Amazon FBA: Amazing Money-Making Program on How to Sell More Goods to More Peopl


Amazon FBA

Amazing Money-Making Program on How to Sell More Goods to More People, More Quickly and Most Cost Effectively Than Ever

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – What is Amazon FBA and How to Use It?

Chapter 2 – What to Sell and What Not to Sell

Chapter 3 – Let’s Get Started: Selling With FBA

Chapter 4 – Taking Care of Your Products

Chapter 5 – Finally: Wrapping it up and Shipping

Chapter 6 –Listing Your Selling Items


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Garage sales may be interesting and amusing for buyers, but you certainly don’t want to spend several days in front of your house, selling all those things you don’t need anymore and watching your neighbors and strangers going through your dusty personal belongings.

There will probably be some bargaining added along the way and although your potential buyer is probably having fun lowering your price from 5$ to 1$, you certainly won’t.

What if someone told you that there is a neat program made and designed by Amazon in order to help you sell all the stuff you have around your home, attic or garage and make some money with barely trying – no garage sales, no sitting on your front lawn while some people are going through your stuff; the only thing you need is a seller’s account on Amazon.

Our guide is made to help you get familiar with Amazon FBA program and teach you how you can get rid of everything you don’t need and make some cash along the way. Who knows: maybe your attic is hiding something really valuable that you don’t need and someone on the World Wide Web would greatly appreciate.

Let’s get started!

Chapter 1 – What is Amazon FBA and How to Use It?

We’ve already mentioned in our Introduction that Amazon have made a great program in order to help everyone around the world to sell the things they don’t need. The keyword to the Amazon FBA program is “EASY AND SIMPLE”. Exactly! You will be able to sell all your things, in case there are people interested in your merchandise and the prices you set for each product or group products. The full name of the FBA program is Fulfillment by Amazon, and you will come to realize why they are using the term “FULFILLMENT” once the money comes rolling and your house is cluster-free.

How Amazon FBA Fulfillment Program Works?

The introduction itself probably sou8nds as great as it can sound, but what ACTUALLY Amazon FBA is about and is there any catch? How everything works once you sign up for Amazon’s Fulfillment program?

Amazo9n FBA works by you having the Amazon crew handling all the things you are planning to sell. How?

Instead of shipping the items you sell every time you make a sale, FBA allows you to put all the things you want to sell in a box and ship it to them. You will of course need to provide them with the list of your merchandise along with your basic and personal data. You will need to own an Amazon seller’s account or make one if you don’t already have it.

You can make another, separate account for selling excessive stuff you have around your home, or you can use the account you have for selling other merchandise. You will need to decide whether you feel more comfortable with option 1 or 2, because you will have to provide that information with sending your box to one of the Amazon Fulfillment centers.

Within the Amazon FBA program you’ve signed up for, you will have to pay a storage fee that goes as low as possible as you will keep your stuff inside the Fulfillment centers.

The fee required to be paid for handling and storage is only 1$! Upon selling any of the products you have at one of the Amazon Fulfillment centers, standard fees and provisions will apply.

Easy to Sell and Easy to Get Paid

Once the Amazon Fulfillment team has the list of everything you’ve shipped to their center, along with the box or boxes of all the things listed, you will have them post all of the things you sent them to be sold. Immediately your merchandise will become available and visible to all interested and potential buyers, so you are officially on the way of making money easily on selling things you don’t use or need anymore.

You will be able to add product descriptions by yourself, by using your Amazon account, regardless of whether you chose to use your old account or have created a separate one.

Increased Product Visibility = Potentially More Successful Sales

To make sure that someone will actually come across your products and think about ordering from you, make sure you get the part with making descriptions done right.

Make sure that all descriptions you wrote for your products are accurate and true and that you use the appropriate keywords when writing product descriptions so you could easily get found. That way your product is more likely to get sold instead of “sitting” in the box useless, forcing you to sell it under extremely low prices on sales and holiday sales.

Use and choose the keywords based on what you think someone looking for products you have to offer will type when searching and browsing.

For example: If one of the products you are selling is antique teapot, you can use keywords like “antique furniture”, “antique teapot”, “quality vintage teapot”, “vintage tea time”, “kitchen decoration”, “rare ceramics”, etc. Whatever you think it would work, should be good enough to represent your merchandise on search engines.

