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Always Dark Angel Preface






Always Dark Angel Series Preface from the first book: Children of Dionysus.

WORLDWIDE Copywrite © J N Moon 2013.

All Rights Reserved.


First Edition 2013.


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This book is dedicated to all my great friends who inspired and encouraged me.


With love to Arwen, Glorf, Cleo, Jess, Nuvi and Cels.

Beautiful friends always with me both past & present.

Special thanks to Sarah Cooper, Anne Coppard, Diana Atkinson and John Bruckshaw who’ve guided and assisted me.

To Steve Shortall for designing the cover and to Mike Thompson for editing this.


I couldn’t have done it without my friends.







Join us!




A glimpse into the ordinary life of Anthony now transformed beyond his wildest nightmares. Longing, loneliness and wanton desire.


Sometimes familiarity is only a memory and the memory of familiarity is shared between new friends. It is the unfamiliar which bonds us to others.



To all my readers I hope you enjoy the ride.

Sometimes dark, sometimes compelling, and ever erotic, the world of Anthony, Semper Ater Angelus…

Always Dark Angel.












That first kill was bloody, violent and filled me with fear, fear of myself. What the fuck had happened to me?


My victim was a woman who I met at a bar. Vivacious and intelligent, the sort of woman I would willingly date. She eyed my untouched drink with suspicion but was too enamoured by my ethereal charms to consider her danger, ahh part of our weaponry, to entice you in.


I suggested we go onto another bar, which of course I had no intension of doing. As we walked in the rain that night laughing and flirting and her beauty, I wanted her and I wanted her blood. She would be my first; I hated myself in that moment.

Thoughts of suicide permeated my mind, but the blood, her blood; my whole body ached for it.


I gently pulled her into me and kissed her ardently then took her hand and whilst lovingly gazing into her eyes led her down a back street and kissed her passionately.


The back street was deserted and the setting was perfection. The white glow of the antique street lamps against the Georgian buildings and the cobbled pavement, it all seemed so fitting. The splendour of the theatre, casting a mocking laugh on the tragedy of my play, my life.


The woman was mesmerized now and after more kissing, I started to undo her shirt. Her body was voluptuous and firm. I ran my hands over her skin, my body ached for her and I pressed myself firm into her and she was now completely aroused.


She was captivated and as I pounded into her up against the wall, I was amazed at the ferocity of my own strength. The sensation was pure ecstasy, a hundred times more intense and as I started to reach nirvana, I started on her neck.

Her skin was porcelain and so smooth and I greedily wanted both sensations at once. I felt ravenous, crazed, totally obsessed. Doomed.

But it was neither swift nor smooth.


I fumbled and bit, not a clean bite, and she gasped in pain and shock.

She swooned and I had to hold her upright pushing her back against the wall, the craving raged in my body, she struggled and I kept biting, snapping, tearing, and then held her fast in my grip.

She tried to scream the sudden horror; I’ll never forget it, that look so swift from paradise to hell in a second. I placed my hand roughly over her mouth and said “Sshh, easy now, I will have you,” in a soft voice.

She tried to scream through my grip, and she struggled but I gripped tighter and finally, finally I began to drink her blood.


Then she was paralysed, I knew she would be completely conscious but unable to move, only to watch me and feel me as I sucked on her artery and plunged into her. Her eyes glazed.


I don’t know why but the moment before she died, I looked into her eyes and saw her staring back at me, abject terror, contempt.

Maybe I thought I owed her that at least, the guts to look her in the eye whilst I stole her virtue, her trust, her life.


And then I didn’t stop, and I could feel her life draining from her until I had drained her dry, then I pulled away abruptly she fell slumped against the ground.

Then, in that moment she was abhorrent to me, I can’t explain.

But her dead body repulsed me, my first blood.

I could still smell her on me, and my body ached from being inside her, her scent surrounded me, I could still feel her and I felt the growing anguish of wanting more, more blood, more sex.



I left her there and ran, and discovered just how fast I was, after her blood.

I ran to the park, dawn now a few hours away and I sat with my head in my hands and my soul in hell.

I couldn’t live like this, was I really a vampire now? Had I lost my mind, my soul?


But my soulless body and my soulless mind wanted more blood, more sex and it raged inside me like an unstoppable terrifying monster.

And I wept, salty tears mixed with the precious blood I had consumed ran down my face and stung my cheeks.

