insurance possibilities Setting up an office and paperwork, tax information This eBook is free and you should get a copy and give it out to as many people as possible that you know that could use it!

  • ISBN: 9781370663477
  • Author: Brother Peacechange
  • Published: 2016-09-29 07:05:15
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America's Free Work Kit America's Free Work Kit