In the next chapter, we will be discussing about basic rules of selling, going through the topic of what to sell and what not to sell.

Chapter 2 – What to Sell and What Not to Sell

Yes, we’ve already said that you can basically put everything you don’t need to a good purpose by shipping a box of everything you need to Amazon Fulfillment centers. But what is worth of being shipped and what type of items could get etiquette as “sellable”?

What to Sell?

There is a rather simple and free strategy that could help you get an overview of what items could pass as more likely to be sold quickly: you just need to check the best selling items.

Given that the bestsellers are being changed within a matter of days or a week, you will have some checking to do, but you can get a bigger picture of what type of items are generally the most popular and narrow down your merchandise to those things you know you can sell at a good price. For example, if you see that old books and rare books, collector’s items and antique furniture and other potentially sellable items are the ones selling the most, you can check if you have something similar to ship to FBA center and make some money, offering popular items. That way you are more likely to sell something and make some cash.

Product Value

Another important thing is to get your products evaluated. You don’t have to hire anyone to do that, unless you have something extremely valuable you believe could worth thousands and hundreds. In that case, you can get your potential product evaluated professionally.

But, let’s say that we are talking about some old books you want to sell. If the books are in fine state, well preserved and rare the price can go high. In case the book is not quite preserved and is in bad state even though it might be rare, you will probably need to lower the price on the cost of that.

Whatever the type of your product is, you need to make sure that you will make some profit out of selling it. Don’t forget that Amazon is charging standard fees by taking provision out of your sales even though you are selling your products within FBA program. Add a 1$ of fees for having Amazon FBA crew handling and storing your merchandise and count in the amount of money you’ve spent on the merchandise you have. You shouldn’t bother selling anything under 5$, or else you won’t be making any sales, consequently not making any money.


If you see that some of your products are not selling particularly well, even though those products are out under the category of bestsellers, you can try putting them on sale if you haven’t been able to sell it after months have passed from having Amazon crew posting those for you.

Sale will require you to lower the price, but no matter how desperate to sell the product you might be, be careful not to give that product away practically for free. Regardless of the circumstances and poor sales and interest, you still need to make some money. That is what you have your Amazon account in the first place, right?

Make sure you give your product a proper description along with setting up the price that is, both, good for you and buyers.

If you feel that you could sell a certain product at the price that is more favorable for you, give it a shot; you can always reduce the price later if the item doesn’t sell.

What Not to Sell?

If you don’t want to end up paying for storage from month to month for some products that are never going to sell, not even at 0.99$, you should consider erasing a couple of items off your shipping list and throw or give those away to someone who will appreciate those “unsellable”.

Selling CDs and DVDs may not be a good idea, unless you accidentally get a collector stumbling upon your product list. Chances of that happening are pretty low and not in your favor, so you better erase those from your list. With iTunes, YouTube and other sites distributing, selling or allowing free music and flick downloading, you are less likely to have someone to sell your DVDs and CDs to.

Avoid posting old books that are pretty easy to be bought new and arte not rare at all. No one will buy an old book when they can find a new copy of the exact same book.

What you also shouldn’t put on the list is old clothes, broken appliances and other things that no one will find a good use for. The best way of figuring out what to sell and ship to Amazon is checking out the list of bestsellers.

Following Up With Competition

No one and everyone at the same time is your competition on Amazon. The only way to have your products standing out in the pile of other similar products is to offer something unique. You can also have seasonal sales, depending of what you are selling. Remember to make some solid descriptions for your products, describing what your buyers will get by purchasing your product. List all the details and make sure the details are accurate so you won’t get a bad rating, thus getting not so favorable seller’s reputation.

Follow up with our next chapter to learn how you can use your FBA account and get started and selling in no time.

Chapter 3 – Let’s Get Started: Selling With FBA

So, now that you know what FBA is , we can go through a couple of simple steps to get you through the process of becoming a seller with Amazon’s Fulfillment program and start selling all those things you have around your home and you don’t need. If you think that there’s someone who needs those things: ship them and start selling!

Step 1: Creating Amazon Account

In case you don’t have your seller’s account on Amazon, you will need to make one. In case you want one account separated exclusively for selling products within Amazon FBA, you can make one in the same manner you’ve made your existing account and skip this step.

You can of course be a professional Amazon seller within a program for Professionals with 1 month free of charge, but you will be charged a fee for every next month selling as a professional. Skip this part as you are selling your personal stuff as an individual, not a company.