I rocked back and forth at the sheer horror and power that I now wielded.



A month ago I was living a normal life. I had a girlfriend until I ate her. I had had friends, family, fun.

I had sex; love, without wanting to drink all the blood in my girlfriend’s body.

But now I have this. Immortal fear swept over me and the feeling of complete and total isolation from everyone and everything. And still the hunger was intense, sweeping in waves getting stronger and stronger.


I want to drink you, I want to feast on you, I want to enact wicked and debauched fantasies with you and before I finish, as I finish, I want your blood.

Semper Ater Angelus, I am always the dark angel. I will draw you in, ravage you senseless and then I shall drink your blood, all your blood.

I will discard you just as you discard your trash, and in time, my conscience will weaken and you will mean nothing to me.

Nothing more than sex and blood. And you will die; yet I live on.



Finally, I knew that I had to do something with the body.

I ran back, grabbed the vile corpse, and took it to a building site outside the city.

It was gone, forgotten in under an hour. And I had just over an hour to see what the world would offer me next.




And then he found me, Nathaniel. Young when he was turned, Nathaniel is tall, eloquent, and very beautiful to behold.

He must have been about eighteen years when he was made vampire and as such still had the look of innocence and youth in his beautiful big brown eyes.

But he was ruthless to be sure.


He approached me silently, creeping up on me from behind and stood as still as a statue watching me, until I flashed around going to grab him by the neck, then he let out the most raucous laugh that I ever heard.


“Anthony, your first night I take it?”


I was so shocked that at first I just stood there, looking at him dumb founded.

“Ahh, I see the answer is yes,” he said in his elegant voice. “Allow me if you will, there’s a party not far, lets have some fun. I can see you’re still in the throws of sex and blood lust. It’s always more rampant at first.” He was grinning at me, obviously very amused and excited by my current state.


“Am I always to feel like this? I hate myself, I’ve killed, I want to kill, help me,” I blurted this out like a crazed man.


Nathaniel walked slowly and purposefully up to me and threw his arm around my shoulder whilst guiding me towards the street.

He whispered closely to my ear, I could feel his breath on my face, sweet and warm, “Please Anthony, relax. I shall, if you permit me, be your guide, your companion. You are not alone my friend, nor do I think

one as beautiful as you will ever be alone, unless you choose it.”


But I felt alone. I was isolated from my human companions; they were all I’d ever known. I felt like an outsider in a strange land except I was home. This feeling made my stomach feel like stone and my spirits heavy. Yet the hunger, the lust filled every cell of my being.


In one of the houses not far there was indeed a party, I realised that if I stole my mind away from my impending doom I could hear and see so much.

Birds rustling in the trees, the wind gently blowing, and the presence of humans, many humans. Heady and intoxicated, I could smell them and hear them even at a distance.


As we strode in it was pitiful really. There were copious drunk and stoned people, looking the worse for wear, and then… there was us. We looked like Gods walking among the mortals. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.


“We’ll take this one I think Anthony?” Nathaniel whispered, “And that one. You see Anthony, men, women, human, vampire; you’ll find you’re tastes…diversify. It’s different for us, we are no longer bound by human… constraints,” to which his last word made him smile mischievously.

The sexuality would be irrelevant.


“If they are human they will be attracted to us, make no mistake. They will of course fear us, unless they have known us prior to being turned, this will usually be on a subconscious level, but ultimately we draw them in. And they will want us, sexually. You can doubt this all you will, but it is a truth. This is our sin Anthony and in time you will not care whether they are male or female, only beautiful, alluring, interesting and good to eat.”


We led a woman and the man into the back garden.

As I knew what would follow, the hunger became even more insatiable, it was pounding in my veins and in my body.


The alcohol had lowered the woman’s inhibitions and she started to undress whilst I was kissing her. I slipped my hand between her thighs, soft skin and firm and could feel that she was already stirred. I couldn’t wait for the feeling to release me.

I started to grab her lustfully then and entered her quickly. Oh, god that feeling, she felt so good and I couldn’t wait any longer. Nathaniel placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Slowly Anthony, take your time. Make the experience last. It should be sensuous, dreamy, and passionate. And don’t kill her,” after which he grinned.


But I just couldn’t do that, I needed my fix, and I needed it hard and fast. My head swooned from the intensity of the sensations.

I gained in that second that he did try not to kill, but not so much as his conscience would allow but rather he pitied humans, such easy prey.


