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John Slavio is a programmer who is passionate about the reach of the internet and the interaction of the internet with daily devices. He has automated several home devices to make them ‘smart’ and connect them to high speed internet. His passions involve computer security, iOT, hardware programming and blogging. Below is a list of his books:

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Amazon has a promotion and marketing tool called Amazon Prime through which the company offers privilege accounts, much like special memberships. There are offers and discounts to people at a specified price. Amazon offers a paid service for its members with distinct advantages. The offer is $99 per year, plus a free 30-day trial or $10.99 per month eligible for free one or two-day shipping on most items. Amazon Prime is continuously growing, both in popularity and in the features that it offers.

The Amazon shoppers also have the privilege of accessing and streaming video, music, e-books, availing free shipping and enjoying a variety of other Amazon-specific services and deals. One can start with a 30-day free trial that gives you early access to deals, plus free two-day shipping

Most of the items in Amazon are qualified for free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. Oversized items, such as treadmills and basketball hoops, get free standard shipping instead. This is a great bonus when you consider that it is already offered at a competitive price and actual shipping of such heavy or large items would cost a fortune. The only downside is that items sold through third parties via Amazon Marketplace are not eligible for any kind of free shipping, unless the seller happens to offer it.

Amazon does not target the gadget, gizmo freak, housewives and entertainment lovers alone. The good aspect of Amazon is that students get a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Student, which gets you all of the benefits of Prime, in addition to special student-specific deals. After that, Prime Student will only cost half the price of regular Prime account.

Amazon Prime can be considered as one of the best gifts in times when access to entertainment, storage space and hassle-free shipping are very important. There is something called Prime Day. One day is blocked by Amazon and on that day Amazon Prime members get 100,000 exclusive deals. On the Amazon.com/prime day site, Amazon offers tips and tricks, giveaways, news and exclusive content. The deals start to roll out at midnight PST, with new deals going live every five minutes throughout the day.

Amazon offers a $10.99 monthly Prime membership for customers who may not want the $99 fee and year-long commitment of an annual membership.

Amazon Prime Statistics

Amazon Prime Members were surveyed to examine their spending habits.

Per the survey, for prime members, these 3 features are easily the most-used benefits:

p<>{color:#000;}. Free two-day shipping

p<>{color:#000;}. Prime Video

p<>{color:#000;}. Prime Music

Overall, Prime members reported, over the last 6-month period, that they spent money on 32 different purchases, totaling $678. This is an amount of $21.19 per purchase. According to RBC Capital, Amazon offers these benefits to increase customer loyalty. This is their top priority.

Some of the key takeaways from the survey include:

More people are creating a Prime account: There is an increasing number of Prime Members. Though only 25% of Amazon customers were Prime Members in 2013; now the number is 40%. Globally, there are estimated to be between 60-80 million Amazon Prime members.

Prime members are regular customers: 74% of Amazon Prime members use it more now than when they first joined. 73% use it a few times a month; as opposed to 22% of non-Prime members.

Prime members are more likely to spend: Annually, 49 percent of Prime members spend over $800, as opposed to 16 percent of non-Prime users. Clearly, Prime members are those who are avid buyers and find great value in the membership.

The longer someone has been a Prime member, the more likely they are to spend: 68% of long term (4 years or more) Prime Members spend at least $800; as opposed to 41% of First Year Prime Members.

Why is Amazon Prime popular?

It has been 10 years since it was launched and Amazons Prime’s ‘free shipping’ offer has been the major reason why this feature has been so popular among its customers. Even though Amazon has not released any official figures about the total number of subscribers, there are estimated to be more than 20 – 25 million Prime customers at present in USA alone.

Amazon is very keen on providing different useful and outstanding features to Amazon Prime customers because they form an important and integral part of the business. Those people who are Prime members are more likely to spend more than a non-Prime customer especially when free and fast shipping is a big bonus.