Even do you are choosing Individual Seller’s plan, you can still have up to 20 different categories added, which is probably enough for you to start selling all those things you don’t need.

Creating your account means that you are making your merchandise available to millions of potential buyers who are able to view your products at any time and from any country.

Step 2: Registering

Once you have chosen your Seller’s plan, you can continue with registering with your existing account or you can sign up with a different email address and create a separate account. Once you have decided, continue registering by filling up the form with your personal data. You will probably find this annoying, as you have probably filled up similar or the exact same form hundreds of times, but all the struggle and typing will pay off once you start selling and making money.

Step 3: Add FBA Amazon Fulfillment Program

Next thing is adding the FBA Amazon fulfillment program to your account. You can do that simply by going to Amazon “Solutions” on the Home page and selecting the option below listed as “Fulfillment by Amazon”. You will also be able to read some successful stories written by sellers like you, recommending the FBA program for selling your things. Any additional information needed to convince you to try FBA out, if this guide has not already done that, available on the same page.

Step 4: Boxes and Packing

Maybe the least time consuming task is finding boxes and packing. Of course you need to know what you are going to pack and choose your merchandise first. Before packing up and getting your boxes ready, choose what you think you can sell. If you could pack all the items by the type of products you are selling, and you can choose between 20 different categories with your individual account, that would be the best solution as you will have to have all of your boxes listed properly so that the Amazon FBA crew could efficiently handle all of your merchandise upon receiving it.

If you have boxes at home, that will work, or you can order some boxes online if you don’t have any or go to a local store and check if they have boxes for sale. Pack all the things neatly and preferably by categories.

Step 5: Products

Before shipping the goods, make sure that you know how much you are charging each product, count in potential discounts and fees that will apply on Amazon after you have made a sale. That way you will know exactly how much you will earn. Basically, since you are selling things you already have without need to buy and resell your merchandise, you may even say that your earnings are clean without any loss. However, selling something at extremely low price at the beginning of your FBA adventure might not give you any kind of profit; thus make sure you have your prices planned and reconsidered.

Again, only ship the stuff you know you will be able to sell and earn some cash for, otherwise you will end up paying storage for things no one needs and no one will buy, not even at the lowest prices.

Next we will teach you how you can take your sales to another level with FBA Amazon Fulfillment program. You can even make it a business and start earning money easy and simple, with barely trying.

Chapter 4 – Taking Care of Your Products

For you to start earning easily by using FBA and selling within Amazon Fulfillment program you need to make sure that each and every box you send is worth sending; and that each product is a potential bestseller. Follow up with our tips on how to take care of your products, making your FBA business running smoothly.

Buying and Selling

If you want to have a nice monthly income with constant flow, you need to expand your sales from selling what you have in your house, lying useless, to buying off things and sell them within your FBA account.

Remember that you will need to stay within the 20 categories you are allowed to have as a part of Individual Seller’s program which is used free of charge, so when you are choosing and buying other products to sell on Amazon, make sure that those products could be put in one of the 20 categories you are allowed to have. Yes, you can put a lamp in the same category as books, but you will create a sort of a cluster, making that lamp impossible to appear in the search results. Who would search for a lamp in the “Books” category?

You can as well visit your local stores if you are planning on making a business out of your FBA sales.

Buying Low at Local Shops

Not only that you will be able to keep the economy in your own more stable, allowing the money cycling, but you will also be able to make a profit yourself. By buying from foreign sites to sell, you are contributing to their economy growth, but if you divide your purchases and buy from local stores equally as you are buying from foreign online stores, you are contributing to a healthy economy balance.

How will you make money by buying?

It’s really simple: you can buy at low prices and sell at higher prices. That way you are making a profit.

First you need to check what types of products are the best selling items on Amazon and since the best sellers may vary changing a couple of times on daily basis, it is the best if you pledge to check the bestsellers list a couple of times a day, for a week.

Once you know which categories are the ones selling the best, you can start searching for similar types of products at your local stores.

Only buy to sell if you can find valuable items and potential bestsellers on wholesales and discounts.

Revenue Calculator Tool

To make your calculations a lot easier, you can use a calculator tool patented by Amazon and available free on their website. Amazon Revenue Calculator Tool will help you determine how much profit you will make based on the prices you’ve set for all your products. That way you will know whether you can lower the prices for your selling items or if it is needed to increase the prices up a bit so you would actually be able to make some profit out of all the stuff you are selling.