Even to me his voice was hypnotic, and I felt spell bound in his presence.

He moved in front of me and spoke softly to the woman “What’s your name?”

“Faye,” she replied, completely mesmerized by our presence.

“Ahh, Faye,” and he moved in and kissed her.


The guy seeing this moved up to me. I was shocked but too hungry to care and actually somewhat intrigued.

I embraced him and kissed him, allowing his passion to enwrap me. It was weird caressing a man but I wanted his blood, nothing else. And I would do anything for it, I was uncontrollable.


I moved onto his neck and this time, I was amazed at how easily I spotted his artery and my teeth targeted in. I still had the blood of the previous woman coursing through my veins; this must have helped me I thought frantically.


I bit, he gulped and swayed, and within seconds, he was paralysed.

I wanted to stop, but I could not. He had that same glazed look, helpless but completely aware and I drank and drank. I felt terrible. This handsome young man so trusting, so stupid, in my arms

and watching me. I caressed his face as I sucked on his neck like a hungry young animal suckling at its mother’s breast. I gorged myself on his blood. It was sensational, sexual, powerful.


Nathaniel was busy with Faye, screwing and drinking her but making it look so eloquent. He was like some enchanting demon, but that’s what we are, demons.

I dropped the guy on the floor, blood running down my face, dazed, scared and excited.


Nathaniel whisked around to stare right into me; he dropped Faye who was now completely dead. He grinned.

He rushed me, grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. He buried his face into my neck and held me close and inhaled my scent. “Exquisite,” he murmured. I thought then he was going to have me; he pressed his body so close to mine I could feel him against me. He brushed his lips over my face and stared longingly into my eyes. He said nothing, just held me tight and stared.

Finally, he shuddered and after a deep breath took my head in his hands, his face right up to mine.

“Anthony, I want you,” his eyes scanning my face, “I’ve been so empty, but you, you give me faith. Come, dawn is coming and I want to leave this place.” Suddenly, he kissed me on the cheek, the blood on our faces merging and then he grabbed my hand and led me to his home.




Nathaniel took me out the next day. I had not been outside in the daylight since the horror of the change, with my senses now so damn acute; I found it too much to bear.


If you can imagine, when I’m out at night I can hear everything; the birds in the trees, small mammals’ scurrying around, and owls. Owls calling sound like banshees from hell to me, so loud.

So to be out during the day in the crowds, it’s akin to being in the middle of a festival with a really bad hangover and hearing everything. It’s an assault on the senses.


As we are more photosensitive I had to use sunscreen, so I followed Nathaniel’s advice. And sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a must, but to be honest I am a little vain and I love style so sunglasses are easy.


To begin with, he led me through the back streets of which I have such fond memories…

“Anthony, you need to get used to being out during the day, what are you doing for money?”


“I had some saved, but I haven’t worked since. I ran my own business, I’ve no idea? Everything’s too much.” I started to freak out, hyperventilate and went to run back to his place but he grabbed me and held me firmly by the arms.

“Look at me,” he commanded, “Look…at….me…that’s right, breathe. I know, I know, it’s all so noisy, so bright,” and with that he held me close for a long while.


“Come; let us walk slowly and closely. Now focus your attention of your breathing, and try not to think much.”

That made me laugh, it was like when I was studying martial arts, I would focus on my breath and think little. How glad I was to have studied that. He was right this helped, I started to feel calmer.


It felt strange looking at people, rushing, laughing or miserable faces. Like ants scurrying around with absolutely no idea of our presence. Totally absorbed in their consumerism.

We might get the odd glance from a more alert human drawn into our ethereal charms, but no more than that.

After a while with Nathaniel close to me, I started to relax, but I was ever aware of my overpowering urge to just grab someone and drain them. Or fuck them. Or both.


“How the hell do we fight it Nathaniel?”

“Practise Anthony and patience. Think of it like tantra. You’re waiting for the sensation, let the wait take you, flow with it, breathe with it, smile with it. You could have anyone, anyone at all. But you’ll wait until dark when you can hunt in safety; the night is after all our friend Anthony, our companion. Then you can take anyone you choose.”

When people came close to me, I inhaled their exhilarating human scent; it almost sent me spinning, light headed. I started to enjoy this, now I wanted more, I wanted to interact with someone. Like humans do.


“Can we go for coffee?”

