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Congratulations you are about to start your own PROFITABLE BUSINESS !




How do I know ?





Because I have done it myself ,I am an expert when it comes to product/supplier sourcing . I have been doing it for over 5 years. In my years in this field I have sourced suppliers for some of the top selling products on Amazon doing it on behalf of clients. I have sourced products which sells as 4 times the price of the supplier on Amazon. Believe me I know a thing or 2 about this ,below it’s just one of many example of the projects I successfully executed for one client in the past





And below its the Feedback of the fully satisfied client



Above was just one example ,I have a long standing proven track record in many different sectors of industries as you can see a few examples below





I have been rated by one best and biggest Freelancing site as one of the few best Freelancers in the world.





In this ebook I have put together for you the best and simple methods you can easily apply today to access the hot selling products on Amazon with their direct suppliers to start your own profitable business .





p={color:#000;}. The First Method


This is the very simple method that you might have seen before but probably not have used it this way before . This method applies when you already know the hot selling product on Amazon but don’t know it’s supplier and looking for it. Let’s use the product below on Amazon as an example of our hot selling product that we have spotted and now looking for its supplier





In order for this method to work , we would have to be using google chrome as our browser. So the above example would be opened with google chrome .Once all that is done please Click on the link below:


[+ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-by-image-by-google/dajedkncpodkggklbegccjpmnglmnflm?hl=en+]


This link would open the Google Chrome store which will allow you to add the SEARCH GOOGLE WITH IMAGE icon. Go ahead and add the SEARCH GOOGLE WITH IMAGE icon.Once is added you would then go back to your product which is opened with google chrome you would then Right Click on its Image (Picture) then select SEARCH GOOGLE WITH THIS IMAGE ,there would be a small blue icon camera next to SEARCH GOOGLE WITH THIS IMAGE words.

Once you ‘ve selected SEARCH GOOGLE WITH THIS IMAGE ,a new browser would be opened with similar images(pictures) as search results as you can see below







You will then have to go through the search results to see if you can find an image or picture that its from the supplier not from any other re seller from amazon or ebay or any other site . If your product was original made from China, most likely one of the image search results you will find will be from alibaba.com or any other Chinese supplier site. You would then be able to click on it and get the details of the supplier.


Although this method works but it has its disadvantages :


p={color:#000;}. It does not search and find you the hot selling products on Amazon. You have to have found it yourself.

p={color:#000;}. Also there is no guarantee that the image search results will include the supplier details in some cases you won’t find any supplier details in the search results.




p={color:#000;}. The Second Method


This method works well,fast and efficiently. You can access it right away by Clicking Here. It would saves you a lot of time and get you the best results . It works total opposite of the First Method. It gives you access to unlimited number of Amazon HOT selling products listed together where you can simple choose the ones you like and This hot products comes with the direct link contacts details of their suppliers at the same page.


Here are some of the advantages of this method :


p={color:#000;}. This method is an Amazon profitable product scraper software website ,it goes on the internet and search for hot selling products on Amazon that you can buy for a really low price from the supplier and are selling for a really high price on Amazon.



p={color:#000;}. It shows you the actual profit margins that you can expect to make per product sale.



p={color:#000;}. And it also show you the demand of the product and show you how quickly is likely for the product sell.



p={color:#000;}. One of the best feature about this when it’s scrape or search for the products is the fact that it doesn’t show everybody that’s using it the same products. In other words it make sure that the market is not going get over saturated by letting everybody see the same results.



To Access this Method Click Here


Below is what you would expect to see when you logged in the website , you would see the cost prices, average prices , return of investments which are all important






Although this method is the great and can make you money , below are just some of the disadvantages that it has :


p={color:#000;}. The website itself it’s not great looking



p={color:#000;}. The fact that though you can see the cost price ,average price and return of investments but as you know Amazon has fees and shipping. The site does not work out the Amazon and shipping fees for you, so that’s something you would have to keep in mind when selecting the product and working the costs.



This site works on a monthly membership based system which starts around $47 per month but they offer a $1.00 TRIAL which last 3 days . I would recommend you start your $1.00 TRIAL .Click Here to START YOUR $1.00 TRIAL . It’s only $1.00 to see if it works for you and this is something that can potential make you a lot of money. CLICK HERE to start now !





p={color:#000;}. The Third Method


The Third method works when combining the First and Second Methods. This the one I personal use in most cases and it always gives me the very best results . Here is how you can apply it :



Now that you can access the Amazon hot selling products very easily using the Second Method . You can now choose any product you like or would like to sell. Copy or take its title from the Second Methods access site . You already have the suppliers contact from Second Method site as it gives you the link of the direct supplier but lets say you want to explore to see if you can find other suppliers. You can see First Method to explore if there are more suppliers for whatever your reason might be. Once you have copied or taken the title go to your amazon site which you have opened by google chrome, paste the copied title or write exact as from the Second Method site to the Amazon products search bar on the Amazon site. Then click search it should then give you the exact result of that product in which you would then be able to apply the first method as it is explained above.


Another way ,once you have found the title of the hot selling product from the Second Method site,the title would obviously include or give you the NAME of the product in that case you can simple enter the name of the product in the google search to see if you can get more suppliers of the products , below are some of the words you can include next to the NAME of your product when doing google search :


NAME Distributors(s)

NAME Manufacturers(s)

NAME Authorized Distributors(s)

NAME Supplier(s)


With all this 3 methods combined you would get the best results and you have a profitable business.Below is one example of what I managed to do using the Third Method which combined the 2 methods.


Below is the quotes for Brand Sport Footwear such as ADIDAS, ASICS ,PUMA etc that I managed to get using the above Third Method last month , it comes with the direct contact of the supplier and his correspondence that you can contact if you like and confirm the quote he gave me last month :



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I am sure by now you have seen that really works so don’t waste any time start now.











Amazon FBA , How To Access Amazon HOT Selling Items & Their Direct Suppliers

This ebook will show you exactly How To Access Amazon HOT Selling Items & Their Direct Suppliers with an aim to start your own Amazon FBA guaranteed profitable business. I have put together the strategies and methods based on my experience and knowledge as specialist in sourcing products/ suppliers . I have sourced suppliers/ products for clients from different parts of the world. I have find them some of the hot selling items on Amazon and then sourced them their suppliers. So in this ebook you too you will learn exactly how did I do it.

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Amazon FBA , How To Access Amazon HOT Selling Items & Their Direct Suppliers Amazon FBA , How To Access Amazon HOT Selling Items & Their Direct Suppliers