This Amazon tool will help you follow up with the current value of your selling items, but in order to determine whether or not you could sell something at the price you would like to set, you could do a little researching in order to follow up with current pricing of other selling items similar to yours. You can then lower or raise your price a bit than an average price you’ve found.

Now that you know how to take care of your products even though you don’t physically have them by your side but instead you are paying a dollar for your merchandise storage at Amazon Fulfillment Center, we can continue with our next lesson: Shipping your selling items.

Chapter 5 – Finally: Wrapping it up and Shipping

Before starting with listing your products, let’s take a few simple steps, one at the time, so you could start a shipment process and send your boxes away to Amazon Fulfillment center.

Step 1: Packing up

First you need to decide in which box each item will be packed up and ready for shipping. You have to know where each of your selling items is, so you would be able to later list and manage your boxes once they are available in your inventory. You will be receiving your payment on every 2 weeks, so you can send new boxes each month to get a constant income flow.

Try packing your selling items by categories, so it is easier for you to know in which box is a certain item. Once the boxes are all wrapped up and ready for shipping, you can leave them aside for a while and go through the remaining steps before you are able to actually send the boxes away to Amazon FBA center.

Step 2: Starting the Shipment process

Once you have all the items add to boxes, you can then move onto starting the shipping process. Find the “Work” on the button “Shipment” so you could start the process. You can also start a shipment process by finding “Manage FBA Shipments”, available in your Inventory on your account.

Step 3: Changing Your Box’ content

If you want to change, erase or add any items to your existing boxes, you can do that in the following step as you will be asked if you want to make final changes before starting the process. If you are happy with your content, you can click “Save”, moving onto the button “Continue”.

Step 4: Labeling

In the next step, you will be asked if you want to print labels for your merchandise and label your selling items. After you click “Yes”, label your products and click on “Save”, moving onto the button “Continue”.

Step 5: Shipment Size

In this step you have a several options to choose from. If you are shipping smaller boxes then you will have to choose SPD shipping option. The other option: LTL is a lot more expensive and it is meant for shipment boxes that are 200 kg or heavier. You will also need to choose a shipment partner after you have chosen the size of your shipping boxes. The best option to go for when it comes to shipment partners is Amazon Partnered Carrier. This option should be labeled as UPS. You can of course choose another carrier, but if you go for Amazon partners you will get a crew at your doors, taking the boxes away to the FBA center. In case you choose another carrier, you will have to ship the boxes yourself.

Another perk of choosing the Amazon Partnered Carrier besides from simplifying the shipment process is that you will be able to get your boxes labeled and get a discount for shipping your stuff to Amazon FBA center. Of course, after you are done, click on “Save” then “Continue”.

Step 6: Packing Slips

The next page will be about printing packing slips. You will put one slip in each box and keep one to yourself (also for one for each box). After you are done printing your copies, just click “Continue”.

Step 7: Dimension and weight

On the next page you will need to enter information about your boxes’ weight and dimensions. Make sure you measure the boxes accurately because you will then need to click on the button “Get the Cost Estimate”, which will inform you how much you would need to pay for shipping costs.

Step 8: Shipping Costs

As a result of demanding the shipment cost evaluation, you will be redirected to a page with your costs evaluated. If you agree, click “Accept Charges”, and then move onto clicking “Continue”. All the costs will be charged from your credit card or your bank account you’ve added when you’ve made your Amazon account. So, yes, there is some investing in your sales and that is why you need to decide whether or not certain selling items are worth shipping to FBA center. Your main goal is to get those boxes shipped so you would be able to make a profit, not to lose money.

Step 9: Finally shipping

You are done! The only thing left to do is scheduling pickup carrier’s arrival at your home address or taking the boxes for shipping if you have chosen another option that does not include working with Amazon Partnered Carriers.

Next and the last, you will learn how to get all your items listed and neatly taken care of. Follow up with the chapter number 6 to learn how.

Chapter 6 –Listing Your Selling Items

Why do the listing? Well, as the Amazon crew is working on unpacking your boxes and putting sending your selling items once an item is sold to a buyer, you have to list everything, box by box. In case you are sendi9ng one box at the time, that won’t be so hard, but let suggest that you have gone ahead and sent a couple of boxes; this is how you will get your items listed. Promise this is the last thing to do before you relax and wait for the sales to start kicking in while Amazon crew sells your stuff instead of you.