“You must know already you can no longer drink or eat human foods?” he said shocked at my request. I nodded that I knew this, unfortunately when I had tried this a few weeks previous; the results had not been pleasant to say the least. I had then resolved to give up trying.


“So for the familiarity then?” Nathaniel said. He understood.

“That’s exactly it, I want to hold a cup of fresh coffee, smell it, talk to you, ha, as if,” I’d said excitedly but then half of me felt the impending sadness that I could now only act human and in fact knowing that I would kill and eat any human that passed my way. Eventually, I would do this. I felt sick and dizzy, desperate to cling to anything resembling normality, the normality that had been my life for the last thirty-eight years, until recently. I needed something familiar, yet…


Nathaniel sensed my unease and blurted out, “Anthony, let’s do it, you need to move on and it will be tough but in the long term it will help. You cannot blame your nature and neither can you fight it. You were no doubt turned against your will, the quicker you accept this, the better. There are other ways.”


Suddenly I was excited, something shifted inside me, something I hadn’t felt for so long. “Other ways? What other ways, animal blood? Blood banks?”

“Oh Anthony,” Nathaniel roared, “No, come let us have coffee,” he said wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes, “ and act as if we are two dumb humans living a nine to life reality, and later before we hunt tonight I will introduce you to two of my good friends, Tom and Josephine. They will show you. I think you’ll like them,” he said trying to contain his laughter. It almost made me feel like a fool, but his demeanour was such that it made me feel better to see him laugh so.


It was a mixture of emotions racing through me now as I sat there outside on the street terrace with my favourite coffee steaming in its mug. I smelt it; I could identify all the ingredients’ now. If anything, the smell was too strong for me.

I gazed at Nathaniel, who eyed me like that of a protective older brother, but I suspected with filthier thoughts, and I thought about the possibilities of what he had said.

“Other ways, if not animal or blood bank, then what?” But I knew he wouldn’t tell me now. I would have to wait.

And for the first time in so long I started to feel hopeful, even with my raging desire thrashing inside me.


Here we are, two strangers locked in our dark world of violence, sex and blood. Empty and alone, pretending to be human, with only our memories of familiarity between us. Of the lives, we once had. This is what bonded us, our loss.


My hope of another way to coexist and my memories, they are as precious as diamonds close to my heart, and Nathaniel to keep me going.






The first time I met Tom and Josephine was memorable to say the least. Their house, like Nathaniel’s was a Georgian town house in the city of Bath, England.

Beautiful with large rooms, it looked to fit them, archaic but stunning.

Tom was sitting in his kitchen reading a book, Dracula no less. He was sat on a kitchen chair, his feet up on the table, engrossed in his book. He didn’t look up whilst we walked past.


Tom had dark shoulder length hair and a goatee beard; he looked quite bohemian. He had what looked like a glass of red wine on the table next to him, but as he sipped it without taking his eyes from his book, I guessed it was blood.


Josephine, a porcelain beauty with long curly red hair was in the living room feeding from a woman’s neck. The scene was erotic to say the least.

The woman was scantily dressed and draped over the sofa, she moaned as Josephine sucked on her neck. Intriguingly the woman was conscious. I quickly sensed that she too was a vampire.

I couldn’t move or take my eyes off them.


Nathaniel was pleased with the scene, pleased at my arousal. “Anthony, this is Josephine,” he said to me, a wry smile spread across his lips and that wicked glint in his eyes.

Josephine cast her eyes over me, looking at me sideways, not moving from her feeding, and raised her eyebrows in friendly acknowledgement.

She had blood over her face. “Hey,” I called to her.

The other vampire ignored us, too enwrapped in her ecstasy to care.


“So, we can drink vampire blood?” I managed to get out, still engrossed.

“Ah, Anthony, I would willingly share mine with you, if you’d like to try?” Nathaniel was staring right into me, I didn’t answer him; I just kept staring at the women. I could feel the sways of lust rising in me, like waves in a storm, heavy and impending. It was so arousing.

“So then Anthony, this is Tom,” he said leading me away by my arm.


“Good evening Anthony,” as Tom stood up finally putting his book down, I saw just how imposing and striking he was. He was six foot, naturally toned and muscular, his clothes all black, hugging his stalwart figure.

His eyes were kind looking and deep, an old soul. He held out his hand, I shook it and his grip was firm and gracious. His voice was deep yet soft, he had an effortless grace about him. Even his mannerisms.


