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Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Fire TV is way to stream different media types from the Internet onto your TV. This means that you can watch videos or listen to music from the internet, even if you don’t have cable. Live sports games can be streamed onto your TV. This is a big advantage for those who do not want to buy cable or satellite or those who are trying to cut costs out of their budget. You will merely need to pay the original cost of the Amazon Fire TV box, but you will be able to avoid paying regular, monthly costs. Channels and apps commonly streamed include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HGTV, FOX, and ESPN. However, Amazon Fire TV contains one of the largest selections of streaming options, and you will find many more channels available than the few listed here.

In this introduction, you will learn answers to a few key questions to may have as you are considering purchasing an Amazon Fire TV. The questions answered are: what is Amazon Fire TV, what are the differences between the Fire Stick and the Fire TV, and why purchase an Amazon Fire TV?

What is Amazon Fire TV?

Like described above, Amazon Fire TV is a streaming device. However, you should know a little bit more about it than that. Firstly, this device has 2GB of memory, so you will have plenty of space to save your favorite movies. Additionally, this space can be expanded using a USB and connecting it to one of the Amazon Fire TV’s ports. This device also works at a higher speed than the first model which was released in April of 2014.

Additionally, the new model has 4K Ultra High Definition support. Most of its features work through Bluetooth, meaning that you can connect to the box using your kindle or computer. This also means that you can connect to the box using headphones so that you can watch a movie or play a game without the whole house needing to hear it. Instructions on how to make these connections will be explained more fully later in this guide.

Basically, the Amazon Fire TV is a way to stream the internet onto your TV in a fast and easy-to-understand way. This product was designed in such a way that even those who have trouble understanding technology will be able to easily navigate this system.

What are the Differences Between the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV?

Another Amazon product that has also become popular is the Fire TV Stick. This book is specifically about Amazon Fire TV, not the stick; however, it will help you be an informed buyer if you know the differences and if buying a Fire TV Stick in addition to your Amazon Fire TV will be beneficial or not.

Firstly, the Fire TV Stick is a much smaller device. However, that also means that the stick has half the memory. Games that require a lot of space, for example Minecraft, would not work well with the stick. You would need the box and perhaps an extra memory card to run high-functioning games well. It does come with 8GB of storage in addition to 1GB of memory, but that will go quickly.

The stick is very limited in ways that you can connect with it. One side has a USB port and the other one has a HDM1 port. However, it does have Bluetooth capabilities, and you can connect with it via your Amazon account online.

However, the Amazon Fire TV box has these components and more. You can expand the box’s memory with its memory slot, and you will have access to the digital audio port or Ethernet port. The two devices are different in the way they display images. Check with your TV to see which device will display a clearer picture. In some cases, the images will be very similar.

Last of all, one of the most obvious differences in the two devices is the price. The stick costs around $50 less than the box. However, you must weigh in its limited features to see if saving the money will still give you all the features you want. The best way to explain the differences is to say that the Fire Stick is a more compact version of the Amazon Fire TV.

Why Purchase an Amazon Fire?

With so many gaming devices now available that can stream movies or Netflix, you may wonder what this device can do that a simple Wii, for example, cannot. Many people may ask why they need another device when they already have so many devices plugged up to their TV. There are three simple reasons why the Amazon Fire TV would be a good choice for your internet streaming needs. As we dive into how to work with the Amazon Fire TV, you will see exactly how true these are.

p<>{color:#000;}. Easy- This device is easy to use. While some of its more advanced features may require some studying to work, the basic functions of the device are easily understandable. Once you have set up the box (the process is thoroughly explained in the first chapter), a tutorial will play, walking you through its basic features and setting you up for immediate use.

p<>{color:#000;}. Fast- Some devices become bogged down when they have a lot in their memory. You end up waiting a long time to watch your programs. However, the Amazon Fire TV box will not keep you waiting for long. If its memory is filled, it has a Cloud that can store movies, etc. All you need is internet to connect to the Cloud. Also, the speed Amazon Fire TV takes to pull up a movie is incredibly fast.

p<>{color:#000;}. Multiple features- Some prospective buyers do not know that the Amazon Fire TV box can double as a gaming device. You can stream internet games and use your controllers to play them on your TV.

