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John Slavio is a programmer who is passionate about the reach of the internet and the interaction of the internet with daily devices. He has automated several home devices to make them ‘smart’ and connect them to high speed internet. His passions involve computer security, iOT, hardware programming and blogging.


Welcome to my book on Amazon Echo IFTTT recipes, a book designed to help automate your home. In this short book, we will be going over a service called IFTTT and how to use this service with the new Amazon Echo. In this introduction, we will go over what the IFTTT is and then we will go over what the Amazon Echo is.

What is the IFTTT?

The IFTTT is an acronym for the service of IF This Then That. The way that it works refers to something developers have used for a very long time called the If Else Statement. When you think of how IFTTT works, you need to think of it as

If [this application does this] then [this is the action that needs to be taken]

IFTTT works with a lot of other applications besides Alexa. For instance, as you will see when I show you how to make an IFTTT applet of your own, Evernote can save a note to my Evernote account. Then my IFTTT account will see this happen and I will get an email stating that I made a note in Evernote. So, basically, If [I save a note to my Evernote account] then [I get sent an email notification]. This is a simple example of IFTTT.

The above example had nothing to do with Alexa. However, there are a lot of things Alexa can do depending on the service that you plan to have Alexa use. Be sure to change around the different patterns to see how IFTTT can best suit you.

What are the Limitations of IFTTT?

There are a lot of limitations to the IFTTT system, if you are not a part of the company that you are attempting to make an IFTTT command for. You can make personalized Applets or you can become a partner to make your own Applets. An applet is another name for a IFTTT recipes. That is not to say that the system doesn’t have its uses but you will find that the vast majority of available commands right now are repetitive in nature since the core commands tend to be the same. However, you can make your own recipes for your own specific needs.

A Suggestion

A lot of people come across IFTTT in relation to Amazon Alexa because Alexa can’t do what they want it to do by default, but there’s something I want to suggest to you before you try to brute force what you want. Let’s take a thermostat like Nest, which has some functionality with Alexa. But it’s worthwhile to look at the IFTTT functionality below.

However, if we look at its competitor Honeywell, we will find that there is more control as to what you can do

Therefore, my suggestion to you is that if you want to get the most out of IFTTT via Alexa, you should look at all the products in IFTTT before choosing an overall product so that you can get the most out of your device. Ironically, you will often find the cheaper devices tend to have much more controllability than the more expensive ones.

How To Write An IFTTT Recipe

Let’s go through the process of writing our own IFTTT recipe. To begin, you must first have an IFTTT account on the main website. Once you have an account, you then go to New Applet in order to begin the process.

Once you have clicked on that, you can click on the this of the if this then that

For this, I will click on Evernote

Once I click on Evernote, I have the option to choose from two different triggers and this will fill the THIS part of IFTT. I will select to have my trigger activate when there is a new note in my notebook.

Once I have that, then I will need to select the notebook that it refers to, which will be my First Notebook, which is the default notebook of all Evernote accounts

Then I will click on create trigger, followed by clicking on that in the next screen. This next one will be what happens when I do create a new note and for this one I will choose my email.

There is only one option here so I will just have it send me an Email. Once I click on that, it will ask me to fill in the blanks.

Since I have no qualms with what is already there, I will just click on Create Action. The final step will be a review of what I have set up and the ability to finish.

This is how you can create an IFTTT recipe, but this is not the standard format and it will be different when you do this for different application. It is different because different applications have different abilities of what they can do, just like Alexa can only do certain things the services you intend to use can only do certain things.

Amazon Echo Overview

Welcome to the Amazon Echo Overview. In this section, I’m going to give a brief overview of how to set the Amazon Echo Up, how to use basic commands, and, most importantly as it is directly tied to this book, how to connect IFTTT to your Amazon Alexa.

What is the Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a device that is mostly a speaker with a powerful A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) behind it. Alexa is the name of the A.I. and it is what is responsible for all of the device’s functionality. Alexa has the ability to tell other smart devices what to do and interact with other services. In order to do this, the Alexa team put actionable commands in her library that you can install to activate and these are called skills. In order to start Alexa commands, you must say “Alexa” and then the keywords needed for that particular skill. Each skill has different keyword abilities, but each one has their own unique set of rules. These will be listed on the skill’s installation page.

Setting up the Amazon Echo

First, you must download the Alexa application found in either the Google Play Store or the iStore and then you can plug the Amazon Echo into the wall. An orange ring will start circling and you will follow the steps provided on the card that came with the Amazon Echo. If Alexa does not install or setup correctly, uninstall the application and unplug Alexa so that you can redo the whole process. If this fails, you will likely need to request a replacement.

Installing the IFTTT Skill

Unlike other skills, IFTTT is already on Alexa and you don’t need to install IFTTT in order for it to work. Instead, you first need to sign up to IFTTT. Once you have signed up to IFTTT, you can then click on Services

From there, you can then select All Services

You will see a lot of services that can work with IFTTT, but we’re only interested in Amazon Alexa so we will put Alexa in the Filter box

Once you have clicked on Alexa you will be brought to the Amazon Alexa page and you’ll see a button that says Connect, which we will click

This will bring you to your Amazon Login page, which you will need to login to in order for IFTTT to connect to your Amazon Alexa. From there, all you need to do is follow the commands as laid out by the applet that you activate on your IFTTT account.

Sports IFTTT Recipes

Sports IFTTT Recipes represents the portion of IFTTT recipes that are based around sports. For example, a number of the recipes you will find include sending reminders (in some form such as Android Reminder, Google Calendar, etc.) whenever your favorite team plays. While there isn’t a lot of recipes in this category, the few that are there can prove quite useful if you are a sports fan that schedules their weeks behind their favorite teams.

Applet ID 292553p – If you ask Alexa when your favorite team plays next, you can now add it to your Google Calendar with this command.

Applet ID 292560p – Text the current score to a phone number when you ask for the game score from Alexa.

Applet ID 292559p – An IFTTT recipe that allows you to receive an IF notification on your team’s next game when you request it from Alexa

Applet ID 286532p – This is an IFTTT recipe that adds the next game of your team with Alexa.

To Do List IFTTT Recipes

This IFTTT category is massive and repetitive. You will find that there are a handful of useful recipes out there, but you will also find that many of them are in the same lines of commands as others. If you are not aware of what a To Do list is, it is a list of items or tasks that must be done in a certain time frame. These usually don’t have any specific order to them and will often just be a collection of tasks, but sometimes you need to do the bathroom cabinets or something similar, which would be an item. Most of these IFTTT recipes are designed to sync up current services that you use to Alexa so that you can just voice your To Do tasks to Alexa and then it can be transferred to the appropriate application that actually handles your To Do list.

Applet ID 284249p – If you are user of Todoist, then you should grab this IFTTT command.

Applet ID 284234p – If you use Evernote to keep track of your To-Dos, then this is a vital app for you. It allows you to sync tasks into Evernote via Alexa.


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Amazon Echo: Amazing IFTTT Amazon Alexa Recipes to automate your home using smar

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Amazon Echo: Amazing IFTTT Amazon Alexa Recipes to automate your home using smar Amazon Echo: Amazing IFTTT Amazon Alexa Recipes to automate your home using smar