“So Anthony, welcome. Nathaniel said you wanted to know another way?”

Although Tom was amiable and welcoming, he seemed bored. I wondered how long he’d been like this, whether the hunger lessens with time, and immortality then stretches out before you like a vast empty desert. Knowing that you’ll just go on and on and sensations become the same and so lessen with time.

“Anthony, are you ok?” Tom seemed amused at my vacant response and flashed a look at Nathaniel.


“Yes. I do want to know another way, I don’t want to kill, I have no control,” I muttered. “But I was thinking, wondering… immortality… suddenly it feels so bleak, so endless?”


Nathaniel and Tom flashed a look at each other, an unmistakable look of understanding of knowing of what I had just said and then they smiled a small grin.

“You have some insight, to see all this so early,” Tom said quietly. “Nathaniel, you always find the most fascinating vampires, you really do have a knack.”


“Anthony,” Nathaniel said talking close to my face, “Anthony, most don’t realise this for decades.” And looking at Tom as if for support, he continued, “They’re just content with fucking and killing. Leaving a trail of death and destruction. So much so in fact…” and here, he paused and looked at Tom before continuing. Tom nodded, ever so slight, but I saw. “So much so that we are now being hunted. “


Nathaniel walked over to the table and gulped down the remaining blood from the glass. He gasped a sigh of delight and licked his lips.


Before I could speak, Tom continued. “We do not know who is behind this, oh it’s not humans if that’s what you think. Your paranormal world is bigger than you think Anthony. There is much, much more out there,” he gestured to the window. “But we can teach you not to kill, we can show you new erotic delights and we will show you the best…people to feed from. These will give you no concern for their well-being. For they deserve no concern, and honestly we’ll be doing human society a service.”


He paused here to let what he had said sink in and then with a fiendish grin Tom said to me,

“So, you’ve never fed on vampire blood huh?”


“Uh, no. No I haven’t.”












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About the Author.


Hi, I’m Jo and I’ve lived in the atmospheric old city of Bath, England most of my life. Growing up here, I became used to the splendour of the ornate Georgian architecture, which fuelled my imagination especially in the hours just before dawn.


I’ve loved vampire films and books since I was a teenager, and was hooked on Hammer Horror films. But The Lost Boys was the main film I watched as a young teenager and thought, “That’s for me!” Such a cool film, cool clothes, and fab music. Watch it if you haven’t seen it.

And of course Dracula which is the father of all vampire books, chilling, enchanting and creepy.


I love spending time in nature and being outdoors and I’m addicted to reading, music and aerial arts.

I read too much, I’m a big fan of Anne Rice and Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon/Viking Series.


Favourite vampire films aside The Lost Boys are, Rise of the Lycans, Interview with a Vampire and Blade. Classics.


I had wanted to write this book for a decade but never knew I was capable of doing so and it started as a creative project for fun.


Now, I don’t want to stop writing. I hope you enjoy it.


Look out for the first full novel, Children of Dionysus in the Always Dark Angel Series early 2016.


If you’d like to get in touch I always endeavour to respond, and I look forward to hearing from you.





Always Dark Angel Preface

Described by readers as, "Powerful and Dangerous," and "Gritty and eloquent," this is not your average vampire book. A vicious and brutal attack leads Anthony, an ordinary man into a parallel world of darkness, sin and malevolence. Leaving his mortal life behind he struggles to maintain his existence, which leads him into a war of the immortals. The tale of a modern British vampire trapped in a world, fighting to keep his conscience whilst battling his blood lust and desire to kill. Anthony finds himself alone and lost in a cold dark paranormal existence until he is found by the charismatic Nathaniel, who offers to be his guide in this new realm. Nathaniel offers Anthony another way to co-exist in the normal world. A way that doesn’t involve the taking of human lives. He introduces Anthony to his menage, Josephine and Tom. Anthony willingly allows Tom and Josephine to take him on a journey of debauchery, violence and blood lust. Rumors spread about the Elite taking ordinary immortals to use for their cruel experiments, a war is raging and the lower orders of vampires are disappearing without a trace. This is a free preface from the main book, Children of Dionysus which is due for release early 2016.

  • Author: J N Moon
  • Published: 2016-01-03 18:40:08
  • Words: 4596
Always Dark Angel Preface Always Dark Angel Preface