Step 1: Amazon Seller Central

First thing to do is applying for Amazon Seller Central. Once you have done with that, go to Inventory where you will find an option “Add a Listing.”

Step 2: Products’ Names

Next you will need to enter the name of a product you are selling. Once you are done typing, click “Search”.

Step 3: That’s My Product!

When you see your product on the list of product, you can go ahead and click on “Sell Yours” button.

Step 4: FBA Product

On the next page you will need to fill up some basic information about the product you are enlisting. You will need to fill up the quantity, condition and price fields. If the option FBA product has not been chosen yet, you need to click on the button besides the following quote: “I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell”. Click the button “Save” and “Finish”.

Step 5: New at Amazon Sellers’ Club

In case this is your first time selling on Amazon, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to confirm that your product is not going to kill someone, that it is not alive and so on. It’s kind of funny, but just go on and click “Send Inventory”.

Step 6: Products’ Quantity

Amazon will first ask you to fill in the form to let them know where the boxes are being shipped from. If this is your home address, you don’t need to change or fill up anything, but if you want to change the address, you can (in case you are shipping boxes from someone else’s address).

The next thing to do on this page is to fill up the form where you will need to add the number of units per case and the number of cases. If you have only one item per one box, then both fields would be filled up with number 1. In case you are sending a set of cosmetics and the number of products in one set is let’s say 4, you will enter number 4 for units per case and number one for the number of cases. If you are selling two of the same books, you will write 1 for units per case and number two for the number of cases. It’s much simpler than it sounds. If you got this and finished with filling up all fields, you can click on “Continue”.

Step 7: The Shipment Name

Based on where you live, you will be assigned to the closest Amazon FBA center. After you know where all of your selling items will be stored, you may continue to naming your shipment. FBA will provide you with a name of your shipment, but you can get it customized and give it a more personal tone. Once you figure out the name of your shipment you can proceed by clicking on “Save” then finish up by clicking the button “Continue”.

Step 8: Finishing up

In case that a single item you have been enlisting for a few minutes now is at the same time the only item you are shipping, then you are done! But, let’s suppose that you have more items to ship; if that is the case, you will need to repeat all of the 6 steps below for each new item you are adding to your list, except this time you will add some changes to the step number 7: instead of creating a new shipment name, you will be able to add your new enlisted items to your already existing shipment name.

That would be it! It seems a bit difficult at the beginning, but once you get a hold of it, you will see that selling your items within the Amazon FBA program is a lot easier than it appears to be, given that the Amazon crew is handling all of your selling items within their facilities. The only thing to do is keep sending the boxes each month to get your income constantly flowing.


After you have followed up with all the steps listed in the previous chapters, there comes the easy part, as you will only need to sit back and relax while waiting for your merchandise to get sold.

If you were carefully reading, after going through our 6 chapters long tutorial, you’ve probably realized that FBA Amazon Fulfillment program is one of the simplest and easiest ways for you to earn some money by selling things you have and you don’t need.

This is only the beginning of a successful “business” as you will be able to ship a box or two to Amazon Fulfillment centers every month so you would be able to keep your income flow constant and ground solid. Whenever you find something on sale that you don’t need and you know that someone on Amazon might need, buy low and sell high. Those are only a few simple tricks you need to stick to in order to keep the money rolling.

The best thing about Amazon FBA Fulfillment program is that you basically don’t have to do anything besides shipping your merchandise to Amazon – the Amazon crew will do the rest of the work, sending your items further when sold.

Relax and enjoy watching your merchandise being sold by itself!

Amazon FBA: Amazing Money-Making Program on How to Sell More Goods to More Peopl

Our Amazon FBA Guide is made to help you learn how you can start selling your merchandise in no time, having your selling products completely handles by the Amazon crew. We are taking you on a tour through FBA program, starting from explaining what FBA is all about and going all the way to leading you though shipping your goods to the closest Amazon FBA facility. You can in fact make a profit simple and easy.

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Amazon FBA: Amazing Money-Making Program on How to Sell More Goods to More Peopl Amazon FBA: Amazing Money-Making Program on How to Sell More Goods to More Peopl