A majority of Prime members, an estimated 70 percent, use Prime Now delivery more than once per month and 24 percent apparently used it at least once per week. A majority again, at least 60 percent, also used Prime Now for the attractive media options. A breakdown of the purchases made is also significant: 47 percent bought electronics valued under $50, 44 percent indulged in personal care products and 41 percent purchased apparel, shoes, and accessories. A little more than a quarter of the members ordered items from smaller local grocery stores.

Amazon launched Prime Now in December 14 and has expanded it to 24 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Two-hour delivery is free to Prime members in those areas, and one-hour delivery is an option for $8 or so.

At first glance, Amazon Prime might seem like an expensive way to ship orders. But, Amazon has taken many different steps to keep the costs down. For one thing, even the $8 one-hour delivery fee competes with two-day delivery costs (at least in customers’ minds, considering that Amazon and other retailers have deals with shippers). Amazon also subtly encourages customers to add a tip to their Prime Now deliveries if they wish to. On an important note, packaging doesn’t have to be as secure as when it goes through the mail, and Amazon at least has limited the number of items available for Prime Now delivery so far.

Feedvisor, an online e-store that works with Amazon’s sellers, reveals how committed Amazon Prime members are towards online shopping. Based on their survey of 1500 Amazon shoppers from the US, Feedvisor found that 30% of Amazon Prime members had at least 1 order a week. For non-prime members, this number was only 5%. 81% of Prime Members ordered once a month, while only 35% of non-Prime members did the same.

Amazon has spread across countries now, expanding all features step by step and covers a wide demographic population ranging from young kids to students, moms, gizmo freaks, book worms and entire families. However, Amazon Prime is not just a marketing tool. It is genuinely a useful feature that aims at gaining the consumer loyalty and also maintain their customer base by making sure that the offers are attractive enough to keep people in, year after year. There are many benefits from Amazon Prime which is one reason why it continues to thrive, survive and grow.


Amazon Prime comes exclusively with entertainment package which includes Video, Music and other digital content. There are also associated subscriptions, photo storage, libraries and digital books. Amazon Cloud is a great way to gain massive storage capacity and successfully retrieve it when needed, even if you change your reading device.

p<>{color:#000;}. Prime Video: Enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes for paid or free trial members. Add video subscriptions to your favorite streaming entertainment channels.

p<>{color:#000;}. Prime Music: One of the greatest ways to listen to unlimited number of songs and Prime playlists, without the annoying advertisements to ruin your experience.

p<>{color:#000;}. Prime Photos: This is a safe, secure and easy way to store unlimited number of photos in Amazon Cloud Drive.

p<>{color:#000;}. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library: It is available for all prime members and can be used for borrowing/lending/renting books from kindle.

p<>{color:#000;}. Video Add-On Subscriptions: Add any third-party video streaming app of your choice as the default viewing option on Amazon Prime. That way you’ll be able to keep all your video content in one place.

Prime Video

To put in simple words, it is a video streamlining service for its prime members. The Amazon prime members have access to thousands of video titles at no additional cost. There is also an option to purchase video subscriptions to different entertainment channels. These channel subscriptions from Amazon Video are paid monthly subscriptions to premium networks and other streaming channels.

Amazon Prime members can purchase these subscriptions directly through Amazon Video. Movies and TV programs can also be watched on demand on any compatible Amazon Video devices.

The channel subscription is available for Amazon Prime membership, Student Prime members, Prime Fresh, Household and free trial versions of these.

Amazon videos can be enjoyed on a computer, laptop or downloaded on to any compatible device. It lets you watch a wide range of movies and TV shows. Amazon Video is can be watched directly through your computer’s web browser or through one of the hundreds of streaming media devices such as smart TVs, Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes, Amazon Fire TV, game consoles like PlayStation, Wii or Xbox, Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and Fire phone. In December 2016, Amazon Video has been made available in 200 countries.


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Amazon Prime: The Ultimate Guide to Learn about and get the most out of an Amazo

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Amazon Prime: The Ultimate Guide to Learn about and get the most out of an Amazo Amazon Prime: The Ultimate Guide to Learn about and get the most out of an Amazo