In the upcoming chapters, you will learn what makes this internet streaming device unique from other similar devices. You will learn how to set up and begin using the Amazon Fire TV box. Last of all, you will also learn the basic commands for this box, including using voice commands for playing and watching on your Amazon Fire TV box.


Amazon came out with their Fire TV a bit after than some of the other companies started producing their streaming devices. What does this mean? This means that Amazon got the opportunity to see how the other devices worked and what people disliked about them. Then, they could incorporate that information into the formation of their own product, meaning that the Fire TV product has a few features that make it stand out. Let’s look at the major benefit for each of the following devices: Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

Amazon Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV offers the unique option of a remote. It also offers a smaller version, the Fire TV Stick referenced earlier. One more unique benefit Amazon Fire TV offers is security when you use your pin number to buy things. This is helpful in case you have guests over or sneaky children. The updated version of the Amazon Fire TV has a few extra benefits, because Amazon heard the complaints of their users and changed their system to better serve them.

Chromecast: Chromecast is a very low-cost option that sells between $30 and $35. Also, it streams a very wide variety of shows.

Apple TV: This device is for those who already have a big ITunes profile. Why? Apple TV can stream ITunes music, with which many other devices will not have access. This is the main benefit, but if you do not have ITunes, then this device does not really have an outstanding benefit for you.

Roku: There are several different versions of Roku on the market. Roku 2, 3, and 4 all have different advantages and different costs. These costs range from around $50 up to $130 or so. The Roku 2 can connect to an Ethernet box, solving any problems you have with Wi-fi. The most expensive Roku device also streams 4k shows.

What About Negative Factors?

There are always parts of a device that could have been manufactured better or changed just a bit to add some extra features. No device is perfect. So, you want to know exactly what the problem is with each device so that you know what you are getting into. Let’s look at them.

Amazon Fire TV: The main disadvantage of this device is that it is one of the pricier options, even compared to its own Fire Stick. However, if you are receiving more features for the price, then the purchase could be worth the money it costs.

Chromecast: Chromecast does not come with a remote. You must use your phone or tablet to control this device, which can be problematic. Most of all, it means that you must have another device capable of streaming at high speed. For example, if your phone is slow, then there is only so much the streaming speed you can get.

Apple TV: As with Chromecast, one of its benefits can also be its downfall. Because Apple TV is the only device that has access to your ITunes songs, you must select this one to listen to your songs. However, if you do not have an ITunes account, then this device does not offer anything that helps it stand out.

Roku: The biggest disadvantage for this device is also its hefty price tag. If you want to get 4k streaming, then you will need to pay a higher amount. If you already have a lot of devices around your TV or have already invested a lot of money in a gaming system, investing more than $100 in another device may not be worth it.

Time To Make a Choice:

So, now it comes time to make your choice. If you have already bought an Amazon Fire TV box, then you have already made your choice. If not, I recommend buying it. Why? This device is the only device that has access to Amazon TV and videos. Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming, so choosing to have a device that connects with your account means that you will have unlimited streaming on your TV. While pretty much all streaming devices can connect to Netflix or YouTube, Amazon’s Fire TV will give you extra access along with access to Netflix, YouTube, and others.

With other devices, you may be able to connect to Amazon streaming, but the apps do not come on the devices. You must use a casting device to stream Amazon video. If your main way of watching TV is through Amazon, having a device that was created to stream that video will be most beneficial to you. Additionally, with an Amazon Fire TV, you can order Amazon products using the box or even the voice controller. This can be beneficial if you are listening to a song you like, and you want to buy it right away. You may also be cooking while you are watching TV. You can use the voice commands to add an ingredient to your shopping list.

Last of all, Amazon Fire TV has the most well-built, powerful hardware. It is very user friendly, and the extra price is worth it for the features and easy access to Amazon video streaming. Check out the next chapter for a full explanation on set up and installation.


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Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide to learn the Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide to learn the Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV: The Ultimate Beginners’ User Guide to learn the Amazon Fire TV